Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad?

By Philip Giraldi 
reposted from American Herald Tribune
11 July 2019

Jeffrey  Epstein: A Spy for Israel?

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi writes that the Epstein affair has “all the hallmarks of a major espionage case, possibly tied to Israel… the filming procedure smacks of a sophisticated intelligence service compiling material to blackmail prominent politicians and other public figures…” Prosecutor Acosta said: “I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence’”.

The extent of Israeli spying directed against the United States is a huge story that is only rarely addressed in the mainstream media. The Jewish state regularly tops the list for ostensibly friendly countries that aggressively conduct espionage against the U.S. and Jewish American Jonathan Pollard, who was imprisoned in 1987 for spying for Israel, is now regarded as the most damaging spy in the history of the United States.

Hollywood producer & Israeli spy Arnon Milchan

Last week I wrote about how Israeli spies operating more-or-less freely in the U.S. are rarely interfered with, much less arrested and prosecuted, because there is an unwillingness on the part of upper echelons of government to do so.

I cited the case of Arnon Milchan, a billionaire Hollywood movie producer who had a secret life that included stealing restricted technology in the United States to enable development of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, something that was very much against U.S. interests. Milchan was involved in a number of other thefts as well as arms sales on behalf of the Jewish state, so much so that his work as a movie producer was actually reported to be less lucrative than his work as a spy and black-market arms merchant, for which he operated on a commission basis.

That Milchan has never been arrested by the United States government or even questioned about his illegal activity, which was well known to the authorities, is just one more manifestation of the effectiveness of Jewish power in Washington.

Jeffrey Epstein charged with trafficking underage girls

A far more compelling case involving possible espionage with major political manifestations has just re-surfaced. I am referring to Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire Wall Street “financier” who has been arrested and charged with operating a “vast” network of underage girls for sex, operating out of his mansions in New York City and Florida as well as his private island in the Caribbean, referred to by visitors as “Orgy Island.”

Among other high-value associates, it is claimed that Epstein was particularly close to Bill Clinton, who flew dozens of times on Epstein’s private 727.

Epstein was arrested on July 8th after indictment by a federal grand jury in New York. It was more than a decade after Alexander Acosta, the top federal prosecutor in Miami, who is now President Trump’s secretary of labor, accepted a plea bargain involving similar allegations regarding pedophilia that was not shared with the accusers prior to being finalized in court.

Alex Acosta (L) Jeffrey Epstein (R)

There were reportedly hundreds of victims, some 35 of whom were identified, but Acosta deliberately denied the two actual plaintiffs their day in court to testify before sentencing.

Acosta’s intervention meant that Epstein avoided both a public trial and a possible federal prison sentence, instead serving only 13 months of an 18-month sentence in the almost-no-security Palm Beach County Jail on charges of soliciting prostitution in Florida. While in custody, he was permitted to leave jail for sixteen hours six days a week to work in his office.

Epstein’s crimes were carried out in his $56 million Manhattan mansion and in his oceanside villa in Palm Beach Florida. Both residences were equipped with hidden cameras and microphones in the bedrooms, which Epstein reportedly used to record sexual encounters between his high-profile guests and his underage girls, many of whom came from poor backgrounds, who were recruited by procurers to engage in what was euphemistically described as “massages” for money.

Epstein apparently hardly made any effort to conceal what he was up to: his airplane was called the “Lolita Express.”

Bill Clinton flew on ‘Lolita Express’ 26 times

The Democrats are calling for an investigation of the Epstein affair, as well as the resignation of Acosta, but they might well wind up regretting their demands. Trump, the real target of the Acosta fury, apparently did not know about the details of the plea bargain that ended the Epstein court case.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were, however, very close associates of Epstein. Bill, who flew on the “Lolita Express” at least 26 times, could plausibly be implicated in the pedophilia given his track record and relative lack of conventional morals. On many of the trips, Bill refused Secret Service escorts, who would have been witnesses of any misbehavior.

On one lengthy trip to Africa in 2002, Bill and Jeffrey were accompanied by accused pedophile actor Kevin Spacey and a number of young girls, scantily clad “employees” identified only as “massage.” Epstein was also a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and was present at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton in 2010.

See this picture

Donald Trump

With an election year coming up, the Democrats would hardly want the public to be reminded of Bill’s exploits, but one has to wonder where and how deep the investigation might go. There is also a possible Donald Trump angle.

Though Donald may not have been a frequent flyer on the “Lolita Express,” he certainly moved in the same circles as the Clintons and Epstein in New York and Palm Beach, plus he is by his own words roughly as amoral as Bill Clinton. In June 2016, one Katie Johnson filed lawsuit in New York claiming she had been repeatedly raped by Trump at an Epstein gathering in 1993 when she was 13 years old.

In a 2002 New York Magazine interview Trump said  “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy… he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Left photo: Jeffrey Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, with Donald and Melania Trump at Mar-a-Lago in 2000. This was before Epstein was charged and convicted.
Fox News reports: “Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago estate ‘because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,’ according to court documents filed by Bradley Edwards, the lawyer who has represented several Epstein accusers.”
Right photo: Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010 (after Epstein’s conviction). Clinton flew on the “lolita Express” at least 26 times.

Hallmarks of an espionage case

Selective inquiries into wrongdoing to include intense finger pointing are the name of the game in Washington, and the affaire Epstein also has all the hallmarks of a major espionage case, possibly tied to Israel.

Unless Epstein is an extremely sick pedophile who enjoys watching films of other men screwing twelve-year-old girls the whole filming procedure smacks of a sophisticated intelligence service compiling material to blackmail prominent politicians and other public figures.

Those blackmailed would undoubtedly in most cases cooperate with the foreign government involved to avoid a major scandal. It is called recruiting “agents of influence.” That is how intelligence agencies work and it is what they do.

Acosta: ‘I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence’

That Epstein was perceived as being intelligence-linked was made clear in Acosta’s comments when being cleared by the Trump transition team. He was asked “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” … “Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had ‘been told’ to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. ‘I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.’”

Questions about Epstein’s wealth also suggest a connection with a secretive government agency with deep pockets. The New York Times reports that “Exactly what his money management operation did was cloaked in secrecy, as were most of the names of whomever he did it for.

He claimed to work for a number of billionaires, but the only known major client was Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder of several retail chains, including The Limited.”

[Editor’s note: Wexner is a major ‘philanthropist’ and political donor. Among the recipients of his money have been to Jewish and Israeli concerns and Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush.] 

But whose intelligence service? CIA and the Russian FSB services are obvious candidates, but they would have no particular motive to acquire an agent like Epstein. That leaves Israel, which would have been eager to have a stable of high-level agents of influence in Europe and the United States.

Epstein’s contact with the Israeli intelligence service may have plausibly come through his associations with Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly served as his key procurer of young girls.

Ghislaine is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who died or possibly was assassinated in mysterious circumstances in 1991. Maxwell was an Anglo-Jewish businessman, very cosmopolitan in profile, like Epstein, a multi-millionaire who was very controversial with what were regarded as ongoing ties to Mossad.

LD: Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, procured underage girls for Epstein to hand over to his rich clients so that compromising photos of them could be taken for blackmail purposes. The photos were then sent to Israel, to be used as and when needed, to make Western politicians dance to Israel’s tune. It is more than possible that highly damaging photos of Donald Trump are right now in Israel’s possession. This would make Trump more than a mere “Zionist puppet”, it would also make him a helpless slave of Israel—in short, a blackmail victim. [LD]

After his death, Robert Maxwell  was given a state funeral by Israel in which six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence listened while Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said”.

