Bobby Fischer: The Chess Genius Who Hated Jews

Bobby Fischer is the best example of the ‘self-hating Jew’ at his most extreme, sounding almost pathological in his antisemitic ravings. 

Originally published on
October 20, 2019

Edited by Lasha Darkmoon
with commentary and minor additions including a video.

(Republished on Truthseeker)


“They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people … These God-damn Jews have to be stopped! They’re a menace to the whole world!”  — Radio Interview, March 10, 1999 

Bobby Fischer is seen by many as the greatest chess player of all time. Whether that is true or not, is impossible to know. But that he is the most famous, important and influential player of all time is not even up for dispute. He captivated the world with his prodigious talent and genius, and pretty much singlehandedly put chess on the map.

The 1972 World Chess Championship, in which he defeated Boris Spassky 12½–8½, was seen as a Cold War proxy battle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, which was at the time the source of the majority of the world’s most formidable players.

Fischer was only 28 years old at the time. His victory over Spassky and the Soviets, and the meteoric rise that led to it— Fischer had become both the youngest grandmaster and the youngest U.S. Chess Champion by the age of 15—was a source of great pride to America, and he became our national hero.

Despite his unfortunate partial Jewish heritage, Fischer also absolutely hated the Jews. He saw what they had done and were doing to the world, and was not at all ashamed or afraid to openly call them out for it, regardless of the negative consequences it brought upon him and his legacy.

LD: There has been some recent evidence, or speculation, that Bobby Fischer was in fact a full Jew. Hitherto it had been widely reported in the mainstream that Fischer was Jewish only on his mother’s side. He was therefore officially Jewish and could apply, if he wished, for Israeli citizenship. 

It is now being reported that Fischer (see video below at 1.48 mins) was actually Jewish on his father’s side also. However, Fischer himself denies being Jewish at all, in tones that can almost be described as hysterical — as if no viler allegation could be made against him.

Being called a Jew, in his estimation, amounted to defamation of character and grounds for libel. Writing to the Encyclopaedia Judaica in 1984, he storms: “I suggest you are fraudulently representing me as a Jew. Knowing what I do about Judaism, I was naturally distressed to see that you have erroneously featured me as a Jew. I am not today, nor have I ever been a Jew, and as a matter of fact, I am uncircumcised.” (Wikiquote).

He was to add later in another tantrum of blind rage: “They are subhuman. They are the scum of the Earth. When you talk about Jews, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel of humanity.” (Radio Interview, October 16, 1999 [LD]

Living in Brooklyn, New York, from the age of 6, Fischer had many bad experiences dealing with Jews throughout his life. The chess world was also riddled with them. According to Fischer, in a 1961 interview with Jew pornographer Ralph Ginzburg, there were “too many Jews in chess” and they had “taken away the class of the game.”

Here is the transcript of a video that is probably his most poignant statement against the Jews. This comes from an interview Fischer gave to Philippino grandmaster Eugenio Torre, while he was locked in jail in Japan as a political prisoner in 2005.

‘Notes on the Jew’ by Bobby Fischer

Jews are anti-social, destructive, intolerant, mean-spirited, deceitful, et cetera. They wish to destroy, rule and kill, rob whoever gets in their way. To facilitate them getting what they want, they have developed a perverted, unnatural, destructive, evil lifestyle.

Even though they live off the non-Jews as parasites, they still hate them and wish to destroy them. Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more.

Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. The anti-human Jew hates and wants to destroy all non-Jews. He will also destroy even other Jews who are less destructive and evil than he is, if they get in his way.

Apparently, the wickedness of the Jew is genetically based. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. By the act of circumcision, the Jew shows his hatred towards nature and the natural order. By this bloody, cruel, senseless act, he shows his cruelty and sadism, and that he will stop at nothing to obtain his ends. Surely the Jews are also behind the Islamic circumcision, which serves as an ideal cover and distraction from their own wickedness in this regard.

Jews are truly anti-human and anti-nature. Jews are intensely selfish, intolerant and anti-social, et cetera. They are full of hate, greed, malice, et cetera. Naturally, other people, i.e. the non-Jews, don’t like being bulldozed aside, robbed and murdered by the Jews, and will sooner or later resist. That is where the lies and deceit of the Jews come into place.

Following this, the interviewer objects with some platitudes about “peace and unity” and everybody all getting along, to which Fischer replies “I don’t think there’ll be any peace until these Jews are dealt with Eugene – these people are animals.”

