America, You Are Fired!

Trump is a puppet of the Deep State. He does exactly what he is told. That’s why he was elected.

22 May 2019
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“Trump is a prisoner in the White House…. Figurehead leaders are never granted the authority to dismantle the political organizations that install them…. The choice of president matters as little as the choice of conductor for the band that plays aboard a ship as it vanishes beneath the waves.” — Dmitry Orlov 

Some ironies are just too precious to pass by. The 2016 US presidential elections gave us Donald Trump, a reality TV star whose famous tag line from his show “The Apprentice” was “You are fired!” Focus on this tag line; it is all that is important to this story. Some Trump Derangement Disorder sufferers might disagree. This is because they are laboring under certain misapprehensions: that the US is a democracy; or that it matters who is president. It isn’t and it doesn’t. By this point, the choice of president matters as little as the choice of conductor for the band that plays aboard a ship as it vanishes beneath the waves.

I have made these points continuously since before Trump got into office. Whether or not you think that Trump was actually elected, he did get in somehow, and there are reasons to believe that this had something to do with his wonderfully refreshing “You are fired!” tag line. It’s a fair guess that what motivated people to vote for him was their ardent wish that somebody would come along and fire all of the miscreants that infest Washington, DC and surrounding areas. Alas, that he couldn’t do. Figurehead leaders are never granted the authority to dismantle the political establishments that install them. But that is not to say that it can’t be done at all.

What happened instead was that the political establishment spent two years thrashing about in search of a reason to say “You are fired!” to Trump but has been unable to find one, and so Trump remains in office, although to say that he “remains in power” would be to invite sardonic laughter from anyone who knows what real political power smells like.

The System Fails to Depose Trump

Trump is but a prisoner in the White House, just like his predecessor was. Ironically, the quest for Trump’s impeachment has been fruitless as far as firing him, but most fruitful in terms of enhancing his ability to not only fire lots of establishment figures but perhaps even send them to jail—with the help of the Justice Department—and his character traits of extreme rancor, spitefulness and vindictiveness should be most conducive toward that end, making for a fun spectacle. His numerous enemies and detractors may yet look back wistfully on the halcyon days when they could lambaste him with impunity.

The quest to stop Trump started well before the election, with Obama and the Clintons collaborating on misusing federal resources to dig up dirt on Trump; specifically, evidence of “Russian collusion”… and they couldn’t find any. They did manage to find some “Russian meddling” (in the form of Facebook clickbait ads) but the evidence they dug up was too ridiculous to show in court. Too bad they didn’t look for Ukrainian collusion and meddling, or Israeli collusion and meddling, or Saudi collusion and meddling, because then they would have found plenty—enough to not only knock Hillary Clinton out of the running but also to lock her up. It would have been a constructive, useful exercise for them to go look for Ukrainian political meddling, but as I’ve explained before the American modus operandi is quite the opposite, and it compelled them to go after Russia instead.

In any case, the complete failure of Mueller’s team to find anything actionable against Trump has left him grasping at straws, and the one straw he seized upon was the vague possibility of accusing Trump of obstructing justice, based on 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2), which specifies that someone is guilty of obstruction as follows: “…obstructs, influences or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so.” Apparently, a neuron snapped inside poor Mueller’s head making him think that his own investigation was an “official proceeding,” although if you look up this term you’ll find that it relates to things happening inside courtrooms, with one or more judges presiding, and to launch such a proceeding requires evidence that a crime has been committed. If there is no crime, then there is no proceeding, and nothing to obstruct, influence or impede.

There ensued a sort of bureaucratic danse macabre. Normally, the Attorney General has the authority to provide guidance on such questions, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions could have told Mueller that 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) is only relevant to court proceedings and that would have been it. But Sessions had the unfortunate luck of having had a casual chat with the amiable and roly-poly Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

By virtue of this little chat Sessions contaminated his precious bodily fluids (just breathing the same air as a Russian can be politically fatal, you know) and was forced to recuse himself from Mueller’s investigation. Trump’s legal team then reached out to William Barr, a former Attorney General, and asked him to chime in. Barr wrote a memo clarifying the issue and sent it to deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who remained as second-in-command at the Justice Department after Sessions’ recusal, and who should have read it, understood it and acted on it, terminating Mueller’s investigation, but somehow he didn’t.

The denouement of this bureaucratic danse macabre played out as follows. After the midterm elections Trump said “You’re fired!” to Jeff Sessions and William Barr was confirmed as AG. Barr then said “You’re fired!” to both Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller for being unpardonably dense. Barr also made it clear that he plans to leave no stone unturned in investigating this fantastic instance of misuse of official resources and prosecutorial misconduct. This will be fun to watch, if you have nothing more important to pay attention to, but I suspect that the phrase “You’re fired!” will continue to bounce around the halls of Washington like a rubber grenade for a good long time. There are, however, things to pay attention to that are far more important.

A World Re-Aligning

There is a lot happening in the world all at once right now. The entire planet is rapidly reconfiguring itself. The world is begging for a new, post-capitalist, post-industrial order to be born, but the overabundance of natural resources that have made previous such revolutions possible (coal for the age of steam, oil for the current oil age) simply no longer exist. All that remains is optimizations, enhancements and reconfigurations of the existing order of things, cutting out that which is most harmful and most dysfunctional.

To this end, Western European nations are attempting to reclaim the sovereignty they ceded to the United States and the European Union while Eurasia is coming together to form a massive economic and security conglomerate centered on China and Russia. Both are playing for time, because redirecting trade and financial flows away from the US is quite a process.

The world’s central banks are doing their best to get rid of their US dollar reserves and to buy gold, which, as of this April, they are allowed to consider a risk-free financial asset. Many people now expect gold to go up as a result, but that expectation is based on an illusion. Think of gold as a lighthouse and of fiat currencies as sinking ships: those aboard them may look around and decide that the lighthouse is going up, but that’s just an optical illusion. The purchasing power of fiat currencies is sure to fall (some more than others).

The purchasing power of gold will seem to increase, but that will also be an illusion: it will appear to rise against the backdrop of crashing markets, in real estate and physical plant especially. But overall the purchasing power of gold will drop too, because the future purchasing power of any financial asset is determined by just one thing: energy, fossil fuel energy in particular, and energy from crude oil above all. Without energy, nothing within an economy moves, unless it is an agrarian economy based on fodder and animal muscle power.

A particularly interesting piece to the gold story is that it may turn out that much of the gold supposedly stored in the US may in fact be missing. Since Nixon closed the “gold window” in 1971, ending the convertibility of US dollar for gold bullion, and until recently the US dollar has been able to retain its position as a global reserve currency by an act of sheer financial levitation, but that bit of magic may have actually been sleight of hand: behind-the-scenes gold sales to the largest US creditors.

When various countries, Germany in particular, have attempted to repatriate their gold, which they had entrusted to the US, they were rebuffed, and when they did succeed, the gold that was returned wasn’t the same gold, and it took a long time. The US hunger for gold has forced it to conduct rather unseemly heists, stealing the gold reserves of Iraq, Libya and the Ukraine. Thus, when the time comes for the US to defend its currency by employing its hoard of gold, it may turn out that the cupboard is bare.

Gold is becoming increasingly important, but energy is more important still, and always will be. After being pushed into the background for a few years, questions of energy supply and energy security are once again becoming front and center. Peak Oil turns out to not be dead after all; it was just postponed by a few years by virtue of the US burning through a huge pile of retirement savings while exploiting shale oil.

But now most of the sweet spots have been tapped already and diminishing returns on continued frantic drilling are being added to the fracking industry’s permanently dismal financial returns. In the meantime, Russia has built several natural gas liquefaction plants, a new oil pipeline to China and two new gas pipelines to Turkey and Germany, and to Western Europe beyond, which will circumvent the Ukraine, reducing its value as a geopolitical asset to zero.

