A Poltergeist Christmas

In an atmosphere of jollity and good cheer at a family Christmas dinner, an unexpected event suddenly occurred that was to change people’s lives.

By Lasha Darkmoon



“Psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung was interested in the concept of poltergeists and the occult in general. Jung believed that a female cousin’s trance states were responsible for a dining table splitting in two and his later discovery of a broken bread knife.  Jung also believed that when a bookcase gave an explosive cracking sound during a meeting with Sigmund Freud in 1909, he correctly predicted there would be a second sound, speculating that such phenomena were caused by ‘exteriorization’ of his subconscious mind. Freud disagreed, and concluded there was some natural cause.”

— Based on material found in Colin Wilson’s Poltergeist: A Classic Study in Destructive Hauntings (2010) and Colin Wilson’s C.G.Jung: Lord of the Underworld (2019).

The story related below was published as a ‘Letter to the Editor’  in the Christmas edition of my local newspaper a few years ago. It was submitted under a pen name. Surprising events like these, involving apparitions and inexplicable phenomena that defy the laws of nature, are not uncommon in the annals of history. However, the reaction of most people to events like these is one of extreme scepticism, if not of outright hostility. “Things like this just don’t happen,” I’ve been told after relating this story to others. “I’m sorry, but you’re either seriously deluded or else you’re a liar!”

Let readers judge for themselves. Here is the letter:

A curious event occurred last Christmas in our family circle which I should like to share with your readers.

It began in fact two years ago, on Christmas Day, as we sat round the dinner table musing on past times and on the dear friends and relations who had made their final exits into the other world.

Outside, in the snow-blanketed village, we could hear the distant strains of carol singers singing my all-time favourite Christina Rossetti poem set to carol music by Gustave Holst, In the Bleak Midwinter.

As often happens on these occasions, the conversation had drifted into a sombre discussion of the life after death,  a topic most unsuitable for a jolly Christmas dinner. In an attempt to inject a note of gaiety into the proceedings, my father proposed a toast, and promised that when he died he would somehow get in touch with us.

There was a rock-crystal ashtray on my father’s knee in which a fat Cuban cigar, unlit, lay ready for lighting up later, after the trays of cranberry pies and mulled wine had been served and everyone was now disposed to the serious business of relaxing.

“You see this ashtray?” my father said, sipping his favourite Armenian brandy, a vintage Ararat matured in an oak cask.  “Well, when I die I’ll come back and smash it.  Just to prove I’ve finally given up smoking!”

We laughed, and the matter was soon forgotten as the plum pudding was carried in, all lit up in its dish of blazing brandy.

My father died within a month of making that last joke. Never again would he enjoy the traditional Christmas banquet (still popular in remote country houses) of roast goose served with sage and onion dressing, or a rib of beef with Yorkshire pudding, or hot mince pies served on a gleaming silver tray with cinnamon-scented wines.

It had been noted at the time of his passing that my father’s Swiss watch, an antique Audemars Piguet, had stopped at the moment of his death, as many old watches tend to do on the demise of their owners.

This watch had been placed on the mantelpiece inside the rock-crystal ashtray, and there it had lain as a memento for the past year, perpetually frozen at 12.44.

It was last Christmas, then, a full year after my father’s death, that we all got together again.

It was late evening and twelve of us were sitting round the fire roasting chestnuts and drinking sherry.

My mother rose to fetch the ashtray from the mantelpiece.  As she crossed the room there was a high-pitched vibration, like the sound of a tuning fork, and the rock-crystal ashtray suddenly cracked into two symmetrical halves with a loud PING.

Had matters stopped there, we should doubtless have found some plausible explanation for the splitting ashtray.  But what happened next was so bizarre that I doubt if any rational explanation can be found for it.

Rooted to the spot, my mother was staring fixedly—not at the ashtray but at the watch that lay cradled within the ashtray’s newly-formed fissure.

The second-hand of the watch jerked into spasmodic life and was racing round the watch-face.

My mother wordlessly held the watch out for us to see.  The revolution of the second hand was unmistakable. It was moving round, quite definitely, at several times its ordinary speed, as if being accelerated by some  hidden power source.

When the watch finally hiccupped to a halt at 12.50  (six minutes on the watch-face) we couldn’t help noting that in actual fact only a minute had elapsed.

During this minute out of time I personally neither saw nor sensed anything unusual, apart from the strange behaviour of the watch.

But my mother, my aunt Elinor, and a nine-year-old niece all claim to have seen my father.

Standing in front of the fire, his dark eyes agleam, he was smoking a long cigar from which golden-yellow streamers of smoke danced like ribbons of sunlight.

This experience has transformed our lives.

My mother looks like a young girl nowadays, quite radiant, as if she had tasted the honeydew of paradise.

VIDEO  :  In the Bleak Midwinter (2.45 mins)

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. i must dig and scratch deep into the memory to think of anything spooky, preternatural or supernatural in my life, maybe i just lack the fine tuned antennae to catch the brush of spirit wings sweeping over me.
    But, i would never on the basis of personal experience or lack thereof, allow myself easy skepticism or cynicism of such events.
    That said, i actually prefer Dark December to Bleak Midwinter and in fact, the purely instrumental music by Holst accompanied by a silent read of Rosetti’s poem is more satisfying to me than hearing the lyrics.

    one other thing, recalling a recent post by Darrell.
    of course he is 100% correct and moreover launches me along the following tangent.
    i detest the modern Roman liturgy, with the priest facing the congregation in a conversationalist manner, turning his back to God and shooting breeze in whatever vernacular, as if this is supposed to pull the masses closer to the Church and Christ—just the opposite! (which is probably the reason for the conciliar switch)
    The proper, traditional Tridentine Mass speaks the universal, eternal language of the Church as it was heard since Saint Peter uttered it.
    Of course that Jesus spoke Latin, that most beautiful of languages, the language of Logos, the lingua franca of the civilized world, does anyone think that in His conversation with Pontius Pilate, the latter spoke Aramaic?
    Through all the centuries thence, the ecclesiastic Latin was invariably heard in every corner of the known world, you could attend a Mass in Goa, Cuzco, Manilla or New Orleans and never feel like an eavesdropping stranger—it unified the world and provided comfort to all the faithful in equal measure.
    What of the objection that many don’t understand Latin? So what?
    Those that care about the content will teach themselves to a sufficient level of comprehension and those that don’t will likewise ignore the vernacular version as well or even more so, I cannot stand the ones that I do understand to any degree and in fact prefer the ones that I don’t, e.g., Tamil or Thai, where I listen and try to discover cadence that brings it into the synchrony with what is known to me.

    And my Christmas gift to the forum is that I WILL NOT sing Schubert’s Ave Maria on youtube—count your blessings 🙂

    1. A truly stunning post by Lobro, the more so as everything he says about the Latin mass simply echoes my own thoughts on this subject.

      As a seasoned Roman Catholic myself, lapsed for many years and then partly revived in the old faith after wandering in existential darkness for many years, I can empathize with Lobro’s feeling that the newfangled mass in the vernacular, with the priest with his back to the altar and facing the congregation, like an actor on the stage, was a huge let-down.

      The original Latin words of the traditional mass were beautiful and sonorous, and the fact that the words meant nothing to those without Latin, actually enhanced the effect on their minds and had a deeply subliminal effect. Knowing the meaning of the Latin words would not have helped at all to increase the spirit of devotion, since the appeal would now be to the intellect alone and would have have been directed to the wrong part of the brain.

      For a start, if you know the meaning of the words, you start thinking rationally. And rational cogitation (or ratiocination) is the last thing you need in the circumstances. Where is the magic and the mystery if you know the superficial “meaning”? What about the meaning behind the meaning?

      When a beautiful woman looks into your eyes and SAYS NOTHING, you are more deeply pierced by her Sphinxlike mystery than if she opens her mouth and spoils it all by saying something totally banal like, “Whew, isn’t this weather awful!” 🙂

      And so, my friends, silence is often better than speech; and not knowing the meaning of the Latin liturgy is infinitely preferable to a translation that tells you the meaning. After all, what does pure instrumental music mean, the music without words? It has no meaning as such, except the meaning you give it — the meaning “that passeth all understanding”.

