Bishop Williamson: On the New Religion of ‘Holocaustanity’

Published on The Truthseeker

2 February 2019

Patience, dear friends, the Truth can take its time
To refute a hollow cause, a real thought-crime.

Many Catholics seem to think that what is called the “Holocaust” has nothing to do with religion. They are very mistaken. Here are two (slightly edited) paragraphs from the handsome tribute paid to the late Professor Robert Faurisson by Jérôme Bourbon, brave editor of the excellent Paris weekly Rivarol:

Not only did Professor Faurisson by his research and famous phrase of 60 words threaten the ideological foundations of the world order issuing from World War II, but he also called in question the religion (or counter-religion) of “Holocaustianity.”

It is a veritable religion, demanding respect and submission. Its false god requires a homage of adoration, a constant burning of incense before it, a flame to be lit like at Yad Vashem, flowers to be offered, and wailing to go up to Heaven, like at the pilgrimages and processions to Auschwitz and elsewhere, while people must beat their breasts, crying out “Never again!

“Holocaustianity,” taught from primary school to the end of one’s days, by television, cinema and every form of entertainment, does in fact ape all features of the Catholic religion.

It has its martyrs (the Six Million), its Saints (Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank), its miracles (“Holocaust” survivors), its stigmatists (tattooed camp-inmates), its pilgrimages (to Auschwitz, etc.), its temples and cathedrals (“Holocaust” museums and memorials), its alms-giving to obtain pardon (never-ending reparation payments to Israel and to “Holocaust” survivors), its relics (camp inmates’ teeth, hair, shoes, etc.), its lives of the Saints (books by Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank, etc.), its torture chambers (gas-chambers), its Gospel (the verdict of the post-war Nuremberg military tribunal), its High Priests and Pontiffs (Simon Wiesenthal), its Inquisition (anti-Revisionist civil law-courts), its laws against blasphemy (strictly forbidding any questioning of the “Holocaust”), its Holy City (modern Jerusalem), its preachers and guardians (all instructors and associations in politics, the media, religion, trade unions, sports and economics), its religious Congregations (World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith, AIPAC, etc., etc.), its Hell (for all nationalists – except Israelis! – all revisionists, all believers in the deicide and in the New Testament replacing the Old, etc.), and its faithful (almost all of mankind).

However, not only does “Holocaustianity” ape Christianity, it also turns it inside out:

instead of love, hate; instead of truth, lies; instead of forgiveness, Talmudic vengeance; instead of respect for elders, the hunting down of aged camp-guards; instead of the spirit of poverty, the pursuit of reparation payments; instead of humility, the drive to dominate; instead of sharing, the pursuit of personal gain;
instead of charity, blackmail; instead of respect for others, lynching; instead of quiet and discretion, publicity and noisy accusations in the media; instead of the boundless justice of God, the brazen injustice of conquerors setting themselves up as judges of the conquered, and so on and so on.

Here is a sonnet to honour what Prof. Faurisson did to get this monkey off of mankind’s back:

In Honour of Robert Faurisson (1929-2018)

The Truth is mighty, and will prevail,” they said.
“Oh no!” one race replied, “the Truth we make–
“We are the Master Race, of all men head,
Our truth is what inferiors have to take!”

And thus a whole mythology arose
From how this race remoulded two World Wars.
On weak minds horror chambers they impose
To fake a god that everyone adores.

Yet one frail Frenchman braved the racist lies:
Picture us one such genuine chamber—ONE!
But pictures there were none to show. With cries
Of rage, the racists knew that Truth had won.

In God, Professor, you did not believe;
But you He used, all races to relieve.

Kyrie eleison.


102 thoughts to “Bishop Williamson: On the New Religion of ‘Holocaustanity’”

  1. religion itself could easily be called a giant exercise in realpolitik…
    it may be where realpolitik got its start, like corporate ownership…
    it’s all propaganda..
    it gets a free ride…
    those who question too much are toast…
    the proles will never know more than their lines…
    struggle is necessary…
    the end justifies the means…
    it compounds interest over time…

    1. @ barkingdeer

      religion itself could easily be called a giant exercise in realpolitik…

      Garbage! Sneering at religion from your superior perch doesn’t make religion “a giant exercise in realpolitik”. Just because you can’t believe in God personally doesn’t validate atheism! 🙂

      If I should sing the praises of suicide — just because, say, I happen to be depressed — does that validate mass suicide?

      I think everyone has a right to believe in God even if YOU don’t!

      1. Bishop Williamson has written a fine article. Few of my fellow nuns are acquainted with his work. They believe devoutly in the Holocaust of 6 million Jews because otherwise they’d be in big trouble. Booted out of their convents!

        However, with growing access to computers there are more “dissident nuns” like me around. Holocaust revisionism is gaining ground even in isolated communities.

        A year ago I felt guilty about doubting the Holocaust and confessed it as a sin when I went to Confession. The priest gave me absolution with a smile. “Not to worry, sister, this is only a venial sin,” he assured me. “God forgives people for doubting the impossible!”

      2. The existence of God is not synonimous with a religion whichever you believe. Am I allowed to say this on this Christian site?

        1. Of course you are. We are not a “Christian site” in the sense that we believe in orthodox Christianity or “churchianity”. We describe ourselves as “neo-Christians”. Neo-Christians would not be welcome in the average church but regarded as religious dissidents or even as heretics. So your views are welcome provided you are a tolerant truthseeker who is sympathetic to alternative viewpoints that may not necessarily coincide with your own current viewpoint.

      3. @ Dissident Nun

        “God forgives people for doubting the impossible!”

        A good statement except, since the impossible must be a lie, no forgiveness is necessary.

        I’m not familiar with your moniker. Welcome to Darkmoon.

      4. Dear Dissident Nun, perhaps you could explain the following matter of puzzlement:

        Here are red letter words from the master:

        These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, “Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” – Matthew 10:5

        So Jesus clearly says DON’T GO TO THE GENTILES!!! Can the “Lost Sheep of Israel” refer to anyone other than Temple Jews, as there is no evidence that Jesus is referring to anyone else in first century Judean history. But then, who else lived in first century Judea but Jews and gentiles?

        And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered and said, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” – Matthew 15:22

        Obviously the disciples did not listen the first time, so Jesus made an example of the “gentile” woman by refusing to speak with her before telling his not-so-bright disciples once again in plain Aramaic – “Get it through your thick skulls – I AM NOT SENT BUT UNTO THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL.” No matter how one might look at it, clearly “the lost sheep of Israel” are not “gentiles,” but the tribal nation or “house,” of Jews lost to their corrupt religion. And clearly, Jews do not refer to themselves as “gentiles” anywhere in their history.

        Of course the master winds up helping the woman, sending her away with the assurance her daughter is cured, but no where is there any indication he changed his mind about sending his message to the gentiles. There is no way this simple act of kindness can be construed as an open invitation for gentiles to get on board the wagon Jesus has reserved for the lost sheep of Israel.

        Yet, what does Saul/Paul do, a man that never met Jesus, but only claims to have talked to him in a vision? A Jewish vision no less! How many times have we heard of Jews having visions from God? So what does good old Saul/Paul do? He goes straight to the gentiles! Wouldn’t you call that gross disobedience to the master’s command? By the way, are you a “gentile?”

        The question is, if the master clearly indicates that his message is reserved for the Lost Sheep of Israel and NOT the gentiles, how can latter day, gentile Christians justify their beliefs of his alleged salvation for the world? Are we to believe the words of a crazed Jew, a former persecutor/torturer and murderer of the master’s servants who claims he did a 180 in his beliefs before going straight to the gentiles that the master warned his disciples to stay away from?

        Signed – Confused

    2. I used to believe in the Holocaust, until I read that Ann Frank had died of Typhus in the hospital at Belsen. She had been transferred from Auschwitz to get away from the advancing Red Army.

      I don’t believe that Auschwitz could have gassed 4 million people at an average rate of 4000 a day for three years using cyanide (Zyklon), and incinerated the bodies. The Red Cross had access to the camps and they gave the figure of 272,000 for TOTAL deaths in all camps during the whole of WW2.

      Crowding people in bad conditions will cause outbreaks of “Institutional” diseases such as Typhus, dysentery and TB. Add cold and starvation and you have a disaster. During the American Civil war 13,000 out of 45,000 Union prisoners died at the Andersonville camp in Georgia.

      From 1943 onwards the infrastructure of Germany was destroyed by allied bombing. By 1945 there was scarcely a road, railway or power line intact. The result was widespread starvation and disease, for all Germans.

      1. Typhus? Soooprise! Sooprise! Sgt. Carter –

        Typhus Epidemic Spreads Across Los Angeles Due To Mountains Of Trash & Homeless Population
        Alicia F. Luke February 2, 2019

        Nothing says progressive more than a medieval infectious disease spreading through an American city.

        “It felt like somebody was driving railroad stakes through my eyes and out the back of my neck,” Deputy City Attorney Liz Greenwood told the I-Team. “Who gets typhus? It’s a medieval disease that’s caused by trash.”

        A veteran Los Angeles City Hall official is one of the latest victims of an epidemic of the infectious disease typhus that continues to worsen across LA County.

        For months, LA County public health officials have said typhus is mainly hitting the homeless population.

