BREAKING! — White House Insider FIRED for revealing Trump is a Jew

With acknowledgements to Truthseeker

LD:  We have no way of knowing if Trump is a Jew or not, or if this is just another conspiracy theory designed to destroy the President’s reputation among his support base. I haven’t had time to watch the video yet, but I will do so later.  Meanwhile your views on the tricky subject of Trump’s ethnic origin are welcome. 

VIDEO  :  5.50 mins

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  1. Probably more disinformation or misinformation; the idea is to confuse people, so as they don’t know sh*t from shinola….it works very well most of the time.

      1. Pat,
        Who gives a Sh*t anyway. American’s are shinola on all the time.
        However, if Jerry Kushner is the 2nd coming, what’s that make his face lifted bride from the Trumpian stables?

      2. TJ –
        “Who gives a Sh*t anyway.”

        Insurance companies DO!!

        In the US, life insurance companies can base premiums on what they find on social media accounts.

        PatronScan scans IDs at bars and restaurants and identifies ‘troublemakers’. A “public” list is shared among all PatronScan customers who then can refuse service to individuals with objectionable behavior.

        Silicon Valley Is Building A Chinese-Style Social-Credit System in the US!!

    1. I was really hoping for some kind of follow-up information to this. I guess this may have taken a back burner position in light of another “mass shooting” (Texas, again….yawn) by none other then our greatest resident evil, the lone white goy gunman, likely with an ax of some kind to grind and toting a polished-to-a-high-shine manifesto in all of it’s antisemitic and white nationalistic glory, as it were.
      I’ve been subscribed to Henry Makow’s blog/website for several years now and don’t recall ever having seen anything quite like this from him (instructing subs to download audio before it’s scrubbed from YouTube – how did it even last on YouTube for a red hot minute?) Have not come across the audio on Bitchute.
      I definitely found the phone conversation between Goldberg and “Isabella”? on the odd side? Is she Jewish, as well? Is this what they mean by “leaking” as to why she was fired?

      1. Of course Trump is a Jew!
        He is as Jewish, as someone could be!
        Is Donald Trump Jewish?

        D.Trumps first wife was Jewish, his 2.nd one was – so is his 3rd Wife!
        Melanias Parents changed their Jewish Name Kaufman, to some Slavic Name…as these Jews change their Names like socks…
        So Melania is also a Jewess-!
        Don’t be confused by the Baptising if their Son…. it’s perfectly OK, to deceive the Goyim: A JEW MAY PRETEND HE IS A CHRISTIAN TO DECEIVE CHRISTIANS.
        In Iore Dea (157,2 Hagah) it says:
        “If a Jew is able to deceive them (idolaters) by pretending he is a worshipper of the stars, he may do so.”

        The humans have been deceived for so long and truth inverted, it is any surprise that anyone has any modicum of understanding about the deception. The half breeds have got all bases covered. we all have been fooled!
        Trump is a Jew!
        Isn’t Trump the biggest Jewish PsyOp around?
        His father died in a Jewish Hospital- so who would die in a JEW Hospital? His dead brother was in a Jewish Fraternity and he claimed, our family is Jewish.
        Melania Trump is a Jewess- her parents Name was changed several times, however it was originally Kaufman ( like Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkeys and other Jewish Kaufmann’s)
        His wife before was Jewish…and you guess, the wife before that, was also Jewish!…so does Trump only marry Jews?

        even trump’s doc is jewish

        What Jewish antecedents, if any, does President Donald trump have?
        Â On his father’s side:
        Â The Trump family came from Kallstadt which is near Alsace and the French border. They appear to have been vineyard cultivators. The Heinz family also came from Kallstadt and the Trumps are related to them. The Heinz family traditionally had good relations with the Jewish community. The present heiress, Teresa Heinz Kerry, is the wife of John Kerry but NOT a physical descendants of the Heinz family. The famous Jewish Rabbi, Rashi (1040-1105), was also a vine-grower and producer of wine. He dwelt in Troyes, Champagne, Northeast France, which is to the west of Germany but not that far away. Jews were prominent in viticulture (wine vines, etc) in those areas in early Medieval times. Later persecutions and decrees forced the Jews to abandon this trade. Jews in this region were often attacked and forced upon pain of death to convert to Christianity. If Trump is descended from Jews it could be that he descends from Jewish growers of the vine and producers of wine.
        Â The grandfather of Donald, Friederich TRUMP (Fred Trump senior), came to the USA at the age of 16. Eventually he entered the saloon business with a partner, Ernest Levin. This was the beginning of the Trump fortune. Levine is a Russian Jewish name. It means Levi. Fred later returned to Germany, married Elizabeth Christ and then went back to the USA. The son of Fred and father of Donald was Frederick Christ (Fred) TRUMP. The mother of Donald was born as Mary Anne MACLEOD in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Both parents of Donald Trump spent their last minutes at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. The father of Donald, Fred Trump Junior, had contributed money to Jewish Religious and non-Religious institutions.

