Will 2018 be the year Flat Earth theory catches on?

The number of Flat Earthers has increased exponentially with the advent of the internet. There are now record numbers of people prepared to believe almost anything. 

By John Naish
The Daily Mail

Pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon


Among all the scientific questions that have fascinated Man over the centuries, surely there is one that is beyond debate. Planet Earth is round, not flat. The Ancient Greeks first discovered this fact in at least 200BC, if not 300 years earlier. The Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus delivered solid mathematical proof in 1543. And we’ve seen it for ourselves in numerous breath-taking images of Earth relayed from space. So how is it that a growing number of people are starting to reject as baloney the fact that our planet is a sphere?

The Ancient Greeks first discovered the world was round in at least 200BC, if not 300 years earlier.

The Flat-Earthers — a derogatory term used to denote people who are out of touch with the realities of modern life — are back on the march. Thanks to the internet, their numbers have grown to a size unparalleled since the Spanish Inquisition and, inevitably, celebrities are flocking to join. Last month, the former England cricketer, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, declared himself a Flat-Earth enthusiast.

He argues that ‘evidence suggests the world isn’t round’, asking: ‘If you’re in a helicopter and you hover, why does the Earth not rotate under you if it’s round?’

He added: ‘Why would water stay still if we’re hurtling through space? Why is it not wobbling?’

Well, Freddie, these are, indeed, tough questions of the perplexing type that a toddler might ask. But Flat-Earth Flintoff won’t be distracted from such quandaries by the offer of a lollipop or soft toy.

He has previously revealed his interest on his Radio 5 show, which he co-hosts with former footballer Robbie Savage, when he said the moon landings could have been faked and that he’d been persuaded by a podcast called The Flat Earthers.

Flat-Earth Flintoff (pictured here) plans to attend the next annual meeting of the Flat Earth International Conference in the U.S. next year, having somehow missed this year’s event — the first ever, which was completely sold out. Perhaps Flintoff was hovering in his helicopter, waiting to see if North America would come spinning round!

But thousands of Flat-Earthers made it to North Carolina, flying from Britain, New Zealand and Argentina, ignoring the fact that aircraft computer systems are configured to navigate a spherical planet, not a flat one.

Robbie Davidson, the conference organiser, claims the movement is in its best shape since Copernicus annoyingly offered proof that our planet is round. He said: ‘You’re going to see more celebrities and scientists come aboard. This is just the beginning.’

Indeed, B and C-listers are queueing up to join, as though Flat-Earth were an astrophysics version of TV’s Celebrity Big Brother House.

Shaquille O’Neal (pictured) , the American former professional basketball player and rapper declared himself one of the gang in March.

‘I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it’s flat to me,’ he declared. ‘I do not go up and down at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity.’

He and Flintoff should get along well.

In September, another U.S. rapper, Bobby Ray Simmons Jr (better known as B.o.B — he had a number-one hit in 2010 with Bruno Mars), set up a crowd-funding appeal to launch a satellite to send back pictures that would prove the flatness of our planet. Thus far, he has garnered only $6,878 towards his $1million target.

Rap stars, cricketers and Flat-Earth theorists seem an odd mix, but Flat-Earth campaigners have traditionally been a motley bunch since their ideas first came into vogue in the 1870s.

Historians agree that even in the Middle Ages, most authorities accepted that the Earth is round — with only religious hardliners believing that God had created Earth as a flat disc at the centre of the universe.


Victorian Flat-Earth ideas were sparked by a test called the Bedford Level experiment. In 1838, Samuel Birley Rowbotham, a Biblical Creationist — someone who believes the Earth and the universe are the result of a specific act of divine creation — placed a pair of surveyor’s rods six miles apart along a section of the Old Bedford River where it runs through a drainage canal in a straight, uninterrupted line through the Cambridgeshire Fens.

Positioning himself next to one rod, he found he could see the other. This, he said, proved the Earth was flat, because if the planet was round and its surface curved, the other rod should be out of sight.

His ‘proof’ attracted a small army of converts. In 1870, a supporter called John Hampden issued a public wager of £500 (about £61,000 in today’s money) to anyone who could provide incontrovertible proof that the Earth was not flat.

Alfred Russel Wallace, a surveyor and eminent scientist who is credited with (independently of Charles Darwin) developing a theory of evolution based on natural selection, took up the challenge. He knew Rowbotham’s finding of flatness was the result of an optical illusion caused by a phenomenon known as ‘atmospheric refraction’.

The illusion happens because the density of air varies throughout the atmosphere and can cause light passing through it to get ‘bent’. This bending can ‘lift’ images near the horizon into view.

By adjusting Rowbotham’s original experiment to eliminate atmospheric refraction, Russel Wallace won the bet by showing there was a degree of curvature consistent with the planet being round.

The experiment was refereed by the editor of The Field sports magazine, but Hampden refused to accept the result, claimed Wallace had cheated, and sued him.

A long, messy court battle ensued. Hampden was ultimately jailed, for libel and for threatening murder after he wrote to Wallace’s wife: ‘Madam, if your infernal thief of a husband is brought home some day with every bone in his head smashed to pulp, you will know the reason.’

However, the court ruled the bet was invalid, accepting Hampden’s claim that he’d retracted the wager. Wallace had to return the £500, but both sides claimed victory. One of Hampden’s supporters, Lady Elizabeth Anne Blount, a devout Christian and vegetarian, established the Universal Zetetic Society to prove his point.

The word Zetetic means ‘inquiring’, though the society’s limited horizons were betrayed by the title of its journal: The Earth Not A Globe Review. However, it attracted as members an archbishop, a major-general, various aristocrats and literary names of the day.

The organisation limped into the 20th century, becoming the International Flat Earth Society in 1956. Its organiser, Samuel Shenton, of Dover, was a tireless campaigner and speaker on the subject of a flat Earth, dismissing the first satellite images to show Earth as a sphere in 1960 by claiming: ‘It’s easy to see how a photograph like that could fool the untrained eye.’

After Shenton died in 1971, the Society’s membership records passed to a Charles Johnson in California, who declared himself ‘president of the International Flat Earth Research Society of America and Covenant People’s Church’.

‘If Earth were a ball spinning in space, there would be no up or down,’ he told Newsweek magazine in 1984. Instead, he maintained that the world was a flat disc floating on primordial waters.

“The world as a flat disc floating on primordial waters…”
Falling off the edge of the world into the abyss
would give ancient mariners nightmares

Johnson claimed his group had 3,500 members. But when he died in 2001, it seemed the movement would die with him. After all, even the Vatican had admitted the Inquisition (the Catholic Church’s institution established to combat heresy) had been wrong in 1633 to force Renaissance scientist Galileo Galilei to renounce his theory — under threat of torture — that the Earth does not move around the Sun, although not until 1992.

Then, along came the internet — and now the worldwide web has become a Flat-Earth forum for cranks around the globe (if you will excuse the rotundist terminology).

In 2004, the Flat Earth Society was resurrected as a web-based discussion forum. It led to the official relaunch of the society in 2009. Its first new member was musician Thomas Dolby (who’s 1982 hit single was called She Blinded Me With Science). He doesn’t believe the Earth is flat — but he did release an album called The Flat Earth.

A glance at Facebook, that renowned conveyor of questionable truths, shows how strongly the movement has grown. The Flat Earth Bible Society has 161,000 followers, and the two versions of the Flat Earth Society (they split after a row in 2013) share more than 140,000 members.

In this Donald-Trump era of ‘fake news’, should we be surprised so many people are ready to dispute a fundamental tenet of science?

This rejection is not simply about challenging every perceived authority. It is the ultimate bigoted egotism of the social-media age: people seriously believe that the entire universe revolves around them.

Last year, 52 per cent of British adults told online pollsters Atomik Research the Apollo 11 mission — which took man to the Moon for the first time — was fake.

Apollo astronaut Harrison Schmitt, who set foot on the moon in 1972, responded philosophically: ‘If people decide they’re going to deny the facts of history and the facts of science and technology, there’s not much you can do with them. I just feel sorry that we failed in their education.’

In a ya-boo-sucks response, the Flat Earth Society said last month: ‘Astronauts simply don’t understand that their word isn’t worth anything any more. This isn’t the Sixties. We don’t fall for your nonsense.’

Flat-Earthers believe Nasa faked all pictures of a moon landing and of the Earth viewed from space and that Nasa is lying to conceal the truth that the world is a flat disc in space with a wall of ice around the rim (regularly maintained by Nasa which knows the truth) to stop the oceans pouring over the side.

Flat-Earther Robbie Davidson compares his movement to climate-change sceptics who are mocked for questioning zealots.

With the backing of cricketer Andrew Flintoff and other celebrities, he insists their theory is due for wider serious consideration.

‘Pretty soon it’ll get to a critical point and scientists will have to come to the table,’ he said. ‘It’s one thing when it’s a bunch of fruitloops online, but now we are getting to the point of seeing major names.’

One ‘major name’ who disagrees is Elon Musk, chief of the electric-powered vehicle company Tesla and the private space exploration rocket company SpaceX. Last month, he teased Flat-Earthers by tweeting: ‘Why is there no Flat Mars Society?’

The Flat Earth Society replied: ‘Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round. We hope you have a fantastic day.’

Now Flat-Earthers are determined to try to prove their point by visiting space and confirming our planet is a disc themselves.

‘Mad’ Mike Hughes, a 61-year-old from California, last month had to abort the launch of his home-made steam-powered rocket, in which he aimed to fly to the edge of space, and prove we inhabit a flat planet. The details of how he intended to do it are sketchy at best.

Federal officials in the Mojave Desert refused permission for the attempt. Hughes says he has secured another launch site. But no new date has been announced so far.

Similar plans are being laid by Darrell Fox, from Portland, Oregon, leader of the 976-member Flat Earth v Spherical Earth Facebook group. He aims to send up cameras on high-altitude balloons to prove his point — but after several years’ effort he has been unable to gather sufficient funding.

Whether such plans get off the ground is not the point. Flat-Earthers have a new platform and are set on exploiting it.

On the internet, anyone can claim anything, and even this, the world’s most gravity-defyingly ignorant conspiracy theory has found a fan base.

Sourced from The Daily Mail

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O5dPsu66Kw

    in the video above starting at 3:30 , nasa admits they have to solve the problem of van alen belt of radiation before they continue traveling to the moon . and i thought they solved this problem back in 1969 when they allegedly landed on the moon .

    let us see how mr. John Naish of dailymail would explain this to us .

    if you think science does not lie to us a lot of times , then i have a bridge …etc .

    1. Indeed, the moon landings and Global Warming are hoaxes, but the earth is a sphere. I think part of the resurgence of the flat earth theory is a plot by TPTB to discredit real conspiracy theories on the Internet, such as 9/11 and Holocaust revisionism. They hope that the public will then consider all conspiracy theories as nonsense. The author of this article is perhaps part of that, since he ridicules the refusal to accept the moon landings and global warming as real. The trick is “ridicule by association”.

      1. “I think part of the resurgence of the flat earth theory is a plot by TPTB to discredit real conspiracy theories on the Internet, such as 9/11 and Holocaust revisionism.”

        I agree; it’s an attempt to smear by association. Since human evil dominates this world (including the mass media), “conspiracy” is everywhere; ipso facto only “conspiracy theorists” have a chance to understand the true nature of many world events – thus the effort to denigrate “conspiracy theorists”.

        For most of the 20th century, evil had almost an complete monopoly on the flow of information, but then the internet came along, and for the first time in human history, almost every person in the world now has access to “truth”, or at least access to alternative viewpoints, should they choose to avail themselves of it.

        So in order to maintain control, the beast uses a two-pronged attack: (1) Keep people from availing themselves of “truth” by making them spiritually dead, morally bankrupt, mentally dumbed-down, physically unwell and financially destitute; and (2) try to smear truth-tellers by association with nonsensical BS “theories.”

      2. Franklin Ryckaert January 1, 2018 at 10:05 am
        Absolutely. They’re trying to make us all look stupid.
        I know this is irrelevant (since simple facts and truth do not matter to most people), but it’s basically very simple.
        Sea-faring people have always known — for thousands of years — that the world is round, because if you sail in a straight line, it takes longer to get anywhere! So all you have to do is measure the angle of the curve when you find the shortest distance, and you can calculate the circumference of the earth. Sailors are not stupid.

      3. ‘The trick is “ridicule by association”.’
        Yes, if they [the public masters] insert a fallacy in a series of true statements, they count on the public’s inability to recognize the fallacy. Then, they go further, by contrasting that series of true statements with one fallacy in it against another fallacy, to cement the first fallacy because it helps them fleece the people. It has been going on for about 20 centuries.

    2. The Pope of Astrophysics, Neil dG Tyson, claims that the earth bulges at the equator causing the globe to take the form of an oblate spheroid. And if he says it, then it must be true.

