Trump’s Great Wall Becomes Trump’s Great Stall

By Ann Coulter
28 November 2018

She was an ardent supporter of Trump
but is now fed up with him for failing to keep his promises 

For those of us who were ecstatic the night Donald Trump was elected president, who watch election night videos over and over again, it used to be easy to defend him against the charge that he is just a BS-ing con man who would say anything to get elected.

It’s getting harder.

Trump was our last chance. But he’s spent two years not building the wall, not deporting illegals — “INCREDIBLE KIDS!” — and not ending the anchor baby scam.

Within 10 seconds of Trump’s leaving office, there will be no evidence that he was ever president. Laws will be changed, executive orders rescinded, treaties re-written and courts packed.

Trump will leave no legacy at all. Only a wall is forever.

We had no choice. No one else was promising to save America:

“On day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. We will use the best technology, including above- and below-ground sensors, that’s the tunnels. Remember that: above and below. Towers, aerial surveillance and manpower to supplement the wall, find and dislocate tunnels and keep out criminal cartels.” —  Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump

But then he signed a spending bill expressly prohibiting him from building any part of the wall:

“I will never sign another bill like this again. I’m not going to do it again.” — President Trump, after signing a spending bill that blocked any funding for a wall.”

Today, eight months later, Trump is about to sign another spending bill that will give him no money for the wall. Anyone want to bet me that he won’t? So much for the world’s greatest negotiator.

Donald Trump is the commander in chief. He doesn’t need Congress’ approval to defend the nation’s borders.

But as long as his excuse for not building the wall is that Congress hasn’t appropriated money for it, why on earth would he sign a spending bill that doesn’t give it to him?

Ann Coulter interviewed:
Why doesn’t Trump build the wall he promised? 

VIDEO  :  13.52 mins

28 thoughts to “Trump’s Great Wall Becomes Trump’s Great Stall”

  1. Wasn’t she the one who wrote, In Trump I trust?
    I rest my case. Trump and Coulter are fired.

    1. Unlike most sock puppet mainstream commentators, at least Coulter has the strength of character to admit that she was wrong. Trump, OTOH, has shown us time and again that, like the Big Bad Wolf, he’s nothing but hot air. No one besides Coulter is saying that Trump has the authority, on his own, to build The Wall. His powers in defense of National Security are broad, and he should have never let Speaker Paul Ryan, the no good cuck, stop him. His latest act of betrayal was when he said, shortly before the midterms, he would sign an Executive Order banning Birthright Citizenship. As Coulter scolded, it would only take him 30 seconds to sign it. We’re still waiting Mr. President.

  2. Fellow Darkmooners,
    George HW Bush dies at 94. Oh well. Another shapeshifter bites the dust. Tell us George. How’s the weather in the underworld ? A toast from Donaldo. Salud!

    1. DC

      According to shamans I know, Bush wasn’t a shape shifter, per se, but a reptilian/human hybrid who maintained a human appearance through various human sacrifice blood drinking rituals. More the reason to regard the churchs’ “Drinking the Blood of Christ” symbolic ritual as representing a sacrilegious mockery of Jesus

      Good riddance to the decrepit old traitor who cheated Roy Bean’s hangman

    2. George H. W. Bush was a killer and a pedophile , read Cathy O Brien book, The Trance Formation of America can be had on Amazon and watch her videos on youtube, and he was a war criminal !

  3. Bounty hunters patrolling the border will stop illegal immigration. Nazis permitted robbing/looting of Jews, plus a reward after handing them over to the Gestapo. Thousands of Jews got a bullet to the head after being robbed and looted. The same method can be used by American bounty hunters. Unemployed guys will apply for the job in hope of keeping the Pesos and drugs seized. Rewards will only apply for the heads of the border jumpers, bodies are too heavy to carry. Building the wall will never be high enough to stop a rope and grapple hook.

    1. You could be talking about George Sorearse vis-a-vis handing jews over to the Gestapo…….and he was proud of his wartime actions, he said so himself….

    2. Hi Melvin,
      You have been reading too much Jewish propaganda. There may have been a few atrocities, especially in the late stages of the war, but there was no organized policy of genocide.

      They were treated as “Enemy Aliens”, which is what the Jews were to Germany. International Jewish organizations had declared economic war on Germany in 1933, six years before the outbreak of WW2.

      Somehow I don’t think you will believe the truth.

      1. Leadership of Germany was the prize fought for by the Nazis versus the Jews. Hitler won the battle and deported the Jews including their politicians. Germany at the time was in a severe depression while most Jews prospered. That was one reason that Hitler won popular support. Treatment of deported Jews could not have been too good. Camp guards and the administration were Jew haters.

  4. Trump is controlled by the Zionist forces that have controlled America ever since 1913 with the passage by a corrupt congress of the Zionist banking Kabals FED and IRS , which allowed unconstitutional money creation by Zionist bankers out of thin air and also gave the kabal the power to tax any gains on this ether created money, and thus was America turned into a Zionist plantation and we goyim as slaves!

