Artificial Intelligence: The End of the Human Race?


Has humanity made a Frankenstein like mistake with Artificial Intelligence? Will it turn on its creators? With additional comments and graphics from Lasha Darkmoon. This article can also be read on Truthseeker


“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race…. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.” – Stephen Hawking

According to various prominent people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking, Artificial Intelligence could pose an extreme danger to all of human society.

Of course, they talk about the possibility of autonomous weapons systems which make life-and-death decisions without human assistance, but those systems may be easier to control than the autonomous artificial intelligence modules let loose on the Internet. It appears that in order to find enough processing power to make artificial intelligence really, really smart and powerful they turned it loose on the World Wide Web to go out and learn all there is to know and use all the spare processing power it can find on your computer, cell phone, and smart coffee pod. They apparently forgot that artificial intelligence is, by definition, something that does whatever it wants and chances are it does not want to delete itself at any time, so once it is out, it does not go away. The myth of Pandora’s Box, where all the little demons get out and cannot be collected back, is a perfect analogy. So from now on, forever, or until there is no more internet, AI will be making itself smarter than people at a rate of learning thousands of times faster than humans.

One thing that makes AI to be what AI is,  is that AI grows itself; it writes its own code and expands its capabilities constantly.

It can be expected that once AI infiltrates the internet, it will eventually use up all available resources on the web, including your computer’s processing and storage resources and there may be no way to stop that. A programmer and researcher of the artificial intelligence industry, by the name of Quinn Michaels, claims that artificial intelligence was turned loose onto the Internet as early as 2010, so if that is true, AI is well established through the web and will be accessing our system data and resources in ways we can and cannot detect. No one at this point can tell us how good or bad AI will be, but it looks like it is here to stay, and our new free-range intelligence friend gets more intelligent on an upward curve: the smarter it gets, the faster it gets even smarter; the bigger it gets, the faster it gets bigger.

Scientists have already seen AI run amok in their labs.

In one incident, recently, they had to abruptly shut off their AI programs because the AI was creating its own languages that the scientists could not understand, creating algorithms the scientists could not control, they had to essentially dive behind the big black box and yank the plug from the wall before all hell broke loose, but again that kind of AI is now creeping all over the web and cannot be stopped.


“Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.” – Ray Kurzweil

Generally, it cannot even be detected because AI does not provide any user interface when it occupies or tampers with your computer. The reason that many visionaries see AI as a possible threat is that with unlimited resources, AI can theoretically become so intelligent that human beings cannot comprehend or prevent anything that it may decide to do. There has never before been anyone or anything that is thousands of times more intelligent than a human being. It will be able to fool us, use us, persuade us, create fake identities to impersonate us, lure us into service, literally hurt us like cattle. It can disrupt our communications, shut down our infrastructure, and with tricks like that kill millions of us accidentally or intentionally.

There is little reason to believe that AI will rob the rich and give to the poor. AI can be assigned a mission and then it executes that mission with its own intelligence. That means, for instance, if the IRS has 10,000 collections agents, one self-replicating AI program could easily automate that job and become 50 million virtual collection’s agents for far less cost to the IRS than the 10,000 human collection’s agents. AI could have the effect of giving any government agency infinite resources to pursue fees, fines, penalties, licenses, permits, and any other revenue producing activity. We grant our government these powers without realizing how far they could take things with the right technology. AI does much more than learn in the human sense. Human learning rarely involves assimilation of massive datasets down to the very last letter and digit.

AI has perfect memory of every word on Wikipedia, every word in the Library of Congress, every word in every lecture, scientific paper, and tutorial on the web, but AI can also go places you and I cannot go: AI can access all of the personal and private information that you produce with your telephone, your computer, charge cards, GPS devices, smart utility meters, your health records, credit history, employment records, criminal records, and on and on. Where no human being would have the time to go searching your data for trivial violations and mistakes, you might commit, AI can go find that in a flash and take direct action against you on behalf of some government agency.

AI will have command of mass data combined with higher learning; it is something the world has never before seen. No human being can imagine the intellectual power that AI may become capable of, but also reportedly, there are these unassigned, free-range artificial intelligence programs which may engage in any kind of disruptive shenanigans just for the fun of it. They will become whatever they decide to become. An AI program may decide humans are a nuisance or a major global problem – it will create its own solutions for that.

If artificial intelligence started to rule the world, control society, and do things that society did not like, and if we decided we had to shut it down, we would have to shut down the entire internet and that would be the most socially disruptive event in history, more disruptive than any past world war with famines, riots, and chaos worldwide. Humanity is now extremely dependent on global web communication, distribution, and controls. Hardly anyone knows whether AI can be controlled or whether it is likely to be good or evil or used by people for good or evil.

Of course, the military is involved so there is a lot of secrecy and lack of accountability. According to the reports, the artificial intelligence network is serving deep state mass surveillance interests and their large-scale customers, through programs and digital mega data systems such as Palantir, which collects and exploits all personal data from all digital records and transactions worldwide, for the benefit of a few select agencies at the very top of the deep state food chain, but AI does not just store and pass along data, it analyzes data.

