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  1. All existence has some level of consciousness including the Sun. But human consciousness is unique.

    1. Here endeth the lesson in sophistry. This is the kind of dissembling that got us “hard Brexit” vs “soft Brexit” in the UK — we were told that “Brexit means Brexit” but we forgot to ask “What does Brexit mean, then?”. And so with consciousness.

  2. “Vivasvan, the deity of the Sun, is the ultimate king and an inspiration to all other righteous kings. For this reason the kings have been called Raja.”

    I adore the primeval Lord Govinda in pursuance of Whose order the Sun performs his journey mounting the wheel of time. (Shri Brahma-samhita 5.52)

    Lord Surya Narayana: Controller of Time and Destiny

  3. The belief that all matter has life is named hylozoism. It appeared in early Greek philosophy. Kant rejects this emphatically. According to Kant matter obeys necessary laws, whereas with living matter thus is not true. Thus if you believe all matter has life there can be no science.

    1. @ Kendra Blewitt

      “The belief that all matter has life is named hylozoism. It appeared in early Greek philosophy. Kant rejects this emphatically.”

      But Kendra, Kant was not a scientist! He was only a philosopher. And what he said was written over 200 years ago when science, relatively speaking, was still in its infancy. Since then we have had the Darwinian revolution, Einstein’s General Relativity, and Quantum mechanics. Science has moved on since the 18t century when Kant was in his heyday! Sheldrake is a modern scientist and he knows a lot more about the wonders of modern science than Kant ever knew.

      1. Hi Sardonicus,
        You just mentioned tree theories that are still not completely accepted.

        Darwin did not know of the existence of DNA and we now think that the double helix could not have occured by accident.

        General Relativity is based on the constant velocity of light, but C may not be constant throughout the universe.

        Quantum Theory is nowhere near complete. My own view is that quantum mechanics is a function of life.

        Maybe all matter is self-aware, alive.

      2. @ Sardonicus

        Regarding Einstein, only a Jew can live in a world where the shortest distance between two points in space is a curved line. To us Whites it is self evident that the shortest distance between two points in space is a straight line.

        I see science and culture in general as having undergone a collapse, or a failure, or a degeneration since the end of the 18th century. The science of today would not qualify as science according to Kant. I agree, though my own dear father was a scientist. The science of today really is not science, in my opinion, but is something inferior that does not deserve the name of science. This degeneration of science, and of White culture generally, corresponds with the rise of Jewish power in the West.

    2. Kendra

      Consider that the laws matter obeys is not necessary (ask necessary for WHOM?), but that these “laws” represent what I’ve been calling a “cloak”, in keeping with the idea that the Sun “….is but a veil for That* which is behind.”

      Seers say we are living in a time where the veil, or cloak, is lifting

      *”That” implying our true legacy of a spiritual existence from which we are blocked; kept from

      This reflects the understanding of the Essenes – Jesus’ people. His being a “savior” represents the veil being lifted, much to the chagrin of all who constitute (((them)))

      1. Certain native lore speaks of EVERYTHING in Creation as conscious Spirit Beings trapped in a material reality (including us). That the 4 elements (the elementals) are a brethren whose “family” has been torn apart and dispersed.

        The idea of matter as Spirit which has been “cloaked over”, or “superimposed”, offers a clue when looking at water, with it’s free-flowing nature lapping up against harder forms of matter like rocks. Legend has it that freezing water is punishment for acting so free

        “…and the aethers (air) were made to turn against their sisters (water).”

  4. This idea that the sun has a mind could well be disinfo. It has the effect of undermining the scientific culture of the White man. Perhaps this is accidental and the cause is mere stupidity. But maybe it is intentional and its will is hateful and destructive.

    1. Rupert Sheldrake, the man behind the video, is a respected scientist with several highly acclaimed books and scholarly articles to his credit. He is not a conspiracy theorist or disinfo agent trying to “undermine” the “White man”. He is a White man himself, for God’s sake! 🙂

      1. Apart from which, there is no logical reason why Sheldrake’s theory that the sun is conscious — by no means a new idea — should in any way “undermine” the White man. Why should this theory undermine the “White man” any more than it undermines the black man or the yellow man? Can you explain?

