An Open Letter To The People Of The U.S. From President Nicolás Maduro

By Nicolás Maduro
February 10, 2019

“The Venezuelan people, our armed forces, we won’t let them [the Americans] take an inch of our national territory … the US president wants to turn our country into a new Vietnam … Europe and the world need to know that the White House has been taken over by an extremist.” 

— Nicolás Maduro

If I know anything, it is about the people, because just like you, I am a man of the people. I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood of Caracas. I was forged in the heat of popular and union struggles in a Venezuela submerged in exclusion and inequality. I am no tycoon; I am a worker of mind and heart.  Today I have the great privilege of presiding over the new Venezuela, rooted in a model of inclusive development and social equality, which Comandante Hugo Chávez forged starting in 1998, inspired by the legacy of Simón Bolivar.

We are living today in a historical crossroad. There are days that will define the future of our countries, giving us a choice between war and peace. Your national representatives of Washington want to bring to their borders the same hatred that they sowed in Vietnam. They want to invade and intervene in Venezuela — they say, as they said then — in the name of democracy and freedom. But this is false. Their history of the usurpation of power in Venezuela is as false as the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It is a false argument, but it can have dramatic consequences for our entire region.

Venezuela is a country that, by virtue of its 1999 Constitution, has broadly expanded the participatory and protagonist democracy of the people, and that in an unprecedented way so that today Venezuela is one of the countries that has held the largest number of elections in the last 20 years. You may not like our ideology or how our society looks, but we exist and we are millions.

I address these words to the people of the United States of America to warn of the gravity and danger that some sectors in the White House intend, that is, to invade Venezuela with unpredictable consequences for my country and for the entire American region. President Donald Trump also intends to disrupt the worthy initiatives to open a dialogue promoted by Uruguay and Mexico, with the support of CARICOM, for a peaceful solution and dialogue on behalf of Venezuela. We know that for the good of Venezuela we have to sit down and talk because to refuse to dialogue is to choose the path of force. Keep in mind the words of John F. Kennedy: “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” Those who do not want to dialogue, are they afraid of the truth?

The political intolerance toward the Venezuelan Bolivarian model and the desires for our immense oil resources, minerals and other great riches have prompted an international coalition headed by the U.S. government to commit the serious insanity of waging a military attack on Venezuela under the pretext of a nonexistent humanitarian crisis.

The people of Venezuela have painfully suffered social wounds caused by a criminal commercial and financial blockade, which has been aggravated by the dispossession and robbery of our financial resources and assets in countries aligned with this demented onslaught.

And yet, thanks to a new system of social protection, of direct attention to the most vulnerable sectors of our society, we proudly continue to be a country in the Americas with high human development index and low inequality.

The U.S. people must know that this complex multiform aggression is carried out with total impunity and in clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations, which expressly outlaws the threat or use of force, among other principles and purposes, for the sake of peace and friendly relations between nations.

We want to continue being business partners of the people of the United States, as we have been throughout our history. Their politicians in Washington, on the other hand, are willing to send their sons and daughters to die in an absurd war, instead of respecting the sacred right of the Venezuelan people to self-determination and to safeguard their sovereignty.

Like you, people of the United States, we Venezuelans are patriots. And we shall defend our homeland with all our soul. Today Venezuela is united in a single cry: We demand the cessation of the aggression that seeks to suffocate our economy and socially suffocate our people, as well as the cessation of the serious and dangerous threats of military intervention against Venezuela.

We appeal to the good soul of U.S. society, a victim of its own leaders, to join our call for peace. Let us be all one people against warmongering and war.

Long live the peoples of America!

Nicolás Maduro

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


62 thoughts to “An Open Letter To The People Of The U.S. From President Nicolás Maduro”

  1. Maduro can address the “American” people as he wishes. Won’t help. “America” isn’t a “nation” by any stretch of the imagination. Doesn’t fit the criteria. No common language….. anymore. No common ethnicity. No common religion. Just a hodge-podge mass of people living under an increasingly totalitarian and hostile federal government. U.S. resembles a hugh corporation more than a country. Citizens don’t exist…..we’re “employees.” We provide our labor, pay our taxes and are milked dry at the end of the day. Anyway. Donaldo wishes the best for Maduro. At least he’s making a stand. Showing far more courage than any spineless, treasonous POTUS ever would in his shoes. Gotta give him credit. 😉

    1. Very well said Donaldo. Trump has his weaknesses, we all have, but one thing he’s not, compared to the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Merkels, Macrons and Mays of this world, is a two-faced, back-stabbing traitor to his own nation. They are predatory psychopaths who care nothing for the nations they represent. Trump is the man of the moment, and has done a lot of good for humanity.

      1. On the contrary, orange clown is an ignorant, arrogant, devil-worshiping, demon-possessed, mentally and morally defective fool and traitorous israel-first america-last jew puppet ruler, whose whole campaign was a calculated bait and switch scam.

