Your Thoughts Are Not Permitted


Only pro-Jewish thoughts now allowed in public discourse

Hard choice: whether to eat or think? Bite your tongue or lose your job? Already they are demanding medical professionals receive toxic vaccinations in order to remain employed. 

The same unethical blackmail is now shrinking the consciousness of humanity by placing limits on what people can think. The impartial facts of World War II have now been outlawed as defamatory conspiracy theory by all the major Jewish media networks and distributors, entities which largely control what all Americans think.

Create a false body of knowledge, force everyone to believe it, and prosecute those who don’t.

The truth is that Hitler wanted peace, but Roosevelt and his Jewish handlers cleverly eliminated all the alternatives to war. Even Winston Churchill was to say later the catastrophe that killed 57 million people — but nowhere near 6 million Jews — was about preventing Germany’s economic dominance.

What you have learned from your life’s experiences is no longer a valid excuse for breaking laws that mandate you not express certain thoughts about certain events in history. Thus, diligent scholars who detect lies that the so-called Deep State has declared to be truth are now designated criminals for their seditious thoughts against the all-powerful state.

Millions of froth-mouthed policemen eager to enforce these sadistic sanctions on the way people think are standing by. You can tell who the real criminals are by observing who applauds these maneuvers.

Impermissible speech

What kind of speech is not permitted? The truth is at the top of the list.

Basically, any action that contravenes the phony Jewish version of history is eligible for either a kangaroo court conviction or, if your infraction is more serious, sudden termination.

One cannot watch humans slide into slavery and not speculate who has engineered this social catastrophe, where instead of intrepid explorers of the universe humans have become deluded drones executing programming that has been implanted in our minds by people who actually seek to destroy us after they rob us first.

The truth simply cannot be tolerated if the politically correct narrative is to be imprinted on the vast host of people, who then can uncritically endorse the system because they profit from it. Morality has no place in the grand schemes of Communism, which ultimately are run by the corporate titans.

Now that Amazon has branded Holocaust Revisionism an impermissible topic, can Google, Facebook and Twitter be far behind? Certainly President Trump has proven himself a shill for the Jewish artificial reality. These are all Jewish enterprises, slyly shaping the way their victims think in preparation for the great elimination of useless eaters.

And once they are all lined up on delegitimizing all challenges to Jewish lies, the rest of us will be locked in a prison of permitted thought, and coerced away from challenges to the well-camouflaged crimes of our kosher-approved leaders.

Once you can no longer challenge the lies of the Holocaust or 9/11, you can no longer expose the treasonous behavior of several American presidents and their omnipresent Hebrew handlers who have scripted every step their presidential marionettes have taken.

Inauthentic debates

What kind of despicable country kills its doctors for finding cures for cancers the Deep State’s Big Pharma division simply doesn’t want found?

The same kind of government with a history of murdering other countries for profit while declaring its victims as bad people for opposing tyrannical U.S. policies. Diplomacy behind the barrel of a gun, which is now aimed squarely at Americans, as they are replaced by Third World simpletons who care nothing about political corruption and accept child rape as a fact of life.

Everything you hear on television is simply useless chatter, because the criminal masterminds behind all these political upheavals and scripted terrorist incidents are never talked about. First and foremost, because all the TV networks are owned by Jews, you don’t hear a peep about the Jewish creation of 9/11, the World Wars, the engineered financial depressions, and all the other catastrophes for which criminal Jews have been responsible across time.

From the plagues of Egypt to today’s glyphosate poisoning, aerosol bombardment and radioactive terror guaranteeing near-term population reduction, the Jewish raison d’etre has remained the same.

Every pathological act the United States has committed since the great 9/11 deception has been based on that lie. It was a deliberate self inflicted injury for the purpose of perpetuating wars against everybody, which is exactly what the Talmud orders its psycho followers to do.

When you understand that, it opens a window into every lie the Jews have ever told, and the ones they continue to tell.

High price for honesty

University professors lose their jobs, those who can prove the Holocaust never happened are beaten by Jewish thugs, and more lately, those who publicly mention the constant extermination of Palestinians will never again be hired by companies that deal with the public because the Jews will raise a hair pulling outcry at the presence of a so-called anti-Semite. Facing the threat of the loss of Jewish business, the company itself will immediately fire the heretic truthseeker. In this way are corrupt practices engendered in the public mind as preferred behavior.

Jews demand exemption for all their crimes as their perquisites of power.

