Will World War III Start This Week?

by Willy B
Sourced from Truthseeker 

10 September 2018.  A report posted by the Wall Street Journal, late yesterday, gives reason to ask that question. “President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country’s last major rebel stronghold, U.S. officials said, raising the prospects for another retaliatory U.S. military strike as thousands try to escape what could be a decisive battle in the seven-year-old war,” it begins. “In a recent discussion about Syria, people familiar with the exchange said, President Trump threatened to conduct a massive attack against Mr. Assad if he carries out a massacre in Idlib…”

After this hearsay, it does go on to say that while the US military has developed attack options, “Trump hasn’t decided what exactly would trigger a military response or whether the U.S. would target Russian or Iranian military forces aiding Mr. Assad in Syria, U.S. officials said.” The US administration could, instead, rely on economic sanctions or unspecified political tools, but I doubt the neocons who have hijacked U.S. Middle East policy would be satisfied with such measures.

The Journal article otherwise repeats ad nauseam all of the propaganda about Assad and chemical weapons, including quotes from Bob Woodward’s latest book, demonstrating how deeply entrenched it has become, like the “intelligence” about Saddam Hussein’s WMD in the run up to the Iraq invasion.

“I will not comment on U.S. military plans, but Assad’s use of chemical weapons, sarin and chlorine, and disregard for civilian lives is well documented and contrary to regional stability,” Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said. Clearly, the Al Qaeda terrorists that run Idlib are getting a free pass.

The propaganda and the pressure for war is apparently getting results in Germany. The German Bild tabloid reported yesterday that the German government is now considering joining any US-UK-French offensive against Syrian government troops. Previously, Angela Merkel has rejected German participation in such military actions “But now a radical change is being discussed in the ministry.”

Ursula von der Leyen, the defense minister, appears to be fully onboard. According to Bild’s account, it began with a request from the US side and progressed to meetings of experts between the German Defense Ministry and the US military attache. The two sides discussed several options relating to a possible military alliance against Assad, including pre- and post-strike reconnaissance and even combat missions.

“Should Assad verifiably use chemical weapons against its own people again, armed Bundeswehr, Tornados could fly attacks on military infrastructure — barracks, air bases, command posts, ammunition and weapon depots, factories, and research centers,” Biild reports. “In doing so, Germany would risk a direct confrontation with Syria’s allied Russia for the first time.” The Defense Ministry and the Foreign Office, in a statement to Bild, would only say: “The situation in Syria gives cause for grave concern. Of course, we are in close contact with our American ally and European partners during these times.”

If Merkel were to decide to move closer to the US, the British and the French on Syria, she might not have the support of her coalition partner. The Social Democrats’ (SPD) chair, Andrea Nahles, reacted to the report by saying that “the SPD will not approve Germany joining the war in Syria, neither in parliament nor in the government,” according to news agency dpa, reports DW.

I haven’t yet seen a Russian response to these latest provocations, unless one considers the interview with our friend Virginia Senator Richard Black by Sputnik to be a Russian response, as he thoroughly demolishes the assertions in the WSJ piece. “I’ve studied each of these gas attack provocations and with the exception of Douma, every one of them has been carried out by the terrorists, often in conjunction with Turkey or with other foreign intelligence agencies,” he said. As for the exception, “There never was a gas attack in Douma,” because Syrian army units had overrun the jihadi’s chemical stocks and so they had to fake it.

Black notes that he knows this because his good friend Pearson Short, who works for One America News, hurried down to Douma from Damascus after the “attack” was reported only to find people replying to his queries by asking “what gas attack?” The Independent’s Robert Fisk followed a few days later and found the same thing, that it had all been faked. Short and Fisk are the only two Western journalists that I know of that actually reported on the ground from Douma days after it was liberated.

Senator Richard Black said:

“It was all staged and fake. There is sort of a pattern on these things. I began to pick up in the British media about four weeks ago these panic announcements that Syria was going to use gas. To me it’s always a signal that they are about to stage one of these staged gas attacks. I think there’s a very real danger.

No American journalist has ever asked if Syria had gas in the first place. If they were so desperate to use gas, why don’t they use it against the terrorists? There are 50,000 terrorists in the province of Idlib. Why do they always use them against women with baby strollers and old men?

There is no answer to it. It’s irrational. No rational person would believe that this was possible.”

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  1. “The US administration could, instead, rely on economic sanctions or unspecified political tools, but I doubt the neocons who have hijacked U.S. Middle East policy would be satisfied with such measures.”

    So the poor, innocent, well-intentioned, babe-in-the-woods Trump, was “hijacked”? And now – rather than take even the most feeble baby steps to avoid planetary extinction – he just sits in the corner and pouts, while all the monsters he inadvertently surrounded himself with (whom he believed in good faith were clones of Mister Rogers) use the power of his office to have their evil way with the world? Is this the situation?

    1. Innocent “babe-in-the-woods” Trump is accused of rape by a woman named Jane Doe while she was 13 years old at that time :

      ” Jane Doe says that as a 13-year-old, she was enticed to attend parties at the home of Jeffrey Epstein with the promise of money modeling jobs. Mr. Epstein is a notorious “billionaire pedophile” who is now a Level 3 registered sex offender — the most dangerous kind, “a threat to public safety” — after being convicted of misconduct with another underage girl.

