Victim of Aggression: Syria Blamed For Israeli Attack

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And what is Trump’s role in all this?
Why is he standing by and letting Israel get away with murder? 

September 19, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – The tragic loss of a Russian military aircraft with 15 personnel onboard, off the Syrian coast, has to be seen in the context of the Arab country being attacked. Attacked by the Israeli air force and facing an unprecedented buildup of NATO warships. Yet, Syria – the victim of aggression – is the one being blamed.

What’s more, the Western news media are shamefully silent on condemning the aggression. Their silence is giving cover for further violence.

What exactly happened to the doomed Ilyushin IL-20 recon plane on Monday night is still being investigated. It appears to have been accidentally shot down by Syrian air defenses as it approached the Russian base at Hmeimim in northwest Syria. Russia’s defense ministry blamed Israeli forces for putting the Il-20 in danger by flying four F-16 fighter jets in the vicinity, thereby possibly confusing Syrian radar signals to fire on an allied Russian plane. Was that a deliberate move by the Israelis?

But here’s the infuriating thing. Israel is saying that the “Assad regime” is fully to blame for the shoot-down of the Russian aircraft, adding that it “regrets” the loss of Russian lives.

Hold it a moment. How insulting is that? It is Israel and other NATO military forces that are attacking Syria in flagrant violation of international law.

Syria is facing intensified aggression, and yet the aggressors are shifting their culpability to somehow impugn Damascus. At around the time of the Russian plane disappearing from radar screens, air strikes were being conducted on the northwest city of Latakia, as well as the port city of Tartous, according to Syrian state media reports. It is not clear who was firing the missiles.

Israeli warplanes were active, but it could also have been American and other NATO forces.

Russia’s defense ministry claims that a French navy frigate was firing missiles at the time. It seems certain that, at the very least, the US would have approved the air strikes by the Israelis, if they carried them out. The suggestion is a concerted NATO-Israeli offensive.

Earlier, over the weekend, the Israelis carried out air strikes on Syria’s international airport in the capital, Damascus. Those strikes follow hundreds of similar attacks by the Israeli air force on Syrian territory over the past two years. In the past week, NATO warships have converged in the East Mediterranean within striking distance of Syria. These vessels include US guided-missile destroyers, British nuclear submarines, as well as warships from France, Canada and Greece.NATO member Turkey is amassing tanks and troops along Syria’s northern border.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin agreed this week to a deescalation deal with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the situation in Syria’s northwest province of Idlib, which is the last-remaining stronghold for anti-government militants. But it remains to be seen how viable or trustworthy the Turkish deal will be.

The signs are not good when NATO forces are building up relentlessly around Syrian territory. What is more, the NATO aggression is being carried out with impunity. Where are senior United Nations figures denouncing this aggression?

The pretext used by the US and its NATO partners of “protecting civilians” in Idlib from an offensive or from “the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Army” is a risible charade. NATO’s aggression against Syria is to complete the criminal task of regime change against the Assad government which the NATO-backed terror proxies failed to achieve after nearly eight years of war on the country.

In the south of Syria, US land forces are conducting live dire drills with  jihadists under their control, near al Tanf. In northeast Syria, US-backed Syrian Kurdish militants have recently carried out murderous attacks on the Syrian Army. The American presence in Syria is totally illegal, having been imposed without any mandate. In the coming days it will be clear if the low-intensity aggression on Syria by NATO forces and their Israeli accomplice mounts into a full-fledged war on the country.

But it seems already clear that a US-led overt war on Syria is underway with aggression from different directions.

Given the combustible configuration of forces in Syria – with NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia potentially pitted against Russia and Iran – the dangerous dynamic could explode into an all-out regional war, if not a world war.

The silence of the UN and the Western news media is shameful. The aggression being waged against Syria is transparent and totally unacceptable. What is particularly unacceptable is the way Syria and its sovereign right to defend its territory is being blamed. The victim is being vilified.

In this volatile, reckless situation, any incident could ignite a conflagration. The shooting down of the Russian Il-20 recon plane evinces the very real danger of that happening.

However, the responsibility for this criminal and potentially catastrophic situation lies with the US and its NATO and regional partners which are pouring fuel on to a fire. A fire, it has to be said, that they already lit through stoking an illegal war for regime change in Syria.

“The responsibility for this criminal situation lies with the US and its NATO partners . . .”

Is Trump pleased with the way things are going?

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  1. The always immediate explanations, rationals and blame for death, destruction and otherwise criminal actions is no longer amazing. Or disgusting. Or an exercise in how stupid Israel regards those it sways to overlook and condone what it does or has done in the past.

    The future made by Israel for the middle east is frightening to envision.

    If it doesn’t bring the whole of the middle east and indeed the whole of the world into a cataclysim, it will succeed in ensnaring its manipulated enablers into financing and making stooges of them for its benefit. Its benefit, alone.

    How woeful that its relentless champions have ensnared, have woven protections to keep secret, to allow its crimes, to justify them. Those bought by money or cowardice, like prostitutes to perform, are as guilty as the state of Israel for its provocations and crimes.

    1. The Israel Lobby wants to destroy Russia and Iran the way it destroyed Iraq, by using American forces.

      The so-called Russian provocations are Israeli false flag operations.

      Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

  2. More s-400 systems are in transit.
    Putin is a cool headed hard hearted pragmatist, when Turkey shot down a Russian jet the easy ( almost always wrong ) path would have been to find a chance to return the serve, Putin chose to play a game of offended friend, who must protect himself, consequently turkey now is closer to Russia and Russia has gained.
    The Zionist entity is on tender hooks as it waits to see the Russian response, Putin will let his Generals speak the threat, Putin shall play his game, he seems to like it.

  3. Donaldos just drinking tequila again thinking about the past. Todays article reminded Donaldo of the movie. Karate Kid. In one scene Miyagi said to his student…..”Either Karate yes or karate no. No Maybe.” I supposed Miyagi was warning that indecision during a conflict can be dangerous. Russia has been “playing the game” in Syria too long. Responding with force against militants but timidly against the powers that support them. Picking and choosing. No the Russians are feeling the sting. Perhaps Putin should watch this classic and learn from Miyagi. 🙂

  4. How timely!!

    This event will give ‘Put-On’ more fuel to light the fire establishing HIS ‘demilitarized zone’ in Syria….. starting October 15, 2018.

    The Idlib Region in Syria will effectively be an annexation by ”Put-On’ from his #2 Gazprom customer….Turkey.

    This will make a “YUGE” spot for ‘Put-On’ to build a military base as well as construction bases.

    See the map:

    1. Everybody is very happy at the karmatic event that took place a couple of days ago wirh the russian plane!
      I went about giving out candy to passersby and even went to relatives and friends homes and stores shaking hands and embracing them,
      We are all so happy that the three worse enemies of Islam (the Terrorist Zionist Entity, The Half Caucasian half Mongoloid Terrorist Regime in Russia and the Terrorist Shia Apostate Persian Regime almost went at it.
      Thats It! i found the religion i want to be part of!
      i Am gonna become a Hindu because of the Karma effect!
      gloat gloat gloat!
      wait !
      you cant gloat if you are a hindu
      i am going back to being a member of one the three abrahamic religions then…
      it feels good being evil!

  5. The Palestinians cannot withstand the Israeli forces, which are provided with the latest US aircraft and weapons.

    What could bring down Israel is chemical or biological warfare. Novichock is not the only chemical warfare agent, and the Palestinians are intelligent and determined people, and they will persist until they have defeated Israel. This episode in Salisbury must have them thinking. They could easily make nerve agents. They are closely related to insecticides.