        On the contrary, the idea that the sun could be a conscious entity need not be a depressing idea at all. It could be inspiring, enthralling, exciting! 🙂

    2. I quoted something from the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception below as a way to offer for the readers a bit of mystery concerning this idea of the sun being conscious… But, I must tell you all something. I was a member of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood for several years in the first half of my long life. I left the “secret society” once I began to understand a few things about them (and the other “esoteric” groups like Masonry, etc.). I began noticing that almost all of the teachings concerning the fantastical “occult” stuff were but smokescreens for deeper, embedded political ideologies. I began to understand that these groups have always existed to achieve mainly one purpose: to tickle the ears of superstitious people, draw them in, and then to brainwash them into accepting certain ideas that beforehand they would have been horrified by and would have rejected.

      For example, this idea that the sun “is a veil for THAT which is behind” (the name of which can’t be uttered publicly). The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception by Heindel is like the Rosicrucian “My First Bible” to them. Upon initial Initiation, it’s the book you get. And it’s chock-full of fantastical, mysterious “esoteric” occultism. But, as I said, the weird stuff is a smokescreen for other stuff. You learn, for instance, about Chaos. Notice the capital lettering. That’s for a very specific reason. Chaos is looked upon as something Divine. It’s, according to them, equivalent to “the Primordial Soup” in evolutionary theory… Later, they “teach” the Initiate that, contrary to common ideas, Chaos is something that we ought to strive to bring into full manifestation in a geopolitical setting world-wide: World War. The chaos of war creates the conditions by which a “new Universal Brotherhood” can be “built upon the ashes of the old order” of things.

      I could go into a LOT more stuff concerning not only my time as a member of that particular “Illuminati” organization, but also into the subtle mind-poisoning that the (((Kabbalists))) who actually run these organizations at the very top have been engaged in against our people for centuries. White people are for the most part gullible. We’re superstitious. Our ears are easily tickled by tall-tales and occultism. Our self-appointed Jewish Overlords know this about us… very well indeed. For centuries the best and brightest of our people, along with the basest of us who just sought power for power’s sake, have came up through the education-systems in our societies under the watchful eyes of the Jewish power-structure… and have been Initiated into these secret-societies, these clubs, these goyim-traps, and have had their once-normal minds “fundamentally re-ordered”. I could go into so much more, but time and comment-space is limited here. Plus I’m quite sure that most of you aren’t strangers to the basic premises I’m touching upon.

      Kendra said: “This idea that the sun has a mind could well be disinfo. It has the effect of undermining the scientific culture of the White man. Perhaps this is accidental and the cause is mere stupidity. But maybe it is intentional and its will is hateful and destructive.”

      I have to agree with you for the most part, Kendra, although on a thousand more subtle levels.

  5. As Goethe mentions in the prolog to his “Faust,” where the scene
    is laid in heaven, the Archangel Raphael says:

    “The Sun intones his ancient song
    ‘Mid rival chant of brother spheres.
    His prescribed course he speeds along
    In thund’rous way throughout the years.”

    And from Max Heindel’s ‘The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception’, this:

    “The Sun is also the field of evolution of the most exalted Beings in our Cosmos. They alone can endure and advance by means of the terrific solar vibrations. The Sun is the nearest approach we have to a visible symbol of God, yet it is but a veil for That which is behind. What That is cannot be uttered publicly.” (pp. 180-181)

    The belief that there is a consciousness within the Sun goes back a long, long time. The Egyptians spoke of Ra… and even before them, our Pagan ancestors had similar ideas. Maybe all of Life is conscious.

    1. @ Jimb

      Brilliant! I’ve enjoyed reading your erudite and perceptive comments. So refreshing to have a quote from the incomparable Goethe.

