As We Face Armageddon the Western World Is Leaderless (+ video on nuclear war)

Paul Craig Roberts

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“As we face Armageddon the Western World is leaderless.”
—  Paul Craig Roberts

Trump is known in some circles as Warmonger-in-Chief”

According to news reports, the validity of which cannot be ascertained by the general public, a crazed US government came within 10 minutes of igniting a general conflagration in the Middle East, the consequences of which could have been catastrophic for all.  The moronic warmongers in high office—Bolton, Pompeo, and Pence—and their Israel Lobby masters are determined, and they have not abandoned their campaign for war with Iran.  

Trump flanked by his two warmongers-in-chief, Pompeio and Bolton

Of course, the liars say that Iran will just accept its punishment for defending its territory and there will be no war.  But this is not what Iran says.  I believe Iran.

Some of the tiny percentage of people in the Western World who are still capable of thought regret that Trump called off the insane plan.  They think the consequences would have been the destruction of the Saudi and Israeli governments—two of the most evil in history—and the cut-off of oil to the US and Europe, with the resulting depression causing the overthrow of the Western warmonger governments.  They believe that catastrophic American defeat is the only way peace can be restored to the world.  

In other words, it is not clear whether Trump calling off the attack saved us or doomed us.

The Israel Lobby and their neoconservative agents have not been taught a lesson.  Trump has not fired Bolton and Pompeo for almost igniting a conflagration, and he has not dressed down his moronic vice president.  So, it can all happen again.

And likely will.  The lesson that Bolton and Israel have learned is that the fake news about an Iranian attack on a Japanese freighter, denied by the Japanese, was not sufficient to lock Trump into “saving face” by attacking Iran.  So be prepared for a larger orchestrated provocation. Bolton and Israel know that the Western presstitutes will lie for them.  Watch for a provocation that allows Trump no alternative to an attack.

Washington’s use of fake news and false flag attacks to launch military attacks goes back a long way.  In the 21st century we have had a concentrated dose—Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Russian invasions, Maduro starving his own people, the endless lies about Gaddafi.  Yes, I know there are more.  I am writing an article, not an encyclopedia.

Washington has grown accustomed to attacking countries on false pretenses and getting away with it.  Therefore, there is nothing to discourage the Israel Lobby and its Washington puppets from continuing to set-up Iran for an attack.  Success breeds incaution.  The attack on Iraq was stage-managed by a credible US Secretary of State before the UN.  The attack on Libya was stage-managed by a UN resolution that a deceived Russia and China failed to block.  In situations such as these, Washington arranged a green light for its war crimes.  However, Washington has failed to stage-manage a green light for an attack on Iran. Moreover, Iran is a more powerful military force than Iraq and Libya, and the extent of the depth of Russian and Chinese support for Iran is unknown to Washington.

Washington has grown accustomed to attacking countries on false pretenses and getting away with it.

If Israel succeeds in having its Washington puppet attack Iran, Israel and its neoconservative agents will not welcome failure of their objective.  They will fight against failure with more dangerous moves.  I can easily imagine the fanatics having Trump “save face” by destroying the world and issuing some kind of ultimatums to Russia and China or resorting to the use of nuclear weapons against Iran.

The insouciant American—indeed, Western—people are kept unaware by design.  It is the function of the presstitutes to control the explanations given to the people.  The US Congress is bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby, as are most important politicians in the UK and Europe.  What I am telling you is that it is very easy for fanatics to produce Armageddon.

Stephen Cohen and I, and a few surviving others, lived through the 20th century Cold War. In recent years we both have reported on numerous occasions that the threat of nuclear war today is far higher than during the Cold War.  One reason is that during the Cold War US and Soviet leaders worked to defuse tensions and to build trust.  In contrast, since the Clinton regime the US has worked consistently to build tensions.  Both Cohen and I have listed on many occasions the tension-building activities pursued by all post-Reagan/George H.W. Bush administrations.

The Russians no longer trust Washington, and neither do the Chinese.  Washington has lied to, and about, Russia so often in the 21st century that Russian trust of Washington is exhausted.  No matter how earnestly the Russian government wants to trust Washington, it dare not do so.

Therefore, it takes very little miscalculation for the morons in Washington to cause a threat-ending response from Russia as Washington has convinced the Russian government that the US intends to destroy them.

The orchestration of Russiagate by the Democratic Party, military/security complex, and their media whores has, as Stephen Cohen has emphasized, forced President Trump in an act of self-preservation to adopt the neoconservative attitude toward Russia and other “non-compliant” governments.  This attitude is dangerous enough in the best of times.  It is extremely dangerous after trust has been destroyed by years of lies and false accusations.

Perhaps there is someone in the Trump administration who has the intelligence to understand the dangerous situation and who has Trump’s confidence.  But I do not know who that person is.