      Lobro perceptively notes that he prefers the video of Christina Rossetti’s poem, “In The Bleak Midwinter”, without the words — just the music of Gustave Holst as background to the beautiful winter pictures. Well, he makes a good point. I think this is why LD chose to provide this rendition, sensing that the words of the carol would get in the way of the inner meaning and the infinitely poignant pathos of pure sound devoid of human language.

    2. Thanks for not singing, lobro ol’ buddy. But any beautiful rendition of the Beethoven devotee Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria is fine with me.

      I’ll put it this way: without having written that most inspired piece of music, he wouldn’t be in Brownhawk’s top ten classical composers (the majority of which are Germans…..of course) 😃

    3. Lobro, what you say is right and excellently articulated. For those who would like to know more about the Traditional Mass vs New Mass, there is an amazing book, The Heresy of Formlessness by Martin Moesbach, which, though not scholarly, is a literary masterpiece and has been hailed by many as the best book ever written on the Sacred Liturgy. angelicopress.org/product/the-heresy-of-formlessness/

      A more scholarly book which exposes the evil machinations of the creators of the New Mass is Work of Human Hands by Fr Anthony Cekada. sggresources.org/products/work-of-human-hands-by-rev-anthony-cekada

    4. Benedict XVI when cardinal said, “A liturgy that had grown organically was pushed aside in favor of a human fabrication.”

      Paul VI promulgated the new Missale Romanum on April 3 1969. He was met with the ‘Ottaviani Intervention’ of which their Critical Study warned that the Novus Ordo Missae or New Mass represented a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Holy Mass and concluded; “It is clear that the Novus Ordo no longer intends to present the Faith as taught by the Council of Trent.” Dietrich von Hildebrand wrote; “Truly, if one of the devils in C.S.  Lewis’ ‘The Screwtape Letters’ had been entrusted with the ruin of the liturgy he could not have done it better.”

      What passes for liturgy in most parishes is a maudlin prayer service, a pious fraud, or a sacramental sacrilege. Catholics in this way have been de-catechized and de-liturgized. The Italian novelist, Tito Casini, denounced his bishop, Cardinal Lercaro of Bologna, who happened also to head the Pontifical Commission for the Liturgy: “You have done what Roman soldiers at the foot of the Cross never dared to do. You have torn the seamless tunic, the bond of unity among believers in Christ, past, present and future, to leave it in shreds.”

      In Rome, Archbishop Bugnini’s New Mass, which Paul VI approved, was celebrated in the Sistine Chapel. A large majority of the prelates who were present voted against it. The actual numbers were seventy-eight in favor, two hundred and seven against. The orthodox Cardinal Ottaviani examined the text of the vandalized version, and found that it contained some twenty heresies. ‘The New Mass’, he said, ‘departs radically from Catholic doctrine and dismantles all defenses of the Faith.’ The same sentiment was expressed by Cardinal Heenan of Westminster: ‘The old boast that the Mass is everywhere the same … is no longer true.’ Ottaviani was head of the Holy Office, which exercised guardianship over faith and morals. Pope Paul clamped down upon the office, and clipped the Cardinal’s claws; and he was so annoyed by the adverse vote that he forbade the New Mass ever to be the subject of a ballot again. From then on it was given official, but not popular sanction. Thousands of people, who would not tolerate a form of the Mass that was less dignified than the Protestant Communion service, either left or stopped going to church. Many priests followed suit. Those who stood by the incontrovertible ruling of Pius V on the Mass were threatened with suspension, or even excommunication. (Piers Compton, The Broken Cross, 70) See also, e.g., padrepioandchiesaviva.com/Quo_Primum_-_Latin_Mass.html

      1. You’ve said it all, Darrell. I couldn’t have put it better. I’m so pleased that this website, sympathetic to core Christianity, allows Catholics like you and me to express distaste for the new Latin mass.

        As any Catholic who holds the Eternal Christ dear, the Christ of the Logos, I see Vatican II as an abomination. Let them go on like this and these malevolent meddlers will achieve what is doubtless their aim: the destruction of Christianity.

        We’ll know it’s finally arrived when a new Pope openly proclaims himself a practicing homosexual, with his beloved consort in the papal bed being the Archbishop of Canterbury. Yes, that will be the day of the snickering demons.

  2. May your father’s soul finally pass on to an eternal place, a far better place than this ephemeral world.

    Like other ascended souls, like the Buddha and Jesus, when death finally calls, may your soul and the souls of your family, never be born again into this world. May the individual drop of your soul’s essence return forever to the eternal ocean of existence.

    Perhaps then, perhaps there, wherever, we will meet and rejoice without memory of this life. This is the best Christmas wish for which one can hope. A wish, a prayer, I hold for all of you, even those undeserving.

    Merry Christmas, all the best to everyone. May our New Year not be another Jew year.

    – Arch

  3. Sharing this Christmas story like this one as well as the very Christmassy picture with the readers, gives the readers who observe this holiday a good start this Christmas season. Keep in mind, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holiday in the whole world today.

    @LOBRO, I have wondered what happened to you. Glad you are still around. Feliz Navidad, old budy!

    1. What am I doing on this dreadful site again at this time of year when my people are celebrating Hanukkah which started on the 22nd of this month and ends on the 30th? To be on a “Christian” site at this time of year might seem to constitute a betrayal of Judaism and induce pangs of guilt in the average Jew.

      In actual fact, it is not a betrayal at all, given that I am a secular Jew of the Trotskyist persuasion. I don’t believe in anything but the certainty of death. Rotting in the grave, with the coffin worm gnawing at my cheek, this is the future I envisage for myself. A bleak prospect indeed.

      Frankly, I don’t think much of Lasha Darkmoon’s Christmas amateur dramatics. She lies! The lady lies through her back teeth, as only an agent for Satan or Iblis can lie. She is Lilith, the seller of honey cakes laced with arsenic. Madam Tox.

      — An exploding ashtray! An old guy smoking a ghostly cigar! An antique Swiss watch misbehaving and doing a dance to the music of time! Give me a break!

      I wasn’t born yesterday. I could do without this religious crap.

      The only people who meet with my approval are anarchists and nihilists. In fact, dead-enders like myself. The only authentic people I know are people like me — on the brink of suicide.

      The only thing that keeps me living is — well, I won’t say what keeps me going. That’s my dark secret.

      1. Was that the Maccabees smiting the ‘Greeks’….? Or were they having a good old inter tribal war as is their want…? Oy vey…the chutzpah,
        “The Jews present the history behind Hanukkah as a heroic tale of patriotic resistance by Jews (led by the Maccabees) against foreign invaders (the Seleucids). In fact, the conflict began as a struggle for dominance (in particular control of the influential office of High Priest) between powerful Jewish clans. One clan sought Seleucid intervention in Jewish affairs; the other allied with the Seleucids’ rivals, the Ptolemies. Later, the Maccabees formed an alliance with the Romans against the Seleucids. The foreign intervention, then, was actively solicited by the Jews themselves.
        As ever, Jews claim the Seleucids hated them for no reason. In fact, all the evidence indicates that, prior to the conflict, the Seleucids were tolerant and well-disposed towards the Jews.”…..Next!

      2. Zak,
        Your deep, dark secret is the weekly sex you have with that room-temperature IQ bubbly, blond lover of yours. Good enough a reason to keep on living in Donaldos book. 💅😘😅. Happy Hanukkah old friend.

      3. ZAK @ “The only authentic people I know are people like me — on the brink of suicide”

        Don’t go off the Deep End. Don’t fall thru that hole in the middle of the metaphysical bagel

  4. Thank you for the beautiful story. For those who have met the Ibis, such things are understood.

  5. Sounds like someone might’ve “spiked” the mulled-wine.

    If any elephants with pink polka-dots were also sighted flying around the room, then someone DEFINITELY spiked the mulled-wine… and put a spinkling of crack in the cranberry sauce to boot!

