What Should Putin Do?

By Paul Craig Roberts

September 05, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – Andrei Martyanov has answered my question. I agree with everything Martyanov says. But I believe my question remains unanswered.

Probably it is my fault. Perhaps I framed the question so sharply that it came across as an attack on Putin’s level-headed policy. Also, my use of the phrase “turning the other cheek” could have implied denigration of Putin rather than my admiration for his level-headedness and humane approach to his great responsibility.

I understand Putin’s policy. I agree with Martyanov that it is the only policy that makes sense. I also agree with Martyanov that the correlation of forces has changed dramatically in Russia’s favor. But to use another phrase, I am concerned about the slip between the cup and the lip. I think something needs to be done to halt Washington’s provocations before they become so extreme that matters get out of hand.

Historically, provocations do tend to get out of hand, more often than not.

Perhaps Russia has prevented, by exposing it in advance, the false flag chemical attack that Washington had in the works in order to have an excuse for another missile attack on Syria, an attack designed by Washington to disrupt Syria’s elimination of the last stronghold of Washington’s proxy army in Syria. That Washington would actually use an obvious false flag chemical incident to attack Syria a second time in defiance of Russia does not indicate that Washington understands that its power is not what it was. I agree with Martyanov that Washington should understand that, but I am not sure Washington does.

Further evidence that Washington does not understand the new correlation of power is the political, academic, and media treatment of Professor Stephen Cohen, perhaps America’s premier Russian scholar. Cohen sees all the dangers in the current level of tensions that I see, and he is denigrated as a Putin stooge for his balanced analysis. I am on the CIA- or George Soros- or National Endowment for Democracy- or Israel Lobby-funded PropOrNot list of “Russian agents/dupes.” Indeed, Martyanov’s own excellent book, which I recently reviewed, explains the extraordinary myths in which Washington lives. I doubt Washington escaped, as Martyanov seems to think, from its self-made Matrix between 2014 and 2018. Countries as full of themselves as America is don’t sober up in four years without a revealing military defeat or an economic collapse for which no fix is available. Indeed, Martyanov begins his excellent book with Alexis de Tocqueville’s analysis of American hubris in 1837. Hubis is the definition of American existence.

Or consider this for example: The open wound of Novorussia is festering. Washington is pouring arms into Ukraine . I think that Putin left this wound open, because he did not want to enable Washington’s propaganda to inflame Europe’s fears of more “annexations” on top of the alleged “annexation” of Crimea. This was a sound decision consistent with Martyanov’s explanation, but it is an opportunity for the neoconservatives who Martyanov correcly understands to have a tendency to be unrealistic. It is those unrealistic times that are dangerous.

I don’t think Washington has yet lost its hubris. My reference to Napoleon and Hitler is meant only as examples of the extraordinary mistakes that people lost in their hubris can make. Ordinary people probably do not perceive the limitations on American power that Martyanov describes. What they hear are belligerent US accusations and threats against Russia and the presentation of their own president as a traitor who has to be impeached because he wants peace with Russia and is involved in a conspiracy with Putin against America. With their own perceptions influenced by Washington’s propaganda, populations in the US and Europe cannot serve as constraints on their governments’ belligerence toward Russia.

When we read in the British press that the militarily impotent UK is preparing for war with Russia, where is there any realization here of the real correlation of forces? To say that the UK is preparing for war against Russia is like saying that the local Boy Scout troop is preparing for war against Russia. It makes no sense, and this absence of sense is a big concern.

It seems to me that some decisive response by Russia that signaled a clear defeat for Washington would bring awareness to Western populations that their governments are risking all of our lives by provoking incidents in which Washington does not hold a winning hand. The idea that the militarily impotent European countries, who are incapable of preventing themselves from being overrun by refugees from Washington’s wars in behalf of Israel in the Middle East and North Africa, serve as any sort of NATO constraint on Russian military power is totally absurd. Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints is happening before our eyes. Europe is ceasing to exist. Already London, England, has a Muslim Mayor.

There are a lot of things Putin could do short of the easy task of sinking US ships—every one of which is totally indefensible against Russian hypersonic missiles.

The US Navy is poised to attack Syria.

