Why People Hate the Jews


Jews have stolen everything. Like their lying, thieving, murderous, homosexual “forefather” Jacob, they’ve stolen our national birthright and inheritance, trading it for a sickening bowl of egalitarian viscera, cheap Chinese tripe and a putrid miasma of other perverse pottage.

They’ve stolen our faith.

They’ve stolen our future.

They’ve stolen the Aryan values bequeathed to us by our forefathers.

They’ve stolen our health, welfare and happiness, replacing them with debilitating pharmaceuticals that drive us mad.

Most of all,  they’ve stolen our happiness. Our sense of well being, with the constant confusion of phony “progress” that has torn up our neighborhoods to the point that we can no longer recognize or feel comfortable living in them.

They’ve stolen our media — every last bit of it.

They’ve stolen our wealth with their Federal Reserve.

They’ve stolen our sunshine with their deadly chemtrails.

They’ve stolen our pure water, befouling it with deadly chemicals.

They’ve stolen our children, sacrificing them on their media’s altar in howling bloodlust.

They’ve stolen our truths, our justice, our American way; mocking our loss with a televised, cardboard, comic book character.

The Jews have stolen our past; and those who have stolen our past, have stolen the future also.

All the Jews have left us with is this: a miserable, tenuous existence—and soon they shall finish stealing our lives as well. Then they shall wallow through their global, Jewish pigsty like the “effendi” pigs they are, with the remaining mud-race slaves to serve them.

One can only pray to a Jewish god (((they))) cannot steal our souls. If there ever was a reason to hate a race, it’s the people of hate — the Jews.

If you happen to be a lying, thieving, conniving, murdering, Jewish psychopath, the future looks bright – very bright.

If you happen to be anyone else, your future looks dim. Very dim. Jew’s have stolen everything, so what is left for them to steal?

When did success ever stop a thief? With each succeeding generation, the Jews’ power has grown ever stronger.

The Russians did not stop the Jews.

The Germans did not stop the Jews.

Kings and queens have not stopped the Jews.

Presidents have not stopped the Jews.

Congress has not stopped the Jews,

Liberals have not stopped the Jews.

Conservatives have not stopped the Jews.

If YOU don’t stop the Jews — no one will!

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  1. “Most of all, they’ve stolen our happiness. Our sense of well being, with the constant confusion of phony “progress” that has torn up our neighborhoods to the point that we can no longer recognize or feel comfortable living in them.”
    be glad you don’t live in rancho cucamonga…
    how looney is this?
    building this stack and pack complex and moving 1000 or 2000 people (90%
    anti-american immigrants) into this rancho cucamonga sub is going to
    ‘reduce the carbon footprint’… wtf? – so now you have another 1500 or so
    people crammed into an area that might before have contained 15 houses,
    with probably less than 100 people living in them… i think 1500 more
    people produce more carbon dioxide than the cars for the existing houses… a
    lot like the old black housing projects, these stack packs are going to
    be future radical immigrant no-go zone ghettos…
    only every one of these apartments will be totally surveilled through smart-meter satellite links…
    and they better be, because they’re going to be full of vaccine damaged idiots…
    how are all these people going to earn a living?
    they’re not… you’re going to pay their way with state and federal programs…
    the busses will take them to walmart to spend their food stamps…
    gavin newsome will make sure they all have ‘free’ medical care, no matter who they are or where they come from.. and you no longer have to be us citizen to vote in california, so the democrat party will have an easy time arranging that…
    these projects are invasion strongholds. first they will make life miserable for the people living in the subdivision, then the property values will drop as people flee..
    your $450,000 house will be worth $120,000 in no time.
    and eventually the invaders will end up living in the houses, that will be bought with 2% guaranteed loans…
    that’s the “pleasant” scenario… it could go down a lot worse…
    and yes, the jews are behind the whole stinking agenda 21-30 national sabotage program…

  2. If the masses knew the truth about Jews, there wouldn’t be one left on the planet by the end of the week.

    Their horrible monstrousness knows no bounds. Language fails to adequately define the Jew whose deadly cancer worms through history like a malevolent, parasitical creature whose tentacle’s touch is absolutely fatal.

    If there were no Jews, there would be no Bible, no Koran, no Talmud, no Jesus, no Christianity, no Mohammad, no Islam, no Moses, no Abraham, no Judaism.

    There would be no communists, no Stalin, no purges, no mass starvations, no gulag death camps, no Hitler, no “Nazis”, no Hallowedhoax.

    Without Jewish mentors, there would be no need for them.

    There would be no slavery, save perhaps among the most primitive cultures. There would be no internecine conflicts like civil wars, and there would be no Lincolns or Cromwells to administer them.

    There would be no assassinations, no Garfields, no Ferdinands, no vom Raths, no JFKs. There would be no Wilsons, no Roosevelts, no Nixons, no Bushes, no Clintons, no Reagans, no Trumps; no Spanish American wars, no Korean police actions, no Panamas, no “Nams”, no “Desert Storms”.

    There would be no political correctness, no pornography, no racial or cultural suicides. In fact, present history would not exist in any manner related to what is now not only recognized, but accepted as the norm.

    There would be no Mafia or “organized” crime, the very concept which was created by Jews millennia ago to be aped by others.

    Most of all, there would be no Israel — no country serving as a university offering degrees in advanced criminality.

    There would be no world wars, no revolutions, no nuclear weapons, no “genocides” — even the word wouldn’t exist — no false flags like the trade towers, and little if any perversions, racial hatred and animosity between brethren cultures. There would be little, if any, corruption tolerated among those chosen for leadership positions and it would most certainly not be funded.

    The Jews’ hateful, malevolent influence is in fact so pervasive, it literally twists and perverts every aspect of the world in which we live. The list is long. So long that a world without Jews would be unrecognizable, if not unthinkable, to its present inhabitants.

    1. Stated in another way, if we had an elite with backbone and principles, their influence would dwindle to a manageable level.

