Extinction Rebellion: Loving Animals to Death

Will anarchist extremists save the world from destruction
through organised chaos and compulsory veganism?

By Lasha Darkmoon


“First the eco warriors shut down British cities,” the Daily Mail screams in a recent report. “Now their militant vegan wing—with close links to the RSPCA—are opening a new battle front to stop us eating meat, fish and dairy products.” (October 5, 2019, p. 20-21).

Britain’s most popular newspaper, the Daily Mail, whose special appeal is to the older generation of respectable middle class citizens, waxes eloquent in deploring the imminent doom of the Carnivorous Generation.

No more slaughter houses, those architectural gems hidden away from all human habitations! No more friendly family butchers, porcine and pink-cheeked,  in their spotless white aprons! No more picturesque street sellers flogging us sizzling hamburgers, hot dogs bursting with health, and steak-and-kidney pies oozing with pure goodness!

A dying generation of noble carnivores is being kicked into the long grass. So sad. The Carnivore Haters appear to have won the long battle. Over 200 years ago (in 1813) we have the vegetarian poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, pictured,  complaining, “It is only by softening and disguising dead flesh by culinary preparation that it is rendered susceptible of mastication or digestion; and [for this reason] the sight of its bloody juices and raw horror does not excite intolerable loathing and disgust.”

Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA, would agree with the great English poet, who died, incidentally,  at the early age of 29 in a drowning accident and who subsisted almost entirely on bread and water.  Ms Newkirk advises—and her advice would have delighted the veggie poet, “Recognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic and pesticide laden corpse of a tortured animal.”

The Daily Mail will have none of this soppy sentimentality.

“Lovers of bacon butties, breakfast yoghurt, milky coffee and juicy steaks might consider all this to be dystopian science fiction,” the paper warns grimly, “but the plan is deadly serious

Extinction Rebellion intends to bring London to its knees within the next fortnight by staging scantily clad demonstrations. In pursuit of their evil aims, the semi-naked fanatics (pictured) of Extinction Rebellion are prepared to get arrested. 20,000 activists, it is reported, are on the march, flashing their brazen tattoos. They are prepared to go to prison and fast to death—if anyone in the prison service should be tactless enough to offer them a bacon sandwich or fried egg on toast  for breakfast.

All fast food outlets, beginning with McDonalds, should be bombed or burnt to the ground at once. And replaced with open green spaces sparkling with rivers of mineral water imported from Greenland. Fountains of soy and almond milk should be dotted round the idyllic landscape. No more dark Satanic mills! And shrines should be built everywhere to the Great God Quorn—with altars piled high with tofu, tahini, vegan fudge, veggie burgers, and Chinese noodles fried in virgin olive oil.

Pardon my flight of fancy.

To summarise: Animal Rebellion, an extremist faction of Extinction Rebellion, wants all animal farming and fishing banned. It also plans to “occupy” both Smithfield and Billingsgate markets, from which many of London’s restaurants and takeaways source their meat and fish.

Policing the last ‘Rebellion’ in April cost the Metropolitan Police £16 million. “For a blockade or an obstruction of the highway, the police can only hold you for 24 hours,”  Jane Tredgett, the spokesperson for the group explained.  Jane, as you might expect, is “woke”.

Unlike the bulk of the population, the carnivorous majority are now seen as the Enemies of Mankind. As minions of Satan who need to be ground up in mincing machines. And fed to the sharks.

‘They’re going to put you away for a maximum of 24 hours,” Ms Tredgett explains helpfully to her followers. “Then [they will] release you. It will go to court several months later. Usually, you’ll get a couple of hundred pounds in fines and a smack on the wrist.”

So that’s all right then.

Sipping cups of organic tea—laced with sexy soy milk—the vegan activists in Newcastle sat through a lengthy presentation by Ms Tredgett (pictured here) on the “urgent” need for government bans on animal farming and fishing.

Her talk culminated in a minute’s silence for a beef cow called Hero who has now entered legend.

Hero became instantly famous last year when she hit the headlines.

After escaping from a Polish abattoir, “Hero Cow” (as she is now known in Poland)  managed to launch a plucky resistance movement against her cruel human tormentors. Swimming heroically over rushing rivers and taking refuge in the most unlikely places, Hero was the talk of the vegan community for the next four weeks.  But it was a losing battle for the plucky bovine beauty (pictured here).

Hero finally died of stress or a heart attack—after being bombarded with tranquillizer darts by her kindly human “rescuers”.

Hero Cow has now entered the pantheon of Feminist Martyrs. Had Hero been a bull—a hated chauvinist of patriarchal provenance—he wouldn’t have stood a chance. Belonging as she does to the eternally oppressed and persecuted female sex, Hero’s fame is now guaranteed. She is first feminist martyr of the bovine species! 🙂

—   §   —

One of the principal beliefs of the Animal Extinction brigade is that meat and fish products leave a greater carbon footprint than vegetables. Eating meat produces more greenhouse gases. Moreover cows produce an enormous amount of methane every time they pass wind. Which, according to one of my learned informants, is tiresomely frequent. They are among the world’s most efficient producers of flatulence. So they need to be phased out of existence pronto.

Veganism is the only way, it is argued, to prevent environmental catastrophe and save the planet.

This view has gained momentum ever since Cambridge University removed beef and lamb from its menus in 2016. The boffins of Britain’s second most prestigious university appear to be on the side of the vegan zealots.

The Daily Mail reports:

Animal Rebellion compares its efforts to ban meat, fish and dairy products (plus, one must assume, leather) to the 19th-century campaign against slavery. They say they are following in the footsteps of a long list of people including Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. One of Animal Rebellion’s most oft-repeated slogans is: “Kill capitalism, not animals”.

According to the Mail, other key figures in Animal Extinction’s campaign for compulsory veganism are Roger Hallam, a veteran political activist recently in custody over an alleged plot to use drones to disrupt Heathrow airport. Then there is Tim Speers, a 33-year-old Londoner arrested a few days ago while filming himself spray-painting this alarmist slogan on the walls of the Old Bailey:


Finally, there is the formidable Jane Tredgett, already mentioned above. Aged 52, Jane has had a seat on the RSPCA’s ruling council for 18 years. She is an important person who wields enormous influence over various groups and splinter groups, all deeply concerned with two vital issues: animal welfare and the looming environmental catastrophe from the plastic pollution of the world’s oceans.

It is in our own interests, Jane Tredgett argues convincingly, that we should stop caging animals in cruel conditions and slaughtering them without mercy.

It is in our own interests to stop eating their flesh and drinking their blood, which is what we do every time we have a hamburger.

Given the close kinship between man and beast, eating these helpless creatures is indefensible. It is almost akin to cannibalism, it is often averred with a passion verging on hysteria. After all, would you eat your own dog? Would you roast your own pet in the oven and serve it up for dinner? Doesn’t the very idea give you the creeps? So how on earth can you be so heartlessly cruel and feast on the flesh of an innocent cow?

Yes, that’s how it is. Passions run high, and it is not my intention to ridicule these anarchist extremists but to understand them.

It is my theory that there has been a recent upward spike in human sensitivity. In the ability to empathise with the lower animals and feel their pain.  There is now the compulsion  to defend innocent creatures in the same way as a good mother springs to the defence of her baby when it comes under attack.

I could be wrong. I probably am. But I refuse to brand every animal rights activist a raving lunatic. I’ll leave that to the Daily Mail.

Let me end with a moving story.

“How would you feel,” I was asked recently by a beautiful vegan poetess in a pub, “if invaders from Outer Space landed on Planet Earth and put all us human beings into cages?  Say they then decided to slaughter us in cold blood and turn us all into sausages and hamburgers? Would you like that?”

I was impressed not only by her willowy and ethereal beauty but by the burning sincerity with which she spoke.

The young man who sat next to me in the pub was amused. He stretched his long legs, sniggered, and drawled flirtatiously: “I wouldn’t mind at all, provided my killer is as beautiful as you!”

The beautiful poetess burst into tears.

“You poor little bastard.” she sobbed. “You don’t deserve to live!”

The Daily Mail, crude and insensitive as ever, concluded its report with these flippant words:

“So as thousands of angry protesters once more descend on London, we should be in no doubt: these people are coming for our Sunday roast.”