Syria is a Russian ally that Putin has spent Russian lives, money, and prestige helping to clear Syria of the “insurgents” Washington sent to overthrow Syria in order to establish chaos in place of an organized country. Putin could have equipped Syria with the S-300 and/or S-400 air defense system. Russia (and China) could enter into an alliance with Syria and Iran that suggests or implies, without declaring it, mutual defense provisions. This would introduce an element of caution in the West that is missing. The more the West has caution, the less the risk of war. If Russia stands aside or accepts attacks on Syria and Novorussia, Russia tells Washington that there is no need for caution.

My concern is that there are many ways to end up in war. Unanswered provocations and unaddressed open wounds are two ways of getting there. All that I am suggesting is that some thought be given to these possibilities. If provocations produce an unintended showdown, a mistake made with nuclear weapons would be the last mistake of the human race.

The Saker intends to answer my question. We will see where he takes this issue. I will say that this discussion has risks for each of us, because those we are attempting to alert, warn, and to bring out of their insouciance will characterize us as “Russian agents” and “Putin stooges” for doubting US primacy. We will be accused of trying to protect Russia with a peace campaign.

What I think tells most against Martyanov’s optimism is that it is he, The Saker, Stephen Cohen, Pat Buchanan, and myself who are marginalized, not the crazies who are responsible for the dangerous and irresponsible provocations of the world’s most capable and best armed nuclear power—Russia.

The crazies are in control of the US National Security Council, office of Homeland Security, office of National Intelligence, CIA, US Department of State, Pentagon, the US media, and the US Democratic Party. Republican Senator John McCain is being made into a hero for his hatred of Russia and support for war. The National Endowment for Democracy, the private foundations, the Council on Foreign Relatons, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post—the entirety of monied and loudspeaker America is organized for the demonization of Russia and any American who questions this demonization. Who could have ever imagined that a candidate for President of the United States—Hillary Clinton—would declare the elected president of Russia, elected with a majority vote never achieved by any American president, to be “the new Hitler?” Hillary’s accusation breached all known diplomatic protocols, yet she was not held accountable.

In contrast, what is controlled by Martyanov, The Saker, Professor Cohen, Pat Buchanan, and myself? Perhaps we are buttressed by truth, but the truth is not widely acknowledged and few hear it. In an important way, Putin’s strategy relies on the recognition of truth and on good will, whose prospects are not favorable in the West. Indeed, the United States government and the interests that control it have turned a deaf ear to all facts and all truth.

We also need to consider that for centuries Germanic and other tribes continued to attack Roman legions that they had no prospect and no success for the longest time in defeating. Humans do crazy things, and there are no more crazy humans than American neoconservatives. It is these crazy humans who are in control of the US government, its foreign policy, its military policy, its media, and its organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy that are its tools for the destabilization of targeted countries.

Whatever the correlation of forces, the Russian government is so insouciant that it permits Washington-funded NGOs inside Russia to operate against the Russian government; it permits Washington-funded newspapers inside Russia to demonize Putin and the Russian government; it permits Russian oligarchs and Russian companies to keep money abroad where it can be seized, thus creating animosity against the Russian government from holders of wealth. The Russian government continues to describe its current enemy, which is far more dangerous than Hitler ever was, as “our partner.” Imagine the consciousness-changing effect if Putin and/or Lavrov used the words “our enemy.”

Martyanov is correct. Russia holds the correlation of forces, but it doesn’t know what to do with it. The Russian government permits attacks on itself from an inferior power. It is this that is the danger.


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  1. PCR wrote:

    “Whatever the correlation of forces, the Russian government is so insouciant that it permits Washington-funded NGOs inside (INSIDE!!) Russia to operate against the Russian government; it permits Washington-funded newspapers inside (INSIDE!!) Russia to demonize Putin and the Russian government; it permits Russian oligarchs and Russian companies to keep money abroad where it can be seized, thus creating animosity against the Russian government from holders of wealth.”

    I wrote about this years ago…. but many commenters here replied I was spreading disinformation… since they claimed that ‘Put-On’ got rid of ALL of them. ‘Put-On’ did not remove ALL of them… just a few… to ‘put-on’ a show.

    NOW…. PCR should list just a few dozen of the 500+ US Companies INSIDE Russia making their military, industrial and commercial equipment for them!

