Christchurch Massacre: White Nationalist Gunman Kills Dozens of Muslims in New Zealand Mosques

These two reports from different sources have been edited for brevity.
A brief video follows showing world reaction to the unfolding events.   

1. The Daily Mirror via Truthseeker

At least 40 people have been killed and 20 seriously injured in co-ordinated terror attacks at two mosques. Innocent worshippers were shot at point blank range in Christchurch, New Zealand, during Friday prayers. One of the suspected gunmen – named as Australian national Brenton Tarrant – broadcast the horrific scenes live on Facebook. He published a chilling white supremacy manifesto shortly before going on his rampage.


The killer’s distressing footage shows dozens of bullets being fired at worshippers, including some who appear already dead. Worshippers, both dead or wounded, lay huddled on the floor of the mosque. New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed the death toll of 40 dead and at least 20 others seriously injured.

LD: The death toll is reportedly much higher.
See Article 2 posted below.

Ms Ardern called it “one of New Zealand’s darkest days”. She added that four people had been taken into police custody and held extremist views but none had been on any police watchlists. Police Commissioner Mike Bush said: “Four are in custody. Three are men and one is a woman.

In Tarrant’s live-stream, he can be seen parking his vehicle outside the Hagley Park mosque, before taking two guns and walking a short distance to the entrance of the building.

He then opened fire.

Over the course of five minutes, he repeatedly shoots worshippers, leaving well over a dozen bodies in one room alone. He returned to the car during that period to change guns, before going back to the mosque to shoot anyone showing signs of life. Police said the second mosque attacked was in the suburb of Linwood. All Christchurch schools and council buildings were placed into lockdown.

Hundreds of people were inside the mosques for afternoon prayers at the time. One witness described seeing “blood everywhere” and one man said there were “bodies all over me”. Another worshipper was reportedly heard wailing “my wife is dead!”

Police urged people to stay away from mosques amid fears of further attacks.



The Australian gunman who livestreamed himself waging a terrorist attack in Christchurch has been charged with murder for killing 49 people and injuring 48 others.  The attacks took place at Al Noor Mosque in the city’s centre and at Masjid mosque in the suburb of Linwood.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant, an Australian citizen living in Dunedin, made a brief appearance in court this morning flanked by 11 security guards. Tarrant, who hails from Grafton in northern New South Wales, began his horrific massacre at 1.40pm.

In a 73-page manifesto posted online, he described himself as “just a regular White man”. The 28-year-old noted he was born “to a working class, low-income family … who decided to take a stand to ensure a future for my people”.

Christchurch continues to reel from his acts that have sparked an enormous police response right across the country. More details are emerging about the background of the gunman, who said he carried out the attack to “directly reduce immigration rates to European lands”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the man is an Australian-born citizen and called him “an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist”. He was a student at the local high school and went on to work at a gym, where his former boss said he regularly volunteered his time to train kids for free. In April 2010, his father died suddenly of cancer aged 49, leading Tarrant to set off on a seven-year trip around the world.

It was at some time during this journey that former friends now speculate he was “perhaps radicalised”.


“Nowhere is free from mass immigration.”

He described his reasons for the attack as being “to show the invaders that our lands will never be their lands, our homelands are our own and that, as long as a white man still lives, they will NEVER conquer our lands and they will never replace our people”.

Tarrant revealed he had been planning an attack for up to two years, noting he decided on Christchurch three months ago.

“An attack in New Zealand would bring to attention the assault on our civilisation,” he said. “Nowhere in the world is safe. The invaders are in all of our lands, even in the remotest areas of the world.” He added, “There’s nowhere left to go that is safe. Nowhere is free from mass immigration.”


VIDEO  :  3.57 mins

158 thoughts to “Christchurch Massacre: White Nationalist Gunman Kills Dozens of Muslims in New Zealand Mosques”

  1. Brenton distroyed himself and the life of innocent people. He doesn’t understand that the people in New Zealand of foreign origin are there because the government wants them there, has given Permission to be there!! And we know that even in New Zealand there is this Kalergi-plan in the interest of the jews. He never mentioned the jews. Does he not know they are the mastermind of this cultural enrichment? Brenton should have ‘ targeted’ the jews who are in the government of New Zealand/ Australia, of course never with violence.
    The question remains was he a manchurian candidate? Was he paid to do this? They say he travelled seven years through the world so he needed some cash. Was he promised and deluded by some secret service? He made some knights templar sign at the pre-trial imitating Breivik?
    I think he is a deluded man if he thinks he would start a ‘ white’ revolution with what he did. The ‘ whites’ are too brainwashed for that and have settled with their fate as sheeple for the jews. I also think he should not talk on behalf of the ‘ whites’ as it gives decent ‘ whites’ a bad name.

    1. He’s another bizarro so-called “white supremacist” who is conveniently ignorant of Jewish power and probably supports Israel. A stupid, spooky creation. It is no different than the Nazi German elite who wanted an alliance with the supreme Zionist powers in London, i.e. none of it computes. Neo-nazism is inherently self-contradictory and purveys such an ignorance of how the world really works that it can only be fake. It is the job of “white nationalists” to destroy genuine nationalists.

      Now if any Kiwi expresses frustration at multi-culturalism and mass migration they will be branded as Brentons! Discourse is shut down once again. This is happening all over the West. This is another planned event whose purpose is to manipulate our behaviour. Surely you all know now that this is how it works? An event is manufactured (a false flag or a hoax) then the mass media runs with it to drum the narrative into our heads. Then the desired laws are rolled out to fix in the new social norms of self-censorship and self-destruction.

      1. Flopot

        And what sort of “Alliance” did the “Nazi”* German Elite want with the Zionists?

        Correct me if I’m wrong, maybe I’m misreading you, but I get the feeling too many people are getting misled by, e.g; Henry Makow with this sort of take

        *It drives me crazy to see how the use of this one word is so badly applied 😠

      2. Good point Flo.
        Two points. So much of the narrative makes no sense. Brenton stops the assault in midstream to return to his car for another weapon. Slow response from law enforcement. Dozen of worshippers and not one had the courage to rush the assailant. The math doesn’t add up. But for the sake of the argument let’s assume all happened as stated. The attacks would only elicit sympathy for immigrants. MORE bed-wetting liberals will be crawling out of the woodwork to show their undying support for uncontained immigration at this point. Anyway. Donaldo has enough of the (((virus))) to understand Jewish thinking. A Jews favorite weapon is a gold-plated fountain pen. Fits nicely in his breast pocket beside his “corbata”……..tie. With this simple instrument a powerful Jew commits genocide. Destroys lives. Nations are demolished. White societies terrorized. The Jew, with his pen, signs documents…..writes checks. Bribes are offered and accepted. All discreet and behind closed doors. Above all and Jews greatest strength is unity. Political unity. Something whites don’t possess. If the Barbara Specters of the World are to be challenged than the tactics of “white nationalists” must change. No firearms required. Learn to use a nice gold-plated fountain pen please. Unite politically. Pressure representatives and senators to pass legislation to restrict immigration. Push for legislation that disallows dual citizens from government. The list goes on. Anyway. Perhaps the tequila is going to Donaldos head again…… just sharing thoughts. 🙄🤔😉

      3. @Donaldo Colina

        Well said and well written. A true dissident would fight with the truth, not a contradictory manifesto of gibberish.

        The Jew, with his pen, signs documents…..writes checks. Bribes are offered and accepted. All discreet and behind closed doors.

        Didn’t Benjamin Disraeli, the first Jewish-born Prime Minister of the British Empire, describe these tactics of Jewish power? His Jewish character, Sidonia, in the novel Coningsby, revels in describing the hidden actions of the real power behind 19th Century Europe…

        “During the Peninsular War, a cadet of the younger Branch of this family made a large fortune by military contracts and supplying the commissariat of the DIFFERENT armies. He had established a brother or a near relative in most of the principal capitals. He was Lord and Master of the Money-Market of the world, and, of course, virtually Lord and Master of everything else. There was not an adventurer in Europe with whom he was not familiar. No Minister of State had such communication with secret agents and political spies as Sidonia. He held relations with all the clever outcasts of the world. The catalogue of his acquaintances . . . would throw a curious light on those subterranean agencies of which the world in general knows so little . . . The secret history of the world was his pastime. His great pleasure was to contrast the hidden motive with the public pretext of transactions

      4. Sounds like you don’t like your country as it used to be… Not dangerous, free and a good standard of living… As long as there’s Immigration, businessmen can keep all prices high due to supply and demand… The natural born people of the western civilized nations suffer for this… In my Country the USA we have basically been overthrown from immigration… Our cities are filthy and our standard of living for the average person has gone down very far… One who I call my brother was murdered by a Mexican Illegal… And my Government supports Sanctuary cities and all the natural born people here suffer… Our Cities are war zones… There’s Nothing Worse Than A Democrat… I don’t Support Israel, I don’t like Israel… I support the USA.. PERIOD…

      5. @flopot

        If you read the manifesto, he said he anticipates that kind of response from government and welcomes it. He adheres to the accelerationist philosophy.

      1. Nick –
        “YOU ALL MURDER innocent animals 24/7.”
        You should learn what the definition of “MURDER” is.

        Animals like fish, coyotes, bears, birds, snakes and spiders.. etc are not “innocent” either. There are no innocent animals. Many kill plants to eat. Elephants destroy forests.

      2. Pat

        Think factory farms, laboratory testing on animals, killing elephants for their ivory, putting dogs in pens and clubbing them to death for their meat (in parts of China). Putting calves in pens so small they can barely lie down, and that’s the whole of their existence. To weaken them so their meat will taste good (veal). Slaughtering beautiful baby lambs. And the horrid list goes on and on. It gets my blood boiling just WRITING about it! 😠

        If all that ain’t evil, then nothing is.

      3. Well said, Brownhawk. Very moving. Everything you say is true and it is dreadful. A nightmare world for the animal creation. That’s why so many people are going vegan. I won’t ask if you yourself are a vegan or lacto-vegetarian? Maybe you’ll tell us.

        Some people need to eat meat (or animal proteins from fish) for various dietary reasons. Their health apparently suffers if they don’t get the nutrients found in animal sources. Like vitamin B12 for example.

        ADMIN: Sorry if this is off-topic.

      4. Sard

        Over the years I’ve been phasing out eating mammals and poultry to the point where all I eat now are most plant-related stuff, and seafood.