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  1. Carbon Dioxide does not cause global warming. It is a TRACE GAS. I have yet to meet an eco-socialist who is aware of this. They all think that carbon dioxide is a large and growing percentage of the atmosphere.

    In fact it is one part in 2,500, and that one molecule cannot significantly warm up the other 2,499 molecules.

    CO2 is needed by all green plants and it is deliberately raised in greenhouses to increase plant growth. At present levels it is not toxic to humans, That occurs when it gets up to one part in 200, about ten times the present concentration.

    The vegetation alongside traffic-jammed highways is thriving. due to raised CO2 levels, combined with water and fixed nitrogen, all products of the internal combustion engine, which is the best thing that ever happened for plants

    1. Brilliant article by LD written with her customary wit and brio. Also quite moving in its closing paragraphs.

      There’s no doubt in my mind that something needs to be done about the environmental catastrophe that faces us. People who sneer about “global warming” and dismiss it as “doom porn” are missing the point. We are NOT talking about global warming here, which may or may not be a myth. We are talking about something totally different.

      We are talking about the plastic pollution of the oceans.

      Wherever we look, wherever we turn, we see mountains of disgusting plastic everywhere. Plastic particles have now entered our food supply. We get plastic into our bloodstream every time we eat fish. Even vegans can’t escape it. Miniscule plastic particles are found in the very air we breathe. People get asthma by breathing in these toxic substances. Even drinking water is contaminated, especially if you drink water from plastic bottles.

      These activists are of course going to silly extremes. They are stripping off their clothes in public and making fools of themselves. They are causing traffic jams and chaos everywhere. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it? To create chaos. To shake people out of their lethargy.

      So I say: Well done, LD! The tone you adopt is ambiguous, but moderate and measured. Your wit carries it off. You are clearly concerned about these vital issues, as that final anecdote about the “beautiful vegan poetess” makes clear:

      Let me end with a moving story.

      “How would you feel,” I was asked recently by a beautiful vegan poetess in a pub, “if invaders from Outer Space landed on Planet Earth and put all us human beings into cages? Say they then decided to slaughter us in cold blood and turn us all into sausages and hamburgers? Would you like that?”

      I was impressed not only by her willowy and ethereal beauty but by the burning sincerity with which she spoke.

      The young man who sat next to me in the pub was amused. He stretched his long legs, sniggered, and drawled flirtatiously: “I wouldn’t mind at all, provided my killer is as beautiful as you!”

      The beautiful poetess burst into tears.

      “You poor little bastard.” she sobbed. “You don’t deserve to live!”

      The Daily Mail, crude and insensitive as ever, concluded its report with these flippant words: “So as thousands of angry protesters once more descend on London, we should be in no doubt: these people are coming for our Sunday roast.”

    2. Extinction Rebellion Climate Activists Paid Over $500 Per Week by George Soros to ‘Shut Down’ Britain

      In the past week, over 1,300 arrests were made involving members of the Extinction Rebellion, a climate-change-alarmist group that is critical of the West and has blocked roads and shut down a London airport. George Soros is among the high-profile donors to this group.

      The Mail on Sunday revealed documents showing that activists have been paid over $88,000 during a four-month span and more than $253,000 since the founding of the group. Extinction Rebellion’s finances have come under scrutiny as the group has paid no taxes on the money it has paid to its activist members.

      [These so-called activists are paid actors. You don’t have to pay people to support a cause in which they truly believe. It’s all political theater, folks.]


  2. Cui bono from these groups’ manufactured chaos? The groups are not targeting the head of the snake when it comes to destroying the environment issues. These minions, doubtless being paid, are at best useful idiots. I recommend you watch this short video full of very interesting research. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=505&v=536qN22jxak
    Meanwhile what a super distraction from Brexit, especially if there is an associated chaos.
    And how timely!!!! By the way when 5G is rolled out, our actors will be more concerned with increasing cancer rates etc etc than causing mayhem. And they won’t be protesting over that, because nobody will be paying them, and the police will hit them with a brutality that they never expected. I hope your readers, Lasha, can delve into the present very deep rabbit hole!

    1. I’m not an Extinction Rebellion type. I’m not an anarchist, I’m not any kind of Leftist. But if their protesting results in putting an end to BOTH the jew kosher way of killing animals and the muslim halal way of killing animals, that would be a Good Thing.The jew way of slaughtering animals and the muslim way of slaughtering animals is absolutely horrific, it’s so barbarian. It’s disgusting.

      1. In the United States, you’re supposed to use a stun gun on the animals before killing them so they don’t feel pain. The slaughterhouses are supposed to use stun guns on the animals, that’s The Law, but it’s a law that’s totally violated.

        The law was passed in 1923. It was Christians who agitated for the law, Christians who weren’t so mesmerized by Old Testament Abraham, by Christians who had Heart. Abraham seems like such a dirty character to me. I’ve tried many times to like him — because I’m a Christian so I’m a member of an Abrahamic faith so I wanted to like Abraham, but try as I might I just can’t get myself to like Abraham.

        I Thank God Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God was BEFORE Abraham so one can ignore Abraham if one finds him disgusting and simply turn to Christ. I don’t think Christ wants us to torture the poor animals.


        1- Is there such a thing as a Christian way of slaughtering animals? Please enlighten us.
        2- How could you claim you are Christian and member of the Ibrahamic faith then turn around and call prophet Abraham, peace and blessing be upon him a “dirty character.”? Inquiring mind wants to know!

  3. Although colorful, these English vegans aren’t as exciting as a day in the life of Samuel Pepy described in his diary. It was a typical, ho-hum day to attend a beheading or hanging at Charring Cross, then go dine at some “chop house” on bloody meat and red wine. Those Londoners always find some way to amuse and fascinate. 😊

  4. To believe in animal ‘rights’ and ‘privileges’ is absurd. Only jews could initiate global groups which would have an objective to want to equate animals and humans….. to confuse and dilute existing laws and bring legal systems down, to implement Noahide Laws….. in the distant future. All the while…. raking in the $$$$ USD from donors and governments! DISGUSTING!!!

    I might consider animals’ equality with humans….. if, and only if, animals construct their own veterinary clinics, staffed with animals as surgeons and nurses! 😜 That goes for fish and whales as well!! 🙂

    1. I like my dogs and horses, Pat, and would not hesitate to disable any creep who was cruel to them. Also, I believe in “clean kill” – for any slaughtered animal, hogs included. Still, in the United States, there are those who “stick” hogs and let them wander around until they bleed out. The Jew hangs cattle by their hind legs, slashes their jugular, then catches the warm blood while the animal bleeds out. (I know of only ONE hog-killing Jew, anyway – but they do exist.)
      The most humane way to kill before slaughter is to shoot them in the ear, or between the eyes. Some say they do not bleed out as well that way, but it’s very hard to tell the difference.
      Chicken slaughter is another thing – but what does a foolish chicken know, anyway??? 😉

    2. Yep Pat.
      I grabbed one of my granddaughters coffee mugs while preparing some ground Starbucks coffee last week. All of her mugs have little mottos or sayings printed on the sides. This mug read, “Pets Are People Too.” Such subtle and ridiculous beliefs are being promoted by the Zios and circulate around us every day. Zios actually don’t care about animals that much. The objective is simply to mock and defile humanity. ☕

  5. Way to go Lasha! Very thorough and insightful piece.

    I do not care about PETA and I do enjoy my hot juicy steak. Thank Allah I live in America where “halal” slaughter houses are allowed. I am stunned by THEORGINALJOE claim that the Jewish and Islamic way of slaughtering animals is horrific, barbaric and disgusting. I respectfully disagree. In fact the Islamic way of slaughtering animal is the most humane and compassionate way. Here is why:

    Under Islamic law, animals intended for human consumption should be slain ed in certain ways. That is what defines Halal slaughter or what makes the meat halal (permissible) to be consumed by Muslims. Contrary to those who falsely claim that Halal slaughter is barbaric, it is rather one of the most the humane method available in meat processing and that’s what make it acceptable to Muslims consumers. Here are the conditions of Halal slaughter:
    1- The animal must be alive at the time of the slaughter.
    2- The animal can not be sick
    3- The animal can not be pregnant
    4- The animal must be slaughtered by the use of a sharp knife and in one stroke without lifting the knife.
    5- The name of Allah must be invoked at the time of the slaughtering by saying: Bismillah Allahu Akbar.
    6- The slaughtering must be done by a sane adult Muslim. Animals slaughtered by a non Muslim will not be Halal.
    7- Any knife used for slaughtering pigs should not be used for Halal slaughtering.
    8- It is recommended to offer water the animal before slaughter and it shroud not be slaughter when hungry.
    9- The knife should be hidden from the animal and slaughtering should be done out of sight of other animals waiting to be slaughtered.
    10- The head of the animal must not be cut off during slaughter but later after the animal is completely dead.
    11- Skinning or cutting any part of the animal is not allowed before the animal is completely dead.