    2. This summation of a world without Jews, provides the perfect adjunct to my comment. It should be headlined. I’ll keep a copy for future reference. People say, “Arch, why are you always blaming the Jews? You blame (((them))) for everything.” If only they knew the Jew, they would know why.

      Over at The West’s Darkest Hour Cesar suggests, “Internal Jihad must precede external Jihad. The time has come to do an internal work in the sacred island where the last Jedi became wise and powerful before confronting ZOG.”

      I agree. Until people study and fully understand essential nature of who and what lies behind their problems, as well as their own nature to react, nothing can or will be done. Even then, doubt remains.

      1. Absolutely, Stanton, I so wholeheartedly agree:

        “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”
        ― Corneliu Zelea Codreanu in ‘For My Legionaries’

  3. And all that from approx 0.2 percent of the world’s population, no wonder the word CHOSEN is bandied around.
    I couldn’t help but notice how many of these nasty activities attributed to the “jews” have involved getting the Goyim to do the work, these useful idiots, (non jews nay Christian in the main) should receive their due credit.

    1. Harry,
      Good point. There are bad actores of all stripes. Some Jews. Some not. Jews dont have a monopoly on evil. Donaldo is a trucker. Been cheated quite a few times by Eastern European slavs. Bulgarians are the worst. My point is, we should all take people on a case by case basis. Jews…….some good…….some bad. 🙂

  4. This is nonsense, not pure nonsense, but maybe 90 %. Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that the line between good and evil passes through all humans in varying and non-static degrees, and indeed that is the truth. Using the terms “Jews” as a pejorative is indicative of unresolved personal issues and simple-mindedness.
    There are of course good and righteous Jews as well as evil ones, and the same is true of any race or tribe.
    Are we Aryans free of fault?
    Let us not cast all blame on “Jews” but rather the exceedingly greedy, cruel, lustful, and hateful ones among the nations.
    I speak not only as a follower of Jesus, whom Thomas Jefferson called the greatest moral teacher of all time, but as a son of Europe whose ancestors came to America in 1635 and shed their blood as well for the cause of Southern Independence.
    Let us fight for self-determination and justice, bread and peace, not only for ourselves but for all.

    1. If it’s “nonsense” then John 8:44 is also “nonsense” since today’s “jews” are the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees.

      But it does leave out an important detail (as far as moral culpability is concerned). To put it in Biblical terms, Satan didn’t force the “forbidden fruit” into Eve’s mouth, he made her do it. Eve blamed Satan, but Eve had the choice to not listen to his spiel.

    2. SW wrote:

      … the line between good and evil passes through all humans in varying and non-static degrees

      I write:

      … the line between good and evil passes through all humans in varying and non-static degrees depending on which of the 4500 Earthly religions they have chosen

      Talmudism is probably the worst. Therefore Tribe members are the worst.

    3. @SW

      The jew takes praise of jews from his enemy as weakness, which it is. Jews know that defensiveness is for losers and weaklings, just as attack and only attack is for winners. Jews don’t look for the good in Whites. To jews, ALL Whites are racists, and they’re all guilty. There is no place for compromise so why would you (whites) look for the good jews. There are none. You will not benefit or get anything in return for these fine distinctions between hooknosed charlatans. No attempt to placate jews by finding good ones, or finding nobility in their motives, is ever matched by the jew-bolsheviks. They aren’t good people. They don’t have good motives. They should never be credited with such. To do so is to display weakness.

      Jews are our enemy.

      Not just the Zionist ones. Not just the Hasbara ones. Not just the AIPAC ones. Not just the murderous ones. Not just the thieving ones. Not just the immoral ones. Not just the lying ones. But even the vast majority of silent and therefore complicit jews who allow Filth and Corruption to lead them towards their mutually assured destruction in the interest of jewish profit and Jewish power.

      Where are the ‘good’ jews? ALL jews are aware of what the “big” jews are doing, wrecking White societies and working to replace Whites with nonwhites in their own homelands. If I were to offer a percentage representing jews who believe they are a part of the same human race we are, it would be substantially smaller than 1/100th of 1%. The shortest list you’d ever see is jews who are speaking out against their concentrated siege against White societies. Where are they? They don’t exist.

      Unfortunately, jews are not only leftists. They control both the left and right in our political system. They are as powerful during Republican administrations as they are under Democrats. They can be capitalist, communist, or anything they choose to be to get over on the goyim. They are cunning, clannish, secretive, and subversive; acting only in the interest of jews to everyone else’s detriment. They are jews first and foremost, and anyone would be smart not to trust them with any secret, but on the other hand, it’s important to understand, jews never confide anything in non-jews, nor have they ever, and whatever they say, you should assume is a lie.

      The only way to understand what jews believe, or any other group for that matter is to see how they behave. Actions are what matters.

      Again, ALL jews are aware of what the “big” jews are doing, wrecking White societies and working to replace Whites with nonwhites. If there are any socalled “good” jews in this world, let them come forward with the truth. Let them renounce with us the obscenities committed by their fellow jews against us, and let them renounce the International jewish plot to rule the world and their drive to exterminate the White Race. Some support it. Others may not like it, but they don’t speak up. All jews benefit from it. And, so they all keep quiet about it. And I despise them all.

    4. SW:
      “Are we Aryans free of fault?”
      Wrong question. Completely off the mark, and must have been based on at story written by a pack of rabbis to paralyse you.
      It widens out the scope of your goal to such an extent that you will very easily be overwhelmed, which of course is part of the intent.
      Nobody has said that life will be a dream as soon as we get rid of the parasites. But you have to start there.