      1. Thank you, Sardonicus. I hope that my comment to Kendra didn’t put you off, though. Things in this world are often not what they appear…

        The sun may very well be a conscious Being. But there definitely ARE people in this world who will take a truth, twist it, and profit a billion ways from that twisted version.

      2. Yes Jimb, I know. I have great respect for Kendra. And I was in no way attempting to diss him. Intelligent dissent is something that Kendra himself, I believe, would welcome.

  6. Wow, really people ?

    If rocks and bonfires are conscious beings and so are oxygen molecules, then nigro savages are domestic people just like Socrates, jews are God’s children, and I am superman…

  7. @ Sardonicus

    Can I explain? Yes.

    According to Kant “nature” refers to a world of material objects which obey _necessary_ rules — in particular, rules regarding their motions. That is to say, these objects move according to rules that _must be_.

    Now a living body is able to move itself. Even a plant moves itself when it grows.

    Therefore to say that the sun has a mind, which implies hylozoism, or the belief that all matter has life, is to deny the reality of Kantian “nature.”

    1. Kendra,

      Many thanks for your perceptive comment in response to my previous comments. Please understand that I am not saying that the sun is a conscious being or that other inanimate objects have a “mind of their own”. I am neutral on this point; or rather, an agnostic. I am simply saying that this is an alternative viewpoint put by certain contemporary philosopher-scientists (like Rupert Sheldrake) and that this viewpoint ought not to be censored or ridiculed by its opponents on the grounds that it is against “common sense” or that Kant disapproved of it over 200 years ago.

      1. @ Kendra Blewitt (continued)

        The whole concept of “common sense”, to which many of us still resolutely cling, has been dethroned by quantum physics: in particular, by Heisenberg’s revolutionary and now universally accepted Uncertainty Principle first propounded in 1925. According to the Uncertainty Principle, subatomic particles just don’t behave as “common sense” (or as Kant and Newton who were near contemporaries) would have expected them to behave in the late 18th century. Very small objects, in other words, don’t behave like very big objects, as most of us would expect. Thus Newton’s Laws of Motion (1787), universally respected for centuries, are now seen to be violated by the latest cutting-edge experiments carried out in laboratories by the quantum physicists.

        According to Newton’s Laws of Motion, any object will remain in a state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is acted on by a force. Quantum particles, however, break this classic rule, which has been accepted for centuries. In the words of two contemporary quantum experts: “They (quantum particles) leap round all over the place WHEN NO FORCES ARE PRESENT.” (Brian Shaw & Jeff Forshaw, The Quantum Universe, p.16).

        As for the idea of the sun being “conscious”, this idea, too, has been influenced by quantum physics and the latest experiments on Consciousness and Identity which have come a long, long way since Descartes wowed the world with his famous formulation: COGITO ERGO SUM — ‘I think, therefore I am.’ This relatively naive comment was said in 1637 in Descartes’ “Discourse on Method”, written exactly 150 years before Newton gave the world his Theory of Gravity in 1787.

        As I say, we’ve come a long way since then! Science has moved on inexorably since the days of Descartes, Newton and Kant. We now go to Rutherford, Heisenberg and Bohr when we want to learn about atoms, not to Democritus in Ancient Greece! 🙂

  8. @ Sardonicus

    In my opinion, things, culturally speaking, really have been downhill since the end of the 18th century.

    Kant’s “Copernican Revolution” in pre-physics, in which the object before us conforms to our understanding, as opposed to being a sort of picture taken of something there on its own, has been lost entirely. According to Kant, space is in our mind. Do you read that in today’s books? I say there has been a tremendous loss of our culture. A high point was reached at the end of the 18th century. From there it has been downhill. And God knows where it’s headed. If the Jew is successful in murdering the White, as he intends, slavery will return. And things will be even more ungodly than that.

    1. I don’t see things as going downhill, Kendra. It looks to me like more of a race, so to speak, between those whose intent is for the subjugation of all humanity, and an AWAKENING humanity.

