Behold the Breathtaking Weakness of the Empire!

THE SAKER • APRIL 30, 2019 • 1,300 WORDS

“The Empire only appears to be strong. In reality it is weak, confused, clueless and, most importantly, run by a sad gang of incompetent thugs who think that they can scare everybody into submission in spite of not having won a single significant war since 1945.”  — THE SAKER

The Empire has suffered painful defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq, but one has to admit that these are “tough” countries to crack. The Empire also appears to have lost control of Libya, but that is another complex country which is very hard to control. We also saw all the pathetic huffing and puffing with the Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK). But, let’s be honest, the US never stood a chance to bully the DPRK into submission, never mind invading or regime-changing it. Syria was much weaker, but here Russia, Iran and Hezbollah did a world class job of repelling all the Anglo-Zionist attacks, political and military. Besides, I for one will never blame Trump for not listening to Bolton and not triggering WWIII over Syria (yet?)

But Venezuela?!

There’s no Hezbollah or Iran backing Maduro there. And Venezuela is way too far away from Russia to allow her to do what she did in Syria. In fact, Venezuela is in the proverbial “backyard” of the US and is surrounded by hostile puppet regimes. And yet, tonight, it appears that the US puppet Guaidó has failed in his coup attempt.

Moon of Alabama did a great job covering the events of the day, so I will refer you to the excellent article “Venezuela – Random Guyaidó’s New Coup Attempt Turns Out to Be A Dangerous Joke.” I fully concur that today’s coup was both a joke and very dangerous.

The thing which amazes me most tonight is the truly breathtakingly pathetic weakness of the clowns who launched this latest failed operation: Pompeo and Mr MAGA. Check them out.

Let’s begin with Pompeo.

According to him, the coup failed because of Russia (what else is new?)! Not only that, but Maduro had already decided to run to Cuba, but then the Russians stopped him. Really?

So are we to believe that the coup was a stunning success, yet another feather to the CIA’s “hat” of failed successful covert operations? Apparently so. After all, why would Maduro want to run unless he realized that the situation was hopeless?

But then “Russia” called him and told him to stay put. The conversation must have gone something like this:

Putin: Mr Maduro – you don’t need to worry about a thing. Just do what we tell you and stay put.

Maduro: But my people hate me! They all turned against me! The military is behind the coup!

Putin: No, no, it’s all under control, just stay put.

Maduro: But the mob will lynch me if I stay!!!!

Putin: No worries, nobody will touch you.

Does that dialog look credible to you? I sure hope not! I think that anybody with a modicum of intelligence ought to realize that Maduro’s decision to stay in place could only have been based on one of two possible considerations:

1. The coup has failed and Maduro is safe, or
2. The coup is successful and Maduro will stay and fight till his last breath (like Allende did). But tonight Maduro is safe in Caracas and the coup plotters are on the run.

The truth is that only a loser and imbecile like Pompeo could come up with such a lame excuse in a desperate attempt to “cover his ass” and blame his failure on the Neocon’s favorite scapegoat: Russia.

Now let’s check what his boss had to say: Trump does not blame Russia. Instead, he blames Cuba!

I don’t know what kind of silly scenarios Mr MAGA ran in his head to come up with “the Cubans did it”, but that is even more ridiculous than “the Russians did it”. Reading his “tweets” (how appropriate for this bird-brain!) one could get the impression that the Cubans launched a full-scale military attack (involving both the Cuban military and “militias”) and that they orchestrated a brutal crack-down on the Venezuelan people.

In the real world, however, Cuba did nothing of the sort. But, really, who cares?! In the Empire of Illusions fact don’t matter. At least to the leaders of the Anglo-Zionist Empire who continue to believe that only spin matters.

In the case of Venezuela, spin alone failed.

So what’s next?

According to the typical scenario revealed to us by John Perkins, the next step should be a full-scale US invasion. And yes, he is right, that would be what the Empire would have done in its heyday. But nowadays?

Check out this interesting news snippet: Eric Prince wants Blackwater to send 5,000 mercenaries to Venezuela (does anybody know why and how these clowns came up with the 5,000 figure? First Bolton, now Prince. Do they really think that this is enough?!).

The point is not whether Prince will ever get to send mercenaries to Venezuela or whether the Trump administration is inclined to accept this offer. The point is that Prince would have never made this offer in the first place if the US military was up to the task. It is not, and Prince knows that very well.

As for Maduro, he seems to have the support not only of a majority of his people, but of the Venezuelan armed forces. As for the armed forces, they are clearly enjoying the support of the people.

This is a very bad combination for the Empire. Here is why:

Yes, Venezuela has immense problems. And yes, both Chavez and Maduro have made mistakes. But this is not about Chavez or Maduro, this is about the rule of law inside and outside Venezuela. This is about the people of Venezuela, even the suffering ones, not willing to renounce the sovereignty of their country. Yes, Chavez did not solve all of Venezuela’s problems, but to deliver the country to the Empire would mean crushing any hope of true, real, people power. The Venezuelan people apparently have no illusions about their Yankee neighbors and they don’t want the Empire-style “democracy” to turn Venezuela into the next Libya.

I should never say never, and God only knows what tomorrow (May 1st) will bring (Guaido has called for mass protests) but my gut feeling is that the Empire “injected” itself into Venezuela just enough to trigger an immune reaction, like a vaccine, but not enough to infect Venezuela with a toxin powerful enough to kill it.

