WORLD EXCLUSIVE! — Trump’s bombshell letter to Theresa May sparks panic in corridors of power


A cleaner has discovered a copy of a letter in a White House waste bin, allegedly written by Donald Trump to Theresa May, and smuggled it out for publication. We are among the first to be handed this sensational document. Watch this space for further developments.  

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

“Theresa, you’ve gotta stop those Brussels crazies bossing you about!”


Listen to me, Theresa. Let me tell you something. You’re in big trouble over Brexit. Believe me. Big trouble. And that’s really, really unfair because your country is a great country and you’re a nice people. Very nice.

You could have a beautiful Brexit. The best Brexit ever! But you gotta take on those dopey, dishonest, crooked guys in Europe.

The President in Brussels, Jean-Claude Juncker, cannot be trusted. He drinks too much. He’s a moron with a red nose and he is unbelievably not honest.

Negotiator Michel Barnier is a looooser. He’s French, and he thinks he looks good. Listen. He’s not as smart as he thinks. He’s really, really not a smart person at all.

I don’t like his behaviour and I would massively not trust him. He’s feeding you fake news. Not good. Theresa, you gotta take him on. If you did do that, you could do an incredible job. Incredible. Brexit could be so huge.

Look at me. I was very, very successful when I did that with Angela Merkel this week. Everybody’s talking about it.

I told her she’s being unbelievably dishonest because Germany is getting all its energy from Russia and is totally controlled by Russia. Totally. I said that it’s unbelievably inappropriate. Americans are not going to put up with spending hundreds of billions defending her country against Russia if she goes and makes oil deals with Russia.

I told her she was getting away with murder. And, by the way, she listened to me. That’s how you gotta treat Frau Merkel. And Mr Juncker and Mr Barnier.

They’re from Europe. They’re not serious people. Not one of them has made a dime in real estate.

By the way, I basically love the real estate here. I like it because it’s really old. Very old and unbelievably genuine. Not fake at all.

Yesterday, I was the guest of honour at a very sophisticated dinner in Blenheim Palace with you. The birthplace of the really great guy Winston Churchill.

It was a wonderful evening and I would love to build some absolutely beautiful condos there out of that old building. They would be so, so beautiful.

The same goes for the home of your Queen at Windsor Palace. An outstanding lady for an outstanding property and another fabulous piece of real estate.

If she is ever thinking of selling, just tell me. Windsor Park has a two-bit golf course, but I could make it phenomenal. Outstandingly phenomenal.

—   §   —

We’ve made a fantastic, just fantastic, success of our golf club in Scotland. It’s the most popular in Europe. That’s what people are telling me anyway. And we could do even better at Windsor. Much better.

But I digress. Let me get back to those complete and total phonies you have to deal with on Brexit. They’re boring, totally boring, Theresa, and over-rated. A lot of people tell me they’re over-rated.

Here’s my detailed plan for dealing with Brexit. Think of it as a beautiful gift to your country, like when we gave your Royal Family Meghan Markle.

1.  First, you have to read an incredibly, amazingly good book I wrote. It’s called The Art Of The Deal and it’s a best-seller, an incredible best-seller. It tells you how to negotiate, be a tremendous negotiator. Britain has spent two years in talks and got nowhere? Sharpen up. Get tough.

As I say in my book, in my own words: ‘The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood and then you’re dead.’

Those rude people in Brussels smell blood, Theresa. A soft Brexit shows a soft mind. Very soft. And it’s not what the people voted for. They voted for the break-up of the European Union from Britain and they want to break away from Europe.

You have to stop handing away power. You’re giving it away to those Brussels crazies, and you’re giving it to lightweights on your own side, too, by letting them do the talking for you.

That’s not just crazy, it’s dumb. It has to be the dumbest dumb way of making a deal with Europe you can get. So stupid.

2.  Put Boris Johnson in charge. I know he resigned this week, but so what? He can be the comeback kid, make a great comeback you can be proud of.

Boris has got nice hair. Very nice. He believes in Britain and in Brexit. And he believes in me. He’s a great guy, always been nice about me. He’ll inject passion, real passion and get rid of the weak dopes you’ve got running the show at the moment. The yes-men have to go, Theresa. They’re dummies with clipboards.

Boris has lots of thrust. So much thrust. And I’ve been hearing he knows a hell of a lot about the Norwegian model — and I don’t mean some dame — if you know what I mean.

3.  You gotta stop those Brussels guys pushing you around. They have no respect for Britain. No respect at all. Some of them don’t even speak English. Incredible.

Remember, you are the leader of a very great country, with Shakespeare and Winston Churchill. He was an incredible man, outstanding leader.

What sort of leader is Juncker? I’ll tell you. He wasn’t even elected like me and you. And, trust me, mine was an extremely special election. He’s from Luxembourg, which is half the size of Rhode Island. That’s tiny, real tiny.

Tell the clown to put a cork in it. And that maniac from Belgium, the EU’s Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt, no one cares about him.

Is Belgium even a real country? I’m told it’s where you Brits gave the French guys a kicking at Waterloo. A real good kicking they still remember — and don’t you ever let them forget it.

4.  Stay firm on migrants and free movement. Frau Merkel is in trouble back home. She’s deeply unpopular and looks like a dumpy housefrau left out in the rain. Not nice. A bit like Hillary Clinton. And all because she wrecked Europe with her dopey open-door policy to allow in the world’s migrants.


