BREAKING! — Military Coup and Firing Squad to Await Brexit Traitors Any Time Now

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Will the only solution to end the Brexit fiasco be a firing squad?

According to the latest news from the BBC, culled 45 minutes ago, British MPs are to take their seats in Parliament later on today to vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit proposals yet again. The BBC announces:

“The prime minister’s plans have been rejected on three occasions so far and the House of Commons is attempting to find a strategy that can gain majority support. A series of “indicative votes” on various options suggested by MPs was first held last week, on 27 March. None of MPs’ eight proposals secured a majority then, but those which received the most were a customs union with the EU and a referendum on any deal. Many of those eight options have returned for round two, but some have been replaced with new alternatives. Voting is expected to begin at 20:00 BST.”

For those who have doubts about the authenticity of our shocking report below, please check out the above quote on the BBC website, here.  The 45-minute figure may have changed by the time you get round to clicking on the link, but the words will be there to reassure you that all appears to be going according to schedule.

According to the latest reports which have reached me, however, reports which appear to be more like unsubstantiated rumours if not irresponsible speculation of the worst kind, a major military coup is planned to take place at 22:00 BST precisely. The Prime Minister will be arrested in Parliament as she gets up to speak, with the full support of controversial Speaker of the House John Bercow, aided and abetted by 32 hardline Brexiters who are dissident members of the European Reserach Group (ERG) known as the “Spartans”.

The Prime Minister is to be charged with high treason, my sources indicate, for betraying the 17.4 millions British voters who voted for Brexit on 22 June 2016. 

She will be led from the packed chamber in handcuffs for her own safety and security and not as a vindictive attempt to humiliate her. Britain’s top politician will then be driven in a bullet-proof Rolls Royce to Holloway Prison where special accommodation has been set aside for her in an isolated wing reserved for prisoners with Oxford educations and close links to Royalty and international grandees.

It is rumoured that the CIA and British Intelligence are aware of the imminent coup and that it has the full support of American President Donald Trump.

A caretaker government is to be installed under the semi-dictatorship of former UKIP leader Nigel Farrage, with Jacob Rees-Mogg offered the plum post of Chancellor.

The pound is expected to fall spectacularly, as much as 25 percent over the coming week, allowing American, Russian and Chinese speculators the unique opportunity of buying up huge chunks of exclusive property in Belgravia, Hampstead  and the Home Counties. Dollar billionaires like Hungarian Jew George Soros are already preparing to make offers on various Royal Estates, though Buckingham Palace has been set aside as the Queen’s exclusive residence. The Palace is expected to go under the hammer at Sotheby’s, but only after the Queen’s death as a mark of respect to the beloved monarch.

Full details of the revolutionary plans for the immediate future remain amorphous and highly speculative at this stage, with much depending on the caprice of Donald Trump and his Zionist Jew supporters, especially his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Without these powerful figures behind the coup, it could never have taken place, it is plausibly argued.  Trump is reported to have said with his characteristic chutzpah: “I am the new Robespierre and Theresa May is my Marie Antoinette.”

As every reader knows, Marie Antoinette is the 18th century French queen who is said to have incensed the starving  masses during the French Revolution by saying, “Let them eat cake!”

THERESA MAY: “Let them drink coke!”
TRUMP: “I am the new Robespierre
and Theresa May is my Marie Antoinette!”

Warning to reader: false quote alert!
Seems to be made up by evil satirist.  

—   §   —

Unbelievable. But these are interesting times. Of one thing we can be certain: the unexpected always occurs, least of all when you don’t expect it.

My source at GCHQ, with whom I have been in constant contact for the last 24 hours, has outlined the following scenario for the 100 critical days ahead:

— A complete purge in Parliament; the mass arrest of anti-democratic MPs; the possibility of firing squads to deal with the numerous malefactors involved; the immediate reintroduction not only of capital punishment but also of corporal punishment for incompetent and anti-democratic MPs. 

—  A swift solution to the Northern Ireland backstop by the simple expedient of allowing the Irish to have their own country back in its entirety, not just half of it. The South of the country, now in Irish possession, will be reunited with Northern Ireland. A referendum will then be held in a United Ireland in November 2019 to determine if the Irish wish to remain part of Europe, or to shake off the shackles of the European superstate and seek full sovereignty and independence from unelected officials in Brussels.