Donald Trump  (far left) with Robert Maxwell (far right) 

Epstein kept a black book identifying many of his social contacts, which is now in the hands of investigators.

It included fourteen personal phone numbers belonging to Donald Trump, including ex-wife Ivana, daughter Ivanka and current wife Melania.

It also included Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, Tony Blair, Jon Huntsman, Senator Ted Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, David Koch, Ehud Barak [former Israeli prime minister], Alan Dershowitz, John Kerry, George Mitchell, David Rockefeller, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomfield, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Elizabeth, Saudi King Salman and Edward de Rothschild.

Mossad would have exploited Epstein’s contacts, arranging their cooperation by having Epstein wining and dining them while flying them off to exotic locations, providing them with women and entertainment. If they refused to cooperate, it would be time for blackmail, photos and videos of the sex with underage women.

Will the Israeli connection be investigated?

It will be very interesting to see just how far and how deep the investigation into Epstein and his activities goes. One can expect that efforts will be made to protect top politicians like Clinton and Trump and to avoid any examination of a possible Israeli role.

That is the normal practice, witness the 9/11 Report and the Mueller investigation, both of which eschewed any inquiry into what Israel might have been up to. But this time, if it was indeed an Israeli operation, it might prove difficult to cover up the story since the pedophile aspect of it has unleashed considerable public anger from all across the political spectrum. Senator Chuck Schumer, self-described as Israel’s “protector” in the Senate, is loudly calling for the resignation of Acosta. He just might change his tune if it turns out that Israel is a major part of the story.

[Update:  Schumer reportedly received thousands of dollars in donations from Epstein, as did a number of other Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, who received at least $20,000 . Epstein also donated a smaller sum to some Republicans. Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper reports that in 1915 former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak entered into a partnership with Epstein worth millions.]

Philip M. Giraldi is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served nineteen years overseas in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He speaks Spanish, Italian, German, and Turkish. Giraldi is currently executive director of the Council for the National Interest.]

Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz

Editor’s note: Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz, who helped broker Epstein’s extraordinarily light sentence, is a fervent Israel partisan who helped quash a documentary about the Israel lobby in the U.S. (View the film here.)

Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (left)
with his Jewish attorney Alan Dershowitz, a torture enthusiast 

Dershowtiz has endorsed torture and collective punishment. He was the “Frankfurter Professor of Law” at Harvard Law School, named for former Harvard professor and Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter. Frankfurter’s professorship at Harvard had been purchased for him by Jacob Schiff. Frankfurter was part of a secret group that worked to create Israel.

Two of Epstein’s teen victims have alleged that Dershowitz was involved in the sexual activities, which he has angrily denied. One is now suing him for defamation. Hollywood Reporter states: “After brazenly entreating the very court action at hand, Dershowitz is attempting to seize on technicalities and broad immunities to elude fact-finding.”

JTA reports that Dershowitz’s relationship with Epstein “extended beyond legal representation. He used to send Epstein drafts of his books before publication, and would participate in seminars convened by Epstein with other Harvard personalities, like the one-time president Larry Summers. He also attended social gatherings at Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse.”

Israel currently gets over $10 million per day from the US, and this is about to go even higher. Israel has received far more US tax money than any other country. On average, it gets about 7,000 times more per capita than others around the world.

Source: If Americans Knew

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.”


“The rats are underneath the piles,
The Jew is underneath the lot.” 
—T.S. Eliot

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    1. Whaaaaaaat?

      Every Western leader is an “agent “ of Mossad.

      It’s game over. The Jews have taken over. Once China is under their control it will be a fait accompli.

  1. Mindblowing! Like the quote from T.S. Eliot at the end. So apt:


    “The rats are underneath the piles,
    The Jew is underneath the lot.”
    —T.S. Eliot

    1. Saki –

      Yep! Ezra Pound was Eliot’s teacher, supporter and close friend.

      Eliot met Pound in 1914, and it was Pound who was his main mentor and editor and who got his poems published and noticed.

      So…. He knew the jew!! 🙂

    1. @ Hp

      Yes, if Trump and Co. going after Epstein who obviously supplies blackmail videos, etc. to the various world wide DeepState entities who use these methods to keep the people’s (lol) representatives in line isn’t taking the gloves off, then what is.

      Obviously if Trump is “going after Epstein”, as you appear to be suggesting, Trump is in the clear and has nothing to fear from blackmail with regard to his alleged activities with underage girls in Epstein’s circle. And yet Trump was there in the thick of it all, on the Lolita Express, along with Bill Clinton who seems even more closely implicated in this scandal. I see Trump very much as a big fish wriggling mightily on the hook. Some would like him caught. Others, like yourself, would like him to get off the hook. The big question is: Is Trump innocent of pedophilia? If he is, then obviously he will prove his innocence and get off the hook.

      I don’t think Giraldi’s article is about “Let’s get Trump.” Nowhere does it suggest that Trump is part of this circus of sex horrors. What the article is about is Israel’s extensive use of sexual blackmail as it furthers its own ends. Israel obtains incriminating evidence of the sexual misdeeds of top politicians worldwide and then uses the evidence as leverage to make those politicians its puppets and slaves — to follow its orders in fighting new wars and increasing its monetary handouts.

      I think Lasha Darkmoon is absolutely right to insert this comment in the article, because this is what many objective onlookers are now thinking:

      LD: Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, procured underage girls for Epstein to hand over to his rich clients so that compromising photos of them could be taken for blackmail purposes. The photos were then sent to Israel, to be used as and when needed, to make Western politicians dance to Israel’s tune. It is more than possible that highly damaging photos of Donald Trump are right now in Israel’s possession. This would make Trump more than a mere “Zionist puppet”, it would also make him a helpless slave of Israel—in short, a blackmail victim. [LD]

      Nowhere is LD suggesting here that Trump is guilty of pedophilia. She is simply suggesting the POSSIBILITY that Israel has compromising photos of Trump’s sexual activities. Photos that are not necessarily pedophilic but are so sexually inflammatory that it would be the end of Trump’s presidency if those photos were ever passed on to the press. This would explain Trump’s well-earned reputation as a “Zionist puppet”. Why, it’s being asked, is Trump doing so much to please Israel — even handing it the Golan Heights for God’s sake! — unless he is being FORCED to do so by Israel?

      To quote LD again: “[All] this would make Trump more than a mere “Zionist puppet”, it would also make him a helpless slave of Israel — in short, a blackmail victim.” [LD]

      I really can’t see what is wrong with such an eminently reasonable comment. Everyone is thinking this thought: that Trump is behaving like a fish caught on the hook, AS IF HE IS BEING BLACKMAILED.

      1. Saki, first of all please don’t put words and deeds into my mouth.
        “Others, like yourself, would like him to get off the hook.”
        Besides, what hook? He’s the hooker not the hookee, as far as I can tell.
        Even as he’s always and always will be on the hook by job definition alone. To him though it does seem to be “water off a duck’s back” does it not?

        Once again, I’m just a simple observer, reporter, messenger same as you and Lasha and everyone else and I cipher what’s what as far as the available data goes, as well as adding a dash of opinionated experience. Once again, the same as everyone else.

        That my methodology differs with the majority is to me a matter of fact constant in my life and always has been. (I’ll never surrender)

        But if it helps to clarify my position a bit and if it helps to remove the temptation to conjecture as per my conjecture, I will say this…
        I believe Trump is a pedophile as much as I believe General Patton was a murderer.

        Thanks for you concern and interest and no offense taken or given, I hope.