      Jane Doe says that Mr. Trump “initiated sexual contact” with her on four occasions in 1994. Since she was thirteen at the time, consent is not an issue. If Mr. Trump had any type of sexual contact with her in 1994, it was a crime.

      On the fourth incident, she says Mr. Trump tied her to a bed and forcibly raped her, in a “savage sexual attack,” while she pleaded with him to stop. She says Mr. Trump violently struck her in the face. She says that afterward, if she ever revealed what he had done, Mr. Trump threatened that she and her family would be “physically harmed if not killed.” She says she has been in fear of him ever since.”

      Source : Huffington Post, 06/29/2016 : Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa…/why-the-new-child-rape-ca…

      The Jew Jeffrey Epstein is notorious for secretly filming the sexual transgressions of his guests to be used for blackmail. Now you understand why Trump is so obedient to his Jewish masters.

      1. If he’s the monster that the allegations suggest, they probably don’t need to blackmail him into doing anything, IMO.

        But let’s say for the sake of argument that they are blackmailing him. Is it possible to blackmail someone into doing something the consequences of which will be far worse than if the blackmailer were to carry out the threat? And wouldn’t he still have the option to resign, or to threaten the blackmailers with an investigation into 9/11 or whatever?

      2. @Harold Smith

        If Trump would become really dangerous to his blackmailers, they still would have the option to kill him. A “heart attack”, which can nowadays easily be faked, at his age of 72 would not seem unlikely. See : https://youtu.be/BSEnurBApdM

      3. @Franklin,
        What, Oh What to believe? Trump is so evil that he raped a 13 year-old? Does that even pass the smell test? Cynic that I am, and I do think that POTUS is of low moral character, I’m not about to believe a wild story coming from such a disreputable source as The Huffington Post. If it had any validity at all, would not the get-Trump mainstream media have run with it for all it’s worth? If The Donald actually threatened the 13 year-old with death if she came forward, why not just have her killed and be done with it rather than having this atrocity hang over his head? This reminds me of so many false allegations coming from the anti-male #metoo movement.

      4. “What, Oh What to believe? Trump is so evil that he raped a 13 year-old? Does that even pass the smell test? Cynic that I am, and I do think that POTUS is of low moral character, I’m not about to believe a wild story coming from such a disreputable source as The Huffington Post.”

        Well let’s see, since being inaugurated, Trump’s already murdered lots of people with cruise missile strikes and drone strikes; he’s armed and supported terrorists, enabling them to kill people; he’s armed the rogue “government” of Ukraine; he’s complicit in the genocidal war against Yemen; and as I type this, he’s illegally, immorally and unconstitutionally risking a confrontation with Russia that could end up killing millions if not billions.

        So as I see it, what doesn’t “pass the smell test” is the notion that Trump could do all the evil that he’s done, apparently without batting an eye, but would have some kind of uncharacteristic moral compunction that would prevent him from raping a 13 year old girl. (Of course the true believers will probably claim that all the evil Trump’s done so far as president can’t actually be attributed to him, but only to the people around him).

        “If it had any validity at all, would not the get-Trump mainstream media have run with it for all it’s worth?”

        Not if the everybody’s-out-to-get-Trump meme is just a psyop intended to portray Trump as a “victim”, which some of us believe it is.

      5. WWIII?
        Let it begin. Life is but a dream. We humans are only shadows and dust. Oh well, philosophy…..not Donaldos strong point. Anyway, Zios are, much like Donaldo, creatures of indulgence. Food, drink……sex. The good life. The Zios will never zeopordise their own existence. Not in their nature. WW3 could have started decades ago. It didn’t. Too many shekels to be made by the (((vultures))). It’s a slow game. Pat, Gilb, TROJ, Freya….and Donaldo will all cease to exist by old age, natural causes, vices, etc. first. Anyway, for now, let’s drink and be merry. Enjoy life. Salud!

  2. The fact that this will be another false flag attack is so blatant that only morons can deny it. Even if it were true, how would the US know several weeks in advance what the Syrian government would do anyway ? And even if Assad would plan to make a gas attack on his own people (against all the national interests of Syria), with this announcement of US military retaliation, would he really be so stupid as to go on with it ? The falsehood of this accusation is clear for all to see. It is again the Jews who control the stage. They want to prevent the final defeat of the terrorist rebels they have send into Syria and they are desperate. If Trumps follows the orders of his Jewish handlers / blackmailers and really starts bombing the Syrian army, nobody can still maintain that he is playing some mysterious “4D Chess” while actually “fighting the Jews”.

    1. how long have the Pharisees and Money Changers been in “business”….doing
      mass murder for filthy lucre…?

      when did the children of Israel turn into the Gog & Magog “PROSELYTES”
      to Talmudic Judaism…?