        I’m also trying to lay off oils, fried foods, and gluten-based grains (oats. wheat, barley, rye) because my understanding is that ingesting these blocks mineral and vitamin absorption, which some say is the cause of all diseases 😀

      5. @ Brownhawk

        “If all that ain’t evil, then nothing is.”

        Exactly. Not a day goes by that the thought of this horrific evil done to animals doesn’t weigh heavily on my psyche.

      6. Harold

        Me too brother. I don’t know how people who go into places where animals are abused to rescue them do it. I’d be too full of rage at their abusers, and too emotionally broken up to function properly. God bless them all, while I relish the thought of poachers in Africa being shot on sight. When you can find them that is. Very difficult to do so in the great expanses of Africa, but the gun-toting personnel who track them are as diligent as it gets.

        The best I can do has been to take in as many animals as I can handle where I am with my wife out here in the boondocks. It’s become an evolving sanctuary. A labor of love and never a dull moment!

      7. B-Hawk –

        “Slaughtering beautiful baby lambs.”

        That instruction, supposedly from god, was written in the bible. So was BBQ & eating mammals which chewed cuds and had cloven hooves – ‘clean’ ones!

        If you toss one because you disbelieve it… then, logically, you must toss it all.

        I tossed it all a few decades ago.

      8. B-Hawk –


        Have it your way.

        Just toss it out without “overthinking” it… Toss it out because somebody made it up to suit their beliefs thousands of years ago to control people thru religions back then. 🙂

        Don’t “overthink” this either…

        ‘Muslim Community Patrols’ have NYC residents alarmed!
        Feb 6, 2019

        Residents in New York say they’re alarmed after seeing “Muslim Community Patrols” driving

        through their neighborhoods in what look like police squad cars.


        New York Muslims have a new security patrol group to enforce Sharia Law
        December 24, 2018

        The white Ford Taurus bears insignia nearly identical to those of an NYPD patrol car — with blue

        horizontal stripes down the sides, a shield on the front driver’s side door and the words “Muslim

        Community Patrol” descending on the rear door…

      9. “‘Thou shalt not kill’ does not apply to murder of one’s own kind only, but to all living beings: and this Commandment was inscribed in the human breast long before it was proclaimed from Sinai.” (Tolstoy)
        “nātihiṁsreṇa (“with minimum violence or sacrifice of life”). Even if a devotee has to commit violence, it should not be done beyond what is necessary. Sometimes the question is put before us: “You ask us not to eat meat, but you are eating vegetables. Do you think that is not violence?” The answer is that eating vegetables is violence, and vegetarians are also committing violence against other living entities because vegetables also have life. Nondevotees are killing cows, goats and so many other animals for eating purposes, and a devotee, who is vegetarian, is also killing. But here, significantly, it is stated that every living entity has to live by killing another entity; that is the law of nature. Jīvo jīvasya jīvanam: one living entity is the life for another living entity. But for a human being, that violence should be committed only as much as necessary.”
        (Stila Prabhupada)

        (aka) Discrimination via intelligence is required.

      10. Pat

        Here’s my favorite definition of logic: the art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the human understanding-
        Devil’s Dictionary

        When it comes to how we treat animals on this planet, sometimes you gotta get outta yer head and into yer heart….that’s all 🙂

      11. HP –

        The same books containing messages from Sinai gave instructions to ‘offer’ human & animal sacrifices and to eat animals as well.

        I kill plants when I eat them, with NO guilt. 🙂

        B-Hawk –

        We have different definitions. That’s all. 🙂

      12. Pat, hence Tolstoy’s “..inscribed in the human breast (long before) it was proclaimed from Sinai.”

        Yes, I too eat vegetables and many other wonderful foods guilt free. After first offering them to Krishna. (prasadam)

        “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.”
        (Bhagavad Gita 9.26)

        It’s what I consider a good habit.
        Perhaps a little hard at first but then, yep,
        it becomes a easy good habit.

      13. Pat

        If we could supply the nutrients our human bodies need by acquiring different eating habits which excluded the consumption of mammals (all entirely possible), then why wouldn’t we allow, e.g.; lambs to live out their natural lives without thinking in terms of the “purpose” they serve humans?* We’re SUPPOSED to be better than that, but we are severely lacking in showing it.

        *Call it “humane logic”

      14. Pat
        Better yet. That lamb will grow to be a sheep, and sheep need their wool to be shorn. Do that, and Madame Butterfly can knit you a nice sweater to keep those old bones warm! 😁

    2. It is a classic “divide and conquer” scam aimed at keeping Westerners divided from Muslims in their own countries and abroad. The horrific shooting in Christchurch is a testament to its unfortunate success and pervasiveness, as well as a potent reminder that it must be stopped. Indeed, this manufactured Islamophobia has made it so that Muslims in their home countries are in danger of dying from Western-backed wars and, if they flee to the “safer” West, they have targets on their backs painted by the very war propaganda used to justify Western military adventurism in Muslim-majority nations.

      Western Intelligence can now LEGALLY use propaganda in the (((MSM)))

      what agenda did they have who perpetrated this atrocity or hoax?

      1. Distract from the massacre in Gaza.
      2. Demonize and criminalize white nationalists.
      3. Disarm all white people.
      4. Stifle the protests against mass immigration from the third world.
      5. We should welcome ISIS terrorists back to Europe because we’re just as bad!
      6. Give whites even more guilt complex and make us even more tolerant of our own extermination.
      7. Incite muslims in Europe to more terrorism against us; more rapes, stabbings, murders, robberies etc

      Who benefits? Why aren’t jews ever targeted by terrorists? ISIS has spent many years killing muslim arabs and never a jew! Odd, isn’t it? When they commit terrorist acts in Europe the victims are always innocent white Europeans, never jews.

      1. Isn’t it odd that Erdogan the great muslim as he proclaims to be, hasn’t attacked Israel. What is he waiting for this fake muslim? We are all ruled by crypto jews, hostile elite, who rule over their goyim people, the Turkish people in this case.

      2. BASIC wrote:

        “Why aren’t jews ever targeted by terrorists?”

        Jews and Israel were targetted by The Japanese Red Army, Red Army Faction, and others in the past, but that didn’t do much good either. Neither would assassination of politicians, as Brenton advocates in his manifesto, change much as they would just be replaced. The whole system needs to be overhauled so that those who currently rule and influence society wouldn’t be of any consequence, regardless of whether they’re dead or alive, but who knows if such a day will ever come.

  2. You would think these attackers would know by now that such massacres always have the opposite effect with regards to their stated (though bizarrely contradictory) goals. Firstly, it silences criticism of mass migration; secondly the debate always shifts to bringing in more draconian legislation; thirdly it increases hatred and distrust of “white men”.

    So-called “white nationalists” like Brenton Tarrant support Israel and seem entirely ignorant of who actually controls their countries’ mechanisms of lawmaking, culture-making and money-making. They also seem oblivious of the fact that the Zionists are using that power to get “white countries” to destroy Muslim countries. Are White Nationalists really that ignorant? I don’t think so. Finally, the whole concept of “white supremacism” seems to be a manufactured movement whose purpose is to deliberately split genuine nationalist and republican movements. I know I never cared about skin colour — it was a local identity I was fighting for when I was an ardent Irish Nationalist. Skin colour never came into it.

    It is weirdos like “Tommy Robinson” who bang on and on about Islam and colour, yet that isn’t even his real name. So he’s exhibiting spooky behaviour from the get go. He too supports Israel. Then we have Anders Brevik, another so-called White Nationalist who supports Israel, supports the wars for Israel, which is the excuse to trigger more mass migration, which is the excuse to start hating Muslims.

    I only started giving a crap about mass migration after our Jewish controlled countries (thank you Kalergi and Barbara Spectre) started flooding our cities. The fact that little “Tommy Robinsons” pop up and start raging against migration and adulating Israel is not a good excuse to become a retard — there is clearly a connection; clearly an attempt at sowing misdirection and confusion.

    Again, we have another narrative that is stupid on the face of it. I hate mass migration and know who is responsible. It is simple logic — we all know who is destroying Western European culture and it aint some gal in a Burka. Sure, you can resent the newcomers but you wouldn’t be stupid enough to think that murdering them and shouting out support for Israel would make any sense to anyone.

    I’m calling foul on these recent mass shootings: once again the Masters of Discourse are manipulating us with events of their manufacture. As far as I’m concerned, all “White Nationalist” groups are controlled by intelligence agencies that have only ever served their true masters. Whether it was a false-flag involving crazy dupes or agents, or an extremely elaborate hoax, I cannot say; but pay no attention to the narrative presented in the mainstream media, it will turn you into a moron.

    1. “we all know who is destroying Western European culture and it aint some gal in a Burka”

      Hmmm that sentence should really read as follows…

      “we all know who is planning the destruction of Western European culture and it aint some gal in a Burka — migrants are just the usual pawns and peons, no different from the European shills who grovel for shekels.”

    2. Of course Tony Robinson is a Zionist shill. However, there is an old legal maxim: the worst cases make the best law. In Robinson’s case, the recent charges against him are a tool for the (((occupied))) UK government to shut us up. Everything he said was already in the public domain. If they can imprison him, they can imprison anyone else making unpopular statements based on facts that are in the public domain.
      The same as this alleged “White supremacist” in Christchurch. I believe he is, like most other alleged “White supremacists” a plant. Governments always over-react to these less than convincing events.

  3. I don’t advocate this sort of thing, but this sort of hysterical indignation is just ridiculous.
    What’s the difference, logically, between them murdering us, and us murdering them?

    1. I repeat:
      “What’s the difference, logically, between them murdering us, and us murdering them?”
      Anyone care to answer?

      1. So to put it another way, you wouldn’t mind at all if someone gratuitously murdered you and your family?

      2. Your point is well taken. We are in a war of attrition, but most refuse to believe it. Qaddafi was content with a war of the womb, but that wasn’t fast enough for our (((owners))), who know well that their natural allies against White Christians are Muslims. They openly admit it.
        If they can spin the 6 kagillion narrative for 70+ years and make it illegal to even think about its credibility, the “Islamophobia” and multicultural paradise (or is it pair-a-dice, as in gamble) narrative is a piece of cake.

    2. CWP –

      Such a rhetorical question will, at best, yield only a rhetorical answer. No answer will restore any lives lost, or protect any lives in the future.