Why doesn’t Trump sack the war-crazed Bolton?
— Because Sheldon Adelson recommended Bolton for the job,
and Trump is on Adelson’s payroll.  (See here)

“We have to face the fact that as we face Armageddon
the Western World is leaderless.”

— Paul Craig Roberts via Truthseeker

VIDEO  :  5.20 mins

44 thoughts to “As We Face Armageddon the Western World Is Leaderless (+ video on nuclear war)”

  1. I would be alarmed if I thought nuclear weapons were on the shelf, to be grabbed off and launched. If that were the case, I believe it would have already happened.
    What is of far more concern, to me, is the rumor of Trump having converted to Judaism sometime in 2017. If that is ever substantiated, then there is NO ONE for any real American to support, next presidential election. We’re in big trouble, and I would look for Iran to punish us for our Jew-inspired misdeeds since WW1. Our country would deserve it if we didn’t revolt and hang ALL the bastards!

    1. Well said, Gilbert! But you need to bear two things in mind: We are not sure yet that Trump has converted to Judaism. That’s just another conspiracy theory and a pretty bizarre one at that — almost as bizarre as the conspiracy theory that no nukes exist! 🙂

      1. My fine fellow Sardonicus, so much for a “ban” from How’s your book coming along? Let’s see if I too can sneak between — or be allowed through — the cracks here.

        For what it’s worth In my opinion, the focus on Israel per se, “Judaism”, “Judaics”, “Jews”, and substantively similar terms referring to ethnicity, race, religion, culture, even “sovereign nations”, seems at best misdirection. Harping on “Jews” per se — as does John Kaminski — also appears misinformation and, possibly, efforts of “controlled opposition”. Michael Hoffman’s introduction to Judaism Discovered offers an admirable treatment of the “Jewish Question” per se, eschewed I suspect by the likes of Kevin MacDonald and Robert Unz.

        To interpret such sentiments as I have shared on this site as that of a hasbara or “crypto-Jew” speaks less to reality than to shallowness of thought and discernment among “labellers” and a refusal to engage nuance. Just my opinion, of course, I hasten to reaffirm, lest I be accused of speaking ex cathedra! Neither the Pontiff du jour nor the Queen (and by extension, the US Government, likes competition!

        A substantially similar, much more general meme|theme has to do with blaming victims for their victimization, no matter how ignorant, ill-informed, or mentally incapable these victims might have been. When one has control — for literally generations!! — over education, mass media, including news and entertainment, and all the rest of the levers influencing the direction and content and, now, the MAKE-UP of modern “societies”, one can not only victimize, one can also “meta-victimize”. To victimize victims serves to exonerate, at least partially, the perpetrators. (“She did not say ‘No’, she did not say ‘Stop’.”) Now, cows seem too programmed (not necessarily stupid or unconscious or unfeeling of fear or nonreactive!) not to go down the shaft toward the sledgehammer. Their own fault, right? Think bears would go so quietly to their own destruction? Even chickens sure as hell do not!

        The point? We HEAD AS LED as lambs (or cattle or goyim) to the slaughter. I would encourage regularly posted doomer|gloomer PCR to offer just ONE suggestion to alter the projected trajectory of his visioning. Hey! Perhaps I missed it!

        PCR and others like unto him appear to me to preach hopelessness, inevitability — a recurring if not constant theme here. When you see that Chicken Little may have a point or two — and PCR does!! — time to get positive, prayerful, and prepping! If we can plant seeds — hundreds needed! — of conscious community throughout the world, spiritual and mental and physical, a foothold for our adventure into the Age of Aquarius, we humans may yet live to fight another day. It all starts at home or, if homeless, on streets, alleys, and sidewalks.

        I pray my post passes muster.

    2. America is being dragged into fighting more wars for Israel.

      Iran is top of the to-do list now, but later on? Russia?

      These wars will only stop when the American people see how they are being used.

  2. “I can scare you and you deserve to be scared, ha ha ha”, says William Perry, Billy Bubba Clinton’s once upon a time Secretary of Defense.

    Speaking of scared, if this *reality check (in lieu of a fanciful imagination) doesn’t scare pretty much everyone then it’s hard to imagine what would.
    The U.S. has *20 aircraft carriers and the rest of the world has 12 combined.

    Not promoting war rather reporting the brutal Facts. No doubt much to the consternation of fantasists in high and low places.

    This is no small thing, it’s a very huge thing. There’s never been anything in modern recorded history which even begins to compare with the 21st century U.S. Navy and Air Forces. And if you believe in nukes, the scenario doesn’t get much better, it gets much worse.

    What nation will attempt to extract a nuclear pound of flesh from the U.S. at the expense of it’s own assured annihilation? Not an exaggeration a hollow threat or braggadocio, rather once again a brutal fact. Who really believes the Islamic Theocrats or Chinese Communists or Russian Realists have a bona fide death wish? I don’t believe this, if only because I don’t have one.

