World Famous Author branded ‘virulent Antisemite’ and ‘hateful little f**k’ for criticizing Israel and Jews


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” — True or false?

By Tony Rennell
for The Daily Mail

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with brief notes and comments 

Best-selling children’s author, Roald Dahl, was dubbed ‘Roald the Rotten’ by his actress wife Patricia Neal (pictured above left in 1954). The couple’s marriage ended in divorce, with Patricia calling Dahl ‘rude and arrogant’. 

Real witches, the author Roald Dahl began one of his numerous best-selling children’s books, ‘dress in ordinary clothes. They live in ordinary houses and they work in ordinary jobs’.

It was a warning to his young readers that, in the adult world, all is not what it seems. Beneath the surface, dark secrets lurk. It was a fair commentary on his own life, too.

Behind the brilliant novels that have caught the imagination of millions of children with their thrills and chills was a complex individual with many difficult and indeed downright rotten characteristics about him.

This giant man (a lumbering 6ft 6in) was laid low by personality flaws that are impossible to ignore — his dark side brought to light this week when it was revealed the Royal Mint decided against honouring his achievements by dedicating a British coin to him.

The suggestion of Dahl’s image was made in 2014 but, according to previously undisclosed minutes, rejected by a bank sub-committee because of Dahl’s anti-Semitic views.

This is not a charge Dahl (who died in 1990 aged 74) or his many fans, the majority of whom will find this unacceptable and almost incredible, could deny.

He was quite open about his prejudice, telling the Independent newspaper in an interview after Israeli forces bombed Beirut: ‘I’m certainly anti-Israel and I’ve become anti-Semitic.’

He was even more inflammatory when he told the New Statesman: ‘There is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity. There’s always a reason why anti-anything crops up. Even a stinker like Hitler didn’t just pick on them [the Jews] for no reason.’

His views caused consternation among his loyal but hurt readers, notably in the United States. Two girls, named Aliza and Tamar, wrote to him from San Francisco:

‘Dear Mr Dahl, We love your books but we have a problem — we are Jews! You don’t like us because we are Jews. That offends us. Can you please change your mind about what you said?’

There is, sadly, no evidence that he did.

Nor is racism the only murky stain on his reputation. He was an exploiter of women, a philanderer and a bully, with a penchant for cruelty that comes through in his books. His pal Noel Coward got it right when he thought them ‘brilliant and the imagination fabulous’. But ‘unfortunately there is in all of them an underlying streak of cruelty and macabre unpleasantness’.

Precisely the same could be said of the man. His first wife, Hollywood actress Patricia Neal, described him as rude and arrogant and belittling towards her throughout their marriage.She dubbed him ‘Roald the Rotten’. His daughter Tessa found him selfish and controlling, declaring: ‘Daddy gave joy to millions of children, but I was dying inside.’

His own childhood was no bed of roses. Born in 1916, he was three when his father died. At nine, he was sent to boarding school and hated every moment. He left at 17 and went adventuring in Africa.

When World War II broke out, he joined the RAF and crashed in the Libyan desert, sustaining ‘a monumental bash on the head,’ as he put it, that would cause him pain for the rest of his life and perhaps explain some of his crabby nature.

He turned the experience into his first foray into writing — a short story of heroism he called ‘Shot Down Over Libya’ (though, according to one critic, it would have been more accurately titled ‘Veered off course over desert before disastrous emergency landing’).

By this time, Dahl was in the United States as air attache (and part-time spy) in the British embassy. Whether it was the blow to the head or the heady atmosphere of America, he turned from a shy boy when it came to girls into an unstoppable lothario.

Women — especially older ones — found him irresistible. He bedded actresses such as Ginger Rogers, was pounced on by the politician and heiress Clare Boothe Luce for a marathon sex session and seemed set on finding a rich woman to be his meal ticket. According to one acquaintance, ‘he slept with everybody on the east and west coasts worth more than $50,000 a year’.

He hit the jackpot with the stunning, Oscar-winning Neal (who married him on the rebound from Clark Gable), but he treated her abominably. He cheated on her, even with her closest friends, trying to lure heiress Gloria Vanderbilt into the marital bed with him while his wife was away.

