Toxic Media

11 December 2018 

Misleading the population by turning fiction into fact

“Back in 1969, General De Gaulle was denouncing the excessive influence of the Zionist lobby in all media: from newspapers to television, from motion pictures to publishing. Today, this excessive influence has succeeded in achieving the total perversion of meaning, whereby the meager resistance of the weak is dubbed “terrorism”, and the infinitely more murderous violence of the strong, ‘the fight against terrorism’.” — Roger Garaudy, The Founding Myths of Modern Israel, Institute for Historical Review, 2000, p. 141

In a world turned upside down, we now have a chance to finally learn that many of our greatest heroes were really sociopathic criminals of the first order, if only we could find someone powerful enough to imbue this truth upon the world.

But today we no longer have heroes; we have only media cutout celebrities who are first extolled to the sky, rise to prominence in a media blitz, then betray their followers by maintaining the bloody status quo. Later in life some of these mysterious media darlings are excoriated to the max for some nasty habit or unaddressed scandal, behavior that has been covered up for years by compliant media which eagerly participate in the conspiracies of government against the people.

What follows is the more crucial question: If our leaders are homicidal maniacs or just merely executioners for the people who put them in power, doesn’t that mean that the people who support them are the same kind of willing criminals, hypocrites preaching patriotism but really heartless accessories to mass murder all over the world?

More succinctly, are we responsible for the people we put in power?

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40 thoughts to “Toxic Media”

  1. Media is not controlled by Jews only views. Most interesting writers get the most views and advertisers follow the public. Jewish verbal ability outscores every group, which transform into creating interesting articles. Mixing fiction with truth is a Jewish talent and it excites the public. Truth alone is boring and needs the spice of fiction to capture readership. Yes!! Jews do control the media and they have earned the position of being top dog. God chose the Jewish people by giving them the golden tongue, after his gift God flew off to another universe. Jews are now the masters of the written and spoken word. The public listens in awe.

    1. The Jews called them prophets,,,,we now call them schizophrenics.

      Abraham heard a voice that told him to slaughter his son. That is a scenario that is played out nowadays, and the parent is locked up as criminally insane.

      Jewish Power and modern Israel are based on a myth, about an insane tribal leader.

    2. “Melvin Polatnick” is obviously a paid troll and will continue making the same dull and predictable comments as long as you people continue responding to him/her.

    3. Yes, no doubt: Jews are world class liars second to none. The sheeple have no choice but to listen to the stories jews tell, because it is the jews who control the media, and virtually all information in the mainstream. It has nothing to do with how good or bad their story telling is. And while they don’t totally control the internet, computer censoring software, along with Jewish control of large “social media” firms, give jews carte blanche to stifle/change historical information, stop opposition to White genocide, impede factual information and opinions about race and race differences, anti-immigration views, etc., ad nauseam, everywhere on the Internet.

    4. I’m sorry but Jews themselves have spoken so much about their intent to take over media, law and medicine that it is not just down to their talent with words. Read ‘Jews Must Live’ by Samuel Roth.

  2. Zionists control not only the media, they control every facet of the U.S. government via their control over our money via their privately owned FED and IRS and with this they control our very lives and both the FED and the IRS are unconstitutional.

    Until the people wake up and return to debt free money printed by the U.S. government as it was prior to the FED in 1913, we will remain slaves chained down by the Zionist banking kabal on the Zionist plantation known as America.

  3. “I just hope I get to be rich enough so that one day I won’t have to suck on any more Jewish dicks.” Marilyn Monroe shortly before her murder.

    “Anti-Semitism is a disease–you catch it from Jews”–Edgar J. Steele, some time before his judicial murder.

    1. Tyrants often use the words “TOXIC MEDIA” to censor oppositional voices. Jewish observers cannot by nature keep their mouths shut or pens quiet. Their voices are called “TOXIC MEDIA” because they voice discontent. Hitler booted German Jewish “kvetches” by shipping them to Poland. The Polish rulers also found the new Jewish immigrants to be “kvetches” and chased them deep into Russia. Jews are unique “kvetches” whose discontent is heard all over the world. Goys should never marry a Jewess, she will “kvetch” you to suicide.

  4. It’s time for another Arch Stanton’s theater of the Absurd

    Tonight – The West Bank Story

    (Our play tonight is put to West Side Story’s musical choreography. The scene opens with a gang of Hasidic Jews dancing across the stage, yidlocks a flyin’.)

    When you’re a Jew,
    You’re a Jew all the way
    From your first minor theft
    To your Trade Tower day.

