White Genocide: The Dystopian Nightmare To Come

By Mike Walsh
The Ethnic European

The nightmare world awaiting our children in the year 2050 will be a world of unimaginable  terror for anyone with a white skin.

Edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with added notes and comments


Ethnic-Europeans, who make up 95% of Europe, the smallest continent, are baffled by the sinister anti-White propaganda displayed in commercial advertising. Propaganda promoting mixed-race relationships, particularly white women with black men, has become so general that even the least observant have begun to take notice.

Based on small glimpses of marketing sub-culture, one might assume half or more of all relationships involve some sort of race-mixing. The combination of white women with black men is the most common mixed-race couple depicted in race-hate advertising.

If race diversity advertising was truly about appealing to the greatest number of customers, it seems an odd strategy to focus so much on one combination, while ignoring so many others. This suggests a sinister and subliminal purpose: to promote race mixing and make it seem trendy. (All phrases in italics have been added to the text by Lasha Darkmoon. — Ed)


Research reveals that ethnic-Europeans are the least likely to marry outside of their race. Mixed race relationships are provably flawed. In terms of combined average incomes of interracial marriages, black husbands with white wives earned the lowest amount of any other combination. The black husband and white wife combination were also the least educated.

Of the interracial combinations, marriages between whites and blacks were found to be the least stable and the most likely to result in divorce. A study of over two million online dating interactions revealed distinct racial preferences between groups. White women are strongly against race-mixing;  they respond most frequently to white men and least frequently to black men.  In light of this data, it is all the more bizarre that the combination of a white woman with a black man is seen so frequently in advertising.

Why are the advertisers engaging in this mischievous social engineering? Who are they exactly? And who is financing them? 


Sexually transmitted disease rates per the 2016 Centre for Disease Control speak for themselves. A 2015 study examined the outcomes of women that have children with black men. The results were staggering. Currently, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock; however, when the mother is white and the father black, the rate jumps to 97%.

98% of white mothers studied reported that the father does not support their children financially, 97% report the father is not in the child’s life, and 97% of the women have used welfare to help support themselves and their children. Only 10% of women that have children with black men out of wedlock end up marrying them. The vast majority of white women that have children with black men live far below the poverty line.

In a 2013 study of intimate partner violence in relationships, which surveyed nearly 10,000 people, the authors concluded that interracial couples experienced higher levels of violence compared to same race relationships.


Idealistic youth lacks discernment.

LD: The younger the people questioned, the more likely they are to parrot the politically correct party line that interracial relationships and interbreeding are good things. Young college graduates, exposed to constant indoctrination at their universities, are also more likely to support this fashionable hogwash. A good rule of thumb is this: if you wish to know what the truth is on any given subject, ask the average person under thirty — and then believe the opposite! Experience has taught me that the most moronic and easily brainwashed Whites will be found among young women in their twenties — like the pretty girl in this picture. [LD] 

A noted researcher says that after a considerable amount of spent time in academia he concludes that the longer one spends in academia, the more apt one is to be indoctrinated by critical theory.

LD:  By “critical theory” is meant, basically, the communist doctrines of Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, a movement widely known to be predominantly Jewish and based on the teachings of Marx and Freud: promoting atheistic nihilism, hatred of Christianity and traditional moral values, and the promotion of abortion, radical feminism, race mixing, homosexuality, pornography, and, ultimately, the normalisation of sexual degeneracy and deviance.

(For more on this subject, see Satan’s Secret Agents: The Frankfurt School and their Evil Agenda and The Architects of Evil).  


Pew Research 2010 found that 69% of people surveyed said that single women having children is a bad thing, 43% say unmarried couples raising children is a bad thing, yet hypocritically only 14% say interracial marriage is a bad thing. There is something particularly dumb about being in favour of interracial relationships, while at the same time conceding the self-destructive outcomes of those relationships.

Research reveals that whites are the least likely to marry outside of their race. When white women marry outside of their race, they are more likely to be abused, to become single-mothers, and live in poverty.  Whites dating outside of their race exposes them (and all of us) to a higher chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

We know that despite fashionable acceptance, white people continue to show a natural disgust response to interracial relationships. We also know that despite the tsunami of diversity propaganda in films, television, and in advertisements, same-race couples are still the most common relationships, by far.


Few believe that interracial advertising under the guise of “diversity” is about selling clothes or laundry detergent or cereal. The real purpose of mixed race advertising is to present a distorted worldview: to humiliate and mock whites and make them feel guilty of the crimes of colonialism. 

White men are the last vanguard against the intrigues of an ethnic group who historically hate Europeans. White women are displayed with non-white men not to sell items but as a tactic of psychological warfare against European culture and civilisation. White men are rarely portrayed in a favourable light; they are often shown as overweight, goofy, clumsy half-wits who rely on women or non-whites to make them look passably human.

Studies suggest the average American is exposed to as many as 5,000 advertisements in a day. The power of advertising has the power to condition us to be more accepting of social change. The prevalence of mixed-race couples and an increase of LGBT representation have in no small way changed social attitudes. Although intuitive reactions of disgust remain, outward social attitudes have become accepting of all forms of degeneracy and social decay.


These images have an effect on black men as well. Blacks are constantly being told by the film industry, TV, and advertising, that dating white women is natural and are falsely led to believe that white women prefer black men to white partners. Faced by reality, the distaste towards blacks by white women causes resentment which leads to rape, violence and the racist humiliation of white women.

Nearly 100% of interracial rapes are white women being raped by non-white men (National Crime Victimization Survey, 2008, Table 42). These advertising images, which have no small part in warping mentality, not only promote a dysgenic society, they place Whites in a grave danger.


The most belligerent example of anti-white propaganda came from Netflix via a set of three commercials for the company. The series of the three Netflix commercials is titled “The Couple”, which features a white woman and a black man.

The Netflix commercial “Open Relationship” depicts two couples, an interracial couple, and a white couple. The white man is depicted as small, weak, insecure, “non-progressive” and closed-minded.  His white girlfriend quickly decides to cast him aside to spend the evening with the interracial couple, as the black man quite literally steals the man’s girlfriend in front of him, humiliating him.

HLG Studios out of Los Angeles was behind the production of these three creepy commercials. The advertising company has worked on campaigns for a myriad of national brands, from fast food chains to banks, technology companies, and clothing retailers. HLG Studios was founded by Yuri Baranovsky, the same carpetbagger who directed Netflix’s race-mixing, anti-white propaganda pieces.

Yuri Baranovsky is Jewish, an ethnic group that is vehemently opposed to Jews forming relationships outside their own ethnic group. Just four Jewish owned mega-corporations control the vast majority of all advertising agencies. The Omnicom Group of New York, WPP of London, Publicis of Paris, and Interpublic of New York are the key corporations in the West. (See picture)

The New York Times states that these companies are so powerful “they can indirectly set network television schedules and starve magazines to death or help them to flourish,” by deciding how and when to spend advertising dollars. Each company owns dozens if not hundreds of smaller agencies; Omnicom has bought over 150 firms alone.

Globalist CEO John Wren currently heads Omnicom Group. Omnicom was founded by Allen Rosenshine, Keith Reinhard, and John Bernbach, all three are Jewish and promote the exclusivity of Jews — but work hard to destroy ethnic-European ethnicity.

Long-standing CEO of Publicis (1987–2017) has been Maurice Lévy, who cited his rabbi grandfather as his greatest inspiration. Lévy has been honoured by the Anti-Defamation League, for his work fighting anti-Semitism, and his relentless promotion of “diversity”.

WPP of London was founded and is currently run by Martin Sorrell, who is a Jew. Chairman and CEO of the Interpublic Group (IPG), is Michael Isor Roth. Roth condemned the “white supremacist ideology” at Charlottesville as he wrote in an internal creepy-weepy memo to 50,000 IPG employees.

There is clearly a disproportionate number of Jews and those with Jewish sympathies involved in mass media advertising. From small start-up firms to multi-billion-dollar corporations, all of which are promoting hostile anti-white falsehoods, while praising “diversity” and “inclusion.”

All this is carefully calculated ethnic-European genocide fuelled by Jewish hatred for Christian Europeans. These companies are not merely promoting racial bastardisation and trying to appeal to a wider range of consumers, they are promoting the increased abuse and sexual degradation of white women.

The race-destroyers purpose is to recreate a nation without ethnic-Europeans. Race mixing propaganda says bluntly that white children are not wanted in the New Order and White men have no place in the globalists’ nightmarish world.



Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

There are two types of genocide: hard genocide and soft genocide. We are all familiar with hard genocide. This is an attempt to get rid of an entire ethnic group by violent means. By mass murder. The most notable example of a “hard genocide” in history, according to politically correct Jewish sources, is the mass murder or “Holocaust” of six million Jews in WWII by the Hitler regime.

“Soft genocide” is entirely different. This involves getting rid of an entire race by slow and subtle means, whereby the victims of the genocide are either too stupid to notice their own gradual demise, like sheep being led to the slaughterhouse, or by making the victim population too impotent and comatose to do anything to stop their own bit-by-bit annihilation.

White genocide basically consists in breeding the White race out of existence by promoting multiculturalism and mass immigration from the Third World into our White homelands. Inevitably, over the course of time, this would lead to the mongrelization of Whites through interbreeding with the darker races of Africa, Asia and the Islamic people of the Middle East. An added bonus would be a marked decline in the general IQ of the neo-European mongrel race, a race of dark-skinned Untermenschen such as cheerfully envisaged by the founder of the pan-European Union, Count Coudenhove-Kalergi:

Der Mensch der fernen Zukunft wird Mischling sein. Die heutigen Rassen und Kasten werden der zunehmen-den Überwindung von Raum, Zeit und Vorurteil zum Opfer fallen. Die eurasisch-negroide Zukunftsrasse, äußerlich der altägyptischen ähnlich, wird die Vielfalt der Völker durch eine Vielfalt der Persönlichkeiten ersetzen.

The man of the far future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and castes will fall victim to the increasing overcoming of space, time, and prejudice.  The Eurasian-Negroid future race, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

To prepare the world for this “huge transformation” (Barbara Spectre video), meaning White genocide euphemistically presented as “multiculturalism”, it was first necessary for international Jewry, with their vast financial resources, to gain almost complete control over the mass media. Few will now doubt that the Jews have already achieved this, given that they admit it themselves, especially in the case of Hollywood.

As a consequence of Jewish media control, we are now subjected to constant streams of anti-White propaganda, both overt and subliminal, designed to make Whites feel bad about themselves as well non-Whites to regard Whites with increasing contempt and hostility. Whites are not only made to feel guilty about the Holocaust and the crimes of colonialism but to regard themselves as an essentially flawed race, as morally repugnant and fit only for history’s garbage dump — in short, as “white trash”.

The soft genocide of Whites is now being carried out before our very eyes, on a daily basis, as the hordes of the Third World keep pouring into our White homelands in a never-ending tide. Our end days are fast approaching, unless we can act quickly to turn the tide back and regain our lost lands.

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  1. The Jews have always striven to weaken all other cohesive groups of peoples in order to increase their power. Weaken, corrupt, exploit, divide, and conquer is their strategy. One can say the same for Satan, for whom they are the principal agents in this world. Jewishness is a theological reality rather than racial, and it is the theology of Antichrist, anti-logos, a revolutionary spirit spawned at the foot of the Cross when the Jews cried out for the release of the revolutionary Barabbas and the crucifixion of Israel’s long-awaited Redeemer. “Corruptio optimi pessima,” the corruption of what is best becomes the worst. They were God’s chosen people but by rejecting Christ they have become the chief children of the devil.

    1. The Jews were never “God’s Chosen People”. Their “god” Yahweh has typical demonic characteristics as said by Jesus himself in John 8 : 44 :

      ” Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

      Jesus preached a God entirely different from the demonic, revengeful and tribal Yahweh. The Jews were wicked right from the time of Abraham.

      1. You’re quoting the bible out of context there. He was speaking to the descendants of Esau(Edom). Jacob’s elder twin brother who sold, disrespected and despised his birthright and miscegenated with Canaanites.

        Jesus was supposed to be a descendant of Esau, but that didn’t happen.

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        “Jesus preached a God entirely different from the demonic, revengeful and tribal Yahweh.”

        How those differences are not noticed has puzzled me for quite a while. Whichever jew made up the lie that the entire Bible was the “divine word of God” caused the problem. With that primary lie as an assumption, the truths of Jesus’ teachings must be twisted so that compatibility and continuity is made to match the lies in the Old Testament, Acts, Paul the imposter letters, and Revelations. Consequently, the teachings of Jesus become subservient to the lies in the rest of the “divine word of God” making truth almost invisible. Jews are crafty.

        Likewise, per John 8:44 as you quoted, people do not seem to understand that the liars and murders had possession of the Old Testament for hundreds of years. Changing the story for their benefit would be a natural thing to do for liars wanting control which they obviously wanted then as well as now. As a result, I can only give credence to the existence and goodness of Moses and Isaiah because they appeared with Jesus in the garden, but I cannot accept the stories told of them and others in the Old Testament.

      3. Explain to me then how it is possible that Jesus descends from Abraham, David etc according the New Testament?
        This is a serious question. It confuses me and maybe also other posters.

      4. Jesus said to the Jews “Ye are wolves in sheeps clothing”. Jesus was alluding to the fact that a lot of jews look White but they are not White. This allows them to pretend to be White subvert and subjugate the White race. Its once reason why they get nose jobs and change their names. Its all to better infiltrate and destroy.

        (THEY LIVE) We sleep.

      5. Yahweh, surely, was the same God of the Old Testament who gave the 10 Commandments and one of those commandments was to love each other, surely not the teaching of the Devil or Satan?
        I think Jesus was referring to ‘Satan’, as the Father of. the hypocritical Jewish priests rather than Yahweh.
        Remember, Jesus said that he came to fulfill the teachings of the OT not to negate them.

      6. Thank you, Franklin …. it’s funny how this truth about “Yahweh” is coming out nowadays, right down to the Sumerian Tablets; can’t hide the facts.

    2. Franklin Ryckaert’s brilliant article mentioned above was accompanied by a 50-minute video that beautifully illustrated all the points he was making on the Jewish takeover of the media and the advertising industry, a takeover that ensures our mass indoctrination by our Jewish masters.

      That video has been removed. Censored! It was too dangerous to let us see it.

      Who censored the video? You guessed it! YouTube. Owned by Google. Both in Jewish hands.

    3. That’s because the Israelites were NOT Jews.
      The first Jew(ess) in the Bible was a Canaanite/Kenite?Hittite
      The Israelites (all 12 tribes) were “God’s Chosen People” NOT the Jews. And they were called goy (“gentile”) throughout the Old Testament
      “My beloved is white and rosy (cheeked), the chiefest among ten thousand.” Song of Solomon 5:10

    4. “((( The Jews))) have always striven to weaken all other cohesive groups of peoples in order to increase their power. Weaken, corrupt, exploit, divide, and conquer is their strategy. One can say the same for Satan, for whom they are the principal agents in this world” (Darrell)

      The answer to the above mix race picture is


      Why cut the roots to your ancestors, your people and race? Why spoil the beauty of nature?
      The same goes for ANY race. ALL races should all preserve their uniqueness. We all should follow and fulfill our destiny as a people – and we are not all the same. Nature is very diverse. To mix all together DESTROYS true diversity.

      The ((( DESTROYERS ))) want to uproot and weaken EVERYTHING. They spoil everything they touch. A mongrelized race are the best of slaves. The destroyers want us to forget who we are, where we came from. They falsify our history to steal our identity and enslave us. They are liars, deceivers, thieves.

      TREES (strong symbol of life) – highly revered by the Germanic tribes. The holiness of nature, love and care for the environment.


  2. within 50 years how can 95% ge of population be replaced by 100 thousand immigrants arrive every year……? are you serious 800 million people will get vanished by 10-20 million immigrants in 40 years ….

    mathematically imposeible ….

    your getting carried away by zionist agenda…

    better change your leaders and get away with sealing borders and stop invading countries….

    tgan spewing venom on immigrants who come to your countries because of wars

    1. No body spews venom at refugees for trying to escape crisis, not just wars.

      For the last 5 years Somali yoofs have rioted during the moomba festival here in Australia. Moomba is a world renowned music and arts festival. And these ingrates destroy police stations, Rob, rape, burn, loot and destroy…

      These criminal thugs deserve all the venom they receive. Especially the “yoofs”.

      In fact they deserve the deportation that they and their families recieve as punishment for acting like ungrateful animals.

  3. If you search certain topics in Google images you are in for a surprise (or maybe not after you have read this article).

    Try following topics. I will give for each topic the worst example.

