Donald Trump and Franklin D. Roosevelt: Two Warmongering Presidents Under Jewish Control

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Endnote by LD

Donald Trump and Franklin D. Roosevelt: striking parallels

There are historical parallels here between what the Jew puppet, Donald Trump, has been doing since being inaugurated and what the Jew puppet Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) did. Put simply, Roosevelt sought to destroy Germany for his Jew handlers, just like Orange Clown Donald Trump seeks to destroy Iran for his Jew handlers.

Roosevelt, who was born in New York into privilege (just like orange clown), did all kinds of provocations against Germany in the same way as Orange Clown is doing all kinds of provocations against Iran.

Here are a few select statements from Adolph Hitler’s Reichstag speech of Dec 11, 1941:

“Why is there now another American president determined to incite wars and, above all, to stir up hostility against Germany to the point of war?

The circle of Jews around Roosevelt encouraged him in this. With Old Testament vindictiveness they regarded the United States as the instrument that they and he could use to prepare a second Purim [slaughter of enemies] against the nations of Europe, which were increasingly anti-Jewish. So it was that the Jews, in all of their satanic baseness, gathered around this man, and he relied on them.

The American president increasingly used his influence to create conflicts, intensify existing conflicts, and, above all, to keep conflicts from being resolved peacefully. For years this man looked for a dispute anywhere in the world, but preferably in Europe, that he could use to create political entanglements with American economic obligations to one of the contending sides, which would then steadily involve America in the conflict and thus divert attention from his own confused domestic economic policies.

His actions against the German Reich in this regard have been particularly blunt. Starting in 1937, he began a series of speeches, including a particularly contemptible one on October 5, 1937, in Chicago, with which this man systematically incited the American public against Germany. He threatened to establish a kind of quarantine against the so-called authoritarian countries. As part of this steady and growing campaign of hate and incitement, President Roosevelt made another insulting statement [on Nov. 15, 1938] and then called the American ambassador in Berlin back to Washington for consultations.

Starting in November 1938, he began systematically and consciously to sabotage every possibility of a European peace policy. In public he hypocritically claimed to be interested in peace while at the same time he threatened every country that was ready to pursue a policy of peaceful understanding by blocking credits, economic reprisals, calling in loans, and so forth. In this regard, the reports of the Polish ambassadors in Washington, London, Paris and Brussels provide a shocking insight.

This man increased his campaign of incitement in January 1939. In a message to the U.S. Congress he threatened to take every measure short of war against the authoritarian countries.

He repeatedly claimed that other countries were trying to interfere in American affairs, and he talked a lot about upholding the Monroe Doctrine. Starting in March 1939 he began lecturing about internal European affairs that were of no concern of the President of the United States. In the first place, he doesn’t understand these problems, and secondly, even if he did understand them and appreciated the historical circumstances, he has no more right to concern himself with central European affairs than the German head of state has to take positions on or make judgments about conditions in the United States.

Mr. Roosevelt went even beyond that. Contrary to the rules of international law, he refused to recognize governments he didn’t like, would not accept new ones, refused to dismiss ambassadors of non-existent countries, and even recognized them as legal governments. He went so far as to conclude treaties with these ambassadors, which then gave him the right to simply occupy foreign territories [Greenland and Iceland]. 

(LD : The parallels between Roosevelt and Trump in their attitudes, tactics, and autocratic belligerence—all at the behest and in the interests of international Jewry—will not be lost on our politically astute readers.)

The parallels are obvious and ominous, are they not?

I point these things out not in the spirit of “fear mongering” but because some people here are interested in this topic, even if others are not.

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soul brothers in a parallel universe.

The parallels between Roosevelt and Trump have been mentioned by others, sometimes at great length, so Harold Smith is to be commended for drawing our attention to these parallels and in particular for the excellent quote by Adolf Hitler.

As Hitler knew that the Zionist warmonger Roosevelt was planning war, egged on by the Jews around him, many are plausibly arguing that the Zionist Trump, in many ways a carbon copy of Roosevelt, is now planning a major war with Iran — again on behalf of the Jews. That this war will escalate into a major confrontation involving Russia and China is more than likely.

People who object to some of articles we publish on the grounds that they are “fear porn” are of course welcome to do so.  It keeps us on our toes! Commentators like Harold Smith, however, are equally welcome to make their more pessimistic views known here, especially when what they say is cogently argued and supported by an impressive body of facts.

Find below an excerpt pointing out the remarkable similarities between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Donald Trump, both testosterone-flushed warmongers in complete thrall to the powerful Jews around them.

This comes from an article published some time ago on the Saker’s site, though not by the Saker himself:

Both presidents came from wealthy backgrounds, with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths. FDR’s family made its fortune via the organized crime opium cartel in China, 1839-1949. Trump’s father was a big construction, slum lord and real estate tycoon in New York City. He was investigated on numerous occasions for illegal business practices. You don’t succeed in these Big Apple business sectors and not be in the good graces of the Mafia.

Using his patrician family’s name, FDR worked his way up to the top of the American political system, to eventually become president. Donald Trump used his father’s wealth and connections to work his way up the corporate and media ladder, to eventually occupy the White House.

Both men are “rich, fat and happy”.

Both men are despised by the elites. Both men are proud of it too. FDR famously said he welcomed the hatred of Wall Street. Trump has repeatedly threatened and is starting to act on his promise to “drain the swamp in Washington”.