      (Try embedding link if you wish).

      exactly why do “Jews” have to hate Jesus…?


      how many Non-Jews are there on earth…

  3. Oh goody! And according to RT a red heifer has been born signifying the arrival of the Messiah and the apocalypse. So looks like we’re in for a load of fun. I’ll bet Pence is drooling in anticipation. Loads of Hosannas and Praise the lords. BTW. Brother Nathanael calls Jews, “Protestants wearing yarmulkas”, so that makes Protestants, Jews not wearing Yarmulkas.

      1. John and Gilbert! I know about red heifers how prevalent they are, but apparently this one was born in Israhell and the Rabbis are salivating in anticipation. You actually have some of these Christian Zionist loons, moving to Israel to await the return of Jesus. However they all believe they’ll be raptured up to heaven, beforehand. I’ve read the bible and nowhere can I find any verse alluding to the rapture.

      2. @ Felix

        There are several verses in the NT alluding to the rapture. The most outspoken is in 1 Thess. 4 : 15-17 :

        15 “For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. 16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

        So the idea of the rapture is indeed Biblical. The first Christians however believed that it would happen in their life time.

      3. Thanks Franklin!
        I must admit it’s pretty thin “evidence” to base one’s life on! A bit like the Hale Bopp crowd in San Diego or the followers of Jim Jones.

      4. @ Felix

        Yep, red calfs are a common thing. If Christian Zionists are moving to Israhell and they will believe the red calf lie, we should be exporting red calfs to Israhell continuously.

        I’m with you on the rapture lie. Jesus said in the end that the angels will be throwing the a-holes in the fire which would be compatible with Jesus saying that the meek would inherit the earth, be left behind. Those being “raptured” would be in for a hell of a surprise. Who to believe? Jesus, the sinless Son of God, or Paul the “jew by nature” as he claims, “ex”- Pharisee, solicitor of money from the Corinthians twice, accusing God of ordaining governments which would also include those controlled by satanic pedophiles, etc., etc., etc. Tough decision – not.

      5. It is worthy of note that only nine red heifers fulfilling the law were sired from the time of Moses to the time of Jesus and there has not been one since. Along with certain antiquated ritual purification ceremonies like the Para Aduma, the ashes of a red heifer are required for the consecration of the Temple. So look to the Dome of the Rock for further developments.

        I have no knowledge of how the red heifer might play into the idea of a returning “messiah” or “apocalypse” as Jewish prophecy makes no mention of the red heifer in relation to such events. Most certainly, none of the professed messiahs ever needed a red heifer to claim the title.

        Jesus was not, and could not have been, a messiah by any Jewish standard and Jesus was a Jew’s Jew, a Temple priest. He never made any claim to the title, but was assigned it by later Christians in much the same manner as that rabbi in the 1930’s who proclaimed Adolf Hitler to be the new messiah for the twentieth century. Oops! Must have forgot he was talking about a goyim.

        From the Christian perspective, all this apocalyptic nonsense is just more idiotic talk from people who know nothing of real substance about the subject. Of course, leave it to Jews to deliver the Christians’ worst (or best) religious nightmare made to order from the Christian’s own nonsensical specifications. Jews have long been masters of the self fulfilling prophecy.

    1. I often encounter new red heifers when I go out to ride the fences. Ain’t nothing new! The genes from Red Angus sometimes announce themselves thusly among “commercial” cattle.

      1. Hi Gilbert,
        I live in the countryside here in Devon, but I am not a countryman by upbringing. I think the Red Devons and South Devons are beautiful gentle cattle. I have never seen a Red Angus. I also think a horse is a beautiful animal, but I have never ridden one. I envy you.

  4. Apparently, the BIG LIE can be told over and over and the Powers-That-Be think that the flag waving idiot proles will fall for it yet again. But, after so many government lies, is that still so? I’m no big fan of Michael Savage (yes, I know he’s a Jew who changed his name), but he says that Trump would be insane to bomb Syria over such an obvious false flag if there is a “fake” chemical attack. Trump and Savage share the same base, and, if Savage pulls his support, which he said he would do, POTUS can kiss his ass good-bye. Why would Trump green light an attack so close to the midterms and make his final two years in office a living hell? Not saying it won’t happen, but not much happening in the world today makes sense to me anymore.

  5. “There is no answer to it. It’s irrational. No rational person would believe that this was possible.”

    Of course there’s an answer – It’s a sometime noun and sometime verb that begins with a “J” and ends with “w.” Can you say we’ve been Jewed again boys and girls?

    Six months before the election I said Trump was being positioned as the leader to lead America into WWIII. Was I wrong? Know the Jew know your future.

    1. “Six months before the election I said Trump was being positioned as the leader to lead America into WWIII. Was I wrong? Know the Jew know your future.”

      I agree, with one qualification. Trump is the “leader” (i.e. presidential poseur of last resort) whose duty it is to present an ultimatum to any nations which resist the cession of their sovereignty to the beast, and to do whatever it takes up to and including a self-destructive nuclear war, rather than accept anything less than the whole world.