    1) “happy white marriages” (nearly all mixed race, mostly white woman with black man)

    worst : https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQrsOD5ILRKl4wbD2BDLBoimOPHlo_IECsActQWOnNXsqNb89HYlA

    2) “happy white american children”. (almost all black or mulatto)

    worst : http://www.harrycutting.com/graphics/photos/children/friendly-happy-twin-black-boys-J150-15-613.jpg

    3) “great men in european history” (first row : all black, the rest predominantly black)

    worst : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Kex10vIpnOU/THJJf2F-oDI/AAAAAAAAAKQ/r-yaMUHAnOc/s1600/Olaudah+Aquiano+Gustavus+Vassa+1745-1797.jpg

    4) “great american inventors” (warning: nearly all are black)

    worst : http://african-americaninventors.org/images/db_images/jack-johnson.jpg

    5) “european history” (mainly black)

    worst : http://www.amnation.com/vfr/Cover%20of%20Making%20Europe%20textbook.jpg

    most ridiculous : https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8HXC__S5vQoXSrcBKScTjD7jUKZUYOl1ORjXbzN5V_BEZq8-l

    If you try to pass an exam in European history, try this :

    The anti-white message of these images is clear enough. So who owns Google ? Answer : Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Here is their picture :
    Need I say more ?

  4. Need I say more ?

    Nope. Point brilliantly made, Franklin. Those are scary images.

    But it makes me want to weep. Why did our rulers let this happen? Why were they so easily conned and corrupted by the wily international Jew?

    I guess that’s a bit like asking: why did Eve let herself be tempted by the Serpent?

  5. This is a racist website, pure and simple, for saying bad things about Jews and people of color. I’m surprised the site hasn’t been shut down so far,
    but its days are numbered.

    For all we know, Lasha Darkmoon could be working for the Russians, an agent for Putin and his Jewish cohorts. There are some indications of this. For example, her constant praise for the dwarfish Russian dictator.

    I will have more to say on this subject later, provided my comments are not deleted, as they often have been for exercising my rights of free speech here.

    But first I have to have brunch.

    1. Zak –

      You could have gone to push back the”YUGE” “Bikers for Trump” rally in Lexington, Virginia (Gilby country) at the Red Hen restaurant. “Bikers for Trump” were/ARE protesting the restaurant’s allowing the radical left ‘Swamp-Freaks’ to gather and then drummed out Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her husband last week!! 🙂

      Obviously, the Red Hen supports illegal immigrants and white genocide!!


      Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of the Red Hen, decided to eject the White House press secretary from her small restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, BUT…. she could not have had any idea of the row she was about to ignite. Sarah Sanders, who was already midway through her meal, was asked to leave after Wilkinson’s staff voted to eject her in protest against the president’s policy of separating children from their parents at the Mexican border.

      Maybe you could send flowers after brunch!! 🙂

      “But, as if to illustrate the increasingly tribal and partisan nature of public life in America, the Red Hen has also been inundated with flowers, sent by people from across the US and even from Europe. Hundreds have left supportive messages on its Facebook page.”

    2. Yeah shut it all down Seymour. Your brown dolts cannot read anyway. Idi Amin can school the Synagogue on the “wonders of diversity”. Get on the Magic Schoolbus with your half sized Hobbit kin. Enjoy the Jim Jones Cult you have gone all in for…

    3. Citizens have a right to free speech. Jew speech is not free speech, as witnessed by the fact Jews use the power of their words and finances to suppress free speech. Since Jews suppress the speech of others, they in turn should expect the same treatment.

      Had there been a real “Holocaust” instead of an imagined, mythical tale, we might not be having this conversation with the sixteen million “survivors” on the American payroll who continually whine and kvetch about free speech.

    4. Zak,
      Stop whining. Toby allowed your post didnt he? Drink a strong one and mellow a bit. 🙂

    5. “Dwarfish” Putin? Let me tell you, height is no measure of a man.
      I’m a 6′ 5″ tall Texan, and no fool, but President Putin is a far better man than l am.

  6. Well said, Seymour.

    To object to race mixing is like objecting to a painter mixing his colors.
    To make white the compulsory color is ridiculous. Imagine what painting would be like if white was the only permitted color you were allowed to use on the canvas. Under such circumstances, painting would be impossible.

    To demand that the only skin pigmentation permissible in a European country (or in America and Australia/New Zealand) should be white is equally absurd. A variety of colors is absolutely essential both in painting and in the general population.

    Imagine what movies would be like if technicolor movies were banned by White fanatics.

    (Seymour’s wife)

    1. @Hannah Zak

      A typical example of a false analogy ( https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/False_analogy ).

      Nature itself has already many colors, so even if all people of a country have the same skin color, there is enough variation of colors for life not to be boring. Besides, people wear clothes, and those come in many colors anyway.

      This : http://eurofolkradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/romanians-folk-dance-traditional-dresses-eastern-europe.jpeg

      does not need of this :


      to be colorful. But if you insist on it, I will send those Africans to Israel, which is in urgent need of “diversity”.

    2. So tell us; are you or your family interbred with blacks?

      Do you live in a ghetto or a black majority area? Or Africa?

      No, of course not, you’re coffee shop revolutionaries.

      So why don’t you just skip to the bit where you STFU!

    3. @Hannah. They haven’t made Technicolor movies since the 1950s. This system had drawbacks and was three times the cost.

    4. @Hannah Zak

      Your post angered me. As I saw it, you were deliberately trivializing our concern.

      Much as I dislike Jews I would not invade a Jewish site that was expressing concern about Jewish survival and say things that trivilized this. Why would I not do this? Because it would conflict with my sense of honor.

      1. You wouldn’t get so angry if you saw the world through Jewish eyes. You lack the Jewish sense of humor that makes life bearable. What is ‘honor’? Where was Winston Smith’s “honor” when he was given the Rat Test in Orwell’s 1984?

        There is no honor in the grave, no honor in the bed of incontinence, no honor in the human jungle when you’re trying to survive the daily holocaust.


        L’enfer, c’est les autres.

      2. Honor is lost on the rat. Irregardless of what the lying Jesuit pretender would say, THERE IS A HELL. These rats are cowards. You can see it clearly. THEY FEAR DEATH. THEY KNOW WHAT AWAITS THEM. No one doubts they are going to Hell. Their denials are just more lies to that effect.
        They cling desperately to Life. Even if they end up like Captain Pike or Davros in a wheelchair as a veritable vegetable. Still better than the pit of fire ready to roast them.

    5. @Hannah Zak

      What is honor? It is something White minds have, which Jewish minds apparently lack. Western civilization needed honor to be built. And as for the Holocaust, it was not a real event but a Jewish invention.

    6. It it were but only about skin color or the color of the blood. When I was young, the argument was that beneath the skin we all have the same red blood. That was a decoy argument distracting from the real problem. It had me dumbfounded at first, because I was not familiar with many issues on genetics. But I could see from everyday life in South Africa that this argument was false, but could not exactly lie my fingers on it, for I had to rely on the state of genetics as depicted in popular books way back then, for example the Penuin publishers book Human Heredity, by C.O. Carter (1962).

      http://www.flickriver.com/photos/[email protected]/4932309085/

      Today the science of genetics has given more than a few answers, and this science is rapidly progressing at such a pace that in a few years time most probably most of the questions will be answered, but not necessarily made public knowledge, so that the lying can continue.

      The analogy is false, because mixing skin colors is just one element in the mixing broth. Whats more important is what lies underneath the skin color, namely a particular genetic mix which created high cultures and civilizations in the world. Far more dangerous is the dissolution of overal genetic properties. We do not want intelligence, creativity and drive mixed out of the solution. The result would be a creature with the worst properties of all, and here and there some exagerated properties of the original being before mixing. In South Africa the highest prison population is not the original (blacks and whites) but the mix (coloreds). Fact. Look up the prison statistics. Genetics gone wrong.

      For then we will not be painting Rembrandts, but Picassos and “modern” art and will be thinking this is genius. Picasso was a clever man. He could paint well and this should have been able to distinguish between junk and genius, but knew what the dumb masses wanted and arranged his works accordingly.

      And with this policy somewhere along the line wealth will start disappearing on this planet if done on an international scale. Fact. This is a pre-programmed self-destruction of the financial elite. Nature wants life to profilerate, that is why we and life seeds, not to destroy itself. If life suddenly wants only to work toward its own destruction in the long run, then something is unnaturally wrong in the organism. It has a genetic programming error, a factory fault. It is a lemon. This error thus must then be breeded out in order to soften the impact thereoff.

