Burn, Witch, Burn! — Theresa May Denounced as Liar and Traitor for Brexit Betrayal

An Edited Abridgement 


“I could tear this place (Parliament) down and bulldoze it into the river! These fools and knaves (MPs) are voting on things they don’t even understand…. I wouldn’t vote for Theresa May’s deal if they put a shotgun in my mouth.” — MP Mark Francois, hardline Tory Brexiteer  

by Lasha Darkmoon

The Daily Mail is not responsible for the pictures, captions and title of this tightly condensed article. For this I accept full responsibility. This is my edited abridgement of two separate articles by Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail: the first published on 15 March and the second two days ago when the full impact of the Brexit betrayal of the British people by their Prime Minister had become more sickeningly clear.

The headlines in this morning’s newspapers say it all.

Today is March 29, 2019, the day we were meant to leave the EU for good. We haven’t. We’re still stuck in the EU and likely to be stuck in it forever, if our anti-democratic MPs have their way. “ONE LAST CHANCE!” the Daily Mail cries. “DARKEST HOUR FOR DEMOCRACY!” the Daily Express screams. “THE DAY OF RECKONING,” the Daily Telegraph howls.

The word “BETRAYAL” is heard everywhere, with the finger of blame pointed in one direction: at Prime Minister Theresa May. Reporter Allison Pearson writes in the Telegraph Commentary: 

From the moment Mrs May entered No 10, Brexit was in trouble. What May meant to be a great crossroads in the story of the United Kingdom has turned into a seven-circle roundabout of Hell. No champagne toast tonight. No three cheers for democracy. Not even half a cheer. Brexit, you were betrayed.”   — The Daily Telegraph, front page, 29 March 2019

These two articles by veteran Daily Mail columnist Littlejohn are the most eloquent and outspoken articles the reader is likely to come across anywhere in the mainstream press concerning the treachery and duplicity of this walking catastrophe on designer heels known as Theresa May. I am as astonished, as I am delighted,  to learn that the Daily Mail, a staunch supporter of Mrs May, had the courage to publish this incendiary denunciation of the Prime Minister and her Brexit  shenanigans. It will give solace to the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit over two years ago and were betrayed by the most duplicitous prime minister in British history, bar one, Tony Blair. At least Mother Theresa, to her credit, wasn’t a war criminal. She was just a cunning and consummate liar, a devious trickster, who was determined to wreck Brexit while pretending to deliver it.

Emotions run high in Britain today, with the word “Brexit” on everyone’s lips. The country is indeed in a ferment, with many talking about revolution in pubs and on public transport, as the impotent masses tend to do when they are mad angry and would like to disembowel every MP in sight.  I have even heard the word “guillotine” dropped into the conversation in connection with members of Parliament, certainly the most spineless and contemptible bunch of incompetents ever to attain office in this country: mercenary, two-faced, opportunistic,  anti-democratic, backstabbing, treacherous, and, quite frankly, unfit to run a public lavatory let alone a country.

Two of the most ardent Brexiters, the raffish Boris Johnson and Etonian toff Jacob Rees-Mogg, have recently lost the respect of their fans when both did a sudden last minute volte-face by backing the Prime Minister’s fake Brexit deal, even though both are on record as saying it was an appalling deal and that it constituted a betrayal of the 17.4 million people who had voted for Brexit over 1000 days ago. Boris Johnson had called Mrs May’s deal a “suicide vest”, yet here he was voting for it at the eleventh hour. How can you respect a man who votes for a suicide vest? And to think this engaging scoundrel could soon have his feet up on the dinner table at 10 Downing Street. As for the impeccable Mr Rees-Mogg, once seen as the nation’s Sir Galahad and rescuer from darkness, he has been accused of “sucking up” to Mrs May by suddenly voting for her pathetic deal after just telling us how pathetic it was. Not all battles, it seems, are won on the playing fields of Eton — not any more.

The only MPs to retain the respect of the 17.4 million Brits who voted for Brexit are a small group of anti-Brussels hardliners of the European Research Group (ERG), known as the “Spartans”. These stalwarts  have stuck to their guns through thick and thin, unwavering in their integrity, unlike the cowardly ditherers and anti-democratic creeps who did the dirty on their own people, including in many cases their own constituents, by spitting openly in their faces and stabbing them in the back.  This is what a privileged education often does for you. It encourages hubris, from which nemesis invariably follows.

A list of these malefactors needs to be drawn up and handed over to the next Dr Guillotine, if and when such a daunting official  should be appointed by a new iron-fisted government. As a pacifist, I speak metaphorically of course, hoping it will never come to this.

Dark days lie ahead. Democracy is certainly dead in Britain. Stone dead.  And Theresa May and her Parliament of knaves and fools have killed it. [LD]


‘Call me Judas Iscariot!’


The entire political class have taken leave of their senses. Both during the referendum campaign and since the result was announced, their behaviour has bordered on the clinically insane.


For the past almost three years we’ve been living in a Looking Glass World where, like Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty, words mean whatever the politicians say they mean.

I’ve run out of invective. The bile mine is exhausted. Fury has given way to resignation and despair. We can only watch this slow-motion car crash unfold with impotent frustration.

I suppose it was always on the cards that the Remain headbangers were never going to rest until they’d halted Brexit altogether.

Be in no doubt that what we have witnessed is a coup against the people. There may not be tanks on the streets, but it’s a coup all the same. A few hundred MPs have decided to defy the will of the 17,410,742 British citizens who voted to leave the EU. It was the largest number of people to have voted for anything in our proud history.

But the majority of ‘Hon members’ have been determined to overturn the referendum result, despite repeatedly promising to ‘respect’ it. The electorate has been treated with undisguised contempt. If they get away with it — which they probably will — Britain will have ceased to be a proper democracy.

Any chance of securing a dignified exit from the EU was scuppered on Wednesday night, when MPs voted to take No Deal off the table.

What’s the point of entering any kind of negotiation when your opponents know there’s no chance of you walking away without a deal, no matter how derisory? About the same as agreeing to pay a £39 billion bill up front, I guess, without knowing what you’re going to get in return. If you’re not prepared to walk away empty-handed, you’re going to get taken to the cleaners.

Promises to respect the referendum result turn out not to be worth the manifestos they are written on.

“No Deal is better than a bad deal,” the Prime Minister assured us. Just another meaningless, insincere pledge.

“Brexit means Brexit!” she chanted.

Don’t make me laugh.

“We will leave the EU on March 29, 2019!” she swore.

In your dreams!


In the interests of gallantry, it is almost de rigueur to acknowledge that the Prime Minister has worked hard, done her best in difficult circumstances.

But, as I wrote in July 2016 soon after the election, she was never up to the job. Nor was her heart in it. She capitulated to the EU’s demands from the off, drove Leave campaigners from her Cabinet, and relied on unelected civil servants resolutely opposed to Brexit to construct her ‘deal’.

Worst of all, she deceived the British public, for which she deserves never to be forgiven. She’s entitled to humiliate herself, but she’s not entitled to humiliate her country.

May is by no means the only culprit, though. The 17.4 million Leave voters have been comprehensively betrayed by an unholy, cross-party alliance of MPs, big business, the judiciary and most of the media.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister, has been encouraging EU leaders to stand firm against Britain.