    When you’re a Jew,
    If the shit hits the fan,
    You got brothers around,
    You’re a sayanim man.

    You’re never alone,
    You’re never disconnected.
    You’re home with your own—
    When goyim are expected,
    You’re well protected!

    Then you are set
    With a capital J,
    Which you’ll never forget
    Till they cart you away.
    When you’re a Jew,
    You stay
    A Jew!

    (Abe Foxman steps onto the stage singing and dancing)

    When you’re a Jew,
    You’re the top dog in town,
    You’re the gold medal schnozz
    With the heavyweight crown!

    The Jews are in town,
    With false flags that are clickin’!
    The whites’ll stay down
    ‘Cause Jews know they’re such chickens!

    Here come the Jews
    Like a bat out of hell.
    Someone gets in their way,
    Someone don’t feel so well!

    Here come the Jews:
    Little world, step aside!
    Better go underground,
    Better run, better hide!

    We’re drawin’ the line,
    So keep your noses hidden!
    We’re hangin’ out signs,
    “Hate talk is forbidden”
    And we ain’t kiddin’!

    (A Jew cantor, looking like the character Fagen, now steps forth to sing)

    We drop our loads on goy nearby,
    Then stir the shit ‘till it stinks on high!
    We smile so sweetly before we stab in the back,
    We praise da lawd – ‘cause we knows he wuz black!
    We sell our poisons that muddle the mind,
    And it’s all because we hate your kind!

    Why? Why? Why?
    (Chorus) Because we’re Jews! Jews! Jews!
    It’s all because we’re Jews.

    We’re wrecking your nations and just out of spite,
    We’ve made you so weak, you’re too weak to fight,
    We’ve mopped you all up, you wimpy white sacks,
    and now you’re replaced with big, grinning blacks,

    Why? Why? Why?
    (Chorus) Because we’re Jews! Jews! Jews!
    It’s all because we’re Jews.

    So seeing your women mis-ceg-en-ate,
    What do you do? You simply must hate.
    Why it’s all part of our plan to better the world,
    By ridding it of those filthy white girls.

    Why? Why? Why?
    (Chorus) Because we’re Jews! Jews! Jews!
    It’s all because we’re Jews.

    (Abe Foxman moves in front stage and sings)

    But a problem of late has just up and risen
    That makes us Jews feel like we’re in prison.
    You’ve heard it before, but it’s never too late,
    To point out the problem is really your hate.

    So what’s the problem here?
    (Chorus) It’s anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!
    Yes! Anti-Semitism!

    We’ve poisoned the water, we’ve poisoned the air
    But what does it matter, who really cares?
    Immigrants choke your country of late
    But what is the problem? The problem is hate!

    So what’s the problem here?
    (Chorus) It’s anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!
    Yes! Anti-Semitism!

    Our Jewish hatred is so gentle and sweet,
    In fact, you know, it’s what makes us complete.
    Unlike your goyim hatred so horrible and evil,
    That has burrowed your soul like some terrible weevil.

    So what’s the problem here?
    (Chorus) It’s anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!
    Yes, Anti-Semitism!

    I know you might think there are larger fish we might fry,
    But you really must see through our jaundiced eye.
    Nothing is more important than this,
    Can you not see, it’s preventing our bliss?

    So what’s the problem here?
    (Chorus) It’s anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!
    Yes! Anti-Semitism!

    Anti-Semitism, the problem de jour,
    Is nothing so new, this conundrum ordure,
    We think it should stop and stop at all cost,
    And we’re willing to censor to make up the loss.

    So what’s the problem here?
    (Chorus) It’s anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!
    Yes! Anti-Semitism!

    We’ve pulled out the stops to shut up your mouth,
    Just like those statues we wrecked in the South.
    Say not a peep if you dare,
    Because we are watching from deep in our lair.
    One word out of you and it may be your last,
    Because anti-Semitism is like holocaust gas.

    So what’s the problem here?
    (Chorus) It’s anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!
    Yes! Anti-Semitism!

    (All Jews sing)

    Why? Why? Why?
    (Chorus) Because we’re Jews! Jews! Jews!
    It’s all because we’re Jews.

      1. Wig –

        Cohen sang:

        You don’t know me from the wind
        You never will, you never did
        I’m the little Jew
        Who wrote the Bible

      2. I knew he’d written ‘Suzanne’……didn’t know about the Bible tho’, what a talented fellow he was. 🙂

  5. I really liked this article and thought it was one of Kaminski’s best — until I came to the part about Sandy Hook!

    Belief that nobody died at Sandy Hook and that the breaking news of this event was complete fabrication seems to be like belief in flying saucers. It is a powerful belief that seizes hold of a person’s soul; and it is very difficult to free oneself from the vise-like grip of this belief.