  5. Arch cites Jacob in his opening statement. Arch is misleading in that regard. Otherwise, it’s just another frustrated rant about Jews. 😥

      1. Jacob was an Israelite. “Jew” and “Israelite” are NOT synonymous. You often tend to ignore that fact, intentionally or otherwise. (Maybe it makes better theatre for you.)
        Of course, the only place I have for such historic reference is in The Bible, and from the teachings of Scriptures for America (Pastor Pete Peters) – and I often have read you to call The Bible a Jewish hoax. So, from the get-go, most of whatever you write begins from a point of poor departure in my immediate impression. Furthermore, I know – and have known – people born into Jew families who are as decent as anyone else. Not every Jew is out to get you!

      2. It’s that age old question – how many Jews can dance in the head of a goy?

        Let’s split hairs and confuse the issue shall we? Funny thing, according to Jews, Israel né Jacob, is the father of Israel and the nation of Israel is the Jewish nation (check da names again, “Israel”/”Jacob” – get it?) Thus Jews view Jacob as a Jew. In fact to this day, Jews do not eat the shank of the lamb in remembrance of Jacob’s hip surgery during a midnight wrestling match with god (or one of his messengers, depending on whose telling the story.) It must have been those pretty robes Rebekkah dressed him in while giving him cooking lessons.

        Not every Jew is out to get me? Tell that to my former Jewish girlfriend who was out to get me. Boy was she pissed when I ran off with a blond shiksa. Fact is, there are so many Jews out to get us, it’s impossible to separate the rare, wheaty Jew from the chaffee Jew.

        I have a simple definition for simple minds. If it walks like a Jew, talks like a Jew, lies like a Jew, cheats like a Jew, steals like a Jew, murders like a Jew, sucks up free air through its bent nose shaped like the number six, then it’s a goddamned Jew! (I didn’t damn them, their god did.)

        P.S. I do not take religion lightly. Take a look at my website http://www.conspiracyofman.com. Try Chapter Four the entire
        bookof Genesis as related to Jesus by the Essene sages.

      3. The jews work in a collective conspiracy. It is guided by the leaders of the jews who are (since ancient times) the bankers and rabbis. The bankers supply the money and the rabbis supply the lies. These are the two powers of judaism — money and lies.

        The jews are fully conscious of what they do because betraying Mankind and hating and opposing all that is good within non-jewish society, is built into the talmudic teachings of the rabbi-sleaze.

        For this reason, just as in a game of chess, every piece is dangerous including the pawns. Killing the pawns, is the first step in killing the king. Every jew is guilty; every jew deserves exactly the same medicine that they met out to the non-jews. The rabbis teach “Even the best of Mankind should be killed.” So, why should not the the jews eat the same medicine?

        “Good Jew,” doesn’t exist. Bad Jew, exists in abundance. What’s the difference?

        None whatever.

  6. Arch –
    You wrote:
    “If YOU don’t stop the Jews — no one will!”

    What is YOUR EXACT PLAN to do that???

    1. That, my dear Pat, is up to people like you. We must stop following the Jewish magician’s sleight of hand and, like Jesus, become our own individual authority, our own individual leadership. In doing so, Jesus brought down the Jew’s greatest edifice of first century treachery – the Temple.

      Each one of us must become a repetitious voice. In the same manner as the Jews’ successful programming efforts, we must loudly repeat again and again, “It’s the Jews! It’s the Jews! All your problems are due to Jews!” Like Jesus and Hitler, one must provide their unflinching support and altruistic love for our people and their work.

      This path, requiring terrible self-sacrifice for many, will not be an easy one. The Jews murderous and bloody inquisition will assure those on the front lines will suffer the most awful tortures. Jesus was crucified for his effort.

      Already people are leading the way. The following is a letter from the German front lines.

      “October 12, 2018

      Alfred Schaefer

      JVA Stadelheim

      Stadelheimer Str 12

      81549, Munich (Munchen)


      September 15th 2018 letter #1 from Alfred Schaefer

      Dear Jim Diane and Joe thank you so much for your letter from August 25th. It arrived here on September 13th.

      Yesterday, the 14th of September was a fine day in the morning as I was waiting in the holding cell with almost 12 other prisoners for the prison transport to the “Justice Palace” or Inquisition, I got a glimpse of Monica as she was herded along with a handful of other women prisoners from the women’s prison. Our cell door was open as additional men were processed. Monica was one of the last prisoners to leave the woman’s prison bus, and was herded into an adjacent room. I actually had a few tears of joy seeing her for 3/4 of a second through the crack in the door.

      I could write an entire book after 73 days in prison. What an education. I wouldn’t trade it for anything not for $6 million dollars unless of course I have to stay here for six million years. This place gives me so much hope and confidence. I know that we are going to win. Not because of me or because Monica but because of the people I have met here. Fantastic! Most are zombies and surplus Negroes and Arabs and other Asian riffraff, but it is the common sense of the few good people that gives me this confidence. Also life here is a taste of things to come if we do not win. Pure f###ing hell. But unless you experience pain and horror, we will not truly appreciate and be willing to sacrifice to have comfort and joy.

      I will run a short story by you, and then return to the 3/4 of a second where I saw Monica.

      We – Monika and I, now have 13 days of Inquisition behind us, and the following story happened on July 17, 2008 on Inquisition day #8. I was brought down to the holding cell, the room I was just talking about. We were about 12 or 13 people in that room and although it is supposed to be non-smoking these other prisoners always sneak some tobacco stuck to their nuts or someplace and light up as soon as they are pushed into this room. It was smoky and noisy. There was one there, a white face amongst this crowd. I asked him if he spoke German or English and in a Scottish accent so thick I could hardly understand it, he told me his story. It made me very sad, but gave me great hope, all at the same time.

      He was a 20-year-old Scotsman, traveling through Europe with a couple of buddies. And at some Pub he had a few too many beers and somehow fell onto a table while the people at the table that he fell on pushed him off and he landed on his back on the floor. What did he do on his back, totally drunk, his fighting Spirit uninhibited and fierce as can be, he picked up a glass that was lying there on the floor where he lay and fired it at the people who pushed him off the table. (Hey that reminds me of my youth.) Well the glass that he threw at them hit its target and caused a slight injury. (When I was young that happened all the time, but nobody went to prison for it. Boys will be boys!) This young Scotsman was more now close to going insane with frustration. He told me that another English guy he met in prison here was trying to get sleeping pills so he could sleep away the nightmare.