      1. I know you probably hate the fact that domestic America is doing pretty well under Trump – and you’re hoping against hope that the trash printed in Huffington Post is true. He might have had some divorces and extra-marital women, but that does NOT make him a pedophile. Neither can he press a “nuke” button, because THERE AIN’T NO NUKES. You people really need to root for America, rather than constantly diminish her. You’re a bunch of goddam losers who sit around your computers all day with nothing else to do!
        If America goes to all-out war, it will have been contrived by minions of ALL involved. Follow the money!

      2. This hatred for Trump seems unnatural. For reasons not the least of which regards your assignation of power that the man simply does not have!

        I’m starting to get a little suspicious of this poster calling himself “Harold Smith”, a moniker that sounds about as less Jewish as it gets. Like he’s trying too hard to get readers off the scent…as in ” sniff

      3. “This hatred for Trump seems unnatural.”

        I didn’t create this situation, I’m only trying to analyze it and see how it comports with Biblical prophecy. So your argument isn’t with me, it’s with a higher power. Sorry about that.

        For the record, I should elaborate on my above statement and say one more thing. I believe that Trump’s provocations against Russia – everything from the ongoing war crimes in Syria, to the continuing military buildup in Europe, to the arming of Ukraine, to the blatantly false accusations against Russia, to the sanctions and the unprecedented diplomatic effrontery – are intended to be taken in toto as an ultimatum.

        I further believe that at least part of Trump’s erratic behavior, e.g., “we’re pulling out of Syria, oh wait, no we’re not” was calculatingly intended to make anyone paying attention wonder: “Who’s really calling the shots in the U.S. government?” Apparently the “audience” was supposed to infer from this bizarre behavior: “Oh look, Trump, the downtrodden sympathetic figure, who really really really wants to do the right thing, apparently got a little too independent and in a brief moment of mindless indiscretion, opened his mouth and revealed his true (good) intentions, only to be reeled back in by his evil handlers.” (And of course these are the kind of juicy little disingenuous morsels that feed Paul Craig Roberts’ delusions about Trump).

        So we apparently have an ultimatum being served upon the world, and we can see (as we are supposed to) that Trump is just following orders. This poses the obvious question: Exactly who is in charge here? Who is it that’s demanding surrender?

        And this is where the Jerusalem Embassy Act comes into the picture. The formal U.S. “government” recognition of Jerusalem as belonging to the beast is important in several ways. First, since the embassy move is obviously of no practical value to “the people” of America, and since all of America’s “allies” were publicly opposed to it (as per their script handed down from the top), the embassy move was apparently intended to unambiguously show the world (especially Russia and China) exactly who’s running the U.S. government…and thus who it is that’s demanding surrender.

        On a more abstract level, the move may symbolize the beast’s hope/belief that the world will soon be delivered unto it. Clinton was not “worthy” enough to move the embassy to Jerusalem as per the act; nor was Bush worthy enough; Obama was not worthy enough either. And now comes the Satanic, messianic Orange Clown, the most depraved of all. And luckily for the beast, his purity of evil is found sufficient to fulfill the act; being the embodiment of the spirit of Satan, he is “worthy.”

        Thus the beast has finally consummated its control over the corrupt West; it’s reached the pinnacle of its power: What may be the most depraved man on earth has been installed into what is perhaps the most powerful political office the world has ever seen.

        What could possibly go wrong?

      4. I too should apologize, seeing that you put it that way. Bless you brother. But Trump is essentially incidental to how I believe things will play out as far as prophecy goes.

        I see it all as heralding the “true life of abundance” proclaimed by Jesus Christ, and keep my bearings accordingly.

        All praises and glory to the Divine mother


      5. @ Gilbert Huntley

        “You people really need to root for America, rather than constantly diminish her.”

        For the Nth time, there is no more “America.” Trump’s unchallenged immoral, illegal and unconstitutional war crimes which risk your life (as you sit there and denigrate me for pointing it out), prove this beyond a doubt. I’m sorry, but the fact that you cannot accept the obvious reflects poorly on you, not on me.

        “You’re a bunch of goddam losers who sit around your computers all day with nothing else to do!”

        So you’re jewish?

        “If America goes to all-out war, it will have been contrived by minions of ALL involved. ”

        If America goes to all out war, it will be because of Trump’s evil, and the moral bankruptcy and treason of every person in the chain of command who ignored his or her oath of office and took action to destroy his or her own country for a lie and a paycheck.

      6. “I know you probably hate the fact that domestic America is doing pretty well under Trump – and you’re hoping against hope that the trash printed in Huffington Post is true.”

        Of course, degenerate America will be made to appear restored, at least to a point where people believe “their” candidate is actually delivering a better tomorrow, while ignoring the lies told; like building an idiotic wall on the Southern boarder and to keep out the flood of aliens moving into the country. The wall was a lie and the effort to keep out aliens was a lie as well, supported by phony statics and a few INS bones thrown to the public as a show of deliberation. The fact is, America continues to be inundated with more alien immigrants all the time. And where does Trump stand on South Africa? Does he offer besieged SA whites political amnesty? Hell no! He simply pays lip service to idiot goyim “conservatives” who then crow on cue, “See, I told you, Trump is really working for whites!”

