EXCLUSIVE: Is Trump the New Jewish Messiah?

By Bradford Hanson
National Vanguard

Mike Pompeo thinks Donald Trump  has been “sent by God to help the Jews”

The Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Places Shmuel Rabinovitch (L), United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (in yarmulke), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman (R) engage in a Jewish religious ceremony in Israel recently.

SECRETARY of State Mike Pompeo recently suggested that President Donald Trump may have been “sent by God to protect Israel.”

Asked in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) whether he thought “President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther, to help save the Jewish people from the Iranian menace,” Pompeo, a former CIA director, said: “As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible.”

“Queen Esther” is a reference to the story behind the Jewish Purim holiday, in which a Jewish woman prostitutes herself to influence a Persian king to kill his own people and thereby help Jews — and to the present-day warmongering against Iran by Israel.

Pompeo added that with “the work that our administration’s done to make sure that this democracy in the Middle East, that this Jewish state, remains,” he is “confident that the Lord is at work here.”

Pompeo was in Jerusalem, where he accompanied Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Western Wall, where he donned a yarmulke and performed Jewish rituals.

CBN is headed by televangelist “Crazy Pat” Robertson, who recently stated on his long-running 700 Club television program,

“Trump has been a fantastic president for the faith community. In fact God told me last night that Donald Trump’s name has been written in the Book of Life. He’s guaranteed a place in heaven. In fact, he’ll also be a real estate mogul in heaven and have his own Trump Towers.”

Robertson also said Christians were happy about Trump’s decisions on Israel such as moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. Fundamentalist Christians have compared Trump to King Cyrus, the Persian king who succumbed to the wiles of Esther and betrayed his own people.


TELEVANGELIST  PAT  ROBERTSON :  “God told me last night that Donald Trump’s name has been written in the Book of Life. He’s guaranteed a place in heaven.”


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  1. The jewish messiah can only be jewish so trump must be jewish! End of ambiguities.

    1. Ellen

      According to the majority of posters here on LD anyone who is anybody that has influence over goverment, banking, media, politics or influences policy in anyway in the world is Jewish!

      Just to be helpful 🙂

      1. Ralan

        On the other hand, a minority of posters here are correct in saying that most of whom you refer ARE Jewish…..just to be clear.

  2. Quite the contrary, Robertson’s words seem to me to provide cast iron proof that Trump must be just the opposite…a tool of satan. Robertson, too.

    Be honest. If you were asked to think of the names of two fine Christians in the world today, would Trump and Pompeo spring to mind?

  3. No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo

    No “Jews” in the Old Testament

    the story about the Children of Israel – “a company of Nations”
    is not a story about Jesus hating – Truth hating – PSYCHOPATHS
    “money changers & pharisees”….that have a Synagogue of Satan
    global MASS MURDER for Filthy Lucre “CRIME SYNDICATE” …run
    for and by “Jews”….who are “PROSELYTES” – Two-fold the child of HELL


    the truth is that no one on Earth HAS to believe LIES – John 8:32


    proselytes to Talmudic Judaism can not be “Israel”…@ Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 & 33

    leaving the swirling whirlpool of “JEW” poo requires knowing the truth about “JEW” poo


    NO “JEWS” in the Old Testament !

  4. “Asked in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) whether he thought ‘President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther, to help save the Jewish people from the Iranian menace,’ Pompeo, a former CIA director, said: ‘As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible.'”

    I’m surprised Pompeo’s lips didn’t fall off when he claimed to be a Christian. In any case, it seems that Pompeo, the fake Christian community and the contemporary pharisees, all believe that orange clown is very special.

    In fact orange clown is sometimes referred to as “The Donald”.


    Apparently “The Donald” is not just any Donald, but a very unique “Donald”; an exceptional “Donald.”

    According to “Baby Name Wizard”:

    “Donald Pronunciation: DAHN-əld (key)

    Origin of the name Donald:
    Anglicized form of the Gaelic Domhnall (world ruler), which is thought to be derived from the primitive Celtic Dumno-valo-s (world mighty). Alternatively, some believe the name to be derived from the Gaelic don (brown). Short: Don. Pet: Donny.


    So “The Donald” = “The [satanic] ‘world ruler.'”

    God gave land to the “jews”, for example, and “The Donald” gave land to the “jews” (satan mocks God). Among all recent U.S. presidents, only “The Donald” was deemed “worthy” enough (sufficiently evil) to do so.

    So yes I agree: Apparently our contemporary pharisees and their fake Christian servants (who vehemently reject Jesus and his message) do accept “The Donald” as their “Messiah.”

    This may have been what Jesus was referring to when he said: “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive (John 5:43).” (Of course actual Christians may recognize “The Donald” as the satanic “false prophet” of Rev 19:20).

