Trump’s Alliance with Body-Choppers, Death Squads and Child Killers

By Prof. James Petras
Information Clearing House


“Israel is the White House’s mentor and chief of operations in the Middle East […]  Under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has seized and colonized most of the West Bank and militarily occupied the rest of Palestine […] Netanyahu secures unconditional US financial and political support and the most advanced US weaponry. In exchange Washington considers itself  privileged to serve as foot solders for Israeli targeted wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.” —  Prof. James Petras

In recent weeks the White House has embraced the contemporary version of the world’s most murderous regimes. President Trump has embraced the Saudi Arabian “Prince of Death” Mohammad bin Salman who has graduated from chopping hands and heads in public plazas to dismembering bodies in overseas consulates – the case of Jamal Khashoggi.

The White House warmly greeted the electoral success of Brazilian Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, ardent champion of torturers, military dictators, death squads and free marketers.

President Trump grovels, grunts and glories before Israel, as his spiritual guide Benjamin Netanyahu celebrates the Sabbath with the weekly murders and maiming of hundreds of unarmed Palestinians, especially youngsters.

These are President Trump’s ‘natural allies’.  They share his values and interests while each retains their particular method of disposing of the cadavers of adversaries and dissenters.

We will proceed to discuss the larger political-economic context in which the trio of monsters operate.  We will analyze the benefits and advantages which lead President Trump to ignore and even praise, actions which violate America’s democratic values and sensibilities.

In conclusion, we will examine the consequences and risks which result from Trump’s embrace of the trio.

The Context for Trump’s Tripler Alliance

President Trump’s intimate ties with the world’s most unsavory regimes flows from several strategic interests.  In the case of Saudi Arabia, it includes military bases; the financing of international mercenaries and terrorists; multi-billion-dollar arms sales; oil profits; and covert alliances with Israel against Iran, Syria and Yemen.

In order to secure these Saudi assets, the White House is more than willing to assume certain socio-political costs.

The US eagerly sells weapons and provides advisers to Saudi’s genocidal invasion, murder and starvation of millions of Yeminis.  The White House alliance against Yemen has few monetary rewards or political advantages as well as negative propaganda value.

However, with few other client states in the region, Washington makes do with Prince Salman ‘the salami slicer’.

The US ignores Saudi financing of Islamic terrorists against US allies in Asia (the Philippines) and Afghanistan as well as rival thugs in Syria and Libya.

Alas when a pro-US collaborator like Washington Post journalist and US resident Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated, President Trump was forced to adopt the pretense of an investigation  in order  to distance himself from the Riyadh mafia. He subsequently exonerated butcher boy bin Salman: he invented a flagrant lie-blaming ‘rogue  elements’ in charge of the interrogation — read torture.

President Trump celebrated the electoral victory of Brazilian neo-liberal fascist Jair Bolsonaro because he checks all the right boxes:  he promises to slash economic regulations and corporate taxes for multi-national corporations.  He is an ardent ally of Washington’s economic war against Venezuela and Cuba.  He promises to arm right-wing death squads and militarize the police.  He pledges to be a loyal follower of US war policies abroad.

However, Bolsonaro cannot support Trump’s trade war especially against China which is the market for almost forty percent of Brazil’s agro-exports. This is especially the case since agro-business bosses are Bolsonaro’s principal economic and congressional supporters.

Given Washington’s limited influence in the rest of Latin America, Brazil’s neo-liberal fascist regime acts as Trump’s principal ally.

Israel is the White House’s mentor and chief of operations in the Middle East, as well as a strategic military ally.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has seized and colonized most of the West Bank and militarily occupied the rest of Palestine; jailed and tortured tens of thousands of political dissidents; surrounded and starved over a million Gaza residents; imposed ethno-religious conditions for citizenship in Israel, denying basic rights for over 20% of the Arab residents of the self-styled ‘jewish state’.

Netanyahu has bombed hundreds of Syrian cities, towns, airports and bases in support of ISIS terrorists and Western mercenaries.  Israel intervenes in US elections, buys Congressional votes and secures White House recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the jewish state.

Zionists in North America and Great Britain act as a ‘fifth column’ securing unanimous favorable mass media coverage of its apartheid policies.

