US, Europe & NATO Risk All-out War By Backing Unhinged Kiev Regime

By Finian Cunningham

With the US, EU and NATO all bolstering claims of “Russian aggression” – in face of contrary evidence – the real danger is that the Kiev regime will be emboldened to carry out more reckless provocations leading to all-out war.

It seems indisputable that the three Ukrainian Navy vessels were dispatched last Sunday in order to instigate a security response from Russian maritime border forces. In contrast to normal procedures for passage clearance through the Kerch Strait, the Ukrainian warships refused to communicate with Russian controls and acted menacingly inside Russia’s Black Sea territorial limits.

At a United Nations Security Council emergency meeting on Monday, the US, Britain and France pointedly refused to take on board Russia’s legal argument for why it felt obliged to detain the Ukrainian boats and 24 crew. The Western powers automatically sided with the version of events claimed by President Petro Poroshenko – that the Ukrainian Navy was attacked unlawfully by Russia.

The US, EU and NATO denounced Russia’s “aggression” and demanded that the Ukrainian vessels and crew be repatriated immediately, even though under Russian law there is a case for prosecution.

It is the West’s refusal to acknowledge facts that is part of the problem. Russia is continually accused of “annexing” Crimea in 2014 instead of the Western powers recognizing that the Black Sea peninsula voted in a constitutionally held referendum to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. Crimea was prompted to take that historic step because the US, EU and NATO had only the month before backed an illegal coup in Kiev against the elected Ukrainian government. That coup brought to power the present Kiev regime led by Poroshenko and a parliament dominated by neo-Nazi parties.

So, the problem here is a refusal by Western supporters of the dubious Kiev regime to accept the legal, historic reality that Crimea is part of Russia’s territory. Ships passing through the Kerch Strait between Russia’s mainland and Crimea are obliged to notify Russian maritime controls of passage. Russia has since reopened the strait to civilian cargo transport following the naval skirmish at the weekend.

When the Ukrainian Navy vessels violated legal procedures and entered Russian territorial limits, their action was aggressive, not Russia’s response.

Furthermore, there are already emerging signs that the Ukrainian naval transport was orchestrated for the purpose of inciting an incident.

Some of the detained crew members have admitted carrying out orders which they knew would be seen by Russia as provocative.

It has also been reported by US government-owned Radio Free Europe that the Ukrainian secret services (SBU) have confirmed that its officers were among the crew on the boats. The vessels were also armed. If the transfer was an innocent passage, why were secret services involved?

Recall that Ukrainian secret services have previously been caught staging sabotage operations in Crimea.

Another major background factor is the increasing NATO military buildup in eastern Ukraine and the Black Sea.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin officially opened the 19km bridge linking Russia’s mainland with Crimea in May earlier this year, there were calls in US and Ukrainian media for the structure to be sabotaged. Moscow has understandably stepped up security controls around the vital infrastructure, which cost $3.7 billion and is the longest bridge in Europe.

In recent months, the US and Britain have ordered increasing military deployment to the region under the guise of “training” and “assistance” to the Kiev regime forces.

Earlier this year, in July, the NATO alliance held naval drills, Sea Breeze, along with Ukrainian forces in the Black Sea. That’s in spite of the fact that Ukraine is not a member of NATO, although it is aspiring to join the 29-member US-led bloc at some time in the future.

It was the following month, in August, that Russia began stepping up its controls and searches of vessels through the Kerch Strait linking the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov. The latter leads to ports under the control of the Kiev regime such as Mariupol, which is adjacent to the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic. The DPR and Luhansk People’s Republic broke away following the coup in Kiev in 2014 and have been under military attack for the past four years despite the so-called Minsk peace treaties. These are more facts that the Western backers of the Kiev regime refuse to deal with.

More NATO buildup continued in September with the supply of two gunboats by the US to the Ukrainian Navy for deployment in the Sea of Azov. Pentagon-linked publication Defense One described that supply as part of efforts by Washington and Kiev to develop a “mosquito navy” in order to skirmish with Russian forces.