        But Deputy City Attorney Liz Greenwood, a veteran prosecutor, tells NBC4 she was diagnosed with typhus in November, after experiencing high fevers and excruciating headaches.

        The Symptoms of Typhus:

        Greenwood believes she contracted typhus from fleas in her office at City Hall East. Fleas often live on rats, which congregate in the many heaps of trash that are visible across the city of LA, and are a breeding ground for typhus.

        “There are rats in City Hall and City Hall East,” Greenwood added. “There are enormous rats and their tails are as long as their bodies.”

        (Yeah, and the biggest rats don’t have any tail a-tall.)

        A statement from Mayor Garcetti’s office:

        “Last fall we directed multiple City departments to begin a coordinated and comprehensive effort to improve cleanliness and protect public health in the Civic Center, including City Hall and City Hall East. In addition to increased trash collection and cleanings, aggressive action has been taken to address pests both in the buildings and in the surrounding outside areas — including abatement treatments and the filling of 60 rodent burrows and 114 tree wells. This work in busy and highly populated public buildings is executed carefully to protect workers and visitors, and the scheduling of extermination activities takes these factors into consideration.” — Vicki Curry, spokeswoman, city of Los Angeles

        California was once a dream state that has become nothing but a dump. After years of Democrat rule, it’s not surprising that a third world disease would outbreak in Los Angeles! This is what you get when you decriminalize drug use, support homelessness and tolerate people defecating in your streets.

        1. @ Arch Stanton

          WOW! I never knew things were so bad in California! But tell me, doesn’t this breakdown you document apply only to the urban centers? Is it not possible to find remote areas in rural California where life goes on as in the old days in a kind of sunny earthly paradise where writers, artists and inspired recluses commune with nature in the manner of Thoreau? Or am I dreaming of a California that no longer exists?

      2. The various forms of typhus are caused by the Rickettsia microorganisms. They are usually spread by lice or ticks

        The group also includes Rocky mountain spotted fever.

        Typhoid is not typhus.

      3. @John Kirby – It’s not your fault, because they don’t announce to the world when they’ve been caught in another lie but in the early 1990’s they gave up on the 4 million claim and officially downgraded it to 1 million. At the same time they admitted one of the “gas chambers” they had been showing to tourists was built “after” the war. They say rebuilt, but they had already been caught lying. Auschwitz, which we were told was the main killing center for decades has been exposed as a lie. There were no mass killings there. It was not a death camp and they have never found a mass of dead remains to back up any of their claims. We know Dresden and Hiroshima were bombed. You can watch the mass murder on Youtube. Only the numbers can be disputed. But they have never presented any evidence that millions of people were gassed. Everything they have presented as so called “evidence” has been exposed as lies, including the ridiculous stories of soap and lampshades.

        This 1992 interview of the administrators of the camp, including its Jewish director exposes their lies.

      4. @ Arch Stanton

        How much money does Mr Tort pay you for your ANTI-Christian posts? $5 dollars per ANTI-Christian post? $10 dollars per ANTI-Christian post? $20 dollars per ANTI-Christian post? What do you do with the money you make? Go to the horse races and gamble it all away? So of course you always need to send-off even more and more ANTI-Christian posts in your desperate attempts to recoup your never-ending losses, right?

        1. @ Arch Stanton,
          in refutation of his mindless anti-Christian diatribes
          that make him the ultimate Useful Idiot for the Jews

          (Reposted from another thread)

          The best thing about getting old is that you can take your dog to the park, sit on a park bench and feed the pigeons.

          The pigeons have THE CORRECT VIEW about this Life, they take their pigeon defecations on everyone and everything in this fallen world, on the rich, on the middle class, on the poor, on the churches, the synagogues, the temples, the banks, they don’t discriminate. We don’t deserve better. The human race doesn’t deserve better. We deserve the pigeons crap on us.

          Though I question Christianity which I do from time to time, I was nevertheless raised as a Roman Catholic, I’m a “cradle” Catholic. I may question why Christ would want to make the Big Sacrifice for us. After all, we’re hardly worth it.

          It’s only through His Love and His Grace and His Redemption that we find Salvation. And it truly is a great mystery as to why He made the Big Sacrifice for us. We are truly fallen. He can lift us up from our decrepit fallen state, but we have to meet Him halfway — or least make the attempt to meet Him halfway. He will understand if we don’t make it halfway, as long as in our hearts we make the sincere attempt.

          May He have Mercy on us. His Mercy is the only thing that saves us. Nothing else can save us.

      5. Anti-Christian? Hardly! Anti-Jew? Absolutely! (check out the avatar.) If you followed my comments over at The West’s Darkest Hour you know that Cesar is ever bit as vehement as you regarding my views on Christianity. You will also find Cesar calls me a “monocausalist,” saying I (wrongly) blame everything on the Jews – mea culpa, mea culpa.

        On the other hand, Cesar blames our problems mostly on the Christian acceptance of, and complicity with, a Jewed religion. In fact I quit commenting there due to his implied request. However, my departure was amicable because I still think Cesar lends an important voice to the fight. You might try reading a few chapters of my book for a better understanding about my views on this subject.

        When everybody hates you and tells you’re wrong or crazy, one can be certain they are on the right track.

      6. Arch –

        “When everybody hates you and tells you’re wrong or crazy, one can be certain they are on the right track.”


        That has been one of my mottos for decades.

        Dozens have come back years after my, so called, eccentric & outlandish claims disrupted their long-held media driven tenets, and admitted their mistaken beliefs.

  2. Excellent article by Bishop Williamson on this perverted new religion of ‘Holocaustianity’.

    It is the religion of the Anti-Christ where Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour and his cruxifiction on the cross on Calvary have been replaced by the Jews and their supposed suffering in the ‘Gas chambers’ at Auschwitz!!

    It is a demonic religion of the New World Order where the truth and love of Christianity has been inverted to lies and hate!

    Professor Robert Faurisson was a brave man may God bless him and may he rest in peace.

  3. great points made, sir!
    From the moment I became aware of you and your persecution via the (self) chosen and their cash chamber myth, although I’m not catholic, I admire your unabashed courage and honesty.
    The REAL obscenity in this kosher dogma is the fact that the Jew has used the blazing banner of (*sniff) victim hood to actually DO all the things they accused the National Socialists of to many, many others.
    The Christ was very, very accurate in His description of their evil.

    There is scarcely an event in modern history that cannot be traced to the Jews. Take the Great War (World War I)…the Jews have made this war! … We (Jews) who have posed as the saviors of the world…we Jews, today, are nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyer’s, its incendiaries, its executioners … We have finally succeeded in landing you into a new hell. 
    Jewish Writer, Oscar Levy,
    The World Significance of the Russian Revolution; The International Jew, Vol. III, 1921, p. 184-87

    We Jews glory in the fact that the stupid goy have never realized that we are the parasites consuming an increasing portion of production while the producers are continually receiving less and less. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview, 1976, by Charles A. Weisman, published June 1992 (See chapter 9, ‘Jews about Financial and Political Power)

    “It is in the JEWISH INTEREST, it is in humanities interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege. – AND THE APPARENT CHIP ON THE SHOULDER THAT MINORITIES HAVE.”
    Ishmael Levitts (caps mine)

    “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race”
    Dr. Noel Ignatiev – Jew

    The above is a TINY sample from a Jew holy man and a Jew educator, published with immunity, can you IMAGINE the UPROAR by the Jew and their “snowflake” puppets if one were to replace “white(s)” with “Jew”?

    “If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind. And thus the adoption of such a law would provoke chaos in the structure of the greatest organism that we know, with the result that the inhabitants of this earthly planet would finally disappear. Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

    Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

    “Thanks to the terrible power of our international banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, Since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100 million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars and the end is not yet.”

    Rabbi Reichorn 1869

    Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), Victor Cavendish-Bentick in a handwritten note, wrote on Aug 27th, 1943, “We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be found out and when we are found out the collapse of that lie is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare down with it? So isn’t it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running.” Public Record Office Document F0371/34551 revealed by Stephen Mitford Goodson, ‘Inside the South African Reserve Bank’.

    1. @ pasch

      I enjoyed reading your comment. High quality. Keep ’em rolling. More comments like this are needed in order to attract more intelligent readers.

  4. If you doubt the Holocaust and the history of Jewish skullduggery just read Gerrard Menuhin’s book, “Tell the truth and shame the devil”.

    If, like me, you have doubted the existence of a superior being, just consider the double helix of DNA. One of its discoverers, Francis Crick, doubted that it could have occured by accident. If you accept it was created then anything is possible.

    For the record I think life is a quantum phenomenon. I have absolutely no proof, but I think it could be the explanation of what is the great miracle, life itself; and that the creator is a quantum phenomenon that exists in all living things, and maybe even in inanimate things.

    1. JK

      No maybe about it. ALL of Creation is animated. Call it a “Creation Animation”, of which “man” is its overseer, and its protector. When Creation is honored, that is; its integrity upheld.

    2. The Institute of Historical Review (IHR) publishes numerous books on German history including the holocaust.

    3. @ John Kirby

      Likewise, I was a doubter for about ten miserable years of my life as a victim of the jewish matrix of deceit.