    Finally, to quote a statement of mine from a few days ago in another discussion here:

    “So by this point our masters have removed both the hard and soft limits on power projection and have set precedents for its illegitimate use. And there now seems to be only one remaining relevant factor: The character of the person holding the office of president.

    What good is it to create an unprecedentedly powerful and unaccountable political office only to install a Mister Rogers clone into it? What good is it to create a military force bristling with nuclear weapons if the person at the top won’t use them? The only ‘restraint’ on evil – and the damage that evil can and will do in the world – is the moral compunction of the person holding the office of president.

    And this is where orange clown fits into the picture. Our masters need the most evil person available to install into the seat of power that they’ve created. In a sense they’ve created the office especially for him. They need someone who is willing to take personal responsibility for giving orders which carry the risk of planetary extinction; such a person is very special.

    Apparently orange clown is that person.”

  5. I don’t care how they are perceived, as long as they don’t hurt America. Trump is doing a fine job as President of MY country, and if he chooses to butter-up Israhell in the process, so be it. I trust he knows what he must do to “tree the coon”. As for Pat – he is just playing to a profitable audience. It is the way of the world. Our hypocrisies are noted.

    1. Gil –

      Welcome back!! Been a few months.

      Broke out of the monastery or asylum??? 🙂

      Hope you are well.

    2. Gilbert,

      Welcome back! Your sanity and good sense are much needed here. Please let’s hear more from you. I’ve enjoyed reading your poems.

    3. Gil

      Welcome back as well, ya old so and so!

      I was out riding my horse through the melting snow the other day and I thought, if ol’ Gil’s doin’ OK down in Virginy he’s probably seeing the CHERRY blossoms right about now 🏵🏵🏵 😀

      1. Thanks, everyone! My wi-fi at home is caput (might be just the modem), and I haven’t had it tended to because I spent two months in hospital getting a triple heart bypass, with complications. No computer access for me there at UVa, and I spent an additional two weeks in rehab learning to walk, again. I’m slowly getting better, and currently am with my daughter on a large horse farm, helping her (and there is a computer here). Still weak, so I have to be easy, and am careful to only mount a gentle horse, if at all. Brownhawk, you may be interested to learn that some asshole in Kentucky is planning to CLONE Secretariat. The racing association has already forbidden the clone to be in paying races – which I think is a good thing. Honest breeders could never beat him! 🙁

        1. Welcome back, Gilbert! I wish you a speedy recovery. I think it would take your mind off your troubles and be very therapeutic for you if you were to visit this site more often where you obviously have lots of friends and wellwishers. Their camaraderie and affection for you will, I feel sure, help in your healing process.

    4. Gil
      Speaking of hearts, they can clone the body of Secretariat
      but not his great heart inside.
      And speaking of assholes, I’m sure you’re aware of the clamor in California over so many horses dying at Santa Anita this past Winter. In response, the bleeding hearts led by Diane Feinstein are attempting to get enough petition signatures for a ballot question to decide whether or not to abolish horseracing in that state.
      A couple of points:
      1) The great majority of horse people love their horses more than their own CHILDREN, and care for them accordingly
      2) Horses LERV to run, and without the ability to run FAST, they may very well be EXTINCT by now from being unable to outrun predators like wolves. And when they get injured in the wild to the point of being in unresolvable pain, it brings to mind what somewhat said about death:
      “Dying’s not the worst thing that can happen, but wanting to die and being denied death IS!
      2) Horseracing will continue anyway for the simple reason that there’s WAY too much money involved for it to be banned.

    5. @ Gilbert Huntly

      It’s good to hear that you survived the knife fight. Was it the only time you went to a knife fight unarmed? 🙂


    Donald Tusk and Donald Trump:

    I think about 10 years ago there was a plane crash in Russia in which the entire Polish government was killed. There were also some Jews in that government at the time, but none of them had gone on board with them … including Donald Tusk ( an American Jew ), currently the EU president ….

    Putin was an accomplish in these murders.
    It was clear from the begin that the plane crashed by means of sabotage.
    These people were killed because they had many doubts about joining the communist EU, the gay laws of the EU were very difficult.

    Not surprising that Jared Taylor is spewed by that country, the Jews are now lord and master there.


    1. Gilbert…

      Doncha think you should have worded your comment by saying it was ALLEGED that Putin was an accomplice?

      Just sayin….

  7. As I see it, the West is not the only side that covets Iran. China shouldn’t be seen as the good guys opposing the Western bad guys. To me, China is the “sleeper” state whose innocuousness is an illusion because they’ve been in a passive position for so long.