Both men take the choice of Supreme Court justices very seriously and both have a chance to really change the political leanings on the bench. For FDR, it was to make the Supreme Court more liberal. For Trump, it will be to make it more socially conservative.

Both men talk about keeping America safe from external enemies. FDR ended up getting the US into World War II, ostensibly to do just that. The jury is still out on how aggressive Trump will be in dropping bombs and drones on thousands of innocent Muslims across the planet, in the name of fighting “Islamic terrorism”.

As a result of getting into World War II, FDR greatly increased the size and technology of the US military. Trump says he too, wants to greatly expand the military budget, and make it “unbeatable”.

Both presidents believe in Keynesian deficit spending, to boost the economy. FDR greatly expanded government programs to help the downtrodden, as well as turn the US into a war economy, with World War II. Trump wants to spend lavishly on the military and dramatically lower business taxes, just like a country at war, while going into even deeper debt than the already official $20 trillion void Americans are on the hook for.

Both FDR and Trump want to work with Russia. Roosevelt and Soviet leader Josef Stalin had a good working relationship together. Trump is signaling his desire to work on the positive side of the ledger, with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

(LD: This article was written some time ago. Trump’s attitude to Russia is no longer as friendly as it once appeared to be.) 

In part due to his family’s historical role of “working” in China (in fact, selling illegal drugs), FDR had a fancy for this country. In his own way, he strived to make China a part of the postwar Western world order, but with all the historical colonialist, imperialist baggage in tow, he was doomed to fail. This is why a guy by the name of Mao Zedong came along with a better idea for his people. Trump has been all over the place with China, saying he wants to “cut a deal” with President Xi Jinping, while raising tariffs 45% across the board, but mixing in Taiwan and threatening to upturn the “One China Policy”, which if pushed to the extreme, could cause World War III. Here’s to hoping that Trump takes a fancy to the People’s Republic, like Roosevelt, but without all the “Great Game” imperial megalomania and cupidity.

(LD: Again, Trump’s attitude to China appears to have changed, as it continually appears to change in regard to North Korea.) 

These amazing corollaries between Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Donald Trump will surely grow, as Trump’s presidency takes root. It’s going to be an interesting next four to eight years, indeed. And dare I say, like my grandparents did during the 1930s, that it’s a time for hope?

(LD: Harold Smith is unlikely to agree with this sanguine assessment. Nor do I. To call this period “a time of hope” borders on the absurd. However, many of the parallels hold good. One parallel remains unchangeable: both president’s unshakeable devotion to Israel and to Jewish interests. Their common motto appears to be: ISRAEL FIRST, AMERICA SECOND. ) 

See ‘The uncanny similarities between Presidents Donald Trump and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’

49 thoughts to “Donald Trump and Franklin D. Roosevelt: Two Warmongering Presidents Under Jewish Control”

  1. Thank you for this well-written article which taught me something I did not know: that Trump appears to have modelled himself on one of his more belligerent predecessors: FDR.

    Trump still has his supporters on this site, such as the valiant Gilbert Huntly whose good-tempered comments I have always enjoyed reading. That’s a good thing.

    I guess it’s possible that Trump may actually do the decent thing one day and build that darn wall he has promised us.

    Promises, promises! 🙂

    1. As for “making America great again”, not much hope of that if Donald does nothing to stop the Mexican hordes pouring into the country.

      And then there are the Asian hordes. The Muslim jihadis from the Middle East. The blacks from Africa. They keep coming.

      And what about the Jews of Hollywood and the MSM who are brainwashing our children and turning them into trash citizens with the brains of zombies? When is Trump going to stop the Chosen people turning America into a suburb of hell?

      The day Trump turns his back on Netanyahu will be a day to remember!

      The day he says to his son-in-law Jared Kushner: “You are no longer welcome in my house. Will you kindly pack your bags and skedaddle to Israel!” — that’ll be the day I’ll raise a cheer for Donald Trump! 🙂

      Meanwhile, I’ll wait patiently in hope.

    2. Saki said:

      “Trump still has his supporters on this site, such as the valiant Gilbert Huntly whose good-tempered comments I have always enjoyed reading. That’s a good thing.”

      In reply to my first comment on the “WHITE HOUSE INSIDER…” article, “Gilbert Huntly” said:

      “Just theatre to keep little minds like yours occupied. Trump is the best thing that has happened to America for a long while. But of course, unlike you, we are patriots for our country, and willing to take on all enemies. []”

      So is this kind of vapid ad hominem rhetoric (which is typical of “Gilbert”) an example of a “good-tempered” comment that you “have always enjoyed reading”?

      It wouldn’t bother me if “Gilbert” had some kind of reasonable counterargument, but he seems to be determined to shut down any kind of meaningful discussion by always starting with the ad hominem.

      1. Harold Smith-

        I, too, am surprised (but appreciative) that Saki finds my comments “good tempered” –
        especially when noting your incessant and obnoxious harping about “orange clown”…
        More so, I am surprised Lasha would feature your inaccurate citing of an Adolf Hitler speech excerpt as an article on this site. She must be slipping!
        To encourage you is distasteful to me because I have a hard time considering the message, when I consider the messenger so trashy.

      2. @ Harold Smith

        That particular comment of Gilbert’s in which he belittled you is not a comment I would have approved of if I’d read it. Gilbert, I’m afraid, lets himself down there. This merely goes to prove that none of us are paragons of virtue all the time, Harold. We slip up occasionally. You will find, generally, that most of Gilbert’s comments in the past have been good-natured … talking of country matters and so on. However, Gilbert has recently had serious health problems in which he has even talked of shooting himself with his own rifle. So do please make allowances for him.

