Why Confronting Israel Is Important — The Jewish State is no Friend

By Philip Giraldi
The Unz Review

“If there is a real enemy of the United States in terms of the actual damage
being inflicted by a foreign power, 
it is Israel…. Israel is nothing but trouble.
—  Philip Giraldi

I am often asked why I have this “thing” about Israel, with friends suggesting that I would be much more respected as a pundit if I were to instead concentrate on national security and political corruption. The problem with that formulation is that the so-called “special relationship” with Israel is itself the result of terrible national security and foreign policy choices that is sustained by pervasive political and media corruption, so any honest attempt to examine the one inevitably leads to the other. Most talking heads in the media avoid that dilemma by choosing to completely ignore the dark side of Israel.

Israel – not Russia – is the one foreign country that can interfere with impunity with the political processes in the United States, yet it is immune from criticism.

It is also the single most significant threat to genuine national security as it and its powerful domestic lobby have been major advocates for the continuation of America’s interventionist warfare state. The decision to go to war on false pretenses against Iraq, largely promoted by a cabal of prominent American Jews in the Pentagon and in the media, killed 4,424 Americans as well as hundreds of thousands Iraqis and will wind up costing the American taxpayer $7 trillion dollars when all the bills are paid. That same group of mostly Jewish neocons more-or-less is now agitating to go to war with Iran using a game plan for escalation prepared by Israel which will, if anything, prove even more catastrophic.

And I can go on from there. According to the FBI, Israel runs the most aggressive spying operations against the U.S. among ostensibly “friendly” nations, frequently stealing our military technology for resale by its own arms merchants. Its notable successes in espionage have included the most devastating spy in U.S. history, Jonathan Pollard, while it has also penetrated American communications systems and illegally obtained both the fuel and the triggers for its own secret nuclear weapons arsenal.

Israel cares little for American sovereignty. It’s prime ministers Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu have both boasted how they control the United States. In 2001, Israel was running a massive secret spying operation directed against Arabs in the U.S. Many in the intelligence and law enforcement communities suspect that it had considerable prior intelligence regarding the 9/11 plot but did not share it with Washington. There was the spectacle of the “dancing Shlomos,” Israeli “movers” from a company in New Jersey who apparently had advanced knowledge of the terrorist attack and danced and celebrated as they watched the Twin Towers go down.

Jewish power, both in terms of money and of access to people and mechanisms that really matter, is what allows Israel to act with impunity, making the United States both poorer and more insecure. A well-funded massive lobbying effort involving hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals in the U.S. has worked to the detriment of actual American interests, in part by creating a permanent annual gift of billions of dollars to Israel for no other reason but that it is Israel and can get anything it wants from a servile Congress and White House without any objection from a controlled media.

Israel has also obtained carte blanche political protection from the U.S. in fora like the United Nations, which is damaging to America’s reputation and its actual interests. This protection now extends to the basing of U.S. troops in Israel to serve as a tripwire, guaranteeing that Washington will become involved if Israel is ever attacked or even if Israel itself starts a war. The current U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley is little more than a shill for Israel while America’s Ambassador in Israel David Friedman is an open supporter of Israel’s illegal settlements, which the U.S. opposes, who spends much of his time defending Israeli war crimes.

And here on the home front Israel is doing damage that might be viewed as even more grave in Senator Ben Cardin’s attempt to destroy First Amendment rights by making any criticism of Israel illegal. The non-violent Israel Boycott movement (BDS) has already been sanctioned in many states, the result of intensive and successful lobbying by the Israeli government and its powerful friends.

So if there is a real enemy of the United States in terms of the actual damage being inflicted by a foreign power, it is Israel.

In the recent Russiagate investigations it was revealed that it was Israel, not Russia, that sought favors from Michael Flynn and the incoming Trump Administration, yet Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidently not chosen to go down that road with his investigations, which should surprise no one.

Noam Chomsky, iconic progressive intellectual, has finally come around on the issue of Israel and what it means. He has always argued somewhat incoherently that Israeli misbehavior has been due to its role as a tool of American imperialism and capitalism. At age 89, he has finally figured out that it is actually all about what a parasitic Israel wants without any regard for its American host, observing on “Democracy Now” that:

“…take, say, the huge issue of interference in our pristine elections. Did the Russians interfere in our elections? An issue of overwhelming concern in the media. I mean, in most of the world, that’s almost a joke. First of all, if you’re interested in foreign interference in our elections, whatever the Russians may have done barely counts or weighs in the balance as compared with what another state does, openly, brazenly and with enormous support. Israeli intervention in U.S. elections vastly overwhelms anything the Russians may have done… I mean, even to the point where the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, goes directly to Congress, without even informing the president, and speaks to Congress, with overwhelming applause, to try to undermine the president’s policies – what happened with Obama and Netanyahu in 2015….”

Politicians are terrified of crossing the Jewish lobby by saying anything negative about Israel, which means that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu always gets a pass from the American government, even when he starves civilians and bombs hospitals and schools. Netanyahu uses snipers to shoot dead scores of unarmed demonstrators and the snipers themselves joke about their kills without a peep from Washington, which styles itself the “leader of the free world.”

Just recently, Israel has declared itself a Jewish State with all that implies. To be sure, Israeli Christians and Muslims were already subject to a battery of laws and regulations that empowered Jews at their expense but now it is the guiding principle that Israel will be run for the benefit of Jews and Jews alone. And it still likes to call itself a “democracy.”

A recent television program illustrates just how far the subjugation of America’s elected leaders by Israel has gone. British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is featured on a new show called “Who is America?” in which he uses disguises and aliases to engage politicians and other luminaries in unscripted interviews that reveal just how ignorant or mendacious they actually are. Several recent episodes remind one of a February 2013 Saturday Night Live skit on the impending confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. A Senator asks Hagel. “It is vital to Israel’s security for you to go on national television and perform oral sex on a donkey… Would you do THAT for Israel?” A “yes” answer was, of course, expected from Hagel. The skit was never aired after objections from the usual suspects.

Baron Cohen, who confronted several GOP notables in the guise of Colonel Erran Morad, an Israeli security specialist, provided a number of clues that his interview was a sham but none of the victims were smart enough to pick up on them. Cohen, wearing an Israeli military uniform and calling himself a colonel, clearly displayed sergeant’s stripes. Hinting that he might actually be a Mossad agent, Cohen also sported a T-shirt on which the Hebrew text was printed backwards and he claimed that the Israeli spy agency’s motto was “if you want to win, show some skin.”

Cohen set up Dick Cheney by complimenting him on being the “the king of terrorist killers” before commenting that “my neighbor in Tel Aviv is in jail for murder, or, as we call it, enhanced tickling.” Morad went on to tell Cheney that he once waterboarded his wife to check for infidelity and then convinced the former Vice President to sign a “waterboarding kit” that “already had” the signatures of Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon and Demi Lovato.

