Brexit Bombshell: Panic and Pandemonium Convulses Millions of Brits

By Lasha Darkmoon


House of Commons at boiling point in raucous Brexit debate

If the Brexit situation seems rather boring and incomprehensible to my American readers, who see the world from a trans-Atlantic perspective, I don’t blame them. I can say in all honesty that the Brexit hullabaloo, with all its twists and turns, delays and deliriums, is equally incomprehensible to most Brits—though by no means boring. Millions of people do not take to the streets, frothing at the mouths like lunatics, if they are bored.

Though most people, myself included, now find themselves bewildered in the extreme  by all that is going on and hesitate to venture an opinion for fear having egg thrown in their faces, I feel certain that we are now at a historic moment in this country. Yesterday was the first Saturday since 1982—39 years ago—that Parliament has graciously agreed to assemble to discuss a knife-edge situation and take a momentous vote on it.

I went into Ladbrokes yesterday at 3pm in Totnes.  Ladbrokes is the nation’s chief betting agency. This was to to get the odds on whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson would get his way and persuade Parliament to vote for his new deal with the EU, or whether Parliament would refuse to vote for him. In short, would Boris win and get us out of the EU by October 31, after a delay of three and a half years, or would Parliament win and deliver Boris a bloody nose?

To my astonishment, Ladbrokes refused to let me take a bet on the outcome. This is amazing, since usually they will let you take a bet on almost anything.

For example, you can take a bet on whether the earth will be hit by a meteor within the next 12 months, yes or no. No problem getting the odds on that. But they won’t let you bet on Brexit!

I found out why only later when I returned home and read this in Britain’s most popular newspaper:

When voters are given a straight choice between the Prime Minister’s deal and remaining in the EU there is a dead-heat, with both sides winning 50 per cent.  (The Daily Mail, October 19,  2019, p.4)

It is often said that the Brexit decision—whether this country opts to remain unhappily married to Europe or gets a clean divorce and cuts loose from a perceived tyrant—is the most important decision since July 1945 when voters decided to give the Tory government of Winston Churchill the boot and vote in the socialist government of Clement Attee who gave us the Welfare State, the NHS, and better conditions all round for the common people. Others claim that the Brexit decision is even more important than the abolition of the Corn Laws in January 1846, another step which can be seen as a genuine attempt to ameliorate the lot of the working classes.

Right now, an African male seeking entrance to this country can complain that his human rights as a homosexual are being trampled on in some godforsaken dump in the Sahara desert, and the British government will welcome him with open arms out of sheer compassion.  And also of course because it has a soft spot for gays. The persecuted African will then, after a year or two, send for his wife and 10 children. He has suddenly decided that he was actually straight all along and that his flirtation with homosexuality had been a temporary aberration. The British government, overflowing with the milk of human kindness, will accept his dubious arguments with alacrity and put him on the dole right away. Problem solved. A victory for human rights and altruistic lovingkindness.

In the 2016 referendum, the British public decided they’d had enough of this poppycock and told their degenerate rulers: “Enough is enough! Get us out of Europe! We don’t want to be ruled by these multicultural maniacs in Brussels!”

Problem solved? Nope. No way! The Enemies of the People in Parliament decided to kick democracy into the long grass. To hell with the 17.4 million “racists” who voted for traditional values and rejected the liberal values of the sewer rats in Parliament!

To this very day, 1215 days after the historic referendum, the British parliament refuses to give the British people what they voted for. They have found every excuse, these autocratic bullies who lord it over us,  to spit in the face of the electorate who pay them their salaries.

I could say more. I won’t. I could be wrong, totally wrong about everything I say here, but what choice do I have except to speak my mind and reflect the feelings of millions of others who think exactly like me?

I have no idea whether Boris Johnson is the New Messiah or the new Judas Iscariot. He could be either. I don’t trust anyone, not even myself. That’s how bad it is.

For a 90-second summary of the latest Brexit situation, click HERE

Then, for a slightly more detailed overview, watch this 5-minute video which will bring you all the latest news:

VIDEO :  5.35 mins

78 thoughts to “Brexit Bombshell: Panic and Pandemonium Convulses Millions of Brits”

  1. Brits are paying the full price for befriending the snake called Jew and wrapping it around their necks.

    The world situation is rapidly unraveling. Jews have overstepped their bounds and the backlash is rising as more people become aware of not only the Jews’ presence, but their murderous, psychopathic nature as well.

    Time for WWIII.

    1. LD —

      I don’t have a clue what’s going on either! Amazing that you can write such an exciting article about a subject you claim you know nothing about! I wish I could do that. The best line in the article is: “I don’t trust anyone, not even myself. “That made me chuckle all the way to the sanatorium.

      1. Brexit or die! Bomb the evil bastards! Death to the sewer rats!

        (Hey, only kidding. I adore rodents.)

        1. All Brits are crazy. Almost as crazy as the Americans I meet on this loonie website. After all, what can you expect? What are the Americans but the dregs of Europe? They are the riffraff who decided to emigrate to the New World with the Pilgrim Fathers. They were either Puritan fanatics or “the scum of the slums”.

          No hope for Perfidious Albion, the land of eternal rain and mist! No home for the Great Satan America, the country that cruelly wiped out 10 million Native Americans by scalping them and giving them blankets infected with small pox!