“Traitor” is a highly-charged word, but how else to describe an ex-PM conspiring with foreign powers to thwart the will of his own people? Maybe Blair still hankers to be President of Europe some day.

Ultimately, however, this is about much more than just Brexit. It’s about whether we live in a functioning democracy. Right now, we don’t.

Why bother with a second referendum or, even, a General Election? We’ve had both in the past three years and the politicians have simply ignored promises they made at the time.

The referendum gave a clear instruction to Leave. At the election, 85 per cent of people voted for parties who promised to respect the referendum result.

Yet the overwhelming majority of MPs no longer feel it necessary to honour their manifesto commitments. Once inside the Westminster bubble, they think they can behave as they like, and to blazes with the people who pay their wages.

This isn’t representative government, it’s revolution. Parliament has rebelled against the people.

Whatever happens now, our democracy is broken. Like Humpty Dumpty, it’s going to be a hell of a job to put it back together again.


“Ha ha ha!
We betrayed 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit!

—   §   —

If Theresa May had possessed a shred of decency, she should have resigned long ago. Her authority was shot to pieces after her disastrous, self-inflicted general election humiliation, which cost the Tories their majority and ensured that the enemies of Brexit would prevail.

She had a second chance to do the decent thing last July when it became apparent that her dismal, defeatist Chequers withdrawal agreement was a shoddy betrayal of her oft-parroted mantra: ‘Brexit means Brexit.’

Instead of respecting the views of those who spoke for the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU, she even threatened to confiscate the ministerial cars of Cabinet dissenters and make them walk home.


This wasn’t the action of a strong, confident Prime Minister. It was a petty, vindictive attempt at intimidation, worthy of Richmal Crompton’s spoilt brat, Violet Elizabeth Bott, from the Just William books.

If Theresa didn’t get her way, she was going to scream and scream and scream until she was sick.

This was the real Mrs May: aloof, stubborn, convinced of her own self-righteousness, and contemptuous of others who begged to differ.

The idea that here was a woman who could unite the warring Conservative factions was palpable nonsense. She has always had a reputation for ignoring her colleagues, for treating them with lofty disdain.

At the Home Office and No. 10, she preferred to defer to her civil servants rather than engage with fellow MPs.

When David Davis was Brexit Secretary, she undermined him by ordering her favourite permanent secretary, Olly Robbins, a fanatical Remainer, to draw up a much softer, alternative withdrawal strategy.

Her bovine intransigence and constant interference forced both Davis and his successor, Dominic Raab, to resign, along with Leave campaign figurehead Boris Johnson.

To lose one prominent Brexiteer may be considered unfortunate, to lose three in quick succession looked like deliberate policy.

Regular readers will need no reminding that I’ve never been a fan. Frankly, she’s a pretty hopeless politician, serially over-promoted and with an unwarranted sense of entitlement. Her reputation as a conciliator, a safe pair of hands, is laughable.

Don’t forget, when Tory chairman, she labelled her own party the ‘nasty party’, a toxic tag it took years to shed.

At the Home Office, she was responsible for the Windrush crisis, and scrapping the police’s stop-and-search policy, which brought us the epidemic of knife crime currently claiming teenage lives not just in London but across the country.

She managed to convince herself that the main reason Leave won was because people had tired of unfettered immigration. She seems to have bought into the narrative of fellow Remainers, who hold, insultingly, that Brexit voters are all stupid racists who hate foreigners.

How little she understands the people she aspired to lead.

Immigration was certainly a factor, but overwhelmingly people wanted to be free of the shackles of a corrupt foreign bureaucracy, to stop paying Danegeld to Brussels, and to restore the sovereignty and independence of our proud nation.

It was this total lack of comprehension which informed her inept, Quisling-style approach to the withdrawal negotiations and allowed Jean-Claude Drunker and company to run rings round her.

Her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ promises proved utterly worthless.


While shedding Brexiteers from her Cabinet, she tacked ever closer to those determined to overturn the democratically expressed will of the British people.

As we now know beyond argument, the vast majority of the political class have worked cynically to derail our departure and to keep us in perpetuity as prisoners of a sclerotic European superstate.

Perhaps all this could have been avoided if we’d had a stronger Prime Minister, one who was determined to keep her word to respect the referendum result, and not a Remainer whose heart was never in Brexit from Day One.


You might not believe me, but this is a commentary I’d rather not have written. Honestly, I’d love to have been proven wrong about Mother Theresa.

If she’d kept her promises, if she hadn’t lied to the British people, if she’d stood up to the EU and the wreckers of Continuity Remain, if she’d delivered Brexit, I’d have cheered her to the rafters.

But she hasn’t.

Her deal isn’t the deal 17.4 million people voted for by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a travesty. Whoever comes next, will have the devil’s own job trying to pick up the pieces.

Mrs May’s legacy is to have presided over three wasted years of vacillation, obfuscation, cowardice, downright sabotage and the destruction of a once-proud democracy, where MPs used to feel honour-bound to represent the will of the people who paid their wages.

Even if many others share the blame for the dispiriting, depressing, debauched state of British politics, she was the Prime Minister and she must carry the can.

Theresa May, to her eternal disgrace, has turned Britain, one of the world’s greatest economies and military powers, into an international laughing stock.

She has broken Brexit. And now Brexit has broken her.


105 thoughts to “Burn, Witch, Burn! — Theresa May Denounced as Liar and Traitor for Brexit Betrayal”

  1. It would’ve been nice if you had started out this article with a simple A B C “Brexit for Dummies” so we could grasp exactly what has been going on ever since the pro-exit vote. I still don’t understand this issue and why you are so mad. We are Amerikans here, we don’t know exactly what is happening there as regards Brexit.

    1. Yes, I sympathize with your viewpoint. I could do with a ‘Brexit For Dummies’ myself! Even for the Brits, Brexit is hellishly complicated and most people here in Britain have given up trying to understand the ins and outs of it. However, it is very important. This is the greatest crisis in British history since WWII. The way it has been handled spells the death of democracy in Britain. That’s what makes it so important.

      Our rulers gave us a referendum two years ago and all the parties promised us they would respect the result of the referendum. We voted (17.4 million of us) to leave the United States of Europe which we regard as a tyrannical superstate determined to flood us with an endless supply of unwanted immigrants. Our government refuses to give us what we voted for. They are telling us, “No, we’re not going to give you what you voted for. You voted for the wrong thing, and we want you to vote again and this time get it right! You must vote for what WE want, not for what YOU want!”

      In short, our government refuses to keep its solemn promise to respect the referendum result. We are governed by people who show a complete contempt for democracy.

    2. In the words one our Great Brits, (Kenneth Williams):-


      I look forward to the next General Election.

      Thanks Ms Darkmoon. I agree with every word.

    3. “We are Amerikans here…”
      The spelling of ‘America’ with a “k” in English language discourse is a negative inference toward NSDAP Germany.
      First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

    4. Mrs May seems to be more concerned with getting her own way than anything else. For her to offer to quit if her deal is enacted is bizzare. So she intends to stay on if it isn’t enacted. In other words she will quit if she succeeds and will remain if she fails. It is usually the other way around.

      Unfortunately Conservative MPs cannot challenge her for another 9 months; a year after the December 2018 vote of confidence by 63% of Conservative MPs.