    PCR has leaked the NGOs inside Russia. The facts are coming forth slowly, as usual. But they have to come forward if Russia’s tiny economy – about as big as New York’s – is to be lifted to the heights to control more than a few gas stations around the globe…. enforced with ONLY one cruiser converted into an aircraft carrier… 🙂

    BTW – PCR is stuck on “insouciant” these daze.. HA!!

    1. Pat,
      Tell Donaldo. How much does Putin earn annually as Pres of Russia? $30,000 apon my last recollection. What is his net worth? Oh well, tell me. Something ain’t right. Too many shekels in his accounts.

      1. ‘Put-On’ scales out wages at about $300,000 a year.

        Remember… the ‘Put-On’ actor… is NOT part of the government of the Russian Federation. He is Head of State!!

        According to the current 1993 Constitution of Russia, the President of Russia is not a part of the Government of Russia, which exercises executive power.
        I.E. Kozlova and O. E. Kutafin, Konstitutsionnoe Pravo Rossii (Constitutional Law of Russia) (4th ed, 2006) p. 383

  2. Thank God for Putin and Russia and Assad and Syria for standing up against the Zionist NWO cabal that created ISIS aka AL CIADA and is murdering innocent civilians and Christians in the Mideast for Zionist Israel and the Zionist goal of a Zionist controlled One World Government.

    The Zionists proved that they control every facet of the U.S. government by their attack on 911 that murdered some 3000 Americans and they got away with it and every thinking American knows that Israel and the Zionist controlled deep state did it.

    May God save America from the satanic Zionist cabal.

  3. When Mr. Trump was running for president, PCR said that Trump, a political novice who had the audacity to advocate peace with Russia, would be steamrolled by the Deep State. PCR said that experienced hands who shared his vision, like the aforementioned Stephen Cohen, were few and far between. Further, they would never be confirmed. The Jewish controlled media, with the wild invention of a Trump/Putin conspiracy to steal the election from Queen Hillary, made sure that Trump’s plans were dead in the water.

    So, it’s up to the readers to determine if they think Trump lied to us during the campaign or if he meant what he said. Is Trump the “decider,” or has he been defeated by the forces of darkness, at least on US war policy? I agree with PCR when he writes that Washington “is far more dangerous than Hitler ever was.” If Putin thinks he is dealing with rational actors then he is delusional, and I don’t think he is. The much maligned Neville Chamberlain comes to mind. For these demon possessed Ziocons, it is always 1938, and they will NEVER, NEVER give up until they are stopped.

  4. @ Pat…
    Aircraft Carriers are obsolete. An entire Carrier Group can be obliterated with one nuclear tipped missile, not to mention any ship can be sunk with non-nuclear hypersonic kinetic weapons. The reason the U.S. continues to build such ships is simply to enrich ‘defense’ contractors at taxpayer’s expense.
    No matter also the relative size of national economies. If one is based on smoke and mirrors as well as unsupportable debt, and another on tangibles and self-sufficiency which will ultimately prevail?

    1. SW –

      Yes… I agree… Carriers are sooo outdated… that ‘Put-On’ just had to have ONE!!

      He would have more if he could just afford them…. to ‘put-on’ and feign a show of naval strength.

      But, he could only afford to convert a ship already built, rather than build a really decent shiny modern NEW one from scratch. 🙂

  5. Again, @ Pat…
    President Putin is only a human, and therefore imperfect. As both you and PCR point out, there are obvious mistakes made by him and his advisors. That does not justify your appellation of ‘Put-on’.
    How easy it is for overly prideful and touchy humans to condemn and vilify.
    You are certainly right about the overuse of the word ‘insoucient’, my thought exactly.
    A peccadillo certainly. Makes me smile.
    Love and unity,
    – SW

    1. SW –

      Thanks for the read and reply.

      I was actually being nice to ‘Put-On’ by using that soft and telling name… since, as you should know by now….
      ALL national leaders are LIARS!

      The spelling of his name “BIGGLY” lends to that handle I use. So convenient. 🙂

  6. It could also be asked: What should Paul Craig Roberts do?

    And my answer would be: Paul Craig Roberts should stop pretending that Trump is just an innocent bystander along the road to WW3. The problem is not “Washington”; rather, the problem is the demonically evil people who inhabit Washington, of which Trump is a prime example.

