Who Started It?

As conflict in Syria between Israel and Iran threatens to spiral into WWIII, the big question we need to ask is: “Who started it?” 




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FRANKLIN RYCKAERT :  None of the parties in this conflict want an all-out war with Iran, especially not Israel. Israel cannot attack Iran on its own and would need the US to do so, but for the US a ground war in Iran is excluded. The US can only bomb Iran, but if it does so, Iran would retaliate with its missiles on US troops and installations in the Gulf and on Israel itself, which is within its reach. At the same time Hezbollah in Lebanon would rain its estimated 150,000 rockets on Israel, against which it has insufficient protection with its Iron Dome system (success rate only 20%). To instigate an all-out war with Iran would be suicide for Israel.

Thus the only thing that could “escalate” is more limited attacks by Israel on Iranian troops and installations in Syria and Iranian attacks on Israel from Syria. That may become nasty but will not lead to a war with Iran itself. The conflict may last long and prevent the rebuilding of Syria. The ultimate loser would be Syria, which would once again become a battlefield for foreign powers.

At best Putin could broker a deal between Israel and Iran : the Iranians leave Syria in exchange for Israel no more attacking Syria. Perhaps a chance for Putin to earn the Nobel Prize for Peace?

HAROLD SMITH : You say: “None of the parties in this conflict want an all-out war with Iran, especially not Israel.” But I think the murderous orange demoniac and his Jewish-supremacist handlers DO want “all-out war with Iran.” Don’t forget we’re dealing with devil-worshiping, demon-possessed madmen here. You never know what such sub-human creatures will do.

PASCHN : I wouldn’t trust ANYTHING the racist/supremacist Jews spew. Or their hole of a nuclear rogue state in the Middle East, any more than I would believe all those organs harvested from Palestinians were “donated”.

Washington has been “servicing” AIPAC/Israel far too long. One look at what more than 100 years of Jew “advisers”, screeching into the ears of their oval-office puppets, would make intelligent observers take notice. This human sewage? Not very much!

Thanks to “common core” indoctrination and “Safe” kosher pharmaceuticals, most Americans couldn’t find the middle east on a map, let alone have an objective opinion on the Self Chosen.

This is a nation of fools ruled by Satan’s synagogue; it’s a true marriage made in hell.

HP : Sheesh, the very first lie came with the very first alleged opening volley of some 20 MLRS rockets deploying thermobaric and/or cluster munitions, fired at Israeli positions in the Golan. This allegedly resulted in ZERO casualties for the Israelis. Is this what we’re supposed to believe?

Anyone who knows what these weapons from Hell are really like, also knows full well that zero casualties would be practically impossible. So, with the very first volley of missiles, the truth was virtually annihilated at the same time.

The rest, as they say, is history…

KAPOORE : Trump’s downfall is Israel’s rising up. That’s for sure. I am still a Trump fan, but… he will  get to drown in the swamp of the Middle East if he doesn’t watch his step! He has picked the wrong alliance. We should be allied with Iran and Russia, not with Israel and the Saudis.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some kind of knife to his throat from the so called “Deep State”. Those putting pressure on him are probably Jewish occultists and their minions. This has apparently been going on since the time of the French Revolution…

Still, if Trump gets us involved in a war in the Middle East, he’ll get impeached — and he’ll deserve it!

UNGENIUS (to Kapoore) :  Trump is going to remove US troops from Syria which is not in Israel’s best interest for expansion via war. The process is in motion with Trump pulling out of the Iran deal that stops the $500-billion annual US payments. Iran is now threatening the EU players with exposure for all the bribery that took place for the “deal” if they do not fill in the cash void. The UK, France, Germany and the EU are in a panic. With US sanctions to be reinstalled, there is now talk of the US punishing EU countries with sanctions if they do not comply. The EU has the most to lose by the Iran “nuclear” deal falling apart. The global Deep State plans are unraveling, including a big war in the Middle East.

Trump does not have the Deep State’s knife at his throat. He is too well protected. In fact, he is in hot pursuit of the Deep State. Since the Deep State is global, there is close coordination between Trump, Putin and Zi to eradicate the Deep State.

This is why there will be no WWIII.

According to Qanon, Israel is the last name on the list for Deep State cleansing. There could be a lot of unemployed Jews in Israel one of these days, given that most of Israel is part of the Deep State.

HAROLD SMITH (responding to Ungenius) : You say, “Trump is going to remove US troops from Syria…”

Is there any actual evidence suggesting this—other than the cheap words of a shameless serial liar?