In the meantime, US aircraft carriers are in the Mediterranean trying to scare Russia, Syria and Iran all at the same time. I can just imagine the disgusted contempt with which this latest sabre-rattling with outdated hardware is received in Moscow, Damascus or Tehran. Even Hezbollah remains utterly unimpressed.

The truth is that the only people who have not come to the realization that the Empire is broken and defeated are the rulers of the Neocon deep state and those who still watch the legacy Ziomedia.

By now everybody else has realized how utterly impotent the Empire has become.


The Empire only appears to be strong. In reality it is weak, confused, clueless and, most importantly, run by a sad gang of incompetent thugs who think that they can scare everybody into submission in spite of not having won a single significant war since 1945. The inability to break the will of the people of Venezuela is only the latest symptom of this mind-boggling weakness.

I will leave the last word to this charming lady who really said it all:

Sourced from THE UNZ REVIEW

48 thoughts to “Behold the Breathtaking Weakness of the Empire!”

  1. Its almost 12 years over from past 2007

    America has been attacked without any reasons

    While no body speaks about china israle usa triangle

    But there is other side where chinas involvement with israle in obor
    Chinas control of global rare eartj minerals 97% and its mining in latin america africa and aistralia

    Chinas involvement in venenzuela which led to her forign reserves and economic decline
    Nobody lisps a word about it

    Usa will continue to decline

    While globalists will replace usa with china and russia

    1. “…while globalists will replace USA with China and Russia.”

      This view is too simplistic. It presupposes that “globalists” are in control in a unilateral fashion when they are not. What I mean by that involves looking at “China’s Jews” to be at loggerheads with jews runnin’ the show in the West. This, I believe, is where the final showdown will occur – between these two factions, Putin being the only one successfully playin’ a game of “4D” chess by being on the outside looking in despite the financial reality show he is forced to play.

      That Elite Jews are all on the same page in the aim for world supremacy illustrates a mistaken perception which most observers fail to see, in expressing my contention that there is an internecine rivalry going on that won’t be satisfied until one side emerges triumphant with the total annihilation of the other, while we peons get stuck in the crossfire.

      THIS is what would constitute a third world war. The true face of (((them))) don’t know anything else but to be total destroyers.

      1. Putin is just controled by chabad lubavich and its billioners as same as trump and jared kushners are

        Keep hallicinating putin playing “356356” Squares chess board


  2. Safe dismantling of the American Empire is a task of paramount importance to the entire world… first and foremost to America itself.

    I believe that the forces behind Trump are not only clear on that, but working to that end. That’s where the Trump-Russia “collusion” probably is.

    But once the safe demolition task is accomplished, the two forces will part their ways, for they have totally different visions of the new order which is to replace the present one.

    1. Circ –

      Trump just had an hour long video conference with ‘Put-On’ today and he told Trump he would not interfere in Venezuela!! Empire OK there!! 🙂

    2. Circ –

      ‘Put-On’ has met his match with a comedian!! 🙂

      Ukraine’s New President-Elect Stands Up to Putin

      Less than a week after he won Ukraine’s presidential election, 41-year-old comedian Volodymyr Zelensky proved he has the chops to stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the world stage. Putin signed a decree on April 24 that expedited Russian passport applications for Ukrainians living in the two war-torn, Russian-sponsored breakaway territories in eastern Ukraine. Then, on April 27, Putin upped the ante, floating the possible extension of the passport offer to all Ukrainians. With the ball in his court, Zelensky—a TV star with no political experience—responded to the Russian president with a zinger.

      “We are perfectly aware of what a Russian passport actually provides. This is the right to be arrested for peaceful protest,” Zelensky wrote in a social media post, adding that a Russian passport also offers the “the right to have no free and competitive elections,” and “the right to completely forget about natural human rights and freedoms.”

  3. It is all over the socalled Western World … in the USA .. in EUROPE … and elsewhere .
    Elementary .. Dr Watson !
    The PEOPLE of the WEST .. do NOT SUPPORT the POLITICIANS who run their Countries..
    They despise … bordering to hate them !
    Thats why the Political Apparatus of the West is …. IMPOTENT !

    1. Impotent? The politicians rather have submitted willingly to the criminal mob of special ones and are traitors but still get elected in an overly political correct society. Try voting for a German party that demands independence from their allies of their own country or any party in the commonwealth of Nations demanding the exit from the COL. Where are the calls of political parties from leaving NATO in Scandinavia? The Political Apparatus of the West is its own self destructing Concentration camp and far from being impotent.

    2. OLE CGO –

      The Political Apparatus of the West is actually on steroids – growing fast – and is in control of ALL politics globally, even controlling banks globally….. as of this report from July 8, 2018.

      Here are a few of the players:
      Diebold, ES&S, Dominion and Scytl. Scytl is the most prominent now.

      **The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election used Scytl for election night reporting, poll worker management, election training, electronic pollbook and electronic ballot delivery.

      “Diebold, through its Russian subsidiary, paid bribes in connection with the sale of ATMs to private banks in Russia. It falsified records in Russia in order to obtain and retain contracts to provide ATMs to state-owned and private banks in Russia, China and Indonesia. It made nearly $3 million in illicit payments to them.”