    1. Mahmoud El-Youseph –

      A member of my family in northern Virginia has taken an otherwise worthless piece of farmland and populated it with goats. He fenced it off and hauled young goats in to roam and forage, and he charges a fee for Islamists to come there and do “halal” killing. It more than pays the property taxes! 🙂
      I did not realize so many who dwell around Washington DC were Muslim, btw. (Goat is good meat, too!)

      1. Gilbert, According to the Quran, the foods explicitly forbidden are meat from animals that die of themselves, BLOOD, the meat of pigs, and any food dedicated to other than God.

        However, a person would not be guilty of sin in a situation where the lack of any alternative creates an undesired necessity to consume that which is otherwise unlawful. (Quran 2:173) This is the “law of necessity” in Islamic jurisprudence: “That which is necessary makes the forbidden permissible.”

        The man at the farm who offered you a cup of blood and who claimed it would help grow hair on your chest was joking or bullshitting you. Drinking blood is practiced by devil worshipers and may diseases.

        1. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

          Glad to see you back here, Mahmoud! What have you been up to? We’ve missed you big time! 🙂

    2. MEY –

      “9- The knife should be hidden from the animal and slaughtering should be done out of sight of other animals waiting to be slaughtered.”

      That keeps them calm and keeps adrenaline out of the meat… Just like the jew kosher system. 🙂

      1. @ Pat, well put Pat! I could have not said it better.
        @Gilber Huntly: That is a smart member of your family. I would be willing to pay more money for “halal” meat.

        I still remember when Denmark closed “halal” or “koshered” slaughter houses few years ago, America refused to follow suit and uphold Muslim right to practice their religion. That is called respect! Respect turn enemies into friend and disrespect make enemies out of friends.

      2. Yes, Mahmoud, halal is becoming more well-known in certain places in the states. The first slaughterhouse I ever went to as a young boy is, now, a halal slaughterhouse. Back in my younger days, I was sent there with two steers for our own freezers, and was very uneasy when the obviously hung-over, red-eyed negroes with long, sharp knives ran the steers up the chute and quickly snapped chain shackles around their hind legs and hoisted them up while slashing their throats. They acted in frenzy, passing tin cups to collect blood and drink it. When one offered me a fresh cup of blood, he said “Here, boy, this’ll put hair on your chest!” (I got back in the truck and got the hell out of there as quickly as possible…)
        I always think about those two steers whenever we send cattle to the sales. If they ever understood what was going to happen to them, their bucolic lives in well-watered green pastures would become a nightmare. There is a cattle station on the highway where we can take “cull” cows for the MacDonald’s truck (we call it the “Happy Meal Express”) to pick up on Thursday evenings to go to the MacDonald’s arbattoir in Newark, New Jersey. As soon as they’re walked or dragged off the truck, they’re stunned and slaughtered. It must be a very busy place – operating around the clock.

        1. As the population goes up and the value of the paper money goes down an inevitable trend emerges – the poor can no longer afford meat products. The reason may be the energy equation, animals must eat 14-24 pounds of plant to make a pound of meat.
          You may have heard a rule-of-thumb is that it takes 1.5 to 2 acres to feed a cow calf pair for 12 months. You can feed a family of 5 on 2 acres. Plants are more energy efficient.

          First they couldn’t afford the prime cuts of beef, then they were reduced in real income to only affording chicken and the turkey, then the veggie burgers and the tofurkey. Yummmm. Soon they ate only plants and held up their austerity as a superior lifestyle, called it a fancy name like veganism at peak prices in the Grand Supercycle.

          Then the financial crash came and evaporated whatever meager savings they had left they were forced to eat each other.
          Down in Haiti they eat the mud cookies, flour mixed with mud and dried on the pavement has become a staple for the poor:
          “Mud cookies are all the rage in Haiti today—a rage sparked by soaring food prices. The cookies, a traditional remedy for hunger pangs and a source of calcium for pregnant women, have become a staple because food is simply unaffordable for impoverished Haitians.”

          The rich who are getting trillions of free money from the Fed bailouts are jet setting and yachting eating caviar and attending Satanic rituals at Bohemian Grove or lecturing us the dangers of carbon dioxide.

          When will the poor storm the Bastille?

      3. YJ –

        Different breeds of cattle have different feed conversion ratios. A Simmemtal cow, for instance, typically requires only 5 pounds of feed to put on one pound of weight, whereas a Hereford requires about FIFTEEN pounds to one pound of weight. There are trade-offs in the hardiness and handling of them – like a Simmental is larger and more difficult to handle than a Hereford – but their meat is less tender. Herefords are more susceptible to pinkeye, and it doesn’t take long for them to go blind, unattended. Angus or black/whiteface cattle are the least trouble and most desire able of the “commercial” breeds, but Dexters produce the very best steaks, imo. (Their drawback is their high feed conversion ratio and their petit size.)
        Breeding can be quite interesting if one pays attention. 🙂

      4. Yukon Jack,

        “animals must eat 14-24 pounds of plant to make a pound of meat”

        And water too, hundreds of pounds of water to make a pound of meat.

        Meat has to be reserved to the higher castes, the ones who can afford it. Food is skyrocketing in value (value isn’t equal to price), paper money is doing the opposite, it’s losing value in a day by day basis. Now we are going to have helicopter money, QE4 (quantitative easing). The lower castes, according to the UN, have to satisfy themselves eating fried insects on a stick, disgusting!!

      5. Ruth, what a pleasant surprise!. Glad you are still around. Believe me the feeling is mutual and good friends are a hot commodity these days. Many things happened since last time we talked. I do not want to be off topic here but if you shoot me an email, I will keep you updated. My email contact is available online. Take it easy Jewish Princess!

        1. Nice to hear from you after all this time, Mahmoud. But hey, I’m not Jewish! I thought you knew that. I was only pretending to be Jewish on Mark Glenn’s now defunct ‘The Ugly Truth’ site. Just to stir up controversy and be amusing. A literary device, no more! Just like Seymour Zak on this site.

          BTW, what happened to Mark Glenn? Any news of him? He just vanished one day, together with his site.

      6. @ Yukon Jack – Excellent comment – it is the truth. Here in OZ people on low government pensions can only afford to eat “the good replacement stuff” that has hardly any nutritional value but it feeds the already obese bodies, organs and the diseases that come with it dragging along costly “pharmaceutical remedies” that are needed and that bring some spent government money back to where it originated from. A very efficient way of “caring” for unwanted and useless eaters that put a burden on the Australian economy of the international oligarchs.
        Australian premium meat is mostly exported overseas. Seafood from the oceans surrounding Australia is also cashed in in Asia for top $$$ while “toxic” prawns, fish and other seafood products from “unpolluted” Taiwan, Vietnam & other Asian waters are imported cheap and for the Australian masses that can not afford seafood caught in Australian waters.
        While the snowflake generation is herded into usefulness through “controlled activism” , diverting attention on “how to save the world while improving ones own health (and stupidity) through vegetarianism and without animal cruelty”. The wake up call for the masses is coming when lights and power are being turned of in rioting cities and empty supermarkets. The herd will awake very harshly and find that “animals” were/are treated more humane than the once dreaming snowflake activists themselves.