      She has forced her own personal agenda onto the country. It shows a very selfish and arrogant personality, and such people should never be allowed a place in government

      1. The fallout from this three year episode should involve the place of a referendum in government. The Supreme Court was petitioned by a Mrs Gina Miller, who I believe is not an MP but is married to wealthy hedge fund manager. She obtained a decision which gave parliament authority on Brexit, in effect overriding the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU.

        I don’t think this sort of situation has arisen before but the Supreme Court decided that Parliament should be in charge. That should not have been allowed without serious examination of the question “Who Rules, and on behalf of whom?” In my book the people are the supreme power in the country; not millionaires’ wives, or MPs or civil servants, or the BBC, or Judges, but the people.

        The next General Election may see the Conservative Party removed from power for a generation, for 30 years

    5. Wyandotte – it is quite simple. Brexit means we take back sovereignty and control of our laws, border controls and trade negotiations from the unelected and unaccountable commissioners. remember civil and common law do not mix for starters in the fomrer there is no jury. of more importance is the Lisbon Treaty which states that ALL nations that are members of the eu by 2022 give up their sovereignty to these unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who then will set taxes, make laws, accept one currency the euro and immigration policy in other words GB, germany, france are no more. This is treason.

  2. A. The Brits had a special vote (“referendum”) to determine whether or not they wanted to stay with the EU;

    B. The Leave vote won. The Stay vote lost;

    C. The government led by the Prime Minister promised to abide by the democratic vote but lied to the British electorate because they are still in the EU and pulling every trick they can think of to “Stay”.

    D. The next trick is to delay long enough to participate in the next EU election, making it by one day it seems!

    E. The cheats hope that the EU election will somehow turn into an opportunity to “Stay”.

    It is analogous to the American system whereby the President promises to build a wall, then doesn’t.

    My understanding but I am not a Brit.

    1. My understanding but I am not a Brit.

      Your understanding is very good. You have provided an excellent summary.

    2. Good explanation, Jake!

      London’s Bankers win ALL elections. They are actually (S)elections. Good people lose.

    3. A primary political tactic of the Jew and the Jew-thinker is to continuously reintroduce their failed legislation until it ‘passes’.
      Adversarial weak points are shored up until a favorable vote ensues, or plausible denial for their vote fraud is engendered.
      First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

      1. the stupid anglos are the best allies the jews ever had in fact they think they are the lost tribe of pissrael

      2. Yes you are right a jewish protestant as you have jewish ‘ catholics’ etc. How naive can you be?

  3. Stating that democracy is finished in Britain now is naïve. There has never been any real democracy in Britain or most of the other western states. It’s a sham. It’s a system which is one of the easiest to corrupt through the media and money. It’s designed to generally prevent any meaningful change that the people might want. The people of democracies have regularly been dragooned into wars that they didn’t want, or had their social mores corrupted or the very fabric of their society destroyed through the lies of the media and the politicians. Take Britain for example; the country has been flooded with millions of Third World invaders over the last sixty years. Never once were the British people given an opportunity to vote on whether this should happen or not. They were simply ignored and have been to this day while hundreds of thousands of the invaders still pour in each year. What was ‘democratic’ about that? Ordinary British citizens are gaoled because they put something on the internet that offends some minority but a monstrous traitor like Tony Blair not only remains free but becomes obscenely wealthy and is allowed to continue to interfere in national policy. The system is terminally rotten and has been for decades. Now, only the most self-deluded can continue to believe that they live in a real representative democracy.

    1. BB –

      I agree 100%. All national elections around the globe are Bankers’ (S)elections.

      Easily compromised remotely and easily pre-set ‘Touch Screens’ are everywhere these days. ES&S and others…. have hands-on control of outcomes.

    2. Excellent comment Brian and unfortunately so true.

      We have never lived in a true democracy in Britain or most of the western world. The banksters bought the process and control it through owning the media and the politicians.

      When the BNP were making gains several years ago before being taken down by the establishment and their lackeys, they did this inspite of no platform policy from controlled politicians and constant media and mob attacks denying them free speech.

      Those who own and control the money-spigots own the whole corrupt ‘democratic’ system!!

  4. The Guillotine comes up more and more as England, France, Germany, and the U.S. are perceived to be Globalist and secretly Israhell evil- Despotic. Meanwhile America now HAS a REAL French Revolution Guillotine – a close copy of the one in the Luxembourg Museum. I built it in 2014 and it was Haunted by a ghost or ghosts since trial assembly. This ghost gave me a message in May of 2015 which lead to the DEATH of an Evil neighbor. Does an “Angel of Death” come for you? I have evidence that it is so! Meanwhile the Guillotine just sits in my yard at home waiting to become famous!!! Photos of the ghost avail. and the guillotine. It`s Historical FUN actually! Call me at LEN; 775-753-8660, or Email me for more info.

  5. There are 45m voters in the UK. 27.6m did NOT vote to leave the EU. Remember, the fake news media said Remain would win, the fake opinion polls said the same. The real treachery here is that we had a referendum in the first place. I live in Central London and I know a lot of my neighbours and the majority simply don’t understand the issues and Lambeth was the most pro-EU borough in England. This is why Google was swamped after the vote with searches like: what is the EU? Or, what is Brexit? You can vote for something you don’t know, but 2.5 yrs later, you can’t vote for what you know?

    A fair referendum would have a set winning post so only leavers would need to vote. LittleJohn is a rightwing moron. To see yesterdays crowd in Parliament Square. Mostly old white men. Jon Snow (I don’t like him) made this point on Channel 4 News last night and to be honest, many in the crowd were racists whipped up by Zionist shill Tommy Robinson.

    In light of Silk Road 2, Brexit is more about 51st state and the UK retreating from a theater where it only had a fair but minor part. This is more geopolitical than the lie, taking back control. Note, they were waving their Union flags, but not for much longer. The City crime cartels can only flourish without EU regulation. Asian & US regulators want the UK regulated but the 0.01% and banks love the CIty crime model the way it is.

    1. “UK. 27.6m did NOT vote to leave the EU.”
      Cute. In the last General election, only about 32,200,000 voted, which means 26,000,000 did not vote for the Conservative Party and 25,000,000 did not vote for the Labour Party. In fact, the did not votes were more than the Conservative Party proportion of eligible voters.
      To return to the vernacular of my youth, too fucking bad. Those who did not vote have no right to criticize. They were either just too goddam lazy to find out what the issues were before the referendum, too lazy to vote, or both.
      I recall the pub talk before the 1970s referendum about joining the EEC. Many of those opposed were not opposed to trade liberalization, they were opposed to what they saw as a massive bureaucracy-in-waiting in Brussels to steal sovereignty. They were correct then, and they are correct today.

  6. the guy that wrote this is an idiot. first of all a democracy means is who can buy the govt to carry out their agenda not the peoples which are the jews same in USA. then he was disturbed cause more savages are stabbing each other. well I am glad they are and would encourage it.
    nobody wants to hear this but the only way to stop these pompous wind bag pedophiles is to storm the parliament chain them all together and drop them off on a glacier in the north pole. nothing else will work

      1. Well, if there are no glaciers near the north pole to drop these MPs over, maybe we could feed them to the penguins at the south pole! 🙂

        Not sure the penguins would find the meat palatable, but it’s worth a try.