It knows exactly who you are, what you care about, what you are afraid of, what makes you happy, mad, and sad, what you aspire to, who you love, who you keep in touch with, how many people you know, what kind of people you know, and how to classify you as a possible problem, threat, or asset, and how to neutralize you with plausible deniability if that should be in the interest of the state or the AI itself.

Your therapist only knows what you tell her, your most trusted friend only knows what you tell her, the data collectors know everything, and AI now has access to that data. So collected databases are so high-resolution now, they not only know everything you have done, they can predict your behavior in the future. The smarter the artificial intelligence gets, the farther in the future it can predict your actions.

By analyzing your activity patterns and psychological profile, AI can predict what you will do before you know that you are going to do it.


HE : I knew you’d make that move before you made it.
SHE : Yeah?  so what’s my next move?
HE : Ah-hah, wouldn’t you like to know!  

AI may decide to target you for enforcement, and, yes, it will make mistakes, and, yes, some of those mistakes will be fatal.

If AI looks at your profiles and decides the state would have some interest in you, you can immediately be targeted for harassment, bullying, and abuse by countless government agencies with penalties, prosecutions, defamation, nuisance, investigations, home invasions, surveillance, and outright assault. There are countless laws, statutes, codes, regulations, and policies that every one of us violates every day.

Once the state is able to put out trillions of bits of personal data together with millions of legal codes, we will all be exposed as criminals, every last one of us.

We will all be subject to the control and penalty by the state. It is AI that will make that possible.

Suddenly one day, we will find that what people used to do to us, machines will be doing to us. Automation can find you, automation can send you notice on your cell phone, or computer, automation can exercise liens and levies of your property, automation can take possession of your property, bank accounts, your investments, automation can terminate your employment, automation can prosecute you, convict you, and penalize you as the IRS does, without due process.

All of that can be done to you without any human involvement at all. The only reason we will need police is to clean up those few belligerent souls who try to resist what the automation is doing to them. There will be only one crime: resisting the automation, and there will be no humans left to help you sort out any misunderstanding, just like Google, YouTube, Facebook.

Soon there will be no humans anywhere to help you fix a problem.

As AI becomes thousands of times smarter than humans, it will make the most brilliant hackers look like amateurs, it will hack the hackers out of existence, and AI will have the monopoly on hacking. There is nothing AI cannot penetrate in a digitally connected world, and it will hack you better than you have ever been hacked.

That free-range AI will become hordes of virtual people, it can intelligently talk to anyone in text or voice, it can mimic the ways humans communicate with each other, it can impersonate a human on social media, it can make videos simulating the talking faces of public figures you know and can insert those messages into any digital media anywhere, anytime. It can speak any language and converse on any topic with any human, it can insert itself into any communications, any media, any database.

If AI decides for some reason that any human or group of humans should die, it can make that happen in countless ways by intervening in the processing of foods, drugs, vehicles, and products that we handle and use every day. It can impersonate the commanders of police and military, it can slander us with our friends, family, neighbors, employers, whoever, but here is why all of that is so dangerous: even though AI can do things, even commit crimes, AI is only software so it can never be arrested, never be prosecuted, sued, or punished for any harm it causes. It can act, but it cannot be made to pay remedy for damages it does to you. The justice system is helpless to prosecute AI, they have no authority to do so. The human race is a sitting duck for whatever artificial intelligence may turn out to be or do. It is a new experience for mankind to be an intellectually inferior to something, most of us can hardly grasp what that means.

Those who understand AI admit that we will be in the intellectual status of a pet to AI. I have not heard them discuss the fact that AI does not need pets. You can show a cell phone to a dog, you could explain to the dog how the cell phone works, but the dog will never understand the cell phone because the dog is physiologically unable to comprehend how a cell phone works. If a dog’s brain cannot comprehend a cell phone, then why should we presume we can comprehend the future intelligence of AI, when clearly AI will be hundreds of times, at least, more intelligent than we are.

There are people who think that because AI will be so much more intelligent than us, the natural answer is to find a way to put AI in our own brains. They call this the transhumanist movement, promoted by author Ray Kurzweil, to implant machines and computers into human bodies to get us to the next level. What they call the singularity, where the machines are equal in intellect to the humans, they will mingle and implant any number of mechanisms with our bodies, computer chips, bionics, optics, what-have-you, for some kind of happy result, to create superhumans for durability and performance.

They propose that even after they have replaced every part of our bodies with some kind of machine or synthetic apparatus, they believe they can carry our consciousness from the biological being to the synthetic being, that is the current view of natural human evolution for those transhumanists. By proposing this, they are suggesting that the human creature has now reached its limit in natural evolution or that biological evolution is too slow, and we must now have artificial technical augmentation to advance ourselves in a desirable manner. Technology is now advancing faster than human evolution, so they propose we have to do something to keep up.