        1. @ JO

          Very moving, Jo. And yet I know a young family of Brits all ready to emigrate to Australia for the “good life”. They are fed up with the British climate, the worst in the world except for a few months in the summer. They are looking forward to a great life in Australia: endless sunshine, beautiful tans, sparkling seas, pristine silver-sand beaches, restaurants and supermarkets bursting with goodies galore.

          They wouldn’t be emigrating if they could hear what you say about your own country! 🙂

          They are in their late thirties with two young children, he a civil engineer and she a highly qualified business lady. Comfortably well-off middle class couple who have never been out of work and will find it easy finding well-paid jobs in Australia.

          Though life may not be a bed a roses in Australia, who knows, maybe it’s a damn sight worse in Britain! I wouldn’t know, having never been to Ozzie Land. But if I had a choice, I think I would find Australia more attractive — if only for the sunshine. No shortage of Vitamin D there, that’s for sure!

          1. As for eating junk food, the poor are forced to eat it here too. I’m talking about the ready-cooked processed food you heat up in the microwave oven. No cooking needed. You have it on your plate in 5 minutes. Caged chicken is the cheapest meat going.

            The rich feed their dogs here on food the poor can’t afford. I know a dog who dines on prime steak every day. And I know a pensioner who dines on dog food made edible with curry powder. Pampered cats dine on tuna and salmon, the poor eat canned kippers.

      7. A diet of mainly rice & beans with a little leafy greens or seaweed and a few fish tossed in once a month has worked for many cultures for hundreds of years. Cubans & Mexicans are examples.

        ONLY SMALL amounts of pork or chicken needed!

        Check Okinawans:

        In the purest sense, the Okinawa diet refers to the traditional eating patterns of the people living on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Their unique diet and lifestyle are credited with giving them some of the longest lifespans on the planet.

        The traditional Okinawa diet is low in calories and fat while high in carbs. It emphasizes vegetables and soy products alongside occasional — and SMALL— amounts of noodles, rice, pork, and fish.


      8. @ Sardonicus – “Skilled migration” to Australia these days is mostly related to how much money will be transferred into Australian accounts and businesses. A Chinese Millionaire for instance that can instantly invest a few millions into the Aussie economy does not need to wait long for a permanent residency status as a British subject with skills and far less $$$. Migrating to OZ has become a great business and a money spinner for the managers of the colony. One would love to know how much yearly revenue is created just by the non refundable application/visa fee for migration to OZ that have been rejected after “consideration”. But then again it might get as complicated as measuring the length of a rubber string of Australian governmental standards which will stretch around corners, twist up and down and spin into dark alleys of favorable connections that will be beneficial to the “crown (is)land”.
        In short if one is poor and with skills – better try to migrate elsewhere. That also implies to subjects of the good old motherland.

  6. “I saw deep in the eyes of the animals the human soul look out upon me. I saw where it was born deep down under feathers and fur, or condemned for a while to roam four-footed among the brambles, I caught the clinging mute glance of the prisoner and swore that I would be faithful.” (Thoreau)

    1. @ Hp

      Thanks for this precious quote. Your attitude to animals is humane and civilized. I wish others on this site were worthy enough to read LD’s extremely well-written article and take in its kindly message. It is clearly above their heads. If only they could do something about their flippant and arrogant tone. But they can’t. Even in the presence of pain and misery, they pepper their callous comments with smiley faces.

      1. I find it very strange that many of these protesters have dogs!!!! the supermarket is full of dog and cat food in tins and plastic bags full of dried biscuits. It takes a lot of energy to produce these products so it would be a good idea to get rid of these domestic animals first as some of them serve no purpose at all. The poor creatures are locked away in flats and houses with no garden to run around in plus their poo has to be binned somewhere. I am sure there would be an outcry from many but seriously …get real.

        1. What do these demented, Soros-funded ZOMBIES think will happen to their beloved animals if we stop eating them? Do they think our countries will become more like India, with the gates opened and sheep, cows, pigs, chicken and other currently-farmed animals released to roam the world to their hearts’ content?

          I’ve got news for you vegans. Quite apart from the fact that a vegan diet is unhealthy and unsustainable long-term, animals that are no longer considered to have a monetary value will be “put down”, a euphemism for KILLED. Is that what you want? A world practically devoid of animal life?

          I can understand those few of you who genuinely care for animals, but the Human digestive system can’t function properly without meat. Being an animal lover myself, I hate it too, but we can’t deny biology forever. Humans are omnivores, not herbivores.

          You need to look too at the nonsense of Carbon Dioxide being a pollutant. This LIE could not be farther from the truth. All life on Earth is Carbon-based, and without it there would be NO life at all. No plants, no animals, nothing.

    2. Probably Mark Glenn got devoured by a lion, that’s usually what happens when Ruthie Truthsie falls in love with someone like that […] the guy gets devoured by a lion. 🙂

      [ LMFAO! ]

    3. To Ruthie Truthsie,

      I hope your boyfriend lobro is okay. He’s another one who disappeared off the face of the earth. You and gobro were always an item, are you TWO still together? Or, did you TWO have a break-up ? I hope he’s okay and didn’t die a horrible death like getting devoured by a lion for example like your ((( first husband))) and like your precious ((( mark glenn))). *grin*

    4. @ Ruth (re Mahmoud)

      Yes Ruth, many things have happened since the last time you and Mahmoud talked, since the last time you and Mahmoud talked there has been 666 more Islamic RAPE JIHADS in Europe and 666,000 more cars in Europe were set ablaze by Muslims and there’s been a lot more Muslim-instigated riots in Europe and a lot more Catholic churches have been desecrated and vandalized and even torched/arsoned by Muslims, and the Islamic Jihadists even managed to set the great Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on fire […]

      So yes, you can see things have been very busy! And I’m sure you and Mahmoud would agree a lot of what you TWO would call “progress” has been made since the last time you and Mahmoud talked together. 🙂

  7. It must be working!! I could hardly believe what I saw on the TV!!

    Boris Johnson addressed Parliament and even included animal welfare in his speech:

    “At its heart is a new vision for Britain. A vision of a country happy and confident about its future. A vision of the country that we love.”

    * Tackling violent crime and strengthening the justice system

    * Ensuring fairness and protection for individuals and families

    * Levelling up opportunity through better infrastructure, education and science

    * Protecting the environment and IMPROVING ANIMAL WELFARE!!

    In his introduction, Boris Johnson said the legislative programme “delivers on my promise as Prime Minister to get this amazing country of ours moving again”.

    He claimed people are “tired of the statis, gridlock and waiting for change”, and that he is “going to get the gears on our national gearbox working again”.

    Repeating his themes of delivering Brexit, investing in schools, improving hospital and recruiting more police officers, he added: “This is a programme that will set out our country on a new, upwards trajectory.


    1. “Tackling violent crime and strengthening the justice system” – how convenient.
      Though which justice system does Bojo refer to: The kosher British one or the predatory oligarchic one licensed by COL? Making Great Britain Great again?
      “We are British and we will never surrender…We British will never never never be slave”. shouted by protesters in Hongkong and not as mistakingly thought from a Cheech and Chongs movie called “Nice dreams”.

  8. And another episode of Soros world entertainment that will end in civil war like protests in the cities of the world. Finally and unhidden “the law” will be adjusted to legalise civil arrests for any kind of criticism against authorities and the destruction of property. It is done! The chaff of (any) activism now will be separated quickly now from the hay of obedience. In the meantime the happy herd does what it loves the most, it fights intelligently among themselves while the chains around their neck tighten in anger and disbelief. Oh please, just one more argument begs the activist before the gulag silences his vocal cords together with all that were opposed.
    Great job inmates of the most intelligent mental asylum in the universe.

  9. I went vegan for almost a year after contracting food poisoning from tainted meat. One thing I heard from other males living the Vegan lifestyle was, “I dunno,’ not eating meat makes me feel, like, hollow.”

    Here is an interesting thought about meat from the eighth century Sufi, Hazrat Rabia Basri

    Beasts of the Jungle

    Once when Hazrat Rabia was on a mountain, the wild beasts of the jungle gathered around her and stared at her in wonder. Coincidentally, Hazrat Hassan Basri appeared on the scene. All the animals scattered and disappeared into the jungle. In surprise, he said: “The animals fled when they saw me. Why did they stay with you?” Hazrat Rabia asked, “What did you eat today?” Hazrat Hassan Basri replied, “Meat and bread.” Hazrat Rabia then said, “When you have eaten meat, why should they not flee?”