    Ergo, wars big and small (aka) bidness as usual, will continue as usual until this uber-materialistic self fulfilling creeping suicide eventually collapses upon itself as all things material are destined to do. Whether the U.S.A., Iran, China, Russia or the very earth itself.

    Life in these material cosmos is not a cabaret old chum, life is not a cabaret.
    Well, not for long anyway..

  3. Never A Megiddo

    The troops were forced to never tell
    For reasons no one could show
    The battle was fierce and many fell
    Most knew they had faced Megiddo

    Families knew their fate and would die
    Believing the prophets did know
    All trusted the sages would never lie
    The fallen had just seen Meggido

    With burning flesh and gnashing teeth
    Thousands went fast, thousands slow
    No mercy was given and without relief
    But this was still not Megiddo

    Being misled in a last breath
    The truth was not theirs to know
    As they were taken in violent death
    It was still not known as Megiddo

    A lie was planted in a fearful quatrain
    Out of control it proceeded to grow
    In the mind that fear must now remain
    For the powerful to push those below

    The lie was invented for total control
    And if ever completed it will go
    The people would sound their victory toll
    There can never be a Megiddo

    The jig would be up!! 🙂

    (An astute editor could punctuate it for me.)

    1. WOW! I never knew you were a poet, Pat!
      Gilbert had better watch out. He has met his match! 🙂

    2. Pat has revealed a dark side of his character, a shocking side I never knew existed.

      Beneath the thin veneer of an incorrigible antisemitic conspiracy theorist, there lurks a talented poet of positively satanic genius.

      This dark horse needs to be EX-TER-MIN-A-TED !!! 🙂 🙂

    3. Very good, Pat! It reminds me of a prophetic verse about what I believe has become the wide-spread love of lies. If you consider it, most of our problems stem from a lie, anyway – especially wars. The most powerful countries have been effected by it. See 2nd Thessolonians 10-12.
      (The strongest “delusion” has been the deification of the “chosenites”.)

      I’m certain someone such as Lasha could edit and enhance your timely poem. (I’ll bet you piqued her interest!)

    4. Thanks to…..
      Sard – A poet & didn’t know it, feet show it. They’re ‘Longfellers’! 🙂
      MB – C’mon! Insects are exterminated, and…. as you know, horses ARE put out to stud! 🙂 🙂
      Gil – Yep. Lies & false flags rule the governments’ militaries.

  4. What is so compelling , that war is always the answer? Ultima ratio regum . But no more . TOday war is a mundane feature of our cowardly indifference , a god requiring many sacrifices and chief are the churches , with patriotic fervor . How many this time must die for the banks and politicians ?

    And there shall be war and rumor of war. War is good if you know the ultimate enemy . ANd his destiny.
    No one one knows Peace,nor can have a place for it .

  5. Here is a question:

    Will the so-called coming “Armageddon” fulfill biblical prophecy or are Jews simply manipulating our resources to fulfill bogus Bible prophesies designed to fool gullible Christian followers into supporting their murderous genocidal actions in the Near East?

    Jesus rode through the Temple’s East Gate on a donkey as prophesied by Zechariah, or so say Gospel authors. Was Jesus unconsciously fulfilling Old Testament prophecy or was he acting out a prophetic claim to garner support for his actions?

    “The prophecy spoken of in this verse was given by the prophet Zechariah approximately 500 years before the events of John 12.”

    “Be full of joy, O people of Zion! Call out in a loud voice, O people of Jerusalem! See, your King is coming to you. He is fair and good and has the power to save. He is not proud and sits on a donkey, on the son of a female donkey. Zechariah 9:9”

    Jews are masters of the self fulfilling prophecy, better known as, “Jews set ’em up, and Jews knock ’em down.” Jews pick a prophecy that serves their purpose and act it out. They then sit back quietly, allowing foolish, gullible goyim to draw obvious conclusions from the events. “See! See! Bible prophets were right! The Bible is the true word of a god that chose Jews over all others.”

    Knowing this one might expect a giant Jewed hologram in the sky of Jesus coming down from the clouds to tell his faithful followers to support WWIII so Jews can rule over all mankind as foretold by their prophets. “Testing, testing, 123, testing. Can you see Jesus out there yet?”

    Jews also do this on a secular basis as well, it’s called a “false flag.” This version of the Jew’s self fulfilling prophecy is where Jewish Mossad agents dress up as Arabs and blow up a building and then yell, “See! See! We predicted that failing to wipe out this or that Arab nation, would result in their evil terrorist doing something like this!”

    Beware the Jew! Beware his ties! Beware Jewish deceptions! Beware the Jewish lies!

    1. You are mistaken the jews invent the ‘prophecy’ themselves and use this invention to
      make up other myths. That is their modus operandi always been.