  6. To all you “Latin” know-it-alls:

    Church Latin is know as “Latin VULGATE” – where “vulgate” means common or vulgar – for a REASON!
    That being; It’s a bastardised, truncated, simplified form of CLASSICAL Latin… fit only for the peasants.

    Being fluent in Latin since the age of about TEN and translating the likes of Livy by the age of THIRTEEN, even a cursorsory look then at the standard Roman Missal – Latin/Englsih side-by-side – told me something “wasn’t quite right”.. and that there’d been some shenanigans going on behind the scences.

    “Pax Domini Sit Seper Vobiscum”. You’re Welcome

    1. @ The Realist

      You are obviously not a Latin scholar if you can describe the Vulgate Latin translation of the Bible as “a bastardized, truncated, simplified form of classical Latin…fit only for the peasants.” In fact, you show appalling ignorance. Check the Wikipedia article on the Vulgate. Nowhere will you find such derogatory words as “bastardized”, “truncated”, or “simplified”.


      You have been misled by the word “vulgate”, associated etymologically with “vulgar” or “of the common people”. In fact, the word “vulgate” in this particular context simply means “version (of the Bible) commonly held”, meaning the more “popular” version. Wikipedia explains:

      “The new version [of the Bible, translated by St Jerome] became widely adopted; and over succeeding centuries eventually eclipsed the Vetus Latina [= old Latin], so that by the 13th century it had taken over from the former version the appellation of versio vulgata (= the “version commonly used”) or vulgata for short.”

      The Vulgate Latin translation has been around since the late 4th century and was the main text throughout the Middle Ages and is still used today in Christian monasteries. It is stylish and elegant Latin. It had to be to survive as the key text for so many centuries. It is not colloquial Latin. It is simpler and easier to read than Classical Latin and is the bridgehead between Classical Latin and Medieval Latin. It’s a form of Church Latin or ecclesiastical Latin, stylish and correct, but far simpler and more modern than Classical Latin.

      Put it this way: People like Julius Caesar, who spoke Classical Latin, would have found church Latin easy. They would have had no problems reading the Vulgate Bible or the Missal. On the other hand, medieval monks who were familiar with the Vulgate Bible and Church Latin would have found Classical Latin much harder. The vocabulary was harder and the grammar also was more complicated.

      Your idea that “peasants” read the Vulgate (“fit only for peasants”) is ridiculous and shows your staggering ignorance. Peasants throughout this period were totally ILLITERATE! They couldn’t even read their own language, let alone Latin! For a start, there were no books to read! Only manuscripts on parchment. The printing press had not been invented until Gutenberg in the 15th century. The ONLY people who could read Latin in the Middle ages were monks and scholars in the great universities of Europe.

      Though Latin was the “lingua franca” or universal language of Europe, this was only among highly educated people, noble families, and travelling scholars like Erasmus. The common people didn’t know a single word of Latin.

      1. @ Latin Scholar

        Many thanks for your erudite post. Having studied Classical Latin at school, I can confirm that it is far harder than church Latin which became familiar to me when I began my noviciate as a Catholic nun. There is nothing crude or vulgar about the Vulgate translation of the Bible by the great linguistic scholar St Jerome. The whole idea is poppycock. Vulgate Latin is the most beautiful Latin in the world, and it’s very easy to master if you already have a smattering of Classical Latin.

    2. @ The Realist
      If you’re fluent in Latin, why did you write “Seper” instead of “Semper”?

      And thank you, Latin Scholar, for your excellent explanation and correction of this egregiously mistaken critic of the Vulgate. If the Holy Spirit has guided the Church in truth, goodness, and beauty throughout the centuries, according to the promise of Christ, then the Latin Vulgate as used in the Church’s liturgy until the post-1958 destruction is part of the divine plan. At least the Traditional Latin Mass is now making a comeback, in no small part due to the faith-destroying words and actions of anti-pope Francis, a faithful servant of the Judeo-Masonic powers and of the Devil. For those who want to know more about Ecclesiastical Freemasonry and the evils it has spawned, see padrepioandchiesaviva.com/Padre_Pio___Fr.html, including “Who is Fr Villa” at the bottom. You may experience some cognitive dissonance, including from other articles there. So much has been hidden from us for so long.

  7. After listening to Bishop Williamson I once sought out a video of a traditional Catholic Mass but only found a low quality black and white version that was not so good.

    Any links to good traditional Catholic Mass videos would be appreciated.

    1. I’m sure there’s a good video of a Latin mass somewhere, but I don’t think an actual Latin mass in a beautiful old church can be equalled. I’m fortunate enough to live near a Benedictine monastery where the Latin mass will be celebrated today by the monks. The church is always packed and the atmosphere is electrifying … the solemn music and the sonorous chanting of the old Latin . . . the incense . . . the looks on people’s faces … the heads bent low in devotion … tears running down old cheeks …and even children looking dazed by the beauty of it all … it’s like an entrance ticket to paradise.

      1. Sister Monica

        Thank you for that depiction of wonder at the Benedictine monastery. The key word I was missing when searching is ‘Benedictine’. Now I found what I was looking for! :

        The Traditional Benedictine Monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Silver City NM

        Lobro’s link to angelic, heavenly Agnus Dei was played to my daughter. She was most attentive and silent the whole 8 minutes.

  8. I’m curious to know what kind of religious beliefs and practices this family had, since this story has demonic activity written all over it. The demonic is all around us today and in ever greater amounts, doing immense harm to people, especially to their immortal souls, and Judeo-Freemasonry is responsible for most of it. They even sometimes admit it.

  9. The ONLY 1792 French Revolution Guillotine in America – a full size, close copy of the original in the Luxembourg Museum. Upon trial assembly it became Haunted! Built in 2014. Then later in May of 2015, I actually recieved a message from the Ghost; “Len Beware! An Evil spirit will pass near you!” Within 12 hours my next door neighbor “Ed” was DEAD – and he was an Evil man! Photos of the guillotine and of this ghost avail.!!! Yes! It liked having it`s photo taken! A fun little story for you to read. Humorously, This American Guillotine is owned by “ME” and I`m on the RIGHT This time in History. Liberals don`t know about it,,,YET! My ph#; 775-753-8660 or just E-mail me for the photos.

  10. Zak:

    “I don’t believe in anything but the certainty of death.
    (…) The only authentic people I know are people like me — on the brink of suicide.”

    Donaldo Colina:

    Your deep, dark secret is the weekly sex you have with that room-temperature IQ bubbly, blond lover of yours. Good enough a reason to keep on living in Donaldos [sic] book.”

    I am still far from convinced that Zak is a real Jew but no matter since he does forward their fundamental views of materialism, nihilism and relativism. The main part of this post will look to deal with this.
    Donaldo is semi-Jew but has in good part bought into this fundamentalism and provided some blueprint detail, which is of even greater urgency to address.