You don’t have to go along with it. You need borders. Tell those weak Brussels dopes you’ll build a fabulous wall, like the one we’re building on the Mexican border to stop illegals. Nobody builds better walls than me. No one.

5.  Demand your money back. With bells. You’ve paid billions and billions into the EU. Not fair. Not fair at all. You’re not divorcing a beautiful blonde. You’re just leaving an overpriced, disgustingly corrupt, out-of-control, obsolete club full of unbelievably horrible people, unbelievably horrible.

Next meeting, go up to Barnier — he’s so rude, really really rude and very smarmy — and ask him: ‘Where’s the cash?’

6.  Come get yourself a brilliant trade deal with the U.S. When you get out the EU swamp, I can offer a huge, fabulous deal. It’s going to be amazing, believe me. It’ll handle everything from autos to tourism. As I wrote in Art Of The Deal: ‘I like thinking big. I always have. To me, it’s very simple. If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.’ That’s what our special relationship could be like, truly incredible.

7.  Junk the fancy diplomacy with Brussels. All that rich food and fine wines thirsty Juncker throws at you is bad news. Not good at all. It would never work with me. I drink Diet Coke and eat McDonald’s and KFC and I’m very successful and powerful. Europe’s ‘gnocchi with Parmesan emulsion’ dinners are revolting. Disgusting. Get them off the table.

8.  Learn from my outstanding performance at the North Korean summit. They say I’ve no sense of humour. More fake news.

Before my summit with Kim Jong-un, I said: ‘Negotiating with a madman is his problem, not mine.’ It was a joke, a very good joke. I got the job done.

You have to frighten the other side. I threatened to unleash ‘fire and fury’, called Kim ‘Little Rocket Man’. The Establishment squealed, but Kim came running.

We had a nice time together. If I can do it with Kim, you can with second-rate goofs like Barnier, Merkel and Juncker.

Trust me, Theresa.

“I like thinking big. I always have.”

UPDATE.  Trump has apparently denied all authorship of the above letter. “Fake news!” he reportedly said, when shown a copy of the letter. “This is just a literary spoof written by a guy at the Daily Mail called Leo McKinstry, trying to make out I’m an idiot instead of the greatest president ever.” — Sincere apologies to our readers for misleading them with this belated April Fool’s joke. [LD]

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  1. I couldn’t stop laughing. It sounds just like Trump. What a wheeze! 🙂

    1. Shame on Lasha Darkmoon for publishing these April Fool jokes at the end of July. She has no sense of proportion. April Fool jokes should be published only on the first of April and at no other time.

      1. Lighten up, Zak. A sense of humor never killed anyone. I’m in prison in Spamblinka, no body likes me, no body respects me, no body wants me around, and I still have a sense of humor. Lasha, dear Lasha, she has the weight of the whole world on her shoulders and she still has a sense of humor. If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.

    2. The cleaner was a Mexican national. Shortly after the discovery of the letter, the grandmother of 14 grandchildren realized that her life was in danger. She promptly contacted Donaldo whos rig was parked in the DC area. We had a rendevous and Donaldo delivered her to McAllen, Texas where she safely entered México. She is now residing in an undisclosed location. Will keep Darkmooners informed…….you just cant make this stuff up. 🙂

  2. “UPDATE. Trump has apparently denied all authorship of the above letter. “Fake news!” he reportedly said, when shown a copy of the letter. “This is just a literary spoof written by a guy at the Daily Mail called Leo McKinstry, trying to make out I’m an idiot instead of the greatest president ever.”

    This sounds just like Trump bragging his ass off about being “the greatest president ever”. Well, he ain’t the greatest president ever, he’s the WORST president ever!

    No president has done us Jews so much damage. You mark my words, he’s gonna destroy us. First he’ll target Israel and make sure he drives us into the sea. Millions of us will be forced to flee for refuge to Europe and America.

    And then what?

    You guessed it. The Auschwitz treatment. Death camps for all us Jews.
    My wife, me, my kids — all exterminated.

    If you can’t see this happening, you’re stupid.

    1. God made America the New Zion. Trump doesn’t know this. He thinks America is the White man’s domain. He’s a White Supremacist.
      A neo-Nazi ratfink. A rude awakening awaits the Orange Clown.
      He’s gonna be assassinated, mark my words. They’ve got his number. Sooner or later, Trump’s gonna be toast. His brains are gonna be splattered around like mincemeat hitting the fan. Either Mossad or Putin’s assassination squads are gonna pay Trumpster a visit — any time soon.

      1. Seymour Zak!
        Once Trump goes, then say hi to the vulturine Mike Pence. According to Trump Pence wants to hang all the LGBT crowd. That should be very interesting to behold! He might even have a few auto de fas for anyone who doesn’t believe the world WASN’T made 6,000 years ago. If I was an American I’d prefer the ” bluff, crazy, Falstaffian” Trump to the unsmiling “Grey Eminence” of Mike Pence. Grey Eminence is a book by Aldous Huxley well worth reading.

