Trump Angers War Party By Threatening Peace

Get on the Trump Peace Train!
He wants out of Korea, Germany, Syria – and NATO!


For some reason . . .  peace isn’t very popular in Washington

There’s never a dull moment with the Trump administration, which means: never a moment of rest for the War Party. Trump keeps throwing fast balls at the pundits and assembled “experts,” and they keep striking out, big time, as the ball whizzes past their heads and lands, with a thwack!, in the catcher’s mitt.

“Steee-rike one!”

First it was the meet up with Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The media and their attendant policy wonks weren’t ready for Singapore, where the President gave Kim a glimpse of what his country could achieve if it would only come in from the cold and allow the warm embrace of the international community. And while the North Koreans have repeatedly pledged to give up their nukes, that’s not good enough for the universally negative “experts,” some of whom aren’t experts at all but merely former bloggers with history degrees. Now they’re citing fake news from NBC claiming that no less than eight anonymous “US officials” have stated that the North Koreans are covertly building up their nukes at a super-duper top secret site and it’s all a commie trick to – do what? Provoke an attack from an easily provoked Trump? Start World War III? Commit mass suicide?

The icing on the cake is that the author of this nonsense is none other than Ken Dilanian, the former national security reporter for the Los Angeles Times, who was fired for having a “collaborative relationship” with the CIA. Yes, that got him fired from the Times, but it’s a qualification rather than a negative as far as NBC is concerned.

“Steee-rike two!”

If the Singapore summit hit them in an unexpected place – who knew that, months after the exchange of bloodcurdling threats between Trump and Kim, they’d be shaking hands and making peace? – then the Helsinki summit with Putin is the knockout punch. And the howls of pain arising from our hateful warmongering media, the Democratic party politicians they’re in thrall to, and the phony “human rights” scamsters, are getting louder by the minute. We should all revel in their misery.

Trump campaigned on making peace with Russia: he has a mandate to do so. That, however, matters little to the “intelligence community” and their media camarilla, which is up in arms at the very prospect of a Russo-American partnership for peace. The national security bureaucracy and the laptop bombardiers who inhabit Thinktank World have a vested interest in maintaining a cold war status quo that should’ve ended when the Berlin Wall fell. They are horrified by Trump’s “America First” foreign policy views, and they are out to stop him by any means necessary – because his victory meant the end of their worldview and their careers.

Our “allies” are in a panic because the free ride is over – that’s why the German Marshall Fund is utilizing their extensive propaganda assets to mobilize elite opinion against the President. This is the kind of foreign “meddling” that’s okay with our media, and, apparently, fine with law enforcement. No one’s asking Laura Rosenberger to register as a foreign agent. But of course she is acting as an agent of all the Euro-weenies who subsidize her “Alliance to Secure Democracy.”

Which is why I was thrilled to see that Trump is raising the issue of the 35,000 American troops in Germany: what, he wants to know, are they doing there? And how much is it costing us? The Washington Post sullenly reports:

“The Pentagon is analyzing the cost and impact of a large-scale withdrawal or transfer of American troops stationed in Germany, amid growing tensions between President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to people familiar with the work.

“The effort follows Trump’s expression of interest in removing the troops, made during a meeting earlier this year with White House and military aides, U.S. officials said. Trump was said to have been taken aback by the size of the US presence, which includes about 35,000 active-duty troops, and complained that other countries were not contributing fairly to joint security or paying enough to NATO.

“Word of the assessment has alarmed European officials, who are scrambling …”

Oh yes, they’re scrambling, the poor dears: not just our gormless “allies,” but also their amen corner in Washington, which is going into an outright meltdown — and what a glorious sight it is!

“Steee-rike three!”

Finally an American president has woken up to the fact that World War II, not to mention the cold war, is over: there’s no need for US troops to occupy Germany.

Vladimir Putin isn’t going to march into Berlin in a reenactment of the Red Army taking the Fuehrer-bunker – but even if he were so inclined, why won’t Germany defend itself?

So let’s take inventory of our President’s recent pronouncements:

— He wants US troops out of Germany.

— He wants US troops out of Korea, or else he wants Seoul to start paying the bill.

— He wants US troops out of Syria – and this is bound to come up during the Helsinki summit.

— He wants out of NATO, telling our “allies” at the recent G-7 summit that “NATO is as bad as NAFTA. It’s much too costly for the US.”