        BTW …old Donald seem to have a Nose Job done, when he was a Teenager! Can’t post the pic here, which I have, where he had quite a J. Nose-

        So getting all the facts together…yep Trump is a Jew!

      2. There is MORE done in secret that will never be exposed by Makow.

        For example, here is a recent glimpse of the furthering of Noahide globally:

        The “Rebbe” (pronounced ‘rebba’) who he mentions is Manachem Shneerson who wanted Noahide Laws implemented. That is STILL the goal of the Chabad Lubavitchers.

        He tells the Chabad Lubavitchers are…. OPERATING IN TOTAL SECRET TAKING OVER RUSSIA with the help of ‘Put-On the Puny’!!

        “Rabbi Reveals Shocking History of Putin, KGB, Chabad, & Mossad”
        October 2019

  2. Donald Trump himself does not look Jewish at all, nor did his father, but his grandfather had definitely something Jewish in his appearance (especially his eyes). Here is a picture of his grandfather, his father and himself. Judge for yourself :

    It is possible that his grandfather was half-Jewish, which would make Donald Trump 1/8 Jewish. That would explain the out-spoken pro-Jewish attitude of his family.

    1. You can’t decide only upon someone’s appearance if someone is jewish. There are many jews who look more german than the germans. There are people who appear jewish but ain’t.
      The genealogy of Drumpf is vague and uncertain, like Putin, Hitler etc. When someone’s genealogy is uncertain, with even changing of surnames as is a habit of jews you can assume they are jewish considering also their behaviour, their networks and their fruits. So it is very possible that Drumpf might be jewish. The ‘ luck’ for Drumpf is that he doesn’t look jewish which produces a cognitive dissonance anidst his ‘ white’ fans. This is ideal for confusion and innuendo’s as jews like to use.

      1. Evelyn, very well said and I could not agree more. I’ve looked into this several times over the past few years and have ultimately come away with your overall mindset. We will never know any of this for sure and at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter with Trump because he is a proIsrael Zionist and doing nothing for the United States and plenty for his Israel-first handlers/money suppliers.

    2. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think any of them look Jewish. It seems Jews favored beards more than others, but Christians had beards too. Nothing in Trump’s demeanor or background, including his military academy education, says he is Jewish, and a picture of him as a young man could have been used on a recruiting poster for the Waffen-SS. He looks 100% Aryan. I think he is just another in a long line of politicians who have surrendered to their power and there is no doubt they have married into and now have a lot of influence in his family.

      Two things I read and watched could possibly help explain some things. First, I don’t know if you have seen any of Brother Nathaniel’s YouTube videos, which have now been wiped clean off the internet by YouTube, but this Christian convert from Jewry had informative and scathing critiques of the Jews and according to him, Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump was Jewish and her Czech name is Jewish. Years ago I thought she was gorgeous (and definitely not Jewish), but Brother Nathaniel says she has a huge Jewish schnoz, at least now, and she is Jewish. If this is true it could explain a lot. The other thing, and this might have a more solid grounding, is a new book out by this author Vicky Ward. The 3 podcasts mentioned in the body of the article contain a three part discussion of the excellent book on the Kushner family. It details how Kushner’s father (born 1954) was 1,000% Jewish, saw all non-Jews as the enemy, constantly obsessed over the “Holocaust” (don’t they all?) and wanted to become the wealthiest Jew in the US. This is the jerk that set up his brother in law with a prostitute, taped their encounter, blackmailed his brother in law and then went to jail for doing this.

