Trump’s Presidency: Results and Perspectives

By James Petras

November 21, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –   We need an objective evaluation of the President’s foreign and domestic polices – the means, the goals, their results and consequences.  The Trump performance requires we discuss the style and substance of foreign and domestic policies.

We will ignore the fly swatting by Trump critics who ply peripheral issues – the state investigation of the fading Russian conspiracy tales — and focus on strategic issues that purport to transform global economic, political and social relations.

‘Trump at Work’:  Foreign Policy

President Trump has a strategy and he works hard at realizing it.

High on Trump’s agenda is, first and foremost, asserting US global supremacy by word and deed.

In pursuit of world power, he utilizes multiple weapons:  he believes in the magic powers of weapons and words. He asserts that prior Presidents ‘were weak and allowed others to exploit us’. Today, under Trump’s leadership, he claims we are strong and flexing our power everywhere at all time.

How does the President reveal strength? Through multiple wars, severe sanctions, increased military spending and greater concentration of wealth, in strategic locations. As a result, according to Trump, we intimidaterivals, competitors and adversaries.

Trump cites numerous examples.  In Syria, we occupy regions, build new military bases, hire and arm more mercenaries and drop larger bombs on more Syrian cities. Trump boasts that he weakens Iranby ending the nuclear agreement, increasing sanctions precipitating an imminent collapse and regime change. Trump trumpets the success of the economic trade war against China and the downfall of Russia by encircling them with nuclear missiles, military bases and economic sanctions.

Trump hails new political successes and military allies in Latin America. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador are viewed as Trump’s market successes and providing a vassal army to overthrow the governments of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Trump brags about his success in ‘renegotiating’ NAFTA, renaming it and claiming more favorable trade ‘deals’ with Mexico and Canada.

The European Union and each of its members have felt the wrath of Trump’s threat of trade wars, and his demands for greater military contributions to NATO.

He has demanded the Germans buy US oil and gas instead of Russian; he threatens to sanction European corporations who dare to abide by agreements with Iran; Trump boasts of hundred-billion-dollar arms sale with Saudi Arabia,  while affirming US supremacy in the Middle East and North Africa.

President Trump, according to his bluster and boisterous self-acclaim, has won every war, conquered all competitors and has laid the groundwork for an ‘American Century’.

How many of Trump’s foreign policy twitters correspond to the real world and how many are empty-handed ejaculations?

President Trump:  Claims and Reality

Trump’s foreign policy strategy is mostly bluster than conquest, more boisterous than business, more bluff than success.

Let’s start with Russia.  Trump’s sanctions and military encirclement have failed to weaken Russia.  Berlin deepens trade ties with the Kremlin – buys more oil and gas, builds pipelines and affirms EU autonomy in dealing with Russia.  Military encirclement involves third rate Baltic partners, and missile bases stationed in Poland.  In contrast Russia has deepened multi-billion-dollar military and economic agreements with China, a world power.

Russia has responded to Trump’s ending of nuclear missile agreements by building superior weaponry.  By any measure, Russia has defeated Trump’s sanctions and military threats.

Despite Trump’s bombast about ‘squeezing China’ with tariffs, China’s trade surplus with the US has increased, while the US trade deficit has risen.

The US has grown by 2.8%, China’s by 6.5%. The US has failed to convince any of its Asian allies to join its trade war against China.  On the contrary, US so-called trade war has encouraged Asia to replace US exporters.  While Trump’s economic advisers threaten Wall Street’s largest bankers to stop making billion dollar deals with China, most have brushed Trump off.  The bankers ignore Trump’s ‘trade war’ because profits count more than gaseous rhetoric.

Saudi Arabia signs a $110 billion-dollar military agreement with Trump and then buys only 10% . . . ‘fake deals’ to paraphrase the President.

Trump claims that the Saudi monarchy is a great ally, despite its boycott of Qatar, home of the biggest US military base in the region. Israel, Trump’s Middle East ally, ignores Trump’s economic sanctions with Russia and trade war with China, two of its biggest high-tech trade partners.

The US wars are losing propositions.  Afghan rebels control most of the country, surround the provincial capitals and force US generals to seek withdrawal.  US allies in Syria have retreated.  He relies on Kurdish separatists who have their own agenda, not Trump’s.