      2. Yow whut….???

        “President Trump on Tuesday called on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to resign for comments on Israel that were criticized as anti-Semitic.
        “I think she should either resign from Congress or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” Trump said of the freshman lawmaker.

        More grovelling….AIPAC is a Jewish Lobby Group……is it not…???

    2. Food is food and is not political. Good is good even from your enemy and should not be rejected. If the people are hungry then gifts of food from your enemy should be accepted.

    3. Say who is responsible. Name and shame the Zionist jews.
      I’m not an american and it’s your national problem. Your country has been hijacked.
      There was a time when A SINGLE AIRLINER hijacked by the Palestinians made waves.
      Today, your country is ruled by zionists (not jews) and there’s no protest.
      Enjoy the servitude.

    4. Before I read your comment, I wrote a a similar reply below. More power to you and may you stay strong.

  2. ( Israel +America) + Saudi Arabia (Sunni) = ISIS → anti- [Shiite ( Iran , Syria , Yemen……)] → Overthrow the Shiite country → Establishing puppet regime → Installation of the Jewish Central Bank

    ( Israel America) → anti- ( Russia ,Ukraine, North Korea, Venezuela……)→ Overthrowing sovereign states → Establishing puppet regime → Installation of the Jewish Central Bank

    1. @ BASIC

      Brilliant! You are a mathematician, sir!
      You have said it all in a couple of neat equations.

    2. Basic –

      I like it…..

      I see the theory with these initial components:
      (Israel +America) following orders from London + Vatican

    3. Juan Guaido…………what a work of art. Those Zios sure know how to install their “leaders.” If sissy-boy becomes Pres he has promised to re-establish ties with Israel and move the Venezuelan embassy to Jerusalem. Fine. Nothing wrong with diplomacy but sure gives us Darkmooners insight into who “owns” Guaido. Besides having a potential “leader” who will certainly “suck up” to Israel and allow Zios to loot the countrys resources something else deeply disturbed Donaldo this Wednesday morning. The face. Aaaaahhhh yes. That face. Guaido has that gay-pedo face that sends chills down the spine. Apon viewing “Guaido face” on line, Donaldo decided that sobriety was out of the question for today. As I post, trusty tequila is deadening the pain. Apparently being gay/pedo is also a requirement for Zio sponsorship. (((They))) do hate mustaches after all. Interesting times Darkmooners……. interesting times. 😊😁

    4. You have the equation right.
      The global zionists (no capitalizing the Z) and never calling the Nethanyahoo devil ‘Bibi’ is my moto.
      Do you favor making the devil cuddly?

    1. Marcus –

      Thanks. My answer is: Russia has been a satellite of the US since 1917.

      HOWEVER…. ‘Put-On’ can answer that for you! He gave us this ‘jewel’ a few years ago:

      The underlying theme is Russia is working MORE with US, not less. Putin wants more money.
      ‘Put-On’wants a strong Russia to respond to the ‘core interests of the US.(31:20)
      It does not matter who is elected President in US, he will partner with them globally.(18:22)
      These points were made clear in the video posted by RT –
      FUNDED by the Russian Government:

      ‘Put-On’ supports decisions of the UN. (10:41)

      ‘Put-On’ is ‘Convinced’ that Russia and US will need each other even more.(19:15)


      Russia needs to increase economic opportunities, short term and long term.(31:00)

      Russia’s control of ‘organized crime’ is weak.(35:25)

      ‘Put-On’ – – ‘Admits’ there is no ‘civil society’ control system in place.(35:45)

      State workers are not paid enough to be responsible to civil laws.(36:25)

      ‘Put-On’ wants MORE media opportunities to help civil society. (36:35)

      On belief in god.. ‘Put-On’ said, “I’ll tell you later.”(38:40)

    2. In fact, Lavrov stated that Russia was willing to be a go-between…

      Lol. So you have some guy arbitrarily declaring that he is President of Venezuela; you have the so-called President of Venezuela huffing and puffing but not arresting him; and you have the “Good Cop”, Russia, wanting to act as a mediator between both fakes. Since when did democracy (which is rigged and faked anyway) become all about declaring yourself a winner and I wonder what Russia’s reaction would be if some dude in Siberia announced “I am President”?

      It is a massive piece of kabuki. In fact, I am President of Venezuela and I hope Lavrov will act as my mediator 😉

      Meanwhile trade with Israel continues to climb exponentially across the globe.