        1. No problem, Homer! I’m glad you think Trump is NOT a pedophile. I happen to share that view. 🙂

          My suggestion is simply that Israel has probably obtained information about Trump that could damage Trump deeply if it ever got out. Nothing to do with pedophilia. But something highly embarrassing all the same. And that this information could easily emerge if Epstein is forced to testify in court. So all kinds of pressure are being applied to Trump. He is being told by Israel, I believe, and this is pure speculation: “Do this and that for Israel’s sake, because we call the shots here. You’d better get used to following Israel’s agenda. Because if you DON’T do what Israel tells you, you’re for the high jump!”

          I hope you agree that something like this could be going on. If you disagree, that’s OK with me too. You are entitled to your opinion! 🙂

          Peace and blessings,


  2. Well, the demon-crats may be ‘calling for an investigation’ (gotta love that phrase), but it will go as far as the the investigation into the mysterious death of the ‘DC madam’ Palfry; that 5’6″ woman who hung herself in a 6′ shed just days before she was to testify in court.
    Considering the percentage of Dual National Israeli citizenship in DC,
    we shouldn’t be surprised if Israel creates another ‘terrorist act’ or ‘mass shooting’ as a distraction to fill the ‘news’ and cover for their little bad boy.
    Having turned off the TeeVee a decade ago, I won’t be seeing or hearing any of the fluff and blather, but I have no doubt something is coming.

    1. Would photos or videos of compromised politicians sexually abusing minors actually hold water? In this digital age such material could easily be doctored. Anyway. Even original material would be worthless. It would need a credible means of delivery to the masses. Imagine a CNN news release showing a naked politician having sex with a 10-year-old girl. It wouldn’t happen. To point, these incriminating materials couldn’t directly be presented to the masses to sway public opinion. All that is left are rumors, accusations, pay-offs……gossip…..yawn……Donaldo remembers seeing “Creepy Joe” Biden fondle young girls in front of live audiences. Despite hundreds of witnesses, nothing said. Nothing done. No action taken. These materials would definitely not be an efficient source of blackmail. Financial blackmail is far more efficient and enticing. Also easier to follow the trail and investigate. As the saying goes, “💰 talks and bullsh.t walks. 😎

  3. The Evidence for Jeffrey Epstein’s Mossad Connection

    Derrick Broze explores the claim that Jeffrey Epstein is an Israeli Mossad agent and finds that indeed there is something there, covering Les Wexner and the Mega Group.
    Feb 3, 2019

    The video:
    The Evidence for Jeffrey Epstein’s Mossad Connection

    Jul 9, 2019 – lotta names!
    The disturbing truth about Clinton, Trump & Epstein

    Federal prosecutors are asking anyone who’s flown on billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, “the Lolita Express.” These include US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and a slew celebrities and renowned media figures. Then Ring of Fire Radio and Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins shares his expertise.


  4. Steve Pieczenik, an admitted jew spook, claims Epstein was hand-picked by the mossad.

    Pedophilia is used by the mossad because it compromises the OPERATIVES and the CHILDREN. TOTAL silence on BOTH sides!!

    OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection:

    “Mossad operatives being rounded up.” (supposedly – from the jew spook)


      1. Epstein is no doubt a pedophile cannibal of the worst magnitude; after all, he’s a JEW! A Jew is always guilty until fully exonerated in a court of law, after which he/she* should be immediately taken out and hung by the neck until dead – like Leo Frank.

        The question is what has Epstein done to warrant this violent media reaction? Ask not of the visible criminal action this Jew committed, ask instead what invisible crime he committed against his elite brethren.

        Is it not obvious by all the media bluster that Epstein is being set up as a scapegoat, why? First question, why would a blood member of the Jews’ inner circle of psychopaths be scapegoated? What is the reason behind all the heated media attention being directed at one of YHVH’s chosen people?

        I notice Epstein is not freaking out and claiming Aliyah to run and hide in Israel. Remember the Jew Roman Polanski who fled to Italy to escape prosecution when it looked like he would be taken to court for far less criminal action? Yet Polanski’s crime was mild in comparison to Epstein’s multiple, ongoing crimes against children.** How many criminal Jews have escaped similar prosecution for their crimes by claiming “Aliyah” and running to Israel to hide from what smacks of “American justice?”

        Second question, why not? Why doesn’t Epstein flee when he has every possibility to do so? Why does an international Jew criminal with property and holdings outside America jurisdiction remain in America with all the smirking confidence of a Teflon Jew?

        It is an observable fact that Jews will create a Punch and Jewdy script to titillate, divert and occupy the goyims’ conscious mind. Therefore the third, very important question, what is the Jews’ message to the goy subconscious in this media attraction?

        The goy invariably puts the criminal cart before the Jew. Therefore, instead of focusing on the Jew’s crime, focus on the Jew. Tear apart the Jew, see what makes them tick. Disassemble all potential motives first, before being distracted by their crimes. Don’t think about the crime, think about Jews committing them.

        Jews are a criminal race. As a race, they are guilty of the most vicious, bloody, egregious crimes ever committed against humanity. If not directly connected, every Jew is guilty in their support and association with the Jew criminals committing the crimes. A goy that drives a getaway car or knowingly witnesses a murder without reporting it is held by law to be every bit as guilty as the person committing the robbery or murder. Remember Charles Manson’s conviction of guilt by association? The goy is always held guilty by association, why not the Jew that assisted or supported the largest mass murders in history?

        Every Jew supporting or furthering the mythical Hallowedhoax lie is guilty! Every Jew that stood by said nothing as their brethren slaughtered 66 million ethnic Russians is as guilty as the psychopathic murderers that gave the orders or pulled the triggers during the commission of that genocidal attempt against Russian humanity! Every Jew that remains silent on the subject of Israel’s Palestinian genocide is guilty! Every Jew that maintains the Nuremberg trials were justice served is guilty! Jews have the largest, most criminal association of any race on earth. It is by this yardstick all Jews should be measured and held accountable.

        Always remember, it’s Jew first! Their motives always hold much greater significance than their crimes. The outcome of the Epstein incident may well expose the reasons behind the Jews’ actions.

        *In cases concerning Jews, I’m a firm believer in full “equal rights” for both sexes – without mercy.

        **The Polanski case has an interesting twist, to wit, “The judge then stated that an appropriate sentence would be for Mr. Polanski to serve out the remainder of the 90-day period for which he had been sent to Chino, provided Mr. Polanski were to be deported by the Immigration and Naturalization Bureau, by stipulation or otherwise, at the end of the 90 days.” Essentially, Polanski fled America to escape a ninety day jail sentence, as his own actions were identical to the deportation order the Judge was demanding – Ninety days in jail with a free plane ticket home versus ducking and hiding as a criminal on the run? Hmmmm, what’s wrong with this picture?

  5. This is a very interesting book by the deceased Canadian Navy Commander William Guy Carr, “Paws in the Game”, third edition, 1958, his best book in my opinion.


    Chapter 9 – Political Intrigue (1914 – 1919)

    “Shortly after the outbreak of the war in August 1914 a small group of wealthy men authorized an agent to turn an old, but very spacious mansion, into a fabulous private club. Those who made it possible to finance such a costly undertaking insisted that their identity remain secret.”

    “Every employee in the club, both male and female, was a spy. They reported everything that happened at the club to their masters. The identity of those involved became known. The information thus obtained was printed for the record in what became known as “The Black Book”. “The Black Book” recorded their sins of omission and commission, their peculiar vices, their special weaknesses, their financial status, the condition of their domestic relations, and the degree of affection they had for relatives and friends.”

