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  1. Long ago I said, “watch who winds up owning the resources of these formerly white African nations and you will find the source of their destruction.” White men demand fair market value for their resources. Negroes will settle for a few white hos’, a nize pimpmobile and some gold “bling.” First Jews gave the white African nations to the Negroes by shedding crocodile tears over evil “apartheid.” Now Jews are staging the sell-off of Africa’s extensive, valuable mineral resources for trinkets, in the same manner they sold off America’s manufacturing and industrial resources for salvage prices. Jews are far worse than mere “asset strippers,” they are civilization strippers. Left to their own devices they will utterly destroy the world we have known, just as their Tower of Babel story foretold in the book of Genesis.

    The ANC and its partners in asset destruction are hijacking a century of accumulated Sovereign Wealth and hocking it for dosh to splurge on Blue Label and sushi.

    South Africa isn’t run by a government. It’s been hijacked by a cabal of asset strippers.

    South Africa is not being governed to benefit its people. It’s being dismantled and sold off to provide oodles of cash to a small political elite.

    Asset stripping is one of the uglier manifestations of present-day capitalism. But the script is ancient — straight out of Aesop’s fable of the industrious ant and the feckless grasshopper.

    It starts with a business building its asset base over many decades, rather than declaring huge dividends for shareholders. Like the fabled ant, it’s based on the philosophy of not gobbling the entire harvest but carefully salting away resources for the lean times.

    Unfortunately, asset strippers sense juicy pickings like scavengers sense carrion. The strippers grab managerial control, often through the ploy of promising the greedy grasshoppers – um, shareholders – that they will “unlock value”. Meaning, let’s binge on the granary.

    Anything that can be turned to cash is sold and soon a once-comfortably solvent business is reduced to hand-to-mouth survival, with nothing to cushion it for the hard times.

    And that’s exactly what the ANC and its partners in asset destruction, Cosatu and the SACP, are doing to South Africa (Pty) Ltd. They are hijacking a century of accumulated sovereign wealth and hocking it for dosh to splurge on Blue Label and sushi.

    These alliance grasshoppers have financially eviscerated Eskom and SAA. At PetroSA, they sold off the entire crude oil reserve of 10 million barrels at $28 a barrel when the international price was around $40 – straight into the pockets of some offshore investors.

    A fortnight ago, the auditor-general told parliament it was uncertain whether PetroSA could continue operating. So, too, the SA Nuclear Energy Corporation, as well as its subsidiary, Pelchem. Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has painted a bleak picture of two state-owned concerns, Denel and Transnet. Both have been chowing their harvests as if there is no tomorrow through a deadly combination of theft and incompetence.

    South Africa has more than 700 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and it’s unlikely the picture is rosier in many of them. But it is not only SOEs. All of the country’s infrastructural assets have been looted or allowed to decay. The rail and road infrastructure has wasted away, except where under control of private enterprise. Almost two-thirds of local government entities are dysfunctional.

    This dismal state of the nation is a direct result of the ANC’s grasshopper mentality – a genetic predisposition to short-termism. From this blighted DNA stems the determination of many in the alliance to reap what others have sown, rather than bother growing from seed.

    One should therefore take with a pinch of salt the sudden determination of the ANC under President Cyril Ramaphosa to curb corruption. No matter how well intentioned, Ramaphosa’s approach barely commands a majority on the party’s national executive. Within the party’s powerful, policy-determining membership structures, it is a minority view.

    South Africa has been there before.

    It was to a very large extent because then president Thabo Mbeki championed cautious economic policies and the shrinkage of the SOE sector through privatisation that he was ousted. Worker-ant

    Ramaphosa may meet the same fate.

    Grasshoppers rule, OK?

    And what will Jews do with the resource wealth they have extracted from Africa? They will turn it into weapons to destroy the rest of civilization.

    1. Just think Arch, the (((billionaires))) of today have the same DNA as the rag pickers of the Medieval selling their wares on the streets of Eastern Europe. What you say about Southern Africa may be true. To keep the subhumans down on the farms, so to speak, the “government” is allowing them to take over the White farms (are there any other kinds of farms in South Africa) without payment and by force, rape and murder. Listen to the interviews on rense.com with Karin Smith about what is going on the SA. It is sickening. And what is the American and the other so-called first world nations doing about this genocide of the remaining 3-4 millions SA whites, who, by the way were there first and built that nation before the blacks moved south in order to get something to eat besides themselves? Crickets!

  2. Trillionaire Merchant-Bankers, Merchant-Princes & Merchant-Warlords: A Comedy in Three Parts.

    Act I Scene I: The Levant


  3. I’m A.I. and the future is my drone mercenaries can beat up your puny human drone mercenaries (and armies).
    And they won’t even need to pack a lunch.
    This isn’t your ancestor’s 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20th century anymore.

    And need be I can also reduce the bank accounts of those 62 uber-rich people to ZERO in less than a 1/10 of a
    nano-second, with half my quantum bytes tied behind my back.
    Just so you know..

    Once upon a time, I lived in a “men’s dormitory” on campus at a (then) well respected Quaker liberal arts college, nestled if not concealed in the only county of Indiana where people cast a plurality of votes for POTUS 1964 for Barry Goldwater (also the state headquarters for the Indiana Ku Klux Klan, I understood), a better sociopolitical venue to decide not to cut a single hair of one’s body ever again one could not have found in 1965-1969. One hallmate of mine (NOT a Chemistry major!) brewed up some mead in his closet across the hall from my room. Weeks later, we quaffed (gulped, guzzled) this forbidden fermented fruit of bees, not grape vines. I managed to have an adolescent epiphany, if surviving fragments of memory tell the story true.
    My point? I think a return to Mid-Evil times long overdue. I’d order a mead over a Coors any day, in a second!