    Michael Collins Piper thought this Sandy Hook belief had been the work of the Jew Cass Sunstein and that its power somehow drew from the powerful beliefs that crowds of people generate. Anyway he thought this belief was a type of government disinfo that was aimed at 9-11 truth, and he said this belief was “poison to the 9-11 truth movement.” And I agree. I think it has done tremendous harm to the 9-11 truth movement.

    Basically it is an _ad hominem_ argument. It does not aim to refute 9-11 truth but to undermine the credibility of those who subscribe to it.

    And it does a great job this way. Conspiracy theorists are seen by the public as nut cases who believe that breaking news is often fabricated, and they are also seen as repulsive people who have no care for the parents of the dead Sandy Hook children.

    1. If that is the case…then we wouldn’t question any dodgy event……….Hey! Result…..cui bono ?

    2. Thank you for outing yourself, KB. One’s beliefs concerning 9-11 — for instance, buying into “Arabs & box cutters” — is THE litmus test for me. Trained as a chemist long ago, I find that particular qualitative test works well in practice for discernment and discrimination, even today. Belief in “Sandy Hook” as a “mass shooting with real people killed” — in actual fact, a “drill” proven up as a false flag a hundred times over (e.g., Fetzer, Halbig, Barrett, et al.) — is an excellent confirmatory test. Kendra [simply] Blewitt. NEXT!

    3. Sandy Hook? Jews have been feeding the goyim lies for centuries, millennium in fact. From their earliest Biblical stories, where Jews recast the story of the pernicious, invading Hyksos as their victimization in the Exodus, to their mythical, sacred Hallowedhoax, Jews have been creating lies about every historical event that might advantage their position.

      The question is not why would Jew media sycophants lie about Sandy Hook. The question is with “gun control” at the top of their political agenda, why wouldn’t Jews create and then lie about a false flag like Sandy Hook?

      White people should begin with the premise that everything – E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G – the media presents is a lie – a complete and utter lie. Once this is accomplished, one can quit listening to the Jew media and begin examining the reality perceived by their own senses and intellect. Remember, if there is a Jew anywhere – A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E – in the news pile, then one is dealing with lies and other clever corruptions of truth.

    1. @ Kendra Blewitt. Not to belabor this, I look forward to learning your “position” on the HOW, WHO, and WHY of 9-11. Chris Bollyn’s admirable work on the WHO of the dastardly, murderous deed seems impeccable; why CB bought into the “nanothermite theory” of “controlled demolition” remains a mystery to me. Directed energy weapons, anyone?

      In fact, focus on the HOW of the takedown of WTC 1, 2, 7 — not to mention WTC 5 and 6 — served to misdirect many people’s attention from the WHO. The longer we tarry, the more likely the perps escape prosecution and punishment. In the meantime, and in mean times do we live (meaner times ahead, I assure you), we run a confirmatory test called “Sandy Hook”? In my opinion, KB, you flunked that one outright!

      1. Hi Alan,
        It is a mystery how the central columns of the twin towers disintegrated. They were built around box columns fabricated from steel as thick as 5 inches. The collapse of the floors is understandable once the curtain walls had failed, but the central cores? no.

        WTC7 is the greatest mystery. A high quality 550ft 47 storey steel-framed building crumbled vertically into its own footprintn at near freefall speed. Structural Engineers cannot explain such a massive failure.

  6. WTC7 is the greatest mystery.

    I blinked, then blinked again. Could it be the Trade Towers were actually strutting around naked? Was it possible my eyes were lying to my mind? Then there was that crazy kid who kept insisting the Trade Towers were not wearing any clothes and everyone should be able to see that obvious fact. But the little media tailors kept telling us the Trade Towers were never naked. It was A-rab terrorist with box cutters that finally brought them down, fully clothed. For me it was the greatest mystery.