  7. “Our end days are fast approaching, unless we can act quickly to turn the tide back and regain our lost lands.”
    It is not our “lost lands” which must be regained… it is our inner courage. The bacillus within our societal body which has caused all of this must be destroyed. When our bodies face such a crisis, it heats itself up in the form of a fever and sends its own white blood cells out to combat and eliminate the pathogen. This is not the “final” solution, it is the ONLY solution.

  8. what I have seen in the USA where I was all over the country and it is confirmed by my friend a trucker who was in every state and in the major cities is that EVERY negroid had a white girl friend except in the inner city ghetto. I am talking about states like texas kansas nebraska whole mid west Pennsylvania etc. the more “conservative” you thought the state would be the worse it was worse then the north east. now maybe they did not marry them but they proudly paraded around with them. but many did have choco babies

    1. I’m of a mind that blacks unconsciously know that the light brown “choco” babies are a step up genetically from the pure African.
      What a psychological wrench that must be.
      Of course the opposite is also true, and only a self-hating and sick white would participate in the creation of a “choco”.

      1. but choco babies are a major step DOWN for the stupid brainwashed (with an enema) white girl and another burden on socirty

  9. White genocide is a satanic Zionist agenda to destroy the white population and lower the standard of living of the nations targeted to make them into third world countries which are then melded into a NWO/ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION to see the game plan of the satanic Zionists for their NWO and since the Zionists control the MSM of all governments they are able to pump this satanic message of white genocide into the goyim.

  10. That photo can be found in the Real World Dictionary,
    above the caption “human devolution”

    1. Cayce spoke of the 5 root races as being an antecedent (in my interpretation that is) to the world moving farther away from the Kali and getting back on the fast road if true evolution. Blacks in Africa, Browns in S. America, Whites in Europe and the ME, Yellows in Asia, Reds in N. America.

      Twoud appear the devolutionists are trying to upset the natural flow

      Complications 🗺

  11. Sadly, the United Kingdom and much of the west, simply through the migration of peoples from the end of WWII onwards, set about the future reality of an indigenous, minority, population. Furore at Blair’s mass immigration policy and population replacement after his victory in the ’97 elections proved nothing. Although millions have come into the UK since Blair’s government, people still failed to see that the fuse had already been lit. All he did was shorten it.

    It’s a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ situation. Not only will mass immigration bring about the ultimate destruction of the indigenous, culture and nation, but it brings about more competition for jobs resulting in static and lowering of wages, rise in house prices/rent, lowers standard of while raising cost of living and allows the creation of a police state due to obvious clash of culture and peoples. The (((banker))) profits greatly from immigration while destroying the indigenous.

    It is the Jew who plays upon the altruism of the European.

    It is a wicked plan that they concocted, knowing full well that unlike them, we would welcome in the immigrants, we would one day call them our own. Britain turned into the nest that the Jew dropped the cuckoo egg into. I’ve spoken to many people who say simply “If you’re born in so and so then you take that nationality” failing to realise that the very thing that makes a nation is the uniquity of its people and culture. Once you remove one or both, then you destroy the very concept of nation. The UK is nothing more than a globalist state and Europe is following suit, both becoming carbon copies of the ‘New World created for this very purpose.

    Forgive my pessimism, but there is nothing that will stop this. Sure the people ‘may’ unite and fight against globalism, but regardless if victorious or not, the land of the European peoples will no longer exist along with the Europeans, whose culture and race has been homogenized into something no longer resembling what it once was.

    Enoch Powell delivered his address in Birmingham, 1968 and stated “We must be mad to let in some 50,000 dependents in each year….” We are, on average taking in at least ten times that number. Five million in ten years – 25 million in 50? Let us not forget procreation rates and the catastrophe of women murdering their unborn also. The projected figure of 1970 becoming indigenous minority time is far later than common sense dictates. We will see the indigenous become a minority by 2050. And with each successive generation, they will become more accustomed to growing up with non whites, seeing them no different to themselves whatsoever, creating long lasting friendships and attacking anyone who disagrees with them being here.

    And, while this topic promotes the reality of miscegenation, it’s irrelevant in the overall picture, as the minute the UK and all western nations, started granting citizenship to non indigenous, allowing their children to become ‘of that nation’ was the day it started singing its swan song.

    1. @ TimeToBeHonest

      All you say so movingly is accepted by all of us here. With a heavy heart. I am hoping that your pessimism will never come to fruit in real life and that your extrapolations will be frustrated by unexpected events that we cannot foresee. The rise of a charismatic leader, for example, who will rescue us from the devil pit. Or the outbreak of a major war in which all law and order breaks down and there are major race riots which will result, hopefully, in the return of our country to its indigenous owners.


        I merely read current events and trends in order to understand the destination of society within the west.

        If I’m in a car, hurtling down a road, trapped within, no way possible of getting out or changing the course of the vehicle, approaching a nearby cliff, the pessimist would clearly see that there is little to no chance of averting the inevitable course of the travel. The optimist, of course, would pray for an alternative, hoping some miracle would happen to stop the inevitable.

        That stated, should one really not question, how on earth one managed to be in this dreadful predicament in the first place?

        The people of the united kingdom were warned on many occasions.
        What happened so that completely destroyed the character of the indigenous Briton and European that they would willingly accept immigrants into their lands, resulting in the outcomes we now have? I am of course going right back to after WWII when everything rapidly started to change.
        Sure we can blame many things, academia, the msm, TV, the film, music and sporting industries, the government, the judiciary, the police, the armed forces…..but inevitably the blame will always fall on the public, the animal without a head, who stood by and did nothing while their society was destroyed before their very eyes.

        People don’t even realise that genocide isn’t just mass slaughter of people and when told there is an ongoing white genocide they laugh in your face, because they are too lazy to even bother finding out the full definition of the word.

        Only the strong survive in nature and the white peoples, over the last 60+ years have proven how weak they are. Sure the western civilization records the successes and strength of them, but that time is long gone. The west is now nothing but a series of globalist states, the difference only being in language. All peoples are now one and the same.
        Take the Rotherham scandal, for example? There was a time when those within, the men would have hunted down these rapists, beaten them badly before hanging them all. The police would have turned a blind eye.
        What’s changed?
        The people have lost who they are. They are more interested in what they can acquire for themselves than the suffering of others and subsequent shattering of their nation.

        Yes, we do need a war, a major war where there is a mass slaughter, a wake up call and people of the west take back their lands, realizing the futility in Parliament as politicians are easily bought, as the lickspittles they are. But it should not stop there. The aristocracy, the secret societies, the judiciary…all element of the corruption that is the west utterly extinguished and never to rise, ever, ever again.

        And as for the Jew, well, either lock them away, for good, on some island somewhere, shutting them off from the rest of the world, hoping some plague takes every last one of them, sending them back to the nine circles of hell where they came from, or else, they will have their Greater Israel and with it the destruction of 95% of the world’s population and complete control over what’s left.
        They have made themselves incredibly clear. They want this world for themselves and those who remain, to serve them.
        I don’t want that. Do you? Does any non Jew for that matter?
        It’s really a choice – 15million Jews or 6+billion gentiles. What would you choose?

      2. @ TimeToBeHonest

        Beautifully put! I accept every word you say. When pessimism is the truth that stares you in the face, ’tis folly to be an optimist. 🙂

        And yet, I believe the future is not always determined or predictable by looking at present conditions and extrapolating from them into the future. History is not about the realization of probabilities. Chance, or the unexpected or improbable event, is constantly throwing a spanner in the works. And things don’t come to pass as the forecasters and prognosticators envisage.

        One stray meteorite hitting the earth could change the course of history.

        A prolonged spell of hot weather could trigger a catastrophic melting of the icecaps, resulting in the sinking of huge landmasses. Population wipeout would solve the migrant crisis! Africans and Asians would cease to make their way to the promised land of Albion in such large numbers if most of the country was under water.

        I exaggerate of course. But the unexpected does occur. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, for example, which triggered WWI.

        The most improbable rise of Hitler.

        The sudden outbreak now of WWIII and a preemptive strike on Israel by Russia, wiping out 6.5 million Jews at one stroke. That would certainly put an end to Jewish world domination in the shake of a lamb’s tail, wouldn’t it?

  12. I entered puberty having a mixed marriage thrust into my life. By that time I had studied Russian for three years. Subsequently I studied Spanish through high school, which was the family’s second language, and Norwegian after high school which is one of our major Scandinavian ancestries. My heritage is also English, Wales/Scottish, German, and French. I’ve had many friends throughout my life of black color, most notably at present a close friend from Trinidad whose parents were Indian immigrants. I have traveled throughout Europe, North America, and Taiwan/Japan. I had a long professional career working with people from India, Iran, Mexico, Taiwan/China, Germany, and Italy. They were all basically fine people, although some of them had some pretty strange ideological notions.