    So, this can then be called “lobro’s Christmas homily to Jews and Jew-like goyim

    If you think about it, there is no essential difference between atheism and Judaism, since neither gives serious consideration to disembodied spirit unaffected by the states of matter and both hold that consciousness is merely an artifact of matter, rocks ricocheting off one another in blind and wholly incurious collisions, that everything is relativistic and open to individual interpretation, no central, immutable reference point as the fulcrum for comparison, balance and judgment. Therefore, the notion of Natural Law as the fountainhead of moral code—universal and axiomatic first principle of human affairs, unquestionable and unquestioned, is merely yet another delusion typical of the goyim, useful to the shapeshifting parasitical lifeforms in Devil’s employ to lure them and bind them with into impotence and slavery. It is part of the Divine experiment to see how well we are able to work out this knot and liberate ourselves into the world of indomitable, invincible free spirit.
    I think it is the essence of God’s bet, of something that even He does not know the final outcome, which is the true meaning of randomness, i.e., action that cannot be wholly formalized nor predicted by the laws of nature. Tell me Jews, can the concept of randomness exist within a perfectly material universe, an infallible clockwork that keeps ticking toward its unavoidable terminus, when the entropy tank is empty?
    This is the fatal flaw in your position Zak, because you in your “romantic heroism” refuse to drill down deeper into your desperate materialism, to ask whether a material universe without consciousness to observe, judge and alter the flow makes any sense, why should there be any laws governing a universe that cannot perceive itself in any way, does the term “existence” make any sense whatever in such a hypothesized scenario.
    This is where Devil plays 3-card monte with Jews and fools them into consequences of epic disaster, because yes, they are mortal in its finality, having hocked their souls in return for free banquet of enjoyable perversions—except there is no such thing as free lunch, you of all should have been the first to recognize this.
    Because it is consciousness that not only observes the matter but has in fact created it as a kind of mirror, a mechanical simulacrum to observe itself. Whereas matter is slave of Entropy, every event a consequence of some causing event (in fact, the universe of causing events as per the perfect clockwork) and in turn contributes to causality of all subsequent events and so on down to the final absolute silence, just like Zak’s projected death state is just another snooker ball pocketed as called in advance—this is the meaning of Time.
    But look, spirit not being subject to tyranny of entropy, perishability and time, is eternal and invincible.
    Devil knows this and must thus play tricks, the sleight of hand with the unwary, and his greatest victims are—you guessed it—JEWS, who pride themselves on being no one’s pawns. He even promised them that in case of miscalculation, in order to hedge their bets, he will shoulder the responsibility for their evil, immoral lives because he is custodian of their miserable souls in return for their demonic service hereafter as well as now.

    This is my answer to Zak, next I want to say something about Donaldo’s sad self-delusion.
    When I get a chance, ½ hour to organize and set it down.

    1. @ Lobro

      “This is my answer to Zak, next I want to say something about Donaldo’s sad self-delusion.”

      What about your self-delusion? Do you have any?

      It is easier to be wise for others than for ourselves.
      ― Francois De La Rochefoucauld

      If brevity is the soul of wit, than prolixity must be …

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our “western partners”!

      1. Circassian,

        If you intend to keep posting here, I think it might be a good idea if you were to return to the original pact you made with Lobro, i.e., that you would both avoid having anything to do with each other. I think Lobro has had enough aggravation on this website and he could do without being needlessly hassled by you. Why go out of your way to diss him on Christmas day by accusing him of “self-delusion” when this charge could apply to anyone on this website including you? Frankly, I don’t know a single person in the world who could honestly claim: “I see things exactly as they are and am free of all delusions.”

    2. So what is this concept of a “multiverse”, anyway? This notion of what seers view as an erroneous perception of SPACE, with its equally deceiving “attendants” of TIME”, involving the #12 with its affiliations of such things as Zodiac signs, months in a year, numbers on a clock, etc. Then there’s the Biblical reference of the “144,000 chosen ones” with “144” being the sum of 12×12 (12 squared); a multiple signifying a “funhouse mirror” whereupon the TRUE Creation has been “splintered”, and that we exist in a false state on one of its “fragments”, suggesting that we aren’t basking in the full glow of Divine Light, as evidenced by looking at history, and the on-going “ways of the world”. Existing in a reality where the Divine Light can only serve as a beacon. A reality of volatile disruption characterized by dubious laws of matter. One lorded over by “cosmic poltergeists”

      So I have to ask, whither Xanadu?

      1. I forgot to include another appropriate term to reflect a volitive and disruptive reality – “mortal disquietude”

  11. something that lends support to Lasha’s article, from CIA, no less
    CIA Document Confirms Reality Of Humans With ‘Special Abilities’ Able To Do ‘Impossible’ Things

    and moreover, this within the same article also parallels my musings precipitated by Zak’s dystopian comment:
    At the end of the day, our pioneering physicists, as Max Planck (he originated quantum theory) said, regard consciousness as “FUNDAMENTAL” and matter as “DERIVATIVE FROM CONSCIOUSNESS.” [emphasis mine]

    Eugene Wigner, a physicist and mathematician sat that “it was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.”


    the rest of the read is even more astonishing, given the sources, scholarly researchers and government scientists, material obtained under the FOIA requests.

    A wooden cabinet 120 by 180 by 60 centimeters was used as a sealed container. Sheets of papers and boards with one of a kind markings were used as the target objects and placed inside the cabinet on the upper shelf. Without damaging the cabinet or opening the door, the person with ESP was able to remove the target objets [sic] and also was able to put them back inside. This demonstrates that even when using especially large container it is possible to completely break through spacial barriers, however, the success rate was much lower and was exceptionally difficult.

    once again, though having no personal experience of such sort, i am in no way dismissive of their possibility given the rationale provided in previous post.
    (still need to deal with Donaldo’s misapprehension regarding the intrinsic value of recreational sex)

  12. The notion that sex as an entertainment form or even as a desirable, healthy activity, a physical exercise good for cardiovascular function with all sorts of psychological benefits, peddled alongside its shadow of sadomasochism and dark fantasies leading to even darker manifestations in reality, e.g., matrimonial infidelity, pedophilia, necrophilia, onanism, to mention a few, is an essentially Judaic sleight of hand —witness their intense promotion of all those ideas through their absolute dominance of porn industry.
    The purpose of spreading this cultural pandemic is as always collapse and fragmentation of moral norms, social and family structures, degradation of human spirit and eventual enslavement in Satan’s clutches, through denial of spirituality, namely the pursuit of purification and (in a nod to CG Jung) Differentiation, the realization of one’s true Self, unique, precious and powerfully connected to the eternal world of spirit, consciousness and Logos existing beyond the bounds of ever decaying, temporal matter.
    Because what can a porn addict, dumbstruck and perpetually drooling at the prospect of some sweaty, pungent, bestial activity contribute to his own growth, clarity of vision, let alone culture, civilization, education and enlightenment of his children?
    Nothing, what a sweet word in Devil’s pointy hairy ears.
    Don’t the results of the last 150-odd years of this malaise speak clearly in terms of cultural achievements, the wholesale swap of ugliness for beauty, lie for truth, cruelty for kindness, filth for purity, lopsidedness for symmetry, deviancy for normality, darkness for light, smudge for clarity … what has humanity achieved in that period by way of legacy that will preserve us in the eyes of future generations?
    Consider that round-the-clock wallowing in sexual obsession spawned notion that it is somehow proof of strength, manhood and vitality, in that a hypertrophied penis is the finest achievement a man can aspire to, a multi-billion-dollar industry sprang around this idiocy, all in order to suppress the natural evolving into higher realms of thought and experience leading to old age wisdom.
    Ever wonder why in all of the classical and antique art that in no way evaded the beauty of human nakedness, sculpture and painting alike never represented even the demigod heroes as “hung like horses”, on the contrary, their appendages were on decidedly modest scale, I think precisely in order to emphasize the primacy of intellect and spirituality as the higher goal and more socially desirable.
    Recuerda para siempre, Sr. Donaldo, when Jew tells you to steer your truck left, you swing right, it will save more than your life —the soul!

    1. @ Lobro

      Excellent comments all round! Seldom have I read such high-quality posts. This site would benefit if you were henceforth to regard it as your natural habitat.

  13. Lobro
    You’ve spent the time wisely during your time away from these threads, as evidenced by posts most thoughtful as readers have come to expect.

    Yours are the kind of outside-the-box thoughts that are the only kind that can serve to advance what is the most important endeavor- searching and arriving at the truth of existence as it would use the written to best accomplish that.

    We certainly have our differences. But of course! What else can be reasonably expected from Karamazov brothers!

    Good work 😀

  14. The best tome ever written on the subject, in my view, is, “The Metaphysics of Sex; Eros and the Mysteries of Romance” by the incomparable Julius Evola. Combining Myth, history, literature, art, and the profane with spirituality, Evola conveys masterfully in no uncertain terms that the sex act between a man and a woman serves (or should serve) a far deeper meaning that mere procreation. A transcendent experience that gets to the very core of the essence of masculinity and femininity and the measure of being a man or a woman.