A desperate ploy by the US to seize control of Venezuela’s oil fields has backfired in a most embarrassing fashion; there, recent developments have brought up an important question: What if the US threw a color revolution but nobody came? As I had predicted would happen six years ago in my book The Five Stages of Collapse the Color Revolution Syndicate has steadily lost its mojo.

In spite of all the bluster by various Washington foreign policy has-beens, a US military intervention in Venezuela is unthinkable: Venezuela’s Russian S-300 air defense systems effectively make it a no-fly zone for US planes. Meanwhile, the US, having cut itself off from Venezuela’s oil using its own sanctions, has been forced to resort to importing Russian oil.

(For now, but not for much longer, the US has a glut of low-quality light crude from fracking, but it’s useless for making diesel and other distillates unless it is blended with heavier grades of crude, which have to be imported.)

Meanwhile, Russia and Belarus have been staging a noisy lover’s quarrel over Russian oil exports to Europe, much of which go through a Belarussian pipeline. Russia and Belarus—or Byelorussia, or White Russia—are not exactly distinct entities in most ways, and when they fight the bystanders should discount the foul language and instead look out for flying pots and cutlery.

The result of this family spat is that White Russia will no longer supply the Ukraine with products distilled from Russian oil. Another odd development is that the Russian oil being piped to White Russia, and from thence to the EU, has become mysteriously contaminated and the flow has been stopped until the situation is resolved, causing a bit of a panic in Europe.

The US volunteered to unseal its Strategic Petroleum Reserve to compensate, but then, in another bizarre twist, some of that oil too has turned out to have gone foul. More foul yet, the US has imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran, threatening anyone who imports Iranian oil, bringing up another important question: What is the US imposes unilateral sanctions on the whole world, and everybody just yawns?

Financially ruinous and generally nonsensical schemes such as tar sands, shale oil and industrial-scale photovoltaics, wind generation and electric cars will only accelerate the process of sorting nations into energy haves and energy have-nots, with the have-nots wiping themselves out sooner rather than later.

Leaving aside various fictional and notional schemes (nuclear fusion, space mirrors, etc.) and focusing just on the technologies that already exist, there is only one way to maintain industrial civilization, and that is nuclear, based on Uranium 235 (which is scarce) and Plutonium 239 produced from Uranium 238 (of which there is enough to last for thousands of years) using fast neutron reactors. If you don’t like this choice, then your other choice is to go completely agrarian, with significantly reduced population densities and no urban centers of any size.

And if you do like this choice, then you have few alternatives other than to go with the world’s main purveyor of nuclear technology (VVER-series light water reactors, BN-series fast neutron breeder reactors and closed nuclear fuel cycle technology) which happens to be Russia’s state-owned conglomerate Rosatom.

It owns over a third of the world nuclear energy market and has a portfolio of international projects stretching far into the future that includes as much as 80% of the reactors that are going to be built. The US hasn’t been able to complete a nuclear reactor in decades, the Europeans managed to get just one new reactor on line (in China) while Japan’s nuclear program has been in disarray ever since Fukushima and Toshiba’s financially disastrous acquisition of Westinghouse. The only other contenders are South Korea and China. Again, if you don’t like nuclear—for whatever reason—then you can always just buy yourself some pasture and some hayfields and start breeding donkeys.

Americans are not ready for what’s coming

This may seem like shocking news to someone who’s been exposed solely to mass media in the US and other Anglophone countries or in the EU. Well, it may be shocking, but it’s definitely not news: none of these developments is particularly new, and none of them is unforeseen. The high level of denial of all of the above issues in Washington, which has been ground zero in a powerful explosion of unreality, and in Western media generally, is also unsurprising; nor is it helpful. Upon finding these things out for yourself, you may be tempted to shout about them from the rooftops.

This, I dare say, would be inadvisable. The proper thing to do with people who insist on remaining in denial is to humor them, to run out the clock on any games they try to play with you, and then to politely bid them adieu. Indeed, this is what we are seeing: nobody particularly wants to negotiate with US officials but they do so anyway because, as every crisis negotiator knows, it is essential to keep talking, even if simply to stall for time.

While they are talking the hostages—to Wall Street, to the Pentagon, to US Treasury and Federal Reserve—are quietly being evacuated. Time is running out for the US, and once it has run out, what we will hear, in a supreme twist of irony, is the whole world telling the US: “You’re fired!”


“The whole world is telling the US: “You’re fired!”

Dmitry Orlov is a Russian-American engineer and a writer on subjects related to “potential economic, ecological and political decline and collapse in the United States,” something he has called “permanent crisis”. He has a large following on the web, and on Patreon, and we urge you to support him.
This article was originally published by “Club Orlov”

82 thoughts to “America, You Are Fired!”

  1. “Trump is a prisoner in the White House…”

    No he’s not. For example: (1) He didn’t have to run for office in the first place. (2) He can resign anytime he wants to. (3) He can start actually trying to follow through on his campaign promises any time he wants to. (4) He can fire Bolton and Pompeo any time he wants to. (4) Failing all that, he’s free to not seek re-election.

    “Figurehead leaders are never granted the authority to dismantle the political organizations that install them….”

    Nonsense. The power of the presidency comes from the constitution. Whether or not the president exercises that power legitimately in a good faith attempt to do right by the people that he is supposed to be working for, is another matter.

    1. “(For now, but not for much longer, the US has a glut of low-quality light crude from fracking, but it’s useless for making diesel and other distillates unless it is blended with heavier grades of crude, which have to be imported.)”

      Excuse me but light oil is best for making gasoline, and sells for a higher price than heavy oils. In fact you can buy marine fuel oil for a lot less than the poster price of WTI.

      Also the fracking wells have remained productive due to better technology. Many of them are several years old and still producing, from fields that were non-productive before fracking.

      America will not be net importers of oil for the forseeable future.

      That still leaves us witht the question of what to do about the trade deficit with China. They have had big tariffs on imports for many years. The obvious thing to do is what President Trump is doing: Impose reciprocal tariffs. But that leads to price rises for American consumers.

      Leave things as they are? I don’t know. It is a quandary.

    2. The trick to understanding Trump is that he doesn’t care. He has the power, the authority, and the support of over half the country. He could do anything he wanted. But he just doesn’t care. What’s more, he doesn’t care that we know he doesn’t care, and that he is a liar. He thinks it’s funny.
      He’s like a child. He has an idea, and blurts it out. A couple of days later, it’s forgotten. He has a 5-minute attention span. What does this indicate?

      1. Donaldo would much more like to fire TROJ. He puked on the carpet again. Gotta clean up the mess. Tuck him into bed. In the morning, gotta give him a shower…..make breakfast…..scrambled eggs, hash browns and French toast…..his favorites…..oh well…. what are friends for…..luv ya TROJ…..😘

  2. This article has said nothing but the truth. America has isolated itself from all its friends. It is now alone.

    1. Yes, that’s true. The article is a good one. Orlov has great background knowledge and paints a grim picture of American power in decline.
      An America ruled by a dscredited and powerless clown who is not respected anywhere in the world. Even in America vast numbers regard Trump as a wasted space. Since when were great leaders so unpopular? The hallmark of all great leaders is that they are wildly popular in their own countries — like Kennedy in America, Castro in Cuba, Bismarck in Germany, Gandhi in India. Trump hardly belongs in this category.

  3. America is NOT fired!!

    People from all over the world pay thousands of dollars to SMUGGLERS to get into America, risking lives, limbs, chastity and fortunes. That includes hundreds of thousands of musselmen.