          This has nothing to do with Brexit of course. I can safely predict that things will go from bad to worse in Britain because the country is ruled over by Satan and his minions. The same prediction applies to America where Satan’s Whore sits in the White House disguised as a man with orange hair.

    2. There is a real risk of civil unrest in Britain; not war but I wouldn’t be surprised to see barricades and anti-government actions. London is barely an English city and wants to remain in the EU with open borders; likewise most of the south-east. The rest of the country is broadly for Brexit.

      From my personal observations it seems most of those outside London who are Remainers are predominately public sector people. They vote for big, strong, grasping and intrusive government, and who runs it? they do.

      1. Mr Zac
        UK, Europe and Murica (America) are not rule by Satan. They are ruled by the children of the Devil, i.e. Jews.

    3. Mr Arch Stanton
      You took these words out of my mind. Europe started to decay the millisecond it allowed Jews on its soil.

      1. Dex –

        Here is proof with admissions:
        This is a description of the system of personal debt obligation with private property as collateral. It goes back to the 12th century, at least. This is where Pharisee-style usury was brought to European Banking in London.
        **The Common Law Mortgage and the Conditional Bond – Penn Law …

        (Page 194 – Summary)

        “The conditional conveyance by way of security had been in use by the Jews for a long time prior to their settlement in England, and was used by them in England in their transactions with Christians. The technical device by which the conditional conveyance was effected was, in every detail, identical with the classical English mortgage in its original form, namely, two separate instruments were used and a third party was employed as a depositary. A device similar in conception and design to the conditional conveyance was used by the Jews during the middle ages in England and elsewhere for the purpose of effecting conditional obligations. This device was in every respect identical with the common law conditional bond in the earlier stage of its development.

        ”Both of these devices were developed by the Jews for the purpose of evading a certain rule of Hebrew law which is similar to the rule against penalties in English law.

        “The Jews introduced the business of money-lending on a large scale in England, and with it the means by which this business was carried on. When Englishmen learned the business of money-lending from the Jew they adopted his methods and devices, outstanding examples of which are the conditional conveyance by way of security and the conditional bond which have survived TO OUR OWN DAY.”

  2. If Prime Minister Boris Johnson would get his way and persuade Parliament to vote for his new deal with the EU… it is still a bad deal.

    The choice is to stay with EU jew banks or bring in US jew banks with the new deal Boris offers.

  3. Did Boris indeed hitch his wagon to the Trump?
    Because it’s either going to be Trump’s Boris
    who looks like Nigel
    or May’s Boris who looks like Igor.

    Who knows what economics lurks in the minds of men..
    (among other things)

    Logic says Igor.
    But the sneaking feeling says Nigel.

    1. A very tricky question, Homer. One fact we know for certain. You will find it in the second 5-minute video. Theresa May stood up in Parliament yesterday and gave an impassioned speech in which she begged Parliament to vote for Boris Johnson’s deal.

      So what does that tell you? It tells you that Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, rejected three times by Parliament and by Boris Johnson himself, is pretty much the same as Boris Johnson’s new deal. Maybe it’s just Theresa May’s deal with cosmetics.

      I don’t think the British public are going to get what they voted for. There is not the slightest chance that mass immigration is going to stop. New migrants are pouring into Britain every day of the week.

      Is Trump doing anything about mass immigration into America?
      I don’t know. I’ll leave that question to you and the other Americans on this site. You live there, so you know better than I do if Trump is delivering the goods or not.

      Trump certainly talks the talk, but is he walking the walk? 🙂

        1. I think you are right. If both Theresa May and Kenneth Clark approve of his new deal, which they do, it has to a deal that pleases Remainers. In short, a FAKE BREXIT. What can you expect from an Old Etonian?

    2. Sardonicus, it’s a fool’s bet to bet against America Inc.(cia) with it’s carny Congress(cia), Alphabet Intelligence Agencies(cia), M$M(cia), Social Media(cia), Hollywood(cia), Academia(cia), Google(cia) and last but certainly not least, Google A.I.(cia). Quite the lineup, innit.. Looks and sounds like a job for Divine Intervention disguised as Mother Nature and Co.

      Still, barring any blatant acts of natural law, such as a stray lightning bolt, rogue banana peel or perfectly slippery set of stairs, here’s my prediction for the 2020 bigly election, redux.

      As far as immigration, I don’t see it here in my small town of 15K where a Sikh, a non-professional Asian or a MS-13 person is still a bit of an oddity. Seems more like big city metropolis sensationalistic M$M B.S.
      I do see a lot of poor people. Mostly much poorer in spirit than in possessions. Lower class people aren’t what they used to be. It’s that psycho-techno mesmerism with a dash of medication, thing.

      1. Yes, brother Hp, you are right again!
        Your wisdom never ceases to amaze me.
        Sincere apologies to you if I’ve sometimes given you offense.
        Not intended. Caused by LSD deficiency! 🙂

      2. Sardonicus, LSD deficiency and pretty much every other deficiency are nothing chanting
        “Om Namo Amitabhaya Buddhaya” can’t cure..