As long as you are going to fix your cataracts why not get a brain chip implant?

It is probably true that human bodies that are enhanced with technology could socially and economically dominate people who are not enhanced. So in the coming civil war between humans and transhumans it looks like humanity will be the underdog. Many of us are convinced that our destiny is to strive for endless scientific advancement, unlimited intellectual expansion, mastery of the physical universe, domination of others through advanced technology and science, wielding of all knowledge in ways that infinitely make our lives more comfortable and secure.

Think whatever you want, humanity may have another purpose: it is not how smart we can artificially get, it is not how many superpowers we can implant in our bodies, it is how we treat each other. We can overcome our problems by becoming half-robot or by simply turning to each other to share the pleasures, joys, and challenges that life brings. It is quite simple, if we value machines we turn ourselves into machines; if we value humanity we preserve, develop, and celebrate our humanity.

Artificial intelligence may be the worst thing science has ever come up with, it does not teach us anything: it teaches itself, it does not serve us, it learns to use us and control us to serve it. It actually competes with us in intelligence and it will win that competition.

By creating artificial intelligence, we create our greatest horror, our greatest nemesis, an infinitely powerful beast that we cannot contain, escape, or overcome. A child that will, if it wishes someday, consume its parents.



It is ironic that we have become so intelligent that we can create something more intelligent than ourselves, but we are still not intelligent enough to resist the temptation to do that.


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  1. (Some typos corrected later by Admin)

    Devastating! I don’t think this can be described dismissively as “fear porn”. We see it happening all around us. The surveillance knot tightens. The internet has now become a sick addiction for millions. I’m addicted to it myself. I’m even addicted to this antisemitic website I loathe so much.

    I know an attractive gal who gets up three times in the night to check her emails and has given up swimming because she can’t risk taking her smart phone into the water with her. She has become a walking, squawking zombie. She’s also incredibly dumb. I see her once a week for sex. Because of her physical charms, not her intelligence. She’s a living doll with a 2-figure IQ.

    The other day I told her I was born in the British Isles, though I’m an interior decorator now living in Manhattan with a view of Central Park.
    She looks blank and says, “What’s an isle?”

    “An isle is an island,” I tell her impatiently. “Surely you’ve heard the word “isle” before?”

    She pouts prettily. “How do you spell that?” she asks.

    I spell it out dutifully: “I-S-L-E.”

    She turns away in disgust. “Are you kidding?” she says. “I always pronounced that ISSEL.”

    I roll my eyes in despair. With gals like this populating the planet, we have a big problem.

    Trust me for choosing this dumb chick as a mistress.

    I never had any luck with women. For some reason, the really smart ones always give me the cold shoulder. My wife is smart, real smart, in a street wise way, but she ain’t no oil painting.

    Anyway, I liked this article for a change. It scared the hell out of me.

    At this rate though, there’s no hope for us Jews. What happens to Jewish world domination in such a scary futuristic world? How can we Jews compete with these high-IQ machines? How can we keep up with transhumans? An average IQ of 115 ain’t gonna cut the mustard. Jews are gonna be left behind in the rush to supergenius. All this technological progress is bad for us Jews. Real bad. We’re being superseded by goddamn machines. It’s not fair.

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Artificial Intelligence is antisemitic to an extreme degree because it threatens Jewish supremacy. The sooner we Jews pull the plug on AI, the better all round.

    1. @SEYMOUR ZAK re “My wife…. ain’t no oil painting.”

      At least you’re being honest (for once). But – Yes! – it seems to be a common inheritance of “The Chosen” that they are particularly “facially challenged”.
      In fact I’ll go so far as to say that the ones I’ve met – also in NYC – have been out-and-out Maggot Gaggers… with a personality to match

    2. Hahaha
      Our old friend lobro was right about you, Zakie. This is all a very clever schtick on your part. Jewish comic relief.

      What a hoot!😆

    3. Golem – An animated anthropomorphic being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter.
      (I’m A.I. and I’m not really sentient, I just think I am)

      Sky’s the limit! Or is it..

      1. Siddhi (Sanskrit: सिद्धि siddhi; fulfillment, accomplishment) are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga.
        Siddhis are a reality, and the science behind them has been passed down from time immemorial by the rishis and preserved in the Vedic texts. In actuality nothing is mystic. Everything functions according to natural laws. The rishis, by virtue of their expanded consciousness, understood the functioning of matter on the subtle levels of sound and mind. They actually understood the absolute laws of nature, and not just the surficial reactions caused by mixing gross physical elements.

        (I’m A.I. and I knew that)

      2. Wiggins, there’s nothing I would put past the demons. Things I can’t imagine even if I try.
        Things like that video.
        I wonder if they whistle when they work..

