Witch Hunt For Judge Kavanaugh: A Dress Rehearsal For Trump’s Impeachment?

By Patrick J Buchanan
with commentary from Lasha Darkmoon

“The Kavanaugh lynching is a dress rehearsal for the impeachment of Donald Trump.”

allegedly “raped” by the “evil sex beast” you see in the picture!

LD:  Dr Christine Ford, age 51,  has accused Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, of raping her in 1982 when they were both students in their teens. He was 17 at the time, she 15. For 36 years this lady has remained quiet and gotten on happily with her life, without a seeming care in the world. She is now a Professor of Psychology at a major university.

She comes forward now, in floods of tears, to reveal how the lascivious sex fiend, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, tore off her clothes long ago in a frenzy of adolescent lust for her nubile young charms. No one can corroborate this imaginative lady’s tall story. She can’t even remember where the alleged rape took place. Or how she got to the address. Nor can her best friend—who she claims was with her at the party where the sensational rape took place—remember any such party or even meeting the young Kavanaugh.

So who do you believe, reader:  Judge Kavanaugh or Dr Christine Ford?

Politically Incorrect Question: If you were a would-be rapist, would you like to rape Dr Ford? Is she the type of woman you could have sexual fantasies over? I know I shouldn’t ask such inappropriate questions and I apologise sincerely if they give offence to feminists and other over-sensitive souls.

Bear in mind that the alleged rape victim—now bespectacled, wrinkled, and mannishly unattractive—may well have been a sizzling scorcher at the age of 15. Somehow, I can’t imagine it. She hasn’t aged well, this querulous complainer of things allegedly done to her almost four decades ago, nor does she possess the slightest spark of sexual charisma.

As a candid male friend confessed to me sheepishly only a couple of days ago, “She just ain’t rapeable!” [LD]  

PATRICK BUCHANAN: Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was approved on an 11-10 party-line vote Friday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Yet his confirmation is not assured.

Sen. Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, has demanded and gotten as the price of his vote on the floor, a weeklong delay. And the GOP Senate has agreed to Democrat demands for a new FBI investigation of all credible charges of sexual abuse against the judge.

Astonishing. With a quarter century in public service, Kavanaugh has undergone six FBI field investigations. They turned up nothing like the charges of sexual misconduct leveled against him these last two weeks.

In his 30 hours of public testimony before the judiciary committee prior to Thursday, no senator had raised an issue of a sexual misconduct.

But if Brett Kavanaugh is elevated to the Supreme Court, it will be because, in his final appearance, he tore up the script assigned to him. He set aside his judicial demeanor to fight for his good name with the passion and righteous rage of the innocent and good man he believes himself to be.

He turned an inquisition into his character and conduct as a teenager into a blazing indictment of the Democratic minority for what they were doing to his reputation and his family.

Rather than play the role of penitent, Kavanaugh did what Clarence Thomas did 30 years before. He attacked the character, conduct and motives of his Democratic accusers.

And did the judge not speak the truth? With few exceptions, all four dozen Senate Democrats are determined to defeat him, even if that requires them to destroy him.

They rejected Brett Kavanaugh the day he was nominated.

Why? Because the judge is a conservative and a Catholic, hence an unreliable vote to sustain Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that discovered hidden in the Constitution a woman’s right to abort her unborn child.

The verdict on the judge came down in the hearts and minds of his enemies the moment that he was named. They had him convicted, before they met him. And once his fate was decided, the only remaining issues were where to find the dirt to bury him with, and how to make it look like they had given Kavanaugh a fair hearing.

Contrast how Kavanaugh, who has served his country with distinction for decades, was treated Thursday, and how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was treated.

Ford was greeted with courtly courtesy by Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley. No Republican senator asked her a question. Rachel Mitchell, a prosecutor of sex crimes brought in from Arizona, quizzed her as though she were a 15-year-old girl who had just been attacked, not a 51-year-old woman whose uncorroborated accusations were designed not only to defeat a Supreme Court nomination but to destroy the career, family and future of a federal judge.