      2. Yep, Seymour. America IS a white man’s country. You can’t argue with the ethnicity of the Founding Fathers, can you?? My own pedigree goes back to two of the fifty-six who signed the Declaration – and, as far as I know, they were ALL white anglos. You Jews have lucked-out with your assimilation into our culture, so just be grateful, and keep your damn Bolshevik tendancies to yourselves! Wrongs can be righted, quickly! 😉

      3. You Jews have lucked-out with your assimilation into our culture, so just be grateful, and keep your damn Bolshevik tendencies to yourselves! Wrongs can be righted, quickly! 🙂

        Well said, Gilbert!

    2. “…You mark my words, he’s gonna destroy us. First he’ll target Israel and make sure he drives us into the sea. Millions of us will be forced to flee for refuge to Europe and America.

      And then what?

      You guessed it. The Auschwitz treatment. Death camps for all us Jews.
      My wife, me, my kids — all exterminated…”

      You still have to explain to us inveterate anti-Semites why that would be a bad thing.

      1. Franklin, it would not be a bad thing for us anti-Semites , we can explain that to Zak, but doubt he would understand the reasoning from the rest of the world . I think his rantings are a typical Jewish reaction in the hope of creating more sympathy for the poor trodden down Jew.

    3. The Auschwitz treatment. How terrible. Seems like the humane Germans afforded their political prisioners quite a few luxuries. Anyway, its all well documented. Nothing new there. 🙂

    4. ADMIN: Here’s a Jew spouting extreme antisemitism — a familiar tactic.×413.jpg

      I can see it happening and I cannot wait !! We need OVENS, walls, and segregation NOW !! oh, and I’m part Jewish.

      And any members of my satanist tribe that don’t start behaving like humans should be marched into GIANT PIZZA OVENS sourced from CAESAR salvini of Italia !!

      My unrepentant Christ murdering lying kike family of devil worshippers DESERVE to be put in ovens !!!

      1. Well it has never been tried before, this novel oven tactic you mention; I just wonder how you are going to organize the whole genocidal activity. The Germans certainly did not have the time nor resources, not whilst fighting a World War and all that. Well, I look forward to reading your blue prints and estimates for the whole grisly plan. If you do pull it off then it will be a first — think about it.

    5. Tell that to the Red man, Gil. Whatever happened to your comment a while back about you and your native brothers being “nation builders”. Did you forget?

      1. No apologies, Brownhawk, thank you. The white Anglo, Germanic, and Scandinavian people built and engineered whatever luxuries and conveniences you enjoy today – without which you’d still be scalping each other and arguing over trinkets. Yours may have taught us guerilla warfare tactics – buts OURS taught YOURS how to slaughter their enemies like CIVILIZED MEN… 😐 (and music, and literature, and art, too!)

      2. Gil,

        I call bullshit on you. Where do I begin? How about with the convenient fact that you failed to mention the most important aspect of the native “epiphany”, which was the formation of the Great Iroquois League which finally brought peace to the nations until the European onslaught spoiled the party resulting in the genocide of countless millions, and you have the temerity to speak of “conveniences and luxuries”? (Notwithstanding some of those admiral qualities of European Civilization, but nonetheless, you give extremely short shrift to positive native contributions to the appealing aspects of civilized society)

        Granted, while some of the earliest of European settlers DID respect the natives in reflecting a keen awareness of exactly what it was they were getting AWAY from in the jew-riddlen muddle of Europe, what of those Anglos, Scandinavians, and Germans who failed to realize exactly what the jew-sponsored plan for N. America WAS?

    6. Then maybe speak a little louder so the world can hear you and help bring out the lies and etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

  3. This “letter” of Trump is of course satire, but the language is indeed the way he really speaks, and I guess most of the ideas are also the way he really thinks. Hence it is a superb joke. Believe me.

    1. “…. buts OURS taught YOURS how to slaughter their enemies like CIVILIZED MEN…
      (Gilbert Huntley to Brownhawk)

      You can’t possibly call the all lies fire bombing of cities, the holocausting and slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of defenseless civilians “civilized” – (dark irony?)
      That kind of unlawful warfare IS not only barbaric but demonic. The most horrific of war crimes. Unequaled in human history. Inspired and driven by demonic Satanic forces. DESTROYERS OF CIVILIZATION.
      GENOCIDE – to them it’s “religion“, the central feature of their “culture“.
      Gil – I guess you just forgot about that

      “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians.
      They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and
      slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian“ Revolution. It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated: BOLSHEVISM WAS THE GREATEST HUMAN SLAUGHTER OF ALL TIME. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media are in the hands of the perpetrators.“

      “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews there would have been
      no Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened
      Jewish terrorists murdered SIXTY-SIX MILLION in Russia from 1918 to 1957.“ [counting]

      — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and victim of Jewish Bolshevism

      “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength [to break the spirit] of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”

      – Winston Churchill, 1940, as quoted in Emrys Hughes book,“Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace”

      1. Breakers of the German spirit, the Russian spirit, the Americas native spirit, etc ad nauseum


      2. Freya –

        Of course I deplore the demolition of our German cousins by our own hands! We were wrong, and misguided. (They put up a good fight, though…)
        It is a stain on America – just as the current jew-instigated troubles in the Middle East. No arguments there.
        Our people – yours and mine – have set the standards for achievement envied by the rest of the world. It is high-time we quit casting despersions on each other, and recognize that we cannot trust racial aliens. They thrive on envy and theft. Keep them at arms’ length!