      What is the nightmare? The entire summer has been extremely hot this year and about 90% of the prisoners are dark-skinned Invaders. Remember they have emptied the prisons in Africa and elsewhere to enrich European countries in the biological sense. These Invaders like to communicate with each other all day and until about midnight by yelling out their cell windows to each other. This poor Scotsman now had 2 months of nothing but the white walls of his cell to look at while being blasted by a nonstop yelling in many different languages, none of which he could understand. This is like a prison in Africa with German prison staff. All the few Germans that I have met here are very decent and upright people.

      After listening to this young man, I told him that these conditions are not the fault of the German people. We are in occupied country. I am in prison because I showed the audience, at a political rally, how high my pet dog Paolo can jump. I told him that the reward that the UK got for bombing the living hell out of Germany in 1945 is that now London has a Pakistani mayor and brown-skinned invaders can rape white-skinned English girls with impunity and if the English want to extradite the rapists, then the English taxpayer pays millions of pounds to Jewish attorneys to prevent the brown skin from being extradited. Remember: The Jew loves treason but hates the traitor. The successful genocide of millions of Germans is now a template for the destruction of what is left of the white race.

      I told the Scotsman that we are positioned with our backs against the wall, and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder. It is do-or-die! When this young man, not even very big, rifled that glass from the floor, on his back drunk as he can be, he showed what we all have in us. We need to get this energy and resolve channeled in the direction that will secure our homelands and our future. I wrote my name on a piece of toilet paper, that was the only available paper in that stinking room full of Invaders. He was so happy to have had that dialogue with me.

      Now, back to the 3/4 second glimpse of Monica, in route to Inquisition day #13 on the 14th of September 2018. Arrival at the “Justice Palace” after waiting for whatever time we have to wait, I get called out and there in the hall is Monica attached with handcuffs to her “Beamte” (police guard), and I get attached to my Beamte, and we march off in a little procession: Beamte – Beamte/Monika – Beamte/Alfred. We follow the hallways and staircases until we reach the courtroom. We get detached from our Beamten after the door behind us is closed and the other Beamten have their eyes on us.

      On this date, the Beamten were different from the ones the days before and they were very strict – NO TALKING! NO NOTHING! But still Monica and I were the happiest people in all the room. Previous days, the police guard was more normal and even prided himself by sharing his awareness of WTC 7 (the tower on 9-11 that wasn’t hit but fell in demolition style anyway).

      Without going into all the details of the proceedings, since they make no sense anyway, I only want to summarize briefly the following. The very worst day so far was Thursday August 16th. The state prosecutor walked in with two binders and proclaimed, “We have the property investigations and financial data and we expect a multi-year sentence for Mr. Schaefer due to the gravity of his crimes.” They normally take everything you own and disappear you for many years. I love jews.

      Friday, August 17th was a turning point. I was exhausted from the very long previous day. I had reached the sanctuary of my cell by about 9:30 p.m. The night before and I was in a state of shock from a totally helpless feeling of this insanity. On our way down after that horrible day, I told Monica, “Monica we will walk out of here as free people.” She just roared with laughter and said to her Beamte, “Alfred’s always so optimistic!” But what could I do? It was so surreal – out of a Brave New World or George Orwell horror show. The total absurdity led me to believe that it can’t be real so things have to change. And change they did.

      I’m going to make it brief now. The Friday following the day of horror, a witness was called in who had already been there earlier and we were back to “gathering evidence.” And now we have court dates all the way to the end of October. Can you imagine grown people spending this level of resources on this kind of nonsense? Hard to believe, but that is the Muppet Show that Monica and I have the honors of having secured two important leading roles. We love it.

      Okay, now a few words about the weapons being used against humanity in a last-ditch effort to keep the state of induced mental sanity locked into place. All the hype generated by talk of “Nazi war crimes,” “Holocaust,” “Syria warned of consequences for using GAS.” blah blah blah. All of those words do nothing more than rejuvenate the indoctrination of the past 80 years. These things need to all be called out as “marked cards” in a card game of All or Nothing. We must not respond to any of them, EVER, other than calling them out as marked cards …

      (Included because it was so clever) Re-edit and correct my six million spelling mistakes. I wish I could spell as good as Uncle Adolf could paint, but he was a true Man Of All Trades. I could keep writing but if they disappear this letter it would be all for nothing. This time I told the story of the Scotsman, there is a great story about a 16-year- old Afghan Warrior who really gave me a lot of Hope … Coming soon. I would hire that guy as my personal bodyguard, he was that good. And remember we are winning! What we are observing now are the expected symptoms of the initial phase of our healing over space and time. These are natural processes that can be observed throughout nature.

      Your friend and comrade Alfred.”

      It’s up to people just like you Pat. Don’t look for a leader with a plan; look inward, make your own plan.

      All the best,


      1. Thanks, my dear Arch –

        I have never looked to anyone to follow with a plan. I have been severely criticized everywhere, even here, for not following the rumors and theories of accepted premises. I have been called ‘mule-headed’ by one who does not comment here anymore. Those words do not deter me.

        I was shunned in the 50s by my fellow students for exposing jews as baby killers…. I gave out publications on ‘Jewish Ritual Murder’ by Arnold Reese and ‘Jews And Their Lies’ by Martin Luther and exposures by Dilling and Mullins and John Beaty and George Patton and Larry Patterson and CODOH and Emry and Comparet and Hallimore and Swift….and dozens more. I carried the messages on even in the US Navy and 50 years later I continue today.