      3. Sardonicus, it just seems an appropriate mantra for you.
        “For those who want to practice chanting, they may select other Buddhist holy names or mantras according to personal inclinations”
        On Chanting “Amitabha”

        Om Mani Padme Hum —
        (Who is the Jewel in the lotus?)

        1. @ Hp

          I am thinking about Christian mantras, which might seem more appropriate for Christians. For example, there is the Christian mantra “MARANATHA”, widely used among Christians. There is the “Jesus Prayer”, used as a mantra by Russian Orthodox Christians, especially the holy wandering mendicants or pilgrims. Which they have used for centuries. This would still their breath and produce immense calm. I don’t know what this sounds like in Russian, but the English version of the Jesus Prayer is: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.” This was repeated automatically all day, even while walking, and this became unconscious and part of the aspirant’s very heartbeat.

          There are many other techniques, Homer, for producing a still mind — a lake in which God can fish.

          There is the angler who sits all day staring dreamily at the placid glass of the lake, at the sunlight dancing on it. My father used to do this while fishing in the Ganges in the Himalayas over 70 years ago. He was not consciously “meditating” but I think this explained his inner calm.

          Then there is staring fixedly at a flame, or at a spot on the wall, or at mandalas. This, too, produces an extrasensory calm.

          There are many paths up the steep mountain, I believe.

          I think it would be wrong to forbid a Buddhist mantra to a Christian and vice versa — i.e. it would be equally wrong to forbid a Christian mantra to a Buddhist. While that may be true, I think you will admit that it would be absurd to tell a devotee of Krishna to chant the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a Christian.” Why would a Hindu appeal to Christ when he already has Krishna and feels more at home with Krishna? Similarly, I don’t think a Christian monk would feel too happy chanting Krishna’s name when he already has Jesus Christ.

          All this is obvious and hardly needs stating.

      4. Sardonicus, yes, obviously why God invented the Holy Rosary and all those Psalms for Christians!
        I’m sure there’s even more..

      5. “Lower class people aren’t what they used to be” – applies to all other castes HP. People in general are not what they are used to be. The war on the life force beyond the caste system is well advanced and all of the ones “left” holding the light (and ones head) above the muddy waters” should tolerate all “straws” that float while struggling in the dark seas of sticky deception. As Sardonicus perfectly well wrote: “for producing a still mind — a lake in which God can fish, many paths exist up the steep mountain” and one should use and/or encourage whatever feels the most intimate and divine. A perfectly drawn spider web covered in dew during sunrise, an Om mane padme hum or a Hare Krishna chant, a rosary, or a perfect moment of love in space and time have more in common than one can imagine. Limitations only exist in ones own imagination. To stick to “one straw” or trying to hold on to as many as one can at the same and given moment – the goal will be much of the same fabric: become the stillness of the lake to listen, experience and evolve seamlessly into the marvelous composition of infinity.

      6. Jo, thank you, yes, the best stuff on earth and in heaven is for the most part, free. To any and all.
        And as an extra added incentive, neither can the best stuff be bought with diamonds. Sweeeet..

      7. “Become the stillness of the lake to listen, experience and evolve, seamlessly into the marvelous composition of infinity.”

        A great and profound thought, Jo. 😃
        “Still-ness” Being yet (still); everlasting

        1. Welcome back, BH! Don’t sulk if your comments are sometimes deleted or held back. It’s happened to me dozens of times, and here I’m still — unconquered!

          ADMIN doesn’t have it in for you if they crack down on you now and again. They’re just doing their job. Please let us know your thoughts on the new Bobby Fischer article. Your out-of-the-box wisdom would be appreciated! 🙂

  4. ADMIN: Found in Spam and approved.
    No idea why your post ended up in Spam.

    Clearly, The entire Western World lost WWII. What do you imagine the Western World would look like today had the Germans prevailed? Do you think the left would be importing sub-Saharan Africans er al and their numerous off-spring to live on the dole in the U.K. and commit acts of violence native Brits are called “racists” for opposing? It’s time to reopen The Tower of London.

    1. Thank Gawd, after WE got rid of the male Joe, the real original JOE, the female Jo showed-up and has been blessing Us with Her Spiritual Wisdom ever since. The male Joe WE got rid of had NO Spiritual Wisdom at all. Females named Jo are WISE. Males named Joe are stoopid. Our Karma must be very good that the female Jo showed up a day after WE got rid of the male Joe. One door closes, another door opens, something like that you know what WE mean. WE mean, WE kicked male Joe out into the street and WE closed the door on male Joe so he can’t come back in and WE opened the door to welcome Our female Jo into Our Space with open arms, with loving arms, glad WE got rid of a male Joe and got a female Jo to RE-place the real original Joe. Male Joe had a bad habit of saying things associated with Catholicism, he would say alot of Catholic type things Catholics have a tendency to say and that always bothered Us here at “Catholic inspired” Darkmoon. WE LERV Our female Jo. WE never had any kind of enthusiasm for the male Joe –> that’s A Major reason why WE kicked him out onto the street and quickly closed the door on him so he could never get back in and invade Our “Catholic inspired” Safe Space for hindoos and buddhists and daughters of lilith!