  7. “Dark days lie ahead. Democracy is certainly dead in Britain. Stone dead. And Theresa May and her Parliament of knaves and fools have killed it.”

    Please don’t make me laugh. “Democrazy” has been dead in the UK for centuries. One has to go back to Elizabethan days to remember true independent glory in the isles. Ever since they allowed themselves to be parasitized by the Rothschilds with establishment of their “Bank of England” in 1692, they have slowly descended to the point of absolute obsequiousness before this vampirous globalist entity. Brexit was NEVER going to happen so long as (((they))) controlled things. Only armed revolution will bring about a true escape and return to sovereignty for the Celtic / Anglo Saxon peoples. Whether or not they have the fortitude for such exploits is questionable. (They could take some cues from their French cousins across the English Channel for actionable advice.)

    1. @ Joe

      Please don’t make me laugh. “Democrazy” has been dead in the UK for centuries.

      LD already knows that, but she can’t say so openly. She has to pretend for argument’s sake that we still have a functioning democracy. Proof of this? She is herself a non-voter on principle and has advocated on this site repeatedly that one should be a conscientious non-voter. Would she advocate non-voting if she believed voting made any difference?

      Believe me, LD is as aware as you are about Cromwell and the Jews and the myth of democracy. She has often quoted Stalin’s famous words on voting: “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

      The difference is, as we can see in the case of Brexit, our governing elite don’t even need to rig the votes. They can simply ignore the votes. They can give the people the exact opposite of what they voted for. Theresa May and her parliament of dirty upperclass swine of Jew lovers have just done this.

      1. The brilliant solution to such dilemmas on both sides of the Atlantic was first man’fested [sic] in 1976 by the Birthday Party [ http://nobodyforpresident.org/index2020.html ]. By that year, I had but one or two political bones left in my body and even fewer neurons available to carry the load. SO, truth be told, I sat out the next few elections, voting only for NOBODY each time for all offices “up for sale”, so to write. I knew NOBODY had a lot of money, so I figured, “Let NOBODY buy our way into Power Circles!”

        I have it on good authority — COSMIC UNITY very helpful along these nonlinear lines — that NOBODY prepares to offer Brits the best deal possible: FREEDOM! NOBODY does NOT have a problem running for office in both US, Inc., and Great Britain, Ltd. I highly recommend your considering drafting NOBODY for the job and then (s)electing NOBODY to do it! Campaign donations for NOBODY for POTUS 2020 may be sent to link above! 😉

  8. The “EU” was meant to erase borders, eliminate sovereignty and destroy nationalism.
    The kosher plan of diluting the populaces of numerous nations to the point that there is no national identity any more has effectively been carried out throughout much of Europe – and Jews were largely responsible for this plan.
    The ‘North American Union’ is another poison pill cleverly disguised as a trade agreement. You only need one generation to erase nationalism. Then the one-world order is a shoe-in with the chosen in control. Regarding the Trump wall , only Jews and communists build such walls.
    I find it very telling how no country is allowed nationalism under these plans, but Israel fully and blatantly identifies as JewLand.

    1. FYI: The spelling of ‘America’ with a “k” in English language discourse is a negative inference toward NSDAP Germany.
      First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

    2. @ Amerikagulag

      Excellent comment.

      BTW, I believe Trump has just been awarded $1 billion by Congress to build his Mexican wall, though it won’t run all the way and leave many gaps.

      Wonder if this is his “reward” for saying Israel can have the Golan Heights. A kind of quid pro quo. “You give us the Golan Heights . . . and we’ll give you a billions bucks to build your wall . . . Only make sure you make use of Israeli building materials, Israeli engineers, and Israeli security devices for constant maintenance of said wall.”

      1. JA –

        This latest $1Billion is from the Pentagon budget He already had $3.7Billion from Congress.

        His original request was for $5Billion

        1. Thanks, Pat. I didn’t know that. You are a fund of useful information — one of the reasons I’m so pleased to have stumbled upon this site, a beautiful oasis in a barren desert.

      2. JA –

        Glad to help! Be sure to check my points against what you know, yourself or can find in other places. I do mess up at times.

        Please, use my comments as a launching pad! 🙂

        Your comments are very welcome too…. as all are to me.

  9. It would be virtually impossible to show an citizen of this sewer why “brexit” failed. It would be virtually impossible to teach same why their nation is an oozing pustule on the world. Most either cannot GRASP the facts or will impale anyone LUCID enough to see whom the demons are and simply ATTEMPT to make them understand as a “conspiracy theorist”, or, MY favorite – ANTI SEMITE – HORRORS OF HORRORS KILL THE EVIL BASTARD!!

    My very own “little” brother and his spawn would be leading the charge – bought and convinced with a few pieces of high quality USED FURNITURE!!

    I assume they lack the drive to look BEYOND the kosher media to see the KOSHER hand directing the shabbos goi on how to kill their own nation/people for a mere pittance of thirty silver coins in a little cloth purse.

    The fool INSISTS on telling his curious grandson what a HERO Roosevelt and his lesbian wife were….. The grandson? sigh, well he eats it up like a bowl of cabbage and snickers at his “silly old uncle”…

    We’ll eventually see whom was right, unless they STILL choose to believe the kosher media right up to the moment the blade severs their idiot head from their twitching bodies…


    “Thanks to the terrible power of our international banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, Since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100 million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars and the end is not yet.”

    Rabbi Reichorn 1869 http://www.truedemocracy.net/hj32/28.html

    “Masonic Lodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence. Those pigs, the non-Jewish Masons, will never understand the final objects of Masonry.”
    Theodor Herzl
    1897 Switzerland


    As the man commented above, it was NEVER going to succeed as it was bandied about over this and that triviality, only to lose “steam” and die at the feet of those who wanted it, dazed, confused and, as always, COMPLETELY ignorant to whom the REAL enemy is.

    “It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

    “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
    (The Jew, December, 1925, Zinobit)

    Revelation 3:9
    Look! I will make those from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews yet are not, but are lying—look! I will make them come and bow before your feet and make them know that I have loved you.
    John 8:44 bankruptcy the likes of which would make the “OWNED” Trump blush.

    You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a murderer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie. Matthew 27: 24 – 25

    Remove God from the equation and the fools will rip THEMSELVES apart while the Synagogue laughs maniacally from behind the curtain.

    1. …and yet the veil has ever been taken from the fools eyes…..what a marvellous trick, genius, magical…Oy vey!

      1. Pat,
        It’s just us all right. The co-called “Democracies” of the West are facing a time limit on the survival of the Nordic, Celtic, Alpine, Mediterranean and all the subdivisions therein as outlined by the late, great Carlton Coon’s “The Races of Europe” (1939). This would, of course, include America, Australia, NZ etc. Currently and collectively called the White Race.
        1. The sperm count of Western White males is only about 50% of it’s former glory.
        2. White women are having fewer and fewer children per married couple. Which means there will be fewer and fewer White females entering into their child bearing years. Which means there will be fewer and fewer White females born into each succeeding generation leading to population collapse.
        3. If the white race expects to be around in about 2-300 years, except as a few specimens in a Jew run Zoo with Black attendants, Whites will have to wake up fast.
        4. TJ has read that there are at least one million more Chinese males then Chinese females. Guess where these males will go looking for females? That is if there are any left, other than the Zoos.
        5. The future prospects for the White race is less then dim.
        6. There is two solutions to save the White race from extinction. Complete separation from all the other races of “mankind”, and start having at least 4-5 kids for each White couple still having the ability to do so. And clean up the environment and food to get the sperm count up among young White males. Otherwise it’s a race against time, as “the time draws nye”.