    One person could carry enough of these materials into Israel to cause a massive death toll. No need for big expensive weapons, and big expensive weapons will not defend Israel from the likes of Novichock. If I was an Israeli I would be thinking about getting my family out of the country.

  6. Come hell and high water, the (((entity))) wants Syria to receive the Iraq and Libya and the current Yemen via the crypto Saudi Royals treatment. What’s a Putin to do? Is he in the back pocket of the (((entity)))? Or is he a true friend of the current Syria regime, the Iranians and their proxies? If the Putin does not stand up to the NATO, American and Zionist “urban renewal” project for Syria he will lose face. If he does stand up for the current legitimate Syrian government against the “urban renewal” specialists of the Zionist control West, a very serious war could be in the cards. Considering Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan etc. etc. this is not going to end well for Syria. Not matter what the Putin does or doesn’t do, Syria is in the cross hairs of the (((entity))) and the American Congress and Christian Zionists will sing their praises and Hallelujahs as another one bits the dust.

    1. @ Toejamicus :

      It’s “another one ‘bites’ the dust”, not ‘bits’ the dust. Watch your spelling and always RE-member to proofread your posts before hitting *Post Comment* icon. Thank you, TROJ.

    My Hope is your not fasting, and are deep in thought of the treachery that befell Hussain.
    Otherwise those who seek to promote satan and destroy the ummah have another on their side.

  8. As Miyagi (Karate Kid) told his student. “Karate yes or Karate no. No maybe.” Decisiviness is key. Russia has been walking a tightrope in Siria posing as defender while at the same time allowing aggression from its (((partners))). Dangerous game and now the scorpion stings. What will Putin do? “Nada.” Why should he? Life for him and his inner-circle couldnt be better. Military personnel die. They are expendable. Life for politicians goes on. Business as usual. 🙂

  9. I wonder if the Russian government by now realizes exactly what it’s up against, or if it’s still delusional?

    I remember the statement Putin made to journalists back in 2015 about the streets of Leningrad teaching him that “if a fight’s inevitable you must strike first” (or something like that), and I ask: Are we there yet? Surely it must be looking rather inevitable by now. Maybe Putin’s just waiting until the S-500 systems are deployed before he fights back?

  10. This incident was an op by Israel and France to crank up WWIII. Had Russia attacked the French frigate that fired the missile that took out the Russian aircraft, they think that the USA would have to attack Russia due to NATO compacts. Russia did not fall for the bait.

    Instead, Russia accepted the S200 inadequacy story which will result in S300 and S400 being in Syria to enforce the coming no fly zone over Syria.

    Russia knows exactly what happened. How will Russia punish Israel and France? I do not know, but Putin knows that revenge is best served cold. When Russian military personnel die, there is always revenge.

    1. Ung

      To me it looks more like Poland after Germany and Russia completed drawing their respective lines in the sand in early Autumn 1939. Obviously all the the parallels aren’t the same insofar as who’s who and what’s what, but the dynamic of clashing or would-be clashing of Titans remains the same. Simultaneous to these actions in the ME, China looks on as the 21st century Silk Road between it and Iran nears completion

      The countdown continues as these wars and rumors of wars come to pass

      “…but the end is not yet.”

      “… when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.”

  11. The USS(R) “Coot.” Shades of the USS Liberty. (Isn’t the poetic irony of the ship’s name amazing? Kind of a twisted metaphor for what Jews have done to the nation.) Say Vlad, don’cha know gathering recon on the Jews’ dirty work is liable to bring about “accidental” destruction of the intel vehicle and its personnel?

    And now, a day at the house of Lord Rothschild: “Our plans for WWIII are proceeding as scheduled in our protocols. The war should be coming along any day now. Tell Trump to become a bit more bellicose to enhance his strong leadership image; and while you’re at it, add a few billion gold Shekels to his private offshore account as added incentive. Next on the agenda: With war imminent on the horizon, how much more funding should be allotted to the Chemtrail geoengineering program?”

  12. What a gd effed up world we live in.
    Nobody says the right things, while we slip closer and closer to the point of no return. .
    Everybody in the USA is whacked out looney over this supreme Court justice circus.
    I guess drama probably is a big draw at the crisis actor academy. ..
    Everybody playing the race card, the gender conflict card, the rumor card. .
    The world begs for wisdom but it’s not forthcoming…
    Unless we agree on the positives – we get nowhere, and worse.
    It seems Putin hangs on, waiting and hoping for an angel…

    1. Bark –

      I’m hoping this leftist misbehavior will BACKFIRE against them come mid-term election time. Besides, whatever happened to being allowed to FACE YOUR ACCUSER in America? You’re quite right, America has turned into a looney bin.

  13. Harold Smith, Ungenius, Barkingdeer… The quality of comments is improving rapidly which is pleasing.

    News from the Front: The bow string of Russia is getting stretched to its limits (rather unwisely, I would say) by the West; when it is released the arrow will fly swift and far.

    Chechnya 1999 (which marks sharply the rise of Putin), Georgia 2008, Crimea 2014, Syria… This is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

  14. The article states “at the very least it seems” Israhell acted with U.S. approval. Why???! It wouldn’t be the FIRST time Israhell has conspired to implicate American involvement….

  15. Why did not Putin lash out at Turkey when a Russian plane was downed by Turkey? Why did not he lash out at Israel when its actions – undoubtedly deliberate ones – led to downing of a Russian plane?

    Because only a stupid dog lashes out at the stick which beats it. The intelligent human being, who gets beaten by a stick for nothing, sees the hand of the mother f*cker that holds the stick; he has the strength, wisdom and common sense to be cool until he is fully ready to strike back.

    1. @ Circassian

      “Why did not Putin lash out at Turkey when a Russian plane was downed by Turkey?”

      If my memory serves me correctly, Russia stopped importing agriculture from Turkey and cutoff all Russian tourism to Turkey. That cost Turkey manny billions of dollars. Russian also killed the US backed terrorist a-holes that killed the Russian pilot that parachuted out from the hit aircraft.

      Based on past Russian response, Israel and France will pay heavily financially and the lives of those responsible are not worth very much at this point. The terminations might not be made public.

  16. If you ask me Trump looks more and more like a puppet and mouthpiece and a covenient lighting conductor when things go wrong for the Insiders. In some areas he is allowed independant thought, in others they just ride roughshod over him and there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.

    Is he good or evil? This is a simplification of his complex personality. It is rather an indication how far he can go or not. One must not look for godlike abilities in him. No one has those abilities. Sometimes it is possible to act near godlike if the historical circumstances count in your favor (e.g. post WWI Germany).

    1. “Trump looks more and more like a puppet…”… for Financial Oligarchs…. in London.

      CNBC “BIGGLY” brags on him..!! 🙂

      Stock market’s value under Trump has grown by $6.9 trillion to $30.6 trillion

      The stock market has added $6.9 trillion in market cap since Donald Trump was elected president.

      That is already nearly half of what the market grew by in all eight years of the Obama administration.

      Trump’s performance, as measured by the S&P 500, is up 23 percent in the year since his inauguration.

      1. Sure. He for example threatens VW Germany to pull out of Iran, VW stays in the USA (“invest in the USA, or else!”), and then the stocks rise.

        And on other websites there are talks of a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis. No lessons learned.