    “When war broke out in 1914 the Rt. Hon. H.H. Asquith was Prime Minister. He was an AntiZionist. The International Bankers decided that Asquith’s Government had to go and be replaced by a coalition government in which David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill would wield great influence. Lloyd George had for years been Solicitor for the Zionist movement as planned and financed by the Rothschilds. Winston Churchill had been a supporter of political Zionism from the time he first entered politics.”

    That is a classic case of “Blackmailing Government Officials 101”. After a century, things have changed, for worst. These are not married men dating prostitutes in a “massage” club.

    The control is so complete now that if Trump falls the guy behind him, Pence, is even worst, a fanatical warmonger Christian Zionist. (((They))) are just tightening Trump’s collar, even a dog can be disobedient sometimes; while the masses are being distracted…

    1. Dear lord…..nothing much changes, Juilus Caesar was ‘offed’ because he wanted to change the Roman coinage…such power.

      1. I think Pius XII was a saint, unlike so-called “Saints” John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II, whose ludicrous canonization was certainly orchestrated by the Judeo-masonic elite who now control the Vatican. Pius XII would have been at least beatified by now if it weren’t for these evil satanists who rule over us, and who apparently gave us John XXIII as an antipope in 1958. http://www.whitesmoke1958.com

  6. In trying to figure out exactly what’s going on with Trump, there seem to be some troubling incongruities. An example is the case of Iran. Obama wasn’t prevented from entering the JCPOA agreement with Iran, just as Trump wasn’t prevented from walking away from the JCPOA agreement with Iran. So if both Obama and Trump are “deep state” puppets, how can this be explained?

    As I see it there are several possible explanations for this, but I’m presently leaning toward the theory that puppets Trump and Obama are representative of two different “deep state” “factions”; both of which have the same (or a very similar) ultimate goal, but different views as to how to get there.

    Lasha is good at creating very realistic, imaginary debates/conversations between various people to get a point across, and I think that is also a good analytical approach, useful in an effort to understand what might be going on behind the scenes.

    I can imagine a conversation such as the following between representatives of the two putative “deep state” factions:

    Soros: You’re going too far. I thought the plan was to weaken Iran and try to isolate it politically, undermining the leadership.

    Adelson: Well your approach failed miserably. You told us that by offering Iran a carrot we could keep it out of Syria. It didn’t work, and now we have a stalemate there with Russian involvement. Now it’s our turn.

    Soros: But we can’t risk a war with Iran right now for several good reasons. And the show-stopper is the lack of a good intelligence estimate as to how the Kremlin would respond.

    Adelson: As long as the wrong people are in power in the Kremlin, war with Russia will always be a possibility. So if we’re going to gamble, it’s better to do it now, before they can deploy their S-500 air defense system and the other new weapons in the pipeline, isn’t it?


    If the Adelson wing is manipulating Trump into starting a war with Iran – say by way of bribery, blackmail and an appeal to his pathological narcissism – could L’affaire Epstein be the Soros wing’s attempt to stop them?

    1. Excellent comment, Harold. Deep enough to drown in! We are lost in a labyrinth of speculation, making guesses in the dark. What can we say with complete certainty?

      Sadly, we are not even certain whether Trump is one of the good guys or one of the bad guys.

      Even as you pelt him with the slings and arrows of outrageous comment, there are others here who are fawning at his feet and hero-worshipping him. 🙂

    2. Two different “deep state” factions fighting each other is very well a possibility. Mike King of tomatobubble.com calls them Globalists vs. Zionists. For the Globalists world domination is more important than the interests of Israel. For the Zionists the interests of Israel are more important than world domination. There are Jews and non-Jews on both sides. Jews on the side of the Globalists are for example Henry Kissinger and George Soros. Jews on the side of the Zionists are for example Sheldon Adelson and of course Benjamin Netanyahu. During the elections the Globalists supported Hillary Clinton, while the Zionists supported Trump. Trump so far has fulfilled all the wishes of his Zionist masters, but for him perhaps a war with Iran is a bridge too far. Presidents are not always 100% puppets of their masters. The prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein may lead to the discovery of Mossad ties and thus harm Israel. The Zionists therefore will not be behind the prosecution of Epstein.

      1. FR –

        Mike makes some sense as one of those not in the talmudic cult/cabal.

        BUT – There is no loyalty in zionist Israel….. Even the zionist Bibi has been using Epstein as a hammer against other zionists in Israel.

        Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was highlighting Epstein’s alleged connection to rival Ehud Barak.

        Netanyahu’s Likud repeatedly claimed that Barak attended a party hosted by Epstein in 2016.


        I wonder where Rothschilds would fall on the group grid. They established Israel and want control of global banking. There is need for another category… just for plain old jew banking criminals. 🙂

      2. So who are all of those Hollywood Jews and Jewish Publishers and Media against Trump? Zionists or Globalists? Either way it is the New World Order crowd that is pushing against Trump and either way their goal is Jewish Supremacy. I do believe that shortly after Trump took office he was backed into the corner and read the riot act by the Jewish Supremacy masters. They clipped his wings and he has been doing a balancing act ever since while catering to Israel as has every other President since JFK.

      3. Phyllis –
        “….as has every other President since JFK.”

        JFK was NO different.

        Israel and jews loved JFK. JFK loved them back.

        In 1960 Kennedy stated, “Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.”

        Kennedy initiated the creation of security ties with Israel.

        JFK is credited as the founder of the US-Israeli military alliance and was continued under ALL subsequent presidents!

        Kennedy ended the arms embargo that the Eisenhower and Truman administrations had placed on Israel. He saw the protection of Israel as a moral and national commitment from the US! AND he was the first to introduce the concept of a “special relationship” between the US and Israel.

        Yad Kennedy near Jerusalem is a memorial to John F. Kennedy!! The 60-foot high memorial is shaped like the stump of a felled tree, symbolizing a life cut short. Inside is a bronze relief of Kennedy, with an eternal flame burning in the center. It is encircled by 51 concrete columns, one for each of the 50 states in the United States plus one for Washington, D.C. The monument was built in 1966 with funds donated by American Jewish communities.


        I believe JFK was murdered for not signing on to becoming a member of UNIDROIT. But, LBJ DID SO in 1964!

        Formed in 1926 from League of Nations… there are 63 member countries today:

      4. Pat
        Seeing as Rothschild started this present financial paradigm, it looks to me like he and his ilk are at the center of things playin’ all sides against the middle. (And ain’t it funny how there’s a geographic coincidence with the B.I.S. located in Switzerland – smack dab in the center of Europe.)

        But no matter where the “chips” may fall, Rothschild is a winner cuz he’s the HOUSE that would call all the chips IN!…….Willie Mosconi playin a CHIP shot (:>)

        Him Big Chief Wampum
        Him Bigly cheat
        Him cheat Red man
        Him cheat White man
        Him cheat Brown man
        Him cheat Black man
        Him cheat Yellow man……

        …..Brownhawk want him scalp! (:>{

      5. @ Phyllis

        “Either way it is the New World Order crowd that is pushing against Trump and either way their goal is Jewish Supremacy.”

        This statement doesn’t make much sense to me. Please define “the New World Order crowd.”
        BTW Trump is obviously doing dirty work for the Adelson and Netanyahu crowd, and if they aren’t “jewish supremacists,” there are no jewish supremacists.

        “I do believe that shortly after Trump took office he was backed into the corner and read the riot act by the Jewish Supremacy masters.

        This doesn’t make sense either. So why didn’t they “read the riot act” to Obama? What Trump’s doing, he’s obviously doing with some enthusiasm. I don’t think anyone had to force him to walk away from the JCPOA agreement or withdraw from the INF treaty, etc.