      July 8, 2018 (excerpts)
      Most of the voting machines being used in Illinois are the Premier/Diebold (Dominion) AccuVote TS & TSx. They date back to 2005 when they were purchased with Help America Vote Act funds. HAVA stems from the questionable vote counts in counties around the country for the 2000 presidential elections.

      Carney was the commission’s chairman until he was forced to resign six years ago after a report was released by an outside agency that concluded “improvements must be made to the commission’s credit card, ethics and procurement policies.”

      In an effort to address the report as well as other recurring voting machine and printer issues, the county turned to Scytl. Scytl was founded by Carles Rovira and Andreu Riera in June 2001 as a spin-off from a research group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Riera was a pioneer academic researcher in e-voting security at the university. (Dead at age 36!)

      Scytl has developed an “election-specific cryptographic security technology” that has at least 40 international patents and patent applications. It also sells and implements a suite of election software ranging from online voting to auditing of votes and training government and poll officials.
      The company has teams in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Ukraine and Bogota. It’s U.S. group is registered in Virginia and has offices in Tampa, FL and Oklahoma City.

      Scytl’s online voting process & claim to fame:

      Scytl’s client list is large and international. Some of its more notable clients include:

      • Yopolis: Russia’s first online “participation” platform. Scytl’s cryptographic security technology powers the “main social network for local eDemocracy in Russia.”
      • Ukraine Electoral Commission (OSCE) uses Scytl’s permanent online Election Training platform.
      • The European Union utilized its services for its eRepresentative tool so that it could develop a “virtual platform” to facilitate the remote collaborative work of members of parliaments.
      • In 2008, the City of Chicago signed a $500,000, 5-year contract with Syctl to implement its elections training platform and content. In 2015, Syctl provided “online election staff training platform and custom training content” for City of Chicago election staff.
      • Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia all use various software and training programs run by Scytl.
      • The South Carolina Election Commission, Sarasota County, FL Supervisor of Elections Office, and the Organization of American States Staff Federal Credit Unions
      Since 2010, the U.S. Dept. of Defense has used Scytl for online ballot delivery and for overseas military and civilian voters in 9 of the 20 States that agreed to participate in the program (New York, Washington, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, South Carolina, Mississippi and Indiana). It’s used by the most states of any U.S. vendor.
      In January 2012, Scytl announced it had acquired 100% of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States. This made Scytl the largest provider of election software solutions in the industry.
      The March 2015 state election in New South Wales, Australia was the world’s largest deployment of online voting to that date. More than 280,000 votes were returned through iVote, the online voting system built by Scytl. Prior to the vote, election officials said the vote was “. . . completely secret. It’s fully encrypted and safeguarded, it can’t be tampered with.”
      Independent researches performed a security analysis of public portions of the iVote system. They found tracking code hosted to an outside server that could be used by hackers to perform a man-in-the-middle attack whereby the attacker could intercept connections from the voter’s browser to the server hosting the tracking code.
      They could then replace the tracking code with malicious JavaScript and thereby change the operation of the iVote web app. Malware could then be used to steal the voter’s PIN and actually change their vote.
      By the time some of the vulnerabilities were fixed, 66,000 iVotes had already been cast.

      Scytl trained more than 11,000 poll workers for the 2016 Brexit referendum vote and the 2017 Parliamentary Election.

      **The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election used Scytl for election night reporting, poll worker management, election training, electronic pollbook and electronic ballot delivery.

      In the March 2018 U.S. elections, Scytl’s Election Night Reporting software was used state-wide by Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and West Virginia and 53 counties to inform more than 20 million registered voters. Its Online Election Worker Training was used by the City of Chicago to train more than 7,000 temporary election workers.

      Scytl’s list of investors have varying degrees of ties to Russian financial entities. Scytl has eight venture capital funds as shareholders:
      • Vulcan Capital is the personal investment fund owned by Paul Allen, billionaire co-founder of Microsoft. Allen invested $40 million in Syctl in 2014. Scytl has partnered with Microsoft to “digitally transform elections.” The two have collaborated to build the Scytl ePollBook. It uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a Microsoft SQL Server using standard Windows tablets to prevent “Election Day headaches by expediting voter check-in and verification.”
      • London-based Balderton Capital invested $9.2 million w/ Nauta Capital in Scytl. Balderton also lead a $6.5 million investment in Revolut, an international IT startup in the fintech sector. is an online financial services company that offers a pre-paid debit card, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments. Its banking services are used by almost 2 million people and more than 30,000 companies. This year, Revolut will launch in India, Russia, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong.
      Revolut announced in June it was partnering with QIWI Bank to offer Russian citizens basic financial services. Digital Sky Technologies (DST) Global, run by Russian tech billionaire Yuri Milner, recently invested $250 million in Revolut.
      • Vy Capital is a Dubai-based investment firm that’s run by former Goldman Sachs Banker Alexander Tamas, a former partner at DST. Tamas was Milner’s top deal maker working on DST’s Alibaba, Airbnb, Facebook, Groupon, Spotify and Twitter investments. He also worked on the $7 billion IPO of Mail.Ru Group and was on its board of directors.
      • Nauta Capital, a Spanish VC firm, has invested at least $20 million in Scytl. Carles Ferrer Roqueta, a General Partner at Nauta, is a Scytl board director.
      In 2011, Nauta Capital was the initial investor ($1 million) in Yuilop, a mobile messaging app. In 2012, Russia’s Bright Capital invested $4.5 million in Yuilop. Bright Capital is a venture capital firm based in Moscow. It’s run by Boris Ryabov and Mikhail Chuchkevich. Ryabov is the former Deputy General Director of RU-COM, a Russian industrial conglomerate. Bright Capital is the venture arm of the RU-COM Corporation.
      Bright Capital, with Allen’s Vulcan Capital’s cooperation, invested $30 million in Siluria Technologies, a biofuel company that’s developed a process to convert methane into liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel.
      • Spinnaker Invest, along with WebCapital, invested $1 million in Scytl in 2001. Albert Ferrer of Spinnaker is on Scytl’s board.
      • Sapphire Ventures (formerly SAP Ventures) invested $20 million in Scytl in 2014. Then, with five of the other investors, another $13 million in 2017. SAP, Europe’s biggest software maker, provides the financial backing for Sapphire.
      • Industry Ventures has invested more than $50 million in Scytl. Its also invested million$ in Planet Labs, a producer of mini satellites that take images of the entire planet. Milner and DST have helped raise nearly $200 million for Planet. Peter Thiel’s Founder’s Fund is also an investor in Planet.
      • Adams Street Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm that got caught up in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration awarding pension investment contracts to preferred campaign donors. Adams Street, which received $70 million in new commitments from the pension system in 2013 and 2014, invested most of the pension funds with Madison Dearborn Partners. As of 2016, Madison Dearborn employees have donated more than $400,000 to Rahm’s campaigns.
      Adams Street has also donated $40,850 to Roskam’s campaigns since 2006. Both DuPage County and the City of Chicago have signed numerous contracts with Scytl.