    So why meat? Besides the flavor, (the very smell of bacon is a known “vegan lifestyle” killer) it is a long known fact that meat provides strength and aggressiveness in the male. Charles Dickens points this out in his novel Oliver Twist.(At 29:47)

    One does not find vegan males among the buff, aggressive, Schwarzenegger-type physiques working out at the gym (spare me the usual, one-off anecdote e.g., “but I know a tough vegan male”). The vegan movement is simply another way Jews weaken the goy male’s ability to resist. Being the cowardly, effeminate, wimps they are, Jews need all the help they can get, lest they find themselves sailing over the railing, like that tough, JDL, Jew boy Irv Rubin.

    So how do Jews view meat? As usual, one only needs to read their unholy book to find the answer.

    The Jews’ blood-based, sacrificial system began with the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was founded on the legal precedents set forth in the Torah stories. The very first precedent was the importance of the meat sacrifice over the grain sacrifice, the story of Cain and Able.

    2 And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.

    Cain is a grain farmer while his brother Abel was a sheep herdsman.

    3 And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord.

    After the harvest, the brothers made their offering to the “Lord” – The title here is “lord” not “god,” two entirely different things. A lord is a lord of something earthly, e.g., lord of the manor, lord of the realm. Priests were also referred to as “lord” in ancient times.

    4 And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering:

    Note, the lord prefers the “fat of the firstling.” Why fat? Because fat and viscera (“inwards” in Jew speak) is sweet savour to “the Lord” when burned on the altar. A nice cut of lamb or beef is also sweet savour to men and the priests they served. So while the “lord” in the story smiles upon Able, he says to Cain, “Grain eh? Big deal! Is this all you brought to the dinner table?”

    5 But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.

    Jews are big on getting respect. That is why you hear about Jew mafia bosses or “godfathers” forcing “respect” and why Jew comedians complain about how they “don’t get no respect.” So here we find Cain is the very first Rodney Dangerfield.

    Leviticus 1:9 But his inwards and his legs shall he wash in water: and the priest shall burn all on the altar, to be a burnt sacrifice, an offering made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the LORD.

    Note, only the internal organs and “legs” are sacrificed on the altar.

    Leviticus 1:13 But he shall wash the inwards and the legs with water: and the priest shall bring it all, and burn it upon the altar: it is a burnt sacrifice, an offering made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the LORD.

    Just to make it clear to the priests, the importance of meat is highlighted a second time – meat is to die for.

    Yes, I know it says to “burn all” on the altar, but remember we’re talking Jews here; masters of legal interpretation. That fact was the animal’s fat and viscera were fully immolated on the altar, while the prime cuts of meat were divided between the priest and the “sinner,” with the priests taking ten percent of the best cuts.

    Of course in the true tradition of Jew doublespeak, that’s not to say ancient Jews did not fully immolate animals for their sacrifice. But remember, the blood sacrifice was the way the Jewish priests made their living. While burning a few shekels for show might be okay, it doesn’t serve to burn all of one’s paycheck.

    Bet you didn’t know the second Temple priesthood actually maintained large herds of “ritually pure” animals they sold to gullible sinners for the blood sacrifice. Imagine walking into a fancy restaurant where the waiters pay one to eat dinner.

    Here is a clue to the real sacrificial recipe –

    Leviticus 2:2 And he shall bring it to Aaron’s sons the priests: and he shall take thereout his handful of the flour thereof, and of the oil thereof, with all the frankincense thereof; and the priest shall burn the memorial of it upon the altar, to be an offering made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the LORD:

    Here it is in plain English –

    God’s Roast Lamb:


    1 really large cooking pan
    1 ritually unblemished lamb with hindquarters and inwards removed.
    4 cups flour
    1 qt olive oil
    2 Tbls Frankincense. Salt and Pepper may be substituted if Frankincense is unavailable. (See Lot’s wife for salt recipe)

    Frankincense?. . . Smells good too!

    Take only the very finest cuts of lamb, dredge in flour mixed with frankincense. Place lamb in large, oiled pan and roast on altar until meat is tender. Add more frankincense if richer flavoring is desired. Mmm, Mmmm! There you have it, a meal fit for a priestly Lord. And don’t forget! Burn the inwards and legs on the altar so’s yer Lord can snort it up as sweet savour after dinner. ‘Course nowadays it’s more appropriate to offer a “Lord” a seegar and an after dinner aperitif.

    13 And Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

    The lord spares the murdering farmer as he may be useful later, but marks him with piercings and tattoos.

    14 Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.

    15 And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.

    Whoa buddy! If this is what happens to grain farmers that don’t get no respect, then I hear ya’ loud and clear! I’m convinced, I’m in it for the meat! When do we start herding and slaughtering?

    Meat – Never for sissies, always for men.

    1. There is no extremity within anarchy. Anarchy simply is without rule/rulers. Therefore when someone who professes to be an anarchist starts enforcing how we should live, what we should eat etc, they instantly stop being anarchists. This epitomizes the oxymoron of left, wing anarchy. You’ve heard of champagne socialists, well this is no different. Extinction rebellion is overwhelmingly being run, funded and controlled by the upper classes – the establishment.

      There are two distinct types of anarchists – the faux, left wing, ‘crusty’, hippy, dread-headed, bum who essentially doesn’t want to work and provide for themself, but wants to pilfer off the state and have an open border, ‘let’s all get high’ love-in, enforcing their eco-warrior BS upon society……..and there are the true, right wing, anarchists, who wish to live as free men and women, with no state, no government, no aristocracy or warlord, to impose their will upon them, who wish to form a society, where people farm the land, raise their family, exist in peace along side one another and living by their culture and traditional ways.

      This is why the Jews do their best to promote anarchy as a post, apocalyptic, cannibal, zombie infested hellhole, because as the parasites they are, they simply couldn’t exist, in a society they couldn’t control. You cannot enforce your authority upon a people who do not accept authority in any way, shape, or form.

      1. Harb –

        Are you the anarchist coming back after a couple of years off??

        If so, welcome back. You have been missed!

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      Meat – Never for sissies, always for men.

      I am second to none in admiration of your extensive knowledge and wordsmithery, but sometimes you talk a lot of rubbish. Some of the greatest men in history have been vegetarians. Conversely, most of the world’s greatest psychopaths — Genghiz Khan, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin — have been carnivores.

      I bet you can’t name a single vegan psychopath! 🙂

      Here is a list of some of the world’s most famous vegetarians. Not one of them could be described as “sissies”:

      Mahavira (founder of the Jain religion)
      Zoraster (Zarathustra)
      Gautama Buddha
      Virgil (greatest Latin poet)
      Leonardo da Vinci
      Mahatma Gandhi
      Franz Kafka
      Great English poet Shelley
      Leo Tolstoy
      Aldous Huxley
      Ramanujan, brilliant Hindu mathematician
      Nikola Tesla
      George Bernard Shaw (strict vegan)
      Rabindranath Tagore

      You’ll find all their names here:


      1. BTW, aren’t you a great admirer of Hitler?

        Well, Hitler was a vegetarian!

        It certainly didn’t make him a sissy. Six million reasons for that! 🙂

        1. What do you have against Tesla?

          A great vegetarian and an incomparable scientist.

          Bet you never knew Tesla fell in love with a pigeon. The pigeon fell in love with him too. They had a really deep relationship, like they were soulmates. I’m not kidding. Check it out. I got this in an email from Lasha Darkmoon who thought it was “weird” but “typical of Tesla”.

    Maybe these protesters will fall under more strict scrutiny even at private establishments with security concerns soon!!

    PatronScan scans IDs at bars and restaurants and identifies ‘troublemakers’.

    A “public” list is shared among all PatronScan customers who then can refuse service to individuals with objectionable behavior!!

    Silicon Valley Is Building A Chinese-Style Social-Credit System in the US!!