    3. @ Carlos W. Porter

      Of course this hysterical indignation is ridiculous, insincere, and hypocritical, especially when coming from politicians. They advocate violence on a grand scale when they go to war, they justify mass murder even of hundreds of thousands of children (Albright), rejoice at the torture and murder of their enemies (Clinton), but you as a private citizen try any of that and see where it gets you – straight to jail. They, on the other hand, must have some God given “political immunity”. Totally absurd world.

    4. Did you ever put red ants and black ants together? You know what’s going to happen even before you do it.

      They will fight and kill each other until the numerically weaker or less aggressive of the two ant armies is wiped out.

      Now: the question is: what’s the difference, logically, between them murdering us, and us murdering them?

      Answer: None, because each is a logical response to the other. This is the way the world works.

      Since that is so, why is the media narrative consistently pro-Muslim?

      Ex.: Muslims kill hundreds of Christians: “Islam is a religion of peace, it’s got nothing to do with Islam, Muslims are the real victims”. We are individualists; we mustn’t “judge an entire group”.

      Ex.: Christians kill Muslims: “White Supremacist monster kills 50 people”. We are collectivists; all white supremacists (and that can mean anything) are guilty. Again: Muslims are innocent.

      I have had two attempted answers to my questions from mentally challenged people.

      a) “…you wouldn’t mind at all if someone gratuitously murdered you and your family?”

      The contrary is the case. If my family were murdered by Muslims, I would want to kill as many Muslims as I could. I am not quite sure what I would or could do; but that is how I would feel. This is a natural reaction. See example of red/black ants, above.

      b) “No answer will restore any lives lost, or protect any lives in the future.”

      The first part of the proposition demands the impossible; if the second part of the proposition is correct, it is a waste of time thinking, talking, or doing anything.

      Again: what do you expect?

      Now: how did this unnatural situation come about?

      Tune in tomorrow and find out.

      1. I also move that we quit talking “political correct” bs, like “destroying the values that unite us all”.
        There are no “values” that “unite us all”, thank you very much, least of all with Muslims.
        Islam is incompatible with anything except itself.
        Why can’t we say “Moslem” any more? What’s the matter with that?
        The spelling “Moslem” has been used by English speakers for centuries. So what’s the beef?
        I am reminded of when the Communist Chinese (!) adopted a spelling reform which was not even used in China itself, except by foreign students of the language, so we had to fall all over ourselves replacing “Peking” with “Beijing”, and hundreds of other examples.

        It’s a transliteration into OUR language, goddamn it, so we can say anything we like. To hell with that.

      2. CWP –

        The Barbary Treaties of US in the 18th & 19th centuries were made with ‘Musselmen’ and I use that term here, and catch flack for it very often. Good!! 🙂

        The Barbary Treaties 1786-1836

        In particular….

        ARTICLE 11.
        As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

    1. Well if they can demolish the centre of New York City, killing thousands, in order to manufacture a War on Terror that has now killed millions…then a massacre in a local mosque is a “mere operation” to these sickos that rule over us.

      But you’re right, hp, this is a awful bloody spectacle of cold blooded mass murder — they are giving us all a cold-blooded message, “Listen — we will ramp up the terror until you peons get in line”.

      1. As with the manufactured U.S. Opioid Epidemic.
        The Sacklers are the new Sassoons.
        42,000 deaths in 2016.
        70,000 deaths in 2017.
        And on and on..


        ok, that’s if this really did happen… and i’m not saying it didn’t… it actually makes sense that someone would react violently to such a large influx of totally alien foreigners sooner or later… and this guy isn’t even the first…
        and now the ‘watchlist’ will grow..
        speaking of which, i thought australia didn’t allow guns?
        like the donald said – it is an invasion… i don’t hear anybody else saying it… that is what it is…
        the only difference is it’s a long slow process..
        if 80,000,000 mulsims landed in australia at once, shoved all the locals out of their houses, made all the females wear the shroud and cut their wires, set up sharia law everywhere and started beheading everybody who didn’t act out their rituals, then people would see it for what it really is, a takeover of their country…
        but, because it happens more slowly, with less shock, over a period of generations, people can pretend it’s not as serious… but you better believe you white people are being eliminated according to a plot…
        muslims have taken over dozens of countries in the last few hundred years..
        they’re nice about it at first.. but as their majority grows they become more and more forceful…
        and the really looney part is – it’s not really a religion… it’s a gang religionized…
        and spare us the crap about the good muslims…
        “the good muslim holds you down, while the bad muslim cuts your throat”…
        all the abrahamic religions are fundamentalist, which means they’re violently chauvinist at heart…
        the whole idea of unlimited immigration anywhere in the world is absolutely insane, at least to normal citizens… but it’s procedural for the globalists…

  4. Brenton may have been deluded thinking he could spark a civil war in USA with his actions in NZ, and if so you would have thought he would have selected targets in the US itself, but revenge actions following muslim terrorist attacks in western countries are to be expected. You cannot assume that all whites will take muslim terrorism and immigrant crime lying down forever into infinity; there will be those who will take matters into their own hands no matter how counterproductive it may be, or seem to be, or no matter what preventive and suppressive measures the state implements.

    Governments are becoming more suppressive even in response to public protests, such as the yellow vests in France, so I can’t see that tit-for-tat revenge attacks will make much of a difference.

    The question is what impact will this truly have on western public opinion? Why is it that the MSM disables the comment section whenever it publishes articles on such sensitive issues, including muslim terrorism? Could it be that the opinion of their own leftist and liberal readers runs strongly contrary to what they push on certain issues such as immigration, gender politics, etc? The public is just becoming desentisized by all this terrorism, wars, and everyday violence it is constantly bombarded with graphically in the media and entertainment, so all this moralising rings hollow. Let them turn up the censorship and trying to delude the public, perhaps it will just bring their Ceausescu and STASI moment closer – they too tried to suppress freedom of expression and look where it got them. And if MSM readers aren’t allowed to comment on their articles on their own websites perhaps they’ll flock to to express their opinion.

    It is also obvious that some whites will see Jews as their allies against muslims just as others will see muslims as their allies against the Jews. Neither of these minorities should have much of a say in how whites run their countries, but that’s how it is as they are both a big factor now. And the growing LGBT+ and feminists, will they seek to ally themselves with Muslims and their leftist/liberal backers or with the right-wing white nationalists? The political scene needs to be completely shaken up and reshuffled to see what comes out for some better governance in the future.

    1. most of these terrorist attacks are done by the jews and farmed on innocent Muslims…and regular crimes are being branded as “terrorist” nowadays

      1. @Salman Hossain

        Jewish policy may be ultimately responsible, or somewhere there may well be some Jew behind it all, but the deeds are done by muslims. And anyway most victims of muslim terror attacks are other muslims in their own countries, but that does not concern Europeans much nor should it, what concerns us is attacks on Europeans. I can understand that these attacks can be seen somehow as revenge for US and European wars on Arab countries, but then those very politicians who direct those wars should also prevent the influx of these vengeful muslims into their own countries so as to protect their own public, if they were at all responsible to their own electorate.

  5. Over 10 comments so far and all of them on-topic and of exceptionally high standard. Keep up the good work, dear posters! These comments, written by well-informed political dissidents, are better than the two mainstream articles we have posted.

    — Sister Monica (Admin)

    1. I have just received in my inbox a startling attachment from my friend Dr Fredrick Toben. It is the pdf. Manifesto of the alleged White Nationalist terrorist Bretnton Tarrant. Title:

      March 15, 2019
      (16,920 words)

      When I googled, I got the message: “” does not exist.

      How strange! . . . Any idea what is going on? 🙂

      1. Thanks for posting that, Homer. Brilliant! You are obviously a computer genius! When I googled for it first time, I got nothing, though I can see this book title in my email inbox attachment. Maybe this discrepancy is explained by the fact that we live in different countries. Or maybe my computer just needs updating.

      2. This man publishing a “manifesto” looks suspiciously like the case of Anders Breivik.
        If this is a false flag or even a hoax (no real victims), then it is ideal to discredit “white supremacists” who protest against mass non-White immigration, just what our hostile elite wants. I’m not sure if it is real or fake, but we should consider the possibility. What we can expect is more condemnation of “racism”, more restrictive laws and of course more non-White immigration.

      3. Whatever the truth, Franklin, this event does not augur well for White Nationalism. But if White Nationalism can get over Anders Brevik, who perpetrated an even more shockingly spectacular mass killing, it can get over Brenton Tarrant. Give it time. Memories fade … and life moves on.

      4. Franklin, it certainly is coherent, precise and maybe even suspiciously professional.
        I mean, for a lower class working stiff..

      5. hello sweetie. this is all some kind of setup to stop the whites starting to wake up to the jews plan to exterminate them. more 3rd world peasants will pour in by the millions guns restricted whites hammered down even more. jews forcing whites to live with non white aliens with different religions will cause chaos and that is what they want. the genocidal open borders to non whites only has scored a planned victory

      6. @ SPQR70AD

        *Sigh*. You’re right! . . . But what can we do about it except grind our teeth? Wailing and gnashing of teeth ain’t gonna get us nowhere. Might as stay at home and take up knitting.

      7. And speaking of Individualism….

        The pipe dreams of a White Nationalism for Europe ended with the fall of the 3rd Reich. Fait Accompli.
        Well before that were the dreams for a Red Nationalism led by the Iroquois Confederacy, which effectively ended when Columbus landed in 1492, the same year when the Original Protocols were written. No mere coincidence.

      8. The complete URL might not be correct but I hear from katana17.wordpress whatever it is all the time.
        I hear from them because they posted something of mine in violation of copyright but I decided not to complain.
        It’s on their site.
        Will post their URL next time.

  6. Migration is cyclical and natural. In tbe 19th century there was a backlash against Catholics immigrating to the USA. All kinds of conspiracy theories abound, In time this passed. Have we forgotten Timothy McVeigh?

    What happened in New Zealand is a horrible tragedy, a useless loss of innocent lives. The problem is the system. This man should be taken outside, executed and made an example of. To do anything else but condem this for what it is only fuels the flames. Face it folks, there are a bunch of screwballs out there who can do horrible things. The simplest explanation is usually the truth. The man does not deserve to live another day and we move on from there!

    1. Recently Netanyahu declared on 10 march according to Michael Hoffman that Israel is not a state of all its citizens. According to their nation state law that we passed israel is the nation state of the jewish people – and them alone!

      Tell HIM that migration is cyclical and natural and embrace the muslims in Israel.