      2. Hi Toejamicus,

        The main reason for deceased fertility is FAT. Same in Britain, and most other countries

      3. With respect, Pat, I would request a reference RE fat and decreased fertility. We have multi-national, cross-sectional data — I would love to see the time-series, multivariate analyses to give evidence of your contention. I doubt.

      4. AD –

        John Kirby wrote about “fat”!! NOT I!!

        You MUST keep up on these long threads, my friend!!! 🙂 🙂

      5. Bearing in mind Comrad Pat, that we do have a secret language in effect on Darkmoon, I think it wise you ask Admin to delete your post RE FAT and PAT. We have been fingered by the trigger-happy-but-not-so-humorous. Not that NSA|AI would necessary pick up on this breach of bulwarks.

        PW at the clubhouse tonight: Long hairs lend themselves to braiding.

        John, you know your assignment, right? No, Weight Watchers, buddy! Pat has the Planned Paretohood [sic, pun intended] beat. 10-4, brothers!

  10. Yes. I did my family tree. The “ancient ones” of the nineteenth and early twentieth century had families typically of ten children.

    In my country meat and fat was plentiful and cheap, if one could afford to eat at all (no welfare state). They cooked in dripping, rendered down animal fat.

    It was late enough in history to see some photographs. Although the elderly could be portly, all the young people were lean, even scrawny. In dozens of old photos I never saw a single young person who was fat.

    Their lives were hard. They had little knowledge of nutrition. They were ravaged by communicable diseases we can treat now. Yet, they had no trouble reproducing, generally speaking. One lady outlived three husbands and had twelve children. Lived until 75. Fairly typical. Child bearing did the women no harm, unless they were unlucky given the medical knowledge of those days.

    1. Jake and John Kerby,
      I remember watching a Documentary on the early career of Walt Disney. There was a film shot of the Disney workers (all White) coming out of their work space. Every one, male and female, were lean and trim. Maybe Walt worked them to the bone. TJ thinks there are many factors leading to the decline of the Western male sperm count. It’s not known if this is a world wide phenomenon, which I doubt. However, John K may be right about fat and decreased fertility, but for different reasons: Who would want to have sex with a fat, blubbery man or women weighing in at 220 to 300 plus lbs. I’ve observed that some Black males are not to choosy when it comes to blubbery White females with big butts. To each his own, I guess.
      Here is another thing to factor in. With the recent demonization of the White male in the West and the female more prone to select (one of Pat’s favorite words) males with power and wealth, just how many White males, now at or near the bottom of the totem pole, are being left out of the mating game as their natural mates are wandering off the reservation of this new dispensation. I’ve heard that some Japanese young people would rather make love to a artificial human then with each other. Weird.

      1. When migrants move into “the West”, they too are suddenly afflicted with the scourges of high-cancer rates, autism, low sperm-counts and a variety of auto-immune diseases ranging from asthma to arthritis. There’s something in the water folks.

        Not literally the water, but we are being fed something that is destroying us. And it aint fluoride nor gmos nor pesticides nor vaccines because Western countries vary in the amount of each of these foul ingredients, yet the afflictions I listed above remain at the same consistent levels across the West.

        There’s something else at work and it has to be something we’re wallowing in across all Western countries. Maybe we’re ingesting it, smearing it all over ourselves or drinking it. Perhaps it allows the fluoride, vaccines etc to be more virulent, but there has to be a base poison we’re all being given. Perhaps it is being sold to us as an essential, beneficial nutrient?

        I’ve no doubt it is all deliberate and targetted.

        1. Flopot,

          You are a genius. I think you have the answer here. But what could this mysterious Toxin ‘X’ be? Care to speculate a bit further? And if we are all exposed to this lethal influence, how do you explain longevity combined with remarkably good health in so many lucky people who have managed to escape the contagion? I was reading today about a guy aged 119 who was in fantastic shape. Just an ordinary guy, a Scotsman. When asked how he had managed to survive so well, he replied: “By avoiding the things that make you die earlier.”

      2. Exactly Sardonicus. That Scotsman sums up the pithy advice of Hippocrates — if you are unwell then stop eating the same stuff! You are the genius; or maybe it’s that Scotsman. Still, I am glad that many of us remain untouched by the Western scourges of cancer and auto-immune diseases; but such luck does not refute the ludicrously high rates of such diseases prevalent in the West compared to other parts of the world.

        Perhaps the answer might lie in the actions of a prominent eugenicist like, say, Bill Gates (like father, like son). A study of his activities and, more importantly, his promotions might highlight the very “poison” that is being sold to us as an elixir (some “fountain of youth” baloney). You definitely will not find the answer in anything mainstream; that would be illogical and a dereliction of deeply held convictions about how the world works.

        No; I suspect there is a more nefarious and ubiquitous substance that lies beneath the fluoride, gmos, pesticides and other such toxins. Something that inflames their effects.

        1. @ Flopot

          Yes, I’m sure you’re right. Strange goings-on indeed! I’ve trying to find a new word to describe your “anti-elixir” or “evil toxin”. I’m sure Franklin Ryckaert could find just the right word. My Greek, at the best, is a bit shaky. So far I’m come with “DYSPLASMA” or “CACOPLASMA” (= bad/evil + substance/matter).

          Finding the right word to describe something is an important step to understanding it better. Thus we have “dysgenics” (opposite of “eugenics”), dystopia (opposite of “utopia”), and “cacodemon” (meaning “bad/ugly demon”).

      3. Flo –

        “I suspect there is a more nefarious and ubiquitous substance that lies beneath the fluoride, gmos, pesticides and other such toxins. Something that inflames their effects.”

        Big Pharma & Big Med TV commercials “BIGGLY”……”inflames their effects.”

        Today people can tell their doctors what poisons they want!! And when they get sicker…. they blame themselves… and suffer the “YUGE” trauma of self-administered psychoses. They go nuts… and order more for themselves and their families!!

      4. Yup; the doctors are getting us to ingest, smear and wash ourselves with highly toxic substances that are touted as “vital nutrients”. I suspect some of these are actually toxins.

      5. Hi Toejamicus,
        I was 5-8 and 140 pounds up to the age of 50, but I am now 170 pounds, and can I get that extra 30 pounds off? maybe if I have a leg amputated.

      6. Sardonicus, the phrase “underlying cause” might suffice? I suggested we look at the actions of one of the main villains in the piece, Bill Gates — a eugenicist maestro — and see what he is pushing on the Third World. If the main goal is depopulation, then what is working in the West might work on the rest. Lets take a quick look, together.

        Bill Gates is a eugenicist supremo so we might aswell set that straight at this juncture. He and his foundation don’t give a hoot about health; it is all about depopulation for these misanthropist frontmen:

        So in 1997, when he and Melinda first ventured into public health—their eponymous foundation would come into being in two years—they focused on birth control, funding a Johns Hopkins effort to use computers to help women in the developing world learn about contraception. The logic was crisp and Bill Gates-friendly. Health = resources ÷ people. And since resources, as Gates noted, are relatively fixed, the answer lay in population control.