        The important thing to remember, Harold, is that Trump has a vast number of down-to-earth Americans who need to believe in him as their Messiah. He is their only hope. They cling to him desperately as drowning sailors cling to the first bit of flotsam that comes their way in a turbulent sea. As long as human beings exist, Harold, wishful thinking will exist also.

        I’m not sure Gilbert will approve of his loyalty to Trump being characterized as “wishful thinking”, but I think he will understand. There are many things about Gilbert I admire. Especially his insistence that there is a great deal of wisdom in the Old Testament and that it is wrong to dismiss all Jews as obnoxious vermin. Gilbert’s contempt for the extreme anti-Semite, a species that flourishes all too easily on this website, meets with my full approval.

        Take yourself. You have a tremendous admiration for the Book of Revelation. At the same time many of your ideas are extremely anti-Semitic. And yet, wasn’t the author of the Book of Revelation a Jew? And isn’t he also, in all probability, also the author of that key text of Christianity, the Gospel of St John?

        As St Paul says, “We see through a glass darkly.” Murky waters, Harold. Murky waters indeed. 🙂

      3. @ Saki

        “I’m not sure Gilbert will approve of his loyalty to Trump being characterized as ‘wishful thinking’, but I think he will understand.”

        Well if I ever get caught red-handed robbing a bank, I want you on the jury :). Seriously, he doesn’t come across that way at all, IMO. He seems fully aware of what Trump is and what he’s doing, and he seems to be in complete agreement. I could be wrong (and I hope I am) but from some of the things he’s said, if Trump murdered a million people in Iran tomorrow with nukes, I don’t think Gilbert would have a problem with that.

        “There are many things about Gilbert I admire. Especially his insistence that there is a great deal of wisdom in the Old Testament and that it is wrong to dismiss all Jews as obnoxious vermin. Gilbert’s contempt for the extreme anti-Semite, a species that flourishes all too easily on this website, meets with my full approval.

        That’s a slippery slope you’re on there, IMO. Books could be written about the subject of “anti-Semitism” and the inseparably related concept of “good” and “bad” jews, but I think one of the best approaches to dealing with this subject matter is by way of analogy.

        I would compare someone who self-identifies as a jew, with someone in the U.S. military: Both are voluntarily part of a larger organization, and both may or may not claim to agree in principle (or appear to agree) with the apparent policies of the larger organizations of which they are voluntarily a part. But both realize and accept – at some level of consciousness – that they have a duty to support the organizations that they are a part of even if they don’t fully agree with the respective policies.

        For example, almost everyone knows someone who’s in (or was in) the U.S. military. Sure there are some “bad apples,” i.e. people who apparently enjoy killing other people and breaking things, but not EVERYONE is like that, right? Take “Bob” for example. Everyone who knows him thinks he’s a great guy. He’s active in the church. You always see him out playing with his children, or helping his elderly neighbors take their groceries into the house, etc. He’s the type of guy that would “give you the shirt off his back,” etc.

        Yet when the order comes down to go drop bombs on some country that refuses to bow down to the self-proclaimed world rulers in Washington DC, Bob can be counted on to go do his “patriotic” duty, reluctantly or not, to load the bombs and missiles on the planes that will inevitably be used to murder children just like his.

        You would never see Bob DIRECTLY mass-murdering civilians for sport, but you will see Bob – the cog in the evil wheel that he is – making the whole thing possible. Without Bob and many more like him, the warmongering madness would have to stop.

        Thus what Bob is or appears to be depends on who’s looking at him. His neighbors back home see a great person. But what do the people in Vietnam, Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc., see? What does God see in Bob?

        Going a little deeper with this line of reasoning – regarding moral culpability – what if on the day he was going to murder and mutilate his first victim, Jack the Ripper had suffered a massive stroke, was debilitated, and henceforth physically unable to commit his crimes; did the stroke turn him into a nice person?

        You mentioned the “wisdom” in the Old Testament, but if you look you’ll see wisdom in the New Testament as well; Jesus has apparently addressed this general issue:

        “(27) Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:

        (28) But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” (Matthew 5:27,28).

        Apparently the hypothetical stroke wouldn’t have gotten Jack-the-Ripper off the hook morally. Likewise, even though Bob may not have directly killed anyone, what’s in his heart that he would voluntarily associate with an organization that does murder people? As I see it, Bob would be just as *morally defenseless* as the people who actually pushed the button that launched the missiles or dropped the bombs.

        If you happen to be a patriotic citizen of a country which refuses to surrender to the would-be world rulers in Washington DC, the U.S. military is your deadly, implacable enemy. You have a moral right to defend yourself against it and if you happen to shoot down a plane or hit the base which hosts the plane with a missile, and Bob is killed, the “blame” for killing Bob, the nice guy that he may or may not have been, lies with Bob and the people whose orders he was following.

        Moving along, if “The Protocols…” are “TRUE fiction” (as most here appear to agree), then we must also agree that as a whole, the Satanic jewish collective is the deadly, implacable enemy of all decent people on earth. And as far as the individual jew vis-a-vis the collective is concerned, I don’t see any middle ground here. You’re either with the Jewish collective or against it, and if you’re against it then you’re really not a “jew” are you?