After each five-minutes of polite questioning by Mitchell, Democratic senators took turns lauding Ford’s courage, bravery and heroism in agreeing to appear.

Ford’s testimony as to what she says happened in 1982 did seem credible and compelling. Yet, to allow her accusation of attempted rape to stand without tough and thorough cross-examination, given the stakes involved, was a dereliction of Senate duty.

Consider. Ford does not recall how she got to the party where the alleged assault took place. She does not know where the party was held. She does now recall how she got home.

None of the other four she said were at the party recall being there.

Her best friend, whom she apparently left behind as the lone woman in a house with a pair of drunken rapists, does not recall any such party. Nor does she recall ever having met Kavanaugh.

remembering the crimes of 36 years ago!

LD: When asked by one of the senators who questioned her about this rape allegedly committed 36 years ago—”how she could be ‘so sure’ that it was Kavanaugh who had assaulted her, given that she couldn’t say exactly where the assault had taken place, or how she got to the party where it allegedly happened”, the tearful rape victim tried to impress her interrogators by bamboozling them with the most laughable technical  jargon — nonsensical jabberwocky that turned  out to be as scientifically inaccurate as it was irrelevant to the question she was asked.

Listen to this:

QUESTION: How can you be sure all these things happened to you 36 years ago? 

DR FORD: It’s just basic memory functions and also just the level of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the brain…. The neurotransmitter encodes memories in the hippocampus so that trauma-related experience is locked there, so other memories just drift…..

(See here)

Impressed? [LD]   

—   §   —  

PATRICK BUCHANAN:  Consider the other charges leveled against Kavanaugh in the last two weeks: Exposing himself in the face of a freshman girl in a dorm at Yale. Participating in a series of at least 10 parties in high school where planned gang rapes of drunken and drugged women were a regular feature, with the boys lining up outside bedrooms.

In six FBI background investigations of Kavanaugh, interviewing countless friends and contemporaries from high school days, none of this wild and criminal misconduct of the early ’80s was mentioned.

“This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, “I hope that the American people will see through this charade.”

They had best do so. For what is being done to Kavanaugh is, if Democrats take control of Congress in November, a harbinger of what is to come. The assault on Kavanaugh, converting a man known for his integrity into a youthful Jack the Ripper in 10 days, is the playbook for what is planned for Trump.

The Kavanaugh lynching is a dress rehearsal for the impeachment of Donald Trump. And the best way to fight impeachment is the way the judge fought Thursday.

In defending yourself, go after your malevolent accusers as well.


Get a basin read before watching this vomit-inducing video.

VIDEO  :  3.23 mins

43 thoughts to “Witch Hunt For Judge Kavanaugh: A Dress Rehearsal For Trump’s Impeachment?”

  1. “QUESTION: How can you be sure all these things happened to you 36 years ago?

    DR FORD: It’s just basic memory functions and also just the level of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the brain…. The neurotransmitter encodes memories in the hippocampus so that trauma-related experience is locked there, so other memories just drift…..”

    She wasn’t dropping acid then……? 😉

  2. Perhaps Dr Ford should submit to a rape kit. Might be some forensic evidence left after all these years. Accusations should mean nothing without evidence. But we all know this isnt the case. Really. Character assasination plain and simple. The show goes on. What a sad state of affairs.

  3. LD, did you pen that fucking* shocking bile ending in the disgusting ” she just ain’t rapeable! ” , it so, you just went RIGHT down in my estimation.

    * Sorry if the F word upset any over sensitive souls.

    I see the would be Judge has the backing of 1000+ rabbis from the coalition of Jewish values.
    Just saying, his anti abortion stance may put a halo over his head, but a pro Zionist stance would , for me, put a noose around his neck.

    1. @ (((Harry)))

      LD, did you pen that fucking* shocking bile ending in the disgusting ”she just ain’t rapeable! ”, it so, you just went RIGHT down in my estimation.

      Anyone who goes DOWN in your estimation automatically goes UP in my estimation! 🙂

      This is because you are the ultimate moron on this site: badly educated, unable to spell the simplest words, rude, aggressive, arrogant, full of bluster and braggadocio — in short, the nearest thing to human dog shit! 🙂

      LD didn’t “pen” the comment you cry over like a blubbering cretin,
      she is simply quoting a friend of hers. Which she has a right to do!