In Latin America, Trump collects kudos from far-right regimes in Brazil and Argentina which hover on the verge of economic collapse, social crisis and political upheaval.

Domestic Success of Dubious Value

Trump trumpets his big tax cut for billionaires with overseas holdings.  He claims it is a success story – creating jobs and producing growth. In fact, over three quarters of the returned profits have resulted in buy-backs increasing corporate dividends not investment in productive activity,

Trump’s trade war with China has not added jobs – it has added cost for consumers through higher prices.

His pro-business policies have strengthened the leverage of corporations in securing multi-billion-dollar concessions from local and state governments.  Jeff Bezos the mega-billion dollar owner of Amazon, received over $10 billion dollars in tax exemptions, in addition to state financed concessions.

In effect Trump’s large scale, long-term income transfers benefit the rich over the poor, increase inequalities and lowering public funds for education, health and welfare.

Trump’s opposition to public health for all, international climate change agreements,   national infrastructure investments and regulation of bank oversight, has increased the risk of natural disasters, financial crises and transport breakdowns.

Despite his retrograde domestic program, Trump retains electoral support and does not face an immediate political threat —for one basic reason:  The Democrats offer no alternatives.

The corporate Democrats who lead the Party, back all of his retrograde policies:  they support Trump’s increases in military spending; support tax reduction for the rich; oppose a national health program for all.

Moreover, during Democratic President Obama’s two terms in office, trillions of dollars bailed out the biggest banks while 3 million households suffered foreclosures; minimum wages remained below the poverty level; inequalities widened ,as did racial disparities.

Under President Obama 2 million immigrants were seized and expelled, establishing a precedent for Trump’s anti-asylum policies.

In other words, Trump’s policies are a continuation and exacerbation of the Obama regime.


Trump’s domestic and foreign policy demagogically capitalized on the failures of the Democratic Party’s corporate socio-economic programs and multiple wars.

As a result, Trump’s exploited popular discontent and attracted big business support by promising lower taxes and the end of regulations.  In practice Trump’s aggressive foreign and domestic policies contributed and added to Washington’s isolation and decline.  None of Trump’s original objectives have been achieved.  The US has multiplied adversaries who have grown stronger and more unified.  Washington has lost established markets without gaining new ones.  His original electoral support has declined without gaining new adherents.  Trump’s reliable ‘allies’ (Israel, Saudi Arabia Germany, etc.) have undermined his aggressive trade policies to China and Russia.  Anti-Iran sanctions have exempted the biggest buyers of Teheran’s oil exports. While Trump failed to secure his domestic and foreign policy objectives, these failures have not led to any major loss of influence.

Europe is internally divided and unable to formulate any consequential alternatives. Latin America faces economic crises which precludes any joint military intervention despite ‘paper agreements’.

But the biggest failure is Trump’s policies to China. Each and every one of Trump’s major Asian allies has retained and increased trade agreements with Beijing. Trump’s premature celebration of diplomatic victory over North Korea has evaporated.  North Korea has returned to and extended ties with China and Russia.

Trump’s strategic decisions have failed to secure his objectives.  Not a single world-shaking change has taken place.  Trump’s generals may abandon Afghanistan but no thanks to the Democrats or Europeans.

Trump trade wars with China has failed to secure more jobs in America, but his Wall Street critics have negotiated bigger and more lucrative financial deals.

In a word, Trump’s failures have not led to greater and better conditions for global markets, nor ended wars or improved living standards.  Nevertheless many progressives are pleased by Trump’s failures even though they are not beneficiaries.

James Petras is a Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York.


49 thoughts to “Trump’s Presidency: Results and Perspectives”

  1. I voted for Trump as the lesser of two evils and sadly this is what I got, Trump is just another Zionist controlled puppet just like the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama and congress and the rest of the U.S. government.

    Read The Protocols of Zion to see who rules America and how they got there.

    1. “I voted for Trump as the lesser of two evils and sadly this is what I got…”

      I see it the other way: We voted for the candidate whom we believed was the lesser of two evils – we gave Trump the benefit of the doubt – but we were fooled, and what we got instead was actually the greater of the evils.