        Apparently jewish leaders see it the same way, i.e. there is no middle ground. When they issue a call to arms to destroy country x for its sins against the collective, they make no distinction between “good” and “bad” jews. For example:

        “For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by EACH Jewish community, at EACH conference, in ALL our syndicates, and by EACH Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will trigger a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany. Collectively and individually, the German nation is a threat to us Jews.” — Vladimir Jabotinsky (founder of the Jewish terrorist group, Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934 (also quoted in “Histoire de l’Arme’e Allemande” by Jacques Benoist–Mechin, Vol. IV, p. 303).

        For anyone seeking to understand the situation the world finds itself in, this statement by Jabotinsky is pure gold. There’s no ambiguity there at all. It’s ALL of US jews; EACH and EVERY one. You’re either a jew or you’re not a jew.

        Finally here’s an interesting comment about jews that someone made over at Ron Unz’ website:

        Zionism is Talmudism in action.

        “Talmudism is the sacralization of ethnocentric psychopathy- the essence of Judaism.

        Those who are born and raised Jewish are not at fault for this; the problem is the willing acceptance of the Jewish identity which is a conscious choice and a personal declaration of war upon truth, goodness, beauty, fecundity, and order, which it seeks to murder at every opportunity, as was evinced by the murder of Christ, planned and executed by the Jewish Sanhedrin.”

        “Take yourself. You have a tremendous admiration for the Book of Revelation.”

        I have respect for the Book of Revelation (among others) in part because there is a way to look at it whereby it seems to reflect not just brilliant prescience, but what I can only characterize as divine inspiration, IMO; so yes.

        “At the same time many of your ideas are extremely anti-Semitic.”

        I see that term as a meaningless red herring.

        “And yet, wasn’t the author of the Book of Revelation a Jew?”

        AFAIK, there were no such things as “jews” in 95 AD (or something like that) when John of Patmos wrote the Book of Revelation. Moreover, in the sense that “jews” can be deemed the spiritual heirs of the pharisees, John himself apparently tells us – by way of what he saw and heard – that there were none.

    3. Trump will never build the wall as his zionist overlords want an open border to join mexico and canada and the US in a north America union like the EU as a stepping stone to their zionist NWO!

      Trump has all the power needed under the Constitution but because he is a judas zionist goat leading a America to destruction he will not do it!

    4. @ SAKI

      I am not sure that this country was ever great. We started by killing millions of Native Americans who had the good sense to worship nature as the hire being while having the respect for the animals they hunted to provide for their families and well being to survive with dignity.

      Judeo Christian values are all BS. We would all be better off starting over again with a different perspective that was evident long before our nonsense. Look around, our kids worship their I phones and instagram. This is all f ‘d up and we the older folks, Jews Gentiles, Muslims are all to blame! We all need to sing a different song!

  2. Funny stuff here!! 🙂

    I have always enjoyed fables. Aesop was the best and most interesting.

    Hitler had some of his fables translated.

    TomatoBubble’s Mike King helped Hitler’s fables along recently….. which is where Harold acknowledged he copied his work.

    Hitler was purported to have been a mind reader, a swami 🙂 of sorts, if the translation is accurate. See why that is an accurate claim below.

    “He [FDR] repeatedly claimed that other countries were trying to interfere in American affairs, and he talked a lot about upholding the Monroe Doctrine. Starting in March 1939 he began lecturing about internal European affairs that were of no concern of the President of the United States. In the first place, he doesn’t understand these problems, and secondly, even if he did understand them and appreciated the historical circumstances, he has no more right to concern himself with central European affairs than the German head of state has to take positions on or make judgments about conditions in the United States.”

    So….. supposedly, guessing so….
    ‘Swami Hitler’ read FDR’s mind, then, in the same sentence, he refuted his own results in the “secondly” portion:
    “In the first place, he doesn’t understand these problems, and secondly, even IF (too ‘iffy’ here) he did understand them…”

    *Did Hitler, or did he not, know what FDR understood??

    Seems like… ‘Swami Hitler’ the mind reader, musta wanted to get his ass beat without reading anymore minds!! 🙂

    1. Well said, Pat! Your distaste for Hitler strikes the right note. After all, this is the guy who killed 6 million Jews. So you are right to find fault with him! 🙂

      Anyway, this is a murky subject.

      And one thing I will say. Harold Smith is a remarkably intelligent and educated man who presents a plausible point of view which even you must agree with, i.e. that the parallels between Trump and FDR are too numerous and striking to ignore. Both of them Jew lovers, both warmongers, and both portenders of Big Trouble.

      Agree or disagree?

      1. Saki, my dearest –

        I AGREE!! But, IF and only IF….

        ….you change the number to 666 MILLION yehudi killled!! 🙂

        Still quite murky, though.

  3. Time is running out for Amerika. The whore of Israel is being manipulated into a war with Iran and Russia, maybe China too. The way things are going the preppers might look like geniuses in the near future. If you have any doubts about who Donald Trump is really working for than read this essay, I flesh it out in simple words for anyone to see – “Trump is a Pathetic Errand Boy for Israel”.