        But I have no time to dig onto the details and the underlying basis of the stocks rising (solid value based tangible products, or just bubble economics), so I might be wrong. You will know better, being in the USA. I learn from you.

    2. @ Ex South African

      The stock market has nothing to do with reality. It just a normally rigged casino. If you are not a big fish in the pond, you are fish food. Consequently, you might be reading too much into what is happening.

  17. “Sometimes it is possible to act near godlike if the historical circumstances count in your favor (e.g. post WWI Germany)” (Ex South African) – Hitler’s actions called “near godlike”? H. was neither “near godlike” nor the devil he has been painted as. He was just human.
    “However, the responsibility for this criminal and potentially catastrophic situation lies with the US and its NATO and regional partners which are pouring fuel on to a fire.” (Finian Cunnngham)
    NO – That’s a false conclusion (by an author with a rather peculiar name “cunning ham”? Pun intended?) NO – It’s not “the US and its NATO partners” (used as GOY-LEM by Jewish Zionists) who are responsible and culpable for this criminal situation. (NO – It’s not “THE WHITES“ who are responsible for all terror and wars, slavery and genocides) NO – It’s NOT THE PEOPLES IN GENERAL who live in the US, in the NATO countries or in Israel either (who heap “negative Karma“ on themselves) These are all civilian populations manipulated and lied to by criminal individuals (by Jewish owned and controlled mass media; rabid rabbis).
    The elephant in the room is Israel, the safe haven for the worst Zionist criminals and terrorists in the world. It’s ZIONIST ISRAEL’S responsibility and culpability for waging war on Syria in the first place (on Palestine, Libanon – by proxy on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and others) driven by insatiable GREED. YINON PLAN! PNAC! The responsibility and culpability for this explosive situation in Syria (Ukraine) which could evolve into WW III lies by CRIMINAL JEWISH ZIONISTS (internationally installed into positions of power) who actively plan, orchestrate and finance endless terror and wars (in the past as in the present). Criminal individuals who give orders to kill people who won’t go along and terrorize others into submission.
    “Those bought by money or cowardice, like prostitutes to perform, are as guilty as the state of Israel for its provocations and crimes” (Michael). “As guilty as“? Not quite. The brains who bring the Evil into the world are the most guilty ones. The culprits are INDIVIDUALS, and they make their false decisions (between right and wrong) as individuals, and they HAVE NAMES. They should be named and prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. Tyranny: The innocents are prosecuted, the culprits are protected by law (Talmudic & Sharia law)
    Military personel (mercenaries) have more responsibility for war than civilians (who usually are the victims of terror and war). Without military mercenaries all terror and wars would not be possible. If they allow themselves to be used like “dumb animals”, as pawns in foreign policy (H.Kissinger), they are guilty as hell for terror attacks and wars they make possible by carrying them out. Useful idiots, prostitutes, criminals, bought killers, mass murderers – NO heroes at all.
    INDIVIDUALS who say “it feels good being evil!“ (Avatar) – and mean it.
    In particular, Jewish and Muslim fanatics, followers and believers of TALMUDISM – JUDAISM – ISLAM all of which are POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES. MAN SLAUGHTERING SATANIC SEX CULTS under the cover of “religion“. Their unholy books (Babylonian Talmud, Quran) teach them TO DO EVIL. What “god“ rewards EVIL-DOERS? (SATAN “Lucifer“ – false names are legion) Who rewards SERVICE to EVIL? (The “Illuminated Ones“ – Talmudic Chabad Lubawitcher sect, currently the greatest BullShitter/s of all – Both Trump (Drumpf) and PUT-On are surrounded by them, stuck deep in the swamp – None of them is a “savior“ of the people – The Protocols: “They want heroes? WE will give them heroes“ (false hope) → The solution lies in the people/s themselves; leaders must be true patriots, uncompromised warriors against Evil)

    1. Hitler may have not been god-like, but he was one helluva guy. Germany on the ropes, goin’ down for the count. Hitler “man against time,” strides forth and rescues her like a damsel in distress, restoring her to one of the most powerful and productive nations of the times, but the Jew dragon was too powerful. Hitler – what a guy. Then there was Jesus – but you already know that story.

      1. @ Arch Stanton

        Off Topic: Did I see you posting on Neon Revolt yesterday or did someone steal your handle?

        I posted there a couple of times when he first started his site. He terminated all comments shortly afterward, not because of me, so I just lurk since then since it seems he has a slight ego problem.

        I didn’t bother to let him know that his Payseur thing is a dead end street since the jews took over everything from the Payseurs, imagine thieves being theives. 🙂 I investigated that situation 18 years ago.

      2. Careful Arch.
        The Zios are monitoring. Hows your “report card?” You could be “hunted down” some day. 🙂

    2. You are correct, “godlike” is exaggerated. But in my eyes his instincts were as near as to that of a political political genius, if there ever was one. If I compare him to what walks around as a politician today, there is no comparison. Perhaps Dr. Verwoerd of South Africa would fall into that category, if he was allowed to act on an European stage, instead of only for a small nation on the southern tip of Africa.

      1. Not to mention the ancient Sanatana Dharma symbol Hitler and Co. chose to represent their newborn nation was hardly a coinky-dink.
        Far more in the Aryan philosophy than dreamt.

        And being this is Kali yuga, (aka) the demon’s personal stomping grounds, the results were and are horribly, mercilessly, eminently predictable.

  18. The Phony “War On Terror“
    (invented by Jewish “NeoCON“ Zionists, the perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag terror attacks) is an ENDLESS WAR OF TERROR (→ MULTIPLE GENOCIDE). False Flag Terrorism is a form of WARFARE AGAINST CIVILIAN POPULATIONS and state-sponsored terrorism is by far the dominant type. The CORPORATOCRACY (Jewish owned financial criminal syndicate) runs the world in conjunction with the military and intelligence establishment. Terror and War Is A Racket! Russia will be deploying 300,000 troops in a military drill (which could go live “by accident“, “not known who caused it“) conducted with China, in response to the U.S. and Israeli war against Syria. Putin is Jewish, and presumably part and parcel of the “Chosen Ones“ supremacist game. China has a supremacist culture and civilization too that stretches back 5,000 years and should probably be regarded as a wild card (being built up as Jewish Zionist NWO-power base; ancient home of the serpent god)
    What a strange world we live in. The difference between reality and falsely perceived reality is monstrous. Those who say “WE control the United States and the Americans know it!“ are the responsible Ones, the real culprits. “Journalists“ who don’t write about what really is going on in the world are in their back pockets ((( ALL LIARS – DECEIVERS ))) You can’t fight fire with fire, you can’t fight evil with evil. The truth is what liars fear most! The truth must be told.
    Only the TRUTH will set us free.Truth is always the first casualty of war. War fought by deception and lies, lies, lies . . . It takes some serious work to look deeper, and to overcome and take back what we have lost. The rightous struggle will go on as long as it takes.

  19. If we wish to pick a fight with Russia you would be well advised to learn a thing or two about her. To that end I start a new series “Russia for Dummies”.

    My first instalment starts with a quiz. When and by whom was written the following:

    “The Russians give the impression of being a strong, rough people with the spirit of pioneers. They are proud of their accomplishments during this war.
    They have a remarkable system of incentives.
    They have no unemployment.
    They have no strikes.
    They have a deep appreciation of pure and applied science and place a high priority on it.