    2. Exactly.
      Always ask ‘Who is telling the story?’, and why are they telling it the way they are?

      Have you also noticed that the man in power within the government agencies always is The Secretary of ‘this’ or The Secretary of ‘that’?
      It is a sign of moral decadence.
      It is not the truth that is communicated, but the story the secretary promotes.
      Whenever did ‘secretary’ become the most sought after position?
      In the entertainment division of the military industrial complex.

      1. BT –

        You wrote:
        “Whenever did ‘secretary’ become the most sought after position?”

        That would be September 11, 1789.

        You mentioned that the government and the offices ARE big business. I agree. The US Government IS the biggest business in the world!!

        Alexander Hamilton became the first Secretary of the Treasury September 11, 1789. That position IS the biggest business position in the US Government.

        As the first Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton was the main author of the economic policies of George Washington’s administration. He took the lead in the Federal government’s funding of the states’ debts, as well as establishing a national bank, a system of tariffs, and friendly trade relations with Britain. His vision included a strong central government led by a vigorous executive branch, a strong commercial economy, a national bank and support for manufacturing, and a strong military.

        All questions about government WILL ALWAYS be answered by following the $$$ MONEY!! 🙂

  6. I don’t know about you, but I am tired waiting for the last shoe to drop. For decades Bibi whines about Iran’s nuclear program (non-existent) while Israel is secretly building an arsenal of nukes making them (by some estimates) the world’s 3rd largest nuke obsessed nation. Iran says it will never develop nukes, that could be suicidal. IMO Iran should get as many as the can and aim them at Trump’s bedroom and Bibi’s home.

    Chart of grow rate Israel’s nuclear arsenal:

    So are the Chickenhawks going to start Armageddon and obliterate another nation, smote them into dust Old Testament style? Of course they are, but they are also pussies who never spent one day in uniform and are afraid they might botch the cakewalk destruction of Iran by super advanced high tech weapons (which Trump says will only last a few hours). So like the criminals they are, they are waiting for the right moment to unleash hell on the last nation on the Wesley Clark memo (hit list) … “ending with Iran”.

    Trump’s draft dodging staff talk tough – but they are short on action. Trump brags about not needing Viagra but is unable to get it up for a straight up Iran attack. The big bloated Orange Orangutan is big on words and very small and shriveled on military action. All he does is talk bully but never throws a punch. The big yellow haired buffoon is beating his chest like a great Ape. He’s got Iran cornered with sanctions and he’s got Iran in a headlock, somethings got to blow if Iran can’t sell any oil. I reference you to Tom Luongo’s brilliant analysis discussed on Jeff Rense show this week, link:

    Rense radio 27 Jun 2019 hour 1

    All we hear from these Washington pussies is ‘Iran, Iran, Iran’ like a whining little schoolgirls but no all out attack like the one on Baghdad. Well, I don’t know about you, I am tired of hearing their endless lies vomiting out of their whining pie holes, how about do something or shut the hell up. At least GW Bush had the balls, Trump has none, just a little shriveled sack the size of peas. Trump is a giant pussy, wrapped up in his own self glorification and vanity. So let’s see what happens in the next news cycle, will he keep it up with Iran or move back talking up North Korea again?

    1. Respectfully disagree.
      Trump is the ultimate US president – the businessman. In the country of a people of merchants, for good or bad. What the US has sold to the world more than anything else is their conviction that ‘there’s no business like show business’. Always business!
      As opposed to the other businessmen, Trump has not started a war yet. Maybe because he is clever enough to understand that it cannot be won, and only bankrupts you further: Maybe because he is too afraid or confused to make a decision. Neither would surprise me any more.
      Bush was too stupid and weak to avoid military wars. With by far the strongest military force in the world.
      At least on paper.
      And in Afghanistan you are now withdrawing.
      The US is not a country of warriors.


        “Trump is the ultimate US president – the businessman.”

        Yeah he’s a “businessman” alright, just don’t look too closely at the historical record of his many failures. If he wasn’t propped up by other peoples’ money, he’d probably have been just another mentally ill homeless person a long time ago.

        And the way things look now, “America” will be his most spectacular failure yet. Between his trade wars, his sanctions, his many threats and his generally uncivilized behavior, he’s making more enemies, destroying markets, forcing the rest of the world away from the dollar, and accelerating the drive to WW3.

        “As opposed to the other businessmen, Trump has not started a war yet.

        Sheesh…not this stale argument again…

        Let’s not pretend he hasn’t been trying. The fact that he has not started another war YET reflects favorably on the other governments in the world (whose sovereignty and legitimate interests are being threatened) – for their remarkable restraint – not on the ignorant, arrogant, immoral, reckless, feckless and stupid presidential poseur, Trump, the shameless liar, con man and obsequious jew puppet ruler that he is.

  7. 2. Preach “Liberalism” to usurp political power.

    4. Politicians must be cunning and deceptive – any moral code leaves a politician vulnerable.

    7. Use Mob Psychology to control the masses. “Without absolute despotism one cannot rule efficiently.”

    8. Advocate the use of alcoholic liquors, drugs, moral corruption and all forms of vice, used systematically by “agenteurs” to corrupt the youth.