    1. Yep Yukon,
      The rabbit-hole runs deep. But may Donaldo digress? Trump…..or whatever his name really is…. isn’t a whore for Israel. He’s a whore for shekels. Doesn’t matter where the $$$ comes from.
      It’s difficult for humble Donaldo to understand what motivates a man in his 70’s to hold political office. Shouldn’t he just quietly be playing golf at some outrageously over-priced country club until the end of his days? I dunno. One things for sure…..both Trump and Bibi are impotent. They are beholden to powers much greater than themselves. They aren’t beholden to”Jewish” power. That’s an abstract. They’re beholden to a huge out-of-control financial avalanche that is a separate entity. It’s not Jewish at all. May Donaldo implore fellow Darkmooners to know the difference. Donaldos level-headed Jewish brother Ralan understands this perfectly. Shalom! Anyway… with TROJ….passed out again. Didn’t take Donaldos advice. Never “gulp” tequila. Sip please. Perhaps Bibi and Trump should sip. Don’t gulp. It deranges the mind. What our agonized planet needs now are sober and coherent leaders. Anyway…..Donaldo just reflecting. 🤔

      1. Don –

        “…what motivates a man in his 70’s to hold political office.”

        In this case I believe he is fulfilling the contract, a debt contract. The payback agreement he likely made to get bailed out with 4 major bankruptcies 15 years ago! Plus it never hurts to have a massive ego tossed in. 🙂

  4. “….this is why a guy by the name of Mao Zedong came along with a better idea for his people.”

    Yeah, the uber-psychopath Mao’s idea for “his” people was to kill millions of them, no doubt for the great Masonic credo of “the greater good of Mankind”

    I hope the Saker had his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek when he wrote THAT line 😚

      1. Right you are, Toby. I stand corrected. Make that, “I hope Mr. Brown was being tongue-in-cheek”, although to me it didn’t read that way

  5. Wow; overall that’s a good article. The author makes many excellent points and predictions, but there’s one statement in there that I would have to disagree with to a certain extent.

    He said: “Trump is a weak and compromised leader.”

    This seems somewhat misleading, first because when it comes to doing evil, Trump seems to act very decisively (consequences be damned), which reflects a total commitment to jewish-supremacist ideology, IMO. And second, this view leaves room for the possibility that Trump was actually sincere during the campaign, which I don’t see as being at all plausible, under the unfortunate circumstances.

  6. Howdy-Doody Show had a long run. Now the puppetry of Western faux politics has had a much longer run than I thought possible among rational folks. Denizens of Darkmoon, I feel disappointed! Tend to your own gardens! Ant and grasshopper disagreed. One survived the winter.

    One word answer to all of the above: USURY.

  7. Meanwhile on the left coast of the socialist states of America Crime Incorporated With liberty and incest for the few; THE 4 FAMILIES IN CONTROL OF CALIFORNIA!
    Creepy Joe Biden wants to give free heath care for all illegal immigrants. The orange Golem has his work cut out.
    The Golem is Lord of the stings.

    1. USURY, TOEJAMICUS. Necromancy. How can one bring forth living things from that which is DEAD? The real important question, in the 21st Century, is how you “create” “money” from Nothing, log your work “creating money” into some kind of ledger, carefully maintaining “double-booking”. Worked out by a cadre of self-serving, adroit, capable souls, applied here, there, everywhere (cue the Beatles).

      BTW, I find your (I find myself at a loss, here) “TOEJAMICUS” offensive, in the worst of taste (no pun never unintended — see Rev. Dodgson’s work on logic for children!).
      In the meantime, and in mean times do we live, your being here in cyberspace, cushions the prospects of meaner times ahead. Thanks for playing with me here!

      1. @ Alan Donelson

        The name “Toejamicus” may be offensive to you, but his actual comments are never offensive. Unlike your comments. How dare you object to his name? Who are you to sneer at others? I would much rather read the polite, well-written, and on-topic contributions of Toejamicus than the disgustingly rude, off-topic ravings of Alan Donelson. I can honestly say that most of your comments belong to the genre of verbal masturbation.

  8. germany was the main threat to zionism at the time.. the german people were well hip to the whole bolsheviki crime, the slaughter of the white russians, and saw what happened in ukraine as well with the holomodor almost right next door… they knew communism was jewish, if most people in the usa do not know it to this day…
    besides which, the jews themselves declared war on germany in the 30s, right about the time fdr and hitler came to power in 1933…
    nor do an incredible number of americans know fdr was jewish, or that we’ve ever had a jewish president, we’ve had several at least… the j-factor is the man parallel between trump and fdr, both obviously jew-ish, yet somehow it isn’t mentioned…
    most americans don’t know trump is jewish.. i can’t prove it but i’ve heard enough to believe it by now…
    the iranians are the germans of this century, and they may be the last real enemy the ziocon globalists have to deal with.. sounds like a good enough theory to me…
    the main thing to learn from ww2 is that the nazis were not representative of the german people, not any more than the zionist neocons (many in the form of dems) represent real americans now, the border crisis illustrates.
    “Both men are despised by the elites. Both men are proud of it too. FDR famously said he welcomed the hatred of Wall Street. Trump has repeatedly threatened and is starting to act on his promise to “drain the swamp in Washington”.
    i would assert there’s really not a dime’s worth of difference between the current swamp creatures and the wall street elites, never has been… they’re both feeding at the same trough really…… and i doubt there’s any real hatred there for trump now, and the idea that the wall street tycoons hated fdr is pretty hard to believe… they’re both big-time war stimulus purveyors, who bigger than fdr? him saying they hated him doesn’t mean it was true, you gotta remember, what’s generally happening is the opposite of what they say… fdr was a proven liar…
    about mao zedong, ‘the great helmsman’ – he didn’t just ‘come along’ any more than did adolf schnicklegruber…
    none of these guys just happen to happen on the scene.. certainly not obama, the outta nowhere community organizer, yeah, right…
    they’re all put into place on purpose by the deep state bankster PTB, then watch what they do..