      We were told at the time that Obama’s dramatic escalation of tensions with Russia – with only a few months left in his term – was intended to sabotage Trump’s prospective foreign policy goals of achieving better relations with Russia, withdrawal from Syria, etc., but I think it’s now clear that the objective was to nudge disgruntled Sanders supporters to vote for Trump.

      And the plan apparently worked out well for our masters, because Trump’s winning margin in a few key states (without which he would’ve lost the election) was less than the number of antiwar democrats that voted for him in those states.

      1. I do not believe that Trump is the greater evil as regards Helliary , she is a Satanist and is involved in child sacrifice and as bad as Trump is , have not heard that about him, but who knows?

      2. Seriously? You actually don’t believe that Trump was the “deep state” candidate of choice for president?

        So basically you’re in Paul Craig Roberts’ camp; i.e., you see Trump as a nice guy in a bad situation? An avowed opponent of the “deep state” who unfortunately finds himself abjectly powerless to even hinder the deep state agenda in the slightest? A man so impotent he’s lost control of his own body?

    2. Put an “s” after “Obama. We haven’t heard the last of Michael, oops, Michelle either.

    3. Mr Trump is an narcissistic buffoon. The trade war is already causing prices to rise and the diplomatic consequences are likely to be bad, and he seems ready to fight more wars for Israel

      In Britain we have a Prime Minister who seems determined to sacrifice the country’s future on the alter of a bureaucratic tyranny, the EU,

      It doesn’t look good. I am normally an optimist but if action to stop this pair isn’t taken I will be preparing for bad times.

  2. ‘In other words, Trump’s policies are a continuation and exacerbation of the Obama regime.’

    You can say that again, and again and again and again. And this supports my theory that Obama’s attack on the Syrian army at Deir Ezzor in Sept. 2016 was a calculated act intended to undermine Clinton’s electoral prospects and put Trump in the White House.

    “Trump’s strategic decisions have failed to secure his objectives.”

    I believe Trump is nothing more than a puppet, and such evil puppets have no “objectives” of their own other than to follow the orders of their masters.

    “Not a single world-shaking change has taken place.”

    I have to disagree with this statement, because in a sense, a world-shaking change has take place: Trump and his handlers have shown the world in no uncertain terms exactly who is in complete control of the U.S. government. There is now overwhelming empirical evidence that Americans cannot vote themselves out from under the boot of the ruling collective, which implies that WW3 is inevitable, IMO. And since Russia and China seem to be frantically preparing for war, they apparently see the situation the same way I do.

    Moreover, because of the shameless dishonesty, sanctions, war crimes, disregard for treaties, reckless military buildup, threats, etc., Trump and his handlers have gone a long way to further isolate America and push the rest of the world away from the dollar (and everything else American). Even if there is no WW3, Trump and his handlers have done incalculable damage to America, IMO.

    1. With everything team Trump has done to make matters worse, you actually believe it’s not coming?

      If I was Vladimir Putin, I would be generally doing what he’s apparently doing: Trying to delay the inevitable direct military conflict with the U.S. until some S-500 air defense systems and RS-28 Sarmat ICBMs can be deployed. With such potentially game changing new weapon systems so close to deployment, he’d be foolish not to.

      1. SURE!! WW3 is based on mythology used to scare YOU!!

        With everything team Trump has done to make matters better for bankers, you actually believe it’s coming? 🙂 🙂

      2. Harold –

        “If you ever said anything that made sense I think I’d have a heart attack.”

        Don’t worry. I have never “said” anything here and never will, since all I do is write.

        You make no sense when you write about what I “said”…

        You should strive for more accuracy!! 🙂 🙂

      3. @ Pat

        “Don’t worry. I have never “said” anything here and never will, since all I do is write.
        You make no sense when you write about what I ‘said’…
        You should strive for more accuracy!!”