    The only “good guys” are people who are getting sick to death of all this political maneuvering seeking the ultimate advantage in gaining a world supremacy that would end up being dictated in Judaic terms. “We the people” have no stake in (((their))) game.

    But I don’t see a Putin-led Russia in the same camp as the West OR China in this regard. I see them as having more of a wild card status. Perhaps after all the proverbial dust has settled, Russia will emerge in a certain position of dominance similar to the ancient Roman Empire, but one that doesn’t honor the same punitive Pharisaic laws that murdered Christ.

    Are you listening, Circassian? You may be right about Putin, but I can assure you that you are dead wrong about Stalin. You and your fellow Russians need to wake up on THAT score.

  8. If we cannot manage our own personal affairs,
    if we cannot be and remain at peace with our neighbors,
    if we cannot create a “community” with individual or subgroup differences integrated peacefully as a whole,
    if we cannot organize our own political, social, and, yes, even law-based structures and thus implement for ourselves functions and services we deem wanted and needed and, for the good of the whole and individuals, required,
    Then we have no busyness thinking we can master the seeming impossible, the one and the many, the many and the One, at the level of Planet Earth.

    Just some thoughts in reaction to considering world affairs a chess game of sorts, however accurate for these times.

    1. Alan,
      Donaldo is drinking…….again. Oh well. But just started thinking on a philosophical level. Isn’t our tiny insignificant planet kind of crazy? The Earth is amazingly fertile, capable of feeding the current population thousands of times over. There should be no hunger. There is so much land. Unoccupied. Plenty for every living, breathing human-being to have plenty of acres and a home. Technologies exist to eradicate all disease as we know it. Cancer should be a thing of the past. Has the tequila rendered Donaldo irrational? Insane? Dunno. But something just “ain’t right.” Would be unjust to blame World Jewery for all the Earth’s ills. Something else is going on but Donaldo can’t pin-point it. Perhaps some of the keener Darkmooners can fill in the blanks. Anyway, no more drinking. Gonna catch a cab to the asylum. TROJ. Please share your bed with Donaldo tonight. 😉

  9. “Robertson also said Christians were happy about Trump’s decisions on Israel such as moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. Fundamentalist Christians have compared Trump to King Cyrus, the Persian king who succumbed to the wiles of Esther and betrayed his own people.”
    It was King Ahasuerus to whom Esther became Queen. Cyrus was the Persian King that controlled Babylon and sent Judah and company back to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. Cyrus had nothing to do with Esther.
    Esther is maybe the first ,that we know of, in a long line of comely “Jewesses” that married into gentile royalty to advance the Jewish agenda. Stalin was married to Jewess. I’m sure you erudite Dookmooners can think of other examples.

    1. @ Toejamicus

      Stalin was married to Jewess.

      I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you, because I think you’re one of the best posters here, but that is a totally false factoid manufactured by a thousand repetitions on internet conspiracy theory sites. You will not find a single mainstream Stalin biographer, either in Russia or the West, who promotes this irresponsible conspiracy theory. Stalin was married only twice and both his wives were Christians.

      Stalin’s third wife was allegedly the Jewess “Rosa Kaganovich”, said to be the sister or daughter of Stalin’s Jewish minister Lazar Kaganovich. But Stalin’s own daughter, Svetlana, is on record as saying that her father never married any such woman because no such woman even existed! 🙂 There are numerous photographs of Stalin’s two Christian wives, but not a single authentic photo of the fictitious Rosa Kaganovich.

      I leave it to you to figure out why such a fictitious personality should have been invented in the first place.

      The internet provides a mine of useful information. Unfortunately, it is also a bottomless pit of wild conspiracy theories, disinformation and lies.

      1. Here is acclaimed biographer of Stalin, Robert Service, commenting on the fictitious “Rosa Kananovich”:

        Rumours had other candidates as his [Stalin’s] lovers in the late 1930s; it was even said that he secretly married again. The person said to have been his wife was named as Rosa Kaganovich. The allegation was peddled by the German Nazi media. Supposedly Rosa was Lazar Kaganovich’s beautiful sister. It was a pack of lies. Lazar Kaganovich had only one sister, Rakhil, who died in the mid 1920s.

        Another suggestion was that it was Lazar Kaganovich’s daughter Maya whom Stalin took to bed. Certainly she was good-looking. But there is no credible evidence. Lazar Kaganovich was not a prude and had no reason as a pensioner to pretend that his daughter had had no relationship with Stalin if this was not true.”


        All other Stalin biographers agree with the historical evidence that Stalin only had two wives, both of them Christians, and this truth is reinforced by Stalin’s own daughter Svetlana who asserted that her father had never married any such woman and that the whole story is a fabrication.