Another more spectacular sketch included a Georgia state senator Jason Spencer who was convinced to shout out the n-word as part of an alleged video being made to fight terrorism. After Cohen told Spencer that it was necessary to incite fear in homophobic jihadists, Spencer dropped his pants and underwear, before backing up with his exposed rear end while shouting “USA!” and “America!” Spencer also spoke with a phony Asian accent while simulating using a selfie-stick to secretly insert a camera phone inside a Muslim woman’s burqa.

In another series of encounters, Cohen as Morad managed to convince current and ex-Republican members of Congress — to include former Senate majority leader Trent Lott — to endorse a fictional Israeli program to arm grade school children for self-defense.

Cohen’s footage included a former Illinois congressman and talk radio host named Joe Walsh saying: “The intensive three-week ‘Kinderguardian’ course introduces specially selected children from 12 to 4 years old to pistols, rifles, semiautomatics and a rudimentary knowledge of mortars. In less than a month — less than a month — a first-grader can become a first grenade-er.”

Both controversial Alabama judge Roy Moore and Walsh were fooled into meeting Cohen to attend a non-existent pro-Israel conference to accept an award for “significant contributions to the state of Israel.” Representative Dana Rohrabacher, meanwhile, also was interviewed and he commented that, “Maybe having young people trained and understand how to defend themselves and their school might actually make us safer here.” And Congressman Joe Wilson observed that “A 3-year-old cannot defend itself from an assault rifle by throwing a ‘Hello Kitty’ pencil case at it.”

Cohen’s performance is instructive. A man shows up in Israeli uniform, claims to be a terrorism expert or even a Mossad agent, and he gains access to powerful Americans who are willing to do anything he says. How Cohen did it says a lot about the reflexive and completely uncritical support for Israel that many American politicians — particularly Republicans — now embrace. This, in a nutshell, is the damage that Israel and its Lobby have done to the United States. Israel is always right for many policymakers and even palpably phony Jews like Colonel Morad are instantly perceived as smarter than the rest of us so we’d better do what they say. That kind of thinking has brought us Iraq, Libya, Syria and the possibility of something far worse with Iran.

Israel routinely interferes in American politics and corrupts our institutions without any cost to itself and that is why I write and speak frequently regarding the danger to our Republic that it poses. It is past time to change the essentially phony narrative. Israel is nothing but trouble. It has the right to defend itself and protect its interests but that should not involve the United States. One can only hope that eventually a majority of my fellow American citizens will also figure things out. It might take a while, but the ruthless way Israel openly operates with no concern for anyone but itself provides a measure of optimism that that day is surely coming.


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  1. “Trump Wants An *Israeli Space Command* | W10 Code Written In Israel” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSu68wQhzEI
    “Israel’s the key. That’s the crime bunker, not even the City of London. The crime bunker where they do this shit is in Israel. You deal with Israel, you pull the wolf off your neck.” ( Brendon O’Connell )
    “Israel Hardware Backdoored Everything” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhTIWwRacug
    “The Zionist Plan to Take Over the World” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHZPLvbhLh8

    1. USA should first confront México. Historically México has always dumped its refuse in the US. Young, pregnant Mexican girls walk across the border to give birth to anchor-babies all cortesía of US tax-payers. Not to mention the flow of Mexican rapists and murderes who reside in federal prisiones…..at tax-payers expense. Also they burden the welfare system. How many times has Donaldo stood in line at Walmart checkout line watching illiterate Mexicans pay for their food with foodstamps? México is a huge burden on the US. Israel…….also. But in a diferente manner. Lets also not forget the billions in “aid” also given to other ME countries. Kinda strange for a country so in dept, the US sure has a lot of shekels to throw around. Maybe Lord Rothchild will pull the plug soon and leave América stranded. Wonder how Alan Greenspan is faring in retirement. Drinking a lot of (((cool-aid))) I suppose. 🙂

  2. To a degree, Philip Giraldi puts to shame globalresearch.ca, (((Prof. Chossudovsky’s))) website up and running the day before 11 September 2001, which hardly ever mentions Israel in connection to its continual America bashing; P.C. Roberts, whose first two initials tell the whole story he writes; and Alex [pro-Zionist] Jones and other members of the cadre of “controlled opposition” and gatekeepers. Yet, even Giraldi pulls the punch, does he not?

    To wit: “In 2001, Israel was running a massive secret spying operation directed against Arabs in the U.S. Many in the intelligence and law enforcement communities suspect that it had considerable prior intelligence regarding the 9/11 plot but did not share it with Washington. There was the spectacle of the “dancing Shlomos,” Israeli “movers” from a company in New Jersey who apparently had advanced knowledge of the terrorist attack and danced and celebrated as they watched the Twin Towers go down.” In my book that gets recorded as a limited hang-out.

    Shame! Mr. Giraldi, nice try, no banana!

    1. Phil Giraldi may have pulled his punches regarding Israel’s real role in 9/11, but he clearly wanted to avoid that rabbit hole. Once you go there that becomes the focal point of any article. I say give him a break. To my knowledge, no semi-mainstream writer has been more consistently fearless when confronting the illegal Jewish state. His truthful writing got him fired from “The American Conservative” for being anti-Semitic (gag me!).

      1. The graphic heading the article posted on DM omitted 9-11, too. I do not apologize for this: I consider 9-11 THE litmus test for those who would espouse human freedom. Based on evidence to date, despite the Gargantuan|Herculean effort to conceal, diminish, and obfuscate Israeli-Mossad roles, along with dualies operating on this continent — let us never forget Dick Cheney and his cohort, exceptions to the rule and required! — 9-11 exceeded by all limits and boundaries the USS Liberty attack, even the JFK murder. Through that false flag portal came “legislation” ushering into America the 21st Century’s version of Bolshevik Russia. Read what’s available in English, if you do not read Russian or German or French, 200 Years Together. There you, Commonwealth serfs, including “US citizens” who don’t know the difference from American Nationals, will find your own destiny. So I think, based on years of reading and research.

    2. @ Alan Donelson

      I agree. I read as far as what you quoted and skipped to the comments section.