Only four days before the latest naval clash, Britain’s Defense Minister Gavin Williamson announced the Royal Navy was to send HMS ‘Echo’ to patrol with Ukrainian special forces to “defend freedom and democracy.” Williamson said: “As long as Ukraine faces Russian hostilities, the United Kingdom will be a steadfast partner.”

This is background to the simmering tensions in the Black Sea between Ukraine and Russia. The situation has arisen because of Western interference in Ukraine – primarily the coup in Kiev in February 2014. Yet, in all discussions about events since then, the Western powers are in denial of facts and their culpability. The recent militarization of the Black Sea by the NATO alliance is a stark provocation to Russia’s national security, but again the Western powers bury their collective heads in the sand.

Given the reckless indulgence by the US, Europe and NATO of the Kiev regime amid its ongoing violations against the populace in eastern Ukraine, its refusal to abide by the Minsk agreements, and its continual inflammatory and unhinged rhetoric against Russia, it should not be surprising if this same regime feels emboldened to provoke an armed confrontation with Moscow.

Arguably, the Kiev regime and its adulation of World War II Nazi collaborators never had any legitimacy in the first place. It continues to demonstrate its lack of legitimacy from the immense social problems in Ukraine of poverty, corruption, human rights violations, neo-Nazi paramilitaries running amok, and now martial law being imposed.

It remains to be seen if the recent naval provocation was carried out with the tacit approval of Washington and other NATO powers as a pretext for further militarization against Russia. The initial misplaced condemnations of Russia have subsided to more measured calls from US President Donald Trump and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian for “restraint” and “dialogue.”

That might suggest Kiev’s failing President Poroshenko and his security services acted alone to order the naval confrontation as a desperate throw of the dice to escalate NATO and EU support for his shaky regime against Russia.

Trump’s comments hoping that Kiev and Russia would “straighten things out” sound like Washington is not behind the provocation and has no desire for a wider conflict. Just as well, because such a development is a gateway to all-out war.

Nevertheless, such a catastrophe is always a serious risk when Western powers indulge this unhinged Kiev regime.


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  1. My criticism is directed at the author of the article Finian Cunningham.

    “Arguably, the Kiev regime and its adulation of World War II Nazi collaborators never had any legitimacy in the first place. It continues to demonstrate its lack of legitimacy from the immense social problems in Ukraine of poverty, corruption, human rights violations, neo-Nazi paramilitaries running amok, and now martial law being imposed.”

    I am in Ukraine right now and renting a room from a young woman in the dark as much as you are. When I told her Jews dominated the Soviet government at the time millions of Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death in the 1930’s, she got upset and quickly pulled out her smartphone to show me a graph from a website showing that 50% of the current Ukrainian Parliament is Jewish and then proudly told me Ukrainian President Poroshenko is part Jewish too. She visited Israel last year, no doubt encouraged by the elites here. Instead of hating her people’s murderers, she puts them on a pedestal. She much preferred talking about the Germans too. There is no doubt the Jews own most of the media here too, just as I suspected. She reacted just like a typical American or any other westerner when the Jews are mentioned. How dare I say anything negative about them. And you are completely in the dark too.

    Those “NAZI” collaborators? You mean the priests, nuns and people that didn’t die in the purposefully orchestrated murder of millions of Ukrainians by starvation that welcomed their German liberators? Why wouldn’t they welcome the “NAZIS” (your filthy, derogatory term to justify the mass murder the allies committed). I’ve posted this video many times on this website and I have never seen a comment by anyone on it yet. It shows Ukrainian priests and the common people welcoming the Germans as saviors from their own murderous gov’t (at least 80% Jewish according to Russian president Putin).

    And now the Jews dominate the Ukraine again, but idiots keep on talking like “NAZIS” run it. If they did, I would have no problem criticizing them.

    1. The Zionists have our heads splitting with contradictions. This is how they always operate. For example they have created faux nationalists in the UK, like “Tommy Robinson” (that is not even his real name ffs), who make all the right noises about mass migration and yet turn out to be funded by Zionist groups, and support Israel. A true nationalist would be against mass migration and Israel’s influence on your country. Most of the nationalist groups around Europe all probably have links to Israel and Zionism.