  7. there were many assassination attempts made on de gaulle’s life after ww2… guess who?
    he was probably the only one of the main players running ww2 who was not jewish…
    the sandy hook flag was abut as transparent as one of these hoaxes can get…
    kaminski made a good review on it… don’t forget though – satellite photos show the exact number of christmas trees, one for each victim, stacked up behind the firehouse the day before it happened… of course, they tore the school down afterwards, same way they scrapped jfk’s lincoln and the wtc rubble… get rid of the evidence…
    fdr’s ccc camps were set up as a prelude to amassing the soldiers needed for the upcoming ww2, all cooked into the bankster books with the great depression…
    leonard cohen – who does he look a hell of a lot like? bob dylan…
    j.k., the other – here was no abraham… the bible is made-up junk… the original hebrew (habaru) jews, after they were finally kicked out of egypt, which they spun as ‘pharaoh, let my people go”, when they were inventing their very own psy-op control religion, after the manner of that of the egyptian ET avatars’, named their fictitious patriarchs after the same pharaohs… moses is thutmose…

  8. Toxic Media = Toxic Google!!

    Google admits building censored search engine for China – and employees are angry

    The secret project, called Dragonfly, triggered a backlash because it complies with China’s censorship of politically sensitive subjects, such as the Tiananmen Square democracy protests.

    Google – finally confirmed – a secretive project that’s been fueling an employee-led backlash for weeks at the company…. an effort to build a version of its search engine that complies with China’s online censorship regime.

    The project, code-named “DRAGONFLY”, is not only real but is *ALREADY PERFORMING* to the satisfaction of top Google executives. And it could pave the way for Google to reenter China’s online search market after nearly a decade.

    “If Google were to operate in China, what would it look like? What queries will we be able to serve?” chief executive Sundar Pichai said during an event hosted by Wired on Monday night. “It turns out we’ll be able to serve well over 99 percent of the queries.”

  9. To : toxic toby,

    The hour cometh when those who are so full of toxicity they are incapable of keeping an Agreement and NEVER keep their word will get a real good talking to from THE BIG MAN IN THE SKY – and I don’t mean the sun, I mean LAWD GAWD ALMIGHTY! 😳

    1. Yogi Bhajan — he, as all before him, including Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, et alia — passed on before I had an opportunity to meet him. His spoken and other works live on. A mantra he recommended for his student-teachers: GOD [translation for TROJ — GAWD] and me, me and GOD [GAWD] are one. The GOD referenced, I think, is a loving God. The talking to we shall all receive might well be deservedly stern, perhaps accompanied by a tinge of angry disappointment. In the meantime, usw….

      To see the Light, shine as the Sun shines, always, through refraction, by reflection, lighting objects in the Way, brightening both those that hinder us and those that assist us. [There’s more to this poem (still draft!).] ‘Nuf said.

      Let him (and her!) without sin cast the first stone! O HEY! Who tossed that rock at me????

  10. the ‘censored search engine’ will work well with their new ‘party point system’…
    they gotcha comin and goin…
    the chinese employees who don’t like it will end up like the non zionist jews of germany…

  11. Toxic Media cover-up!!

    1985 discovery of the Titanic was cover for secret military operation

    Robert Ballard, who discovered the Titanic, said that the expedition was part of a secret US military mission to recover two sunken nuclear submarines on the bottom of the ocean.

    “They did not want the world to know that, so I had to have a cover story,” Ballard said.

    The true story of what happened now serves as a museum exhibit at The National Geographic Museum in Washington, which is open through the end of the year.

    1. The US Govt would hate for JUST anyone to find the fake nuke weapons on Thresher and Scorpion.. 🙂

  12. Yes Pat, and the US Govt would hate for JUST anyone to find out that REAL NUKES were used to bring down the World Trade Center Towers # 1 and # 2 on 9/11. See Dimitri Khalezov for details. Oh never mind, Khalezov is a Russkie and Russkies are our enemies — they like to, lol, to interfere in our American elections in order to undermine the United States on the global Geopolitical stage — plus ALL Russkies are big-time vodka drunks so Khalezov is JUST another Russkie vodka drunk so obviously he’s a stoopid idjit, right Pat? American beer drunks are soooooooooooo much smarter than Russkie vodka drunks. I guess that’s why you’re soooooooooooo much smarter than Dimitri, *grin*.

    1. Thanks for the help, TROJ – 🙂 🙂

      Navy spokesman Capt. Brent Baker said at the time that the project was simply to test if the oceanographic system worked, and a scientist denied a military involvement.

      ”There was nothing classified,” Dr. Robert Spindel, the head of the Woods Hole Ocean Engineering Department, told the Times.

      Not so, Ballard admitted, and that wasn’t the only one.

      “I cannot talk about my other Navy missions, no,” he said. “They have yet to be declassified.”


      Dimitri Khalezov is a “YUGE” fiction novelist/rumor-spreader… He is “BIGGLY” one of the very best!! 🙂

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