  15. Lobro’s philosophical excellence will inspire snakes to spit but I do hope he is now resistant, henceforth, to continue post for those who love his comments.

    A gem that I have never seen before:

    why should there be any laws governing a universe that cannot perceive itself in any way,

    Jew physics has come up with “there are no laws”, there are infinitely many universes and we happen to be in this one that just happens to have laws. The ridiculous Multiverse Theory

    About sex obsession, pornography, abortion – these are denials by the Goyim of the natural rights of children to be born, loved and educated (parental); they are denials of the natural rights of adult Goyim to receive the gift of unconditional love that children engender.

    That said, is in not true the Jew is a family orientated ideology? Is family degeneracy reserved only for Goyim?

    1. no problem Flan, everything is cool, thanks for concern.
      i see that Circ, by marvelous coincidence since the timing is absolutely unrelated, managed to disappear and reappear exactly a day after me within 2 years, the odds against which are something like 1/730², ~1:50,000.
      The significance would be bled somewhat if it happened that for instance, Bangkok and Tel Aviv were sister cities or something like that.
      Anyway, I feel his pain regarding my verbosity and propose the following cure: Circ, don’t read my posts.
      Ask for transfer or something, go on sick leave but what could be more brief than zero?
      Only if you were heavily in the negative territory would zero seem like an unattainable goal, karmic gravity pulling you toward personal dead center.
      In which case I wish you the best in the next round—but do try hard not to read my lengthy comments, I hate to see you suffer.
      In fact, I will refrain from reading yours to show you how it is done, however it may pain me to miss such brilliance—the finest ad hominem from the finest ad-hominid.

      1. Lobro,

        This is better, but still too floridly, or – shall I say – too “heavily in the negative territory”. Your reply can be squeezed into two-word phrase without losing much: playing the ape.

        By the way, your math does not seem improved much in the two-year academic leave from DM: 1/730^2 ~ 1:500 000, and not ~1:50 000. Not to mention that the whole calculation is based on a wrong premise:

        A ≡ “Since the moment when Circ drove Lobro from DM in disgrace, both Circ and Lobro will show up on DM one day and only one day in the time-span of two ensuing years”.

        Circ showed up on this site many times since that memorable event… to kick few other western butts and have a little fun in the process, so to speak. Isn’t that true Pat?

        So, your assumption that the universe is rotating around your personality is not entirely true. You are a tragicomic victim of the phenomenon Edwin Jaynes aptly called mind projection fallacy.

        Anyhow, you are not a bad person – just a confused one. And I wish you all the best.

      2. Circ –

        You wrote:
        “Circ showed up on this site many times since that memorable event… to kick few other western butts and have a little fun in the process, so to speak. Isn’t that true Pat?”

        Indubitably SO!!!
        I have had the great pleasure of frustrating YOU a – ‘Caucasus Hillbilly’ – into using the most vile language when arguing with me!! 💥 🤢
        You have written how much I disgust you numerous times.
        It has “BIGGLY” been…. “YUGE” fun for ME!! 😜

      3. @Pat

        I have had the great pleasure of frustrating YOU a – ‘Caucasus Hillbilly’ – into using the most vile language when arguing with me!!

        This is true, Pat. And I am glad I did something good for you, for you are not a bad fella. A bit stubborn, but not bad.

        Good health to you, buddy, in the coming new year.

  16. @ LD

    Nice story that requires faith to believe it. But are you being a Jew (Crypto, AshkeNAZI, Zionist, Illuminati or Rothschild agent), for I have one too, that everyone has seen under the guise of Star Wars, Episode 1, Phantom Menace. The story is a Jew trick, Jesus mockery and parody. God and Jesus forgive me!

    There once was a child name Ani (Anakin), but is that a boy or a girl (Jew androgeny plot), that had a mother named Schmi. Ani’s mother claims that Ani did not have a father and/or that Schmi did NOT have a boyfriend or a husband. Wow, that makes Ani, very special indeed! Why and how so? Well, a special magi (Jedi Knight) Qui Gun Jin (Liam Neeson) discovers that Ani has the highest midi-chlorian count (fairy dust or Alien spark of Life) in history, even more than Yoda (ToyOta) that would have impregnated Schmi to make her pregnant and bear a son. Thus a putdown of all the following: the Holy Spirit, the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin birth and Jesus Christ himself. Wow, wasn’t that a wonderful Jewish Mind Trick (Jedi Mind Trick) written by Jewish and crypto-Jewish Hollywood film producers Georgi Lukasch and Steven Spielberg. International Jewry treachery is out in the open and no one seems to notice. Wow, how the crooked Jews have put most of us to sleep. The exception is of course the people on this site! Thank you Lasha!

    And now that Disney (owned by Jews) owns Star Wars, the Jewish perversion continues to dumbify the masses! I pray for all those deceived and sad people! I’m sure you Smart commenters here can figure out the rest of the Jewish plot of Star Wars 2 as Ani turns into Darth Vader (the Antichrist) or that Count Dooku meeting with his other Alien plotters to build a Death Star, describes his Alien friends, The Techno-Union Army ( Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Complex), the Banking Clan (Rothschild Central Banksters and Billionaires) and the Corporate Alliance (Multi-National Corporations and the Billionaire owners). Who knew the Jewish tyrants would reveal their identity in Motion Pictures? We here at Darkmoon did!

    1. Maybe a simpler solution would be to ignore ‘Star Wars’. After all, it’s only a movie. One among a million distractions. Think of something better to do with your time than watch Hollywood movies.

      1. If everyone’s so concerned about insidious indoctrination by Jews, the best thing to do is to shun all Jewish influences: no Jewish movies, no Jewish books, no Jewish newspapers, no Jewish anything. Just blank out on Jews. No Jews, no problems! 🙂

      2. @ Saki:

        I grant you as a learned fellow, but obviously your education does NOT include some study of Psychology, even just 1 years worth of courses, 1 course per term for 8 months. First off, forget about the Jewish (Trotskyite) version of Psychology from you know who, Freud, Jung and Maslow. Just think of the mind and its abilities and the tricks or lazy compensation mechanisms the brain employs to help you as a human to rationalize/explain your existence. Many movies are used for Predictive programming, like the Purge Trilogy, or The Hunger Games. These movies show you what the future for humanity will be like and when American CIVIL WAR 2 breaks out within the next year to 4 years, you will know what I mean. Then as for something like humour (comedy), when Jewish female comedian, Sarah Silverman, says during her routine that if Jesus were around today, she would kill him again. The humour and laughter is used to lower your defenses/prejudices and thus the funny comment slips under your RADAR and you shrug the comment off easily. Just like if you are exposed to violence in Movies, you are slowly being de-sensitized to violence and do NO find it horrible/disgusting after continuous exposure. Is that not like a drug addict or porn addict that needs more and higher concentrations/more potency in the addiction to get the next fix till finally the addiction probably causes death. If you can understand that, you know what I mean. But yes of course, entertainment is fun, relieves stress and enjoyable as life is sometimes. But things like advertising and its repetition works for a reason! That is where the danger is. Even Harry Potter, in book form or as movies is dangerous because it introduces young minds ( not fully developed till about 26 years old) to Black magic and Sorcery. And look at things now, kids are being read stories by transvestites at libraries or school classrooms that teach the LGBTQ lifestyle is OK or stories that introduce spells and chants that invoke the Devil. Is that normal? So beware the IDES of MARCH for these types of things may come back to bite you in the REAREND and cost you your life!

        1. @ Stormin’ Norman

          I don’t like your comment to Saki one little bit. I’m pleased to see he has better things to do with his time than respond to it. Why go out of your way to insult him by your condescension in this opening sentence in which you seek to prove your intellectual preeminence:

          “I grant you as a learned fellow, but obviously your education does NOT include some study of Psychology, even just 1 years worth of courses, 1 course per term for 8 months. First off, forget about the Jewish (Trotskyite) version of Psychology from you know who, Freud, Jung and Maslow.”