Prime Minister Netanyahu secures unconditional US financial and political support and the most advanced weaponry.

In exchange Washington considers itself  privileged to serve as foot solders for Israeli targeted wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia . . . Israel collaborates with the US in defending Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.  Netanyahu and his Zionist allies in the White House succeeded in reversing the nuclear agreement with Iran and imposing new and harsher economic sanctions.

Israel has its own agenda: it defies President Trump’s sanctions policies against Russia and its trade war with China.

Israel eagerly engages in the sales of arms and high-tech innovations to Beijing.

Beyond the Criminal Trio

The Trump regime’s alliance with Saudi Arabia, Israel and Brazil is not despite but because of their criminal behavior.  The three states have a demonstrated record of full compliance and active engagement in every ongoing US war.

Bolsonaro, Netanyahu and bin Salman serve as role models for other national leaders allied with Washington’s quest for world domination.

The problem is that the trio is insufficient in bolstering Washington’s drive to “Make the Empire Strong”.  As pointed out earlier, the trio are not completely in compliance with Trump’s trade wars; Saudi works with Russia in fixing oil prices.  Israel and Brazil cuts deals with Beijing.

Clearly Washington pursues other allies and clients.

In Asia, the White House targets China by promoting ethnic separatism.  It encourages Uighurs to split from China by encouraging Islamic terrorism and linguistic propaganda.  President Trump backs Taiwan via military sales and diplomatic agreements.  Washington intervenes in Hong Kong by promoting pro-separatist  politicians and media propaganda backing ‘independence’.

Washington has launched a strategy of military encirclement and a trade  war against China .The White House rounded up Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and South Korea to provide military bases which target China. Nevertheless, up to the present the US has no allies in its trade war.  All of Trump’s so-called Asian  ‘allies’ defy his economic sanctions policies.

The countries depend on and pursue trade with and investments from China.  While all pay diplomatic lip service and provide military bases, all defer on the crucial issues of joining US military exercises off China’s coast and  boycotting Beijing.

US efforts to sanction Russia into submission is offset by ongoing oil and gas agreements between Russia , Germany and other EU countries.  US traditional bootlickers like Britain and Poland carry little political weight.

More important US sanctions  policy has led to a long-term, large-scale strategic economic and military alliance between Moscow and Beijing.

Moreover Trump’s  alliance with the ‘torture trio’ has provoked domestic divisions.  Saudi Arabia’s murder of a US resident-journalist has provoked business boycotts and Congressional calls for reprisal.  Brazil’s fascism has evoked liberal criticism of Trump’s eulogy of Brazilia’s death squad democracy.

President Trump’s domestic electoral opposition has successfully mobilized the mass media, which could facilitate a congressional majority and an effective mass opposition to his Pluto-populist (populist in rhetoric, plutocrat in practice) version of empire building.


The US empire building project is built on bluster, bombs and trade wars.  Moreover, its closest and most criminal allies and clients cannot always be relied upon.  Even the stock market fiesta is coming to a close. Moreover, the time of successful sanctions is passing.  The wild-eyed UN rants are evoking laughter and embarrassment.

The economy is heading into crises and not only became of rising interest rates.  Tax cuts are one shot deals – profits are taken and pocketed.

President Trump in retreat will discover that there are no permanent allies only permanent interests.

Today the White House stands alone without allies who will share and defend his unipolar empire.  The mass of humanity requires a break with the policies of wars and sanctions.  To rebuild America will require the construction, from the ground-up, of a powerful popular movement not beholden to Wall Street or war industries.  A first step is to break with both parties at home and the triple alliance abroad.


40 thoughts to “Trump’s Alliance with Body-Choppers, Death Squads and Child Killers”

    1. As far as I understand it, inside the CIA there are the good guys and the bad guys. If they went for communists like Castro, I as a veteran from South Africa in the Namibia (our ‘Nam)/Angola conflict would not loose too much sleep over it. I guess for some other targets the Vietnam veterans would not differ with me on this one, nor I with them.

      Building other ambitions is a subject on its own, as hinted by the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman (is the author John Perkins playing open cards in his book?) .