    Would I ever consider marrying outside of my ancestral genetic heritage? Absolutely not. Two of my four brothers did, and those marriages are a direct result of the loss of our mother to suicide. The older brother married three times, two of the women are of Central American origin. All his marriages have failed. The younger brother married his teenage sweetheart who helped him adjust to being sent to Mexico to live among strangers when he entered puberty. His marriage continues, but he is an estranged brother, all natural ties of affection to his siblings being broken. The fact that my father brought a Mexican woman into our lives two weeks after our mother’s demise did not help matters as he thought, but set the stage for our further disintegration. When I look into the faces of my brother’s children, I do not see the facial characteristics of our ancestors. I see strangers, and I ask myself: Are these children REALLY my nieces and nephews?? It isn’t that I don’t care about them as much as any other human being. But to think of them as family is very difficult, because they are unlike ANY of their cousins who are not of interracial origin. The concept of family has been shattered. In addition to ethnic divide, there is the constant reminder that their presence in the family tree is a direct result of parental dysfunction that led to our mother’s demise. –Broken families, over and over.

    And now I have a step-child who hooked up with a philandering black fellow in high school. Soon after impregnating her (blond-haired, fair skinned) he went to prison for drug peddling to minors. Today her daughter is on this same path of black/white failed marriages, relationships, and poverty. I’m referred to as her grandfather, despite my best efforts to talk some sense into the women involved. –Broken families, over and over.

    1. This is incredibly moving.
      You speak from the heart and from personal experience.
      Thank you for sending this in.
      — Sister Monica

      1. Most black men are incapable of “scoring” a sexy, educated white woman. They must settle for the rejects. Fat, tatooed, body-pierced, foul-mouthed, uneducated women that no white man would want anyway. Let “homey” have them. No huge loss for anyone. 🙂

      2. Slightly on/off topic;
        “The Israeli-born jazz musician, Gilad Atzmon, was obliged to make a humiliating apology in the High Court on Monday after having libelled the chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), Gideon Falter…
        But Atzmon, whose costs and damages are understood to have run into tens of thousands of pounds, was not in court himself, instead obliging his solicitor, Jeffrey Smele, to speak on his behalf…
        Atzmon had used his website for five months from July to December 2017 to publish a series of allegations against Mr Falter, under the title “Antisemitism is merely a business plan”. He claimed that Mr Falter had dishonestly fabricated antisemitic incidents in order to profit personally and to support the activities of the CAA.”

        From the comments;

        Jacob Amir
        “I hope that he gets an appropriate punishment and pay a lerge sum of money. Anybody, Jewish or not, who denies the right of the Jewish people the right to have its own nation-state while not denying that right to any other people is indeed a racist and can rightfully be called an antisemite.
        Atzmon is indeed an antisemite and a good example of a self-hating Jew.”

        Au contraire, I’d say it was the jews in Israel, btw aren’t a race, who are the racists;

  13. In the UK city where I live, I love pointing out to friends and family the “mutli-culti” advertising that has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with brainwashing all of us. For example, the local Primark is being refurbished and all the temporary boards blocking the windows have images of smiling Black and Asian shoppers. One local Sainsbury’s has black adults and children on every single poster.

    A family member loves watching “Vera”, a UK television series about a detective based in Yorkshire. I love pointing out to her the ludicrous numbers of black characters in certain episodes — an army base were every soldier was black; the police HQ, choc-a-block with blacks…then the episode with the black nun etc. I am not being racist — the corporations and studios are being anti-white. And, of course, I can point out the moronic white-man role that appears in most broadcast adverts.

    It is all real. As this great article points out, the Kalergi-lurgi is in full swing at the moment. But I see it as a good thing; they’re getting desperate and many, many people are waking up to the bollocks. The only thing that is blocking any real change are the numerous, endless, relentless controlled opposition figures and parties that are wheeled in front of the voter, from Syriza to the latest Italian government. If they don’t advocate getting out of the EU then they’re fake. Which proves, to my mind at least, that the Brexit vote was “for real, man”.

    Incidentally, this also shows that the so-called nationalist parties in the UK (e.g. Sinn Fein and the SNP) are really globalist controlled monkeys. Sinn Fein advocates abortion; goes on and on about LBGTQ beyond reason; waxes lyrical about EU membership; and supports mass migration. None of that has anything to do with Irish nationalism.

    1. Which proves, to my mind at least, that the Brexit vote was “for real, man”.

      Brilliant comment, Flopot! Glad to see you’re a Brexit man. Anyone who isn’t has to be clueless. But we’re not getting what 17.4 million of us voted for, are we? A clean break from the Jew-controlled United States of Europe. Two years on from the vote in June 2016 and we’re no further down the line in extricating ourselves from the sinister tentacles of the EU. I’d like your input on one thing: is Teresa May to be trusted? Or is she, in your opinion, a secret agent for the Jews?

      1. Thank you, Sardonicus. I think we had this conversation once before but I cannot remember my answer. Today, I would say that Theresa May is on-board for a real Brexit and the true cabinet-Trojan (Boris the Useful Idiot, as an Israeli-insider named him) might be on his way out.

        The problem is that Theresa May keeps getting peculiarly bad advice and taking it! 😉 I’m thinking of the decision to hold the General Election that busted her majority — the advisers that pushed for that debacle hastily left the scene after the job was done.

        I still expect Brexit will happen; the (((elites))) will squirm and scream but there is no way back. In the meantime they will use every trick in the book to bamboozle the voters, from bizarro high-profile murders *cough*jocox*cough* to relentless Remain propaganda from the Jews n Pedos Corporation, the BBC.

      2. Saw the undead baglady once just before she got anointed. She was in Hampstead getting kehillah probed. As for Brexit, there is no such thing. Out of the commie EU frying pan and int the commie Commonwealth fire. UKplc is getting staffed for the next big one which needs lots and lots of imported talent. I love it when listening to recent imports telling us how the Slavscum should be kept out and how the Irish are nothing but trouble.


  14. The Italians led Eorope out of the dark ages and will again by destroying beserkal and the EU leading Europe out of a “dark” age

  15. Ironically, after EU’s eastward expansion in 2004, Germany kicked up a veritable hysteria about the Poles, Slovaks and Hungarians joining the common labor market. It even secured a seven-year extension on closing off its domestic job market to them.

    So there you have it: White, Christian, educated, hard-working, German- and English-speaking eastern Europeans are the undesirables to be kept out. But for the illegal boat people from Eritrea and Niger we roll out the red carpet. Not a problem, Ms. Merkel says. Btw why are only single young males arriving? In the light of this article, that seems orchestrated as well.

    My own experience: I am a European guy based in Southeast Asia. The shift has been palpable: Locals used to be friendly and accommodating. Today I’m the enemy; there’s no other way to put it. When shopping I’m slowly getting used to the silent treatment, the no eye contact, the sales receipt sullenly shoved into my hand. Staff at pricey clinics and private hospitals sometimes walk away while I’m talking to them, or taunt me, or just laugh in my face. Hearing a “please” or a “thank you”, I genuinely want to pinch myself nowadays. In my condo yesterday, I held the door for a respectable-looking, English-speaking Asian gentleman; his reaction: nothing; I held the elevator door for him; nothing. All of this is the new normal for us Caucasian males. Welcome to the future.

  16. I think there’s some serious lack of God given brain power being applied within this thread.

    On a genetic level, we are all unconsciously attracted to genetic diversity. Web search this “unconscious attraction to genetic diversity” to see the evidence. Look at Europe, spending countless billions on sun seeking holidays to brown their skin and look “attractive”. Look at Asia, spending countless billions on cosmetics to whiten their skin and look “attractive”.

    Thus race mixing is natural and programmed by nature. Of course, as the Pakistani chemical engineer, 3 decade resident of the UK replied to the question “Do you think the British are racist?” :

    Once race mixing gets above 3% it is natural to have racial tension. So no, the British are not racist.

    Thus, nature has programmed us to be weary of the “takeover” – mass immigration.

    By definition, race mixing cannot be the cause of pathological cultural issues such as broken families. Culture is a set of ideas that may be held by any brain, no matter what the skin wrapping.

    Thus, the key realizations are: 1. Mass immigration is unnatural above 2-3%. 2.It is “white” / Anglo-Saxon culture that is the jewel to be preserved, and this can be accomplished by any ‘skin wrapping’.