This isn’t good enough for the formerly anti-interventionist “left,” with the commies over at Alternet declaring that the US getting out of NATO would be “a gift to Putin,” not to mention “insane.”

It isn’t good enough for the tattered remnants of the left-wing “peace movement,” which hardly exists anymore, and spends most of its time and resources either attacking Trump or else bloviating about immigration. If you can find a single mention of either the Singapore summit or the upcoming Helsinki summit on the Code Pink web site, please let me know, because it’s either well hidden or else nonexistent.

It isn’t good enough for Daniel Larison, the weirdly priggish foreign policy commentator over at The American Conservative, who spends many of his waking hours tweeting any and all derogatory material about the President, and sneering at the Singapore summit. (He hasn’t dared mention the Helsinki summit as yet.) I bring this up because Larison’s monomaniacal hatred is a textbook example of Trump Derangement Syndrome: it has so distorted the functioning of his intellect that it has actually made him seem quite stupid – which is definitely not the case. Here is someone who has been a stalwart anti-interventionist for many years suddenly going bonkers because of a subjective emotional reaction – I’m guessing here — although it could be just the normal careerism that is so much a part of the policy wonk scene.

It isn’t good enough for those clueless “libertarians” who think Bill Weld is one of them. These luftmenschen never cared about foreign policy anyway: for the Reason crowd, it’s an afterthought. And with the Koch empire turning leftthese days, the need to blend in with the warmongering Democrats – who are now on the receiving end of Koch dollars – is imperative.

Ah, but this outpouring of good news from Trumplandia is good enough for me, and here’s why:

For over twenty years, I’ve labored in this particular vineyard, being told I’m an “extremist” for wanting us to mind our own business and institute a foreign policy that puts America first. I’ve been saying it’s time to get out of NATO until I’m blue in the face. I’ve been agitating relentlessly for an end to the Korean standoff. I’ve been saying it’s time to meet with Kim Jong-un, and also time to work with Putin to end the threat of World War III. And when the President of the United States takes up those causes, telling us he wants to bring our troops home from defending the world against itself — I’ll be damned if I’ll react in any manner except for some very loud cheering.

I don’t care about his other views, quite frankly. They are irrelevant. Because if and when he implements his “isolationist” policies, the size, scope, and expense of government will radically shrink. That’s because the rationale for big government will be very much weaker: the political class won’t have the “national security” angle to justify universal surveillance and huge taxpayer outlays to foreign ingrates. If he manages to lift the burden of empire from the weary shoulders of the American people, the federal government will get smaller despite the intent of the Trump administration or its successors: the process will be as near to automatic as any human activity can possibly be.

You have to be blind not to see that Trump wants to radically reduce the US presence overseas – and you’re part of the problem if you find that worrisome. It’s time to get on the Trump peace train – because it’s riding into history whether you like it or not.


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29 thoughts to “Trump Angers War Party By Threatening Peace”

  1. I like Raimondo, but l think he is a tad wishful. But aren’t we all.
    Best wishes for rainbow/unicorn crowd, but best keep your powder dry, so as to ignite it at the most advantageous opportunity.

  2. Good Wishes to President Trump if he can prevent wars, but I can’t see him backing off from Israel’s enemies. I expect Israel to suffer some sort of major terror attack. The Jihadis will do anything to bring down Israel, including biological/chemical methods.

    If I were an Israeli I would get my family out of the country.

    1. You can’t steal someone else’s land and not suffer the consequences of it. Israel won’t get away with this.

      Israel’s days are numbered, and rightly so.

      Spit in the wind, and the wind will blow the spit back in your face.

    2. JK,
      The “jihadis” are being treated in Israelí hospitals cortesía of US taxpayers. Didnt you know? 🙂

    3. Why these concerns for the Israelis? It’s better to have them all centralised, on one spot.

  3. This is great – but – what I want to know is when Trump is going to stop the the aerial spraying program radically altering the environment and debilitating inhabitants. There are other “soft” methods for killing the goy than fomenting bloodthirsty wars.

    1. Arch –

      “There are other “soft” methods for killing the goy than fomenting bloodthirsty wars.”