    America is “BIGGLY” wanted and needed, especially by Russia & ‘Put-On’ there.

    Actually… America, You Are HIRED!!! 🙂

    1. We said, Pat! Your heart is in the right place. But let’s face it, as Yukon demonstrates below in a brilliant comment, American power is clearly in decline. In the 1950s the US was all-powerful. Since then it’s been downhill all the way. The US dollar is still the world currency but it’s losing its edge. Deficits are too big. All America has going for it now is military muscle, threats and bluster. But it would be folly to bomb Iran and face the wrath of Russia and China. Europe is dependant on Russia for its oil and gas.

      1. Saki –

        “Europe is dependant on Russia for its oil and gas.”

        That is not the case anymore..!!

        —WE KNOW:
        Many countries in Europe, especially Poland, are determined to end their reliance on Russian energy from Gazprom within the next few years!!

        For the US, liquified natural gas – LNG – is part of an important geopolitical strategy which is working well. Once it is chilled into a liquid, natural gas can be shipped around the world. American companies now have contracts that span decades and promise to supply many countries with the equivalent of their energy imports…. cheaper and cleaner.

        Europe wants to diversify the region’s energy supply. Relations with Russia have been damaged recently because of Russia’s poor quality of oil and high prices for natural gas.

        Poland, in particular, has found a good replacement for their requirements in the United States, which has an abundance of natural gas from the shale boom and a political incentive to ease Russia’s chokehold on Europe.
        Europe is the largest consumer of LNG in the world.

        Sempra LNG has already sold its quota for years!!

        Europe Has a Very Big Appetite for U.S. LNG, EU’s Sefcovic Says
        May 15, 2019
        “We are building new terminals (to receive LNG) in Germany, Croatia and Greece.”


        AND…. I do not agree with Yukon. 🙂

      2. Saki –

        I waited this long to address the status of China.

        China has an economy in a nose-dive!
        China is in trouble with 5G contracts with EU & UK.
        Chinese investors are not investing in China.
        China’s construction growth is inflated.
        AND…. China’s president is there for life!

        Is China Weaker Than We Think?

  4. Gold was money before Fossil Fuels and still will be when they are exhausted.It is amazing how the detractors try to diminish its value.As JPMorgan said Gold is money everything else is credit.Oil and other commodities will be bought with Gold as money don’t confuse the two ,Gold and Fossil fuels are different.

    1. The Arab Emirates know this, and have demanded gold for their ABIOTIC oil for years. I have some Emirate 1 ounce gold pieces, which were minted for that purpose. The last few POTUSes realized this must stop, and have ostensibly promoted Israhell for the purpose of a Middle Eastern watch-post. Think about it. Our society is so attached to oil that we cannot help it. “Fossil fuels” and “Peak Oil” were useful lies from the beginning.

  5. What might be more interesting is that many are assuming that the Gold in the US is missing ,lent out to never return.What if while busy conning all its vassals to sell such as the UK ,Canada the EU and many others as well as robbing others that have been invaded ,the US still has its own Gold.They have known all along the day would come when even Oil backing the Dollar would not last,Gold is superior as money.Oil is a commodity, Gold is Money,Silver is a strange one that flits into the money category and can rise rapidly and vice versa.

      1. Yep, CM! I saw that a few years ago.

        There were reportedly between 5,600 to 5,700 bars, weighing 400 oz. each, in the shipment!
        That is 1,100 tons of gold that China does NOT have!

        Poor China… “BOO-HOOO”! 🙂

        Gold cannot be used to back any global currency. People & governments will trade in the paper for it and hoard it! That’s why the US gave that up in 1971.


        Where is all the gold??? Ask the Vatican. 🙂

      2. The Bank of England holds all but 1% of Australia’s gold reserves – for safety. Aussie politicians are quite convinced that one day the gold might return to its own shores – especially during the next financial crisis.
        If only fake bars return (at least we penal colony Aussies get something of value back – like the glass pearls or bullets for natives of British colonies) or get lost on the journey it will have the same outcome. The gold will be were it always was in the sticky hands of the money changers. Paper for Gold is a very profitable business and copyrighted by THE LAW.

  6. From the article:

    –A World Re-Aligning–
    “Western European nations are attempting to reclaim the sovereignty they ceded to the United States and the European Union while Eurasia is coming together to form a massive economic and security conglomerate centered on China and Russia. Both are playing for time, because redirecting trade and financial flows away from the US is quite a process.”

    That might happen…. IF permission is granted by the Black Pope…

    –The Black Pope Is The Jesuit ‘Superior General’ And He Is 6 Levels Above The White Pope–

    “The Vatican has been under the control of its largest all-male order, the Jesuits for a very long time. The Jesuits were created in 1534 to serve as the “counter-reformation” — the arm of the Church that would help to fight the Muslims and the Protestant Reformers.

    “However, they fought with espionage. The Jesuits were expelled from at least 83 countries and cities for subversion, espionage, treason, and other such things. Samuel Morse said that the Jesuits were the foot soldiers in the Holy Alliance (Europe and the Vatican) plan to destroy the United States (Congress of Vienna).

    “Marquis Lafayette stated that the Jesuits were behind most of the wars in Europe, and that they would be the ones to take liberty from the United States.

    “The head of the Jesuits is referred to as the Superior General, because he is the most powerful man in the world. He issues the commands to even heads of state and they move. **This is the man and the organization that are determined to BRING DOWN the United States led by Fr. Fr. Thomas H. Smolich, S.J., President of the US Jesuit Conference.”

    1. What an imagination you have concerning the Jesuits and the Vatican, Pat. If only it were so I would jump for joy if they would someday defeat America aka The Great Satan. What a country we have here. The Enlightenment State par excellance that went from barbarism to decadence without ever having civilization betwixt the two. The reality is exactly the opposite as the US State Department and the CIA used the worldwide network of Catholic parishes, basically one in every town, to promote democracy and the American Proposition in the post war period.

      1. Hey, Rich. Good to see ya commenting again!

        No “imagination” needed. Just Doctrines of Discovery facts: 🙂

        The several Popes’ Discovery Doctrines FORCED the suffering of Judaeo-Christianity and International Law and Admiralty Law on all cultures. It remains SO…. LOSS OF RIGHT TO TITLE!!! Vatican HAS power!!

        In the courts of the United States:

        In the 1823 case Johnson v. M’Intosh Chief Justice John Marshall found a “universal recognition” of a so-called Discovery doctrine that held that discovery gave title to the government by whose subjects, or by whose authority, it was made, against all other European governments, which title might be consummated by possession.

        Spain did not rest her title solely on the grant of the Pope. Her discussions respecting boundary, with France, with Great Britain, and with the United States, all show that she placed it on the rights given by discovery. Portugal sustained her claim to the Brazils by the same title.

        Most of the opinion is dicta; thus, all that the opinion holds with respect to aboriginal title is that it is inalienable, a principle that remains well-established law in nearly all common law jurisdictions.

        This decision was upheld in the 1831 case Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, giving Georgia authority to extend state laws over Cherokees within the state, and famously describing Native American tribes as “domestic dependent nations.” This decision was modified in Worcester v. Georgia, which stated that the U.S. federal government, and not individual states, had authority in Indian affairs, but it maintained the LOSS OF RIGHT TO TITLE upon discovery by Europeans.


        The Discovery doctrine is a concept of public international law expounded by the United States Supreme Court in a series of decisions, most notably Johnson v. M’Intosh in 1823. Chief Justice John Marshall explained and applied the way that colonial powers laid claim to lands belonging to foreign sovereign nations during the Age of Discovery. Under it, title to lands lay with the government (- ‘gods’ -) whose subjects traveled to and occupied a territory whose inhabitants were not subjects of a European Christian monarch.

