By Supporting Zionist Stooge Donald Trump You Make Yourself A Useful Idiot Of The Jews

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(from unpublished comments)


Those who are foolish enough to give credence to the demented ravings of the conspiracy theorists among us who tell us that Donald Trump is a secret “Jew hater” who is simply  pretending to like the Jews but actually hates them covertly  and is planning their imminent destruction, need to watch these two videos and decide for themselves what the truth is.

VIDEO 1 (two years ago) in which . . .

(1) Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, with Donald Trump’s full approval, refuses to recognize an independent Palestinian state adjacent to Israel, by imposing impossible conditions on the Palestinians.

(2) Netanyahu goes on to praise Trump’s Jewish son-in law, Jared Kushner, a fanatical arch-Zionist responsible for financing illegal Jewish settlements. He does this with Trump standing by, nodding his full approval.

(3) Netanyahu ends his talk by singing the praises of  Donald Trump. “THERE IS NO GREATER SUPPORTER OF ISRAEL THAN DONALD TRUMP,” he enthuses. Trump laps up the praise like a cat licking up cream, knowing that the praise is well-deserved, not just empty flattery. See Trump’s own statement in the picture above as confirmation of his shameless ultra-Zionism: “I am the best thing that could have happened to Israel.”

Click on Video 1 below:

VIDEO  1   :   2. 29 mins

Now watch this latest display of Trump’s blatant ultra-Zionism — three days ago!  — in which he not only declares his undying love for Israel and the Jewish people, but also sings the praises of his Jewish sugardaddy Sheldon Adelson  and his Jewish wife Miriam.

Who can doubt Trump’s sincerity?

By all means support Trump if you wish, given that you have no alternative hero on your horizon right now,  but at least have the honesty to admit that the man you are supporting is an ultra-Zionist “Jew lover”. It must surely be apparent to you that, by supporting Trump, you have aligned yourself with Jewish interests and turned yourself into a Useful Idiot of the Jews.  How sad.

VIDEO  2   :   5.10 mins

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  1. We forgot to add our disclaimer:

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website.

    We apologize if this article hurts the feelings of the Trump supporters on our site. We feel their pain and sympathize with them deeply. Let them feel free to defend Mr Trump here if they wish. Our attitude to the President,
    as Admin Toby has already stated, is one of “guarded neutrality”.

    The President has yet to keep his promises and make America great again.
    If and when he succeeds in doing that, we will be the first to say, “Well done, Mr President!”

    We are still waiting for words to become deeds and promises to become achievements.

      1. I agree with you that we are now way beyond the 4D chess nonsense, but we haven’t quite put the beast to rest. Not as long as there are diehards like Lobro around, still clinging to their ludicrous fantasies.

        Lobro doesn’t do it here any more, for obvious reasons, but I’m sure his views haven’t changed one little bit. People like that can never admit they are wrong about anything. It was Lobro himself who said, as quoted by Pat here recently: “I am right even when I am wrong.”

        It’s not easy arguing with a man who has such a high opinion of himself.

  2. I take great pride in my vote for POTUS 2016. And, NOBODY won!! I have yet to learn of a single (s)elected office NOBODY did not win .

    Ayn Rand, may she’ve been dragged, kicking and screaming, to Heaven in spite of her Self, was one to remind “check your premises”. Huxley had talking, “here & now” birds calling “Attention”, much like the Zen master with a biological weapon whipping the slumping backs of slumbering students tired of looking at — looking for? — that spot on the wall in front of their noses….As Yogi Bhajan counsels, one has to punch a hole in Mind much like camel riders are blessed to have an iron driven through the nose of a camel (primitive guidance unit).

    If we can let go of our most hallowed political leaders, then we shall have freed ourselves from all but the Great Work Itself. Welcome aboard, hitherto bored, depressed, huddled masses! I mean, sailors! Punch your cards and get to work. We have a nation to reconstruct!

  3. Sad indeed… trump is the best we have… not really too bad, at least workable, if not for the mazaltav..
    Is that him, or is that just the way it is?
    It usually is the case in politics that we’re put in the position, where we have to hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils, in which case we doomed in the unfortunate circumstance – the evil of two lessers..
    “Squeek we must”, I guess…
    100 years, probably since Theodore roosevelt, of Deep State ZOG infiltration and now dominance have delivered the USA to this, another sycophant president licking the jews’ boots at the AIPAC meeting…
    Or at least it would appear…
    He says he’s “the best thing that could have happened to Israel”…
    That statement rings ambiguous..
    Keeping in mind 33 Albert Pike’s letter to 33 Giuseppe Mazzini in Sicily, where Pike predicts WWs 1, 2 and 3, the third which will include the annihilation of Israel, coming up this half of this century, we might not be too sure what’s really going backstage somewhere..
    Trump’s statement about antisemitism manifesting in the democratic party sounded a bit ominous to me too…
    Just sayin..

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Keeping in mind 33 Albert Pike’s letter to 33 Giuseppe Mazzini in Sicily, where Pike predicts WWs 1, 2 and 3, the third which will include the annihilation of Israel, coming up this half of this century, we might not be too sure what’s really going backstage somewhere…

      Not sure why you insert the letters “33” here?

      Anyway, just to let you know that the entire Albert Pike document you refer to has long since been debunked as bogus. Franklin Ryckaert is an expert on this subject and has frequently told us on this site not to pay any attention to the Pike document as it’s proven fake.

      However, I’m no authority on this subject, so please feel free to continue believing in this document if you wish. It’s up to you, but its authenticity is no longer widely accepted.



  4. “By Supporting Zionist Stooge Donald Trump You Make Yourself A Useful Idiot Of The Jews”

    I believe he is NO stooge. He is willing to do the bidding of Zionists, as are Adelman, Bibi, ‘Put-On’ & others….. who support Chabad Lubovich Zionism – Jewish Government in Israel.