    10. Foment wars and control the peace conferences so that neither of the combatants gains territory placing them further in debt and therefore into our power.

    11. Choose candidates for public office who will be “servile and obedient to our commands, so they may be readily used as pawns in our game.”

    17. Use systematic deception, high-sounding phrases and popular slogans. “The opposite of what has been promised can always be done afterwards… That is of no consequence.”

    18. A Reign of Terror is the most economical way to bring about speedy subjection.

    20. Ultimate world government is the goal. It will be necessary to establish huge monopolies, so even the largest fortunes of the Goyim will depend on us to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of their governments on the day after the great political smash.”

    21. Use economic warfare. Rob the “Goyim” of their landed properties and industries with a combination of high taxes and unfair competition.

    24. Fool, bemuse and corrupt the younger members of society by teaching them theories and principles we know to be false.

    25 Twist national and international laws into a contradiction which first masks the law and afterwards hides it altogether. Substitute arbitration for law.”

  8. If it’s on Vice it must be true! What a predictable BS propaganda video. All the scary video clips pieced together and an old former authority figure grandpa type who’s pretending like he cares about us saying we should all be scared.

    1. Yep!! GET SCARED, Ken – Or, at least, GET TENSE, man!! 🙂

      The video was produced by HBO, and copied by Vice.

      I was on the set when Tora! Tora! Tora! was filmed in Hawaii in 1968. I had a unique view of how they fake war scenes. Our barracks was used as the main Admin Building & HQ. They used wooden torpedoes, dropped from Jap zeros in Pearl Harbor. The fake torpedoes bobbed back up immediately to the surface, like a cork, and were picked up by a small boat with 2 men, powered by an outboard engine.

      Wooden missiles may have been used as props by HBO!!
      “This Is What a Nuclear War Would Actually Look Like (HBO)”

      From the video:
      Secretary of Defense under President Clinton, Bill Perry has spent most of his life watching the world prepare for nuclear war. And given the current political climate, he thinks the world isn’t nearly as SCARED as it should be. ( 🙂 )

      “I think of all of the nuclear catastrophes that could happen, this is the most probable,” the 89-year-old said. “I think, I would say, there’s probably an even chance, this would happen sometime in the next 10 years.”


      Perry is really SCARED!! He is SCARED his huge military industry stock holdings will go down if we are not SCARED enough to want another $800 Billion spent there next year.

      1. @ Yukon Jack

        Please don’t continue to degrade this website by linking trashy YouTube videos on it like you’ve just done. This site is trying its best to be a forum for serious political discussion. Gilbert Huntly is doing his best to turn this site into a chatroom for pervs. All the man can think about is “tits”. Is this what a stroke does to people? Turn them into drooling wankers?

        @ Gilbert Huntly

        I hope you are banned from this website soon, you Dirty Old Man. You don’t deserve to post comments here. You low-brow hick rom hell, you filthy perv in cowboy boots.

        @ Admin

        Sorry if this comment simply perpetuates the off-topic cycle of chatroom depravity on this site, so beloved of Huntly and his dirty-minded gang. If you would like this off-topic garbage to stop and Huntly to know that his chatroom locker room lechery is NOT WELCOME on the Darkmoon site, let this comment stand so that Huntly the Perv knows what the larger public think of him and his attempt to sabotage your website.

      2. Silent Douchebag –

        ADMIN: The rest of your offensive comment as been deleted.

  9. The purpose of the posted video of the famous movie Blazing Saddles (Mel Brooks comedy) was to illustrate that Trump is just like the Governor, a fraud. I was not, nor would I ever, try to trash this site or degrade it. The genius here is Trump is a womanizer just like the clip shows, and has no idea what is going on, and is just signing off on whatever is presented to him.

    My sincere apologies.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      My apologies for overreacting to your post. But I have been asked by J.S. Montecristo, the editor-in-chief and owner of this website, to crack down hard on off-topic material (especially trashy YouTube videos) that are helping to turn this site into a sordid chatroom. This is chasing away serious posters and attracting the lowbrow philistines to our site. “Silent Reader” is simply one of about 10-15 others who have written emails to Admin complaining about “locker room talk” and deploring the deterioration of our site into a “chatroom for mindless morons”.

      Your comments are among the best, so this does not apply to you. This comment of yours was exceptionally good:

      June 29, 2019 at 4:52 pm

      I don’t know about you, but I am tired waiting for the last shoe to drop…

      That has been the best comment on the thread so far. In fact, it would have made a good feature article if it had only been a bit longer and and if the language had been toned down a bit.

  10. Boring Silent Reader –

    ADMIN: The rest of your abusive comment has been deleted. It does not occur to you that YOU are the bore. Nor does it cross your mind that there have many email complaints (over 10-15) about you and your filthy potty-mouthed posts. “Silent Reader” speaks for several other readers who find your posts off-topic, crude, vulgar and unfit for publication.