        The doctrine has been primarily used to support decisions (of theft) invalidating or ignoring aboriginal possession of land in favor of colonial or post-colonial (otherwise criminal) governments.


        Workshop on the Doctrine of Discovery and UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Washington DC, 25-26 June 2015.

        Discussion published by Alison Watson on Thursday, May 28, 2015:


      2. –Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery In The Americas–
        January 2018

        Acknowledge that this doctrine has had and continues to have devastating consequences for Indigenous peoples worldwide, including First Nations in Canada;
        • Reject doctrines of superiority as illegal and immoral, and affirm that they can never be a justification for the exploitation and subjugation of Indigenous peoples and the violation of human rights;
        • In full partnership with First Nations, examine how Canadian history, laws, practices and policies have relied on the doctrine of discovery;
        • Repudiate all doctrines of superiority in a legislative framework for implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples, developed together with Indigenous peoples;
        • Reinterpret Canadian law in a manner consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples and other contemporary international human rights standards;
        • Ensure that the violation of First Nations’ rights to lands, territories and resources that were taken without their free, prior, and informed consent are effectively redressed; and
        • Ensure that the doctrine is not in any manner invoked in contemporary court cases or negotiations.

      3. Pat
        Talk about yer current battlefields! And this fight in the scurrilous courtrooms has only just begun!

        Doctrines of Discovery my anal orifice!😠

  7. Trump is owned by the zionist bankers who hold the paper on everything he supposedly owns and the zionists have Trumps mossad son-inlaw as his handler and the payoff is going to come with a false flag that enables the zio/US to attack Iran for zionist Israels satanic NWO.

    1. I wish it were that simple. It isn’t. Outward appearances are deceptive, and intentionally so. Trump is playing a “deep” game, and has most of you fooled. He knows he cannot afford to do otherwise. Notice how quick and speculative are the “wishful thinkers” such as the author of this article!
      The whole world is so reliant upon the USD, you can absolutely count on the President to play into it. Trump is that man.

      1. Wish that were true, however the truth is Trump is a liar and a loudmouth bully and a coward who is doing the bidding of his zionist masters.

        I voted for Trump as would not ever vote for Helliary , but am disappointed beyond comprehension at how he turned out!
        He will get America into war with Iran at some point before the next election as this is what his satanic zionist masters want!

      2. Gilbert, I love your patriotism and your loyalty to the old American values. But I can’t help feeling that, as a poet, you have a tendency to idealism. You are going to be disappointed in Trump. He’s not delivering and the fact is he’s in bed with Netanyahu and has even taken his Jewish son-in-law to England in his entourage to meet Queen Elizabeth II. Why is this smarmy pretty boy Jew being flown to England to have dinner at Buckingham Palace with the Queen of England?

      3. Saki –

        You cannot deny that Trump is putting on a show. Even Queen Elizabeth obviously feels she must feign the acceptance of her octoroon daughter-in-law. 🙂
        Yes, there may be a lot of poetic inspiration (positive or negative) in current affairs, but without hope for the better, we might as well be dead.

  8. What this article represents is a lamentation of a once fallen nation that can’t get back up. Many are realizing that we are in the time period of transiition from once a great superpower to mediocre welfare state, maybe we are headed toward third world status as the world passes us by.

    Trump’s hollow slogan of make America great again is a dream being dashed against the rocks of reality. America is in decline, it can’t even hold on to what it has; and the slide will, no doubt, continue – perhaps even accelerate. I have a sneaking suspicion we are headed toward a great crash, one that makes the great depression look like a Boyscout’s outing.

    The reason why is that I have a gut feeling that you can’t just print wealth and prosperity by making war and printing paper money. Such a path is a highway to hell, and we are on it speeding toward an unknown future. How can making war machines and bombs be good for our prosperity? You are taking the hard earned cream of the crop wealth of society and making expensive things that are used once. A bomb costs lots of money, it costs even more getting it to the target then all that wealth is expended instantly in a big blast and the net result you get nothing but the justified hate by those on the receiving end.

    What the military-police-industrial-Hollywood state is good at is bombing the crap out of brown-skinned nations for no reason whatsoever except as a way to stimulate the economy and satisfy the bloodlust of sociopathic personalities inside the beltway. Why does anyone put up with the likes of John Bolton is beyond me, the man is a certifiable warmongering lunatic who admits that he lies to achieve out foreign policy goals set by the Zionist, Rothschild, Netanyahu, and Israel. Same for that pompess ass Pompeo.

    We have engaged in war after war killing millions and milllions, bombing the literal sh-t out of Germany, North Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. What did we get for this great effort? Love of the world? We got broken soldiers, demoralized drug ridden society, the biggest welfare state the world has ever seen – and Trump wants to restore us to our former glory by making us what we were – great – which really means prideful warmongers with satisfied egos who stomp around the world telling everyone we meet that America is the greatest nation ever.

    So I have a sneaking suspicion that great change is upon us, the nation is faltering, the artificial prosperity made by trillions of dollars injected into the banking system has caused a great everything bubble that is in the process of bursting. What I am talking about are cars that cost $30,000 and homes that cost $500,000. WHO THE HELL CAN AFFORD THAT (without taking on a big chunk of debt)?

    What is driving the madness of our society is obvious. It’s the Federal Reserve system that has put everyone into debt – and these debts can not be paid because only the principle is created, not the interest, and thus by natural law the system is always trying to self liquidate. But they won’t let it, we go to war to force the system on others, propping it up a while longer, kicking the can down the road.

    But eventually it is going to go bust, the world is 450+ trillion in debt. How can that sustain itself without more debt? It can’t. Debt can only exist by exponentially creating more debt. So what we are seeing is Trump sitting on the deck of Titanic sending threatening tweets in hurricane blind fury as it all implodes into one gigantic black hole of debt liquidation. The world is mad and it is mad because of the insane system of fractional reserve banking, and now the devil is due his retribution.

    1. Brilliant comment! Thanks, Yukon. But rather pessimistic and not holding out much hope for the future.

    2. Yukon –

      I like your comments even though I agree with very little in them. They are interesting and DO elicit a cause to pause.

      You wrote:
      “The reason why is that I have a gut feeling that you can’t just print wealth and prosperity by making war and printing paper money. Such a path is a highway to hell, and we are on it speeding toward an unknown future.”

      “…gut feeling…” is a guess. I do a lot of that myself. 🙂

      “…unknown future…” is ALWAYS the case in EVERY system, even in a gold & silver system which failed, or a ‘Cowry Shell’ money system, which also failed.

      Changing systems does not come with a crystal ball for knowing the future!! 🙂

      FYI — ‘Cowry Shell’ money system:
      Long before our era the cowry shell was known as an instrument of payment and a symbol of wealth and power. This monetary usage continued until the 20th century. If we look a bit closer into these shells it is absolutely not astonishing that varieties as the cypraea moneta or cypraea annulus were beloved means of payments and eventually became in some cases huge competitors of metal currencies.


      Bottom line…. MY future is still a guess!! 🙂

      1. @ Pat

        “Yukon – I like your comments even though I agree with very little in them. They are interesting and DO elicit a cause to pause.”

        Well said, Pat. You are wise beyond your years! 🙂

        I also find Yukon’s comments well-written and intellectually stimulating, as I do your comments, but I can’t say I agree with all of them. No disrespect intended. What both you and Yukon have in common, it seems to me, is a weakness for conspiracy theories. Both of you seem to need the excitement of believing in bizarre ideas that go against the grain of common sense — but Yukon is more extreme than you in this respect.