      He made a disastrous financial deal that nearly bankrupted himself and humiliated himself further with the stunt he pulled on his brother in law and sister. He was advised by other Jews that having Jared marry into the Trump family could help him recover his ruined reputation. According to the author, Jared Kushner’s parents couldn’t stand Ivanka at first, but Ivanka was very interested in becoming a “Kushner” and she eventually won them over. If Ivanka’s mother Ivana was a Jew, this could explain why Ivanka was so willing to convert to Judaism. I would guess Jews living in a communist country like Czechoslovakia did not experience the religious part of being a Jew. According to the author, at one point Jared and Ivanka almost broke up but media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s (who I think is Jewish) mother (whose picture with her “best friend”, a rabbi, has been shown in the media) got involved to bring the two back together and it worked.

      This is how I remember the story from the podcasts. The podcasts are really good. I would like to get her book eventually.

      1. A daughter of a Jewish woman does not need to convert to Judaism. She is considered a Jew by birth.

        Religious experience “of being a Jew” has no importance in this matter at all: the blood is what maters. Because blood is the strongest allegiance.

        It is taught that the blood of a child is the same as the blood of its mother, and the blood of the Jews is special: cleaned and purged of all the sinful heritage by the Lord himself at the mount Sinai, and in the blood also dwells the soul of a Jew.

        The soul of a Jew is special, too: it contains a part called Neshama, that the gentiles do not have.

      2. I’m aware that according to Jews “a daughter of a Jewish woman” is a Jew but if the mother did not tell the husband she was Jewish and did not bring the child up as a Jew then it’s conceivable the child would be interested in the religion and might want to learn about it after learning she is a Jew, especially in a country like the US where Jews are honored as a great people superior to everyone else. While they held great power initially after WW II in eastern Europe, according to them at least, they suffered “anti-Semitism”. Ivana Trump was from Czechoslovakia and if you believe them, she might not have been told she was Jewish or might have felt the need to hide it. What I wrote is reasonable, especially if you believe the stories the Jews constantly tell, which I don’t, but lets assume some are true. According to Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State who was born in Czechoslovakia, she only learned she was Jewish as an adult,, after she was already Secretary of State. Get the point? There have been others with similar stories. The popular Chancellor of Germany in the 1970’s and 80’s, Helmut Schmidt who served in the German army during WW II, supposedly only learned his actual father was Jewish when he was over 70 years old. Got it? There are more examples just like these. I don’t want to sound rude, but I know what I’m talking about.

      3. @Rossi Furthermore, your statement that “Religious experience “of being a Jew” has no importance in this matter at all” is incorrect. Wikipedia says “Orthodox Judaism therefore advocates a strict observance of Jewish Law” and in this case they are correct. Jared and his parents are orthodox Jews and they could not bring their children up as such if Ivana does not know Jewish law, so if she voluntarily “converted” to Judaism, she would learn Jewish law.

      4. Peter,

        Even if a person finds out that he or she is a Jew at the adult age, there is still no need for conversion and even if, as you suggest, a person was converted not knowing that he or she was a Jew by birth, then the convertion would have to be cancelled since it downgrades that person’s status from a Jew to a proselyte.

        That means a Jew would become a ger, or gera, and if she was a woman then her children would be considered “ben gera” or “bat gera” and it would have to be added to their names in the list that the rabbis keep and affect their lives in a negative way, since there is a number of limitations for converts.

        You can read this article:
        Lord George Gordon’s comment about the meaning of Ben Bag Bag

        So, if a secular person, who was born to a Jewish mother, makes a decision to become an observant Jew, or to get married to one, then he or she has to go to a rabbi and his, or her, bloodline will be investigated through the archives and it will be determined if he or she is a Jew or not.

        For example, lets assume that someone, an adult man, is told that his grandmother on his mother’s side was a Jew and he wants to find out whether it’s true or not. He then goes to a rabbi and asks him how to check it out. This is what is written on this subject on the Chabad website:

        How Do I Know If I Am a Jew?

        “Judaism is passed on exclusively through the biological female line. This means that if you trace your Jewish lineage through your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother (etc.), you are Jewish, even if all other branches of your family are not Jewish.

        There are rabbis and rabbinical courts that specialize in documentation from various parts of the world.

        If you discover Jewish ancestry deep in maternal past, but have been living as a non-Jew, it is customary for you to dip in the mikvah, not as a conversion (since you already are Jewish), but to symbolize a clean break from your non-Jewish past.”

        In this case, as in our example, the person’s grandmother records regarding her marriage, funeral or birth would be found, or, if such records were lost, then the grandmother’s mother would be researched.

        And then the person, whose Jewishness was proved, becomes a Baal Teshuva. Not a convert. There is an article in Wikipedia.