      1. “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
        (H.L. Mencken)

  3. Trump says he doesn’t want any more foreign wars [ to paraphrase Trump ] , he said he was withdrawing from Syria, then he sent even more U.S. military men to Syria [ excuse me, he sent them to a U.S. military base in Iraq right on the border with Syria ] , and now he wants to start a war with Venezuela. Up is down and down is up and war is peace and peace is war and less foreign wars is more foreign wars. And Trump’s Secretary of State, Pompeo, wants us to believe Hezbollah started the turmoil in Venezuela. As far as I know, Trump hasn’t corrected his Secretary of State, so Trump also wants us to think Hezbollah is trying to take-over Venezuela. Uncle Sam’s not trying to take-over Venezuela, the “ragheads” are trying to take-over Venezuela. And Hezbollah is supported by Iran, so we can add that excuse to all the other excuses (((they))) and ((( their))) shabbos goy-golem stepinfetchits have for wanting to destroy Iran [ for israel’s sake and benefit of course ]. Well, at least Trump is going to bring all the Venezuelan war refugees into the USA LEGALLY. ILLEGAL wars and LEGAL war refugees. We like to do things LEGALLY, We insist on LEGALITY, that’s who We are as a people. Unlike the Hezbollah terrorists who are bandits and vandals and Jihadists and are into mayhem and causing mayhem is ILLEGAL. Our wars aren’t about mayhem. We never start any any mayhem, Our wars are about LEGALITY and making the world, lol, Safe for Democracy! Our Nation Is A City Upon A Hill And We Are A Light Unto The World And All Her People!

    I guess Venezuela is one of the 60 countries on Cheney’s/Uncle Sam’s/Israhell’s “List” of 60 countries.

      1. @ Rev. Spooner,

        I honestly don’t mean to tire you out, I see my run-on sentences are placing a strain on you. Do you always tire so easily? Ever consider taking Vitamin B-12 supplements? You may want to get Vitamin B-12 fortified with iron. They say Vitamin B-12 with iron works wonders for those who are real tired.

  4. With the blatant effort to overthrow the Venezuelan government, the imperial madness of orange clown et al. (to use worldly terms) is simply indisputable. In fact orange clown’s treasonous treachery is now so indisputable that die-hard orange clown supporter justin raimondo at “antiwar”(dot)com has recently disabled comments on his (mostly pro-orange clown) propaganda pieces; thus raimondo joins the apparently senile paul craig roberts in the apotheosis-of-orange-clown fantasy land.

    Anyway, if I understand correctly, both Russia and China have invested tens of billions of dollars in Venezuela, and Russia was planning on establishing a military airbase on the Venezuelan island of La Orchila, apparently in response to orange clown’s endless provocations.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I believe the evil orange clown will resort to military force if “necessary” to overthrow the Venezuelan government. If so, will Russia and China allow this? Will they allow themselves to be bitch-slapped again by the evil orange clown?

    1. HS –

      “Will they allow themselves to be bitch-slapped again by the evil orange clown?”

      Yes. They need more USD to buy goods & services.

      Yuan & ruble are not reserve currencies.

      1. Pat


        China and Russia are stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. So their leaders do what is all too predictable -succumb to the onerous bottom line🤑

      2. Perhaps, but if Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping sit there and do nothing while team orange clown openly overthrows the government of Venezuela, installing a hostile (to Russia and China) puppet government, it will make them look weak and ineffective – totally helpless – against the Satanic empire, IMO. I think it will seriously weaken them politically. After all, what’s the point of spending billions of dollars on new weapon systems to deter the evil empire if the will to stand up to the empire’s bullying is not there?

    2. ’cause China aint totalitarian either, right? 😉

      They are all the same but China in particular has nothing to offer us — it is just another bankster-controlled nationstate.

  5. Venezuela is dependent on oil income and Chavez nationalized the big oil companies’ assets, so they pulled out. It takes expertise to run the oil industry and all the experts left.

    There is a US embargo, but most neighboring countries in the world can still trade with Venezuala. Same applied to Cuba. Even Canada traded with Cuba. Communism does not fit human nature and everything grinds to a halt because people have no incentive.

    The west has its problems. I would say that the gigantic fraud of the issuing of government debt and the banks creation of money is the most serious. If things continue as they are the banks will eventually have all the assets, and the people will have all the debt. It is a gradual process of the impoverishment of the people.

    1. But those Viet commies seemed to have a lot of incentive fighting the US. As did the Chinese and Korean commies in that other war against US and its UN allies. They didn’t just grind to a halt and let the invaders roll over them.

      I somehow doubt the US will intervene just because someone illegally declared himself to be the president and claims the right to ask US forces to intervene against his own countrymen. If Venezuela is heading towards disfunctional chaos on its own there is no need for the US military to help it along. As that’s about all they’ll achieve going by the results of their recent military adventures in Iraq and Libya.

  6. Spook-Actor Leader from Venezuela sends letter to American people. Maduro now leading contender for the Oscars 😉

    All national leaders are liars and this whole crisis is being manufactured to distract we the peons from our own enslavement. I realized the whole thing was a joke when some dude declared he was President and the West concurred. In a real world he would have been imprisoned immediately; in this god-forsaken matrix, it becomes a news story that goes on and on and on and on.