        The “pretty well” you speak of is yet another Jewed lie of manipulated statics. A mere glance at steadily inflating prices will reveal how well the American economy is actually doing. Has Trump created a single act, or even paid lip service, towards restoring America’s manufacturing and industrial base that would provide real wealth producing jobs? Hell no. Take a look at the phony job statics and know the vast majority of these jobs, ones not merely statistical lies, are yet another illusion of job creation, disguised by the creation of low paying service sector jobs like those of Amazon and Starbucks, where employees now sleep in their cars. Outside a few high tech anomalies, the only jobs now paying a reasonable living wage, serve to staff an ever-burgeoning, tyrannical, terrorist state. The majority of these jobs involve designing, building and maintaining weapons of mass destruction for use in the next Jew war. Always keep in mind – a government produces no wealth, it only consumes wealth.

        If America’s overall progress had been graphed throughout the twentieth century, one would see a steady downward trend, one that Trump has done nothing to reverse. The only big upswing in wealth producing, industrial and manufacturing jobs came during WWII, but once again this was merely the same old debt creation scam, with the government paying wages from intrinsically worthless script printed by the Federal Reserve and loaned to the government at usurious interest rates. Take a look at what idiot, Jewed Americans and dedicated Germans paid for with countless lives and material resources in the Jews’ war to defeat their “Nadzee” enemy – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/292734044499494158/

        The only thing America has produced in massive numbers since the turn of the twentieth century is increasingly deadly, weapons of mass destruction for the Jews’ war machine. America’s degenerative slide continues under Trump as it has since Jews manipulated Woodrow Wilson into office and created the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Taking off the rose-colored glasses of preconceived notions leads one to find Trump’s starry, starry sky disappearing into a sea of lies and misdirection.

  6. What we’re seeing in the world today is essentially an intramural scrimmage amongst the global bankers running the whole shebang. One where the only good guys are us schmucks, of whom even the wisest are becoming more and more hard-pressed to get out from under their onerous thumb in our attempts at self-sufficiency. In the meantime, the governments whose actions are in abeyance to the bankers are jockeying into their respective positions as the world heads into the stretch drive to the NWO finish line.

    The neocons (“deez jooz”) presently operate in the West, and are the same mad dog element that were used to bring about Bolshevik Russia 100 years ago, and who are still being used in this jockeying process. But their role in the Executive branch is currently being downplayed.

    When the dust settles it will reveal a tri-polar setup of Economic unions looking something like this:

    1) North and South America headed by the USA

    2) Europe, the ME, and Africa headed by Russia

    3) India, Greater Asia, and Australia headed by China

    “Doze jooz” referred to as International Jewry (comprised of Jews and gentiles alike) = competing bankers pulling ALL the strings

    The bankers wanted Trump. The mad dogs now running Israel wanted Hilary, but she was never gonna become the POTUS because mad dogs aren’t the string pullers. All this clamoring for Trump’s scalp won’t amount to a hill of beans.

  7. From the article…

    10 September 2018. A report posted by the Wall Street Journal, late yesterday, gives reason to ask that question. “President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country’s last major rebel stronghold, U.S. officials said, raising the prospects for another retaliatory U.S. military strike as thousands try to escape what could be a decisive battle in the seven-year-old war,” it begins. “In a recent discussion about Syria, people familiar with the exchange said, President Trump threatened to conduct a massive attack against Mr. Assad if he carries out a massacre in Idlib…”

    Well… ALRIGHTY… then!!

    Assad is ready to have Trump and ‘Put-On’ hold another round of ‘pin-point’ demolitions in selected areas of Syria. Areas which need NEW CONSTRUCTION, and he cannot afford to pay to have done commercially, to bring them up to 21st century standards. 🙂

    ‘Put-On’ & Trump want the lucrative contracts rebuilding Syria.

    Get ready to catch another round of demolitions!!

    ‘Put-On’ is planning for…$$$$… and has a lot to gain from…
    “contracts for investment projects in Syria.”

    “Russia is preparing for the rebuilding of the Syrian economy” … to bring it into the 21st century world of Oligarch Banking and technology to control the people, once the demolition rubble is removed.

    Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria From Ashes = “YUGE” $$$$$!!

    Russia has a long-term plan to rebuild Syria after the terrorists there are defeated, which requires the involvement of other regional powers to ensure that the threat of terrorism is extinguished.

    Russia’s long-term plans ARE to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed contracts for investment projects and a roadmap for a political resolution.


    Picture of rubble to be cleared from bombing in Syria:

    In an interview Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin gave the news channel Rossiya 24, the minister said that the rebuilding of Syria’s economy will begin as soon as the Syrian army, with the assistance of the Russian air force, has liberated large tracts of land from the terrorists.

    According to the executive director of the Russian Union of Gas and Oil Industrialists, Russian oil and gas companies may revive contracts worth a total of $1.6 billion with Syria if investment risks are eliminated and the country becomes stable.

    London Bankers are supporting demolishing buildings to make way for ‘Put-On’ and his construction crews to rebuild the whole area.$$$$ The more – the better.

    —Syrian Reconstruction Spells Juicy Contracts for Russian, Iranian Firms $$$$—

    Bombed-out cities meant death and destruction. Now they promise billions of dollars — for new construction.