      1. @ MARCUS

        I undertsand your anger towards the Israeli goverment. Jews and Arabs many of them muslim have lived peacefully side by side for thousands of years in many places. I have a friend who is an Iranian Jew and he is not uncomfortable living in Tehran, It can be. However, what happened in New Zealand is horrible and there is no other way to see this other than what it is. The senseless loss of life! The extremists on all sides that spin theories and preach hatred are what deepens the divide.

    2. I’m against violence against innocent members of the public no matter who is behind it but isn’t it interesting to observe the TOTAL SILENCE from the world’s political leaders, and from the mainstream fake media, about the ongoing government sponsored torture/murders weekly of White South African farming families. Even babies nailed to a kitchen table and gang raped, and children killed by pouring boiling water down their throats….and the horrific tortures for many hours then death by Black terrorists. Husbands made to watch their daughters, wives, mothers raped and tortured to death before their own violent end.
      Not to mention that the illegal expropriation (theft) of White farming families’ farms (their home, their business their infrastructure – mainly mortgaged) WITHOUT COMPENSATION – illegal by international law.
      It is clear that if terrorism occurs against the Whites there is total censorship (SILENCE MEANS CONSENT!) but if a lone White kook performs an act of terrorism it is used to condemn and subjugate White nations worldwide.

      Trump made a little noise last year that Pompeo had been asked to investigate the South African situation mentioned above but then DEAFENING SILENCE THEREAFTER. Yet here we have both Trump and Pompeo reacting (quite correctly) in condemnation of this White kook’s anti-Muslim activity.

      Silence when White South Africans (not only farmers) are being genocided weekly and political leaders shriek publicly “KILL THE BOER (White farmers)!” to incite these anti-Whitist murders. Here a brave young mother who is a victim of farm attacks has a message for Americans: (3 mins)

      1. @ Wakeywakey

        News about the South African situation is hard to obtain for Americans. I would like to be able to go to a reliable website and read about the situation of the South African Whites.

      2. Daily news on South Africa which I regularly read:

        Not sure how reliable this site is in all respects, but now and then it has some useful in depth reports:

        Main stream media:

        Found this link on David Irvings website:

      3. I forgot to mention. Also useful, for some background on South Africa:

        Dr. Harry Booyens was one of our “skunk-works” scientists for the military during the Cold War years. He left for Canada.

        There are still some honest politicians in Europe. From the USA mostly silence, apart from some silent words from president Trump on the farm murders.

    3. I see. Since you have all of the facts of what happened, where the shooter(s) learned their skills, what they saw and learned, over the last 10 years, whom they were in contact with, where they got their weapons, and who wrote, posted the manifesto. and when, I’m sure you will share that with us.
      Last time I checked, Stalinist show trials, while they happen, are not legal. I prefer due process myself.
      People that knew the alleged shooter say he wasn’t like that, just like Dylan Roof’s Black friends said he wasn’t like that. The video of the last “chemical attack” in Syria was a hoax, but produced massive outrage by the (((owners))) against Assad.
      There’s a crap load more going on here than we are not being told.

  7. NZ = Port Arthur = (((Psyop)))
    Such (((Clash of Civilization))) narratives signal a coming cataclysm.
    As sleight of hand magicians, Jews direct our attention away from their ultimate goal – World Domination!
    For this, Western Civilization must be completely destroyed in a Slav vs non-Slav White Race conflagration.
    First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

    1. As sleight of hand magicians, Jews direct our attention away from their ultimate goal – World Domination!
      For this, Western Civilization must be completely destroyed in a Slav vs non-Slav White Race conflagration.

      BOB IN DC is a bit confused.

      1. Western Civilization IS the entity that strives for World Domination! And Jews are but a tiny part of that entity.
      2. Non-Slav White Race IS the foundation of Western Civilization.
      3. Western Civilization is bankrupt – morally, spiritually, militarily, economically and in all other ways. It has no future. It is done. Finito. Forget about it.
      4. Yes, Western Civilization must be completely destroyed and will be destroyed… but not in a Slav vs non-Slav White Race conflagration. It will collapse by itself as soon as Russia gets out of the bankrupt Western Civilization (to which she was incorporated by deceit and self-deceit) and returns to her healthy nature which is a matter of time.
      5. The future of the world is in the Russian model of globalization. So, place your bets.

      1. “Western Civilization” is run by Jews; so what is the point you keep trying to make? The Jewish Oligarchy setup the so-called European Empires. Do you remember slavery to the Americas? Jewish controlled. Do you remember the fun days of the Trading Companies to the Far East, the Opium Wars, the penetration of China? Jewish controlled. Do you recalled the last century of bloody wars and revolutions? Jewish controlled.

        You guys are the Masters that have had the Europeans killing themselves for centuries. Now you’re hoping to wash your hands of “Western civilisation” and settle comfortably into a new “multi-cultural mode” (to quote Mrs Spectre) with the Europeans as minorities in their own countries. It is a crazy plan that will collapse in upon itself. Chutzpah aint the same as wisdom, pal.

      2. Btw this nonsense is also spouted by the likes of Dimitry Orlov and writers at the TheSaker site, i.e. “Western Civilisation” is the cancer that will eat itself…totally ignoring who is running the show in the West. For me, that indicates those you can and cannot trust on “teh interweb”. As soon as someone starts waffling about the nasty “West” then you know your in the presence of a disinformation agent, or an idiot.

      3. @Flopot

        Btw this nonsense is also spouted by the likes of Dimitry Orlov and writers at the TheSaker site, i.e. “Western Civilisation” is the cancer that will eat itself…totally ignoring who is running the show in the West.

        According to Putin the show in the West is run by swines and he is undoubtedly right – that’s why the West is screwed. But that does not negate the medical fact that the West is screwed. Can you follow a simple logic, Flopot?

        Extending on Putin’s thesis I would say: the West is run by big fat swines to the benefit of smaller and smaller swines down the ladder all the way to the bottom of it where piglets like yourself dwell, who are dumb enough to think that they are the good guys and all that needs to be done to solve their problems is to blame de Joos for everything. That’s what idiotism is, dear Flopot.

        As soon as someone starts waffling about the nasty “West” then you know your in the presence of a disinformation agent, or an idiot.

        Putin is “waffling about the nasty West” all the time, so – according to logician Flopot – Putin is a “disinformation agent, or an idiot”.

        See who looks like “disinformation agent, or an idiot” – the female swine Megyn Kelly or Putin and Modi who are having a good and healthy laugh at the expense of swines and piglets:

      4. Circassian:

        Try and rein in your abuse please. Calling Flopot an “idiot”, a “disinfo agent”, and a “piglet”, doesn’t prove any point you are trying to make about evil Western civilization. Flopot is the last person I would associate with porcine stupidity. If he’s such a stupid pig, as you say, how can he also be an efficient disinfo agent?

        In any case, Flopot would agree with you that Western civilization is in a pretty bad state. So there’s no argument here. His point is that elite Jews are largely behind this moral decline of Western civilization. He would also agree with you, as I would, that the non-Jewish Shabbos goyim who take the money of the Jews, and fawn all over them, are infinitely corruptible and are just as bad as the elite Jews.

      5. @Admin Toby

        Uncle, you can block this particular comment and I will have no grudge against you for doing so because this message is basically for your personal consumption.

        ADMIN TOBY: Your comment, advising me to “be good” and “apologize”, has been deleted at your own suggestion. What you assert here is false, since it applies only to overt attacks on this website — not to covert attacks behind the scenes.

      6. What Admin Toby said! 😀

        The West is reaching an apogee of so-called liberalism: it was foisted upon us by our Masters, following standard operating procedure, and all in accordance with the relevant protocols 😉 And we lapped it up like obedient hounds.

  8. Tarrant wrote:
    “The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China”

    This may be why Brenton Tarrant agreed with China. The ‘much praised’ kind & gentle(sic) Chinese rulers have been persecuting musselmen there for centuries:

    “State Dept. official: China holding 800k Muslim minorities(suspected 2MILLION) in internment camps.”
    State Department official Scott Busby told senators this week that China has detained at least 800,000 Muslim minorities in internment camps.

    “The U.S. government assesses that since April 2017, Chinese authorities have indefinitely detained at least 800,000 and possibly more than 2 million Uighurs, ethnic Khazakhs, and other members of Muslim minorities in internment camps,” Busby, the deputy assistant secretary of State for democracy, human rights and labor, told a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Tuesday.

    1. @Pat,

      The manifesto is filled with trolling and some of his real opinions. In one sentence he says he’s an eco-fascist, and the next China is his exemplary country. Candace Owens was the one who radicalized him the most, and a cartoon dragon video-game taught him ethno-nationalism, et cetera. I think the real opinions are pretty clear: population replacement and voting won’t change anything. This guy came from the chans, so 4chan and 8chan, which are filled with troll culture and populated by 15-30 year-olds mostly. I happened to be on that thread he originally posted and saw it live. Extremely surreal.

  9. A tale of two murderous attacks by self-appointed martyrs.

    The latest was in Christchurch New Zealand, where a white man committed his act in an attempt to prevent Jewish immigration policies from stealing his race and nation from the masses of third world invaders that are quite clearly taking over his tiny country with the help of the Commonwealth government.

    At least 40 people have been killed and 20 seriously injured in coordinated terror attacks at two mosques. Innocent worshippers were shot at point blank range in Christchurch, New Zealand, during Friday prayers. One of the suspected gunmen – named as Australian national Brenton Tarrant – broadcast the horrific scenes live on Facebook. He published a chilling white supremacy manifesto shortly before going on his rampage.

    Then there is this, the other mass murderer. This atrocity committed in the effort to glorify the Jews’ theft of land from Palestinians by commemorating Purim festival. (Did you know Julius Streicher’s last words were shouted – “Purim Festival 1946!”)

    On February 25, 1994, that year’s Purim day, Baruch Goldstein entered a room in the Cave of the Patriarchs that was serving as a mosque, wearing “his army uniform with the insignia of rank, creating the image of a reserve officer on active duty”. He then opened fire, killing 29 worshippers and wounding more than 125. Mosque guard Mohammad Suleiman Abu Saleh said he thought that Goldstein was trying to kill as many people as possible, and described how there were “bodies and blood everywhere”. Eventually, Goldstein was overcome and beaten to death by survivors of the massacre.”

    While the Jew media is all over the Christchurch story, nary a word was said in the Jew media about Goldstein’s mass murder. What little was said was in a “whispered” tone. I would ask why, but are not the reasons obvious?

    Let’s examine what lies behind those reasons – Christchurch

    Why did you carry out the attack?

