Washington and Tel Aviv lurching toward a war with Iran

“The US-Israeli war with Iran has already begun.”

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Events of the past few days have made it clear that US imperialism—working in close tandem with its main ally in the Middle East, Israel—is set on a course of direct military confrontation with Iran.

Barely a week and a half before the May 12 deadline for President Donald Trump to announce his decision on whether or not his administration will renew a waiver of unilateral US sanctions that were shelved as part of the 2015 Iranian nuclear agreement, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu staged a theatrical presentation claiming to have “proof” that “Iran lied” about its nuclear program. He went on to express confidence that Trump would “do the right thing,” i.e., scuttle the nuclear accord—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA—that was reached between Iran and five major powers: the US, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia.

Trump hailed Netanyahu’s theatrical presentation as confirmation that he had been “100 percent right” in his denunciations of the nuclear accord as a “horrible deal.”

In reality, international nuclear experts, European representatives and even ex-Israeli intelligence officials all dismissed Netanyahu’s performance as a farce.


The Israeli government, which claimed to have stolen hundreds of thousands of files from Iran, produced not a single shred of evidence that Iran has engaged in any form of nuclear weapons program for the past 15 years, much less that it has violated the terms of the JCPOA. Repeated reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency, including one as recent as February, have established that Tehran is abiding by the stringent restrictions on uranium enrichment and intrusive inspections regime imposed under the agreement.

Netanyahu’s performance recalled nothing so much as Colin Powell’s 2003 presentation of what he described as “evidence, not conjecture” of Iraq’s nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” used to justify the US war of aggression against Iraq a month later. Powell at least told lies that purported to substantiate American false claims of Iraqi malfeasance; Netanyahu presented nothing.

The Israeli presentation—delivered in English—was stage-managed in direct consultation with Trump, with whom Netanyahu spoke shortly before going on the air, and the new US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who had met with him and other officials in Tel Aviv the day before.

Behind all of the chaos and scandals of the Trump administration, what has clearly emerged in Washington is a war cabinet, with the elevation of John Bolton to the post of National Security adviser and Pompeo’s confirmation by the Senate, with the indispensable support of the Democrats, as secretary of state. Both are fervent advocates of war against Iran.

Bolton has described the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran as a “massive strategic blunder,” insisting that US policy should be one of “ending Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution before its fortieth anniversary,” next February. Regime change in Tehran, according to the new national security adviser, should be promoted through direct military action. “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran.” was the headline of an opinion piece he wrote for the New York Times shortly before the agreement was reached on the JCPOA.

The US-Israeli war against Iran has already begun. Strikes carried out by US-supplied Israeli F-15 fighter jets on Syrian military bases on Sunday night killed as many as two dozen Iranians. It marked the fifth round of such Israeli attacks on Syria since September. All of them have been aimed at the assets of Iran. Along with Russia, Tehran is the main ally of the Assad government, which Washington and its allies have sought to topple in a seven-year-old war for regime change.

Reports from Israel have also indicated a major redeployment of tanks, troops and armored personnel carriers to the country’s northern borders with Syria and Lebanon.

“On the list of the potentials for most likely live hostility around the world, the battle between Israel and Iran in Syria is at the top of the list right now,” a senior US official told NBC News Tuesday.

“The US-Israeli war against Iran has already begun.”

The intimate collaboration between Washington and Tel Aviv in preparing such a war has been made evident by the extraordinary flurry of meetings between top-level US and Israeli military and security officials flying in and out of both countries’ capitals. This has been supplemented by the dispatch of Pompeo, before he even set foot in the State Department, to the Middle East, where he not only consulted with Netanyahu and other officials, but also met with Saudi and Jordanian officials in an attempt to solidify a bloc of reactionary monarchical Arab regimes behind the US-Israeli war drive.

Behind this drive to war lies not any supposed concern about an Iranian nuclear threat—Tehran has no bomb and never initiated any real program to produce one, while Israel’s own arsenal includes an estimated 200 to 400 nuclear warheads. Rather, what are at play are naked imperialist interests.

As a regional power, Iran stands as an impediment to the drive by US imperialism to assert its hegemony over the oil-rich and strategically vital Middle East.

The European powers are increasingly at odds with Washington. After the visits of France’s Macron and Germany’s Merkel apparently failed, despite their obsequiousness, to persuade the Trump administration not to blow up the Iranian nuclear accord, discussions between them and British Prime Minister May over the weekend apparently centered on whether or not there was any prospect of salvaging the agreement without the US. There are both the fear of a major regional war spilling over into Europe in the form of violence, political crisis and a renewed flow of refugees, as well as definite profit interests at stake.

While US banks and corporations have been largely locked out of the Iranian market by continuing nonnuclear-related US economic sanctions, European interests, including the French oil conglomerate Total, have signed lucrative agreements. Most of them have produced little thus far because of fears that Washington will upend the nuclear accord and begin sanctioning foreign firms doing business in Iran.

Filling this vacuum, China has forged significant economic ties with Iran, including a recent $10 billion line of credit from the Beijing government for Chinese firms to launch infrastructure projects, including power facilities, dams and transportation hubs. Beijing sees Iran as a key segment of its “Belt and Road” mega-project, linking China to Europe, and is anxious to shift a growing share of its oil imports from regional producers like Saudi Arabia that are aligned with Washington. In 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced plans to increase bilateral trade to $600 billion over the next decade.

In Iran, as elsewhere, US imperialism seeks to counter the decline of its economic domination through a turn to military aggression. While the European capitalist powers have joined in US military actions, particularly with the participation of the UK and France in the April 14 missile attack on Syria, their hopes of reaping a share of the booty from imperialist intervention can never be realized by serving as the tail of the American dog. Inevitably, they must turn to their own rearmament for a struggle of each against all for the redivision of the world. This process is already well under way.