    They are planning, I believe, a far more extensive program in science than we are. In Russia they are frankly incorporating into their communist government the best features of our capitalist system while we are tending to put into our democracy some of the worst features of communism which are now discarded in Russia.

    The pioneering spirit in the U. S. shows signs of dying out; we now talk about a 30 hour week—the right to a job. We attach too much importance to security and too little to opportunity.”

    Do your home work and you will be on your way of discovering fascinating things about the system that was created in Russia by Uncle Joe and why it had to be destroyed at all costs by Uncle Sam. Then it won’t be long before you start wondering and asking intelligent questions like why Joseph Stalin was, and still is, the most revered political figure in the entire history of Russia.

    1. Circ –

      You had this series years ago. It is as flawed now, with fake assumptions. as it was back then!! 🙂

      I did my “homework” and research…. and I found that Henry Ford and American workers built Stalin’s Russia. Then ‘Uncle Joe’ tossed them into gulags!!

      The US helped Stalin build his massive military.

      Even Henry Ford had helped to train Russian technicians and engineers in the science of modern mass production. He provided equipment and helped to set up a modern automobile plant in the Soviet Union, right on the Volga River.

      In 1929, Ford US began helping the Russians to build an assembly plant just outside Nizhni Novgorod. As a prelude, Ford Model A cars and trucks had been assembled in a small plant in Moscow. The new plant at Nizhni – which was renamed Gorky in 1932 – opened on New Year’s Day 1931. It struggled from the start and in 1932 produced less than 24,000 Model As against a production target of 140,000. The Ford contract was terminated in 1935, but the Russian-built Ford, known as GAZ, continued in production over the next decade and helped lay the foundation for the development of the Russian auto industry.

      Americans who were looking for work in the mid-1930s, traveled to Russia, having lost their jobs in the Great Depression. American industry contracted.

      Russia was recruiting skilled technicians, not least to run the giant car factory which was purchased from Henry Ford.

      Stalin’s Russia was built by Ford:

      The first assault against Ford came in 1927 with the infamous “hunger march.” Although the marchers were said to be unemployed Ford workers, Gitlow tells that the march was dominated by “goon squads, defense corps and the gangsters from the unions” controlled by the Communist party. The marchers fought with the police and hit Ford’s personnel manager Harry Bennett in the head with a brick, knocking him unconscious. Pressing forward the mob provoked the police until shots were fired, leaving four marchers dead. Dubbed as the “Detroit Massacre,” the staged incident fell short of its goal which was to seize control of the plant, but it still resulted in a P.R. victory for the union and their party backers

      From 1927 until 1941 the Communist party infiltrated the Rouge River plant until they had nearly “700 communists and close sympathizers” among the workers. Plans were drawn up and detailed blueprints of the plant were obtained. Gitlow writes that the party’s army of a thousand battle hardened “mobile guards” made up of gunmen, thugs and saboteurs were ready to attack as soon as the signal was given.

      Americans who helped Stalin… were thrown into in HIS gulags!!

      From the Great Depression to the Gulags

      The Forsaken: Americans in Stalin’s gulags

      Americans built RUSSIA!! 🙂

    2. @Circassian

      “…To that end I start a new series “Russia for Dummies”…”

      Good, then start with an article “Stalin for dummies” or rather “Dummies for Stalin”, for you still venerate that psychopathic mass murderer as a great hero.

      1. Thanks, FR –

        I like it… a LOT!! Made my day!!

        I would like “Dummies for ‘Put-On’ ” even better!! 🙂 🙂

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert (to Circassian):

        ” . . . start with an article “Stalin for dummies” or rather “Dummies for Stalin”, for you still venerate that psychopathic mass murderer as a great hero.”

        That’s one thing Circassian has in common with his arch-enemy Lobro: both of these so-called deadly “enemies” are ardent supporters of the psychopathic mass murderer Stalin.

        If anything, Lobro venerates Stalin even more than Circassian does.

        Neither of these two misguided individuals bother to explain how they can venerate a man responsible for the Red Terror, the rape of 2 million German women — which Stalin actually condoned and made light of in a comment making excuses for his Red Army rapists — and, finally, for the systematic slaughter of at least 60 million of his own people, most of them Christian peasants, industrial workers, and Orthodox clergy.



        I challenge either Circassian or Lobro to refute the allegations against Stalin made by Solzhenitsyn.

      3. Sardonicus, you seem to miss Lobro. Why?

        This is an excellent subject for a psychologist. Being a good one, I would be happy to explain it to you in simple terms. All you need to do – ask politely for it.

      4. @ Circassian

        I’m not interested in what you think of Lobro, nor did I ask you for a psychological profile of Lobro. That’s not the question I asked you. I asked you about Stalin — not about Lobro!

        So forget Lobro, OK? Leave him out of the equation. I will ask you the question again, but this time I will omit all reference to Lobro who is irrelevant to this discussion on Stalin.

        QUESTION: Kindly explain how you can venerate a man (Stalin) responsible for the Red Terror, the rape of 2 million German women — which Stalin actually condoned and made light of in a comment making excuses for his Red Army rapists — and, finally, for the systematic slaughter of at least 60 million of his own people, most of them Christian peasants, industrial workers, and Orthodox clergy.



        I challenge you to refute the allegations against Stalin made by Solzhenitsyn.

      5. @ Sardonicus

        Circassian can’t answer the question about Stalin, so he’s trying to change the subject to Lobro. Classic troll tactics. Evade the difficult question by offering to answer a totally different question.

        Good try, Circassian! — but we’re not that stupid! 🙂

      6. MB –

        Correcto, Missy!! 🙂

        Circ is ‘Put-Off’ because we don’t fall for his inventions…
        …. and deflections from ‘Put-On’ today.

    3. Education does not come easily, especially for dummies. So, I shall continue with my series “Russia for Dummies”.

      Second installment. Who was the venerable American that wrote this and when he did so:

      “I wish to consider particularly the stages that are likely to arise during an armament race and the degree to which these will bring insecurity. This must involve a frank discussion of the characteristics and capabilities of particular nations.


      In the first stage which now exists we alone have atomic bombs and gradually acquire a stock pile. During this stage we are secure but other nations may feel insecurity to the extent that they are not sure of our intentions.

      During the second stage one or more other nations will be making atomic bombs but will not yet have accumulated stock piles sufficient to destroy all of our major cities whereas we will presumably have enough to destroy theirs. Any atomic bomb attack on us would be followed by devastating retaliation; so we still feel moderately secure but other nations are very insecure.

      The third stage will arrive when several nations have stock piles of bombs and means for delivering them sufficient to destroy all major enemy cities. Any attack will almost surely be followed by retaliation and will lead to world war. All nations will then be very insecure.

      If the race continues long enough, a time will come when one nation, perhaps not the United States, discovers how to make bombs so powerful or so cheaply that it becomes possible not only to destroy the cities of the enemy, but to cover practically the whole country and to kill so much of the population and destroy so many of the bomb launching sites that there can be no effective retaliation. During such a fourth stage the insecurity will become intolerable. A nation which believes itself able to strike without suffering from retaliation and fears that some other nation will soon reach that stage may feel itself justified in launching an attack to prevent future annihilation. A war started under such circumstances is not likely to be a draw. The victor will then have to do what Hitler tried but failed to do—exercise absolute world control—even if originally it had no desire for world conquest.”