— A full trade deal between the US and Britain, making it no longer necessary for Britain to go begging on bended knees for a trade deal with recalcitrant and uncooperative European autocrats. If necessary, a banning of all goods from Europe, or, failing that, very high tariffs. This would be seen as a condign punishment for the 27-state juggernaut, intent on flooding Europe with endless streams of immigrants posing as “refugees”.

A military source is quoted as saying: “We’re not going to let our country turn into an Afro-Asian colony. This is our country and we intend to keep it for our own people!”

Yes, tempers are running high. Very high indeed. I am myself fighting very hard to stay calm.

—   §   —

By the end of this year, President Trump is apparently thinking of offering Britain a unique Christmas present: the chance of becoming America’s 51st state. “Join up with us,” he is reported to have told Farrage. “All Brits will be offered American citizenship by early next year. The pound will cease to fall when it becomes the American dollar.”

Serious thought is now being given to these revolutionary proposals.

Indeed, America’s beloved ally Israel is said to have offered its services in helping Britain to set up and run its transitional government, soon to morph into a new Anglo-American empire — Pax Angloamericana.

There is only one stipulation on this conditional offer from Israel,  a proud nation that has falsely been accused of spreading philosemitism and seeking world domination: Holocaust denial is to be made a capital crime immediately. “People who deny the Holocaust will be strangled to death by specially trained Public Stranglers,” Netanyahu is reported to have said. “We have hundreds of volunteers for the job already.”

I swear that every word written here, though possibly incorrect, has a very good chance of becoming true in the foreseeable future.

Written this day, anno domini, April 1, 2019.


Lasha Darkmoon

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

57 thoughts to “BREAKING! — Military Coup and Firing Squad to Await Brexit Traitors Any Time Now”

  1. Wow! We’ve just been hit by a tornado! Have never read anything like this. What kind if evil world are we living in if horrors like this are about to be unleashed on us in the next 24 hours? How come the mainstream media haven’t picked up on this?

    Lasha, thanks for keeping us up to date.

    You are an invaluable source of exclusive information.

    1. Breaking news. “Lucky Larry” Silverstein has been arrested and charged with mass-murder. He’s been transported to San Quenten. An update soon follows. 😁

    1. @ Felix

      April Fool? I’m not so sure. I’ve heard similar reports in exclusive venues frequented by the aristocracy and the bon ton of the metropolis, by which I mean of course the most exclusive gentleman’s clubs in London of which I happen to be a humble member. I refer to Brook’s, Boodles, White’s Club, the Carlton Club, the Garrick Club, the Reform Club, the Travellers Club, and the famed Athenaeum.

      I have heard hints and whispers of these things for the past week in these temples of high renown and have done my best, of course, to stifle these rumours which I regard as insulting to the greatest Prime Minister in British history, if not to Her Gracious Majesty the Queen. To no avail. The rumours persist. It is from exclusive sources such as this that the indefatigable Ms Darkmoon has no doubt gleaned her explosive information.

      By revealing this info on April 1, Ms Darkmoon has acted wisely. She is covering herself in case she is arrested because she can always say, “This is an April Fool’s joke.”

      Smart move, LD. Very smart move! Positively Machiavellian, in fact.

  2. I find it very hard to disbelieve Ms Darkmoon’s latest revelations. What with the Moon Landing hoax recently exposed, I find it quite easy to believe that firing squads are being set up to get rid of the anti-democratic British government.

    I just wish they’d get on with it. Why are they procrastinating? Heck, all they need to do is line up the culprits and pull the trigger.

    BANG! BANG! BANG! — Problem solved.

    1. “Moon Landing hoax recently exposed”???! Calling Ted Twietmeyer, Jay Wiedner, host Jeff Rense, Stanley Kubrick (ooopsie! gone like snow on the water [ISB]). If “recently” is long ago, I guess “immediacy” is NOW. But it’s alright, Ma, I’m only bleedin’ from the lies….

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that LD’s “secret informant” is Seymour Zak himself.

  4. Too bad it’s so far gone now that this is the sort of thing that needs to happen… in the USA too…
    Excepting of course the bit about strangling antisemite holocaust deniers…

    1. Well, where Holocaust denial is alleged to become a capital offence, denial of the Holodomor involving an estimated 60 million Eastern Europeans at the hands of a Jewish majority, must also be made a capital offence.

      We could also add to the above, denial of the Armenian Genocide at the hands of predominately Donmeh Jews otherwise known as the Young Turks.

      1. Holodomor: 60 million deaths? Surely that’s an exaggeration?
        Or is “60 million” a typo for 6 million or 16 million? 🙂

  5. LD a Jester? On Fool’s Day?! How sweeeeeeeet it is! Bet she’s not employed!

    An unemployed jester is nobody’s fool.