      Jair Bolsonaro – I do not know much about his background. One will see in future how things develope. What I gather from the skewed Wikipedia, sounds acceptable to me: military background (no coward), anti-left, family values, etc. Aligning with the USA – I guess Brazil with its diverse population is not an easy country to rule. Does he have another choice, with Brazil living on Americas doorstep and some very doubtable countries inbetween?

      1. Wig –


        Castro was ‘given’ Cuba to keep supplying cheap sugar to the food processing jews worldwide…. using slave labor at very little expense.

        Since the advent of corn syrup and substitutes he was no longer needed. He was left alone…. and so is his brother…. home free today.

        Castro was also used to kick out the casinos in Cuba to force the growth of jew casinos in Vegas & Atlantic City.

      2. seems you were and still are the ideal candidate for the position of a bootlicker in arms with your fellowships in GB, Australia, NZ, Israelhell, Saudi Arabia and some other countries allied with the UnUnited States of America…..glorifying the killings in the various wars against innocent people around the world…… shame on you…… shame on you forever

      3. Ms. Darkmoan had too much Red Bull power drink before she wrote this.

        COMMENT MODERATOR TOBY: Ms Darkmoon did not write this. The author of the article you so rudely attack is Professor James Petras. Wake up, Richard!

        Her take on Bolsonaro — ardent champion of torturers, military dictators, death squads and free marketers — is juvenile leftist nonsense. Neo-School of the Americas drivel. If Brazil has “demonstrated . . . active engagement in every ongoing US war” I certainly missed that. And why Brasil’s record on any matter is to be laid at Bolsonaro’s feet I do not know. His time in office is measured in days. Britain, France, and Germany seem more suitable targets as dictatorships if intent and ability to attack free speech and destroy their own country are any measure of dictatorship. As of two years ago, Brazil wasn’t even a member of our pathetic Operation Inherent Resolve. So much for the “unique Yankee lick spittle war mongering toad” deal about him that seems to exercise Darkmoan.

        I think his free market policies are what light her up, given her enfatuation with the word “neo-liberal,” a sure sign that thinking ceased a while back. Dragging in Bolsonaro to her top three is lame, esp. as she’s on target with the other two.

        Maj. Charles Hochhopfel with the Koevoet was a childhood friend.

  1. Imagine the economic catastrophies which might occur were America to suddenly come to blows with those three. Trump is walking a very fine line as POTUS, and must keep calm winds in those sails – or be prepared to weather a huge storm, here, at home. We passengers could get very sea-sick in our deflated wallets! 😮
    Should we go to war because some A-rab swings his scimitar against one of his own??? Should we abandon our mlitary passport to the M.E. because Nuttyahoo is heavy-handed on behalf of his own people??? Should we come at odds with our biggest agricultural counterpart in the Western Hemisphere because some liberals holler “Fascism!” ???
    From my own perspective, I am very glad Mr. Trump is for “America First!”

    1. @ Gilbert

      I knew you’d find a silver lining hiding underneath all the blood and guts. And I knew you’d find a selfless, America-first patriot hiding inside the body of the mass murdering Orange Clown. You always do.

  2. Kick ass or get your ass kicked has been Americas foreign policy for decades. Should America become the NICE GUY and lose its worldwide influence? The entire South loves Trump because he keeps them working building bullets and bombs. Should America make peace with Russia and China and then cut its trillion dollar defense budget? There are seven billion consumers in the world, they must open their borders and buy American products. Stopping America from kicking ass would stop America from becoming great again.

    1. Mel –

      “The entire South loves Trump because he keeps them working building bullets and bombs.””

      You missed it by WAAAAY more than a mile!! 🙂

      Defense spending is NOT centered in “the entire South” at all. Boeing has the most employees and is centered in the most left-wing commie pinko state in the US…. the state which hates Trump the most… WASHINGTON… Seattle, Washington. Then, there is Illinois & Massachusetts.

      List of the top 3 largest arms manufacturers in US:
      1-Lockheed Martin $35Billion 115,000 Employees – Illinois
      2-Boeing $30Billion 168,400 Employees – Washington
      3-Raytheon $22Billion 63,000 Employees – Massachusetts

      1. Jew are basically merchants and peddlers not Globalists. They want to peddle their wares throughout the world. Only if protective nations open their doors to Jew made products will progress be made. China and India have Three billion potential buyers of Jewish owned goods. It is up to America to bust down those doors and unfold a golden Kosher era.