To the extent that Washington has sought to placate Europe with the postponement of the implementation of trade war tariffs and that it has ratcheted down, temporarily, tensions on the Korean peninsula, it is to better concentrate war preparations in the Middle East.

The drive toward a war between Israel and Iran, beginning in Syria, is unfolding in tandem with the continuing US military intervention in that country, which is evolving into a confrontation with pro-government force backed by Iran and Russia.

Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis Monday indicated that the more than 2,000 US troops presently deployed inside Syria would not be going anywhere anytime soon. “We do not want to pull out before the diplomats have won the peace,” he said. “You win the fight—and then you win the peace.”

The reality is that the US military force, augmented by proxy ground forces based upon the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, is staying in place to secure an American zone of influence consisting of approximately a third of Syria’s territory on its northeastern borders with Turkey and Iraq. The area also contains the country’s oil and gas reserves. From their supposed mission of fighting ISIS, this US force is now turning to confronting attempts by the Syrian government, backed by Russia and Iran, to regain control of this territory and its resources.

With Russia also in discussions with Damascus on providing advanced air defense systems to Syria, the prospect for a clash between Russian forces and those of the US and Israel are steadily growing.

The developments in Syria and the threats of confrontation with Iran constitute a grave warning to working people in the US and throughout the world. Driven by the crisis of its system, world capitalism, with America’s ruling class and its military in the lead, is preparing for a world war that would be fought with nuclear weapons.

Bill Van Auken

World Socialist Web Site
via Truthseeker

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  1. The developments in Syria and the threats of confrontation with Iran constitute a grave warning to working people in the US and throughout the world. Driven by the crisis of its system, world capitalism, with America’s ruling class and its military in the lead, is preparing for a world war that would be fought with nuclear weapons.

    Trump will reveal himself in his true colors in a few days’ time by HIS OWN ACTIONS:


    (a) as a true American patriot and peace lover, anxious to avoid confrontation with Russia


    (b) as a Zionist stooge.

    If he plays fair to Iran and refuses to back Netanyahu, he will have chosen Option (a), revealing himself as a true American patriot and man of peace.

    If he chooses Option (b) and gives Israel the green light to continue its bombing of Iranians and Hezbollah in Syria, opening up direct confrontation with Russia — if, in short, he SUCKS UP to Netanyahu, he will reveal himself as a Zionist puppet.

    Anyone who has a contrary opinion is welcome to it, but this is my considered opinion. Here I stand. And most people with a respect for logic, clear thinking and common sense will, I am sure, stand with me.

    1. Sard –

      My GUESS (same as an “opinion”) IS…

      US and Israel will help ‘Put-On’ gain control in Syria to help ‘Put-On’ control the pipelines.

      I don’t know how many times I have repeated this:

    2. @ Sardonicus

      In a way I almost hope the ignorant orange savage in the White House goes with option “b”, just to find out how the apologists will try to spin it; e.g.: “See how he’s really, REALLY stickin’ it to the jews? He’s going to completely eliminate their influence in America by cleansing it with nuclear fire” (or something like that).

      Of course I actually hope orange clown goes with option “a”, but considering how he’s been bashing Iran forever, fawning over Netanyahu and implicitly
      supporting Netanyahu’s dishonest anti-Iran spiel, it seems to me that he’s painted himself into a corner.

      Also, I believe the military build-up in Europe portends a planned war in the Mideast, as it is likely intended to intimidate Russia into backing down and abandoning its allies Syria and Iran.

      Anyway, if orange clown goes with “b”, I wonder if there will still be time to get out of the U.S. before the situation becomes catastrophic?

    3. (Comment found in Spam and approved)

      (b) it is. Trump is the swamp. Serious confrontation awaits. Young Americans will die for Israel.
      “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
      – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

    4. Midnight, 8th May 2018… It looks bad and is getting worse.

      No doubt in my mind that President Trump’s negation of the Iran Nuclear Treaty is a result of Jewish Neocon Lobby control of US foreign policy.

      If you have any family in the US military then pray for them. Bases and carriers will be attacked first, with massive casualties.

      Then Armageddon.

  2. Another dog and pony show for the gullible goyim. Just has Trump’s election was in the Jew’s Stars (of David), decisions for the acts he would make in their favor were made long ago. Jews present these Punch and Judy performances to keep the stupid goyim down on the farm so they will never see Paree and stampede unexpectedly.

  3. Driven by the crisis of its system, world capitalism, with America’s ruling class and its military in the lead, is preparing for a world war that would be fought with nuclear weapons.


    What’s wrong with the above sentence from an English teacher’s perspective?

    I see at least 2 ambiguities and 1 fallacy or non sequitur. How many do you see?

    1. Andy –

      As I see it….

      The ‘who’ of “is preparing” is missing.
      The fallacy is nuclear weapons. 🙂

      But I am no one to criticize anymore.

      When in doubt… insert jew. 🙂

  4. let me take a look at whose fingerprints show up under UV light:
    UN Secretary General Warns Scrapping Iran Deal Could Lead To “World War III”
    strong words, and who is this guy, antonio guterres

    During his final years as High Commissioner, he worked chiefly to secure international aid for the refugees of the Syrian civil war, calling the refugee crisis an “existential” one for host countries (such as Lebanon and Jordan), and describing additional aid as a “matter of survival” for the refugees.[25] He was an outspoken advocate for a more coordinated and humane approach by European countries to the Mediterranean refugee crisis.[26] In June 2013, he launched a US$5 billion aid effort, its biggest ever, to help up to 10.25 million Syrians that year.

    always a good sign 😉
    the fingerprints getting clearer, and further down, mention of his membership in European Council on Foreign Relations, the organization’s name rings a bell, doesn’t it

    ECFR was established in 2007 by a council of fifty founding members, chaired by Martti Ahtisaari, Joschka Fischer, and Mabel van Oranje, with initial funding from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations

    so what can be the conclusion, based on this trail, that george soros:
    (a) likes the iran deal to stay in place, or
    (b) wants to scrap it?

    recall his repeated attempts to kindle a color revolution in iran, another maidan-style conflagration in tehran.
    I guess because he truly loves iran, democracy and iranian people, just like guterres, really worried about ww3.