The marriage hit hard times. Their baby son was badly injured when a taxi hit his pram, their eldest daughter died from measles, aged seven, and Neal suffered a catastrophic stroke which put her in a coma for three weeks. It left her disabled and with her face distorted, but she once overheard him tell the children with a sneer: ‘Mummy could do things if she only wanted to.’

He also embarked on a steamy affair with her friend, Felicity Crossland, and eventually divorced Neal to marry Felicity.

Meanwhile, his literary career had taken off. He was already moderately successful, turning out pieces for the titillation of Playboy readers that a critic described as ‘viciously pornographic and misogynistic’ and mystery stories such as Tales Of The Unexpected, which became a low-budget British TV series.

LD: I’ve read every Roald Dahl short story ever published and I haven’t found a single one that that I would describe as “viciously pornographic and misogynistic”. Masterpieces of the macabre, yes; “viciously pornographic”, no. This is an obvious attempt to demonize a man who was not too keen on Jews.  

But it was his children’s stories, with their dark humour, fantasy world and unforgettable characters that catapulted him, at the age of 40, into the big time — Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, James And The Giant Peach, The Twits and so on. Pick your favourite from the 20 he wrote.

With an uncanny knack for seeing the world from a child’s point of view, he churned them out from the hut in the garden of his home in Buckinghamshire and they made him one of the world’s best-known authors, with sales that would easily top 200 million

But success, fame and money did not make him any nicer.

The bullying was not confined to his family. He was so nasty that one of his American publishers dumped him because ‘you have behaved to us in a way that is unmatched in my experience for overbearingness and utter lack of civility’.

The publisher in question, Robert Gottlieb, was Jewish, which may have fuelled Dahl’s temper. Because he did not hold back on his anti-Semitic sentiments.

In the Seventies, he was reported as having been thrown out of a country club for screaming about the number of Jews dining in his presence. He expressed his disgust at Zionism and Israel and claimed that the atrocities of the Israeli army in Lebanon were not being reported in the Press because the owners of newspapers were Jewish.

LD:  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? To doctor a famous quote of the poet Alexander Pope: “What oft is thought, but can no more be said.” 

He questioned why the Jews in Nazi death camps didn’t fight back, as if they were responsible for their own murders. ‘If I were in a line moving towards what we knew to be gas chambers, I’d rather have a go at taking one of the guards with me. But they were always so submissive.’

In an article for the Literary Review he castigated ‘those powerful American Jewish bankers’ who ‘utterly dominate the great financial institutions’.


“I’m certainly anti-Israel” and “There is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity. Even a stinker like Hitler didn’t just pick on them for no reason.”

Many people remained unaware of Dahl’s views. The Jewish director Steven Spielberg told journalists he had no idea when he shot The BFG as a film. Even when he found out, he tried to shrug it off. The man who directed Schindler’s List suggested in mitigation: ‘Dahl liked to say things he didn’t mean just to get a reaction. All his comments about bankers, all the old-fashioned, mid-1930s stereotypes we hear from Germany — he would say for effect, even if they were horrible things’.

Others would defend Dahl on the grounds that the views he expressed were not untypical of his generation. But though this may be an explanation, it does not wash as an excuse. Yet none of this is reason for a witch-hunt.

Dahl remains one of the greatest children’s storytellers of the 20th century. In 2003, four of his books were in the top 100 in The Big Read, a BBC survey to determine the ‘nation’s best-loved novel’.

So when the Royal Mint dismisses him as ‘not regarded as an author of the highest reputation’, they are, in terms of literature, wrong. The impact Dahl made, not least in encouraging increasingly book-shy generations to read, cannot be underestimated.

Writer and critic Alex Carnevale considers Dahl ‘a hateful little f**k’, but still remembers reading Danny, The Champion Of The World by torchlight under his bed covers and ‘feeling the first true wonder of a story whose outcome I could not possibly anticipate’.

He goes on: ‘Dahl’s books teach us that the world is a horrible, bigoted place, full of those who wish us ill. It is precisely because he attempted themes that other children’s authors never even touched that his fantasies stand out so much in a crowded room.’

It is also worth considering that the author the Royal Mint preferred for its coin rather than Dahl was one William Shakespeare — whose caricature of a Jew, Shylock, in The Merchant Of Venice, fed anti-Semitism for centuries.