    Just like that fake KaSHOWggi killing — no-one was murdered. Some spooks claimed that a spook was killed by spooks; other spooks around the world agreed with the other spooks. What is there not believe in that story 😉 Same with Maduro and his “US backed opposition” — they are all controlled. In Venezuela we are seeing the spook-controlled media reporting the hilarious actions and non-actions of Spook-sponsored Leaders.

    Of course the US and the West are just as controlled; the populations just as brainwashed by a manipulative culture.

    Venezuela should be a successful country, even with Western sanctions. The fact that it is not proves that Maduro and Chavez are all fake; like Castro and the Commies in Cuba. All setup for another piece of left v right, East vs West nonsense. International finance controls all of ’em, and that includes you and me.

    Shock news: global oligarchs own everything and control events.

    1. Flo –

      “All national leaders are liars..” You KNOW… I LUVITT!! 🙂 🙂


      Thanks, Marcus! Not a master, just been watching seriously since 1953.

      1. Pat, having been watching seriously — and no doubt as closely as permitted — since 1963, do you have an opinion about Mike King’s “Saint Joe McCarthy” book, published recently? Alan

      2. AD –

        Thanks. It was 1953 when my journey down ‘perfidious jew awareness lane’ started, not 1963.
        I have not read King’s book.

        This is enough for me, since I knew Mrs Lent, personally:

        You might enjoy the eyewitness testimony of Mrs. Larry Lawrence Lent, to the true life and character of U.S. Marine, Judge, and Senator, Joseph R. McCarthy.


        Another example of JFK himself having political courage was how he never spoke out against Senator Joseph McCarthy who was being persecuted and prosecuted and literally destroyed for his courage in exposing Communists in high places in the USA State Department. JFK recognized that the hatred directed toward McCarthy was an attempt to distract the American people from what McCarthy was fighting against – Communism.

        JFK’s feelings became abundantly clear during a reunion banquet at Harvard.
        When an after-dinner speaker remarked that
        he was proud Harvard had never graduated an Alger Hiss
        and even prouder that it had never produced a Joe McCarthy,
        JFK exploded in anger.


        Rising at his seat, he shouted,
        “How dare you couple the name of a great American patriot with that of a traitor!”
        The other diners lapsed into shocked silence,
        and JFK departed without hearing the rest of the program.

      3. Pat was always very very serious, even when he was 8 years old. Pat was 20 years old in 1965 when he signed-up for The Navy, which means he was born in 1945, which means he was 8 years old in 1953 and he certainly was a very very serious 8 year old! He knew all about jew perfidy and he knew all about domestic politics and all about International Geo-Politics when he was 8 years old, ¡Amazing! He knew domestic politics is all a lie and he knew International Geo-Politics is all a lie, so what does he do with all this knowledge of political mendacity? He volunteers for the U.S. military to go fight in a war based on nothing but lies, Vietnam. So what’s the point of being so smart and savvy about domestic politics and International Geo-Politics and knowing everything including all wars are lies if you use your “knowledge” to volunteer for Yankee Empire Uncle Sam’s military? Pat is very aware, he has alot of acumen alright, always has, yeah, sure, 😎.

        “I of course knew the war against Iraq — USrahell’s Shekinah Shock and Awe war ~ was based on NOTHING but LIES, so I volunteered for Uncle Sam’s military and went to fight in Iraq for a bunch of LIES just like PAT who volunteered to go fight the war in Vietnam which was also based on NOTHING BUT LIES and Pat knew IT, that’s because he’s very smart and savvy about political mendacity. Do things Pat’s way and you’ll never get caught up in or buy into any political lies. You’ll never be fooled and never wind up on any battlefield being a grunt for Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam’s LIES.” *grin*

  7. the vatican put uncle ho in power. cardinal spellman. spelly’s war…
    not much doubt hugo was rubbed out by the economic hitmen…
    regular people paying 13 cents a gallon for oil in venesuela…
    can’t have that…
    that’s almost as wild as stan meyer’s water-driven dune buggy…
    you saw what happened to him…
    however, nobody is going to invade venesuela… the zionista jews don’t even want that..
    they’d rather the middle east was the only place to get oil…
    oil is one of the real reasons the state of israel was invented in the first place…
    not going to happen… whatever really is happening down there, the usa is never going to have another vietnam, not with 200 or 300 GIs being killed in a week’s time… people don’t bite like that anymore…
    are you crazy?
    you’d have to have a draft.. but the draft is a thing of the past too, though some kind of national service requirement is desperately needed now to make men out of all these bozos and mamma’s boys…
    i think putin is up against his own deep state operatives, been deep inside the kremlin since 1917, who are totally in cahoots with the world commie headquarters new york city zionist factor in control of dc and the pentagon contracting process..
    i think him and trump are trying to expand relations between the usa and russia, open up trade and move the world on out of the old cold war game… it’s only too bad trump’s not quite as smooth as putin…
    but the old bolsheviki bloodlines don’t want to see or hear it… war keeps them in power… and in the dough..
    hence the media war on trump, straight from the jew york times..
    the ‘russians’ have been the only real political currency in Dirty City for so long nobody can relate to anything else, and they scream RUSSIA as loud and often as they can, because nobody knows what else to say…
    of course they want to hang the whole venesuela problem on putin too.. RUSSIANS yet again…

    1. Bark –

      “it’s only too bad trump’s not quite as smooth as putin…”

      Smoothie ‘Put-On’ is not making the media at ALL levels $$$BILLIONS. Trump… with his PT Barnum antics… IS…”BIGGLY”!!