UNGENIUS : The word “going” is a future tense word. Of course there is no proof. However, the future does prove the past, so wait and see.

HAROLD SMITH : You go on to say, “…which is not in Israel’s best interest for expansion via war. The process is in motion with Trump pulling out of the Iran deal that stops the $500-billion annual US payments.”

But is there any evidence that the U.S. government is giving the government of Iran any money above and beyond its own money? I refer to money previously invested in U.S. accounts that were subsequently “frozen”.

UNGENIUS : If you can find an official copy of the Iran Deal, you will notice that Iran never signed it. Since the Iran Deal is not legal, would you expect to find official payments?

CURMUDGEON : Trump is pulling out of the Iran deal, because Iran, like Iraq under Saddam, stopped using the US dollar as the basis for selling oil. As for the “cash”, just how much would Iran’s assets, seized in 1979, be worth in today’s market? Sure they returned the assets, but not at their real value.

HAROLD SMITH :  You say, “Trump is pulling out of the Iran deal, because Iran, like Iraq under Saddam, stopped using the US dollar as the basis for selling oil.”

No he isn’t. Trump is pulling out of the JCPOA agreement because that’s what his Jewish-supremacist masters are telling him to do. The petrodollar theory of U.S. aggression has been thoroughly debunked many times.

UNGENIUS : Iran stopped selling its oil in dollars years ago, opting for the Euro instead. They even sold some of their oil to India for gold. If what you say is true, then certainly the puppet Obama would have fixed it for the Jewish banksters before Trump arrived.

Since there were kickbacks and bribes associated with the Iran Deal, Iran did not get even its initial monetary value back, much less the current value.

—   §   —

Is Trump (top right) being controlled by Netanyahu (bottom right) ?
Or is it the other way round? Is Trump the Master Gamesplayer?

LD : There are two other alternatives to consider, taxing our ingenuity to its utmost: (a) Are Putin and Trump Zionist stooges, both working for their shadowy master, the International Jew? Or an even more bizarre idea from the wilder shores of the Sea of Insanity: (b) Are Putin and Trump secretly in cahoots, both working undercover to pull the rug from under the feet of Big Jewry, bomb Israel to smithereens, and usher in a new Golden Age in which all Jews are resettled in  Antarctica — provided the penguins agree. 🙂

DR. DOOM : Netanyahu is fighting to stay where he is. It’s not strategy at all. Trump is still stuck in Korea. Netanyahu is about to be kicked out. This is his attempt to stave off being thrown out.

Trump is an idiot. He knows zip about what’s going on. He makes many promises to everyone. Stupid he is, yes.

The US Military is no longer an effective force. It’s a quota hire goof troop that has had a major string of accidents lately. It looks like Launchpad McQuack is running the US military nowadays.

Netanyahu cannot afford to wait. Trump has no idea what he’s doing. Most of the combat readies are parked in Korea. Trump is probably making all sorts of promises he cannot keep — yet again!

It’s what this idiot always does.

BARKINGDEER (to Dr Doom) : I don’t think Trump is nearly as stupid as people who hate him like to make out. His Korea deal just might turn out big and good.. like he said, it could have been done years ago.  if anybody had even tried … but they’ve been all pretty much deep state MIC puppets for the last few decades. Obama was a total plant. George W Buch an obvious fool…

The big reconstruction money coming up in Syria, way on top of the billions already transferred out of the military action, is probably the trade-off required in order to move Korea forward, with which Kim understands the USA can make North Korea prosperous, up to South Korea’s high standards, and Kim can then be the hero of that.. either that or things get a lot worse the other way. That was Trump’s deal with Kim, I guess.. either Kim takes the deal or we wipe his nuke program out, and his palace full of gorgeous young stuff… he doesn’t want that! 🙂

Trump got the hostages returned… ok good… maybe conditions are now improved in Kim’s torture prisons, the same way they did in red China when Nixon visited there…

Lots of jewish people want Netanyahu gone. I talked to one lady the other day… Netanyahu’s pushing hard for the war on Iran before Iran can get nukes, but it’s really because Iran feeds Hezbolla. And that’s what’s been stopping the Jews from invading Lebanon and grabbing the Litani river… they need the water, and the Zionists always want to expand their borders…

As we all know, Israel has no borders… how convenient!