      Why don’t you just PISS OFF — and find another website on which to make a fool of yourself?

      1. Go easy on Harry, Madame Butterfly! Potty-mouthed retards like this are all too common on the Darkmoon site. We must make allowances for dunces and dunderheads. 🙂

      2. Thanks Madam (hmm), I have always wanted to be the ultimate at something.
        I get it that LDs “friend” penned the ” ending” , this despite me being uneducated, however the ” ending ” complemented the dog shit that preceded it, so, even though my anger has now dissipated into disappointment i shall continue to make a fool of myself, for now.
        PS, thanks for ” braggadocio” i must look it up sometime.

      3. LD went up in my estimation with that comment too. As a male, I wouldn’t say that (at least not publicly), but it might be a point to consider if you haven’t already discarded her story as extremely doubtful. We all tend to believe people, but there are liars that will say anything if something is important enough to them.
        * The judge voiced her total opposition to Trump long before Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court

        * Judge Kavanaugh opened up totally in an interview and said he was a virgin until after he finished college

        Question: Do virgins rape? Are they even capable of it? Most virgins are nervous and unsure of themselves.

        * And if Kavanaugh was some guy that was really into girls (not likely for a virgin), would he pick a homely looking woman like that, unless she was a hotty back in her youth, which appears unlikely.

        I think she is probably a liar, but that may not be fair. Who knows what is going on in her head. One thing is for sure. Her claims should have been immediately discarded as unprovable and without a shred of evidence.

      4. @ (((Harry)))

        Thanks Madam (hmm), I have always wanted to be the ultimate at something.

        Another stupid comment.

        So you’d like to be the ultimate bore, would you?

        Well, you’ve succeeded.

      5. Madame,
        “Human dog shit.” Sh…..t is either human or canine. Cant be both. Never heard of a coctel. Anyway lets not be the pot calling the kettle black. Lets watch our manners on this esteemed site. 🙂

    1. To tell the truth, I know too little background about him. Perhaps he looks like the good guy, but what is his track record? What may one believe and what may one trust? Many “good guys” later turn out to be shady characters when more is known about them.

  4. Try to imagine what Trump would say and do to someone, anyone, everyone trying to impeach him. LOL, not only is it hilarious, it’s a mentally exhausting exercise!

    I mean, look what he did to the folks who were running for President against him. All the many foreign big mouths too.
    He easily made fools of the lawyers/candidates and their M$M fifth column, destroyed them and their dreams offhand and I don’t remember ever seeing him break a sweat whilst doing it. And they were just candidates for a job, not inquisitors after his hide.
    Inquisitors might call for him to actually release the Kraken!
    (and it’s really gonna hurt)

  5. “Bear in mind that the alleged rape victim—now bespectacled, wrinkled, and mannishly unattractive—may well have been a sizzling scorcher at the age of 15. Somehow, I can’t imagine it. She hasn’t aged well, this querulous complainer of things allegedly done to her almost four decades ago, nor does she possess the slightest spark of sexual charisma.”

    In this picture of hers where she is younger (though not 15 years old), she doesn’t look bad :

    This farcical rape accusation is about the lowest point the Left can go. I think Trump will survive this attack like he survived so many attacks. An attempt to get him impeached is not likely to succeed either.

    1. Agreed, Franklin.

      I believe (((they))) never intended for Hilary to become the POTUS and instead maneuvered Trump to be the Rep. candidate, calculating that a close election could be rigged, thus ensuring his presidency. For this (((they))) have their reasons.

      But Buchanan is wrong about impeachment, based on the premise, but the thing is, (((they))) want to have their cake and eat it too.

      My prediction: they’ll keep the cake and Trump stays in office, but they won’t get to eat it and Kavanugh gets the nod

  6. NO REHEARSAL…!! This is all done to make the jew news media rich.

    Trump has done that all along.