      Then KBR and Academi in US would go busted!! AND the Wagner Group from Russia would have so little to do to justify ‘Put-On’ spending money on them!! 🙂

      The Wagner Group (Russian: Группа Вагнера, tr. Grupa Vagnera), also known as PMC Wagner, ChVK Wagner, or CHVK Vagner (Russian: ЧВК Вагнера, tr. ChVK Vagner, Russian: Частная Военная Компания Вагнера), is a Russian paramilitary organisation. Some have described it as a private military company (or a private military contracting agency), whose contractors have reportedly taken part in various conflicts, including operations in the Syrian Civil War on the side of the Syrian government as well as, from 2014 until 2015, in the War in Donbass in Ukraine aiding the separatist forces of the self-declared Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

      Others are of the opinion that ChVK Wagner is really a unit of the Russian Ministry of Defence in disguise, which is used by the Russian government in conflicts where deniability is called for.

      The Wagner Group has also been compared with Academi, the American security firm formerly known as Blackwater.

      The group is reportedly associated with Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch and a close associate of Putin, who oversees the Troll factory and was indicted in connection with Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.

      Besides…. Trump is a BUILDER. Wars demand NEW CONSTRUCTION!! He will have an opportunity to tell his buddy all of this in Helsinki in a week or so!! 🙂

      1. Pat, I hope I recall correctly that you believe nuclear bombs fictional. If not, then I hope this post gets to the right pair of eyes! The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has folks restoring high-speed film of nuclear bomb testing. Wife and l lived in Livermore, CA, for many years until our retreat from the ferocious, inexorable, inevitable total urbanization of the Livermore-Amador Valley.

        Weapons Physicist Declassifies and Releases US Nuclear Test Films (Videos)

        What say thee?

      2. AD –

        Thanks for the films.

        You almost got my claim correct.

        My claim is that ‘mobile’ nuclear weapons do not exist. No missiles, portable bombs, torpedoes…etc. I have stated numerous times that I shall grant that an intentional nuclear explosion MIGHT be possible…. given enough equipment at one location. Staged.

        Livermore residents are not any more privy than others to all government fraud.

        The government has paid many $$$Millions for phony staged events and photography to be used as real. We have called them false flags at WTC, Sandy Hook, moon landing, holo-hoax bodies, and many others… etc. Films can be doctored and cropped and photo-shopped by 8th graders today. Some claim NO PLANES flew into buildings on 9-11. 🙂 All phony films.

        This reflects on the claims made, not on you, when I write… I am not impressed.

        AND… Nuclear reactors cannot cause nuclear explosions… only steam excursions… steam explosions. “YUGE” ones!!! 🙂

      3. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has folks restoring high-speed film of nuclear bomb testing.

        Yes, they’re “digitizing” the original films. Somehow that does not inspire confidence in this age of binary fakery. Others have pointed out the fakery in this original footage, from bizarre edits to nuke explosions that look more like composites of sunrises and lava lamps!

        Besides, if the Zionists had the bomb they would’ve used it in myriad false flags…we’ve had this chat before. There is no way around that logic. They didn’t use it ’cause they don’t got it 😀

      4. Pat, Flopot, I understand — completely! — the doubt, the circumspection, the well founded suspicions you both express. I myself might add — WHY NOW?? AND, the “dustification” of WTC 1 & 2 still requires explanation. VT’s theory (Duff et al.) — micro, nano, low-yield nukes. See also Jim Stone’s work on Fukushima. Please, explain those horrors away! Can you?? Without resorting to mythical, ET-spawned “directed energy weapons”? I challenge you. Can you explain by means other than nuclear bombs — third, fourth, fifth generation — how WTC 1 & 2 got “dustified”? How surreptitious nuclear bomb-making units at Fukushima went “nuclear”? You have a body of alt-media knowledge to review and refute! Love to see you challenge VT’s assortment of spooks!

      5. AD –

        You wrote:
        “You have a body of alt-media knowledge(guesses) to review and refute! Love to see you challenge VT’s assortment of spooks!”

        It appears that you give “VT’s assortment of spooks” credibility. They must have captured your imagination.