    Trumpeting about skin color will rightly get you ignored as stupid, and lead to the destruction of “white” culture. Multiculturalism is the enemy, not skin.


      I haven’t read such rubbish in a long time. And I never would have expected to see it on Darkmoon, where most people are awake to the Jewish new world order.
      Where on earth did you get your findings from?
      “On a genetic level, we are all unconsciously attracted to genetic diversity. Web search this “unconscious attraction to genetic diversity” to see the evidence.”
      And there would be no ulterior motive there would there?
      Before WW2 there were literally a handful of non Europeans in the UK. London was then about 98% indigenous. It’s now 43%.
      And the rest of the UK was very much the same. So why were they not attracted to genetic diversity? I know, it’s because they hadn’t experienced it yet to be unconsciously attracted to it yet? Well, not really. London proves this and why over half of its population have fled.. This proves they are NOT attracted to genetic diversity, which has manifested itself in the mass immigration of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, other Asians and of course Africans. See a white looking woman walking in London and there’s more chance she’s Eastern European or a Jewess, to an indigenous.

      “Look at Europe, spending countless billions on sun seeking holidays to brown their skin and look “attractive”. Look at Asia, spending countless billions on cosmetics to whiten their skin and look “attractive”.”

      This is courtesy of indoctrination and brainwashing via the msm – TV and print. The public is a gullible monster without a head, easily swayed into what they do. They are incapable of thinking for themselves and need their daily teevee (Jewvee) fix to set them on the road. They need to be told what to wear, what to say, what to think and how to behave. They are incapable of coming to these conclusions on their own.

      Who honestly cares what the opinion of some Pakistani chemical engineer thinks about whether whites are racist or not? His beliefs are utterly irrelevant in the lives of white people.

      “Thus, nature has programmed us to be weary of the “takeover” – mass immigration.”

      Nature hasn’t programmed anyone whatsoever. There are people, within the UK who are more than happy to live in ethnically diverse societies and it is they who bring about the destruction of their nation, eventually becoming victims to the immigrants they helped settle. It is only the ‘wise ones’ castigated by the left as extreme right wing, who pack up their bags and leave, such as the many whites who used to live in London, Birmingham, Leicester and other ‘ethnically diverse’ cities. It’s programming via academia and the msm that creates the loon within the socialist and liberal ideologies.

      “By definition, race mixing cannot be the cause of pathological cultural issues such as broken families. Culture is a set of ideas that may be held by any brain, no matter what the skin wrapping.”

      Yes it does, very much so. Many mixed race relationships do not last, the majority being white women and black men. And worse, their offspring grow up hating their ethnicity, because they are neither white nor black, belonging to neither nation, viewed as outsiders by their white peers in the west and black peers in Africa/West Indies. All you need to do is search YouTube for the hundreds of videos of mixed race children discussing their hatred for being mixed.
      And where on earth did you get this concept of not having connection to race? It is the very culture of peoples that separates them from other races! White culture is completely opposite to black culture in almost every way possible and both are vastly different to Asian and East Asian. To think that skin colour, when you really should have stated race has nothing to do with culture proves your overwhelming, left wing mindset.

      “Thus, the key realizations are: 1. Mass immigration is unnatural above 2-3%. 2.It is “white” / Anglo-Saxon culture that is the jewel to be preserved, and this can be accomplished by any ‘skin wrapping’.”

      Pre WW2, as stated, there was no mass immigration and very, very little immigration at all. Any kind of immigration outside of peoples within that ethnic group is unnatural. It is Jews who have been behind the mass immigration and all legislation to protect them in that society, penalizing any indigenous who fights back against what they correctly see as their race and nation’s impending doom. Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Norse, Roman, Greek culture is NOT and I repeat NOT anything BUT white culture. The minute you allow non whites to start living by white culture, they instantly destroy it, because guess what – IT’S NO LONGER UNIQUE TO WHITE PEOPLE ANY MORE!!!!

      “Trumpeting about skin color will rightly get you ignored as stupid, and lead to the destruction of “white” culture. Multiculturalism is the enemy, not skin.”

      It will only get you attacked by the left and liberal idiots, like yourself who clearly are bereft of all common sense, proven none moreso by this statement, truly not realizing that multiculturalism IS VERY MUCH ABOUT SKIN COLOUR!!!

      Your post is Cultural Marxism 101!

    2. Flan,
      I think that the problem with this thread is that it ignores the nature of men. A man will have sex with ANY woman that attracts him…….if she allows it. Race is irrelevant. Example….most black Americans arent “black” at all. They are of a lighter hue. The result of centuries of sexual relations between the two races. In colonial times it was very common for wealthy, white plantation owners to have sexual relations with the female slaves they owned. Its well-recorded throughout history. This thread focuses on the presumed victimhood of white women being accosted by black men but ignores the primal instints of men in general. Donaldo can honestly say that he, since a child, has always been attracted to dark-skinned women. Dont know why. Always found them exotic. Anyway, at the end of the day, we are all just creatures of passion. 🙂

  17. With every passing day, it is more and more evident that whites are trapped in a positive feedback loop from which there is no escape. Most Euro countries have had negative population growth for decades. Whites took the population bomb (and resource depletion) seriously, and stopped having enough children to replace themselves, while most Muslims and African blacks, with their high birth rates, appear not at all concerned about it. So the invaders from the overpopulated South are taking the place of whitey, with the approval of the EU bureaucrats and childless elected leaders Merkel, Edna May, and Macron. Hence, whites see the writing on the wall and don’t want to bring children into the coming dystopia. Hence whites are speeding up their coming demise through their birth rates and miscegenation. There is no future if Euro whites don’t have white children, but how to turn it around when the future looks so bleak? A real Catch-22. Demography is destiny.

    1. FOW –

      “Hence whites are speeding up their coming demise through their birth rates and miscegenation.”

      Right on target. Recon it was planned in K thru 12 and beyond?

      Sure it was!

      In the US… Jews’ stooge – Jimmy Carter – established The US Dept of Education for that purpose.

  18. Great to see comment in article about stupid, brainwashed, young white women. Spot on! This is our elementary teachers’ class, who are programming our children.
    Adam Weishaupt said he would recruit 2 kinds of women into the Illuminati – the semi intelligent, gullible, respectable kind and the sluttish kind who would serve male members. This is today’s left wing female contingent, represented by the extremes, Hillary Clinton and Stormy Daniels.
    Of course, Weishaupt said that he would only give women a hint of emancipation and thus fooled, they could do his dirty work.
    Many of my male friends are getting very wary of the DANGER posed by modern, brainwashed women. Filthy Samantha on the homosexual Jew, Darren Star’s “Sex and the City”, with her oral sex and obscene manising has become a popular role model for Western women, who are becoming increasingly libertine, sex addicted and left wing.
    I travel on business to the USA, full well knowing that I will be accosted by Samantha types wherever I go.

  19. It is natural for White people to think the White race is superior to other races. This does not imply a will to dominate. Whites believe more than anyone else that all humans are equal. At the same time they think they are superior to other races.

    And if you look at the culture Whites have produced, you wii indeed see evidence of superiority. Even proof.

    Whites love their blood. That is a strong force in the world. I wonder if the Jews, who are confrontion this force, realize how strong it is.

  20. The Bible was written EXCLUSIVELY for the Race of Adam: Genesis 5:1: This book is the race of Adam.. Definition of Adam: Adam Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance To show blood in the face , i.e. Flush or turn rosy — be ruddy.. Adam was of a white and rosy ruddy complexion, able to blush, show red in the face, Only applicable to the white race..

    1 Peter 2:9: For ye are a chosen race, a people belonging especially to god.. The race of Adam: Adam’s Father, Luke 3:38 Father of Adam, God.. God is the Father of ONLY the white race: Psalm 82:6 For I have said Ye are Gods and children of the most high. His chosen race, and him being the Father means the white race are his LITERAL children on the earth.. The ONLY family he even knows.. Amos 3:2: Of all the families upon the earth only you have I known.. Description of Abraham’s wife Sarah from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Her skin was pure white; ‘She had long lovely hair; Her limbs were smooth and rounded (her thighs were shapely) ‘She had slender legs and small feet; ‘Her hand were slim and long and so were her fingers.’

    The following is a description of Sarah from the Genesis Apocryphon; page 486 published by Penguin Classics …..and beautiful is her face! How…fine are the hairs of her head! How lovely are her eyes! How desirable her nose and all the radiance of her countenance… How fair are her breasts and how beautiful all her whiteness!