  3. I hate being among first to comment, again, but my reading of these articles seems to often coincide with morning breakfast….
    Anyhow, pondering the circumstances, it seems to me that the American involvement with Israhell is still as originally intended. I see no other practical evolution except our maintenance of a permanent military outpost in the ME, while at the same time preserving our access to the coffer$ of Big Jew. Ultimately, American leadership is faced with the dilemma of having to choose between principle and practicality. We Americans have worked ourselves into a corner! 😶

    1. I saved you from your troubling thought of being first, again! I too rose early for breakfast! And WHO intended “American involvement with Israhell”? Does a specie’s “evolution” always aim to its extinction? Perhaps, if driven mad by a parasite’s venom. No, JMO, your take on this seems awfully self-serving. I do not count myself among “We Americans” who “have worked ourselves in a corner”. Doom porn writ gently and gentlemanly, sir, I grant you.

  4. Zionists control America and every facet of the U.S. government and has since at least 1913 when the Zionists got their privately owned FED and IRS through a corrupt congress and were granted permission to print money out of thin air and to tax Americans on the wars that the Zionists were to instigate starting with WWI and continuing on down through the Mideast, Zionists rule the U.S..

    The proof of complete control of the U.S. gov is the fact that Israel and the Zionist controlled deep state did 911 and killed an estimated 3000 Americans and got away with it and every thinking America knows that Israel did it. Until this fact is admitted and the people force the gov to force the perpetrators of 911 to stand trial , nothing will change and America will continue to be a nation of slaves for their Zionist masters.

  5. I guess Giraldi was brave to write what he did, but unless he “pulled a punch” in his remarks about 9-11, as Donelson says, he doesn’t understand 9-11 Truth very well. Israel not only had foreknowledge, they did the deed — and they made an enormous mistake and left evidence. For more than a month fires burned so hot in the Ground Zero rubble heap that they actually _vaporized_ iron and other metals. Tiny balls of iron were 150 times more numerous in 9-11 dust than in normal office dust (from meteors). Chips of nano-thermite were numerous in the dust along with the tiny balls of iron (which are a signature of a thermite fire). It is not a hypothesis but a rock-solid empirical truth that the WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. And where does the evidence strongly point as to the author of the deed? Israel!

    1. Kendra Blewitt, you yourself tread along a path laid by disinformers — among them, perhaps unwittingly, Christopher Bollyn, who as yet to revisit his own commitment to “thermite”, currently rehabilitated as a “truth teller”. To my mind, despite the crazy array of opinions and data presented by Duff (60% fact) et al. through VeteransToday, VT presented and documented a much more plausible theory for the destruction of WTC 1 and 2 (micronukes, perhaps assisted in with certain structural details of demolition with “thermite”).

      And, just WHO would have micronukes — which some contributing to the commentary on DM assert “do not exist” — to invest in taking down WTC buildings??

      Note that most truthy truthtellers of 9-11 concede that WTC 7 (at Larry “Lucky” Silverstein’s direction “Pull it.”) went down more conventionally. Anyone viewing the videos of these buildings going down (and UP in dust!) would have to seriously contemplate the possibility that America got NUKED by (((PTB))) and their loyal shabbos goy. Then, as most do not, one should consider what happened to WTC 5 & 6!

      If you can’t grok correctly WTC 1 and WTC 2, you have failed the litmus test. Limited hangout, baby!

      1. @PAT RE nuclear weapons [bombs]. Good for you! You rose to the challenge. For you to ask what I know — implying a request to disclose personal, professional, authoritative knowledge on the topic — I readily admit that I, though far from a solipsist, know next to nothing about the construction and operation of nuclear bombs. Of course, according to some, no one else does either, now do they? Including you!

        As a scientist standing on the shoulders of giants, I’d rather trust sources with more acumen and experience than I. My only claim to fame is that i once lived for more than a decade within miles of the Lawrernce Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, CA, where, once upon a wondrous time decades before, my first ex-wife and I went the the Rolling Stones’ free concert at the Altamont Speedway. When I moved to NorCal, the laboratory had proposed testing depleted uranium in the hills between Livermore and the Central Valley…Perhaps depleted uranium works better than nuclear bombs, a point to your side of this flat-earth-like argument.

        I watched Disney’s production of ping-pong balls going bonkers from just one ping-pong ball tossed on a table of mouse-trapped ping-pong balls. Just like a nuclear reaction! I hid under school desks, too. I have reached that age.

        If you can refute or otherwise denigrate the articles and information from VT, then, man, I’m in your corner!

        Otherwise, let me tell you, the Earth is near spherical!

      2. @Alan Donelson

        Professor Jones wrote a paper in 2007 that strongly refutes Fetzer’s theory of “micro nukes.” He refuted every argument Fetzer made for the existence of nuclear explosions at the WTC site.

        The sickness and resulting deaths of the First Responders and workers clearing up the Ground Zero rubble can be explained by the poisonous fumes coming from the super hot thermite fires below. This sickness and death does not prove nuclear radiation.

        As for Bollyn, I think he is the best 9-11 researcher. I suspect, as did Michael Collins Piper, that Bollyn is an intelligence operative of some sort. But I still think Bollyn is on the mark regarding the Thermite Argument: i.e., it is not only the best argument, it is also irrefutable. I think Bollyn’s assignment as an operative is to shift attention away from the purpose of 9-11 being the effective negation of the 4th Amendment protection against surveillance. He says it was all about the expansion of Israel to be the land of the two rivers. In effect he wants to protect the Jews by blaming the Zionists.

      3. AD –

        You wrote:
        “Perhaps depleted uranium works better than nuclear bombs, a point to your side of this flat-earth-like argument.”

        If you are implying that I believe the earth is flat… you are absolutely wrong!!

        THIS IS my exact belief:

        ‘Potato’ Earth (from ESA)

    2. @ Kendra Blewitt RE “Micronukes”. Revelations of “micronuke technology” and strong evidence of their actual use in the ME post-date the Jones/Fetzer arguments. Please peruse what VT has to offer. VT even pubished [dated] plans on how to construct one of these [non-existent] weapons. If you have difficulty, then I would happily forward to you PDFed copies of articles on the subject.

      At the risk of spoofing a humorless NSA, I faithfully copied all VT’s blueprints in the hopes I could score an out-dated core or two like the Israelis did!

      Truly, even now, we get caught up in the HOW, not even the WHY, much less the WHO. I have signed copies of Bollyn’s 9-11 books. I have read about, researched, and pondered 9-11 since watching, on a computer at work in September 2001 in Menlo Park, CA, the replays of what may have been CGIs, faked airplanes, for which also evidence abounds. The BBC, famously, reported, live on air, the collapse of WTC 7, 20 minutes before its [controlled demolition] collapse. At some point, one has to take up and wield Occam’s razor, with relentless dispatch.

      1. @ Alan Donelson

        Veterans Today is not a good source. Do you believe in flying saucers? VT pushes that stuff. VT is clearly a disinfo site.

        I am extremely sure that Fetzer is government disinfo agent. The mini nuke stuff and the No Planes stuff he puts out are both disinfo. So is the nobody died at Sandy Hook thing. The man should confess and then hang himself. That’s what I would wish to do if I had done as he.