I know the situation looks pretty bad, but I’m not sure we should worry too much about Trump killing Obama’s Iran deal… he’s just re-opening the negotiating process, which was locked out with Obama’s deal. And the Obama deal was a Deep State production with all the rotten giblets. Yes, you can bet on that.

Does Trump have something up his sleeve to eventually out the jews and put them back in their place? Let’s not give up hope on that!

Of course, the real story is, the Iranians aren’t even TRYING to build nuclear weapons. Though they do want reactors. Meanwhile Israel has hundreds of nukes and could be making a new one every month or so.

Iran is halfway Westernized… it’s the Zionist Jews who are the real cancer in the area.

CARNAPTIOUS : In the fog of war it is very difficult to say what is really happening. Information available to most of us is second, third or fourth hand, and every reporter or author has some kind of bias. There have been stories about Putin giving Israel a “green light” to attack Syria. There have been other stories, far more rare, that report a Putin/Nutty meeting in which loud shouting was heard through a closed door. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened.

THORBY (a troll making his first appearance) : Putin and Trump have one thing in common. They are both Israeli puppets. It would appear that the Darkmoon site is one too!

SISTER MONICA (acting in her capacity of moderator) : My first reaction to your stupid comment was to spam it. On second thoughts, I decided to approve it so that our readers could see what a brainless blockhead you are. Off you go, Crackhead, and don’t bother to return! 🙂

We’d hardly publish your cretinous comment if we were afraid of being “outed” as crypto-Zionists.

Geniuses are rare on the ground, but an idiot is born every minute.

MARK GAFFNEY : The author of this article states that Iran started the exchange by firing twenty missiles at Israel. But this now appears to be another lie—one of so many—initiated by Israel and spread via the servile western media. Check out this report at Information Clearing House. It proves that Israel was in fact the instigator.

UNGENIUS (responding to Mark Gaffney) : I happened to be online the night of the attacks and caught the first non-MSM reports. The first report was that Israel was artillery shelling a location in Syria, I forget its name. Yes, it certainly appeared to me that Israel was the instigator of the exchange.

PAT :  Of course Israel tossed numerous shells into Syria. Whether first, middle or last… they are among the ‘Deep Demolition Team’, razing the old buildings for new buildings to be raised. 🙂

LD : Any further insights on the question “Who started it?”

CURMUDGEON : It’s important to remember that the Golan Heights IS Syria, It has been occupied by Israel since 1967. Israel and Syria are still in a state of war.

It’s also important to remember that NO ROCKETS WERE FIRED AT ISRAEL, but there were rockets fired at the IDF in Syria.


The other point that is always ignored, is that Israel still occupies a small part of Lebanon, Sheba’a Farms. Israel occupied this foreign territory and refers to it as its own, as part of Israel. This is never mentioned in the mainsteam media.

The lack of honesty, even in “alternate” news sources, is truly astounding.

LD : Thank you, everyone, for an excellent debate! It’s hard seeing through the fog, but you’ve managed to throw light on many murky issues. So once again, many thanks!

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  1. This seems like hardly more than business as usual. These preemptive strikes occur regularly and have occurred regularly for decades. Israeli sneak attacks on weapons bound for Hezbollah, etc. are practically a default action. This latest is just receiving more M$M coverage as it coincides with the US embassy move to Jerusalem and the violence sure to accompany the move.

    The possession of USAF/NATO FOF signals (among others) allows for both disguise and unrestricted access to fly in Syrian or any other skies the USAF/NATO flies in.
    So this was not an unusual sneak attack, rather a standard sneak attack with extra Bernays sauce press coverage, and the games/illusions continues apace.

    Like Holmes said, quite often the simplest explanation is the one. And if he didn’t say that he should have.

    1. Pat, do you think the Israeli submarines have ways to access/share ongoing encrypted, etc. data which might enable them to interfere with or spoof US submarines?
      I mean, if they can play the US/NATO air forces, why not the US/NATO navies too?

      1. @ HP

        I do not know about spoofing a ship, but spoofing the location of a ship with GPS is real and results in ship collisions. The US Navy is in the process of training personnel to use sextants again because of it.

      2. HP –

        Thanks for the question.

        I don’t have a clue, based on my experiences.

        Even the submarines are highly compartmentalized with technical knowledge. General knowledge is very extensive and tedious, however. My expertise in the exact technology of navigation systems is very thin.

        By the same token, the ‘nav’ boys were limited in their nuclear engineering knowledge. They had no “need to know” the deep science and hands on operations of the nuclear systems.