      2. Thanks Saki for the correction about Stalin. FDR’s favorite dictator. I will file that away into my moth eaten gray matter. Perhaps, deep down, Stalin really was an “anti-Semite” or at least anti-Zionist, On the other hand a psychopath is anti-everyone except and only themselves and Stalin certainly fits to a tee Dr. Robert Hare’s check list of a psychopath.

        1. You are absolutely right about Stalin being a psychopath. Anyone who has studied the facts is led to this inevitable conclusion.

  10. Meanwhile, while Trump and company are making whoopie* with the Zionist, he is going back on another promise. He is, out of the goodness of his Golem heart, going to give those wonderful Mexicans a whole year to stop illegal drugs from crossing the border into the land of the addicts. Otherwise, he will close the border a year from now. In the meantime thousands upon thousands of who knows who from who knows where will enter the US as the hoard invasion continues apace. Don ‘t hold your breath waiting for Trump to close the border, ever. It looks like the President is making “whoopie” on what’s left of Traditional America.

  11. Trump is NOT any ‘messiah. He IS…. what is known as today:
    an “insufficiently woke old pale male!!” 🙂

  12. i’d say he’s doing a pretty good job for them so far… what are they gonna want next?
    GWB used the word ‘crusade’, said god told him to bomb iraq…
    it’s a jewish idea, that a messiah will come, for the purpose of vanquishing israel’s enemies and making the jews kings of the entire world… how archaically wacky is that?
    i think the world messiah comes from ‘messr’, which is ancient egyptian for ‘crocodile’…
    it’s a reptilian concept… the jewish messiah is no prince of peace, like the christian version…
    the romans, the ones with the big ‘roman’ noses, put the handle messiah on the jesus character, and laid in the violence, my guess…
    i read that messiah and shilo are the same sort of idea, both supposedly having the same letter-number value…
    i can’t make it work out though, unless there are other spellings…

    1. Bark
      Interesting find on the root word for “messiah”. My take is that the jew-inspired version of a coming savior is a decoy. It’s said that the “One” the hapless Chabadians are chanting for is an Anunaki “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, but one who will never arrive. This could also have to do with what the Pope is being told he’s looking at when peering through the Vatican telescope. This delusional nonsense is at the vanguard of steering the Elites in West, as symbolized by the picture at the top of the article.
      Having said that however, it’s important to make a distinction between the words “messiah” and “salvation”. I’ll post something on this soon.

  13. Trump can’t close the border with Mexico today, he’s got his hands full with the BDS crowd in Washington looking to ¡Holocaust! SIX BILLION G-DZILLION Jews! OMG NO!!!! Please don’t concentrate on the border situation between the United States and Mexico, Mr. President, concentrate 100% on the virulent Anti-Semitics in Congress [ they’re mainly in The House of Representatives! ]. How dare the BDS people, the nerve of them, and they even want us Americans NOT to meddle and NOT to be involved in the Yemen War. This is an Outrage! It’s UN-American, Un-American I tell ya’!!!!

    Mr. President ! Concentrate all your energy on what’s GOOD FOR THE JEWS and focus ONLY on the border of JEW ISREAL’S Golan Heights and Syria so NO NON-jews get into JEW ISREAL!!! Forget about the U.S./Mexico [ non-existent ] border and spend ALL your time and energy on protecting the borders of JEW ISREAL!!!!!

    The more pantheistic among us believe the earth is actually quite small, especially by today’s high tech standards… electronic communications go everywhere instantly, the black jets can circle the whole globe in one day, probably less, the whole biosphere can be annihilated in a few hours by nuclear weapons, so they say….. the fact that surveillance satellites can tell whether you’ve had your manicure and personal tracking knows who your manicurist is doesn’t add to the feeling of roominess…
    if I may – we believe man’s geopolitical difficulties will gradually ameliorate, if he gets to the point where he reengineers the interactive exchange methodology, opens the government and starts working toward the eco-paradisical state… we don’t agree at all that the planet can or should be made to support more humans.. we understand that for optimum purposes there are 10 times too many humans here now, even if they were on their best ecological behavior… put succinctly, we want no more humans here than could accommodate the 40,000,000 buffalo back on this continent. A spiritual thing has been lost with the modern disconnect from nature, we’ve got nature deficient disorder and human morality is generally in decline, we think on account of it..
    Confucius said we’re good, but we’re stuck with a bad operating system…
    I wonder how aghast he would be now…
    You’re right something ain’t right..
    that’s an understatement…
    The Jewish people I see around don’t scare me..
    But most of them are sold out on all the Zionist bs..
    i really don’t know if their idea Globalism includes rule over the whole planet by the Jewish super-banker sanhedrin surveillance state we’ve heard of… I don’t suppose that’s what you ascribe to…
    From our hopeful eco-spiritual viewpoint we consider all who leave overpopulation out of the dialogue to be still stuck in the old darkness.. overpopulation is a symptom of the archaic mentality, which mr. Roberts’ heavenly religious ilk will never get, nor will the corporate state, nor would the Zionists’ version of xenophobic Israeli commie socialism…
    The young dems green new deal scares people..
    Nobody wants to turn such a massive program over to the current managers (ZOG), everybody thinks they would use it as a cover for their own agenda, them not showing as yet much compassion and altruism in the Zionist program..
    There’s another understatement…
    If the wave of enlightenment comes over us all somehow, humanity might be set on the corrective path… speaking of messiahs, that’s messiah we really need..