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s View on Zionism:

    Chabad is Zionist, Rabbi Says….
    A spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement says the sect is Zionist in its support for Israel.

  5. SAKI
    thanks for the info…
    33 is a reference to masonry, the 33rd degree is the highest, said to be, level of the Scottish Rite.. there are fewer degrees in the York rite, unless I have that backwards.. shriners have to be 32 or 33s…
    Masonic Code is all over the fed notes, government symbols. corporate logos, military and police insignia…
    33 feathers on one wing and 32 on the other on the back of the dollar bill.. those degrees required for president, so they say… FDR and Truman 32 and 33, put the constirutional USA in its DEEP STATE ZOG coffin and nailed it shut…
    The satanic 6-point HEX-agram angles jive with the angles of the Mason’s G Symbol, both work with the A MASON truncated pyramid…
    Trump’s a 33 too, so they say…
    There’s a statue of Albert Pike in Washington DC, though he never held office….
    They say he was pardoned of conspiring in the Lincoln murder, by Andrew Johnson, actually pike was the real president during Johnson’s term…
    Btw, Simon Wolfe worked for TR decades after the Lincoln assassination, liason with the bolsheviks, if I remember correctly… Simon Wolf was J W Booth..
    It goes on and on ..
    Anyways, chances really are the ancient order of masonry is running the world at the highest levels…
    they’re using the little Jews for whatever is their real purpose just like the rest of us… they’ll wipe them out too, when the time comes, if that’s part of the plan..
    I read pike’s book, ‘MORALS AND DOGMA’, don’t think he mentioned ww3 in it.. but he does stress, that those on the lower levels of the Masonic pyramid are to be completely fooled by those few at the top…
    One good rule of searching for answers/info on the internet – don’t believe debunkers… I don’t…

  6. I’m wondering: Does anyone else here agree with me that there is a high likelihood that the evil orange clown will eventually start a major war?

    His provocations seem to be getting steadily worse; where will it end if not in a major war?

    1. I, for one, cannot agree. I do not agree that “the evil orange clown will eventually start a major war”. Why? you may well ask.

      FIRSTLY, I do not beLIEve Donald Trump is any more his “own man” than many who OCCUPIED, but did not truly EXECUTE, the Office of POTUS, Inc. If any of you criticizing The Donald held O’Bummer in high regard, my sympathies only, you got what you asked for! Same with the Bushies, head man and Shrub, as dear Molly Ivins (RIP) noted frequently in her columns.

      SECONDLY, I do not think TPTB, eager to take possession of the WHOLE EARTH (catalogue on order!), want to pollute the planet any more than they have to to rid the globe of 7+ billion bodies in some kind of disposable way, if you know what I mean. Soylent Green works, babe! You wait! You may well live long enough to see this!

      THIRDLY, as predicted elsewhere and elsewise — would we had Elves’ wisdom to guide us!! — your worries about a “major war” translates, according to plans, nuclear destruction of only few major population centers, if only to contribute dead bodies toward to greater cause. LA Basin in the US, for sure. (Hope springs eternal, Father forgive me for writing this!)

      Escape from LA in real time, folks, else, you be toast! The counties of Ventura and Santa Barbara got a taste of DEW and fire, as already had Santa Rosa, Redding, and Paradise, CA. How much of this does it take to wake up sheep?? All this, of course, MY speculation. My planning, too! I do not intend to remain in harm’s way, GOD willing!

      1. @ Alan Donelson

        Your last post seemed to contradict itself. First you denied that Trump would launch nuclear war, then you said you hoped to flee California!

        I don’t think nuclear war is on the way. I think we are closer to it than we have ever been before due to our Jewish “nuclear primacy” policy, where instead of limiting our nuclear strikes to a strictly defensive thing, as we always used to do, we now Jewishly would do a first strike if we saw fit. But I don’t think nuclear war is going to happen realistically. There is still a measure of sanity, I think.

    2. @ Harold Smith

      I have responded to your above comment on the latest thread about Iran and asked for the original comment I poster here to be deleted. It’s been done. (S)

  7. Trump is under zionist control and Jared Kusner is in the mossad and Trump is going to bring on WWIII with an attack on Iran for his zionist masters!

  8. It’s good to see that the Trump spell is finally dissipating

    Trump was never playing 3d, 4d, 5d, …, 7d chess

    Q Anon was Zionist propaganda stringing Trump supporters along

    And who was right about Trump from day one? The only two I know are:

    Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting

    Jeff Rense radio host

    Trump is a disgusting Jew WHORE and always has been, and anyone who is paying attention to the downfall of the United States into the Zionist abyss should take note of those who were right and those who still pump Trump. Ask yourself, who was wrong about Trump, who still supports Trump.

    Trump has built 0.0 feet of new fence along the border, Trump’s spending is a record high, it was just reported that the deficit for the fiscal year rang in at 698 billion, meaning the annual shortfall is 1.4 trillion – even worse than the faggot Obama. The very day that Trump led the National Prayer Breakfast he signed into law record money for planned parenthood – after making a campaign promise to end that organization. Trump talks a big talk and does the opposite.

    What has Trump done for Amerika? Not a damn thing. Trump is all hat and no cattle. Trump is not just a dangerous fraud, he is not just a slavish Jew whore, he is not just friends with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstain – he has been accused in a lawsuit of raping a 13 year model with him.

    Trump is proud of his Jewish grandchildren, Trump boasts he’s the best thing for Israel. Trump is best friends with the mass murderer Bibi Netanyahu, whatever Bibi wants “the Donald” is only so happy to get on his knees and service his boss. Calling Trump a “Zionist Stooge” is far too kind. TRUMP IS A FILTHY WHORE.

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