  11. Long before the European settled in America millions of wild and woolly buffalo farted their was across the fruited plains. Hard as they tied the Plains Indians couldn’t make a dent in the buffalo herds, their main source of food. It’s not known it the millions and millions of farting buffalo caused any “climate change”.
    Francis Parkman from Mass. lived among the Indians and the pioneers traversing the Oregon Trail during the 1850’s and wrote about his experiences in his one time famous book “The Oregon Trail”. In the book he describes a scene of some starving plains Indians who had brought down a buffalo. Without any ceremony they cut into the buffalo and begin to eat the flesh raw and quite rare, organs, brains and all. Parkman’s book has some not-so-very politically correct wording and scenes. Not taught in America’s schools in this day and age. It might cast the “Noble American Indian” in not so good light with slavery, killing other tribes, along with the Whites.
    With all the Black Africans making home in Europe one wonders if “white” meat (not pork) will be on their dinner table, as is happening little by little in South Africa right now, when the economic and social collapse begins in earnest in the Western World and beyond.
    Parkman describes, in some cases where starving pioneers ate their horses, mules and dogs. As they say when the going gets tuff the tuff will eat their dogs.
    No doubt if Ms Tredgett was starving, after she burned up all her fat, she might very well have dog meat, her dogs on the menu.

  12. Congressman Davy Crockett published his memoirs in 1836. He told of leading an expeditionary force to Fort Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and found the fort occupied by hostile Indians. Crockett’s men were starving, and pissed because they could not get to the blockhouse for provisions. They fired the fort, shot the escaping Indians, and let the rest cook in the fire. Crockett said the grease from the roasted Indians gave the potatoes stored in the blockhouse a “good flavor”… (!)

  13. Well look at it this way – killing, slaughtering an animal is an act of violence… No two ways about it…
    Some people think any violence begets more violence…
    If it’s an unnecessary act of violence, then why do it?
    I don’t see any possible ethical problem with eating eggs and dairy… No harm done… No harm, no foul…
    And I’ll tell you something else – all you dis-ease sufferers out there with your obesity, hypertension, all kinds of GI tract problems, cancer, heart dis-ease – if you cut out all animal products from your diet, your chances of survival will keep doubling…
    I think the more care we take of the least of us, the better we will all be in the long run, and that people decent enough to care about animal welfare should have more influence in government…
    And I don’t think the slaughtering is the worst of it, if it’s done right…
    Keeping an animal in a small cage, mother pigs, for example, who are generally not given enough room to turn around or even lay on their sides, is an act of cruelty, which should offend any decent person…
    Taking baby cows away from their mothers at birth, then putting them in tiny, shuttered veal cages – that’s not something i could do…
    Animals, especially domesticated animals, are sentient beings, not mere machines, as establishment religion would have you believe… They know they’re here… Horses, cows, pigs, they all have emotions, like the dogs you love so much…
    I’ve seen a mother hen break up a bloody fight between two teenage roosters, who were taking turns slamming their beaks into each other’s chests…
    Most CAFO operations need a lot of improvement toward humanity, but battery chicken operations should be outlawed…
    I think all kinds of birds are very sentient… Look at parrots… They don’t just mimic word sounds… Me and somebody else were lifting a big heavy piece of furniture into the house one day.. The woman has a parrot… The parrot was actually making heave-ho sounds as we were struggling with it…
    The should certainly be laws against the abuse of animals… There are some but not enough…
    I hear that in many states it’s perfectly legal to kill an animal, a dog, a cat, a horse or a cow, with a club…
    But it’s generally not legal to burn or boil animals to death…
    That is what happens to lots of chickens every day though, who were not killed by the automatic knife, when they are then dropped still alive into the boiling vat…
    The way the industry gets around that is that chickens are not classed as animals… Officially, they’re more like insects, i guess…
    Of course the hideous torture that animal testing labs inflict is sickening, and for what…
    So here’s the deal…
    The world has humans empathetic enough to refrain from torturing, killing and eating animals…
    I consider that a high ethic, not something to ridicule, and if these people had more power, who knows, they might reform the world beyond the systemic violence we deal with now…
    But if they block me at an intersection, I might run over one of them…

    1. Bark,
      Every thing you write is true and right on the mark. Mankind’s treatment of it’s food animals and for sometimes humans themselves as food, is a real conundrum and disgrace. We all live in a world and on a planet of tooth and claw. Human Beings have only risen, somewhat, above the tooth and claw level only for a tiny period of 10,000 years out of the 400,00 years, or according to “Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archeology” much, much longer, of human existence. This Forbidden Archeology has shown that advanced human cultures going back possibly millions of years has been uncovered in the last 200 years or so.
      Of course all this “forbidden” history doesn’t fit the present historical and Biblical paradigm. If this is true, mankind has gone through periods as hunter-gathers in a world of tooth and claw. A hunter eats meat. Humans have evolved through their many cultural manifestations eating meat. The human body is geared to eat meat. Albeit Western peoples eat to much meat. but the human has a need for meat.
      One can wonder if towards the end of mankind’s previous cultural manifestations, and being separated for some time from a tooth and claw existence, that some or many thought that eating one’s fellow animals was not good. (The non-animals themselves don’t seem to have a problem with it.) TJ gets a creepy feeling that this vegetarian non-meat revolution is a harbinger of the coming end of this present 10,000 years old Holocene Interglacial warm period. There have been 11 different interglacial warm periods over the past 800,000 years that last on average 11,000 years. The earth is due for another ice age that last 80 thousand or more years each. Then it’s back to eating meat in a world of tooth and claw with some civilized life along the exposed continental shelves of the delta’s of the great river systems.
      Great planetary changes are coming to this world and human civilization. Those with eyes to see can discern the beginnings of this change. And eating meat or not eating meat will have nothing to do with this change.
      This change will take thousands of years to unfold, as the continental glaciers build, the deserts bloom, the sea levels will drop, and mankind will adapt one way or the other.

  14. SAKI
    You’re quite right about the plastic waste, and your comment deserves a follow-up…
    Plastic should be labeled a toxic pollutant…
    Most of the world still dumps its garbage into the oceans, right by where most of the world’s population lives.. From what I’ve heard the US Navy now separates it’s plastic when it throws its garbage over the side…
    The old joke was that our ships would be running aground on their own garbage by the time we ever got out of Vietnam…
    In those days the bilges were all pumped straight overboard too, all kinds of oil and grease in that…
    Now I believe they’re supposed to save it in tanks..
    And there are reports, which you will never see anywhere on corporate TV, that the Pentagon dumps its toxic waste in any disputed coastal waters, as in Somalia…
    Unless the media is reformed, we’re probably doomed… It’s not “the economy stupid”.. It’s the Media…
    It’s real true and critically important – plastic is building up in the oceans faster than it’s going away, which only makes sense because it never goes away.. Does it? Right now, where it concentrates, every natural gyre is full of it…
    It will break down to microscopic particles, but then what happens to it?
    Does it break all the way back down to atoms?
    Some samples show more plastic particles in seawater than plankton…
    I think most whales eat plankton, but there’s no way to spit out the plastic particles… I guess those probably pass through, but there would be no nourishment in them… I have seen film though of whales with long shreds of plastic stuck in their throats, trailing along beside them…
    We’ve all seen the photos of the whales washed up dead; they cut them open and find 1000 pounds of plastic in their guts…
    I guess some sick creeps think its a joke to blow whales and dolphins ears out with sonar…
    It stands to reason that explosions set off during oil exploration will blow the sonar out on any mammals in the vicinity, so they can’t find what they’re really looking for… And the way sound travels in water it’s a long vicinity..
    After they get too hungry they lose discretion and grab whatever’s floating by…
    All the plastic the seabirds die of washes back into the oceans after their bodies rot…
    The Plastic pollution issue is different from the usual CAFO animal abuse, which is certainly a moral crisis but in and of itself will probably not spell environmental doom..
    And the pollution issue does give humanity an excellent excuse, as an opportunity to work together on the care of the oceans…
    But lots of people in power never want too much international cooperation, definitely not the Zionists…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Excellent comment all round about the dangers of plastic pollution. I fear it has gone too far to reverse. The oceans need to be systematically dredged and all the garbage at the bottom of it removed and burned or recycled. But what to do with the microscopic particles in plankton and in the guts of all marine life? Would you like to bathe in a bathtub full of sewage? The sea is like that. Swimming in it is no longer a pleasure.