      The simplest way to perceive creation is that there had to be a beginning, hence a creator, not a re-arranger. Since the creator was all there was, the only resource was himself. Consequently, everything was made from that one resource. It’s all the Father/creator whether matter, energy, or spirit.

      All it took for be to change my mind was a mountain top overlooking a beautiful valley while observing and thinking during the time it took me to very slowly consume a bottle of wine. It became obvious that all of what I viewed was no accident.

  5. Bishop Williamson is very courageous for what he has said. That’s for sure. I personally don’t think it is smart for ‘ newcomers’ to repeat what the bishop has said. It gets you in big problem as we live in a jew world order. A suggestion could be to talk about the holocauss/genocides the jews have committed through the ages against the goyim. You could start with the genocide against the Russian Christians, the Holodomor etc, make it a Memorial Day, talk about the Russian Christan genocide as soon as the jews start to mention their holocaust etc.

  6. Our money is our lifeblood. Without money, of course, we die as individuals. Without a proper money system, society dies, which is pretty much what is happening to our society now. This is due to the Jewish money system imposed on us by the aliens who own the private money-making company they call the Federal Reserve System.

    We are today witnessing the dangers of precious metals. The only metals that are precious to me are steel, lead and brass. Gold and silver, while intoxicating in their wonderfulness, are just as dangerous and volatile as liquid intoxicants and just as likely to make you lose your wits – and your fortune. There is nothing righteous or magical or even necessary about a nation’s currency being “backed” by gold or silver. This was proved by Adolf Hitler during the 1930s. It was proved so conclusively that the Jews want to make sure that it’s never tried again. The best way to ensure this is to associate debt-free currency with mass murder!

    For some reason, the Jews of the world wanted to destroy Germany. We can probably never understand their insane drive to do this but the facts cannot be denied. They also wanted to destroy the Russian ruling class and the Russian people, as we saw happen following their takeover of Russia in 1917. And we see that they apparently wanted to destroy the American people from an early time, dating at least since 1913. The destruction of the Russians, Germans and Europeans in general depended on their takeover of the American banking system in 1913, because it was followed closely by the totalitarian devastation that began in 1914 with the assassination of the Austrian archduke by Gavrilo Princip.

    World War I ended in 1918 and this began Germany’s great misery. They were blamed by the victors for starting the war and were forced to pay “reparations” that became so extreme by the early 1920s that their money became worthless. Hundreds of thousands of Germans starved to death because of the money and because of a blockade by England and America to prevent food from getting in. A food convoy was organized by Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover and Norway’s Vidkun Quisling to rescue the starving people of Germany and others in Europe. Quisling’s name has been turned into a dirty word by the Jews and is misused today by people who should know better. He was a great humanitarian and took Germany’s side against the forces of Judaism and Bolshevism for over twenty years.

    Adolf Hitler, like Franklin Roosevelt, came to power democratically in January, 1933, in the depths of the world depression. Both Germany and America were starving because of the actions of the Federal Reserve System, now twenty years old. They were starving because the Fed had “deflated” the money supply, withdrew currency from circulation and refused to issue new currency. Credit to farmers and businesses and individuals was denied for no particular reason. Roosevelt outlawed gold and began its confiscation in April, with punishment of ten years in prison and ten thousand dollars in fines. Once he got all of our gold, which was then priced at about twenty dollars an ounce, he raised the price to thirty-five dollars. That made it the biggest, boldest swindle up until that time. Of course, the Federal Reserve System swindlers got the gold – and the massive increase in value.

    Hitler came to power over a bankrupt and starving country with unemployment at roughly 50%! The Americans had stolen all Germany’s gold by the early ‘20s, so there was no basis for a monetary system other than to keep borrowing from the Jewish crooks on Wall Street that had given Germany the Young Plan and the Dawes Plan of perpetual indebtedness to private bankers masquerading as the “central bank.” What to do?

    Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht issued debt-free currency based on Lincoln’s debt-free currency. What they did led to the swift regeneration of the German economy and the world’s greatest prosperity of the working class, while the rest of the world stayed mired in the Great Depression being run by the sadistic central bankers. This was the worst possible crime and had to be punished by the most terrible war in human history, including fire-bombings of entire cities and deliberate mass starvations of millions following the war. Our nuclear bombs would have dropped on Germans but they weren’t ready in time, so they were dropped on Germany’s allies who were trying to surrender. Please refer to Theodore Kaufman’s charming little book, Germany Must Perish!, which was the basis of the Morgenthau Plan for Germany, executed mercilessly by Dwight David Eisenhower, which resulted in the starvation deaths of millions of Germans.

    YouTube Video: The Secret of Oz

    Ellen Brown and Bill Still have provided us with debt-free currency plans that will deliver us from the Federal Reserve racketeers and eliminate our indebtedness to the pinstriped scum-rats in less than one year, based on the Hitler model, which they don’t want to say. John F. Kennedy declared war on the Fed racketeers by issuing four billion dollars in debt-free US Notes in April of his last year on earth. Abraham Lincoln first issued debt-free currency when the bankers whom he’d approached for war loans wanted 34% in interest. He only survived a few days longer than his war for crimes against the bankers.

    So let’s understand what’s behind the Holocaust. Why don’t Brown and Still, both monetary geniuses, want to credit Hitler and Schacht with the secret to economic prosperity in the face of total meltdown? Why, because of the Holocaust! The greatest economic miracle in history occurred in Germany under Adolf Hitler, who ignored the central bankers intent on raping the world, seizing real property, through high interest and deflation. The Russians have recently confirmed suspicions that the American legend of the Depression (“As bad as it was – nobody starved.”) is a lie. Russian investigators have revealed that millions of Americans actually died of starvation and exposure during the years 1929 to 1941 but their deaths were written off to natural causes.

    As Hitler remarked in his declaration of war following Pearl Harbor, he had delivered Germany from the doubly devastating conditions of the Versailles Treaty and the general world Depression by 1935 while Roosevelt kept mighty America in abject misery with his Federal Reserve starvation policies right to the present time (December, 1941). He stole all the people’s gold and then increased its value by 60%. And he refused to do what Lincoln had done before him and what Kennedy would do after him: he refused to issue debt-free currency and rescue the American people from aggravated poverty, degradation and death by starvation.

    How could that be? How could Hitler state such a thing? Because it was true. It was simple and it was true. The secret to general and permanent prosperity is for the government of any country to issue debt-free currency in amounts necessary for commerce and growth. That is what the founders had in mind with Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. We should read that over from time to time. Clause 5 says that the “Congress shall have power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.” Clause 6 is even better: “Congress shall have the power To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.”

    You can see where this puts the owners of the counterfeiting company called the Federal Reserve System. The proposed punishment for counterfeiting was execution by hanging.

    Anyway, let us recognize the Holocaust for what it is, a device to make the idea of debt-free currency repellant to our minds, because anyone who would do it really just wants to gas the Jews.

    1. Good comment the key to prosperity for the people is to take back the control of the money-supply from the private bankers.

      Ellen Brown does in fact devote a whole chapter of her book The Web of Debt to Hitler’s economic miracle and how he financed the German economy’s recovery from depression. It is an excellent book I suggest you read it sometime, infact all persons who want to change our current corrupt money system should read it!

    2. Holocaust Lies= $$$$$

      Google finally let me back in… Had me in ‘CaptCha’ gulag!! 🙂

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        Ung – I could browse ok, but I could not comment due to the “Prove you are not a robot” attachment before furthering the comment. I proved it… then the post did not appear. Lotta frustrating crapola!!

    3. Basic,
      Great post. “Basic”, simple and on point. The Shoah can perhaps be viewed as a classic “wag the 🐕.” A distraction to an event approaching a century old with little relevance to today’s World. A way for modern-day criminals to use “Jewish identity” as a shield against well-deserved criticism and even prosecution for their countless crimes against humanity. Wow. These Zios! When in the spotlight facing scrutiny, how “Jewish” they become. So proud of their heritage. Behind closed doors……..the opposite…….anything goes. Hate to imagine how many pork-based hotdogs have made it down the throats of the Kushners, Bibi’s and Soros’s of the World! Anyway. At the end of the day the biggest problem facing humanity is rampant corruption……both kosher and non-kosher. Until this is addressed the future isn’t so bright.

  7. Well as long as it’s a religion, and it must be, as none of the dogma can be proven and must be accepted on ‘faith’. But can anyone point to a deity which this religion surrounds? I suggest Moloch. For it is this, the baby eater, that they, the high priests of holocaustianity, worship.

    Sarcasm aside, I have my beliefs regarding spirit. They do not intertwine with mainstream religion or mythical human/superheroes. I think George Carlin summed it up best when he said, religion is bullsh*t.

    1. The Gospel reading for today, the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany on the calendar of the traditional Catholic Church, is a Gospel reading I’m sure Darkmooners will LERV, for today’s Gospel reading has to do with a boat caught in a storm and about to capsize from the BIGGLY YUGE waves pounding the ship. Darkmoon’s ALL TIME FAVORITE theme for Darkmoon’s poets, tumultuous waters and sinking ships and hapless sailors drowning in the deep dark cold unforgiving sea :

      24 : “And behold a great tempest arose in the sea, so that the boat was covered with waves, but He was asleep.