—   §   —

Some quotes from Bobby Fischer

— “First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.” (Press Conference, September 1, 1992)

— “What is going on is I am being persecuted night and day by the Jews, for telling it like it is. They want to put me in jail, they’re robbing me of everything I have, they’re continuously lying about me. I’ve had enough of this shit. The latest thing they’ve done is, I had some stuff in storage back in Pasadena for 12 years, spent a fortune on storage fees, a fortune on safes … and these God-damn Jews in America have just gone and grabbed it all.” (Radio Interview, January 13, 1999)

—  “They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people. (Radio Interview, March 10, 1999)

—  “My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They’re not just persecuting me. This is not just my struggle, I’m not just doing this for myself … This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped! They’re a menace to the whole world. (Radio Interview, March 10 1999)

— “I have a crazy quirk, Eugene. I like to say what I think. And if you’re gonna work for the Jews, you can no longer say what you think. You can’t say the holocaust never happened, for example. That is an absolute no-no. You can’t say that circumcision is a crime. There are so many things you cannot say once you get on the Jewish bandwagon … There used to be a lot of people like me, but little by little the Jewish spirit seems to be conquering all.” (Speaking to Eugene Torre on Bombo Radyo, Philippines, May 24 1999) 

—  “I would rather be free in my mind, and be locked up in a prison cell, than to be a coward and not be able to say what I want.” (Radio Interview, May 24, 1999)

— “America is totally under control of the Jews, you know. I mean, look what they’re doing in Yugoslavia… The Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense are dirty Jews.” (Radio Interview, May 24, 1999)

—  “The Jews have been hardened against Christ, against decency for thousands of years… They’re gonna have to be annihilated, Eugene.”

— Speaking to Eugene Torre, Radio Interview, May 24 1999


LD:  I add this short mainstream video from YouTube, in which Bobby Fischer’s Jewish enemies denounce him as a raving lunatic for his hostile attitude to the Jews.    

VIDEO   :   4.30 mins

45 thoughts to “Bobby Fischer: The Chess Genius Who Hated Jews”

  1. The more one examines the Jew, the more sick, twisted, perverse and profane they appear, until at last one finds the Jew exceeding the goyim’s ability to comprehend. The head swims at the overwhelming multitude of details. That is the Jews’ secret, the goyim simply cannot begin to understand the full extent of the Jews’ interconnected corruption and perversions. If they could, there would not be a Jew left on the planet by the end of the week.

    What Jews are doing today is typical of their history. One only has to read their Bible, or look at their historical background, with its multitude of stories like Jude Süß Oppenheimer and Leo Frank, to see there is nothing new in these modern stories of Jewish psychopathic sickness and corruption. What is unprecedented is the Jews’ scale of operation.

    Never before have Jews been in a position to control their hosts to a point where they have the ability to corrupt all the continents simultaneously. This consolidation of power began at the beginning of the twentieth century with the judeocommunist revolution and was calcified through two global wars. Jews now exert unprecedented control over the planet’s wealth and resources.

    This situation has created a terrible imbalance among the human population, with a tiny, elite, cadre of Jews outweighing the wishes and welfare of the populations of the entire world. At some point, the imbalance of these energies will self correct, resulting in violent outbursts of destruction. It will be much the same as when the earth and its atmosphere suffer a massive imbalance in electrical charges.

    At some point these unbalanced positive and negative energies generate immensely powerful destructive lightening bolts that rumble and flash all over the affected region until balance is restored. This time, when the dark, destructive, storm clouds of Judaism finally clear, sunny rationality and morality will shine through once again and there won’t be a Jew cloud to be found anywhere.

    Only then will the seed sprout. Only then will humanity be able to once again breathe in the fresh, clean, ionized atmosphere of rational, truthful, objective thought.

    1. so-called “Jews” do not have a “Bible”….

      all so-called “Jews” are “Proselytes” to TALMUD – TALMUDIC JUDAISM

      the BAD FAITH {{{RELIGION}}} of the Pharisees & Money Changers = John 8:44.

      The story about the Children of Israel in the “Holy Bible” is not about the Jesus hating

      Synagogue of Satan {{{PSYCHOPATHS}}} called “Jews”.