      Now we know how visionary was that venerable American: The race continued long enough, and the time has come when one nation, not the United States, discovered how to make bombs so powerful and so cheaply that it becomes possible not only to destroy the cities of the enemy, but to cover practically the whole country and to kill so much of the population and destroy so many of the bomb launching sites that there can be no effective retaliation.

      And we have to thank God that that country is not the United States.

      1. It isn’t Russia, either, dumbass. You bleat and crow over chest-beating fantasies! Russia only boasts whatever is scripted by U.S. Dollars (which comes from being “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy”). Putin is a great actor for the leading role. (Even I like him!) 😋

      2. It isn’t Russia, either, dumbass.

        Have it your way, brother:

        For the rest of you who still keep their heads in the Jewish ass and restrict their world view to what can be seen from that vantage point, or dumb enough to think that atomic bomb is a myth, the education must go on:

        Look at that priceless smirk at McCain’s face at 14:00. Don’t you love it!

      3. “what Hitler tried but failed to do—exercise absolute world control—even if originally it had no desire for world conquest.” (Circassian)
        Only Dummies fall for such idiotic Jewish Zionist propaganda. Only Dummies repeat ad nauseam their completely ridiculous claims. “ALWAYS BLAME YOUR VICTIMS!” does not work any longer. “The goyim” knows about Jewish crimes, Jewish instigated wars and Jewish greed for world domination.
        “fascinating things about the system that was created in Russia by Uncle Joe“ (Circassian)
        Not “fascinating“ at all was the implementation of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, compulsory expropriation, collectivization, millions dying from famine, the GULAG, a system of concentration camps were political opponents, so called “dissidents“, “antisemites“ were incarcerated and murdered. 66+ Millions of Russians (Russian archives, Solzschenitsyn), mostly orthodox Christians, were killed or died under harsh conditions. The Jewish Bolshevic Communist system crashed in itself from inside out – but it did not die, it just moved west . . . Communist Jewish infiltrators have been destroying the western European societies and economies, and the US over decades. The creation of a totalitarian EUdSSR, the destruction of sovereign nation states (“United States of Europe“), is their doing. One-World government – the Jewish “enterprise“ is about to fail. SLAVERY – back into the future – is not what the Europeans want.
        The die-hard Jewish Russian oligarchs have not left the country after the Soviet Union had fallen into pieces; they’ve just changed policy and tactics in order to stay in power. The remembrance of Zsarist Russia and the Russian orthodox church have been restored. Both very much needed to build the country, and harness the support of the Russian people for the new PUT-IN government. The Jewish Communist “antisemitism“ law is still in place, Lenin and Stalin are “most revered political figures in the entire history of Russia“ (Circassian), the Communist revolutionary upheavals and civil wars instigated in western Europe, the totalitarian Communist era of Soviet Russia, Stalin’s offensive invasion plans against National Socialist Germany and Europe is not criticized, Stalin’s aggressive rape war against Germany in particular – is called the “GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR” – and the GENOCIDE of tens of millions of Russians, orthodox Christians by the Jewish Bolshevic revolutionaries has been hidden behind a smokescreen of Tsarist Russia revival. PUT-IN is put in place of the murdered Tsar – and BUSINESS goes on as usual.
        ((( The Jooish mafia oligarchs ))) gave the system a facial renewal; the PUT-IN double got one too.
        Obviously, nothing is what it appears to be. Reality is much more complicated.
        PUT-IN does not seem to be “Syria’s friend” either; it’s all about interests. PUT-IN is a pragmatist. “Russia’s interests” (are they really identical with Jewish Zionist interests?) come first. PUT-IN made a deal with Turkey (Assad is left out of the picture? Syria is being partitioned, its sovereignty not protected) That means Israel’s interests are served not Syria’s. PUT-IN never criticizes Israel’s aggressiveness. He is “best friends” with Kissinger and Netanyahu. He wears the yarmulke (kippah) in Jerusalem, so does Trump. They all look very much (of ) THE SAME (tribe).
        May, Macron, Merkel – all THE SAME. All three behave like mad dogs having rabies.

        As always ((( Jewish Zionists ))) have positioned their puppets, they use “willing” NATO-countries for their ((( Zionist wars ))), the US and NATO get he blame, and the tax slaves of these western countries are made to pay the bills. The profiteers as always are: The banking mafia, the military-industrial complex and Israel.

      4. Sardonicus

        In fairness and for the sake of accuracy, it must be considered that Stalin was not responsible for the massacre of millions after the Bolsheviks took power. I’d put the onus of that squarely on Lenin as the point man for the banker’s at that time. But I would ascribe to Stalin pretty much everything else of what you say.

        The thing hanging up Circassian and lobro is that it was Stalin that wiped OUT those mad dog Bolshies AS ORDERED by the chiefs in London for whom the idiots were no longer deemed to be useful after doing the dirty deeds starting in 1917

        Stalin can be seen as being the point man for sacrificing THEM in serving plans leading up to the next phase resulting with WW2

      5. @ Brownhawk

        In fairness and for the sake of accuracy, it must be considered that Stalin was not responsible for the massacre of millions after the Bolsheviks took power. I’d put the onus of that squarely on Lenin as the point man for the banker’s at that time. But I would ascribe to Stalin pretty much everything else of what you say.

        Lenin died in January 1924. Most of Stalin’s atrocities were carried out in the 1930s and 1940s, long after Lenin’s death. Lenin did not cause the Red Terror, collectivizaton, the Great Famines (e.g. Holodomor) of the 1930s, or the torture and show trials of the 1940s, or the destruction of Christian churches and clergy in Franco’s Spain in the 1930s and in the Soviet Union itself.

        How could Lenin have been responsible for all these horrors when Lenin had made his EXIT by 1924?

        Care to explain?

        It was Stalin the psychopath who was responsible for the mass murder of 66 million Russians who were mostly Christians. We have the authority of Solzhenitsyn for that. If you think you know more about Stalin than Solzhenitsyn, please say so! I will be the first to crown you with a garland of flowers for your superior intellect.

        By 1924, when Lenin died, the killing spree had hardly begun! Thought you knew that. 🙂

      6. In fairness and for the sake of accuracy, it must be considered that Stalin was not responsible for the massacre of millions after the Bolsheviks took power.

        I am happy to report that Chief is on the verge of discovery:

        There is much hope here. Keep going, brother: дорогу осилит идущий.

      7. @Circassion

        Don’t get carried away there comrade. I hold Stalin culpable just as Solzhenitsyn does. Just in a different manner, is all


        Bad Job of expression by me. Too hasty. The point I wanted to make was simply that Lenin was the one in charge of unleashing the hounds of hell in 1917, after which time Stalin picked up the “banker’s baton” starting in 1924. Eventually, the hounds became expendable and were swept into the dustbins of history in the lead-up to WW2 when a new cast of despicable characters was required.

        For what it’s worth in making a distinction, I always sensed that Stalin was more of an amoral opportunist with his brand of psychopathology in the lust for power, whereas Lenin was totally im-moral and particularly virulent with his brand 😃

      8. @ Brownhawk

        According to Juri Lina, Lenin was infinitely worse than Stalin. A total fruitcake. But Stalin modelled himself on Lenin and looked up to him as a mentor. However, I’m not so sure Yuri Lina is a reliable source of information.

      9. I hold Stalin culpable

        Chief holds Stalin culpable! That’s priceless.

        Can people who live in virtual reality be educated? And why would I do that? For the love of God, what am I doing here?!