    We have asked you NOT to use words like “coon” on our website. So why do you openly flout our wishes? It is WE who decide what is decent and acceptable on our website. Not you.

    You were once a charming country gentleman who wrote romantic poetry. No longer. Your recent health problems, it would appear, have changed your personality entirely for the worse.

    1. Admin –

      If you’re going to make a habit of moderating defensive retorts, I ‘m off here. You can keep your stuffy old pretentious drones. I’m quite certain your site will suffer for it.

      ADMIN: The moderators here will continue to moderate this site in the interests of quality control. This is our job. And you will not be able to prevent us from doing our job.

      The site will not suffer from your absence, even if it loses all its commenters. We are not interested in our Alexa ranking figures. Our sole concern is that low-brow philistines like you, ever ready with your locker room talk and potty-mouthed language, are kept away from our site — for all you are doing is cheapening and degrading it by your low-quality comments.

      If you cannot behave with good manners at your host’s dinner table, you will be shown the door.

  11. “In other words, it is not clear whether Trump calling off the attack saved us or doomed us.

    The Israel Lobby and their neoconservative agents have not been taught a lesson. Trump has not fired Bolton and Pompeo for almost igniting a conflagration, and he has not dressed down his moronic vice president. So, it can all happen again.”

    There’d be a lot more “clarity” if PCR would get over himself, swallow his pride, and start seeing Trump for what he actually is, and not what he pretended to be during his fraudulent campaign.

    Once it is accepted that Mr. Trump is an Israeli agent who lied his way into the white house, whose primary goal is apparently to destroy Iran at any cost (and certainly not to “make America great again”), it’s not far fetched to speculate that Mr. Trump and his handlers are simply waiting for a better pretext before beginning the military attack on Iran.

    Perhaps Mr. Trump expects that the sanctions will prove so damaging to Iran economically that Iran will at some point be forced to close the strait of Hormuz, causing a spike in oil prices, which Mr. Trump and his handlers will claim is proof of Iranian “aggression,” whereupon the attack will begin.

    Hopefully the Europeans will step up and prevent this from happening. Apparently the Europeans have come up with a way to get around the sanctions, but the bully is already making more threats.

  12. All part of the Plan.To scare the Goyim is the only reason Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, the Japanese were desperate to surrender long before the bombs were dropped, they would not let them surrender.
    Why Hiroshima Was Destroyed.
    by Eustace Mullins.


    There were still many anxious moments for the conspirators, who planned to launch a new reign of terror throughout the world. Japan had been suing for peace. Each day it seemed less likely that she could stay in the war. On March 9 and 10, 1945, 325 B-29s had burned thirty-five square miles of Tokyo, leaving more than one hundred thousand Japanese dead in the ensuing firestorm. Of Japan’s 66 biggest cities, 59 had been mostly destroyed. 178 square miles of urban dwellings had been burned, 500,000 died in the fires, and now twenty million Japanese were homeless. Only four cities had not been destroyed; Hiroshima, Kokura, Niigata, and Nagasaki. Their inhabitants had no inkling that they had been saved as target cities for the experimental atomic bomb. Maj. Gen. Leslie Groves, at Bernard Baruch’s insistence, had demanded that Kyoto be the initial target of the bomb. Secretary of War Stimson objected, saying that as the ancient capital of Japan, the city of Kyoto had hundreds of historic wooden temples, and no military targets. The Jews wanted to destroy it precisely because of its great cultural importance to the Japanese people.”

    “Why did Einstein enlist an intermediary to bring this letter to Roosevelt, with whom he was on friendly terms? The atomic bomb program could not be launched without the necessary Wall Street sponsorship. Sachs, a Russian Jew, listed his profession as “economist” but was actually a bagman for the Rothschilds, who regularly delivered large sums of cash to Roosevelt in the White House. Sachs was an advisor to Eugene Meyer of the Lazard Freres International Banking House, and also with Lehman Brothers, another well known banker. Sachs’ delivery of the Einstein letter to the White House let Roosevelt know that the Rothschilds approved of the project and wished him to go full speed ahead.


    In May of 1945, the architects of postwar strategy, or, as they liked to call themselves, the “Masters of the Universe”, gathered in San Francisco at the plush Palace Hotel to write the Charter for the United Nations. Several of the principals retired for a private meeting in the exclusive Garden Room. The head of the United States delegation had called this secret meeting with his top aide, Alger Hiss, representing the president of the United States and the Soviet KGB; John Foster Dulles, of the Wall Street law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, whose mentor, William Nelson Cromwell, had been called a “professional revolutionary” on the floor of Congress; and W. Averill Harriman, plenipotentiary extraordinary, who had spent the last two years in Moscow directing Stalin’s war for survival. These four men represented the awesome power of the American Republic in world affairs, yet of the four, only Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr., had a position authorized by the Constitution. Stettinius called the meeting to order to discuss an urgent matter; the Japanese were already privately suing for peace, which presented a grave crisis. The atomic bomb would not be ready for several more months. “We have already lost Germany,” Stettinius said. “If Japan bows out, we will not have a live population on which to test the bomb.”