      Regarding Ukraine, Nazis and Jews always went together, two puppets that are part of the same show. In Ukraine you have far right nationalists with so-called ex-IDF soldiers serving. As you point out, you also have a Jewish dominated culture, politics and finance — yet the Russian propaganda is screaming Nazis are rife in the Ukraine. Both are true because both serve each other — anti-semitism was always a political tool of Zionism.

      I haven’t a clue what is going on in the world at the moment, but the “all is Kabuki” theory is getting stronger and stronger. A Zionist-supporting European-nationalism is a crazy construction but their it is.

      I am sticking with my simple benchmark — until Syria is reunited then it almost case closed for me, i.e. all national leaders serve the Jewish Supremacists, to alter Pat’s mantra slightly 😛

      1. “a crazy construction but there it is”

        Too many grammatical errors to mention (is that a song? 😉 )

    2. Thanks, Peter –

      Video shows:
      Wehrmacht troops liberate Russia from the Soviet Zhidobolshevitskaya scum. Grateful people welcome their liberators. Only film documents!

      Unity Valkyrie Mitford
      1 year ago

      For English speakers (credit to IHR and for linking here too) As German forces advanced into the Soviet Union in 1941, many people welcomed the troops as liberators from Bolshevik tyranny. The welcome was especially warm in the Baltic countries, western Belarus and western Ukraine.

      As this four-minute video (no narration) shows, grateful people express appreciation for the troops who brought freedom from harsh Soviet rule, and restored ancient rights.

      German soldiers, as well as troops of German-allied nations, often helped local people repair homes and buildings, fix damaged infrastructure, and re-open churches that the Bolsheviks had shut down or destroyed.

      Philip Dawes
      3 weeks ago
      Thanks for the upload. This is a revelation kept hidden by the controlling psychopaths. The question has to be asked: If there were many south-western Russian people who welcomed the German forces as liberators, how did the murderous thug Stalin finally crush the German advance? Was it the bitter winter conditions for which the German troops were not fully prepared, which caused their defeat?

      1. My best guess, gleaned from trusted sources, and of which I’ve written about many times, is that sabotgage of German Intelligence was the primary reason why Germany lost the war. Their military codes were known to the Zionist-backed forces even before any shots were fired in anger

        The fix was in

  2. “Trump’s comments hoping that Kiev and Russia would ‘straighten things out’ sound like Washington is not behind the provocation and has no desire for a wider conflict. Just as well, because such a development is a gateway to all-out war.”

    Seriously? Orange clown’s “comments” are like the trees that seem to block many peoples’ the view of the forest. Would Poroshenko have done this provocation on his own initiative? Probably not. I would argue that the evil orange clown and his handlers are probably the ones who planned the provocation in the first place, perhaps for the express purpose of creating an excuse for orange clown to avoid a face to face meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit.

    How can the campaign to demonize Russia possibly get any traction without the assent of orange clown? Instead of going along with the Skripal poisoning hoax, for example, why didn’t orange clown publicly demand that england cooperate with Russia in investigating the “incident”? Why did he accept the outrageous claims at face value without any evidence in support? Apparently for the same reason that he attacked the Shayrat airbase: because the perfidious presidential poseur is the deep state agent that he appears to be.

  3. The Ukraine will never risk going to war with Russia as Russia would crush the Ukraine , however the U.S. and Israel and Britain would risk the Ukraine for the purpose of igniting WWIII as the Zionists think that they could survive in their DUMBS aka Deep Underground Military Bases which they have through out their countries, but what will they face on the surface when the nuclear exchange ends?

    The Zionists are willing to kill millions in their goal of a satanic Zionist NWO and in fact this is their goal and so at some point the Zionists will trigger a nuclear war with Russia!