      3. Pat, thanks. Yes, just what I thought. Need to know. Someone knows.
        I reckon stuff like this is why the swabbies invented scuttlebut in the first place..
        (among other things)

  2. Seeing that this is a Christian website, I have to ask, what is the import to all this

    Matthew 24:6
    Mark 13:7
    Luke 21:9

    The message contained therein is the same. Wars and rumors of wars. Watch and act accordingly, and implying that true believers in Christ can’t depend on politicians to bail them out of any jams when ultimately they are part of the problem. Besides, these concern only worldly matters anyway.

    There is a great “paradigm” shift coming which will make the affairs of human beings essentially paltry

    There are no political solutions to a spiritual problem

    1. Let us suppose the “Christian game” is to embody the Christ on this physical plane. Real-ly and true-ly. During some eras, epochs, ages, even 26000-year cycles, progress seems slow, two steps forward, one step back. Perhaps WAY BACK — 30 yards to first down, 3rd down, and Hail Mary time. May I suggest that we look for the best quarterback we have? Wanna be a quarterback — for Self, family, neighbor, community?!

      Perhaps we have to mark time, do the best we can, the next game scheduled upon our reincarnation, whenever, wherever, how ever! In the meantime, and in mean times do we live, let us open our hearts, let the Light shine, and live Life, with Love for GOD, Self, and, as Self, our neighbor. Jesus defined “neighbor” for us.

      1. @ Alan Donelson

        “do the best we can” daily.

        You’ve laid down the foundation well. All we have to do is with that foundation according to Jesus, is heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead and preach the kingdom of God, in that order as he did and as he told his disciples to do. The establishment says we can’t do that because we are unworthy along with a myriad of other misinformation, but anyone can do what Jesus told us to do. Jesus would not have told us to do it if we couldn’t do it. The instructions are in the Gospels.

      2. Ung

        “Raising the dead” properly defined as restoring our existence as spirit beings, as opposed to raising them from the grave only to be returned to the shackles of this material one, which includes the pall of reincarnating to such an existence

    2. I’m curious as to whether Israel is still getting free oil from the oil fields in Northern Syria. The oil is shipped to a port in Turkey then the oil is shipped to Israel. Is this still going on? Erdogan wants to whole Muslim world to unite against Israel, so did he put an end to Israel getting free oil or is he still allowing oil from Northern Syria to be shipped to a Turkish port then shipped to Israel? Because if he’s still allowing Israel to get free oil, then he is full of sh*t when he says he wants the Muslim world to unite against Israel.

      It’s disgusting that Uncle Sam is waging unending war against the Muslim world, and all based on the LIE that the Muslims did 9/11. Everyone in Washington, including Trump of course, they all know Israel-jews did 9/11, yet they’re still waging unending war against the Muslim world. It’s a deep crime and sin against the Muslim world and if America comes crashing down because of it, I don’t care, let it come crashing down. There’s nothing inspiring about America anymore. It’s all about LIES and inflicting pain and misery and blood shed and death and destruction on peoples who have never harmed us Americans. Truly disgusting.

      1. @ TROJ

        WOW! Nor ain’t that a coincidence?!? I just been talkin’ about you and you pop up again like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat! Extraordinary! 🙂

  3. Israel and the U.S. and Britain created ISIS aka AL CIADA for regime change in 7 ME countries for ISRAEL and this diabolical agenda has caused millions of deaths for the Zionist NWO agenda of a Zionist controlled ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

  4. Who started it.
    See ” the founding fathers of Zionism ” by Benzion Netanyahu,
    I deliberately use the word “see”, please don’t fund them by parting with money for a new copy.

    1. Harry,
      No need to pay a cent for that book. I just downloaded it for free from gen.lib.rus.ec There is absolutely no need to fork out money to ((( criminal swine ))) at these online booksellers.
      Regarding the cause of the current fighting it’s due to the terror of the (((New York Money Lords))) that the end of the petro-dollar is nigh. Russia is making massive purchases of gold. Late last year it refused to accept dollars for payment from ships docking at Russian ports. Putin and Xi have both stated that the world should move away from the US dollar as it allows the US to fund its war machine, corrupt as it is, at the expense of the rest of the world. Concurrently China has started the petro-yuan which can be exchanged for gold. They’ve also made significant cutbacks of purchases of Saudi oil. Obviously the Chinese want to weaken the dollar slowly. If they do so suddenly they will also lose. I’ve spoken to many people who’ve recently travelled through the Silk Road States and everyone tells me it’s booming. This is of course contrary to (((Western MSM))) reports of imminent economic collapse.
      So yes the (((gentlemen of the Robert Mugabe Kaffir school))) of economics are very afraid indeed. “Let’s start a war to distract the idiotic public.”

