Brexit Implosion Made in Britain . . . as Boris Johnson Blames Everyone Else

By Finian Cunningham
August 29, 2019

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The political implosion that is Brexit is a legacy of recent and past British lies and imperial malfeasance. Boris Johnson casting blame on Ireland and the EU for his country’s woes is just more guff from Perfidious Albion.

His call for the suspension of Britain’s parliament – only weeks before the EU departure deadline on October 31 – is being rebuked by opposition parties as another “anti-democratic” measure to force through a no-deal Brexit.Johnson is effectively sidelining lawmakers from having a say on the manner of Britain’s exit from the EU, in particular on preventing a so-called “hard Brexit.”

That scenario is opposed by a majority of parliamentarians, including many in Johnson’s own party, because of the feared economic turmoil from a sharp rupture from the EU which would inevitably see overnight border and customs controls being erected.

The so-called United Kingdom is riven with bitter disagreement over Brexit. Close to half the electorate voted against leaving the EU in the referendum in 2016. A majority in Scotland and Northern Ireland were in favor of remaining. Within the leave camp, there are divisions over a hard Brexit or a soft option – the latter involving a transition period for leaving the EU with temporary adherence to European regulations.

But let’s not forget, this debilitating debacle of Brexit is a made-in-Britain problem.

Who called for Brexit in the first place? It was Johnson’s Conservative Party under David Cameron’s leadership that pledged holding an “in-out” referendum as part of its election manifesto. That move was motivated by internal Tory party squabbles with hardline Euroskeptics and a bid to calm the ranks with a referendum. It was also motivated by Cameron trying to stymie the newly formed UK Independence Party (UKIP) led by Nigel Farage which was stealing Conservative voters with its hardline anti-EU platform.

Cameron probably didn’t bet on the Brexit referendum result. The whole exercise was a political maneuver to buy off Tory party assaults from within and from UKIP. The referendum was carried, largely down to claims of huge economic savings if Britain were to leave the EU and its budget obligations. Those claims, such as post-Brexit Britain having billions of pounds to invest in the National Health Service, have since turned out to be empty, told to the electorate by the likes of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and other hardline Brexiteers who are now in control of government.

They are some of the recent deceptions by the British political class that have landed Britain in its current mess.

But perhaps the beauty atop the cornucopia of calumny is Johnson’s insistence that the backstop arrangement for Ireland is an “anti-democratic” hindrance to Britain’s “right” to quit the EU. He claims that the backstop limits British sovereignty because it would tie Britain indefinitely into a customs union with the bloc.

The infamous backstop is an insurance policy to avoid the return of a hard border on the island between Northern Ireland (British jurisdiction) and the Republic of Ireland (an EU member). Avoiding such a physical demarcation is crucial to the two-decade-old peace settlement brought about by the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which ended a bloody conflict that had engulfed Northern Ireland for nearly 30 years (1969-1998).

Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May had negotiated a backstop as part of her Withdrawal Agreement with Brussels after nearly two years of political wrangling. That agreement failed to get passed in British Parliament three times, not just because of the Irish backstop but more generally because of many other bitter divisions over the entire Brexit process.

Since Johnson took over 10 Downing Street on July 23 – elected by the Tory party constituting less than 1.0 per cent of the British population – he has shifted the goalposts dramatically by demanding that the special arrangement intended for Ireland be scrapped.

Johnson and his Brexiteer cabinet are peeved that their room for maneuver with Brussels is curtailed by the British government’s obligation as a signatory to the Good Friday Agreement and its responsibility toward maintaining political peace in Northern Ireland.

Bumptious Boris has unconvincingly vowed to support the Good Friday Agreement and to prevent the return of a hard border in Ireland. But he has not provided any realistic alternative plan for avoiding customs controls if he crashes out of the EU on October 31 as his cabinet are aiming to do.

If a hard border is once again erected in Ireland between north and south then there is a grave danger of recent simmering political violence boiling over. Such a visible partition on the island would be anathema to many nationalists as a collapse of the Good Friday Agreement.

Here is where the lies and past crimes of Perfidious Albion boomerang like a smack in the face. Johnson and his jingoistic empire revivalists have a problem over the Irish question for one simple reason: Britain’s historic violation of Ireland’s sovereignty and democratic rights.