      2. @Kendra Blewitt RE Fetzer and Cons’ Piracy Theories [some many of which have morphed to fact]. You drop in “Sandy Hook”. I doubt you have read the volume “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”. I have it, I read it. To call into question Fetzer’s views by citing that issue, you expose yourself as either completely ignorant on this false flag event or one promoting hasbara. You offer no citations, no references — you just assert. I think the events we contemplate have too much gravity for such levity. 9-11 seems well beyond your domain of opinion, much less expertise. JMO.

      3. Pat,
        You forget the black thick-rimed glasses. Remember the “Mr. Potatoe-head toy from the 80’s? Thats what the Earth really looks like. Aaaaah yes. Jew in control. Nerdy glasses and the (((nose))). Dont take it personal Rabbis…….just (((Donaldo))) having fun. 🙂

    3. @ Kendra Blewitt

      You might want to checkout Rebekah Roth (pen name) concerning her investigation into 9/11. I have listened to several of her interviews over the years and she presents detailed info that makes sense. She says that the CIA and Mossad are the primary actors in 9/11. She became suspicious of the official 9/11 story when listening to the recording of the 9/11 fight attendants that all violated hijacking protocols.

      She is a retired fight attendant that flew for 32-year up until 2004. She is currently 67 years old and changing locations at least once a week for obvious reasons which has to be costing a pretty penny or two. She has written four books about what she has discovered. I only listen to her interviews since I’m not into reading books that much.

      She has been attacked by Fetzer, Santilli (sp), and others as being phony which gives her credibility with me. She makes no bones about identifying the jews involved which also adds to her credibility.

      This is link to a 6/9/2018 1-hour interview.


      Along with many other things in this interview, she says that all of the flight crews of the four aircraft were CIA recruits and that there were no Arabs on any of the flights. Consequently, none of the four aircraft hit any buildings. She says where the four aircraft landed and how the crews escaped out of the country. Enjoy.

  6. We have seen the Great Republic lose its moral authority because Jewish Power is so great in the USA that the Jews and Israel virtually control the greatest military forces the world has ever seen. They have achieved this without losing a soldier or spending a penny, and they have shown disloyalty, even betrayal of their benefactor.

    The US government has been a bitter disappointment in this matter. Members of Congress have pledged loyalty to Israel, at the behest of AIPAC, albeit under the threat of being deselected at the primaries, viz Cynthia McKinney. Until the American people reject this Jewish Power the country will continue to decline.

    There has been great damage, both in terms of lives, freedom and money. America is still fighting Israel’s wars 18 years after 911. Constitutional freedoms have been trashed. The National debt, at 21 TRILLION dollars is probably too high to ever be paid off, and so leaves future generations in permanent debt.

    As a Brit who loves America, and who remembers American soldiers arriving during WW2, to help, to save, a battered and struggling Britain, I could weep to see what is happening to the greatest republic of history.

    Until the American people are allowed to see the truth of what is happening to their country at the hands of the Jews and Israel there will be no change. Given the Jewish control and censorship of the media that will require something different, and that seems to be the internet. The US govenment should be ashamed of allowing the present situation to have come about. They are betraying their own people to benefit Israel

    1. @ John Kirby,

      Thanks for the nice things you said about my people.

      I admire the English very much. My Gramp fought in the Dardanelles. I have some good English blood. Naturally I admire the English.

      I don’t think either of our peoples should have fought Hitler. I think the Jews got us to do this.

    2. John Kirby, Kendra Blewitt –

      Members of Congress have a gun to their heads almost immediately pursuant to being sworn-in. Only the very bold and brave, e.g., Traffficant, McKinney, Larry McDonald, buck the gun. (They don’t last long.)
      The tentacles of $$ are too deep. Any American politician must devise the craftiest maneuvers to stay long in office if he/she decides to oppose (((them))). Perhaps the best long-term strategy is to give Israhell enough rope with which to hang itself. Rich Jews are being assimilated every day, and are losing their “jewishness”, anyway.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        You say American politicians have a gun to their heads and they have no choice. Well, they always have a choice at a deeper level, even if they have no choice on a practical level, regarding their families and so forth. They have the choice to do what is honorable, or not. The time has come for us to get real about this, I say. What is honorable is the measure, I say, the ultimate measure. And in this respect our politicians have failed. And, by God, have they ever!

        1. What is it all about?
          (to all German speaking readers – maybe one or the other could help with transporting the message?)

          hier mit Verweis auf die VÖLKERMORDKLAGE, die den Alliierten Botschaften und weiteren übergeben worden ist. Auch alle Bediensteten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD), die den Eid auf das Grundgesetz (GG) geleistet haben, sind betroffen.

          DAS DEUTSCHE REICH in seiner Verkörperung durch das deutsche Volk als alleinigem Rechteträger und in seiner Funktion als unmittelbar vollziehende Macht, mangels geeigneter Repräsentanz, klagt die VIER BESATZUNGSMÄCHTE des passiven und aktiven Völkermordes am deutschen Volk an, mittelbar durch ihr Besatzungsorgan Bundesrepublik Deutschland unter Verletzung völkerrechtlicher Regelungen, Haager Landkriegsordnung, zur Besetzung eines besiegten Staates.