Not only is this such a high price for honesty that has destroyed many individual lives, the worse part is that it encourages deceit and untruthfulness as a way to get ahead in society. Yes, this would be the same society that never even noticed it was destroying the planet as it played its stupid games and polluted everything it touched.

This would be better known as the Jewish world, with respect for nothing but profit and control.

Because the Jewish American Federation of Teachers is in cahoots with those who have turned the American educational system into a politically correct propaganda mill, neither you nor the truth will get any justice from a populace taught not to question the orders their controllers have given them. That’s the only way Americans can cheer what the U.S. military does as it murders its way around the world.

What we have now are the evil ones running amuck, hiding behind the color of law that has turned to black.

Take a closer look

When rabbis cut the tips off the penises off babies’ penises at the age of eight days old and then suck the blood out of the bleeding wound, this concrete physical act symbolizes what these so-called Jews have been doing to the world since at least 500 BC.

These are profoundly sick people. They are the primary reason human society is profoundly sick.

All those leaders who allowed the Muslim invasion of Europe to occur should be tried for treason and executed for failing to protect their own people and act for their well-being. Especially for not protecting their women. They and their hired Muslim rapists should all be executed on the spot.

The claim that six million Jews were executed by gassing during World War II is a blatant lie. The truth is that there were no gas chambers in the concentration camps used to execute Jews and not one Jew was executed by gassing. In some countries such as Germany, those who dispute the idea that six million Jews were executed by gassing are imprisoned under law. This is the kind of legal support that this massive lie needs in order to be perpetuated.


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41 thoughts to “Your Thoughts Are Not Permitted”

  1. It is forbidden to teach Christianity in US schools. Jewish lawyers working for the ACLU won’t even allow symbols of Christianity to appear in public spaces as part of the celebrations of Christ’s birth, now officially known as “the Holidays”, but in Connecticut students will be required to take classes on the Holocaust(TM).

    This legislation passed unanimously (147-0). Does it strike anyone else as somewhat odd that one of the first places this news appeared was in the Times of Israel?

    1. A sad situation, Carnaptious. Your astute comment about the double standards in operation here, clearly demonstrating that the Jewish religion of Holocaustanity is now the officially recognized state religion of America, fills me with the bleakest pessimism. It would perhaps be marginally tolerable if Christianity were treated as an equal among equals, but it is not. Christianity is now undergoing persecution, as it was in Ancient Rome under Nero and Caligula, with Christians being thrown to the lions in the amphitheatre.

      You can mock Christianity openly now and commit blasphemy against Jesus Christ, boiling him in excrement to your heart’s content, as per the Talmud, but the slightest doubt expressed about the Holocaust will bring the wrath of the Jews down upon your head!

      Insult 2.1 billion Christians if you wish, Sir Jew, and get away with it! No problem! But if the slightest doubt be expressed about your so-called “Holocaust”, the religion of 14.4 million Jews, all hell breaks loose!

      Truly, it makes me want to puke.

      I console myself with this thought. What goes up, comes down. The pendulum will swing back one day. The gloating smiles of the Jews today will be replaced one day, in the not too distant future among their descendants, by the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

      1. I console myself with this thought. What goes up, comes down. The pendulum will swing back one day.

        An ancient philosophy.

        Perhaps this is why they liked to stay in the shadows and let gentiles do their dirty work? Maybe it explains the theory that they always let their plans be known — sort of a “negative karma” — so that we could never claim we never knew? All in an attempt to stave off fate; to keep Nemesis at at the gate 😀

        Anyway, they are no longer hiding and I am reminded of something a family member once said, “Only when a Star of David is flying over every building will the people rise up”.

      2. @ Flopot

        “Maybe it explains the theory that they always let their plans be known — sort of a “negative karma” — so that we could never claim we never knew?”

        Check this video out (just close the nagging pop-ups that advertise a newer version of the video); it is apparently supposed to “warn” us about 9/11.

        Then there is this part of Back to the Future II where the character of Biff Tannen is supposedlt based on Orange Clown.

      3. Only when a Star of David is flying over every socialist grocery store and food bank that closed its doors will the people rise up.

      4. The Twitterverse was recently ablaze with comments about a young woman who had picked out a traditional Chinese dress to wear to her prom, and a torrent of comments from SJWs criticizing her for “cultural appropriation”, demanding that she not wear the dress. Long story short, she unapologetically wore the dress to her prom, and many thousands of people from China thanked her for doing so.