    How pleasing are her arms and how perfect her hands! How fair are her palms and how long and slender are her fingers! How comely are her feet, how perfect her thighs! No virgin or bride led into the marriage chamber is more beautiful than she; she is fairer than all other women. Truly her beauty is greater than theirs Yet together with all this grace she posses abundant wisdom, so that whatever she does is perfect.

    The white race ARE the true semites and the Hebrews: Noah was saved because he was perfect in his race, he did not mongrelize with the pre-Adamic negro beasts of the field, nor the pre-Adamic Mongolian asiatics..

    NOAH: 2. And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose and the hair of his head and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful..

    The Semites are from Noah’s white son Shem.. The Hebrews are from Shem’s white son Heber.. Jesus Christ was born through the family of the white King David.. Romans 1:3 3

    Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh King David: 1 Samual 17:42: And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth and ruddy and of a fair countenance.. Goliath hated David because he was white no different than today!
    this Is THE REASON for the murderous Jewish hatred against whites . .

    1. Ray –

      What you wrote is documented. It has been written by translators in many places.

      Now… we have to trust the translators got it done correctly through the numerous languages… AND that the story tellers told it 100% correctly from memory, having been removed from the scenes after many decades early on.

      Testimonies are always less than perfect and enlarged after the passing of decades since the events occurred.

      Jews hate whites enough to write mistakes – lies – into the translations of the Christians’ handbook. The bible. Especially the cruel and faggy King James’s bunch of homos. I do not trust them anywhere!

  21. More white genocidal actions in UK:
    A – WHITE – Magistrate, 67, Defended His Family from Armed Gang and Was Arrested for Racially Aggravated Assault!

    Magistrate, 67, who defended his family against an armed gang who stormed his £2million mansion was ARRESTED himself… and accused of racially aggravated assault!!

    Nigel Stringer allegedly defended himself against men with guns and knives…
    JP and millionaire property developer is pursuing his own case after his arrest…
    His wife Cindy, 55, said she still lives in fear of the attack at their Norwich home…


  22. In addition to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi (half Austrian and half Japanese), two American Jews promoted a “soft” genocide against the Germans during WW II, each with their own plan. They were Theodore Kaufman and the Harvard University professor Ernest Hooton.

    Historian Mark Weber wrote:
    ” Kaufman’s fervent proposal for the systematic sterilization of the entire German population was given respectful attention in the American press, including reviews in a number of newspapers. A review in the weekly Time magazine, March 24, 1941, called Kaufman’s plan a “sensational idea.”

    Germany’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, seized with delight on the book. “This Jew [Kaufman] has done a disservice to the enemy,” Goebbels privately commented. “If he had composed the book at my behest he couldn’t have done a better job.”

    At his direction the German press played up Kaufman’s call for genocide. A front page article about the book in the Berlin daily Der Angriff, July 23, 1941, appeared under headlines that called it a “Diabolical Plan for the Extermination of the German People” and a work of “Old Testament Hatred.” Extracts also appeared, for example, in the nationally-circulated weekly paper Das Reich, August 3, 1941.

    A plan similar to Kaufman’s was issued during the war years by a prominent American anthropologist. In an article headlined “Breed War Strain Out of Germans” in the New York daily newspaper P.M., January 4, 1943, Ernest Hooton laid out an “outbreeding” plan that would “destroy German nationalism and aggressive ideology while retaining and perpetuating desirable German biological and sociological capacities.” (See also: Benjamin Colby, ‘Twas a Famous Victory, 1974, p. 131.)

    The Harvard University professor’s proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies. “The objects of this measure,” wrote Dr. Hooton, “include reduction of the birthrate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.”

    This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. “During this period,” he went on, “encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.”

    In the decades since the end of World War II, something of the spirit of the genocidal Kaufman and Hooton plans seems manifest in Germany’s population and immigration policies. Since the nation’s defeat in 1945, the German birth rate has fallen to below the replacement level, millions of racially and culturally alien migrants have been welcomed as settlers in Germany, the number of children of mixed ethnicity has sharply increased, and the ethnic-cultural character of much of the country has been drastically altered, especially in the larger cities.”


    I am not aware of any “NAZI” publicly proposing something anything near as sinister as what these two Jews proposed. We know what the (((allies))) claim the Germans proposed secretly. I only learned of these two men in the last ten or eleven years. There could also be Russians, English or Frenchmen that proposed some kind of genocide that we are simply unaware of. If they can cover up Kaufman and Hooton for so long, there might be others. Of course, if a “NAZI” had suggested such a thing, everyone in the world would know his name, teaching the children beginning at age four or five.

    On a personal note, my German uncle (a veteran) spent three years as a slave laborer in France after the war where he and others were treated awfully according to my aunt and mother. I never asked for details. Also, I have two cousins that are half Arab from when my father’s brother (a different uncle) married a Moroccan woman in the late 1960’s/early 70’s. I never thought anything about it until I learned of Hooton’s plan.

      1. @ Sister Monica

        Thanks. I don’t have the time or really the desire to do that right now, but if someone else wants to do it I have no objections.

  23. You mix an average negro (68 IQ) with an average white woman (98 IQ) and you get a low intelligent, frequently ugly, hybrid. Look at those pics of classical European/Caucasian beauties juxtaposed against the ugly hybrids.
    You mix a white man with an average Thai woman (IQ 99) and you get a fairly attractive Eurasian.
    But the classical English Rose is unbeatable in the sheer beauty stakes.
    The islander rugby players in Australia admitted they put slim, beautiful blondes at the top of their to-get scale.
    Black men look mainly at white-women porn.
    Myself, as a tall, handsome, Nordic looking man in his prime?
    I favour beautiful, raven haired, dark eyed Middle Eastern women.
    But they say people like something different and I am tired of blue eyed blondes.

  24. Sex & race are linked b/c sex is how races reproduce themselves so its no wonder the porn industry has made interracial porn (WW/BM) its most featured production & why is more & more prevalent in Hollywood entertainment. They bombard the minds of WM with images of WW with negroes to subconsciously cucked them. Bombard WW with those images to subconsciously plant seeds in their minds that negro men are superior and more satisfying than WM. Just Read the comment section on sites like XHamster on IR videos. The racism and self hate is beyond belief.

  25. Lasha,

    Your blatant censorship of posts that differ from your viewpoints are saddening. Especially, since I had links to some very real “Red Pill” information that would have help many here. You are no better than MSM.

    ADMIN TOBY: Lasha Darkmoon is not the monitor of this website. The comments are monitored by two other people. I doubt if Lasha has even seen your comment. Get your facts right before you shoot your mouth off.

    Your comments were deleted because they were basically OFF-TOPIC. Also, too many irrelevant links. Your tone is also rude and disrespectful. Try being polite next time you post a comment, understand?

    1. Toby and John,

      Your Policy: This is largely an unmonitored site. We have no time to read, edit, or agonize over every comment posted. Darkmoon regards itself as a “free speech zone”.

      Not true. This site is heavily monitored and editing out of different viewpoints is standard practice. You have disallowed my first comment and my first reply. I don’t know if you will have the decency to allow this one. Presenting a narrow view of the world is very unhealthy for yourselves and for the readers. In fact, with this article you have fallen into the trap of the Manipulator’s Divide and Conquer Tactics of Race Baiting as can be evident by the comments that you have allowed. There is only one race, the Human Race.

      Regardless of race, religion, and affiliations there will always be idiots in any groups. Stupidity is an equal opportunity employer. Pictures say thousands of words. Please look at these and free yourselves from the fear mongering:

      Yes. There are insidious groups that are trying to destroy Europe from within. And yes, the Jews/Zionists are part of that group. But, race baiting and gatekeeping discussions are just plain silly.

      Real wisdom comes from the willingness to look at ALL sides using logic, reason, and evidence (pro and con) to reach a conclusion and the courage to relearn what you have found to be sacrosanct. Nothing is ever settled. Nothing.

      Free your minds and your arses will follow.

      1. @ Sloopyjoe

        It’s not diversity of opinion we object to. It’s the rude and unmannerly questioning of our authority. Any poster who tells us we have no right to enforce our own rules, who whines that we are being “unfair” to them and “censoring” their comments, automatically becomes a badly behaved guest at our dinner table. You appear to think that you are entitled to gatecrash someone else’s dinner party, sit down at their table, complain about the quality of the food on offer, spit in the soup, and generally treat your hosts with supercilious contempt — and still remain an honoured guest at their table.