      “i think him and trump are trying to expand relations between the usa and russia..”

      Your guess about ‘Put-On’ wanting to work with Trump is supported by ‘Put-On’ in this interview.

      These points were made clear in the video posted by RT – FUNDED by the Russian Government:

      It does not matter who is elected President in US, ‘Put-On’ will partner with them globally.(18:22)

      ‘Put-On’ is ‘Convinced’ that Russia and US will need each other even more.(19:15)

      ‘Put-On’ wants a strong Russia to respond to the ‘core interests of the US.(31:20)

      Worth repeating…. as ‘Put-On’ stated….
      It does NOT matter WHO….. is elected President in US….. ‘Put-On’ will PARTNER with them GLOBALLY!!! (18:22)

    2. Bark –

      It’s all a big game…. big con… a deadly one for troops & civilians…. BUT not for London’s bankers.

      Russia has been a satellite of the US since 1917.
      AND…. We fall for the lies!!

      AND……. if you need more proof…. that the US companies are building all of the weapons and vehicles for ‘Put-On’…. in Russia…

      See the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia… IN RUSSIA!! 🙂

      [ No one should fall for the ‘sanctions’ baloney!!! ]

      Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

      There are over 600 member companies. Here are some:

      Royal Bank of Scotland
      VTB Bank
      Bank Credit Suisse
      Goldman Sachs
      American Express 🙂
      Apple 🙂
      Coca Cola
      Estee Lauder
      Met Life
      And even the ‘Beanie-Baby start-up owned’…. PayPal! 🙂

  8. “I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace, than to risk peace in pursuit of politics.”

    Yet the man of “peace” continues his horrific campaign of senseless global mass murder:

    “70 civilians martyred or injured in new massacre by Int’l Coalition in Deir Ezzor countryside

    “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” (Daniel 8:25)

  9. pat –
    from the history of ww2 it almost looks like stalin was calling all the shots all along…
    he signed the pact with schnicklegruber at the bgeginning, then they both grabbed poland…
    he ordered the invasion of italy, for the second front, and d day, when the italy invasion failed to draw german troops from russia..
    he refused to even declare war on the japs in china, not until 1945 after he had acquired eastern europe…
    eisenhower had to thwart montgomery and patton’s intention to rush berlin, to wait for the russians to move west… you saw what happened to patton..
    i’m not sure the bolsheviks haven’t been running the whole East V West show ever since…
    the usa shipped literally tons of hundred dollar bills to russia after ww2, and even some fed note printing presses, while fred koch built their oil infrastructure..
    maybe putin is really the big boss.. the low-key guy often is…
    maybe communist control over russia has diminished to the point that they’re becoming more market-wise…
    maybe putin made kim understand what great things lie ahead for them both, if they increase trade…
    just saying…

    1. Bark –

      ‘Put-On’ controls no trade at all. He calls no shot globally. He does NOT even set oil prices, much less GOLD prices and the ruble is worthless globally.

      London has been in control of world trade – and GOLD prices – since 1600.

      The East India Company (EIC), also known as the Honourable East India Company (HEIC) or the British East India Company and informally as John Company, Company Bahadur, or simply “THE COMPANY”…. was organized as an English – and later British – joint-stock company.

      “THE COMPANY” received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth I on 31 December 1600, coming relatively late to trade in the Indies.
      Before “THE COMPANY”, the Portuguese Estado da Índia had traded there for much of the 16th century and the first of half a dozen Dutch Companies sailed to trade there from 1595. These Dutch companies amalgamated in March 1602 into the United East Indies Company (VOC – Dutch East India Company: Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie), which introduced the first permanent joint stock from 1612 (meaning investment into shares did not need to be returned, but could be traded on a stock exchange). By contrast, wealthy merchants and aristocrats owned the EIC’s shares. Initially the government owned no shares and had only indirect control until 1657 when permanent joint stock was established.

      “THE COMPANY” was formed to trade in the Indian Ocean region, initially with Mughal India and the East Indies (Maritime Southeast Asia), and later with Qing China. The company ended up seizing control over large parts of the Indian subcontinent, colonised parts of Southeast Asia, and colonised Hong Kong after a war with Qing China.