      25 : And they came to Him, and awaked Him, saying : Lord, save us, we perish.

      [ Douay-Rheims ; Matthew 8 : 24-25 ]

      Today is also The Commemoration of Saint Blaise on the calendar of the traditional Catholic Church. Next thing you know it will be Ash Wednesday. Time goes by fast. WE all need to change Our ways while WE still have time. Soon it will be Ash Wednesday and Lent when THE FOCUS is on The Four Last Things. Gird Up Your Loins, for soon we will come face-to-face with The Four Last Things which are the most vitally important things in this vale tears we call “Life”:

      1. It doesn’t matter if jews live in a country where they suffer discrimination and Anti-Semitism or if the jews live in a country where they are well-respected and have ALL the RIGHTS everyone else has and there’s no Anti-Semitism to speak of, the jews will destroy the country no matter what. The United States has been the best country for jews in their whole history, the jews want to destroy the United States even though the jews are very well-respected in the United States and have ALL the Rights everyone else has and they face no discrimination or any kind of Anti-Semitism and it’s the best country for jews in their history, they still want to destroy the United States. I don’t get it.

        Though the jews will start facing Anti-Semitism in the United States now, now that the USA is flooded with black and brown Muslims from all over the Muslim world. AND it was the jews who agitated the most to flood the USA with Muslims. Could the jews NOT figure out that the Muslims would not treat them the way White Christian treat the jews? The Muslims don’t have a , lol, a Scofield version of the Koran. Especially as the jews are the ones who foment so many wars against the Muslim world. Did/Do the jews think the Muslims don’t know it’s the jews who are the warmongers against the Palestinians and against the Muslim world as a whole?

        jew women are upset now because the Women Marches are not as jew-loving as the jews would like and there’s negative remarks made about jews at the Women Marches. The Women Marches are full of the black and brown Muslims the jews wanted in this country and the jews enabled in so many ways and the jews encouraged the black and brown Muslims to go into politics.

        Jews are THE MAJOR carriers of schizophrenia. It’s true. Look it up, it’s true. Sigmund Freud said of himself and his jew tribe, when talking about jew immigration into the United States at the turn of the 19/20th century, “We are bringing them the plague”. The only thing the jew said in his life that was truthful.

  8. Great comment BASIC, thank you!
    Be patience on me, I want to add a few words on Hitler; I guess some of you won’t like it.

    To the German people Hitler delivered 7 years of paradise (1933-40) followed by 7 years of hell (1940-47). Now I ask: was this some kind of Cabbalistic charade? Perhaps yes, it was. It’s the only way to explain all the pieces of information that we have, it fits all the events, including the Holohoax. And we know Jewish Power works inside a large time frame.

    He wasn’t even a German! In the end the Jews got everything they could possibly imagine: the State of Israel, the victim status, the cold war, unopposed cultural Marxism, a world without peace, etc.

    Jewish Power is not afraid of a bunch of white people worshipping Hitler, what (((they))) are really afraid of is people calling Hitler what he was, a Jew. This particular truth can produce shock waves inside Jewish people’s cohesion! Evil is like poison, it needs to be concentrated; the Jewish overlord doesn’t care for his kind or anyone, for him everybody is disposable.

    On the other hand good (or love) shares, the more you share more you have it!

    1. @ Nothing but the truth

      “Be patience on me, I want to add a few words on Hitler; I guess some of you won’t like it.”

      I enjoyed reading your comment and I don’t in any way feel threatened by it. Much of what you say is true, but I have a problem believing Hitler was “Jewish”. The evidence just doesn’t stand up to critical analysis, i.e it’s not convincing. I think this could be a conspiracy theory promoted by Jews in order to muddy the waters and discredit Holocaust revisionism and 9/11 truth.

      There are lots of loony conspiracy theories about Hitler we have to take with a pinch of salt, e.g., that he survived WWII by escaping to Argentina, the South Pole, or into the interior of the Hollow Earth. In the process, he even managed to live to a ripe old age and somehow contrived to father a beautiful illegitimate daughter called “Angela Merkel”! 🙂

      I’m not knocking you, believe me. I’m just saying that not everyone will agree with you that Hitler was Jewish. They say the same thing about Stalin — that he was Jewish — and it just ain’t true.

      1. There is certainly no physical proof that Hitler was jewish. Hitler is/was a mystery. There are things which are not told to us. Did he have a secret agreement with the zionist jews and was he later double crossed by them? He had a lot of jewish friends, contacts when he was younger. I think more than the average person. Many people around Hitler were jewish, even jewish soldiers. His entourage is suspected of being very jewish, read Bronder, Bevor Hitler kam. There is also no physical proof that Hitler died in Berlin. There are things that are not told to us.

        1. @ Jewdar

          What you say is correct. But I think you will admit that it doesn’t follow that Hitler was “Jewish” just because he was surrounded by Jews and hobnobbed with a few Jews in his youth and early adulthood. After all, Germany and Austria were swarming with Jews in the 1920s and 1930s, especially in Vienna where Hitler spent his formative years as a young student. Vienna was almost a Jewish colony, with Jews to be found at every street corner and in every cafe. It was in Vienna that Hitler began to dislike Jews — from rubbing shoulders with them — a dislike and suspicion that later turned into an intense hatred.

        2. Call me “a joo” if you want to, but I don’t think Hitler was that wonderful that he should be praised to the Heavens, I really don’t.

  9. @ Sardonicus, I agree with what you wrote.
    I never said he was jewish, see my comment. There is no physical evidence for that. He is an enigma.

  10. dissident nun – i understand you’ve been trained to ‘trigger’ when you hear someone expressing doubt or criticism of your belief system – here’s your chance to validate your position by trying to bite the guy… i’m not offended… i must say however, i don’t think it’s quite right that you accuse a person, who does not accept establishment religion, of ‘atheism’, though i will be the first to tell you i do not believe in a ‘higher power’, a ‘creator’ or a ‘supreme being’… I do think everything is connected and interdependent, but i’m not going to talk too big about ‘god’… perhaps you could tell me what you think god is, and then i can respond…
    “If I should sing the praises of suicide — just because, say, I happen to be depressed — does that validate mass suicide?”
    i’m not sure what you mean here darling.. i hope you’re not too depressed though… if you are i suggest you go for a cold swim, run a few miles, get a good sweat going in a nice sauna… there are other cures, probably what you really need, but perhaps i shouldn’t go there..
    jk – thanks for the recommendation on the book…
    the atom must have come before the double helix, the strands of which are about 10 atoms wide… it is possible, given enough time, that they formed themselves into the helix…
    ‘spiral’ – ‘spirit’, same word…
    the pantheist believes the universe exits ‘forever and ever, amen’, and that it ‘always was and always will be, world without end, amen’… establishment religion co-opts pantheism, condemns the physical universe and makes up a separate ‘god in heaven’, giving him the supposedly ‘supernatural’ attributes, which the pantheist would rather give the universe itself… to the religious person, somehow the universe is considered indifferent, while god loves you, even though he has his hand in everything, which has to include the napalm being splashed on innocent children and babies being eaten at this minute by dnc and hollywood degenerates…
    if you tell me your god works in strange ways, then there’s only one answer to that…

  11. I beseech you to take your argument to the International Skeptics Society Forum and see how you fare.

    1. @ TORUS

      I’m not sure if you addressing me but if you are, I have this to say in response: why would anyone who believed in God or the supernatural/paranormal through personal experience go to the International Skeptics Society for a pat on the back? Would someone who has had a Near Death Experience (NDE) go to a bunch of grim-faced, intellectually limited skeptics (with closed minds) for the pleasure of having their approval and endorsement? 🙂

      I think not!

      To seek the approval of the International Skeptics Society for everything weird and wonderful in life would entail a prior respect for the same society. If respect for the worldview of the said skeptics is lacking, what point would there be in courting their approval?

      You need to answer this question first.