        He can go to a synagogue, study in a yeshiva, participate in rituals and prayers and get married to a Jewish woman or even to a rabbi’s daughter, because his grandmother’s mother was a Jew and that alone is enough for them. Their blood is sacred.

      5. If what you are saying is true, then you know more than I on the subject. But unless you’re Jewish yourself, in which case you can believe anything you want about yourself, including any racism that is part of the religion, then I would use the words “[they believe] the soul of a Jew is special, too: it contains a part called Neshama, that the gentiles do not have” and use [they believe] when describing any other racist beliefs inherent in their religion.

        Most people that are not Jews do not believe Jewish superstitions or the racism inherent in the Jewish religion. As a matter of fact, because of Europe’s leadership and control over most of the world for centuries, by the 19th century philosophers and thinkers like Houston Stewart Chamberlain believed the Nordic races were superior to others, and this angered Jews greatly, and they have written about it since then, with Jews incessantly accusing Europeans of racism, including today’s bogus claims of rampant “white supremacists” or “white privilege”, coupled with statements by many Jews that they are “not white”, which I believe is true (but they mixed into whites). It is the largely Jewish owned media outlets pushing these narratives. And, as a matter of fact, thru the centuries some Christian thinkers believed just the opposite of what Jews thought of themselves, thinking Jews are inferior in certain ways, including morally. The recent cases of Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein and many others as well as the long history of such behavior by Jews suggests they may have been right.

      6. Peter,

        To suspect me of being a racist, on the basis of how I speak is preposterous. Same as if I said, that an adult person, who fails to feel a hint of sarcasm must be a patient in a mental hospital.

        Also, I think that Judaism is not racist. Because the Jews can’t be defined as a race, and because of their acceptance of new members, regardless of their race. Ethiopian Jews are black.

        So, Judaism is xenophobic, perhaps misanthropic, but is not racist.

        For those, who are not satisfied with opinions of the common folk, who research and form opinions of their own, and reaches deeper understanding it is clear, that Judaism is not a religion which seeks some kind of enlightenment. All these “superstitions” are meant to influence people, in order to help them form a powerful clan. Judaism seeks power.

        1. Rossi,

          You are obviously a man of high intelligence and your views are more than welcome here as far as I’m concerned. But I think it is incumbent on you that you should openly admit you are are yourself Jewish. Transparency on this point will help to prevent confusion. This can be accurately described as an anti-Zionist site (if not “antisemitic”), so you can naturally expect some opposition if you openly put forward the Jewish viewpoint.

          I wish to ask you a few honest questions:

          1. Would you agree that the Talmud is the heart and soul of Jewry and that the feeling of Jewish superiority among the rabbis stems from Talmudic teachings? By “Jewish superiority” I mean the doctrine that only Jews have a divine soul and that the goyim are basically animals, there to serve Jews and their interests.

          2. If the Jews are so superior, how come they are behind pornography and rank among the world’s greatest financial swindlers?

          3. Is there an internecine warfare going on right now between different types of Jews? A schism between the religious Jews and secular/profane Jews? Between Orthodox religious Jews and hedonistic, nihilistic Jews?

          4. Did the Holocaust actually take place or is it a “hoax” in your opinion?

          5. Would you admit or deny the allegation that Jews were heavily implicated in 9/11?

          Please answer these questions to the best of your ability.


          Zen Monastery,
          Osaka, Japan

      7. Judaism certainly is racist as Jews themselves have popularized and use the term and it’s ironic that the people that scream “racist” and “NAZI” so much are so racist themselves. But Jews have never shied away from being hypocrites. Israel innoculated blacks in Israel to prevent them from producing children while in Israel, while Jews in the US and Europe have led these countries into becoming multicultural to destroy the ethnicity of those countries. That is also racist, a racist act against Europeans (whites). To now start splitting hairs about the term is disingenuous. It’s a good term to accurately describe the hypocrisy, and hatred (a loosely used term also popularized by Jews) Jews display towards others while always crying to the whole world that they are innocent victims of the rest of the world and then say “pay up”.

        Since Jews have been hated and hounded out of most of the world’s countries according to their own account and some countries more than once over the last 1,000 years or longer, the hateful tenets of their own religion are an obvious starting point to look at as to why so much of the world often find the Jews repulsive.

      8. Sardonicus,

        1. Talmudic teaching has been the mainstream of Judaism for 20 centuries. But one of the most radical books I know of, is “The Jewish Idea” by rabbi Meir Kahane. And it is based on the Biblical text alone.

