European Court Rules Bishop Williamson Guilty of Hate Speech for Denying Holocaust

31 January 2019

British Catholic bishop who denied the Nazis used gas chambers during TV interview in Germany loses hate speech conviction appeal
Bishop Richard Williamson (pictured) denied the Nazis had used gas chambers during a 2009 interview

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled Germany was within its rights to convict British bishop Richard Williamson of Holocaust denial. Mr Williamson, 78, sparked an outcry in 2009 by denying that the Nazis used gas chambers during the systematic murder of six million Jews during World War II.

His lawyers tried to argue he should not had been convicted because the comment was made during a television interview broadcast in Sweden, where Holocaust denial is not illegal. But the interview was recorded in Germany, where it is a criminal offence to dispute the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis.

Mr Williamson was convicted of incitement to hatred and ordered to pay a 12,000-euro (£10,500) fine, which was reduced to 1,800 euros (£1,600) in 2013 after a series of legal challenges.

The European court said it found no reason to disagree with the German ruling that Mr Williamson’s ‘denial and downplaying of the genocide perpetrated against the Jews had disparaged the dignity of the Jewish victims’.

His lawyers tried to argue he should not had been convicted
because the comment was made during a television interview broadcast in Sweden,
where Holocaust denial is not illegal

It pointed out that Mr Williamson knew his comments were illegal in Germany, and confirmed that since the interview was recorded there it was legal to prosecute the case in the country. He did not seek to make special arrangements to ensure that the interview would not be available beyond Sweden, and would have been aware that it would have been accessible elsewhere via satellite TV and the internet, it agreed.

Mr Williamson was formerly a member of the ultra-conservative Society of Saint Pius X but was kicked out in 2012 for disobeying orders from his superiors. He was excommunicated by the Vatican in 1988 after he was ordained by a fundamentalist archbishop against papal orders. He was allowed back into the Church in 2009 as part of a move by then pope Benedict to heal a rift between the Vatican and fundamentalists.

That decision came days after the airing of Mr Williamson’s Holocaust-denying Swedish interview.

An embarrassed Vatican said it had not been aware of the comments.

Mr Williamson was excommunicated for a second time in 2015 after he consecrated a new bishop in Brazil despite not being authorised to do so.

He was excommunicated by the Vatican in 1988,
then allowed back to the Church in 2009,
before being excommunicated again in 2015

23 thoughts to “European Court Rules Bishop Williamson Guilty of Hate Speech for Denying Holocaust”

  1. A prime example of the adage “one is not allowed to question or “disparage” those who rule over you”. The vacuous Vatican and the feckless German government and their (((controllers))) have guaranteed the good Bishop’s rightful place in the celestial realm.

  2. Speaking Truth to TPTB, some of whom go hypersensitive when sensing that which is Truth-filled — sight, sound, or word. I know nothing of the man nor the history of this case. His excommunication and return, then another excommunication, raises real red flags.

    [Aside: I confess I’ve read a lot of Mile Mathis’ works, I blame him for the degree of skeptical discernment I now have. Great mentor!] Thus I put forth a proposition, a thesis, for comment and, if worthy, debate.

    Consider the sacrificial lamb, the symbolism, potent, I’d say, rings bells, resonates in (even this fallen-away) Roman Catholic. However, what if Bishop Williamson serves “the other side” as controlled opposition, including creating opposition where there is none? Call me a cons’ piracy theorist. The overall story, lacking history, backstory, does not ring true. Consider also the source of the story.

    1. I think bishop Williamson was set up and don’t think he is controlled opposition. You can ‘ accuse’ him of being naive but nothing else. The good priests are always naive. I remember he was with a other bishops who have jewish surnames Abrahamson etc. I find this always a red flag catholics with a jewish surname.
      Probably he was set up by his jewish catholic colleagues and also to discredit the ‘ catholic church’.