  4. Mr President
    at a breakfast with NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg you said:
    “I have to say, I think it’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia where we’re supposed to be guarding against Russia,” “We’re supposed to protect you against Russia but they’re paying billions of dollars to Russia and I think that’s very inappropriate . . . Germany, as far as I’m concerned, is captive to Russia.”

    Mr President, would you kindly stop interfering into Germany’s energy policy and reasonably good relationship with Russia ( IF we were both left alone)?
    You know, it’s a win : win energy deal between Russia and Germany. We are learning to trust each other anew. Not at all easy. However, business partners must have a certain kind of trust in each others reliability.
    You too are in favour of win : win deals, Mr President – are you not?

    What REALLY troubles us Germans is US weaponry on German soil threatening Russia’s security – AND vice versa endangering Germany’s security. IF Russia was forced to defend itself, Germany would be the first target and utterly destroyed – AGAIN. Just imagine – without America’s interference there could have been PEACE in Europe since 1916 . , ,

    Mr President, sorry to say,
    BUT it’s wrong to say that “Germany is captive to Russia.” Ever since 1945, West Germany has been occupied by US-Zionists (since 1990 the whole country is), while the United States are under tight Jewish Zionist control, too. Germany was made Israel’s lackey, still paying billions in ‘holy hoax’ reparations. Since Germany doesn’t have enough of its own, where would we get the energy we need to run our economy, if not from Russia? The United States have no way to supply us at any kind of reasonable cost. Moreover – fracking means the sacrificing of people, water, animals, and the environment, in the pursuit of profit. Greed – unsustainable indeed – is the real source of the fracking threat, profiteers who are after cold hard cash, and who don’t give a damn about birth deformities, and the appalling suffering of the people (in GB and the US), which will result from them being fracked. Of course, the profiteers don’t live in the sacrifice zones. . .

    We don’t want to be sacrificed – neither Americans nor Europeans.
    PLEASE, bear that in mind.

    1. Germany is captive to the jews who have extorted 70 billion and counting from Germany with no end in sight. Russia did not turn Germans into suicidal estrogen soaked fairies the jews did

  5. DJT, “BIGGLY fake news! “YUGE” lies! I saved the NY Times! That’s a good thing. Not a bad thing!” 🙂

  6. So, according to Paul Craig Roberts, The Donald is a man of peace. Curious, then, how his latest tweet, in ALL CAPS, threatens Iran with destruction like the world has never seen. Or, is Trump thinking that such wild and crazy talk, since it seems to have worked on the DPRK, will also work on Iran? Pompeo and Bolton are making ominous speeches that the destruction of Iran is imminent. Are they going rogue and not clearing their harangues with their boss first? Doesn’t seem so.

    Is it possible, then, that behind closed doors with Vlad, Trump made a deal with the “Evil Dictator” to back off on Russia’s support of Iran (so Generalissimo Trump can destroy it for Israel) in exchange for good relations between the two Alpha Males, who will then join forces to rule the world, (with the Zionist oligarchs full blessing and financial support, of course)? Is that what Bibi’s three trips to Moscow this year were about?

    The scenario in my second paragraph is perhaps farfetched, but I believe it makes more sense than anything we are hearing from the hysterical mainstream media. Trump’s schizophrenic foreign policy has always defied rationality, leaving the world to wonder just what the hell his endgame is, but perhaps it’s all 3-D chess. I know my comment is a bit off topic, but, after awakening this morning to Trump’s latest bombast, I had to get it off my chest. The crumbled letter to Edna May found in potus’ wastebasket is priceless. Perhaps, LD, it would have been better not to divulge that it was satire. Some readers would surely think it was true.

    1. Actually, it IS true:
      “You have to frighten the other side. I threatened to unleash ‘fire and fury’, called Kim ‘Little Rocket Man’. The Establishment squealed, but Kim came running.

      We had a nice time together. If I can do it with Kim, you can with second-rate goofs like Barnier, Merkel and Juncker.”

      – and IRAN?
      That might be a BIG mistake but he is threatening them anyway.
      That’s what is called a “loose cannon”, very dangerous in foreign politics.

      Nothing really to laugh about.

    2. That scenario isn’t far-fetched at all, Flopot

      Trump and Putin at the head of their respective “quadrants” of fiat power in the next phase of NWO

      As for Israel? In the BIGGLY scheme of things, in the words of the jew mobster Hiram Roth: “small potatoes”.

      P.S. Lasha’s spoof of “Trumpese” nails it! (:>)

      1. I have hopi-um, per the prophecy. As prophecies go, the Hopis, if you read them right, have an admirable record, and of course writing about the “undercurrent” I see moving through Russia and elsewhere. For those prophecies I’d reference Cayce.

        Gotta have faith to go with that hopium, too. Whether it’s here or wherever, depending on how you define Heaven and Earth

        “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away”

    3. Don’t forget the QAnons advocating regime change in Iran; they’re not for war, nope, just peaceful “regime change” 😉 So wtf was regime change in Iraq, Libya and Syria all about? Peace? The QAnon tweets also laud the MEK (another state-backed, bulls**t terrorist organization) leader as the saviour for Iran. The real JOKE is that the QAnon supporters are now parroting the Zionist regime change mantra on Iran…and they cannot even see that or admit it. Cognitive dissonance doesn’t even describe it; split personalities more like.