  5. We can count on the fact that BOTH Netanyahu and Trump are engaged in false presentations to the public. Both are playing their roles in perpetuating the “going nuclear” fear, in order to cover their true agendas. Without “nukes”, the fear of M.E. world conflict becomes less compelling, and the most righteous side prevails.
    Ignore the fear of “nukes”, and conflict will be less hyped, and more easily diplomatically addressed.

  6. But why do the Jews hate Trump so much and want to get rid of him by any means necessary?

    1. How do you know that the jewish collective actually hates orange clown and wants to get rid of him “by any means necessary”?

      1. Mainstream media is Jewish. The attacks on Trump by mainstream media are Jewish attacks. If Trump was under Jew control and doing as Jews wanted why the attacks?

      2. Perhaps it’s all judeo-political theater? Maybe they’re trying to fool people into thinking he’s not a jew puppet, even while he does almost nothing but jew dirty work?

        (Funny that the “mainstream media” never seems to attack him for his impeachable war crimes in Syria, isn’t it?)

  7. War between the Zionist entity and the Resistance is coming, the Resistance would prefer to wait until they are in a stronger position, the Zionist entity would prefer the US to do the fighting.
    Trump gives the impression the US will do the fighting, some believe Trump is playing the Zionist entity and won’t help them once a full scale conflict begins, I doubt this, either way the Resistance has the means to hurt the Zionist badly, US interference or not.
    Lebanon’s election, Iraq’s election, Trumps JCPOA decision, Trumps visit to open the US embassy, the Zionist entities founding day, Nakba day, May is to be a intense month, a major out break of hostilities seems likely, we won’t have long to wait to find out If Trumps a Zionist stooge.

  8. Robert Browning, the Zio-Jews hate all Goyim, but use the fake liberal versus conservative, right versus left dichotomies to fulfil their brilliant dialectical practices. Of course such seemingly opposed degenerates as Trump and Hillary are just part of the dialectic. Both sides are firmly under Zio-Jew control. There is really no difference. The Chinese keep the Zio-Jews at a distance and are quietly gaining the ascendancy. They allow a doublespeak Putin to tag along when it suits them. The new oil pipeline btwn Russia and China will be a great success, as will the Iran-China oil deal.
    The future is with the emerging giant China, who will soon be the flagship nation of planet Earth.
    All China has to do is allow the Jewified West to cause its own undoing.
    The Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank and already own much of the USA and Australia.
    I have just learnt Cantonese and I am ready to go. I am going to China to get a good wife, as the Chinese love Interracial blood mixing with dinky di Aussies. This creates a super strong hybrid.

      1. Good on you Justice, Actually, the Chinese want intelligent pure Whites like me – handsome and very intelligent. They have told me in China that they are not interested in White women as they act like Stormy Daniels, are inspired by Sex and the City, and usually weigh over 16 stone. Open your eyes readers and check out the tattooed, pierced, motor mouthed fatties at your local mall. Mind you, they do not want ugly, fat American good ‘ol boys!

    1. Max,
      You “just” learned the wrong language. Mandarin is the official language of China. Cantonese is only regional and one of many dialects. 🙂

  9. Further to the above, Bill Van Aiken, writing for a Socialist, invariably Communist source, uses that quaint old 70’s terminology US Imperialism. In 1971, the Marxist kids at my La Trobe Uni went to blockade the local Honeywell factory as it reflected horrible US Imperialism. The true definition is Zio-Jewish imperialism or megalomania of the Chosen.
    The Chinese kicked out the Kochab king of the Jews, Soros, because they know what they represent.
    The Chinese plan is about black gold: The pipeline is being built from Iran to Russia and then on to China. This represents the ultimate in Chinese power.
    Of course, the Zio Jews are in confrontation with them over the oil, but China will win. China flys in 1000’s of Stormy Daniels types and care not what they say after they have been paid.

    1. So Maxie, what are we to call them, Sino “jews”?

      Note the careful use of quotation marks, in making a pejorative application

      1. No, the Chinese are Commo-Capitalists with the richest and largest, wealthy middle class (400 million) on our planet. They are what the USA used to be until you Yankee dimwits built ya festering swamp. I do not need grammatical advice from an injun.

      2. Go bleep yerself ya rabid crocodile.

        If you weren’t so sensitive you’d see that I was merely suggesting the presence of a faction of jewry lurking in the shadows opposing the zios. Instead of “zios” they would be the “sios”, or whatever you wanna call ’em.

        P.S. Glad to see you back in rare form


      3. Better yet, just swap the “o” and “n” around and call em the “zinos”

  10. Robert Browning (Great Name) They don’t …..it is all 4D Chess…………..sava?

  11. Further clarification of my terminology “mixing blood.”
    The Japanese and Chinese authorities do not want their people to mix with negroid blood as they recognize the average Negro IQ is between 65 -75 points.
    They realise that the USA and Europe are being destroyed by negroids.
    But both nations are happy to mix pure Whites into their people, provided they are not low intelligent Leftards.

    1. Max,
      Your full of…..( fill in the blank). I just talked to another trucker several weeks ago. He was a black guy from Jamaica. We chatted awhile about driving and apon departing, I asked him his name. “Charles Chong” was his reply. He explained to me that his grandfather was Chinese and had married a black Jamaican woman. Charles was quite bright. In only the 1st quarter of 2018 he earned $75,000 US. Not too shabby for a a Sino-negroid hybrid. 🙂

  12. Off topic but some good news for a change…

    Almost 2-years ago I wrote a post at Darkmoon with the heading: Say goodbye to The Overton Window and say hello to the Oventime Window.