      The other day I read about one of the remotest islands in the world, the British colony known as Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic between West Afruca and South America. See map here:


      This was once one of the most unspoilt regions in the world, with spotless beaches stretching for miles. Now the beaches are piled with mountains of plastic bottles and plastic bags washed up by the tides. Ships deliberately empty all their garbage into the sea. They don’t give a damn. It saves them money. Let future generations pay the price.

      We associate plastic polluted beaches with heavily populated coastal cities. We don’t expect to see tons of plastic garbage on the beaches of the world’s remotest islands. Ascension Island only has a population of 800 people. Their island paradise has been utterly ruined.

      1. The plastic pollution on these remote British colonies in the Atlantic, including St Helena where Napoleon died in exile, has increased 900% in the last ten years. Here is a picture of a typical beach on Ascension Island:


        For more details, see here:


    2. Bark –

      There is SO VERY MUCH never told, and will never be known! Never SEEN!!

      When I served, as depicted in the story below about ‘nuclear’ resin beads, a diver had to go over the side and connect the ‘goose-neck’ pipe to keep the beads off the hull while under way, in a constant circle… barring mishaps as the author described. Had the ones he described below been operating submerged, the beads would have never blown onto the surface of the subs. The entire operation would have been conducted while submerged, except when the diver did his job.

      *The USN may have stopped the resin discharge into the oceans by now.

      The Silent Saga of the Nuclear Navy


      According to informed sources, the navy Is now attempting to halt all releases of radiation while at sea. The motivation is not environmental, however, as much as strategic. Scientists on both sides of the Atlantic are apparently at work on techniques to track enemy subs by following the radioactivity emitted by their reactors. According to Military Electronics magazine, a Soviet ship in 1974 successfully tracked one of its own submerged subs this way.

      Official navy policy states that solid nuclear wastes are no longer disposed of at sea. However, according to Interviews the author has had with former submarine and shipyard personnel, the navy routinely dumps overboard highly radioactive resins, which act as filters for the reactor coolant. These filters – which have the consistency of caviar – are called ion exchange resins, and are the source of accidental contaminations.

      Bill Clymer remembers submarines coming to port covered with the resin beads:

      “Somebody would screw-up,” he says, “and the wind would blow them back on the ship. They were the equivalent of a black, gunky oil filter from your car, but just loaded with radioactive crud.”

      This is what apparently happened in 1961, when, according to the Soviet book, Design of Nuclear Submarines, the USS Theodore Roosevelt was contaminated by poorly disposed waste from the “demineralization system”. The accident occurred again on the USS Guardfish fourteen years later, according to Kirk Peterson, a former navy reactor instructor then stationed on the sub. “While we were in dry-dock at Pearl Harbor during the winter of 74/75,” says Peterson, “we covered one side of the hull with canvas and scraped off algae and barnacles, and carted it all away (for radioactive waste disposal). It was contaminated with resin that had flown back from a disposal at sea.”

      The resins and other radioactive waste retained by nuclear vessels end up at a handful of specially equipped shipyards. There are nine U.S. shipyards–three private, six government-owned-which perform the navy’s nuclear work. And there are five Soviet shipyards, which according to the Pentagon, are building new nuclear subs at a rate three times faster than the United States.

      The navy has thrown other radioactive refuse into the oceans over the years. From 1946 to 1970, more than 89,000 barrels of radioactive waste, much of it from navy shipyards and radiation labs, were dumped in at least fifty locations off the nation’s coastlines. Neither the exact number of barrels nor sites is known because record keeping at the time was notoriously poor. A check by the EPA found that one-quarter of the barrels at the heavily fished Farallon Islands dump thirty miles west of San Francisco were ruptured and leaking.

      The report, a 1955 survey of nuclear waste disposal practices, was finally released in 1981 in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. Despite government claims that only low-level waste was dumped, evidence in a recently unearthed report from the Atomic Energy Commission indicates the disposal of more than 1,000 barrels of high level waste, most of it from the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, a navy nuclear propulsion center near Pittsburgh.


      There is the USS Nautilus, the navy’s first nuclear submarine, for example. This historic ship is to be towed to its birthplace at the Electric Boat Shipyard in Groton, Connecticut, and turned into a museum, open at last for the public to see.

      The Nautilus, though, is reportedly too “hot” to use as a museum. For three years, the decommissioned sub has sat idle at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard near San Francisco. Navy officials have confirmed that portions of the sub will remain so radioactive that the public will be forever barred from them.

  15. Jane Tredgett, the activist, is shown on the picture with two dogs. What do they eat?

    It is difficult to completely abstain from animal products, if this is even desirable. I have no objection to dairy products per se, but I have objections to the industrial dairy farming methods beginning with overcrowding, feeding artificial and unpalatable food (even silo is a vile food), and of course torturing the animals with hormones and growth factors. Nor are eggs objectionable as foodstuffs – to me, that is.
    I don’t think that the Extinction Rebellion people have much, if any, interest in animal welfare, I think this is an other separatist movement for people who have plenty of everything and can’t imagine that misfortune and abject poverty might strike them in the future. Hence, I feel the same degree of contempt for them as I feel for the Greta Thunberg chanting climate disaster crowd, a bunch of spoiled, ignorant, luxury-pampered eternal adolescents.
    The very promising movement of the Greens in the 1970s (as far as I know, it was principally starting in Germany) has been hijacked by political opportunists who turned an original enthusiasm for animal protection, nature preservation, living in harmony with nature through farming methods, building designs or well thought-out landscaping, reduction in waste and moderation in needs into their own future in luxury. (One of these hijackers is now on the Board of Directors of BMW). Hence, more plastic than ever is used now, the cars are much bigger now than 45 years ago, food is considerably cheaper, and consumed in greater amounts. Extinction Rebellion will follow the same path as it is already a dangerously maniacal movement of frustrated drifters with money.
    Vegetarianism, Veganism, these are good objectives, but I don’t think that this is what is really on the agenda of the Extinction Rebellion.

  16. SAKI
    “To address the plastic crisis on the British islands and across the globe, industry and communities must work together to prevent plastic from entering the oceans.”
    That would be communities forcing industry to do the right thing…
    What’s that?
    First of all – no more throwaway containers.. I’m betting food containers are the most of it… Put a big refund deposit on every container… Let all food come in standardized containers.. There’s way too much packaging, most of it is designed to fool the public…
    If all those bottles laying on the beaches were worth 2 bucks apiece, there wouldn’t be nearly as many laying there…
    What’s really best is – no more throwaway anything… No more garbage…
    Every manufacturing facility should have to provide a recycling depot for whatever it is it makes… Carpet, windows, shingles, sheetrock, cars, tires, etc…
    If it can’t be reused or recycled – don’t make it…
    It’s an interesting question – what percentage of the stuff made is recycled and what percentage is dumped?
    I’ll bet that’s not a good answer…
    I hear there are so many plastic particles in the sand now some of the beaches are different colors…
    What’s this got to do with animal rights?
    A Lot…
    Man’s conduct has to evolve beyond him doing whatever he can get away with, which ends up victimizing whoever and whatever has no voice – the unborn, children, whoever is the enemy, animals, the planet…
    Two big impediments are religion, which negates the value of nature, all that Pagan stuff, and corporations, which are generally not motivated by anything other than profit…
    The competition based methodology has to be replace by a cooperation based one…
    People think Socialism is the answer, and it might have to be, if it turns out there’s just no way to reform the competition based capitalist methodology…
    We”ll probably all be killed by microscopic plastic particles plugging our kidneys long before anybody figures that one out…
    From what I understand radiation doesn’t pass well through water, you can use drums of water covered with canvass to block it…
    Does that mean it doesn’t flow around in the oceans, and you would only get poisoned by it if whatever the radioactive particle was touched you?
    Is that what they’re thinking when they dump the stuff at sea?

    1. Bark –
      That depends on the type of radiation. It would be true for alpha and beta radiation, since they are particles which can be stopped by a sheet of plain paper. If you drank them in water they would be harmful. They are the most ionizing radiation. If you breathe them they are deadly, since they remain in the lungs.