    Donald Trump’s most devoted supporters were ultra-rich liberals living in New York City !! 🙂

    He is a master of the 3 ring+1 (bankruptcy) circus clown…. following orders… and Kavanaugh is paid well for his acting part. “Apprentice 2.0!”

    He has bragged that his candidacy “BIGGLY” saved the NY Times from Bankruptcy. 🙂

    After the election, MANY publications reported subscription increases!!

    The Wall Street Journal reported a 300 percent spike on the day after Trump’s victory. The Times added about 132,000 subscribers in a three-week period.

    When Trump slammed Vanity Fair in a tweet in December, the magazine set a single-day company record for new subscriptions.


    1. Great $$$ GIG, if ya can get it!!

      It was Les Moonves, the chairman of CBS, who let us in on the answer. Moonves is worth some $300 million. He supports President Obama. But, during a call with investors in December, he had nothing but kind words to say about Trump. The amount of money CBS was poised to make off Trump was “pretty phenomenal,” Moonves said. A large field of Republican candidates benefits shareholders. “The more they spend, the better it is for us,” he said. “Go, Donald! Keep getting out there!” Trump didn’t need the encouragement.

      It’s a virtuous cycle for Trump and the press barons. Trump benefits from earned media. The networks benefit from high ratings, which allow them to charge more for advertising. And all of the campaign ads and Super PAC and issue-advocacy spots desperately trying to stop Trump guarantee additional revenue. Imagine how sad Les Moonves must be that Michael Bloomberg has decided to forgo an independent presidential candidacy and has therefore deprived the networks of some $250 million in ad money. Moonves could have bought another house.

      How much has the free publicity been worth to Trump? It’s impossible to calculate, and I am no good at math, but let’s try a thought experiment nevertheless. My friends tell me a 30-second television spot costs, say, $35,000. According to media blogger Eric Tyndall, who follows the network nightly news, “Donald Trump is by far the most newsworthy storyline of Campaign 2016, alone accounting for almost a third of all coverage.” Last year Trump enjoyed 327 minutes of coverage on the CBS, NBC, and ABC evening broadcasts. That’s 19,620 seconds, which amounts to 654 spots—worth $22,890,000.

      BTW – Les Moonves had to resign a couple weeks ago because of sex assault allegations… paving the way for the Kavanaugh SHOW!! ALL $$$$ FOR SHOW BIZ!! 🙂

    2. Pat,
      Scandal here…..
      Scandal there….
      News papers selling everywhere….
      Any idea how much it costs to run an add in the Jew York Times?

  7. Pat

    So what you’re saying is Kavanaugh’s only in it for the pay-off? Everybody has their price? Sounds too cynical to me.

    Sometimes it ain’t ALWAYS about the bottom line, brutha $$🐷$$🐖

    1. B-Hawk –

      You ‘redskins’ keep forgetting to keep up….

      Always… FOLLOW THE WAMPUM… uuuhhh $$$!! 🙂

      I ain’t cynical ENOUGH to keep up with the antics of Big Chief ‘Red-Sign’ in London – Brutha!! 🙂

      1. @ Pat (???)

        Why have you stolen my name?

        My name is ALSO Pat and it’s my REAL name! I want to make it use of it here because otherwise I will be perverting the truth and using a false name. Can’t do that. It would be dishonest.

        So do you mind choosing another name please?

      2. Pat (#1, OUR Pat)

        If Kavanaugh was acting, then Olivier’s got nuthin on him. With Ford I plead temporary insanity, until I thankfully came to my senses. But with him….

        Him no sell out for wampum
        Him the goods 😇

      3. B-Hawk –

        You will find out one day when he votes for commie policies when on the SCOTUS! 🙂

      4. I understand that, Pat. They’re all swamp creatures. I’m simply saying he doesn’t come across as being a paid actor.

        The problem is the playing field in and of itself – government run by Statist policies. While I know you don’t hold ideas like there being cycles of time called “yugas” in high regard, consider a school of thought suggesting that the time of the magna carta marked the end of the Kali yuga, meaning that Man was awakening to at least a NOTION of Freedom, whereas before not even THAT was something in his Consciousness. The past 800 years can be seen as a furtherance of that notion simultaneous to the bad guys creating their methods of cognitive dissonance in a format of controlling the opposition of awakening human beings. It may not be giving an appearance of awakening, but this IS what’s happening as the enemy of mankind bears down in (((their))) efforts.