    To most of all show the invaders that our lands will never be their lands, our homelands are our own and that, as long as a white man still lives, they will NEVER conquer our lands and they will never replace our people.

    To take revenge on the invaders for the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders in European lands throughout history.

    To take revenge for the enslavement of millions of Europeans taken from their lands by the Islamic slavers.

    To take revenge for the thousands of European lives lost to terror attacks throughout European lands.

    To take revenge for Ebba Akerlund.

    To directly reduce immigration rates to European lands by intimidating and physically removing the invaders themselves.

    To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to cause them to overextend their own hand and experience the eventual and inevitable backlash as a result.

    To incite violence, retaliation and further divide between the European people and the invaders currently occupying European soil.

    To avenge those European men and women lost in the constant and never ending wars of European history who died for their lands, died for their people only to have their lands given away to any foreign scum that bother to show up.

    To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to over extend their own hand and experience the eventual backlash.

    To show the effect of direct action, lighting a path forward for those that wish to follow. A path for those that wish to free their ancestors lands from the invaders grasp and to be a beacon for those that wish to create a lasting culture, to tell them they are not alone.

    To create an atmosphere of fear and change in which drastic, powerful and revolutionary action can occur.

    To add momentum to the pendulum swings of history, further destabilizing and polarizing Western society in order to eventually destroy the current nihilistic, hedonistic, individualistic insanity that has taken control of Western thought.

    To drive a wedge between the nations of NATO that are European and the Turks that also make a part of the NATO forces, thereby turning NATO once more into a united European army and pushing the Turkey once more back to the true position of a foreign, enemy force.

    Finally, to create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms in order to further the social, cultural, political and racial divide within the United States. This conflict over the 2nd amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.

    Israel –

    According to Ian Lustick, “By mowing down Arabs he believed wanted to kill Jews, Goldstein was re-enacting part of the Purim story.”

    Result –

    Of course, it’s SOP for Jews to shed crocodile tears, gnash their teeth and rend their garments to mask their true feelings.

    Goldstein was immediately “denounced with shocked horror even by the mainstream Orthodox”, and many in Israel classified Goldstein as insane.

    But the truth belies their phony tears.

    Goldstein’s gravesite has become a pilgrimage site for Jewish extremists; a plaque near the grave reads, “To the holy Baruch Goldstein, who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah, and the nation of Israel”. According to Baruch Marzel, about 10,000 people had visited the grave by the year 2000. In 1996, members of the Labor Party called for the shrine-like landscaped prayer area near the grave to be removed, and Israeli security officials expressed concern that the grave would encourage extremists. In 1999, following passage of a law designed to prohibit monuments to terrorists, and an associated Supreme Court ruling, the Israeli Army bulldozed the shrine and prayer area set up near Goldstein’s grave. A new tomb has been built, and still receives visits from Jewish pilgrims.

    Veneration by extremists

    While mainstream Jewish religious leaders, including the chief rabbis of Israel, rejected the suggestion that killing Palestinians was authorized by the Torah, some extremist religious Jews have defended Goldstein’s actions.

    At Goldstein’s funeral, Rabbi Yaacov Perrin claimed that even one million Arabs are “not worth a Jewish fingernail”. Samuel Hacohen, a teacher at a Jerusalem college, declared Goldstein the “greatest Jew alive, not in one way, but in every way”, and said that he was “the only one who could do it, the only one who was 100 percent perfect”. Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba declared that Goldstein was “holier than all the martyrs of the Holocaust”.

    In the weeks following the massacre, hundreds of Israelis traveled to Goldstein’s grave to celebrate Goldstein’s actions. Some Hasidim danced and sang around his grave. According to one visitor to the gravesite in the wake of the attacks, “If [Goldstein] stopped these so-called peace talks, then he is truly holy because this is not real peace.” Some visitors declared Goldstein a “saint” and “hero of Israel”.

    The phenomenon of the veneration of Goldstein’s tomb persisted for years. The grave’s epitaph said that Goldstein “gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah, and its land”. In 1999, after the passing of Israeli legislation outlawing monuments to terrorists, the Israeli Army dismantled the shrine that had been built to Goldstein at the site of his interment. In the years after the dismantling of the shrine, radical Jewish settlers continued to celebrate the anniversary of the massacre in the West Bank, sometimes even dressing up themselves or their children to look like Goldstein.

    In 2010, Jewish settlers sang songs in praise of Baruch Goldstein’s massacre demonstratively in front of their Arab neighbours, during celebrations of Purim. A phrase from one song reads, “Dr. Goldstein, there is none other like you in the world. Dr. Goldstein, we all love you … He aimed at terrorists’ heads, squeezed the trigger hard, and shot bullets, and shot, and shot.”

    The fact is, while Israeli officialdom publically deplored and denounced Goldstein’s mass murder, they ALL tacitly support his actions as clearly demonstrated by ongoing murderous military and police actions against Palestinians

    I am just a regular white man, from a regular family. Who decided to take a stand to ensure a future for my people,’ Tarrant wrote.

    Can anyone possibly think white men will rally around Brenton Tarrant, venerating him as a martyr for the white race? Will they sing and dance praises for his efforts? They did not rally for Robert Matthews. Instead, they joined with Jews in outrage, condemning Matthews as a petty thief and common murderer over his killing the obnoxious Jew talk show host, Allen Berg.

    Can you see the difference in these acts? Therein dear reader lies the fundamental difference between the hive minded Jew and the deracinated white man.

  10. The main reason immigrants are hustled into Canada by the government is to prop up the price of real estate.
    But recently,
    Why they would allow immigrants in with an average IQ of 80 or less makes no sense at all unless it is looking for left leaning voters.
    How can a person with an IQ of 80 function in a society with an average IQ of 98?
    How do they fill out a form?
    How do they get a job that supports them & their family?

  11. Pretty good looking kid Tarrant!
    please dont misinterpret my words when i say that I personally think this is good for Israel because we Judeo-Christian people need to unite against Muslims who are trying to invade our lands in Europe and the U.S.; we all know who the aggressor is and we must take measures even if these bother the liberals in both continents. I am sorry but as a man of God, that is the way i feel.
    Furthermore, the great accomplishment by this great friend of Israel, Donald Trump in moving the U.S. embassy to our dear Jerusalem while rightly calling it the legitimate capital of Israel, helps us Judeo-Christians make sure terrorist organizations like al Qaeda Isis and Hezbollah as well as Iran – self proclaimed enemies of mankind – get the point that we are not going to sit idle as Arabs attack our Innocent Jew brothers in what liberals call “the occupied territories” (which are actually parts of Israel) and “settlers”… when we are not settlers, we are the People God chose.!
    We are a light unto the world, no less no more, and only us Jews will be lifted to the Third Heaven come the day.
    Only us and a few Christians.
    please be one of them, i beg you.
    This blessed man is coming with us.
    Thankyou Tarrant, thankyou Donald!

    1. First of all, there is no such thing as “Judeo-Christian”. It is a contradiction in terms used by very badly educated people, or, like you, those bent on making mischief.

      Secondly, they are not “our lands”. You do not belong in them any more than a Moslem does.

      Thirdly, it is your Jew trash that is orchestrating Moslem and black invasion of White countries. You fail to indicate this fact.

      Fourthly, you will not be going to heaven at all. All Jews will be going to hell for failing to recognize and acknowledge the Son of Man as their Master. Think about that “man of God”. All eternity in the fires of hell. If you think the world has terrors, they are nothing compared with what you will soon experience.

      And finally, do not thank the Tarrants of this world for anything, because in the not too distant future they will be focussing on you.

    2. Lol. The Avatar, or rather the latest IDF Corporal using the Avatar as an avatar, has clearly just sat down at his designated laptop with a fresh brew of coffee. This is less propaganda and more like chutzpah. It aint wise, pal, to test the Gods. You’re suffering from hubris.

      I’ll have a regular Americano next time your passing the IDF Cafe.

  12. This is what happens when you’re taken in by the kosher media and haven’t a clue as to whom the REAL enemy of humankind is.

    At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands, The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview, 1976, by Charles A. Weisman, published June 1992

    Understand this, The Jew uses the dredges of the Christian/Muslim world to enforce their lies about the “cash chambers” as viciously as they use snakes within the U.S. To protect their OTHER “cash cow”, the Central Banks, which this evil empire has been forcing on smaller nations for over a century. This sty is NOT “rife” with patriots/heroes, but rather it oozes cowards and traitors.

  13. the fed bank is the mainstay of the jews’ power over the usa.. it’s unconstitutional and unlawful…
    the us constitution forbids any private central bank from totally controlling all aspects of the money system, regardless of what other deals may have been signed…
    the bricker amendment would have forbidden any treaties or other deals that go against the us constitution…
    it was killed by the jews eisenhower and jbj..
    american ‘nationalists’ are generally going to be constitutionalists, not white racists…
    this is a big reason why the militia movement has been given a bad name by the zog and their steno media.
    the hit on the federal building on okc was plotted by the clintons and the zog b’nai b’rith masons to discredit the american militia movement and further increase the elitization of american police… the fbi officers stationed at the building were all in the park with their kids at the tike of the blast… how obvious is that?
    if resistor are ‘white’ nationalists, ideally it’s not because they’re racial bigots, or even strict segregationists, even if the mud people do have lower iq scores…
    it’s because they have pride in their own race and because they can understand the white genocide plot, and because they don’t want the loss of national, ethnic, religious and racial diversity through massive immigration and miscegenation.. …
    there are white countries in the world, and they should stay that way, the same way china should stay chinese..
    muslims are particularly egregious as balkanizing factors because they are completely controlled, without individual intentions or purpose, all acting in servile imitation, even to the extent that they will do violence when ordered… their “religion”, which must be maintained through the sharia law of the land, forbids the tolerance of any others even unto death… and when they achieve a majority they institute sharia law, as has happened in britain..
    for this reason they are undesirable as immigrants to free countries and should be forbidden as president trump is supposed to have tried to do in the usa…
    i saw the old english guy on tv saying it was ok with him if british military machine gunned the boatloads of africans landing on his shores…
    the fact is that without the use of deadly force against it by the authorities any criminal element will gradually take over your society… all police power carries the threat of death…
    the real blame for this attack in new zealand falls on the people in authority, who failed to act to stop the balkanization of their country…
    however, the fact that mr. tarrant doesn’t mention any of the people behind the problem in his manifesto makes it look like this is just another set-up… he’s probably another timothy mcveigh… maybe they’ll fake his execution too…

    1. however, the fact that mr. tarrant doesn’t mention any of the people behind the problem in his manifesto makes it look like this is just another set-up… he’s probably another timothy mcveigh… maybe they’ll fake his execution too…

      This is what indicates the massacre as an operation of some sort, whether or not Tarrant is a dupe or a spook. He doesn’t look like a dupe to me. If people want to see a real “James Bond” in action, just take a look at Mr Tarrant’s bloody escapade in NZ. They are scumbags acting on behalf of their (((masters))); nothing patriotic or suave about a Western spook. Defense of the realm means defending the global oligarchy.