    Well, the Oventime Window has just gone mainstream with the very ‘prime-time-looking’ and electable Patrick Little who is running for the Senate in California. Believe it or not, he’s polling 2nd after and against the incumbent Dianne Feinstein who, as all Darkmooners know, is nothing but a filthy and lying and gun-grabbing Jewess.

    From his website, we learn that Mr. Little was just ejected from the California GOP convention. In the below video he recounts the dramatic incident and … wait for it… spits and stomps on the flag of Israel!!!


    Here’s my original post from June 17, 2016 at 5:23 pm:

    Say goodbye to The Overton Window and say hello to the Oventime Window.

    Thanks to Lasha and her dedicated team of family members and friends it is now a moral imperative to not only reconsider and restore the reputation of Hitler and the Germans but also to reconsider and restore Hitler’s fabled Final Solution for these lying and murdering filthy jew bastards!

    The long-overdue “Oventime Window” has entered our lexicon.

    In the years to come, when the pundits and punters alike look back and try to figure out just when exactly the Overton Window morphed into the Oventime Window, they will either credit or blame this series of landmark articles exposing the phony Jewish Holocaust at Darkmoon.

    Well, in any event, I am the first to coin the term here. 🙂

    The subtle similarities and major difference between the Overton Window and the Oventime Window explained by Rachel Maddow and Joe Canuck

    “The idea of the Overton Window is that there’s a fairly narrow window of proposals in any particular policy area that people will take seriously that wouldn’t get you written off as a kook. The way to move or expand that window is to advocate super extreme positions which change the realm of what’s politically possible because after something super nuts has been floated, thereafter, slightly less nuts positions will start to look acceptable and moderate by comparison.” — Rachel Maddow

    “The idea of the Oventime Window is that there’s a fairly narrow window of discourse about Jews that people will take seriously that wouldn’t get you written off as an “anti-Semite,” even though the term “anti-Semite” is incorrect and is used by Jews and their brainwashed as a ‘trigger word’ to shut down any and all criticism of Jews. The correct word or term should be “anti-kikeism” or better yet, “anti-parasitism.” In any event, the way to pry open the shuttered window of discourse about Jewish racism and Jewish criminality and the Jewish Genocide of Palestinians taking place right now is to advocate a merciless mockery and restless ridicule of the Jews’ myths and lies so that the bogus term of “anti-Semitism” will one day lose all its negative meaning and take on a positive meaning instead. One day soon it will not only be socially acceptable but socially desirable, if not real cool and hip, to be an anti-Semite.” — Joe Canuck

    1. JFC –

      I notice that YouTube has “removed video for hate speech content”, which is verification of (((who))) controls. 😣

    2. ALL media (except online white nationalist media) in California is refering to him as a neo-nazi and just one posed the ? IS he a neo-nazi.
      If they could keep us from voting I believe they would.

    3. 😎 ❤ WE ARE ALL NEO-NAZIS NOW ❤ 😎

      Top search for “Patrick Little” at (((Google))):

      Neo-Nazi California Senate candidate booted from GOP convention Patrick Little spits on Israeli flag after being removed from confab, accuses local Republicans of being ‘Zionist stooges’ — The Times of Israel

  13. Having put Bolton and Pompeo in these positions it looks as though Trump really wants America’s involvement in more war.

    What happened to the election promises to end these wars and to have friendly relations with Russia?

    If he starts another war I hope to see mass demonstrations; big enough to frighten Congress more than their fear of the jewish Lobby.

    I am no supporter of Putin or the Iranian Mullahs but war is not necessary. Nothing is worth the destruction and suffering that war causes

    1. “SOURCES say”???

      My “SOURCES say”:

      The weapons are “BIGGLY” faked.. AND… to be “TOTALLY” effective… so is.. the “YUGE” fear!! –Sunny Sue in her “Art of Rumors”.. 🙂

      1. The rumors are flying fast and furiously at Haaretz today. Iran Must Be Stopped, Even if It Means Conflict – and Better Sooner Than Later

        Netanyahu said”We are determined to stop Iran’s aggression in its early stages, even if it this involves a conflict. Better now than later. Nations that were unprepared to take timely action against murderous aggression paid much heavier prices afterwards. We do not want escalation, but we are prepared for any scenario.”

        Why Does Europe Still Have Faith in Iran, a Serial Nuclear Cheat and Liar? Speaking of Serial Nucear Cheats and Liars… but no, that would be anti-semitic.

        And then comes this: Trump and Netanyahu, the Con Artists Cooking Up Cataclysmic Conflict With Iran

  14. It is being reported that Trump’s henchman, Rudy Giuliani, recently stated that Trump is committed to regime change in Iran. Regime change in Iran? We need regime change here in the U.S.! The federal government is under the complete control of zionist jews (sorry, I don’t capitalize the z or the j words). Who can the goyim petition for help? The U.N.? Russia? China? Iran?

    1. Iran will clear the Zionist from Palestine, I fear it would take another civil war for the US to sort itself out. And considering the average Joe’s everyday life is cosy, that war ain’t coming tomorrow.

    2. Hi UJV, Yes, that’s the problem for gentiles. Jews have such control that there is no higher power to appeal to. The Courts of Justice seem to be powerless to resist Jewish Power.

      We are facing WW3 and gentiles are powerless, but will certainly make up most of any armed forces who will be sacrificed for Iarael.

      1. You are correct, John. Young men and women serving in the Israeli Foreign Legion (f/k/a the U.S. military) will be sacrificed for the criminal, rogue nation of Israel – and 99.99% of them will be non-jews. Only the goyim die young.

      2. Israeli Foreign Legion – good one, really good one.Today, May 9th, Jews have jinned up a false flag rocket attack and blamed it on the Iranians. Of course no Jews were harmed during the making of this attack. This might be it – It’z showtime!