      No One on Earth HAS to believe lies, Bobby obviously “KNEW” the truth
      about the NON-SEMITE – so-called {{{JEWS}}} who are not even from the
      Tribe of Judah. One of the VICTIMS of the Synagogue of Satan global
      crime syndicate ….Gang Stalking terrorists…ADL/FBI…

      40,000 wall humping {{{PSYCHOPATHS}}}….

      Israel the 12 Tribes in the first five books of the Old Testament
      @ Genesis 49 are not “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism from the
      land of Gog & Magog.

      still no Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo

  2. Mark my words. It’s only a matter of time before some nutty conspiracy theorist will be declaring that Bobby Fischer was a secret agent for the Jews. That his hidden role was to stir up antisemitism on behalf of Jewry. This is not altogether an implausible theory in my opinion.

    We know the Jews benefit from antisemitism. It is the glue that unites them together as an ethnic group. Nothing upsets them more than a diminution of antisemitism. They thrive on antisemitic incidents; and if none occur, they are known to manufacture them.

    The large number of Jews caught scrawling swastikas on walls and damaging Jewish property, including gravestones in Jewish cemeteries, testifies to the fact that Jews are very active in creating antisemitic incidents when no one else is doing so. Thus they gain sympathy, and win people round to take pity on them for all the alleged pogroms and persecutions they take such a delight in telling people about ad nauseam. ‘We Jews, the Eternal Victims!” they wail. “Oy veh, let’s have another Holocaust Museum!”

    Who knows? . . . could Bobby Fischer be one of these secret agents for stirring up antisemitism? Some of his ravings in the article above sound almost like tongue-in-cheek parodies, as if he were pulling our legs and snickering up his sleeve.

    People who don’t trust Jews — ANY Jews! — won’t trust Bobby Fischer.
    They will smell a rat.

    1. “Bobby Fischer as Jewish Theater.” — Title of new article for talented writer specializing in antisemitic conspiracy theories.

    2. A very sharp comment. When we are dealing with them we must be super suspicious AND never trust them. Look beyond the obvious, the superficie, when there is a jew involved.

      1. It is idoitic to suspect that somebody speaking the truth is a jewish agent.
        Thats literally insanity.
        The truth stands on its own and ANYBODY who is speaking the truth BOLDLY as bobby was deserves to be recognized as the hero that they are(even if they are genetically jewish. Perpetual truth speaking is the mark of true conversion).
        The idea of splitting those who speak the truth into pro jew and anti jew is ridiculous to the extreme.
        brother nat kapner(a genetic jew) is a great example. His site is blatantly protruth and therefore ANTI jew by default AND EXPLICITLY.
        Truth and antijew are synonymous.
        Lies and pro jew are synonomous.
        Anyone who attempts to say otherwise is working for the devil and his jewish children, so do not be deceived. TRUTH is always antijewish.
        BOLDLY speaking the the truth is even MORE anti jewish.

  3. “America is totally under control of the Jews” – The late – and GREAT – Bobby Fischer


  4. This shows the jews are very smart, cunning and manipulative. Skilled corrupt liars and deceivers.

    1. Personally I think that collective Pat is smarter than all the Jews combined. He shits around shamelessly and blames it all on the Jews. That’s where smart is! He does it so skillfully that there are some Jews who truly believe that they have supreme power.

      That’s where the stupidity of the Jews shows up. Poor people!

      1. Hit dog squeals loudest!!

        Explanation of your reaction was hardly necessary here, Pat: that is precisely how I understood it 🙂