        So, to expose the foundation of a teaching, we need to get to the bottom of it, and it is in the Bible. For example, read chapters 9-10 from the Book of Ezra.

        Having said that, Talmud makes a stronger impression, because of its compressed phrasing, the grotesque images it arouses, and the amount of time it keeps the reader engaged.

        1. Many thanks, Rossi, for your detailed answers to my questions.
          Will try to get back to you later when I have some more time.

      9. 2. To figure it out, people need to read more about the less known sides of Judaism. Such as the messianic campaign, that took place not so long time ago. I can recommend some books.

        For example, “Redemption through Sin”.

        But here is an article that I suggest to read first:

        Though the issue is belittled in the end, it contains a lot of facts and figures.

      10. 3. Yes. For the hardcore Jews, immersed in the teaching there is no difference between a secular Jew and gentiles. As an illustration, here is what is said in the Talmud about ‘am ha-arez, the people of the Land:

        “Our Rabbis taught: Let a man always sell all he has and marry the daughter of a scholar. If he does not find the daughter of a scholar, let him marry the daughter of the great men of the generation. If he does not find the daughter of the great men of the generation, let him marry the daughter of the head of synagogues. If he does not find the daughter of the head of synagogues, let him marry the daughter of a charity treasurer. If he does not find the daughter of a charity treasurer, let him marry the daughter of an elementary school-teacher, but let him not marry the daughter of an ‘am ha-arez, because they are detestable and their wives are vermin, and of their daughters it is said, Cursed be he that lieth with any manner of beast.”

        This is Jews, talking about Jews. Find it on the page 155, read all of it:

      11. 4. The purpose of Judaism is to empower its followers, and to help them ascend to the top of the food chain. Not to attest to strict historical facts, or the laws of nature. It is based on belief, not on the scientific knowledge. And in this framework, a statement, or an explanation, regardless of its apparent meaning, has a hidden reason to be made: the effect it produces.

        Take a look at this page from The Open Court magazine, published in 1897:

        Read the last sentence. It states, that in the Bar Kokhba rebellion “six million Jews lost their lives”. Please, tell me, is it a hoax, or an actual fact?

    3. & TROJ @FR @ HP @ Uncle Toby @ Frau Butterfly

      Check out:

      The GJ comment August 26, 2019 at 6:11 pm:

      How jew inc. trumps America > via Angriffan jr comments 26 August 2019 at 07:22 at:

      Read how Joel Gilbert aouthor of ” Dreams of My Real Father” shows that “Obama” got a nose job.

      But: Did Donald T. get a nose job, years ago, to be more likeable to the average white American (& to hide his Askenazi cq talmud / tanya roots ?)

      It is quite visible actually in this short trailer at:

      13.00 – 15.00 : My new game is Trump the Game.


      Onkel Toby your name is not Idi Admin or is it ? Thanks for posting the GJ stuff 24 hrs ago, anyway

  3. There is a photograph from a New York newspaper that was taken in Queens, New York of Donald Trump’s father addressing the Jewish community who he had just donated very valuable NYC real estate.

    Sometimes the symbolism of an event exceeds the significance of the specific act itself.

    I have said in a previous post that almost without exception, most American white people have zero idea of the genetic group known as Jews. Which is why Israel uses DNA tests for immigrants.

    Many Muslims, no the other hand, can recognize a person who is Jewish.
    It is not that American whites could not do so it is that they think of Jews as merely a religious group.

    I believe that Trump’s father and Trump himself are at least part-Jewish.
    Look at who his children married.
    Look at Trump’s actions. He has kept NONE of his promises to the White Americans who voted him in.
    It has been all for people of color and, the Jews.
    Both are of the agenda.
    May you have peace everlasting with Almighty God.

    1. I am suspect of Trump’s father Fred, especially after having read what sounds like what you are describing about the real estate donation in Queens – I believe it may have been for some type of a club house or community center. Trump looks more like his mother even though you can see his father in him.

      Depending on geography, Americans like myself can spot a Jew a mile away – I don’t see Trump as being Jewish but of course a small percentage would be possible as with anyone else. I attended middle school and high school in a New Jersey town that had a large Jewish population – very small town, upper middle class and even as a little girl at 10 and meeting Jewish children for the first time, I could see that they were not “white” like me, if that makes sense. I could see they were different from me. I quite liked several of them over my years in school with them and especially got along with Jewish boys – the girls tended to be too intense or bratty/materialistic for me to ever feel comfortable around. Lots of the Jewish boys, however, tended to be perverts and it got worse by high school after they hit puberty. This is when many of them became less cute, too.