    2. Melvin –

      The “South” (like me) loves Trump because he acts like an AMERICAN – not some undecided wimp. It’s good theatre for the “common sense” crowd, North or South. Besides, I don’t know where you get your notion that Dixie folk build the guns! The finest firearms in the world have been made in New England and New York. (My gun cabinet is full of ’em!)
      Yes, I know Trump has disappointed many for his evident affinity for Israhell, but I can’t fault his EXPEDIENCE, there. Personally, I am closely acquainted with some Jews who I like very much – almost like “family” – and it would be rather hypocritical of me to join in the blanket condemnation of (your) Tribe. (I dislike and mistrust hypocrites more!) 😶

  3. finally!
    an article that really makes you feel better because it says the truth!!
    Americas`s president is a casino owner, nuff said!
    —-but the problem here isnt his evil life and background—
    its the idiots who elected him!
    hahahha! 🙂 :): )
    as a palestinian i am so happy the world will soon get destroyed!
    we go back to the basics:
    “those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”

  4. jamal kashoggi was himself of a weapons monger bloodline, from his saudi uncle adnan, multi billionaire arms dealer from the 80s… one of ronald reagan’s high-dollar compatriots…
    you can bet those guys have been all in cahoots with the bin ladens forever…
    i would suspect jamal was likely no better than mbs and his crowd of perpetrators, him just another useful osama bin laden intel war agent operator really…
    i think jamal worked for the washington (cia/mossad) post, right?
    unless we think osama and jamal were who the deep state media says they were, osama a genuine arab freedom fighter patriot and jamal now a reformed human rights advocate, both without puppet strings or competing internecine interests of their own… who”s gonna do that?
    likely as not jamal was putting some kind of squeeze on mbs, if all this even really happened…
    i guess we’ll never get his body either… they’re already telling you he was dismembered or dissolved in acid… maybe if the ever do find him they’ll give him a nice photo-shop burial at sea like they did osama… right…
    “However, Bolsonaro cannot support Trump’s trade war especially against China which is the market for almost forty percent of Brazil’s agro-exports. ”
    notice the term – TRADE WAR…
    i say we have less war wherever we can…
    brazil is a big country. the brazillians don’t need to trade anything to china, and china, even bigger, doesn’t need to sell anything to brazil… let people in south america trade only with each other… both and all the rest have all the consumers they need on hand at home… there is no naturally occurring shortage disaster necessitating a lot of international trade, not to any extent that the world be held hostage to it somehow… all this international trading is systemically part of the problem…
    trump’s main position on trade is that there be no tariffs, which is a step in the right direction, whether he knows it or not… the tariffs and duties are in place to keep trade locked into an effectively retro-strife ing mode, where it serves primarily the existing corporo-political power structure, monetarily and geopolitically…
    human rights should be the usa focus, and trade profits to state moguls in china should be restricted, stopped altogether, then increased profits made available as rewards through more liberal trade policies, where repressive states like china improve their human rights conduct… not sure if trump’s new trade position with china has anything to do with human rights implications… we’re not hearing that… it’s probably not something bibi wants to stress…
    but i don’t think you’d want to be in jail in china anymore than you would in israel, saudi arabia or mexico…
    “Bolsonaro, Netanyahu and bin Salman serve as role models for other national leaders allied with Washington’s quest for world domination.”
    there is a path to real peace, but the war indicators are baked in for a long time… hard to get past it…
    a good start – we could be making all our own products right here the usa, secure our borders, share the production wealth more equitably and prosper nationally beyond our dreams, paying our workers wages good enough to buy the products we make and then some as our middle class expands and gradually replaces the global corporate monster in the halls of government…

  5. Bone sawing Kashoggi Is an Arab pleasure, Trump should not protest. Saudi Arabia is an important asset, they buy our arms and partner with the Jews. Let the Arabs do what they want with the bones. A formal burial is not needed.

  6. @Wiggins
    You are absolutely correct my friend, as The CIA, just like the MASSAD, always gets their man.