LD: Roald Dahl joins a long line of eminent writers and thinkers  who have offended the Jews and been branded as incorrigible “antisemites”. These include most of the early Church Fathers, Shakespeare, Dickens, Martin Luther,  Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Richard Wagner, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, G.K. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, George Orwell…. The list goes on and on, almost interminably, so much so that the term “anti-Semite” is now losing much of its force by sheer trivialization and overuse.  The greatest anti-Semite of all time, from whom all anti-Semitism is said to spring, is, shockingly, Jesus Christ. (See here). This is why, according to the Talmud, Jesus Christ is burned in hell forever in a cauldron of “hot excrement“. 

43 thoughts to “World Famous Author branded ‘virulent Antisemite’ and ‘hateful little f**k’ for criticizing Israel and Jews”

  1. It is very annoying to hear the words “anti-Semitism” constantly repeated in the media when the words should be changed and properly called “Jew hatred”. It is debatable if the Jews are really Semites, but they are surely Jews. I hate being called a Semite or Zionist, but I am proudly only an Ashkenazi Jew. Who is also a non-believer in religious doctrine or practices. All my tribesmen wearing a neck chain bravely with the word JEW hanging on it would be enlightening to the world. Changing the name of ISRAEL to JEWLAND is OK with me.

    1. Melvin,
      That is without a doubt the best, most perceptive comment from you that I’ve read, and I enjoy reading them all. Do you really mean it?


        MY comments are sincere. The word JEW and the Jewish people have become separate. Too many JEWS are hiding under the mask of Zionism or religion, A Jew is a Jew and it is their birthright.

    2. Melvin old boy, it is the International Jewry that foments these confusions, it allows them to steer political discourse as they please.
      Neither Ashkenazi, nor Sephardic Jews are ethnically Semites as Shlomo Sand explains. He also says that the only people who share the same genetic material as the Judean Jews (the ones who never left Palestine, and are today a tiny minority of about 1-2%) are the Palestinians. So you are right in a way.
      I also agree with you on changing Israel’s name, but to “Palestine”, not to another exclusive “JEWLAND” as you suggest, but to a democratic, all inclusive multi-confessional state, with guaranteed equal rights for all its citizens. Objectively speaking, there’s no better, just, and peaceful solution, is there?

      1. Hatred against Jews is due to an unsolved complex psychology. There is no unique negative behavior that causes this widespread hatred. Jews should not be blamed if they are more comfortable living among their own tribe. In turn other tribes or sects should be allowed to live in their preferred enclaves.

      2. “Jews should not be blamed if they are more comfortable living among their own tribe” Yes, only if they don’t do it at the expense of other people, the Palestinians for example, or any other Goyim who have done nothing to them.

    3. Melvin,
      I’ve told you once. I’ve told you twice. Make sense please. You’re an old fag. Ok. But let’s stick to the topic. Thanks Mel. Luv ya.

  2. It almost appears that the article is attacking his lucidity. Watch the (comment closed) short clip exposing the TRUE nature of the Jew;
    Not just “Zionists”, but jews as a (newly discovered?) race and what they have ALWAYS worked together against humankind to achieve.
    The amazing thing isn’t certain (too few), people’s leery/distrustful attitudes towards Satan’s Synagogue, but the ASTOUNDING lack of same in the vast majority – “Christian” Zionists notwithstanding;

  3. Zionists control America and the proof is we have been fighting Zionist wars for over 100 years and counting and the Zionists attacked the WTC on 911 and got away with it and every thinking American knows that Zionist Israel and the Zionist controlled deep state did it !

    Eventually this Zionist control is going to be the destruction of America !

      1. Just telling the facts, the Zionists can do anything they want and get away with it, like killing JFK in front of the people of America and then covering it up with the scam Warren Commission, and then there is the 911 attack on the WTC by the same Zionist kabal, and don’t forget the USS LIBERTY, the satanic Zionists control America.

        Perhaps I am preaching to choir here on this site, but some things need repeating.