      Hey, thanks Neil, ole buddy. I can’t think of a more credible, honorable source to help prove that NASA’s ‘blue marble’ photos are utter hogwash.

      1. It does bulge a little bit at the equator but the difference between the polar diameter and the equatorial diameter is so small that it looks like a perfect sphere.

  2. Baba Bathra 25b

    It has been taught: R. Eliezer says that the world is like an exedra, and the north side is not enclosed, and so when the sun reaches the north-west corner, it bends back and returns [to the east] above the firmament.

    R. Joshua, however, says that the world is like a tent, and the north side is enclosed, and when the sun reaches the north-west corner it goes round at the back of the tent [till it reaches the east].


    1. I can’t speak for the whole South, but the state of Florida is one big nut-house, and yes, Florida is getting to full capacity. So no, I’m not alone. Plenty of nuts over at NASA, Florida. I have a neighbor here where I live in Florida who does not believe NASA landed on the moon, yet he wants to believe we landed on the moon so he believes it, even though he doesn’t believe it. “NASA I believe help thou my unbelief”, lol. Definitely a religion this Heliocentrism.

      My neighbor is the perfect example of Heliocentrism being a religion. LOTS and LOTS of aspects of Heliocentrism, if not all of Heliocentrism, must be taken on faith, just like any other religion. Heliocentrism is the religion of Lilith and of Cain and has been passed down to us via the jew’s qabalah and the “Christian” cabala. Heliocentrism is how the powers and principalities of this world Hide God. Specifically, how they hide The Christian God Our Lord and Savior Jesus CHRIST GOD. For more information,

      YouTube Search Term :

      “How They Hide God”

      [ They don’t try to hide the gods of all the other religions in the world, they just try to hide The Christian God, that’s because The Christian God is The Only Real and True GOD ]

      Also : Heliocentrism has NEVER been proven via Empirical Science, and to this day the Heliocentrics can NOT answer the Catholic Saint Bellarmine’s questions. Heliocentrics avoid Saint Bellarmine like the plague and to Heliocentrics TRUTH is like a plague. Very similar to jews that way, very afraid of TRUTH. TRUTH is a plague to jews and to helios. The TRUTH is ANTI-Heliocentric, lol. The jews consider any questioning of Heliocentrism to be ANTI-JEWISH. Funny that.

      And, since when is questioning what we’re told is a scientific theory an example of being “crazy” or a “nut”? Scientific theories are meant to be questioned. It’s funny to me that so many who are very aware about the nature of TPTB and always question everything about the TPTB absolutely refuse to question the Heliocentric theory which the TPTB hand to us and tell us we must believe it. All of a sudden they’re not skeptical anymore. All of a sudden they’re not curious anymore. All of a sudden they don’t want to question the TPTB. All of a sudden they’re very trusting of TPTB. Funny that.

      1. spot on, original.
        I’m surprised to see slurs common to youtube threads
        whereby “flat earthers” are ridiculed and dismissed as looneys,nuts etc
        appearing here on this blog
        as Joe rightly points out,it’s accepted that tptb deal in and shovel bullshit
        by the ton,but somehow THIS one is beyond the pale
        for myself whenever I look at the ocean with the eyes in my head,
        it is always and without exception flat.
        whatever container, whatever liquid is in or put into,
        the surface is always flat
        we are told by the scientific community,
        that the earth is spinning at 1000 mph or there abouts
        and that its flying around the sun at some 67.000 mph
        the whole kit and kaboodle including the sun is then said to be hurtling along at
        2.5 million mph!
        yet no sense of motion.

        and the people that harbour the possibility that it may not be so are the “nuts”!!!??
        the atlantic and the pacific and all the other tons and tons of water that constitute the worlds oceans,
        are lying mostly calm and flat in spite of all this frenetic spinning
        clinging via a mysterious force called gravity,to a spinning ball.
        yet it only seems to have this very selective effect on huge volumes of salt water!
        birds balloons and even some fish can “fly” in spite of it,
        yet the oceans somehow cling on?
        a bit like imagining how one might nail a set rasberry jelly to a dartboard,
        and as pointless,
        you can’t, and it doesn’t.
        show me the curve!

      2. Teejay – “show me the curve!”

        But… but, all you have to do is look at NASA’s pictures of the earth to see the curve.

        (see my comment above)

      3. TEEJAY, the oceans are part of the Earth frame of reference – which is moving in uniform motion (constant velocity) both in its rotation and revolution about the Sun. You “sense no motion” as you put it because their is no force to be felt in uniform motion.

        Why don’t you ask the same thing about a bowl of water in a uniformly moving train? The only way in which you’d “sense motion” in that bowl of water is if a force is applied to it: i.e. change in velocity (or mass to be overly technical because, technically, force = change in momentum (mv)).

        The oceans, btw, DO feel forces. One being the Moon’s gravity – which is generally the biggest factor in tides. But the Earth’s uniform motions do not exert any force.

        This model of force is ridiculously well-known and is practically the basis for all of Physics. It is usually the very first thing taught in Physics.

      4. To put it more plainly, TEEJAY: you are saying that all of physics is wrong and you are right. I think I’d choose to think otherwise! LOL

  3. The growth of the Flat Earth Theory is proof positive that Western man is now regressing back to the level of a stone age primitive. I’ve been around the world three times! Twice from East to West and once from West to East.

    1. @ Felix

      The growth of the Flat Earth Theory is proof positive that Western man is now regressing back to the level of a stone age primitive. I’ve been around the world three times! Twice from East to West and once from West to East.

      This is a desperate attempt to ridicule the Flat Earth theory by resorting to false logic. The reason you have travelled “round” the world three times is that you performed this feat by air. In other words, you flew round the world in an airplane. That is cheating. Invalid science. If not cheating, it is certainly a methodological error.

      Had you tried to circumnavigate the flat disc of the earth by SEA, you would not have been able to go “round” the world so easily. You would have fallen off the edge of the world into the abyss, as per this aptly chosen picture:


      Yes, I know you will scoff at this because you have a closed mind .
      You belong to an increasing number of people who refuse to trust your own eyes and the evidence of your senses, preferring to reject common sense for the false lures of theoretical cosmology with its ridiculous insistence on a spherical earth.

      Much has been concealed from us by the science mafia, including the well-known fact that millions of ships have disappeared mysteriously at sea. Some have cited the Devil’s Triangle (aka the “Bermuda triangle”), but that is a complex, paranormal explanation that we geocentric Disc World scientists reject.

      Before you argue for a spherical earth, you need to explain how so many millions of ships have disappeared at sea throughout recorded history.

      Heinrich Schultz, PhD
      Flat Earth Researcher

      1. You have a point, Heinrich. TROJ will be delighted to have such an erudite “geocentric Disc World scientist” on his side. Please don’t think I am being sardonic. I have great respect for your views, however bizarre they may seem to “lesser minds”! 🙂

        Joking aside, my girlfriend disappeared at sea seven years ago.
        I had proposed marriage to her, expecting either an immediate acceptance or rejection. Instead, to my surprise, Janice said: “This is it not the time for me to make an important decision like this. You must ask me again after I have returned from my voyage round the world in a private yacht. I have signed on as a crew member.”

        It appears that she had been hired by this eccentric yachtsman as a galley cook, together with six other crew members, their object being to sail round the world to gather information on squid and other deep sea creatures. Janice was a diving enthusiast and wave surfer, apart from being a postgraduate student of marine biology, so she was delighted to get this job in a lifetime.

        Anyway, to cut a long story short, I never heard from my beloved fiancee again. She just disappeared at sea, exactly as Heinrich has outlined above. What became of her I do not know, but Heinrich has now provided me with a possible explanation for her inexplicable disappearance.

      2. @Heinrich Schultz
        Flat Earth Researcher (with PhD, in what?)

        1) “…you belong to an increasing number of people who refuse to trust your own eyes and the evidence of your senses…”

        The “evidence” of our senses can be deceptive. For example, objects at a distance look smaller to us than they really are. It’s called perspective. When I walk on a plain, the surface of the earth does indeed look “flat” and no matter how long a distance I walk, the earth’s surface still will look “flat”. That is because the globe of the earth is so big, that for my eyes the curvature of it is not visible.

        2) “…millions of ships have disappeared mysteriously at sea…”

        I don’t think it is “millions”, and the “mystery” is simply : storms.

        3) “… had you tried to circumnavigate the flat disc of the earth by SEA…you would have fallen off the edge of the world into the abyss…”

        So if a ship can “fall off the edge”, then that must mean that there is no wall or something to contain the water of the oceans. If there is no wall, then all the water of the oceans would have “fallen off the edge” already long ago, and there would be no oceans. Quod non.

        Question : do PhD’s in nonsense really exist ?

      3. Heinrich’s job is to play-pretend he’s a Flat Earth Geocentric and remind us all that [ supposedly ] Flat Earthers think ships fall off the edge of the earth [ like we’re told Catholics back in “the dark ages” thought ships fell off the edge of the earth ] in order to make us Flat Earthers “look like” we’re retarded, so yeah sure 😉 I’m simply “delighted” and happy as pie Heinrich has come around pretending to be a Flat Earther but really is all about making us Flat Earthers “look like” we’re “retarded”.

        Heinrich is yet another one in the Noosphere who needs some professional acting lessons, his acting sucks. I did a better job acting when I was in the first grade and had a small role in “The Good Ship Lollipop”. I messed up my lines a little bit but I still did a better job acting than many in the Noosphere, including Heinrich. `o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o Heinrich is a German name, so he must be a “real” scientist because Germans make excellent scientists, lol.

        Pat finds his cousin [ supposedly ] “from Germany” Heinrich an acting gig, lol.

      4. ‘Schultzy’ –

        What was the source of the GRAVITY which PULLED the ships in order for them to “fall” off the edge..??

        Pat’s Theorem:
        PhD = ‘Piled high & Deep’ 🙂

      5. Heinrich Schultz,
        I’ve sailed around it once, going from West to East, via the Straits of Magellan, traversing both hemispheres! You’ve just proven my point, 80 years ago, when Germany was still a decent country and led the world in science, you’d have never been awarded a “PhD”! Did you get it from MMU (Mickey Mouse University)
        The Caucasian races are regressing to sub-humanity! Dumber and dumber by the day!

      6. Where is the boundary of the abyss, Heinrich?? I, myself, HAVE circumnavigated on the sea – from the Chesapeake Bay, across the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans – around the Cape, and back to the Bay on the sailing yacht “Lord Culpeper”. Never saw no damn “edge of the world”!
        Go eat your black-eyed peas and hog jowls for New Year’s Day. They will clarify your visions – especially if eaten with collard greens and cooked by a darky! 😄

      7. Heinrich,
        You’ve obviously never been to the Southern Hemisphere. I have lived in South Africa and Australia and there are far more visible stars in the Southern Hemisphere, including the Southern Cross, which is not visible from the Northern Hemisphere. Go out into the Kalahari desert at night and you’ll see what I mean. I pity you Northern Hemisphere dwellers. You have no inkling of the meaning of the opening verse from the 19th Psalm, “The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmanent showeth his handywork!” The flat earthers live in a stultifying mental and spiritual bubble.

      8. The ships don’t fall off the edge, and their sinking isn’t always due to storms. There is an inter-dimensional factor to consider. In the Bermuda Triangle, some probably fall through portals, akin to things like the Philadelphia experiment of 1943, with it’s time displacement-related theory.

      9. The often used pathetic attempts to make Flat Earth intelligent evidences seem like disinfo is to call it CIA psy-op or have a likely jew like this Heinrich pretend to be German and a Flat Earth researcher but whose real intent is to try rubbish the Flat Earth reality. There are many here who could not engage in real debate on this topic but resort to sly tactics to discredit what they themselves could not honestly admit they certainly could not be so sure of their belief in a Ball Earth theory. So, yes there is a (((psy-op operation))) being waged on this topic but it is directed at suppressing the growing awakening of independent-minded intelligent people who are fair-minded and objective when it comes to investigation into what the shape of our world really is.

        Recently, Eric Dubay, the most credible Flat Earth researcher, has had his jew-tube channel banned, perhaps permanently this time. Faceberg has also banned him numerous times. Does this look like the (((CIA))) is happy to promote Flat Earth? For those who want to get intelligent info on this topic from Eric Dubay, go http://www.ericdubay.com and his FE forum http://ifers.123.st/

      10. @ 4ARAW

        The often used pathetic attempts to make Flat Earth intelligent evidences seem like disinfo is to call it CIA psy-op or have a likely jew like this Heinrich pretend to be German and a Flat Earth researcher but whose real intent is to try rubbish the Flat Earth reality.

        I am deeply saddened that you are unable to present your thesis for a Flat Earth without attacking a fellow Flat Earther in such an unseemly fashion. How can anyone here attach any value to your intellectual integrity if, without the slightest evidence, you state that I am a “Jew” preteding to be a German?