        Meanwhile, in Hollywood, the usual suspects – many of whom joined in the criticism of a young woman’s choice of prom dress – were planning a gala event with the theme ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’

        In a very strange turn of events, one of the most dependable mouthpieces of all things liberal-progressive, Piers Morgan, wrote an article (link above) in which he observed that a gala event with a Jewish or Islamic theme would have been denounced as “cultural appropriation”, but “apparently it’s absolutely fine to have a ‘Catholic’ theme, as we saw at last night’s Met Gala.”

        When someone like Piers Morgan begins to comment publicly on double standards there is reason to hope things may be about to change. Whether that is for the better or worse remains to be seen.

      5. Ah, yes that pendulum will swing back one day, but my worry is that my children and grandchildren will never even have a chance to read or even hear the truth about the Jews. The day when they are simply all controlled by the psycho elite without ever having a clue as to whom those who rule over them really are. The Jews will have become the “white” people on this earth as another huge fraud on the population and all history will have been changed to make them the good guys. That is the real crime to come.

      6. In islam, we believe that with the second coming of Jesus, all jews will be killed if they deny Jesus for the second time. That’s the end of them.

    2. Lol. The State of Connecticut’s senate chaplain is Rabbi Philip Lazowski. It would be an interesting diversion to list all the chaplains of all the US State senates.

      A quick visit to the Jewish Information Centre, Wikipedia, reminds us that “Though originally the word chaplain referred to representatives of the Christian faith…” yadayadayada

      One can only hope that their chutzpah is also their hubris, i.e. it is time they ran out of luck and got a good old bashing from Nemesis.

    1. Though Huck Finn and I won’t be receiving an invite to the funeral of John McCIA, we will be sending a note saying we approve of it..

    2. Good, if brief, article, but the author missed McCain’s involvement in the Keating 5 scandal, Abscam, suppressing information on POWs left behind in Vietnam, cozy relationships with ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists, and knee jerk support for any and every war in which Israel’s leaders demand US support in the form of blood and treasure. That’s just what I can easily recall.

      McCain should concern himself with the temperature of the flames, and the depth of the excrement in which he’ll be standing until the command comes “Coffee break’s over. Back on your heads.”

      1. “suppressing information on POWs left behind in Vietnam”
        That’s the one..

        Same as Trump, I won’t be getting an invitation to the funeral, but same as Huck Finn, I will be sending a note sayin’ I approve of it..

    3. let him entertain himself with christopher marlowe’s “o lente lente currite noctis equi”, latin being the proper language of both spheres of afterlife.
      hardly a day went by that he didn’t commit some crime against the gentile humanity.
      (i guess “gentile humanity” is a tautology, since there is no other kind of humanity)

      1. My Latin, never good, is rusty, so I had to look that up: O, run slowly, slowly, horses of the night! Originally from Ovid’s “Amore” (Liber I, XIII, Line 40: Lente currite noctis equi) with reference to horses pulling Time’s chariot, and he wants the night to stretch out so he can spend more time with his mistress.

        Yes, seems particularly apt for serial philanderer McCain.

      2. I wanted to be a High Court Judge…….but, unfortunately, I did not have the Latin. (Peter Cook)…

  2. And the goyim sheeple keep remaining silent as they
    wait their fate decided by their jewish masters. They deserve their slavish destiny and long for it like a SM- bondage.

  3. Great timing with this article. Today’s the day I walk away from the “gatekeepers” called Breitbart and InfoWars. Their reaction to Trump’s bellicose attacks on Iran has been nothing short of disgusting.

    If you are on the alt-right, you have been “kettled” by these zionist gatekeepeers. Oh you can be conservative as you want but you MUST support Israel too. Make America great again! But Israel first. ALL conversation is steered towards putting Israel FIRST.

    The left is not immune to this. Back when I was moderately left I remember how Democratic Underground was also “steered” into a slavishly pro-Israel stance.

    And then there are the Christian “zionists” mindlessly posting scripture everywhere from their Scofield Bibles.

    ARE YOU SEEING IT YET? Do you get who controls the horizontal and the vertical? Only the smaller sites dare question israel….and when they DO, they get branded “white supremacist” or “nazi.”

    Thank you for this article. Nice to know I’m not alone.

  4. There are far, far MORE Jews than the much-touted “two percent” or 14.4 million.

    “Two Percent” is Jewish disinformation. Because of the relentless Jew-funded genocidal wars killing millions of Europeans since the 17th century, the ratio of Jews to nonJews has steadily risen.