      2. How can it be wrong to repeat the truth ? We all know thanks to V.I. Lenin that a lie transmogrifies into “truth” via incessant repetition. Truth on the other hand never transforms into anything and simply remains truth no matter how many times it keeps on getting repeated. Why repeat the Truth ?? It is necessary to repeat the truth for the same reason that it’s necessary to keep a bottle of acid close at hand while working with a powerful alkaloid: An acid is the only thing that can neutralize a “base” and a Truth is the only thing that can neutralize a Lie. Liars are telling their lies from a position of principle. Liars are telling their lies in the course of pursuing a murderous agenda, and their agenda – once fulfilled – will be a good thing for THEM but it won’t be such a good thing for YOU. The lie is very tasty, at times even delicious, but like any other poison the lie is going to kill you sooner or later, and sooner is better from the standpoint of the liar. And so, as long as the liars are repeating their lies, truth-tellers must go on repeating their truths. Maybe the truth is finally going to sink in as a result of getting repeated, who knows ??

  4. Isn’t it amazing how so many smart and talented men are “Anti-Semitic”?


    Only perverts, freaks, cowards and dullards aren’t “Anti-Semitic”. The ghetto is the natural habitat for the Ashcan Not-see. Only those who cannot be disgusted seem to appreciate the company of the choosen pipple whose scatological fixations and toilet humor do not bother them.

  5. “‘Dear Mr Dahl, We love your books but we have a problem — we are Jews! You don’t like us because we are Jews. That offends us. Can you please change your mind about what you said?'”

    Being a jew who’s “offended” when someone tells the truth about “the jews” (i.e. the jewish collective) is like someone who joins the U.S. military and is “offended” when someone tells the truth about the evil that the U.S. military is doing in the world today.

    Let’s face it the raison d’tere of the jewish collective is to rise to the top of the world…apparently to take their rightful place over the inferior Goyim…basically by doing whatever it takes, which is mostly evil. Likewise, what’s the actual purpose of the U.S. military today? It’s apparently not to defend the U.S. (the massive military budget alone betrays that notion) but to beat the rest of the world into submission.

    Of course not everybody who joins the U.S. military is on the front lines dropping white phosphorous on civilians in Aleppo, or razing Fallujah to the ground, or mass-murdering strangers with hellfire missiles fired from drones, etc., just like not every jew is on the front lines stealing Arab land or shooting 13 year old Palestinian girls for sport, etc.

    Apparently, many jews are “nice people” who would be at least rather “uncomfortable” shooting Palestinian children, for example, just like there are many “nice people” in the U.S. military who would be at least “uncomfortable” mass-murdering strangers in far away places with drones.

    Yet the “nice people” are “offended” when the groups with which they proudly associate with are legitimately criticized/disparaged for their evil deeds. I liken these people to someone who claims to love animals yet enjoys a steak dinner, to a “public servant”, e.g., an “educator” or school administrator who claims to be opposed to confiscatory property taxation but gladly accepts the proceeds thereof, or to a doctor who believes that the chemotherapy he administers to certain patient will likely not help but he is only following conventional treatment guidelines, etc.

    As I see it, this paradox can be resolved by resort to Biblical concepts. At some level of consciousness, the nice jew and the nice U.S. military enlistee and the nice educator and the nice doctor are apparently doing some kind of faulty moral reasoning which goes something like: “I don’t necessarily like or agree with what my peers, colleagues, associates, organization, union, fellow tribesman, etc., are doing, BUT IF I DONT DO IT, SOMEBODY ELSE WILL, THUS THE END RESULT WILL BE THE SAME ANYWAY, SO I MIGHT AS WELL DO IT AND REAP THE MATERIAL REWARD RATHER THAN GIVE IT TO SOMEBODY ELSE – or something like that.

    In doing this, these people are not putting God first, nor are they truly “loving their neighbors as themselves.” Without the tacit approval and moral support of the participants – as far removed from the “evil” as they may feel they are – that “distant” evil would have to stop.

  6. If all those great men were “anti-semites”, that supports the claim that being an anti-Semite is only a reaction to the hatred Jews have always shown towards Europeans (and all people that are not Jewish). In every instance, there was a reason for the “anti-semitism”. People don’t dislike other people for no reason at all, and if most of the world “hates” Jews that is because Jews hate everyone that isn’t Jewish. The Jews are the biggest “haters” in the world, producing over 1,000 hate filled movies in Hollywood and in other countries, to create the hatred needed to push the world into a horrific war with Germany. But how many people know this and would say Jews were anti-German. No one. Instead we’re told endlessly about the two anti-Semitic movies made under Josef Goebbels leadership, and told to ask why he “hated” Jews. Could it be because Jews were spreading hatred throughout the world so Germany would end up fighting most of the world with Germany’s enemies determined to kill every one of those “NAZIS”, you know, children, mothers and grandparents in Germany’s cities?