    1. Bark –

      “…they’re all put into place on purpose by the deep state bankster PTB”


      Sure! Break the fables & myths!!

      I simply write & have written hundreds of times….


      1. To say all are “put” into place is not accurate. In the case of Hitler, in using a word that reflects things to indicate a more nuanced reality, he was STEERED into place. To say he was a zio agent is just plain wrong

        Bark, you write:

        “…the nazis* were not representative of the German people, not any more than the Zionist neocons represent real Americans now.”

        This is an ignorant statement showing how you know NOTHING about what a proper representation of the German people constitutes. See the asterisk below

        * “Nazis” are not to be confused with National Socialism. This goes a long way towards understanding how Zionists have conjoined the two to confuse and mislead from making a correct distinction

      2. BD
        Why do you insist on coming across as if you know these things? Because you’ve READ about it?
        My sources are linked to events as they occurred back in those days. As I’ve written, my friend’s grandfather was in the Abwehr. I’ve related here that he told his son (my friend’s father) about the sabotage of German Intel. I won’t go into all that again. But something to keep in mind to reflect the veracity of my info is in regards to Hitler and his Generals at his E. Prussian HQ on the Eastern Front. The men surrounding der fuhrer came to dread confronting his fury over how badly the war was going., and my friend’s grandfather was well acquainted with officers who participated in Hitler’s war room at Rastenburg. They assured him that had he been faking his violent displays of temper it would have won him an academy award for best actor, hands down. Bottom line: his rage was genuine, and well warranted given the aforementioned compromise of Intel, due primarily to British/American MK Ultra.
        Back in the 60s my family had a member of the British team assigned to breaking the German military codes as a dinner guest. As I came to learn later, the “heavy lifting” of cracking the codes was already done beforehand through a German traitor who had been instrumental in creating them. British and American Intel got a HUGE headstart.

    2. They never called themselves “Nazis”, that is a pejorative word created and promoted by Jewish propaganda outlets.

      National Socialists were sincere, but they were betrayed by their leaders, they sabotaged the war effort. Examples: Dunkirk, Sturmgewehr 44 (the father of AK-47), Messerschmitt 262 jet fighter, the dodge from Moscow in 1941, the shift from RAF’s airfields to civilian bombing exactly when the RAF was about to be destroyed, unused stockpile of sarin/nerve gas (if your people are being slaughtered, wouldn’t you use it?), Hitler was sleeping on D-day (?!), the ridiculous strategy to defend Berlin, the list goes on and on… How could Hitler, the dictator, not be held responsible for these disastrous decisions? Did he lost his mind during the war, and became a puppet? Was Doctor Theodor Gilbert Morell responsible for that?

      Before the war the Zios had a huge problem back there, the Jews didn’t want to migrate to the desert!

      Jewish Power (sorry, Donaldo 🙂 ) has a modus operandi in which sincere political movements are kidnapped from top to bottom. Very cunning!

      1. NBTT –

        “…sincere political movements are kidnapped from top to bottom. Very cunning!”

        100% correct! *”Very cunning!”

        The Tea Party started in 2007 in the US was built by Ron Paul supporters who organized a ‘money bomb’ online. They became a huge political force and were pushing freedom nationally.

        Recent example:
        Former Congressman Dick Armey, a Texas Republican, came in and corralled – KIDNAPPED – the whole party once they posed a threat to the electoral system. He took over and intentionally destroyed it. Just a shell today!!

        See Armey, the putrid skunk:
        He invited incoming lawmakers who had been backed by the Tea Party to a two-day retreat in Baltimore last week, where he presented them with policy books and urged them not to submit to the ways of Washington. (*The “cunning” part!)

      2. NBTT
        I obviously concur 100% about the kidnapping of political parties. As for Der Fuhrer taking full responsibility for the loss of the war – yes, but only in the sense that he WAS the German leader, not for the subterfuge that undermined the war EFFORT. To me, his biggest mistake was trusting the traitor, Bormann, and that quack Morell. Is it any wonder he was sleeping until D-Day was well underway, given the drugs Morell was administering to him?
        And again, these disastrous decisions had everything to do with being LIED to by traitors who managed to maintain a ruse.

      3. HAWK
        I would say most of us are believing what we choose to believe, and V the V, in which case we’re all religious, perhaps zealots, depending on how outspoken we want to be about it…
        I’m not locked into the official narrative..
        More prudent to suspect it because it is…
        I don’t know what thinking person would be by now..
        I think most would agree its BS..
        as we have said PAT politicians are generally liars…
        Media – forget about it…
        We are dealing with a security state pyramid power structure, ain’t it obvious…
        I’m telling you it will lose its glue as soon as everybody has all the information… and it will not survive the alternative media as it has been.. meaning the world will evolve or all the proles will be given the BIG SHALOMI…..
        You may logically extrapolate – MOST of what you think you know is lies… Wouldn’t you agree brother?
        We’re all congruent on the 6,000,000 fable. OK..
        Is the der schnicklegruber such a big jump from there?
        Put charitably – To the extent we are not corrupted by the world we believe as innocents…
        I have read extensively on the subject.
        I don’t find anything yet to convince me Adolf could not have been a double agent…
        I’m not entirely sure George Washington, at the level he occupied, was not functioning with, shall we say ‘greater’ matters in mind, than what was understood by his militiamen…
        At this point in my personal process of erudition I have a difficult time thinking the interests of those occupying spaces up at the apex s do not find interests in common they would naturally not make plain with all of their underlings, don’t be a fool…

      4. Bark
        Think what you will, we all do. But spare me your pomposity by calling me a fool

  9. President Trrump seems to be driven most of all by vanity.

    It is sad to see the fate of the USA in the hands of such a shallow man, who could start a war that would kill millions.

