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  1. A dreary dark poem, a tortured soul who lost his lover Lenore. Loved by other tortured souls. Why is earth full of tortured souls? Do you know? Do you want to know? I have a radical theory and you may love it or you may hate it. You might be shocked by it, you may curse me for it. We are souls being tortured on a prison planet, thus a dark dreary poem resonates with us. Since the poem mentions the soul (a controversial topic in itself) let’s go with it and try to figure out what is really happening.

    If you study native shamanism, the crow is moved to your presence when you contemplate death. If you are focused on killing yourself and a raven happens to be in the vicinity it may perch itself close by and watch you, apparently in this poem the raven actually comes into the room. The tortured soul “pulled” the raven into close proximity.

    What if I told you that we are tortured souls on a Jew infested planet? What would you say to that? Are we being tortured on a prison planet? Do we have souls? Why is the soul stuck in the body? Is the body a prison for the soul? Is the planet a prison for our bodies? Did the gods in the heavens above capture our souls and force them to incarnate into bodies? Is reincarnation a real thing, and a bad thing? Is this planet owned by extraterrestrials and we are in the dark about our true condition? Is myth how they keep us confused?


    1. This is how you see the world, Yukon. It’s not how I see it. Different minds, different perceptions. You need to learn the difference between subjective reality (how the world is viewed through a particular pair of eyes) and how the world actually is. If the you have the time, check out Buddha’s Parable of the Elephant. Meanwhile these lines of William Blake may give you a different perspective:

      Every Night and every Morn
      Some to Misery are Born.
      Every Morn and every Night
      Some are Born to sweet delight.

      Some are Born to sweet delight,
      Some are Born to Endless Night.

      1. Saki
        We’re all born only to die. To die infers being interfered with. To be interfered with infers that “free” will can’t be free if we’re subject to a process of dying.
        Sure, you’re free to kill yourself, insofar as that goes. But if your choice is NOT to do that, then dying MUST infer being bound by a CONDITION not of our choosing.
        This in turn means that the mortal condition is an imposition. So who and what IMPOSES this?…..and WHY?

      2. Brownhawk –

        Your own Indian ancestors “imposed” it upon themselves for their warlike nobility. Dying or killing in battle is an emphatic demise or act, and leaves an impression on the soul. Your red ancestors were good at it! 😊

      3. Gil
        You’re referring to a perpetuation of acts imposed upon others. What I’m talking about addresses our mortal condition in and of itself

        What rings true to me is the core principle of Christian Science, which essentially states that for a soul to incarnate into a mortal condition constitutes an error.

        “Christian Science” From Webster’s Universal Encyclopedic Dictionary:

        “….which derives its teachings from the Scriptures as understood by its adherents, and that includes a practice of spiritual healing based on the teaching that cause and effect are mental, and that sin, sickness, and death will be destroyed by a full understanding of the Divine principle of Jesus’ teaching and healing”.

        P.S. I don’t necessarily agree with this in all its aspects, eg, where it may disregard legitimate healing properties in plants

      4. The answer lies in the doctrines of Creation, the Fall or Original Sin, redemption in the Precious Blood of Christ, repentance and adherence to traditional Catholic teaching, worship, and sacraments, and the fact that even billions of years are as nothing compared to eternity. As St Paul said, “The sufferings of this life are as nothing compared to the glory that is to be revealed in us,” i.e. in those who love God and neighbor and strive to keep His commandments.

  2. I did say it was a theory, not saying I think it is for sure, but the theory I have presented (in many essays) might seem far fetched but it does fit the facts, that is if you think Roswell happened and that Greys are real, etc. The book ‘Alien Interview’ by Lawrence Spencer is gaining huge worldwide support, and being translated into dozens of languages by volunteers. Available for free just google it.

    What makes me believe that earth is some kind of hell is the endless war and suffering. I don’t think what is going on is natural at all. The idea that earth is some kind of jail for bad souls resonates with me, I just look around at all the weirdos on this planet and wonder about it. Top Jewish rabbis say Jewish souls are superior and that they are not from this planet.

    Well I can tell you my soul is not from this planet and I don’t resonate with anything Jewish whatsoever. The way I figure is that God must really hate me because he put on a planet with Jews, and I can’t imagine a worse hate than sending a loving divine soul to spend eternity in hell with Jews.

    1. Yukon Jack, here’s another theory you might find interesting, to say the least.
      The singularity on steroids!

      “The important navigator aspect of being an integral part of the network is that one can navigate through it by choice.”

      “In full knowledge of one’s fundamental rights of “eternal cognitive bliss” and the TN framework, one can port one’s own consciousness to an eternal embodiment.”