      6. Pat
        I think you just categorized it.

        Rothschild Big Chief Wampum
        Him play all sides against middle
        Him bigly cheat Red Man
        Him cheat ALL color man
        Him let chips fall where dey may
        Him win every time cuz him da House
        Him call in all da chips when time come….

        Brownhawk want scalp Rothschild 😠

        1. Attaboy, Brownhawk! It always makes my day
          when I see one of your Red Injun pomes hit the site.

          Him Big Chief Brownhawk
          Him tomahawk still whirling
          Him chop off paleface neck like crazy
          Him become Poet Laureate
          Him write prize pome in wigwam
          Him take over Trump presidency
          Him become first Red Injun enter White House
          Him then solve all world problem bigly! 🙂

      7. Sorry about the redundancy. I thought maybe the original got lost in cyberspace

  7. I love these rhetorical questions like “Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad?”. Like we say in Canada, ‘ does a bear sh-t in the woods?”. Of course he does, just look at his girlfriend Ghislaine. How obvious that Epstain is running a political blackmail operation for the self chosen ones. YES HE WORKS FOR THE MOSSAD, YES HE IS RUNNING A BLACKMAIL OPERATION, YES THE AMERICAN AND BRITISH POLITICIANS ARE BEING CONTROLLED BY ISRAEL. JUST LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON1

    Superspy Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine Maxwell was the PEDOMULE (note the new meme) for Jeffrey Epstain’s Mossad blackmail operation. Don’t hold your breath thinking that southern district of NYC prosecutors are going to their job and properly prosecute – they jumped in to protect their buddies. Almost certainly the fix is in and this story will fade away as the machinery of Jew justice rolls on. What does the FBI do every single time – it sequesters evidence and puts a big fat seal on that says “DO NOT OPEN”!

    Did Trump pulled Acosta into his fold to protect himself? What is Acosta’s big accomplishment before he resigned. HE GUTTED THE FUNDS TO INVESTIGATE PEDOPHILIA. (He cut funds 80%)


    UK Gaurdian Headline “Trump labor secretary who cut Epstein deal plans to slash funds for sex trafficking victims”

    Here is my take on what is going on:


  8. “Acosta’s intervention meant that Epstein avoided both a public trial and a possible federal prison sentence, instead serving only 13 months of an 18-month sentence in the almost-no-security Palm Beach County Jail on charges of soliciting prostitution in Florida. While in custody, he was permitted to leave jail for sixteen hours six days a week to work in his office.”
    Somebody actually busted Epstein this time, apparently…
    I would guess the reason they let him go to his office, while he was in the trusty jail in palm beach, was so they could monitor his communications…
    “But whose intelligence service? CIA and the Russian FSB services are obvious candidates, but they would have no particular motive to acquire an agent like Epstein. That leaves Israel, which would have been eager to have a stable of high-level agents of influence in Europe and the United States.”
    We think the CIA and FSB Russians are the same people, and to say they would have no motive to film rich and powerful people in criminal activity is a bad guess…
    Most likely the CIA works for the Mossad anyway, big intel is all about the global plot. They’re behind the loss of white nationalism, especially the USA…
    The question is – who exactly are the officials investigating and prosecuting this?
    And, is this a real investigation, or is it a command and control operation imposed over the whole Epstein episode? Once an official investigation starts it’s much harder to get people to comment… It could vey well be that the outcome of all this has already been decided…
    ‘Questions about Epstein’s wealth also suggest a connection with a secretive government agency with deep pockets.”
    DUUUUHHHH… Your tax dollars at work, several trillion missing from the pentagon… Intel buys government with printed money.. What else is new? That’s where you got Obama..
    So Epstein is placed high up on on the pyramid, where he hobnobs with super-rich and powerful political and celebrity types.. He sets up couple of underage pussy whorehouses, buys his own off-limits island, (I didn’t get what was the age of consent there, but I understand it’s basically puberty in most of the world, if at all – 12 in Mexico) and records the encounters… All the big jews and politicians like Dershowitz and Clinton are going understand what’s really up with it all all along, so they must have figured none of it would ever become public, while they were helping themselves to the youngstuff, maybe so convinced they were that HRCIA would be the NEXT POTUS? In which case the public would normally never hear a word about it…
    But, this is also the age of the internet, it’s powerful, and one can get the feeling the old PTB are still making catch-up adjustments, where, without the total media control they once had, the smell might get through on their usual machinations, like what’s happening in this case..
    This might be all damage control, the time having come to shut down the Lolita blackmail operation, and the outcome is pre-arranged, rather than there’s actually some legitimate effort somewhere to really jail these people for statutory rape and maybe even worse… Worse would also include espionage-type charges against Yizrayhell…
    Never Happen…

  9. Here’s a good overview from a great alternative researcher…
    And, his name wasn’t on the list above, but I did hear our old rock and roll buddy was seen on the premises too.
    Interesting lyrics on Stray Cat Blues… As I remember the original song, he referenced a younger age…

    (ADMIN: Sorry Bd, I had to delete your defective link. It damages our site’s formatting. If you wish, try again by embedding the link. Maybe this will work.

  10. Alex Acosta’s recent resignation as Labor Secretary is timely, under the circumstances. Trump’s public praise of him surely indicts BOTH of being under Israhell’s threat. I can think of no other reason for Trump to be so overtly “friendly” to Israhell. He was, after all, raised in New York, where every white businessman I know has an aversion to “Jews”, in general. (In fact, it was the first place I heard it so disparagingly referenced, by a well-educated Wall Street executive, who referred to
    them, all, as “fucking Jews”.)
    I’d bet the farm that Trump secretly feels the same. Maybe he got compromised by an embarrassing photograph of him romping with a young philly.
    You know the song: “Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money….!” 🙂

  11. The one major thing being left out on all this discussion of this worldwide pedophile scandal is why it is happening at all in the first place. Why are all these world leaders obsessed with sex and control of young children? An engineer would look at this problem and ask why are they doing it at all. There is significant risk for anyone engaging in pedophilia so there must be some great reward, otherwise what is the point? Are they just perverted? Who is stupid enough to risk being blackmailed by going to Epstain’s orgy island?

    I think the real problem is far beyond blackmail, it is about maintaining the life force of those that rule. Have the elite cut themselves off from divine energy by controlling the world? If you read Henry Makow he says the world is run by Satanists, and if you study former high Satanist priest Mark Passio – he tells all about what is really going on – and it is not what you think:

    What On Earth Is Happening – Episode #214

    The world’s elite have inverted every value in order to rule over the masses. The top of the pyramid of money power are playing a big game it is a psychopathic, pedophile, Satanist sex cult runs the world and uses blackmail as the glue to keep things together:



    “Their command & control structure.

    Pedophiles/Satanists can be controlled by blackmail. Get each of your minions on video raping and/or murdering a child, and it ensures that when you give an order, it will be carried out… OR ELSE.

    As a prerequisite initiation, it ensures your minions have no moral qualms about carrying out your orders. Kill a family? No problem. Start a war? You got it, boss.

    As an initiation, it ensures that no Good Guys will infiltrate your ranks and expose or disrupt the operation.

    Many who abuse children were themselves abused as children. They were made to feel powerless and small. People crave what they lack. People in power are those who crave power. And their sexual preferences reflect this. Again, what greater expression of power over another than to rape, torture, and murder a child?

    It’s so over-the-top evil that even if it’s exposed, nobody in the mainstream will believe it. You might as well try to tell people that zombie dolphins from the planet Zoltar have infiltrated the government.