      10. @ Circassian

        I fail to understand how anyone can possibly admire a psychopath like Stalin unless they have psychopathic tendencies themselves. Or a few screws loose. Even if Stalin were shown to be guilty of a mere 5% of the atrocities attributed to him, he would still be one of history’s greatest killers. His cruelty, his use of torture, his sheer nastiness have all been closely documented by too many independent sources for them all to be lies. Even if 90% of these reports are untrue, Stalin would still be one of history’s most loathsome characters.

      11. Is “complicit” a better word fer ya, comrade? Culpable, complicit, souless, whatever you want. Take your pick, you being an “educated man” who’s “outside” the virtual reality 🤣

      12. Is “complicit” a better word fer ya, comrade? Culpable, complicit, souless, whatever you want.

        Chief, I’ll try one more time. This is not about picking the right word. You, the Chief, hold Stalin culpable of crimes against the people, the Russian people, who hold him in the highest esteem to this very day. Do you understand how preposterous, not to say idiotic, your “holding” of Stalin is?

        If you, the Chief, “held culpable” those who did genocide your people, the Native Americans, that would be a perfectly legitimate and understandable statement. But no, you are way out there in the multiverse.

        Do you have anything to do with the people you claim to be part of? Are you a decent man, Chief? Are you an honest man?

      13. Circassian

        Allow me to explain the possible reason for your being here, which would overlap what it is you’re NOT getting from this website

        That ape in “2001: A Space Odyssey” discovered the first weapon, and woe to mankind ever since. But here’s a discovery that you are not aware of:

        While you are correct in understanding that Einstein was a fraud, aside from his being a science plagiarist, the deeper meaning of the fraudulence is that the very nature of the material reality which his work reflects IS the fraud by not being reflective of the “true life of abundance” spoken of by Jesus.

        This makes it a “virtual” reality….cloaked*…hidden from view of the TRUE existence

        C-L-O-U-C-T (“OCCULT”)

      14. Circ

        The genocide of the red man in the Americas, and the white man in Russia was perpetrated by a common enemy – The ONLY true enemy of mankind that riles up human beings in creating a false perception. As a Russian, you are not able to get past your conditioning of the past 1,000 years to the authoritarian rule that blinds you to the truth of Stalin being one who SERVED this Satanic master in contributing to (((their))) precious little “Great Work of the Ages”. The only sound reason I can offer is that in characterizing the sick mind off the psychopath, he may have THOUGHT that what he was doing reflected the right thing to do, as chilling as that is to ponder.

        My hope is that like the rest of humanity, the Russian people will come to see the forest by getting out from under the blinding trees

        On the souls of my children, this is the honest truth

  20. Syria needs the attention here. Someone might start a account for them to rebuild the infrastructure taken out by ‘Put-On’ and Trump!! 🙂

    ‘Put-On’ keeps whining… since his country – just a large gas station – is out of money!!

    “All people of goodwill around the world should understand that if we do not resolve this together, it will be their problem as well,” he said.

    Syrian Reconstruction Spells Juicy Contracts for Russian, Iranian Firms….
    …. but they can’t afford a bill estimated at a quarter-trillion dollars.

    Bombed-out cities meant death and destruction. Now they promise hundreds of billions of dollars — for new construction.

    Where millions of Syrian civilians have seen destruction and hundreds of thousands have died over the last six years, companies inside and outside of Syria now see dollar signs – $$$$$. Almost every destroyed bridge, road, building, and power plant will be a chance for a potentially lucrative government construction contract, which the regime will soon start handing out.

    Unlike Iraq, which was pumping out about 2 million barrels of oil a day even in the traumatic years right after the 2003 U.S. invasion, Syria has little ability to generate cash internally to pay for its own rebuilding.

    Soooo… China Eyes its Role in Rebuilding Syria:

    Chinese firms “BIGGLY” see “YUGE” business potential in Syria’s reconstruction.

    ‘Put-On’ has declared victory in his two-year military operation to shore up Assad, and is now appealing for international funds.

    At his annual press conference on Dec. 14, 2017…. ‘Put-On’ showed signs of frustration. He said Syria, whose conflict sparked the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, will remain a breeding-ground for extremist groups such as Islamic State without improved living standards. “All people of goodwill around the world should understand that if we do not resolve this together, it will be their problem as well,” he said.

    1. Speaking of China… they want in on the $$$$ of BIS and Syrian rebuilding, but want to keep their censorship of free speech too. They will get it from Google and Bezos and Gates…etc.

      Social media and Google and much of Twitter…. etc, and numerous websites, like Darkmoon, are unavailable in China.

      Welcome to… Project Dragonfly!!

      Google has been developing “Project Dragonfly,” a censored version of its search engine that could appease authorities in China. The project allegedly included a means to suppress some search results, booting them off the first page, and a means to fully block results for sensitive queries, for example, around “peaceful protests.”

      Former Google CEO predicts the internet will split in two by 2028, with one part led by China
      (20 September 2018)

      Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and executive chairman of Alphabet , predicts that within the next decade there will be two distinct internets: one led by the U.S. and the other by China.

      Schmidt shared his thoughts at a private event in San Francisco on Wednesday night convened by investment firm Village Global VC. The firm enlists tech luminaries — including Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Diane Green — as limited partners, then invests their money into early-stage tech ventures.


      My guess – There is going to less internet freedom very soon. Enjoy the watered-down information while it is still available! Get offline storage also. 🙂

      1. Offline storage is a MUST!!

        Ever since Google bought, things have been disappearing on the web, at a rapid pace.

  21. “Put-On’ keeps whining… since his country – just a large gas station – is out of money!!
    “All people of goodwill around the world should understand that if we do not resolve this together, it will be their problem as well,” he said. Syrian Reconstruction Spells Juicy Contracts for Russian, Iranian Firms…. but they can’t afford a bill estimated at a quarter-trillion dollars. Bombed-out cities meant death and destruction. Now they promise hundreds of billions of dollars — for new construction.“ (Pat)

    The DESTROYERS (Rothschild Zionist – “Federal Reserve” war profiteers) have managed to destroy Syria by proxy – and WHO is supposed to pay the bills for reconstruction? “All people of goodwill around the world“ (PUT-IN) Why that? Why should people around the world pay reparations? For destruction caused by Zionist Wars! Otherwise there will be WW III?
    The peoples of western Europe are being invaded by armies of Muslim migrant-invaders with no intention to leave . . . Billions to pay to accomodate the invaders (state debt to the banking mafia soaring) The countries of Western Europe (Germany, Sweden in particular) are forced to finance their own destruction (REPLACEMENT & GENOCIDE by mass immigration); to ask them to pay for Syria’s reconstruction too – is rather brazen.
    Only under the condition that ALL INVADERS GO BACK to their home countries, should such a deal to co-finance reconstruction be considered. Neither the US nor Europe can afford more of the same. The Zionist wars have already ruined America, and are supposed to ruin Europe too.
    The real SOLUTION to the problem would be: Speaking the truth. Confronting the culprits.
    The Ones responsible for the wars! The war profiteers nobody talks about. World Jewry ought to foot the bills, they ought to pay reparations for the reconstruction of all destroyed Muslim countries, and the Ukraine. However, the destroyers prefer to make “people of goodwill“ (they treat as slaves) PAY FOR EVERYTHING . . .

    Pay pay pay either way and all the time
    What keeps a SLAVE SYSTEM – a SCAM like that going?
    When will it end? The time has come.