    2. @ Alan Donelson

      My advice is that you stick to poetry and avoid paddling in murky political waters about which you know absolutely nothing! You confidently pronounce Bishop Williamson “controlled opposition”, yet confess in the same breath that you had never heard of the good Bishop before! At this rate, you will soon be confessing that you had never heard of Isaac Newton before, but had decided after careful consideration that gravity didn’t exist. 🙂

    3. Bp.Willimson ( p_rdon the ng keybo_rd ) w_s set-up….his superiors in Menzingen scheduled the interview…the questions for the first 95% of the interview were benign…but the hit journlist wsn’t there to find out ’bout our position on Lumen Gentium or the Moto Propio…religious liberty or f_lse ecumenism, he w_s there to _sk his l_st question…this gve his superiors the excuse they “needed” to begin to re_lly put the screws to him, le_ding to his unjust expulsion…the SSPX, once more like _ fmily ) will never be the s_me until they seek forgiveness for wht they’ve done to the good bishop….you see, the SSPX is not in “full communion ” with Rome & some would like (too much so ) to be “regul_rized”…

  3. It is never smart to present your case to this jewish court. A friend of my presented many cases to this court and his cases were not even admitted without any motivation by these jews.

    This court is full of jewish judges whose job it is to rule whatever is for the advantage of the jew world order in Europe. The lawyer of bishop Williamson should have known that. But we know lawyers want to make money and are almost all jews themselves. Conclusion: don’t go to this court if you present cases which are not in the jewish interest or by presenting a case you give the jewish judges the possibility to pronounce jurisprudence.

  4. The good news is Bishop Williamson is not in Germany and to the best of my knowledge is free. There is always some risk Jewish power in the UK could have him extradited to Germany for not paying the 1,800 euro fine but this is probably unlikely. This essentially means nothing, in particular if Brexit actually happens. It’s another victory for Jews and their censors that now limit what can be said in many countries, but its a small victory. I do not expect Bishop Williamson to pay the fine and he appears to be a brave man that will continue speaking his mind. He and many others are braver men than I am. I am not willing to sacrifice the rest of my life for such things yet, but I think the day when people will be forced to choose a side because open, armed conflict has broken out (particularly in the USA) is approaching.

    Anyone that has seen the FBI’s recent arrest of 66 year old Roger Stone, President Trump’s friend, should be afraid of what is happening in the USA. The open Jewish support for this outrageous behavior is also scary. They appear to be ratcheting up the hatred again to the point that they are forcing their enemies (white Americans, Europeans, etc.) will be forced to react.

    So many unknowns make it hard to understand what peoples real motivations are, what do they really think and why do they do the things they do. Brother Nathaniel has a very interesting video on Kushner and Chris Christie, who put Kushner’s degenerate father in jail for his sick behavior and how Jared Kushner took his revenge (don’t they always) by having Trump fire Christie. In addition Brother Nathaniel makes his case that Ivana Trump (Donald’s first wife) was Jewish. I never thought she was Jewish and I never thought she looked Jewish but Brother Nathaniel sounds convincing. This would change a lot of things and mean I’ve been wrong about many things I said on this website. It would mean Jewish influence over Trump is stronger than I thought.

    1. The Democrats and Republicans are just two jewish factions ruled by jews. It amazes me that Americans still haven’t figured this out.

      We are living in a jew world order!!!

      Roger Stone is also a jew. Can’t you understand that? Mr. Roger Stein.

      1. @Jewdar – a one liner like that is not convincing and I know of nothing else that is either. It is outrageous how the FBI treated him and it’s an indication they may come after others that aren’t liberals in the same way.

  5. Bishop Williamson must know something that we don’t know, maybe from the confessional. He is certain that there were no gas chambers and he is a man who tells the truth.

    I arrived at the same conclusion about 25 years ago. If you look at the figures the Germans must have been very inefficient in any efforts at genocide if 4.3 million Jews survived to claim compensation and pensions from the German government. Zyklon was an insecticide and released hydrogen cyanide gas, and that would have made it impossible to empty the gas chambers soon after gassing took place.

    I am pretty sure that most deaths in the camps were due to disease and starvation, due mainly to the destruction of Germany’s infrastucture by allied bombing.

  6. To all those reading this…understand that Bishop Williamson is correct in his statements about the Holocaust and….. just as World Jewery declared war on Hitler’s Germany in 1933, they have decided that their perpetual lie shall be the truth, no exception. For information on the myth of the 6 million consider reading “the Fred Leuchter Reports.” Both can be pdfed on Google. In Defense of Ernst Zendel, Leuchter investigated 3 of the alleged death camps, Auswitch, Berkenau, Majdanek, and determined that none of the camps he investigated, could never have been utilized as gassing facilities because they could and did meet even the minimal requirements for such….Other references include “Six Million Open Gates,” by S.A.R. Lynch his 6,000,000 figure begins with 1890 onwards. Also “Not Guilty at Nuremberg,” by Carlos Witlock Porter and Adolph Hitler’s Collection of Speeches, 1922-1945, all translated into English. Also “Dissecting the Holocaust,” by-Germar Rudolph, “Britain’s Rumor Factory,” by Robert Faurisson, “The Myth of the Six Million,” by David Hoggan and just for the hell of it try “The Pink Swastika,” by Kevin Abrams and “The Hoax of the 20th Century,” by Arthur R. Butz, “Hellstorm,” the death of Nazi Germany -1944-1947 and Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Bryan, Mark Rigg.. Most of all enjoy the references.