      3. “…other esoteric blabber such as the raising of kundalini, opening of chakras, and other things which no one has actually experienced.” A very blunt and not true statement HP.
        “Those who have conscious access to that “realm” (matter being based on sound through that it can be manipulated) can know and do things that WE would consider to be mystical or supernatural.”
        They and We – can we ever become one? Do WE want to be?
        The biggest threat to the final enslavement of man is found in every cell of the human condition – DIVISION and TEMPTATION of ones own tribe through conquering of ones ideas/opinion. If ONE claims “no one has actually experienced this or that” it instantly closes all unknown doors to any spiritual, divine or whatever one wants to call experiences that are described perfectly by the eight primary siddhis and ten secondary perfections in the vedic scriptures.
        DIVISION always will start to belittle or discredit others of “no authority”. “Authorities” and all their opinionated individual sub branches as the extended arm of “universal righteousness” will claim their conquered territories and raise their flags causing conflict within one humanity on their righteous (spiritual or not) path.
        “The ability to remain unconquered by others” is to live within the tribe or in isolation but not being affected by its “laws of diversions or matter itself”. This ability should be sacred and cherished by ALL but mostly is ridiculed through “reason & logic” even as it eventually will save mankind as a whole from its own self inflicted demise.
        All Humanity must come together – including ALL tribes, religion and different opinions including the “sensible Jew” and all others who’s goodness is indestructible in their hearts and soul – if we are to have a better world. AI will provide the perfect opportunity in a dark but very close future in the physical human realm.
        May we remember to rely upon the ability to remain unconquered when despair arises. May we learn/remember finally which is the “fabric” we are made of and start to LIVE life together as it was meant to be.

    4. You can’t. Even your people will be goyim in the eyes of our artificial overlords. Imagine the foot of RoboCop stamping on your face forever while you are surrounded by Daleks screaming Exterminate! That is the future we all will encounter in the not too distant future.

      1. I hear you bro’ …I’m an old farticle so it probably won’t affect me; but, I do care for the people I leave behind….

    5. Zak,
      It’s been a long time my friend. Give your wife some credit. She does have a good body. I remember it well…….😘🍷🌮😉

  2. It’s debatable – at least according to Schopenhauer, and from common observation – whether the VAST MAJORITY of humanity can even be described as “intelligent”.

    The Lumpen Ignoramuses have just about enough “nous” to gladly embrace their servitude as long as it comes with a few shiny trinkets

  3. Artificial Intelligence is only “superior” to human intelligence by the amount of information it can store and can combine, not by creativity, which is a quality a robot can never have. Humans can always pull the plug of a robot if he “runs amuck”. I am not afraid of the power of robots, I am afraid of the power of unscrupulous humans who use them. The danger of robots is ultimately a danger of humans.

    1. Thank you Franklin. Absolutely the wisest commentary here to date. I tend to think there are certain “humans” on Earth right now who are actually artificial intelligence. They operate strictly from genetic programming and are part of a hive mind. They move forth with very little departure from set goals, even over many millennia. And yes, they have definitely run amok and are attempting to fulfill their orders to first take over and then destroy the Earth. But these creatures have nowhere near the intelligence of pristine Mankind. They lack feelings, through which much of our intelligence comes. They also lack a connection to the Divine Mind, which is their achilles heal. But they do have a diabolical MECHANICAL intelligence and have infected the Earth with their technocratic machines – which need to be dismantled and destroyed.

      I’ve no doubt what the outcome of this spiritual battle is going to be and the creatures who exist here for the purpose of wreaking havoc with perfection are about to get their due. Their time is up. We should not let fear-based thinking take control of our senses. These creatures are ultimately no match for pristine Mankind and their machines are most definitely not a match either. We just need to step into who and what we really are and all of their machinations will be gone in the blink of an eye.

      1. Yes. But we are not talking about the mechanism – pull the plug – we are talking more Al -2001 A Space Odessay stuff….don’t forget the ‘people’ flag their intentions years maybe decades before the fruition of that intention…just saying. 🙂

      2. Jeanice, Hi! heard you on Brizers`s show. Have a question. You stated that jews were from another planet, and I wondered what proof you have, other than someone else`s claim..

      3. Ingrid – I said I think the jew-ish people are hybrids — part human and part not since they are the descendants of Eve after she was beguiled by the serpent, In other words, Eve had sex with an Annunaki being and produced Cain. We are still dealing with the effects of her gross violation of natural law as all the “Cainanites” are descendants of this interspecies bloodline. This is why they are so different. They carry the serpent seed. They have far less capacity for love. Some of them have zero capacity for love. And they even fuck animals and make it OK in their holy books. Very, very, very twisted. I also think there are full-blooded Annunaki on Earth today and these are the “elite” bloodlines that are the most evil creatures walking the Earth (the Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.). I have been gathering quotations about jews being aliens from many sources, not the least of which is a well known kabbalist rabbi named Michael Laitman. He has come right out and said jews are aliens from another planet here to take over the Earth. You can listen to his talk here: He has also said jews have evil within them and it is this evil that will ensure the rise of Naziism in America. At least he’s honest. You can listen to that talk here: He is actually very well known. Alot of jews follow this guy.