      On April 18, 2018 Scytl announced it was joining the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security council on election security.

      Scytl, Diebold, Facebook and Yandex also share various employees.

      Former Scytl developers and engineers now work at Facebook. There are former Yandex engineers at Facebook. One person who had previously been the head of News at Yandex, also helped w/ the “integration with Scytl platform for secure polls” at Yopolis, the RU community portal Scytl contracted w/ Ru to build.

      Bob Urosevich was named managing director of Scytl’s Americas division in 2006. Bob, along with his brother Todd, created Diebold (now ES&S).

      There is no real incentive for either company to improve the numerous security flaws in their voting machines and software. The incentive is for election vendors like ES&S and Scytl to have its voting technology in front of as many voters as possible. That gets done by “befriending” the local officials who decide the voting machine contracts.
      In 2005, Larry Mandel, who was the President of the Elections Division for Fidlar, donated $1,000 to Roskam’s campaign. Roskam accepts funding from a number of well-known GOP investors who have spent millions to affect the outcomes of elections.
      Roskam received $4,950 from the NRA for his 2006 race. Four months before the election, Roskam was the featured guest at an NRA rally in Addison, IL. Since 1997, he’s received nearly $20,500 from the NRA.
      He has a 93% rating from the NRA and 100% rating from the registered IL arm of the NRA, The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA). Roskam’s receivednearly $70,000 from Koch Industries since 2008.
      Roskam is currently a member of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee.
      In 2013, he was investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics for accepting a $25,000 trip to Taiwan sponsored by Chinese Culture University but paid for by the Taiwanese government.
      As a politician, Roskam apparently has an interest in Ukraine and Israel. He’s the Republican Chairman of the House Democracy Partnership (HDP). The group’s purpose is “effective government and strengthen democratic institutions by assisting legislatures in emerging democracies.”
      He traveled to Turkey to monitor the 2014 Ukraine elections. The following year, Roskam traveled with HDP to Ukraine and Georgia, where they met with parliamentarians, heads of state, and civil society organizations. Last year, he traveled with HDP to some of Russia’s neighboring countries to discuss possible Russian aggression.
      Diebold has offices in Russia. Its office in Russia was registered in 1998 and in 2003, it established a subsidiary, “Diebold Self-Service.”

      Diebold also builds ATMs and the software they run on. It bought Wincor Nixdorf, a German firm that builds ATMs, in April 2016 for $1.8 billion. It renamed itself Diebold Nixdorf.

      In March 2017, Diebold Nixdorf signed a major deal with Russia’s Post Bank. “The strategy will allow for the discontinuation of traditional cashier stations, and enable consumers to perform all cash transactions including loan grant, settlement and deposits at the self-service systems.”
      Diebold was sued by the SEC in 2013 for paying bribes to Russian officials. It paid $25.2 million in penalties for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

      “Diebold, through its Russian subsidiary, paid bribes in connection with the sale of ATMs to private banks in Russia. It falsified records in Russia in order to obtain and retain contracts to provide ATMs to state-owned and private banks in Russia, China and Indonesia. It made nearly $3 million in illicit payments to them.”

  4. Saker wrote:

    “The Empire only appears to be strong. In reality it is weak, confused, clueless and, most importantly, run by a sad gang of incompetent thugs who think that they can scare everybody into submission in spite of not having won a single significant war since 1945.” — THE SAKER

    THE SAKER should know by now that wars today are not to be “WON” at all. They are continuing ‘SPENDING events’ globally.

    Even Cuba will get some debt to trade globally for attending the ‘SPENDING event’ in Venezuela while not admitting to doing so.