  7. Here is what ‘Put-On’ the FAKER – Netanyahu’s Buddy – Should NOT DO:

    ‘Put-On’ called on Jews to return to Russia!!

    In Moscow on January 19 (2016), Putin told the head of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, that he had seen reports saying European Jews were scared to wear a yarmulke, the traditional Jewish skull cap, in public.

    Putin told Kantor, “They can come to us. They left the Soviet Union. Let them return.”

    “They can come to us.”… is just one of hundreds of reasons why I call him ‘Put-On’ 🙂 … although, he deserves worse.



    The Jewish Autonomous Region is in Russian Constitution:

    —Russian Constitution—


    Article 65
    1. The Russian Federation includes the following subjects of the Russian Federation:


    Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol – cities of federal importance;

    Jewish Autonomous Region;

  8. SW –

    If you have been reading Pat’s comments, you will discern how Putin and Russia are too financially embroiled with US interests to be of any big war threat. They just ain’t gonna do it! Also, their reliance upon City of London good will is further assurance. If war in Syria occurs, it will be carefully orchestrated for certain financial interests. Likewise, Ukraine. (There is nothing new under the sun.)

  9. What Should Putin Do?

    Precisely what he does which is waiting patiently until the Russian people, under the unrelenting humiliation and social bombardment by the occupier, fully realize what a fucking mistake they made when they have surrendered their country to the American bastards. In the meantime he should continue doing what he does best – working hard on tipping the power balance in favor of Russia.

    There should be no doubt whatsoever that the entire territory of the USSR will be ultimately recovered from the Anglo-American occupier, just like the country was recovered in full from the German, the French and numerous other unfortunate vremenshchiks in the one and a half millennia long history of Russia.

    1. I hope you understand that that “Anglo-American occupier” is in reality JEWISH financial and political power (operating behind the scenes), which informed “Anglo-Americans” loathe as much as you do.

    2. To what end, Circ? You’re bein’ played like the rest of the world. The question as ever remains, what’s the end GAME?

      1. Even if Russia prevails in the “end”, this wouldn’t necessarily indicate that a NWO was stopped dead in its tracks

      2. Even if Russia prevails in the “end”, this wouldn’t necessarily indicate that a NWO was stopped dead in its tracks

        It is not complicated, Browny: Russia prevailing – and I have no doubt that she will – makes the NWO an old one and a new New World Order takes over.

        The American century is over, it is the dawn of Moscow – the Third Rome. Get used to it, our Anglo-Saxon brothers and sisters.

      3. I don’t doubt it either. But the very term “world order” should be alarming to all who understand what true freedom is supposed to look like. Putin, in his inherited position of being between a rock and a hard place is to be commended for what I believe is a sincere desire for peace. But like I’ve said, being resigned to settling for the best possible deal he can get as the head of the planned economic union in your “sector” of the World doesn’t equate to being free. Not with the specter of “totalitarianized statism” looming over everything.

        Be careful what you wish for

    3. Russia has been in the same position for how long, is correct. It seems like for always.
      Self defense is Putin’s and Russia’s raison d’être by default.
      That Putin’s Russian Mother lode is coveted aggressively by the demons, is reality.
      Natural, predictable and to be as grossly accurate as possible, guaranteed..

  10. “Remember… the ‘Put-On’ actor… is NOT part of the government of the Russian Federation. He is Head of State!!” (Pat)

    Who DOES remember? – The orginal Putin’s ex-wife told the public that her late husband was dead
    Who DOES remember? – There was a time span when Putin was gone – not to be seen for quite some time – and there was a very bad (all too obvious, clumsy) double acting his part, he disappeared for good – and eventually the Putin of today emerged, obviously a CHANGED one – younger in appearance (SOMEBODY had undergone a face surgery – the scull itself can’t be altered though) – similar BUT NOT THE SAME Putin as before.

    So – “What should Putin do?” – seems hardly the right question to ask

    Rather – “WHO PUTS ON the show?“ WHO are the deciders? And WHAT are their intentions? (guess work)

    Orchestration of the WWIII theatre? (as has been planned by the First Zionist Congress, 1897?) There is a Jewish Deep State/Fifth Column (leftover from the Soviet Union) in Russia today. The Jewish oligarchs are still there. They work together with the US Deep State. Russia has been provided with US economic assistence since the successful Jewish Coup d’Etat in 1918 (“Russian Revolution“). Economic santions don’t apply to these undercover activities.
    It’s a theatre play – as ever – for the gullible “goy“.