    Anna Von Reitz (you’ve heard her name through me before) recounted a brilliant anecdote about the “Idiot’s Defense”. I have no competence in Law, Common, fake, or otherwise, so, PLEASE, do not take the following words as “legal advice”. AVR first described the privileged status of “jesters” in Merrie Ol’ England, thereabouts and thenabouts, feel free to fact check. Like sacred cows in India, one did not harm or otherwise bother idiots (aka “jesters”). Hence, should one be brought to court for one matter or another, one merely cried out every time addressed, “I am an idiot!” Whereupon, according to Anna, the idiot had to be let go.

    I wrote a poem (what else for time-sensitive eyes connected to agitated brains, a few words, done and gone, mow blow and go, just like the we did in rural Wisconsin, once upon the day, a six-pack among three men we nursed through each day!)

    Upon encountering the assertion “An Unemployed Jester is Nobody’s Fool”.
    Note to SELF
    I write to record both memory and products of imagination.
    I think to articulate Reality as “Fantasy”, construct of Mind.
    Creating, I seek deconstruction, demolition of Here & Now.
    That I am, I am.

    acd 1Apr2019

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      Your information on Court Jesters in the olden days, otherwise known as “Fools”, is absolutely correct. These were employees / officials / courtiers attached to all medieval and Renaissance palaces and aristocratic houses.

      They were by no means village idiots or in any way brain damaged, however, but were actually sharp-witted satirists or wits whose job it was to provide entertainment during the long meals which went on sometimes for 3-4 hours. They cracked jokes and made satirical comments about the guests, sometimes very embarrassing comments, poking fun at the guests and teasing them. They could be whipped if they went too far. Many Shakespeare plays have their “Fools”, the best one being in “King Lear”, who took it upon himself to give the King a piece of his mind.

      At King Henry the VIII’s court, the Fool was encouraged to say pointedly rude things about certain ladies whom the King didn’t like. For example, to make fun of their long noses or find fault with their rotten teeth or their breath. There was nothing the lady or her husband could do about these dinner table insults because the Fool was under the King’s protection — a fully licensed entertainer whose stock-in-trade was teasing and banter.

      But if the Fool at Henry VIII’s court had dared to refer to the king’s obesity or suggest there might be something wrong with the king’s sexual equipment — because of Henry’s inability to produce an heir — he would have been executed at once. The Fool could only insult the courtiers who were in no position to retaliate. He dared not insult the Big Boss himself, though he could tease him in a jokey way.

  6. not saying we didn’t appreciate the joke-that’s-not-a-joke, but there are a few real subjects we might want to discuss, if we’re running out of material…
    the jesse schmaltz fiasco..
    vice president ‘handsynosey’ joe biden, what’s behind that…
    the deagle report…
    crop circles…
    the pole shift…
    underground bases..

    1. Bark,
      You left off mad cow disease that is running wide in the deer and elk herds in the US. Sniffy Joe Biden might moonlight as a sniff and feel tester for shampoo incorporated for babies, young girls, oily greasy hair and scalp, thinning hair, dyed hair, wigs and also tests for dandruff on shoulders and breasts and was also licensed by the Feds while VP to check for lice. TJ would say Biden would a lousy sniff and feel tester among Islamic women.
      Question: Do Islamic women even shampoo their hair and do they need to shampoo their hair. Do Islamic men even care if the do or do not shampoo their hair? Biden will never know.

      1. @ MB

        LD is not insulted by anything Barkingdeer said.
        (Moderator Sister Monica)

      2. @ Madame Butterfly

        Please get a grip on yourself and go easy on the booze. As an ex-nun, I am shocked at the gutter language you use. There’s nothing Barkingdeer has said to merit this foul abuse of him.

    2. Bark, the demons big and small have literally banned the entire (mother) culture and its stupendous material and spiritual knowledge from history, allowing the Universities and Hollywood to move in and proceed to brainwash and manipiulate the entire world.
      Mission accomplished!
      Here’s a short primer which barely scratches the surface yet conveys the gist perfectly.
      A Mother lode!

      1. HP

        This is why the information passed down from my red ancestors through their oral traditions from ancient times to the present is so important.