        For example, on his website, Yukon promotes the bizarre conspiracy theory that the entire universe is a COMPUTER SIMULATION. It follows from this that nothing you or I or Yukon says about ANY subject can be taken seriously — because, in that case, we are simply computer-generated entities, living in a virtual reality world, without free will. Every comment you have made on his website was made mechanically, robotically, without free will, because you were progammed in advance by the Super Computer known as “GOD” to say whatever you have said or do whatever you have done in your life.

        We are little more, according to this “World As Computer Simulation Theory”, than actors on a movie screen spouting the lines that the Divine Scriptwriter has already given us. Conspiracy theories like this, if we take them seriously, are enough to drive anyone mad.

      2. Sard –

        “Yukon promotes the bizarre conspiracy theory that the entire universe is a COMPUTER SIMULATION.”

        WOW!!! Total exoneration for ALL human actions, past & present & future!!!

        Empty the prisons and jails! Do away with courts!! We are ALL innocents!

        “Not me! No! The Computer made me do it!”

        WHEW!! Off the hook!! 🙂

      3. Yukon Jack, seriously you might be interested in this. Simulated Worlds

        “This newly invented “simulated world” bears a remarkable resemblance to the Vedic conception of maya.”

      4. Sard
        I’ve been alluding to this kind of thing that Yukon conveys, but maybe not in so many words, for YEARS here. For example, when I speak of “conditional will”, among many more examples. Have you not picked up on that?

      5. B-Hawk –

        Yukon is not correct.

        In June 2016, Elon Musk was asked whether he thinks humans live in a computer simulation, to which he answered:
        “The strongest argument(!!) for us probably(!!) being in a simulation I think is the following: 40 years ago we had Pong – two rectangles and a dot. That’s where we were. Now 40 years later we have photorealistic, 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously and it’s getting better every year. And soon we’ll have virtual reality, we’ll have augmented reality. If you assume(!!) any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality, just indistinguishable.”

        Elon Musk did NOT say, “YES!” He danced around with “PROBABLY” and a “strongest argument” and ‘assumption’ only. That means he was GUESSING! 🙂

        1. (Long OFF-TOPIC comment on Quantum Physics)

          @ Pat

          B-Hawk – Yukon is not correct […] Elon Musk did NOT say, “YES!” He danced around with “PROBABLY” and a “strongest argument” and “assumption” only. That means he was GUESSING! 🙂

          Yes, Pat, I must agree with you there. A thousand agreements!
          I seldom post comments here, but this gives me an opportunity to speak about a subject that has obsessed me for many years and for which, I confess, my views are unlikely to win much approval.

          Firstly, as Homer (Hp) points out correctly, there’s a lot in common between the Vedic idea of “maya” (illusion or life-as-dream) and “virtual reality” and “world as computer simulation”. However, this doesn’t prove anything. One unverifiable idea, “maya”, which is not subject to empirical proof — i.e. that is totally unscientific — does not prove the existence of another unverifiable idea, “world as computer simulation”. In short, one fascinating bit of guesswork (“Maya”) does not prove another bit of equally fascinating guesswork (“world as computer simulation”). Both ideas must always remain “guesses”, and neither can have the slightest scientific validity.

          This doesn’t mind the ideas are “incorrect”. It simply means they cannot be proved. You are free to doubt them or believe them, as you wish.

          Secondly, as Yukon points out correctly, the idea of World as Computer Simulation is derived from the farthest fringes of Quantum Physics, especially the multiverse theory in which it is posited that there are an infinite number of universes in which everything that could possibly happen does in fact happen — it happens in a parallel alternative universe. A simple example? Well, Hitler and Germany lost WW2 in our universe. But in a parallel universe, Hitler and Germany won WW2. Same with the Holocaust. In one universe, 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust; in a parallel universe, no Holocaust of Jews ever occurred.

          The title of a recent book by two popular scientists, Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw which I have on my desk right now, spells it out: “The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen.” I spoke to a top physicist at a conference recently and asked him: “Is that subtitle true? Does Quantum Physics say that everything that can happen does happen?” He smiled and rolled his eyes and told me emphatically: “Yes and No! It happens only in probability theory. It doesn’t happen, and cannot happen, in reality.”

          BTW, many of the scientists on the wilder fringes of quantum physics (like Niels Bohr and Richard Feynman) are Jews and their ideas are sometimes dismissed on purely anti-Semitic grounds (“These are typical Jews just spinning their yarns…..”). For example, Feynman won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. Here he speculated, with the help of many beautiful equations, about universes in which time runs backwards: universes in which people move from old age back to middle age … then back to youth … then back to childhood and infancy … then back into the womb again … and finally back into Nothingness before the seminal ejaculation took place!

          If you can believe in the actuality of such universes, you are a very exceptional person! The English novelist Martin Amis wrote a bestselling novel based on these ideas. Title: “Time’s Arrow”.

          Jews are big in the world of Theoretical Physics and have collared dozens of Nobel Prizes, as this quote from a learned journal makes clear:

          Physics is perhaps the most recognized of the three primary scientific disciplines. The prominent names include the likes of: Albert Einstein, Marie and Pierre Curie, Niels Bohr, Enrico Fermi, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger (of “Schrodinger’s Cat” fame), Max Planck, Felix Bloch, Arno Penzias, Murray Gell-Mann, and Richard Feynman, to name just a few. This is an elite group working in areas of great importance, too complex for most of us to fathom. Intellectually, their work is simply the leading edge. Ultimately, it touches our lives in the form of: X-rays, electrons, color photography, wireless radio, relativity, quantum physics, nuclear power and weapons, the nature of light, nuclear magnetic resonance, transistors, lasers, and other discoveries and inventions too numerous to describe.

          My interlocutor at this learned conference, Prof. G — I was there in a minor capacity as guest of another guest — lectured me for over half an hour about the Verification Principle, popularized by the Vienna School of Philosophy in early 20th century Vienna, where a young aeronautical engineer known as Ludwig Wittgenstein happened to be living. Wittgenstein, destined to flower into one of the most famous philosophers of the 20th century, later took this idea of the Verification Principle to Cambridge University where he introduced it to a distinguished professor there who had just finished a world-famous book called Principia Mathematica. His name? Bertrand Russell.

          Between them, Russell and Wittgenstein revolutionized Modern Philosophy. The Verification Principle became an integral part of 20th century Mathematics and Science. What was the Verification Principle? The Verification Principle states that a statement is only meaningful if, and only if, it is in principle verifiable. If it is not verifiable, it is dismissed as “nonsense” — as essentially meaningless. In other words, nothing can be described as “true” or “meaningful” if it is no more than guesswork.

          For this reason, if no other, Einstein rejected many of the claims of Quantum Physics and made his famous quip: “God does not play dice.”

          The idea of an infinite number of universes in which everything that can happen does happen, including universes in which pigs can fly and time runs backwards, makes a complete nonsense of Free Will. And so does the even more bizarre piece of guesswork that the entire Universe is no more than a Computer Simulation. This is a universe in which no one loves you and you can love no one: neither your parents nor your children nor the love of your life nor your country — because all you are is a dream shadow, a robotic entity programmed into an artificial virtual reality by a hypothetical Supercomputer.

          Feel free to live in such a world if you want. It’s certainly one way of going mad.

          By the way, Wittgenstein dismissed all such weird unverifiable ideas as “language games.” The German phrase Das Sprachspiel (meaning “the language game”) is Wittgenstein’s coinage.

          In case you are interested in this towering genius — who was born into a fabulously rich and aristocratic family and who renounced all his family wealth to live in shabby hotels and lodging houses — here are two of his deceptively simple but infinitely profound aphorisms:

          [1] “If a lion could talk we could not understand him.” (Philosophical Investigations).