      1. @ Flopot

        QAnon does not tweet.

        QAnon has never mentioned MEK.

        QAnon has indicated that Iran’s leadership is/was on the Deep State’s payroll.

        QAnon did say that the Iran classified “agreement” provided $500-billion annually to Iran from the USA.

        The USA’s payout to Iran was terminated when Trump pulled out of the classified Iranian “agreement.”

        Iran demanded that the others involved in the classified Iranian “agreement” provide the missing cash. They did not which left the Deep State stooges in Iran without funds to pocket and disburse to the Deep State stooges in Europe.

        When Trump threatens, that normally means that the deal has already been done and the public show has commenced just like with North Korea.

        QAnon did say that Israel is last.

        QAnon did say to buy popcorn and enjoy the show.

      2. QAnoners are flocking to the hashtag QAnon tweeter feed that is pushing the MEK leadership.

        Frankly this is a stupid conversation — the US has no business sanctioning Iran and pushing for more regime change, i.e. shut up about Iran, leave Iran alone, get on with saving the US. The “deep state Mullahs” meme is about as convincing as the WMDs in Iraq. Don’t you see the cognitive dissonance here? You’re supporting more Zionist regime change wars based on more ludicrous lies.

        Ah yes, Israel will indeed be SAVED as the last state standing; that is how I read that QAnon cryptic. I am shocked how easy it is to flip Trump supporters into backing another Zionist war.

        Of course, this is all probably meaningless hyperbole if Trump, Putin and the Mullahs are all just actors on a spooky stage 😛

      3. Flo –

        You wrote:
        “..the US has no business sanctioning Iran and pushing for more regime change”

        The US, per se, does not sanction. The US Treasury does all the sanctions… and can control who uses the currency, DEBT owned by the Federal Reserve. It is THEIR business…. Really “YUGE” biznezz!! 🙂

        Right now there are 460 sanctions named:
        In total, since January of 2017, Treasury has taken action against over 460 individuals and entities engaged in activities related to, or directly involving, human rights abuse and/or corruption, including actions in connection with Syria, South Sudan, Democractic Republic of the Congo, Burma, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and other programs.

      4. Keep on a poundin’ the the ol’ commom denominator BOTTOM LINE*, brutha (:>)

        *pardon the pun (:>/

  7. trump if full of s hit. he aint building no wall. only walls he cares about is the wailing wall and the wall we are paying for around Israel. he only cares about destroying iran and only reason we are in Syria is to protect the jews

  8. Like everyone on the Jew’s political theater payroll, Trump has a role to play. Viewed through the distorted lens of the Jew media, Trump can be whatever (((they))) want him to be. Nadzee guy today – friend of the Jew tomorrow. Immigration opponent today – supporter tomorrow. Man of peace today – war lord tomorrow.

    After a lifetime of viewing the world through the Jews’ twisted, inverted lens of wonderland lies, reality appears unbelievably bizarre. Up is down, down is up! Black is white, white is black! Males become female while females become male!

    “Unbelievable!” one cries, yet that is the Jews’ very message “Ya’ gotta believe!” Whether it’z (((their))) bullshit Bible or bullshit Hallowedhoax, one must always believe, as facts simply will not serve. “Ya’ just gotta believe!” If you want to get along in this thoroughly Judaized, Zionist infested world.

    The big problem is Talmudvision, the Jews’ evil eye, spoon-feeding its sick, twisted Jewish message of hate and lies to the goyim herds twenty-four hours a day. Visually programmed herds of white youth drink deeply of this dreck, like thirsty dogs drinking from dirty toilets.

    While the internet has made a few inroads into enlightening the herds, Talmudvision remains the rinse king of brainwashing. “Sleep, obey, do as we say. Hate those we tell you to hate, embrace those we tell you to embrace. Be fearful and sad when we say, or cheerful and glad another day. “Miscegenate! Destroy your natural sex!” Are Talmudvision messages constantly murmured to the sleeping masses’ subconscious. “Insist on becoming what you can never become; scream outraged obscenities when you cannot achieve our destructive dreams for you.” Until Talmudvision is taken out of the picture, there can, and will, be no change.

    Want to give Jews gray hair? Picture this gen-u-wine, Hollywood horror scene: All over the world, goyim turn out en mass with sledge hammers to begin smashing TV screens in outrage. Soon, like the herd animals they are, everyone begins destroying TV screens. Monkey see monkey do! Applied to “Cable 54,” the sledge hammer eliminates the need for Hoffmann lenses. Get rid of Talmudvision and the world will begin righting itzelf from Jewish inversion.