          Saki knows more psychology than you would know in a million years, you ignorant ranter!

          Saki does NOT approve of the “Jewish (Trotskyite) version of Psychology from you know who, Freud, Jung and Maslow.” (Your quote). You attribute false thoughts to him. He never said anything like that. You just make things up.

          Are you so pathetically ignorant that you believe Jung is a “Jewish” psychologist? This proves your ignorance. The only Jews there are Freud and Maslow. Jung was NOT a Jew and completely rejected Freud, referring scathingly to Freud’s worldview as “Jewish psychology”. Would he have done this if he was himself a Jew?

          Less condescension from you please. And more humility, Mr Ignoramus!

          JB Bennett
          (Professional psychologist)

          1. If Stormin’ Norman thinks Jung is a Jew he has a long way to go! Yet he brags about his knowledge of psychology!

            What an idiot.

            Jung and Freud were poles apart as psychologists, as any intelligent schoolboy knows. Freud was a quintessential Jew, steeped in Jewish thought, an atheist obsessed with sex. Jung was an ARYAN who believed in the occult and paranormal and he was more than happy to believe in a God of some kind.

            If Stormin’ Norman has any doubts about Jung’s non-Jewishness, he should read Richard Noll’s famous biography of Jung, entitled “The Aryan Christ.”

  17. I am sure there are millions of stories like that out there.

    I know one: a premonition and experience on the unexpected death of my brother recently at a young age with 2 small kids.

    We had a conversation that seemed unrelated to anything that was to come and was told as a joke–but ended up describing his death with strange accuracy. We were joking about cremation, among other things.

    My mother said in the spring (after the recent death of my uncle and Grandfather) that everything comes in three’s. But she thought it might be her close friend’s 95 year old mother who might die soon.

    3 months later, a day before my brother suddenly died of unexplained causes, we were giving each other ‘mock hugs’ as a gag joke with my nephews.

    He died the next day. My mother had a dream the night after his death where he came to her surrounded by a ‘halo’ of flames and simply said ‘Hi Mum’. Then she woke up.

    1. God sighed to himself one day in the Garden of Eden as he sat under the Tree of Life: “I am bored. Everything is so tiresomely normal.”

      A serpent happened to be passing by and ventured a suggestion. “So why not create the paranormal?”

      So this is what God did. For every Law of Nature he created the Law’s violation. And for every good thing under the sun he created its opposite evil.

      After that, God was never bored, especially after he created Eve.

      1. God does Not need distractions. He wants us to reach for something higher through humbleness, humility, and prayer and follow the Golden Rules plus the 10 Commandments. It is Mohammed that needs an Eve (times 72) and probably the younger the better. And then what applies to Mohammed also applies to the Jews. Although, I admit I have NO RESPECT for paedophile clergy, cardinals and bishops. However, I do NOT want to throw the first stone, for I too, am weak and have transgressed basic Christian tenants, so I should remember to HATE the SIN, but LOVE the SINNER, for we are all fallen! And it is because of that that we need Jesus, the reason for the season! For he came into the world to set the example and stand-in for us before God, that God may have mercy on us! Amen! Hallejullea!

        1. @ Stormin’ Norman

          God does Not need distractions. He wants us to reach for something higher through humbleness, humility, and prayer and follow the Golden Rules plus the 10 Commandments. It is Mohammed that needs an Eve (times 72) and probably the younger the better.

          A good comment for the first two sentences, but then you exhibit your ignorance and conventional limitations again by referring derogatively to Mohammed and his alleged addiction to 72 virgins in the Muslim paradise. I have met Muslims from all walks of life and I have yet to meet a single Muslim who says: “Hey man, you know why I worship Allah? Because of all the free sex in heaven! Wow, man, just think of it: 72 gorgeous virgins, underage girls included!”

          Yeah, that’s why you have 2 billion Muslims in the wor1d! They’re all sex perverts gagging for endless sex with luscious virgins! 🙂

          Islamophobia of this kind is disgusting. It’s promoted mostly by degenerate Jews. And by narrow-minded Useful Idiots for the Jews.

          1. Paradox: how can every Muslim have 72 virgins in his heavenly harem? How can they be “virgins” if has broken them in and had sex with them? Ever thought of that?

            I wish my friend Mahmoud El-Yousseph were here to answer this question.

  18. ZAK
    “To be on a “Christian” site at this time of year might seem to constitute a betrayal of Judaism and induce pangs of guilt in the average Jew. ”
    So, Jews actually have ‘pangs of guilt’?
    That’s good news, if it’s true… And I’m sure Jews are just as human as everybody else, they are generally not the ‘spawn of the devil’ and they don’t really have ‘pus for blood’, none of all that crass rumor pushed by those at the tops of the various control pyramids, who have always profited by splitting the demographic…
    Are a lot of them Jews are up to no good in the world?
    No doubt, but the same can probably be said for everybody else…
    It is possible we could find a common purpose in life to cooperate amelioratively upon, rather than to continue on as soldiers of one thing or another, convinced we belong to some group so special…
    As it has always been the common purpose is basically capitalism and the exchange, which is ok but hardly foolproof… Disingenuousness creeps in where we’re trying to get each others’ bucks, and that screws with the Universal Connection/God, since truth is required for that…
    “I don’t believe in anything but the certainty of death. Rotting in the grave, with the coffin worm gnawing at my cheek, this is the future I envisage for myself. A bleak prospect indeed.”
    We’re wired for survival, so it’s natural we write a bad paper on death…
    Then comes the paint-by-the-numbers religious coloring book, you’re free to fill in the blanks with whatever you want…
    You can’t blame people for that… And it might be the secret to the spiritual apotheosis, that we have to create it in our hearts and minds before it can happen?
    But then again, wouldn’t the afterlife be at best but a dream?
    We humans do have more than one common dilemma..
    Hopefully we can learn to cooperate on them all…
    You’re some wordsmith man… My hat’s off to you… And wordsmithry is a lot of fun, creative…
    However, when you say this –
    “Devil knows this and must thus play tricks, the sleight of hand with the unwary, and his greatest victims are—you guessed it—JEWS, who pride themselves on being no one’s pawns. He even promised them that in case of miscalculation, in order to hedge their bets, he will shoulder the responsibility for their evil, immoral lives because he is custodian of their miserable souls in return for their demonic service hereafter as well as now.”
    I have to ask – Do you REALLY think so BRO?
    Is that not the stuff of comic books?

    1. Bark
      Never mind an “after”life. LIFE is but a dream

      Row row row yet boat….merrily down the proverbial stream 😁

    2. Bark –

      Lobro is an excellent wordsmith. We have jousted in the past. He can turn words against ya in a hurry. Fun, too!! I no longer possess that much diligence & endurance these dazed days, if I ever really did.

      BUT…. ‘smithy’ or no… I believe the pronoun for “Devil” is ‘she’ and not ‘he’. Now, that’ll leave a mark!! 🙂

    3. Bark, you caught me in mid-travel, squatting at airports and then spending a few days with my son in Hong Kong, the only time in the year we can spend in each other’s company.
      But i look forward to answering your question in some detail, not sure that it will convince you.
      Suffice it to say that i arrived at my religious bent relatively recently, in main because i realized that Devil is here, now and always has been breathing down our necks, so that the rest of religious-spiritual theory arrived almost as an afterthought because Devil, like Jews requires a counterweight, HeShe (Pat may well be right) needs a host being an essential non-creative, parasitical entity.
      Sort of like the argument that matter cannot exist by itself, it posits an underlying creative agency with an ontological drive–consciousness–the same with DevilJew–though fundamental in the morality play, it is nevertheless just a supporting actor to test us and hold up a mirror to us, no matter how twisted.
      Because Good cannot exist in vacuum, it needs Evil to fuel it–and so forth, these dualities are absolutely essential in order for anything to make sense.
      But i am meandering, like i said, due to momentarily unsettled, irritating status.
      Will respond in a more organized way later, only to mention that though i am firmly convinced of the “comic book” reality, it is backed by a complex network of mutually supporting, though circumstantial evidence, so that in order to build a case, one must approach it like a trial lawyer, scripted in order to present a convincing argument for the judge and jury who are assumed to be fresh and ignorant of the case.
      (in the meantime you might want to take a gander at the comic book under the name of Faust, 2 versions worth the time spent–Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang Goethe–a good start on the topic, beside Milton’s Paradise Lost or heck, why omit Dante’s Divine Comedy)
      ((gee, hard to stop now, ideas are starting to roll in like surf but i am so hampered otherwise … lots of goodies on that score in The Protocols and also the discovery that every single level of the Masonic rite is named after a specific demon (fallen angel lieutenant of Lucifer)))
      Happy trails

      1. “Good cannot exist in vacuum, it needs Evil to fuel it.”