        I have no desire to waste time refuting the “spooks ” who admit to telling lies to save themselves from harm. Especially the ridiculous claims of micro, nano, and low-yield nukes…. Those who believe the low yield nuke crap do not understand nuclear physics and Geometrical and Material BUCKLING. You can see it explained:

        Buck Rogers and Commando Cody would be proud of VT’s spooks’ hysterical stories. If Stanley Kubrick had not been taken out, he could have set the scenes for them as he did for the moon landings!! 🙂

  4. I personally think there should be a “terror lobby” in the u.s. because all lobbies kill people but no one says jack about it, on the contrary, leaders praise lobbies that kill people, they praise them because they get campàign and even personal money, millions.
    how many people does terror kill in america and how many people do guns (THE GUN LOBBY) kill? and how many americans die in wars for the israeli lobby for example?
    lets take a look:
    480,000 deaths annually from cigarette smoking ….
    13,286 people were killed in the US by firearms in 2015…
    10.000 american soldiers died in iraq, for example sent there by the israeli lobby but
    the biggest problem in the iraqui war were the injured
    about 90.000 american soldiers lay in hospitals legless and armless
    how many people died from terror in america last year?
    how may people died in america form car accidents?
    how many from terror?
    lol lets start a terror lobby and be fair…
    why are those people in goverment so scared of “terror GROUPS”?
    correct answer:
    that why terror gets so much attention!
    (note to administration: if you find this comments to be so good _like i did- that you want to publish it as an article, please be my guest, mi casa es su casa)

  5. Mr. Raimondo makes several valid observations as well as several cogent arguments, but completely fails to mention the 800 pound gorilla standing menacingly over us, namely: America’s zionist occupied government and the jewish tyranny which has demoralized, subjugated, corrupted, and exploited all of Western civilization. There can be no solution to our grave dilemma without naming the jew.

    1. Raimondo is himself a Jew. He says a lot of good things that are “anti-war”, but as you say, he doesn’t mention Jewish power in the US. In stead he talks vaguely about “the war party”, leaving it unexplained who that might be. Whether this is for tactical reasons or for reasons of “gate keeping”, I can’t say. However, you can’t fight an enemy if you don’t even dare to speak his name. 9/11 was a Jew job. Nearly all terrorist attacks after 9/11 were Jewish false flags. The wars on Iraq, Libya and Syria were Jewish wars. In short “the war party” is the Jew party, but you will not hear Raimondo say that.

      1. Franklin,
        Wikipedia says that Raimondo was raised a Catholic, but now calls himself a non-believer. If you have a better source that he is Jewish please provide your source as I would appreciate it. I generally read his articles He often speaks against Israel, and has referred to it as “a shitty little country.” I think, like most political writers, he is afraid to say what he really thinks about Jewish control of the US. The same goes for excellent analysts like Pat Buchanan. They are all afraid to venture into the swamp of 9/11.

      2. @Follyofwar

        Sorry, but my idea that Raimondo is Jewish still stems from my time as a newbie that I made overhasty conclusions about such things. On reflection I admit there is no reason to believe that Raimondo is Jewish. The name Raimondo is Italian BTW.

    2. Jag,
      Jew doesnt necesarily equal Zio. Two diferente creatures. Many Jews are your neighbors and arent political or activists at all. Some Jews are extremist. Donaldo, despite his Jewish DNA, feels little love for this group. Donaldo will reiterate, the West has a “law enforcement” problem…..not a Jew problem. The problem is that criminals of all stripes are above the law. Some Jews. Some not. Many of the 911 perpetrators were a long list of Goy. Do the research yourself. “The Jewish question” doesnt exist in Donaldos World. What do exist are criminals who walk free after comiting crimes. Donaldo knows. See a lot of it in México. Anyway, as Gilb says, the best we can do is live our lives as best we can amidst all the injustices which surround us.

  6. Agreed, but I think Jewish power is breaking down. Too many people now know the truth.

    1. Explain your opinion that’ jewish power is breaking down’? This must be wishful thinking. Many people think that as soon as ‘ many people’ know the jewish influence everything will change for the better. For change the Goyim must be organised, in possession of power ( keypositions) and money, control of the army and the press etc. Sometimes I think that some persons who proclaim that jewish power is declining might be trolls and/or jews. The erroneus thinking is not according the facts, development in the world and logic. If something suggests a ‘ decline’ of the jewish influence this must be accounted to jewish factions fighting against each other using Goyim as their servants/soldiers. This fight, if it might be present, is not a fight between Goyim and Jews.

      1. Actually it looks to me like the enemy parasites are TRYING to get us NUKED. They know blowback and armed revolt are now INEVITABLE. They are filling the empty black heads with murderous ideas with thinly disguised HATE PORN like “The Purge” movies and trying to get Russia or China involved in a War against us.