          Das Deutsche Reich klagt an:
          DIE RUSSISCHE FÖDERATION, als Rechtsnachfolger der Besatzungsmacht Union der Sozialistischen Sowjetrepubliken, der Billigung der Annexion Mitteldeutschlands durch die VERWALTUNGSORGANISATION BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND und somit konkludent des VÖLKERMORDES AM DEUTSCHEN VOLK durch die Umsetzung des vom 04.01.1943 – durch den jüdischen Professor für Anthropologie an der Harvard-Universität, Ernest Albert HOOTON aufgezeigten und nach ihm benannten HOOTON PLANS zur ETHNISCHEN ZERSETZUNG des deutschen Volkes, seitens des Besatzungsmittels Bundesrepublik Deutschland, mittels ERZWUNGENER MASSENMIGRATION ethnisch fremder Bevölkerungsgruppen, in das von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland verwaltete Teilgebiet des Deutschen Reiches.
          DIE REPUBLIK FRANKREICH, als Besatzungsmacht und Gründungsmitglied der Organisation Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der aktiven Beteiligung und Organisation, auf der Basis des Hooton Plans.
          DAS VEREINIGTE KÖNIGREICH VON GROßBRITANNIEN UND NORDIRLAND, der Planung und Organisation vermittels der von ihm gegründeten Besatzungsorganisation Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
          DIE VEREINIGTEN STAATEN VON AMERIKA, der aktiven Planung und Organisation und Hauptkraft des Völkermordes am Deutschen Volkes durch UMSETZUNG DES HOOTON PLANS.
          Weiterhin klagt das Deutsche Reich an, den HEILIGEN STUHL – SANCTA SEDES – in seiner Verkörperung durch den Papst, als rechtlich verantwortlichen Eigentümer des Vereinigten Königreichs Großbritannien und Nordirland und seiner Kronkolonie Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, der Mitwirkung am Völkermord am Deutschen Volk, durch Billigung der Handlungen seiner untergebenen Vasallen.
          DIE INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION DER VEREINTEN NATIONEN (UNO) und seine 193 Mitglieder, gegründet von den alliierten Feindstaaten des Deutschen Reiches, unterliegen ebenfalls der Anklage durch das Deutsche Volk, als PLATTFORM DER PLANUNG UND AKTIVEN UNTERSTÜTZUNG ZUM VÖLKERMORD AM DEUTSCHEN VOLK durch Organisation des Zustroms fremdrassiger Völkerschaften in das Territorium des Deutschen Reiches und somit dem Bruch des Völkerrechts, entgegen ihrer Aufgabenstellung zu seinem Erhalt.
          Das Deutsche Reich stellt fest, dass die Vereinten Nationen kein vom Deutschen Reich anerkanntes Völkerrechtssubjekt ist und der Erhalt des Völkerrechtes durch diese Organisation nicht gewährleistet werden kann, da sie sich selbst in den Dienst zu seiner Zerstörung gestellt hat, indem diese Organisation aktiv an der Zerstörung und Beseitigung des Völkerrechtssubjekts Deutsches Reich, durch ein INTERNATIONAL ORGANISIERTES EUGENIKPROGRAMM beteiligt ist.
          Von der Klage ebenfalls betroffen ist die JÜDISCHE WELTGEMEINDE, die sich nach eigenen Aussagen voller Stolz als QUELLE UND ZENTRUM DES LAUFENDEN EUGENIKPROGRAMMS zu erkennen gegeben hat und somit URSÄCHLICH FÜR DEN GENOZID AM DEUTSCHEN VOLK, getrieben vom Hass auf das deutsche Volk, für ein von ihnen selbst erfundenes Verbrechen, verantwortlich zeichnet.
          Angeklagt sind darüber hinaus, die VERRÄTER AUS DEN EIGENEN REIHEN des deutschen Volkes, die sich durch den Eid auf Grundgesetz und somit den Eid auf die Besatzungsfeindstaaten, hoch- und landesverräterisch in den aktiven Dienst am Völkermord gestellt haben und das deutsche Volk durch Plünderung und militante Willkür an der Neuorganisation eines souveränen Deutschen Reiches hindern, sowie aktiv an der Vernichtung des deutschen Volkes durch Begünstigung, Organisation und Durchführung illegaler Migration teilnehmen und somit das deutsche Volk und ihre eigenen Kinder dem Genozid preisgeben.

          Das völkerrechtliche Subjekt bestand und besteht durch seine legitimen natürlichen Rechtspersonen und derer in der Rechtsfolge, welche ihrerseits ihre unveräußerlichen und unauflöslichen Rechte aus dem völkerrechtlichen Subjekt beziehen.

          Das völkerrechtliche Subjekt – Das Deutsche Reich oder die unauflöslichen Rechte der Deutschen
          An die besetzenden und verwaltenden Kriegsvertragspartner
          An die legitime und legitimierende Gewalt, das amerikanische Volk der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, in dessen Vertretung an den Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika – in Vertretung an die US Botschaft der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, Clayallee 170, 14191 Berlin

          Das völkerrechtliche Subjekt Deutsches Reich erklärt völkerrechtlich verbindlich:
          Völkerrechtliche, verbindliche Erklärung: An die besetzenden und verwaltenden Kriegsvertragspartner
          “Das Deutsche Reich ist in der militärischen Niederlage von 1945 nicht untergegangen. Es besteht als Subjekt des Völker- und Staatsrechts fort. Es ist durch die völkerrechtswidrige Ermordung bzw. Internierung der Mitglieder der Reichsregierung lediglich handlungsunfähig geworden. Unter diesen Umständen ist die Selbstherrlichkeit des Reiches in vollem Umfang an jeden einzelnen Reichsbürger, der als Teil notwendig auch das Ganze ist, zurückgefallen. Das Deutsche Reich lebt und ist jedenfalls solange unsterblich, wie es fortpflanzungsfähige deutsche Familien gibt, in denen der Wille zum Reich lebendig ist. Jeder Reichsbürger steht in der Pflicht, im Rahmen des Zumutbaren alles Notwendige zu tun, um das Recht des Reiches zu schützen und die Herstellung seiner Handlungsfähigkeit zu fördern. Vornehmste Pflicht eines Reichsbürgers ist es, der Fremdherrschaft zu widerstehen. DAS KRIEGSZIEL DER FEINDE DEUTSCHLANDS war und ist die dauerhafte Vernichtung des Deutschen Reiches. Diese ist nur durch physische Auslöschung und/oder durch Auflösung des Deutschen Volkes in einen Völkerbrei der verschiedensten Rassen zu bewirken. Das ist aus der Sicht unserer Feinde konsequent. Diese sind deswegen auch nicht zu tadeln, sondern als Feinde zu erkennen, anzuerkennen und als solche zu behandeln.” (Horst Mahler) – politischer Gefangener der jüdisch-Zionistischen Besatzungsmacht, deren Ziel der GENOZID AM DEUTSCHEN VOLK und AN ALLEN VÖLKERN DER WEIßEN RASSE ist

      2. Translated:

        August 20, 2018 at 3:32 am

        What is it all about?
        (to all German speaking readers – maybe one or the other could help with transporting the message?)

        here with reference to the FOLKERMANDKLAGE, which has been given to the Allied embassies and others. All employees of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) who have taken the oath to the Basic Law (GG) are also affected.

        THE GERMAN EMPIRE in its embodiment by the German people as the sole legal representative and in its function as a directly executing power, due to lack of suitable representation, accuses the FOUR ACTIVITIES of the passive and active genocide against the German people, indirectly by their occupation organ Federal Republic of Germany in violation of international law regulations , Hague Land Warfare, for the occupation of a defeated state.

