Trump Praised for his Extraordinary Performance at Helsinki Summit

This video is obviously very pro-Trump and therefore will not be appreciated by the Trump haters. In accordance with our website’s policy of strict neutrality on Trump—posting anti-Trump AND  pro-Trump material at different times as we see fit—we encourage our readers to speak their minds freely on the President without fear or favor.

VIDEO  :  26.23 mins

4 thoughts to “Trump Praised for his Extraordinary Performance at Helsinki Summit”

  1. ‘Put-On’ reminds me of Chauncy Gardner, in the movie Being There, played by Peter Sellers.

    He just stands around accepting the praises and overblown heroics he never accomplished. 🙂

    BUT…. many are finally catching a clue!!

    I have been telling everyone THIS for years:

    Putin’s “bold moves” on the international stage, moreover, should be seen for what they are:
    a tacit admission of weakness!!

    Putin has invaded Georgia, only to withdraw. He has destabilized Ukraine, but lacked the resources or the will to intervene in favor of a pro-Russian president ousted in a coup in 2014. He has sent troops to fight with Bashar al-Assad’s government forces in Syria, but, when his own men are killed by American or Turkish fire, he responds only with chiding words.

    This is not the behavior of a “strongman.” It is the behavior of a weak leader pretending to be strong.

    We in the West must learn to tell the difference. s/nicholaswaddy/2018/07/20/ three-reasons-why-you-wont-be- speaking-russian-a-year-from- now-n2502037?amp=true

    1. Corrected link… with lagniappe. 🙂

      “…the Left and the mainstream media are doing everything in their power to frighten the American people with tales of Putin and Russia’s cruelty, guile, and boundless ambition, the truth is that Russia is a pale shadow of what it was in Soviet days and represents less of a threat to U.S. interests than either China or Islamic terrorism.”

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