      2. Hi Notalmudplease,
        I admit my opinion is based on personal experience. Up to about 5 years ago in England you would be shunned or silenced if you said a word against Jews, the Jewish Lobby or Israel. Now I find MOST people in England agree with me, that Jewish Power is a bad thing. It is not so in America, where the media put out saturation level of pro-Israel propaganda and telly-evangelists ordain subservience to Israel.

        I am not some lefty. I have always been a conservative Conservative, but I think Israel is a blot on humanity. It has stolen a country, subjugated and expelled the original inhabitants and continues to portray itself as a victimized, civilized nation. In fact it is a racial supremacist criminal enterprise masquerading as a country.

        I am very much anti-war, having grown up during WW2. I don’t want to see Israelis slaughtered. I just hope that the demise of Israel can be brought about without violence, but you would have to tell that to the Jihadis.

  7. From the article:
    “…I was thrilled to see that Trump is raising the issue of the 35,000 American troops in Germany: what, he wants to know, are they doing there?”

    He knows very very “BIGGLY” that they are there to boost Germany’s economy and bring bushels of USD paid to the military folks there to spend $$$ locally. He also “BIGGLY” KNOWS “The Deal”… ALL presidents do. Those are orders from jew Headquarters.. ‘NM Red-Sign & Sons’… LONDON!! 🙂

  8. Raimondo didn’t mention the evil duo of Mike Pompeo and John Bolton in his piece. When Trump selected them I was appalled and just waiting for the bombs to start falling on Teheran, especially after he stupidly pulled the US out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. But maybe Trump selected them to scare the crap out of “Rocket Man” Kim Jung-Un and bring him to the table. Raimondo apparently thinks that Trump can keep those war lovers in his cabinet on a tight leash. And now that Trump feels he is strong enough to roll the dice and meet with Putin (a few months before the midterms no less), there is at least some cause for optimism. Still, Netanyahoo and billionaire Adelson won’t be happy until Trump launches war on Iran – a prospect that will not make Putin happy. With Trump as CEO we definitely live in interesting times.

  9. Base it on a National IQ assessment of say, one hundred, America’s um, racially productive population of say, 200 Million, mainly Whites including a smaller portion of North East Asian, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans America’s ‘human capital’ is WAY BELOW that of China with AT LEAST twice that number. Outnumbered two to one it is only a matter of time America is overtaken by China. Trump knows it even if his inner sanctum does not, America can no longer be counted on to continue to load itself with debt to please everybody, particularly the ‘only democracy in the middle east’.

  10. Israel is heading for a self-inflicted disaster and there is nothing President Trump can do to prevent it. It is hard to feel any sympathy for Israeli adults, but children will also be at risk.

    Nemesis is coming, and the fallout will affect the whole world. Remember the “Samson Option”

  11. Base it on a National IQ assessment of say, one hundred, America’s um, racially productive population of say, 200 Million, mainly Whites including a smaller portion of North East Asian, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans America’s ‘human capital’ is WAY BELOW that of China with AT LEAST twice that number. Outnumbered two to one it is only a matter of time America is overtaken by China. Trump knows it even if his inner sanctum does not, America can no longer be counted on to continue to load itself with debt to please everybody, particularly the ‘only democracy in the middle east.

    1. I’m afraid you’re RIGHT, Ishan…. We Whites are being dumbed down, bred out, and “genocided” by the multitudinous darkies we’ve allowed to invade our lands, our businesses, and our politics. We cannot continue to shoulder the burden (like Charles Atlas). The white libtards will soon begin to regret their ideals, and reality will grab them in a most uncomfortable way. It will be too late. We are, already, in the proverbial Eleventh Hour.

    2. Hi Ishan,
      Agreed. The Chinese are 1.4 billion clever, hard-working people. They do not need American technology. They are quite capable of advancing on their own. In fact most science and technology is presented to the world in textbooks, magazine articles and PhD theses. That is the nature of science. It is an international effort.

      Mr Trump is right about the USA being taken for a ride with tariffs. Germany imposes a 25% tarrif on Cadillacs. Mr Trump is implementing a 10% duty on Mercedes, BMWs and VWs. He is not being unreasonable.

      I am no Trump fan, he is too weird and unstable for my liking, but credit to him where it is due.

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