  9. Satire ok, but the thrust is good. SCREW the EU… if it’s done by an inarticulate new York City real estate mogul then we’ll live with it. He may be short on eloquence but he makes up for it with heart and balls, and unless you’re somewhere near his league, then i suggest you be more attentive than critical. if only he wasn’t such a slave to the zionists, because that might be the last hump, then the world might see a new sunrise.. if he’s not one of them before America, and that’s a big if, he needs to recoup the USA..
    Most people don’t think Iran is any threat to the USA or to the rest of the world, but they understand the Jews are paranoid, and Iran backs the Lebanese militia, which is keeping Israel from stealing the lit Ani river, a big goal in the zionists territorial acquisition schedule.. My sense is trump is done with the deep state game on Russia as the external threat and is shifting the focus to Iran… and he likes white countries with sane immigration policies. the whole beltway insider military industrial Intel steno stooge media complex is having a real hard time making the adjustment… and they’re all anticipating many more billions, as before, to fuel the next hillary run.. the German gas deal with Russia shows what a fake the Russian threat really is. And also NATO for the timed-out anachronistic attachment, totally stuffed with worse-than-useless pentagon bureaucrats.. get rid of it and move the world forward.
    The Jews have feasted on the Russian bear for 100 years now, and them so thick all over the commie HQ in NYC media brokerage and the Hollywood ectension – no wonder they’re so full of it… and, the big Rowe with DJT, all this wasted energy, serves to more block the Rex 84 screen…

  10. Lasha:

    You published an April Fool joke in late July. That is wonderful. I love you.


    1. Not everyone was amused by Lasha’s “April Fool joke in late July.”
      I’m told she has received a lot of hate mail from humorless Trump supporters who find even satirical articles on Trump intolerable.
      For these fanatics, no other position toward Trump is acceptable except groveling adoration. The slightest criticism or doubt about Trump’s intentions is met with spitting rage by these brain-damaged cretins.

      Personally, I have nothing against Trump supporters who are civilized and charming and manage to keep their cool. I refer to the likes of Gilbert Huntly and Ungenius who are always a pleasure to read, although one may not always agree with them.

      The Trump supporters I absolutely abhor are the ones with distinct personality disorders who will tolerate no criticism of Trump but demand compulsory fellatio on all occasions for their hero.

  11. I think that we have to carefully dismantle our politically correct views and see how dysfunctional they really are. It is not rude to say what is.

    There is a difference between being a true anti-semite or racist, and not being either but remaining silent out of fear of being called one.

    If there is overwhelming Jewish power running the globalist machine then we have to say that directly. I’m married to a Jewish man and I am not anti-Jewish, but unfortunately no one who is Jewish will ever say anything “negative” about Jewish power and so it never gets said. As a consequence there is unchecked power. So.. for example, there is this issue of “full spectrum dominance” where American research and money gets confiscated by people who are Jewish ethnically. Why is it that the Rothchilds own the weather channel and the patents on geoengineering and spray us like we were insects on nearly a daily basis? Is that OK? Why is it that we pay an annual tribute to Israel like in ancient times when a city would pay to not have its citizens killed and ravaged, and yet we call it foreign aid? Why is this stupid thing called the EU get to boss everyone around and lie about it, etc. Who knows what the EU is… more “full spectrum dominance?” Probably.

    I’m sick of being dominated by these thugs and criminals. If it takes a rude leader to say what can’t be said, then so be it. But notice that even Trump pays tribute to Jewish power. Just shows you who still runs the show. Many jewish people don’t like the effects of Jewish power any more than we non-Jews but they won’t identify the problem. So… it never gets identified…Seriously, they (the power people) might be destroying the planet and the people on it in order to control everything… what folly.

  12. The funniest thing i find in this pages is that there are posters who
    love Trump
    love Putin
    love Hitler
    all at the same time…
    how can that be?
    This would amount to an alchemist wannabe mixing some bleach with ammonia then throwing some Cazadores Tequila on the potion then just drinking the deadly brew then expect the opposite of the obvious result!
    😉 😉 😉

    1. The real question is which…who…whom of those leaders was/is a fake, i.e. a bankster stooge? Trick question? Depends on your point of view and how hopeful you’re feeling at any given time 😉

      1. OK Flopot. I’ll play along

        Stooge: One who plays a compliant role to a principal

        Given that definition I’d have to say Trump and Putin are complying to what the principal is angling for in furthering the bankster’s common agenda, although I don’t like the word “stooge” because it implies a mere automaton status to the parties in question (I say “common agenda” to indicate the reality of different factions of jewry competing within the general aim of a NWO)

        Hitler, as I’ve written many times was a “dupe”, although I don’t like calling him that, the fact remains that he WAS duped

        P.S. For whoever’s interested, I commented on the ” Ugly Truth ” site, from the article, “Trump looking into revoking security clearances for Brennan and other top Obama officials”

        In his reply I detected a hint of sarcasm from Mark Glenn.

      2. @Brownhawk

        Perhaps “stooge” is too precise a term. Given our limited data, there is no right answer. Pat is absolutely convinced that they were and are all servants of the banksters. But I find there is some hopium in Russia’s intervention in Syria. But others would argue that the whole Syrian conflict is being stage-managed and Russia’s entrance was entirely scripted.

        That’s why I have to confess cognitive dissonance and acknowledge that what is past is prologue, i.e. we’ve seen all this s**t before, as in the false flags and managed wars. So I have to set some benchmarks for myself, e.g. if Syria is partitioned then I’ll know Putin is a tool.

        For the record, I do think Hitler was a complete tool of the banksters; not a duped patsy but a fully fledged spooky Zionist. Then that belief will waver for a time when I remind myself of his financial policies…but then I fall straight back into my default position again — he was a fake. Look, if the genocide of the Jews did not take place (and it didn’t); and if the real victims were all the goyim deaths (did happen); and Israel was the direct result of all that carnage (twas)…then Hitler was a Zionist.