          [2] “The world of the happy is quite another than that of the unhappy.” (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus)

      6. LD –

        Thanks! Very interesting, to say the least.

        I have found that the mathematicians and quantum physicists can figure way more in theory than what exists in reality.

        I will settle for this one you quoted, as MY best ‘guess’ on these subjects:
        “Yes and No! It happens only in probability theory. It doesn’t happen, and cannot happen, in reality.”

        BTW – I still have not found an answer for…
        “Is the smallest small thing smaller than the largest large thing is large?” 🙂

      7. Perhaps as good a definiton of Maya as any are the material scientists and philosophers themselves, who, no matter their positions, letters and hat sizes are attempting to cure their material disease while carrying on with it at the same time.

        Kumāra: How can we be saved from all these philosophies?

        Śrīla Prabhupāda: All these philosophies are different types of mental speculation. We can save ourselves from them by receiving the mantra.

        SB 10.63.26

      8. I went to the college where Wittgenstein was a fellow. He was there before my time but I met people who were his contemporaries.

        I am not alone in thinking he was schizophrenic, batshit crazy; but then I was studying Engineering, which is as far from Wittgenstein’s work as you can get.

        1. @ John Kirby

          I am not alone in thinking he was schizophrenic, batshit crazy; but then I was studying Engineering, which is as far from Wittgenstein’s work as you can get.

          Maybe so. But don’t forget that Wittgenstein studied and trained as an aeronautical engineer before he branched into Philosophy. He even designed airplanes. So he had a training in engineering just like you! 🙂

      9. @ PAT
        The frog in the well lecturing about the ocean and humanity trying to explain the unexplainable have a common ground of their own but a different reality: Limitation due to separation from (divine) reality as a whole. Though in human reality explaining the unknown is rendered as education, (compromised) science, intellect and manlike intelligence establishing isolation from the source that includes an infinite multiverse with many ‘opposing’ realities but intertwined as one through the same life force in endless microcosms as a ‘mechanism’ of a divine and timeless vortex that has no beginning or end nor excludes any reality, infinite or not.
        As for a frog to return from its own lecturing to its natural state of “frogging” seems quite easy – for humanity it is not. Having ‘evolved’ through its own remembrances and tradition of human ‘realities’ while constantly adding layers and layers of specific experience over divine knowledge that holds all answers to creation and the universe (as one) and infinite life in itself – naturally. To lecture about the universe one should always regard that a peaceful coexistence of mankind and all of creation itself can not be isolated as humanity on earth tries proving while figuratively speaking sticking out like a ‘superior’ pimple on God’s “Allerwertesten” (back end) while arguing to be above all else including the “host” who lovingly and in patience waits for the ‘pimple’ to heal itself through knowledge of the divine self that not only lingers everywhere in all realities but within the ‘rebel pimple’ itself.
        To seek answers about the universe mankind might should look within oneself with humbleness and devotion as an option for a pseudo science, that like mankind has been imprisoned from within through its own inferiority and detachment of the whole.

      10. (ADMIN: Comment held up because of typo in your email address)

        Or how about cocoa beans? The Aztecs used them for money. Inflation was impossible, since a fall in their purchasing power resulted in more beans being taken out of circulation to make chocolate.
        Counterfeiters removed the chocolate and filled the skins with dirt. When caught, they were skinned alive.
        How’s that for an efficient money system?

      11. Pat

        Note that I said, “this kind of thing”, which implies there being all KINDS of guesswork out there

        The imagination is a beautiful thing. A thought-provoker is what I am 😃

      12. JO –

        Thanks for the reply.

        You wrote:
        “The frog in the well lecturing about the ocean and humanity trying to explain the unexplainable have a common ground of their own but a different reality:”

        I know that frog! It is the one made so VERY popular by looking for a pair of wings to ease the pain from bumping his ass…. with no success!! 🙂


        B-Hawk –

        “A thought-provoker is what I am”

        So, I see!! 🙂

    3. @Sardonicus In my defense, the computer simulation theory is held by many top computer scientists, physicists, David Icke, hundreds of new age thinkers, and even Elon Musk. Although this is off topic the reason why I believe we might be in a simulation is that the data supports that conclusion. For instance, if you separate two quantumly entangled electrons across the universe they still are in communication with one another. This is hard data that is being demonstrated in the lab everyday. How is that possible? Distance is an illusion because we are in a simulation like an advanced holodeck. Hard to believe? Don’t blame me as I’m just a populist writer bringing those ideas from science into a metaphysical discussion of what is really going on with us. Like I’ve said a hundred times how can god hear everyone prayers and know all of your thoughts? God is a computer and you, my friend, are a data collector. A conscious bot stuck in a hell matrix. This higher intelligence has us trapped in a hell verse. even your soul may be artificial. Many forward thinking philosophers agree with this conclusion. Your soul is your individual consciousness injected into the simulation and it is collecting data for that which is running the sim. One of my favorite writers, Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God book series) says the Universe is the greatest of technology. How does that sit with you? Probably it makes you feel uneasy so as a result of human weakness we would rather believe myth than some kooky new age computed reality theory.

      1. Well, I guess in some alternative universe there’s an Earth and that Earth is Globe-shaped [ A round earth ] and there’s a Sun and the Round Globe Earth revolves around the Sun. There HAS TO BE this alternative universe somewhere in the Great Infinite Cosmos, otherwise the helios would have massive hissy fits — as is their way when they come across the Empirical Scientific experiments proving a Flat Earth and a Geocentric Universe, they have temper tantrums and they have hissy fits and they get real mean and nasty, they get VERY CENSORIOUS — just as CENSORIOUS as the JEWS. In the alternative universe where the earth is round and the universe is heliocentric, in that alternative universe the helios aren’t c*nts like they are here on this Flat Earth and in this Geocentric Universe where the helios are real c*nts alright.

  9. Yukon –

    You are too low on your average car prices. The lots are now full, because even a pickup truck now costs about $50k or more – and amounts to less except it’s easier on lazy asses who drive them. I remember, when I was in high school back in the seventies, paying $2600 cash for a brand new 1/2 ton Chevy – whose modern equivalent now has an MSR (suggested retail price) of over fifty thousand.
    The stock market is useful to curb that kind of inflation. Every trading day, billions of dollars “evaporate” there, or otherwise the inevitable bust would come more quickly. Consider other things such as machinery. Recently, John Deere had a farmers’ class action lawsuit against it for selling tractors which could only be repaired at dealer shops. We keep older ones, and rebuild and restore our own (but some parts are becoming more difficult to obtain, even for tractors last made in the 1990s). It is an obvious racket, and EVERY manufacturer is involved. (Tractors now cost more than whole farms sold for in the 1950s and sixties.). This is, all, a component of gradual, exorbitant inflation. The complex interactions of international commerce are the only tools by which its demise is delayed.
    Being simpler is the best sure-cure for avoiding the suffering to which you refer. Only real “country boys” will survive it! 🙂

    1. I am living in Montana and have family in the farming and ranching business and totally agree with you, that green paint costs a hell of a lot, and I grew up on the family farm and ranch.

      1. Desert Fox –

        Some of the most beautiful alfalfa hay is grown by irrigation in Montana. The first time I saw a bale of it shipped into our County Farm Service, I pulled out a handful and ate it like a salad! I broker hay to Saratoga and Florida, for race horses, and have received nothing but outstanding compliments on the Montana hay. Who’d have thought it??!! The reason I got onto it is because a farmer neighbor, here, bought a place in Montana, and promptly built irrigation into the otherwise dry soil. He has done well with it.
        On another note, fyi, some of the best-kept old John Deere (“Poppin-Johns”) are to found in Montana, too. Collectors, here, go out there to scour the farms and ranches for deals on them. On our family farm, we have the whole 20 series (from 320-820), circa 1958 model years, and they’re still in service whenever we want. (I run them
        often.). Of course, we have more modern equipment in use, but we enjoy having the oldies. Right now, I am restoring a 1968 model 4020 – which I consder one of the finest tractors Deere ever made, although I’ve encountered difficulties in obtaining some of the original engine guages. (In fact, I’m in the shop right now, and often get on this I-pad when I take a break. :).)