    Kills compassion for their fellow humans. If the rapist/torturer had some spark of goodness that might hold them back from executing tasks that most would consider to be pure evil, these rituals help destroy it.

    It’s a major perk for psychopaths. Great recruiting material. Just do what you’re told, without question, and you can rape, torture, and kill all the kiddies you want with zero repercussions.”


    As a result of doing pure evil the world’s elite have cut themselves off from the divine (love force/energy) and thus must become energy vampires in order to exist (so there is the reason they prey on young boys and girls). They could, of course, quit doing evil and move into a love vibration but that would mean they would have to give up wealth and power in favor of their hearts. Some do like Ronald Bernard who turned himself over to love:

    “Dutch Illuminati Banker blows the Whistle”

    “Dutchman Ronald Bernard talks about a sinister elite of about 8000 Luciferians who rule our world. According to Bernard, he was involved in all kind of financial services for this elite. He crashed emotionally and physically when he was invited to participate in child sacrifices, which take part during their satanic ceremonies.”

    1. And remember if a member refuses to submit their masters will simply threaten the member with some tragedy of his family and pretty gruesome type of tragedy/murder. So, either way they have to have family their care deeply about for the subversion to work.

    2. Yukon

      That comes REAL close to the whole nub of it. One section of wording I would change to read, “The Satanic Elite have allowed themselves to be subservient TO, and thus chosen BY the Evil force (aka “Darkness”) which has cut itself off from Divine Energy. Their reward comes from learning how to control the world….and then DOING it.”

    3. Yeah sure, Darkmooners have the patience for a 3 hour video, right. LOL….

  12. How come it is the Jew who is being brought to justice (well kind of, if you can call it justice) but none of his goy customers, from the Clintons to whoever? Doesn’t seem to agree with the theories of those who claim that Jews have all the power. Why not throw all those used up politicians under the bus instead? Epstein could cut himself a deal and turn state’s evidence against all those goys instead. Of course he would not survive going against the Clintons, and they may still get him, like they did many other witnesses of their misdeeds.

  13. Rich people don’t go to jail. People who drive to work without insurance or punch somebody in the fuckin face in a bar go to jail. These fat, complacent rich jerkoffs have no idea, no clue of the backlash, the fucking freight train coming their way.

    1. @ Dennis Roe

      The sentiment you express is commendable, but the language you use is not acceptable on our website. See if the next time you post a comment here you can avoid using words like “fucking” and “jerkoff”.

      Otherwise, goodbye! 🙂

      — Sister Monica
      (assistant moderator and ex-nun)

      1. Sorry Sister Monica, but none of you were sorry for whaling me, a little fuckin kid, with rulers , yardsticks and big erasures. So fuck you, toss me out. I knew a few good nuns, but a lot of bad ones….same with the preists. lots of creeps and pedophiles, don’t lecture me about language, there’s no physical violence in language.

    2. I wish you were right but the people are divided along so many fracture lines and the cracks are getting wider and deeper as new ones are introduced. Someone has to put the people together again before that express freight train starts rolling.

  14. Dennis Roe –

    You wrote:
    “These fat, complacent rich jerk***s have no idea, no clue of the backlash, the f*****g freight train coming their way.”

    THAT freight train reached its final destination in 1789 when the King’s constitution was installed in the USA!!

  15. (Please correct typo in user name)

    Three observations not yet addressed on this tread of very good observations.
    1.No elected President for the last 80-100 years has entered the White House without the Star of David-Kosher-stamp of approval branded on his or someday her frontal lobes and forehead.

    2. Jeffery Epstein’s lover, when he was not banging a teenager, Ghislaine Maxwell’s, (Epstein’s pimp and procurer of many of the teens) father, one Robert Maxwell was indeed a Mossad agent. To support his crumbling media empire, Maxwell, before his drowning, was selling sophisticated software for Israel intelligence to many, many countries around the world. All this software had back doors so that the shinning little “Democracy” Israel, could spy on said countries. This software was originally created by the Bill Hamilton and wife, called PROMIS. The US Justice Department promised to pay the Hamilton’s for the rights to use it, but stiffed the couple.
    The INSLAW Octopus
    “(Several individuals testified under oath that Inslaw’s PROMIS software was stolen and distributed internationally in order to provide financial gain and to further intelligence and foreign …)”
    Of course the Mossad got their hands on this software, gratis, and the rest is history.

    3. AG Willian Barr’s father hired the 20 year old to Epstein, a college drop out to “teach” at a Manhattan school.
    Go figure.
    The Rabbit hole of the Epstein affaire is indeed deep. There is doubt that what lies at the bottom of the hole will ever be revealed because of what might be found there. This is just another nail in the coffin of the American Republic. May the founding fathers rest in peace.

    1. Toejamicus encourages readers of Darkmoon to read the long wired article on Inslaw’s Promis software. It is truly a blast from the past with implications to the present state of affairs concerning the US Federal Government, a criminal enterprise by any accounting.
      Please notice that towards the end of the article the current AG William Barr while AG in the waning Bush 1 administration was involved in the Inslaw coverup. The cast of characters involved in Inslaw the last 30 years of the 20th century is truly astonishing.
      Epstein and his rabbit hole included.

  16. PAT
    “THAT freight train reached its final destination in 1789 when the King’s constitution was installed in the USA!!”
    Be that as it may Brother, we have the right to keep and bear arms, and a few others…
    I call it Constitutional Rights…
    Also, tell us – what’s the law about defending the flag, say you wanted to stop foreigners from tearing down the US flag and raising another one inside the USA?
    Can I shoot THESE GUYS Sir?
    “1.No elected President for the last 80-100 years has entered the White House without the Star of David-Kosher-stamp of approval branded on his or someday her frontal lobes and forehead.”
    I guess we’re not counting JFK and Warren Harding.. I’m not so sure about Calvin Coolidge either… Maybe not Herbert Hoover either..
    If you wanted to go back a bit further, you could look up William McKinley too…
    I think he was OK…
    There were quite a few before him, who were not nothing like the Super-Kosher FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, LBJ..
    Those four were the stretch where a lot of the damage was done..
    JFK would never has allowed the 6 Day War, never anything like the attack on the Liberty listening ship…
    I think the stamp didn’t go too deep on a few of the others too.. Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan…

    1. “Be that as it may Brother, we have the right to keep and bear arms, and a few others…
      I call it Constitutional Rights…”

      Those ten amendments are actually privileges because they are subject to certain qualifications – and determined so by a judge.

      That is why Constitutional Rights is a misnomer. They are really not even ‘protected’ by the constitution.

      An example is that it is against the law to carry a firearm into a place serving alcohol…. placed in effect by BATFE…. superseding that privilege.

      In 1987 a stranger sitting next to me in the bar at the Holiday Inn in Live Oak FL showed me his pistol and casually waved it around. He went to jail immediately.

      You can call it anything you want as they walk you off to jail anyway.

      BTW – The judges do not allow political issues in court. You lose!

  17. PAT
    Yes, i understand all that…
    The next question is – who is the Judge responsible to?
    Because no one person is the final authority..
    The way I get it, you have the right to a TRIAL BY JURY..
    that’s # 6, right?
    Ultimately, You are judged by a Jury, not just You the Defendant, but the Law itself, as they’re trying to apply it to yourself..
    If the Jury doesn’t like the law you’re dealing with, and many times laws are no longer relevant, or the Defendant was justified in breaking whatever law it was, then it is the Jury’s job to pass Judgment on the whole affair…
    The Jury is the ultimate boss of the courtroom in the Constitutional USA…
    I think that’s what the 7th Amendment says, right?
    The Jury has the final say…
    The Jury are the People’s Reps in the Judicial branch of the Gov, without whom the country falls into disrepair on account of dysfunctional legislatures and all kinds of other funky officials…

    1. “The Jury has the final say…”

      NO! NO! NO!