      1. Felix –

        You wrote:
        “Russia is making massive purchases of gold.”

        I am seriously wanting to know from you…

        How much? When? What are Russia’s total gold holdings as of last year?

        I have never been able to find those figures….. Only rumors and guesses, mostly by brokers and the likes of James Sinclair – born Seligman.

        The fallacy of backing currency with gold… means that the paper can be turned in for gold. Redeemed. The gold holder then has less gold…. and that continues until the gold is gone. That means the currency is just paper and reverts back to ‘state-authorized’ fiat currency.

        Russia likes USD:

        Russia USD Reserves as of April 13, 2018

        13.04.2018 – Billions of US dollars = 462.4 Billion USD

        Bank Of Russia
        12 Neglinnaya Street, Moscow, 107016 Russia



      2. @ Felix

        You’re beginning to sound like me on economics. I don’t know if that’s a good thing for you or not. 🙂

        I read an article last night that the Silk Road railroad was finished between China and Tehran. Shipment times are to be reduced by a couple of weeks versus ships. It dawned on me that they are undercutting the (((money masters))) with the rail service. Shipments via rail will eliminate the mandatory cargo insurance gravy train for the (((money masters.))) Chip, chip, chipping away except the frequency seems to be increasing with time.

        According to QAnon, the US Federal Reserve is to be restructured sometime during Trump presidency. Most think that the Fed will be nationalized which is the only way to restructure it and make any meaningful difference.

      3. “Nationalizing”* the Fed WOULD make a meaningful difference. But meaningful for WHOM? And meaningful HOW?

        *The existence of the Fed ITSELF implies that there is no nation in the truest sense of the word as it reflects true sovereignty. Only a complete and incontrovertible ABOLISHMENT signals a meaningfulness that’s beneficial to individuals

      4. Pat


        “The fallacy of backing paper with gold…means that paper can be turned in for gold. Redeemed.”

        Not only is this fallacy, it is sheer DELUSION, and I will leave it to you to expound on its delusional nature. You can explain it right off the cuff.

  5. I was invited to Pablo Escobar´s (pictured above) grandkid villa recently because i am going to teach him english and when i turned on the computer at his desk to brag about being a senior poster at Darkmoon i came across this article and it helped conclude that day´s lesson; i teach him english for free … well, not for free exactly i do it because i get protection from EL PATRON and his family specially when i fall off the wagon..
    This is a great article because this way posters and silent members -silent posters are those who read but do not post or at one time posted but -probably because they got tired of the silliness and absurdity of some other active posters- became silent like Ruth Bernestein who turned out to be christian not jewish as the name suggests even though nowdays there seems to be little difference between the two) this way we posters know that every thing is beeing read carefully by someone at the posters-lab and that sometimes words are more painful than swords.
    I am very happy and honoured to be a a senior member at this site and would be very upset if (God forbid) my cousins (The People that say that that God Chose Them Over Others) get to shut it down completely; i dont know what i would do.
    I used to have the same love for other sites (like Veterans Today) until they started posting articles about ufo sightings over the place where the twin towers once stood and articles praising the shia group Amal whose logo is
    “KIll a Sunni enter Paradise”
    darkmoon doesnt do that .prove of that is this article.
    ♠-I love darkmoon-♠
    i would like to finish my short post by pasting from the bible whats happening in Palestine (my homeland)

    —-In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed—–
    thats from corinthias and the jew shall die
    😉 😉 😉 😉

  6. Pat,
    Go to google, type in Russian Gold Reserves and you will see a number of articles, Bloomberg included, attesting to the fact that Russia has been increasing its gold reserves since 2014. Officially their reserves are now higher than China’s. Also check out the website of the world gold council. “Officially” the US is alleged to be the largest gold holder but as the Fed refuses to have it audited, one cannot be sure. Also your link, if you care to look at it properly, at the bottom, notes the increase in precious metals.

    1. Thanks, Felix –
      I have done all the searches for years… decades. Even before the net.

      I have only seen the hundreds of rumors from Bloomberg and others. They lie too much to be believed… jews.

      “Officially” means nothing… as you inferred.

      Russia and China refuse the audits also. So, there is NO official “Official” reporting.