        The German Reich accuses:
        THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, as the legal successor of the occupying power Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the approval of the annexation of Central Germany by the ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY and thus concluding the Völkermordes am DEUTSCHE VOLK by the implementation of the 04.01.1943 – by the Jewish Professor of Anthropology at the Harvard University, Ernest Albert HOOTON identified and named after him HOOTON PLANS for ETHNIC DECOMPOSITION of the German people, on the part of the occupying agent of the Federal Republic of Germany, by means of EXTREME MASS MIGRATION of ethnically alien population groups, in the part of the German Reich administered by the Federal Republic of Germany.
        THE REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, as an occupying power and founding member of the Organization of the Federal Republic of Germany, the active participation and organization, based on the Hooton Plan.
        THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND, the planning and organization by means of the occupation organization Federal Republic of Germany founded by him.
        THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the active planning and organization and main force of the genocide of the German people through IMPLEMENTATION OF THE HOOTON PLAN.
        The German Reich further accuses the HOLY SEE – SANCTA SEDES – in its embodiment by the Pope, as the legally responsible owner of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its crown colony United States of America, of participating in the genocide of the German people, by approving the Actions of his subordinate vassals.
        THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS (UN) and its 193 members, founded by the Allied enemy states of the German Reich, are also subject to indictment by the German people as a PLATFORM OF PLANNING AND ACTIVE SUPPORT TO THE VÖLKERMORD AMONG THE GERMAN PEOPLE by organizing the influx of foreign-minded peoples into the territory of the German Reich and thus the breach of international law, contrary to its task to its preservation.
        The German Reich states that the United Nations is not a subject of international law recognized by the German Reich and the organization can not guarantee the preservation of international law because it has put itself at the service of destroying it by actively promoting its destruction and removal of the subject of international law of the German Reich, through an INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED EUGENIC PROGRAM.
        Also affected by the complaint is the JEWISH WORLD COMMUNITY, which claims to have proudly identified itself as the SOURCE AND CENTER OF THE RUNNING EUGENIKPROGRAM, and thus, as a matter of course, FOR THE GENOCIDE OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE, driven by hatred of the German people, for one of them self-invented crime, blame.
        In addition, the traitors from their own ranks of the German people, who through the oath on the Basic Law and thus the oath to the host enemy states, have made a high-grade and treasonable act of active service in the genocide and accused the German people of plundering and militant Arbitrariness to prevent the reorganization of a sovereign German Reich, and actively participate in the destruction of the German people by favoring, organizing and carrying out illegal migration and thus divulge the German people and their own children to genocide.

        The subject under international law consisted and exists by its legitimate natural legal persons and those in the legal consequence, which in turn draw their inalienable and indissoluble rights from the international law subject.

        The subject under international law – The German Reich or the indissoluble rights of the Germans
        To the occupying and managing war partners
        To the legitimate and legitimizing power, the American people of the United States of America, in its representation to the President of the United States of America – in representation to the U

  7. @ Alan Donelson

    I don’t know what “Con’s Piracy Theory” refers to.

    I’ve read part of Fetzer’s Sandy Hook book. It’s persuasive. But then if it’s what I (along with Michael Collins Piper) think it is, a lot of work would have gone into making it be persuasive.

    I argue from the Big Picture (as did Piper). The nobody-died-at-Sandy-Hook belief works as a powerful ad hominem argument against people of the Truth movement. This is the kind of thing we might expect from the Jews, given their bungled 9-11 event, where they left strong evidence. Because the Jews have the resources to produce a powerful argument in the case of Sandy Hook, we should give more weight to the Big Picture than to facts, in this instance.

    But take a look at what’s going down. Anyone who thinks Adam Lanza actually shot dead a couple dozen kids and some teachers is accused of being Hasbara! Seriously, that’s real. Now what does this suggest?

  8. the political situation in the usa will not change until the public provides for itself a new form of information media, where a regular delivery of statistical information, direct quotes and film is provided across all the devices.. call it state run media, but hold the gag reflex.. it doesn’t have to be the commie version.. and as it is now the state uses the commercial media to keep itself from accountability… the platform will also be used as a stage for whatever politicians seek office, so they, and incumbents, will no longer have to seek bribes, needing a million bucks to compete…
    bearing in mind that the boys at darpa are probably decades ahead of what the public thinks is modern technology, which will go double for weaponry, it’s no mistake to consider the possibility that some type of highly advanced structural dematerialization ray was aimed at the twin towers; that they were not brought down by conventional explosives or ‘mini-nukes’. whatever they are. note though the mention of them among the readership does point to the idea of some secret weapon…
    if you watch the collapse of building 7, you will notice how the penthouse at the very top simply disintegrates, at the first, which may have happened because it was a smaller and weaker structure… the rest of the building then collapses into its own footprint, pretty much all at once, as did the others… the dust is said to have been finer than talc, which would not have been produced from the hammering effect of concrete falling on other concrete but could have happened because of some such molecular disintegration process …
    obviously crop circles, amazingly intricate and beautiful, are produced by some similar method, unless they were all done by the original drunken uncles with planks and rope……
    i may have missed it but i never did hear VT or AJ or any of the other so-called media mavericks speculate on the existence and the use of such a weapon on the 9-11 flag, which by it’s absence suggest more doubt of them, being nothing other than gatekeeper shills… as bill casey said – the cia owns everybody in the major media… it’s not likely they’d neglect the web arena, the very cutting edge space in the media revolution…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      This ray gun stuff (has it come from our relations with the flying saucer people?) is definitely un-White, in my opinion. It grates against the sentiments of the sacred White race-soul, in my opinion. That is the important point. But on a strictly rational, critical level, what material evidence is there for the existence of such science fiction ray guns? And beyond that, what is their possibility?

      Yours truly reads Kant’s metaphysics every morning. Excuse my advantage. But what is strong must come forth, though we are equals.

  9. freya – give us that in english please. we don’t want to miss what you contribute…

    1. barkingdeer –
      I’ll try to describe it in my own words, plain and simple, to what it boils down to
      The ambassadors of the Allied WW II occupying powers have been informed (in 2017) about highly important considerations (under international and state law – not at all easy to convey – so I leave that to others): The German Reich was militarily defeated in 1945 but it lives on in the German people. The German people have no proper representation and are made unable to act freely by foreign occupying powers. The enemies of the German people have always had the destruction of the German Reich and the extermination of the German people as their goals of war. The physical extermination of the German people by war and/or sterilization and/or by miscegenation (HOOTON PLAN, KAUFMAN PLAN, COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PLAN) – by unlawfully flooding the German territory with millions of multiracial invaders. It’s about legally accusing (eine Klage erheben) the Allied powers of WW II, the UN, and first of all the international Jewish community – of genociding the German people. An international eugenics program. It’s about stating the facts – war is genocide – the flooding of Germany and all white countries with Muslim, and multiracial migrants is genocide, too. Deliberately planned and organized by world Jewry. Obviously, there are German patriots who try to find ways of throwing off the yoke – under which all western, white nations – in one way or another – most of all the German people – are suffering.