  5. I thought the same thing… The knee-jerk reaction is – Never trust a Jew badmouthing the Jews…
    However, let’s not automatically throw the baby out with the bathwater every time…
    We wouldn’t want to miss in our heads a fact of progress…
    One of the Big Mormons, Brigham Young maybe, he said it, roughly – “I fear the day when the finger of hatred is no longer pointed at the mormons”..
    Of course the Mormon church is another man-made cult-sect.. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Jewish at its core, like the Jehova Witnesses..
    The Weathermen pointed it out that religions are used by the owners of society to keep the public at odds with each other…
    You can be sure of one thing – the real powers of Zion do not want jews assimilating with the goyim, not to any extent that they lose their orientation and cohesion…
    That’s one big reason for the creation of the exclusive state of israel…
    And it’s not hard at all to speculate that one of the big reasons for WW2 was the forced removal of European Jews from their positions in that society, where they had been slowly but surely assimilating…
    If you read up on it, you can get past the idea that Hitler was nothing but a genuine German with the best interests of Germany at heart, and in the end everything the Nazis did worked out for the Zion…
    Now look at the National Fascism in control of Israel…
    We should never discount the treachery factor and Nobody knows what Bobby Fischer really thinks, but we do know his rhetoric helps keep the separation, keeps the jews convinced people hate them, which is exactly what the owners of the banking system want…
    On the other hand, his vitriol above sure sounds genuine…
    Him being Jewish himself, it should indicate that distinction doesn’t save one jew from another when it comes to the worst of it…
    If a famous person like him starts telling the world the truth about Bolshevism, he’s roiling up the whole Deep State Complex, that’s been working together from Russia to America at least since WW1 and the Jewish takeover of Russia…
    Once enough people have realized Russian Communism is a Jewish bankster phenomenon, that then spread its control system to China, when their consciousness has been raised that one click, then the next revelation is that the whole WW2 alliance between the FDR, Truman, Eisenhower Jews and Stalin was another Jewish plot, still going on…
    The murder of General Patton, who had resigned from the Army and was on the plane to the USA the next day to run for president, makes that part of it pretty plain…
    Is Bobby Fischer another Hitler preacher?

      1. What the hell are they doing in their “celestial room”?? Looks sort of like a tacky brothel. I really don’t see any activity that would bother me (unless I were forced to participate). Let them enjoy their fantasies – and be thankful you’re not that stupid.
        While I don’t see anything extraordinarily wrong with having numerous wives, if you can afford and maintain them, sometimes their rituals seem crazy and obnoxious – and totally HYPOCRITICAL.

  6. Who didn’t like Bobby Fischer back in the 70’s!
    All-American boy. Champion of the World. The cock of the walk beating the Russians at their own game,
    mean-mouthing the Jews (and everyone else).
    What’s not to like! I still remember laughing at a couple of his jokes all those years ago when I watched that interview live on Dick Cavett. 1972 was a good year..

    1. All those years were good years, Homer.
      The sixties, the seventies. When seen
      through the mist of nostalgia for the past.
      We are wishing our youth back.

      1. 72 ended my purgatory of waiting out the Vietnam draft. I was (gulp) #82 ergo 72 was a particularly fine and splendid year for me!

        Whew… Almost had to escape to O Canada and spend the duration in Lobro’s basement hibernating. Then again, O Canada is a great place to hibernate. Yaaaawn..

  7. Just there are intelligent Negroes, there are of course Jewish anomalies who reveal the truth in opposition to the elite Jews’ agenda. Benjamin Freedman was one such notable example. “Freed-man,” a man freed of his Jewish nature? Perhaps another example of those interesting, serendipitous, Jewish names that alludes to the true nature of the Jew so named.

    Evidently Freedman had a conscience, a racial trait lacking in virtually all murderous, psychopathic Jews comprising the majority of the race. However, Jews with a conscience runs about the same percentage as albino Negroes. So I would not depend on Jews developing mercy and compassion any more then I would depend on Negroes becoming white.

    Sometimes I wonder if truly intelligent Jews, ones that that know and understand the details surrounding their mythical history, fear their elite, psychopathic brethren are leading them to a point of self destruction the elite plan on surviving. Perhaps for this reason alone, these Jews come out against the their elite brethrens’ agenda.

    “Consider the effect of the ancient Jews’ gruesome sacrificial religious ceremony on a young child. Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed bloodlust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground. The restless bleating of animals, now aware of their terrible fate. Sinners raising their hands towards the heavens as they cry out for god’s mercy and forgiveness . . . Imagine your parents continually consumed with the thought of blood and the avoidance of the sticky substance, thoughts that translate into an unnatural obsession about the stuff. Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and one finds a race founded on a culturally inbred, psychopathic, bloodlust that cannot be altered or escaped.”

    Not here are the goblets glowing,
    Not here is the vintage sweet;
    ‘Tis cold as our hearts are growing,
    And dark as the doom we meet.
    But stand to your glasses, steady!
    And soon shall our pulses rise:
    A cup to the dead already-
    Hurrah for the next man that dies! – Song from the “Great War”

  8. Fischer on a plane from Denmark to Iceland right after his Bush instigated jail time in Japan. He was not a fan of the US either, he compares the US with Israel. Imv he is fucking* right.