        I’m sorry, but your ignorance of the English language (just like your ignorance of everything else) reflects poorly on you, not on me. My use of the word “said” was NOT grammatically incorrect. So I’ll SAY it again: If you ever SAID anything that made sense I think I’d have a heart attack.

        say (seɪ)

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        adv., n., interj. v.t.
        1. to utter or pronounce; speak: to say a word.
        2. to express in words; state; declare: Say what you think.
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        4. to recite or repeat.
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      4. Harold –

        After that sermon…. I’m ALL good to go here. WHEW!!! 🙂

        You rant at me with frustration for no reason. Read more positive material. You’ll be better for it, my boy.

        Then you have my permission to preach away, sonny!!

        You have still never ‘heard’ me ‘say’ anything. 🙂

      5. @ Pat

        Lucky for you I’m not an administrator here because I would ban jew assholes such as yourself instantly. I don’t know why they continue to let you post your vapid, infantile jew bullshit here because all it does is waste bandwidth and lower the signal to noise ratio, dragging this site down.

      6. Harold –

        I am so lucky… to be able to compel you to reply like that. I never knew I could affect you so much… WHEW!!

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        You are entertaining… 🙂

        BTW…. you originally replied to my comment. Thanks.

      7. “I am so lucky… to be able to compel you to reply like that. I never knew I could affect you so much… WHEW!!”

        I reply to you judenfilth because I believe that your voluminous jew bullshit negatively affects this site, which is one of the few places on the internet where some nuggets of truth can still be found. And I hate to see it trashed by you subhuman filth.

        “Keep on preachin’ kiddo!!”

        Keep on vomiting up your hapless jew bullshit, Shlomo, and I’ll keep on pointing it out.

        Now, why don’t you take a break and get back to your Talmudic studies, or making up holocaust stories, or painting swastikas on your front door, or defrauding your insurance company, or torturing small animals, or whatever it is you subhuman filth do when you’re not publicly displaying your ignorance and your depravity in places like this?

      8. Harold –

        Like I wrote…. You initiated all of this… when you felt the urge to reply to my comment. I will take credit for bringing you out of your shell, though! 🙂

        You are immensely hilarious NOW!! 🙂

      9. “Like I wrote…. You initiated all of this…”

        On the contrary “you initiated all of this”; your very presence here – the obvious jew troll that you are – is an unfortunate distraction.

        One of the first things I noticed when I started frequenting this site was your voluminous bullshit polluting almost every discussion; always utterly devoid of substance. You’d make post after post of tangential cut and paste bullshit, bereft of any semblance of original thought.

        In some cases you’d make so many posts that it would be burdensome just trying to get to the bottom of the page.

        You’d avail yourself of any excuse to disparage Putin and Russia, which is of course typical jew behavior, and use your “no such thing as nukes” red herring, among other red herrings, to try to sidetrack and derail meaningful discussion.

        What value do you bring to this site, Shlomo? None. You’re just another shameless jew asshole whose only purpose here is to damage this site.

      10. Harold –

        “You’re just another shameless jew asshole whose only purpose here is to damage this site.”

        “…jew asshole..”

        You are really cute on Sunday..!!

        Keep up the comedy..!! 🙂

        I shall repeat… my on topic comment:

        What!!!??? NO WW3 YET!!?? Just bottle-rockets!!?? 🙂

      11. @ Harold Smith


        Don’t let Pat wind you up, Harold. You are one of the most brilliant posters this site has ever had. This is not flattery. It is a sincere tribute to your genuine talents, to your political nous and your verbal dexterity. Several of your comments have been posted as full-length feature articles here. This can only mean one thing: the administrators of this site in general, and Lasha Darkmoon in particular, must value your work immensely.

        Yes, I know you would ban Pat if you had control over the site. You’ve made that clear. But this is an essentially UNMONITORED site, Harold. People are allowed to say pretty much what they want here, but only because the monitors have no time to trawl through all the comments, especially the long ones. The site is a bear garden. Even LD admits that and never has time to read all the comments — just skims them and reads only the best ones.

        A confession. I once tried, 3-4 years ago, to get Pat banned from this site. I gave Admin an ultimatum: “It’s either Pat or me. If you allow Pat to go on posting, this will be my last post.” The result of my ultimatum? Admin just ignored it. They called my bluff and said to me in so many words: “We don’t accept ultimatums.”

        Pat will confirm this. He will also confirm that we now get on fine. I think Admin made the right decision in ignoring my highhanded ultimatum and I now regret I ever made it. More fool me!