  7. “President Trump’s domestic electoral opposition has successfully mobilized the mass media, which could facilitate a congressional majority and an effective mass opposition…”

    The author hasn’t been paying attention. There is no mass media in the USA, just a “has been mass media.” The jewish media has lost too much credibility to be able to change anything as far as the majority of the voting population is concerned. Trump destroyed the ability for the jewish media to control the narrative so the communists will lose more congressional seats come 11/6/2018. Trump destroyed the jewish media because he loves jewish control so much. 🙂

    Speaking of the jewish media, they knew all the facts too quickly concerning Jamal, just like 9/11 and all the school shootings. They demanded an immediate response. Trump did not fall for their bait and decided to wait for investigations to be done. (((Their))) plot failed to accomplish whatever the Deep State wanted.

    The author mentions US empire building. Does he mean empire building is negotiating peace with North Korea and the Taliban in Afghanistan? Does he mean freeing 3,000 children from sexual slavery under the previous power structure in Saudi Arabia very early in 2017? Does he mean cutting funding to the terrorists in Syria? Does he mean challenging destructive trade deals that was bleeding the USA dry? Apparently the author’s idea of empire building is different than mine.

    According to QAnon, Israel will be addressed last after the Deep State is routed from Iran.

    The author also failed to mention that the relationships with Israel and Saudi Arabia existed long before Trump was elected.

    I wonder if the author would have preferred the satanic child predator that Trump was running against? At least Trump holds prayer everyday his is present in the Oval Office and he is not praying to Satan.

    1. Ung

      “…Israel will be addressed last after the Deep State is routed from Iran.”

      But addressed HOW, and towards what end? After all, given whatever QAnon is seeing, it can’t be discounted that there is a “deeper” state which would be routing the “deep” state in Iran.

      How can Statists be trusted to be the ones to provide true individual freedom in this world, when as stooges for the banking cabals that steer their actions they don’t even know what the hell it’s supposed to LOOK like?!

      Sure, like you I believe there is an awakening occurring. And guess what, (((they))) know it too, which is why they’re ramping everything up now in throwing all (((their))) barrages of cognitive dissonance at the opposition they’re trying to CONTROL. This includes the Internet, which I’m guessing was invented with this in mind, like some sort of “time warp” thing because as the deeper state, (((they))) are familiar with how these periods of awakening work going back thousands of years – yes, it IS that ancient.

      1. @ Brownhawk

        “But addressed HOW, and towards what end?”

        If that is known, then the job will be much harder. Israel will dry up and blow away the same time that (((their money masters))) are dethroned and that is a lot closer than most think.

        Individual freedom has and always will be up to the individual. It’s that kingdom of God within each individual that makes it so.

        The jews have never faced a global awakening leaving no place to run, hide, and continue business as usual. That’s a lot closer than most think as well and the jews know it too which is why (((they))) are currently in a panic facing a damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation. When the truth escapes the box, just like Pandora, it can’t be put back in the box.

  8. After the UK/US sanctimonious ranting following the skripal poisoning case, in which the US admonished Russia for doing what the US ( among others ) has been doing for decades, IE murdering political opponents, the US has had IT’S Hypocritical face exposed Again. This time a friend 😂 MBS has been seen to have an opponent butchered, and Trump and co, have to try and find a way of not looking like a whited (no pun) sepulchre.
    Trump in the above article is shown to be supporting murderous regimens around the world, big surprise, which US President didn’t, which US President doesn’t preside over a murderous regimen?.

  9. Melvin :

    First thing, welcome back!

    Second thing, I know qua jew that you are, you LERV IT that your fellow jew Montini lifted the Catholic ban on Cremation — because Cremation is a Rejection of Christ’s Resurrection and a Rejection of Christ’s promises to us [ and plus Montini turned the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass into some kind of alchemical fusion of a lutheran service + new age nonsense and pretty much got rid of all the Sacraments and did everything he could to turn the seminaries into gay bars-sex clubs and centers of the radical gay political movement, so I’m sure you LERV Montini ] but I was wondering if you yourself, when it comes to your jew relatives and jew friends, do you encourage them to want to get Cremated or do you remind them all the time to stick with the traditional jewish burial rites and tell them that Cremation is for “the goyim”?