    Vid 1.53 – 2-40: “ First of all United States is a illegitimate country, just like israel. It has no right to exist. That country belongs to the Red Man, the American Indian. It is actually a shame to be a socalled American, because everybody living there is a usurper an invader, taking part to this crime. Which is to rob the land, to rob the country and kill all the American Indians. I grew up with the concept of freedom of speech, you know. I am too old, it is too late to adjust to the new world, you know the new world order, …. hahaha (Fischer chuckles).

    One important thing only: Chessmaestro Fischer like everyone else till a few years ago did not know yet that – the (E)/US educational txt books and the media did not tell- that the majority of Native peoples in the Americas seen by the European explorers were black. Read for example the 1524 report of Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano. There are a great deal more…..>Johnnie Aborigine<.

    The term Redskin comes from the European bountyhunters who had to show scalps of the socalled ´Indians´ killed to their paymasters in order to cash.

    * Here is another vid of a man with beard and headgear:

    "When Nietzsche declared: God is dead, F*CK became the most important word in the English language"

  9. You can add Gerard Menuhin, along with Bro Nathaniel, to that club. In his book “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”, Menuhin concludes:

    “Jewish huckstering is most obviously apparent in its frenzied compulsion to uphold the “holocaust” myth, whose exposure would not only refute the Jews’ claim to Palestine and to endless financial reparations and atonement for harm not done to them, it would also deliver Jews and their minions to the fury of a world deceived and victimized for centuries by their lies and conspiracies. Such wrath could only be assuaged by the actual extinction of Jewry—or “Jewry,” whichever applies.”

    Yes, Yehudi Menuhin’s son doesn’t like Jews much either. According to him Jews are renegades from humanity, non-human and anti-human. As he says:

    “In sum, from birth, humankind has two adversaries, an internal and an external one. The internal one consists of our weaknesses, arguably, those qualities that make us human. The external one consists of those who prey on these weaknesses: Jews. They prey on our benevolence and on our desires. They can do this with detachment because they have, by their own volition, and their own devolution, removed themselves from humanity.”

    The question should be is this a fair assessment rather than does it serve the Jews .

  10. What the ADL is up to with their lap dogs in congress.
    Whereas Bobby Fischer could wield a pawn and sharp tongue another Jew also from New York City, Christian convert, Michael Hoffman wields the pen. Along with Hoffman’s tremendous literary output, His magnum opus “Judaism Discovered” and “Judaism’s Strange God’s” is foundational to understanding what Bobby Fischer and the handful of other so-called Jews were warning the world about. Even Martin Luther and Richard Wagner also waded in this swamp.
    TJ was able to help finance the publication of Gerard Menuhin’s courageous book by The Barnes Review.

  11. There is an old Bavarian saying. “No one is more anti Semitic than a Semite.” I’m not going to split hairs at this time and argue that the vast majority of Jews are not true Semites. Further, that does not detract from the veracity of the quote. Many years ago I was the drummer in a rock and roll band which had a lead guitarist, vocalist who was a Jew. He hated Jews more than anyone I’ve known in my life. He would delight in writing songs about exterminating all of them in the most gruesome ways imaginable. (presumably excluding himself). As a young boy he was expelled from Hebrew school for being constantly disruptive during class, suddenly standing up and calling the rabbi/teacher a filthy kike. The rabbi would grab him in a choke hold and threaten to kill him but gasping for breath, he would keep right on with his anti Jew tirade. He also wrote songs praising Hitler to the skies, unfortunately falling for the canard of Hitler engineering the mass annihilation of Jews in ovens. He thought that was wonderful and lamented that the “Final Solution” was not consummated. He ultimately became a landscape painter and quite a good one. This life is beyond strange.

    1. This life is beyond strange.

      Wow, you stole my thought! You dreadful plagiarist! 🙂

      “The universe is not only weird,
      it is weirder than we can possibly imagine.”

      — J.B.S. Haldane, famous 20th century scientist.”

  12. Thanks for the kind words, Madame

    I think Bobby Fischer had what in American football is referred to as a “free play”. This occurs when the quarterback knows that a penalty will be called against the opposing team before the ensuing play commences. Upon knowing this he “throws all caution to the wind” in the form of a deep pass play to one of his receivers. The aim is to get a long gain down the field where even if an opposing player intercepts the pass, it won’t matter because of the original penalty that WILL be called on the team whose player makes the would-be interception. Nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

    Fischer is the quarterback. He knows he can get away with “throwing venom” at the Jews (pardon the pun) because the American public perception of him will be that of a misguided eccentric genius whose antisemitism is largely overlooked in favor of the acclaim he receives for being the American good guy who defeated the Russian bad guy in chess. For this they give him a pass (pardon the pun again)

    In return, the potential gain for him comes from the self-satisfaction in knowing that he’s telling the truth about many Jews. The fact that HE TOO is a jew is irrelevant because the general public doesnt know that. But that aside, there has to be a degree of self-loathing in him because HE knows he is.