    Which national leaders are lying here?
    “Cuba has stood by its ally Maduro and has denied U.S. accusations that it has military and intelligence operatives, which Washington estimates at 20,000 to 25,000 personnel – in Venezuela propping him up.”

  5. The zionist hold on the US is secure and only will be broken when their unconstitutional FED and IRS are shutdown and the zionist money supply line is severed, this and only this will end the zionist control of America.

  6. QUOTE: “The Empire has suffered painful defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq, but one has to admit that these are “tough” countries to crack. The Empire also appears to have lost control of Libya, but that is another complex country which is very hard to control. ”

    The wars are doing exactly what is intended – to spend money for defense contractors and smash and fracture Arab states as part of the Oded Yinon plan/Greater Israel Project/destabilization template. The only winner is Israel. The United States military empire is being worn down and losing credibility as a sane actor, and that is also part of the plan. After all Bibi said “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States it can dry up and blow away”.

    1. Agree 100%, this is all part of the zionist plan as laid out in The Protocols of Zion , also the zionists have turned America into Orwells Oceania, ie a zionist prison.

      1. Orwells Oceania has to be Australia. No dictator ship opposition there at all! USA still needs to catch up a little more and get rid of its opponents that support what the original constitution demands and a civil war as a kosher patriotic cleaner at the same time could come in handy while the Shekels rolling nicely into the right pockets.

      2. DF –
        JO –

        Oceania happenings and A.I. advances:

        The city of Darwin, Australia is integrating Chinese surveillance technology that is used in its tyrannical social credit system for a new program Down Under called ‘virtual fences’ that will track people, their movements around the city, the websites they visit, and what apps they use. The monitoring will be done mainly by artificial intelligence, but will alert authorities based on set triggers.

        1. ADMIN :

          I’m surprised you helios aren’t following the lead of the jews– the jews are trying to make it illegal to question them or say anything negative about them. Considering how CENSORIOUS youse helios are and how much like the jews youse helios are, you all may want to start agitating the gub’mint to make it illegal to question your precious sacred heliocentrism and make it illegal to say anything negative about your shit Sun “GOD” religion. Youse helios made sure to make it culturally UNacceptable to question your shit religion of helioism, might as well take it one more step and just make it illegal to question your babylonian-jew-qabalah shit religion.

          Yo know something is a LIE and is BULLSH*T when there’s so much pressure NOT to question that something. helios say their heliocentrism is “Science” yet they don’t want anyone to ask them Scientific questions about their “Scientific” heliocentrism — it’s “Science” as per the helios that’s why you’re not allowed to ask the helios any Scientific questions. The “Science LERVIN” helios get real angry and bitchy and bent-out-of-shape if you ask them Science-based questions : “Us helios, WE LERV Science, that’s why WE get real perturbed and mean-as- a-rattlesnake c*nts and WE turn VERY CENSORIOUS and are forced to resort to ad-hominem slurs if you ask Us any Science-based questions”, LMFAO!

          And ¿when exactly? is Darkmoon going to feature that Flat Earth Geocentric article ADMIN has been promising to feature but so far has failed to deliver. ¿? Or, is uncle planning NOT to keep his word as is *yawn* usual with uncle who can’t keep his word to save his life.

          1. @ TROJ

            And ¿when exactly? is Darkmoon going to feature that Flat Earth Geocentric article ADMIN has been promising to feature but so far has failed to deliver. ¿?


      3. @ Pat
        In the last decade much has been done in all of Australia in regards to camera/”public safety and traffic surveillance” installations in all states. Highways are covered, Cities are covered and cell towers are everywhere now. There will not be any city in the colony that is not covered with a central surveillance system. Darwin is not different at all then the rest of COL’s favourite colony and money spinner. All covered and “pretty safe” down under for the foreign kosher colonialists and their greedy wallets.

    2. Afghanistan has several facets, probably more. Opium poppies and base compounds for Big Pharma, black Pharma (DARPA), and captive University “researchers” look to weaponize opioids — done deal.

      1. Ageed, the zio/US and zio/Britain are in Afghanistan to produce opium and in fact the biggest drug runners in the world are the CIA and the Mossad and MI6, and that is why the US is fighting the Taliban!

      2. @HP I do not think lithium a “rare earth element”, however a precious element to some! Full disclosure: I almost got myself made into a Chemist, majoring in Chemistry through a year or so in graduate school at UofC Berkeley. By then, other chemicals, including pepper gas strewn along our hi-ways and bi-ways of Berkeley, San Francisco State, and….Oh, well. We could count as a blessing having only two factions of TPTB contesting over the soil, land, sea, and air of Planet Earth. I regret I have cause to beLIEve there are many more than two. One would hope that Lucifer would clarify and streamline his operation. So confusing!

  7. “Moon of Alabama did a great job covering the events of the day, so I will refer you to the excellent article “Venezuela – Random Guyaidó’s New Coup Attempt Turns Out to Be A Dangerous Joke.” I fully concur that today’s coup was both a joke and very dangerous.”

    I wonder: What will the evil orange clown in the White House try next, especially now that he’s been publicly humiliated? I don’t see any face saving way out of the mess that the petulant man-child has made for himself.

    “I should never say never, and God only knows what tomorrow (May 1st) will bring (Guaido has called for mass protests) but my gut feeling is that the Empire “injected” itself into Venezuela just enough to trigger an immune reaction, like a vaccine, but not enough to infect Venezuela with a toxin powerful enough to kill it.”