        If you can make a wild statement like this, without the slightest attempt to back up your false claim with solid evidence, how can anyone trust you when you come to give evidence for your Flat Earth theories? You are obviously a man who doesn’t care about evidence.

        Come, please provide evidence that I am a “Jew” and a “fake German” — or apologize to me for your hurtful ad hominem attack. I am only 27 years old and already have written three unpublished books, my magnum opus running to 899 pages with 1066 footnotes. Try and equal that staggering achievement before you belittle my name and attempt to besmirch my genius.

        Heinrich Shultz, PhD
        Flat Earth Researcher

      11. Heinrich is the ONLY Flat Earther claiming ships fall off the edge of the earth. The ONLY one. So yes, Heinrich’s troll job is to try to make Flat Earthers “look retarded”. He is NOT a Flat Earther but a troll for the heliocentrics whose job is to make Flat Earthers “look stupid”, “look atavistic”, with the goal everyone will reject Flat Earth Geocentrism without even bother looking into the matter.

      12. @Heinrich Schultz

        If you can write a book of 899 pages with 1066 notes about such nonsense as the Flat Earth Theory you must indeed be a genius. But I begin to suspect why it remains unpublished…

      13. @ Heinrich

        I said you are likely a jew. Nothing to apologize. Your contention that ships fall off the edge of the world is the sort of disinfo rubbish that this (((mainstream article))), with it’s indirect promotion of the FE controlled opposition, Flat Earth Society, desperately seeks to discredit real scientific evidences and facts of Flat Earth reality. It’s a well-known jewish mind-control technique to obfuscate.

  4. The Foucault pendulum experiment and the Coriolis effect
    compensation used by cannoneeers to hit their targets
    corroborates the spinning sphere planetary model. Where
    metereologists and planetary atmospheric modelers be
    without the Coriolis effect?

    1. The “Flat-Earthers” have really gone “over the edge.” 🙂 While driving my rig out West I can never see more than 100 miles ahead because the Earth is indeed a globe. Maybe not perfectly round, but still a globe.

      1. The human eye can only see 3 miles to the horizon from sea level. If you could see 100km ahead you must have been 1km high.


    Pattern recognition based on Cartesian reductionism is
    ultimately premised on computational doability. Suppose you
    have a haystack consisting of 65,536 factorial grass straws in
    which is concealed a very particular straw which constitutes the
    “pattern solution” straw. 70 factorial already exceeds a Googol.
    Performing a “brute force” search of 65,536! hypothetical straws
    overtaxes any past present or future computer with or without
    quantum-computer/AI assistance. Hybrid stochastic/deterministic
    algorithms can generate a patternless shuffle of 65,536 objects on
    my PC in about one second. My specialty is applied meta-mathematics.
    Sounds like a mouthful but is readily understandable by a passably
    numerate 12-year old. Applied meta mathematics is THE AI antibiotic
    par excellence It also defines the generic cyber-sabotage silver bullet.
    Source code forthcoming with no intellectual property strings attached
    upon request.

    1. Oh, Señor can see 100 miles, that’s because Donaldo went to the Carlos Castenada school of pharmacy in Tijuana Mexico and graduated top of his class. Do enough peyote and you’ll be able to see 100 miles and more just like Señor, Mr. Todd.

      1. TROJ,
        Stop kissing your flat-earth-chest boyfriend and listen to me. While driving I 70 east of Denver, Colorado, I can indeed see the Rocky Mountains in the West…..a distance of at least 100 miles, not 100 km as John Todd, your other boyfriend states. I know….I drive….I see….

      2. Madame Butterfly,
        Where are you when I need you? Last nights love-making must have left you exhausted. ..m:)

  6. I tend to lean toward the sphere*, however, the above article does not disprove the flat.

    * maybe due to conditioning.

  7. I am saddened by the outright skepticism, amounting in some cases to ridicule and contempt, which I have met with on this website. Here I have had to endure the hostility of amateur scientists and ignoramuses. I at least have a PhD in Ancient Geography which has helped to shape my cosmological studies. I have written three books on this subject, all so far unpublished, because, I am told: “There is no market for such views.”

    One publisher in Bangalore offered to publish my initial book (899 pp.) provided I pay for publication costs of “20 lakhs of rupees.” This worked out to roughly US$30,000. I was forced to reject this offer indignantly, pointing out that Copernicus, Galileo and Newton had never been treated in this humiliating way.

    If anyone knows of a good American or British publisher who is prepared to read my book with a view to publication, please let me know. I am on antidepressants right now because of “writer frustration”, so I need speedy publication ASAP to get me off these pills.

    1. publish the book through AMAZON . they keep some , you keep the rest . they print only when they have an order and it does NOT cost you anything.good luck.

    2. @ Great German Aryan Hyperborean Hyper-Scientist Heinrich Schultz :

      What do you think of the other great learned one, the Muslim Al Biruni, the father of MapMaking? Or, was the Muslim Ustadh Al Biruni “an idjit” because he wasn’t a German Aryan Hyperborean from Atlantis or Thule or Tibet or wherever the f*ck HYPER Scientists come from?

    3. @Heinrich Schultz

      Copernicus and Galileo both faced significant adversity when trying to publish because the Catholic Church controlled most of the presses. http://www.inquiriesjournal.com/articles/1675/copernicus-galileo-and-the-church-science-in-a-religious-world (short, about 2 pages). It was common practice at that time for authors to pay to publish. If well received, the publisher might produce additional copies, but few publishers – then or now – will risk losing money on an unknown author writing on an unpopular subject. If the author of this Darkmoon article is correct that “The number of Flat Earthers has increased exponentially with the advent of the internet.” then you may yet find a publisher willing to take a chance.

      Your experience with the Indian publisher leads me to suggest that you read this article and the comments, some of which are very informative. http://theworldsgreatestbook.com/self-publishing-vanity-publishing/ You should be able to self-publish for a fraction of that $30K.

      Here is something else to consider. https://williampeaceblog.com/2016/06/10/famous-books-turned-down-by-publishers/ (very brief).

      I believe in a heliocentric solar system, so I’m not a potential reader, but as Voltaire is alleged to have said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    4. “I was forced to reject this offer indignantly, pointing out that Copernicus, Galileo and Newton had never been treated in this humiliating way.”

      Speaking of Newton, he must be spinning in his grave at the way you impliedly trash his work.

    5. Heinie –

      You wrote:
      ” I am on antidepressants right now because of “writer frustration”,

      I know a ‘Boozin Pill-Poppin Butterfly’ of a gal…. who is experienced and can help ya there… but can be “BIGGLY” mean at times…

      Watch for her to flutter around soon… She bites.. 🙂

  8. I know of course that ADMIN is featuring this article about Flat Earthers as a means to discredit the Flat Earth Geocentric TRUTH, but still, ADMIN has to know that by the very fact of featuring this article bashing us Flat Earthers, featuring this article will encourage readers to look into the Flat Earth Geocentric movement for themselves and check out the arguments of the Flat Earthers and check out what proofs the Flat Earth Geocentrics have to back-up their claims. So it’s actually a brave thing for ADMIN to feature this article, for ADMIN has to know that featuring this article serves a catalyst to the readers to look into the Flat Earth Geocentric movement for themselves. So I applaud ADMIN for this article, even though ADMIN doesn’t have the best of intentions in featuring it, the purpose of featuring it is to bash us Flat Earthers. Does ADMIN ever have the best of intentions, lol. But still, by featuring this article ADMIN [ lol, tacitly ] admits the Flat Earth Geocentric TRUTH movement is a force to be reckoned with and that’s a ¡GOOD THING! so bravo ADMIN, bravo!

    By the way, if you’re not a Flat Earth Geocentric you’re really NOT Jew-Wise and probably not ANTI-Jew, and if you are ANTI-Jew then you’re not very effective in your ANTI-Jewness, as the Jews hate it when anyone questions the Heliocentric theory and the jews consider questioning the Heliocentric theory as being ANTI-Jew ; An aspect of jews “Jew-Wise/Anti-Jew” Darkmoon has yet to address, why exactly the jews consider it to be ANTI-Jew when one questions the Heliocentric theory. So the NON-jews who say they’re “Jew-Wise” and “Anti-Jew” who don’t want anyone questioning the Heliocentric theory are doing the Jews they say they’re opposed to a Big Favor, as the jews consider any questioning of the Heliocentric theory to be ANTI-Jew. Think about that and let it soak in.

    1. No point in arguing with morons, TROJ… It is, obviously, a waste of time, to which Darkmoon has graciously lent itself. Don’t push your luck!

    2. Joe

      By the way, if you’re not a Flat Earth Geocentric you’re really NOT Jew-Wise and probably not ANTI-Jew, and if you are ANTI-Jew then you’re not very effective in your ANTI-Jewness, as the Jews hate it when anyone questions the Heliocentric theory and the jews consider questioning the Heliocentric theory as being ANTI-Jew ; An aspect of jews “Jew-Wise/Anti-Jew” Darkmoon has yet to address, why exactly the jews consider it to be ANTI-Jew when one questions the Heliocentric theory.

      The only people I know who believe the earth is flat and geocentric are Christian Zionists who — Cohencidentally — also believe the bullshit about (((6,000,000))) Jews gassed at Auschwitz. So, Joe, are you sayin’ Christian Zionists are really Jew-wise? Really?

      Nay, I put it to you that it is more Anti-Christian than Anti-Jew to question the Heliocentric theory because all Christians by association in this PSYOP are made to look primitive and stupid compared to the modern and smart Jews who laugh at such nonsense as a square and stationary flat earth — and we Darkmooners all know just how the Jews hate Jesus Christ and just how Jews lerv to ridicule Roman Catholics, right?

      Indeed, Titus Flavius approves of this PSYOP and is LOL-ing ( 😆 ) in his grave.

      1. Flat Earth Geocentrics come from ALL kinds of backgrounds, but NOT “Christian” Zionist. I myself know many “Christian” Zionists and all of them believe in Heliocentrism, ALL of them believe in Heliocentrism ; And here in Florida where I live the “Christian” Zionists are also totally gung-ho NASA fanatics, they go ga-ga for NASA. And you obviously don’t know Eric Dubay. He’s hardly what one can call a “Christian Zionist”. In fact, NOT one of the Flat Earth Geocentrics who have YouTube accounts/channels and present Flat Earth Geocentric TRUTH videos are “Christian” Zionists, NOT one. So you’re wrong, Justice For Chinese, totally wrong. There’s NO “Christian” Zionist Flat Earth Geocentric TRUTHERS, there’s no such animal, and The OVERWHELMING number of Flat Earth Geocentrics are OPPOSED to Zionism and OPPOSED to Uncle Sam/ZOG, as I am.

      2. Joe

        Thankfully, as we live on opposite sides of the flat continent (lol) we don’t have the same or know the same “Christian Zionists”.

        But a quick search on the net will reveal that the Church of Zion — although technically not connected to Rothschild’s political movement of Zionism and the creation of IsraHell — was the first “Christian” church to promote the flat earth geocentric world view as early as 1914!

        Wikipedia entry for Wilbur Glenn Voliva (March 10, 1870 – October 11, 1942):

        From 1914, Voliva gained nationwide notoriety by his vigorous advocacy of the flat earth doctrine. He offered a widely publicized $5000 challenge for anyone to disprove the flat earth theory.[4] The church schools in Zion taught the flat earth doctrine. In 1923 Voliva became the first evangelical preacher in the world to own his own radio station, which could be heard as far away as Australia. His radio station broadcast his diatribes against round earth astronomy, and the evils of evolution. He was quoted about the sun as follows:

        The idea of a sun millions of miles in diameter and 91,000,000 miles away is silly. The sun is only 32 miles across and not more than 3,000 miles from the earth. It stands to reason it must be so. God made the sun to light the earth, and therefore must have placed it close to the task it was designed to do. What would you think of a man who built a house in Zion and put the lamp to light it in Kenosha, Wisconsin?[4]

        He became increasingly focused on destroying the ‘trinity of evils’: modern astronomy, evolution and higher criticism, insisting on a strict interpretation of 24-hour days for creation and travelling to Dayton, Tennessee, to appear as a witness at the Scopes trial (he wasn’t called).[5] Voliva also frequently predicted the end of the world: his predictions that the end would come in 1923, 1927, 1930, 1934,[6] and 1935 all proved incorrect.[4]


        John Hagee believes the earth is square and flat and Armageddon and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ in the shape of a “thermo-nuclear mushroom cloud” will appear in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018!