      1. @ TROJ

        Thank Gawd, after WE got rid of the male Joe, the real original JOE, the female Jo showed-up and has been blessing Us with Her Spiritual Wisdom ever since.

        We haven’t “got rid” of you, Joe. You are still free to post comments, and your comments will be published if they are publishable. But as you yourself have admitted in your more lucid moments, 90% of your comments are not only unpublishable but not even intended for publication. How can we publish comments abusing everyone in the foulest language and going on about women having sex with horses in stables?

        Keep your comments polite, short and on-topic and they will be published.

      2. Well, real original (Male) Joe who gets rid of himself repeatedly while blaming others for it without noticing that he is still here might be to complicated for the “female” Jo to grasp but somehow fits nicely into the thought pattern of today’s human mind. The LGTB/I/X/Y/Z whatsoever communities these days seem to have taken their toll on the real male Joe community as it did to the rest of the real male and female world communities. Please dear TROJ tell me how to become like a man again – in your so self blessed opinion? Shall I get myself a gun and/or vote for Trump, add an e behind jo or buy myself a fake six pack in a variety store and will that suffice or what would you suggest as the real and only male Joe specialist?

  5. What is needed is for law enforcement to let it be known that if the people don’t get what was voted for they would stand down and let nature take it’s course. Traitorous politicians s would suddenly get patriotic.

  6. LD —

    2016 gave us Brexit and Trump, neither of which seems to matter to Somebody.

    It’s the reason, I think, Brits are fed up with Americans and vice-versa, or, as you put it, might just be bored/frustrated with the whole mess. This is all the public equivalent of a “glue pie” in which a situation generates action, frenetic action, but never any movement toward a decisive end.

    This is a method of creating madness, believe it or not. Pavlov’s experiments with dogs cruelly but definitely showed that neurosis, madness, even suicide can be induced.

    On both sides of the Atlantic or wherever European man lives on Earth for that matter he is being played. Inducing us to self-destruction by showing us a door to action and constantly tripping us is working. They’ve on this for some time now and seem to have gotten the bugs out.

  7. ADMIN: Found in Spam and approved. Looks interesting!
    Wish I knew what you were saying!

    Te olette rasisti järjestö jonka nousu minkäänlaiseen poliittisen asemaan pitää estää vaikka voimalla! Minä olen ollut paljon tekemisissä erilaisten ja väristen ihmisten kanssa ja suurin osa afrikkalaisista ja muslimeista ovat paljon avoimempia ja parempia kuin yksikään teistä niin sanotuista isänmaallisista natseista! Hyi yök mitä sisäänpäin kasvaneita ihmisiä olette ja ette näe sitä hyvää mitä nämä ihmiset tuovat suomeen ja muualle eurooppaan!

    Teillä ei ole muutakuin negatiivisiä ajatuksia kaikesta! Monikulttuurinen suomi on paljon parempi paikka kuin sisäänpäin suuntautunut junttila missä minä ainakin koen eläväni juuri nyt! Ettekö te ymmärrä jos katsomme esimerkiksi ranskaa ja saksaa siellä kotiuttaminen on tehty oikein ja siellä yhteiskunta toimii niinkuin pitääkin! Te vaan ette näe sitä hyvää mitä maahanmuuttajat tuova mukanaan!! Ainoastaan kaiken negatiivisen! Minun lapseni tulevat hyvin toimeen maahanmuuttaja lapsien kanssa täällä eteläsuomessa ja ei ole ollut minkäänlaista konfliktia heidän kanssaan ja usein käyvät iltasella teellä tai leivän syömässä ja huomattavasti paremmin käyttäytyvät kuin “teidän ylistämänne kantasuomalaiset” riehuja kakarat!!

    Ottakaa se järki nyt kauniiseen käteen ja katsokaa kuinka hyvin kotiuttaminen on onnistunut monessa kylässä!!! Meidän noin 5000 asukkaan kylässä on oltu todella tyytyväisiä ulkopuolisiin! Meidän kylän pojat ei edes uskalla puhua tytöille ja nämä uudet tulijat kohtelevat heitä paremmin kuin hyvin vaikka moista propagandaa väitätte että muka raiskaavat ym sairasta! Täällä meidän kylällä kantasuomalaiset pojat ovat saaneet uskallusta puhua tytöille kun ovat nähneet kuinka rohkeasti uudet tulijat lähestyvät heitä!

    Ja lopettakaa tuo iän kaikkien vihaaminen ei johda muuhun kuin vihanpitoon!

    T: Riitta onnellisesti toivotan uutta verta kylälle.

    1. Google Translated….. 🙂

      You are a racist organization whose rise to any political position must be prevented, even by force! I’ve been dealing with a lot of different and colored people and the majority of Africans and Muslims are much more open and better than any of you so-called patriotic Nazis! Hi, what inward people are you and you don’t see the good that these people bring to Finland and the rest of Europe!

      You have nothing but negative thoughts about everything! Multicultural Finland is a much better place than an inward-looking train station where I at least feel alive right now! Don’t you understand if we look at France and Germany for example, the repatriation is done right there and society works as it should! You just don’t see the good that immigrants bring !! Only all the negative! My kids get along well with the immigrant kids here in southern Finland and have had no conflict with them and often go out for evening tea or bread and behave much better than the “you praised native Finns” ruthless brats !!