      Originally chartered as the “Governor and Company of Merchants of LONDON trading into the East Indies”, “THE COMPANY” rose to account for HALF of the world’s trade, particularly in basic commodities including cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, spices, saltpeter(for explosives and preserving), tea, and OPIUM.

      “THE COMPANY” also ruled the beginnings of the British Empire in India.

      In his speech to the House of Commons in July 1833, Lord Macaulay explained that since the beginning, the EAST INDIA COMPANY had always been involved in both trade and POLITICS, just as its French and Dutch counterparts had been.

      As for Stalin… Americans – especially Ford – built everything for him. Then, as you mentioned, there were many $$MILLIONS from Lend-Lease, during and after the war.

      Americans were even thrown into Stalin’s gulags.

      From the Great Depression to the Gulags:

      Russia in the late 1930s was not a good place to be. People really did sleep in their outdoor clothes, with a ready-packed suitcase at their bedside, waiting for the NKVD (the secret police) to knock on the door.

      You could be arrested and killed for a joke, for a factual remark about a food shortage, or for failing to denounce other people, including your immediate family. And you could also be arrested and killed for nothing at all, since the NKVD, like other elements of the Soviet economy, had productivity targets to meet.

      Anyone who was different was suspect.

      In 1937, 53 members of a deaf-mutes’ association were arrested in Leningrad, and 33 were sentenced to death for conducting ‘conspiracies’ in sign-language. Stamp-collectors, who had shown an unhealthy interest in letters from foreign countries, were hunted down, and so too were people who had learnt Esperanto.

      If life was as bad as this for Russians, just think how bad it must have been for people who were trying to live like Russians, but were in fact Americans.

      The US helped Stalin build his massive military!

      Even Henry Ford had helped to train Russian technicians and engineers in the science of modern mass production. He provided equipment and helped to set up a modern automobile plant in the Soviet Union, right on the Volga River.

      In 1929, Ford US began helping the Russians to build an assembly plant just outside Nizhni Novgorod. As a prelude, Ford Model A cars and trucks had been assembled in a small plant in Moscow. The new plant at Nizhni – which was renamed Gorky in 1932 – opened on New Year’s Day 1931. It struggled from the start and in 1932 produced less than 24,000 Model As against a production target of 140,000. The Ford contract was terminated in 1935, but… the Russian-built Ford, known as GAZ, continued in production over the next decade and helped lay the foundation for the development of the Russian auto industry!!

      Americans who were looking for work in the mid-1930s, traveled to Russia, having lost their jobs in the Great Depression!! American industry had slowed – contracted…. and Russia was recruiting skilled technicians, not least to run the giant car factory which was purchased from Henry Ford.

      1. Somebody must stop this man! Is there no hopium left in the world? 😉

        Nice post Pat; just a few extra nails in the Hopium Coffin.

      2. Pat, you take all the fun out of speculating, imagining, mishmashing, hodgepodging and even any beyond hope hoping which might remaineth.
        And to top it all off you really do knoweth what you do! (lol)
        You deserve a medal. A big one.
        “I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie. I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.”
        -H. L. Mencken
        Satsvarūpa: But is it possible to also learn spiritual truths from this…, from representatives on the subtle plane?
        Prabhupāda: There is no question of subtle plane. You are on the gross plane. You first of all study gross things, and subtle, we shall see later on.

      3. Wasn’t it Mr. Ford the one who got a special medal of honor for backing the nazis. He wrote the eternal jew if I am not mistaken. In the meantime he was building a car factory in Russia, the so called enemy of Hitler. I don’t understand. All smoke and mirrors behind smoke and mirrors ad perpetuum? Didn’t Hitler know this about Ford and Russia?

      4. Marcus –

        Ford’s book was The International Jew.

        He even gave a copy to everyone who bought a car.

        Of course, he knew…. more than most in the government. He made it his business to know.

        He knew for sure – who was BOSS – when he had to publicly retract his statements in his book in the Dearborn paper.

    2. @ barkingdeer

      maybe putin is really the big boss.. the low-key guy often is…
      maybe communist control over russia has diminished to the point that they’re becoming more market-wise…
      maybe putin made kim understand what great things lie ahead for them both, if they increase trade…
      just saying…

      THREE “maybes”.
      Just saying…

    3. Putin the big boss?

      We can speculate on alot of things (and certainly we do), but there’s no speculation on this one. No way is Putin the BIG boss

  10. It doesn’t look like Trump is winning with his WALL. Looks like he’s on the verge of compromising with the Democrats BIG-TIME and looks like the Democrats are going to get 75% of what they want, and Trump is going to get 25% of what he wants. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats wind-up getting 90% of what they want and Trump winds-up with only 10% of what he wants. Supposedly he sent troops to the border but the troops are ordered not to do anything, so what the hell is the point of having troops on the border if they’re STOOD DOWN and can’t do anything to stop the invasion of illegals. WTF?