        ROTFLMAO 😆

    3. exactly Joe, that’s how I came the realisation that the holohoax is a fraud,
      I was arguing the toss with someone,
      and he asked me “why are you leaping to the defence of it?”
      later on for the first time in my longish life,
      I thought to myself,
      ” why exactly DO I believe this stuff so fervently”?
      decided to examine the “evidence”,
      see what these “deniers” are about, for myself.
      that I couldn’t find any, because there isn’t any,because it didn’t happen….
      was the blowing down of the house of cards that the chosenites had built in my head,
      and in effecthad LIVED in!
      solely because I had had it shoved down my throat,
      more or less since the cradle,
      clever bastards had me wielding the cudgels on their behalf on cue for years!
      and literally millions and millions of people are unwitting followers
      yet to a lot of the “clued in”,
      a psyop, such as convincing people that they live on a spinning ball,
      merely by TELLING them they do, is somehow too preposterous!

    4. TROJ ,
      Maybe your boyfriend has a flat-earth chest. But my mistresses are all beautifully (globe-like) rounded. 🙂

      1. Yes Donaldo, the earth is shaped like a Las Vegas blond bimbo show girl with big boobs, and the earth which is shaped like a Las Vegas blond bimbo show girl with big boobs revolves around you. Gracias for your Empirical Scientific input. You got the makings of a great Rocket Scientist. TOO bad, you missed your true calling in life, lol.

  9. The breaking of the Purple and Enigma codes consigned both Japan
    and Germany to defeat. The war was mostly about shooting fish in a barrel.
    I am amazed that a culture which produced Euler and Gauss was unable to
    baffle the Sunday Supplement mentality types sashaying about in Bletchley Manor.

    Julius Caesar initiated the cryptography math contest over two millennia ago with
    his transposition cipher.

    Recently, the sum of two trillion dollars was suggested as reasonable cyber
    malware insurance premium given the proliferation of cyber sabotage. Also
    a cyber warfare military branch was initiated. All of this suggests is a fateful
    shortage of mathematical imagination. The cost of immunizing all computers
    against malware attack is peanuts. Provided you stop to think, and don’t forget
    to start again.

  10. Questions. How many naturally occurring flat plates does one find in nature versus naturally occurring spheres? How many flat-shaped, cosmic bodies are seen in space with a telescope? Can earth be the only flat planet? Look at how liquid shapes itself in the weightless state as seen in astronaut movies filmed in low orbit; are there any flat shapes among them? Is not the earth “floating” in “the weightlessness” of space?

    Look at how many people accept the Hallowedhoax as sacred truth and still believe Bible myths are the “inerrant word of God.” Look at how many march lock step to the official government lie that a tiny group of Arab terrorist, hiding out in the desert and using nothing but “boxcutters”, brought down the Jew York trade tower in the most perfectly planned and executed attack ever mounted on America, relegating the nation of Japan’s planned, massive attack, using an entire naval fleet, a pale second. Perhaps the most revealing absurdity is the number of people still believing “their” government would never lie to them or cause them harm, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Is it any wonder such foolish absurdities as a flat earth are becoming resurgent among the gullible goyim? The Jews spin their world of lies around the goyim and as expected, a predictable number of gullible idiots gravitate into the black hole of the lies they spin. Jews know this; they know the effectiveness of their lies and how they divert the goyim mind from reality. Jews can predict the expected results from the demented lies they create. That’s why they do it, (((they))) profit from their lies. The world does not need a Flat Earth Society, it needs a Flattened Jew Society.

    1. “Questions. How many naturally occurring flat plates does one find in nature versus naturally occurring spheres? How many flat-shaped, cosmic bodies are seen in space with a telescope? Can earth be the only flat planet? Look at how liquid shapes itself in the weightless state as seen in astronaut movies filmed in low orbit; are there any flat shapes among them? Is not the earth “floating” in “the weightlessness” of space?”

      Exactly. Things form in a certain way/shape because of the action of the fundamental forces of nature. In the case of the earth and other planets, the near spherical “oblate spheroid” (or whatever) shape is formed due to the force of gravity and the centrifugal “force” due to rotation. So if the earth is “flat”, gravity, as we thought we knew it, doesn’t exist; thus flat earth proponents have to explain – among other things – how the earth came to be flat.

      1. Good points.

        I’m guessing that the answer to how the earth came to be flat would be “That’s the way it was created.”

        One of the problems faced by advocates of a geocentric model is the apparent retrograde motion of planets. Early astronomers made up “epicycles” and “deferents” to explain their observations. I was a little surprised to find that Wikipedia has a decent explanation of these concepts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deferent_and_epicycle.

        That Wikipedia entry has a couple of diagrams, one labeled “The complexity to be described by the geocentric model” and another labeled “The basic simplicity of the Copernican universe”, but it turns out that “basic simplicity” isn’t really so simple: http://the-science-llama.tumblr.com/post/55897262365/espl-dances-of-the-planets.

        All fascinating stuff to contemplate while the Middle East / Asia is about to explode, again: http://news.antiwar.com/2018/01/01/trump-pakistan-has-played-us-for-fools/

  11. “Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see.”
    Attributed to: Benjamin Franklin; Edgar Allan Poe; “a Middle English saying warns that you should not believe everything that is said or that you hear, and a letter of the late 18th century has, ‘You must not take everything to be true that is told to you.’”

    While at university, I took a course in basic philosophy during which we spent 10 weeks discussing the fact that we (humans) can’t prove we aren’t simply brains in a vat being fed all of our sensory inputs by some outside agent, who may also be a brain in a vat, ad infinitum. Initially, I found the exercise intellectually stimulating, but soon found it tiresome because – brain in a vat or not – it made no difference to the way in which I – or anyone / thing else – perceive and experience life. There were times at which I thought a couple of students were ready to storm the lecture stage (the class was in a large auditorium with about 500 students) and beat the professor senseless for challenging the biblical story of creation so overtly for two hours twice each week. But we all survived unscathed, and I felt both gratified and vindicated when the final session ended with the professor acknowledging that – brain in a vat or not – it made no difference to the way in which he – or anyone / thing else – perceived and experienced life.

    I see the heliocentric vs geocentric argument in much the same way. While observational evidence and logic (short) (medium) (book length) persuade me that a heliocentric view is correct, I’ve seen some interesting arguments in refutation of it. Those would not be of the “I can see it with my own two eyes” variety, but have to do with the motion of solar systems, galaxies, and super clusters if one accepts a heliocentric view.

    Franklin Ryckaert’s comment at January 1, 2018 at 10:05 am makes a valid observation: “the resurgence of the flat earth theory is a plot by TPTB to discredit real conspiracy theories on the Internet”; yet his comment also demonstrates a problem: “Indeed, the moon landings and Global Warming are hoaxes, but the earth is a sphere. I think…” I happen to agree with FR that the moon landings and global warming are hoaxes or, more accurately, they are convenient fictions developed by TPTB for reasons that may or may not be readily apparent: national prestige in the case of the moon landings, and as justification for imposing carbon taxes in the case of global warming. Nonetheless, I do understand that others may have “good reasons”, from their perspective, for thinking FR and I are deranged.

    I find the “Ancient Hebrew Conception of the Universe”, and later, bible based, Catholic Church geocentric versions to be childish for reasons explained in other comments in this thread. However, I recognize that what I think or believe is based on “facts” known to me through second, third, fourth, and fifth parties. It all goes back to not being able to prove we aren’t brains in a vat. The Vikings believed the world was flat, that the seas were encircled by an ouroboros, Jörmungandr, but still managed to navigate across seas and oceans far from sight of land. My point here, which I have so far circumnavigated, is that in practical terms it makes little difference to us puny humans in our quotidian existence if the sun goes around the earth, or the earth goes around the sun. More specifically, I would hate to see the heliocentrists and geocentrists come to blows over a Lillipution matter in the far greater scheme of things. Some may recall that Lilliput and Blefescue were at war over a debate between “Little-Endians” and “Big-Endians”.

    Yes, getting the science right about geocentrism vs heliocentrism is important in the long run, but only if we humans are here in the long run. Currently, there are matters that have far greater weight and importance in our daily lives because they may well determine whether humanity continues to exist in the long run.

    1. While at university, I took a course in basic philosophy during which we spent 10 weeks discussing the fact that we (humans) can’t prove we aren’t simply brains in a vat being fed all of our sensory inputs by some outside agent, who may also be a brain in a vat, ad infinitum.

      One might suspect the scriptwriters for The Matrix were attending your philosophy class when they came up with this scenario.

      My politically correct elective for Christian deprogramming was Magic, Witchcraft and Religion. The title broadly hints all three are based on the same primitive, delusional state of mind and sho’ ’nuff . . .

  12. Wanting a break from revisionism a couple of years ago, I looked at ‘Flat Earth’ theories and, alongside the perplexities, found the subject to be quite relaxing and even invigorating.

    thousands of Flat-Earthers made it to North Carolina, flying from Britain, New Zealand and Argentina, ignoring the fact that aircraft computer systems are configured to navigate a spherical planet, not a flat one.

    I’m no mathematician and even less of a physicist, but this guy has some interesting videos, in particular with regard to gyroscopic navigation equipment.


  13. Warning! Warning Will Robinson, an off topic comment is approaching!

    Dog as God.

    Have Dogs replaced God? Man has always felt the need for companionship, but human companionship is all too often fleeting, leaving man alone, despondent and desperate over his lonely state of being. A child’s first loving companionship is the mother. But it doesn’t take too many years before the child loses that closest of all companions.

    Then a wife or husband was found to make up for the loss of mother, but Jews fixed that with male-fault divorce. Come to think of it, they have pretty much fixed mother as well by making her a tough, clever “broad” that can spit-an-shit, kill-an-maim as well as any man. Who needs children when they can have a career with a successful Jewish law firm or spend their time delightfully torturing Arab males at “Gitmo”?

    Since the beginning, religion served up God to man so he might feel his longing for companionship fulfilled. Unlike human companionship, God never fails. God has always been there through thick and thin, standing beside and supporting man’s efforts. When a sign is needed to pursue a war or obtain a bicycle, God almost always delivers. In the old days, when all else was lost, man could always turn to God. What’s more, no matter how punishing or wrathful, God always loved man, never reproaching him for leaving the toilet seat up.

    But now, with religion neutralized by the Jews, man has increasingly turned away from God, once again leaving him desperate and despondent over the limitless depths of loneliness. Enter Dog. I have noted an apparent correlation between the deconstruction of religion with an increase in dog ownership. Oh sure, people have always owned dogs, but today you see about as many people without dogs as you see with out limbs.

    What is a Dog? A constant companion that, like God, is always there (whether one likes it or not). But unlike God, Dogs do not judge, do not punish and best of all they always love their masters. So when it comes to companionship, dogs are actually superior to God. However, there is one typically overlooked factor, God does not leave little piles of steaming excrement wherever he goes . . . well at least none that one can step in. Then again . . . Okay, maybe God is a lot like a Dog in that respect, but at least one does not find God on the bottom of their shoe.

    1. Arch,
      You are like me……were mortals. In 50 years or so, well be lying in lonely, desolate cemeteries. Only a granite tombstone will identify what was once “Arch.” Maybe a lonely widow, paying respects to her deseased husband, will walk her God-poodle past your tombstone. The dog will pause, lift its leg, and piss on your grave. Is this poodle your visión of God, Arch? I was present at my Jewish grandfathers death bed. He was a staunch Marxist-pro-Israeli until the bitter end. I held his hand. I asked, “Grandad, how do you feel?” He replied, “Its my time to go, grandson. I hope to a better place. Grandson, God created us and we all must return to him.” The light faded from his eyes and at the age of 92, he was deseased. Arch…….never mock God.

  14. Remember guys that Jews don’t give a shit about any of this. Jews don’t care what you believe or disbelieve, at all. Whether you are a flat earther or round earther, Christian or atheist is immaterial to them. It is a fact to say that Jews are intellectually less curious than negros.

    There is one, and only one, thing that Jews care about: money. That’s it. Acquiring more money. Once you understand this, everything else falls into place naturally.

    1. Dolpf,
      Jews dont have a monopoly on greed. Indians, from the Sub-continent, would put many a Jew to shame. Walk into their convenience stores in USA and notice that none of the products are labeled with prices. They simply charge what they want. …as much as posible. Also, when my big rig needs service, Im forced to go to a dealer for repairs. $180.00 per hour they charge. Understandably, they never allow drivers in the repair bays. Many times my Jewish grandfathers DNA seeps into my veins and I break the rules. I sneak into the bay where my rig is being repaired and discover the mechanic “on duty” standing arms-folded talking with his girlfriend on his cell phone. Yes, the US is Jewified. The Goy have learned their lesson well. They, in many ways, are out-Jewing the Jew. 🙂

  15. Wasn’t “Heinrich Schultz” a character in the 60’s TV show “Hogan’s Heroes”? “Heinrich Schultz” sounds right out of Stalag 13, lol.

  16. Ha! Nobody expects the Flat Earth Inquisition! But seriously folks, don’t expect soft cushions or comfy chairs. The more people this movement attracts, especiially celebrities, scientists and politicians, the more fanatical and totalitarian it will become. At some point no opposing views will be accepted and the real persecution starts. Then burning at the stake Giordano Bruno-style will be more likely to happen than comfy chairs. Just wait and see. In a historical context fanatiscism and persecution is some sort of default mode.