    Cremation was traditionally for cows and farm animals who died from infectious diseases, so maybe that’s why uncle’s mother the old fat cow wants to get Cremated when she kicks the bucket. She knows she’s got an infectious disease, her pussy is like a malarial swamp it’s so infested with all kinds of tropical pestilences and contagions. *grin*

    Third thing, you’re looking more and more like an old jew woman ever since you got out of Spamblinka, what’s up with that? You look like an old jew woman vacationing at the Fontainebleau in Miami Flohr-eee-duh. All you need to do now is change that black jew sheenie beanie or whatever it’s called on your head and put on a swim cap, preferably a swim cap Star of David Sky Blue on your head [ the SAME coloUr as Lasha’s shower curtain on her head, Star of David Sky Blue ] and your sex reassignment process will be Complete! I guess, lol, I guess someone made you his bitch in prison and you LERVED IT so much you decided to change your gender when you got of Spamblinka. You definitely changed, something awful must have happened to you in Spamblinka, ((( poor thing))), *grin*.

    1. There was very little ” original ” in that rant joe,but I hope you feel better having got it of your chest.

  10. TROJ –

    Does one of the big, black orderlies pump your ass, nightly, and look over your shoulder when you write such vile suggestions about someone’s mother?? I’ve been told what happens in those asylums, and most of us understand your predicament. (We understand how the prospect of falling off the edge of a flat Earth would be a welcome escape for you!) 😉 Dream on!

    1. Christ, it’s contagious, is potty mouth a strain of foot and mouth, please Gil, no more.

      A while back, I got dogs abuse for using the F word, and questioning Lasha’s judgment, what gives?,
      The Moral compass is no where to be found.

      1. Sorry, Harry, but I think “pumping ass” is more vivid than “sodomizing”….(and comical, when visualizing ol’ TROJ as the recipient). 😀

  11. Turkish President Erdogan is to make a statement Tuesday regarding the Jamal Khashoggi killing.
    Why Tuesday?, Why not now or Monday.
    Speculation, the Turks feel they have (as yet) not been offered enough to get them to partake in the narrative that suits the Zionist axis.
    Tuesday gives the extra time for MBS to stew, and his cheerleaders to cough up.

    1. @ Harry

      The (((zionist))) have already made (((their))) desired story known. Jamal was killed and chopped up by 15 assassins from Saudi Arabia according to (((their))) jewish mainstream media which immediately has all the facts without any investigation based on supposed Turk sources. Additionally, as of 10/21/12018, the jewish media is saying that Trump arranged to have Jamal eliminated. Somehow, the ultimate villain of all things, Russia, has not been implicated in the plot on Jamal.

      Since the whole Jamal plot was to get a desired aggressive response from Trump which (((they))) did not get, the Turks will probably go with Trump arranging the chopping using a Saudi hit team to make everyone as happy as possible about the failed false flag.

      1. Hello UNGENIUS,
        I agree the press in the majority spews a Zionist line, however there are other non Zionist sources of news.
        The Khashoggi killing is clipping the wings of MBS, it could even have brought his downfall, MBS is a kingpin in the Zionist plan for the middle east, therefore I do not believe this is a Zionist plot, but a MBS major blooper.
        The fact that the left leaning Zionist of the US are trying to make Hay by blaming Trump, is just par for the course.
        The Turks hold the aces on this , we will see how they intend to play tomorrow, (Tuesday).

  12. Some of Trump’s Adnan Khashoggi ties.

    Trump told TV host David Letterman in 1988 that he’d just purchased a 200M yacht from billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. The late billionaire is the uncle of disappeared journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was allegedly murdered last week in Istanbul.

    Not long after the 1988 TV appearance with Letterman, Trump ran into financial trouble and sold the yacht, according to reports. Yachting stats collected by the Monaco Eye confirm Trump’s purchase of the yacht, as well as its later sale to Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

    Notably, Al-Waleed is the grandson of the first Saudi king, Ibn Saud, and no stranger to Silicon Valley watchers and investors.

    Al-Waleed, who The Economist once dubbed the ‘Arabian Warren Buffet,” bought the yacht from Trump the following year, when Trump ran into financial trouble, according to reports. Al-Waleed is the same Saudi billionaire who holds the fourth largest stake in Twitter and who was arrested (and later released) in a high-profile Saudi Arabian corruption purge last November

    According to Trump, speaking to TV host David Letterman that year, the 280-foot Trump Princess was purchased from Khashoggi in 1988 on the condition that Trump rename the boat after he bought it. (In the clip, Trump incorrectly calls it a 300-ft yacht.)