  4. It is interesting, though futile, to play the “what if” game. At the time of the John McCain-Victoria Nuland initiated junta in early 2014, (Nuland stating that the US had invested 5 billion), I wondered “what if” President Putin had rolled the Russian tanks into the streets of Kiev? The analysts I’ve read say that it would have been a cakewalk for Russia. Perhaps thousands of lives could have been saved. Once accomplished, the West could have done little more than register outrage and bang their shoes at the impotent UN. The US would never have allowed such a scenario to unfold on its Southern border.

    I do take issue with Cunningham’s assertion that “Washington is not behind the provocation and has no desire for a wider conflict.” Two very dangerous psychopathic traitorous Israel-first Russia-phobic Trump-appointed national security henchmen belie that assertion – Mike Pompeo and John Bolton!

  5. The psychotic war criminals have terribly mismanaged the economy so as things get worse they need a big war to send the young military age men to the trenches (and away from them). The last thing they want is for us to rise up with pitchforks ala French Revolution style because we know they screwed us. The elite manage us with war, they think nothing of sacrificing us so long as they make bank and stay in power.

    As the end of the debt cycle nears, as the credit worthiness of debt declines, as the junk bonds head for the toilet, as the Treasury bond auctions fail what choice do they have in going insane and starting WW3? They have no exit strategy for the debt crisis except attack someone else and put the blame on them. Just watch how these actors react to the debt crisis – war. The are loons risking war with Russia which is serious about defense having been invaded by both Napoleon and Hitler.

    The danger for them in this cycle is nuclear exchange, the world is awash with highly accurate missiles, programmed and sitting fueled in their silos ready for launch. We should hope for this then we would be rid of them once and for all, and because the future they have planned for us is terribly bleak. Microchips in everything, surveillance everywhere, skies choked with drones, killer beam satellites, earthquake machines, robots, Ai, cashless control – anyone they don’t like is electronically erased with a push of a button and now we find out they can hack the gas and electrical grid and make our homes (via smart meters) blow up.

    What about voting them out? Every election has become more hillarious, the candidates all cucking to Israel, each election cycle all the whore candidates rush to be first at the Wailing Wall and kissing Netanyahu/Adelson ass. Amerikan elections are a pathetic joke, just watch in about a year how the new batch of presidential candidates make grandious statements about attacking Iran and Russia. “If you elect me I will not hesitate to attack Russia!” they will all scream. These people are all loons and dangerous as hell. We would be better off without them, nothing would make my heart soar more than seeing the District of Criminals go up in a mushroom cloud.

    I don’t know about you, I am sick of these so-called leaders whored to Israel and making war on anyone who can’t defend themselves. Let us hope they attack Russia and Israel gets turned into a glass sheet. Good riddance to them and their Zionist buddies, and no more holy land of Abrahamic religious freaks.

    1. White race will be diluted by brown/black invaders. The Jewess will be used as madams to manage brothels filled with sex changed freaks and other oddities. Jews will thrive as money lenders and tax collectors. Yellow skinned conquerors will be merciful. Remaining whites will be protected as an endangered species.

  6. Iran’s missiles are on the mind of Israelis. American Jews are focused on raising their incomes. Large scale wars have become obsolete. Russia/China businesses are intertwined with Western corporations. International bankers are controlling movement between nations. World leaders are constantly on the phone with money lenders. Cash is king.

  7. where have we seen it before – ultra-nationalist jew-ish bloodline ‘neo’-nazis in power, (paced there by victoria nudelman kaganovitch and the obama clintons) upcoming a war with ‘the russians’ (more DC deep state boloshiviki warmongering for profit/political control)…
    “I haven’t a clue what is going on in the world at the moment, but the “all is Kabuki” theory is getting stronger and stronger. A Zionist-supporting European-nationalism is a crazy construction but their it is.”
    zionists really only support nationalism in one place – israel… they put their operatives in charge of any such movements elsewhere to make sure they have control of them…
    “The question has to be asked: If there were many south-western Russian people who welcomed the German forces as liberators, how did the murderous thug Stalin finally crush the German advance? Was it the bitter winter conditions for which the German troops were not fully prepared, which caused their defeat?”
    how indeed my friends?
    my educated guess – the defeat (sabotage) of the german army was all part of the ww2 plan… der fuehrer had total hands-on control over all the wehrmacht’s moves in russia. he didn’t listen to his generals on tactics, because he was a deep-state double agent bloodline globalist rothschild bankster puppet all along… the brass advised him to skip stalingrad and go for the oil fields… naaaaaaahhhhhh…
    ““If you elect me I will not hesitate to attack Russia!” they will all scream.”
    yes, because they all know that as high us officials they will be under the control of the real ptb… the us congress is a farce… all stoogess for the globalist bankers…
    but there won’t be any real war with ‘the russians”… there are no russians and there never were, not since 1918 and the murder of the romanovs, and they were our (real americans) allies… the DC deep state has been in bed with the bolsheviks for the last 100 years… they always threaten war, because that’s how they maintain their license to rub you out, collect the big bucks and stay in charge..