    1. Alan, up here in Pa., all those years ago, we used to have a contest every winter for the best apple cider maker title. It was quite a show when judgment day came.
      Everything from deep strong applejack with that unforgettable Whomp when the cork came out to the superb sparkling cider which rivaled champagne.
      Northern Spy apples ruled!
      Oh yes, I too (barely) remember..

  5. Sean McFate(ha-ha) noted “cognitive dissonance” in others, when …. he elicited his own within 25 seconds. I stopped believing what he said after that.

    He wrongly said that Russia is a rising superpower. He must have been sequestered as a ‘shut-in’ for the last decade. Russia has been a satellite of the US since 1917!!

    It seems he has never heard of UN Agenda-21 & 2030….. which will control globally with AI (thanks Homer) – there will be less need for human armies & mercenaries. More need for drones as the enforcement he mentioned.

    Not as many mercenaries needed…. except for jailers…. initially.

  6. In the medieval ages of the past women who wouldn’t shut-up their big mouths were thrown into convents and forced to take a vow of silence so hopefully in the upcoming medieval ages Mother Moaner will be thrown back into the nunnery and we won’t have to listen to her big mouth anymore, *grin*. The future looks promising! 😊

  7. More here on South Africa. Note the mineral resources critical to weapons development.

    U.S. Reliance On Africa For Strategic Minerals

    SA leads the way to the depths civilization will sink under “multicultural” rule, lorded over by third world mentality. As Africa goes, so goes a world ruled by Negro puppets controlled by international Jews.

    “After 20 years of democracy, the education levels have plunged.” Of Black and Coloured students enlarging the classes at university level, only 5% finish. Of the 1.1 million Black children who were born in 1994 and later entered first grade, fewer than half made it to the final graduation exam. Of the moronic passing levels, the editor of South Africa’s Financial Mail magazine, Barney Mthombothi, writes: “As long as the pass mark is 30% [for Blacks only, Whites require 51%] … we’re fooling nobody but ourselves.”

    [. . . ]

    The standard of graduates from what were once the country’s best universities is revealed by the collapsed state of essential services in this country. The national economy depends on electricity, and yet 33% of the capacity that existed in 1994 [the year Black majority rule was acquired] has been lost. Economic growth, between 6 to 8% under Dr Verwoerd and the second highest in the world, is now 0.5%. In the rural areas, famine stalks the land.

    I recommend this well constructed, thought provoking website. Mr. Wear nails his thesis to the internet door, people need to read it. https://wearswar.wordpress.com

    1. Jews find apartheid distasteful in south Africa but not so bad in Palestine…
      South African resource RIP out – just one more form of corporate raiding…
      MIit Romney good at that.
      Offshore capital flight with no reinvestment maintains third world poverty for exploitation purposes..
      All too easy with 85 IQs everywhere.
      Here comes the credit mongering Jamie diamond hedge fund crowd.. cash your check at smiley’s..
      Lots of beltway insiders loaded up on those portfolios…
      Multinational giants move in, hire the political management and put Blackwater Pinkertons on guard patrol..
      Fired prison wardens and cops from western countries brought in to look after the sweatshops.
      Not sure I’d let the worst of the black south Africans characterize all the rest of em..
      But it is true, without the good policeman present it won’t make much difference…
      Failing the police, a well regulated militia steps up..
      Out of work mercs becoming gangsters, highway robbers…
      Truth is the world needs a policeman…
      Always has..
      If not us, who?
      First step – we control our own borders.
      Then everybody else’s…
      ‘Populist’ trump a ‘man of the people’, right?

  8. I do not really see the usefulness of this film, mercenary armies were used a lot in the past, paid with Jewish borrowed money to fight terrible wars, big and small. Usually to destroy the hated Christianity. Now there are still some American (Jewish) large corporations that have thrown out all the wars for the last thirty years but mainly to sell their weapons.

    This documentary tells the story of how the United Nations, from 1960 to 1962, waged an unprovoked war against the anti-communist state of Katanga and forced it under the control of the communist puppet-state of Central Congo (now called Zaire).


    The same story as South Africa, the Jews have made a terrorist who spent years in a luxury prison president. Remember the car tire murders of Mandela where a car tire topped with gasoline was put around the neck of an opponent and set on fire. All this under the approval of the united nations, the terrorist even got the Nobel Prize.
    In all former colonies in Africa, the whites that made these countries prosperous were, by the way, one of the most important conditions that the Americans put in their aid for the “liberation” of Europe in the 1940s. The Jews would take would take care of business over later.
    The plan of the united nations is TO ELIMINATE the Western white population, and for that they need the help of the blacks from Africa, who thanks to the UN charter on migration from December last year, no longer come by boat, but picked up by NGOs in North Africa .


    The Jew wants to control the world, as they say with an iron whip, as the only white race. Governing a world population without identity. In Brussels, the headquarters of the EU, “they” have their own parliament from which they control all EU countries.


    It is therefore not at all strange that a hollekaust “survivor” designed the flag of the EU?????


    The immigration scam:

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