  15. “Cooking up a cataclysm with Iran”? Carnaptious
    We all should know that Iran is next in the ZioJews domino theory.
    The war will start soon. Iran and Hezbollah will get very few missiles off.
    The Israelis and Yanks will blast Iranian defences to Smithareens in a surprise, one hit attack.
    As Pat does not believe in nuclear weapons, the mushroom clouds will remain unexplained.
    This will finally set Russia and China off and they will flatten Israel and take out the US Mediterranean fleet.
    Then a couple of US cities will be quickly taken out along with major US military installations.
    296,000 US troops will enter Russia, where they will be flattened like blow flies.
    The American ZioJew command and your political traitors will hurry to their underground labyrinths where they will be then imprisoned in their burial chambers like Tutenkaman.
    Then the US people will be enslaved and forced to lose weight and taught to work in the fields.
    Australia will join the Chinese in planning for the new, ZioJew free world.
    I will be a commissar with the role of an executioner of all poofs, trannies, Leftards, wimps, short people and good ‘ol boys.
    I will personally attend to your brave US heroine, Stormy Daniels, who will use her prerogative as a harlot to exercise power without responsibility. If Stormy says there are WMD’s in Lapland we will nuke Lapland.

    1. It really could happen. I would not be surprised by any scenario.

      You couldn’t make it up.

  16. there is, what can be described in minimalist terms, a sizable minority or plurality of readers here who don’t believe in universality of evil among jews, who think that most jews are just clueless dupes of a few high level manipulators.

    i have previously cited surveys ran by israeli organizations that showed that >96% israeli jews supported the military assaults on gaza, such as “operation protective edge” or “cast lead” and yet, the denials of near universal jew culpability pour in with evangelical abandon.
    i suppose they will say that it is a military operation against an armed aggressor (tin can rockets) and “israel has right to exist”
    Well, here is another, Israelis strongly back shooting Palestinians at Gaza border

    The poll, conducted by Tel Aviv University and the Israel Democracy Institute, shows that the majority of the Israelis [Israeli Arabs included or just Jew? – it makes a difference and it may explain the differential with previous result of 96%] strongly back the shooting attacks carried out by the occupation army against Palestinian protesters along Israel’s border with the blockaded Gaza Strip.

    Eighty-three percent of Israelis say they support the shooting policy.

    Since March 30th, 44 Palestinians were killed, among them 5 minors, and over 6,000 others have been left injuries in aggressive attacks by the Israeli military on the Great March of Return protests staged at Gaza’s border.

    in many ways, this is even worse than the results of the previous polls because this time there is no fig leaf of “military conflict” but pure murder of utterly defenseless civilians, including children.
    So, if these advocates of intrinsic jew decency claim that more than 17% of jews are basically nice people (or should i use quotes, as in “people”), then at least a certain percentage of these nice, good jews enthusiastically cheer the murder and maiming of unarmed civilians demonstrating for return of their land and property – a direct and unavoidable result of overlap.

    of course, the essence of judaism is the requirement to kill all the goyim regardless of their innocence or guilt but the advocates claim, disingenously in my view, that most jews are clueless about judaism and talmud – yet they are jews, without bothering to state unequivocally what the term represents and ignoring the strictures the kahal places on the upbringing of offspring in order to qualify for the benefits of belonging in the protective hive.
    These same, “innocent” jews, on the other hand have no problem of labelling anyone critical of manifold aspects of judaist thought and activities as “antisemitic”.

    jumping the shark is a magical talent, enhanced by daily intake of kabbalah steroids, should be a recognized discipline in the goy olympiad.

    1. interestingly, it would appear that more israelis favor shooting of palestinians than the establishment of american embassy in jerusalem.

      there is a meaning or two concealed in this.

      1. Hi lobro,
        You should read all of what I’ve said previously: I agree with you that there are simpletons on this site who do not believe of the universality of hideous evil among Jews. These people are still in the learning phase. All ZioJews are plain outright evil and they constitute 97% of the planet’s 15 million so-called “Jews.” As I said, the 3% are my mates in Neturei Karta and True Torah. The ZioJews are Jesus’ “abomination to God.” All ZioJews should be transported to the large, uninhabited island that sits 250kms of Tasmania and banned from return. ZioJews are serpents from Hell. Ps: My word construct “ZioJew” should be used universally as it separates the baddies from the good, Law abiding Jews.If you simply abide by Torah Law of the 10 Commandments and all the other Torah laws for living you cannot get into any trouble. So don’t eat creepy things, or crustaceans, bacon burgers. Avoid lepers and don’t sleep with female and male whores.

    2. lobro

      The way I would put it is that humans are clueless ABOUT being duped*

      As you probably know, I often write about the hierarchal system of control in operation here. A masonic pyramidal structure with the 33rd degree at the pinnacle, and as you go down the pyramid, each level operates on a “need-to-know-only” basis. Yet even a 33rd degree mason is being duped by what’s operating ABOVE the pinnacle**

      A masterful lie comes to mind, one fostered in the world’s religions, and is contained in a famous quote:

      “As above so below”

      This has nothing to do with any notion s of a heavenly existence. Rather, it signifies a spell cast over the planet, whose inhabitants are ALL being duped**.

      If you wanna get REAL metaphysical, here’s a brief excerpt from something I wrote a few years ago:

      “…all subjected to this fashioning of matter are duplicated – ‘duped’. As dupes, life is experienced in a state where the cloaking of our spiritual reality is perceived to be authentic, and wielding truthful authority.”

      *I submit that Nuttinyahoo and the Israelis are clueless about what’s being planned for them, and anyone who thinks that the end of Is-ra-el will mark the end of the jews is also duped

      **Picture the two triangles that make up the Star of David. Now move the one which is upside-down UP to where IT’S pinnacle is touching the OTHER’S pinnacle

      As above so below

      Dark magic of “esoteric jew”

      1. I thought it was a reference to the underground cities top level Jews have constructed for the near future when (((they)) have made the surface of the planet uninhabitable.