      As I have learned… Everyone IS guessing!! Articles are… RUMORS!! 🙂

      I make NO claims of who has the gold. They won’t tell me!!

    2. Felix –

      As far as increases you mentioned were at the ‘LINK’ I gave, those were metals prices not quantities…. if I “care to look at it properly”… 🙂

      Maybe I looked at a different place than you….

      How much gold did you see??

      How large was the increase over the time period??

      1. Pat him wise
        if him know
        what go wrong
        scalp wampum

        Please amend this if you see fit:

        Gold is a distraction to the big picture, incidental to the chief controlling mechanism moving towards completing the fallacious money standard of a “fiat totalitarianism” – the clearinghouse known as the B.I.S.

        But make no mistake. The completion of the Silk oad only gets the world closer to this. There’s good reason why it’s called the Bank of INTERNATIONAL Settlements. None of these onerous bankers and the statists whose strings they pull properly represent the individual.

        “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” is SUPPOSED to mean that which serves the common GOOD, not the lording over of the “common man”>

        When you dance with the devil, the devil always leads

      2. B-Hawk –

        “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” is – ACTUALLY – SUPPOSED to mean…

        “Give the government NOTHING!!”
        You see….. ALL belongs to the Creator, NOT Ceasar !! 🙂

      3. Yes, of course.

        I was simply thinking along the lines of a general fund whose responsibility involved things of public common interest not associated with individual interest. But that wouldn’t be “government”, per se. No governing necessary

        A classic example of where the Bible can be such a brainwashing instrument; a usurper

  7. Folks around these parts have a saying , IT’S not who started it, it’s who finishes it, the implication being , the winner takes the prize, in the context of the conflict between the righteous and the damned there can eventually be only one winner,.
    The Resistance is fighting the Zionist , this daily war of attrition takes a heavy toll on the righteous due to the satanic Zionist cult having the upper hand and due to it being able to murder man woman and child with the impunity provided by its UN veto, this won’t last forever , no earthly empire lasts, they all have weakened , then ended.
    As the Zionist axis weakens the Resistance gets stronger, soon the tipping point will come, the Zionist shall be Removed, the Resistance shall prevail, it is written.

  8. Darkmoon is “Alt-right”?

    Haaretz recently referred to Israel’s Likud coalition government as “alt-right”.

    The “Know Your Meme” website defines “Alt-right” as

    a loosely defined segment of right-wing conservative principles, as well as the faction of politicians and constituents, often characterized as being centered around white nationalism and a vehement opposition to multiculturalism, feminism, socialism and identity politics in the United States.

    Hmm, that would mean Haaretz is wrong, unless Israel is “in the United States.” But as we know from Israel’s recent win in the Eurovision Song Contest, Israel is in Europe. Or not, if that’s convenient. As most DM readers know, Israel and the Jewish people get to make up their own rules.

    In some social media forums the “alt-right” is reportedly dead, and in other forums the “Alt-Right” is simply reported as a dead-end.

    THE ALT-RIGHT IS A DEAD-END BECAUSE IT TAKES THE WRONG STANCE on the alleged “holocaust of the jews” – it accepts this “holocaust” as an irrefutable fact of history. It also accepts Jews into its own ranks and sees them as a permanent fixture in White countries.

    MMM… nope. This author makes a lot of good points (those with time should read that article), but she should have done a little more research.

    I confess to hanging out in “alt-right forums” on Twitter, and have observed that if there is one issue that separates the right – however it may be hyphenated – into very distinct factions it is support – or lack thereof – for Israel, more so even than belief or disbelief in the “Holocaust”. If someone supports Israel they are more or less required to believe the “Holocaust” narrative. It’s part of supporting Israel. If a person doesn’t support Israel, chances are the “Holocaust” narrative won’t get much credit, either. Many believe the Red Cross estimates of dead in the camps, some believe millions died. The right is split into dozens of special interest groups that, in general, hold true to the “Know Your Meme” definition. While I can’t provide numbers, it seems intuitively obvious that a main issue causing people on the right and left to associate with each other is the issue of support – financial, military and moral – for Israel. The May 14 simultaneous celebration / slaughter created interesting crossovers of left and right on Twitter, which will become much more rare as the corporation roles out V. 3.0 of its “healthy conversations” AI, soon.