      Trump has not kept one promise to his voter base and he makes no bones about his loyalty to Israel in a way to me that suggests he makes no apologies for this and it is the hugest turnoff about me to him. There is a transparency and predictability to him that I loathe.

      1. @ Danielle

        Well said, Danielle! Excellent comment all round. Hopefully, you will hang around and give support to the other female commenters of this site. (Like the feisty ‘Madame Butterfly’) Most women don’t last long here because of the misogynistic bullies on this site.

    2. @Sardonicus
      August 31, 2019 at 6:46 pm

      While I have not noticed any misogynist remarks here there well could have been and I missed them.
      The modern idea of women’s liberation and all of that which was pushed by the Jewish supremacists over the last several decades is not good for women.
      That said women should be treated in the fashion, well as the Prophet (saw) said:

      Women are like glass—sensitive to force and maltreatment, easy to break and injure—so we must be gentle with them.

      1. @ TLOA

        Yes, I agree with the Prophet on women. They ought to be treated gently, but many of them have got ideas beyond their station. Feminism has emancipated women but they have now become too bossy for their own good. To be fair to Carlos Porter, I don’t think he is any more “misogynistic” than I am. If anything, I think Madame Butterfly is more misandric (anti-man) than Carlos is misogynistic (anti-woman).

        What we have going on nowadays is a “Battle of the Sexes”, with mutual hatred between the sexes getting more incendiary by the day. As a man, I will say this: I approve of Lasha Darkmoon’s anti-feminist philosophy. She clearly favors men over women and honestly believes that women are taking unfair advantage of men nowadays. In this debate on our site, her sympathies would be entirely with Carlos Porter and against Madame Butterfly.

        Lasha’s favorite quotation from Nietzsche is from Thus Spake Zarathustra. She takes delight in quoting it:

        “Thou goest to Woman? — Remember thy whip!

  4. Trump Family Donated ‘Bigly’ to Jewish, Israeli Causes
    20 Heshvan 5777 – November 21, 2016

    Israeli media have reported several important donations made in years past by both the late Fred Trump and his son, now President Elect Donald Trump.

    And Fred’s son Donald, as reported by Yediot Ahronot, donated heavily on both occasions when Israelis who had been expelled from their homes by their own government needed assistance to resettle.
    Donald Trump donated in the 1980s, to help build new infrastructure for the Israelis removed from the northern Sinai by the Begin government, which returned the peninsula to Egypt as part of the peace agreement. Then, in 2005, Trump gave again, to help resettle the Jews of Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip, exiled by the Ariel Sharon government.
    Effie Stenzler, former chairman of the Jewish National Fund, told Yediot that JNF approached Trump, among other wealthy supporters of Israel, for funds to build an infrastructure in new communities established for the exiled, and the real estate magnate gave generously.
    Donald Trump’s name even appears on a plaque in Moshav Dekel, in the Eshkol region, where his money went to build greenhouses, homes and roads for the evacuees.

    Here is a photograph from 50 years ago……. Real estate developer Fredrick Trump donated the land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center at 723 Ave. Z in Flatbush, NY, as can be seen from a promotional image released by that institution. The center is open and active to this day, offering programs for youth and the elderly, as well as an active synagogue:

    1. Maybe his father was as good a politician as his son. To Germans, the name “Frederick” is special because the name comes from Frederick the Great (Friedrich der Grosse), the great Prussian General. A Jew could name his son Frederick but it’s far less likely, particularly a German Jew born in the US. They tend to distance themselves from their Germanness, even insisting that a last name ending with the letters “stein” is pronounced “steen”, when its correct pronunciation is “shtine” or at least “stine”.

    2. Pat you could have been an ace reporter, once upon a time, when there was journalistic integrity.
      You posts are much appreciated.

  5. Most of us Americans really don’t know the difference, anyway. Before I began reading Darkmoon,, all I noticed was the difference in names and certain facial features. I always wondered, too, why they were often inclined to be political leftists, but it never bothered me so much that I gave enough of a damn to find out.
    With me, it’s like trying to describe the difference between Buddhists and Krishnas…. All I notice is that they wander around with shaved heads, wear togas and sandals, and generally act “different”. Every now and then, I encounter a couple of them cutting through our property to get to wherever they’re going, but hey aren’t inclined to much conversation. Maybe some learned soul, here, will explain the difference?? 😁🙂
    (I’ll check in tomorrow morning to see if someone answers.)