  10. As to 9/11 I think Barkingdeer is on the money ‘ some type of highly advanced structural dematerialization ray was aimed at the twin towers; that they were not brought down by conventional explosives or ‘mini-nukes’. This of course brings up Judy Wood who’s book ‘Where did the Towers go’ essentially solved WHAT happened on 9/11. As to WHO and WHY those questions come later if we are at sea about what happened we are basically lost in terms of solving ‘who’ or ‘why;’

    It’s hard to understand why Judy Wood does not get more credit or hearing. It seems at times maybe we don’t want to ‘solve’ it if we did our struggle or our fun would be over. The way it is we endlessly speculate about ‘thermite’ and ‘controlled demolition’ by mini nukes etc etc………….none of which add up imo.

    To be clear I have no connection of any kind to Dr Wood, I am a simple observer who read her book and found it more than convincing. You can also of course see her talks on youtube though at this point I find them a bit boring in that the case has essentially been solved. At least the WHAT of it and the ‘what’ for sure rules out Arabs from caves etc. It’s interesting how getting to the ‘what’ throws enormous light on the ‘who’ and ‘why’. It also has nothing much to do with ‘Israeli art students’ or even ‘Israeli movers’ though they may have been there as kind of background scenery to lull us in the irrelevant direction.

    1. @ Patrick Griffin

      In Wood’s secret “directed energy weapon” you are talking about something that has never been observed in scientific literature. Supposedly it makes matter fly apart or “dustify,” as Wood puts it, and supposedly “dustification” involves no heat. What is the principle of this? Our physics cannot explain it.

      Thus, you are talking about something completely unknown — yet you claim that it exists.

      There is abundant evidence for high temperatures at the WTC site. Jones even wrote a paper about the high temperatures involved, in 2008. How can “dustification” explain these high temperatures? In the Ground Zero rubble iron was boiling for a month, according to Cahill, an expert on airborn pollution. Thermite can easily explain this. “Dustification” can’t.

      The Thermite Argument explains the observed high temperatures, the observed molten metal, and the tiny balls of iron in the WTC dust. Chips of nano-thermite were even found in the WTC dust and were analyzed and determined to be nano-thermite by a distinguished chemist, Niels Harrit.

      When you have an explanation as good as the Thermite Argument, why push it aside for something as highly problematic as Wood’s “directed energy weapon” and its principle of “dustification”?

      1. VT’s contributors have discussed at length (1) lack of supply of “thermite” of whatever potency [see Duff vs. Bollyn dust up, pun intended] and (2) the physics of explosives. Thermite simply does not have the explosive energy to account for what your own lyin’ eyes can see from the demolition of WTC 1 and 2. Micronukes could. SF-centric theories, like directed energy weapons, well, there are flat-earthers, I know, a sister-in-law be one.


    1. Posted on: 20.08.2018, 21:33 PM
      getting the message out is the most important concern – IF UncleJoeADMIN is generous enough to post my contributions – so it may be – it might be entertaining too . . . adding some more spice to the meal

      False Flag terror attacks on September 11, 2001?
      WHO had motif, access, and capabilities? CUI BONO? WHO benefits?
      Certainly not Muslims (the official version of 9/11 is the most ridiculous cover story and conspiracy theory – Osama bin Laden and eleven Muslim terrorists with boxcutter knives as bogey men → Divide & Rule method: pitting Muslims vs Christians to fight each other – instigating other races vs the white European race → “Clash of Civilizations“ – “Strategy of Tension“, creating fear, destabilization, chaos, conflict and civil upheaval to turn Europe into another Middle East cesspool; “Illuminati“ motto on the One Dollar Federal Reserve Note: “ORDO AB CHAO“ – Order out of chaos) motif ? The Jewish Neocons’ “Project For A New American Century“ (PNAC, 2000) speaks about a “New Pearl Harbor“ needed to kick off endless war, which came about with 9/11 – It’s not about “Pax Americana“ but about “Pax Judaeca“, the further advancement of JEWISH POWER by furthermore taking advantage of the United States military and NATO as their GOYLEM (Zionist British Empire and Zionist American Empire) WHO had access to the WTC Towers? – False Flag inside job by the Bush Administration, Jewish “Neocon“ Deep State JEWISH POWER structure, with control over the Pentagon, highly advanced secret military weaponry, secret intelligence services CIA, MI6, Mossad, international media, international Satanic secret society members in key positions of power. Israel has been benefitting the most of the WAR OF TERROR (“War On Terror“) against Muslim countries since 2001 (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria et al), their destruction, weakening and balcanizing serves the Ereetz Israel “Greater Israel“ Project from the Euphrates to the Nile (Yinon Plan) – Jew World Order – One World Government (centre for world domination: Jerusalem) – One World Currency – One World religion (Talmudic Satanism 666 – The Coming of an Antichrist False Messiah “Savior“) Two sides of one and the same coin: war on Muslim countries AND war on European countries by using Muslim mass immigration of “refugees“ as a weapon of mass destruction. Goals: the destruction of western, Christian civilization , White Genocide.

      Internationally organized Jewish Zionists long term planned, instigated and orchestrated WW I and II, and the following conflicts, “colour revolutions“ (regime changes) and wars. It’s all about JEWISH POWER consolidation to impose global tyranny. Central are the international banksters who are “creating money out of nothing“ (1913, Federal Reserve Act, the right to issue money was privatized); since then private Jewish central banks have an endless money supply to bribe and corrupt everybody, and to finance all the wars, always all sides, thus driving the nations into billions, and trillions of DEBT . . . DEBT SLAVERY.

      International False Flag Terror serves the ((( global Criminal Cabal’s ))) agenda. Problem(1) – Reaction(2) – Solution(3) – First they create the problem (1), wait for the public’s reaction (“DO something!“) (2), and then they present their long pre-planned “solutions“ (3) creating Orwellian militarized, totalitarian surveillance states (“Patriot Act“ laws that take away civil rights) It’s an allout Zionist Satanic war on humanity. The English establishment is mixed with German Jewish blood by intermarriage, the Royals included. The “Windsors“ are Jewish.

      International Jewish war mongers and war profiteers know loyalty only to their Jewish tribe’s Agenda (world domination), they use and betray every host nation they live in. The critics of Jewish Power are not anti-semitic, they are anti-criminal. Jewish Zionists – Talmudists – Satanists are the worst anti-semites, racists and haters on earth; they are the enemies of humanity.

  12. Who will confront?
    Putin ?
    Xi jing ping?
    Terasa may?
    Hassan rouhani?

    All countries are sitting over Israel kill switch infrastructure
    Israel is globally 3rd strongest in cyberspace security and Defence

    Speak about Israel’s infrastructure

    Do research on it
    You will see USA Russia china India Europe are clients to Israel …

  13. Some many of you, likely, have become aware of Q. I have followed closely a series of articles that examine the “Q phenomenon”. The link and other salient posts below.