        (((They)))can’t ban what’s not written

      2. From the Ancient ones…..(an interpretation)

        The Original trespasser’s goal was to change the composition of a coalescent state of existence; the Divinely-intended reality. Imposed in a way that would create a certain condition of isolation to reflect a disconnection from the true nature of Creation. To im-pose upon it means its position is altered, resulting with a disruption in its state of confluent integration. This altered pose is called a “superization”; meaning its place is fixed. The fix was in, and a state of separateness resulted, whose purpose is to isolate* Creation (manifestation) from Divinity.

        What was formulated as a direct result of this surreptitious act taken against the Will of Man is a condition of “cloaking”, the illusion of whats known as matter – a fixation of physical containment, a virtual reality, one that DIS-integrates. Remove the cloak and Life functions in a state of Grace, and not subject to the forces and laws of matter, whose mechanisms operate as a disorientation of Spirit.

        To the usurping power (“Master of the Universe”) True Creation is a threat to be protected from, which prompts a force of action repelling a union of connectedness, one whose objective is to separate, not bond. This action superimposes illusive formats of Time and Space, and implementing this in what would essentially become a desultory condition REQUIRED the illusion of cloaking – concealed; hidden. Occluded; occult (c-l-o-u-c-t)

        Man is not made for this world. He simply adapts to it.

        *isolation: From the Latin “insula”, meaning “island”. But no man is an island

  7. I won’t believe any of this from the island of Albion until it is reported on CNN or MSNBC or the The New York Slims or the Washington Compost. Even then I won’t believe it because I don’t watch TV or read the Slimy/ Compost. Now, while all this Shakespearean Tragedy is playing forth on the Island of Perfidious Albion, the Chinese and Russians are building up their assets inside various states of the once Constitutional Republic of America. While many Americans have the noses shoved up the cracks of the info babes and psychopathic liars pulling a pay check for the above listed non-news outfits, among many others of the electronic cult, sudden destruction will come upon them. As it will for all of us. All this is no joke folks, this is a Shakespearean Comedy.

  8. admin
    thanks for the cover…
    here’s my advice to MB and striker PARKER –
    Call unto Thy Soul, Arise, and Come unto Me… For I am the Soul of Nature, who gives Life to the Universe… From Me All Things Proceed and unto Me All Things must Return; and before My Face, Beloved of Gods and of Men, let Thine innermost Divine Self be enfolded in the Rapture of the Infinite. Let My Worship be within the Heart that Rejoicest… For behold, all Acts of Love and Pleasure are My Rituals… Therefore, let there be Beauty and Strength, Power and Compassion, Honor and Humility, Mirth and Reverence within You… And Thou who thinketh to seek for Me, know Thy seeking and Thy yearning shall avail Thee not, unless Thou knoweth the Mystery; that if That which Thou seekest Thou findest not within Thee, Thou wilt never find It without Thee. For behold, I have been with Thee from the Beginning; and I am That which is attained at the End of Desire…
    so true man… thanks for the video… it’s a power pyramid.. it just won’t hold together if everybody has all the information… i guess you’ll appreciate this one too..

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      thanks for the cover…
      here’s my advice to MB and striker PARKER . . . . .

      The foul language addressed to you by Madame Butterfly is of course unacceptable, but the point she is making is a valid one. She and Parker have my complete backing. You are guilty of bad manners by sneering at LD’s totally relevant and brilliantly written article.

      You should stop lecturing Admin on what articles they should publish and not publish on their own site. That is unacceptable. It is Admin who decides what to publish on the Darkmoon site, as and when they wish. Not YOU!

      Brexit may not be of any interest to you as an American, but it is of vital interest to British and European readers. We all stand by Lasha’s article on this site. It has been hugely successful as a satire and described as “great fun” to read. (See ‘Comments’ on Tuthseeker’). The fact that you would rather read about crop circles tells me that you have no sense of humor and very little in the way of good manners. If you would rather read boring articles on crop circles than on Brexit, why not just go to an alternative site and do so?



      If you disapprove of my comment, delete it. If you approve of it, let it stand. Barkingdeer is in clear breach of the rules of your website:

      # 16. Sources. We make use of both alternative media sources and mainstream sources. If our commenters object to the stories we publish or the sources we choose, they are welcome to say so. But if they continue to find fault with our choice of stories and attempt to lecture us on what to publish and what not to publish, we will invite them politely to seek out another website more congenial to their tastes.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        The point you make is a valid one. We don’t accept lectures from commenters on what to publish on our website. Sneering at the articles we publish is usually a sign of immaturity, aggression and bad manners. Well-balanced people don’t behave like this. They either remain silent or find another website.