  8. Sounds like you’ve been reading too much Henry Makow, B’Deer. In fact, you sound like him. Spot on with virtually every point EXCEPT for that pesky little blind spot when it comes to Hitler

    Believe what you want to believe, but why THAT?

  9. Hawk – you’re asking a fair enough question..
    I just call them like I see them…
    First rule of waking up – don’t believe half of the official narrative…
    Who was his daddy?
    Good question…
    Who’s bill Clinton’s ?
    Who the hell is Obama? What’s his wife?
    Who recommended Hitler for his iron cross?
    A Jewish officer in the German army…
    Why did his own officers try to kill Hitler. ..
    Because they could see where he was taking them – to defeat…
    Who put Hitler in power?
    Answer – the same Rothschild and Rockefeller he preached against…
    How did Hitler actually work out for the Germans?
    Answer – total destruction and slavery…
    Who moved Jews from Europe to Palestine?
    Answer – eichmann and Hitler, both jews..
    Look at the guy’s face – tell me you don’t see the jewish characteristic.
    Who has Germany all effed up now?
    Angela (Hitler) Merkel …
    The bigger the lie – the more people will believe it….
    The nazi party was a small minority…
    Like the zionists in the USA today…
    The yid word for Germany is ASHKENAZIM…
    The NAZIS were the ASHKE-NAZI….
    They took control of Germany and ruined it…
    Same thing going on here…
    How wrong am I?

  10. More wrong then you know.

    Your argument is laden with predictable disinfo, as illustrated by attributing the word “Ashke-nazi” in the manner you describe.

    Angela HITLER Merkel? More predictable disinfo, and laughable to boot

    If Eichmann looks Jewish, that’s because…maybe he WAS! But I’ll segue that by saying that many young Jewish men fought on the side of Germany in either World War and proved their mettle as soldiers who risked their lives for the Fatherland. That’s all Hitler cared about. This only SEEMS contradictory to the fact that thousands of Jews were rounded up and put in the camps for the purpose of creating a new Pale. My guess is that had Germany prevailed, the surviving soldiers would have received a special dispensation to become accepted members of the Reich

    Those officers who tried to kill him had no idea of the sabotage that was LEADING to defeat. Hitler HIMSELF was in the dark.

    As for Hitler’s preaching against the R and R boys, first of all, to say they PUT him in power is misleading. They ALLOWED his coming to power because of the long-term plans they had in using him.

    To say Eichmann and Hitler moved the Jews from Europe to Palestine is an inadequate statement. It must be taken into consideration WHEN Jews emigrated there. At that point Germany was clearly losing the war. Hitler had lost control of the situation and he knew it. As for Eichmann, who knows? Maybe it was a plea bargain he made with the ZIONIST Jews, who like those Jewish soldiers he was fundamentally OPPOSED to

    So many gray areas. Things are rarely to be seen in black and white

    1. Just to clarify, yes, Rothschild was behind Hitler being “put” in power, but it’s not like Hitler knew exactly what they had in store for him (the premise being he was being duped). He thought he had the upper hand at that point due to what proved to be the overwhelming AND genuine support of the German people.