    When September 11, 2001, dawned on the West Coast, I had completed yet another all-nighter doing data analyses and statistical modeling. In October, I drafted and sent to the then-CEO a strategic, statistical approach to identifying patterns of behavior for one or more individuals embedded in a mass of people. Nothing new under the sun, of course, and the CEO gave me a virtual pat on the back “Good thinking.” Had I pursued that line of research, the post linked below is what I would have contributed to developing.

    Analyzing Q Analysis

    Note the experimental potential! Drop a stone onto the quiet surface (or even wavy plane) of a body of water, large or small, and observe, measure, the consequences! I do believe, all AI jokes aside, that is EXACTLY what’s going on right now. We be rats in an aMAZEing program. I bet DM is a source of valuable data, and will unlikely be “banned” anytime soon.

  14. @Barkingdeer

    You’re right that we need better channels of communication. The huge amount of confusion regarding the facts of 9-11 that exists in our people is proof that the truth isn’getting out very well.

    Anyhow, Professor Jones has said that the WTC dust consisted of small chunks of material, as opposed to powder.

    Real scientists like Harrit scoff at the Judy Wood theory of a secret weapon that makes material fly apart at the molecular level. I am confident that this Judy Wood theory is disinfo.

    Yet lots of people have come to believe this.

    The same is true of Fetzer’s mini-nukes and the holograms that were illusionary jetliners flying into the Towers. Lots of us believe these things.

    Truth is not getting communicated very well.

    I think if we were in better touch with our White race-souls truth would be communicated better among us.

    According to the Nazi philosopher Rosenberg a struggle to re-possess the race-soul has been going on since alien thinking entered our minds by way of Roman Christianity, which was a distortion of the original teachings of Christ.

    Finding our way back to the White race-soul should become our religion, according to Rosenberg. Honor is our true essential value, not Love, according to Rosenberg. Our religion should the Myth of our racial specialness, and Honor, not Love, is the true foundation of our innate White spirit, according to Rosenberg.

    I am an American. I am committed to American government and the ideal of a free country. At the same time I think the Nazis were right in their belief that we have been displaced from our race-souls by racially alien spirituality that came from Rome, and the most important thing of all is for us to get back to our White minds — and that this is a struggle that has been going on since Germanic people became civilized.

  15. Regarding “Micronukes”; 155mm artillery nuclear shells are available to NATO.

    That’s a six inch diameter shell. Is that micro enough?

    1. @ John Kirby

      From the fact that small nuclear bombs exist it does not follow that they were used at the WTC site on 9-11. Professor Jones has addressed the question whether nuclear explosions occurred at the WTC site on 9-11 and has concluded that there were none.

      But even if a “mini-nuke” or several of them were used in 9-11 at the WTC site, what difference would it make regarding the Thermite Argument?

      I don’t see that it would matter at all. There would still be extremely powerful evidence that the Twin Towers (and Building 7 as well) had been laced with tons, even hundreds of tons of nano-thermite prior to when the jetliners showed up. And that’s all you need for the conclusion that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. Proof of the use of nuclear bombs would add nothing to the argument.

      However there is no proof of nuclear bombs being used, and Jones says they were not used. All that talk of “mini-nukes” does, so far as I can see, is generate confusion.

    2. John –

      Micronukes = Microfacts!!

      Where’s da many pounds of TNT supposedly needed as the detonator???

      Hand-grenade size will be forthcoming soon!! 🙂

      1. Pat –

        Have you heard of the “ba-nuka” (similar to the ba-zooka), which one guerilla warrior can tote into battle??
        Well, neither have I; but it wouldn’t surprise me to hear about one. Look out for them banookas!! 😅

  16. What is thermite?

    Thermite is a sand-like mixture of particles of a pure metal and particles of the oxide of a different metal. What happens when thermite burns is the oxygen atoms of the metal oxide break loose from the oxide molecule to which they are bound, and attack the pure metal that is close to it. In the couse of the fire the metal oxide turns into a pure metal (molten) and the pure metal becomes an oxide of itself.

    There are various types of thermites, depending on the particular pure metals and metal oxides that make up the sand. But the most common type of thermite, and the type that was used in 9-11 at the World Trade Center, is pure aluminum plus iron oxide (rust). When this type of thermite burns, the result is aluminum oxide plus pure molten iron.

    What is nano-thermite?

    Nano-thermite is thermite that is made using the recently developed “nano” technology. Nano- thermite is not a sand, like normal thermite, but is a single substance. Some of the properties of nano-thermite are different from regular thermite: it ignites at a lower temperature, it can be made into a paint, and it is explosive.

    One of the important considerations about thermite as it concerns 9-11, along with the fact that it burns so hot that it actually vaporizes the iron that is produced from the iron oxide, is that it contains its own oxygen supply. In the Ground Zero rubble of the WTC buildings fires so hot that they vaporized iron lasted for a month, and there was not good ventilation deep inside the rubble where the super hot fires were. The fact that thermite contains its own oxygen supply renders these fires understandable. Any normal fire, which needed oxygen from the air, would have smothered itself.

    1. I don’t think ‘dustification’ is a principle but it is an observed fact. In all of this discussion my feeling is most people have not bothered to read Judy Woods’ book. Too much work I guess. So many people have a lazy ‘opinion’ and just do not do any serious work or thought. 9/11 also unveiled ‘new technology’ why try to shoehorn into what we already are familiar with. It was ‘controlled demolition’ but not in the way we have been used to.

      It would be nice if people refrained from cheap shots about Dr Woods book and actually took the time and trouble to read it. But that seems to be too much to ask including in the ‘truther’ community. Sad to see people so lazy.

      1. What about the Tornado out in the Bay while all this was going on……….Any answers.

      1. The picture we posted was posted in good faith in the belief that it was an authentic quote by a bearded Jew known as “Ishmael Levitts”. Your comment raises three other important questions which need answering:

        (1) Is the quote a fake quote? Did neither Rabbi Shlomo Friefeld nor Ishmael Levitts speak or write these words?

        (2) You speak in ignorance when you say “Ishmael Levitts is obviously a made up name.” It is no such thing! There appears to be a real person called RABBI ISHMAEL LEVITTS. See here:


        (3) So Rabbi Ishmael Levitts, far from being the mythical person you claim, is a very real person who could well have said these words as quoted. The fact that he looks a bit like Rabbi Shlomo Friefeld is neither here nor there. People with similar looks are not uncommon, especially if they happen to be bearded rabbis wearing black hats! 🙂

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