    LOL! Great analogy!

  8. “The Empire only appears to be strong. In reality it is weak, confused, clueless and, most importantly, run by a sad gang of incompetent thugs who think that they can scare everybody into submission in spite of not having won a single significant war since 1945.” — THE SAKER

    Let us step back and view all this from another advantage. Now this may seem that TJ has a flair for the obvious, but so be it. No one won WW2 except the USSR and that aborning empire fell apart around 1990. WW 1 and 2 were both a disaster for the West. WW1 was the final nail in the coffin of the British Empire and WW2 hammered that nail down tight. WW2 was one of the final nails in the coffin of the American Empire. In terms of economics, sociology, psychology, destruction of infrastructure, and most important the genetic hemorrhaging during and after the wars it is hard to rap one’s mind around the whole phnomenon.

    The American war of Northern aggression against the seceding Southern States in addition to “The Advance to Barbarism”, was a huge genetic lose of over 600,000 American mostly White males.

    After WW1 and WW2 the coffin of the American Empire was nailed by the Korean UN “police action”, the Vietnam debacle, the economic drain of the cold war with the USSR, that the west built and financed, and now the seemingly final nails of the American coffin are being hammered down by the Wars for Israel in the middle East and elsewhere. Over extended militarily around the world, the American imperium now has it’s sights set of oil rich and who knows what else, Venezuela. The Empire must not allow the Russians, the Chinese Commies or anyone else for that matter to get their hands on Venezuela oil. And the behind the scenes Zionists don’t want any one trading for Iranian oil.

    For the last 250 years all wars are for the (((international banksters))) pleasure and profit. Anyone who thinks that by merely winning a war that they aren’t also the losers. To think otherwise is an elusion.
    Otherwise The Saker, as is his usual, has written a fine article.

    1. Before the grammar fiend jumps down by throat, even though elusion does have meaning in eluding reality, illusion is the proper use in this context.

      1. @ Toejamicus

        I noticed your typo and was tempted to comment, but I decided it was a pardonable error you had made, given the high standard of your prose and thinking processes at all other times. So, rest easy! Even Grammar Fiends have been known to slip up on occasional banana skins. 🙂

    2. “…and behind the scenes Zionists don’t want anyone trading for Iranian oil.”

      The Zios can’t stop the Sinos (their Eastern equivalent) from doing just that. The Red Dragon is the sleeper on the world stage. I expect to see BIGLY fire – breathing to occur in the not so distant future 🐉

  9. cuba, venesuela, maduro, trump, pompeo, bolton, guess what they’re all up to…
    best worst case scenario – genuine socialistic factions in venesuela intend to confiscate the country’s oil and redistribute the wealth it generates more equitably to the people, in the form of royalties, cheap gas, whatever, as we think was happening under chavez, when gas was 12 cents a gallon… start getting the world past market forces only…
    sounds like it could be a step toward the next paradigm, but in and of itself it’s not a complete panacea…
    not-so-great case scenario, maduro and his boys will nationalize the oil industry, ok, and they’ll set themselves up as the local fatcat potentates running their own little oiligarchy, under a communist control system, like NK..
    maybe they’ll all kick off a nice little armed conflict in the meantime, move a lot of old munitions stock, jack all the war portfolios and fatten the swiss bank accounts…
    what are we missing here?
    we’re talking about venesuela, on account of the oil…
    well, we should have been past the age of oil a coupe of decades ago at least…
    the world is 4/5 covered with the most efficient and least polluting fuel in the universe… it’s called hydrogen, and it’s so easy to split off the water molecule, using just a little electricity, even less if you use stan meyer’s loosening method… the other thing you get is oxygen, which burns pretty good too…
    who wants oil anymore anyway? who wants the world to stay involved in the middle east?
    who suppresses oil production in the usa, not to mention hydrogen?
    which country was set up in the middle east on account of oil in the first place?
    wait, let me guess…
    you know how the diamond business works, right? and we know who controls that too… surprize?
    there are millions of diamonds locked up in vaults in nyc, antwerp, wherever…
    the point is they have to be kept off the market, because there’s so many of them… artificial scarcity…
    i’ve hear there are gold mines sitting on top of tons of gold, huge nuggets, veins, trainloads of rich ore ..
    the gold is being kept in the ground on purpose… they could dig it up tomorrow, but they won’t…
    if the wrong people get hold of the venesuela oil, they might upset the global market…
    you gotta be in the club, but there’s more to the story…
    inside info is – the world has a virtually endless supply of oil located deeper under the crust, we’ve just been getting the stuff that seeps up closer to the surface… it’s only a question of drilling down further…
    and btw, oil is not biotic.. it’s cooked up under fusionary processes from the old hotter star days, like diamonds, gold and water, all the basic stuff… it’s a theory…
    rather than all these big refineries, why not set up H plants, get rid of gasoline, think big?
    i’m guessing – isn’t gasoline really just oil with hydrogen glommed on to it to make it flammable, explosive?