  12. basic –
    ‘Our money is our lifeblood. Without money, of course, we die as individuals. Without a proper money system, society dies, which is pretty much what is happening to our society now. This is due to the Jewish money system imposed on us by the aliens who own the private money-making company they call the Federal Reserve System.”
    not just society bro – the planet…
    though, if humanity were to cease its existence, the biosphere might make a comeback…
    “The best way to ensure this is to associate debt-free currency with mass murder!”
    that’s an interesting theory…
    the assassination of world leaders gets a pretty good buzz too…
    the precious metal works as a store of value, in case of currency devaluation… but that’s about all it does…
    if the dollar is pegged to the pm it’s supposed to keep it valuable…
    but there’s no guarantee of any of that…
    the privately owned central bank might work, and it’s not exactly forbidden by the us constitution, if the supply of dollars is kept to the right amount…
    that hasn’t happened since president carter and the 20% prime rate…
    it was good but it will probably never happen again…
    i think the jews are equal opportunity psychopaths.. they’ll destroy anybody…
    good point about quisling…
    i understand the jews did it all, but i don’t think people will ever be able to call the germans the good guys in ww2.. they were very ruthless in war… from what i’ve read, the ss murdered 950,000 polish civilians in that invasion… true, eisenhower and the boys were no better..
    “war is all hell”.. “war doesn’t prove who’s right, it only proves who’s left”…
    bill still doesn’t have to refer to hitler with his banking plans..
    he wasn’t the first one to base his currency on national value…
    people starved in the depression in the 30s…
    my info – a third of the men who tried to enlist for ww2 were turned back underweight…
    a guy in my town couldn’t make the weight for the navy, which was 115 pounds, and he was well over 6 feet tall… he did get in though. next time people saw him he looked like a linebacker…
    the depression was part of the banksters’ plan for ww2…
    the ccc camps were organized as a prelude…
    in any case, holocaustianity is a religion, a religious myth… instead of having one big victim, a god, as with christianity, it has 6,000,000 little ones…
    give me a religion with no victims, if you please…
    nothing but –
    “Jewish Power is not afraid of a bunch of white people worshipping Hitler, what (((they))) are really afraid of is people calling Hitler what he was, a Jew. This particular truth can produce shock waves inside Jewish people’s cohesion! Evil is like poison, it needs to be concentrated; the Jewish overlord doesn’t care for his kind or anyone, for him everybody is disposable.”
    this is the kind of insight we’re looking for, evidence of humans out there brave enough to see what’s really happening…
    sardo –
    .”There are lots of loony conspiracy theories about Hitler we have to take with a pinch of salt, e.g., that he survived WWII by escaping to Argentina, the South Pole, or into the interior of the Hollow Earth. In the process, he even managed to live to a ripe old age and somehow contrived to father a beautiful illegitimate daughter called “Angela Merkel”!
    you’re only calling it looney because it threatens your mindset…
    you’re afraid to turn your back on what you have been taught..loyalty is a good trait, but you have to know when to head for the lifeboats…
    there’s no proof hitler was not jewish and a double agent or that he died in the bunker.. that’s all nothing more than state media narrative for the masses…
    the official narrative on ww2 is just as much a holocaustianity type psy-op belief as any said religion… is it not?
    pat – good to have you back…
    seriously, what happened to you?

    1. BK

      “From what I’ve read, the SS murdered 950,000 Polish civilians in that invasion”

      This is a falsehood. From what you’ve read counts for shit. The real perpetrators were Ashke-“nazi”** scum POSING as SS to further smear the cause of German National Socialism. Those same evil cretins who slaughtered millions of Russian civilians after the “Revolution” of 1917.

      The SS SYMBOLIZED NS honor and integrity. Of COURSE (((they))) deemed it of the utmost importance to denigrate them. That you are amongst the many who are still left with having a general state of uncertainty falls right in line with the intent to perpetuate the GREAT LIE.

      You all are not as jew-wise as you think you are

      **the RABBINICAL name for “Germany”, implying its FALSENESS

      1. To clarify regarding the irresponsible writer(s) who assigned blame on the SS for the murder of Polish civilians, it could very well be a case of mistaken identity

        The accounting for these atrocities could have come from misidentifying the uniforms of the murderers, which may have only resembled the various colors and regalia worn by the SS

        Chalk it up to cognitive dissonance rearing its ugly head 🤯

      2. hp

        The bottom line is that ALL SS units strictly upheld their honor as military men fighting OTHER military men. This would never have DELIBERATELY involved the killing of civilians.

        But amidst the horrors of war, civilians are killed. It of course just goes with the territory

      3. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. But remember, even many of the Schutzstaffel had to ditch their original roles and go to the front lines after D-Day

        All hands on deck by then

    2. B Deer
      Strictly speaking, to say there’s no proof that Hitler wasn’t a Double Agent is inaccurate. I have all the proof I need to show that he was not, as I’ve indicated many times on these threads with personal info given to me regarding the sabotage of German Intel and the duplicity of Martin Bormann.

      Granted, this IS personal info from what I consider to be unassailable sources, whose proof of course is well-suppressed, but for you to write FLATLY that NO proof exists shows the need for posters like yourself to be more thoughtful and complete with your posts.

      That’s all I ask of any writer

  13. G’day Pilgrims,

    I differ from BASIC in that I don’t think that money is our lifeblood, LOVE is our lifeblood ! Love energy (with its inherent urge to share and care for others) sustains us and the entire Creation. Our existence as individuals depends on God’s love energy. Money is a fiction, an idea that demonic beings have mind controlled humans on this planet to believe is necessary for societal existence. It isn’t!

    Money is a tool to facilitate the exchange of goods and services BUT ‘the money changers’ have socially engineered global society to believe it is more than that. The money meme has been used to socially engineer us to be ego-centric and to feel alienated from others, often including our families. The money meme has been “sold” to us as being essential for life itself. BUT it isn’t. in fact all our individual and societal needs are met by humans using their ingenuity and labour applied to the physical, God given resources provided by this planet. Money doesn’t DO anything! People do!

    A spiritually mature human population does not need the money meme mechanism to live in prosperity and abundance. All that is needed is a general understanding that abundance is created by humans caring for each other and using their intelligence and energy to produce the requirements for life and luxury, AND sharing that production. All of the treasure and effort wasted on warfare, propaganda and taxation; and most advertising, selling, accountancy, insurance and litigation etc, is redundant in a genuinely sharing and caring society.

    A major downside of the money meme is that its use creates a tendency for materialist thinking and it encourages people to hoard money in order to erroneously feel secure and/or to give them power or a sense of superiority over other people. Real security is created by spiritual community living in which everyone seeks to serve others more than self. Such behaviour is typical in loving families, extended families and clans. In due course humans on this planet will realise this.

    But first Presidents, Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters have to finish eliminating the banksters and their Deep State minions so that usury and income taxation is eliminated. Once that is done the entire global population will rapidly experience prosperity and abundance. THAT will result in us losing the scarcity consciousness imprinted on us by millenia of believing in the money meme that has been reinforced by the parasitic banksters’ constant manipulation of money supplies and fluctuating interest rates that steal much of our earnings and productivity. THEN, once we lose the fear of ‘never having enough’ we can start to wean ourselves and the rest of the population off thinking money is necessary to live.
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. @ Ron Chapman

      Your post is the truth and simply expressed for easy understanding.

      The jews have more than met their match with Trump, Putin and Xi working against them. Historical times are truly upon us.

      1. Are you sure the Deep State has met its match? I have not seen the DS source of funding using the Federal Reserve to embezzle money from the US government coming to the attention of the people. The DS appears to be gaining control of the US.

        To ignore the affect of money which has been shown to acquire control of nations as documented by William Blum, John Perkins and Douglas Valentine, among many other writers is to ignore reality. Ref.

        Nor has the Income Tax been exposed as a fraudulent scam. Google Joe Bannister and LIBERTY YOUR RIGHT TO MAKE A LIVING.

  14. dis nun-
    i think torus was talking to me about the skeptics…
    not sure if any of them have a sense of reverence about anything or not…
    but that’s what’s important…
    ron c –
    you’re a hippie indian… congratulations…
    yes, get rid of the jews bank and income tax.. it all goes to fund globalism anyway.
    far better to raise the standard of living for everybody..
    but be advised – unless a real limit is put on human population, unless people evolve into the correct method of spirituality, starting with earth worship, restoring the biosphere to its rhythms of 2000 years ago, which is where they were naturally before the current monarchial religions were imposed on them, there will be hell to pay (figure of speech) in the long run too…

  15. G’day Wiggins,

    Thanks for your comment.
    I don’t think that Diogenes would agree with my views on the importance of families and family life; and moral, non-Talmudic, social values and conventions. His cynicism was probably born out of pessimism about the possibility of human society evolving genuinely loving, moral communitarian values. His pessimism was probably due to the fact that he lived before Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) incarnated to tell people the Good News that ensouled humans are indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and are here as part of their reincarnational journey to experience life in the physical, as part of their eternal spiritual journey to knowledge and perfection in Oneness with the Creator.

    His living as a vagabond and pauper was probably because Greeks then, as we are now, were too caught up in materialism and ignorance to join him in an attempt to live a natural, moral, communal lifestyle. I disagree with his view that family is an unnatural institution and that promiscuous living is necessary to raising children as a common community concern and activity. We need a village to raise children, but two parents, a mother and a father, are the optimal primary care givers.

    Diogenes was certainly right in rejecting the money meme and that virtually forced him to advocate stoic “self sufficiency” and to reject personal luxury. Why? Because he did not insist that all men should live as he did and, as is the case in our world today, most people were/are unable to begin to wrap their head around the idea that we can live without money. Isolated individuals are never enough to create abundance and luxury. We need to freely and generously pool our knowledge and labour resources for that to happen.

    I agree with Diogenes’ belief that we need to disregard those societal conventions that hold that actions harmless in themselves may not be performed in every situation. Modern day cultural Marxism and Political Correctness highlight the truth of his view on that issue.

    Similarly, I agree with Diogenes view that “outspokenness,”- an uncompromising zeal for exposing vice and conceit and stirring men to reform – is a requirement for individual and societal happiness in our world. Arguably the dystopia in which we live due to Holocaustianity and Talmudism, speaks to the truth of that principle.

    I also tend to agree with him that moral excellence may be developed by methodical mental training and, if desired, asceticism.

    Peace and Blessings,

    1. RC

      You wrote, “ensouled humans are indwelt as a fragment of Creator Consciousness, and are here as part of their reincarnational journey to experience life in the physical, as part of their eternal spiritual journey to knowledge and perfection in oneness with the Creator”.