    The Zionist bankers hold the loans on all of Trumps properties and so Trump is not going to bite the hand that feeds him and the Zionists want OPEN BORDERS and the Zionists want a Zionist controlled NWO and so Trump is their puppet and will do as he is told, all this talk about a border wall by Trump is a lie to quiet we goyim, the wall will never be built!

  5. Trump is totally controlled by the Zionist bankers who hold the loans on all Trump properties and so the wall will never be built and Trumps posturing is just B.S. for the masses!

    1. DF –

      Not sure about the wall….. but….

      I have enough common sense and years of evidence about Trump and his dad to agree with this:

      “Trump is totally controlled by the Zionist bankers who hold the loans on all Trump properties… “

  6. Read this over and over again until it sinks in: “Trump is totally controlled by the Zionist bankers who hold the loans on all Trump properties and so the wall will never be built and Trumps posturing is just B.S. for the masses!”

    Trump is theatre for Goy unable to process reality. Amerika is 100% owned and cucked to Israel. Trump is a super Zionist whore totally protecting Jews in the the US of Israel. Trump is the Neocon (Jewish nationalists/traitors) swamp and his appointments prove it, like Bolton, Nikki Haley, Rudolph Giuliani, Goldman Sachs personnel, Kushner boy toy, ultra Zionist whore Mike Pompeo, etc. etc.

    As far as Ann Coulter goes, she is just as clueless as anyone trapped in partisan politics. She frames her immature reality in left vs. right, but that is totally wrong, it is Gentile vs. Jew or normal people vs. the tribe. Her famous pre-election tweet “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” in reference to ALL the candidates cucking and sucking up to Israel is a perfect example of how the conservatives are just as clueless as the Left.

  7. We knew trump was iffy from the gitgo..
    He did talk a good game..
    I guess we can’t be blamed too much for wanting to believe in the one person who said the right things….
    Now it looks like it was all an act, just to stall things a little longer until the deep security state can finish putting its plan together maybe.
    I believe there are lots of real Americans in the us military, and police… we can guess he would get no help from most of the Congress, not even the media, but all trump has to do is tap that resource, if he really does want to secure the border..
    he needs to push the power of his office to the limit. Forget about being nice about it… he has to start arresting sanctuary governors and mayors and everybody else who facilitates illegal immigration, definitely including a lot of bishops and rabbis, because it is a serious national security issue… it’s an INVASION and it’s going to get a lot worse…. so take off the gloves and put the us army on the whole southern border under martial law…. stop the hard dope smuggling and human trafficking…. NOW….
    tell the courts to go to hell…
    You run the press conferences the way you see fit….
    Like Andy Jackson said – they have no power to enforce anything…. and that’s something that has to be proven sometime…
    The constitutional crisis has been upon us already… people inside the government are working to undermine our nation, our laws and our way of life… they’re traitors now… it’s not like nobody’s heard of the globalist new world order agenda 21 etc. plot…
    You can’t be impeached while you still have the Senate…
    So what’s he waiting for?
    He’s got about one more week to get with it…
    If not, then I guess he never will…
    Find somebody else, or do it yourself…
    Ann Coulter?
    Is she for real, and maybe the closest thing to a real American we might be able to expect from the jew media, like trump approaches the presidency, or is she totally just one more jew stooge media mouthpiece for the controlled opposition?
    Good question…
    You want to convince us Annie?
    Let’s hear you tell the world the truth about apartheid zionism… how about 9-11 and the holohoax? What about the real holocaust, the ukraine holomodor, which jews did that ?
    When will you drop the narrative?
    Because as long as the same nefarious people are keeping your mouth sewed halfway shut, obviously enough, then how do we know you won’t turn out to be just another fake mofo?
    Yes we heard the audience laugh at you two years ago on bill Maher’s zionist hour…
    So what… what were you even doing there with that maggot?

    1. Ann caters to any maggot who’ll give her publicity. She likes to sensationalize her points with simpleton perceptions – like the border wall at Israhell. (She didn’t add that its effectiveness is due to the machine gun guards protecting it!). Nobody wants to confront the obvious. Therefore, we will continue to be invaded. What kind of fool believes the President has a checkbook to stroke-off billion$ for a “wall”, anyway?? Congress must write that check. But the President CAN guard the border with military enforcement. Congress is impeding that, too, Trump’s trouble is trying to please too many stupid assholes.

  8. I didn’t like Ann Coulter or Fox News years ago when Fox News was pro Iraq war and Ann was too, or at least not critical of it. I like both much better now. Interestingly, Ann looks prettier to me now too. Mentioning Peter Brimelow’s website on the mainstream media will set off alarm bells across the country’s left, particularly among those Jews that are working so hard to eradicate whites / Europeans thru mass immigration. Mr. Brimelow’s website holds very little back when it comes to the destruction of the USA and west thru multiculturalism. There is only one area he won’t go, and that is being critical of Jews. He also holds a conventional view of WW II. All the same, his website is excellent. And perhaps bigger alarm flags are raised because Mr. Brimelow and Dr. Kevin MacDonald can be seen together at conferences, even if they take a different approach regarding Jews. Dr. MacDonald’s excellent website The Occidental Observer holds nothing back when it comes to Jews. Their scholarly articles are written to report what their research has revealed. If The Occidental Observer is soon mentioned on Fox News, the Jews will become enraged. The only thing TOO would not tolerate were comments “denying” the “Holocaust” but they have become much more lenient regarding that too, depending on how you word your comment. Skepticism seems to be tolerated now, as it should be.