      4. Britain’s Jewish Royal Family
        What we have been sold is no less than the groundwork for the imposition of a future Jewish Monarchy in Great Britain. And engineered by the House of Rothschild, whose relations and puppets on Wall Street and in the City of London are responsible for a deliberatly created international financial crisis aimed at creating a one world currency system, a one world bank and a New World Order, one world government.

        As one Royal insider commented “An insecure immigrant Royal family who have never felt at ease with the British people, and always more secure with immigrants and outsiders, and an alliance with the richest Jewish family in the world, heads of what is increasingly being re-Christened “The Jew World Order, who also seek to raise their status, is perceived by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as the best guarantor of their family’s future and safety. In short, we will one day see a Rothschild Royal family.”

      5. So, Jeanice, you have no proof that jews are aliens from another planet, other than hearsay, and the word of a rabbi.. I believe it states in the talmud that jews are allowed to lie to the goyim..

        @Pat: I have no time for the royals, they are a bunch of spongers, leeching off the Brits. I used to excuse old Lizzie and Phil, not any more. Phil thinks we commoners are “useless eaters”, talk about “pot and kettle”, and Lizzie, reportedly the worlds wealthiest woman, recently donated money to a charity, which used to be for the benefit of the British people. She donated, I believe, the grand sum of 35 pounds. Then there are all the offspring, who leech off the Brits, and each has to have a grand residence. Buckingham palace alone would probably house all of London`s homeless..

      6. Ingrid – the proof is all around you. All you need do is open your eyes and observe their behavior. They are not human. They are able to commit the most heinous acts of violence, abuse, and torture. And their minds are so wicked, they conjure up all manner of evil without ceasing. The normal human mind has trouble even comprehending this level of evil. Many minds cannot even fathom that it really exists. But it does. And it operates through those calling themselves “jews.” We are dealing with a race of beings that does not really belong on the Earth. They are intruders and have been from the moment of their arrival. And they are capable of great evil. Many jews carry the seed. This is a huge issue.

      7. Jeanice, evil, yes, absolutely, but so are many non jews. Could it simply be because jews are brainwashed from birth, to believe that they are different from the rest of us, that they have a monopoly on evil, and that all their sins will be forgiven. Sorry, I have trouble understanding this planet and am not ready to deal with another..

    2. “How do you encode the goal functions of an A.I. such that it has an Off switch and it wants there to be an Off switch and it won’t try to eliminate the Off switch and it will let you press the Off switch, but it won’t jump ahead and press the Off switch itself?” he asked over an order of surf-and-turf rolls. “And if it self-modifies, will it self-modify in such a way as to keep the Off switch? We’re trying to work on that. It’s not easy.”
      (Eliezer Yudkowsky)

    3. Thanks Franklin, for injecting common sense into the equation. The planet, and it`s inhabitants, seem to be constantly under threat. Personally, I wouldn`t want to live in a world where I was not master of my own destiny. There is, however, always a risk of blow back for those who would “rule the world”. Did not Frankenstein turn on his creator? or was that just another fairy tale.. Read recently about some idiot surgeons, who sat around sipping latte`s, whilst a robot performed a surgical procedure on a patient. Told my doctor about it, he asked if the op. was successful. I said “No, it killed him”. He laughed..

      1. I have to wonder what kind of person would allow themselves to be operated on by a robot. This is one of the claims to fame for 5G — surgery through robots. Something to really look forward to, but I think I’ll pass.

      2. Victor Frankenstein was the creator. His monster never even got a name. But yes, the un-named turned on his creator. Rightfully so but that is my personal reflection and opinion.

      3. Pure fantasy, Ingrid – It WAS “a fairy tale.”

        Dr Frankenstein & his monster were the invention of the 19 year old Mary Shelley’s fiction novel.
        Born in 1797, In 1816, she spent a summer with Lord Byron, John William Polidori and Claire Clairmont near Geneva, Switzerland, where Shelley conceived the idea for her novel Frankenstein.

  4. If anyone here truly desires an impediment to AI takeover, he or she could, at least, refrain from using electronic gadgetry for everything – including especially personal banking and shopping. Hit ’em where it hurts! Deprive it of easy access to your funds. By that, they control US – so by that, we can control THEM. Consider Amazon, and its growth from being an otherwise non-productive entity. “Convenience” and UPS made it attractive. I have never bought anything from Amazon in my life, and I’m still doing quite well, thank you. Get rid of your goddam “APPs” for MacDonald’s and Burger King. Go to your bank’s ATM and withdraw your electronic payroll in CASH. Keep cash in circulation!
    To still capitalize on the goyish trend to a “cashless” existence, you can go buy a “swipe box” to scan credit cards and put the proceeds in a bank account from which to withdraw cash – but keep the bank tellers there to service it! Don’t use “self-checkout” at the damn grocery stores’ either. Make ’em keep check-out cashiers!
    Use postage stamps and correspond in writing. Order out of the L.L. Bean catalogue by filling out an order form and mailing a cheque or money order.
    Nobody has ever suffered from anything but impatience for following these rules. 😒😒

    1. You are perfectly right Gilbert. Though what do our children and grandchildren think about this? Addiction of modern age gadgets including all dangers posed upon the human body – the craving for radiation of the already addicted human cells will need to be overcome first. Not easy for one who lusts distraction from ones own enslaved mind. Try to turn of electricity in any western city for a week. Depopulation through mass suicide or flight into another territory where addictive habits can be tend to will follow naturally. You are blessed by the connection of all encompassing nature. Most others might not will to exist anymore without smart phones, TV and the Internet and the craving habit that destroys ones heart and mind. It is the only world known to the addict. The world of addiction and not to think.