    Since about 1970 we’ve seen the endless vilification of Arabs by Jewish Hollywood, with movie after movie portraying Arabs as evil, but the Jews that stole their land are good, we’re told. But instead of the Jews that have orchestrated the hatred against Arabs being criticized as “racists”, we’re told “white nationalists” are anti-Arab racists because they don’t want their country overrun with foreigners that would eventually see the disappearance (genocide) of whites, which is what the Jews want so much.

    All the neo-Con wars were mass murder carried about by Jews in control of American foreign policy, for Israel. Scholarly books like Mearsheimer and Walt’s “The Israel Lobby”, documentaries and other research has shown this. But instead, the Jewish media tells the world it’s done “for oil”, which makes no sense at all. In fact, the oil industry spoke out against the wars. The Jews must be removed from Europe and other white countries, or all these countries will continue to be manipulated by Jews and everyone will live under all these falsehoods and lies.

    Here is an article from the same lying Jewish newspaper Lasha’s article is based upon, explaining how the Hitler the hateful Jews (you know, those rapists like Harvey Weinstein, Dominique Straus-Kahn, Roman Polanski and so many others) have portrayed in the most demeaning and disgusting way possible ever since he took power, has now been found to be holding a smiling little Jewish girl (who he knew was Jewish) who calls her friend “Uncle Hitler”. So the Jewish liars in the British media now have to explain why someone that hated all Jews and wanted to kill every last one of them (according to those insane nutcases with Jewish lampshades, soap and shiksas on their filthy minds) would treat a little Jewish girl like his own daughter. They give it their lying Jewish best. From David Irving’s website:

    “Easily astonished “Astonishing” photo of Adolf Hitler smiling and hugging (Jewish) girl up for sale – Hugging: that was before Judea “declared war” on Germany. Now see what the U.K.’s judæophile press makes of it! The Times | The Star | The Daily Mail | Daily Express – “when Evil met Innocence” – But Good news: an expert writes, “this girl was considered to be German. She had only one Jewish grandparent. She was neither fish nor fowl. I think that she could have legally married an SS officer. I read somewhere that 25percent of the German population was 25percent or more Jew. She would have also been eligible to make Aliyah these days at 25% Jew”

    But the innocent Jews are busy on all fronts. The leading Jewish organization in Europe has called for a warning label to be put on the Christian Bible that the book is anti-Semitic, and, in response to a recent article by the former German Pope, Benedict XVI, they have branded him an “anti-Semite”. The brilliant Catholic theologian E. Michael Jones explains in a one hour interview.

    Rather than asking why people hate Jews, a better question would be why there are people still in the world that don’t hate them. If you are rapists and underhanded, manipulative, lying mass murderers, you better be hated, for the betterment of the world.

    1. What came first, Jew hatred, or the white hatred by Jews? It is a what came first puzzle: What came first the chicken or the egg? Jews are financially energized by the negative social pressures given to them by whites. In reverse, whites relieve the guilt of their murderous past by blaming a billion war deaths on Jews. Hand in Hand, whites and Jews rule the world, and are the hated of all couples.

      1. ” … whites relieve the guilt of their murderous past by blaming a billion war deaths on Jews.”