    Russia is a Christian country again – Is it really? Or are gullible Christians simply used (while urgently needed) to build up and strenthen the country? There is no productive country without a productive people – and the Jewish Bolshevics murdered the Old Russian people – the Russian White intelligentsia. Russia urgently needs intelligent people, a productive work force. They are prepared to take in the South African Boers (white Christians from European stock) who were deprived of their independant states which they had built in South Africa since the 16th century – Deprived by who? By the Jewish Deep State in control of Great Britain. British military destroyed the Boers on behalf of the Rothschild-Oppenheimers, the Jewish “Africaners“ who took over South Africa. The Boers are about to lose everything – most of all – their independence. To save their lives they will move to Russia – to work there for a foreign state . . . controlled by who?

    Everything goes according to the ((( international “Illuminati’s“ plans ))) (so it seems)
    THE BEAST wants to orchestrate a Third World War (as they did WW I and II)
    ((( They ))) want to GENOCIDE the white race. KILL all Christians. No doubt about that.

    1. @ Freya

      You are sending in the SAME comment TWICE or THREE times.
      Don’t do this again please. It only creates extra problems for us.

      1. The last 3 didn’t show after 24 hrs. Lost in SPAM overload?
        So I’ve posted them for a second time. No problem intented.

        I wonder why we should worry about Putin anyways. He is not the decider.

        The “game” for these destroyer-perverts is always the same.
        Always the lives of innocents get destroyed. It sucks.
        “Prophesies” – “Revelations” suck too.
        What’s the deeper meaning of all the tragedies?
        Senseless. No justice.
        What kind of “god” allows all that to happen?

    (Posted three times there).
    No idea why this comment ended up in Spam.

    we are living in a constant state of class warfare…
    no doubt about it, “it’s an information war being fought inside your head”…
    those who have control know the best defense is a good offense…
    the corporate security state pyramid will lose its shape and function if everybody has all the information…
    yes, all politicians are liars… it goes with the territory.. so are lawyers, cops, husbands, etc…
    in fact, most politicians are not who the public thinks they are; crisis actors of a slightly different stripe…
    bloodlines rule the world, the same ones always have…
    who does this guy look like?
    the corporate world is all about competition, extraction, exploitation, getting over…
    disingenuousness works for that; leave some info out, make other stuff up… make things happen to justify your plot..
    the state is all about jacking crisis capitalism through the creation and maintenance of one kind of disaster or another….. it get its authority on account of conflict..
    pcr – great article… but isn’t it time to stop saying ‘washington’ does this or that?
    wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say ‘israel’ does it?
    does washington even really exist anymore?

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    apparently there’s a hand-off glitch in your robot detection software…
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    if i can post this, i’ll try to post my comment again…

    1. It turns out I’m a robot after all. I failed a re-Captcha litmus test the other day. I’m a MOSSAD owned-and-operated robot, that’s because I’m a “joo” robot, 🙃.

    2. @ barkingdeer

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  13. “What Should Putin Do?”

    He knows Israel controls the US.

    He should act accordingly. But he never does. WHY??

  14. PK –

    You wrote:
    “He should act accordingly. But he never does. WHY??”

    That is because ‘Put-On’ is controlled by the US. 🙂

    There are hundreds and thousands of examples. Here is JUST one:

    The U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC)

    The U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC), based in Washington, D.C., with an office in Moscow, is the premier U.S.-based trade association representing the interests of its U.S. and Russian member companies on commercial matters. USRBC’s global approach is to work with a company’s headquarters as well any offices in the United States, Russia or regional capitals to advance a company’s bilateral trade and investment agenda.

    USRBC focuses on U.S.-Russian commercial relations, engaging in advocacy efforts with both the U.S. and Russian governments on behalf of its members; assisting member companies with strategic advice; providing information and analysis to support business decisions; and facilitating access and networking opportunities with government officials and private-sector leaders through an active program of high-level briefings and meetings.


    Here is just ONE more:

    The US Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF)


    The U.S. Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF), a $329 million 501(c)(3) organization set up pursuant to the Support for East European Democracy Act of 1989. The Foundation, with its presidentially appointed Board of Directors, is organized as a grant-making public charity.