      Unfortunately this is the final step in logic that many people cannot take — if Jewish power extends over all aspects of our societies, both vertically and horizontally, then these operations are not that difficult for them to plan, implement and sell to the sheople.

    2. Bark –

      “the hit on the federal building on okc was plotted by the clintons and the zog b’nai b’rith masons to discredit the american militia movement and further increase the elitization of american police…”

      That is correct, and even more… the building held all of the files on Waco siege…. which implicated the Clintons, Reno, FBI, BATFE….and thousands of others. The FBI & others brought files, records & tapes from all over the world – including grand jury records – to be destroyed there. Just like a huge dumpster fire… for real.
      “Burn all the evidence!!”
      Both occurred on April 19th. Waco in 1993, OKC in 1995.

      1. Pat, weren’t there also one or two backup bombs hauled out of the bombed building?
        Pretty sure I remember a news reporter on live TV reporting that bomb trucks were on the way to remove either one or two more bombs found in another part of the bldg.
        Never heard it mentioned again..

      2. So many wicked blood celebrations in this satanic “religion”, I got confused. Actually, the next Passover starts April 19th, 2019.
        Ariel Toaff, an Italian Jew, is the author of “Blood Passover – The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder”, 2016. The book is free to download; it tells the story of a kid, named Simon, now Saint Simon, murdered by Jews in England, centuries ago. In the end of his homepage Ariel wrote: “to hell with the ADL”.

        When studying the Jewish Problem, this is one of the most shocking subjects I came across with; some Jews like to torture and kill kids under the age of six, especially during the Passover. When a Rabbi declares the blood is kosher, they drink the kid’s blood! That’s one of the reasons for their expulsions from many countries.

        Maybe Ralan could explain to us, goy, what is this all about…

      3. HP –

        Yes. I was watching it all unfold live on TV . They found two more…. for sure, before the disinfo patrol got there… maybe more.

        I saw the US Congressman tell everyone that day that the building would stand for years if necessary to get to the bottom of it. What a joke…. sad joke. It was raised within weeks!!

  14. LOL…..Gun laws produced the next day……False Flag..??? I very much think so, although they have up their standards with “Call Of Duty” type graphics…. 🙂 Cui Bono…?

  15. New Zealand Prime Minister says, ‘Our gun laws will change’.

    Prior to recent events in Christchurch, New Zealand was thought to have the most relaxed gun laws outside the United States.
    Obviously that will now change in the wake of the recent shootings. Just as calls for stricter gun control legislation followed the shootings in Dunblane and Hungerford. In both cases the media focused attention on gun legislation rather on the psychiatric medication that the two culprits were thought to have been taking and which may have played a part.
    Given the fact that Brenton Tarrant, the Christchurch gunman also live-streamed events over the web, we can also expect tighter controls on the Internet. We don’t know if this was the gunman’s intention but it plays right into the plans of the architects of the New World Order.

    Source: Truthteller, March 16, 2019

    So if this was indeed a false flag, the motives are clear : 1) gun control, 2) internet control. All to facilitate the ungoing immigration from the Third World.

  16. Our controllers must be getting impatient if they have to resort to massacring groups of migrants to silence criticism of mass migration. Usually you have hoaxes and crisis actors but this looks like cold-blooded slaughter of innocents by dedicated agents.

    It is a smaller version of 9/11 — (((they))) want to hurry along a certain narrative, in this case public acquiescence to mass migration and more restrictions on our freedoms. It would be nice to think that it is also a sign of desperation but they are too arrogant and powerful to ever have such doubts.

    1. More Gladio if the poor saps are deaded….Fiction if actors are used….hard to differntiate at the moment….the Monsters are getting despeate….keep your wits.

    1. How about we call it “The Great Jumping the Shark Moment” for Kiwi spookery. They blasted away a group of their own migrants in order to create sympathy for migrants. They are retards on an international scale.

    2. @ Carlos Porter

      Thanks for the link.

      I have just read the long Manifesto. Not sure what to think of it. Renegade Trubune apparently thinks it is a hoax where nobody was killed. Scott Creighton apoarently thinks it was done by a brainwashed victim for the purpose of justifying Internet censorship. I personally suspect it’s probably real.

  17. @DONALDO COLINA. What an ignorant statement: “Dozen [sic] of worshippers and not one had the courage to rush the assailant.” Tell me, have you ever been held at gunpoint? The grip of that kind of fear is paralysing and there is nothing you can do. We are not soldiers trained in combat.

    1. Mel,
      Yes Donaldo has been held at gunpoint. Seven years ago I was driving my Chevy Tahoe in the mountains of Durango, Mexico. It was morning and all of a sudden, on a lonely stretch of highway, two pickup trucks of gang members forced me to the side of the road. The adolescents with assault rifles jumped out. I jumped out. They were going to kill me. But the strange thing is that I felt no fear. It’s called “fight or flight.” My instinct kicked in. I was ready to fight. There was no TIME for fear. Only my brave wifes voice in the background de-escalated the situation. They took our money and left sparing our lives. You see, Mel, yes Donaldo has had an assault rifle staring him in the face. Have you?

    2. “We are not soldiers trained in combat.”
      True, but “we” are not Muslims. Muslims believe that the tragedy of Karbala is a unifying force, and are prepared to make the sacrifice. In short, victory or death.

  18. So let’s see, we have a senseless act of mass murder whose foreseeable consequences will include: more gun laws, sympathy for immigrants, and fear and hatred of “White nationalists” or “White supremacists” or “White” something or other (the keyword being “White”). Furthermore, if I understand correctly, we have a “manifesto” which is conspicuously bereft of any mention of malign jewish influence? Seriously?

    Moreover, this scumbag is said to have been doing a lot of international travelling. I wonder: where did he get the money for that?

    And why didn’t he mass-murder people in Australia, if that’s where he’s from? Why do it in New Zealand?

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven; the parallels between this scumbag and mass-murdering jew tool Anders Breivik are painfully obvious. I have to agree with Flopot: this scumbag is either a dupe or an agent.

    1. Gordon Duff of Veterans Today wrote last evening that Tarrant had been trained in Israel in 2017-18.

      1. Tarrant was “trained” in Israel ? That could mean “mind controlled”.
        There was also an Israeli connection with Anders Breivik. One of his friends (a Jew) suddenly fled to Israel. Is there a pattern here ?

  19. pat
    from what i heard there was also a long lawsuit on file in the okc fed building, vietnam veterans suing the federal government for radiation poisoning from battlefield nukes … i wonder…
    some similar deal went with building 7, can’t remember what it was now… all the paperwork lost – game over… rudi giuliani up to his neck in that one…
    afterwards he got sent to mexico city to mentor the mexicn police on how to be effective, paid him millions…
    plus you had donald rumsfeld’s task force on dov zacheim’s missing pentagon trillions, set up and working in the pentagon in the exact spot where the rocket hit…
    you might have half the story on this christchurch deal… probably not even that much…

    1. Bark –

      “from what i heard there was also a long lawsuit on file in the okc fed building, vietnam veterans suing the federal government for radiation poisoning from battlefield nukes”

      Don’t get taken in by the ‘battlefield nukes’ meme.

      That was from DU – depleted uranium – from nuclear reactors. The reason they use DU is that Uranium (U) is much denser than Lead (Pb). Lead has an atomic weight of 207 grams/mole. Uranium is 238 grams/mole. That is 18% more dense. Penetrates thicker armor.

      DU was the cause of Gulf War Syndrome lawsuits

      Also agent orange lawsuit records & testimonies were there from Nam.

      There were nerve gas suits from veterans as well… from the destruction of the Kamisiyah ammunition depot in southern Iraq in March 1991. The Pentagon announced it was unclear how many of the chemically tipped 122-millimeter Iraqi rockets had been destroyed in the pit.

      Hundreds of thousands of military personnel records were lost.

      **Bill Clinon’s medical records were also there. They may have revealed he was sterile due to rheumatic fever at age 11, like he told Juanita Broderick.

      There are MANY more such reasons to burn the evidence stored there.

  20. According to some news sources the nearest police station was only a short distance (1 or 2 minutes) from the mosque. The shooting itself was live online for about 17 minutes. Does that make any sense at all in regards to response time of the NZ police force? According to VT the Australian born killer spent time in Pakistan, Israel and Eastern Europe before returning to Aus/NZ. Weapon laws especially for assault rifles and automatic weapons are more then strict to obtain for any Kiwi or Aussie down under without “special military or special services connections”.
    When Internet platforms and social media live streams murder while censuring hate speech and anti semitic remarks instantly much does not add up concerning white supremacy especially as neither NZ or Australia has been too white in their origin before the empires land grab and genocide on natives. Colonial rules still do apply as both countries have never been independent from their Motherland and its common wealth death chains wrapped around their subjects ankles.

  21. Hello all,

    There is a Danish website that has documents on Coudenhove-Kalergi (CK) and I wanted to refresh my memory on this ( as CK promotes exactly what the CHCH gunman Tarrant is so afraid of).

    But to my astonishment the website has disappeared. Must have happened in the last 2 weeks.
    ( 2 Kevin MacDonald books have also disappeared from recently )

    Does anyone know if Balder has re-appeared on the web?

    This is what I see when I try to go to

    Access to this resource on the server is denied!

    Here is what I found to be his server:

    This is the web host whose server is no longer accomodating :

    I will try to contact them.

    In general my question is: It’s clear that the internet is beginning to purge.

    What are the possible answers?

    Greetings, J V (Netherlands)

    1. @ Johan Vermeulen

      I am aware of the Kevin MacDonald situation, i.e. the unprecedented banning of his two most outstanding books by Amazon. These are The Culture of Critique and Separation and its Discontents. Unprecedented because, as KMD has himself pointed out, his books are scholarly treatises published by a respectable academic publisher. Both books are meticulously annotated and the tone throughout is politely sober and factual — the very opposite of incendiary. What is even more bizarre, is that while Amazon has withdrawn two of KMD’s best books, it is still selling the Protocols of the Elders of Zion — the most inflammatory anti-Semitic book ever published.