      The one to worry about the most at a distance in water are gamma rays and x-rays. Their half thickness for water is 8 inches. And tenth thickness is 24 inches.

      The requirements for dumping in the 70s was 100 fathoms (600 ft) depth of water, no known shipping lanes and no known fishing areas. Those rules may be different today.

    2. “Let all food come in standardized containers..”
      First of all NEW STANDARDS will need to be created and implemented Barkingdeer. Standards that will imply ONE fits all and are interchangeable instead of “one way use”. This will already be the start of trouble that profiteering governments will not like at all.
      Governments worldwide are prohibiting plastic bags but do not do anything about NORM and universal standards. Division, COPYRIGHT and PATENTS go hand in hand with profits for the chosen. To repair any machinery and tools that are used in the industry or in the private sector should be the first NORM and top priority to spin off with. This had worked very well in the past but was “forgotten” when coins were rolling in with speed.
      China when it first started to “pollute” the world market with “useless” gadgets that are impossible to repair (which now seem to have become a “world standard”) after a very short life span, China came up straight away with “recycling” and to buy back the same “expensive sold scrap” per tons and mostly made from plastic components and/or inferior other non lasting materials – as super cheap scrap and reusable material. The “waste” was shipped back to China for Pennies and was again “recycled” and remodeled back into similar useless Chinese gadgets that again made the same $$$ journey (creating money out of thin air) onto the world market just to be repeated again and again.
      One should really detect a pattern here that is compatible with the lack of interests for “environmental” change in any puppet government of this world.
      As long as “economy and profits” outweigh life and Nations themselves – life as well might cease to exist as no AUTHORITY ever will come to the rescue.

  17. JO
    “To repair any machinery and tools that are used in the industry or in the private sector should be the first NORM and top priority to spin off with. ‘
    Not sure what you mean here exactly… Are you saying ‘refit’ all the machinery that makes containers?
    One big corporate state mantra is “keeping people working”…
    Too bad that often means doing the same thing over and over again, which entails a lot of wasted effort and garbage production…
    It’s really a polite expression for “Disaster Capitalism”…
    Consumer protection is a big key in environmental protection and rescue…
    Planning planned obsolescence should be outlawed, corporate nabobs should be jailed for deliberately reducing the life of their products by design…..
    How do you do that without a much more collectivist approach, where the state supervises?
    Maybe it’s just a fact of life that corporate capitalism is archaic…
    I would set the state up with different boards that look into quality considerations on each product…
    If people in the state labs can design something, a toaster, car or a washing machine, that lasts twice as long as the industry standard, then the industry should have to produce that or better…
    My toyota pickup never never uses a drop of oil, because of the way it’s designed…
    But my subaru uses a quart on every 2 tanks of gas… wtf?
    “Division, COPYRIGHT and PATENTS go hand in hand with profits for the chosen.”
    You said it…
    It’s way past time that a full exposure be made of all patents, especially the ones corporations bought up, like the car fuel feed systems that give 80 or 100 mpg…
    Not to even mention Stan Meyer’s Hydrogen burning Dune Buggy…
    I’ll bet the Big Petroleum Fat Cats in the God Pod, guys making $150,000 a day (or was that an hour?), found out that design out and patented it…
    You know if they have their way the public will never see big breakthroughs…

    1. Bark, wasted effort and garbage production is the new profiteering of “today’s global cannibali$m”. If time is not wasted and hardly any waste material is produced in the process of manufacturing who wins – in theory? The “consumer” as an individual and nature in an environmentally friendly world. Same applies to container manufacturing (eg. natural substances that decay without pollution and are produced cheap solely from plant material) or ANY machinery or gadget replacement part that eventually need to be swapped over. Take a laptop, phone battery or any hand powered tool as an example. Every different manufacturer has a different battery type, shape, voltage, current and specific connections to force the consumer into a designed dependency to only buy a branded product that is licen$ed by the manufacturer and has certain “security and temper resistant features” that no other “foreign” product or “agent” can be used, interchanged or even repaired. The automatic inbuilt kill switch for any economical improvement in the wallets of the consumer while keeping the product lifespan to a minimum and furthering the use of more unnatural resources, energy and more and more toxic components that have to be discarded/recycled again without decaying naturally. The “acting” political green parties around the world are not so green after all.
      The phrase “climate change and/or activism” is in itself a distraction from the reality of ecological destruction and exploitation of our home planet and from the predatory oligarchy dictatorship that has patented and copyrighted it in a timeless design.

  18. “The methane exhaust saved by raising fewer animals for their meat would be at least partly compensated by the extra methane exhaust from the humans eating more vegetable food instead of meat; for humans emit methane too when they eat vegetable food, just as as cows or pigs or chickens do, and the larger human stocks thus claimed to be sustainable would lead to even more exhaust. What you save on the animals, you gain back on the humans; it is a law of conservation of anal exhaust. If human populations ate the same amount of vegetable food now eaten by their cattle, they would necessarily emit the same amount of methane (the important question whether or not emitted greenhouse gasses are a causal agent at all in a possible “global warming” falls outside the scope of this article).”


    Perhaps this should also accompany my reply, targeted at these irrational behaviour rebels:


    Wisdom of the years:


  19. EXSA
    Interesting… you, or somebody, gets the prize for original thinking that time..
    But i go you one better – with 7 to 8,000,000,000 people on the planet, I would think humans have more methane than all the cows several times over…
    Overpopulation is another subject corporations and big religion don’t want to talk about …
    I think it should be gauged on how far is the earth removed from its natural state, if you want to play it safe with the future..

  20. JO
    So true…
    Here’s the thing – as somebody who copes with the real world and all the inventions in it, a person who has worked all his life and struggled to achieve financial independence, I totally understand the class warfare thing…
    I see clearly on a daily basis the plot to make things harder for working people…
    It’s one manifestation of disaster capitalism…
    Working people struggle with cars, keeping them running… I’ve often said I was the servant of the automobile…
    I don’t see why all rims can’t be the same, so if your chevy needs a wheel, you could take one off any other make of car and have it fit…
    But the fact is, car manufacturers don’t even want people driving used cars…
    i guess I might be OK with that, if a car was still considered new at 30 years of age and everybody could easily afford one..
    At this point in my life i don’t really care too much what a car looks like… I just want it to function well and last forever… I don’t need the ego trip…
    “The phrase “climate change and/or activism” is in itself a distraction from the reality of ecological destruction and exploitation of our home planet and from the predatory oligarchy dictatorship that has patented and copyrighted it in a timeless design.”
    That’s exactly right, and the first step toward the real truth of it would be including the phrase ‘geoengineering’ every time someone mentions climate change…
    The question then becomes – are people doing geoengineering, for example, using HAARP to manipulate jet streams in order to borrow colder air from the polar regions, because of global warming or is the climate changing because of geoengineering?
    I think the planet could easily be warmed or cooled by temperature phases of the sun…
    And as far as man-made global warming goes, as yet nobody has a different answer to what else, if not the sun, could have caused the ice ages to come and go…
    Of course, you have to answer the first question first – is the climate changing, or, like you said, is that a distraction from the real problem of biospheric collapse?
    Or is it nothing more than a media myth generated and managed for political purposes?
    Surely it can be observed how long the glaciers still are, or whether they’ve been shrinking a lot…

    1. Bark –

      “I think the planet could easily be warmed or cooled by temperature phases of the sun…”

      Of course! Everyone learned that in MY grade school years.

      AND, as you know – Global temperature cycles pre-date HAARP by centuries.

      The term ‘LITTLE ICE AGE’ was originally coined by F Matthes in 1939, well before HAARP was invented.

      Matthes used it to describe the most recent 4000 year climatic interval (the Late Holocene) associated with a particularly dramatic series of mountain glacier advances and retreats, analogous to, though considerably more moderate than, the Pleistocene glacial fluctuations.

      That relatively prolonged period has now become known as the Neoglacial period.

      This period begins with a trend towards enhanced glacial conditions in Europe following the warmer conditions of the so-called medieval warm period or medieval climatic optimum of Europe.

      While there is evidence that many other regions outside Europe exhibited periods of cooler conditions, expanded glaciation, and significantly altered climate conditions, the timing and nature of these variations are highly variable from region to region.


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