      The judge can overturn the jury’s decisions. In any trial the judge is the ultimate decision maker because the judge has the authority to overturn a jury verdict. That is known as “Judgment notwithstanding the verdict”, also called judgment non obstante veredicto, or JNOV … In literal terms, the judge enters a judgment notwithstanding the jury verdict.
      Judge overturns rape verdict because the victim “didn’t behave like a victim”
      “Nor did [the perpetrator] behave like someone who had recently perpetrated a series of violent crimes,” he wrote.

      Some courts do not allow jury trials at all, depending on the subject matter.

      Also, most importantly, the judge is in control of what evidence can and cannot be allowed…. which determines the outcome!!

      The judge answers to the writer of the checks…. legally and illegally. Federal judges are appointed and not elected….. nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. They work for the US Government, not the people!

      You are not up to speed with the legal procedures. And since every case and judge is different, neither am I…. AND NOBODY IS – the judges are unpredictable!!

      Please don’t rely on Perry Mason and Matlock! 🙂


      One reporter – sociologist, Stuart A. Wright, tells how Judge Smith ‘ENGINEERED THE JURY’ at the CIVIL TRIAL of the Branch Davidians from Waco, and the lack of MSM in attendance!

      Waco Redux: Trial and Error – by Stuart A. Wright
      (excerpts used for brevity)

      During the week of June 25, I attended the CIVIL TRIAL in Waco of the wrongful death lawsuit brought against the federal government by survivors and relatives of the Branch Davidians. I had been looking forward to the trial with anticipation—and some amazement—since for many years it looked like it would never come about.

      The 1994 criminal prosecution had been disastrous for the embattled sect even though a San Antonio jury acquitted all defendants of murder and conspiracy to murder. The jury did find five Davidians guilty of the lesser charges of aiding and abetting the voluntary manslaughter of a federal officer. And, confused by Judge Walter Smith’s instructions, the jurors convicted on a weapons count under the assumption that it was tied to the manslaughter charge—whereas it was tied only to the murder charge. Faced with this inconsistent verdict, the judge set aside the verdict, but then, at the behest of the federal prosecutors, changed his mind and reinstated the convictions.

      Prosecutors argued that perhaps the jury was split—half wanted a murder conviction and half wanted a complete acquittal—hence, a “compromise.” Smith didn’t bother asking the jurors their intent. (They later filed sworn statements indicating that the inconsistencies were due to confusion surrounding the judge’s instructions, not a compromise.)

      Ruling that the weapons used in the commission of the crime were machine guns, he sentenced five to the 40-year maximum allowed by federal sentencing guidelines, while three others received lesser terms. **A unanimous Supreme Court later reversed these sentence enhancements, finding that the type of firearm used should have been determined by a jury during presentation of evidence.**

      Given his rulings in the criminal case, it seemed very likely that Smith would dismiss the civil charges and let the government off the hook. But in August 1999, investigators for plaintiffs’ attorneys discovered pyrotechnic devices in the evidence storage room in Austin. The FBI had denied for six years that its agents used pyrotechnic devices that might have caused the fatal conflagration during its “insertion” of CS gas on April 19. The FBI also failed to turn over audio tapes and other documentation of pyrotechnic rounds—which to some indicated a cover-up. The Attorney General, angry about the misrepresentations and concealment of evidence, appointed a special counsel, former Missouri senator John Danforth, to open a new investigation. Pressured by the new discoveries, Judge Smith allowed the Davidian lawsuit to go forward, much to the chagrin of the Justice Department.

      So, here we were in Judge Smith’s courtroom to hear the case. As I looked around, I recognized several news reporters. Not present, at least in terms of daily coverage, were two major news organizations in the state, the Austin American-Statesman and the Houston Chronicle.

      As for the national news organizations-the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Time, Newsweek, TV network news, etc.—they were conspicuous by their absence.(!!!)

      Most items of interest to the public were conveyed reasonably well by reporters. In the first days of the trial, plaintiffs’ attorney Michael Caddell showed video images of the children who died at Mt. Carmel. The testimony of surviving children, who described the horrors of lying low on the floor, bullets flying overhead, and glass shattering, was widely reported. Lawyers for the Davidians also revealed videotaped depositions of FBI officials, such as Deputy Assistant FBI Director Danny Coulson and FBI Director William Sessions, who said the destruction of Mt. Carmel during the insertion of CS gas was not in the plans. One of the most shocking news stories concerned the first public airing of a 1993 videotaped deposition of Attorney General Reno telling investigators that senior FBI officials told her to “butt out” after she agreed to the CS plan.(!!!)

      –Reporters paid insufficient attention to critical rulings by Judge Smith that narrowed the evidence presented at trial and rendered the final result all but inevitable.

      For starters, the judge granted “discretionary function” exemptions to federal officials, essentially giving them immunity for having made bad decisions in choosing the actions to take against the Davidians. The intent of the discretionary function exemption is to protect law enforcement agents from being second-guessed in situations requiring urgent and spontaneous decisions in the course of their duties. But it’s up to the court to decide how broadly or narrowly to interpret it. Judge Smith chose a very broad interpretation.

      –No evidence could be offered concerning the FBI’s decision to abandon conciliatory negotiations early in the standoff in favor of “psychological warfare,” a counter-terrorism program developed by military special forces. Nor could a challenge be mounted to the decision to insert massive amounts of CS gas, a chemical weapon banned internationally for use even in wartime.(!!!)

      –In addition, the judge restricted the scope of evidence to the 51 days between the initial ATF entry on February 28 and the final conflagration on April 19, 1993.

      –The jury never got to hear evidence about the faulty raid plan, which a joint report by the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight and the Senate Judiciary Committee called “grossly incompetent” and concluded was largely responsible for the deaths of the four ATF agents.

      –The jury never learned that the ATF misrepresented to Department of Defense officials that the Davidians were involved in illegal drug manufacturing in order to obtain military assistance and equipment.

      –The jury was not privy to information regarding the ATF’s planning of a high-risk “dynamic entry” two months before surveillance, undercover, and infiltration operations were even begun.

      –Jurors did not hear that the ATF ignored opportunities to serve the warrants on Koresh alone—which would have avoided the unnecessary endangerment of 130 other residents at Mt. Carmel who were not named in the warrants.

      –No evidence was presented regarding the decision by ATF commanders to proceed with the military-style raid even after the element of surprise was lost.

      Judge Smith also narrowed the interrogatories posed to the jury so severely that jurors could have answered “no” to the specific questions but still have believed that the government had some culpability in the case.

      For example, the jurors were asked to decide if excessive force was used only in regard to whether agents fired 1) indiscriminately into the complex and 2) without provocation.

      Judge Smith also lumped all Davidians into a single group, not allowing the jury to consider that some sect members, such as the children, were innocent victims. This so upset the plaintiffs’ lead attorney, Michael Caddell, that he publicly accused the judge of trying to “engineer a verdict” in an interview with reporters before jury deliberations were completed. Judge Smith was livid and castigated Caddell at length for his remarks to the press. By the end of the trial, the Davidian attorneys were resigned to defeat.(!!!)