        The above is from the cover story of the November 21, 2011, issue of Forbes Magazine. This is the same Bill Gates who waxed lyrical on the nefarious “bonus” side-effect of a vaccine: sterilisation


        So what is this leading misanthropist now pushing on the Third World? Vitamin A. From modified rice to altered-bananas, this man believes Vitamin A is what the people need. This eugenicist is waxing lyrical about Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which the body uses to produce Vitamin A. Any rational person would automatically suspect that perhaps an overdose of Vitamin A is not beneficial if it is being promoted by a notorious eugenicist?

        It turns out that people are now getting suspicious of the original “vitamin”:


        It turns out that an overdose of “Vitamin” A causes symptoms eerily similar to the auto-immune diseases plaguing the West. It also might have a hand in cancer aswell. Combine this with the fact that one of the side-effects of vaccines and pesticides is to reduce the body’s capacity to counteract the effects of Vitamin A. In the West we’re encouraged to smear Vitamin A on our faces (retinoids are Vitamin A); it is used to “reinforce” Western staples such as milk etc etc etc

        There’s your possible culprit.

        Flopot out.

      7. Those were the days, when I had the good looks and charisma of Harvey Weinstein.

  11. Talk of revolution and “civil war” abounds throughout the motherland as well as her erstwhile colonies. There can be no doubt, the white man is being purposefully pushed into more wars he does not want.

    These will be internal wars, where major oppositional force has been firmly ensconced in the white countries undergoing the Jew’s murderous transformation into a bloody, civil gel. A morass, dragging virtually everyone down where the masses drown in their own blood. Look at the history of internal strife. Look at the Jews’ previous revolutions and it is obvious where we are headed.

    These will be all-or-nothing wars as, due to their overbearing, aggressive arrogance, Jews are losing their psychological grip over western civilization. It’s now or never, Jews must push western civilization into the distraction of chaos if they are to remain in power. Divide and conquer, it’s an old formula, as old as the Bible, a formula that has worked repeatedly throughout history.

    There is only one solution spelled out in a Freudian slip where Jews themselves clearly describe the “final solution” in their mythical Holocaust narration. It’s simple – either we get rid of the Jews or most assuredly, they will get rid of us.

  12. What do you expect, from Angela’s sister? Schizophrenia runs in the families.
    Did you know, that canned goods last for years? Best stock up you Britons.
    Xi was just in Monaco, warning the P2 about this! E.U. collapse, very sooon..

    (She will have more new enemies, than Carter had liver pills.)

    1. American actress, Grace Kelly, was murdered because she found out the P2 Mason HQ was in operation there by her husband.

      What is left out is the main political scandal in Europe at that time. Two weeks prior to her death, a membership list of the infamous oligarchic P2 Lodge became public. The Italian government collapsed when many of the leaders names were discovered to be on it. It was known by intelligence groups to be a secret collection of nation destroying oligarchs, which spanned numerous countries. The chairman of the P2 Lodge was her husband Prince Ranier, of Monaco. Princess Grace was a moral woman I think. Perhaps things she had ignored in the past suddenly seemed to have more weight. Perhaps she intended to do the moral thing. To get away from him for a start, not trusting the chauffeur of the prince, since he would naturally spy on her for the prince.

  13. Amazing how the dialogue on this site digresses from rationale thoughts about our broken democracies to the Jews plan to destroy the White Race.

    Yes its completely logical that the Jews all 16 million of us have been responsible for engineering the growth of the Muslim population in the world from 30 million or so 2000 thousand years ago to 1.6 billion today. We are all really anxious and excited to see a world governed by Sharia law and having our children live in it. This is about the most rediculous idea that I could ever imagine 🙂

    Like most there is a small
    percentage of very bad actors in every race, religion and people. A small percentage of 1.6 bilion is a hell of a lot of radicals is it not ? And don’t feed me the money crap because as I have pointed out here on LD numerous times that the worlds sovereign wealth funds mostly muslim countries control more wealth in the world than all of the banks put together. How does that fit with this picture?

    Lets stick with how to change our broken systems BTW, as someone who has traveled the world extensively and through most of Europe I agree that the cultures of many countries are quite special and it would be ashame to loose them.

    1. Hi Ralan,

      Some of the Jews I have met have been openly contemptuous and hostile to gentiles, Other Jews must realize there is a problem. The danger is that the ordinary decent Jews may suffer the backlash.

      1. @Jk
        what there are no people from other backrounfs openly hostile to Jews? It happens to be that its human nature for this type of behavior with some people of almost every kind. Look at the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, What about the Shia and Sunni’s or Hindu and Muslim. People see what they want to see

    2. Lets stick with how to change our broken systems

      No thanks. The problem stems from Jews, both overt and crypto, always seeking to change our systems, from fake Marxism (“there is no such thing as private property”) to the fake neoliberals (“the lawless market is grrrrrrrreat”). It is no co-incidence that in the West the Jewish Trotskyites easily morphed into Neoconservatives, i.e. the theories were not important, only the chaos wrought by constant change.

      Besides the Jewish religion is unique in its hatred of Christians and history is replete with examples of their slaughter by Jews. This hatred is also written into their Talmudic works. So Ralan is pushing old narratives that have been debunked many times over on this site. I’ll leave it to the unapologetic Barbara Spectre to close the case on Ralan’s misdirection, i.e. the Jews are directly responsible for the destruction of Europe, and they’re proud of their role…


      I’ll never forgive them for abusing the term paideia. The joke is that the term also means civilising the barbaric — so that is what the Jewish movement thinks of the European monolithic culture that they seek to destroy. I fundamentally disagreed with Lobro and his stance on Trump and other world leaders (I have come to accept that they all serve a global oligarchy) but I miss his brilliant mind — he would’ve destroyed Ralan’s absurdities in an instant.

      1. Well spoken about the jews. Just on one issue we might disagree is that I am certain that ‘ christianity’ was invented by the jews to make us docile and meek for a jewish ‘ messias’. The ‘ christian’ elite was and is crypto jewish. ‘ Judaism’ and ‘ christianity’ was always a jewish projec for power and money t by elite – jews, just two different jewish factions at the top fooling the goyim to submission.

        1. @ Flopot
          @ Marcus

          Yes, it’s a fair point. But it’s only a fair point if most Christians, myself included, think exactly like the Christian elite thinks. But we don’t. We don’t think like the Pope thinks or receive our instructions from snowflakes like the Archbishop of Canterbury. We think more like Bishop Williamson thinks, a strongly dissident Christian. Nor are most Christians wimps and sissies, as Marcus keeps telling us. That’s a myth propagated by Jews and dimwitted non-Jews who think like Jews, just like the brainwashed Marcus does.

          Every time this toxic imbecile opens his ugly mouth, he insults not only me, a militant Christian, but he insults Lasha Darkmoon and Sister Monica who are also Christians (or “neo-Christians” as they prefer to be called).

          They allow this anti-Christian creep Marcus to befoul their pro-Christian website in comment after comment. He is too stupid to understand that they do not welcome his anti-Christian jibes on their pro-Christian website but just put up with him out of Christian kindness.

    3. Ralan –

      “…loose them..” WTF?? Are they imprisoned???? 🙂

      So well traveled, but “BIGGLY” not so good at spelling!!