The whole problem of an Irish border and infernal backstop conundrum is due to Britain’s partition of the island in the first place – an unpardonable crime against Ireland’s ancient claims of nationhood.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the War of Independence (1919-21), which Britain halted by its partial concession of what became known as the Republic of Ireland. London forced the north-eastern corner of Ireland to retain British jurisdiction. The splitting of the country was an act of butchery against the Irish majority who wanted full independence. Britain justified its act of gerrymandering a border because it had in previous centuries populated the northern areas with pro-British settlers.

The War of Independence in Ireland was largely instigated because London refused to recognize the democratic mandate for independence. A national election in December 1918 resulted in over 70 percent of those elected standing on a platform for independence from Britain, as documented by Maurice Walsh in ‘Bitter Freedom’.

The British government chose to ignore the result. A young Winston Churchill who was a senior government minister blamed Irish rebels for standing in the way of Britain’s “global dominance.” Churchill was among those who ordered the deployment of World War I battle-hardened mercenaries to ruthlessly quell the Irish independence movement. Those troops, infamously named the Black and Tans, imposed a reign of terror, from burning villages to indiscriminate shootings of civilians.

Fittingly, Churchill is Boris Johnson’s political hero. Their contempt for Ireland’s national interests are certainly consistent.

It is somewhat poetic justice that the Irish problem has come back to bedevil British politics to the point where the debacle is threatening to tear the much-vaunted United Kingdom asunder.The whole Brexit fiasco is an entirely British-made imbroglio. It is a result of petty rivalry within the British political class, especially the rightwing Little Englanders of the Tory party. And it is a result of the historic violation of democratic rights in Ireland. For Johnson to blame Ireland and the EU for impeding British sovereignty is rich beyond words. The chicanery of Britain’s ruling class is only matched by its audacious pretensions of “democracy.”

Source: RT

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  1. “That scenario is opposed by a majority of parliamentarians, including many in Johnson’s own party, because of the feared economic turmoil from a sharp rupture from the EU which would inevitably see overnight border and customs controls being erected.”

    I doubt that Mr Cunningham has ever been involved in shipping goods in and out of Britain. Most companies us a shipping agent that has a website. Before the goods leave we fill in a customs declaration, a manifest, on line. There are three things they want to know. What is it? How much are you charging for it? and where was it made? The lady employee who deals with shipping spends about two minutes filling in the form for most shipments. For small low value items sent by post a simple label on the package suffices.

    The fuss about No Deal is not justified, or more likely it is a cover for those who are trying to block Brexit

    1. Dude, it’s about the barriers to trading with a customs area (which the EU is, including the UK at the moment). Once the UK leaves the EU, it can’t sell to the customs area (and vice versa) because it’s not a member state. It’s as simple as that.

      So, actually, it is a pretty big deal as it means that the majority of the UK’s trade (which is with the EU) will disappears overnight, meaning shortages of food, fuel and medicine (inter alios).

      So it’s more than depicting the WU as some king of evil organization- it has a real impact on people’s lives, Finningan calls it completely correctly, and the situation is potentially dire in the UK.

      1. Hi Atila,
        The Eu cannot shut off imports and remain a member of the WTO, the World Trade Organization. The media never seem to mention this but imports from all non-EU countries into the EU are subject to these rules. Tariffs are usually between zero and 4%.

        Just think of all the things that come from China.

        !70 countries are NOT in the EU.

  2. The UK has ALWAYS been a SHAM-Democracy, perpetuated by a never-ending series of rapacaious ROGUE REGIMES.

    The ONLY ONES who don’t get that are the dumb fckers on whom the joke has always been pulled – THICK BRITS!

    1. Hi Realist,
      Thank you for those kind words.

      65% our MPs have been against the will of the people, It has been shocking behaviour. The next two months will be very interesting.

      If we don’t get Brexit I may leave the country. The past three years have shown just how arrogant and out-of-touch (With reality?) our politicians are.

  3. I noticed in the article that health-care costs are a major concern for England and Brexit. Someone mentioned to me a few years ago that “healthcare” would be the subject by which all nations would, eventually, be held hostage. I imagine England, with the influx of foreigners and modern degeneracy, has its ample share of diseases. Unless our Anglo nations can become more homogenous, ethnically, any attempt at “standing alone” will be futile. Being a separate people is the only way any country can survive – and somebody has to be the boss!
    Consider how South Africa has fallen. The people most able to govern have been demoted, and the black apes have taken over. It is just a matter of time before the country is a complete disaster – as with England, the united States, Germany – and anywhere else such nightmares are given a governing hand. It is not difficult to discern (((who))) is to blame for our stupidity.