      Take that common sense now and see how well repatriation has done in many villages !!! Our village of about 5,000 people has been really pleased with the outsiders! The boys in our village don’t even dare to talk to the girls, and these newcomers treat them better than they do, even though you claim such propaganda to rape others ill! Here in our village, native Finnish boys have had the courage to talk to the girls when they have seen how brave the newcomers are approaching them!

      And stop hating everyone of that age will not lead to anything other than hatred!

      T: Riitta happily wish new blood to the village.

      1. “Here in our village, native Finnish boys have had the courage to talk to the girls when they have seen how brave the newcomers are approaching them!”

        Newcomers with or without their pants on??? 🙂

  8. “The deal” ; “the deal”. WTF IS the deal???! When these articles are written, the mechanics of “the deal” seem never to be explained. Obviously, all are blindly guided by party politics, and personal druthers. The facts, please! (As far as I’m concerned, I suppose I’d DRUTHER have Britain be America’s bitch than Europe’s – as it seems to be of concern to so many. 😊)

    1. I didn’t EXPECT any of you could answer my query. The fact is, the Euro is a debt-ridden currency, and the only way the British pound can replace it without conflict is by uncontested repudiation. Britain isn’t strong enough for that, so WHAT, pray tell, do you people expect will happen?? If Britain wants out of the Euro, they’ll have to deal under the U.S. Dollar protection (and I’m not so sure Uncle Sam should have you, anyway). “Deal” with the devil. It’s about all you can do.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “I didn’t EXPECT any of you could answer my query.”

        There’s no need to answer your query for the simple reason you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

        “The fact is, the Euro is a debt-ridden currency, and the only way the British pound can replace it without conflict is by uncontested repudiation.”

        The euro may be a debt-ridden currency, but there is no attempt to “replace” it by the British pound — any more than there is an attempt to replace the euro by the American dollar. The British pound is an independent currency, just like the US dollar, and no one has ever suggested “replacing” the euro by the British pound.

        “Britain isn’t strong enough for that, so WHAT, pray tell, do you people expect will happen?? If Britain wants out of the Euro, they’ll have to deal under the U.S. Dollar protection…”

        Britain is not IN the euro, any more than the US dollar is IN the euro!!! 🙂 The euro may go to rack and ruin and this will in no way affect the British pound if the Brits run an efficient economy. If it does that, the pound will go UP in relation to the euro. It will also go UP in relation to the US dollar. It already leapt up 6 per cent last week against the US dollar when there were hopes of a Brexit breakthrough.

        Please get your facts right, Gilbert. The pound is an independent currency, just like the US dollar, and is not trying to “replace” the euro as you wrongly state.


        A.J. Taylor
        (British economist)

      2. If the pound is an “independent” currency, then what is the problem? What emoluments are the Brits afraid of losing? (Obviously, there is a doubt about being an “independent” people.)
        Without economist obfuscation, explain it in simple terms, please.

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly et al

          Explaining such an incredibly complex matter in “simple” terms runs the risk of oversimplification. Look at it in this way. Britain is an independent nation with its own history, just like the United States. It once owned an Empire that spanned the world and was far richer and more powerful than America or any other nation in Europe. So the people are not happy to take orders from European eurocrats or open their borders to endless hordes of unwanted immigrants. How would YOU feel as an American if America were a part of Europe, bossed about by loonies in Brussels, and told: “Listen, Americans, we have 10 million Africans pouring into our Europe over the next few years. So we’re sending you Americans 5 millions of them because America is a big country!”

          How would you like that. Gilbert? Would you like to see thousands Africans swarming into your home town and taking over your farm?

          There is no question of losing “emoluments” if Britain gets out of Europe. It would save BILLIONS every year. We Brits are forced to pay Europe billions of pounds every year for belonging to the “Euro Club”. These are its “membership fees”. Would you like to hand over exorbitant chunks of your income to a club you didn’t even want to be a member of? I don’t think so!

          What is all the fuss about?

          They are afraid of food shortages and tariffs. They are making unnecessary problems. Many of the rich pigs who sit in Parliament as MPs all have vested interests in Europe. So they want to “remain” in Europe and make sure their fat dividends and salaries from Europe keep pouring in — and to hell with the 17.4 million people who voted to LEAVE the stinking ship of Europe over three years ago!

          If Britain leaves Europe, it may get a good trade deal with America. Trump has promised that. He is all for Brexit and sees Europe as a potential enemy in the future. Closer ties between America and Britain will then become possible. The only fear is this. Britain is a proud nation and the last thing we Brits want is to become America’s 51st state. We don’t want to become vassals of America and be forced to fight America’s wars for it.

          If you Americans are happy to lay down your lives and fight silly wars in Vietnam, why should we Brits be forced to help you? If you want to risk life and limb in the Middle East on behalf of Israel, the country to which you Americans are enslaved, thanks to your Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG), that’s up to you! But Brits are not going to come back from the Middle East in body bags just to fight and die for the Jews.

          I could go on, but I won’t. It’s an incredibly complicated matter. Suffice it to say, we Brits want to be left alone to run our own farm. We don’t want to take orders from rapacious foreigners or run around like headless chickens any more, serving masters we despise.