      2. “LD is not insulted by anything Barkingdeer said.
        (Moderator Sister Monica)”

        Why didn’t this suffice to silence the guns, one wonders?
        And gosh, does Lasha really find one of the most intriguing and mysterious events of the modern age, a bore? I rather doubt it. Stupendously anomalous events literally occurring in one’s own backyard normally arouse a sense of curiousity, in the least.
        Yeah, this is a real yawner, innit..

        The thread was basically over so instead of booing or throwing selectively sacred rules and backhanded purports why not instead enjoy the movie, consider it as satire or simply click it off?

  9. You’ve got it all wrong, we are being played by Jews as April’s fools. This kind of gullibility is what will result in western civilization’s downfall. Jews use the white man’s gullibility and ignorance to alternately confuse, distract, terrorize and destabilize the goyim or provide them with fruitless hope. Like that Jesus thing, where Christians believe a Jewish “god” will save them because they asked nicely.

  10. i like funkadelic’s song ‘maggot brain’ — “i have tasted the maggots in the mind of the human race. i was not offended.. for i knew i had to rise above it all, or drown in my own shit”…
    since i’m accused of lecturing anyway , for whatever it’s worth – we might all want to wonder at the growth of the snowflakey PC culture.. i see it’s alive here too..
    i’ve noticed people sometimes react too much to things said in letters, taking offense where there was never any intended.. no doubt there is something lost in the meaning in other than face to face conversations…
    those with too much hostility jump at the chance to misinterpret… why are some people so hostile?
    the man compliments the article and merely makes some suggestions about other subject matter, and right away he’s accused of ‘sneering’, when he was only trying to participate…
    would people be so personally insulting face to face? i doubt it, because they would see the person they’re verbally defecating on is not harmful… it’s easier to target people you don’t have to look at…
    i can understand i’m hated here by some for my heresy; that sort of pathos is still alive and well in the world…
    people are touchy about their religions, because, after all, they think it’s going to save them from anything and everything, not just death but hell too… that’s basically the same sort of fanaticism that licensed the burning of all those poor girls as witches… thousands of them tortured to death by religious monsters…
    the end does not justify the means.. that goes double in the god business… people who call themselves christians ought to know that much by now…
    optimistically, i suggest we can believe in god without any need for hate and paranoia…
    with the gross increase in immigration invasion, balkanization and the loss of national identities it’s easy to understand why some would want to tighten their circle.. it’s a lot like the growth of gangs on the streets of american cities, where if one is not recognized, indeed initiated, he’s probably an enemy…
    it’s not a good trend…
    to say a nationalist like me, who happens to be white, cares nothing about the brexit outcome is a bit ridiculous, not a real good guess…
    i want brexit very much and i want the european union broken back up into its individual nations… that outcome is critical to the future of the usa, where we have lots of globalist troubles of our own…
    i want all nations preserved and left according to their original racial and cultural makeup, so that diversity might be saved… and i want britain returned to england… now trump offers to make england a state…
    i’m just wondering if the huge increase in electronic communications, not face to face, has something to do with a growth of tension in society, in ways other than because people are being forced to listen to opinions they’d rather no hear in the first place – logical conclusions about why they’re possibly mistaken, expressions of hope for a new age, where the worst of the old ways is left behind, certainly including fanaticism in religion…
    it’s easy to see the PC culture spawned antifa and came up simultaneously with all the hatred in politics now…
    you don’t like my opinions, ok fine.. but don’t misinterpret, and stop with the personal insults…
    all criticism here is intended to be constructive… if not, kick me off…
    if you’re going to take it as existential threat, you put yourself in league with the israelis…
    if you’re going to react with hatred, i think your jesus must be ashamed of you…

    1. Barkingdeer

      i can understand i’m hated here by some for my heresy…

      You flatter yourself. No one hates you for the simple reason that you’re a total nonentity. As far as being hated for “heresy”, you’re not exactly a Martin Luther, are you? Your ragbag of platitudinous opinions, which are two a penny, can be found on just about any AltRight site. They hardly make you a “heretic”. So don’t kid yourself you’re some sort of maverick supergenius. You are Mr Nobody.

      you don’t like my opinions, ok fine.. but don’t misinterpret, and stop with the personal insults…

      It’s not your “opinions” that are being attacked, it’s your insolence to Admin and Lasha Darkmoon. It’s your bad manners that are being attacked, not your banal and boringly articulated opinions.