    Nonstop Genocide:
    Oliver Cromwell’s English/Irish bloodbath,
    Adam Weishaupt’s French bloodbath;
    Napoleon’s Rothschild-funded serial wars;
    Judah Benjamin’s US Civil War;
    Bismarck’s Franco-Prussian bloodbath;
    Disraeli’s Balkan bloodbath;
    Jacob Schiff’s Russian bloodbath;
    T. Mandel House’s WW I;
    FDR, Churchill and Bernard Baruch’s WW II.
    Eisenhower’s US-Korean bloodbath.

  5. I have found that my blood pressure is better controlled by NOT giving a damn what the stupid masses of sheeple are misled to believe – as long as I know better, and don’t follow them off the cliff. 😁
    Desire for social acceptance among the sheeple is an unfulfilling waste of time. It is best ignored.

  6. This is an extremely needed article that tells it like it is. It should be distributed everywhere possible to reach as many people as possible.

  7. an idea whose time has come
    Venezuela starts bi-national bank with Palestine using cryptocurrency
    This new bank has been developed for the purpose of bypassing American imposed sanctions

    cryptocurrency will be to global usury what internet has become to the mainstream media, picking the locks on jew’s dungeons … the center can’t hold.

    that said, i would never consider cryp$ a legitimate medium of commercial exchange, since it doesn’t even have a physical presence.
    It is anti-gold in that whereas gold cannot be manufactured, cryp$ is just a hallucination fixed through consent, like agreeing that the unicorns are bright pink.
    But if it brings the long overdue pain to jew, i am all for it.

  8. “O, what a tangled web (((we))) weave when first (((we))) practice to deceive” ~ Walter Scott

    (((Parentheses added))). When are AMERICANS going to WAKE THE HELL UP?! Seriously.

    Here is what needs to go mainstream:

    The so-called “Sephardi” “Jews” (10% of all “Jews” today) are of BERBER-ARAB descent. The remaining 90% of so-called “Jews” today (the “Ashkenazi”) are of SLAVO-TURKIC descent. This means, that they have NO LEGITIMATE CLAIM to being the direct lineal descendants of the original, true IBERI (Hebrews) of the Old Testament era! NONE. WHAT-SO-EVER. Read Paul Wexler’s work in _The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews_, and _The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity_. Also, read THE GREAT DECEPTION: SYRIA, BRITAIN AND THE ROMAN CONSPIRACY, by Comyns Beaumont, IF you wish to discover the TRUE geographic location of the people, places & events described in both the Old & New Testament.

    And, (((they))) ADMIT AS MUCH, in (((their))) own publications:

    Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Vol 10:23: “Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860 [AD].”

    Page 3 of the 1980 Jewish Almanac states: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary [modern] Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

    (You see, what these BERBER-ARABS & SLAVO-TURKS did, was HIJACK the very much VENERATED name & identity of the TRUE, ORIGINAL IBERI, or IBRI (Hebrews) of the Old Testament era (highly-esteemed in the minds of Western Christians) on their way to
    HIJACKING the entirety of Western Civilization! When did they do it? 1860 AD. Do you see what they did? They HIJACKED, and appropriated FOR THEMSELVES, the very NAME & IDENTITY of the true, original Hebrews of the Old Testament era, thereby indirectly claiming to be their direct lineal descendants, when, in fact, they are NO SUCH THING. Please, wake up some people in your sphere of influence, by sharing these VITAL HISTORICALLY-DOCUMENTED FACTS WITH THEM! Let’s try to save America, shall we?

    The level of DECEPTION in the West, with regard to the TRUE identity of the COUNTERFEIT “Jews” is mind-blowing, just as it is with regard to the so-called “Holocaust”. Read THE HOLOCAUST HOAX EXPOSED: DEBUNKING THE 20TH CENTURY’S BIGGEST LIE, by Victor Thorn. This book finally puts the entire Hollow Hoax to rest. You may obtain a copy for a mere $25 on Texe Marrs’ website.

    1. According to Rabbi Louis Finklestein, jews are the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees:

      “Judaism. Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaptation of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.

      When the Jew reads his prayers, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.

      Nor is it merely the outer accoutrements of Pharisaism which have survived in his life; the spirit of the doctrine has remained quick and vital.”

      (“The Pharisees, The Sociological Background of Their Faith”; Forward to the First Edition, p.XXi, Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1938).

      And we know what Jesus said to the Pharisees in John 8:44. (And as I see it, this information sheds some light on certain aspects of Biblical prophecy, e.g., Rev 17:8).