          — A.J. Taylor

      3. Mr. Taylor –

        I certainly understand your frustrations, but does the average Brit understand the relatively recent decline of what once was a beautiful and oh-so-desireable country (yours)?? The harsh reality for Britain AND the U.S. is the majority of those “coming of age” do not know any better, and cannot maintain a good thing – nor do they have the fortitude to regulate it.
        The recent exchange ratio of increase in the Britsh pound, caused by anticipation of BREXIT, should only be relegated to an IPO of a stock on an exchange. It does not necessarily suggest a smoother-running circumstance of governance.
        America already has the problems you mention concerning invasive hordes. Where I reside, it is not as apparent – but I read about it, anyway. Civil unrest is coming worldwide! America’s will be a doozy! 😓

        1. Gilbert,

          I perceive you are a true patriot who loves your country and would be prepared to die for it. That’s good! But tragically, as you know, many Americans like yourself are now asking themselves if America is worth dying for any longer.

          A country is only worth dying for if it retains its pristine glory, its honour and nobility of purpose. It’s not worth dying for if it becomes a garbage dump of derelicts.

          England was worth dying for in 1910, the high noon of its glory. It’s not worth dying for in 2019.

      4. AJT –

        You wrote:
        “Brits are not going to come back from the Middle East in body bags just to fight and die for the Jews.”

        WHAT???? You are quite wrong. You didn’t get the memo from Rothschild’s “Economist”?? 💥 😜

        There are plenty of British troops in the Middle East fighting for oil and opium!!
        STOP trying to mislead the astute folks HERE!!

        In July – Britain IS ‘planning to send more troops’ to Syria to backfill US withdrawal!

        More British troops are being sent to Afghanistan – to appease Trump!!

        Boris will send as many as Trump tells him to!

        MORE GOING!!!
        💥 Britain’s new Gulf military build-up!!!💥

  9. LD should switch off her idiot-box TV and idiot MSM. An RSS feed reader will provide a multitude of alternative websites listings automatically, such as Blacklisted News, Zero Hedge, …

    My RSS Feed recently presented “Brussels barrister shows latest proposal is a BRINO – Brexit in name only.” Thus, we are talking about a proposed BRINO, as predicted by LD weeks back.

    If a hard Brexit results, then I believe Boris will go down with 50%+ of the UK population as as a heroic figure – and maybe that is what Johnson’s ego seeks. However I agree with LD on the probable outcome.

    Dreaming about a hard Brexit … if the millstone of EU multi-culti poppycock welfare payments to low-IQ aggressive spongers is lifted then the UK is bound to float economically, especially if sane independent immigration and welfare policies are put in place.

    1. @ Flan O’Brien

      LD should switch off her idiot-box TV and idiot MSM.

      If you cannot be polite, do not post on this site. LD does not own a TV set or watch TV ever.

      If you wish to be respected yourself, show some respect for Lasha Darkmoon. She does not need your superior condescension. She does not need lectures from you on what sites she should consult.

      1. @Flan,
        incidently my favorite sweet here in spain! ,
        I always tell people of how I believe that for some reason (((they))) always have to do their very dirty evil work in plain sight
        my theory being in order that they can say we tricked no one
        thus operating a real choice for Adam kind
        and I do look at different sites such as a couple you mention in your comment
        and although I stopped watching TV as a habit some years ago
        sometimes it happens that one finds oneself watching one
        such a thing occurred a couple of nights ago
        I am presently in the mountains of Andalucia in a small pueblo half way up one of them
        there is a small bar in the pueblo with an always on TV
        I found myself watching the news extended because of rioting in the north
        (with some mad strictly come cooking programme advertised in the middle of it!)
        then back to the squad,
        a squad of what could easily be models all yattering away with hardly a pause for breath
        into mics held in front of their well caked faces,
        luscious glossy lips sparkling wetly
        as they frenetically commentated the flames, smoke and almost synchronised flashing sof the blue lights of the massed police vans crammed into streets as if waiting to join a procession.
        all the while on the screen behind them the streets of Barcelona as per the strapline in flames……..
        now everyone visiting this site and reading this what do you make of this
        or am I imagining things
        (except YOU Seymour ! with the odd name, as you appear to see nada never mind more that go’s for the Finnish clown as well disappear, into “fin air” boo boom!)

        a line of men stood loudly talking at the bar,
        one passed on his way to the gents
        look I said this is what’s happening in the north!
        “bah!” he exclaimed “basura” rubbish! and waved me and the TV away with a snarl
        turning back to watch a word right in the middle of a now changed strapline stood glaringly out all I saw was “satan” the line read in Spanish
        “grupos violencia desatan en caos de Barcelona” note the s word bang in the middle
        not being familiar with the word desatan I asked the barman if he could tell me what it meant pointing to the satan
        I asked is it satan ?
        re writing the word divided he drew a rectangle around satan and said t”his is satan “so he had now written “of satan”
        back at the house via google translator I typed it in to be translated
        it translated into English as “unleashed”
        Never mind a blasted hologram or whatever!
        are we living in a bloody Dennis Wheatley Novel??!!

        in the early hours I pondered, who has unleashed what ? where has it been whilst kept on this leash, who’s been feeding it?
        and more importantly
        is it just me??