        You will be able to continue posting on this easily enough if you take my advice and skip Pat’s comments. Just ignore his comments and he will leave you alone. He is not a vindictive person, but he will attack you in his own polite way (with loads of smiley faces) if you attack him first. This is only to be expected, especially if you attack him unfairly by calling him a Jew. No one likes unfair ad hominem attacks, Harold, and your characterisation of Pat as a “Jew asshole” can be expected to provoke a retaliatory response.

        I’ve been on this site long enough to figure out that Pat, for all his faults and infuriating mannerisms, is NOT a Jew. So calling him a Jew is hugely counterproductive. It’s bound to upset him because it happens to be untrue. Pat happens to be an old buddy of Eustace Mullins (thy lived in the same area and were on visiting terms). Gilbert Huntly, too, belonged to the same Eustace Mullins circle. Pat has also backed Elizabeth Dilling staunchly and her detailed and voluminous works denouncing the Talmud. Pat is also a big supporter of CODOH, the main Holocaust denial site, He has close connections with it and with some of the people running the site.

        No “Jew asshole” would be on friendly terms with Eustance Mullins. Or be so supportive of the work of Eizabeth Dilling and CODOH. Pat is also a professed deist and a great fan of Thomas Paine who took a dim view of Christianity. Pat is the greatest purveyor of conspiracy theories on this site: (1) There were no nukes at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and no nukes exist at all. (2) There were no moon landings. (3) The Japanese are the “Jews of the East”. (4) Jesus Christ never existed as a historical personage and was an invention by the Jewish historian Josephus.

        He has other conspiracy theories too, but I’ve lost track of them all! 🙂

        In a nutshell: Pat is a genuine antisemite because of the hatred and contempt he has shown for the Talmud and its teachings. His passionately sincere advocacy of Holocaust denial in all its forms also makes him a most unlikely candidtate for the “Jew asshole” label. So maybe it’s best not to call him a “Jew asshole” when, in my humble opinion, he is most unlikely to be a Jew.

        Just my two cents, Harold.

        I hope you continue to post on this site. We need the benefit of your wisdom. So whatever you do, please don’t go stomping off in disgust because one or two posters are getting on your nerves. 🙂

        This site is big enough, believe me, to accommodate both you and Pat.

      12. Sard –

        Every word you wrote about me is quite correct. Thanks for being accurate. People who actually DO know me don’t like my criticisms of the Pharisee-jew Talmudists.

        I DID go to Gerald Winrod’s(Defender Magazine owner) Lutheran Church in Little Rock AR, with Elizabeth Dilling as a keynote speaker on numerous occasions in the 50s:

        I also spent a lot of time with Eustace Mullins in the 90s.

        I was a close personal friend of Col ‘Jack’ Mohr for decades. See here:

        …..and Rev Mike Hallimore even beore he started King Identity:

        I copy and paste because I cannot write much anymore. Getting too old. Of course, many articles are copied and pasted here frequently anyway.

        I believe that Harold means well. He just does not know me. 🙂

      13. @ Pat

        Perhaps I’ve misjudged you, and you’re just an annoying person – who holds his beliefs in good faith – with no agenda to degrade/disrupt the flow of ideas and information at Darkmoon. I will take the advice of Sardonicus and Brownhawk, assume that I’ve made a mistake, and hereby apologize to you, accordingly.


        1. Harold,

          You are an exceptional human being. You’ve just proved it by your generous apology. Christ and his angels cannot but be pleased, for every action is weighed in a balance and taken into account. You are now a better person for your apology.

          Zen Monastery,
          (Temporary guest)

      14. No, please don’t apologise to Pat! Too late…my goodness. He’s usually right so why encourage him 😉

      15. Harold – Apology accepted. I hold no ill feelings. Never did.

        Sard – Thanks, my friend.

        B-Hawk – Gimme the “YUGE” bowl, like a good injun… please.

        Flo – HA!.. Good one!!… I think?? 🙂

      16. All in good humour Pat. My way of saying you’re usually right, e.g. all national leaders are actors which is a polite way of saying they are lying, shillin’ scumbags of the lowest order.