    Companies from almost two dozen countries flocked to Syria for the Damascus International Fair. The first such expo since the start of the war in 2011, it essentially declared the country open for business again. Well, not entirely — companies from countries that fought Assad’s regime aren’t invited.

    Reconstruction contracts are likely to go largely to firms linked to Russia and Iran, which support Assad, though China and Brazil also aim to throw their hats in the ring. Most Western companies aren’t invited, not that they were going anyway: During the United Nations General Assembly in September, 14 mostly Western and Gulf nations opposed to the regime indicated that they would not participate in Syrian reconstruction until a “political process” to get Assad out of power was underway. U.S. national security advisor H.R. McMaster reiterated that position at an event on Washington on Oct. 19, saying, “We should ensure that not a dollar, not a dollar goes to reconstruct anything that is under the control of this brutal regime.”

    As early as April 2016, not long after it jumped into the Syrian war, Russia had already signed almost $1 billion in infrastructure and other contracts. In November 2016, Damascus pledged to give Moscow priority in awarding contracts, according to RT. A pair of Kremlin-linked energy firms have already started doing business in oil, gas, and mining in areas just cleared of the Islamic State. The two countries are even considering creating a new joint bank to smooth such transactions.


    ‘Put-On’ sees US Dollar signs – $$$ – needed for buying globally!! 🙂

    1. Pat –

      I doubt most of these losers can get their minds around what you write, here. They think people like Trump and Putin couldn’t/shouldn’t have pure business proclivities. Neglecting to consider personal gain for participants is naive thinking. Everyone has a price! This knowledge has made Mr. Jew enormously successful, and very adept at handling opposition.

      1. Correct, Gil –

        Just running for the office of prezzy in a major country… “BIGGLY” nets ALL of the candidates untold – seen & unseen – $$$$MILLIONS!!! Greatest PHONY gig in US!! 🙂

      2. Gil

        I know what Pat is writing here, and let me take this opportunity to mutually advise burying my tomahawk, your hatchet

        Still brothers in arms. And I don’t know about you, but I have two brothers, and we fought ALL the time! 😁

    2. What Pat is describing here is what’s known as ‘Urban Renewal”. Other examples are 9/11, Iraq, Libya, while Afghanistan is still under going a what? a seventeen year destruction with renewal a ways off. WW2 was a gigantic Urban Renewal project plan for both Japan and Europe. I suppose this is what the “fossilized” living tribe of Old Testament fairy tale fame would consider creating heaven on Earth. The Whites in South Africa are and will continue to experience this creative destruction up close and personal.
      One would think that the Russians have had the fill of Urban Renewal. Other than the loving touches of Lincoln’s Urban Renewal invasion of America’s only real culture of the Old South, America has yet is to experience the loving embrace of the (((Bankers))) Urban Renewal. But it’s coming just you wait Henry Higgins just you wait.
      As far as the ongoing Urban Renewal project in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad would be very foolish to gas his own people just to get at a handful the CIA and Israeli Urban Renewal experts such as ISIS. And even if he wanted to pull the gas can trick, Put-on would not likely allow it.
      Let’s look at it this way. The world’s debt based money supply is a huge, huge, hugely big bubble bigger then the earth, maybe even bigger than the our very own solar system in raw numbers. This hugely big money bubble must needs to be in a constant state of inflation by the creation of brand spanking new monies for Urban Renewal as the old monies are being destroyed by military action. (Didn’t Jesus say something about new wine in old bags) Other wise the money bubble would deflate causing the grandma and grandpa of all depressions with 80% of the world’s population undergoing what could be called a form of biological Urban Renewal. (Ted Turner and Bill Gates hearts would sing for joy at the prospect.)

      1. Agreed!! “YUGE” $$$$$ for TAP LLC = Trump, Adelson & ‘Put-On’ LLC!!

        Trump will show ‘Put-On’ how to win “BIGGLY” at the ‘Bankruptcy Casinos’! 🙂

      2. Assad has the support of the great majority of Syrians. He needs their support in order to win the war ZOG is waging against Syria. It would be really really stupid of him to gas his own people and lose their support at the very same time Syria is being attacked from all sides by ZOG. He’s hardly going to play into the hands of ZOG by gassing his own people which would give ZOG the perfect excuse to continue waging war against Syria. Gas your own people who support you, which would result in losing their support, give ZOG the perfect excuse to continue waging war against your country while you also lose the support of your fellow countrymen. Us Americans are expected to believe Assad is that stupid.

        I don’t know if Trump intentionally lied during the presidential campaign, maybe he thought a president has more power than the Deep State. Maybe the Deep State is more powerful than the president and Trump has to go along with the Deep State against his wishes/desires. He didn’t want the U.S. military involved in Syria. He didn’t want to interfere with Putin’s attempt to free Syria from ISIS. Now he’s saying the opposite of what he said during the presidential campaign.

        They might as well just get rid of the office of the presidency of the USA and just declare that the prime minister of Israel is also the prime minister of the USA and the capital of the USA is no longer Washington but Jerusalem. Not pretty, but it would be honest.