    1. Bark –

      “… we understand that for optimum purposes there are 10 times too many humans here now, even if they were on their best ecological behavior… ”

      Please exclude me from that “we”. I am not in any way a participant of that religious belief. 🙂

      1. Pat, I agree. This earth can easily feed and sustain 10, 20, 30 times the population, no problemo.
        The problem is the management or more accurately, the mismanagement.
        Planned and unplanned..

      2. @ HP

        Planned and managed for jewish control purposes for sure. Food is the only real currency (everyone has to have it) and we know how much the jews love to control currency.

      3. Ungenius, order of battle for human life/survival.

        1) Air, which is naturally taken for granted and as per Donovan isn’t so easy to catch and control and market.
        *2) Water, without which #3 is hardly more than a short lived luxury.
        3) Food, see #2 ^^^

        So it’s obvious #2 (water) which in practical reality is #1, is the life sustaining commodity which Ming the Merciless will attempt to possess with all his power and might.

        *Russia’s Lake Baikal, the Pearll of Siberia, which contains more fresh water than all the Great Lakes combined, is the Eastern Hemisphere’s Mother Lode same as the
        Western Hemisphere’s Mother Lode is the
        USA-Canada immense Great Lakes.

        Brother can you spare a glass of water..

    2. BD, if the moon were to shudder or the sun sneeze or an asteroid impact the earth, the best laid plans of mice and men and demons would be reduced to ashes, just like that. This might be a divine plan. Or perhaps a not so devine plan. Who knows?

  15. We are watching with great satisfaction as the enemies of Israel burn because they dared confront us; we are very pleased as we see that more and more countries side with us against the barbarians that are trying to destroy us and destroy our moral values, freedom, and liberty; we are watching as the destroyers of peace turn their guns on themselves!
    Donald Trump isn´t a Jew, no! but he is our greatest ally ever!
    may Elohim bless him and bless great bloggers like that fellow above (Gilbert Huntly) who at one time wrote harsh words against us right here at Darkmoon, but here he is today, Praising us! admitting to it! siding with us!
    and like him all over the net, many more!
    what a great change!
    what a victory!

    1. Just remember!
      “But when you capture cities in the land that the LORD your God is giving you, kill everyone.”
      That is it! it’s right there!
      Be happy!

  16. PAT
    OK .. no problem…
    Your input is highly valued here…
    May I ask you some questions about your impressions on these subjects?

    1. Sure. I will answer what I can.

      Before you do….. I want you to know that the overpopulation myth is the foundation of the UN Agenda-21 and Sustainable Development CULT established at Rio in 1992 by Maurice Strong. You can add Agenda-2030, which is the source of the loony claims of the “world ending in 12 years….” by Rep Alexandria Occasio-Cortez(D-NY) & most Dems now!! 🙂

      Strong told the opening session of the Rio Conference (Earth Summit II) in 1992, that industrialized countries have:

      “developed and benefited from the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption which have produced our present dilemma. It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class — involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing — are not sustainable. A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”