        What you really ought to be saying is that the ultimate burden of war guilt rightfully belongs on the shoulders of the international Jewish community, not only on the leadership, but also on the rank-and-file membership minus a small handful of dissenters. The members of this particular “faith,” acting as a more-or-less cohesive unit, have been inciting goy-on-goy wars since time immemorial, since it was enshrined in their holy books and by the words of their deity which are contained therein that the “chosen” are supposed to wage war against the rest of the human race. I was brought up thinking that Henry Ford was an “Evil Anti-Semite” but that was before I actually got to read some of the stuff that he wrote in the Dearborn Independent. Even today we have Jews in the media who are lying their freaking a**es off in an effort to bring their bloodthirsty agenda into fruition. If you listen to the radio or if you watch television then you know exactly who they are & hopefully you aren’t foolish enough and you aren’t dishonest enough to claim that it was “the whites” that got us to invade Iraq and to commit “purim” on that nation ….. NO IT WASN’T “THE WHITES” IT WAS ((( YOU KNOW WHO ))) and their well-placed agents in government & media that were egging on the slaughter as usual. Is it “anti-Semitic” to point out that the whole monstrous affair was literally top-heavy with Jews ?? Can you remember their names ?? I’m willing to bet that you’d have no trouble remembering their names if they were “whites.” And let’s not forget the mother of all bloodbaths, the one that we’ve come to know as “the civil war.” That gruesome event represents yet one more example of a Jewish-engineered horror show, but it took place so long ago that nobody seems to care about it anymore. The “civil war” took place in the middle part of the 19th Century & it was going on around the same time that other similar bloodbaths were going on, mostly in Europe. Do you remember the name “Benjamin Disraeli” ? It can be stated with a fair amount of certainty that Disraeli wasn’t “white.” Disraeli – meaning “of Israel” – was a ((( YOU KNOW WHAT ))) and it was also around this very same time that Disraeli’s co-religionist and future colleague Judah P. Benjamin (a.k.a. “The Brains of the Confederacy”) was sitting around on his big fat backside while Sherman’s army was raping and pillaging the Southern States. Benjamin’s co-conspirators in the North, working their evil on behalf of Lincoln, were sitting on the other side of the fence – egging on the whole bloody mess in ((( THEIR ))) newspapers. They didn’t have any radio or television back in those days, but as things turned out the printed word alone was sufficient for the purpose of arousing murderous war passions among the goyim. As an aside, who do you suppose was the war-mongering equivalent of Wolf Blitzer during the height of the mostly-Jewish engineered madness of the 1860s ?? Was it Israel Bere Josaphat a.k.a. “Paul Reuter ?? Certainly the goyim were idiots for slaughtering each other for no good reason, I’ll give you that point, but maybe things are starting to change now and hopefully the goyim are beginning to catch on to the bloodthirsty swindlers and their incessant diabolical lying.

  7. Another brilliant writer, and musician, who incidentally needs your support, I mean real financial support, says: “Jewish Power-The power to silence criticism of Jewish Power” Gilad Atzmon. Jewish power is doing everything it can to silence him.

    1. I love Gilad….top sax with the Blockheads……without belittleing the mans great fight against …shitheadism. :~C

  8. charlie and the chocolate factory is a pedophile code movie, so i hear…
    the guy’s a children’s books writer. it figures…
    i guess he’s another one of george michael’s “father figures”…
    be that as it may, apparently dahl was a bit frank generally, which just means he spoke his mind…
    as soon as everybody does that we’ll most of us be anti-semites…
    i liked louis farrakhan’s admission – he’s an ‘anti-termite’…
    somebody tell melvin – you can’t be a real jew and a zionist at the same time…
    real jews (never seen on tv) stick to their scriptures, still waiting for the real messiah (reptilian ET) to lead them back to their promise land…
    if you support apartheid israel’s theft of palestine, which 99% of ashkenazis do, it means you’re a zionist…
    no two ways about it…
    israel is a good example of an extremely xenophobic, archaic fundamentalist theocracy, having, like islam, not the appreciation of separation of church and state… therefore any critics of israel’s policies are automatically disparaged as mere bigots, antisemites, their opinions tainted, which is supposed to get the jew-ish aggressors off the public relations hook…
    bottom line is – people all over the world are wising up and getting sick of the scam…

  9. Claims that a handful of Jews in every era were responsible for the “white wars” is hard to believe. Colonial powers were white conquers not marching Jewish armies. But it is true that some Jewish owned banks gave loans to white warlike kings. Bankers aren’t guilty for murderous deeds. It is the guy that pulls the trigger.

    1. “Bankers aren’t guilty of murderous deeds”

      Bankers may not have personally pulled any triggers, but BECAUSE of those DEEDS, those who did….DID

      Now that’s what I call laughable 😅

    2. @ (((Melvin Polatnik)))

      “It is true that some Jewish owned banks gave loans to white warlike kings. Bankers aren’t guilty for murderous deeds. It is the guy that pulls the trigger.”

      Good try, (((Melvin)))! But your false Jewish logic just doesn’t work. We’re not that stupid! 🙂

      It’s not the hired assassin, the man who pulls the trigger, who is the only one to blame. It is the person who pays the assassin to carry out the murder, he is the person primarily to blame. It is the Rothschilds and the Schiffs and and the Sassoons (all Jews) who financed the British Empire in India and China and who were the bankers behind Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution, these are the prime evildoers. And they are always Jews, Jews, Jews! These are the men behind the scenes, the string pullers, the puppet masters.