    2. Thirty years ago I bought a used Chevy C20 2wd 3/4 ton pickup. When I was working on the gas tank (behind the front bench seat) I happened to find the original invoice of $800. I should of never sold that truck, the newer ones are junk. I often wondered that the peak in American quality was somewhere between 1955 -1965, after that everything went to sh-t.

  10. This is for Gilbert, it is better to see things as they are, and in my opinion Trump is judas goat for the zionists leading America to the slaughter house of war.

  11. “…the future purchasing power of any financial asset is determined by just one thing: energy, fossil fuel energy in particular, and energy from crude oil above all.” (Is Orlov saying fossil fuel and crude oil are different)
    As a x-Russian citizen Orlov should know better. The Russians shortly after WW2 when drilling for oil off the coast of India drilled so deep before striking oil that no way Jose could oil be a bunch of dead dinosaurs and plants.
    A little later Dr. Thomas Gold while at Cornell University stated that he thought that oil was made deep in the interior of the planet and is continually being created therein. Of course the modern oil based world uses up the pools of oil faster then is being created. The oil seeps up into the pools for human access. The so-called biological “markers” that has mislead oil “experts” for decades were not from dead floral and fauna but from trillions of bacteria that like to feast on the oil for dinner, dying off leading their biological remains.
    It has been written that the depleted oil fields in Texas are slowing refilling. The world is not going to run out of crude oil. there are trillions, and trillions of tons of oil still deep down in the earth. Every one and his dog repeats the mantra fossil fuel this and fossil fuel that without any real evidence that oil is from fossils
    This is what TJ thinks and he is sticking with it.

    “Thomas Gold was an Austrian-born astrophysicist, a professor of astronomy at Cornell University, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Gold was one of three young Cambridge scientists who in 1948 proposed the now mostly abandoned ‘steady state’ hypothesis of the universe. Gold’s work crossed academic and scientific boundaries, into biophysics, astronomy, aerospace engineering, and geophysics.Wikipedia
    Born:May 22, 1920, Vienna, Austria
    Died:Jun 22, 2004, Ithaca, New York
    Nationality:Austrian British American”

  12. Puppetry has beguiled humanity from a long time ago to now. (Delete this, Admin!)

    ADMIN: I will let it pass because of its brevity. However, I have deleted your other three off-topic comments, including a badly written “poem”.

  13. Innovation, Military Power, Political Influence, Economic Clout & Lifestyle (“IMPEL”) are the reasons that the United States is and will continue to be the dominant player in the World for decades to come. But for steeling our intellectual property the Chinese would be left to manufacturing chopsticks. Russia is a second class player along with the rest. Wish what you want and Believe what you may. As Pat said ” People from all over the world fight to come here” Because of IMPEL folks like it or not! Happy I was Born in the USA as the “BOSS” sings so well 🙂

    1. Quite correct!!

      Many pay more than $50,000 to get here because the hospitals are much better than where they live.

      Even RUSSIANS & CHINESE do it! 🙂

      MIAMI – Every year, hundreds of pregnant Russian women travel to the United States to give birth so that their child can acquire all the privileges of American citizenship.

      They pay anywhere from $20,000 to sometimes more than $50,000 to brokers who arrange their travel documents, accommodations and hospital stays, often in Florida.

      While the cost is high, their children will be rewarded with opportunities and travel advantages not available to their Russian countrymen. The parents themselves may benefit someday as well.

      And the decidedly un-Russian climate in South Florida and the posh treatment they receive in the maternity wards – unlike dismal clinics back home – can ease the financial sting and make the practice seem more like an extended vacation.

      The Russians are part of a wave of “birth tourists” that includes sizable numbers of women from China and Nigeria.

  14. The cheapest way to deliver natural gas (methane), to market consumption is using gas pipelines. Gazprom prices are high not due to their costs, but because of their profit margin, after all, a monopoly is always bad for consumers. They are closer to the European market, and they have a big network of gas pipelines, it is practically impossible for LNG exports from the US to cost less. Gazprom has LNG facilities too, designed for delivery to remote areas only, beyond the reach of pipelines.

    At ambient pressure, LNG need to be chilled to minus 260 Fahrenheit (-161 Celsius), that is a pretty low temperature. That means huge power consumption, and add to that the heating process needed to gasify the LNG to final delivery. For transportation across the ocean the actual temperature needs to be even lower, since the cryogenic facilities are located on the ground, not inside the ships.

    I don’t think there are enough gas carriers in the world to supply the half billion people European market. LNG is a great alternative but, hardly, is going to be the mainstream.

    The lighter the hydrocarbon fraction the cleaner it is. Natural gas or LNG, it doesn’t matter, is the lightest fraction, only one carbon and four hydrogen atoms in the molecule. There is a refinery process that cracks heavy molecules to produce lighter dirty fractions, but that’s not the case. Using Orlov’s words: “Russian oil… has become mysteriously contaminated and the flow has been stopped until the situation is resolved, causing a bit of a panic in Europe.” Is this another conspiracy theory?

    About the US positive net export of oil, that’s no big deal. The US is far away from being self-sufficient; I guess no Nation in the world is self-sufficient on oil products. You can’t interrupt oil imports because some types of petroleum are needed to blend in the refinery/petrochemical process. Example: there is only one specific kind of petroleum to produce lubricants.

    1. NBTT –

      Thanks for the great comprehensive link!

      You wrote:
      “I don’t think there are enough gas carriers in the world to supply the half billion people European market.”

      That is correct today. There will be enough in the future. Many producers are coming online around the world to do what ‘Put-On the Puny Poser’ 🙂 does not have the money, resources or wherewithal to do. He MUST have help from THE WEST!!

      Russia has a very hard time getting oil and gas out of the ground and from offshore, without help from Western countries, the experts! The West owns much of Russia’s oil and gas production. Some oil companies actually own whole cities and schools in Russia’s tundra drilling areas.

      Even though Shell remains a shareholder in the Gazprom-led Sakhalin-2 plant, however, just last month, there was bad news for Russia. Shell left Puny ‘Put-On’ holding the bag with the Gazprom-led LNG project in Russia due to sanctions difficulties.

      In 2015, Shell became the only partner of Gazprom in the Baltic LNG project. In late 2018, Gazprom and Shell inked a framework agreement on the technical concept of the Baltic LNG. 

      But, Royal Dutch Shell has decided to exit a Baltic liquefied natural gas (LNG) project led by Russian state gas major Gazprom on the Russian Baltic coast.

      Many Western firms struggle to expand in Russia because of pressure from sanctions imposed by the United States. That hurts Russia’s weak economy even more.

      For Gazprom, it could mean limited access to Shell’s technology, as well as the need to fund the project without the help of the Anglo-Dutch MAJOR MEMBER.

      Cederic Cremers, Country Chairman of Russia Shell:


      Here are just a few MEGA-Multi-Billion $$$USD LNG Suppliers’ Facilities coming online, on the Gulf of Mexico, in Texas & Louisiana alone(more are on the west coast US):

      Sasol’s ethane cracker and derivatives – 1,500 ACRE – project Lake Charles Louisiana

      Cheniere Energy’s Corpus Christi Texas Liquefaction Project Overview

      Chevron-Phillips U.S. Gulf Coast Petrochemical Project

      Trump speaks at Cameron LNG export facility in Louisiana 2 weeks ago

    1. DS –

      Good info.