  10. Presidents are ‘dartboards’ set up in Republics to take the heat. Trump & FDR were never independent. Trump is, as FDR was, titular at best and controlled by these folks in the list below.

    Here are the member institutes that, supposedly, are providing “the best thinking from around the world” for shaping global governance:

    Argentina: Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI)
    Australia: Lowy Institute
    Belgium: Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
    Brazil: Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV)
    Canada: Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)
    China: Institute of International and Strategic Studies (IISS)
    China: Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS)
    France: French Institute of International Relations (IFRI)
    Germany: German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)
    India: Observer Research Foundation (ORF)
    Indonesia: Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
    Israel: Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
    Italy: Institute of International Affairs (IAI)
    Japan: Genron NPO
    Mexico: Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI)
    Nigeria: Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA)
    Poland: Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)
    Russia: Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (SVOP)
    Russia: Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR)
    Saudi Arabia: Gulf Research Center (GRC)
    Singapore: S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)
    South Africa: Institute for Security Studies
    South Africa: South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)
    South Korea: East Asia Institute (EAI)
    Turkey: Global Relations Forum (GIF)
    United Kingdom: Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs, RIIA)
    United Kingdom: International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)
    United States: Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)


  11. Of course there are also these:
    Straw Man
    Appeal to Ignorance
    False Dilemma
    Slippery Slope
    Circular Argument
    Hasty Generalization
    Red Herring
    Tu Quoque
    Causal Fallacy
    BUT THESE we leave to the pros …
    Pros like me!

  12. PAT
    yes, and since the Civil Service Act (Pendleton?), state bureaucracies largely remain through many election cycles… that don’t help things change… them and all the bilderbergers are the real government, actually doing it for the owners way up top…
    I thought that video was scrubbed 2 months ago..
    you must find it in yourself to drop your jew-ish-ness, stop making excuses for the zircons and proceed to checkout… empty your pockets..
    Then you can become of the wave, a llama, from hieroselyama..
    Dood – the way the Joos see it you can either order or be on the menu..
    And we can all understand that’s how the world has been…
    And it takes something special to be different.
    You don’t try so much to change the world – you change your perception of it…

  13. HAWK
    I don’t call you a fool, just giving advice…
    Besides, didn’t you just tell me I knew NOTHING?
    Reading is good you know…
    As opposed to commercial media video radio stuff I think it’s a lot more informative…

      1. Great find, hp!

        And a nice piece of sleuthing exposing “Anne Frank’s” pen and ink forgery 😎

    1. hahaha
      This is how you couch your “advice”, eh? Who’s fooling who?
      To put things in a proper context, in MY view, you know nothing of what constitutes being representative of the German people..
      I look at the intention for a 3rd Reich as having been a temporary necessity in terms of it representing the need for State control in a time of cultural emergency. Call it “National training wheels” in anticipation of a hoped for enlightened populace having the ability to “ride the bike” (self-government). Very similar to intentions of the early American Republic with a common cause of removing their respective nations from the clutches of a sprawling totalitarianism

  14. If you look at the genealogy of Roosevelt and Drumpf, you will find that both are crypto-Jews (Marrano) as Van Rosenvelt was Jewish before the name change and Drumpf was Jewish from the mother’s side and his father was a large investor into Talmudic studies programs in Florida. When one looks at the Gomberg map of 1941, you will notice that Germany was already to be split up into two sections, the US of Europe (which was very small) with the most going to the Soviet Union. The Bolshevik revolution was designed in NYC and funded by Jewish bankers headed by Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch, Paul Warburg … and driven by the Wilson White House.

    Read the details of the 2nd world war from Christopher Jon Bjerkins and you will find that the NAZIs were National Zionists funded by the same groups of people to destroy Germany, just as they destroyed Ukraine. China was also run by Zionists with Mao before the end of WWII. The Ha’avara agreement was to force Jews into Palestine as no one was allowed to take in ships with Jews in them.

    Just as great of a threat is Freemasonry which is Jewish as well, designed to have useful idiots do their dirty work. Christians have been more than willing to slaughter one another and have been the moronic dupes of a well planned, transgenerational cabal to run the world (the true meaning of Eretz Israel as all law will be based on the Noahide and Talmudic laws).

    The UK, being the sickest of all nations began this set of atrocities with their invasion and destruction of Africa, much of Asia (especially India and China), Australia and the US is nothing more than a corporation under Jewish bankers since it’s inception. France’s revolution is another freemason revolution just as the US is. America never has been free and never will be. It has never fought a war in defense of anything but their owners which is to say it has ALWAYS been on the offensive as it’s history is one continuous lie.

    Christianity is Roman, not and not of the Nazarene as the writings of the Holy 12 – . Judaism is a perversion of every nation they destroyed or turned into depravity and they ARE THE HYKSOS as Asherah was wife of Yahweh which is proven along with their pantheon of gods and is a pagan people of destructive force that is as ugly and dark as the Khanates and are originally Turks has their conversion of the Ashkenazi and the site has it’s history as well. They were very heavy on human sacrifice if you have time to read Macalister’s 2 volume set “Excavation at Gezer” and everything they say is the opposite of who they have been.