    “But, Mr. Secretary,” said Alger Hiss, “no one can ignore the terrible power of this weapon.” “Nevertheless,” said Stettinius, “our entire postwar program depends on terrifying the world with the atomic bomb.” “To accomplish that goal,” said John Foster Dulles, “you will need a very good tally. I should say a million.” “Yes,” replied Stettinius, “we are hoping for a million tally in Japan. But if they surrender, we won’t have anything.” “Then you have to keep them in the war until the bomb is ready,” said John Foster Dulles. “That is no problem. Unconditional surrender.” “They won’t agree to that,” said Stettinius. “They are sworn to protect the Emperor.” “Exactly,” said John Foster Dulles. “Keep Japan in the war another three months, and we can use the bomb on their cities; we will end this war with the naked fear of all the peoples of the world, who will then bow to our will.”

    Edward Stettinius Jr. was the son of a J.P. Morgan partner who had been the world’s largest munitions dealer in the First World War. He had been named by J.P. Morgan to oversee all purchases of munitions by both France and England in the United States throughout the war. John Foster Dulles was also an accomplished warmonger. In 1933, he and his brother Allen had rushed to Cologne to meet with Adolf Hitler and guaranteed him the funds to maintain the Nazi regime. The Dulles brothers were representing their clients, Kuhn Loeb Co., and the Rothschilds. Alger Hiss was the golden prince of the communist elite in the united States. When he was chosen as head of the prestigious Carnegie Endowment for International Peace after World War II, his nomination was seconded by John Foster Dulles. Hiss was later sent to prison for perjury for lying about his exploits as a Soviet espionage agent.

    This secret meeting in the Garden Room was actually the first military strategy session of the United Nations, because it was dedicated to its mission of exploding the world’s first atomic weapon on a living population. It also forecast the entire strategy of the Cold War, which lasted forty-three years, cost American taxpayers five trillion dollars, and accomplished exactly nothing, as it was intended to do. Thus we see that the New World Order has based its entire strategy on the agony of the hundreds of thousands of civilians burned alive at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, including many thousands of children sitting in their schoolrooms. These leaders had learned from their master, Josef Stalin, that no one can rule without mass terrorism, which in turn required mass murder. As Senator Vandenberg, leader of the Republican loyal opposition, was to say (as quoted in American Heritage magazine, August 1977), “We have got to scare the hell out of “em.”

    1. Mike –

      Fear porn is still used by the same tribe that invented the 6 million myths…. to control all governments with the invention of “nuke threats & Armageddon” globally.

      The masses cry, “Please… Keep us safe!!”

  13. Eventually, Israel and the zio/US are going to attack Iran and Russia and bring on amageddon as this is what these crazy zionist bastards want and will do as they think they can survive a nuclear war in the DUMBs aka deep underground military bases which they have throughout the zio/US and Israel and Europe, look up Dulce and the Denver Airport as a few examples.

    All of this will be done to bring on the satanic zionist one world government and our only hope is in Russia to save humanity!

  14. MIKE
    thanks for that excerpt…
    most likely eustace mullins was murdered by the deep state under the post patriot act 9-11 NDAA dictate…
    he was on the list.. he said when they broke into his house one time to arrest him, they told him to “produce any weapons you have”… he didn’t move, because he knew they would shoot him to pieces the minute he did…
    hollywood jews made the most of the notion that every japanese soldier was a crazy fanatic, who would rather die than surrender, and they were taught that.. the japanese generals planned battles and ordered every soldier to stick to the plan until it was accomplished or they were all killed, because of the extremely rigid social structure… it was stupid, because every plan goes to hell in the first few minutes and each soldier has to be able to make on the scene adjustments… the media gave you the story about the one jap who was still holding out on some south pacific island 40 years after the war was over…
    no wonder we had to drop the bomb…
    but the fact is the japanese were trying desperately to surrender to everybody they could, including the french and the british… , they even surrendered to the russians…
    and why not? it was the russians who really ran ww2… they defeated the germans.. stalin ordered d day…
    the russians ran the vietnam war too…
    who are the russians?
    the russians are the jewish bankster bolsheviks, and their masonic allies in industry…
    that’s the collectivist monarchy that replaced the czar…
    the huge majority of the white russian population has no control over its own government…
    who’s putin?
    good question…
    his speeches sound sincere, eloquent…
    the idea is – the russian intelligence community, putin, now exists as a force against the bolsheviks and their deep state zionist allies in the USA…
    but, just like the usa, those people have been in power a long, long time, with the media, and making it change is a tall order for any president of russia or the JUSA…
    it would make perfect sense that the zionists did all the above on nagasaki and hiroshima…
    but for all any of us really know the whole nuclear bomb subject could be just another gigantic hoax…
    for what it’s worth, as i understood it, nagasaki was the center of christianity in japan at the time.. and the name nagas-aki shows a traditional connection to the ‘scaly nagas’, the reptilian extraterrestrials of the vedic scriptures, if that’s what you call those writings…. it’s likely christianity itself is reptilian in origin, benevolent philosophies not withstanding… and the name hiroshima is a actually the same memetically as jerusalem… hier-o-sel-yama…
    i’m betting there’s A LOT more afoot in all this than the common man can even guess at…
    even so, there’s no chance the PTB hierarchy will incinerate the entire planet in some global nuclear holocaust.. it would ruin the biosphere, and besides – THEY are not at odds with EACH OTHER…
    no-doubt they have other ways of wiping us out by now… nuke fear porn is old hat…