        Good can exist without evil, since there is no evil in God, and He did not need to create anything, being infinitely happy in His eternal Trinitarian Love: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He did not need to create angels, humans, and other creatures, but did so through His infinite love, wanting to share his glory and infinite happiness with both angels and humans, giving them the gift of free will. Evil entered the world first through angelic rebellion, then human disobedience. We inherit Original Sin and its effects (death, suffering, darkened intellect, weakened will, pride, concupiscence) from the first disobedient humans, Adam and Eve. Free will involves the possibility of opposing God’s will, which is the foundation of all evil. But God, being infinitely knowing, infinitely powerful, and infinitely good, can and does bring a greater good out of evil, the best example being the greatest evil leading to the greatest good: the murder of the Son of God who became man by His own Chosen People, resulting in the redemption of mankind from sin and the re-opening of the gates of heaven closed by Adam’s sin. Then there is the story in Genesis of Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers, who ends up saving them and others during a great famine. “The evil you intended God has turned into good.”

        So evil does not need to exist, but it does on account of the abuse of free will, but God can and always does bring a greater good out of evil, including the purification of our immortal souls in preparation for death and God’s judgment.

      2. Lobro
        Darrel is correct. Good needs no fuel. Evil siphoned the tank, and the rest, as they say…

        More gist for yer mill 😀

      3. Darrell – an expert on Good and Evil, who takes his expertise from the Holy Bible – said A. Another expert on Good and Evil – Lobro Hesling the Dragon Slayer, and a part-time self-taught philosopher – objected to him and said non-A. They fought back and forth for a while, and then – unable to come to a common ground – they decided to settle the dispute with the Chief the Brownie.

        Darrel, defending his case, said to the Chief: So and so, therefore it must be A. Chief listened carefully and, blowing a puff of smoke from his pipe, he said: You are absolutely correct, Darrel. Then, the Dragon Slayer laid out his case with the fervor of a slayer: So and so, therefore it must be non-A. Chief listened carefully and, after another puff of smoke, he said: You are absolutely correct, the Dragon Slayer.

        After the two experts on Good and Evil left Chief’s tepee, both quite merry and happy, Chief’s wife said: Listen dear, after Darrel laid out his case, you said that he is absolutely correct, and when the Dragon Slayer laid out his case you said to him that he is also absolutely correct. They can’t both be right for one says A, while the other says non-A. Chief listened carefully to his wife and said thoughtfully: You are absolutely correct, my dear.

      4. Darrell, I will only say this much about how I view your argument (have precious little time at the moment).
        Like saying there is no “DOWN”, only “UP”, because the notions of “good” and “evil” are at the counterbalancing ends of the seesaw, if you remove one, the other one ends up as a pointless monopole.
        Because there is also a moral zero, occupied by mindless automata that can bear no responsibility for their actions.

        (not like Circassian and me, where I am the sole reason for his existence, whereas I exist quite comfortably without him).

        I do hope to catch up on these and related subjects in future when time allows.

      5. Lobro,

        You do not seem to enjoy this little chat. Being that the case, the best thing I can do is, perhaps, leave you alone.

        Be peace upon you, brother.

      6. Circassian

        You don’t read very well. Nowhere did I use the word “absolute”. The PART I agreed with Darrel had to do with his basic premise of Good needing no fuel whatsoever because IT is the force from which all manifested existence is made possible. Evil, on the other hand, in my understanding, can only have its bearing in representing that force which rebelled against the CAUSE of manifested existence (Good), resulting in a reality of Evil. This rebellion resulted with a “siphoning off” of Divine Light which in turn resulted in the disorientation of SPIRIT we know as matter. I’ve only been posting about this sort of thing for several years here……Where you been, mon?

        Concerning lobro, in these recent posts, I disagree with his general take on “Good and Evil”, but in keeping with MY perspective on things, I see where some of his premises are in alignment with my own, but without the vacuum, in this context.

        Again, no absolutes.

      7. Lobro
        I should elaborate on something. What I’m saying is that the force rejecting Creation as Divinely intended created a vacuum as a RESULT of this rejection, and then filled it….with itself, thus PRODUCING Evil. This stemmed from its MISAPPREHENDING of Divine Intent.

        The thinking I embrace is that this is characterized by its having a sense of abandonment by Divinity, whose intention is for the existence of singular beings of Creation – individuals. In a manner of speaking, it was perfectly content to remain in the Divine “womb”, and that “popping out” and into its individuality meant it was abandoned. In its eyes, the plug to love was pulled, and “evil” was born.

        By far, the thing most people have a hard time wrapping their minds around is this notion of it being even POSSIBLE to interfere with Divine Intent. That everything that occurs in Creation does so under its aegis. Thus we rationalize everything accordingly

        It ain’t necessarily so.

  19. @ Madame And Saki:

    The whole point is that the Jews, we despise here on Darkmoon, is that these imposters ( Khazarian Mafia Imposters, AshkeNAZI, etc.) are on all sides of all issues and are all isms and are everywhere, and thus their strategies are like machine-gun fire aimed at the Goyim. From that methodology, I can state with confidence that even this site can be used as CONTROLLED Opposition, and some of the commenters can be Jewish sympathesizers and be real Jews or phony ones. If you learned folks doubt that then you have not been exposed to the likes of Henry Makow, Adam Green, Brother Nathanael, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir or the Unz Review, or Jewish World Order Website or know that the Head of the Church of England (Anglicanism) is a jew by the name of Justin Welby! Then historically you have the Marranos/Conversos, Jews converted to Catholicism or Don Meh (Ottoman Turks) where Jews converted to Islam, and thus infiltrated The Saud royal family line. Or Adam Weishaupt who was a JEW who converted to Catholicism and became a Jesuit, just like the current Useful Idiot POPE. Oh, and Adam Weishaupt founded the modern 18th century Illuminati! Or you could be a John Kerry (crypto-Jew pretending to be a Christian,USA Secretary of State) or Madelaine Albright/ Richard Perl, same difference but a real Jew. Only Jews, whether real ones or phony ones are allowed to criticize/praise other real or phony Jews, because they are all in on the GAME using the machine-gun rapid fire technique to cause cognitive dissonance in the Goyim. Otherwise Anti-Semitism is shouted at the rooftops! So regardless, what various speakers/commenters represent here, you could be anyone of the above mentioned groups/types. If that is rude, then I apologize, but the above info and knowledge is JUST the FACTS dear ladies and gentlemen! Thanks, Danke, Le Chaim und ein Prosit! And thus who Jung was, really does NOT matter, even if I am in ERROR! Hopefully 2020 is a better year for all of us! Go TRUMP go, that Jew Christian pretender. If you understand President Trump, you understand what I just wrote!