        Underground cities filled with Jews – As above, so below.

  17. Max KNOWZ – So does Lobro – – AND – – zio-jews keep “BIGGLY” sucking $$$ with “YUGE” fantastic ‘Hollywood-Produced’ lies about unaccomplished feats of zio-tech, as the globe begs for more!! More Oscar performances!! 🙂

    Just when you thought we were going to see the surface of the Moon in HD…NASA has ONCE AGAIN announced that it has canceled another mission to the moon. Specifically, the Moon Rover Resource Prospector Mission, that was supposed to go to the Moon in 2022 has been canceled for unexplained reasons.

    Resource Prospector was a small rover that was set to launch in the 2020s with the aim of traveling to one of the Moon’s poles to excavate and study materials like water, hydrogen, and oxygen. The rover would have been able to examine lunar ice up close, possibly helping scientists determine whether humans could one day mine that ice for water, or convert it to rocket fuel. However, Friday’s news put those plans to rest—though Bridenstine said the rover’s parts will be used in an unspecified “expanded lunar surface campaign”.

    ALL LIES!!

    I don’t know how many times I have repeated this:

    1. max,
      though i have no data either way, i don’t trust the naturei karta jews any more than the rest of them.
      the reason is they follow torah to the last letter, in fact much more strictly than even the most fanatical chabad lubavitchers and in fact, this is the reason they oppose each other so strenously – and yes, brownhawk, this is one case of a genuine fight among jews- again, i admit to being short on data but i have a theory based on observable logic.
      that the goyim somehow believe that they are included is a diabolical sleight of hand, wonderfully conceived and slipped into their belief system and so they must now swallow all the poison within, directed specifically at them, all of deuteronomy, leviticus, numbers, judges and so forth, the chapters and books of torah that talk about nothing else but how to maximally damage, hurt and destroy the goyim, either enslave them to jew’s pleasure or wipe them out totally – and we suck it up fatalistically, hoping to be among the few survivors kept for jew’s cattle barns.
      This is one of the reasons that talmud was invented, to make this distinction clear to the simpler jews, it is nothing but an ongoing commentary and interpretation of torah and the reason why we need to reject every single word in it, don’t pick and choose like a kid accepting candy from an oily, hooknosed stranger, those old der sturmer cartoons said it best.
      What is the basis of the internecine conflict between the naturei karta and the rest (admittedly, my theory)?
      It is known that the naturei karta reject talmud, holocaust and israel.
      But this doesn’t in any way make them our allies.
      they hold that at some point, in their boundless arogance, the talmudists decided to cheat their master and creator, g-d (devil) and set themselves up as the literal physical body of g-d, i.e., the JEW (hive) equals G-d and that’s all there is to it, that JEW creates reality as it pleases him (e.g., recall the talmud passage that states that G-d reads talmud standing up in reverence of something better and higher than him).
      Thus, the 6 million jew sacrifice as required in the prophecy in order to pave the way to creation of israel and the coming of the antichrist messiah is justified, since what is ordinarily nothing but a cosmic-sized lie is no longer a lie but the truth since decreed so by the JEW G-d, i.e., the physical hive of these human-shaped orcs, who figured to have usurped the Mordor lord – think the evil wizard saruman in the lord of the rings, who covets the ultimate prize.
      And the naturei karta dispute this talmudic sleight of hand, thus deny the reality of holocaust and legitimacy of israel and do not expect the promised coming of antichrist by this route.
      But they do hope and pray for his arrival all the same – you might say that they are the only jews who are not strictly materialistic.

      there are lies and there are lies, some of them sneakily laid down as banana peels to wipe out on in order to destroy the credibility of the truth seekers and those who attempt to shine light on murderous conspiracies.
      We need to be very watchful for the latter kind, they are snares, pitfalls and bear traps to avoid.
      I believe that the likes of the faked moonshot, no-nukes, sandy hook, boston marathon, stoneman school, columbine, dark night theater, that miami gay bar shooting, etc., are of this sort, namely, black ops run in order to lure us into the abyss of bullshit.
      Why do i say this?
      Because whatever the outcome, it leaves jew in clear, no blame can be laid at his feet, if no Cui Bono applies to JEW, then it stinks like a setup to me, because as theories multiply into lunacy and are at some point proven as such by demonstrating without doubt, using hard and irrefutable facts and evidence the truth of the event, then not only do we end up looking like imbeciles but


      this is why i stay away from discussing the existence of nukes, notwithstanding some very dubious and difficult positions one is required to adopt in order to pursue such theories, e.g., every single country on earth fully complicit in the kabuki, even to the extent of willingly accepting their own destruction and martyrdom.
      moreover, it then means that JEW is in ABSOLUTE control and has been for over 70 years, yet for some unknown reason is hesitant to assert it fully but prefers to play semi-nice, sparing the whip and openly gloating about his supremacy.
      Is the jew really such a nice, kid-gloved master that he would do this?
      then what about the west bank and gaza, what about the word of g-d requiring this clear demonstration of absolute power?

      Nah, i cannot swallow such choreography, too complicated, unrealistic and pointless, you are of course free to pursue them – maybe you are right – but if i don’t see the reason, i don’t bet the farm on it.

      1. The “naturei karta”, as you term them, are not a part of the internecine conflict. They are way down the pyramid

      2. Lobro –

        “..you are of course free to pursue them”

        That’s why I do.

        ” – maybe you are right – but if i don’t see the reason, i don’t bet the farm on it.”

        I DO see THE REASON. You do not. That’s OK. As you wrote… all the other countries see THE REASON. It’s $$$$ for them. They bet the farm on the KNOWN outcome… FEAR!!! 🙂

        That is why I have never attempted to garner any support… too time consuming.