      3. Flo,
        None of that can conclude with Hitler being a Zionist. You sound like Makow with his many “reasoned” conclusions. Apparently you haven’t read my posts alluding to German Intel being so thoroughly infiltrated and compromised to the point of Germany losing the war. But alas, offering concrete proof of this is beyond my ability to do so

        As for Syria, I don’t think it will be partitioned, per se. More like annexed and placed as a protectorate under the Russian umbrella in keeping with Pat’s assessment of a “Statist Quadrant” in Europe and a vast swath of the ME.

        Russia’s Ottoman dream finally realized!

      4. I think it does show why Hitler and the top Nazis were Zionists — the holocaust is a fiction, twas the Goyim that were massacred in the holocaust of war…the Jews get Israel. All seems rather neat from a Zionist perspective. There’s a wealth of evidence pointing to Nazi complicity in losing the war; there is also Hitler’s bizarro, spooky background.

        Makow is a gatekeeper on the Holocaust fiction — it did not happen; it is Jewish propaganda. But you cannot see the contradictions in your logic — the whole mainstream story of Hitler is promoted by Jews. Therefore skepticism about that narrative must not stop at the just the Holocaust but also the motivations and character of the top Nazis. I think they were all in on it and don’t believe a mainstream word about their origins nor their demise.

        You cannot hold onto Hitler as saviour and destroyer of Europe. It is either one or the other, and I think the record shows that he skewered Europe for the Jews, roasting it over their coveted dream: Israel.

  13. “I’m sick of being dominated by these thugs and criminals.“ (kapoore)

    Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‚La Revue de Paris‘, p. 574, June 1, 1928:
    The Jewish people as a whole
    will become ITS OWN MESSIAH
    It will attain WORLD DOMINION
    by the dissolution of other races,
    by the abolition of frontiers,
    the annihilation of monarchy
    and by the establishment
    in which the Jews will everywhere
    exercise the privilege of citizentship.
    the Children of Israel will furnish
    all the leaders without encountering opposition.
    The governments of the different peoples
    forming the world republic
    will fall without difficulty
    into the hands of the Jews
    It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers
    to abolish private property (for non Jews)
    and everywhere to make use
    of the ressources of the state.
    Thus will the PROMISE OF THE TALMUD
    be fulfilled, in which is said that when
    the MESSIANIC TIME is come
    the Jews will have ALL THE PROPERTY
    in their hands!

    This is meant by “communism“ –
    or modernized: “globalism“, “Full Spectrum Dominance”, “New World Order“, One World Government – An insatiable Jewish greed for absolute power and control.

    How can ANYone in his right mind promote such insanity?

    1. Certainly not knowingly they can’t. People love their servitude. They just don’t call it that. They call it “To Serve Man”

  14. “Satire, but close to the truth…the Eu is totalitarian at heart” (John kirby)

    Soon: “No longer available in your country domain“
    Duke the Great is quoting from the horse’s mouth (Israeli media). . .

    The Jewish hatred of the German people is absolutely insane
    ((( They ))) fear “The unleashing of the German spirit as the greatest danger“ – and are ramping up their vicious pre-WW I, WW II hate propaganda again.
    Obviously, they fear to lose their iron grip on the United States (Golem 1) and the EU-NATO (Golem 2) US-disengagement in Europe and nation building at home is supposed to be “a very bad thing“ – Actually, non–interference in other countries’ affairs is a good thing.
    The Jews are lying when claiming that the United States made peace for Europe (“fought for peace“) – In reality: The United States entering the European conflict (1917, and again 1941) MADE two world wars! The Jews very well know that the Rothschild-Balfour Deal was a DEAL WITH THE DEVIL and caused the British Foreign Office refuse the German peace offers (in 1916)! The British people were totally kept in the dark; they did not learn about the peace offers but were fed anti-German propaganda.
    The Jew media are “talking peace“ (fake Orwellian “WAR is PEACE“) while ((( THEY ))) are the ones who prevent real peace. ((( THEY ))) are the destroyers, the war mongers. The greatest danger for world peace. Rothschild Israel (not Germany) is a nuclear power threatening Europe with the “Samson Option“ (the bombing of German – European cities) if they don’t go along with Jewish demands . . .

  15. “Look, if the genocide of the Jews did not take place (and it didn’t); and if the real victims were all the goyim deaths (did happen); and Israel was the direct result of all that carnage (twas)…then Hitler was a Zionist.” (FLOPOT)

    No – Not quite enough for drawing that kind of conclusion.

    Lack of ressources. Lack of fuel . . . Treason. Betrayal. . .
    an overwhelming MOB .. . The odds were too bad.
    You can’t be victorious against nearly the whole world.
    Nevertheless – They took it on themselves to put on the fight – in defence of the German people and of Europe as a whole. They made a stand against the threat of Communism – Bolshewism. WHAT could have been a viable alternative?
    They had no real choice but to try to defend themselves.

  16. “not quite enough for drawing the conclusion”. maybe be not.. but some of the german high command did draw the conclusion, and they were a lot closer to the deal than we are here… it was not for no reason that they tried to kill hitler with that bomb… his combat tactics were costing them the war, and they could see it plain as day… he overruled his generals time and again as the german forces shrunk… no, the little corporal was a bankster bloodline jew shill’ like so many others… the german people are who and what the jews fear most… the best men among them were slaughtered off on purpose in world wars contrived and conducted by the jewish faction, which still controls europe and america. does it still control russia? probably it has enough control that only a sweeping power play will ever put it down…

  17. B’Deer

    What you and so many others fail to understand is that efforts made by Hitler and his Generals were STYMIED by the Allied forces being in possession of the German military codes. The decisions crafted by the OKW in determining what tactics to be employed AND Hitler and OKH decisions to overrule them ALL reflected this.