  11. I suggest this is all a storm in a teacup. Whatever Barkingdeer is said to have done, it’s not a hanging offence and he should be cut some slack. I find most of BD’s comments well worth reading and I hope he will continue to enlighten us with his fascinating insights. To lose such an exceptionally good poster, I feel sure, would be a source of great sadness to our kindly hostess Lasha Darkmoon — especially as she has made it clear she is not offended in the least by anything Barkingdeer has said.

    @ Admin

    I would suggest that you delete Madame Butterfly’s most recent comment. That is, if you happen to have read it. It is a disgraceful comment. Such a woman is a more than a disgrace. She is a menace. An abomination.

    1. @ Grammar Fiend

      I would suggest that you delete Madame Butterfly’s most recent comment. That is, if you happen to have read it. It is a disgraceful comment. Such a woman is a more than a disgrace. She is a menace. An abomination.

      I have no problem deleting MB’s disgraceful comment, especially if Barkingdeer specifically requests its deletion. Madame Butterfly has asked for the comment to stand as a lasting testimony of her shame.

      The sad fact is that MB has just experienced a nervous breakdown as a result of the traumatic death of her 10-year-old cat Moggie Moo in a hit-and-run traffic accident. She is utterly gutted because Moggie Moo apparently had mystical powers and could communicate with her mistress telepathically. Her loss has left a horrible vacuum in MB’s life.

      MB promises not to post on this site ever again unless Barkingdeer forgives her and gives her his permission to post again. BD can of course also ask for the disgusting comment’s deletion. I will then gladly delete it.

      Whew, I’ve had enough drama for one day! Thank God I don’t own a telepathic cat! 🙂

      1. 😆
        You’re a funny lady, Sister. Thanks for the laugh. And alas, poor Moggie Moo! 🐱

  12. Barkingdeer does not deserve all the arrows flung his way recently. He is not imposing his will on anyone.

    We all disagree at times. It’s OK!! Even, healthy!!

    Where is TROJ??? We can pick on him!! 🙂

  13. i say thank you to my supporters… believe me, i won’t lose any sleep over it…
    it’s fine for someone to say they don’t agree with something said and give the reasons why, but making personal attacks on posters here is completely uncalled for, even if they do say things that make someone uncomfortable…
    this is your site, but if it was mine, i’d kick people off for making personal insults.. it really is childish…
    yes please delete mb’s last flare… sardonicus too, if you like… neither of them add anything with their sniping…
    they’re trying to usurp authority by abusing a player.. it’s an old thug trick…
    i would suggest, if people can’t address the issues, but can only insult the messenger, they should sit on the sidelines a while…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      “yes please delete mb’s last flare… sardonicus too, if you like… neither of them add anything with their sniping… they’re trying to usurp authority by abusing a player.”

      I see that MB’s comment has been deleted at your request. Kudos to you! But your suggestion that MY comment, too, should be deleted because of “sniping” at you and for “trying to usurp authority by abusing a player”, will NOT be deleted for the following reason: YOU ARE YOURSELF GUILTY OF “SNIPING” AT LASHA DARKMOON BY TELLING HER YOU DIDN’T LIKE HER BRILLIANT SATIRE ON BREXIT (which everyone else liked) AND BY SUGGESTING SHE PUBLISH CRAPPY ARTICLES ON CROP CIRCLES ETC. ETC. INSTEAD.

      You should practice what you preach, Barkingdeer. Don’t advise Admin how to do its job! That’s the height of bad manners. It is NOT “free speech” to tell your hostess at a dinner party that you don’t like her soup, and spit in the soup bowl just to make your point. That is disgustingly bad manners! By telling Lasha you did’t like her article and to dish up other articles to please YOU, you were spitting in the soup bowl you were offered at her table — you were in fact spitting in her face!

      Yes, I know Lasha has forgiven you, but that doesn’t give you the right to insult her in a cowardly way you wouldn’t dare to deploy against Kevin MacDonald if you didn’t like one of KM’s articles. So why attack Lasha if you wouldn’t dare to attack Kevin MacDonald for exactly the same thing?

      If you had an ounce of decency, you would apologize to Lasha for insulting her. You would say: “I apologize for badmouthing and sneering at your article on Brexit. I guess I’m just jealous I can’t write like you.” No, you don’t have the manhood and the moral stature to make such an apology.

      Madame Butterfly was absolutely right to object to your insolence and chutzpah in “trying to usurp authority on this site”, which you were definitely doing by LECTURING ADMIN ON WHAT ARTICLES TO PUBLISH AND NOT PUBLISH!!!!!!!!!!