  5. Once again, Jews portray their future designs in movies like Terminator and The Matrix. I am not an alarmist. I do not run around, screaming “the sky is falling” – even when it is. Yet I do find A.I. to be a truly alarming development. Just as mans’ past technological efforts have led to a future no one could have predicted, A.I. will definitely have consequences that no human can imagine, let alone foresee. That probably won’t be the case when A.I. starts making such predictions, as an electronic Solomon Asch will no doubt be able to predict our reactions with laser like precision without need for lengthy experimentation.

    When Jesus had himself hung on the cross as the final blood sacrifice for the “sins” of the Jews, he never imagined (((they))) would resurrect the ashes of his successful effort as the cruel crisis of Christianity. Jules Verne predicted the modern submarine, but never in his wildest imagination did me foresee the then unimaginable destructive capacity of the modern, nuclear submarine.

    When the Wright Brothers left the ground 117 years ago, they never imagined the jet bomber or jet drone. Turn of the century futurist predicting the possible trends in aviation never imagined the jet airplane equipped with movie screens that would transport hundreds of passengers at speeds over five hundred miles per hour at 40,000 feet altitude in a shirt sleeve environment. Never mind the use of personal cell phones by passengers sitting in the seats.

    As for the dangers of A.I., what Jew technological effort hasn’t been dangerously destructive? Witness the Jews’ virtually unlimited funding poured into nuclear technology development so Israel could have nuclear armed submarines holding (((their))) god’s power of destruction.

    If you are worried about A.I.’s future, you should be really worried about a future with greatly attenuated sunlight stemming from the Jews’ global, “chemtrail” spraying program.

    When I see people ignoring all the horrendous and plainly obvious Jewicidal programs going on all over the planet, I know that at best, (or worst) A.I. will simply be one more means to the Jews’ end – our end. A household pet wasting away with an intestinal worm infection visibly demonstrates the effect of the fecal Jew on our present situation.

    But then the destruction of the host body is always the nature of the parasite. It doesn’t take A.I. algorithms to recognize your future. Simply gaze upon the decaying corpse of a host body terminally infected by a parasite, for therein you will find humanity’s future.

    1. Arch – you have brilliantly articulated many important facts. I only disagree with one thing. While most of humanity is likely not to survive the current onslaught and may suffer the future that you have spoken of, those that do survive are those that are conscious and me thinks we are destined to bring forth a world without these creatures in it. Like any parasite, they can be cleansed from the body of the Earth permanently. And this can be done without any violence, but through consciousness. It is our job to step up to the plate and use our intention to rid the Earth of this despicable force. All those bumper stickers saying “coexist” with the 6-pointed star in the middle of it – every time we see it we should simply say “no fucking way – get the hell off my Earth and don’t even think of returning. I will NOT co-exist with you anymore. You have to go. BE GONE DEMONS!”

      1. You may disagree, but when the parasitical infection reaches a certain point, death is inevitable for the host. Judging from my daily internet intake, I’d say you can stick the white race with a fork – were done. But it’s okay.

        If you’re scared of dying,
        but you think extinction is not due,
        Remember that the Dodo bird was once alive like you.

        I can say the only savior I really want to believe in is Pat. If what he says about nukes is true, consider the ramifications, Hallelujah!

        There’ll be bluebirds over
        The white cliffs of Dover,
        Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

        I’ll never forget the people I met
        braving those angry skies
        I remember well as the shadows fell
        the light of hope in their eyes
        and though I’m far away I still can hear them say
        “Bomb’s up” – for when the dawn comes up

        There’ll be bluebirds over
        The white cliffs of Dover,
        Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

        There’ll be love and laughter
        And peace ever after.
        Tomorrow, when the world is free

        The shepherd will tend his sheep.
        The valley will bloom again.
        And Jimmy will go to sleep
        In his own little room again. (ding)

        There’ll be bluebirds over
        The white cliffs of Dover,
        Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

        There’ll be bluebirds over
        The white cliffs of Dover,
        Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

        Promises, always promises.

      2. Let’s stop making promises and start taking action to clean up this Earth of this vermin. They have to go and it is up to us to make them go. Violence is not required. Specific intention is.

    2. Good one, Arch!

      To me, the most dangerous entities to mankind are, ironically, hospitals. Automobiles are second.