        Great! World War Three, a World War all to protect the Islamic Jihadist animals of ISIS and the United States, along with Israel, started ISIS and Americans will be fighting [ and killing alot of innocent people ] and dying for the benefit of Islamic Jihadist animals [ and many of the Islamic Jihadists are actually jews, jews pretending to be “‘Muslims’, ‘Muslims on Jihad’”] America on Jewhad. If the USrael loses WW3, I won’t give a sh*t.

  8. Question: World World III this week, the week enfolding our recollection of — and continued obfuscation and factual misdirection of inquiry into — events of 11 September 2001? Answer: No.
    The currency of the internet world appears simple, that of surveilled attention. Imagine Databases compiled by PTB to date, terabytes/second or more feeding violently biased AI beasties roaming through records of any and all conceivable types, lengths, and degrees of salaciousness.
    Want to get a feel for the prostrated lay of the land, the fattened fingers of whom a wicked witch covets, her oven preparing a delicious meal for members of her coven? Drop a bombshell into mass Mind, observe the shock waves, some sympathetic, some antithetical, the spherical ripples describing, thus defining the present state of Mind, virtually in real Time.
    Not quite done, I’d say. Turn up the heat for a fortnight or two. Time aplenty before the mid-terms in the good ol’ USoA.

  9. Thus the legacy of modern politicians elected by fanatics and ignorants surfaces on the sewer aka planet earth…
    they all flex their muscles, and wanna go out as “a brilliant politician who blessed our country when taking power blah blah …”
    all of them have the following priorities and in none of them fit your grandchildren or their future
    1. Zion
    2. me, myself and I ( meaning his Ego)
    3. the donours (lobbies) who helped elect him
    3. his family
    4. Banks
    5. multinationals
    6. weapon factories
    7. his party
    8. his race
    9- the ho in the closet
    do you see your name in there, or do you see “human well-being in general” in there?
    planet earth?
    mother theresa?
    the dolphins, the children?
    WILL THEY, OR ANY IN THE ABOVE LIST DIE should shit hit the fan?

      (Try embedding link).

      Today – September 11 to September 12, 2018, approx. 8:00 PM – 5:00 AM – there will be a huge “anti-terrorism“ exercise in Stuttgart, Germany

      I’ve warned police and city authorities about the danger that it might go live . . . false flag terror as has happened before on September 11, 2001 and in London (subway system) –

      to be used as a pretext by the Jewish Zionist Merkel regime to send German men to fight for The Beast (Rothschild Zionist Israel – “Greater Israel” – world enslavement) against Syria – and to get Germany involved into a WWIII conflict Russia vs America – and to become the first target for extermination – The real Genocide and Holocaust of WWII

      you are right – it’s always the innocents who get hurt and/or killed
      It should be the other way around – justice ought to be served
      The HELL should await those who create nothing but hell on earth for others.
      Ordinary people EVERYWHERE are against all these insane wars (all based on LIES);
      they are never asked . . .

      Let’s hope (against all odds) that nothing of the sort will actually happen.

    2. @ Avatar

      You have children in the wrong place at the bottom in the next to last line.

      2a. Raping, killing, and eating children.

      There, fixed it.

      To answer your question, yes, if they are in the land of the most heavily armed society in the history of mankind.

  10. trump has a lot of jewish ties and is probably jewish himself…
    but what was the point of putting him in office of he’s going to push policies the jews hate, like securing the border, ridding us of nafta, making peace deals with russia…
    why didn’t they just put hillary in office?
    i still think he’s a bit of an outsider, who does want to drain the swamp, secure the borders, level the trading field, maga.. and as long as he continues to do the jews bidding he’ll be allowed to piss all those other swamp creatures off with his personal maga schedule…
    that’s the difference between him and jfk…
    he may even want to run his own foreign policy, jew or not, but he’s finding out he can’t trust anybody in his own administration, much less the cia and fbi……
    it’s true – war-and-reconstruction is the age-old disaster capitalist bankster methodology of wealth accrual and political control… always lots of old weapons stock to get rid of, make room for new supplies…
    putin and trump are in the traditional middlemen dispersement positions, the kingpins of policy contracts…
    the jews want the whole middle east fractured and balkanized, total chaos, with lots of al-qaeda type isis land pirates to be herded into whatever civilian demographic areas they then want smashed to smithereens with barrel bombs, cruise missiles and regular old artillery…
    it’s a big feeding frenzy…
    no way any president could ever change it without a complete coup-redux of the whole rat nest…
    actually freya they are asked to participate in military life, now all about wars for israel… which as soon as they no longer do it will be the end of the game…

    1. “. . . actually freya they are asked to participate in military life, now all about wars for israel… which as soon as they no longer do it will be the end of the game…“ (barkingdeer)

      They’ve turned soldiers into mercenaries who fight and even die – just for money. They must know that they don’t fight to defend their homelands – they fight for Israel’s interests instead, for war profiteers, private banks and private corporations. Essentially for an international mafia syndicate. It’s just as if war has been privatized.