  18. PAT
    yes i know that too..
    judges have usurped all the power in the courtroom, which is no longer a constitutional venue…
    that’s the problem…
    i’m talking about what the constitution says, not about what’s happening…
    the basic documentation explains to the public, for all to read, the ideal of where the power and responsibility is…
    the constitution says it is with the jury in all matters inside the court……
    there is no public document anywhere explaining that judges can do whatever they want in the courtroom as commanding officers, that they’re authorized (somehow) to act as if it’s really an article 15 type event, admiralty law, backed up by canon law…
    all officers of the ourt are sworn to p p d the constitution…
    i know we’re off track…

    1. “i’m talking about what the constitution says,”

      The constitution “says” a lot more than any of us knows… since our interpretations are moot!!

      George Washington & Alexander Hamilton BOTH knew more than any other President & Secretary of the Treasury what the constitution “says” in 1794. That’s when they marched 13,000 militia troops against 400 poor farmers just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to FORCE them to pay liquor taxes… Also to help eliminate competition for John Hancock’s huge liquor and slave trade!!

      INTERPRETATION of the phony fraudulently constructed constitution is done by those who have the power, such as Washington, who was “unassailable”….. and JUDGES have that power also!!

      The tax on whisky distilled in a city, town, or village was based on the quantity distilled. Since the retail price of whisky in the West was about half what it was in the East, the effective tax rate in the West was twice as high, computed as a percentage of the price. Further, stills located outside of a city, town, or village were taxed on their capacity, regardless of whether they actually produced that much.

      Large distillers (located primarily in the East) could defer their tax payment if they posted a bond, but small (mostly western) distillers had to pay immediately, before removal of their product from the distillery. These and other features of the law made the whisky tax so unfair to the western farmer-distillers that some Hamilton critics have suggested that he intended to provoke opposition, giving the Federal Government a chance to show its strength.

      Regardless of Hamilton’s intent, the whisky tax certainly generated great opposition, especially on the western frontier. This opposition culminated in the famous “Whisky Rebellion” of 1794 in southwestern Pennsylvania.

      President Washington, accompanied by Alexander Hamilton, led 13,000 troops to put down the rebellion. At Bedford, Pennsylvania, when it became clear that the insurgents would not stand and fight, Washington left the troops to return to his presidential duties. Hamilton and General Henry Lee remained for two months, arresting the rebellion’s ringleaders—whom Washington would later pardon.

      The successful suppression of the Whisky Rebellion helped establish the power of the Federal Government, but opposition to the whisky tax continued. Since George Washington, the Father of his Country, was UNASSAILABLE, opponents of the tax focused on Alexander Hamilton.


      George Washington’s Proclamation calling Out The Militia To Occupy the Western Counties of Pennsylvania

      As It Appears In the August 11, 1794 issue of Claypoole’s Daily Advertiser:

      Angered by an excise tax imposed on whiskey in 1791 by the federal government, farmers in the western counties of Pennsylvania engaged in a series of attacks on excise agents.

      While citizens in the east did not find it difficult to abide by the concept that individual states were “subservient to the country,” people west of the mountains were less accepting of decisions made by the central government.

      The tariff effectively eliminated any profit by the farmers from the sale or barter of an important cash crop, and became the lightning rod for a wide variety of grievances by the settlers of the region against the federal government.


  19. I’m just telling you what it means to me..
    i know the authorities are operating under a different set of rules than what were heralded in the document..
    i haven’t seen the other set of rules, and, if they do exist, they’re not teaching us about them in school…
    i could say ‘free the jury’, and ‘free the sheriff’…
    but, now look what will happen once your county is full of muslims, with muslim politicians and cops, you’ll have sharia law..
    can you imagine a jury of mexicans or blacks convicting one of them for stealing from a white person?
    the black government in south africa turns its face away from the murder of white farmers…
    look at the jesse smollet case, left off the hook by a black da because they were both black, and black people deserve a break today…
    can you trust colored people, who hate whites, with political power or the basic jury system?

    1. Bark –

      You asked me numerous questions initially. I simply answered them. Then you made some errors on the jury issues.

      See what you wrote:

      “The next question is – who is the Judge responsible to?
      Because no one person is the final authority..
      The way I get it, you have the right to a TRIAL BY JURY..
      that’s # 6, right?
      Ultimately, You are judged by a Jury, not just You the Defendant, but the Law itself, as they’re trying to apply it to yourself..
      If the Jury doesn’t like the law you’re dealing with, and many times laws are no longer relevant, or the Defendant was justified in breaking whatever law it was, then it is the Jury’s job to pass Judgment on the whole affair…
      The Jury is the ultimate boss of the courtroom in the Constitutional USA…
      I think that’s what the 7th Amendment says, right?
      The Jury has the final say…
      The Jury are the People’s Reps in the Judicial branch of the Gov, without whom the country falls into disrepair on account of dysfunctional legislatures and all kinds of other funky officials…”

      “What it means to me” = YOUR INTERPRETATION = moot issue. 🙂

  20. Pat,
    What if, if the jury makes an error of judgement? can it be corrected?
    thanks again.

    Sorry if i ask a silly question.

    1. Dmitry –

      Not “silly” at all.

      When the error is obvious the decision can be appealed. But, there is no timely and effective way to correct mistakes and to free the innocent in prison…. it takes a long time…. even many years. It is expensive. The appellate court may not even hear it. The system is not all that ‘speedy’ as claimed.

  21. I would not be surprised at all if Epstein did espionage work for Israel or Russia or both, because he was friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who did espionage work for both the Mossad and the KGB. But I doubt that his prostitution rings were related to this espionage work. If Epstein was blackmailing politicians, it was probably through knowledge of their financial and political wrongdoings, not sexual ones. I believe, as I have said before, that since pedophilia tends to be associated with low intelligence and mental illness, there probably are not very many politicians who are pedophiles, so using child prostitutes to seduce politicians would be a bad way to maintain control over a political system. There are a lot of politicians who are thieves and even murderers, knowledge of such things would be a much better means of blackmail since there are far more politicians into murder than into pedophilia. Also the reason America supports Israel so much is because there is already a Jewish political elite that dominates our political system, through Freemasonry and similar social networks, I think Jewish political power rests far more on social networks like Freemasonry, than on espionage blackmail conspiracies. I am also suspicious of Philip Giraldi’s motives since he used to work for the Central Intelligence Agency, it seems like he may just be a Fed trying to mislead right-wing opponents of the political establishment.

    1. Sex is used for blackmail more than money or business. Slick lawyers beat those failures all day.

      ‘King Edwin’ of Louisiana knew that.

      In the 70s Governor Edwin Edwards was so sure of his win he proclaimed, “The only way I can lose the election would be if I were found in bed with a dead girl, or a live boy!” 🙂

      He never feared money deals at all. No one could blackmail him there. He eventually went to prison for real estate fraud.

      1. Given that pretty much every sexual behavior except pedophilia and rape is acceptable today, and pedophilia tends to be associated with low intelligence and mental illness, I’m not sure how it would be possible to sexually blackmail politicians, since not many of them are pedophiles and they can pretty much do anything sexual other than have sex with children or commit rape and not be stigmatized for it.

      2. PB –

        “I’m not sure how it would be possible to sexually blackmail politicians, since not many of them are pedophiles…”

        I am.

        Visual example: In “Godfather II” the character, Sen. Pat Geary, was played by G.D. Spradlin. He was blackmailed when he was shown the picture with his being “caught in bed with a dead girl” and it worked.

        The reason it is not seen by you or the public is… IT WORKS… “BIGGLY!!”

        MOST abducted girls are NEVER seen again!!

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