      But jews are “loosed” upon the cultures!! Freudian(jew) slip?? 🙂

      1. Cat –

        “All religions were created by the Vatican mafia, all of them bar none….”

        Could be. I have been reading that for over 60 years. I cannot prove it. Can you?

      2. “All religions were created by the Vatican mafia, all of them bar none….”

        Maybe West of the Sindhu..
        Gosh, you managed to erase half a hemisphere in one fell Swaroop.

        “Only one desire is left for Arjuna; that is to see the Virat Swaroop of the Lord.

        Arjuna’s wish

      3. HP –

        Is killing/murder not a crime???

        From your link:
        Questioner: Shree Krishna had shown the universal vision (vishwadarshan) to Arjuna? What is it?

        Dadashri: That vishwadarshan is not the same as Atmagnan (knowledge of the Self). So many are born, die and are born again.

        This is how everyone is caught up in the time cycle, therefore there is no one that kills or gives or spares life (creator, sustainer, destroyer).

        “Therefore Dear Arjuna, the moha (the illusion) that attaches you to doership, that You are ‘doing’ the killing is wrong, so let it go.” For this Shree Krishna showed him a violent and a very frightful scene; he showed Arjuna a vast picture wherein everyone is dead. Upon beholding this, Arjuna was shaken up, but as he understood everything, he became ready to fight. Then the Lord showed Arjuna the tranquil state of the Self. In all this vast scene (virat swaroop) that the Lord had ‘seen’ Himself, is what He had shown to Arjuna and that is what ‘we’ call vyavasthit.

      4. Pat, is self defense murder? Is following the General’s orders to kill in war, murder?
        No and no. You know better than that.

        But that wasn’t the point. The point is how easily the West dismisses the rest of the world. As if the Vedas didn’t exist before the Vatican.
        It’s ignorant and small.

      5. Well, the West except for the odd scattered few and perhaps the Germans on the whole.
        Most assuredly a few superlative Germans.

        ADMIN: Your email address has a typo. Please correct.

  14. raylan
    what you say makes sense..
    but i don’t think we’re dealing with sensible people… definitely nobody with a conscience or fear of god…
    there’s no getting away from the fact that jews control the united states government and the media..
    they control most of europe too… and they are behind the massive immigrant invasion, because they’re using it to destroy the few people left in the world, the white race, who might be the ones to stop their global control program… in 1940 it was only germany and japan that threatened the zionist/communist expansion…
    and jews as marxist communists have already committed massive crimes against humanity, beyond belief…
    here’s mothman 777 from ‘the realist report’ –
    “Stalin maintained a death penalty throughout Russia to be enforced on all who might dare to voice any anti-Jewish opinion, as the Communists regarded Judaism as essential to the misnomered Communist ‘revolution’.
    Karl Marx; “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.
    Rabbi Stephen Wise; “Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism”.
    Immediately after the conclusion of WWII, the Jewish-controlled Russian Kremlin demanded that the entire world henceforth be made to adopt the same draconian Stalinist legislation. They did not succeed in getting their wishes at that time, but the Stalinists are still clearly active in that direction.
    For instance, as well as Pelosi, Britain’s Stalinist Jew-lover Theresa May has similarly stated that her government will do everything it can to ‘wipe out’ antisemitism, using those very words. Sounds very much like a death threat to me, as to literally kill people who know the irrefutable truth about the Jews would surely be the only way to eliminate such knowledge.

    – surely you can understand how unsettling it is to hear theresa may pledge to WIPE OUT antisemitism…
    that’s a combat term, it means to ‘kill them all’… that’s a grossly inflammatory statement, coming from a world leader… we’re tired of seeing world leaders act and talk as if they all take orders from the jews… and worried about it…
    i think antisemitism is a form of bigotry, OK… but us gentiles just don’t get it, how any criticism of the state of israel or any questioning of the holocaust story equates to that…
    surely you wouldn’t say that it does…

    1. When you talk , discuss, with a jew he will never admit the facts or that you are right. For the jews the outocome of the discussion, power, is what counts, they demand, dominance.

      1. For the jews the outocome of the discussion, power, is what counts, they demand, dominance.

        And they use “revolutions” to place ever more wealth and power into their hands; constantly turning over the goyim-pancake, flippin’ us over and over so that we don’t know right from wrong; absurdities become commonsense; self-abuse is lauded as morality. The transgender revolution is one in a long line of cultural-marxist nonsense. They taken a genuine condition and twist is so that is becomes another way to discombobulate society.

        Vale of Tears indeed. We’re ruled by right bastards.

        PS I’m still on my journey into self-imposed exile; just stopped for an interconnecting flight.

      2. Marcus,
        Do you speak for all Jews? Do you speak for Donaldo? Don’t understand your rationale.
        We Jews possess a very keen mind regarding discussion, dialogue……the art of the deal. We’ve excelled at it for thousands of years. A good Jew can sell a ✋-full of sand in the middle of the desert. Understand? Give credit where it’s due please. 😉

    1. Sorry, Guy Fawkes was most likely the original patsy in the ur-false flag operation.

  15. Like most things, it’s all about the money. New EU finance laws come into play on 1st April, which would give Brussels greater access to the $50trillion off-shore trust funds, the majority of which are controlled through the City of London. The City is like a state within a state, much like the Vatican.
    Brexit was never about regaining sovereignty, but all about protecting the elite’s tax free cash.
    Theresa May has served her masters well, and run a very successful sting operation against the EU. We will leave on 12th April with no deal.
    In defence of Jacob Rees-Mogg, he actually said that he would vote for the deal IF the D.U.P. did. The msm can be quite selective in their reporting. As it happens, my ‘son-in-law’ has just bought a second hand car off Jacob’s sister.

    1. We will leave on 12th April with no deal.

      Hope you’re right. But it’s touch and go, isn’t it? If you’re right, I’ll bring out the champagne!

      BTW, Rees-Mogg still remains LD’s favorite British politician, despite his last-minute dithering. If anyone can restore honour to the House of Parliament, she believes, it will be this brilliant Old Etonian toff.

      — Sister Monica (Admin)

    2. I still think the vote was genuine. The way Farage, Gove and Johnston ran for the hills after victory was very strange. Then Theresa May, a remainer, is chosen as the Brexit Prime Minister who calls an unnecessary general election.

      Then we have the ongoing campaigns for another referendum; the media assault on a “no deal” Brexit, which happens to be the real Brexit; then constant media exposure at local and national levels to pundits who suggest we simply abandon Brexit and remain in the EU.

      And don’t forget the massive propaganda campaign against Brexit during the months leading up to the vote, from installing buffoons to lead the campaign (hello Boris) to ramping up Project Fear by exploiting the Jo Cox incident.

      Either the elites that rule us are divided (though I see no difference between Jewish banksters in London or Brussels) or the vote was genuine. There were many underlying issues but the big one, I think, was mass migration — for once, we the people stuck it to the “the Man”.

      1. The subtext of my comment is that MI5 didn’t sufficiently rig the results. I believe significantly more people voted for Brexit than the official results reveal.

      2. Flopot,

        You certainly know more about the political situation in the UK than the MPs who represent us. If you were my MP, I’d vote for you. No problem!

        Unfortunately, you wouldn’t get anywhere near Parliament. You’d end up in one of their gulags. A firebrand extremist. Or maybe they’d put you in a nuthouse and lobotomise you — just to be on the safe side!