        The results are… most people shunning me. I am not invited to many events… But I still do it…. gladly!! If you have too many friencs talk about jews. 🙂 🙂

      2. Dear Arch, jesus the king of the jews who you admire was a jew as all the other jews. By the way there is no factual proof this jeshua EVER existed. This wonderful god with all his miracles couldn’t save himself. All jewish fables to brainwash and the jews succeded as you don’t even notice. Get rid of ALL jewish ‘ mono-theistic’ religions. They are in fact just cults. You advice to Pat is bullshit’ make your own plan’. You talk like a jew. It’s full of jews on this site.

      3. @ (((Alice)))

        Has anyone ever tried to shove a red-hot poker up your ass?
        I think it’s time someone did! 🙂

        What’s the weather like in Tel Aviv, hmm . . . ?

        What a brainless, predictable, opinionated, aggressively repugnant little nincompoop you are! Away with you, Miss Freak Show!

        You have overstayed your welcome on this site.

      4. @Alice Wrong. Jesus rejected the Jews and their ways, saying they were filled with hatred and thoughts of revenge. Christianity preached treating others decently and Judaism preached their superiority over others and taking advantage of others. Christianity says that Jews can’t go to heaven unless they accept Jesus as the son of God and reject the hatred inherent in their religion. It’s only been in the last 50 years (post Vatican II) that tens of millions of moronic imbeciles in America think Jews and Christians are allies, when in fact they have never been allies. These “Christian Zionists” got their blasphemous views of Christianity from the Scofield Bible, a bible re-written by Jews to make them look better to others

  7. If YOU don’t stop the Jews — no one will!

    Exactly! I appreciate the trust, Arch. No problem, bro, I’ll do it for you.

    Any stinking Jews around here who has stolen happiness from my friend? Step forward bastards, I am gonna whip your ass right now… everyone of you.

    1. PAT :

      How old were you when you joined the Navy in I think it was 1965. 1965 or 1966. How old were you? Because let’s say you were 20 years old when you joined the Navy in the mid-60s, then you were born in 1945 or 1946 — which means you were 10-11 years old in 1955-1956. You were handing out “Jewish Ritual Murder” and ” Jews And Their Lies” when you were 10 and 11 years old? Really? So naturally you were a very precocious kid, right? You *wink* *wink* must have been, good for you, 🤓.

      1. TROJ –

        You have asked my ages in relation to events numerous times. I was over 22 years old when I joined the Navy. I had 5 years of college and medical school by then. I had no patience for the patients in free clinics in Memphis. I hauled ass!! 🙂

        My dad was State Commander of American Legion in Arkansas, who was way to the right of Attila The Hun, and I began handing out the materials for him at American Legion meetings at age 10….. and my school at age 12…. and so on.

        You can put all of that in your book you are writing about me….
        ….and when completed, the attendants there at Chattahoochee State Mental Hospital can cram it up your butt and make it a mystery. 🙂

    2. Circ,
      Donaldo has Jewish blood. Tell me youngster, how have I ever stolen YOUR happiness?

      1. Sure, Arch, just don’t stab me in the back when I am done with the stinkies.

        Nothing personal, brother, just a historical precaution. Ever heard of operation unthinkable thought out by our western white brothers after we have saved their collective ass from the white German Nazis:


        Our Anglo-American brothers in arm were planning to join forces with what could be salvaged from the Nazis and launch a sneak attack against Russia. Some allies, ah?

        And who is to be blamed? The Jews, of course.

    1. PAT :

      When you say you had “5 years of college and medical school” does that mean 4 years of college and one year of med school, or does it mean 4 years of college and 4 years of med school? Because if you joined the Navy at the age of 22 and you were in college for 4 years and medical school for another 4 years before joining the Navy then that means you were 14 when you started college. If you had 4 years of college and one year of med school, they don’t put first year med students in clinics to treat patients. Maybe in the last year of med school, maybe, but usually after med school when the med student got his degree and is in residency, residency is after a med student graduates from med school, residency is a 3 to 7 year stint.

      As you were interested in being a doctor, how come you didn’t become a Medic in the Navy and pursue medicine in the military? Did the niggers in the free clinics in Memphis turn you off to medicine that much you changed course and decided instead to become THE world’s leading nuclear physicist? I thought you liked blacks, you got plenty of nigger sock puppets, considering all of your nigga sock puppets/handles/characters one always got the impression that you LERVED da bruthas, sheeeiiiitttt…..

      I won’t annoy you with questions regarding your age anymore — well, at least for awhile. I’ll give you a break — for awhile. You obviously have difficulties figuring out how old you are, so I don’t want to put any more pressure on you, suffering as you are from severe dementia/alzheimers I guess it’s difficult for you to try to figure out your age : “Am I 80 years old, 90 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, ¿ how old am I? , gee I don’t know, I have no idea, let me guess, you can guess too, your guess is as good as mine” , lol. You’re very fortunate to have such a loyal devoted wife in Gilby, your wife and nurse. It’s good for alzheimer victims to have someone to look after them because alzheimer victims are totally lost in a fog in their minds and you don’t know your ass from your elbow from the severe dementia you suffer. You found someone who actually has the patience for you, good for you, what a blessing. I won’t ask you your age anymore, I’ll ask your ever devoted wifey-poo handmaid and nurse your age next time, Gilby would know, *grin*.

      1. TROJ –

        You wrote:
        “You obviously have difficulties figuring out how old you are,”

        I do not. YOU do!! 🙂 🙂

        Keep writing that stinky mystery novel!!! 🙂

  8. And where exactly are all these people who hate jews? Because they’re not in the United States. I don’t know any kwans or even one kwan who hates jews. I DO, however, know sh*tloads of kwans who think the jews are the cat’s pajamas.

    Christian Americans love jews, leftist Americans in apostasy against Christianity love jews. ALL the Americans I know live in all kinds of la la la la land in their minds and love living in delusion, they DO deserve having the jews rulling over them, for most Americans love living in a world of lies and who better than the jews to provide them with illusions and delusions?

    The only Anti-jewism I hear is online. NEVER in real life (offline) do I ever hear any Anti-jewish remarks. NEVER.