        Kavanaugh getting in forestalls the complete ruination of America, which is actually a sign that an awakening is still proceeding.

        Therefore it is incumbent upon those of us who prize true freedom, and understand what it’s supposed to look like in being free from ANY form of authoritarianism, and to keep PROJECTING that ☺️

      5. B-Hawk –

        Ya jus navah knowzzz… 🙂

        Antonin Scalia didn’t come across as being a paid actor in cahoots with Janet Reno in Florida..either… but he was!! 🙂

        Jim and Ken Collier found this out… and told it in their “Votescam” book they authored:

        The Collier brothers had slammed their boat into the tip of a giant iceberg. As they continued to investigate, they were horrified to discover vote fraud collusion among key individuals in every branch and on every level of the American political system. Those who were not benefiting from the fraud were too afraid to fight it. Their search for justice led to dead-ends. Their lives were threatened. They were vilified as conspiracy theorists by the mainstream press . . . and yet they persevered.

        The next quarter century was spent compiling a wealth of FBI documented evidence proving that elections in the United States have come under the tight control of a handful of powerful and corrupt people. Jim and Ken both died young during the 90’s, as heroes to many thousands who heard them speak on the radio and at political meetings across the country. They helped to guide individuals and groups working for clean elections in their communities. The Collier’s last hope was that Votescam would be used as evidence in a serious Congressional investigation into election fraud.

        Many people still in power have yet to be held accountable for their role in aiding and abetting vote fraud. I’ll give you two important examples. Famous Miami lawyer Ellis Rubin brought the original Votescam evidence to the Florida assistant State Attorney at the time, Janet Reno. The evidence included the shaved wheels of lever voting machines, forged canvass sheets, and pre-printed vote tally sheets. Reno refused to prosecute, claiming falsely that the statue of limitations had run out on the crime. Years later, Rubin would tell my father that behind closed doors Reno had stated that she could not prosecute. Why? Because she would bring down many of the most powerful people in the state.

        Another notable Votescam criminal can now(then) be found sitting on the bench of the highest court in the nation. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, while still a Federal Appeals Judge, single handedly destroyed what would have been an historic lawsuit filed against Justice Department lawyer Craig Donsanto, who had refused to prosecute the extensive vote fraud evidence brought to him by the Colliers. The evidence included videotape of the League of Women voters tampering with ballots in a close door vote “counting” session. The women were illegally punching holes in already cast ballots.

  8. @ Pat 2

    Hmm . . . I don’t think Admin would approve of that!

    Can’t have two Pats here.

    One’s enough! 🙂

    1. Why don’t you use the name “Patrick” or “Patricia?”

      Better still, how about “Troublemaker”? 🙂

      1. @ Sardonicus

        The original Pat will continue posting under his chosen name which belongs to him exclusively. The mischief-making joker who insists on using Pat’s name has been banned. We don’t need clowns like this on our site.

        We’ve already got a licensed clown: TROJ.

        One’s enough.

  9. Allegedly, the DIMocrats want to block Kavenaugh from being confirmed because of the abortion issue. For decades we’ve been hearing about the abortion issue; a women’s right to choose, on and on, relentlessly, causing many women to go along with the left’s liberal ideology, after all, believing their rights are being taken away from them — by men! This has been the left’s strategy, to use this emotional issue, abortion, to enlist so many women into their ranks. This is a trick!

    In reality, these SCOTUS confirmation hearings pitting the left against the right aren’t really about abortion. The abortion issue is a decoy. Ultimately, the Left is about removing the constitutional rights of all the American people. How so, you may ask? When did you ever hear the Left tell the truth? Obviously, they can’t just come out and say they will vote for this judge or that judge depending on whether they will vote to remove the First and Second Amendments. They have used the abortion issue in it’s place in order to trick the goyim. If the jews could just get more judges on the Supreme Court who are pro-abortion rights, they know full well those same whacko leftist judges would most certainly do what the jews want the most, which is to rule against the 1st and 2nd Amendments. These are the real targets; this is what is really going on.