    The boat was originally named The Nabila, named after the elder Khashoggi’s daughter, actress Nabila Khashoggi. She is but one of the billionaire’s eight children. In 1983, The Nabila appeared in the James Bond film, Never Say Never (1983).

  13. ws! great news! great news! great news! great news! great news! great news! great news! grea
    Saudi Arabian has just announced that it will use all the weapons it recently bought from the U.S., England, China, France etc AGAINST ISRAEL if it continues to kill palestinians!
    what a great day this is!

    1. No AVATAR, that’s what alsaud SHOULD be saying, but in reality their not.
      Not to worry, Iran will sort it.

  14. 22 October 2018 I hardly can fathom the topic, so off I go!

    “A jester out of work is nobody’s fool”.
    Note to SELF
    I write to record both memory and products of Imagination.
    I think to articulate Reality as “Fantasy”, construct of Mind.
    Creating, I seek deconstruction, demolition of Here & Now.
    That I am, I am.

    And so, dear all, I shall head back to the garden, harvest in full swing here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The name Khashoggi has rung in my eye- and ear-fed brain for several days now, the spinning and weaving of a horrific story still yet possibly a “false flag”, the confluence of MSM coverage alone a hit — ooopsie! hint — in this direction. Our Squash Land nearly done, cheery cherry tomatoes by the hundreds, egg plants galore, GOD’s cornucopia TRUMPS Khashoggi by four score and more!

      1. ADMIN TOBY : I’m allowing this crazy comment by a permanent resident of Spamblinka to be published here just to show the reader what loony trolls we have plaguing this website. Most of TROJ’s other unpublished comments are far worse. This is mild in comparison.

        @ Sister Monica :

        I’m praying for you today, Sister Mother, I’m praying to the ancient Greek m00n goddess Selene that someday She will guide you to that island in The Aegean Sea where all the Greeks are old in their dotage and ugly and tired and stupid and mean-spirited and bitchy and nasty and overbearing and frustrated and unhappy and tyrannical and pig-headed so you can immigrate there so you will finally have ¡Heaven on Earth! being surrounded by your own kind, it would be ¡Paradise! for you and who knows, maybe a population of real mean-spirited old ugly and stupid basturds will find you attractive and you might even know what’s it’s like to get laid, like attracts like and all that, and maybe you won’t be so hard-up all the time, maybe. May the m00n goddess Selene, m00n goddess Lasha’s m00n goddess cousin Selene, may Lasha’s Greek m00n goddess cousin take you to this ¡Paradise! island in The Aegean Sea on Her Magnificent Mighty White Horse!

  15. Ung

    I’ll frame the question differently

    “Who exactly is addressing this Israel problem requiring a ” final solution “? It can’t be dismissed that ” who” is (((them))) – the “deeper” state throwing you and many others off the scent.

    For the kingdom of God “within” to manifest “without” there can be no money mastery outside the true interest of the individual. In effect, what you’re insinuating is that someone* or something** is behind a complete overhauling of the apparatus which has been developing for centuries in working towards achieving world mastery through the manipulation of money and the individuals using it.

    In what form of the miracle it would take might this occur?

    *Someone: 1) This would mean that the sanctity of the individual and his money is being honored in ways that don’t presently exist. So who leads the way, those in the U.S.? Russia? China? In other words, through those proven statists who would have to have a sudden “Jesus moment” of “turning (over) the tables”. But who’s to say that the ” Federal Reserve” isn’t deemed to morph into the “International Reserve System”?

    1A) An invasion of benevolent aliens, who upon the activation of the ” hundredth monkey” dynamic come to the aid of a beleaguered humanity with the ability to stop dead in their tracks all the mechanisms of weaponry that (((they))) would use against them

    ** Something: Massive solar flares, or a giant asteroid strike, or whatever’s lurking under the ice in Antarctica wiping out the financial control grid, thus creating mass chaos of a every man for themselves scenario. Something like what may have occurred thousands of years ago after the great flood of Atlantis?

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