    1. Good point, Joe. In fact, in the entire stream of mindless and meaningless babbling, this is the only comment that stands out as sober and astute observation worthy of attention.

    2. I would like to elaborate further on TROJ’s illuminating observation. If Joe is correct – and I believe he is – then the title of Arch’s post “Why do people hate Jews?” is misleading, to say the least.

      Anyhow, according to Joe, Jew haters dwell not in the real world but mostly on the web, in particular, on sites like this one. I am going out on a limb now and make few other guesses:

      Ms. Darkmoon does not hate the Jews. Uncle Toby does not hate the Jews. Sister Monica does not hate the Jews. Sardonicus does not hate the Jews. Pat does not hate the Jews. Freya might despise the Jews but she certainly does not hate them. And I could go on and on. If I had guessed wrong with anyone of you, please correct me. So who does hate the Jews on this site? Harold Smith comes across as one passionate hater of the Jews. Not so sure, but John Kirby, Gilbert Huntly and Carnaptious are good candidates for the title.

      Now, Joe himself dwells on this site, so it is not entirely unreasonable to inquire – does Joe himself hate the Jews? We do not know. What we know for sure is that he does not “have a problem with anyone hating jews”… as long as (if I understood him correctly) he is not identified with the Jews. To me, it is plain that Joe does not fit the pattern of Jewish behavior. So, instead of guessing, I am asking Joe a straightforward and simple question: Joe, do you hate the Jews; if so, why do you hate them?

      1. This was not my title but the admin’s title. My original title was Jews Have Stolen Everything. I do not hate Jews anymore than I hate any parasitical organism, The idea of “hate” against such organisms is an irrational absurdity as these are just facts of life that have to be dealt with.

      2. I do not hate Jews anymore than I hate any parasitical organism, The idea of “hate” against such organisms is an irrational absurdity as these are just facts of life that have to be dealt with.

        Arch, you are not thinking, brother. If you were, you would have recognized that you are – along with all Jews and all non-Jews who live in the so called Western world – part of that parasitical organism you are so unwisely raving about.

        So, if you wish to make a contribution to the cause of dealing with that parasite you can just hang up yourself.

    3. PAT :

      In the biography I’m writing about you ¡ the one and only you! here in Flohr-eee-duh, I’m soon going to be writing the chapter about the history of the girls you have LERVED in your life. So I need to know if your girlfriend Hellary is suffering from parkinson’s disease or is she a victim of KURU disease from feasting on TOO many human-children-flavored pizzas. What is it about female cannibals that attracts you to them so much, *grin*

    4. Sadly TROJ — you are correct. But it’s even worse than you describe. When it comes time to make Whitey into lampshades, unfortunately, there will be no shortage of White volunteers to man the guard towers at the concentration camps. It will be Whites who oversee the whole operation in service of the jews. Liberalism works by manipulating the weak-minded through self-hatred. But alluding to liberalism as the cause is a evasion from the what the real cause is. The real cause is hatred of Whites and that hatred is promoted by deceitful, murdering, jews.

  9. “Then they shall wallow through their global, Jewish pigsty like the “effendi” pigs they are, with the remaining mud-race slaves to serve them.”

    Please don’t insult pigs like that; pigs are beautiful animals.

  10. “but plenty of good congressmen, who stood against the bank, have been murdered in office, along with hundreds of other evolutionaries from the fields of business, science and medicine; lots and lots of film makers and writers… .”
    ” they send people on ‘holocaust’ tours to Israel to brainwash them into the useful group-think..
    ‘holocaustianity’ is actually taught as a course in some colleges… they cultivate cops the same way, and they send cops over there too to learn the ways of apartheid policing..” (barkingdeer)

    The same terror in European countries. Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, France come to mind. Quite a number of upright politicians, journalists, even state prosecutors, police personel have been murdered over the years.((( They ))) do the same everywhere to terrify the populations.

    “apartheid policing”? (What do you mean by that?)
    It’s all about “enrichment through diversity”. To take away all defence (against Genocide by mass immigration) The multi-ethnic INVASION into Germany (all whites countries) mustn’t be allowed to be stopped. Policemen and German military men are being sent to Israel. . . to BE SHAMED. To be indoctrinated into “Holocaustianity” and FEEL ASHAMED of their ancestors (The German Wehrmacht) by falsified history – falsified pictures – falsified proof for alleged “worst crimes in history“ – Actually, CRIMES COMMITTED BY JEWS – Crimes they blame on their victims.

  11. “apartheid policing”? (What do you mean by that?)
    the zionists, jewish and otherwise, are running an apartheid repression program against the palestinians… it’s not something that can be done unless the people in authority are willing to enforce laws differently for different kinds of people… not everybody in rothschildlandia has equal rights, though the jews will claim israel is the only democracy in the middle east… it takes a special kind of lowlife with a badge to administer such a program… palestinians are robbed and killed every day, their properties outright stolen… to even say you have a police force there is a lie…
    i know it is still the case that most americans think it anathema to question the holocaust, not because they have any actual knowledge of its veracity, but because of the success of 60 or 70 years of hollywood/state propaganda brainwashing… through jewish control of all the media (except now the web), they have been able to associate holocaust denial with racism, ignorance and bigotry… americans’ television and movies have shown them for decades now that holocaust deniers are just dangerous skinheads… and most americans will still shun you for it… they have a phenomenal capacity for remaining unaware..
    but surely every german has by now come to understand the lie of the 6,000,000 holocaust…
    and surely they can all see clearly where their country is being taken by the european union operatives, who preach it and who jail otherwise innocent people just for questioning it…
    i understand your point about separating the jews from the germans… germany has a white aryan heritage, and it should stay a white country, because that’s the way to preserve real diversity, and ‘a nation is a terrible thing to waste’… not because one race is superior or inferior… but because we are not all the same…
    and the actual strengthening of individual nations is the key to a democratically functioning un…
    the destruction of nations in practicality eliminates the democratically functioning world body, which is the only check against the central banksters’ global military dictatorship ai transhumanist surveillance slave state…
    but in the usa there is no exclusive national ethnicity, and apartheid is generally not acceptable…
    we have bitten on the ‘affirmative action’ methodology though, decades ago, and if it were applied to limit the number of jews allowed in office, we could be well on the way to repair and recovery…
    but that’s not going to happen, and there will probably be no peaceful solution to the problems the globalists are sticking us with… they are forcing us into a position where we will either have to fight or surrender…
    they know that. that’s why 9-11 and the militarization of what’s supposed to be law enforcement…
    the big difference between here and europe is – americans will not give up their guns…

  12. “… Like their lying, thieving, murderous, homosexual “forefather” Jacob…” But is Jacob their “forefather” at all?