  3. Just like he said he would he’s trying to glean a few nuggets of advantage for the USA.
    Maybe even a gem or two via pure force, as anyone who had this option would.

    It’s a neurotic-psychotic world order out there as we all know, and to whatever degree one participates one is rewarded accordingly. Pretty much like everything and everywhere else.

    Trump manhandled the fake Conservatives, the fake Democrats, the fake M$M and even slapped around his mortal enemy the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua in public, but it seems the (cia) and Co. is another story.
    Yeah, stay tuned..

  4. I have read the article, the comment stream, and find my Self without words worth recording. So, I write a few words not worth recording. Tweedle Demon and Tweedle Duh contended for POTUS 2016 [puppet show]. FULL DISCLOSURE: I voted for NOBODY for POTUS 2016 and, well before and ever since, for NOBODY for every other office, too — global, state, or local.

    How anyone can seriously, rationally attribute any motive, action, belief, cognition to TRUMP — never mind the earlier puppets, same applies to Obummer, et alia — seems beyond me. Hook, line, and sinker, fellow fishers of souls! How can you possibly believe ANY MAN — let’s defer discussion of true female tyrants to another stream — could direct the “ship of state” we apparently have all by HIMSELF?? AS IF!!!!

    To attribute all these actions of Deep State, Not-so-deep State, In-your-face State to Donald J. Trump is the same BS approach that got a whole bunch of red necks (I am one, at least in spirit, that is, I self-identify as a redneck, no matter how you judge my appearance) to name OBAMA as the sole source of misery for eight full years! Nonsense.

  5. Another sickening aspect of the Trump man, is, while he’s doing a hand job on the Zionist Israelis he is kissing the hind parts of the Saudis by selling them American made military weapons who are using these weapons to exterminate the people and country of Yemen so that the Israeli’s kissing cousins can have a non Persian Gulf port for which to ship their oil.

  6. I voted for Trump too, as the lesser of two evils, and knowing we would have to hold his feet to the fire so as to have his promises fulfilled.
    But to do that we needed a principled and disciplined Party. It is our fault alone we are in this vise of evil. Our selfishness and individual pride prevented our unity.
    Until we put aside petty differences we will fail in our duty to protect our folk.

    1. SW writes: “It is our fault alone we are in this vise of evil.”

      I used to believe that. No more! How many times have the US citizens voted for change? Every 4 years, I’d say. Even every two years. Do we ever receive it? Perhaps only around the fringes, like more tax cuts for the 1%, but never anything substantive.

      We are like Winston Smith in “1984.” He tried to rebel and found out that change was impossible. Winston wound up, after torture in a dank underground prison, with a bullet to the back of the head. But in the end he did learn to love Big Brother.

      It wasn’t always so, but I now think everything in the macro sense is pre-ordained, controlled behind the curtain by a cabal of ruthless amoral billionaires. Resistance to The Man may feel good for a time but is ultimately futile. The average voter changes nothing with his meaningless vote. Democracy and free will are illusions.

    2. I have a background in the radical militant left of the ’60’s and ’70’s. Schooled in Marxist-Leninist strategy.
      You are fighting an existential war with pillows, having no idea how a disciplined Party functions as a tool for liberation (and liberation is exactly what’s needed here).
      Such a Party is effectively a spear and a hammer.
      Of course narcissists and know-it-all’s need not apply.
      The counter-Marxist elements of the ‘awakened’ folk of today include both a recognition of the spiritual and a recognition of the need for an inner transformation.
      Such a transformation will include awareness of individual responsibility.

  7. Religions are myth. You might as well believe in Greek mythology.

    President Trump is real and he is a narcissistic buffoon who was elected because the people wanted to rebel against the arrogant Washington/NYC/Media Establishment that regards them as “Deplorables”.

    If he continues with his trade war bluster there could be an economic slump. In fact the early signs of such a slump are now showing.

    If he continues with his military bluster there could be more war, and the beneficiary would be Israel. You can bet on that. America would be sacrificed for Israel if required. Israel’s hold on American politicians is a tragedy, a disgrace, and the sooner the American People wake up to that fact the better for America and the world.