    On the other side, the problem for Eisenhower, Montgomery, Stalin, Zhukov, etc. was in determining what tactics to use so as to keep the Germans from smellin’ a RAT.

    You know what they say, all’s fair in love and war. And the rats that started it all were the traitors who handed over the codes to those OTHER rats

  18. Brownhawk – Genocidal warfare is uncivilized, inhumane – demonic. Not justifiable. Deeply deplorable. Treaties should be kept. The ideals of justice and honour are easily forgotten when greed comes into play. – What could be done? How could injustices be straightened out?

    Gilbert – Yes – no more wars among brothers (cousins). The white race is targeted by a common foe and we must join forces. – However – no race wars either. Every race has the right to exist.

    Are ((( they ))) a “race“? Even the “master race“? Obviously, they want to become the slave masters of the whole world (while bashing the “white race“ for colonialism and slavery – hypocrisy all over again – Everybody knows about the dominant role Jews traditionally have played in the slave trade) They are the enemy of all humanity. Are they eben human? Their machinations are pure Evil and their minions are possessed by the same demons (greed, envy, destructiveness)

    Barkingdeer – If the people’s body is infested with an “alien entity“, always changing shape and colours, difficult to detect. How do you fight such an illness? Opinions differ. In German we say: “Irren ist menschlich“. Everybody makes mistakes, even if convinced of doing the right thing.
    I would not condone treason, acts of sabotage and political murder ever. The conspirators who tried to kill Hitler didn’t help anybody, more to the contrary. They were so naive to think that the allied war mongers were interested in peace. Their goal was genocide and total destruction.
    There is no real proof that Hitler was “a bankster bloodline jew shill“ or that “Hitler fled to Argentine“ – Rumours spread by British intelligence. Martin Bormann might have been some British agent though. That could explain a lot, too.

    1. Freya

      As you probably know, info pertaining to Bormann and co. working with the clandestine element of British Intelligence as explained to me by people (my father among them) with connections to people in very high places certainly convinced me of the traitorous tentacles that in effect paralyzed the German high command

      As for understanding the race components at large in the world today, I would put “Jew” in 3 basic categories.

      1) What I call “esoteric” Jews are compromised of strictly non-humans – reptilians to be exact, such as those who wrote the protocols and for whom ALL humans are the enemy.

      2) Hybrid Jews (the primary minions) compromised of human and reptilian DNA in proportions sufficient for them to be termed “hybrid”. (All humans have at least traces of “alien” DNA – think reptilian brain). These hybrids are the orchestrators of the protocolian agenda who populate two rival factions of jewry. That there are TWO goes a long way towards sowing confusion among researchers (us).

      3) Human Jews whose activities those of us thinking about these things are becoming very knowledgeable.

      1. Brownhawk
        “reptilians” – you mean “shapeshifters” (David Icke)? – I really don’t think so. Such an ‘explanation’ is not needed at all. It’s a destraction.

        Their inhumane and EVIL nature seems to be some kind of ‘possession by evil spirits’
        (lots of reasons and causes for that) A kind of sickness (not easy to be healed from)

        ‘knowledgeable’? – WE really don’t KNOW a lot . . . Better keep that in mind.

  19. “… You cannot hold onto Hitler as saviour and destroyer of Europe. It is either one or the other, and I think the record shows that he skewered Europe for the Jews, roasting it over their coveted dream: Israel.” (Flopot)

    “Hitler – the destroyer of Europe.” – That’s ZIONIST propaganda . . .
    They NEED their most precious bogeyman in eternity – in order to keep the Germans down.
    And the true but hidden record of the Joos shows just that.
    THEY are the destroyers – and even bragging about it openly.

    There was some common ground for Zionists and National Socialists though:
    The Zionists wanted Israel (Rothschild-Balfour Deal – “Balfour Declaration”, signed in 1917) and needed settlers (skilled German Jews) there – and the National Socialists (no good to call them “Nazis” – derogatory term invented by their enemy) WANTED THEM OUT of Germany and out of Europe. That’s the reason for the Havaara agreement.
    It’s as simple as that.

    The co-founders of the “Bilderbergers” after WW II (in 1954) – the so called “old Nazis” such as former SS member Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands – were the traitorous faction, opportunists, minions, lackeys to the Zionists – and for that they and their descendants may be useful and even allowed to keep their “monarchical” status (Netherlands, GB, Spain to a lesser extent) – it’s all theater and a front anyways.

    WHO are the real victors – the profiteers of all the wars?

    … it’s not Germany. Not the German people – ((( they ))) like to blame for everything evil in the world. It’s all upside down.

    For Germans (as for humans in general) competition is a natural thing.
    Those who see themselves as the “master race” HATE competition . . . (Rockefeller:”Competition is a sin!”), and they always rig the table – foul play. It’s their nature. Weak in essence. They always need others to do their work for them.

    We can easily do without them.
    That’s the reason ((( they ))) HATE us so badly.

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