    Therein lies the bitter irony of it all

    1. Thanks, BH! Welcome back into the fold of the Stumblers in Darkness (looking for the light). Don’t be discouraged by future agitations and tempests in teacups. These are all ripples on the surface of life, inevitable when so many people are casting their pebbles into the Sea of Ideas.

      1. Indeed, Madame. But remember, where we stumble is in a false light engineered by that nebulous force CALLED “Darkness”. An illusion cloaking the true light of Spirit. When we make the distinction, this enables us to “see” what it is we’re looking for. (:>)

  13. HAWK
    That’s an interesting observation…
    “Fischer is the quarterback. He knows he can get away with “throwing venom” at the Jews (pardon the pun) because the American public perception of him will be that of a misguided eccentric genius whose antisemitism is largely overlooked in favor of the acclaim he receives for being the American good guy who defeated the Russian bad guy in chess. For this they give him a pass (pardon the pun again)”
    I would add, most people, including a lot of Jews, more and more, are wise to the whole ‘antisemite’ thing…
    The Goyim doesn’t hate the Jews just because they’re Jews, nor is it V the V…
    It’s more like Everybody is hip to the force of Zion, which creates and maintains the supposed ideological or cultural separation…
    All the old religions are dead on the vine a long time ago really, ironically, as the real God is reacquired through Nature.. They’re only kept alive, like the Deep Dead State, by the entrenched bureaucracy and the indoctrination program (media)..
    If there are any affective prejudices afoot in the USA, antismitism would be about the last of them…
    That doesn’t mean people aren’t hip to the ZOG, which is not the same thing as despising somebody simply because he’s Jewish…
    However, there may be something psycho about the way Fischer and the toxic hatred demonstrated by the DRUMMER’S bandmate…
    I think circumcision, especially the way the Jews do it on the 8th day, when the infant is more aware, is designed to separate the infant’s soul/psyche from his heart/body, and in some cases the negative psychological side affects are much greater than others… It may be that Fischer’s resentment has to do more with that than ay grudge about his people’s other crimes…
    You Wax Eloquent, and draw forth from HAWK and insightful response of poetic quality…

  14. Chess most likely invented in India about 500 BC, was imported into the Muslim world and Persia about 600 AD.
    Some believe that the “war game” chess originated in China and then into Persia via India.
    “Chess is intellectually very demanding and the most complex and most fascinating game for those who know it and love it.”
    The point here is that Bobby Fischer (1943-2008) like all chess masters are shaped by their mastery of the oh-so-very polite “war game” played on a checkered Masonic like board with only three possible outcomes; 1.resignation before ultimate defeat, 2.stalemate or 3.checkmate.
    Psychologically shaped by the game he loved and mastered Bobby Fischer chose the white pieces and his ethnic kinsman were black by default. Bobby’s public utterances were the metaphoric masterful movement of his white pieces to where those who played the black, could not and would not resign. They knew there was no stalemate. They knew that they were checkmated pure and simple with a couple of pawns and the “Queen” of the heavenly hosts, played by one as Saintly as any official Saint in all Christendom.

    1. Chess pieces were, way back when, very ornate, and originated in the Orient. When I was in college, and would sometimes house-sit for a famous WW2 Army general, his study in the house accommodated treasures like ancient katanas, a Colt pistol engraved in gold from General George Patton, and a beautiful chess set carved from ebony and ivory, having originated somewhere in China about 500 years ago. It was a real treat to have a match with that set!

    2. The oh-so-very polite “war game” played on a checkered Masonic like board with only three possible outcomes; 1. resignation before ultimate defeat, 2. stalemate or 3. checkmate.

      I never thought of chess in terms that are just like life in this judaized world. However, I choose the fourth and only other option – walk away from the game.