      “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.“ (Benjamin Netanyahu, 2005)

      “We must build a coalition against terror today. . . It’s time to take on militant Islamic regimes with a great deal of strength. We should crush the terrorist infrastructure that threatens the entire free world.“ (Benjamin Netanyahu, September 12, 2001)

      Immediately after the 9/11 false flag terror attacks Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak took control of the official narrative and Netanyahu began to forge a war alliance involving NATO.
      It’s the Jewish Zionist specialty (as against Hitler Germany): to call for ALLIED FORCES against a “common enemy“ that allegedly “threatens the entire free world“ , “Coalition forces against terror“, “to fight Muslim terrorism“, in reality to spread terror, fear and war across the Middle East and eventually the west, too. By way of deception the United States and NATO countries (“Coalition Of The Willing“) are made to fight Israel’s wars – against every Muslim state that threatens Israel’s dominance in the Middle East and stands in the way of the megalomaniac Yinon plan to create a “Greater Israel“ from the Euphrates to the Nile.

      Jewish Zionists created and control the myth around 9/11 – “what the Muslims (allegedly) did to America“. The facts are suppressed. The truth about this event is suppressed as is the truth about the two world wars, Hitler and what’s called the Holocaust – “what the Nazis (allegedly) did to the Jews“.

      On 9-11-2001 Israel Declared War On America And The World


  11. Hi Gilbert huntley,
    Where does this idea that there are no nukes come from? There are plenty of videos of them going off.

    1. John –

      Videos are bad proof.
      I saw a video of William Shatner flying the Enterprise with Leonard Nemoy. 🙂
      I saw a video of men walking on the moon. 🙂

      Here is one of hundreds of sites debunking nuke weapons:

      Welcome to “Nuke Lies” Forum! Do Nuclear Bombs Exist?


      Photo of crowd at Trinity. Is it really New Mexico? No hole in ground. No glass:


      1. Hi Pat,
        We were taught how to build nuclear power stations (Just when everybody decided that was a bad idea). The undeniable fact is that a reactor contains vast amounts of energy. Unlike a coal-fired station which only has a few minutes of fuel in the furnace, a nuclear reactor has several years supply of energy in those tubes.

        We were never taught how to build atom bombs, but given the amount of energy available it would cause a massive explosion if it can be released in an instant, which is what I have always assumed happens.

      2. John –

        Reactors are not capable of nuclear excursions… only steam excursions.

        I operated three reactors in 7 years in the 60s & 70s.

        S1C – Combustion Engineering
        S5G – GE
        S5W – Westinghouse

      3. John –

        See the S1C facility of C-E where I worked & operated the reactor and steam plant in 1967. You can see the whole campus:

        Combustion Engineering in Windsor began working with nuclear materials in 1955. Nuclear operations reportedly ceased around 2000 and an extensive remediation effort has been under way ever since. In late 2015 the majority of the buindings had been removed.

        The history of the C-E Windsor campus, which is currently sandwiched between tobacco fields and corporate office parks, dates to the early development of the nuclear submarine. From the mid-1950s through the early 1960s, Combustion Engineering, under federal government contract, produced nuclear fuel for U.S. Navy nuclear submarines. Also located at the Windsor site was the prototype marine nuclear propulsion training facility known as S1C, which was designed and constructed by C-E adjacent to its main campus. The S1C prototype was operated by C-E for more than 10 years as an R&D and Naval training facility. After expiration of C-E’s contract, the S1C contract was subsequently awarded to Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL), who operated the unit until its decommissioning and dismantlement in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


  12. Doubt it ….as Pat and various other commentators have said….where are the bombs. Nuclear Fusion..OK .

    1. Hi Pat,
      My point was that there is a huge amount of energy stored in uranium or plutonium, and that if it can be released in an instant the explosion would be huge.

      I don’t see how the Americans, Brits, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis and French could all keep such a secret, that atom bombs don’t work.

  13. they shifted to the mercenary force after vietnam. the word for it then was “the all volunteer army”…
    i did seem to make sense at the time… let those fight who believe in it…
    they had to do that because a real draft will never work again, at least not under the same old power structure, made more odious by the likes of gwb and cheney, the 9-11 atrocity, patriot act, gitmo, barry and michael, the cackler, pizzagate and all the revelation on the ziocons…
    though i would volunteer myself, on two conditions. 1 – the cause was right – securing the borders, for example… and 2 – i believed in the leadership..
    it’s kinda too bad in some ways, because a lot of young men really do benefit from the experience of basic training… i could round up a station wagon full of guys i see around who would be much better off, that is as long as they don’t get kia or worse in another war for israel…
    the country could use some type of national service program, without all the insults…
    maybe something like fdr’s ccc camps…
    of course we can guess now that those were set up as a first step toward gathering the ww2 army, which was ‘baked in’, as they say, years in advance, the ‘great depression’ of the thirties being part of the banksters’ ww plot…
    as fdr himself said – “if it happens in politics, it was planned that way”…
    yes, and it would mean a major shakeout…
    as daddy bush said, roughly, “if they knew what we’d done they’d lynch us in the streets”…
    in the meantime on the way there the government has to become an open book – no more secrecy, no more conspiracy…

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