    Who started the latest round of conflict in the ME? Neocons, neolibs, and Israel’s supporters say it was Iran / Syria / Hamas / Hezbollah. Any other opinion tends to be dismissed and denounced as “anti-semitic”, but there are a large group of people who say Israel started the latest round of conflict, going back to 1948, which is why Israel’s 70th “birthday” is cause for unrest. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem was just salt in an already grievous wound.

    Some claim Jews / Hebrews have always been targets of persecution. Some point out that a lot of influential Jews / Hebrews have considered resistance to “Tikkun Olam” to be “persecution”. One of the joys of the modern age is being able to find support somewhere for just about any opinion, no matter how unpopular, unlikely, eccentric, deranged, delusional, obscene, or murderous.

    Who started it? If we don’t know by now we are in deep doo-doo.

    1. Carn –

      “BIGGLY”… ALWAYS – INVENT THEIR OWN RULES!! And still get it wrong!! 🙂

      Two British journalists who were detained in Libya have revealed they were held because their captors CONFUSED a passage of – WELSH – written on their medical supplies for HEBREW, leading to suspicions they were spying for Israel. (HA!! Wrong!!)


      “Edomite Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860.” Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol. 10:23


      (in comments)

      joedub67 | March 14, 2017 at 8:32 pm

      John 8:44-45
      “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
      45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

      Revelation 2:9 – I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews(Judahites), and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.

      Revelation 3:9 – Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews (sic Judahites), and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
      It says the same thing in the Old Testament, which was not written by Jews, but Israelites.

      “Here is a paradox… A most ingenious paradox: an ANTHROPOLOGICAL FACT, many Christians may have MUCH MORE Hebrew-Israelite blood in their veins than most of their Jewish neighbors.” Jewish author, Alfred M. Lilienthal, What Price Israel, p. 223.

      “Christianity did not come from Judaism: rather, Judaism is a perversion of Christianity.”
      -Ignatius Theophorus (35 – 108 A.D)

      “Edomite Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860.” Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol. 10:23

      “The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud.” -– Michael Rodkinson, in preface of Babylonian Talmud, page XI

      “Edom is in Modern Jewry.” (The Jewish Encyclopedia,1925 edition, vol. 5, p. 41)


      Owner of the site is….

      Roi Ben-Yehuda
      Roi Ben-Yehuda is an Israeli writer based in the US. His work has been featured in publications such as The Daily Beast, Haaretz, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, France 24, Common Ground, Middle-East Online, The Epoch Times, Publico, Tikkun, Zeek and Jewcy. His articles have been translated into multiple languages including: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and Indonesian. The Muslim writer Irshad Manji has called Roi “a rising journalist and public thinker” and has profiled him in May of 2008 as an “agent of moral courage”. Roi holds degrees from New School University and the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is currently a graduate student at Columbia University and a Ph.D student at the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.

      1. It’s easy to understand the confusion on the part of the Libyans reading Welsh. I’ve felt like that myself whilst traveling in Wales, and Ireland.

      2. hp

        Yahweh, YHWH, Jehovah, whatever.

        The bottom line is that none of the variations pertain to the true Creating power, but that of a usurper; an imposter – the “demiurge”

    2. @ Carnaptious

      Maybe LD got it wrong in describing the Darkmoon site as “AltRight”. Our site can be judged by the ideas it promotes in LD’s articles and by the kind of websites that have featured LD’s articles over the years, e.g., the Occidental Observer and the Truthseeker.

      [1] https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/author/lashadarkmoon/

      [2] http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?author=133

      Generally speaking, we are an anti-Zionist site sympathetic to Holocaust revisionism and 9/11 truth, opposed to multiculturalism, cultural Marxism and mass immigration. We are not too enthusiastic about feminism, homosexuality, and pornography. We are all for traditional moral values and we are pro-Christian. However, we are also well-disposed to other religions, especially the Oriental ones.

      You would not be posting on our site if the ideas promoted on our site, in article after article, were in any way repellent to you. People generally like sites that mirror their own values and basic presuppositions.

      1. I think the “alt-right” characterization of Darkmoon came from the list of 200 “alt-right” sites. I’m a big fan of Darkmoon, and no, I find nothing repellent.

      2. Sister Monica, would “gnosticism” be a better descriptor, maybe one of a cluster of terms! I recommend http://www.gnostic.org, which a teacher I know still maintains. Also, http://www.holyorderofmans.org. Milestones I passed long ago, the scrolls and symbols still alive with insight and healing thoughts! I partake of them and others as I ply my path to its end.