        Wrong! If you misbehave as a guest in someone else’s house, Sloopyjoe, you get shown the door! In nightclubs they have bouncers. In websites they have monitors. Our jobs are essentially the same: to keep out the troublemakers. Please don’t tell me we are under some sort of moral obligation to post your boorish and hostile ravings. We like dogs, dear sir, but only dogs that have leaned how to wag their tails — not nasty dogs that snarl and bite.


      2. This site, due to poor moderating by someone named after a cigar or famous fictional character, i.e., Montecristo, and a Toby-which I had hitherto considered to be a dog’s name, has declined in substance and depth. Ten or less commenters seem to banter back and forth, as if this were a chat group.

        The former heavyweights-those with deep learning and/or experience in the Real World-are absent and would require sailing above the low level downward microbursts of ego, bilge, and drivel.

        An error you have made and continue to make is favoring a small, select group for nothing else except time in hand. This is a form of nepotism and breeds a sense of false entitlement. When a relatively new poster disagrees with one of your “children”, such as Pat (who exhibits signs of dementia and hallucination), you jump in with maternal protection instinct to shield he sic or she from the winds of actuality.

        (ADMIN: Your grammar is atrocious. It’s “shield HIM or HER”, not “shield HE or SHE”! Where were you educated?)

        I will say that this, while a human failing, is a flailing about in a substandard miasma. Ands leads to an inexorable downward spiral. The same is true, most unfortunately, at the Occidental Observer. At American Renaissance, any negative mention of Jew is deleted, without exception. Only Unz has a robust, sometimes bawdy exchange of a wide range from irreverent to scholarly to firsthand observation.

        You now are reduced to reprinting articles, stating the obvious over and over. Rather bovine-like, burping up the same cud and rechewing. Cellulose and cellulite-not appetizing and not attractive.

      3. @ Poupon Marx

        You posted this comment yesterday. I have reposted it for you today. You belong to the same school of posters as “Sloopyjoe”, older men with severe personality disorders who have been booted off several other websites. Read above my response to Sloopyjoe. It applies to you too! 🙂

        You have been given several chances on this website, forgiven for past misbehavior, allowed to post again, and in every single instance you have been unable to control yourself or behave in the polite and respectful manner we expect from our disciplined commentariat.

        So you question our Alexa ranking and think it is incorrect? Fine. No problem. Why should it bother us if you think we are a lousy website not worth posting on? So why, pray tell, do you wish to be admitted as a regular poster to such a contemptible, third-rate website? Can you explain?

        Why not just go away if you hate the food on offer in our restaurant? You want admittance to our restaurant just so you can have the pleasure of telling the management how horrible our food is? Is that it? 🙂

        Poor Poupon! I’d love to know what your problem is. You certainly have a serious psychological disorder.

      4. @ Poupon Marx

        “You now are reduced to reprinting articles.”

        We are not “reduced” to reprinting articles. We do so as a matter of policy! Like Truthseeker and hundreds of other websites. We read hundreds of articles and republish the best ones after going through a careful selection process.

        Got a problem with that? 🙂

      5. Toby,

        I had never questioned your authority. I had pointed out that you are not even following your own policy and instead have chosen to gatekeep into a narrow world view. In my first post that you have chosen to disallow, I had presented an opposing viewpoint to your “White Dystopian” viewpoint with historical references in an attempt to present a semblance of balance. Apparently, you felt threatened by this and have relegated to name calling: “your boorish and hostile ravings” “who whines that we are being “unfair”” “You belong to the same school of posters as “Sloopyjoe”, older men with severe personality disorders who have been booted off several other websites” and labeling me as a person with “bad behavior” and “spitting in your soup”. Your resorting to name calling actually shows that you have lost the discussion while unable to retort as an adult and have fallen into juvenile Libtard tactics. So much for “your standard” of polite and respectful behavior. And as anyone can clearly see, I have not resorted to name calling. For your information I have never been “booted off” any website nor am I an “older man”. It is rather clear that you have your mind made up on a particular issue and are unaccepting/ hostile to any further information/ discussion. This is a real pity on your part as it shows a unwilling intention to actually understand issues, a close-mindedness to differing ideas, and a hostile juvenile demeanor. I do hope at some point in your maturing process you grow out of this. A step towards this is to allow my first post in its entirety and let the forum decide if I am out of bounds. I can repost it if you do not have a copy.

        I agree with Poupon Marx with the point he made about the regulars back and forth bantering that only serves as self-reinforcing group think circle jerk sessions that is neither productive and will definitely contribute to the downward spiral for this website. When everyone is thinking the same, then no one is thinking. Playing “Thought Police” is no different than playing “PC Police” and is actually on a very bad road toward authoritarianism.

        Free your mind and your arse will follow.

      6. @ Sloopyjoe

        You miss the point. We don’t enter into negotiations with posters who insist on their “alternative” viewpoints being published. Any such “backchat” is most definitely a “questioning of our authority”. WE decide, NOT YOU, what is acceptable on our website. Understand? WE are in charge here and don’t take orders from strangers at our door. WE are the DOORKEEPERS.

        Are you so lacking in emotional intelligence that you cannot understand the way the world works?

        As far as I can recollect, your first post contained TOO MANY LINKS. We object to a plethora of links. This is not a website that is willing to accommodate the wishes of stroppy little men like you who insist they have a right to flout our rules and regulations. If you have something to say, say it! Make an original comment, okay? Don’t think you are entitled to post 6-10 links on our site. No one has time, least of all the monitors, to check out so many links. How do we know you are not posting links to porn sites or dodgy sites we disapprove of and which could get us into trouble?

        You expect me read and check out all your links? No, sir!….. Now please GO AWAY and SHUT UP! I’ve had enough of your narcissistic attention-seeking. Abide by our rules or your comments will be blocked.

        Your next comment will not be posted if I get ANY further backchat from you, understand?

        Even your bogus email address smacks of insolence. “Upyours” indeed! Is that the kind of email address that inspires confidence?

  26. *All advanced ancient cultures were white- descending from a pure, ancient white race of type O neg blood of which the Basques are the best surviving example.
    Video: Rh- Negative Blood and Antediluvian Civilizations

    Video: Ancient DNA cracks puzzle of Basque origins

    Article: The Black Sea Flood & The Origins of Aryan Civilization

    *Original ancient Egyptians were white:
    Article: The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt UPDATED

    *Middle ancient Egyptians were Near-Eastern and white:
    Article: Ancient Egyptian DNA analysis reveals THIS about their genetics…

  27. I would like to reply to NOTALMUDPLEASE’ July 4 question how Jesus descends from Abraham and David.
    The Qur’an says Jesus is the son of Mary. The miracle is he has no father and Mary was a virgin. Jesus descends from Abraham and David through Mary. I’m pretty sure if a person looks at Mary’s ancestry she is in that line. The New Testament says it comes through Jesus’ adoptive father Joseph.

      1. Sky –

        Glad to help.

        The chart is $6.50 on Pastor Mike Hallimore’s site there, HQ in Harrison Arkansas. The same chart is about $20 on Amazon.

        I have bought a dozen or so over the last 35 years, and given away as door prizes…. etc. I gave my last one away to my grand-son last year.

        You will definitely be impressed. Great color and easy reading and documented sources annotated right on the chart.

        Mike has most of Wesley Swift’s, Bertrand Comparet’s and Sheldon Emry’s original works…. donated to his library by their wives after their deaths. He has a lot of Bob Hallstrom’s works also.

      2. Also –

        I use many sources to help me connect the dots by comparing the info and seeing the outcomes over the decades since I met Elizabeth Dilling in 1953 at Gerald Winrod’s Lutheran Church in Little Rock, Arkansas… This is one of hundreds:

        Books On Race:


  28. The picture of this article has been used in Latvia for the election campaign of – of all things – the Communist Party of that country.

    The Social Democratic Workers Party of Latvia (LSDSP) — a communist party dating back to 1918 — has been reported to that country’s security police for possible prosecution following the publication of an election poster depicting the EU as an African tribesman, Latvia as a White woman nursing a mulatto baby, all set against a homosexual flag.

    IN ADDITION TO THE tribesman, the blond woman, and the homosexual flag, the image also shows the national flag of Latvia and a former logo of the national tax agency. The text accompanying the image read “The future of Latvia if, on October 6, nobody will vote for the Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ Party — LSDSP.”

    Source : National Vanguard, July 10, 2018 : Latvia Communist Party Under Fire for Election Poster Showing “Future of EU”.

    You will have to give it to those East Europeans. Even their Communists are “woke”.

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