      Try and figure that out!

      As for the Balder website, I can’t give you any information there. I have corresponded briefly with Balder himself and he helped me substantially (by correcting one or two of my errors) when I was writing an article on Count Coundenhove-Kalergi. The Danish writer Balder knows more about Coundenhove-Kalergi than most other people. If his website has been targeted, that is understandable, because he knows many “forbidden things” that few others know. I am hoping his website is just undergoing a spring clean and that he will be back with us soon.

      1. It is not strange that Amazon gives you the possibility to buy the Protocols as the jews can track the buyers, it promotes ‘ antisemitism’, as Herzl promoted, it brands interested Goyim as insane, and the policy of confusion of the jews which also promotes cognitive dissonance, short circuit, in the brains of the Goyim. When you are short circuited you get paralysed and you, the Goyim, don’t know what to think anymore. The jews sell you confusion instead of facts. The real facts they manipulate, they are the revisionists.

      2. LD,

        I think they don’t want to touch the Protocols, it’s too powerful and it’s out there for too long, they can’t do damage control anymore. Banning the booklet will just give it more credibility, after all why they would ban this “forgery”?

  22. Massacre my assacre!

    I saw an alleged “survivor” on the news with blood soaked on his WHITE shirt (for effect). It didn’t look at all like the kind of blood spatter you’d expect to see. It looked like some makeup artist just smeared it on there. It reminded me of the guy at the Boston Marathon being rushed away from the scene in a wheelchair with both legs blown off at the knees, conveniently for the news photographer to see and then the whole WORLD to see. Also, he was perfectly conscious with no sign of his “wounds” having been dressed!

    It’s similar to the Zapruder film, in the sense that virtually ALL the people watching the motorcade go by are looking at JFK and Jackie, and not at the Secret Service driver turning around and shooting Kennedy at point blank range.

    1. Thats new, “shooting Kennedy at point blank range” yea ok, next ! Most, but not all of you who post on this site are in some way indirectly responsible for what happened in NZ. For years ringing the alarm bell about migration and the darkening of Europe and the collapse of society. You don’t think your writings helped to create the enviorment that made it possible for this troubled man to do what he did. In stead of focusing on the innocent loss of life your more concerned about the fact that his manifesto lacked the word Jew in sufficient manner so off to the looney bin we go. Here come the conspiracy theories! It’s a false flag, he trained with the mossad, he’s really a jew. He traveled for years so where did he get the money ? Jews, of course! What about the fact that he made some money in the crypto market, so hard to believe? Well I hate to tell you, it aint. I’ll say it again. The simplest explanation for most things is usually the truth. It is what it is. This is where we are as a society, we do not have to be. Certainly not the world I want for my kids or yours. But, I know, Im a plant, a troll a left out Jew!

      1. RALAN wrote:

        “Most, but not all of you who post on this site are in some way indirectly responsible for what happened in NZ.”

        I think your insults are offensive and unwarranted. How about it was the Jews, getting the US to start wars in the Middle East that resulted in muslim immigrant terror against Europeans which provoked this attack, who are responsible, directly or indirectly? Most of us here are opposed to wars on Arabs and muslims in their own countries.

      2. Ralan –

        “The simplest explanation for most things is usually the truth.”

        I agree!

        Simply put – jews suck! Some even charge money to suck circumcised foreskins. 🙂

    Just how ‘right-wing’ was this guy?…
    His father, an industrial worker,
    died rather early of an asbestos-
    induced cancer – hardly your
    typical ‘right-wing’ background.

    Besides, the idea of guys with
    terribly modest bank accounts,
    however contrary in character,
    purporting to be ‘right-wing’ is
    nothing but ludicrous. And this
    is pretty non-controversial
    Marxist analysis.

    For example, the erstwhile white
    Australia policy had nothing
    ‘right-wing’ about it. It was the
    officially espoused policy of the
    Australian trade unions, politically
    enforced on their behalf by the
    Australian Labor Party. The Tory
    support of white Australia policy
    was at all times nothing but
    pure political opportunism.

    For example, a conscientious trade
    unionist – typical of this guy’s
    grandfathers’ contemporaries –
    regarded himself as being
    duty-bound to put a brick through
    the skull of any blackleg labourer.
    And non-white labour was black,
    except in the jobs habitually
    taken by the Aborigines.

    This guy put out a ‘manifesto’ –
    a smorgasbord of other people’s
    ideas. Even his allergy to Islam
    was entirely second-hand.

    The guy was a meticulous planner.
    But did he ever count on being –
    for the rest of his natural life –
    woken up every night by the
    blood-curdling wailings directed
    to ‘Allah’ by a convicted jihadi
    in the cell next door?… His plans
    were somewhat less than complete,
    weren’t they?… Perhaps he should
    have taken them to Texas, where
    they love their capital punishment.

  24. If this would happen every day in every white country perhaps these third world parasites would get the message. The message that says “if you don’t want to get shot by a white man in his country then stay the fuck away from his country”.

    Jolly good show, absolutely first class 🙂

    1. @ 1138

      You can get us into trouble by saying this openly on our website, but I will let it pass this time for two reasons: (1) Many people think exactly like you but are more discreet in the language they use. (2) You have used a smiley face, so it can be argued that you yourself are quite a nice guy who would never harm a fly.

  25. NZ False Flag. I’ll patiently wait for additional input from such professional CTs [cons’ piracy theorists] as Kevin Barret (VT) and James Fetzer. Perhaps Miles Mathis and Jim Stone will weigh in on this one. Each and every CT expert of that select group have more time and resources available to do the research.
    In the meantime, and in mean times do we live — meaner times, Dead Heads, ahead as well, and likely with substantially different (and more intense) challenges. As events in Venezuela indicate, if PTB become a little antsy, try to hurry matters along the path of deconstruction, you have the takedown of electrical power systems to look forward to. See Jim Stone’s account of what happened to Venezuela’s grid! Only after Big Power has pulled the plug on the Way Out, leaving the scene to the care of extras, others deemed a priori collateral damage, caught in the crossfire of NWO shoot-outs.
    Patagonian Adventures next!! Get your ticket while you can afford to.

  26. marcus
    i just saw the spielburg movie ‘munich’ again the other night.. actually i couldn’t stand to turn the sound up..
    the message of the movie to me was that the jews will kill anybody, anywhere, whenever they think it serves their cause, local cops nor the fbi withstanding… i expect the history of their manipulation and their still functioning program of global aggression will not survive the enlightenment of the masses occurring now on account of the free media… indeed, globalist jewish zionists would never have been able to come this far without their having full control of the old fashioned NYC/Hollywood media… the question then becomes. keeping the movie in mind, what sort of repressive measures will they take to save themselves, before the public understands ‘little israel’ is a murderous thug and opinion finally capitulates ?
    you know you could be right, it being the “simplest explanation” that the shooter was just a patriotic guy, who saw the writing on the wall of the islamic takeover of his part of the world now, like so many other parts of the world have been taken over by totally repressive and murderous gangster-state islamo-fascism… maybe there was only one homeboy in on the whole thing, and he just did it all of his own volution… not too hard to understand, surely you could expect something similar in israel, if so many muslims were ever allowed to enter there…
    as far as the jfk assassination goes – if the warren commission were not such an obvious cover-up, you might be able to blame people for questioning the official line… speaking of which, just as one of many possible examples – please give us your honest opinion on the arrogant jew arlan spectre’s utterly ridiculous “magic bullet” theory, which he advanced so brazenly, and which was handed gross insult the american people by the jew-mason warren commission as an actual theory of the case, cartoonish as it was…

    1. We live in a time among those who consider “cartoons” Reality. Thank you, Mr. Disney! Little did you know (or maybe you DID know) what you had to foist on unsuspecting, innocent children who, like sponges, soak up all and everything they can for a few precious years of true, cosmic freedom in a very young body….The media is NOT the message, BTW. It’s a carrier wave. Another con’s piracy, later.

    2. Bark –

      “the message of the movie to me was that the jews will kill anybody, anywhere,”

      A US soldier agrees:

      —“KILL EVERYBODY: American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq”—


      “I joined in ’03,” ’cause I was broke, I needed money, but I was a young American kid, I wanted to fight in a war. I joined up.

      A month out of training I arrived in Baghdad, Iraq, January ’04. Saddam’s been captured. And I get there and the guys I’m serving with have been there for six months already; they were there in ’03. And I go, “Well, you know what, I think it’s come out that, you know, these people had nothing to do with 9/11, there was no Iraqi on those planes. We can see around here there’s no Al Qaida, there’s no terrorist syndicates in Baghdad, or Iraq. Saddam had stamped ’em out.”

  27. pat
    i wasn’t there for the iraq thing. my deal was before that… i did see the clip of the guy driving the apc, army or blackwater, i don’t know, who ran over the old woman standing a little on the street as he drove by. he could easily have missed her.
    from what i saw of the military, there are some people who are there because they want to kill people, they don’t mind it a bit… “can i shoot these guys sir”? i hope they all go to hell…

    1. Bark –

      Planned that way??? Maybe???

      More Ordo ab chao???? Driven by jew media???

      Naaahh… Not jew media globally – no way, Jose’!!! 🙂

  28. I listened to Scott Creighton’s appraisal of the NZ shooting before I saw the Darkmoon article. Creighton was very sure that the shooting was a psychological operation performed by professionals. I respect Creighton’s judgement, so when I read the Darkmoon article I already believed the shooting was a psyop whose intention was to justify the censorship activity taking place on the Internet. Reading the Manifesto changed my opinion. It was a long writing piece. It took me two hours at least to read it. I came to the conclusion that the guy was sincere, very sane, and a hero.

  29. I find it good news that the White working class is apparently producing strong individuals with an heroic spirit. Tarrant and Bowers are both this way. It means that the White race is still spiritually vital — even while we are being told that the White man is finished. It would be nice if the upper class Whites weren’t so effite, but the working class Whites are still a chip off the old block, it would appear.

    1. Out on Veterans Today they claim Tarrant was a Jew and an Israeli operative who trained at killing muslim civilians in Al Qaida and ISIS in Syria as well as on the Israeli wall overlooking Gaza:

      Renegade Tribune and others claim it was a total hoax and never really happened.