    “Romans 9:13 As it is written, I loved Jacob, but I hated Esau.
    Does that sound like a blessing to Esau??
    That is correct:
    Jacob/Israel = white Europeans
    Edom/Esau = Jews”
    From Jacob/Israel and the end of Edom/Esau – Who is who? Who is Jacob/Israel?
    Genesis 32:28: And Yahweh said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed
    https://filehorst.de/d/cIJkxwvp ( or https://filehorst.de/downloadNow.php?md5=e0e84d54c40dc82fc869ed08dd83d2a4&file=cIJkxwvp&fhuid=Vq8FgvLfBIplARA47ldlB5bynd1J2WzY&filename=08_Von+Jacob-Israel+%26+ENDE+von+Edom-Esau_mitFlaggen.pdf

    1. “Romans 9:13 As it is written, I loved Jacob, but I hated Esau. Does that sound like a blessing to Esau??

      Huh? Your point? First off, the book of “Romans” (that would be goyim) is long after the fact, New Testament balderdash written by the opportunistic Jew Saul/Paul, a former Temple Jew. Saul/Paul fully negated his claim when he went di-rect-ly against the master’s command to stay away from the “gentiles.”

      These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

      There it is in red and white!

      But the disciples go against his command and bring Jesus a goy shiksa anyway! And what happens?

      And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered (his disciples) and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.blockquote

      Jesus wouldn’t even address the goy shiksa, whose daughter was evidently a foul-mouthed bitch. (Devil: slanderer, accuser.) So what the hell was Saul/Paul doing going to the “gentiles”?

      Second, they are all Jews. I’ll say it again, the Bible is a book written by Jews, for Jews, about Jews. Jacob stole Esau’s birthright (inheritance) and then tricked his old, half-blind, father Isaac into giving him his blessing (and his signet ring, the sign of tribal authority.) Done deal. Once a crazy Jew bestowed his blessing, (and his ring), it could not be reclaimed.


      And he came near, and kissed him: and he smelled the smell of his raiment, and blessed him, and said, See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field which the LORD hath blessed: Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine: Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.


      And he said, Is not he rightly named Jacob? for he hath supplanted me these two times: he took away my birthright; and, behold, now he hath taken away my blessing. And he said, Hast thou not reserved a blessing for me?

      “Is he not rightly named Jacob?” He got that right! Jacob the lying, conniving, duplicitous thief.

      That makes Jacob leader of Abraham’s tribe, the father who “blessed” Isaac. To Jews this says Jacob is the forefather of modern Jews, and considering the descriptions of Jacob, how could it be otherwise? What’s more, that’s the way Orthodox Jews view it and who am I to argue with the chosen ones’ views about their book? Perhaps you buy into the Jews’ clever “thirteenth tribe” theory?

      As you point out, YHVH renames Jacob “Israel.” Isn’t that the name of their “shitty little country?” Or have they renamed it Esauville? If you want to claim the CI idea that the lying, thieving, murderous, faggot Jacob is your forefather and white people are actually YHVH’s chosen ones, then by all means, take it to your local rabbi and tell him he’s full of shit.

  13. (((They))) are the Chamelions of mankind. (((They))) come in all shapes, colors and shades. (((They))) come in all the political, economic, social, educational and religion persuasions throughout the ages- etc from Marxism through to Libertarianism and everything in between. ((They))) come as the the good, the bad and the ugly. (((They))) came as the advisers of the Ceasars and kings of old, the money lenders of medieval despots as well as the tax farmers of the same. All creation was made just for (((them))). Wars are (((their))) harvest by financing both or all sides. The Germanic tribes of Roman times would fight straight up and plunder for all to see, whereas the self proclaimed apple of (((their))) Gods eye plunder and take by slight of hand and stealth and by compound interest. (((They))) created the religion of give, give, give, for the white race, while (((their))) religion is take, take, take. (((They))) will take anything and everything that’s not nailed down, but then have been known to even take that and the nails.
    (((They))) have a visceral hatred of the Celtics and the Nordic (except for (((their))) blond trophy wifes))) the two great divisions of the Aryan race especially the Scotch/Irish, and the Germans including the Goths and Visigoths all the way into Iberia who were so difficult to bring to heal under (((their))) money power.
    (((They))) succeed because (((they))) are allowed to. Psychopathic to a fault, (((they))) invite the nations, the goy, to partake of the filth and corruption of the synagogue of Satan.

  14. I don’t have a problem with anyone hating jews, I DO however have a problem with those who don’t bother to discern at all who is a jew and who is not a jew and they just label anyone they don’t particularly care for “a joo” — maybe because you have a slight difference of opinion and don’t think EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY the way they think you “should” think — and if such a NON-discerning one is a webmaster, fuggedaboudit, the next thing you know you’re getting labeled “a joo” and being thrown into a cattlecar and getting shipped off to some prison camp for “thought criminals”. The premise is : “ALL NON-jews think alike” [ read : “ALL NON-jews SHOULD AND MUST think alike” ] so if a NON jew comes around who thinks a little bit differently from his fellow NON-jews, fuggedaboudit, you’re some kind of “felon”. It’s a bit MUCH, I do have to say. Probably uncle is a, lol, a Re-Incarnation of Pope Lucius III. Pope Lucius III issued “Ad Abolendam”, that was the official start of the, lol, THE INQUISITION, sayin’.