        I plow right ahead. I have always done that…
        You once correctly wrote I am Mule-Headed!!! 🙂

        I know that some lagging behind will eventually catch up.

      3. b-hawk,
        • first of all, i am not sure that you read my karta thing carefully because i am talking about something different.
        my discourse is about STIFFING THE DEVIL (G-D in torah-speak).
        JEW decided to get fancy and in order to show how much they appreciate the sanctity of lying, they extended the kol nidre to their Father (using the term of Jesus) and usurp the top spot, figuring that if the material, biological life is all there is and the Satan belongs to the scientifically inaccessible, thus irrelevant realm of pure spirit, unable to interact with the physical world except through the power of mental suggestion, they got nothing to fear by swindling him of the promised obeissance.
        Karta is sticking by the terms of the original agreement, as per torah, they insist on giving the Devil his due – and this is the crux of their conflict with the rest of jewry.

        • you, meanwhile, speak of the supremacy of space aliens either invading human bodies or shapeshifting into them.
        This is beyond my scope since i have no data on it, it is pure speculation, maybe you are right, maybe not, certainly there are others who share your conviction.
        I have my reasons for not buying it, however they are difficult to explain properly and require too much space, too far off-topic, involving stuff such as cosmological constants and so on, because i hold that we are the only sentient species in the universe capable of building technologically advanced civilizations (other species (whales?) may be just as bright or more so, certainly wiser overall but cannot develop technology on the same scale, i.e., we are a unique cosmic abberation which by rights and laws of probability should never have happened and therefore indicate presence of some creative super-entity bent on playing its own game – naturei karta also seems to think so, although a different entity from mine).

        Moreover, the notion of space lizards, anunaki, nephilim, what have you, falls off the occam’s razor, in my opinion, since in the end we are still stuck with the problem of supernatural entities, do they subtly load the dice toward mythological prophecies, e.g., Revelations, kali Yuga, etc or not?

      4. lobro

        Yes, stiffing the false G_D is the bottom line, and your alluding to Occam’s famous razor is well noted, for I do understand how information largely gleaned from accounts of my ancestors can be seen as being superfluous in regards to addressing the only thing that matters, which is the freeing of mankind from the grip of wickedness.

        Having said that however, and various metaphysical-related considerations aside, when I combine my indigenous-inspired understanding of non-human entities with info pertaining to my father’s high masonic affiliations and participation with British MI6 during the war AND my friend’s grandfather’s membership in the German Abwehr, I come away with what I can only regard as certain inescapable conclusions:

        1) There are two non-human groups vying for world supremacy, PRIMARILY through those jews embracing BIGGLY LIES.

        2)Their means for potentially achieving this have been, for many centuries to this day, through acts of subterfuge which result in the ultimate control of the world’s major governments, and using mechanisms of steering events as guided by the protocols.

        3) In addressing the understanding of my friend’s paternal grandfather (and whose mother was full-blooded Lakota): Martin Bormann was perhaps the most effective master (zionist) spy in known history, whose ability to gain Hitler’s trust implicitly, combined with the general sabotage of German Intel, allowed the “zionist” faction of the alien-controlled ALLIED forces to control the war in their favor over, I’ll call them the “zinoist” faction of the alien-controlled AXIS forces. This continues on.

        So you tell me, what stiffs THAT, when from where I stand the 4-D chess match is bein played by the “surreptitious zionist” AND its equally surreptitious zinoist counterpart, given our different usages of Occam’s razor, and your seeing the potentiality of this picture I’m painting being valid?

      5. well ok, b-hawk, you certainly have more facts at disposal in form of trusted sources, which i don’t.

        switching over to your model requires considerable reworking of the algorithms on my part and cannot be done on a dime, so i will read and reread what you wrote until some other form takes shape in my mind – if.

        in the meantime, there might be more questions …

      6. Yep, there’s always questions.

        For example, if Trump represents the zionist faction of this alien-controlled dynamic, and Putin the “zinoist” faction…..

        I’m reminded of your intriguing idea of Stalin hoping that Hitler would have a lightbulb moment that HE may have had before the unfortunate launching of Barbarossa

        Who knows, or knew, what?

      7. I realize that even readers who find credibility in this info will find it confusing. Join the club. I certainly don’t know all the particulars involved, although it would stand to reason that there would have to be some sort of “ground rules”, so to speak, between the two factions, especially those pertaining to money in terms of how it is used as a mechanism of control, although it is suggested that the zionist faction has held the upper hand for quite some time.

      1. That’s right Joe C –

        What’s missing here.??


        Answer – Air tank… to re-pressurize the whole cabin after coming back onboard…. since the door was opened in a near vacuum outside….. and the air had to be let out of the cabin completely to open the door which swung inward. Even 1 psi differential inside would be the same as lifting the hatch of 600 pounds. 🙂

      2. @ Pat

        Shame on you for noticing something besides the useless gold colored aluminum foil space bling on the lander. 🙂

      3. Pat,

        I’m not as high-IQ as you and, of course, I was never an engineer on a nuclear sub like you, so I would never have guessed in a million years that the “air tank” was missing in the lunar module.

        However, as someone with more than just a passing interest in car mechanics — restored a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spyder in the early 1990s when I was still into cars — I know the first and most important thing to consider about cars or anything that moves, for that matter, is the engine.

        Note that NASA’s diagram of the lunar module does really have an engine: the “descent engine” is depicted as a black cone? and the “ascent engine” is not shown at all — except as an “engine cover”!

        As for the return rocket aka the Columbia Command & Service Module (CCSM), it is my contention that not only was the fuel tank in the CCSM too damn small to make the 384,403 km (238,857 miles) back to earth, but there wasn’t even a god damn rocket engine on it!?!


        ROTFLMAO! 😆

      4. Ung – Yeah – I saw the foil wrapping at NASA Houston museum. And Smithsonian, 🙂 🙂

        It is even worse than what I wrote.