    Socalled, Conservatives, just don’t get it. Without ever talking about these all important amendments, the First and Second Amendments, the jews are setting the stage for removing them by loading the Supreme Court of the US with jews and leftist judges using the pretext that they are protecting a women’s right to kill her child for any reason she can imagine.

    Whether you believe in abortion or not, the abortion issue is a red herring. It’s a diabolical diversion. The real target is the American people’s right to speak their opinion openly, without censorship, and our constitutional right to have guns to defend ourselves from this corrupt (((US government))).

  10. Kavanaugh will make the Supreme Court 5 conservative to 4 liberal which the Swamp does not want for many reasons.

    Dr. Long is deeply connected to the Swamp. Daddy is CIA and connected to Fusion GPS, the same Soros organization that came up with the phony Russian collusion dossier. Granddad was CIA. Lying is a family tradition.

    One fake accuser has already been referred to the DOJ for prosecution. It should not be surprising when others are handled accordingly. Everyone wants a big paycheck for lying for an agenda. Before Trump, there was no penalty, not so today. As of 9/30/2018, there are over 55,000 sealed federal indictments generated in the past 11 months.

    The Demoncrats were on display for everyone to see as their true disgusting self. They conducted a real Democrat vote loser scam and infuriated the Republican base. The blue wave will be the red tsunami on 11/6/2018. There will be no way to impeach Trump.

    The Kavanaugh hearings, etc. were fun to watch including Lindsay Graham’s CNN interview in this 7-second video
    , but the real entertainment is coming up fast with the FISA declassification. Go long on popcorn.

    1. Yeah, ung

      You had to lerv the ol’ gay Caballero Lindsay Graham for his legitimate righteous indignation during those Senate hearings.

      And definitely get that popcorn before all the shelves are empty! 😆

    2. Ung –

      I am surprised you use the jew labels of conservative and liberal. Neither of them fit anyone on SCOTUS. 🙂

  11. Lets try this again. Dr. Ford at the Senate hearings acted like and sounded like a teenager with a face of a crone. That is why she was treated by such diffidence by the most of the numb nuts Republicans on the Justice hearing’s panel.
    1. Dr. Ford may or may not be a CIA MK-Ultra mind control.
    2. If she is not under CIA mind control she is herself a CIA/Stanford MK-Ultra programmer. Read what she does for a living.
    a. An x-boyfriend (who he lived with Dr. Ford for 6 years around early 1990’s) revealed that Ford could and did instruct others on taking a lie Detector exam. At the hearing: “oh wittle me taking a scary lie detector exam.”
    3. Ford has authored and co-authored in depth complex papers on psychological (psych-babble) on the mind and the manipulation of the mental process. “Hey. Hey CIA all the way”
    4. Dr. Ford wanting two front doors on her remodeled home, a sure sign of a spit personality. Enter the alter and exit the Alter. An alter in psycho-babble is a spit personality.
    5. One personality does not like to fly while her other alter flies all over all the time.
    6. Her Father, a grandfather and her husband are CIA one way or the other. Hey, Hey CIA…”
    7. On way or the other Dr. Ford is a deep state operative that was/is well know to the deep state Democrats especially the bride of Frankenstein, Dianne Franken Feinstein.
    8. Dr. Ford does not look good at 52. Now, she may or may not have been a “looker” at 15, but one thing for sure, most normal White males wouldn’t give her 2nd look at 52. Tortured souls do not age well. Especially operatives of the deep state. (In fact, there is one on the SCOTUS that’s ready to keel over that will hang on to her last breath to deny Trump another pick for the SCOTUS.)
    9. TJ is impartial if Judge Kavanaugh makes it to the SCOTUS. It makes no difference, Either way the die is cast, the cake is in the oven, Western Civilization is in it’s death rattle. Trump or no Trump. a Justice Kavanaugh or not, nothing can or will save the grand experiment in self government created by a handful of the hated Whites males 250 years ago.
    Pessimism you say. No, stark realism. I tremble for the future of my White children and grandchildren and their children, that is if they are allowed to have any that are not mongrelized.