  17. Since none of us really know all the facts, I guess you could say all our viewpoints are somewhat lame, maybe even prejudicial…
    And there’s all kinds of disinformation spread around on purpose, so we might not even be looking in the right places…
    I guess we know peak oil was a PR scam… funny thing, the oil industry interests jived with the clean energy folks on that one…
    Having said that, I think it best if we all at least intend what we think is best… no?
    I don’t think conquest qualifies as a progressive evolutionary methodology in the brave new world.
    I’m not buying the 12 years thing either, though I note that’s the timeline on the big Deagle Dustoff, however real that might be.
    All kinds of plots could be coming out of the UN, and also the genuine rescue plan…
    Where else might it come from?
    We have seen the UN dissed for years by the Israelis and the ZOG USA, they get bombed a lot, when they try to go onsite in trouble spots. Guess who..
    So how do know who to believe?
    If the population is to be so drastically reduced, maybe AOC’s UN troops will do it..
    There could be millions of them waiting in the DUMB complex right now….
    I guess the planet could sustain twice as many or more people than what we have now, but not under the current systems of topsoil-depleting and water-poisoning corporate chemical agribiz, ocean dumping, over-fishing with wasteful methods, war on insects, nuclear pollution and now the 5G…
    Besides, who wants to live in a Hong Kong stack and pack highrise honeycomb complex? Not you, right?
    Wouldn’t you agree that continuously increasing the human population doesn’t serve the existing individual? Because I don’t see how it does…
    If you could have the earth as it was 2000 years ago, would you take it over this and where it’s headed?
    Do you have any vision for the human race?
    Spiritual implications aside, Wouldn’t we all prefer to live in an uncrowded, fully restored eco-paradise?
    I’ll take my organic buffalo medium well.
    Do you have any religious beliefs?
    I ask you respectfully.

    1. Bark –

      A World Almanac list like this is what I used 40 years ago to determine that there are no overpopulation problems at all. Take a few years and examine it….. I did. Check out their exports in detail!!


      #1 is Macao with over half a million people living in just over 12 square miles. Today, Macao mostly lives off of offshore gambling. In fact, Macau generated 7 times greater gambling revenue than Las Vegas in 2013. People in Macau even make money from exporting clothing… which means they have raw materials.

      #2 is Monaco and is the second smallest country in the world; about 34,000 people live there. Tourism is the main industry. People in Monaco pay no income tax.

      #3 is Singapore and is also commonly known as a “Garden City” or a “City in a Garden” because there are plants everywhere, making it look like a garden.
      Singapore has a strong and free economy that supports a large middle class.
      Singapore Airlines has a large global network which brings tourists and business travelers alike, to the city.
      Singapore also has one of the busiest ports around the world with many ships coming in to trade in a single day.

      #179 is the US, which is far, far, far from being overpopulated.

      I support no organized religion or cults. That is because… I might choose the wrong one. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Homer –

        Nice cartoon!! 🙂

        Who knew, other than Mason-Mormon butt-heads??

        I just never could get past the celestial kingdom, the terrestrial kingdom, and the telestial kingdom ‘thingy’ posed by Joseph Smith. Sounds like paying to get out of purgatory!!

  18. Everyone endorsing the view that “the earth can carry many times the population it has now” conveniently forget that any likely increase will NOT be made up white people. Africans, and South American hybrids are the likely beneficiaries, followed by Indians and Chinese.

    This is a rare case where we need to go along with the UN bullshit, and promote the idea of limiting population growth.

    We might be able to defend ourselves against the 7-odd billion nignogs now, if we ever wake up, but 50 billion might be stretching it.

    1. You forgot to mention Ayrabs, Jake
      but ….
      You are right, we need to keep population down.
      We Jews are 40 million and we only need 5000 goy slaves for every Jew at the nearing end when a grandchild of David sits on a throne to rule the world.
      do the math.
      Goys should have a big war.

      1. AV –

        “We Jews are 40 million and we only need 5000 goy slaves for every Jew at the nearing end when a grandchild of David sits on a throne to rule the world.
        do the math.”

        I did the math which you could not do!!

        The 5000 slaves for every one of the 40 million jews is…..
        ….. 200 BILLION slaves!!

        That is 30 times the current world’s TOTAL POPULATION!!!!! 🙂

        NO war needed!!! BUT…math classes ARE…. “BIGGLY” needed at your synagogue on Saturdays!!

        You are a math challenged jew!! 🙂

      2. Avatar,
        Oh well. Be delusional if you wish. Imagine the headache of keeping up with 5000 slaves. Donaldo has a family. One wife. Maybe 50 people extended. We employ several maids to cook and clean. But you gotta be careful. Sometimes my wife’s jewelry goes missing. Quite chaotic.
        “Slavery” would actually be a huge burden. The slave-owner must provide free housing, food and healthcare. Very expensive. Not worth it. Easier and cheaper just to pay a salary. Or you can do what Western governments do. Call the people under your control “citizens”, tax the f…k out of them and give them nothing. That would be the best plan……….5000 slaves? Don’t think so….😉

      3. Avatar.. Heeey, isn’t that a usurped title!
        Anyway, a couple of serious questions.
        Will 1/2 breed Jewlings get 2500 slaves?
        1/4 breeds 1250? etc., etc., etc.?

        Will there be a sliding scale of righteousness?
        Because this might possibly affect the harem count and one can easily surmise much hand wringing, teeth gnashing, wailing, moaning, groaning and such. Lawsuits even..