  15. Without a hundred thousand Jewish geniuses western civilization would be overthrown by Chinese imperialists. Only Jews can standup to Chinese manipulation of Western influence. Praise the Jewish savior as the new Christ.

      1. My opinion about Jewish importance to the Western World is true. Most ideas that counter Chinese and Russian encroachment comes from Jews. I don’t watch Alex Jones, he is censored for spewing hate speech.

    1. Name one jewish ‘ genius’, einstein who stole, invented and copied everything and then was hailed as the jewish zionist?. What a joke these jews, always stealing, copying, inventing myths like the bible. Compliments for having fooled the Goyim in believing the invented jesus’ the king of the jews. I love the jews always using the same Hegelian tactics. I get bored, invent something new jews.

      1. Over one hundred thousand Jewish millionaires were born poor. They could not have all been evil money makers as anti-Semites claim.

  16. The fact is that very few people hate the jews. The majority of the people, the so called Goyim, love the jews and protect and adore them. It is the marketing of the jews themselves to sell the myth that the jews are hated. Complete nonsense. That assertion is only in the interest of the jews. Darkmoon.me should know that if the site is for real.

    ADMIN:That last sentence shows needless aggression, Alice. We welcome all views, including yours. We didn’t censor your comment, so please make an effort to let your emotions be controlled by your intellect.

    1. Nobody was loved as much as the Jewish peddler. he brought bargains to the countryside. But now Jewish money managers and business partners are needed. Jews are smart and know how to make a buck, they are wanted as tax and real estate consultants. Also Jewish husbands are desired by marriage minded gals.

      1. Hehe – and all of them just loved to have their wiener sucked by a rabbi when they were only a few days old.

      2. Mel –

        “Nobody was loved as much as the Jewish peddler.”

        That is totally wrong!! They were HATED!!

        The filthy jew peddlers were nicknamed “carpetbaggers” and were shot on site in the 19th century in America.
        The “scumbaggers” moved into deeper theft and crimes to protect each other and formed ‘organized crime’ syndicates for control and protection. They controlled and pushed gambling, prostitution, drugs and booze. The notorious jew Lansky was the kingpin in the 20th century.

        Today they are “YUGE” “scumbaggers”…. “BIGGLY” controlling and stealing with the US/global currency at the Fed Res!! 🙂

  17. You should not say anything bad about Jacob. Which you dont know. He was forefather of many prophets and pious god fearing person. Mariam(Mary) is also from his progeny. Hatred should not cross God forbidden lines.

  18. Question: What creates the vortex, the death spiral so prized among skaters of ice?
    AND, what if ice should melt? I would then replace blades with plastic fins, perhaps a scuba diver’s rubberized, insulated skin. Off we then would go again, merrily unaware, time to spare, a whirlpool or two in which to swim!
    Never mind the shark of seas, did we not once collect its teeth along sandy shores, the beast banned to deeper waters? Not to worry, we shall return home again, someday, sometime, GOD shepherds us!
    Free and easy we sing, free and easy we swing, free and easy we wing to Heaven!
    Hopeless optimism, I do know. Wish I had more hopium to peddle here, wish I had more my Self to ingest.
    If I devise a brilliant, alternative plan, I shall pass it along on paper, squished, transferable in a handshake, with a hug, knowing surveillance cameras film my every public move.

    1. A beautiful comment, Alan. Stick around! I don’t know what I’d without you on this site. You give me hope, and your comments always uplift me.

      1. Very kind, Madame Butterfly. Thank you! Compared to Darkmoon, a more capacious, fruitful site I have yet to find. I enjoy as much the beaded strings of mostly informative comments, both evocative and provocative, and often inspiring. I shall indeed hang around here as long as my glider passes air beneath me! 😉

  19. “They’ve stolen our media — every last bit of it.”
    the web was about the only bit we had… we still have it but now it’s being censored.. not the same thing…
    facebook, google, twitter – intel start-ups…
    the surveillance state has not much to do with democracy or the republic…
    alex jones, openly calls school shootings hoaxes with crisis actors…
    they had to shut him up, like the german holocaust deniers in prison…
    he said he would be just the first to be banned (trial balloon) …
    still not sure he’s not in on it though…
    he’s not nearly hard enough on the stienies…
    “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”…

    1. Bark –

      I have mentioned the control of thought by using the internet numerous times.

      The RT article is not a report on censorship. It IS reporting contract enforcement.. the rules in the AGREEMENT being applied… as they see fit. Folks joined and agreed freely.

      However it is control all the same….. but.. without censorship.

  20. @ sardonis, you are claerly stupid and a homo. You have certainly fantasized about your poke before you could write it down. Sardonis is a homo and a jew.

    1. Thanks for the laugh, Alice. You need to get back to school and ask for some spelling lessons! 🙂

      As for me being a “homo” as well as a “jew”, if that’s the best you can do to win an argument you might as whistle in the wind! You’re wasting your time! This is a serious website, Alice, not a forum for fools and trolls.

  21. Christianity is the root cause of all of our problems.
    Christians throughout history have worshipped Jews because of the Old Testament abomination and because they owe Jews due to Jesus.
    Reject Christianity and Jew problem solved

    1. Garbage! Repeating these tired old cliches doesn’t make them true. Think of something original to say next time. Attacking religion (especially Christianity) is simply a subconscious excuse for being a compulsive wanker. Stop wanking! — and that will give you a new perspective!

    2. “Reject Christianity and Jew problem solved”

      HUH??? Most jews, who certainly hate and reject Christianity, have more problems with jews than Christians do. The jews have to deal with them more often… even on Saturn’s Day at synagogue!! 🙂

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