      1. English Zohar Vayikra Volume 14 vs. 141
        English: Rav Hamnuna Saba (the elder) explains further in his book that the entire inhabited land rolls around like a ball, so that some are up and some are down. TO WIT, THE CREATURES AROUND THE GLOBE ARE OPPOSITE EACH OTHER AND THE SEVEN SECTIONS OF THE GLOBE ARE SEVEN LANDS. (The Seven Continents) All of the creatures OF SIX OF THE LANDS are different in their appearance according to the difference in the atmosphere in each place, and they live like any other man.

        That’s right, the Zohar – written over 2,000 years ago – is clearly stating that the world is a ‘globe’ and therefore round. It also happens to mention that there are seven continents, of which six are inhabited.


      2. First of all you should have known that Zohar was written not 2000 years ago but in the 14th century in Spain by Moses de Leon (read Gershom Scholem).

        Second, remember:

        “After the 5th century BCE, no Greek writer of repute thought the world was anything but round.

        “The conquests of Alexander the Great in the late 4th century BCE spread Greek culture and colonization—a process of cultural change called Hellenization—over non-Greek lands, including the Levant.

        And, to conclude, never trust a liar. The man who wrote the article you mentioned is one. Here is the full excerpt.

        From Zohar, Vol. 3, on the portion of Vayikra, fol. 9b-10a (according to the translation of the Sulam, sections 134-145):

        “R. Judah started: ‘And G-d said, Let there be a firmament in the water…’ — come see: when the holy One, blessed be He, created the world, He created seven firmaments above and seven lands below… and all these firmaments are one on top of the other, like the skins of onions which are one on top of the other… So, too, are the seven lands below. All are settled, but some are above and some below, and the Land of Israel is above all of them and Jerusalem is the highest of all settlements.

        The scholars who live in the south saw in the books of the early sages and of Adam that thus all those countries are divided. They are all below as the firmaments are above, that is, stacked one above the other. Between each two countries there is a firmament which divides between the two, and so all the lands are specified by name, and amongst them are heaven and hell.

        There are in these lands creatures different one from another as there are above [in the firmaments], some of which have two faces, some one, and the looks of one are not like the looks of another… Just as the worms in the earth have red skins, black, and white, and some have many colors, so too are these creatures different one from another, and they live only 10 years.

        (and then goes what was in your comment):

        “In the book of Rav Hamnuna Sava it is explained in more detail that all the world rolls in a circle like a ball, these down and these up [that is, the creatures on the sphere are in opposition to each other, and the seven parts of the ball are the seven lands, and all the creatures in six lands are different in their appearances in accordance with the differences of air in each place, and they stand on their feet as other humans.

        Therefore there are places in the world that when it is light for those on one side of the sphere it is dark for those on the other side of the sphere, for these it is day while for those it is night; and there is a place in the world where it is always day and there is no night, except for a few moments.

        And what is said in the early sages’ books and in the book of Adam [that the seven lands are one beneath the other, with firmament between them] — thus it is [we do not disagree with it, although it says that the whole world is a single sphere divided into seven parts], for it is written: ‘I praise You, for I am wondered by awesome things; Your work is wonderful,’ and it is written, ‘How numerous are Your works, O Lord,’ so both accounts are fit [for both are the words of the living G-d, and one should not ask how both can be correct if they contradict each other].

  17. Look on the bright side, Morningstar, if us Flat Earth Geocentrics are making your life so miserable, then you and your fellow Darkmooners, all helios, can always euthanize one another and put one another out of your misery us Flat Earth Geocentrics are putting you through, lol. Darkmoon advocates euthanasia so there’s no conflict of interest if you and your fellow Darkmooners commit a Jonestown type euthanasia event, *grin*. Us Flat Earth Geocentrics have no mercy, euthanasia is all about mercy, Darkmooners are all about having mercy, so why don’t you all do the merciful thing and euthanize yourselves, instead of suffering at the hands of us Unmerciful ones, lol.

    1. I’m not in a hurry. I’ll wait for you flat types to do it. What are you gonna do? Sail to the edge and throw me off?

  18. Yes its another red herring thrown out for the stupid cattle to waste time and squabble over. Bickerwing..

  19. The Earth isn’t flat; but I’m surprised no one has pointed out the absurd statements in this article attempting to justify Earth’s non-flatness. Practically everything said in it is epistemologically incorrect.

    The Greeks didn’t “discover” that the Earth is round; they ASSUMED it and calculated things based on that assumption – such as Eratosthenes calculation of the Earth’s radius. The Earth could have been ANY shape (or even flat) in that experiment. The round Earth was an assumption.

    Copernicus gave no “solid mathematical proof” that the Earth was round. He wasn’t concerned that the Earth wasn’t round – that was assumed – he was concerned with a heliocentric model of the universe (as it, the universe, was known in his time).

    So on and so forth. This article presents no compelling “proofs” of the roundness of the Earth – such as its shadow on the Moon, etc – that sort of thing. Whoever wrote this article is not a very clear thinker.

    Confusing Copernicus with something to do against “flat earth” is the giveaway that he doesn’t know what he is talking about at even a superficial level. He is as bad as a flat earther IMO.

  20. @blake121666
    back to the jelly!
    yes, thats all very well,physics,
    what have you, but it still involves tons and tons of ocean,
    however it manages to stick, curved around a ball,
    moving or otherwise.
    (see the michelson morley experiment).
    in this day and age it should be possible to show credible proof pictoral
    of this massive tonnage of water curving around the ball we are supposed to be on
    but there isn’t any,
    I repeat, show me the curve.

    1. The Earth’s radius is about 4000 miles – giving a drop of less than 8 inches per mile. How far can you see? Do you see the BOTTOM of high vertical objects from long distances (many miles)? No, you do not. CAN you see further below one of these objects if you change your perspective to a higher point? Yes, if you move vertically up in your position, you will be able to see lower portions of that same vertical object – which you couldn’t see from the lower vantage point. This is consistent no matter where you go – it can’t be just explained by a local topology argument. There is consistent curvature to the Earth from this everyday knowledge of things.

      When you look at heavenly objects such as the moon or sun, they appear spherical. This is a common-sense perception and not a proof of sphericity; but further analyses remains consistent with this interpretation of those objects. Inferring that you inhabit another such type object, you can assume that YOU are on the surface of a generally spherical object and do as many tests as you like on this assumption. You cannot, and have not here, disproven such an assumption – which has been made by learned men for many thousands of years – contrary to popular wives’ tales.


    This article is a very hostile ridiculing of something that has all of real science and logical reasoning supporting it. How about any of you Ball Earthers responding to these 12 out of hundreds of other evidences and facts?

    1) Large masses of water like, the oceans and seas, curve over many km on a globe instead of being straight flat as we see it.

    2) The ground you are on is spinning in space at more than 1,600 km/hr (1,000 mph) due to Earth’s ‘rotation’ in Ball Earth (BE) model. Has anyone felt such tremendous atmospheric hellstorms? Where is the spin, where, where?

    3) A jetliner would not inevitably fly into outer-space without constantly nose-dipping descending to follow the supposed Earth’s curvature over thousands of km. You fly practically level for all of your jet flight except ascend and descend to airports.

    4) A jetliner flying point A to point B eastwards and then returning westwards B to A without any flight duration difference on a spinning globe. Why does the suppossed Earth rotation not make any difference to distance flown?

    5) How can the waters in the oceans remain stuck to a globe and not fall away? If gravity is your answer, then why does smoke waft lazily upwards when gravity could do all these fantastic ocean pulling? Gravity is an unproven pseudoscience.

    6) A compass needle, which must always point directly to North Pole, would point instead straight ahead into space (not Northwards) on a globe along the longitude meridian that leads to North Pole. Just where exactly is north when the needle can point in space arbitrarily and still be said to be a north pointing-needle? Imagine you are in ‘down-under’ Australia to figure this out.

    7) Rivers, such as the Nile River, would have to flow upstream on a Globe model. Just what is up and down on a BE model? Hold that image of an ant on a balloon and you would see the nonsense implied.

    8) Stars are seen on time-lapsed photography to make perfect concentric circles around the Polaris star in all history. How is this ever possible on a revolving, orbiting and dashing across space BE? Those who understand parallax would immediately see the physical impossibility of this phenomena. The ‘star constellations’ would never be able to retain their static configurations even over the course of months, much less through millenniums as history records.

    9) Surveyors, Engineers and Architects of monumental structures never have to account for ‘curvature of the Earth’ in their work.

    10) Jetliner flight paths over the ‘southern hemisphere’ all show astonishing illogical foolish long detours into the north. Not a care for jet fuel and time wastage?

    11) The Antarctic polar region is climate-wise tremendously different to Arctic circle. Average over -50 F Antarctic compared to 4 F Arctic. How and why should this on a BE? Sunlight should be even on both ends of a BE.

    12) Crepuscular sunbeams through clouds are frequently seen evenings and mornings. These angular rays displays shows the Sun is very close to the Earth surface, perhaps only 3,000 km high up. A simple trigonometry proof.

    Belief in a Globe Earth model requires acceptance of nonsense and illogical ideas.

      1. I agree that this is a psyop, but this psyop predates the CIA by about 40 years and NASA by about 50 years.

        The Church of Zion was preaching the flat earth geocentric theory as early, or rather, as late as 1914! (See my above post with Wikipedia quotation about the Church of Zion and Wilbur Glenn Voliva.)

        Moreover, from the above featured article by John Naish we read:

        The Flat Earth Bible Society has 161,000 followers, and the two versions of the Flat Earth Society (they split after a row in 2013) share more than 140,000 members.

        Indeed, many of the flat-earthers are Christian Fundamentalists and Christian Zionists who also believe in Armageddon and the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ (i.e a Nuclear WW3 and the End of the World!) Apparently, if not ridiculously, Jesus Christ is coming back in the form of a “thermonuclear mushroom cloud”.

        How wicked and funny is this psyop?

        Would you believe that Christianity started out as a Mushroom Drug Cult?

        John Allegro, author of The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross says Jesus was a Mushroom.

        If true, this certainly adds another complex dimension to the “nukes” meme and psyop that I was not aware of until quite recently, when I started reading Joseph Atwill and Jan Irving and John Allegro’s work.

        At the risk of alienating the good Christians who read this site, I would argue that this “Flat Earth” psyop is not only a continuation of the CIA’s “Archaic Revival” psyop of the 1960s, but I would also argue that it is a continuation of the Flavians’ “New Testament” psyop from the 1st Century AD — a wicked and black humored one that the Jewish elites of the deep state are well aware of, including none other than Shakespeare himself or herself, as the case may be. 😉

      2. JFC –

        I LUVVITT..!!!! 🙂

        “as the case may be” = as the ‘GUESS’ may be..

        Bacon.. 🙂 and Mushrooms 🙂 well-done… crispy… anyone..??

      3. The natural force that makes things fall down or float away is fully explained by the forces of density/buoyancy. Gravity is a totally fictitious psy-op concept to confuse people with fantasy of outer-space models like solar system of objects having ‘gravitational pull’ to keep them in orbits.

        If there were the near vacuum conditions of outer-space, why is it that the atmospheric air of the Earth would not be sucked out into it? Before you mindlessly reply ‘gravity’, consider that even at sea-level, one could overcome this fictitious force with a simple experiment of raising a brick using just a vacuum pump suction. Up there thousands of miles up the Earth, surely this purported force would be very weak and therefore unable to prevent the entire sucking out to the vacuum of space. There is no boundary in that atmospheric model that could prevent this real physical force of vacuum.

        Here watch this delightful short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmE28Dxgbj4

        Yes, it is not just that Earth is not a ball but the entire theory concept of outer-space is also another gigantic lie. And don’t try to confuse air pressure explanations with non-existent ‘gravity’.

      4. 4A –

        The video did not explain what keeps the atmosphere on the flat earth from floating or dripping away… since gravity does not hold it here.. 🙂

      5. Correction:

        Jan Irvin’s name does not have a “g” at the end; unlike David Irving’s. It was misspelt and miswritten in my above post.

        Jan Irvin is the founder and owner of the Gnostic Media website. He is also the author of The Holy Mushroom: Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity

        Academic endorsements for “The Holy Mushroom”:

        John Allegro’s revelation of the sacramental role of a sacred mushroom in the ancient religions spanning the agrarian region from Mesopotamia to the Near East was immediately and unfairly rejected by a chorus of scholars less competent than him, but continuing research into early Christianity and the mystery religions of the Greco-Roman world and their perpetuation in alchemy and European folkloric traditions has vindicated the correctness of his discovery. — Professor Carl A. P. Ruck, Boston University

        Christianity and the Piltdown Hoax (one of the largest academic scandals in history) share many similarities: In both stories the information was constructed and then salted into the information stream, and, through the word of noted scholars, presented as fact, the truth. Scholars have egos and once committed to their ideas through scholarly publications, faculty meetings, and conferences, have difficulty seeing, hearing, or even appreciating an adverse view. To waver from a strongly held opinion could spell academic ruin and withdrawal of acclaim. This leads to lively debate, counter stories, and even character assassination if one side or the other is being out trumped in the symbolic mêlée.