  12. i can’t remember the names right now but i saw today on fox some females harassing a politician in public somewhere, maybe an airport… they were following along behind him claiming he ‘didn’t listen’ to “women”, apparently because he didn’t believe or repeat the blasey ford lies. and of course when he ignored them they accused him again, like they had proof now – ‘do you always not listen to “women”?
    so there you have it – there’s probably no bigotry quite like the feminist kind…
    “Astonishing. With a quarter century in public service, Kavanaugh has undergone six FBI field investigations. They turned up nothing like the charges of sexual misconduct leveled against him these last two weeks”.
    only if you think the fbi remains un-politicized, pure as the driven snow… i doubt that…
    the question now is – are there any fbi agents willing to step up and admit they didn’t find things on purpose?
    “Why? Because the judge is a conservative and a Catholic, hence an unreliable vote to sustain Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that discovered hidden in the Constitution a woman’s right to abort her unborn child.”
    i have to take the libertarian view myself, it’s should be none of the government’s business, except that the issue should be revisited, this time to include consideration of the rights of the father to block the ‘operation’.. after all, the fetus is his body too, and he might not agree to destroy it…
    and the mexican vote is turning against the dems on account of that rotten subject…
    most likely, the lefties are afraid they’ll no longer be able to legislate from the supreme court, as has been the case since the deep state mazaltaver eisenhower, good buddy of the crypto lbj, and betrayer of the republican party…
    and we can always hope trump will go after the pizza gate pedophiles once he has the court stacked for it…
    then there are plans possible for a major crackdown on the border with a big sweepout (will get messy) of illegals inside the country, something plenty of neocommie judges would immediately injunction…
    and there’s the chance he might also be planning to confront the constitutional crisis in effect since 9-11 and before, to really clean the swamp out by arresting everybody in town.. ok with me…
    dicarlo – no doubt – it’s gotta be in the political science manual somewhere, find a sensational issue you can brand, to use it for your real purpose…

  13. “YUGE” gig. “YUGE” game. “YUGE” players “BIGGLY” on stage. 🙂

    Along toward the end of the vid, Judge Nap talks about the Kavanaugh appointment. His take on the guy is not very encouraging, which is no surprise…. since Trump is a “YUGE” statist… just like the rest. I din’t expect any more than the usual from any appointment to SCOTUS but the “YUGE” circus surrounding it is “BIGGLY” beyond the pale.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano: How the Courts Killed Natural Law

    Courts are a sham!!


    1. Thanks for that, Pat. I hope other darkmooners appreciate the brilliance of Napolitano. He’s a national treasure. A rare breed, these days.

      And speaking of frauds, which the judge alluded to, Kavanaugh’s accuser certainly is one, but with Kavanaugh being instrumental in the passing of the notorious Patriot Act, why all this charade of a Senate hearing, when it SEEMS like this would make it more difficult for getting him on the SCOTUS?

      I ask this before having thought it through because I just finished watching the video. But, yeah. This is WAY beyond the pale 🤔

    2. Pat

      If I’m slow on the uptake, then I’m certainly not alone

      What it boils down to is this: (and no 6th sense is necessary, let alone 8!)

      (((They))) were confident all along about getting their boy on the bench*, and by turning the whole thing into a circus they have their cake (Kavanaugh), and eat it too (makin beaucoup bread)

      *a federal judge complicit with Patriot Act legislation makes for the perfect candidate

      1. How bout everybody else? Cmon fellow darkmooners, fess up

        Ungenius? Weigh in. “Liberal/Conservative” = Jew labels. This is a perfect exemplification of the Protocolian agenda!

      2. OK, but how bout others? Cmon fellow darkmooners. Fess up. Ungenius? “Liberal/Conservative” Jew terminology. This is a perfect exemplification of the protocolian agenda!

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