  7. The good Bishop Williamson will be the good Bishop Williamson regardless of what they or we or anyone short of the Lord says or does to him. And Amen to that!

    The same to many others of the same calibre featured here on this great WWWebsite. Some of them still under duress as well. .

  8. “Holocaust denial” is the phrase of focus but is only one facet of the blood diamond. The proper phrase should be “deception denial.” The overall Zio aim is to silence the truth regarding every facet of a person’s life. Finance, education, history, sexuality, science, politics, etc…..the list goes on. Zionism sprang from Satan himself. TRUTH is his greatest enemy, fear and will ultimately destroy him and his minions.

  9. hyvä näin kuuluukin käydä tälle läpeensä aivopestylle kansalle!! Tässä kysymyksiä joka kertoo aivokuolleisuudesta ja uskon että jopa magneettimedian lukijoista osa on niin pahasti aivopesty etteivät edes aio asiaa tutkia tässä tulee suurinpiirtein tärkeys järjestyksessä:

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    5. Miksi ihmiset eivät suostu ymmärtämään rahajärjestelmää??

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    11. Miksi nikolai teslan joka oli tämän hetkisen ihmiskunnan kovin ihminen millä mittapuulla tahansa, niin donald trumpin serkku julisti kaikki salaisiksi! Eli niin kutsuttua “ilmaista” energiaa on ollut jo kauan aikaa, mutta kun rockefellerit ym muut triljonäärit tapattavat kaikki joilla näyttää olevan varteen otettavia keksintöjä ja keksintö patentit ovat tärkeiden patenttien kohdalla pelkkää huijausta. Kaikki varastetaan ja keksijät tapetaan lääkereistä ilmailu insinööreihin jotka ovat uhka nykyiselle mailman järjestykselle!!

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    Irwin Goodman – Haistakaa paska koko vapaamuurari satanisti maanpetturi valtiovalta

    natsit tappo mun suvun holokaustissa! Mun vaarin kallo kutistettiin ja mun enosta tehtiin saippuaa ja iso isästä tuli lampun varjostin! Olisko mitenkään minä vaadin että synogoogalle lahjoitetaan 6 miljoonaa euroa!!

  10. i’d be real curious to find out exactly what is the catholic church’ position on the subject of, not just the holocaust, but of these personnel being arrested for disagreeing with the said Christ Killers’ version of history…
    if they have an explanation for why they don’t condemn these arrests, i’d sure like to hear it…

  11. @ Angry Charlotte

    Before you have another hissy fit, maybe it would help if you invested in a new keyboard that contained the letter “A”.

    FYI, all first comments are carefully monitored before being posted. This is to prevent spam getting through.

  12. If ever I get accused of “Holocaust Denial” I will demand that my accusers provide evidence that gas chambers and a policy of extermination existed. When Germany was divided up after the war, the British and American zones were absolutely inundated with Jewish people, most of whom got shipped out to America and Israel. (America roughly 3 million and Israel roughly 1 million). Where did they come from if they’d all been gassed? I know the concentration camps were dreadful places, and typhoid was a major killer, but to claim 6 million were gassed has to be a crazy conspiracy theory. There were only 4 million Jewish people in German occupied territory in the first place!
    I believe that the good Bishop has truth on his side, and as somebody once said, truth needs no defence.

  13. Just amazing what kind of garbage this “Human Rights Court” is coming up with. Even as a layman I can say that the argument used is fatuous: So something said (or thought!) in a jurisdiction where it is legal to do so, it can lead to prosecution in another jurisdiction, where it is not. How stupid is that? According to this, someone doing something legal in China, but illegal in Germany, may be thrown into jail in Germany if this Chinese individual happens to fall into the clutches of these special simpletons in Germany, and the legal act in China was filmed and shown in Germany (or France, or wherever). I hope that I will see the day when these good people from Germany, or the “Human Rights Court” or other promoters of indecency will fall afoul of their own rules.

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