        So be careful. Big Brother is watching you! 🙂

      3. @Sardonicus

        “They” have nothing to fear from a peon like me. I just wanted to know how the world really worked and I am shocked at the result 😀

        Nope. I’m keeping my head down from now on and I’m going to indulge in writing and other creative activities I have been putting off for years. My revolutionary days are long gone. I think most folks wake up in their 40s, when it is too late and you’re no danger to anyone except yourself. That is why “they” need to brainwash us from childhood to early adulthood. After that you’re no good them anymore.

        Take care.

        @Sister Monica

        Thanks for that but I’m outta here; we’re just repeating the same old arguments now. Look at Ralan — he is just regurgitating the same old liberal line. Take care too, Sister.

  16. @ flopot, i repeat I appreciate your comments. Honest and you know what you are talking about.
    A welcome oasis in a desert.

    1. Thanks but most commentators here are more Jew-wise than me — I learned from them. Whilst I agree there are cryptos installed in the hierarchies of the Catholic Church, I am not anti-Christian. I just didn’t want to get into a debate about that with you. Safe to say, the Jesuits were always crypto-Jewish and the Vatican has been compromised over and over again. Vatican II was written by Jews…sorry converted Jews and Rabbi consultants, or so I am lead to believe.

      However, I myself am immersed in a Christian world that informed my own beliefs and opinions; that dictates the rituals and Temple visits of my relatives. I turned into an Atheist during the years of my “liberal education” but I ultimately learned the concept of respect, becoming something of an agnostic that is deeply embittered by the attacks on my peoples’ faith; an attack I fell for hook, line and sinker.

      1. “or so I am led to believe”

        For goodness sake! 😛

        Right; that’s it. My connecting flight is finally here and I am now disappearing off to sunny self-imposed exile. Goodbye! I’ve posted a final note via mail which should arrive soon.

        1. @ Flopot

          You’ll break my heart if you go away.
          Please don’t. That’s a big mistake

  17. @ Flopot

    I have had your same thought that the obesity we so commonly see today is probably caused by something in our environment. One possiblilty is the antibiotics found in meat today. A few years ago my sister, who was heavier than she should have been, started losing weight for reasons her doctor could not understand. Then she had to have an antibiotic injection for an infection, and after that she started gaining weight again. Apparently there exist microbes in the gut that are needed to prevent obesity. Thus, the antibiotics existing in the meat we consume might be the cause of all the obesity we see.

    1. KB_
      FLO –

      Obesity today is mainly cause by MSG – MonoSodiumGlutqamate. It is in almost all of the processed & fast foods.

      It produces fat cells quickly.
      Labs use it to quickly fatten lab rats in a few days with it to conduct further experiments with them.

      MSG was little used before 1950. It started in bad foods in restaurants to enhance flavors of not so fresh foods & leftovers.

      “Accent” flavor enhancer is 100% MSG.

      MSG is a natural product – fermented yeast bacteria byproduct!! Natural is not always good!!

      Many processors label it as flavor enhancers, natural flavors, yeast, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast extract… etc to disguise the presence in the foods, to try to fool us, since we know what MSG is.

      Then there are soft drinks & sweetened beverages & candy & cookies…. sugar and corn syrups!!.

      Another main cause is too little exercise.

      ALL logical & deadly!!!

    2. @Flopot Fare thee well and have a wonderful time! Enjoy your Self!

      I would think Oprah and other diet fad gurus would have weighed in (!) already on Brexit and implications for the health of overweight Brits. Guess not. Too bad. There’s a silver lining on all clouds, some visible, some risible, all indivisible!

      A friend of mine, an older man who has since passed on, many of his nursery’s plants growing and still maturing on our homestead, once asked my advice about a problem he had. He gave me the “nickel tour’, as he described his own Readers’ Digest version of a horrific tale. After pondering for a moment, no more, having had such a question of mine answered by a Teacher some time before: PRAYER and FASTING! I responded. We had a hearty laugh together. We never again failed to revisit that funny-bone time when we solved all of the problems we both had ever had…..

  18. I always thought that Enoch Powell was drummed out of the Conservative Party because of his opposition to joining the EEC. His views on immigration and the unintended consequences of it, were the excuse.
    It must be particularly galling to real patriotic Britons that his predictions about the EEC and the consequences of 3rd world immigration, have proven to be remarkably accurate.
    Brexiteers can honestly state: Enoch was right – again.

  19. pat
    i guess we’re off topic now, maybe they’ll let us get away with it… most females are fat conscious..
    i understand MSG triples your insulin reaction…
    sugar is what’s really making people fat, not butter and cheeseburgers…
    i tell all my broads its sugar that’s making you fat, but they generally don’t want to hear it…
    lots of gray sugar teeth out there too… doesn’t do much for the looks..
    one superfox i know told me, since she was a girl she doesn’t go to bed without a bottle of pepsi on the nightstand..
    me, anything sweet i might eat, like a cappacheepo from the gas stations, and i have to brush what’s left of my teeth immediately, or watch em disappear..
    i do remember from boot camp the advice was to at least slosh your mouth out with water after you eat sugar…
    the sugar itself doesn’t make you fat but the body has to produce insuin to process it, otherwise it would kill you, and when you’re full of insulin you can’t burn fat, whether you’re a person or a horse…
    what’s that got to do with GM alfalfa? i wonder…
    there’s already way too much sugar in the diet now, high fructose corn syrup in everything…
    lots of mothers put sugar all over everything… candy everywhere, doughnuts, soda pop…
    bureau of chemistry (fda forerunner) boss, herbie wiley, roughly 1904 – “if we ever allow high fructose corn syrup to be put into food, we’ll have a national epidemic of diabetes”… the added effect of the MSG on the pancreas is burning out everyone’s insulin mechanism, that’s what’s causing the diabetes epidemic…
    the health department shut down a chinese buffet around here a year or two ago, lots of rodents and bugs.. they found a big drum of the MSG stuff in the basement…
    was that part of some big jew pinko plot too?
    or is the diabetes epidemic just another chapter in the big dirty book of disaster capitalism?

  20. Maybe we can sum all this up from the Hebrew-Christian holy book of contradictions. Have you ever thought about where the idea of the commune came from? There were several communes in the U.S. during the 18th century. All failed. Later in the U.S. there were the hippy communes of the 1960’s and 70’s that fell apart. Then there is the State of Israeli Kibbutz (communes). And of course the failed and deadly communes at the national level called The Peoples Republic of this or that, known as the Communist States of the 20th and 21st Centuries.
    I direct your attention to the biblical foundation of the commune known as Marxist Communist. (AOC and several of her compatriots in the US Congress have called their Communism the New Green Deal).
    Read Acts 2: 42-46 and Acts 4: 32-34. Both sections are called “The early Christian Community”.
    As the late American Rabbi Steven Wise remarked in so many words soon after the Jews (mostly Khazars) had set up their Bolshevik (majority) commune rule in Russia: “Some call it Communism I call it Judaism.
    The European Union is the commune at the international level. The Brits are wise to try and get out. That is if the Jews (mostly Khazars) will let them. (The Jim Jones commune, for example, turned into a death cult at the micro level, as the national and now the international communes are nothing more or less then death cults writ large.)

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