      Only a Jew like you would blame the goy puppet for “pulling the trigger”, while exonerating the Jewish puppet master who finances the whole operation.

      1. Yep. The Jewish moneylenders, the banksters, are not kindly folk who hand out oodles of money to assassins and revolutionaries and leaders who start wars and who say, “Spend this on what you wish!”

        As they hand over the money, this is what they say:

        “Here. This money is your fee for carrying out this assassination. For starting this revolution. For fighting a war we Jews want you to fight in order to wipe out our enemies and enrich ourselves in the process. We Jews helped to kickstart WWI. We helped to kickstart WWII. And now here is some money for you guys to help kickstart WWIII.”


        The hired assassins simply do the job which their Jewish paymasters hire them to do. Simple as that.

      2. David Irving is the most important historian of the 20th century. He began his career with an international bestseller written in 1963 and wrote many others after that. He has been cited by many prominent people (including fellow historians) as the number one authority on the Third Reich. He is still working as a historian.

        In this speech made in 1987 he discusses how the British Jewish organization, the Board of Jewish Deputies and two wealthy Jewish emigrants (one Austrian and one German) began paying Churchill huge sims of money in 1936. I recommend watching the entire speech. Until that time, Churchill was not war mongering, even suggesting a solution to the Polish Corridor and Danzig (the stolen German territories) to avoid WW II. Beginning in 1936, after the Jewish payoffs to Churchill, this all changed and Churchill became the Jew’s man, the “Hired Help” as he is referred to in David Irving’s biography. With these activities, as well as similar activities by war mongering Jewish organizations and individuals in the other major powers, WW II became unavoidable, and Hitler and other German politicians were well aware of the outspoken Jewish war mongering, which included huge Jewish organized anti-German rallies in 1933 already. The Jews murdered the women and children in Germany’s cities and they have the blood on their hands for the 60 million that died in WW II and that is why many (but, not all) German Jews were put in Concentration Camps in 1941 – because they were a threat to Germany which was now at war with the whole world. The prominent leader of World Zionism, Chaim Weizmann (and later, the first president of Israel, stupidly gave Germany a very real reason to incarcerate its Jews. In 1938 or 39 Weizmann said that in a war with Germany, every Jew in the world would fight Germany and the mass media broadcast this to the world. Well, that is all Germany needed to know and held the Jews in camps when the war began.

        David Irving –

      3. Peter

        Weizman of course was LYING about every Jew being a threat to the Reich, as evidenced by a number of Jewish men’s desire to fight against ZIONISM.

        Hitler knew this full well, but had to be mindful of public perception wherein making distinctions would not have been politically wise

    3. Your Rabbi must be very proud, Melvin. You’ve learned your kol nidre* lessons well.

      *”Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law” (Aleister Crowley)

      The Psychopath’s credo.

      1. — Melvin Polatnik

        Please do not make the mistake of addressing ADMIN again personally for comments that Admin has not made to you in the first place. If you are addressed by Sardonicus, Madame Butterfly, Brownhawk, or any of the other commenters who have entered into dialogue with you, kindly address your comments to the same posters who have addressed you and leave ADMIN out of it.

        Your comments will be automatically deleted if you address me again personally when I have not addressed you first. As an impartial moderator of this website, I resent being drawn into your arguments with other people.

        You have been banned once before and the ban was only lifted when you admitted you were a Jew. At least this was honest. You will be banned once again if you continue to drag me unwillingly into your controversies with other people when I have neither the time nor the inclination to bandy words with you.

      2. I never knew a Jew who wasn’t an arrogant smartass. This will be the downfall of the Jews as a whole one day. Their cocky conviction that they are infinitely superior to the dumb goyim they can so easily and effortlessly outwit. Melvin P is a typical smartass Jew. Anyone here who reads his comments and is taken in by them is by definition an idiot.

  10. This raving Jew queer is nothing more
    than just another Talmudic distraction.
    It’s a shame to see how much time
    this kosher pervert managed to waste.



    What the Jews want to happen
    usually does happen, especially
    if it’s of a purely criminal nature.

    For example, the Jews wanted all
    Kennedys dead – and five of them
    were either assassinated or killed
    in dubious accidents.