    The U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) is the legacy foundation of The US Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF), funded by the U.S. Government in 1995 to promote the development of the private sector in Russia through direct investment and technical assistance to private Russian enterprises.

    Through highly effective management, TUSRIF made a major contribution to a growing Russian economy and earned sufficient capital to create an endowment.

    At the G-8 Summit on July 15, 2006, Presidents Bush and Putin announced their intention to establish USRF with the twin goal of promoting long-term economic development in Russia and strengthening ties between the United States and Russia.

    USRF came about with Bush, Congress and Putin agreement:
    In 2008, USRF was registered as a not-for-profit corporation in the United States and in early 2009 USRF was established in Russia as an affiliate of the US organization.

    1993/94: Russian American Enterprise Fund (RAEF) & Fund for Large Enterprises (FLEER) established in Russia

    -$330 million of U.S. taxpayer money committed to the effort

    -1995 – RAEF & FLEER were merged into TUSRIF

    -From investments, sales, and reinvestments over the 17 years – TUSRIF has put **MORE than $1 billion into Russia’s economy

    -In 2004-2005 TUSRIF began sell off of investments.

    -2005: TUSRIF recommendation to U.S. White House & Congress: Create USRF

    -2008: U.S. White House and Congress adopted TUSRIF recommendations – President Putin agreed

    -2008: USRF Established – Continues U.S. Russia partnership efforts in Enterprise & Rule of Law

    -2009: the Moscow office was opened

    There is much more… but I don’t want to write anymore now.

    However… Since it involves giving money $$$ to ‘Put-On’…. You can find much more from economic and financial sites….

    Like this:


    The U.S. Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF) specializes in early venture, mid venture, and growth capital investments in middle market companies. The fund prefers to invest in media, retail, consumer goods, financial services, information technology, and telecommunication sectors. It typically invests in Russia.

    545 Fifth Avenue – Suite 300 – New York, NY 10017 – United States

    Founded in 1995


    There are over 500 US companies in Russia… making ‘Put-On’ a very rich and untouchable oligarch with immunity, according to the Russian Federation Constitution of 1993!!


    BTW…. to further the QUICK USD – $$$$ – to ‘Put-On’ and friends… 🙂 🙂

    MasterCard announced they would start processing payments in Russia through the National Payment System.

    See RT:

    1. Here is what living under ‘Put-On’ and the Oligarchs in Russia is like for the Russian people:

      Particularly …
      “telephone justice”…

      “Russia’s legal system is often heavily politicized with judges taking orders from political figures or wealthy businessmen – a phenomenon Russians call “telephone justice” because the judge is getting orders from someone with power, not from the law. But research finds that a vast amount of work in Russian courts does adhere to the written law, especially when the issues are non-political, prosaic, and in the realm of civil disputes – that is, the legal issues that Russian citizens deal with in everyday life.”


  15. Israel controls America and hates Russia, and Russia just wants to be left in peace. It is not stupid or suicidal and has no wish for a war that would only benefit Israel.

    CIA and military leaders can see that, and I am sure there are back channels making clear that the American people are also not stupid or suicidal.

    Trump is a mystery. I don’t think even he knows what he is up to.

  16. There could be a really big Mossad false flag event, and I am sure the CIA are watching out for that. Mossad knew about the Al Quaeda plans for 911 and kept quiet about it.

    1. Something very fishy about these Novichock nerve agent deaths. I find it hard to believe that two Russian assassins would walk around Salisbury window-shopping. I think it was some sort of setup. Cui Bono?

  17. well it’s good to know we’re being sabotaged…
    otherwise we might wonder if this whole site isn’t trolled from the gitgo, just so the spooks can find out what people think…

    looks like russia is really the consummate communo-capitalistic gangster-state plutocracy…
    the russian police security state totally in cahoots with the jewish oligarchy, running their warmongering bankster scam around the world in symbo with their deep state buddies over here, everybody on the inside keeping filthy rich, while the peasants scratch out their crooked little lives, doing the best they can to stay out of the gulags …
    i’m sure the $80,000,000,000 daddy bush gave them back between the reagan and clinton terms to “help the russians on their way to making the switch” all went to the right people too…
    but putin and trump are different yeah…

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