        You know the scale I’m referencing…
        1) White Jews
        2) Brown Jews
        3) Black Jews
        4) Women Jews
        5) Ex-Jews

        Enquiring future slaves want to know!

    ” On the other hand”

    As the old saying goes… “If my grandmother had balls she would be my grandfather”

  20. HP,
    😅……. great point. Donaldo gets only 25% from grandad. Donaldo only gets 1,250 slaves. But……out of this figure a small portion will be actual male or female. The rest will be NWO transgender. Donaldo isn’t quite sure he wants these “specials” tip-toeing around the plantation at night. Perhaps better to call it a day and just adopt life as a goy. 😁

  21. According to the quote below, all the jews will be the Messiah, so Trump is off the hook. Besides, Jews hate Jesus and Trump likes Jesus, so he is automatically disqualified as a jewish Messiah.

    “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, published in the Rothschild controlled ‘La Revue de Paris’, .p574, June 1, 1928 from the French National Library

    1. Excellent post, Ungenius, but I’m slightly troubled by your belief (or assumption) that “Trump likes Jesus”. You cannot know that for sure. Living in America where there are huge numbers of Christians, including 60-70 million Christian Zionists who form his support base, Trump has to pretend to like Christians whether he likes them or not.

      I’m not saying he IS pretending; maybe he does like Christians. But I think it’s unlikely, given his lifestyle and his enormous wealth which Jesus Christ would surely not approve of. The New Testament, as you know, has no time for obscenely rich men; and Christ himself said that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

      Otherwise, your post is fine, and I appreciated your pertinent quote from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx.



      1. Trump likes Christians as long as they’re ZIONIST “Christians”. He likes Zionist “Christians” because he and his jew tribe can use Zionist “”Christians to advance their JEW ZIONIST agenda, otherwise Trump couldn’t give a sh*t for Christians. The Christians in Iraq and Syria and in Palestine [ not all Palestinians are Muslims, one-third of Palestinians are Christians ] , Trump couldn’t give a sh*t if ALL of the Christians in Iraq and in Syria and in Palestine were exterminated. He supports ISIS and ISIS is JEW ZOG owned-and-controlled and one goal of JEW ISIS is to exterminate the Christians in Iraq and Syria and in Palestine — and Trump fully well knows IT. Trump wants JEW ZOG to get rid of Assad and takeover Syria for the JEWS [ He LIED BIG TIME during the presidential campaign, BIG TIME did he LIE thru his teeth ] . Trump is ALL about the JEWS and NO ONE ELSE BUT THE JEWS. Trump is JEW ZOG SHIT. Just another pile of JEW ZOG SHIT. Pat and BMan had Trump pegged right from the very beginning of the presidential campaign.

        Trump couldn’t give a sh*t for Christians, and if the JEWS were to KILL IN COLD BLOOD every Christian Palestinian and every Christian Iraqi and every Christian Syrian on earth Trump would be very happy. He would NOT be upset, he would not be the least bit upset. Quite the opposite, he’d be very happy for the COLD-BLOODED MURDEROUS JEWS.

      2. Saki,
        Pat, the intellect of Darkmoon, once posted something very interesting regarding the misenterpretation of ancient language. The original saying was, “It would be easier for a rope to pass through the eye of the needle……..”……not a 🐫. Pat. Do I remember correctly?

      3. @ Saki

        “Trump has to pretend to like Christians whether he likes them or not.”

        For sure Trump has to like at least one Christian, he’s married to a devout one.

        The Father can use anyone he wants to combat evil. How that turns out for one(s) being used is obviously up to The Father.

      4. Don –

        Yes. According to Dr George Lamsa, who translated the original Peshitta texts from Aramaic to English, the Aramaic word for rope and camel are identical. A homonym.

        Again, Matthew 19:24, which the King James Version translates as

        And again I say unto you, It is easier for a CAMEL to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God,

        Lamsa corrects to:

        Again I say to you, It is easier for a ROPE to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

        The result is fresh, direct, and vigorous language; new clarity to confusing or contradictory passages; and a unique feel for idiom, image, and message fully in keeping with the spirit of the Old and New Testaments.

        “The Peshitta is the only text through which we can ascertain the ancient Bible text,” Lamsa asserts. Arguably, his translation of The Holy Bible is the most authoritative English rendering of the word and meaning of the original Aramaic text; as such it is of inestimable importance to readers of the Bible everywhere.

        I purchased his bible in 1969. I read it thoroughly over the decades. It was very enlightening.

    2. “…and Trump likes Jesus…”

      Seriously? In what sense? In the sense that he believes Jesus would approve of his lies and his murderous foreign policy, for example? Or perhaps he likes Jesus as an instrument of propaganda to try to fool “Christians” into supporting him?