  15. Ok. Donaldo has awakened. Was gonna try to sleep. Dunno what motivated Bobby to say the things he did. Such a handsome and bright kid. He could move the pieces on the board and win. But his logic on the broad scheme of things was terribly flawed. Why did he feel such an intense hatred of people he perseived as Jews? Donaldo, part Jewish, has newer harbored such animosity towards people who identify as Jews. Most “Jews” just want to live life. If Bobby had met a beautiful Jewiss and fallen in love his view would have changed. Who will ever know. May Bobby rest in peace.

    1. Don –

      Well, it seems HE knew, and YOU didn’t. 🙂 You are not like him at all. He had the half you are missing.

      Fischer’s father was Hans-Gerhardt Fischer who was a jew German biophysicist. His mother was a Polish jew physician.

      Not many ever had the capabilities and inventiveness of Fischer. At 13, he won “The Game of the Century”. At 14, he became the US Chess Champion, and at 15, he was the youngest grandmaster (GM) up to that time and the youngest candidate for the World Championship. In the 1990s, he patented a modified chess timing system that added a time increment after each move, now a standard practice in the top tournament and match play. He also invented Fischerandom, a new variant of chess known today as Chess960.

      With those credentials he seemed to remember everything, and forgot nothing, EVEN facts about jews…. and the sick Talmudic instructions in the synagogues!

  16. Sadly, IMO the only real way to roll back the corruption they have exerted on the world is to stoop to their base level, and deal with them as so many of them do us whenever opportunities present themselves – refer Palestine. There are many exceedingly good Jews but they will get caught up in the worldwide pogrom they are pushing us towards. Survivors will be once again condemned to wander the world without a homeland, the present one of which they are stealing, will likely be rendered uninhabitable, much like some, if not all, of the rest should the Samson Option be thrust upon us.

    1. Thanks, this is an excellent first comment and we hope you will continue to share your insights with us.

  17. Canada: “Worst Anti-Semitic Hate Crime” Turns Out to Be Jewish Hoax

    Dostoevsky on the Jews

    corroborating God’s law, therefore, of nature, that at any time or place where the worst manages to get power, inexorably, everything gets worse

    “This book is a sword of fire, which in the darkness of lies now illuminates the path of each people. “The earth has not yet begotten such a people that it would be so unclean and so dirty inside, so vile and disgustingly depraved. And here the Jews are “ahead” of all. see chap. VIII

    The Greatest Mass Murderers of all Time were Jews, says Jewish Columnist

    Finally! A Complete English Version of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together

    “The Semites “- according to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in ISIS UNVEILED -“ the least spiritualised race – have never been able to elaborate a language through which high moral ideals can be formulated and intellectuals

  18. The Jew is where he is today because of the White Man who is carrying the Burden.
    So the JEW is the White Man’s Burden eg WW1 and WW2 fought for creation of Israhell.
    USA fighting for Israhell against Muslims and White Americans happily dying for the Chosen People
    And then allowing Millions of Islamic Refugees or Rapefugees from these War zones into Europe
    Control of Media Banks Politicians Education Economy and so on and also Religion.
    Who was Jesus Christ? A Jew.

    1. No, He was a Galilean.
      All the Apostles were Galileans.
      He was not a priest, a Cohen or Levy, neither – He clarified everything on the Scriptures and told them – to the Pharisees and other what is wrong and what the Father’s Law really is. see
      Jesus wasn’t a Jew because he wasn’t a Pharisee, the inventors of Judaism
      The Romans mocked Him with the attached plate to the cross: the King of the Judeans.
      Judean is not Jewish automatically, some of them – yes, some – not.

      1. @ geo

        Let’s say this point you labor — whether Jesus was a “Jew” or not — is certainly not settled. It remains in dispute. With more people thinking Jesus was a Jew than the your own minority position that he was not a Jew.

        Merely asserting that “Jesus was not a Jew”, on the very slender evidence you produce for this viewpoint, is unlikely to convince anyone who has actually studied the New Testament or has some knowledge of the early Christian church.

        Your contention that Jesus was not a Jew sounds to me more like a conspiracy theory for anti-Semites. They want to love Jesus but can’t do this if Jesus is a Jew, so they need to “de-Jewify” him in order to love him.

  19. The title is misleading… ” The Chess Genius Who Hated Jews”
    I know that he was:
    The Chess Genius Who Knew
    1. Who Self-Entitled Jews Really Are
    2. What This People Really Think And Do
    3. What Is The Best Protection Against Their Actions = Either-Or, Non-Questionable

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