    2. Flan O’Brien,

      You make some good points, but you’re not going to win any applause here by adopting a snooty tone toward LD. You are not her guru. She is not your disciple. Stop lecturing her as if you know more. You don’t. Even if you did, you should have some good manners and avoid a disrespectful tone.

    1. They’re mistaken. Your “tone” was only perceived by the words “idiot box” in reference to television. I seriously doubt that Lasha, herself, viewed it otherwise. (I think both of us trust her discernment more than most of her other advocates.) 🙂

  10. We voted OUT……the Remainers voted in….we outvoted them. Nuff said! If people can’t be bothered to vote it is not my problem.

  11. It seems roughly half the British population believe in democracy only if they win the vote. If they lose, they don’t believe in democracy any more. 🙂

    1. I agree ….I would have accepted REMAIN reluctantly and not tossed my toys out of the pram. ….but, hey ho! that is the way the cookie crumbles – as our American friends point out – life goes on…I’ll buy Lasha afternoon tea in the Seven Stars the next time I am in Totnes. 🙂

  12. The one thing that can be said for bad losers is that they are all exceptionally good winners.

  13. Must listen to
    Interview 1484 – Ripple Effect Roundtable on Epstein 9/11

    ADMIN: Sorry TJ, but I have to delete your defective link. It seriously damages this website’s formatting.You can try embedding the link.

  14. TAYLOR
    “How would YOU feel as an American if America were a part of Europe, bossed about by loonies in Brussels, and told: “Listen, Americans, we have 10 million Africans pouring into our Europe over the next few years. So we’re sending you Americans 5 millions of them because America is a big country!”
    We already know how we would feel, we don’t have to speculate..
    Our country has been controlled under the ZOG since at least 1913, when the jewish bankers had their central bank and income tax rebooted in the Wilson (“Colonel” House) administration…
    Since we’ve had the alternative media, we’ve found the same forces have screwed with us from the beginning, certainly including numerous assassinations of many presidents and other political leaders…
    We see the globalist masonic code all over our currency…
    They even took the trouble to picture out the 9-11 event on the bills…
    What’s Brussels done to England like that?
    Our country is already overrun with foreigners, WOPS – With Out Papers…
    Or better yet WWOPS – Wetbacks With Out Papers…
    They’re given drivers licenses and can vote in our elections, which is how The Great Cackler would have gotten the extra 5,000,000 votes…
    I think it was the 12th Amendment that created the Electoral College, and it’s a damn good thing…
    But that’ll be toast too, as soon as the muds get the majority, at which point the whole country will be one big effed-up California…
    We might not know about Brussels but we know what Globalism looks like…
    Britons – you have to organize your national survival around racial politics, forget all that schmoozy BS…
    As Buddy Hackett would say – FIGHT FIYA WITH FIYA…

    1. Bark –

      “Britons – you have to organize your national survival around racial politics, forget all that schmoozy BS…”

      AND it better get done quick, fast and in a hurry before it gets worse!

      The illegal musselmen are bringing violence with them, as they claim THEIR territories in England!

      A musselman gang of 20 in England, targeting ‘White Bastards’… CUT OFF a British teenager’s hand with an axe – and MORE!!

      A 20-strong gang set upon four tree surgeons in Rochdale, England, calling them “white bastards” and cutting off a teenage worker’s hand with an axe. 27-year-old Habibur Rahman gathered the mob after the workers had stopped him from abusing an elderly woman.

      Rahman, incensed he had been “disrespected” on HIS “territory”, tracked the four workers to the property they were working on in the rape gang blighted city, blocking them by parking his car across the driveway while the mob approached armed with a claw hammer, knives, machetes, a knuckle-duster — and the fateful axe.

      “I am not going to let them leave,” Rahman said from his car, abusing the workers as “white bastards” who were in his “country”.

      One of the workers, who was just eighteen years old, interposed himself as a “peacemaker”, “completely defenceless” — only for the member of Rahman’s mob armed with the axe, Mohammed Awais Sajid, to suddenly slam the weapon into the young man’s chest, smashing through his ribs and collapsing a lung.

      “[Sajid] followed up with a 360 degree spin of his arm, an act which was doubtless employed to enhance the speed and devastation of the attack,” recalled prosecutor Tim Storrie.

      “The blow itself was aimed at the victim’s head. Through good fortune, he said he realised the axe was above him aiming for his head. He put his arm up to defend himself and the blade essentially severed his arm at the wrist.”

      1. Hopefully, in America, this mob would have been met with chainsaws and shotguns. Almost every man with whom I was acquainted in my teen years has done “tree work”; and just about ALL of them (myself included) kept a shotgun or rifle in our trucks. Many of us (myself included) have used them against threats, too! 😁

      2. Pat –

        Changes come gradually, and “nipping them in the bud” is the everlasting stage at which we must assault them. When I was in (public) high school, we often set out hounds at the school shop, after classes, to go bird-shooting or rabbit hunting. I kept a .20 gauge shotgun hanging in the gun rack of my 1967 International Scout. Never a problem/never a mention. Then, later, came along the “false flags” like Columbine and Sandy Hook – and now, idiot administrators are punishing kids for even drawing PICTURES of guns at school.
        When I later attended college at an all-male school, the freshman rules required we reside in the freshman dormitory, and that we were “asked” not to have more than ONE handgun in our rooms, and two ‘long guns’ – which must be checked in with the dorm counsellor (always a senior) on that floor. When I checked a Browning rifle and Browning shotgun in with the dorm counsellor, he complained that he had “a closet FULL of guns”. Happily, no mass shootings ever occurred on that campus – and I’m quite certain that any rampaging assholes would have been met with lethal force.