  22. Lest we forget, the American people are also “victims” of the John McCain school of Neocon war mongering psychopaths of the deep state swamp that has infested Washington D.C. for decades. Trillions upon trillions of fake dollars have been wasted on the urban renewal projects of the U.S. military-NSA-CIA-industrial-Google-media-Israeli-duel citizen complex for the last 70+ years. To add insult to injury the American people are taxed for these trillions wasted while thousands of their sons and daughters are killed and injured physically and psychologically, many for life. As the American complex does it’s thing wasting trillions smashing and bashing mainly for the benefit of a certain other (((country))), America’s infrastructure continues to crumble into the third world where real renewal is needed.
    The American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 report gives the U.S. infrastructure a D+ grade. According to the ASCE:
    The U.S. needs to spend at least $4.5 trillion by 2025 to fix the roads, bridges and dams just for starters.
    The average age of U.S. dams in 56 years with 15,500 high-hazard.
    There are 56,000 structurally deficient bridges.
    Many of the water and waste piping are are 100 years old, where a quarter million water main breaks waste around two trillion gallons of water annually.
    Airports need a $42 billion upgrade.
    Did TJ forget to mention the schools.
    The railroads and other public transportation in American is still in the dark ages compared to Europe, Asia and even South America.
    Starting all the way back to the turn of the 20th century, this is what happens to a civilization that fights and continues to fight wars for the benefit of other countries while these others countries spend their money on modern and up to date infrastructure that benefit of their people while America spends it’s trillions on the complex giving the American people the royal shaft.

    1. Before Original Joe has a fit. “Is” 56 years old. Only one “are” 100 years old. Please use your own editing for other errors of emission or commission.

  23. I proofread my posts before sending my posts in to ADMIN. Out of respect for ADMIN, for all the Darkmoon commentators, for all the readers of Darkmoon.

    Toejamicus :

    I see you enjoy wallowing in ignorance, you’ve made that very clear. I won’t remind you anymore of the importance of proper spelling and proper grammar. I hope I didn’t RE-press your Inner Child TOO much. As our school principal allows “do your own thing” spelling/grammar who am I to contradict Our Cosmic Lady of Free Expression from the dark side of the moon.

  24. ADMIN: Another interminable off-topic rant from Spamblinka Troj, the Darkmoon site’s resident Mad Hatter. I’ve yet to figure out what this guy is doing on our site… 🙂

    I was just wondering, on this 18th Sunday after Pentecost on The Catholic liturgical calendar, I was just wondering how everything’s going in your “Catholic” Saturn religion. Everything’s going fine in your “Catholic” Saturn religion, right? Couldn’t be better, right?

    It must be a very comfortable smug self-satisfied [ but NEVER complacent ! WE are always Vigilant! ] feeling to know your “Saturn” religion is The Ascendant Religion of the West now, it hasn’t been the least bit undermined and usurped like The Catholic Church you *wink* *wink* LERV has been undermined and totally usurped , is the religious ontology of Western culture, and everyone thinks your religion is actually “science” which greatly protects your religion from deep scrutiny, or even cursory scrutiny, as everyone looks at your religion thinking they’re looking at “science” so they never ask any religious type questions which frees you of the burden of having to defend your BULLSHIT, from having to defend your LIES, from having to defend your HOAX on the world, which is what your Saturn religion is, a HOAX, NOTHING but LIES.

    WE are Self-Congratulatory for Our Saturn Religion Rules Supreme BUT! BUT WE are NEVER complacent, WE are ALWAYS VIGILANT!!! WE MUST ALWAYS BE VIGILANT, just in case a Flathead Geo amalak comes around — WE are always prepared to GUARD PROTECT DEFEND Our Holy of Holies WHOLLY MENDACIOUS Saturn religion and all of Her sub-cults, of which the cult of The Moon Goddess is a sub-cult of Our double-dealing Janus-faced deceitful Saturn religion. Happy and smug a little bit the Catholic Church has been GREATLY undermined and TOTALLY usurped are WE. Self-satisfied a little bit are WE that Our Saturn religion hasn’t been the least bit undermined or in any way the least bit usurped and is the religious ontology of Western culture.

    So on this 18th Sunday after Pentecost on the Catholic liturgical calendar I was just wondering how everything’s going with you these days, Oh “Catholic” Sister Maggid Malarkey! The priests wear green vestments today, muhammad’s favorite coloUr! I bet that’s what your “Catholic” girlfriend Noor thinks every time she sees Catholic priests wearing green vestments for Mass, she thinks of muhammad and ali-baba and islam and the islamic takeover of the West and she’s in Heaven.

    Heck, I even bet that’s what “Catholic” Lasha & “Catholic” Monica think also and the TWO are also In Heaven thinking the same ditto same thing as their “Catholic” BFF Noor. Like “Chrislam” a little bit do WE. WE like francis and WE like the novus ordo NEW WORLD ORDER church ALOT MORE than any of Us will ever let on.

    “Catholic inspired” Darkmoon likes EVERY religion EXCEPT traditional Catholicism. Videre Licet.

    1. Tis true that our Joe** is darkmoon’s court jester, and in the interest of the fool being wise in his folly, my suggestion is for admin to address the matter of this Saturnalian affiliation with “Christianity” – whose branches of Protestantism and Catholicism are branches of Judaism, and HAVE been since their outsets, respectively.

      And speaking of foolishness, a word to the wise – participation in organized religion in ANY capacity honors Darkness, ESPECIALLY through the ritualistic practices of Catholicism. Unwittingly or not, these priests are helping the demons to pour through the portals from the nether regions and into the world at large, due in no small measure to the insanity of their liturgical nonsense! Think I exaggerate? Think again.

      To whomever: If your long overdue exit from the churches hasn’t already occurred, what are you waiting for?

      ** To quote Sancho Panza describing Don Quixote:

      “He’s a muddle-headed fool, with frequent lucid intervals

  25. Iran attack,
    Apparently the advisor to the leader ( unelected dictator* ) of the UAE has stated that the Attack in Iran that killed civilian women and children was not terrorism as, the target was military, he went on to claim that the , battle will Continue to be taken deeper into Iran, this reads as an admission to guilt and begs the question , how can western Governments justify selling arms to a nation that conducts attacks on its neighbors like this attack.
    There should be no question where Iranian revenge will fall.

    ” unelected dictator* ” what he would be termed if he was the leader of a nation that did not do the Zionist bidding.

  26. Netanyahu and the Israelis – at least the ones I see on our TV screens, with very few exceptions – come across as slow-witted brats; they still do not understand what Erdogan and the Turks have already grasped firmly: it’s high time to think about switching their allegiance from the fucked up Anglo-American masters to the rising Russia.

    1. @ Circassian

      How is your comment improved by using he word “fucked-up”? Do you expect to make more impact on your readers by sounding like a low-brow pub philosopher?

      1. @Admin

        How is your comment improved by using he word “fucked-up”? Do you expect to make more impact on your readers by sounding like a low-brow pub philosopher?

        I take this as a tip how to enhance the impact of my message.

        To give you straight answer: You see it happens that I am a big fan of a great British man by the name of Roger Waters. It may sound silly to some, but every time I hear this song of his

        it rarely fails to bring tears to my eyes. And the fact that he employs a rough language like

        Moslem or Christians Mullah or Pope
        Preacher or poet who was it wrote
        Give any one species too much rope
        And they’ll fuck it up

        does not reduce the impact … if anything, it only enhances the impact.

        I am no Roger Waters, and English is not my native tongue, so I have to go with my instincts. If that reduces the impact, so be it.