      First of all, to say “the Creator” contradicts what I see as being a proper way of expressing this by your intimating that each soul is a “fragment” of Creator Consciousness (although I would term it “Creation Consciousness”.)

      Secondly, I will suggest that Man’s being in a devolved state of Existence is characterized by having gone TOO FAR into the material realms, resulting in our physical experience having become EXCLUSIVELY physical, which goes beyond the physical experience as being one of an ethereal nature where you can experience the ways of matter without being BOUND by it.

      I would also suggest (which I’ve written about here many times) that being bound in it aligns with experiencing life in a reincarnational manner.

      To put it simply, we’re all “curious cats” who ventured too dangerously far up a tree, and now have to somehow get back down

      Our journey never HAD to be one experienced in a reincarnational format, which subjects us to a “randomness of Existence” which I believe is part and parcel with being in a state of spiritual amnesia.

      We are “members” of Creation, whose goal it is to RE-member that our journey through Truth was interrupted, or as I put it, “inter-feared” with upon having wandered too far away from home

      1. G’day BROWNHAWK,

        I accept that “Creation Consciousness” may be a better way of expressing the idea.

        As I understand it, new souls are substantially bound by the physical experience and on this planet most incarnates have been pretty much limited to being influenced by the degraded condition of the genetic mind that has devolved here because the planet was spiritually quarantined and cut off from connection with the rest of the universe after Lucifer and his followers were placed here to work out their ‘salvation’ or not. The planet had to be isolated in order to prevent the contagion from spreading. I assume that the other 33 or 36(?) planets infected by the Luciferian rebellion were also quarantined. I understand that the quarantine has recently been lifted and energies bringing enlightenment are now coming in.

        Dunno what the mechanism is, but obviously those who succumb to exclusively following their physical ego (needed for survival in the physical) tend to spiritually deteriorate to a point at which it is nearly impossible to ‘resurrect’ the individual’s spirit connection – the indwelling “Creation Consciousness” fragment.

        My understanding is that every non-Celestial origin human being has a LOT to learn and that is what reincarnation is about. We start out as basic forms of life and gradually graduate into higher forms until we reach human being status. In fact some animals exhibit obvious ‘human’ spirit status these days.
        We learn (or not) from our mistakes. The idea is that eventually everyone (except those who implacably CHOOSE to refuse to continue the journey into Oneness with ALL that IS, will wend his/her way through the multiple spiritual knowledge levels in the Cosmos until they reach Havona and then meet with the Creator (however described). Then spirits return to the Creation and assist in its management and evolution. Some of those returning spirits sometimes incarnate into the physical as part of their service. An example of this would be Esu Immanuel Kumara who incarnated here and became known as Jesus.

        And ‘yes’ we are curious cats unless dumbed down by demonic actors. Unfortunately Lucifer’s demonic followers have been very successful in “inter-fearing” with our perceptions of life, the universe and everything to the point of eliminating curiosity as a common human trait. IMHO that is why it is taking sooo long for Trump to educate people sufficiently to enable him to move to the next stage, namely, DISCLOSURE and incarceration of the worst offenders.

        Peace and Blessings,

      2. RC

        Where we disagree concerns what reincarnation really is for virtually all who IN-carnate, let alone RE-incarnate. Incarnation through the womb INFERS that a soul has been tricked into doing so. Subsequent to that of course we become subject to the inevitable deterioration of the physical vehicles housing the soul and then go through the death experience. All of this implies one basic existential fact – the inability to control our movements in reflecting the Spirit Beings we truly are.

        This is why no good whatsoever comes from reincarnation. It all boils down to this.

      3. Probably a good idea to ask someone who knows in lieu of ever morphing mishmashism..

        “The concern of the Lord is neither to enjoy nor to suffer from the material body. He remains with the jiva simply as sanction-giver and witness so that the living entity can receive the results of his activities, good or bad.”

      4. hp

        Whatever be the total truth of existence in all its particulars remains a mystery to us. Therefore, The “morphing mishmashism” must apply to all who can only PURPORT to know 😎

      5. BH, you are correct sir!
        It does indeed apply to all who only purport to know, pretend to know and imagine all sorts of gobbledygook as knowing.

      6. hp

        Logic dictates that these purportings must apply to all the gods of all the religions known to Man.

        For example, who exactly IS “Shiva”?, and why would we NECESSARILY accept all of what this god (lower case “g”) represents? What is meant exactly by his being a destroyer? What has this to do with the TRUTH of Existence?

        Destruction of WHAT? Of WHAT Existence? Whose “Truth”?

      7. hp

        Here’s the thing, brother. It’s as though I don’t wanna know, because I ALREADY know. What I mean by that is that I feel as though all of it reflects an Existence that has been all too known to us if we would only remember. And when we do, whose dynamics of coming out of amnesic states are in play NOW, we come to the realization that all of it is based on the kind of existence which goes part and parcel with our being in a devolved state**. Therefore, the particulars of what is being indicated simply REFLECTS that, and by doing so it lends credibility to what is, instead of indicating what should not BE. (An example of what I mean by the dangers of rationalization)

        Ask yourself this: What would constitute a need to destroy in the name of “renewal”, when the great mystery of Creation involves eternal and continuous acts of…..CREATING

        Who IS this destroyer named Shiva, REALLY? And what are these Yugas if not representative of an imposition upon TRUE Existence?

        **Why “Devolution”….at ALL?

      8. hp

        I’ve said what I have to say, which is pretty succinct. So what is there for you iterate? Am I missing something?

      9. hp

        I’ll answer my own question

        The questions I posed in the previous post are rhetorical, and designed to be thought-provoking, which is all I’m really interested in through all these years commenting on darkmoon 😁

      10. BH, succinct?! The first sentence and a half you contradict yourself.
        Followed by more morphing mishmashism.
        There, dammit, you made me iterate!

        You asked viable questions about Shiva and I gave you viable answers but I don’t believe you really wanted answers at all.
        You have a right to think what and how you think but I can’t even decipher most of it.

        “Here’s the thing, brother. It’s as though I don’t wanna know, because I ALREADY know.”
        “What I mean by that is that I feel as though..”

        C’mon man! Nuff said on the matter..

      11. hp

        Sorry about that. It’s frustrating when readers think my thoughts need to be deciphered. But that aside, there’s one last thing I’d like to say on the subject

        You said you gave me viable answers on Shiva. But all you really provided were links, when I was hoping for your personal take on the CONTENT of all those links you’ve provided over the years.

        For example, how do we differ with regards to the god Shiva?

      12. BH, sorry for being so short, so curt.
        I have the flu, I feel like crap and am irritable as hell.
        I known it’s not an excuse but it sure feels like one.
        That said, and meant, please excuse me while I go throw up..

    2. You idealize Diogenes too much. As you should know the cynics then were beggars and thieves etc. etc. If Diogenes said one or two things right, interesting, it dorsn’t mean he was in general correct in his views. Don’t forget that there are many stories about Diogenes. We don’t know what is, was true. At the end legends, myths.

      The sparkle of divinity we think we have can also be a myth, rationalization, because maybe we consider ourselves too important. Too much ego?

      1. G’day JEWDAR,

        You are probably right as regards my comments about Diogenes . They were based on a superficial, internet scan of some of his alleged views and behaviours.

        I don’t agree that due to ego we rationalise and mythologise our own importance. Ego is essential to our survival in the physical but the fact that we are capable of abstract rational thought and altruistic loving actions evidences the existence of MIND that can aspire too, and achieve, higher spiritual attainments. Or so I think. J

        Peace and Blessings, Ron

    3. Given all the back and forth, I happened to encounter something tangentially relevant. At a link provided by Les Visible (Visible Origami, 6 Feb 2019).

      On Teaching
      by Kahlil Gibran

      No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.
      The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his lovingness.
      If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.
      The astronomer may speak to you of his understanding of space, but he cannot give you his understanding.
      The musician may sing to you of the rhythm which is in all space, but he cannot give you the ear which arrests the rhythm nor the voice that echoes it.
      And he who is versed in the science of numbers can tell of the regions of weight and measure, but he cannot conduct you thither.
      For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another man.
      And even as each one of you stands alone in God’s knowledge, so must each one of you be alone in his knowledge of God and in his understanding of the earth.


    Thanks for your comment.

    I agree that this planet is grossly over populated and that situation must be changed. Fortunately Universe Management is on the case.

    Once Trump, Putin and Xi et al eliminate the global Deep State and the global central banking system so that every nation can exercise control over its own affairs, the next phase of the operation will commence. That will involve universe Management’s Star Fleet stabilising the planet while interposing a planet size spacecraft between this planet and the Sun o create Three Days of Darkness (3DD) during which energy transmissions from the galaxy will be manipulated to create a stasis period in which all inhabitants of the planet will “sleep”. During the stasis period Star Fleet will remove all unensouled (robotoid) people to other planets and places appropriate to their needs.

    At the same time the spirits of all ‘Dark Shits’ will be removed and adjudicated by super universe courts.