        The hatch was 32″x32″ which yields 1024 sq inches… which means 1024 pounds with just 1 psi pressure. It was almost double the 600 pounds I mentioned.

        Yes – Joe C – Not so much an IQ as it was from wanting to save our asses, ALL the time!! 🙂

        The escape tank training – equalizing pressures – made all of us constantly aware of pressures on hatches needing to be equalized to get out when under water. We were also keenly aware of ventilation line-ups when compartment doors were shut. Opening a compartment door of 1800 sq inches on a submarine… when there was just a 1 pound differential…. could cause it to be either impossible, or deadly, depending on which way the 550 lb door was hinged. Crewmen have been killed in that way. I saw my friend knocked 20 feet when he hit the latch, unaware of pressure on the other side. He was lucky that he was not directly in front of the door.

  18. That is to say, way down the pyramid amongst the general population in terms of a level of awareness.

    Like I said, this internecine conflict is characterized by using human beings to do their dirty work through subterfuges of the world’s governments

    Remember when Menachem Begin remarked how we jews aren’t human? When he said “we”, he MAY have been referring to himself as one who was able to inhabit a human “shell”, as many of them do, but he certainly wasn’t referring to the “naturei karta”

    “truth is stranger than fiction” didn’t become a famous cliche without good reason….this is one of those reasons

  19. The Neturei Karta are firm believers in the Torah and thus are waiting for YHVH’s “final redemption” when the long awaited REAL Messiah arrives.
    Thus, to their credit they are not, as lobro said, “materialistic.” And this is why I see them as GOOD. I.e. Whilst they are waiting forever, they can’t get up to the mischief of the fake ZioJews. My mate in Neturei Karta is so strict in obeying Torah law that he has auto flushing toilets in his house so that he and the family do not have to “work” the toilet button on Saturdays. So what, he thinks my Jesus is an impostor and Egyptian magician. I love eating lobster and pigs trots in front of him as we chat over the fence.

    1. The jews don’t have a messiah. They are not Israelites. They’ve usurped that role which has gained them a lot of advantage. They are the descendants of the Canaanites/Kenites/Rephaim through the race mixer Esau who cared less about his birthright. That’s why Jacob received the birthright. The jews are genociding the rightful heirs to the covenant, the white adamic race, because even though the scriptures prophesied in the old testament that true Israel would become blind to whom they are for a period of time, the scriptures do foretell that they eventually wake up and they are at this time in history. Yahshua (Yahweh in the flesh) said He came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel when he was talking to the Canaanite woman that he called a dog. (Matthew 15:24) Ezekiel 34 tells you who the lost sheep (Israel & Judah) are and it was those people that the Assyrians took captive and put on their borders to insulate them from their enemies. And it wasn’t just the 10 northern tribes taken capitive. The Assyrians went into Judea and took captive all those Judahites and Benjamites that were living in the rural areas, not within the walls of Jerusalem. Therefore, all 12 tribes were in the Assyrian captivity on or about 745 BC to 680 BC. They left only the remnant in Jerusalem which eventually were taken captive by Babylon 606 BC to 586 BC. There is no “spiritual Israel” as universal churchianity (which is controlled by the jews) teaches. It is almost time for Obadiah’s prophesy and the jews will then get a real holocaust.

      Recall the Scythians, the Parthians, the Cumri (Kimmeroy in Greek), the Sacca, (I may have annihilated the spellings of these names), (traveled over the Caucasus Mountains and became the Anglo Saxon, Franks, Celts, Scandinavian and Germanic Tribes? They are the Israelites of the Bible, not the miscegenated jews. God did not want the Israelites race mixing and that’s why they were told to separate themselves from others. Race mixing is what brought on the regional flood in Noah’s time. Race mixing and the licentiousness we live today will bring about the last few chapters of Revelation. We are already at Revelation 17:7 and 20:9, 12:15 where the camp of the saints (white nations) is surrounded by the flood of immigrants from the serpent’s mouth. Revelation 12:15 tells us that the serpent tries to sweep away (genocide) the woman (Israel–white adamic race) by a flood (immigrants) from the serpent’s (jew) mouth.

  20. Even though still a complete lie, at least Net-in-Yahoo has upgraded his presentation. The result will be the same, zero war. As soon as the number of Israeli nukes gets up to 6-million, then you know that Israel really has nukes and that WWIII is definitely going to happen.

    Israel was designed to be the bait for WWIII, but the problem is that there are no big fish willing to take the bait. No one wants to be remembered as the new under estimating General Custer. For the Big Three, China, Russia, and the USA, there is too much to lose and absolutely nothing to gain in a WWIII. Gone are the days when the jews were calling all the shots in war. If that were not true, Net-in-Yahoo would not have to keep making stupid presentations about the same thing over and over again. There are times when repeating the same lie repeatedly still does not work.

    Israel took a crap in their favorite USA oatmeal with the last attack, unchallenged, on Syria with their aircraft cloaked as USA aircraft which jeopardized the Russia-USA agreement not to shoot each other down over Syria. Israel has played their last card for Syrian attacks.

    1. Hello ungenius, regards the ” cloaked ” , it’s was put about that this was with US approval.

  21. Reports suggest,
    Nuttyyhaoo has ended a marathon 10 hour meeting with Putin and announced he believes the Zionist entities attacks on Resistance positions in Syria with be “safe” (for the Zionist).
    I do enjoy the arrogance of the Zionist, it will make it all the more pleasurable when the Resistance removes them.
    Next, Resistance victory in Iraqi elections, then NAKBA day, Removal
    It Is Coming.

  22. “Leak”. On purpose. Some sort of disinformation. If indeed Israel has 200 nukes, what is keeping the gentle kittens from using them? Surely not their intrinsic goodness.
    Perhaps the Jews themselves are fearful, more than we know.

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