      I will copy and paste this first paragraph of MB’s deleted comment. I hope Amin will let it stand because it is a valid criticism of your double standards, your insolence, and your moral cowardice:

      MADAME BUTTERFLY to Barkingdeer : “You could bore the pants off anyone without even trying. I bet you wouldn’t have the guts to tell Kevin MacDonald to his face that you didn’t like the articles he published and say, “Hey Kevin, how about some articles on crop circles?” You know you’d be out on your fat ass if you dared to diss Kevin like that. So what do you do? you pick on Lasha Darkmoon instead. Just to get your rocks off. As far as I’m concerned, that makes you a contemptible coward.”

      Well said, MB! I denounce Barkingdeer as a coward for attacking a woman who never defends herself, the same bully who would think twice about attacking a man like Kevin MacDonald.

      If that’s not double standards and cowardice, what is?

      1. @ Barkingdeer

        Did you really need to advise Admin what articles to publish and not publish and to disrespect LD in the process? I mean, couldn’t you just have remained silent? Wouldn’t that have been more tactful? What’s it about you that you need to show off like this by giving offence to so many people?

      2. “not saying we didn’t appreciate the joke-that’s-not-a-joke, but there are a few real subjects we might want to discuss, if we’re running out of material…”

        Where is BH ordering or even telling anyone to do anything, much less spitting in anyone’s face? That’s impure baloney, crap sophistry.

        He’s offering nothing more than a SUGGESTION for a new article at the end of a waning thread. Perhaps even a new article with (gasp!) esoteric or occult subject matter, for a change of pace. And it’s hardly a suggestion which will cause Lasha to swoon at the thought or wring her hands – ohhh woe is me I’m absolutely repulsed and disrespected! Au contraire, mon faker.

        It’s YOU, Sardonicus, who has injected all the above into this posting and it’s not the first time you’ve done this. Deja vu is what it is.

        And oh yes I can read between the lines, bully boy. Hardly Zen-like subtlety.
        Very much crappy philosophy.
        I will offer one Suggestion (not an order) to you as I wave goodbye.

        Brew up a gallon of green tea and go stare at that wall some more. Much more.
        Maybe some day it will actually tell you something.

        1. I second that. Homer should stick around. His loss to this site would be a very sad blow to Lasha who holds Homer in very high estimation. I happen to know that and I think Homer knows that too. He beings a spiritual dimension to this website which it needs very badly to keep on an even keel.

          1. @ Hp
            @ Barkingdeer



            I apologize sincerely for getting things out of proportion and giving offence to you. Maybe, as you point out, Barkingdeer meant no harm and I’ve made a mountain out of a molehill. In which case, I need to apologize to Barkingdeer too, and I do so unreservedly.

            What I propose to do is to take Lasha’s advice and (a) offer an unreserved apology for my behavior and (b) leave this site at once and retire into private life, concentrating on other matters that require my attention. I will not be missed because I know I am unpopular and that many people on this site would breathe a sigh of relief if I left voluntarily. So this I now do.

            Perhaps I wouldn’t do this if it weren’t Lasha’s advice to me in an email. She writes, and I quote her exact words:

            “Old friend, it’s time for you to hang up your battle axe and retire from the fray. Would you do me a favor and leave the site voluntarily? I don’t want you to drive away our best posters by your bad behavior. If you left, there would be no need for Barkingdeer and Homer to leave. BD is an excellent poster with many fine things to may, so I want him to stay and there’s absolutely no way he has offended me. As for Homer, I would never forgive you if you drove Homer away. I’ve known him too long to sacrifice him to your bad temper and lack of self-control.”

            Harsh words coming from Lasha, whom I have known since she was 21 and studying Fine Art in Florence where I happened to be giving some lectures on early Renaissance painting.

            Barkingdeer, sorry. Please continue posting here as before. Homer, same to you. And peace to you both.

            OK, that’s it. I’m out of here now. The rest is silence.


            ADMIN TOBY: Sad to see you go, Sardonicus. But I think it’s good advice you have received from Lasha.

            BTW, Barkngdeer and Homer would be interested to know that Madame Butterfly won’t be posting here any more either. If she hadn’t left voluntarily, she would have been banned permanently from this site. She needs to go on the wagon. The demon drink has left her a total wreck. So sad.