        Jan Irvin (The Holy Mushroom) has captured what we might call an “anthropology of clarification” regarding whether or not mushrooms, and mind-altering substances in general, played any role in the development of not only Judaism and Christianity but the total culture in play at that time. It is now recognized in many academic communities (anthropologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists) that sufficient evidence exists of the importance of these substances, both textual and visual, to say “yes” in very large letters. It is no longer theory. The questions Irvin asks are these: “If mind-altering substances did play this major role, then how would this affect our interpretations of the Bible and the Qur’an? Would this shed light on the origins of mystical experiences and the stories, for example Abraham hearing voices and Ezekiel’s convenient visions? What would this suggest about the shamanic behavior of Jesus? What impact would this have on organized religion?” These are bold questions. This is a very useful volume for those interested in the Holy Mushroom and the politics of truth. Detailed and wonderfully illustrated; great bibliography. — Professor John A. Rush, Sierra College

        Jan Irvin has produced a most thoughtful and valuable account of debate around the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms in early Christianity. Irvin’s careful account of the main protagonists, their sources and intellectual motivations shows the importance of continuing research on this significant moment in early Christian thought, as well as how academic research itself is affected by the cultural attitudes of the day. In adducing new textual evidence and showing the iconographic prevalence of the mushroom motif Jan Irvin is to be warmly congratulated – all serious scholarship for the future will have to take account of his achievement. — Professor Neil Whitehead, University of Wisconsin, Madison

        To reiterate my point:

        The Jewish elites of the Deep State have been aware of this Jesus is a Mushroom for some time — possibly as early as Shakespeare’s time. (Joseph Atwill tangentially argues this in his Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah)

        In the 1960s Rothschild’s CIA pro-actively disseminated LSD in a PSYOP code-named MK-ULTRA that tried to revive this archaic drug cult among the baby boomers. Terms and phrases like Turn on, tune in, drop out, and sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll became synonymous with this CIA-manufactured “counter-culture”.

        A lot of lives and families were destroyed by drugs in addition to the general debasement of the larger society and culture. In retrospect the long-haired hippie stoner aka “Jesus-look” and Jesus was a Mushroom was in our faces!

      6. JFC –

        Andy, toothaches and rotten teeth and tooth removal have always provoked a need for narcotics. It was available for those and many other more serious pains.

        It would be VERY naive to believe the drugs were not used for recreation and in spiritual settings.

        Whole lotta spirits visiting & gathering…!!

        Like Don Henley saw spirits in the desert while using peyote…. and formed…
        ….. ‘The Eagles’.. 🙂

    1. @4ARAW…

      As a person not educated in natural sciences, I will try to answer your questions from common sense as far as I can :

      1) This is the same question as about the invisibility of the curvature of the earth’s dry surface. The answer is that for a person moving on the surface of the earth (whether land or sea), the curvature of the earth is so small as to be not perceptible. But it is still there ! Here is an interesting fact about the Verrazano-Narrow Bridge in New York :

      “Because of the height of the towers (693 ft or 211 m) and their distance apart (4,260 ft or 1,298 m), the curvature of the Earth’s surface had to be taken into account when designing the bridge—the towers are 15⁄8 inches (41.275 mm) farther apart at their tops than at their bases; they are not parallel to each other.”

      Source : Wikipedia, Verrazano-Narrow Bridge.

      If a person would rise up into the air (by whatever means) the curvature of the earth’s surface would become the more visible the higher he rises.

      2) The air itself is attracted to the earth by gravity, though less so than liquids or solid objects.

      3) Jetliners cruise at a constant height, so they constantly have to adjust but only very slightly. Jetliners cannot “fly off the planet into space”, because the earth’s gravity is too strong. Satellites to the moon or planets need to overcome the earth’s gravity by heavy rockets.

      4) I think there is a difference, but small. If you walk inside a running train, I think there is a small difference in time if you walk forwards or backwards.

      5) The earth’s gravity works stronger on heavy substances such as water than light ones such as air. Still the air remains attached to the earth. Neither water nor air can “fall away” from the earth. For that it would need another big object nearby that would attract them. Something like that happens with the moon and the oceans. The moon attracts the water of the oceans that are opposite it. That is called “high tide”. When the same part of the ocean is not opposite the moon that is called “low tide”.


      ” A compass needle, which must always point directly to North Pole, would point instead straight ahead into space (not Northwards) on a globe along the longitude meridian that leads to North Pole.”

      I don’t know what you mean. Perhaps you confuse the Pole Star with the (magnetic) North Pole ? The compass needle points the shortest way to the (magnetic) North Pole. The more south you go the less difference various directions make, until on the South Pole any direction is the shortest route.


      “Rivers, such as the Nile River, would have to flow upstream on a Globe model. Just what is up and down on a BE model? ”

      You said it. There is no “up” or “down” on a globe. The Nile flows northwards, but on a globe that is not “up”. Like any other river, the Nile simply flows from a higher terrain to a lower one. Any river can flow in any direction on the globe, as long as it is from a higher terrain to a lower one. And that is proved by reality : rivers on the globe flow in any direction.

      8) I think the constellations do make a difference, but on the cosmic scale it is so insignificant as to be negligible. To us the section of the orbit of the earth around the sun may seem immense, on a cosmic scale, compared to the distance of the stars from our solar system they are practically insignificant.

      9) Not true. For large structures they do have to take the earth’s curvature into account. See my example in point 1.

      10) I don’t know if that is true. If it is, it can be explained by commercial reasons. Flying from Australia to Alaska would be a short straight line, but you could not pick up other passengers on the way. Flying from Australia via South East Asia, India, the Middle East to Europe would be commercially far more remunerating. The southern hemisphere near Antartica is the least inhabited part of the world anyway.

      11) You can find the answer to that question here : Quora, Why is the South Pole colder than the North Pole ? https://www.quora.com/Why-is-the-South-Pole-colder-than-the-North-Pole

      12) What difference would the distance of the sun make for the behavior of sunbeams in our atmosphere ? If the sun is only 3000 km away, it would have been reached by satellites already long ago. Weather satellites are 36,000 km from the earth’s surface.

      I hope this helps. Cheers.

      1. Thanks for taking up the challenge! And it is from common sense that I reason the Earth could not possibly be a ball shape of any sort. Here is my rebuttal.

        1) There are real images taken by amateurs from weather balloons about 40 km up that use non-distorted lenses on video cams that show the horizon to be perfectly flat. It is flat too from real images off flying jetliners with non-curved windows and obviously, for everyone, standing on a clear beach view ear to ear, a fantastically perfect measurable flat sea horizon obtains using carpenter’s level. So it is exactly common sense that what we actually see is what it is. You though, say, we could not see it, but it is there. That is not common sense. It is common sense that we could never have great masses of water curve in nature.

        There is a website that is neutral to this topic but gives a curvature drop for calculated distances. It is here:

        Now, for a distance of 100 km (62 miles) there already must be a discernible curvature of 710 m (2,329 ft). An obstructed sea view is more than 100 km and so it is unreasonable to claim such a big curvature could not be detected with the naked eye.

        2) Gravity is non-existent force magically conjured to illogically explain away natural phenomena. Really, so you want to believe clouds are all being pulled along at 1,600 km/hr (1,000 mph)? If so, we should see clouds all moving in just one direction East to West all the time.

        3) Ask any jet pilot if they have to adjust cruise level to account for non-existent curvature and mysterious non-existent gravity force. They leave the gyroscope adjustment mechanism alone and just fly flat all the way for thousands of km.

        4) Please check your next jet flight itinerary which hopefully would have a pronounced East-West journey movement. There is practically no difference to the time taken for the journey to and back. Impossible for a spinning ball Earth scenario. Jetliners fly at about 1,000 km/hr, so again with spin at 1,600 km/hr, we should see jets flying backwards if they are moving directly East.

        5) See how ludicrous your explanation is when you say, ‘gravity’ works less on air than water. If so, please read my point (2) again. You imagine a force that could pull clouds away at 1,600 km/hr and yet say it is just some weak force. So, ‘gravity’ could choose to allow smoke to waft lazily into the sky yet do this magical tremendous pulling on clouds? It could stick oceans of water to the bottom of a spinning ball yet could not stop water vapor from evaporating off the oceans into the atmosphere? How inanely illogical!

        6) If you imagine yourself on a Ball Earth, say Australia, the 3-dimensional shortest direct pointing to the North Pole must cut though the Ball Earth itself and not be pointing off elsewhere. That means the compass needle would not be able to work since it would be stuck down and not be able to move horizontally freely to point true North. Otherwise, just what constitutes true North on a Ball Earth? A compass at Ball Earth equator points where then? All these directions keep changing as you move along a ball, how ridiculous? Only a Flat Earth would compasses work properly!

        7) This must be a wonderful joke. There is no up and down on a globe model. But we do not live in such a world where there is NO UP NOR DOWN. However you see yourself on a Ball Earth, up is up and down is down. What is pointing up at the North Pole must be exactly the same 3-dimensional spatial orientation up at the Equator. That world is a Flat Earth. On a Ball model, we get some rivers flowing upwards which never happens in nature.

        8) For all of known history, all ancient civilizations, have noted the same star constellations as we have today. You may not realize this, but those who gave you all those outer-space theories like solar system/galaxies also say that the Earth itself is orbiting at 67,000 mph around the Sun and that the solar system itself dashing through the universe at a tremendous 500,000 mph. Such chaotic movements against a backdrop of stars would never maintain their fixed visual orientation from Earth. Clearly impossible if you have even a clue about parallax effect!

        9) Truth is the real accounts of these Surveyors, Engineers and Architects in performance of their work, never factor non-existent curvature in their work. Here is one such:

        Engineer, W. Winckler was published in the Earth Review regarding the Earth’s supposed curvature, stating, “As an engineer of many years standing, I saw that this absurd allowance is only permitted in school books. No engineer would dream of allowing anything of the kind. I have projected many miles of railways and many more of canals and the allowance has not even been thought of, much less allowed for. This allowance for curvature means this – that it is 8” for the first mile of a canal, and increasing at the ratio by the square of the distance in miles; thus a small navigable canal for boats, say 30 miles long, will have, by the above rule an allowance for curvature of 600 feet. Think of that and then please credit engineers as not being quite such fools. Nothing of the sort is allowed. We no more think of allowing 600 feet for a line of 30 miles of railway or canal, than of wasting our time trying to square the circle”

        10) There is no commercial incentive for detouring to pick up jet passengers as you suggest when this could all be handled by interconnecting flights for those cases. There are no recorded flights ever over a non-existent ‘South Pole” in all of history. No one has ever gone round the world on a North-South-North flight.

        11) Such an explanation begs the question, why are there no warm currents in the so-called ‘Southern Hemisphere’? Isolation from land masses is a non-relevant factor for such dramatic climatic differences. The single most important factor is the Sun when it comes to temperature differences. There is absolutely no reason for a Ball Earth model to have a far colder Antarctic region compared to Arctic. The answer lies in a Flat Earth model with the Sun being a much smaller object moving over it, giving local light and heat. It is the same reason why the 7 am morning Sun feels much cooler than the afternoon Sun.

        12) You clearly do not understand simple physical optical laws which show that an object’s location could be accurately determined from it’s angular light displays. If the Sun were 93 million miles away as we are told, the Sun rays would have to be parallel beams when it hits the Earth. We see these slanted crepuscular sunbeams frequently. There are no such outer-space orbiting Earth ‘satellites’ because such rocket travel in the near vacuum space is a physical impossibility. Jet-propulsion motion is not possible without air resistance and the term ‘rocket science’ should actually be used to indicate idiocy. Rockets could not be maneuverable in such space. They are mere bigger missiles when launched with very limited control.

        I have taken pains to reply and give you the honor at least of the first person honestly trying to defend Ball Earth Theory by debating these 12 points which I have shared openly for about 2 years. I am all for TRUTH to be rigorously debated. When you start investigating deeper and see the overwhelming evidences and facts supporting the Flat Earth reality, then it behooves you to at least acknowledge there is far more truth to it than belief in Ball Earth theory. Ultimately, you will get it if you are honest and open to the TRUTH.

      2. FR –
        “the curvature of the earth is so small as to be not perceptible. But it is still there ! Here is an interesting fact about the Verrazano-Narrow Bridge in New York…”

        The curvature had to be compensated for when building a bridge with a span of less than a mile, and yet the following video shows a distance of 6.95 miles which should have a curvature of 34’, but no apparent curvature can be seen.