  11. hawk – maybe if you had read all the books i have you would think what i do… at the least i guarantee you would not call me laughable…
    when i look at hitler, not eichmann, i see the face of a jew.. i know what they look like… adolf was a jew…
    eichmann was a full blooded yid too though. he spoke yiddish… he testified at the nuremberg tribunals in a sound proof booth… what’s that tell you?
    when i look at angela merkel i see a strong resemblance to adolf… do you really not see it bro?
    tell me, do you believe adolf killed himself and was burned by somebody beyond identification in the bunker?
    how ‘laughable’ is that..
    tell me – do you think general patton was killed in a car wreck, the day before he was booked on the plane to fly back to the usa to run for president?
    you know man, when you start to add up all the big lies we’ve been told, the idea that hitler was a bankster bloodline shill put into place to transfer jews to palestine and wreck germany seems less a stretch…
    wouldn’t you say?
    how do you feel about arnold spectre’s ‘magic bullet theory’? you buying that too?
    you figure oswald killed jfk, all by himself? because that’ what the establishment is still telling everybody…
    do you think jack ruby’s name was really jack ruby?
    how about the one about how christopher columbus stumbled on america while he was trying to find his way to india, like nobody in europe ever knew north america was here? you don’t believe that, do you?
    how about people landing on the moon in 1969, and then they never bothered to go back, lost interest i guess?
    lots of people believe what they’re told… it’s called gullible…
    maybe it’s just a coincidence that adolf had a sister named angela, who happened to be president of the jewish mensa society in paris in the thirties…
    look up jim condit on youtube… he’ll get you started on the right path…
    look how many americans think trump is mr. wonderful.
    then how many more think the same of obama…
    wouldn’t you say they’re all fooled?
    the world is full of big hoaxes bro… you hear about the 6,000,000, right? you figure that was true?
    because that’s pretty close to home…
    the pyramid won’t function properly if everybody has the same (correct) info… the people on the bottom are fed a constant line of lies by the people on the top, on purpose…

    1. You’re too full of yourself, BRO.*You write as though I’m some kind of simpleton because we don’t share every single perception of what may or may not constitute a LIE.

      All those books you’ve read would make me come around to YOUR way of thinking? Nobody in their right mind would DO that. I’ve read my fill of books (as have many darkmooners) that ASSIST in my ability to discern the myriad of lies infiltrating so many brain cells for so many years. I also have information at my disposal whose sources I’ve hinted at that you won’t find in any books. Am I to find them less credible because of their being in an unwritten format?

      Not in my “book”

      *As I can be as well 😁

      1. @ Brownhawk

        Big Chief Brownhawk,
        Him no quarrel please
        With Big Chief Barkingdeer.

        Time to put away tomahawk
        And smoke pipe of peace,
        Much please paleface Sardonicus. 🙂

      2. No tomahawks out, Sard. Only friendly quarrel with brother Barkingdeer while sitting around campfire SMOKING peacepipe 😊

  12. that’s ok my brothers, barkingdeer is not offended TOO MUCH by brownhawk’s insults…
    he understands how difficult it is for people with good hearts to suffer the realization that their trust has been misplaced; the tendency is to reject the messenger… a good person must have trust in his heart… i just want to be careful where mine is put… and i can tell you it’s definitely not with the typical history books…
    this is a freethought hall after all…

    1. B’deer

      Why do you consider what I say to be insulting? Please tell me you’re not THAT thin-skinned.

      1. Believe me Bark, I’d bet my last wampum bead that there have been plenty of readers over the years who’ve found a lot of what I write laughable. Most of them just don’t say so.

        No skin off my nose, brother 😁


  13. Bark –

    (off topic – searching for HIDDEN facts)

    You commented and I was reminded of something:

    “the pyramid won’t function properly if everybody has the same (correct) info…”

    The pyramid you were NOT referencing – but I will… had a different function than what the public might guess… as an irrigation pump – Pharaoh’s Pump to be exact.

    The Great Pyramid’s Subterranean Chamber Hydraulic Pulse Generator and Water Pump


    Remember – waters and flows have changed over the last 5000 years.

    The controllers would hate for the public to not need their mechanical and electrical systems used today!!

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