  15. JIM
    that’s right, the banksers financed the bolsheviks, the ones you mentioned and more…
    the idea was to eliminate the romanovs and get the rothschild bank in russia…
    the czars helped lincoln out a little with their navy during the us civil war…
    he was up against the same people…
    the masons got the civil war started…
    the same banksters financed hitler later on..
    the nazis were just an extenuation of the bolshevik revolution in russia, they coopted the national socialist movement…
    everything hitler did ended up serving the zionists, and look at germany now…
    he disappeared in the end, doesn’t it figure…
    the hyksos are the 6 Kings, which is the reference meant by VIKINGS.. VI is 6…
    trump is probably of the tribe of dan, like a lot of other redheaded jews, which pillaged north into europe after the way i heard it, the jews got kicked out of egypt, which they spun as “Pharaoh, let my people go”…
    DAN MARK, on the DANube and volga rivers.. the Vikings were the jews…
    moses is really a pharaoh, thutmose… so was abraham named after one of them, when they put together their scriptures, soon to become the talmud…

      (“I have read extensively on the subject.”)
      “I don’t find anything yet to convince me Adolf could not have been a double agent…”
      Double agent? Sooner double stupido, a man from cuckoo-land. Just son-of-a-shoe-maker, with a strong will, boundless ambitions and boundless stupidity (or as wise as a parrot in other words*), who was skilfully and successfully STEERED into place (as BROWNHAWK noticed with a vigilant eye). Please, read again his Christmath (1938) speech – he promised to bring the matter of Christ to the end (I bet he meant HAPPY END), to fulfill what Christ himself failed. That is declared himself Messiah…
      -German Shabtai Tsvi ( Shabbetai Ẓevi) – what else? And as Shabtai Tsvi he was not alone also, stupido No.3 of the Third Reich, Rudolf Hess, was his ‘Nathan of Gaza’.

      *one day he even revealed himself as a marxist-leninist:”It was not inteliectuals who gave me the courage to undertake this giant task…but I can tell you this, I found the courage because…I have encountered two sorts of people during my life time, the German farmer and the German worker…”

      1. Nikolay –

        Very interesting comment!

        Why did you claim Hess was Hitler’s Nathan of Gaza?

        I know Hess’s knowledge was so dangerous that he was the only prisoner kept at Spandau Prison and guarded by the military of four countries for decades.

  16. Pat –
    Pleased to have a word from you. As for your question:
    first – looking at the same different people see different because each one posesses one’s own perception.
    second – there is a lot of personal differences between Hess and Nathan of Gaza and circumstances are much different because almost 300 years separate them.
    third – but what they have in common – is the most conspicuous – both they were ideological promoters of their bosses.

    1. Nik –

      Thanks. I thought being a promoter of the very different ideology was the case.
      My search for Nathan was revealing. I had not known about him at all before.

  17. the story of huey long and of father coughtry surround this gaenre of subjects intimately .
    fdr being a scion of the sassoon family and the sasssoon jewish family was the eventual reason china and britain had a war over what was really for the right to distribute opium to china and hong kong was given as reparations to britain for 99 years and since released back to china ..
    fdr was jewish as in real name of rosenelt ….he told america that he wouldnt send american boys to a forign country then he made the comment on nationa media that he wouldnt send our boys to an undeclared war …ha ! ….as the usa was being ridiculed by national media for being isolationist it was just more jew bullshit aimed at getti ng america as jewish gollum to go destroy germany ….yeah the propaganda was enormous about germans eating babies ..actually for real the propaganda that is …
    huey long a politician was a shoe in to president till a jewish doctor shot him and a jewish surgeon made good on the devastation of the injuries by damaging the injury sites even more possibly a similar action taken against rienhardt heydrich as well as many scars wo trusted jew doctors and several american presidents in te past who sufferred death at the thands of jews .
    even ww1 was a war that everyone wondered why the war even occurred when it was over and the enormous kia and casualty count was official …the serb who shot archduke ferdinand was a jew with tb and terminal …i shall not articulate furhter on that ..
    it is odd how fdr did stop at droppin g the atomic jew hell bomb on people so they had to eliminate fdr and put the pos truman in a masonic jew zionist who also illegally gave the stolen land of palestine to the illegal usurpoer occupiers for 2-3 million ..made israel, official state which the made the usa its bitch officially …
    i believe the rumors are fdr was invited to a powerful wall street jews house and poisoned ..oy vey…
    reap what you sow …
    trump ??? dufuq ?…..the proble with this asshole is you cant put a finger on “it” to identify where he is going from or comei ng to the elephant in a room full of blind dupes or blind drunk rabbis ..a mystery wrapped up in an enigma surrounded by smoke …
    the smoke and mirror president or actuall y the puppet president for the kinder gentler machine gun hand jewish controollers who despise hillary ….is she just too much ,,lol..maybe by many degrees .ok yeah she is devil in flesh and rotted flesh at that …
    on hillary and the childrens fund is an enormous story and the guy who was placed as trusty for thre usa trust account who was put into a dungeon in europe etc …
    seems history is more full of evil than anything else …ta ra
    cant seem to find the american trust with trillions in it for americans …..

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