  9. Zionists versus mullahs? I hope they both lose.

    Jewish Power in America is leading the country into more wars, more American and Palestinian lives wasted, more cities left in ruins

    I just wish the real cause of all this sabre-rattling, the US Neocon Jewish Lobby, could be rounded up and locked up for life, away on some remote island with absolutely no communication with the outside world. They are behind this build-up to destroy anybody opposing the zionists.

    President Trump is a vain and silly narcissist who is easy meat for the Jewish Lobby. The Mullahs are no better, with their narrow, intolerant religion, but at least they don’t control the US government and media.

    1. wishing won’t get us anywhere.
      Best get behind the “mullahs” John, help them remove Zionism, then agree to disagree, Mark out territory between you and them, stay out off theirs and ensure they stay out of yours.
      The mullahs lead the largest part of the Resistance to zionism, they are fighting it, the US funds it, get with the Resistance, get on the winning side.

  10. This week .
    Monday the Zionist axis satanic nature was revealed in the glare of worlds witness when Zionist occupational forces murdered 50+ and maimed 1000,s while it’s great and good celebrated in Al Quds .
    Tuesday the Zionist axis received a slap as North Korea reminded it that it still holds it’s own veto proceedings.
    Wednesday , Russia opens the Crimea bridge, a further nail in the coffin of the Zionist axis Ukraine imperialist project.
    The satanic Zionist axis is weakening. It desperate attempt to control the Earth shall fail.

    1. Hi Harry,
      Yes, I agree that the Zionist Axis is weakening. There is worlwide contempt not just for Israel but for its supporters. They call it antisemitism, but it is natural revulsion against an arrogant, ruthless group; but in America it is so powerful that even the recent massacre at Gaza has been blamed on the Palestinians.

      “Eyeless in Gaza he stood” …….and he brought down the temple of Dagon….let’s hope the Palestinians of Gaza are today’s Samson.

      1. If this does blow up into full scale war I think you could kiss the arab oil state governments goodbye. Oil could go back up to its 2007 price of $160, or higher.

        Because of fracking the USA is now self-sufficient in oil.

  11. Oh why such care about Iran? Is the Ayatollah your friend then? Persia has been a thorn in the side of the West since Alexander the Great. The Invasions of the Roman Empire might never have happened if not for those damned Parthians stopping Legions from flanking and engulfing Germania. If the Parthians weren’t there, the Germans could be engulfed and absorbed whole instead of being pushed into the heart of the Republic.
    Let Israel and Iran destroy each other. Let them fight and burn each other. Neither side is on the side of the West. The EU is Soviet in its quest.
    The Future is Coming. The Template is the Past. When Israel and Iran burn each other out. The Holy Roman Empire shall Live Again…

    1. Hi Dr Doom,
      What’s Alexander got to do with it?

      It won’t be Israel fighting Iran, it will be America, on behalf of Israel, with American and Iranian lives not counting but Jewish lives precious. viz the recent massacre of 65 unarmed Palestiians plus over 2,000 wounded. Tear gas can halt an army. If they had been Jewish deaths the American B52s would have been bombing Gaza “Back to the stone age”.

    2. Dr –

      There is no Template from the Past today.

      ALL human activity is different in this world at this time.

      For one – There were no satellites for communication & CONTROL with 5G TECHNOLOGY for the ENTIRE EARTH in the Past.

      Here is just one example… with 5 new satellites add to the “Iridium Constellation” THIS MONTH. They can be seen with the naked eye:

      Iridium Satellite Constellation – Wikipedia

      The Iridium satellite constellation provides voice and data coverage to satellite phones, pagers and integrated transceivers over the entire Earth surface. Iridium Communications owns and operates the constellation, additionally selling equipment and access to its services. It was originally conceived by Bary Bertiger, Raymond J. Leopold and Ken Peterson in late 1987 (and protected by patents by Motorola in their names in 1988) and then developed by Motorola on a fixed-price contract from July 29, 1993 to November 1, 1998, when the system became operational and commercially available.

      Iridium NEXT IV launched with ten additional satellites on 23 December 2017. Iridium NEXT V launched with ten additional satellites on 30 March 2018.

      Most recently, in May 2018 SpaceX launched an additional five satellites, bringing the number of upgraded satellites to 55.

      Because of the shape of the Iridium satellites’ reflective antennas, the satellites focus sunlight on a small area of the Earth surface in an incidental manner. This results in an effect called Iridium flares, where the satellite momentarily appears as one of the brightest objects in the night sky and can be seen even during daylight.

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