    Likewise, the Jews didn’t want
    the American patriot Charles
    Lindbergh in the White House –
    and his baby son was kidnapped
    and murdered. And Lindbergh
    had no clue what hit him – and
    may well have went to his grave
    none the wiser.

    The worst possible mistake
    to make with the Jews is to
    doubt their utter bestiality.

  11. I must say I agree with Melvin on the idea that the person who does the deed Is ultimately responsible for his actions, even if he has been down turned into a soldier..
    But he’s wrong about the “a few jews” thing, that there is no small Cadre of secret string pullers….
    Look, you see wall street is shutting down one day this week to ‘honor’ daddy bush (real name – SHERF, a kike… a kike is a german jew.. so named . By the flieshmanns… anyway, he’s one of the patron saints of warmongering stockbrokers….

  12. I’m pretty sure the same bankers financed Hitler too.. it would stand to reason, wouldn’t it? Please read Charles higham. Not only did the international banking cartels finance the nazis and germany’s rearmament in the thirties, they held their conferences in Switzerland throughout the war, were given escorts across battle zones…
    Switzerland was designated neutral at the global zionism conference in basel in the late 1880s, when the world wars were being planned. You can bet the Same bloodlines have the next big event plotted out too., ww3, the big georgia guidstones/d Eagle report population reduction whatever, and the destruction of Yisrael, so sayeth Albert pike. ..
    Melvin is right in the sense that white Europeans would have conquered the Americas anyway, whether the elite banksters were in on it or not, but that doesn’t get the zuonists and the same jewe bankers off the hook for the theft of Palestine now… he seems to think it does, and I’ve met other so-called Jews who think so too…

    1. The bankers financed Hitler’s rise and eventual rearmament, but this doesn’t necessarily indicate he was in on the scam. It can’t be ruled out that he was being duped throughout, and that he at some point realized he’d been had. What of his final will and testament denouncing In ternational Jewry? This very well could have been legit.

      As for Melvin being right about White Europeans conquering the Americas without the elite banksters, (((who))) do you suppose would had to have FUNDED them? Could it be the same element that later bankrolled Hitler? After commandeering the Bank of England, the money control was firmly in (((their))) grasp – Carte Blanche time.

      Being duped via the Protocols traverses the centuries

  13. If the theory is true, I have a hard time understanding why Jews would want to wipe out the white race. Who is a more loyal servant of the Jews than whites? Which political party invited Netanyahu to speak before Congress and gave him 26 standing ovations (more than Obama had ever received)? At least a few D’s (including Bernie) joined Obama in refusing to attend. Did any R’s stay home? Who moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem? Who tore up the hard-won Iran nuclear deal despite the objections of every other country who signed it? Between the dying GOP white party and the quickly browning democrats, who unquestioningly carries the most water for the Zionists?

  14. Soldiers must be paid in cash, food, and shelter. Bankers don’t issue the marching orders only the cash, bankers are not generals. Landowners supply a tract of land as collateral for the bank loan that pays for an army. Wars and new wealth follows. Bankers don’t necessarily have to be Jews, but the Rothschilds were best at the business. Blame expansionists for wars, they want the resources and land that belongs to others.

    1. @ Melvin :

      I guess you consider me to be a ” virulent anti-semite”, that’s because I question Heliocentrism. So my question to you is : Why exactly do you jews consider it to be Anti-Jewish to question Heliocentrism? What the f*ck is that all about? Why do you jews get paranoid, nervous, and neurotic, when someone questions Heliocentrism? WTF? Was Hitler a, lol, a Flat Earther, that’s why you jews don’t want anyone questioning Heliocentrism? LOL…..

      1. TROJ,
        Why the long absence? Donaldo knows why. Every time we get plastered at the cantina you skip on the tab. You excuse yourself to the bathroom and leave Donaldo to pay the bill. Anyway, Donaldo always offers leniency to fellow Jews. But come on man. Don’t be gone too long. Us Darkmooners miss your imput. 🙂

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    This is not a site for sexual degenerates. Please GO AWAY and find some suitable porn site on which to post your cretinous comments!

  16. Roald Dahl’s writing maintains a very special and important place in my life. I, too, have read every short story he wrote and then some. He helped me survive childhood, and probably the rest of my life too.

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