  3. I cannot say this is my favorite poem, but I once had to recite it for English class. Poe was a southerner (Virginian, like myself), and I probably sound more like him than Lee. (However, this recital of Christopher Lee is, I’m certain, much more compelling.)
    Poe has always fascinated me. His romantic contemplations of Death and other-worldly situations is a condition more likely to be acquired from a Hollywood movie buff than a 19th Century impoverished gentleman. I suppose he acquired some of his bleakness from his sojourn at Mr. Jefferson’s school, University of Virginia. In those days, it was barren of pretty girls, and boys did not have the opportunity to socialize with many, either. Nothing else to do but “imagine”…
    Since I can remember, I have believed that reincarnation was real. How does one recognize something, today, that he knows damn well he has never encountered in THIS life?? It was very real to me, one day, when my girlfriend and I visited the battlefield park at Spotsylvania Court House, and stood where the “battle of the Bloody Angle” took place. I almost passed out from the sensation, as she knows, and I was CERTAIN that I had fought there, probably died there. The vision was horrible. Poe would have made much of it. 😓
    For rhyme, rhythm, and symmetry, though, there is no more “perfect” poem than Poe’s “Annabel Lee”, although “The Raven” is in a whole league of its own.
    It is poetry especially suitable and touching for us white Anglos.

    1. Gilbert,

      Or how about in dreams returning to same locations which seem so vivid although you’ve never been to them in real life? It’s as if they really exist but you haven’t been to them. Still not sure about reincarnation. Maybe telepathic connection to others.

  4. The emphatic nature of mortal combat overwhelms those more “happy” times we may have experienced, which may be the reason that men are more likely than women to perceive or voice a past life. Once, I had a session with a corporate psychologist who administered “past life regressions” for corporate executives, to help determine their degree of fitness for whatever they were considered. It was fascinating – and very REAL to me.

  5. I agree with Gilbert there, The Raven was one of my favourite poems. The Song of Songs is a great romantic poem. And for nature worshippers, The Song of the Three Young Men in the book of Daniel is pretty good too. I absolutely used to love poetry, and philosophy, in my youth, but to tell the truth, I don’t care much for either any more. Poetry just doesn’t seem to resonate with me in my older age. Except perhaps another favourite of mine (if I have become it?), and as it won’t take up much space here it is:

    The Old Stoic
    by Emily Brontë

    Riches I hold in light esteem,
    And Love I laugh to scorn;
    And lust of fame was but a dream,
    That vanished with the morn:

    And if I pray, the only prayer
    That moves my lips for me
    Is, “Leave the heart that now I bear,
    And give me liberty!”

    Yes, as my swift days near their goal:
    ’Tis all that I implore;
    In life and death a chainless soul,
    With courage to endure.

  6. The poet laments his loss of the love of his life. He sits half awake in this world and the nether frozen in a morbid bound state of despair mourning the loss of his lovely Lenore that animated his life. She’s gone and despair overwhelms his being, he remembers his lost love and radiates intense distress. The tapping of the crow on the window is death knocking at his door from the intense soul energy radiating anguish on a dark dreary winter day.

    We are taught by wise men that the soul has infinite power, emotion behind thought manifests in real time. Abraham Hicks taught that holding a thought for so many seconds bends the Universe to manifest in real time, with no delay or downstream synchronicity as those energized thoughts manifest into the physical plane. Most people do not even recognize synchronicities, they deny that they had any role in creating them.

    One of the problems with modern men is that our archaic myths have blocked our perception to our true power of manifesting. Some say the entire universe was a manifestation of one or more souls. Why are so many creative souls bound in human form on earth, a planet of endless treachery, war, suffering and butchery? Well maybe this planet is space empire’s dump, where those souls who can’t fit it are sent like a leper colony. Is earth just a bigger version of Australia – the British Empire’s dumping ground of the insane and rejected?

    I can’t imagine a worse hell than condemning creative souls to live on a planet with Jews. This is like putting marijuana smoking hippies into confinement with murderers and rapists. What kind of hate lies in heaven above to be so cruel and indifferent to suffering souls? Heaven must be really messed up as I often say, and I postulate that those religions that promise heavenly afterlife don’t actually have to deliver what they are selling. Heaven put us here and doesn’t want us back. The preacher makes bank selling an empty promise.

    For many of us the love of a beautiful woman is better than god. In my opinion it is so obvious that being in love with a flesh and blood woman is better than some god imagined. People who are in love with the judgmental god of the bible must be really sick, perhaps a case of cosmic Stockholm syndrome. Loving your torturer is insane, but the love of a soulful woman is divine. I choose the later and reject the demands to love god when I am in a hell with Jews.

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