        Speaking of Waters, here is “another brick in the wall” of his character:

      2. @ Circassian

        The poet Philip Larkin is famous for writing this oft-quoted line of poetry: “Your mum and dad, they fuck you up.” The occasional use of the F-word, when it is justified, is OK. Maybe D.H. Lawrence was also right to use it to excess in “Lady Chatterly’s Lover.”

        But I don’t think you used the F-word in the same manner. You did so in a cheap and careless way, as you know, like a street hooligan, in order to sound hip and macho. In your particular case, I assure you, your comments would carry more weight if you tried to cultivate a certain gravitas and polite respectability. Why go out of your way to sound like a yob?

        Your arch-enemy Lobro, incidentally, never once used the F-word even in anger. I respected him for that. It requires immense skill to combine anger with scrupulous politeness. The F-word would have been below the dignity of writers like Orwell or Jonathan Swift.

        Just my two cents…

      3. @Admin Toby

        Thank you for your input on the proper use of the F-word, uncle. If I understand correctly what you have said applied to my particular case, it was improper to say “the fucked up Anglo-American masters of Israel and Israelis” but it would be entirely different and proper to say “Anglo-American masters of Israel and Israelis, being given too much rope by the Russians, have fucked it up”. If so, I can live with that.

        On the other hand, look at this, uncle:

        It seems to me that the most concise and the most precise way do define where these guys are is just to say “they are fucked up”. And I can assure you that I am saying it with no anger in my voice and no shouting. I am just stating the obvious, or, at least, what seems obvious to me.

  27. And what, pray tell, is uncle’s mother Sister Saint Moaning-In-Melancholia who did a real number on his head and now he be all fucked-up and sh*t, what she be doing today? In her local novus ordo church praying that a great majority of Senators believe Blasey-Ford’s testimony and Kavanaugh goes down in flames? I bet mama’s poop in rome believes Blasey-Ford and I bet The 💩 is also praying Kavanaugh doesn’t become a Supreme Court judge. Funny how “Catholic” Jesuitish Teilhardmites have SO MUCH IN COMMON with LEFTISTS/JEW COMMUNISTS.

  28. Next installment of my series “Russia for Dummies”.

    Why is the West doomed? If I had to answer that question with a single sentence, I would say: Because it’s being long since the peoples of the West have lost almost everything what makes humans human.

    Just look at the stupidity, lack of dignity and honor, arrogance and ignorance of commenters on this site! You are reduced to the level of animals – you just not aware of it anymore.

    You have to start all over again, brothers and sisters. And here is a good place to start:

    1. “Just look at the stupidity, lack of dignity and honor, arrogance and ignorance of commenters on this site!”

      Yes… We all LOOKED and saw that….
      YOU are a commenter!! HA-HA!!! 🙂 🙂

      With that example…
      Your series should be “Russia HAS Dummies!!” 🙂

      Add one more… since Steven Seagal is eyeing to be Governor of Siberia!! His father was born in Vladivostock.

    2. Calm down there comrade. While I’ll give the Russian fighter credit for training hard and winning the fight, a reasonable man will see that things were in his favor to do so because of that one factor that will trip up a fighter every time – complacency

      I didn’t see the same hunger we’re used to seeing in McGregor. Consider that he, like Joe Louis in 1936, and Tyson 50 plus years later suffered their first professional loss entering their respective bouts undefeated, beating up one tomato can after another in an endless series of predictable outcomes. It can be confidently stated that at the time, both fighters were pretty fat and happy, meaning training poorly and not in the best of shape, and livin the high life with “money, booze and broads” (“….it weakens the legs, Rock!”) high on their priority list. In a word – they were BORED.

      I’ll bet you however many rubles you want that McGregor kicks the Russian’s ass in a rematch. By then he’ll be back on track with the requisite hunger necessary to win a title fight. Even if your boy were to anticipate that and train as intensely and determined as the first fight, he’ll lose because all else being even, McGregor is the superior fighter

      How do ya like DEM apples?

      1. B-Hawk –

        “McGregor is the superior fighter.”

        I do not agree. Too much booze. He owns his own brand of Irish Whiskey now.
        He will make over $1Billion there.

        “Proper Twelve”

        “Born and bred in the Dublin suburb of Crumlin, Dublin 12. Proper Twelve is who I am,” McGregor stated. “I wanted to make an Irish whiskey emblematic of Irish culture as a whole, and something that would showcase the great skill we possess of distilling the best Whiskey in the entire world.”

      2. That’s too bad. But if were to get hungry again and not thirsty, then I can use this line on Comrade Circassian:

        “Like Hitler did to Schmeling when Louis destroyed him in the 1938 rematch, Putin will drop your boy like a hot kartoshka!”😁

        Politicians are only interested in what you’ve done for them lately, comrade

      3. Booze or no booze Conor’s no match for that Russian (lol) wrestler.
        Shucks, after old man Mayweather shook off Conor’s best shots and proceeded to whip his ass like a red headed step child, you could practically hear the Russian licking his lips and chomping at that million dollar bit to get at him.
        Then again, he’d also no doubt beat him up just for training, and a little fun..

        McGregor was trained up for that fight with old man Mayweather. He was in super shape because he knew he needed to be to bear up under the beating he was going to and did get from the old guy and at least last a few rounds for pride.

        Sure, it was “just boxing” with all the restricted rules, but Conor did indeed hit the old man with his best punch, and nothing. I saw it and I doubt very much any of the contenders (or gamblers) missed it either.

      4. This is the move I would like the President of my country to make in the face of rising tensions in one of the far flanks of his vast Empire – namely, my homeland of Caucasus – and, sure enough, he did not waste his time to make the move:

        Chief, I have some reservations that you can grasp fully the logic behind this meeting, but wish you good luck with your betting on the result of a rematch. You will need it, brother, trust me on this one.

      5. You have some reservations, eh comrade? Good one, reservations. But no, that would be unwarranted.

        Remember, while Hitler was riding high when Schmeling beat Lewis to win the crown in 1936, the ride was over 2 years later when Lewis took it back

        Glory is fleeting my friend. Enjoy it while
        you can. 😎

      6. You have some reservations, eh comrade? Good one, reservations. But no, that would be unwarranted.

        No more reservations, bro. I am pretty clear by now on the subject I had reservation about in my previous post – you understood nothing, and there is nothing to be done to change that.

        For the rest of you the show must go on. Khabib, after squeezing the shit out of McGregor’s mouth, goes after a shithouse, compared to which McGregor’s poop smells like an Irish whisky:

        … if you decide to fire him, you should know that you’ll lose me too. We never give up on our brothers in Russia and I will go to the end for my Brother. If you still decide to fire him, don’t forget to send me my broken contract, otherwise I’ll break it myself.

        And he will, you can take his words to the bank.

        … And one more thing, you can keep my money that you are withholding. You are pretty busy with that, I hope it won’t get stuck in your throat. We have defended our honor and this is the most important thing. We intend to go to the end.

        This guy does not give a fuck about the little god you all worship – money and vanity. He is not just jumping over the fence of the octagon now – which was too small for him anyway – he is taking the battle to a different dimension altogether.

        Stay tuned.

  29. Hard landing catches up sooner or later with everyone who flies high in a fantasy world. Last week we have seen that with an Irish trash-talker. Hard landing hits another king of trash-talking… this time an American one. Not surprisingly, the take-down came from the same humble corners we call Russia:

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