        SF Bay Bridge from San Mateo Bridge – 17 miles (192 feet of curvature – missing).

        Bonneville Salt Flats – 6.6 miles

        Not saying I’m a flat earther, but someone’s lyin’, cause somethin’ ain’t right here.

      3. FR –

        “exactly as expected.”

        Thank you for the video. The narrator states that 26% of the tower should not be visible and then says, ”And this is exactly what we see”.

        So I wonder why it is that when I put a ruler up to the picture only 17% (at best) of the tower is below the horizon. Guess there must be something wrong with my ruler.

        Irregardless though (I’ve always wanted to use that word), that video doesn’t explain why the three videos that I sent show no curvature.

        This video shows 31 miles – 580’ of curvature (missing).

        Someone’s lyin’, ‘cause somethin’ just ain’t right here.

      4. I have degrees in Math & Physics and FR’s responses were a bit off. I didn’t see anything in the list that is particularly interesting at all; but to clear up misconceptions of FR’s response, I might as well go through this list.

        1. Why do oceans look flat?

        The curvature of the Earth would give less than 1/8th inch drop to a mile. This IS discernible, you just imagine it is not. If you attempted to look at a large structure many miles away in the sea, you’d see that you wouldn’t be able to see its footing if that footing is out of your line-of-sight because of the Earth’s curvature. The one-off anomalies flat-earthers so love are matters of optics. Otherwise, all other things obey the existence of Earth having curvature .

        2. Why can’t you sense Earth’s movement?

        You can’t sense Earth’s movement because it is NOT moving w.r.t. YOU. YOU are in the frame of reference of the Earth’s movement – which is moving in uniform motion and therefore exerts no force to be sensed. The boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and space would be the area of concern here w.r.t. Earth’s rotation. You aint in that area. Just as if you were in a train of uniform motion, you’d not sense any force acting on you unless some force caused it (which uniform motion does not exert).

        3. How does a jetliner stay on path w/o constant steering?

        A jetliner generally rides a great-circle path. You set the bearing and ride it – the same as if you were riding in a roundabout in a car – turn the wheel to the appropriate angle and you’re driving in a circle. There is no constant steering involved in such a thing. Why would you even think this? Have you thought about your dumb questions at all?

        4. Why would there not be different times of travel for a jetliner going with and against Earth’s rotation?

        You seem to be missing the point that the jetliner is IN THE FRAME OF REFERENCE OF THE EARTH’s ROTATION. At all times. There is no difference from what you call “point A” and “point B” in precisely the same way that there is no difference in transit times between points in a train you are riding in. You aren’t walking WITH and AGAINST the train’s motion (unless it is braking or something) – you are in its frame of reference.

        5. Why does water remain on the Earth?

        This question doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. All things remain on the Earth due to gravity. If there is a force to counter gravity, then THAT is the case. What are you not getting? If you forcefully moved the water then it would move!

        6. Why does a compass needle work?

        The compass needle aligns to the magnetic force of the Earth – which has nothing to do with gravity. The Earth is a magnet and a compass needle points to magnetic North. If you placed a stronger magnetic force near it, it would point to that. :eye-roll:

        7. Why can a river flow North?

        A river flows from higher potential to lower potential (from gravity). If the higher ground is in the South, the river would end up flowing North. Gravity acts RADIALLY – not orthogonal as you seem to be confusing it. If you placed a ball on an incline, it would roll down the incline due to the downward component of gravity affecting it. Your usage of “North” is orthogonal to gravity altogether. If the riverbed was STRICTLY orthogonal to a radius of the Earth, there would be no flow at all. This would be an unstable equilibrium, though. You’d have to contrive that EXACT situation.

        8. Why do the star constellations retain their geometry.

        This constellations are very far away. Any movement you make is not going to give you a different vantage point. One sees things as one would expect – not whatever you’re confused about.

        9. Why don’t building projects take the Earth’s curvature into effect?

        The Earth’s curvature is the least thing to take into effect for any building project. It is 1/8th of an inch to a mile! Local topology would GREATLY outweigh any concern from Earth’s curvature. What type of project are you thinking of? LOL!

        10. Why do jetliners show seemingly foolish detours in the Southern hemisphere.

        I’m not aware of such and am not interested enough to look into it. I’ll give you this one!

        11. Why is the climate in the Arctic region is different that the Antarctic region?

        I’ll give you this one too. Same answer as 10. I have no experience with these regions.

        12. Nonsense about sunrays. Believe whatever foolishness you like on sunbeams.

        There are your answers from someone with degrees in Math and Physics – which I think have corrected some nuances of FR’s response.

      5. Yeah, Rebar, it’s actually less than 8 inches per mile – not 1/8th inch per mile. I remembered that shortly after posting. 8 inches per mile is not much – wouldn’t you say (even though its about 2 orders of magnitude more than I claimed)? And the hidden areas would not scale linearly as your link shows.

        If one wants to get extremely technical, the other things I mentioned are only true to approximation. There are small forces involved from the Earth’s movements – such that E-W and W-E planes would have a very slightly different force to overcome. And the atmosphere differs with radial distance from Earth. Generally, the small differences don’t enter into different outcomes from what I’ve stated.

      6. @ blake121666

        Your attempt to counter seems disingenuous to me. Readers can decide between how you responded compared to my rebuttal as to who has responded with more clarity. As such I shall not go through all your points but take up one to elucidate what I mean.

        Point (2) deals with the fact that the supposed Earth’s rotation of 1,600 km/hr being regarded just a normal day. You twist this to make it an issue of non-movement wrt the ground. But my point here is how come the sky above is not one horrifying storm at such never ever experienced speed of winds? That is your deliberate attempt to ignore the real contradictions implied in a rotating Ball Earth. No one on Earth ever experience such frightful storms and spinning 1,600 km/hr winds.

        For those of you Ball Earthers who mumble non-existent ‘gravity’ to everything, consider that atmospheric layers with clouds at various heights must all be believed to move along in absolute magical synchronicity due to gravity. How could this ever be if gravity is said to be dependent on distance? Lower end clouds would be pulled with greater force than higher ones. Implied is that those higher clouds must then have considerable relative retrograde motion backwards. This doesn’t happen on Earth.

        For those who can think clearly on this point alone, the answer is obvious. ‘Gravity’ is invented pseudo science. Isaac Newton who gave us the ‘laws of gravity’ was a freemason liar.

      7. Rebar, I wasted my time looking at your video. It is a video of the Channel Islands (Santa Cruz island) – next to the Anacapa Islands. The elevations there run from 800 ft to 2400 ft. The person who made the video should have panned over to the Channel Islands to prove he was looking at the Anacapa Islands. He was about 30 miles from the Channel Islands when taking this video. Everything is as it should be.

        If you are the one who took this video, prove that is the Anacapa Islands.

      8. Actually, it looks like it is the Anacapa Islands now that I look at pictures. The video must have been taken from north of Ventura judging by the looks of it. That’s about 20 miles and therefore would hide about 200 ft – as looks to be the case in the video.

  22. About 2-3 year ago, conspiracy youtubers started getting flooded with flat earth video recommendations even though they had previously never watched a flat earth video in their life. Cass Sunstein, chief Obama administration propagandist describes this technique in his book “Nudge.” The technique is to target groups whose opinion they want to shape and gently nudge in the certain directions with several techniques. These include infiltrators and internet forums or comments sections of articles as well as using connections with websites such as youtube to give people recommendations based on their data to push them where they need to go.

    “That’s why the flat earth videos are far more slick and professional than most – nobody could be as effective at convincing people that black is white than the CIA. They are fed up with the `wild conspiracy theory’ tag – they can’t stop truthers but they can lead them astray and marginalize their views. It’s like a religion to the flat-earthers and if you get involved arguing with them you’ve already lost (your time and your focus).”
    – Ex-Flat Earther

    Up until now on youtube, this as well as other bizarre new age conspiracy angles to make people discredit themselves when talking about truth as well getting lost in labyrinths of insanity. It has also been used for other topics such as global warming, zionism, and alternative health (which Sunstein specifically mentions in his book).

    It is important that the nudging is gentle and incremental. I have come across many people who just one year ago were speaking serious truths. Now all they want to talk about is the flat earth, something of no consequence compared to the murder of almost all of humanity. These people have been NEUTRALIZED

    Makow comment: I think they have made their point. A lot of so-called “Truthers” are mentally unstable. Pilots would have flown over the edge and under the disc long ago.

    David Livingstone:

    “I think it’s pretty obvious what it’s designed to do: the absorb the “truth” community in complete nonsense. But such utter nonsense that it will completely discredit anyone nearly associated with it. Talk about 9/11 now, or the Illuminati, or Bilderberg and you can be denounced as a “flat earther”. And this is a paragraph from my book Black Terror White Soldiers.

    “The notion that the people of Columbus’ time believed the earth was flat was a myth invented during the 19th century by two Skull and Bones members to discredit Christianity, as part of what is known as the “Conflict Thesis”: More anti-Christian propaganda was created in the seventeenth century when historians invented what is known as the “Flat Earth Myth,” which claimed that Medieval Christian Europe believed the earth was actually flat, a notion that was supposedly contested by Columbus.
    The myth was created as part of a campaign by Protestants against Catholic teaching. Historian Jeffrey Burton Russell claims “with extraordinary few exceptions no educated person in the history of Western Civilization from the third century B.C. onward believed that the earth was flat,” and he regards that the myth gained currency in the nineteenth century due to inaccurate histories such as John William Draper’s History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science (1874) and Andrew Dickson White’s History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom (1896).[i]

    Dickson was member of the notorious *Skull and Bones* at Yale and co-founder of Cornell University.[ii] Draper and White were the most influential exponents of the Conflict Thesis, the proposition that there is an intrinsic intellectual conflict between religion and science and that the relationship between religion and science inevitably leads to public hostility. Draper’s book received worldwide recognition and was translated into several languages, but was banned by the Catholic Church.
    – Russell, Jeffrey Burton “The Myth of the Flat Earth,” Studies in the History of Science (American Scientific Affiliation).

    FE is pure Astroturf/PSYOP with paid actors and disinfo agents being caught redhanded sometimes (Matt Boylan Zio-protagonist), extreme artifical viewcounts and eccochamber effect from 2014-2015.

    Former CBS NEWS investigative reporter) Sharyl Attkisson showed how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.

    There is no greater example on the internet today of inciting people of every ilk toward “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” than the utterly ludicrous phenomenon known as the Flat Earth Theory. What is truly shocking is the number of really smart and aware, well-intentioned and spiritually oriented individuals who are supporting this transparent pseudo-scientific sham. Truly, the CIA has outdone itself with this mind-scrambling endeavor.

    Yes, scientific knowledge and applied technology have been egregiously abused and misused throughout the modern era, as this website has frequently pointed out. That is exactly the sentiment a “CIA” would like to exploit; however, true scientific paradigms based on common sense and human reason ought not to be whimsically replaced by pure fantasy and fiction … even if the Tavistock Institute provides every rhyme and reason to do so.

    Quite incredibly, this ridiculous notion — that Planet Earth is really flat — has been enthusiastically embraced by thought leaders and light-workers everywhere. Their primary reason for entertaining such an absurd ‘hypothesis’ is because it takes such a strong anti-science establishment position; otherwise, there is simply no good rational reason for assuming such a sympathetic posture toward this very bad cyber-space joke.

    Truly, if the dark side wanted to undermine the workings of the authentic New Age movements, deliberately disseminating a Flat Earth Theory would be a great way of doing so. They probably never imagined in their wildest dreams that so many Goys would climb on board and suck the Zio-dick with such a farcical disinfo initiative … … … did they?!

    I think it’s terrible that FE have internalized this false BS awakening – equivalent of the agents of Total Recall who make mindfuck mind control on the truthful movements – it’s Astroturfing and cognitive infiltration (as Cass Sunstein suggested ***) guilt by association – it’s almost a unifom manual with the bullet points:

    * Name Climate Denial in connection with Flat Earth (implied: because the anthropgenic climate change is a lie, it will reduce the critical criticism of climate by associating all the criticism with Flat Earth)
    * Name vaccine skepticism in connection with Flat Earth (implicit: because the vaccine paradigm is a lie, it will reduce the dangerous criticism of vaccines by linking all criticisms to Flat Earth )
    * Name medical cannabis oil in connection with Flat Earth (implicitly: because cannabis can cure cancer and the drug industry is a false paradigm, it will reduce the dangerous criticism of the pharmaceutical industry by linking all criticisms of cannabis oil with Flat Earth)
    * Name 9/11 in connection with Flat Earth (implicitly: because the official explanation for 9/11 is false, it will reduce the dangerous criticism of 9/11 by linking all the critics of 9/11 with Flat Earth)
    * Name Zionism in connection with flat earth (because Zionism is murderous it will reduce the dangerous criticism of the Zionists by linking all criticisms of zionism with flat earth)
    * Name of NASA in connection with Flat Earth (implied: because NASA has lied about some things, it will reduce the dangerous criticism of NASA by linking all the critics of NASA with Flat Earth)

    And so forth…

    President Obama talked Flat Earth… again and again and again. John Kerry at Climate Talks: ‘Members of the Flat Earth Society Are on The Wrong Side of History’.