    In addition to that, since Fox News is owned by the “Australian” Rupert Murdoch, it will be interesting if certain people will soon be no longer seen on the network. It appears Murdoch has pretty much taken a hands off approach to Fox News, because he is a supporter of multiculturalism, mass immigration, Israel and Jews in general, and is probably at least half Jewish himself, although he won’t comment on that, or may even deny it. He is an award winning recipient of awards from major Jewish organizations and his mother has been seen with her best friend, a Rabbi. There is more, but that’s good for now.

    1. @Peter,

      How could you talk nice about Fox News without mentioning Tucker Carlson? He may not like it too much, but Tucker has become a hero of sorts to White Nationalists like Richard Spencer and Eric Striker. That’s why the Antifa cowards terrorized his house and nearly tore down the front door when they knew he was at work. I read Tucker’s “Ship of Fools,” a very good book which no one else in the mainstream media would have the courage to write. I often think the only thing keeping him from being fired is his high ratings.

      Also, you write “it will be interesting if certain people will soon no longer be seen on the network.” Do you have any inside info? BTW, I’m beginning to like Coulter better all the time.

  9. Oh, con man reality star messiah? Tsk tsk. Its almost as bad as mulatto retardo and his magic teleprompter false messianic crapola. This is politics, not religion.


    Resident Evil Donald J. Duck did what I wanted. He killed the Lincoln Party, destroyed the credibility of the two faced Janus political scam, and made the System lose ALL CREDIBILITY WITH WHITE PEOPLE.


    Zardoz is about to crash and burn. (((They))) are not gods, not even men. Impotent fairy queens that are nowhere near smart or even clever.

    The Corporation always gets what it wants. We make the rules. This all began in 1666 with Freemasonry. In 1776, with the Revolutionaries in the Jacobin Clubs. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Robespierre and others. Mad King George was a clueless idiot. George III, and dumbass George Herbert Walker Shrub that died last night.

    All part of a Centuries Long Plan. Novus Ordo Seclorum. The New Order for the World.

    “Diversity” BAD. “Enlightened Self Interest” GOOD.

    Natural Selection and Charity for the Unfit CANNOT COEXIST.

    Destroy your enemies and all you want shall be yours. Nothing you dream of is Impossible for ME to accomplish.

    Do you want space? A place of your own? Geography is a ZERO SUM GAME.

    There is NO SUCH THING AS “PEACE”. Do not help your enemies.


    Do the RIGHT thing for YOURSELVES. If its GOOD for YOU and YOURS it can’t be wrong.

    Do not suffer for your enemies. They NEVER appreciate it. Its ALWAYS SEEN AS WEAKNESS.

    What am I asking of you?


  10. Boundary between North and South Korea was full of land mines. Rarely was any person able to cross without losing a leg or arm. The Mexican/US border problem can be solved by copying the Korean success. Land mines cost less than 100 bucks, the wall costs five billion USD. Millions of US Latinos don’t want the border closed and are welcoming their Amigos. The battle to turn the US into a Spanish speaking nation is almost won. Whites are confused and divided as they are busy doing the Cha Cha and eating tortillas.

  11. Talk about yer cause and effect. Had Cromwell not been instrumental in allowing “Big Chief” Rothschild to enter an England where soon thereafter he took over the BANK of England, none of this business of treating a symptom by building a wall like the French built their “impregnable” Maginot Line 250 years later would be happening now.

    Desperate people exacerbated by the likes of George Sorryass fleeing their BROKE ass countries turned into “hellholes” by the practices of Pharisee bankers would have no REASON to flee

    What goes around… comes around

  12. “Trump” just made “the wall” an election issue because his disingenuous campaign strategy was all about judiciously targeting groups of people whom he thought would appreciate certain ideas. He pushed the 9/11 button for truthers; he pushed the “let’s try to get along with Russia” button for people worried about looming WW3, etc.

    So “the wall” was only one element of a package deal, and Trump has failed to deliver the whole package. Why isn’t Coulter making an issue out of Trump’s refusal to get out of Syria? Why isn’t she making an issue out of Trump’s refusal to mend ties with Russia, his escalation of the pointless war in Afghanistan, his withdrawal from the JCPOA with Iran, his withdrawal from the INF treaty, his continuing support for the genocidal war in Yemen, his failure to demand an investigation into 9/11, etc., etc., etc.?

    Instead she picks out one issue that’s probably the least important in the scheme of things and runs with it. Seriously? Perhaps because she feels it’s an issue least likely to offend the sensibilities of Trump’s jewish-supremacist handlers?

    1. Correct! No wall!

      Bankers need more debt to fuel the Fed Res & IMF & BIS worldwide… and the foreign invaders will help accomplish that. The same is happening in EU.

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