  9. Whatever generation folks are part of, we are all now in the “No Excuse Era”.

    Kikejew perfidy could be effectively hidden in the past. No longer.

    In these times we will witness of what we are worthy.

    Stars, or the Abyss.

  10. With the Jewish population of the US sitting at around 2% , it may be more prudent to ? The 98%s integrity,
    A certain pop stars comments regarding ” wanting to be a slave ” springs to mind.

  11. The truth is that the jews are still sacrificing Humans and children.

    What do you think 18 year old soldiers are? They are STILL children. Eighteen year olds are STILL children, not mature adults.

    THe jews in the U.S. approve of sending our U.S. kid soldiers to wars, wars the jews of israel provoke and start.
    It’s NOT jew children that suffer, bleed, die and are maimed. It’s everybody else’s children, NOT jew children!

  12. I am simply saying them and anyone who does not like it can KMA.
    “The ART of the Deal’ ?! REALLY? What is America getting for Trump’s treason? Trump gives Israel Our Embassy in Jerusalem against 70 years of previous presidents and international convention. Trump shames America by breaking Our word as given in the Iran treaty. Trump stations American troops inside Israel so they can entangle America in Israel’s HATE. Trump borrows money from Communist China to GIVE to Israel as American Children go hungry and cold. Meanwhile Israel continues to SPY on us and sell Our secrets to Our enemies. Israel has bomb shelters & supplies for ALL it’s Jewish citizens , paid for by YOU. Where is YOUR Family’s bomb shelter?

    1. Sam –

      “Trump shames America by breaking Our word as given in the Iran treaty.”

      The is NO “Iran Treaty” in existence.

      It was an agreement invented by Obama and he gave them loads of cash to accept it, with boat-loads more coming. The Senate would have never passed a “Treaty” weighted like that. Any President can change or dismiss the flimsy agreements made by those before him.

      Now that Iran’s economy and infrastructure is on the mend, due to the trade with other nations allowed in the ‘agreement’… it is not that needed anymore. Iran won that with Obama.

    1. after the ww2, it was a common practice in the western obstetrics to circumcise newborn boys without bothering to tell the parents, on the grounds of “better hygiene”.

      one has to wonder about what infernal machinery was able to put this into a nearly global effect, certainly among the european nations, of which north america was one at the time.
      presumably the campaign involved holocaust™, threat of aryan nazi supremacism™ and lots of cash.
      thus the “boom” white generation, specifically the ones governed by the protestant masons, got truncated at the start, i would imagine it is easily apparent in the census datasets.

      1. I was a victim of the fad, and going to school in the UK, one of the few holdouts against the practice, I was often asked – when we showered after sports – if I was a Jew.

  13. The First Amendment is a hard thing to roll over. The love of freedom found in White Americans is something the Jew cannot appreciate because he does not know it in himself. I think America is where the Jew is going to meet his match and get beat. I think the White American can beat him and this is going to happen.

    1. Thank you, KB, for a hopeful comment free of despair and skepticism. The JWO is jew for a fall; their dialectical nonsense (controlled opposition vs controlled opposition vs controlled opposition) is finally exploding in their sneering faces.

  14. I nowadays believe Hitler was also part of the Jewish plan. While Hitler probably wasn’t controlled opposition or a puppet, evidence points to the theory that Jews indeed exercise some control over him.

    Consider these:

    Hitler considered England to be a great friend even though it was common knowledge that English aristocracy had long been taken over by Jews, and the British Empire was actually a Jewish Empire.

    Even though Jews have a long track record of assassinations, there was never any serious attempt on Hitler’s life, the single biggest enemy Jews allegedly had since Jesus Christ.

    Hitler left the Jewish elite alone. He made no attempt to smash the Rothschilds or the Warburgs.

    As soon as he came to power, he got rid of Gottfried Feder who promoted interest-free money, and replaced him with Hjamar Schacht, who was suspected by some to be a Rothschild stooge, and indeed was later to be acquitted at the Nuremberg trials.

    Hitler’s rise to power was also quite unbelievably meteoric. Jews simply don’t allow a nobody to rise to the highest level of power like that, unless they have an interest in it.

  15. @ PB

    You made some good points.

    I think Hitler really was an inspired person. But I think he had cut a deal with the Zionists. I’ve read that he had a Jewish cook for his vegetatian soups, for instance. This started after his lover had committed suicide, and went on for several years, I believe.

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