    And looks like there’s going to be yet another amnesty of illegals. And Trump doesn’t seem to very tough with the governors and the big city mayors who give the illegals “sanctuary”. And his adminstration is chock-full of swamp creatures and he just added another swamp creature aboard, Elliot Abrams.

    Trump is greatly perturbed because [ supposedly as per Trump ] AIPAC has NOTHING to do with fueling America’s support for Israel, that’s an “Anti-Semitic”” trope, and Ilhan Omar needs to quit Congress , quit in disgrace of course, for disseminating an “Anti-Semetic” trope. Yet Trump himself during the presidential campaign told AIPAC he doesn’t need their money and he said that based on THE PREMISE, a truthful premise, that AIPAC greatly infuences American politics and American foreign policy from the power-of-the-purse AIPAC has and Trump told AIPAC to its’ face that he doesn’t need their money, meaning their AIPAC can’t influence him. Now Trump wants Ilhan Omar to quit Congress for saying basically the same thing he said to AIPAC during the presidential campaign. The difference is : Trump didn’t verbalize THE PREMISE and Ilhan Omar verbalized THE PREMISE, other than that, they both said the same thing about AIPAC. So Ilhan Omar should quit in disgrace for saying pretty much the same thing about AIPAC that Trump said about AIPAC. Pat was right all along, he had Trump pegged correctly all along, I do have to say.

  11. Beaucoup trade going on with Russia already…
    Still, the deep state banksters warmongering commercial media slugs from wall street commie central maintain the old cold war paranoia posture… have to get those contracts approved…

    1. Bark –

      “Beaucoup trade going on with Russia already…”

      SURE…. and all the resources have been contracted away from the Russian people to foreign companies.

      Many countries and their corporations hold more control of Russian Joint Stock Companies than do their domestic(sic) entities.

      ‘Put-On’ (Russia) does NOT even OWN Russia’s oil production..!! 🙂

      Product Sharing Agreements give most oil profits to Foreign Companies like Shell Oil and… use their own imported workers instead of hiring Russians..!!

      Disagreements and lawsuits bring out MANY hidden facts!!!

      *This argument of Exxon’s tells who REALLY owns much of Putin’s oil production.

      US-Exxon and Japan-Sodeco each own more than Russia-Rosneft:

      –Factual Background and Parties’ Arguments–
      Exxon holds 30% of Sakhalin-1…. while Rosneft and ONGC (India) each own 20% stakes.

      Japan’s Sodeco holds the remaining 30%.

      ExxonMobil, one of the Seven Sisters, is simultaneously an operator of Sakhalin-1.

      Ya havta weed out MSM distractions. 🙂

      1. So much for sanctions!! 🙂

        Further business facts…

        ExxonMobil in Russia

        **Fact sheet, March 2018**

        Operated the Sakhalin-1 project under Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) on behalf of the Sakhalin-1 consortium since 1995; ExxonMobil has 30 percent interest.
        20 years of continuous business presence across Upstream, Downstream and Chemical divisions.
        About 1,000 employees in Russia total.
        Upstream offices located in Moscow and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
        Sakhalin-1 production infrastructure located in two regions in the Russian Far East and includes five major sites with more than 800 employees.
        Downstream offices located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.



        Sakhalin-1 project overview

        Affiliate name: Exxon Neftegas Limited (ENL).

        ENL co-ventures in the Sakhalin-1 project include the Japanese consortium SODECO (30 percent); the Indian state-owned oil company ONGC Videsh Ltd. (20 percent); and two Rosneft affiliates (combined 20 percent).
        Sakhalin-1 includes three oil and gas fields – Chayvo, Odoptu and Arkutun-Dagi – located off the northeast coast of Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East. Potential recoverable resources are 2.3 billion barrels of oil (307 million tons) and 17.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas (485 billion cubic meters).
        Sakhalin-1 oil and gas production commenced in October 2005 from the Chayvo block, in September 2010 from the Odoptu block, and in January 2015 from the Arkutun-Dagi block.
        As of March 2018, over 100 million tons of oil have been produced and delivered from Sakhalin-1and North Chayvo fields to international markets via the ENL-operated De-Kastri oil terminal and over 22.8 billion cubic meters gas have been delivered to customers in Khabarovsk Krai.
        The Sakhalin-1 Consortium continues to explore opportunities to monetize Sakhalin-1 gas resources to maximize benefits to the consortium and the Russian state. Monetization options include upstream sales or exporting the gas via a LNG project.
        ExxonMobil and Rosneft signed a memorandum of understanding in February 2013 to jointly study the economic viability of a Russian Far East liquefied natural gas (LNG) project. ENL is progressing pre-FEED activities, including concept design, cost optimization and site surveys. ENL and its Sakhalin-1 co-venturers selected the De-Kastri site in the Khabarovsk Krai, near the Sakhalin-1 oil export terminal, as the most optimal location for an LNG plant. LNG plant design capacity will be around 6 million tons per year and will use Sakhalin-1 gas reserves as the primary resource base.