      With the Internet now anyone can say whatever they want. Fortunately I wasn’t there to find out the truth of the matter for myself so have to rely on what I’m told.

      Still, if it really did happen, this couldn’t possibly have been a lone wolf operation. It’s virtually impossible for a foreigner visiting a western country, or after just a short stay, to arm themselves to the extent Tarrant did. NZ isn’t some place in Pakistan where anyone can go and buy an arsenal down at the market. He must have had some serious help from others in procuring the weapons and ammo without arousing any suspicion from the authorities.

      It’s funny to see so many denounce that manifesto, even those from whose writings he may have copied and pasted much of the material. But that’s understandable too, as they probably had in mind a different type of activity to solve the problems they pointed out rather than some terrorist action. Nevertheless, you can’t predict how different individuals will react to the rapidly changing reality they see unfolding in front of them.

  30. This is all about control, folks, … mind control to be exact.

    Who controls the past controls the future.
    Who controls the present controls the past.

    -George Orwell

    Scaliger seduced me; chronological studies,
    as I see, terrify me.

    -Johannes Kepler

    Be wary of mathematicians, particularly
    when they speak the truth.

    -St. Augustine

    1. The thing about mathematicians to be wary of is that they only speak the “truth” as they see it, which is to say a metaphysical “pale” of Existence. This is what Einstein “sees”, and explains what is meant by the term “Jewish science”

      1. @Brownhawk

        The thing about mathematicians to be wary of is that they only speak the “truth” as they see it, which is to say a metaphysical “pale” of Existence.

        The thing about my good friend Brownhawk is that his understanding of mathematicians is too narrow. I would guess that his knowledge of mathematics is just as narrow as his understanding of mathematicians… or, perhaps, even narrower.

        To test my hypothesis about the extent of your math knowledge, let me ask you a simple question: How old was Jesus Christ at the start of 2000, i.e. about 19 years ago?

        Admin Toby,

        Please do not take this as an attempt to derail the discussion of serious and important issues. The issue I have in mind couldn’t be more serious. Trust me for I am the most trustworthy person you have in the comments section… except Pat, of course 🙂

      2. @Brownhawk

        You have no idea about the nature of my understanding

        Maybe. Let me guess: It’s your nose. So, how old was Jesus Christ at the start of 2000? What does your nose tell you about that? Can you smell it out for me, please?

        I am not pulling your leg here. Like I said, I couldn’t be more serious. So, please don’t dodge the question.

      3. @Circassian

        “…How old was Jesus Christ at the start of 2000, i.e. about 19 years ago..?”

        He died (according to tradition) in AD 33, i.e. 1986 years ago. We are not in the habit of counting the “age” of dead men. Get serious, or get lost.

      4. @Franklin Ryckaert

        He died (according to tradition) in AD 33, i.e. 1986 years ago. We are not in the habit of counting the “age” of dead men. Get serious, or get lost.

        Franklin makes a good point here. According to tradition… precisely!

        But I was not talking about tradition. My question by implication was: When did he die in reality? And that’s where the mathematicians come in: Jesus Christ was born around 1152 AD and died 33 years later, i. e. around 1185 AD.

      5. Circassian:

        Whatever point you are attempting to make here is strictly off-topic. We are discussing the New Zealand shootings here, not the exact date of Christ’s birth. So don’t waste any more of our time by creating these tiresome distractions.

    2. When you believe in things
      That you don’t understand,
      Then you suffer,
      Superstition aint the way

      — Stevie Wonder

      1. @ Conspiracy Theory Loonytunes

        It’s also laughable to think how gullible you conspiracy theorists are! You’ll believe anything, led by the nose like cattle by your disinfo agent manipulators! We need solid PROOF! Not airy-fairy condescension from credulous crackpots citing Renegade Tribune — as if Renegade Tribune was the fountainhead of all truth. It’s just another conspiracy theory blog for kooks and crap artists.

      2. Madame
        I hear ya. but if there’s no proof, then you can’t conclude the existence of disinfo agents

        We all want answers because we’re sick of only theories

      3. OK Brownhawk. Be at peace! For what it’s worth, I think you’re quite a nice guy. So don’t take my comments personally.

  31. “RIGHT-WING TERRORISM”? [augmented]
    Just how ‘right-wing’ was this guy?…
    His father, an industrial worker,
    died rather early of an asbestos-
    induced cancer – hardly your
    typical ‘right-wing’ background.

    Besides, the idea of guys with
    terribly modest bank accounts,
    however contrary in character,
    purporting to be ‘right-wing’ is
    nothing but ludicrous. And this
    is pretty non-controversial
    Marxist analysis.

    For example, the erstwhile white
    Australia policy had nothing
    ‘right-wing’ about it. It was the
    officially espoused policy of the
    Australian trade unions, politically
    enforced on their behalf by the
    Australian Labor Party. The Tory
    support of white Australia policy
    was at all times nothing but
    pure political opportunism.

    For example, a conscientious trade
    unionist – typical of this guy’s
    grandfathers’ contemporaries –
    regarded himself as being
    duty-bound to put a brick through
    the skull of any blackleg labourer.
    And non-white labour was black,
    except in the jobs habitually
    taken by the Aborigines.

    This guy put out a ‘manifesto’ –
    a smorgasbord of other people’s
    ideas. Even his allergy to Islam
    was entirely second-hand.

    The guy was a meticulous planner.
    But did he ever count on being –
    for the rest of his natural life –
    woken up every night by the
    blood-curdling wailings directed
    to ‘Allah’ by a convicted jihadi
    in the cell next door?… His plans
    were somewhat less than complete,
    weren’t they?… Perhaps he should
    have taken them to Texas, where
    they love their capital punishment.

    And last, but not the least, there
    were some insinuations made by
    both the lefties and the truthers
    that the guy was directed and
    assisted by a shadowy network…

    And if there is the smallest grain
    of truth to such allegations, then,
    rest assured, the money would
    have come from the Jews – and
    the putative ‘network’ – just like
    the rest of ‘Tommy Robinsons’ –
    is totally Jew-controlled.

    This stupid little weasel thought
    the hapless slaves of ‘Allah’ made
    those mosques ‘target-rich’…

    The Jews’ targets, however, were –
    and are – the freedom of speech,
    the citizens’ right to self-defence,
    their right to honest banking and
    equitable immigration policy, and,
    ultimately, their very right to exist.

  32. I don’t take them personally, Madame. It only occurred to me in a general sense that in order to prove something, there’s often no way around pondering the theories that could preclude that.

    What’s the adage? (or a variation of one)

    First a theory is severely ridiculed, then it is accepted as something to be pondered, then that something is offered in an evidentiary hearing format, and finally is shown to be conclusively true or false 🤔

  33. A friend sent me this:

    “There are several reasons for the NZ shooting.”

    1 ) John Podesta was in the country days before, no doubt informing Jacinda Ardern that there will be an event and to close Christchurch airport from the public. Also to provide Americans or Israeli, NZ police uniforms to not arouse public suspicion while they guarded the airport. The shooting was 1.30 pm the airport was cleared and closed but reopened at 6pm, on dark, to American planes, which were flying most of the night, TO ANTARCTICA refueling then flying back to AMERICA. WHAT was being ” removed ” from Antarctica … we do not know. IF international spies were watching NZ at this time, media drew all eyes to the shooting event. Media reported 1000 extra police in Christchurch and some at the airport. Fact is, I doubt we have that many active police on duty in the entire country ! Some of them had to be ” foreigners.” Also an airport in a sovereign country was commandeered by a Private Corporation for it’s own nefarious use. THIS alone should have raised alarm bells .!!!

    2 ) Timing of this event was close to Autumn equinox or Spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. At these times the so called “elite ” are commanded to give their god Lucifer blood sacrifice.

    3 ) Create fear and disunity, which the underbelly in another dimension ( demons ) feed off.

    4 ) To enact on gun laws to disarm people. This will not work entirely as too many guns ( and drugs ) are brought into NZ by boat by Chinese. Nobody knows what the true nature of the arsenal is, in NZ.

    5 ) A possible test to see if New Zealanders will fight to protect their Christian Faith. I will never turn my back on Jesus Christ, He saved my life. However, I shed a tear for the muslim community, no one should be subjected to brutality. New Zealanders can be forthright, brash, sometimes pig ignorant people, but we are not hard – hearted. I believe Islam will implode internally, before the likes of New Zealanders think about participating in religious wars.

    6 ) Control by fear. The censorship of the event. There may have been a request from the muslim community to censor the video. In which case, Government has really got no choice in this matter. There are Wahabist muslims in NZ and they are apt to be violent should they choose.

    7 ) A possible increase in muslim immigration to NZ with no national resistance, due to the guilt trip imposed on the Kiwi public.

    As the horrible ” elite ” say …. ” Never let a tragedy go to waste.”

    1. Pat, perhaps they were in Antarctica retrieving a few super duper dimensional lasers (among other weapons) in preparation for the CERN / D-Wave(A.I.) opening of a Spring Equilux-Equinox portal (aka) Ritual time! “If we’re smart enough” (lol)

      Then again, I’ve always been a little bit superstitious and a whole lot suspicious.

      1. Pat, nothing new under our sun, or any other sun.

        “Siddhis are a reality, and the science behind them has been passed down from time immemorial by the rishis and preserved in the Vedic texts. In actuality nothing is mystic. Everything functions according to natural laws.”

  34. ALERT!!

    This looks like the FIRST STEP to single out those who hold theories contrary to Mainstream Media & Governments’ official reports, even if the reports are unproven. This could lead to incarcerations.

    Was this the purpose of Alex Jones all along?

    Alex Jones blames ‘like a form of psychosis’ for Sandy Hook hoax claim

    Alex Jones, Under Pressure of Lawsuits, Backs Away from Prior Claim that School Shootings Were Staged!!

    Alex Jones faces multiple lawsuits from families of students and educators who were killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. Jones, who previously claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, told lawyers in his deposition that he “almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things aren’t staged.”

    In his defense, Jones gave examples of false-flag events, thereby illustrating that staged events are real and that they have been used to achieve political goals. It remains to be seen whether questioning the reality of crisis events that favor political agendas will be classified as mental illness.

    Wolfgang Halbig, who has investigated the Sandy Hook shooting for a number of years, also is named in the lawsuit. It is not yet known if he will claim psychosis or pursue discovery in the Sandy Hook case to get answers to the many unanswered questions relating to the shooting. -GEG

    Chicago Tribune:

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