      1. Thanks, HP. I looked it up on, but nothing as in depth as what you present, here, was expressed. From THIS explanation (to which I admittedly need give more thought), I quickly perceive that, ultimately, there is little difference between the practitioners. What I see, too, is that a man such as myself might neglect his duties if he were to pursue a practice of meditation in this regard. For instance, I have cattle to tend, machinery to maintain, fences to build, and a whole slew of other things to do if I am going to be a good steward of the land. These Krishnas I encounter don’t seem the least bit inclined to hard work. Yes, I know it is, personally fruitless in my own lifetime, but if I am to do my duty to those I leave behind, and to the land, that work is REQUIRED.

    1. Gilbert, it might be an eye opener to visit your local Krishna community in regards to “hard work”. Their gardens and compassionate works in general reflect in their food, their love for creation and is a lot of hard “yakka” (Aussie slang for work) beside spiritual duties. To “work” the land can be a very spiritual and fulfilling experience (without solving technological failures in machinery or fencing oneself and all ones belongings in for protection).

      1. Jo –

        Yes, I suppose it would. Today, I emphatically noticed the absence of barn swallows and other insect-eating birds which used to swarm around disturbances which aroused swarms of insects, which the birds and bats would eat. Now, except for doves, there seem to be fewer birds and bats to keep down the prolific insect populations. I believe it is caused by excessive use of herbicides and pesticides in attempting to “maintain” crops. For the past couple of years, I have been noticing this. The insects have been ferocious on me this week because I have been bush-hogging high pastures which haven’t been clipped for a few years. While it’s beautiful in the “high country”, the insects and other pests, like rattlesnakes, are very noticeable. I’m using an open cab tractor because of the low-hanging tree limbs, and it is uncomfortably hot and buggy. Krishnas and Buddhists don’t put themselves through that kind of work, I suppose.
        Livestock requires fencing to rotate pastures, lest the land is destroyed by over-grazing. It is an unavoidable labor to keep it maintained. Krishnas and Buddhists probably don’t do that, either. I guess it can be a lot of work maintaining onesself, but to do it for subsequent generations and to help feed numbers of people requires more than a sedentary, meditative lifestyle. We’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. 😓

  6. America is f*****. The “democratic system” is rigged and has to be revised because It no longer brings to power the president who serves the citizens. Presidents are elected upon promises they give to the electorate but once they are in office they forget all about it and deal instead with lobbies, corporations and other financial bodies.
    The many and the few: the many have the power to designate the president and the few have the power to control him/her.
    Elections have become a matter of P.R.: You sense the needs and wishes of the majority, you take any presentable man or woman, you train them to feed the wishes back to the electorate and voila!

  7. PAT
    Is that the guy’s name really – “YEDIOT”?
    I’m pretty sure by now that the true purpose of the media is to put Americans in the dark and keep them there, to distract and divert them and keep them reacting from one sensation to another, and that the difference between what’s really going on in the world and what they think they know is even too big to comprehend…
    It could even be speculated the people in general sense this, but in some weird psychoshmyco way would really rather be lied to anyway… A nice shot on TV of an atomic bomb going off every couple of days keeps em in the BS groove… People don’t want to know what’s really happening, and the media gives them their money’s worth. It’s gone on so long now they don’t even plot it anymore… See this fool Joe Biden… He’s some kinda clown…
    Look at these pictures, see the last one on the right in the second row… The features, facial structure, noses, mouths, cheekbones…
    Judging for myself I’d say – Do not these two look a lot more like brother and sister than any of the three Trump men sent by FRANKLIN look like father and son?

    1. YEDIOT AHRONOT LTD. is a media production company based out of 2 Mozes Noah & Yehuda, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Tel Aviv District, Israel.

      Industry Media Production Company size 11-50 employees Headquarters Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Tel Aviv District

    2. Right, Bark
      People only want their bread and circuses, and they get exactly that. Fiddling and diddling like Nero while they’re at it.

      This is what life had been reduced to, and where things are headed. Where even THEORIZING about what we know to be legitimate
      conspiratorial actions will cause the “theorist” to be ostracized by the great majority of his fellow man.