    1. An excellent post, Norman. But please try harder not to pick quarrels with people on this site like Saki who I happen to know is a very intelligent and erudite person. At least get your facts right first before you assume airs of intellectual superiority. You were wrong about Jung, and it’s possible you are wrong about many other things too. You’re obviously a nice guy, so why pick quarrels with people by disrespecting them? You’re a new poster here, so try and make yourself popular by being your usual sunny self. Cheers! 🙂

      1. I am very fond of Stormin’ Norman and forgive him for dissing me. I don’t mind being dissed by such a nice guy. My pleasure! 🙂

    2. ADMIN (Sr.Monica) : @ Lobro

      You won’t like this post, Lobro, but I’m letting it through in the name of free speech. Given that TROJ is not exactly a well-balanced person and is a permanent resident of Spamblinka most of the time, you will take these harsh words of his, I hope, with a pinch of salt.

      He has just penned an attack on me, which I have also approved for publication, beginning with the words, “Ex-nun says the Church took a wrong turn after Vatican Two”, and goes on describe me as “a brain-dead ditzy air head” and other uncharitable comments of this kind. See here:


      So please don’t get too upset by his severe criticisms of you. At least you will now know how he feels about you and will be able to revise your former opinion of him as “one of the best posters on the Darkmoon site.” Yes, you actually said that about him in the old days! 🙂


      A lobro post every once in awhile, like once every 6 months or so is more than enough lobro. I hope he’s not planning to be here every day like he was in the past. He’s overbearing, the way he insists on taking over every discussion. He’s always unhappy, he always tries to push everyone aside so he can have center stage. He’s not happy unless he’s center stage and when he gets what he wants, when he is center stage, he still isn’t happy.

      Unhappiness just oozes out of him all the time. It’s very oppressive to The Spirit. He brings a certain heaviness with him and he’s never happy. He expects everyone to be as miserable as he is, and when he comes across someone not as miserable as he is he gets vicious and vindictive. If you’re not as miserable as he is he sees that as an attack on him or something and he has to get revenge — because you’re happy and he’s not, that makes you some kind of threat to him . lobro is never happy so no one is allowed to ever be happy, as per woebro.

      He left Darkmoon indignant, affronted by only God knows what he left Darkmoon in a fit of pique, found a new home at TUT. Mark Glenn closes down his TUT, lobro comes running back to the place where he was so dissatisfied and disturbed, nettled irked peeved and miffed. lobro wasn’t happy here at Darkmoon in the past and now that’s he’s back he’s not happy. lobro is very overbearing — he’s not happy unless everyone is as unhappy as he is. He does his utmost to infect DM with his dark energy — he brings a certain heaviness of Spirit to everything.

      He was happy at TUT, though. He always liked Mark Glenn a lot. He likes Mark Glenn so much he should pack his bags, get out of here, and go follow Glenn into the mists of nothingness and disappear into the dream world called TheBeautifulTruth where Mark Glenn is really for a fact The Sultan us-Selatin and lobro I guess is the, lol, Kizlar Aghasi of the arab jew Glenn’s Royal Court in dreamland.

      Where’s the arab jew these days, knowbro? I wouldn’t be surprised if arab jew retired to Newtown, Connecticut to be with his Connecticut jew friends. Your arab jew hero LERVS the jews of Connecticut so much. Did the Connecticut jews buy your arab jew hero a house for all of his loyal work protecting the Connecticut jews and ((( their))) LIES about Sandy Hook? I wouldn’t be surprised if arab jew got a free house out of it. Loving Connecticut jews so much one actually believes [ or pretends to believe is more like it, TUTZIES love to pretend to believe the Connecticut jews ] ; Loving Connecticut jews so much one actually believes , or pretends to believe, EVERYTHING Connecticut jews have to say about Sandy Hook is what the TUTZIES, is what ((( they))) [ laughingly ] call : “intelligent anti-semitism” for NON-jews. Yeah sure, go tell it to the pnaci people persons of The Rainbow Coalition arrayed against whitey, the panacis will believe it! pnaci people persons believe everything the arab jew says, the pnacis believe everything the jews of Connecticut have to say, and knowbro believes everything the arab jew has to say and everything the Connecticut jews have to say! That’s because knowbro is MEGA “Jew-Wise” and UBER “Anti-Jew”, LMFAO!!!!!

      Hey nobro, time to hit the road, gobro :


        1. @ Pat
          (re TROJ)

          Throughout the Middle Ages and beyond, all royal courts and noble houses had a functionary attached to them called the “Court Jester” or “Fool”. The Fool is a stock character in all of Shakespeare’s historical plays. He provides dinner table entertainment, gossip, and satirical comment on all the important guests. His wit is cruel, and sometimes he is given a good lashing if he oversteps the mark and makes a defamatory comment about an important personage. The idea is to tease by mockery, inducing mirth among the guests, but to be smart enough not to go too far. If he did, he was thrashed, dismissed, and sometimes even killed for destroying the reputation of a VIP.

          The modern equivalent of the Fool or Court Jester is the satirical magazine, like Mad Magazine, the Harvard Lampoon, or Private Eye — though these organs of satirical comment have been nicely tamed and need to be very careful about libel action. Maybe Woody Allen fits into this category of subversive satire.

          TROJ is the adopted Fool of the Darkmoon site: sane at times, insane at others. Most of his comments (at least 90%) are unpublishable because of their longwinded and off-topic ranting or sexual content. He has been banned from most other sites, including Mark Glenn’s ‘The Ugly Truth’ site, now defunct. Which is why Troj has a grudge against Mark Glenn: because Glenn booted Troj off his site, revealing his email address and sockpuppet names in the process, which naturally Troj did not like. Banning someone is one thing, revealing their confidential details is another.

          I think this is justified only if the banned poster becomes a real menace and is an obvious danger to the public. Frankly, I don’t think Troj is a danger to the public. Though he has said some pretty nasty things about LD and Sister Monica, neither of these two ladies has lost any sleep over his criticisms. 🙂

      1. Toby, not to mention the “Fool” was no doubt top three smartest people in the room/court. This often led to hard feelings by his supposed superiors who happened to be unlucky enough to be pierced by his rapier wit and bludgeoned by daring double entendres. Perhaps even by a well timed glance or expression would be enough. The upper caste invariable bruise easily.

        The King enjoyed and valued his Fool highly.
        One of his “main men.”
        How often did the King decide on an action, especially one dealing with personalities, without first consulting/conspiring with his Fool..

  20. @ Saki, Madam and JB Bennett:

    Generally, my comments are accurate, but of course I do NOT hit a Bull’s Eye all the time, perhaps the comments are like water circling the drain and never going down the drain for that Bull’s Eye. That being said, I am sure that none of us like used car salesmen, especially those prone to use the old Bait and Switch trick. Sometimes some of the Banter, Response and Reply is just like that. But generally, we are in agreement to some extent and we all teach each other something, like in my case concerning Wilhelm Carr. Thanks and cheers to all for 2020!

    PS: I had posted here previously 3 – 4 years ago under the same name and ADMIN can verify this. I run into difficulty concerning finances and work thanks to International Jewry and their machinations during the time of my absence from Darkmoon. Cheers everyone! Otherwise, maybe I should stop being a Hammer where every comment is seen as a Nail. That may be due to my love of carpentry! Ha Ha Ha! Remember Batman as he asked Robin, ” What’s yellow and writes?” Robin replied, ” A ball-point Banana! To which Beethoven replied, Ba-na-na-naaahhh! Not quite Beethoven’s 9th!

  21. Time to take your clown act outta here once and for all, comrade. Your contributions here amount to absolut….zero 😝

    1. Chief, it’s a shame that I have to explain to you what my contribution amounts to. Once a ridiculous thing, a platitude or a sheer nonsense, which is announced with great air, is ridiculed as sharply as only Circ can do, the “great contributor” – if he is not absolutely stupid – usually gets the message, shuts up his mouth, and makes no more “great contributions”, saving thereby reader’s time.

  22. Happy New Year to all darkmooners, to Lasha, and to her benevolent team for giving us this platform to speak out our anxious minds and making thereby our lives a bit less miserable.

    We all share existence on this little globe in incomprehensibly vast universe the meaning of which evades us forever.

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