    The result will be a planetary population reduction of over half.
    Some small adjustment to the planetary tilt may also occur and increased incoming energies from the centre of the galaxy will start the improvement of global weather conditions and vegetative growing conditions as well as enhancing the thinking abilities of the remaining global population.

    The planet will still be over populated but the excessive procreation by unensouled people will cease. Also, the global elimination of the accumulated negative genetic thoughts and energies created by demonic and Talmudic beings globally over many thousands of years will have been removed by the 3DD and so the negative global genetic mind will no longer impinge upon the minds and hence the spiritual growth of those remaining. In all the circumstances the global population will quickly experience prosperity and abundance and that will translate into embracing sensible sharing and caring communal attitudes as well as moral procreation practices such that the global population will gradually decline until an optimum level is reached.

    In other words, the 3DD will mark the real beginning of our journey towards enlightenment and Light and Life on this planet.

    Peace and Blessings,

    1. With respect, Ron, your statement beginning “Once Trump, Putin and Xi et al eliminate the global Deep State and the global central banking system so that every nation can exercise control over its own affairs, the next phase of the operation will commence. That will involve universe Management’s Star Fleet stabilising the planet while interposing a planet size spacecraft….” would appear to herald your actual role as a disinfo agent, possibly a mild humorous disruptor [you can have my chair in the corner, if you’d like!], perhaps masquerading as a Preston James wannabee with secret intel up your sleeve. P. James, of course, brings to Veterans Today what you have delivered here. In the meantime, in mean times do we live — and meaner times a’comin’, with or without ETs!

      1. G’day Alan Donelson,

        Thanks for your comment.

        Dunno about Preston James.
        As regards being a disinfo agent, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
        I agree that ‘meaner times a’comin’ but hopefully Trump’s slow and methodical take-down of the Deep State will keep much of the pain within manageable limits. In many cases the worst pain will be experienced by those heavily into cognitive dissonance. The realisation that one has been living (drowning?) in a sea of lies all one’s life will be hard to take. Even harder will be the realisation (and acceptance?) of the fact that because of one’s ignorance and gullibility one has been harming others.

        Peace and Blessings,

    2. @ Ron Chapman

      Hopefully you were being sarcastic with this Star Fleet post.

      The earth is not over populated. Over population is a jewish lie to get the goyim to help in their own destruction. Just drive between any cities that are 100 miles apart, get off the main highway about half way, and it becomes obviously clear that the earth can accommodate and sustain many times more people than currently exist.

      1. G’day Ungenius,

        Thanks for your comments.

        Dunno what you mean about me ‘being sarcastic with this Star Fleet post.’
        Are you suggesting that humans on this planet are the ONLY or even the smartest beings in the Universe?
        And do you think that Trump’s rhetoric about creating a space fleet etc is bullshit?
        Do you not think that Trump is attempting to condition USans to understand the reality that the Deep State and rogue elements in the US military have had craft capable of travel throughout this solar system for decades?
        There are even credible reports that the Germans built electro-gravitic craft capable of travelling to the Moon and Mars in the 1940s. Were they, and are we, the first creatures in the Universe to develop such abilities?

        Dunno whether the Jews are responsible for planetary over-population rhetoric or not. If they are, they are telling the truth for once.

        I suppose over population is a matter of perspective, or opinion, until the reality that this planet has finite limits becomes unavoidably obvious. Apart from problems relating to biodiversity and ecological sustainability we need to consider whether the lives and lifestyles of people living in megalopolises is acceptable to their inhabitants in the long run and/or whether megapolises can truly sustain human life and development. Personally I find city life a bit marginal. I can’t imagine having to live in Chongqing, Jakarta or Tokyo et al, even now.

        Under Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, the global matrix controllers are planning to pack and stack USans and everyone else left alive, in high rise buildings in ribbon developments next to transport links and workplaces. That would leave plenty of open spaces in the countryside but humans would be living like rats in a maze. Query how long the population could survive in such conditions. And would YOU want too?
        Peace and Blessings,

    3. Your entire scenario depends upon the abolition of the Deep State. I have not seen the DS source of funding coming to the attention of the people. The DS appears to be gaining control of the US as Douglas Valentine details in CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME. The CIA was created by Wall Street to conceal their nefarious acts behind a cloak of national security using their crony Allen Dulles.

      The DS money has been shown to acquire domination of nations as documented by William Blum, John Perkins and Douglas Valentine, among many other writers. The source of that money is alleged, with specific details and methodology, to come from embezzlement by the Federal Reserve for the benefit of Wall Street. Ref.

      Nor do I see the public becoming aware the income tax is a fraud and a scam. Google Joe Bannister and LIBERTY YOUR RIGHT TO MAKE A LIVING.

      Your rambling on 3DD is pure distraction.

      1. G’day OLDE REB,

        Thanks for your comments.

        Trump has spent a couple of years putting in place the legal requirements necessary to take down the IRS and the Fed, and the Rothschilds’ global Central Banking system, so that the CIA et all will no longer be able obtain funds from taxes funnelled to the IMF, or to launder through commercial banks the monies obtained from drug and arms running and people and child trafficking. At the same time he has been organising the take down of MS 13 and similar criminal gangs and drug and child trafficking organizations in the US and globally. The global matrix control system is huge and has been developed over centuries so the process of dismantling it takes time and careful, covert effort.

        Another huge problem is that the US and Western nations’ populations have been sooo mind controlled for sooo long that most people can’t comprehend the nature and extent of the duplicity and criminality involved in our current global socio-economic and governance structures. That situation has been created and kept in place by Judaic control of banking and most governments, mass media and cultural outlets, schools, universities and almost everything else. The general population is sooo socially engineered to accept the status quo that cognitive dissonance prevents most of them genuinely contemplating the truth about virtually anything and everything. IF people weren’t sooo dense, Trump, Putin, and Xi et al could simply tell them the truth and popular revulsion at the lying, discrimination and criminality of Western leaders and their minions, and the Talmudic global controllers, would transform our world almost over night.

        BUT that ain’t gonna happen. Witness your scepticism at the idea that the public could become aware and accept that the IRS is a fraud and a scam.
        Presumably you are also unable to accept that there could be more intelligent humans elsewhere in our universe who are benevolent and prepared to help us IF we help ourselves.

        The truth is out there but people don’t actually want to hear or see it.

        Peace and Blessings,

    4. Ron Chapman –

      Very amusing!! BUT not the first!! 🙂

      What you have described is the furthering of the ravings of Ron L. Hubbard… founder of Scientology…. mixing in some of George Green’s “Hatonn & Sananda” circling the earth in their starship. I spoke with Green many times in the 90s. Green’s lunacy can be found at the fourwinds10 site:

      **** HATONN: THE SORTING OF GOD’S PEOPLE >> Four Winds 10 >>

      See George and his wife raving on about UFO coverups in 1992:


      1. G’day Pat,

        Thanks for your comments,

        Dunno much about Ron L. Hubbard and George Green. Both seem to have been somewhat into criminality but that doesn’t necessarily mean they fabricated everything they wrote or said.

        As regards the fact that what Green and others may have said in the past about Hatonn and Starships etc have not ‘materialised’, it may be that the delay has been caused by having to wait for positive developments on this planet. It is said that God helps those who help themselves. The take down of the Deep State by Trump and Co will signify that humans on this planet have taken action to help themselves. Arguably that will allow provision of assistance by benevolent beings from other planets.

        Peace and Blessings,

      2. Glad to help you, RON…. 🙂

        You wrote:
        “As regards the fact that what Green and others may (MAY) have said in the past about Hatonn and Starships etc have not ‘materialised’, it may be that the delay has been caused by having to wait for positive developments on this planet.”

        “MAY” = GUESS… in this case.

        I might even like your GUESS, if had not known that Green is connected to the fraud employed by the CIA!!

        You wrote:

        “The take down of the Deep State by Trump and Co….”

        That is also a GUESS because no one has been named as being employed by the MYTHICAL “Deep State!!” No one can topple a MYTH!! 🙂

        And ‘DEEP THROAT’ Woodward was not toppled… He is still in DC, doing his same old crap!! 🙂

  17. ron c –
    man, i didn’t know you knew all that…
    i wonder what you think of the deagle report… is it real?
    interesting, you think trump and putin and the chinaman are for real in this…
    i guess that’s possible…
    i’ll believe it more when i see the wall go up… and even more when i see the illegals swept out of the usa…
    i’ll really believe it when i see hillary and podesta in jail…
    even more when i see the usa set up its own central bank, like the bank of north dakota…
    ungenius –
    yes, sometimes there’s still a of of room out there between the cities… but you have to consider the loss of habitat, if you have any clue about the planet as a biosphere… if you increase the population, you lose even more habitat… for example, there’s not enough water coming out of the high sierra now to accommodate the cities, the farmers and the fish… it’s like that all over the world…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      “i’ll believe it more when i see the wall go up…” The wall is already being built. Check YouTube for numerous videos.

      The problem is not the earth, but man building mega-cities in places where cities should not exist like LA and Phoenix. Then there is the farmers vs the snail darter or whatever lame government excuse is needed to diminish food production, the farmers always lose. If that is not bad enough, half of all veggies produced in the USA gets discarded before it ever gets to market because it is not perfect, but still good food. The GMO fraud has reduced crop output everywhere but Russia where it is banned.