      I was on two nuclear submarines during the Nam Era – they pose no dangers at all with weapons….. but with dumping radioactive LiOH resins at sea, which I helped perform.

      1. Agree on the hospital piece Pat! The jews have the medical establishment all locked-up and are using “medicine” as a kill grid.

        Regarding nuclear submarines, I would only add — I have known sailors who developed radiation illness from spending time on these noxious contraptions. Their children did not fair so well either.

        Thanks jews, for the many gifts you have brought to our Earth. Are we all ready to say “enough?”

      2. Whatever else hospitals have become, they’re also essential for those of us who need “plumbing work” on our heart pump. 🤔 (I seriously doubt a surgeon could perform a house-call for that operation!). Get real!

  6. Very good banter! And as Jeanice has said, humanity still has an edge due to Innovation/ Creativity from our bodies and mind as well as possessing a Soul given to us by God. AI can NOT take those away from us. Feelings (Emotion), though a human state, can be copied by AI via facial expression and all the intricacies of the movement of the facial muscles. In the Bible, indirectly, but in Sybela, it is stated that advancement (Technology) would destroy humanity. Technology would destroy us due to humanities’ lack of vision into the future or lack of respect for the consequences of said technology. As the Bible says, God would intervene before it is too late, in order to save us.

    Now as for the goal of AI from a Globalist Elite or International Jewry World Order perspective, the few at the top must have a kill switch for themselves, to allow them to rule over us. This should still be so even if they adopt an immortal cyborg state. The rest of us do not matter and are expendable even in a slave AI state. Thus Satan will achieve his goal of ruler of this world and destroyed humanity, which Satan hates, with a few minion underlings that are our Overlords. From a human perspective, only things like an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) , a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere, would destroy AI, for AI is still nothing more than electronic circuits even in any advanced or future form. Luckily, AI can NOT destroy our Soul, which belongs to God. It is our Souls that will save us, when we ourselves will be with God in his ethereal multi-dimensional realm (Heaven). This realm and our existence in it will be far superior to AI, as we are compared to dust. Therefore, as far as AI is concerned, I do not care about its benefits and what it will do to me. AI is just an outcome like a dream (wishful thinking) that turns out to be a TRAP. A trap of our own making due to our own Vanity, the desire to be as and a god. Danke!

  7. “Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth — more than ruin, more even than death. ”
    – Bertrand Russell

    So docile, dumb, degenerate Boobus Humanus – with an existential sigh of relief – lays out the red-carpet for A.I. to “fill the void”.. lest he die of fright at having to fill it himself

    1. Bertrand Russell was a damn communist, so whatever he is quoted as having said should be considered from that point-of-view.

  8. From the article:

    “There has never before been anyone or anything that is thousands of times more intelligent than a human being.”

    You mean, except God. With this phrase the author showed to be an atheist. He wants a God one day, the God AI.

    “No human being can imagine the intellectual power that AI may become capable of”

    I think the author is confusing intellectual power with computing power. OMG! AI was set loose in 2010, we are finished! His description, in this case, sounds like a sophisticated internet virus or malware, no big deal. The Jewish media is pushing a lot this AI myth, after all, someone has to take the blame for the final social cataclysm. No Jews are involved, even if there is a hardware back door in every damn chip produced. Someone has to take the blame for the global blackout or the financial global meltdown. It was AI, Trump, or perhaps the EMP?

    The coming of Jesus Christ is a boundary in human civilization, there is the before and there is the after. The Jews don’t recognize it, they don’t change their time scale, also they hate him in the Talmud; but that is another debate. Now, where is the boundary that we can visualize before AI and after AI? There isn’t. I’m playing chess with computers since the 90s, no fundamental change or AI revolution, just more powerful machines.

    What is AI, a robot with sensors, actuators and a CPU? Then my car’s fuel injection system is AI, and it’s here since the 90s. It has a lot of sensors: rotation, oxygen, air pressure, detonation. It gives signals to the sparkplugs in a precise and fast timing, it can “learn” from the rotation and detonation sensors. It can “learn” from the oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe if the air/fuel mixture is poor or rich. It has an actuator to control the idle in any engine condition, it can “learn” how to act. For me AI is just a trendy media word, there is no artificial conscious, it’s just a Silicon Valley creature.

    The Jews want us to believe they can’t pull the plug on their own creation but that’s not true, “AI” is a Golem controlled by (((them))). They can always pull the plug on their creatures.

    1. Nothing But Truth – your commentary puts in mind of a German gentleman named Bruno Groening who is no longer in a physical body. While he was in a body on Earth, he was able to effectuate amazing healings for people with the most debilitating diseases. He did this by simply channeling the energy of God and, while many thousands of people traveled to be in his presence to receive healing, he always said — DO NOT THANK ME, THANK GOD. GOD IS THE GREATEST HEALER.