    The real dangerous truths and true whistleblowers are being persecuted, deleted, murdered, censored – notice that FE and the new fake ‘Disney Land’ dissidents are being promoted, never deleted, paid, video views are extremely inflated (also according to Reddit analysis).

    FE’s are dangerous useful idiot goofs to the truth/freedom movements.

    But they are a good (nut) case study for the freedom/truth-movements updating themselves how COINTEL-PSYOP mindfuck in the 21st Century works… it’s easy to see through


    There is much, much more evidence and info but nuff said

    Fuck FE and their handlers


    ‘What can the government do about conspiracy theories, and what should it do? (1) Government might ban “conspiracy theories,” somehow defined. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories. (3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. (4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech. (5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help. Each instrument has a distinctive set of potential effects, or costs and benefits, and each will have a place under imaginable conditions. Our main policy claim here is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of (3), (4), and (5).’
    – Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule, Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures

      1. not ALWAYS, gatecrasher … only 6 months a year 😉
        (between the fall and spring equinoxes)
        the other 6 months the earth becomes flat.

    1. Excellent comment, Gatecrasher.

      “It’s like a religion to the flat-earthers and if you get involved arguing with them you’ve already lost (your time and your focus).”

      It is somewhat akin to arguing over the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin, and as pointless.

  23. That goes without saying, but OK, from around december to february the sun is ABOVE the horizon all the time counterclockwise 24/7

    1. I am waiting to see the FLAT MOON turn so that I can see the edges like a silver dollar…. especially since no attraction(gravity) has it captured. 🙂

  24. “Flat Earther” is a label for Creationists and believers of God. The CIA floats fake “conspiracy theories” to hide leaks by muddying them up. Darwin and his cult of monkey lovers are facing the obvious lack of evidence and the skepticism of the public for all the FRAUD passed off as science. The CIA is all over the web and on Youtube putting “Flat Earth Theories” to “discredit” skeptics of FRAUDULENT SCIENCE and give them the “Flat Earth” label.

    1. Jewtube has banned a lot of Flat Earth videos including the entirety of the most credible FE researcher Eric Dubay’s video work. So much for (((CIA))) “all over the web and on Youtube putting “Flat Earth Theories” nonsense.

      What the JWO with it’s all-powerful control of media and internet is doing is to prevent the awakening of independent critical thinking individuals all over the world who are capable of objective and scientific logical reasoning when investigating this topic. This is the uniqueness of the emergence of Flat Earth reality truth. Those in the truth community who stubbornly refuse to honestly face the evidences and facts of Flat Earth reality are doing a great disservice to the rest of us in fighting the LIES of the JWO.

      TRUTH is a powerful weapon to defeat the JWO. Ball Earthers, please don’t get in the way.

  25. 4ARAW doesn’t get that the atmosphere is part of the Earth’s frame of reference – similar to you being in a train being in ITS frame of reference. He is imagining persons on a train being affected by what the train is affected by.

    The Earth’s radius is about 4,000 miles. A plane flies at about 40,000 ft = 7.5 miles = 2/10 of one percent of a radius. One can typically use about 60 miles as the extent of the atmosphere for what we are talking about here. So a plane flies about 1/10 of the way to space. Its dynamics are governed by its motive principles – gravity acts radially on it and is counteracted by the wing lift. Any kookoo steering he imagines being due to Earth’s curvature is bogus both in its conception (gravity is a radial force so its field lines will be at radii – not whatever he is imagining) and his overstating of its effects of the Earth’s motion – orders of magnitude smaller than he is imagining. The area 2/10 of one percent away from the surface of the Earth is – for all practical purposes – still in the Earth’s frame of reference. If Earth were a basketball we are talking about 1/2 a millimeter above it.

    Rebar showed a fraudulent video. That video couldn’t have been shot from Santa Barbara as claimed given the angle it is filming those islands. So people are claiming fraudulent things to make their flat Earth points. There most definitely are refractive effects and such which give many seemingly anomalous results for these sorts of things when looked at with the very simple models we are talking about. Rebar’s video was simply a fraud though. Ask someone in Santa Barbara if he can see the Anacapa Islands from the beach.

    1. What’s this nonsense about ‘frame of reference’? In a train all fixtures are solidly connected to the train so they would not slide away due to train’s motion. There is nothing that fix everything that is detached above Earth’s ground like clouds, birds, freely floating balloons and jetliners. Except for the non-existent ‘gravity’ claim which I have demonstrated to be a fraudulent pseudo-science invented baseless theory.

      Here’s another scientific reasoning to debunk ‘gravity’. So Ball Earthers claim that tides are due to Moon’s pull on Earth’s oceans and seas. Intelligent question to ask is, but if the Moon were capable of this pull at such a claimed far distance away, would it not carry on with this pulling force, sucking the oceans and seas all the way to the Moon? After all, ‘gravity’ is claimed to act inversely with distance, that is, it’s action becomes stronger the shorter the distance is. Similarly, why would the rocks on the Moon not be pulled away to Earth by it’s ‘gravity’? Intelligent people would see the obvious contradictions in all this claims of ‘gravitation force’. How about why ‘gravity’ could allow birds and insects to fly freely yet exert such tremendous force gluing the oceans to a frightfully fast 1,600 km/hr spinning ball? A thousand other such contradictions could be rattled off.

      Ridiculously stupid beliefs you hold, Ball Earthers. Wake up!

      1. So if gravity doesn’t exist, why does a stone that I throw up in the air fall down on the earth ? Why do things have a weight anyway ?

      2. @ Franklin

        I shall repeat the answer which has already been given here.

        An object would fall down to the Earth or float up into the sky strictly due to the relative density/buoyancy properties of itself versus the surrounding medium it is in. Simple as that.

        Please watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QpuQEWsifM

        It is from Eric Dubay’s whose channel jewtube has banned. Give a thousand thanks to Eric Dubay.

        But if after watching this and getting the explanations given, you still cling tightly to Ball Earth theory belief like a piece of shit it is … there is a limit to my patience in helping others wake up to Flat Stationary Earth reality before I must call out the obvious dishonesty and lying dishonorable scumbag behavior.

        Common on, is this what we have amongst those who would fight to destroy the JWO? Shameful beyond belief!

      3. Your problem is that your mathematical aptitude is pretty piss-poor.

        You deny the model of force used as the basis of Physics – that there is no force from uniform motion (constant velocity). The forces from Earth’s spin is miniscule – it is for all practical purposes an inertial frame (no force) in the examples you bring up. Local weather forces on the plane would affect a plane’s flight more than the non-radial forces from gravity. It’d take an intermediate mechanics level of physics – which itself requires quite an advanced level of math – to go over the details. But by the time you’d get to that level you’d have already realized that you have seriously flawed reasoning in these matters. Nevertheless, one result of these forces that is quite measurable is Foucault’s pendulum – which is said to be a “proof” of Earth’s spin. You might want to look into that.

        The tides happen to be much more complicated than Newton’s model; but we’ll just stick with that for now – that the moon is responsible for them (it’s the largest component in general). You ask why the moon doesn’t suck the Earth’s water to the moon. It does as much as it is able. Everything on the Earth feels the moon’s gravity; and water – given the manner it behaves – creates tides based on this (as does the solid Earth – which has different forces than water in this respect). Why don’t you ask why the whole Earth is not consumed by the moon? This is the lazy method of your thinking. The moon is orbiting the Earth – due to its orbital velocity overcoming the mutual Earth-moon gravitational attraction and keeping the 2 bodies from slamming into each other – and the water on Earth (not being fixed onto the Earth) moves by the force of the moon (the rest of the Earth doesn’t have this mobility of water). BTW, relatively cheap ($300 or so) telescopes can show you that Jupiter is spinning (like Earth) from observing that big red spot and that its moons are orbiting IT – just as our moon is orbiting Earth – with the exact same Keplerian mathematics.

        You ask “why would rocks on the moon not be pulled away to earth by its ‘gravity'”? They are, you lunkhead! The whole moon is being attracted to the Earth – all of it – that is why it is orbiting Earth. Why would a little rock on the moon feel more force from the far away Earth than from the nearby moon? The force of gravity is G * m1 * m2 / r^2. The little rock on the moon has a higher gravitational force to the moon itself than to the Earth and therefore stays on the moon. The moon itself as a whole feels the force of the Earth as a whole and is only kept away from the Earth because of its velocity – hence the moon orbits the Earth. If the rock felt more force from the Earth, it WOULD be pulled off the moon. By your strange thinking, no mass could ever accumulate anywhere because SOMEWHERE in the universe is another mass that will pull it to itself – and therefore accumulating (contradiction of premise 😉 ). Do you see how screwy your logic is?

        Its as if you’re incapable of thinking through any of your own thoughts. The whole (G * m1 * m2 / r^2) mathematics is completely beyond your scope of reasoning. Any force is exaggerated to some crazy extreme in each of your statements. They never balance, one always has to overtake the other completely in your mind. Heaven forbid you should ever have to think through actual real-world problems – which, frankly, are quite more complicated than these very basic and simple things we are discussing here (such as actual real-world tide dynamics of actual tides in some places on Earth).

      1. Yes! There is SO MUCH we evil Whites hid from historic review. Intelligent negresses like Sally Hemmings actually coached the writings of the likes of Thomas Jefferson (ask any Jew!). (I believe it is finally being disclosed at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville….)

  26. There are some good replies to this article, and most of what I could reply with has already been addressed.

    However, an aspect that does not yet appear to have been raised is one of the spiritual/psychological aspects of the theory of geocentrism.

    Firstly though, it must be pointed out that following the geocentric model in no way implies any belief in a flat earth. In the purely physical sphere the geocentric model can be, and is, in my belief, totally consistent with our observations of the heavenly bodies. Our practical physical relationship with extra earthly physical phenomenon has no need to change because of a geocentric point of view. This fact may well change upon proof of interstellar space being presented, but until it is there is no fundamental disagreement in the application of the physics required for the extra earthly scientific endeavours (purportedly) undertaken thus far by mankind.

    The psychological aspect of the geocentric model is of importance to how humanity as a whole views itself in the great scheme of things, and can have a profound impact on the individual’s emotional well-being. The belief that one is living on an extremely small unimportant rock in such a vast universe, as the more popular and orthodox teachings claim, can lead individuals, especially those that subscribe to the idea that physical existence is all that there is, to a feeling of smallness and unimportantness. The consequences of which can be the increased disregard for themselves, the rest of humanity and the Earth in general.

    The geocentric model, while in basic agreement with all observable physical phenomenon, also allows the individual to consider themselves as more than part of a tiny random occurrence existing in some far flung reach of the universe. It puts humanity, and the individual human being, at the centre of the universe. As a most important part of the universe. It can allow greater self worth and meaning of one’s existence, the existence of humanity and Earthly natural phenomenon.

    The psychological/spiritual dimension of the belief in the geocentric model is, in my opinion, the real value in subscribing to that model. It is a very sad thing for people to feel worthless and unimportant in the universe. The geocentric model can help people feel more valued and help them value other people and nature more, which must be a good thing.

    1. If you still could not yet realize the full truth of Flat Earth reality but could see the evidences for the facts that it is the Sun, Moon and stars that revolve above the Earth, implying of course the Earth is most definitely stationary, that’s a giant step towards full realization.

      There are clues that ancient civilizations, before jews corrupted and destroyed them, all had Flat Earth perspective. Jews simply stole that truth and inserted it in their mind-f***ing abrahamic religions. Ball Earth theory is a psy-op false belief that was pushed hard about 500 years ago. This article featuring ancient aryan traditions, gives some Flat Earth clues.


      “The North Star is the one constant in the universe that never changes. For this reason it has always been referred to as the Central Pillar, the Irminsal, Yggdrasil, World Tree or Tree Of Life.”

      1. HP

        I got no problem with the 7 divine horses pulling a golden chariot at 16k m/second. And I can dig the four giant elephants holding the earth down. But, c’mon, now. all of it being carried on the back of giant turtle? – in an ocean that fills up half the universe? I personally think that’s a bit of a stretch, but hey, some folks believe in gravity.

    2. SL –
      Don’t see where either the helio or geo model would have changed my life, or, whether it would have made any difference if the earth were flat or stacked.

  27. The wealthy Flat-Earth scientists and supporter could fund a mission to place a TV camera on the Flat-Moon… pointed toward earth alone. The filming of the rotation of earth would be spectacular viewing. The filming of it not rotating…. and edges and bottom seen in HD…
    ….would be even MORE spectacular..!! 🙂

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