      Big Foot has plenty of room to remain untouched by humans due to the over abundance of habitat which is why he hasn’t been captured yet. There are many more trees now than there was 100 years ago, all growing on previously farmed lands thanks to government interference pushed by jewish capitalism.

      FYI, the southeast USA has set records for rainfall during this winter and past fall. Without government interference, mankind will tap into primary water in the near future.

      “i’ll really believe it when i see hillary and podesta in jail…” The pedophile/pedavore crises will be exposed before the “fat cats” are arrested and executed. That way, nobody will be upset when they are executed except those, like me, that would be denied the opportunity to be the trigger puller.

      1. UNG –

        “The wall is already being built.”
        Yep!! It has been for over 12 years. The ‘O-Man’ built much of the existing “wall”!! 🙂

    2. G’day BARKINGDEER,

      Thank you!

      Dunno much about Deagle. I decided many years ago that he was probably unreliable and hence I don’t consider his material.

      If you sift out the continuous MSM bias and bullshit about Trump, Putin and Xi , and consider their accomplishments; and especially the undeniable achievements of Russia and China under the leadership of Putin and Xi respectively, IT IS VERY IMPRESSIVE. For instance China has lifted 800 million Chinese people out of poverty in the last two decades. China has about 30,000 km of VFT covering the nation and is installing MAG LEV trains on some metropolitan city systems. The US has no VFT’s at all.
      Similarly, Putin has put Russia well on the way to being once again, *the breadbasket of the world”.
      * See eg: The Truth About Imperial Russia –

      It is a bit more difficult to see exactly what Trump is achieving because much of what he says is bullshit designed to confuse the Deep State and Libtards. Also he uses the fake stats introduced and used by past Administrations. BUT, among other things Trump has:

      (1) enabled North and South Korea to commence unification after 70 years of US fostered hostility.
      (ii) junked the TTIP, NAFTA and other Fascist corporatist trade treaty initiatives designed to emasculate sovereign nations globally
      (iii) has/is withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan.
      (iv) is in the process of destroying NATO and reaching genuine rapprochement with China and Russia.
      (v) is covertly organising the end of US hostility towards Iran and Venezuela.
      (vi) allowed hemp to be grown and sold in the US.
      (vii) opposed abortion and infanticide in the US.
      (viii) is dismantling cultural Marxism in US schools and generally.
      (ix) Exposed the Five Eyes global surveillance mechanism.
      (x) Undermined the Talmudic, totally undemocratic, anti-Christian and nation destroying EU to the point where it is about to breakup.
      (xi) Exposed UK interference in US politics and begun the process under which London’s Crown control of the US will become obvious and cease.
      (xii)Precipitated political changes in Mexico and Brazil that will restore their national sovereignty despite Deep State machinations.
      (xii) Defused the fraudulent and destructive Obama Health Care scam.
      (xiii) Begun the exposure of the corrupt US Health care administration and the vaccination scams and other Big Pharma corruption.

      Also, he has eliminated hundreds of US regulatory restrictions on trade and the environment. There are many other Trump initiatives that will bear fruit soon. For instance his efforts to overhaul the healthcare bureaucracy and reverse criminal US vaccines policy.

      Truly Biggly among Trump’s achievement though, is his steady take down of corruption in the FBI, DOJ, CIA and other US departments and agencies and his appointments of honest, patriotic judges throughout the federal Judiciary.

      IMHO the border wall issue is largely rhetoric by Tump aimed at WAKING UP the somnolent US population to the reality of the criminal activities of the Democrats and all previous US governments in relation to the encouragement and assistance given to illegal migrants including many known terrorists and criminals. Trump is especially horrified by child sex trafficking across US borders and the abuse, torture and murder of many of the children trafficked. Trump cannot just DISCLOSE the truth about child sexual abuse, torture, murder and pedovorism becaue the stupid, cognitive dissonant US population is still not ready to hear about it.

      The wall is a done deal. Trump IS building it and anyway he can use monies in the Pentagon’s budget appropriation to finish it. He’s continuing rhetoric about the wall is just hammering the hypocrisy and criminality of the Dems into the thick skulls of USans by exposing their stupidity and criminal motives. The US population has to be made ready to accept the destruction of the Democratic party and its majority in the Congress

      Re banking: Trump will replace the Fed and its phony, fiat, Fed DEBT notes with real money (Federal Treasury Notes) issued by the US Treasury.

      A lot of the sealed indictments won’t get opened BUT Hillary and Podesta and other prominent traitors will get prosecuted as soon as the US population is ready for it.

      It’s a painstaking, step by step process.

      Peace and Blessings,

      1. RON –

        The ‘wall’ – ‘fence’ – ‘barrier’ – has been a “done deal” for 12 years! 🙂

        “Nearly 700 Miles of Fencing at the US-Mexico Border Already Exist. The barriers (wall) were completed as part of the Secure Fence Act of 2006. … 2,000- mile border with Mexico, much of it during Barack Obama’s presidency!”

        Trump is “BIGGLY” helping the jew media at all levels make more $$$$$!! Trump said his campaign saved the NY Times from going completely broke!!! 🙂

        “Trump says NYT ‘failing’ — but stock up 30% since (HIS) election.”

  18. Share THE HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE with those in need… see here:

    JEWS invented the “holocaust” to distract people from what the JEWS did to the Russians/Germans/Ukrainians. Instead of appearing as the most criminal oppressors, the JEW planners of all wars and the real bosses controlling our countries, are now considered “poor innocent victims” that we should never criticize.

    Free yourself from the power of a lie designed to render you impotent. By instilling unwarranted guilt and shame upon humanity via the “holocaust”, humanity is rendered incapable, or at least very hesitant, to criticise, much less interfere with, any of the designs of Jews or their nation of Israel. The “holocaust” is also an ongoing cash cow for Jewish “holocaust survivors” through the collection of hundreds of billions of euros from Germany, and elsewhere, as WWII reparations that continues to this day.

    No one can deny that Jews were rounded up and imprisoned by Germans in German occupied territories after the suspension of the HAAVARA TRANSFER AGREEMENT during WWII. Nor can anyone deny that Japanese Americans were rounded up and imprisoned in America for the same reasons, those reasons being primarily security issues, and in the same fashion during WWII. And, after examining the facts, the German prisons built for Jews were far more humanely accommodating than the American prisons built for Japanese.

    What is staunchly denied is the existence, much less the use, of homicidal gas chambers, the manufacture of human skin lampshades, the manufacture of human derived soap, institutionalized torture all conducted at “death factories” where 6,000,000 Jews were gassed and cremated and other outright lies disseminated by vindictive and vengeful Jews.

    Indeed tens of thousands (The International Committee of the Red Cross reported: 272,000 concentration camp inmates died in German custody, about half of them Jews) of imprisoned Jews died during the last months of WWII due to disease, especially typhus, and starvation. After all, as the fortunes of war turn against the losing side, food and medicine become extremely scarce… and deadly scarce for those imprisoned by the losing side due to the ruination of food production, medicine manufacturing, and transportation supply lines. Germany was carpet bombed and firebombed into the stone age during the last year of WWII (a totally merciless war conducted by three Jewish controlled empires against a country the size of Montana).

    Indeed there were crematoriums working overtime as a means of sanitarily disposing of disease ridden corpses, but these were built during the last year of the war and never was a living person burned alive in one as JEWS would have you believe.

    As a matter of fairness, try to imagine what would have become of all the Japanese incarcerated in American prison camps during WWII had the fortunes of war turned against an America that was bombed into the stone age. I’ll wager that they would have been massacred by furious Americans before they had starved to death.

    Once you fully realize that there were no “gas chambers” or such things as human skin lampshades, most of the Jewish narrative regarding the so called “holocaust” becomes a self-serving fabrication disseminated by the lowest sort of scammers.

    Only lies need laws for protection. There are many individuals who have been imprisoned in occupied Germany for merely telling the truth about the holocaust scam. These people are imprisoned for “inciting hatred for the Jews” whereas it’s actually the JEWS incessantly inciting hatred for Germans with their holocaust LIES.

    1. G’day CHUCK MAULTSBY,

      Well said.
      The Holocaust Deprogramming Course is the definitive debunk of the HoloHoax.

      As I understand it, apart from criminals and terrorists, only some Jews ‘were rounded up’ and put into internment camps during WWII. For instance Otto Frank and his family were not sent to Auschwitz until Otto, who was doing business with the German military until 1944, was discovered to be defrauding the Germans in his business dealings. See eg: The Anne Frank Diary Fraud. –
      And: Anne Frank Diary Fraud Finally Admitted –

      It’s also said that many Jews were allowed to migrate through Bulgaria to Turkey from German controlled Europe throughout WWII.

      Peace and Blessings,

  19. G’day Pat,

    Thank you.
    You’re nothing if not a fount of knowledge!
    I agree that Trump’s “news worthiness” is saving the Jew media from financial liquidation… temporarily. But only until the hammer falls on them in due course.
    Trump needs the stock market to be buoyant while Trump organises the transfer of power from the Deep State to ‘the people’; AND the reset of the US and global financial systems. So he is ensuring that the markets look good. An obvious example being the way he has got the Fed to stop increasing interest rates.

    Peace and Blessings,

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