      3. @PAT – “A musselman gang of 20 in England, targeting ‘White Bastards’… CUT OFF a British teenager’s hand with an axe ”

        BRITS – being such a BUNCH Of GODDAM FAGGOTS – have ONLY THEMSLEVES to blame.

        1. So what what would you suggest should be done about it?
          Corner the first Muslim in the street and chop off his hand with an axe?
          Is that what you macho Americans would do to get revenge?
          Or would you arrange for the bombing of a crowded mosque —
          as the Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein did in Israel?

      4. Saki-

        “So what what would you suggest should be done about it?”

        Force the powers to allow hard working citizens to own guns.

        1. A good answer, Pat. But as you know, more than that is needed. Lots of people in America own guns right now, millions, but few of them ever make use of them in a united show of strength against the Jews.

          J.B. Campbell is a lone voice in the wilderness, recommending organized resistance agains Jewry and ZOG. But all this “hot air” remains hot air unfortunately and never translates into concerted action. You know that as well as I do, and so you must admit in your heart of hearts that talk without effective action is futile.



      5. “How Dare They!”

        “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary. Now is one of those moments.”
        — Greta Thunberg in her TEDx Talk
        Stockholm, November 2018[13

      6. Saki –

        I was not suggesting groups with arms to fight jews.
        I was suggesting arms for people to protect themselves against criminals & musselmen attacking them just for being white… while working on their jobs.

        MB –
        So you can be quite right… 😜 😜 😜 😜

  15. Well said, dear Saki!

    There is not an American on this site who could give you a good answer to this question. A bad answer, yes, peppered with the usual smiley faces to make it palatable. But a good answer, no.

    Just bloated braggadocio and contemptible posturing.

    1. A good answer is to not worry about being called “racist” or “bigot” by your kind. We Americans have become too influenced by feminine attitudes. ANY people who let themselves get pushed around by silly women attitudes DESERVES whatever adversaries they allow to prevail. I just read an Incogman article about the fat negress in Georgia (USA) who is trying to rally the air-head white liberals to join her black buddies to essentially OVERTHROW white nationalist conservatism. Many don’t want to finger her for fear of being called “racist!”.

    2. Before making America, Britain or any other Nation great again it might be worth to become an “American, British, German or whatsoever” male or female again though one doubts that anyone with testicles and/or fake breasts, blue – pinkish hair and a gun has automatically become a “proper” male/female. Hot air eventually cools down – it is natural. In the meantime world business, division and treachery goes on as usual and stays unharmed. Heroes rise and fall in hollowood only not in the audience or in social media or in the streets. One imagine only utilizing and combining a tiny portion of the hot steam (or anger) from both (deranged and distorted) sexes in the “male and female world of gender deception” and directing this unified pressured vapor to the direction of the mostly male dominated and corrupt Oligarchic warmongering world – in ANY nation of the world today. The future might not look so grim as it does currently when during “world period day” feminists clash with transgenderist about “civil rights” while the nation itself burns together with the snoozing “self declared Alpha males” and all laws of any left over justice combined with humane morality go up in flames all around the righteous protesters that are too busy with themselves to notice. – initiated by the German-based NGO WASH United in 2014 and aims to benefit women and girls worldwide. Oh these benefits are just too tempting and rewarding as especially “the Germans in Germany can tell!

    3. MB –

      PLEASE… Drop that broom & gin… and put your wings back on!!
      Take these withya!! 😜 😜 😜

  16. PAT has the right idea, that citizens should have the right to protect themselves with Firearms against these animals…
    And Firearms Rights should apply only to citizens… Otherwise the invaders will have them too….
    As the situation gradually deteriorates white British citizens will realize they need to form militias. reliable networks of able bodied fighters, if for no other reason than to come to their own aid in cases like this…
    Yes guns are important and needed, but equally as important are communications devices…
    If those tree guys had radios and 100 others they could have called, those nutty muslims would have been slaughtered, and good riddance..
    Ask yourself what you would do, if that were your son, or how about your daughter…
    I remember an episode of Bonanza, where Little Joe had some serious score to settle with some outlaws of some kind.. He was strapping on his guns and telling one of his relatives he was going to the place where those guys were and “kill as many of them as I can before they kill me”…
    I don’t think I ever saw Little Joe, Randolf Scott, Gary Cooper, none of those guys with his hair in a bun…
    At some point lawlessness is what it comes to, when you disarm your own country and open your borders to every kind of lunatic the world has to offer…
    When that’s what you’re dealing with you better know it…

    1. Bark –

      “If those tree guys had radios and 100 others they could have called, those nutty muslims would have been slaughtered, and good riddance..”

      The London musselman mayor will ban them if you suggest that!! 🙂

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