    1. Barkingdeer,

      Nice post! As usual…

      I read somewhere that the US production of hydrogen in a year is capable to substitute the consumption of oil, in the US, one day only. In the world, more than 90 million barrels of oil are used daily (I didn’t say “burnt” because there are others functions for oil than combustion). Of course, with a new economic paradigm, hydrogen production could raise a lot, but it needs energy to be produced, from what source? Hydrogen is a gas, an inconvenience to storage, practically impossible to be used in airplanes. When we burn hydrogen guess what pollutants are produced? None, only water and heat are the byproducts.

      Gasoline, diesel and propane are fractions extracted from the complex soup known as crude oil. A lot of hydrogen in this soup but carbon too, and some impurities like sulfur and metals. The number of carbons in its molecule is what defines if the fraction is light or heavy.

      Diamonds has very interesting properties, the hardest natural material. Millenniums ago, diamonds were very wanted as a cutting tool, to cut wood and stone. Not to be stuffed in a vault!

      Yes, the commodities’ markets are being rigged, by the usual suspects. Everything seems to be rigged these days.

      I know you don’t appreciate the Bible but it’s interesting that the location of Hell is said to be deep down the earth. We are cursed by oil, and addicted to it.

      A simpler and happier life, as proposed by Ron Chapman, would solve a lot of our problems, a beautiful utopia! That was how we used to live, a long time ago…

      1. There is a caveat to using hydrogen and oxygen in place of oil. The glitch is that oil LUBRICATES moving parts of an engine while producing power. It sounds neat and tidy and clean – but it cannot function properly. (Y’all sound like a bunch of kindergarteners!)

      2. Gilbert Huntly,

        You are talking about the 2-stroke IC (internal combustion) engine, a good power to weight ratio but a very low efficient engine, and dirty too. Today, only small engines of this kind are used, like engines to power our gardening tools. After 1973, this technology was not able to face the new economic conditions.

        But the 4-stroke IC engine can run on methane, propane, alcohol, vegetable oil, hydrogen, even gas from a wood/coal gasifier, without technical problems; this later will demand valve cleaning from time to time. Even the lubricating oil can be synthetic now, better than organic. So, technically, we could be free from the oil industry to power our vehicles.

        You said it is difficult to use “oxygen in place of oil”. It’s like saying air is a fuel!? Oxygen is a participant in the combustion reaction to oxidize (burn) the fuel to produce heat, water and CO2, in perfect conditions. The 80% nitrogen in the air has no place in the combustion reaction, just in and out (ignoring NOx environment problems).

        Your aggressive posture won’t hide your lack of experience on this subject.

      3. NBTT –

        I use diesel and gasoline engines every day. They require lubrication, and fuel components with oil. Whatever utopian fantasy you indulge cannot replace the requisite of oil production. An abiotic resource, we will not run out of it. Engines require seals and gaskets, too, which are susceptible to non-oil damage. As you mention 2-cycle engines, ethanol gasoline evaporates the 2-cycle oil, ultimately destroying the seals, gaskets, and lubrication quality of the oil, too.
        The devil is in the details.

        “…location of Hell is said to be deep down the earth.”
        According to the father of the Church Thomas Aquinas’ teaching, location of the Paradise is in the same premises as Hell, just opposite, so that pious, righteous could see sinners, hanging by the ribs, screaming and twisting on the hot pans and feel more happy.

  10. is it just me or does this blog have nothing but gloom and doom for the USA?
    thanks.. it’s good to be appreciated rather than ridiculed…
    roger billings pioneered the hydrogen engine decades ago.. there’s not much to it…
    i believe he built the hydrogen homestead in four corners…
    i think he lost control along the way to sloan kettering, maybe he just sold out…
    the saturn rockets, space shuttles, captain power’s U2 spy plane, all run on hydrogen…
    btw, captain powers U2 wasn’t “shot down”, as the media likes to say… it simply malfunctioned over russia, causing it to crash land, powers to be captured and the test ban talks between the us and russia to go south…
    basically, the CIA/ SOMEBODY shorted captain powers’ hydrogen canisters… but that’s another story…
    the water molecule can be split by electricity, using photovoltaics… anybody can do it in his garage, on the farm, etc… every house could have its own little plant and storage… i’ve heard of water splitting mechanisms used in long haul trucks to supplement the regular fuel mileage… i think stan meyer figured out a way to use sound vibrations to weaken the molecular bond, making it possible to split the water molecule with a lot less current…
    they killed him too… i haven’t read this book…
    alternative energy has the potential of evolving society beyond the typical pyramid power structure way of doing things… the oil barons have been suppressing it forever, and they murdered many a good man along the way…
    are you talking about 2-cycle engines?
    because normal gasoline burning internal combustion engines all have an oil sump and an oil pump, that’s what lubricates the engine’s bearings, not the fuel burning in the combustion chambers…

    1. “Here’s the interesting thing: Most of the Wankel’s drawbacks turn into advantages with one simple change. All you have to do is swap fuels, from gasoline to hydrogen.”

      A hydrogen powered Wankel is a gem.

    2. Barkingdeer –

      I am well aware of that of which I speak. I have tried using some fuel “alternatives”, including methane and propane. In both cases, the loss of power is evident, as is the wear and tear on seals and gaskets. In my paper-packing plant, I had several propane-powered forklifts manufactured by Clark Lift, and one diesel Caterpillar – and one electric “Raymond” lift. All were good machines, but the propane gas machines were less efficiant and required more servicing.
      My uncle decided he’d produce ethanol back in the early sixties, when most of our farm tractors were still gasoline-powered. Besides the decline in cost-effectiveness, I have been told there was a noticeable loss of power and reliability.