    1. I have always been an optimist, but with Mr Trump as President I worry about the future. He is an economic ignoramus, and he is shows more loyalty to Israel than to the USA.

      That is a dangerous combination and if he continues with his present policies there will be trouble ahead, on all fronts.

      How can we stop these people? I am very much against violent revolution, but something drastic is needed. An investigation into the collapse of WTC7 would certainly stir the pot. The fact that it was not even investigated by the 911 Commission is one the most bewildering things I can remember.

      A 550ft 47-storey high quality steel-framed building crumbled vertically into its own footprint at freefall speed, and that was not subjected to inquiry? I think if there is one event that speaks of conspiracy, that is it.

    2. Myth and Ritual (employed in most religions) are a means of communication that transcend the ordinary crude methods, and which are sometimes much more effective.
      They are like Jean Cocteau’s ‘Orpheus’ a poet who writes without writing.

      ADMIN. Defective link deleted. (Damages site formatting).
      Try embedding link. This may work better.

  8. Well I sure didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary or anyone else, nor have I voted for anyone else since my defining 1972 vote for McGovern. Eighteen, with draft number 83.
    I did the math.. (same as now)

    Fortunately for me, the draft stopped shortly thereafter and my *Master Plan B was cancelled and mothballed.

    *Escape to Toronto and live in Lobro’s basement for the duration or until he throws me out, whichever comes first.

  9. “Pagan” is the world’s biggest Rug. A Black Magic Carpet which the natural born usurpers conjured to sweep most of history and practically all of reality under. One word.

    And yes there are devil-dogs guarding that old rug,
    if you dare get too close.

  10. All the Presidents since JFK are actors put on the throne to push the Rothschild-CFR agenda of world domination. Elections are farces, it doesn’t matter who gets in because the actor reads his teleprompter lines, signs the executives orders placed in front of him/her, and plays the part. Politics is theater, including all this hand wringing that Trump is the enemy of Jewry when he is bed with the Jews. Trump is the swamp – see the jewtube video with the same title.

    Voting is part of this charade, you are made to believe you are actually involved in selecting these actors, ass clowns, criminal charlatans – these hardened criminals. They control a rigged system – they count the votes, they electronically change the votes, they control the judges who make the rulings about contested election outcomes. It’s all a big joke – IF VOTING MATTERED YOU WOULDN’T BE ALLOW TO DO IT.

    DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO DO, SIGN THE LAWS PLACED IN FRONT OF THEM, READ THE SCRIPT FROM THE TELEPROMPTER. Only a real national leader could have a plan, an unfortunately Trump is not what we hoped, he is a buffoon sending retarded tweets and doing nothing. We will see if all his bluster actually stops the migrant horde.

    Regardless of which whore is selected (by them – not us) the wars go on, the arms sales go on, the Palestinians are killed, the injustices continue. The best we could hope for is a lunatic like Hillary who is so clueless as to instigate nuclear war with the Rooskies, because at least we wouldn’t have to suffer this insane politic charade any longer and they would all be vaporized, gone, incinerated into charcoal.

    1. Nothing of any consequence will be accomplished inside the Beltway in the next two years. Any legislation passed by the D House will be debated to death for months then thrown into the trash can by the R Senate. Trump will be relegated to boastful yet impossible to accomplish tweets. It’s still red meat for his Nationalist MAGA base.

      Trump’s Alamo (perhaps Waterloo) resides on our Southern border. He claims he will seal off the entire border, as if it were possible to seal off two thousand miles of mostly desert with a few thousand regular army troops, who have been promised they can go home for Christmas. Trump’s enemies are saying his use of the military on the border violates Posse Comitatus. Anything to derail his agenda as Big Media cheers on his demise.

      If Trump was serious about this travesty why hasn’t he signed his promised executive order banning Birthright Citizenship? Many legal scholars claim it has been wrongly interpreted for the last hundred years. Trump told these Hondurans, et al. not to come but it hasn’t stopped them. Therefore this country owes them nothing. Unwelcome invaders should be repelled, not granted asylum hearings. With more caravans on the way, we’ll soon find out if Trump has the fortitude pulls his “trump” card, or if his calls to nationalism are just dog whistles.

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