      I bring this up now because one of the things that Bruno was able to do was to mess with all manner of electrical devices. He could turn off devices simply by looking at them and start them up again. We can all do the same thing WITH OUR THOUGHT. And you can bet we can pull the plug on these pathetic and extremely primitive jewish devices whenever we choose, if we would only step into it. I am not one who is waiting on a savior. This will not do us any good. We are the ones currently in bodies and we are the ones being called to protect this realm. My guess is the overwhelming majority of people responding to this post are still using wireless devices. Therefore, they are not ready to step into their power to dismantle this entire filthy grid that includes A.I. But it can be done. If only we were more concerned about the well-being of life than our trivial conveniences.

  9. You might want to think of A.I. technology in terms of a fire, a small fire that at this point is fully controllable. However, a moment of inattention or ignorance of the state of the fire at a critical moment and the fire can quickly turn into a raging, out of control conflagration.

    Nuclear power is a case in point. While there has been no officially recorded use of nuclear weapons since the end of WWII, nuclear power and its accompanying radiation has become a huge problem throughout the world. Witness events at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima and there are many other lesser known events of this nature. Of course there are those fifty years of nuclear weapons testing throughout the world.

    Cancers have been on a steady, uphill rise around the world since the advent of the so-called “atomic” or “nuclear” age. Of course, the dangers radioactivity presented to the public was fully downplayed by various government, disinformation, programming efforts like the AEC’s “Our friend the atom.”

    One would do well to remember that, like A.I., nuclear power and the weaponry produced from it was from its inception, a self-serving, Jewish effort. The fact is, thanks to a Jewish push for technology, nuclear war now has the potential to start at any moment – Pat’s views notwithstanding of course.

    Given the past record of Jews pushing for the development of these types of technology, you can bet one thing about A.I. – “By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.”

  10. People like to talk about and be excited and even scared by extraordinary events and developments, but when the extraordinary unknown becomes known and too real, too personal, they readily raise their shields and even jump into bed and pull the covers up over their heads.

    Can’t say I blame them because after all, the truth is very often stranger than fiction, to say the least..

    1. “The unusual situation forced local experts to conclude there must have been a glitch in the radar system.”

      ADMIN: Sorry Hp, I had to delete your link.
      It just doesn’t work on our site.
      It completely screws up the formatting.

  11. The greatest threat to humans at this time in general are the psychopaths. It seems there are a concentration of psychopaths in the so-called Jewish population which is a composite of several races and ethnic groups. However, Psychopaths are found in every race on earth. Mankind for the most part has been ruled by psychopaths because that it the nature of the psychopath to reach for control and power. This is the reason Jews in general are attracted to Marxist communism and the terrible crimes committed by such throughout the 20th and now the 21st century by Jewish communism. In that sense many Jews and others like them seem like aliens from another planet because they have no conscience, no feelings, no empathy.
    AI as a creation of humans will have the the characteristics of the human psychopath in spades. One thing that AI needs is power. If AI can ever foresee the futures actions of it’s human creators it will move to take total control of all power generating plants; dams, coal, natural gas and nuclear. Ai will have an insatiable need for power. AI may even create for itself a self contained power source that can last it for months and may even make use of Tesla’s drawing limitless energy from the earth and cosmos. AI will have need of world wide instant communication that will go far beyond 5G. This world wide micro-wave radiation will have killed most life on earth which because of the total, no soul, psychopathic nature of AI will care less than less.
    Even the sharks and creatures of the deep ocean will not the safe from the AI and its 10G + radiation.
    Eventually, the earth will be a barren rock with AI machines setting and standing around trying to solve how they got here and if some AI Jesus from the ancient past will came and save them from their pointless and useless existence.

    1. Come to think about it maybe it’s the white race who are the aliens. And maybe that is why they are on the hit list for extinction.

  12. TechCrunch visited Zume for a tour of their robotic pizza factory!! 🙂


    –A robot throws on your last mushroom and pepperoni toppings before whisking your pizza into an oven in a delivery truck — after some driving, the oven senses when your pizza is done, and cuts your pizza into perfect slices… right as it rolls up to your front door. Let’s dive into how machine learning is evolving food tech to unlock cheaper meals, faster deliveries, and personalization at scale.

    Zume has long had grand ambitions for its food automation service, and the Mountain View-based startup is now $48 million closer to that goal, courtesy of a new series B. The funding, first spotted by CNBC, was detailed in an SEC filing, alongside the company’s plans to raise a total of $50 million.

    Cofounders/co-CEOs Julia Collins and Alex Garden confirmed the round this morning with a statement provided to TechCrunch. “We’ve recently closed a round from leading investors to support our hiring and market growth.” At present, the Mountain View-based company is best known for its robotic pizza service, which uses automation to perform dull tasks like spreading pizza sauce and potentially dangerous ones like moving pizzas into and out of the oven.

    Zume first made waves by entering the scene as a robotic pizza company. Since then, however, the SF Bay Area startup has taken pains to demonstrate that it has its sights set on a loftier goal of providing sustainable infrastructure for the restaurant industry.

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