      1. @ Harold Smith

        For someone that does not take me serious, why do you reply to my posts instead of just passing over them?

  22. OK PAT
    you’re the agent with the info, i’m the man with the plan.
    i’m sure you’re quite right that under the current circumstances we could pack 1,000,000,000 more people into the USA, but are you considering the fate of wildlife and their habitat, or is that all forgotten, somehow unimportant?
    tell us, in order that the north american continent be restored to its ecological state of 2000 years ago, wth all the eastern forests, panthers and elk all down through the southeast USA, the rivers and streams all pure water, full of fish, salmon all the way up into the mountains everywhere, the everglades back, tidal swamps on the gulf coast, chesapeak bay, sacramento a big wetlands, the aquifers restored and 40,000,000 buffalo – by how much would we have to reduce the human population?
    btw, how many cows are there alive in north america at any one time in the feedlots and dairies?
    because i’m thinking those buffalo, and all the other animals, were putting out a lot more methane than a few million feedlot cattle now, much smaller too…
    as well of course, the global warming crowd has no answer for the melting of the glacial ice all over half of north america a mile deep… i doubt cave men did that…
    believe me, i take all the un stuff with a block of salt…
    “I support no organized religion or cults. That is because… I might choose the wrong one. ”
    i get that.. but i asked you if you had any religious beliefs (something about something god), not if you belonged to any of the known religions…
    just asking….

    1. Bark –

      You are using a false assumption. You assumed I want to restore lands to the same conditions of 2000 years ago. I do not. I never mentioned that. That has no bearing on people living today.

      One good example of many things being better than years ago is the fact that there are more forest trees today than 100 years ago. That is due to re-forestation of higher quality trees…. the intentional restocking of existing forests and woodlands (forestation) that have been depleted, usually through deforestation, including nature cased fires & other natural disasters. This was not done 2000 years ago.

      Enter the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company…. where I worked for a number of years.
      Prior to 1940, most commercial-grade timber came from industry-owned lands. While fire was a concern on all forestlands, Weyerhaeuser took an active interest in changing public attitudes about fire prevention. Heavy recreational use on its tracts in Grays Harbor County and elsewhere had long posed a fire hazard to reforestation efforts. To deal with the threat, by the summer of 1941 Weyerhaeuser had constructed an infrastructure of lookout towers, telephone lines, and roads. Then to publicize the importance of preventing fires, the company invited the public to tour the forest they now called a “tree farm” and held a dedication ceremony attended by five hundred people and the governor of Washington.


      I don’t share any common beliefs in a supreme generator of life anywhere. No one believes as I do, and that is good. Tom Paine might come close.

      No creator ever gave me any rules, so I have broken none. No fear!!

      1. Pat
        You know I lerv the word “perspicacious”.
        Well, I thought it was perspicacious of you to say “I don’t share any common beliefs in a supreme generator of life anywhere”.

        We’ve become so conditioned to thinking of God as an external authoritarian “supreme being”, that we lose sight of the word “Being” when seeing it as a noun and not as a verb.

        Human Beings understand that’s what they are, and that by living their lives they are be-ing. The word “supreme” is the kicker, and the mistake made by religions is in assigning that word to infer an authoritativeness which claims no legitimate authority

  23. SAKI
    “All other Stalin biographers agree with the historical evidence that Stalin only had two wives, both of them Christians, and this truth is reinforced by Stalin’s own daughter Svetlana who asserted that her father had never married any such woman and that the whole story is a fabrication.”
    hard to say exactly ho much of the history we get is really true…
    but i’m looking at a biography of stalin, copyright 1971 harford productions ltd LOCC # 71-164541, by H. Montgomery Hyde, i’m guessing an englishman… i read it 3 decades ago…
    there’s a lot in here about the kaganovitches, i think lazar was the soviet oil king.. he would have known well fred koch, father of the brothers david and charles…
    anyways, hyde asserts stalin had many mistresses and one night encounter types, when he was in charge.. and that it’s likely stalin had at least one illegitimate offspring, while he was married to nadya somebody…
    i think that’s usually the way it is with these dictators… indeed, when not on assignment somewhere, “pussyfooting around the cream bowl”, philip agee talks about picking up carloads of babes to bring to the parties in DC, where the guys in charge, dulles and his buddies, pretty much helped themselves to hundreds of aspiring young groupies over the years..
    hyde states with certainty that lazar kaganovitch had a relative, a daughter i think, named rosa and that she shacked with stalin after nadya left the scene, most likely murdered… he doesn’t say they were married but that she did claim to be joe stalin’s wife…

  24. Please read: Rev.2:9 & 3:9. There is a difference between Political Zionism & Talmudic Judaism.

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