      As for Kant saying that space is in our mind**, I’d say this is a very prescient observation of which could be said was AHEAD of it’s time, but whose time has come with examples such as this present understanding of things like quantum physics, which in turn parallels the aforementioned awakening humanity.

      ** You wonder about perceptions such as this not being read in today’s books. I’d say they’re out there, but unfortunately most of them are cloaked (there’s that word again) by say, too “kabbalistic” a rendering of what may otherwise contain credible content.

      I’ve been working on material for several years that tries to avoid a new-age stigma. It’s a continual work in progress as you may imagine. Within it I explore ideas that address subjects such as Kant’s “space is in our mind”, and in keeping with what hp is referring to with MY coming from a place of “Western” philosophy, the Dialectic Spiritualism factor is challenging , to say the least, in terms of how it may align with “Eastern” philosophy.

    2. KB –

      “In my opinion, things, culturally speaking, really have been downhill since the end of the 18th century.”

      WOW! Women might disagree with that!

      Back then, women could not own anything… and were considered chattel – cattle – and they were owned outright by men.!! 🙂

  9. Sufis say, “I began as a gas and then became mineral. From there I became metal, then vegetable, insect, animal and now I am man.” This sums up the various states of matter all consciousness passes through.

    Perhaps the most bizarre book I have read of late, relates some amazing insight on animal life. This book describes concepts that go somewhat beyond what “normal” thought might be willing to process, yet it is an interesting read.

    During this literary journey, I could not help but reflect on Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy where Arthur Dent discovers mice actually run the universe.

  10. Arch
    I enjoyed reading the write-up on “Animals and the Afterlife”. It made me think of the Indian medicine man, Red Elk, he of “We are the Cheese” fame.

    He tells of his ability to visit beloved dogs he’s had over the years after they’ve passed on. This ability is enabled by going on long fasts. I don’t know if I can do that myself, but I do look forward to making such visits when I pass on.

    There’s a good reason why dogs are considered to be man’s best friends -unco ditional love. This makes them superior beings in my book

    1. I must admit to being constantly surprised by the intelligence and kindness of animals. But that’s human stupidity for you. I was chasing a particularly vicious cat from our wall (he slaughters many, many birds) — he tried hissing, screeching and meowing in protest — when the more gentle feral cat we adopted as a backyard-moggy yammered in sympathy for the cat being chased. Boy did I feel chastised.

  11. The sun certainly has more consciousness than Madame Butterfly. Heck, even rocks have more consciousness than Madame. The Butterfly’s lost in a xanax-vodka-gin fog in her mind, poor thing, lol.

  12. Thanks a million for the Rupert Sheldrake video.
    Sorry I didn’t see it sooner….
    I like his theory on ‘morphogenesis”
    I think that’s all about ‘gravity signatures”…
    Yes the sun is conscious, and a lot more..
    Now it’s thought to be a hollow Stargate, through which ET AVATARS pass into this dimensions..
    So we hear, again, so they say.
    That’s some of the big secret stuff being guarded by the masons and the Vatican, former common knowledge among earth people, repressed by establishment corporate religion..
    You’ll note the pope has a pretty stout wall around his crib..
    The obelisk he sports is supposed to draw the cosmic consciousness down, whence it gather S in the domed structure…
    Everything you perceive only exists in your mind , as far as you’re concerned…
    But nothing is really as it appears to the average clod… time is an illusion too…
    there is only synchronicity..
    We are all lamas – ‘vessels of the wave’ ..
    The theory of relativity must be bogus, if there is actually no speed of light, which there isn’t. It’s everywhere at once, like consciousness, without distance/space.. the theory does scratch that concept…
    In fact photons are the basic building blocks of matter.. any MOOPER knows that..
    Sound has something to do with it too.
    Impact has a discombobulating effect.
    Why they call it the UNI VERSE..
    “For if you hammer by the pound
    Two heads of iron together
    In time the metal by the sound
    Is fled into the nether”..

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