  4. When Rothschild took over the Bank of England it marked the effective beginning of the end of British national sovereignty, and that noxious disease has spread its tentacles around the world ever since.
    “Britain” doesn’t really need the EU at all. There is the “Common wealth” (of Rothschild) of 53 “member states”. The Queen is the head of state of 16 member states, known as the Commonwealth realms, while 32 other members are republics and five others have different monarchs. “A Commonwealth realm is a sovereign state in which Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning constitutional monarch and head of state. ” Australia is a common wealth realm as is Canada. Australia is by far the worlds largest producer of Iron ore.
    Gold, Lithium, Uranium and many other minerals ripped from Australian soil are also “exported” from Australia in mass. Australia logically should be one of the richest countries on space rock earth, but it is BROKE and sold out?
    Also, ALL BUT 1% of Australian gold reserves are at the Bank of England in London for “safe keeping”. All Australia has got is debt and dependencies and plenty of subjects that do not have to think for themselves! Anybody wonders why? Smart and rich Aussie politicians don’t bother at all!
    By the way on a similar topic: all properties in (the colony of) Australia, when having a certain size acres are subject to: CROWN LAND. Myself as a “SUBJECT” of the crown owns a title of land and even though I pay Taxes for it ALL RESOURCES will remain subject of the Crown while all resources found are regulated and exploited by the CROWN and not the Australian SUBJECT owner who pays the “rent”.
    The mighty “British” kingdom (in disguise) can cope quite well with ANYTHING that enriches their favourite oligarchs at COL. Brexit isn’t the problem at all that threatens British sovereignity. There is NONE in the first place as the crown is its own SUBJECT to COL and so is BOJO the new clown on the rocks.

  5. JO
    You know a lot and put it well..
    We’ve all heard of how the USA is actually a Corporation, as I understand it owned by the Vatican and managed by the British Monarchy…
    If States like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Virginia are actually Commonwealths, does that mean the Queen has more direct control over them than she does over States that are not called Commonwealths?
    We all know the District of Columbia is not part of the USA, the Country…
    It is the place where Reps from the States, which we believe are actually Estates (property owned), go to deal with whoever are the Corporate Owners..
    Is there a difference between a Commonwealth and a State?
    I’m thinking there must be…
    What is it?
    Are the Commonwealths more or less a part of the USA, to whatever extent it remains a Country?

    1. Is there a difference between a Commonwealth and a State?
      The sound of “Commonwealth” makes my hairs in the neck stand up and so does the word “state”. Is there a difference? In my humble personal opinion I guess not at all Barkingdeer.
      Both are run by the same like minded syndicate that is entertaining humanity on a daily basis and since eons while controlling, maintaining and “changing” power (money/gold) through (face) alteration and division. Nothing, nothing at all has or is changing in the human realm. Words nowadays have become meaningless and powerless tools if the original meaning is reversed becoming basically a bold lie to argue about. There is no Common Wealth for any Subject or “citizen” being made use of in the lounge of the noble “Gentlemen’s Club” nor ANY citizen of a “State” that itself has sunken far too DEEP into democratic, demonic corruption for any breath of fresh clean air. The happy international crime family has a long anonymous tradition that never exposes their true faces. We can expect sacrifices on both sides but no change for humanity/subjects at all.
      The commonwealth and the USA, subjects or not, remain the same useful tools that eventually can be turned against each other when it will be necessary to avoid exposure of the true tyrant that hides beyond any faces that we recently learned to be responsible for the animalisation of humanity.
      There is only one difference in humanity. To be human(e) and ACT LIKE ONE or to pretend to be like one. This still needs to be figured out yet – once we get the time away from being busy with important daily matters like politics and religion and daily propaganda. USA is not American & Australia is not Australian. One must be a truth denying pretender to be patriot.

    2. In Regards to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Virginia it might help to check on landownership and the personal right as a property owner to mine resources incl. Oil & Gas. In Australia One ends up in jail when “robbing” the Queens gold from ones own property. That surely will shine light on the “crown”.
      Following the money/resources trail always lead the right way through the bureaucratic jungle and governmental English.

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