        In August 2011, OAO NK Rosneft and ExxonMobil concluded a strategic cooperation agreement to establish the framework for joint oil and gas exploration and production in Russia, the United States and other countries.
        Following the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, Rosneft and ExxonMobil formed 11 joint ventures for projects in the Russian Arctic, the Black Sea and western Siberia.
        The United States and European Union imposed sectoral sanctions against Russia in 2014 that precluded ExxonMobil’s participation in exploration or production activities in deepwater, Arctic offshore and shale oil projects in Russia.
        In August 2017, the United States codified and expanded the sectoral sanctions relating to Russia. The congressional act of codifying the sectoral sanctions has unforeseeably increased both the significance and duration of the sanctions. Throughout this time ExxonMobil has complied with the sectoral sanctions applicable to its projects in Russia..
        In February 2018, ExxonMobil initiated withdrawal from its 11 joint ventures with Rosneft in Russia that were impacted by the U.S and European Union sanctions.



        Affiliate name: Mobil Oil Lubricants LLC.
        Lubricants are marketed under the Mobil brand and sold through a country-wide network of 29 independent distributors.
        Mobil 1, Mobil Delvac 1 and Mobil SHC lubricants are the leading brands in Russia for passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and industrial applications.


        ExxonMobil markets a wide range of petrochemical products in Russia that are used by local industries (packaging, construction, automotive) to develop and produce high-quality consumer products.
        Catalysts & Licensing Global Business Unit (EMCL) supplies catalysts and offers technologies for refinery and petrochemical industries. EMCL has 15 ongoing projects with all major Russian oil companies, including 5 with Rosneft and 3 with Gazpromneft, Lukoil, Zarubezhneft and others, in lube, fuels, resid upgrading and gas treating areas. EMCL is pursuing new opportunities in Methanol to Gasoline and gas condensate treating technologies with Gazprom.


        ExxonMobil affiliate has 7.5 percent ownership in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) pipeline, which transports oil from Kazakhstan to the Russian port of Novorossiysk in the Black Sea.
        CPC completed Kazakhstan’s end of expansion project in 2017 whilst in Russia, the final oil-pumping station will be put into operation in April 2018. The total throughput capacity of the pipeline has been increased from 28.2 million tonnes to 67 million tonnes (1.4 million barrels per day).

  12. The post I sent in about Trump and Ilhan Omar and AIPAC is no good because? Because I make an excellent on-target observation concerning what Trump told AIPAC during the presidential campaign and what Ilhan Omar said about Trump the other day? I notice the similarity of what both said about AIPAC and ADMIN has some sort of issue with seeing the similarity of what they both said about AIPAC? whiddlejoew is an “idjit”, he’s not supposed to be making excellent on-target observations but he just made an excellent on-target observation so let’s CENSOR every thing he says. Nobody cares what whiddlejoew says about anything anyway so it’s okay to CENSOR him, who cares.

    (The rest of this interminable comment about censorship has been deleted)

    @ TROJ

    ADMIN TOBY: Listen, Mr Timewaster, I will give you THREE reasons why your comment was deleted:

    Reason 1 : The article we are discussing here is about Nichola Maduro. It is NOT about Donald Trump and his struggles with AIPAC! The article is entitled: An Open Letter to the people of the U.S. from President Nicholas Maduro:

    You don’t mention Maduro ONCE or the situation in Venezuela. So your entire post is OFF-TOPIC!!! 🙂

    Reason 2: You drag in the Heliocentric and Flat Earth theory, which again has nothing to do with Nicholas Maduro and the situation in Venezuela! Unless of course you are suggesting that the earth is flat in Venezuela, which is why Maduro is having such an “uphill” task keeping order. 🙂

    Reason 3: You are INSOLENT. Your insolence alone would get you banned from any other website. So, be grateful we publish the occasional drop of “wisdom” dripping from your prolix pen!

    Begone, scoundrel!

    1. I think I mentioned Trump taking Elliot Abrams aboard — Trump is supposed to be draining the swamp, as per Trump’s propaganda, so he hires the swamp creature Elliot Abrams to help him takeover Venezuela. Elliot Abrams has to do with this feature article about Uncle Sam trying to takeover Venezuela, so NO, I was NOT off-topic. I was On-Topic. I was alot more On-Topic than Pat and his going on and on about Russia 1917 and about WW2. Go tell Pat he’s going Off-Topic, see what he has to say to you about that. Good day, TROJ.

  13. @ Pat, thank you , mr. Ford’s retraction made him in my eyes a jewish slave, not credible, especially as he knew everything. Even he went on his knees for the jews. What can ordinary people do when even he bent?

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