      1. Gilbert,

        I can see you have some practical experience, that’s always something very good!

        Yes, there is some power loss with methane and propane, but it wouldn’t be a problem with a machine projected specifically to use these fuels, a higher compression ratio (12:1) and a bigger engine would do. In the case of alcohol, after the volumetric fuel flow is increased accordingly, an engine working with that compression ratio will deliver a higher output than gasoline. Methanol can produce an even higher power output, but it is toxic.

        We are talking about spark ignition 4-cicle IC engines here.

    3. Bark,

      I was talking about normal applications, cars, trucks and commercial jet turbine airplanes. Rocket applications use hydrogen/oxygen liquefied trough pressure and cryogenic temperatures. The energy per pound of liquid hydrogen is very high, that is why they use it, but the rocket can work with alcohol or even gasoline, the most important ingredient is the oxygen at 100%.

      The fuel cell is an interesting application, but I think the vehicle must be fed with pressurized hydrogen. They invented a light carbon fiber tank with some internal material designed to absorb the gas, increasing the tank’s capacity.

      I know electrolysis of water is something easy to do but to substitute 90 million barrels every day a huge amount of electrical energy will be needed. The only way I can imagine to do that is with nuclear power plants. This way we would change oil for nuclear; I would take the oil.

      Thanks for the links! It is a fact, the capital intensive oil industry boycotts all the alternatives. One of its criminal activities is economic dumping. They dump the oil prices temporally, just to break the alternatives, and then everything goes back to “normal”. The autonomous small property is the key to decentralize power, something the Globalists really don’t want to happen. Pat said the other day something about the alcohol production prohibition in the 20s.

      Among all the alternative energy sources I think alcohol and vegetable oils have the greatest potential, they take energy from the Sun. A backlash is the competition with food production.

  11. HP
    that was an interesting video… a 1.3 liter engine that produces 280 horsepower…
    i would try to pipe straight oxygen into it, rather than have it just burn atmosphere…
    but even as it is it has the gas engines beat on pollution, no contest…
    gas engines use catalytic converters in the exhaust system to burn off the unburned gasoline… what a waste…
    i don’t claim to know it all, but i’ve never heard anybody say hydrogen did’t deliver the power…
    it’s more explosive than gasoline, if not dynamite, so i don’t know why it wouldn’t…
    yes there are sealing issues, since it comes on the atomic level, and is the smallest atom at that…
    metal hydride storage tanks are heavy, yes, which may be a drawback for mobile uses…
    from what i hear though the tesla battery weighs 1000 pounds…
    heavy fuel storage tanks are no problem for stationary applications…
    i think it could have been developed a long time ago, like a lot of other stuff…
    the people in control are first and foremost concerned with staying in control… the world is working pretty well for them as it is… yes they see it has problems, but they’re not likely to take any chances on some big revolutionary technological breakthrough… violent revolutions aren’t the only kind they sweat…

    1. Bark, the all around efficiency but especially the reduction of moving parts in a Wankel engine as compared to a standard gasoline piston engine is huge. The valve train alone, wow..

      1. Of course the Wankel might put my old friend
        Doug Kalitta out of work!
        0 – 100 mph in .7 of one second!
        327 mph in 3.7 seconds, boy howdy.. (11,000 hp)

  12. Transitions are costly and inconvenient. Therein lies my biggest reluctance to try new fuels and motors.
    New hi-tech machinery can be such a pain in the ass! For instance, one day last year I was “ripping” soil with a four-shank ripper and a 150hp new John Deere. Suddenly, a screeching alarm went off in the cab, along with an imperative “Stop the tractor, stop the tractor!” The machine was running OK, and I had, like always, checked the oil levels before operation. I called a Deere mechanic to come and analyze the trouble with his laptop, which he plugged into the dashboard under the steering wheel. The diagnostic showed the transmission pressure switch had malfunctioned. I asked him to replac it (it’s only about the size of a dime). He said he couldn’t disconnect it or replace it without the cab being
    lifted off. Three days in the shop! John Deere quit making good tractors when they discontinued the 55 series. The new junk is far more expensive – AND NOT WORTH IT.

  13. Gilbert, that’s why God invented the jumper. Sure, if something did happen to the tranny when bypassing the switch you’d void the warranty but you probably knew it was just a gremlin. Very likely another redundant sensor on that high dollar tranny as well.
    Yes, I still have a few bad habits, I know.. (;>)

  14. Efforts to forge a consummate global government – the endgame scenario of the world power controllers is outlined here:
    “Do You Really Want to Know Who Runs the World?”

    These world power controllers have so wrapped themselves around every aspect of western civilization that successful extrication from their grasp is not possible. Even though their efforts may ebb and flow, the area under their curve of control is embracing or will eventually embrace us all in one way or another.

    1. Efforts to forge a consummate global government – the endgame scenario of the world power controllers is outlined here:
      “Do You Really Want to Know Who Runs the World?”

      These world power controllers have so wrapped themselves around every aspect of western civilization that successful extrication from their grasp is not possible. Even though their efforts may ebb and flow, the area under their curve of control is embracing or will eventually embrace us all in one way or another.

      the article is at

  15. George Carlin astutely observed, “They call it the American Dream, cuz you gotta be asleep to believe it.”

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