    1. Bark –

      “but for all any of us really know the whole nuclear bomb subject could be just another gigantic hoax…”

      Yes… that would make sense, since…
      the very same tribe that brought us the a-bomb brought us the Holocaust 6 million and the walk on the moon.

      A-bomb = Oppenheimer, Einstein, Leo Szilard, Hans Bethe, many jew experts et al
      Holocaust = Simon Wiesenthal, Ingo Zechner, Avshalom Hodik, many rabbis… et al
      Moon Walk= Kubrick, Hollywood jews, NASA jews et al

      Go figger!! 🙂

      1. Hey Pat,
        You forgot to mention the biggest hoax of all, which the NASA jews (and freemasons) pound into our heads since day one on this earth.
        Just sayin’.

  15. i think we figgered it already dude…
    the huge majority of what the average person thinks he knows about the world is wrong…
    that’s pretty much all the major stuff people go around talking about, you mentioned some of the bigger hoaxes above…
    the modern media made it possible for a small group of people, we know who, to effectively control the thoughts and opinions of the whole country…
    on one hand you have the lies they made up, and on the other you have the stuff they didn’t talk about…
    which is the bigger BS?
    that’s hard to tell…
    then you also have the false trails they put before the masses…
    the other day i heard the governor of california going on and on about some of this transgender raga, what might go on in schools under the new laws about it… and suddenly it hit me – guys like him create these controversies and flog the hell out of them, in order that the public mind might be kept distracted from what they’re really doing in the statehouse, which is using political office to keep safe and increase their own personal fortunes, just as their ancestors have done for generations.. the whole gender issue is a diversion, because there’s only so much time and bandwidth in the day, and if it can be kept filled with other things to talk about, there’s less chance the public will catch on to the fact that these people don’t really give a rat’s ass about California or the USA…

    1. “the public mind might be kept distracted from what they’re really doing in the statehouse” – Isn’t that why “democracy” was invented by the ones coordinating the masses? When a world is stuffed with lies and governments are the terrorists they pretend to fight much show business will be needed to calm the victors and the victims mind.
      Effectively controlling thoughts and opinions is the most dangerous and invisible weapon to be feared for the demise and pruning of mankind. Distraction is the Achilles heel of man that always worked like a dream – any time in history, at present and in the future.
      The golden carrot dangling in front of the victims nose is nothing but illusion but fought for until death will do it apart.

  16. JO
    “Isn’t that why “democracy” was invented by the ones coordinating the masses?”
    you make an interesting observation…
    i do get your point, but i’m not sure i’d say though that democracy itself from its inception is a plot..
    obviously, where you have representative democracy, which is what we have here, for better or for worse, you have the risk of special interests corrupting the system for their own purposes… that’s basically what’s gone wrong…
    if the USA functioned according to its constitutional design, where the press operated freely, then i think we’d do ok, as long as people in general are more decent than not… the ultimate function of the press is to eliminate secrecy in government… in cases where secrecy is necessary for national security the press should function to eliminate those very stresses internationally, gradually eliminating the nefariousness and eventually the national security excuse for secrecy… secrecy amounts to manipulation… any government that operates in secret will always be conspiratorial… i don’t think it’s enough to say the first amendment guarantees freedom of the press and let it go at that… if the press is not operating freely, additional measures are required…

    1. I get where you are coming from Bark. Unfortunately – until now – mankind has always needed an authority to coordinate life itself and to resist ANY temptation that will unfold truth to such an extent that Authority is not necessary at all. And again “Unfortunately”, any worldly temptation seems stronger then the longing of the purest heart. When human interaction and communication will change and no “technologies” are needed while the human family finally acts as one there will be no secrecy, politics, democracy or a free press nor any traitors that pretend the opposite. Evil appears freely out in the open as will be compassion, love and unity. To choose and taking sides will have become a lot easier for all of us, without “National security” or a press acting for treason instead of reason.

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