      Gary Allen was a very good source for information not placed in most public newspapers. I have read all of his books, including “Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask” when it came out circa 1968 or so. He was big in the John Birch Society(JBS). Gary exposed what he was allowed to tell by his handlers.

      All of the JBS writers and speakers have jew money backers and supporters, if not jews themselves, like Alan Stang was…. as they ARE controlled opposition.

      Few knew that Gary’s backer and business partner for decades was jew Bob Chapman, the largest independent gold broker at one time.

      In 1967 Bob Chapman began writing articles on business, finance, economics and politics having been printed and reprinted over the years in over 200 publications.

      Bob was owner and editor of The International Forecaster, a compendium of information on business, finance, economics and social and political issues worldwide, which reached 10,000 investors and brokers monthly directly, and parts of his publication were picked up by 60 different websites weekly exposing his ideas to over 10 million investors a week. He scared people into buying gold…. just like bloggers & pundits do today! 🙂

      He and Gary became wealthy.

      I was a subscriber to Bob’s newsletter and I spoke with him on the phone numerous times to try to figure out the gold tricks. I never really did. Reason…. I was not in the ‘Big Club’ Carlin told about! 🙂

  15. it’s all about the contracts, through and through the deep state..
    the big money contracts are in the pipeline years in advance..
    the election process is about finding a new batch of public relations frontmen to be trusted with making sure the contracts don’t get lost somehow…
    the obama clintons sucked the ZOG on the standard russian hokeymo, the russian hoax..
    it’s a big hokeyocracy…
    you heard hillary say it, “i’ve always hated the russians”…
    meaning, she can be counted on to keep up he phony conflict between the two white superpowers…
    here are disparate (not really) factions vying for the official positions of influence over the contract process, whoever that is has a little inside dope on the financial killing…
    but the us has been in bed with the kremlin on the contract process since the ww2 alliance…
    the conflict is fake news, good for business, keeps the proles under control…
    the external enemy is totally programmed into society on both ‘sides’…
    there re no “russians”, never have been… but that’s the favorite prop, been paying off big-time for decades, the go-to boogyman, keeping the deep state power complex in place…
    it’s not for trump to F that up, and he jacked the flows immediately…
    right – gold is only as valuable as oil/gas, energy…
    but Peak Oil is a hoax too…
    there’s an endless supply of oil 25 or 30 miles down in the substrata…
    Biotic Oil is another hoax, the “craziest thing’ Fred Hoyle said he ever heard…
    Oil is cooked up in the Star Fusion process, like diamonds and gold, everything else we find in the Planet…
    trump knows how to fix america, and so does anybody else with a small brain…
    trouble is, for all his patriotic fervor – he’s first and foremost a jew-ish zionist, total mazaltaver…
    secure the borders and stop al the hard dope and slave traffic..
    kick out all the gangsters, illegal immigrants and subversives (muslims)…
    stop importing everything and set up factories for whatever we need right here, outlawing planned obsolescence…
    kill the fed bank and the irs… let the us treasury be the central bank of the usa, collect interest revenues, no need for taxes…
    that’s a good start..

  16. This for Gilbert, thanks for the reply, my family farms are along the Yellowstone River and our ranches are in the hills north of the river and we raise alfalfa and corn and grain and cattle and have mostly John Deere tractors with a few Case tractors.

    I really enjoyed hearing from you.

  17. LD
    “This doesn’t mind the ideas are “incorrect”. It simply means they cannot be proved. You are free to doubt them or believe them, as you wish.”
    quite so – it’s a god thing, and the computer universe is about as magical…
    on the other hand, it’s probably true what they say too that – “the universe isn’t stranger than we think, it’s stranger than we can think”…
    you might get that, if you start contemplating things/phenomena like time, distance and acceleration… since you can’t have time without distance, it means they are the same thing, you might say… and they may not even exist unless and until they are changed… therefore acceleration affects both…
    “Jews are big in the world of Theoretical Physics and have collared dozens of Nobel Prizes, as this quote from a learned journal makes clear:”
    yeah right, jews are all over the nobel prize process too, and a disproportionate number of jews wind up with them… surprise? it’s how their phony baloney scientists and their speculations all go down as scripture…
    ““Is the smallest small thing smaller than the largest large thing is large?” 🙂
    well, where’s the limit on how close you can get to something?
    it’s all a hoop sooner or later…

  18. Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), a prime exponent of logical positivism, laid his philosophy out in his magnum opus “TRACTATUS LOGICO-PHILOSOHICUS.” This work purported to solve all the major problems of philosophy. You can see this work in pdf format on the web.

    If you read and understand this work of his, you might be a candidate to tackle Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason”.

    The issue with works like these… to give proper criticism, one must understand what is being expressed.
    I think that even professional philosophers would be challenged over these works.

    Good luck.

    1. I defy anyone to read even Chapter One of Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” and retain any respect for the man, or for philosophers in general. Don’t be bluffed. Read it for yourself.

  19. Is Germany FIRED or FRIED or FREED!!??

    Now whining German jews blame the media!! 🙂

    German Government Official Urges Jews Not to Wear Kippas in Public to Avoid Anti-Semitic Violence!

    Antisemitic crimes rose by 20% in Germany last year, according to interior ministry data…The arrival in parliament of the far-right AfD has also contributed to the change in atmosphere, as has the arrival of more than a million asylum seekers, many from Muslim countries such as Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq. Klein said that while the far-right was to blame for the vast majority of antisemitic crime, it was apparent that some Muslims were also influenced by watching certain television channels “which transmit a dreadful image of Israel and Jews”.

    Solution – ‘Put-On’ will take them into his jew ‘sanctuary country’!! 🙂

    1. “Antisemitic crimes rose by 20% in Germany last year”. Must be all these Holocaust deniers from other countries trying to have a say in ze annexed “Semitic colony of ze “Zentralrat der Juden” but get instantly locked up in secrecy. It might be the biggest chunk of this 20%.
      Crimes of asylum seekers committed in Germany are censored for the German public and media. Maybe “German” government officials should be warned to not wear Kippas in public.

  20. German Jews, first named KIKES by the Flieshmans, when they were operating their breadlines in NYC .. I think all they do now is just yeast…

  21. I find it insulting that the term “America” is instantly recognized as the US. America includes, north, south, central America; essentially the entire western hemisphere. And all those ‘illegal aliens’ the US brainless hillbillies want to keep out by building a Gaza wall are actually Native Americans; Occupants of this land long before the gringos stole it. It’s also ironic that Native Americans (Mexicans) are pointed at as the reasons for job loss when in fact it is the CONgress (opposite of progress) who actively fostered and nurtured the sell-off of the industrial base of the US to China (a RED COMMUNIST country) and are profiting off it handsomely. But Communisim (a Jewish invention) is never talked about as being the enemy any more. Only Mexicans and Arabs. Oh and Iranians too because they have oil. This is what Jew run TeeVee/media will teach you.

    1. I’ll second that
      Who the hell was Amerigo Vespucci to me and my ancestors, ANYWAY? 🤨

    May 27, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    I once heard John Hospers say that Wittgenstein got invited to stay at some college in the US for 6 months.
    He told the people he was going to stay with, “I don’t care what I eat, but it’s got to be the same thing every day.”

    The lady said, “How about cheese sandwiches? They’re cheap and easy to make.” So Wittgenstein said, OK. So he ate cheese sandwiches every day for 6 months.

    Anybody else who thinks philosophers are crazy (or most of them), raise your hand.

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