      It’s all in the Protocols…#13 to be exact

  8. The next question perhaps is if Eisenhower was a jew. One can go to far with this smelling -jews thing without bringing hard evidence to the table (genealogical register). I am always suspicious if this does not turn out a slandering campaign against people who speak the truth, or people who cannot keep their emotions in check. For example Lauren Southern with her film Farmlands. You just chase away young people who could perhaps one day become someone of note. Youngsters must be given the chance to develope and explore and gain experience by trial and error.

    And if some with a drop of jewish blood writes the truth – the truth remains the truth. It works for us. It begs the question why must someone with a drop of jewish blood write the truth and not us? Are we too incompetent to do it ourselves?

    Of course when it comes to selecting someone for an elite position within white advocacy activists, it is a different matter. Then one should take a closer look and do a proper background reference check. One should always stay in charge and not give away the reigns to people who are known to ask at the end of the day if it is good for the jews. You don’t want to the wrong type of people within the officer ranks.

  9. “Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish” file in PDF by Miles Mathis, post written by “KnowThanx” in the comment section of “Must Listen: White House Insider FIRED for revealing Trump is a Jew” published by TheTruthSeeker

    In conclusion, the two versions are quite different, in the first version, the official, there isn’t any single cue about the Jewish origins of Donald Trump, in this second version, the counter-information version, quite the opposite, you’ll find several cues about the Jewish origins of Donald Trump, what a strange coincidence…….!!

    All the best.

    Fabrice, greetings from Italy.

    1. Who is this Miles W Mathis – is it a man of note? Is he like Ernst Zundel? He is an unknown number to me. What are his qualifications, background and experience? Is this a private observer like me, or someone recognized in the broader political community of the right?

      1. Pay no attention to Miles Mathis. He is an absolute fake. An attention-seeking narcissist suffering from delusions of grandeur.

        If you value the work of Kevin MacDonald, then you will have nothing to do with this imposter Miles Mathis who has accused Kevin maliciously of being “controlled opposition” and “working for the Jews”. Anyone who sneers at the valuable work done by of Kevin MacDonald and tries to spread vicious lies about him, is a man in my estimation who deserves the utmost contempt.

        I could tell you more about Miles Mathis if I had the time, but I just don’t have the energy to waste words on this paranoid schizophrenic braggart.

  10. Second Reply.

    In practice, he is a sort of “Renaissance Man” which means a person whose expertise spans a significant number of various subject areas (ex. Leonardo da Vinci), referring to the renaissance period.

    Apart from that, I always start from the premise that “suit doesn’t make the man” which means always use your own brain, never be impressed by the suit dressed by the man, it isn’t easy but not particularly difficult.

    Best regards.


  11. @Sister Monica

    I had just read “Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish” file in PDF by Miles Mathis in which I found some very interesting clues about the subject “Trump is a Jew”, and I just wanted to share this source, that’s all!

    But I don’t consider at all him a man who holds particular historical uncomfortable truths because he is smarter than anyone else, for example, I had also read his counter-information considerations about the life and death of Benito Mussolini:

    In short, for Miles Mathis, Benito Mussolini had Jewish origins, his death was a fake and spent the rest of his life abroad but this kind of conclusions are totally wrong because are based on very shallow investigations.

    Best regards.

    Fabrice, greetings from Italy.

    1. That’s OK, Fabrice. Feel free to speak your mind here. I like you.

      I’m not saying everything Miles Mathis says is “false”. Even a liar tells the truth sometimes, as when he tells his doctor “I’ve got a pain in my stomach!” You quote as an example of Mathis’s shallow knowledge and shoddy research his comments on Benito Mussolini’s “Jewish origins”. This is typical of Mathis. Sensational character assassination, based, as you rightly point out, on “very shallow investigations.”

      As for Trump being “Jewish”, Miles Mathis isn’t the first to make that allegation. Nor will he be the last. But the mere fact that Miles Mathis takes this anti-Trump line make me instinctively recoil and view old Donald with more affection and sympathy. As a man maligned. Donald must be doing something right to get a man like Mathis call him a “Jew”.

      The more Mathis opens his mouth, I’m afraid, the more he makes a fool of himself. This is the man who has said he knows more about physics and mathematics than Einstein. Ridiculous. It’s a bit like The RealOriginalJoe (TROJ), our resident Flat Earth enthusiast on this site, claiming he deserves a Nobel prize for Physics for his comments on cosmology! 🙂

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