      3. hp

        I think you meant BD, although I do the same thing myself by dropping hints about introducing new subject material

        But don’t go, brother! Who else can I go back and forth with on esoteric and spiritual stuff? Athough I’ve come pretty close to leaving myself. I seems like we’re dropping like flies around here. 🤪

  14. HP
    you said it brother…
    SM says herself i’ve not offended her…
    they ignore that though, because it doesn’t fit their narrative…
    i feel like dropping off this blog too… too many toxics, whose attacks are off-base and not even reasonable…
    i’m not reading them anymore…
    guys like you and pat, brownhawk and arch and others are keeping the site interesting, and i don’t think you’re trolls at all; not sure about some of the more uncivil among us…
    i’ve said before we should all try to stay out of the weeds with these personal conflicts and stick to the subjects at hand, resisting the urge to retaliate.. after all, it’s not about us, it’s about what we have to contribute…
    it’s up to admin to decide if posters are at least still trying to do that, or if they’re just here to pick fights…
    thank you for your restraint, but some people are obviously looking to be offended, being offended where there was no offense, then hurling insults… perhaps you should council them as well, to be more like you…
    besides, are we really not allowed to make suggestions?
    they say the ‘british’ make the best policemen, because they’re so polite, i guess, which equates to tactful, in keeping troubled situations from escalating… police are supposed to be ‘peace officers’, after all… and there is a lot to be said for that…
    but has it reached the point in england where those nice polite ‘british’ people have been too acquiescent for too long, treading too lightly, zipping their lips too tightly, while their country is overrun with toxic foreigners and their obviously jewish puppet PM simply hands back their referendums until she gets the right results?
    the simple fact is – theresa may, whoever she really is, is only a stooge for the ashkenazi banksters, who don’t want brexit…… she doesn’t represent the english people.. she represents the jewish zionist people, the same way chuck shumer and diane feinstein do in the usa… and they don’t even mind saying so…
    jews control england, they control the usa… that’s the problem… that’s why the dysfunction… their interests are not those of the english people, not those of the americans, which is why those governments don’t work…
    nationalist sentiment may be all that’s left to save white europe and the usa…
    now, trump disrespects theresa may, that’s interesting, since he’s pretty mazaltavy himself…
    will trump now close the border with mexico? because that really will be interesting…
    have a good day everybody…

    1. Bark, I’ve cooled down and hope to make peace with Sardonicus.
      I don’t believe you had any of that vitriol coming but hey, we’re only human and I’m willing to let it go and press on. Yeah, I know that’s easy for me to say because I’m not the one who was being attacked. Not directly anyhow.
      Nonetheless, I’m done with it and hope you also deside to keep on keeping on.

      Then again, I’m an odd parrot, a black sheep and always have been so there’s that too..

    2. @ Bd

      This is an exceptionally good post.
      More from you please.
      And take care in dangerous waters! 🙂

  15. Dammit Sardonicus, now look what you’ve made me do!
    Apology accepted. No need for you to go. Nor Madame either. Not on my account.
    Even as I appreciate and am truly humbled by the attention and care shown to me by Lasha and others.

    I understand everyone has problems, suffering and angst which at times causes them to act out, torment others or leap off the path of reason and civility (except for Pat, it seems) and obviously I’m not perfect or in complete harmony either. I know at times I’m a sarcastic smart ass and come off as a know it all and believe me when I tell you I doubt very much anyone here has in their lives behaved worse than me or surpassed me in wickedness.

    But literally scolding someone isn’t something that comes easily to me, and never has. My own children, not to mention my various employees through the years all knew this and would take advantage of it, to a point. But after that point was reached a scolding or a spanking was inevitible and this they also knew. Fair enough and even odd that it usually really did hurt me more than it did them. Odd as well is that the same thing applies here.
    I don’t like bullying, I never have. By me or anyone else.

    Sardonicus, you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure and pain to know via the WWW. I admire and enjoy your intelligence and your defense of the fair minded and thoughtful Lasha, if sometimes overdone, speaks for itself.

    I’m ready, willing and able to relegate the entire matter to water under the bridge status. And I don’t mind a bit of criticism or a unsolicited teaching moment, when one is due. Something else Pat seems to get (lol).
    Either way I wish the best for you and the Madame, I truly do.

    Once again, apology accepted. I hope you decide to and are permitted to stay here to educate and enliven this unique site with your own uniqueness.
    Perhaps a bit of polishing for that trusty sword might be the answer?
    I think it is..


    1. @ Hp

      I am glad you have decided to stay. As a mostly silent reader, I would have missed your sanity and wisdom if you had decided to drop out.

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