Feminism Has Ruined Women and Damaged Men

Paul Craig Roberts
September 30, 2019
paulcraigroberts.org via Truthseeker

Feminism has turned one in ten American college girls into functional prostitutes,
“sugar babies” selling their bodies to rich men to help pay their rent and college fees.
They can earn $500 per date — like this little charmer.  

My recent article, “No Motherhood, No People” resulted in some perceptive comments.  Here is one slightly edited comment:

It’s sadly ironic that “feminism” has such disdain for femininity.  Our society now heaps the most praise on women when they exhibit traditionally male traits such as strength, independence and excellence in STEM occupations.  The woman who wants to marry and devote herself to being a good wife and mother, making home a safe and happy place to be, is ignored or disdained by the media.

It’s okay for a woman to be gorgeous and have lots of sex appeal as it’s another form of power, but to devote herself to her family and sacrifice for her children, is now considered embarrassingly old-fashioned. It is universally understood that a happy childhood is the main key to creating happy, productive adults, but motherhood is being delegitimised.

Could this be because our overlords want to create a loveless society where every man and woman are looking out only for #1?

Mothers most of all LOVE, and good mothers (and fathers) raise children who are also capable of forming strong, lasting bonds with other people, and creating their own happy families some day.  Love strengthens us, and the bigger our network of loved ones, the safer we are.  We thrive when our lives are filled with laughter, intimacy, companionship, knowing that we matter, and that we will always matter, even when we can no longer care for ourselves.

On a material level, when one falls, the others can raise him up, so no crisis need ever be permanent.  For a person on their own, the loss of a job or a serious illness can drag them down so low that they may never recover.  This is, of course, what our satanic rulers want: for us to be isolated, scared and vulnerable.

Another disturbing trend is the state intervening between parents and child and superseding the parents in determining what is right for the child. For example, a woman who had just given birth refused the Vitamin K shot for her baby, and the nurse then left the room with the just-born infant, rather than letting the parents immediately hold her. It was 12 awful hours before they got their newborn back. It’s part of a trend. Parental rights are being trampled. The state, we are told, knows better than parents what is best for their child.

I believe the ultimate goal of driving women towards careers and unattached sex is to destroy the family and eventually have children being born (possibly from test tubes) who have no parents and belong only to the state.  Children  outsourced to preschool, nannies and daycare, are not encultrated into family life.

— Edited comment by contributor

The family is under attack from more sources than feminism.

Economic pressures have forced wives and mothers into the work force.  Formerly the rule was that corporations had equal responsibilities to the workforce, customers, communities and shareholders. This rule gave way to the argument that corporations only have responsibility to shareholders.  This new rule was enforced by Wall Street’s threat to finance takeovers of any company that did not do everything to maximize profits.  Consequenty, today the only beneficiaries of corporations are shareholders.

Wages are suppressed by jobs offshoring and work visas, benefits are cut, and a person’s job can disappear without a moment’s notice. Economic insecurity forces wives and mothers out of their role of providing household services into the male role of providing money.

Child Protective Services, a gestapo state organization created by wicked “child advocates,” has undermined parental authority over children. So many things now qualify as “child abuse” that children can retaliate against parental authority by calling the Child Protection Service and complain about their parents’ honest attempt to enforce discipline and control over an unruly child.

The consequence for the child and the parents can be draconian, and this realization by parents shifts power to the child.

Recently I linked to a Russian’s view of why the modern family breaks up. He said that feminism has turned marriage into a power struggle.  The woman seizes power by making the child an idol and herself his priestess, leaving the man as an economic appendage.

“As a result, the entire family structure is destroyed, and the man leaves the family to find a place where he feels more comfortable. Thus the family falls apart.” (https://russia-insider.com/en/culture/patriarchy-preserves-families-feminism-destroys-them/ri27459).  I have seen many cases of this.  It is probably the main reason that middle class wives are becoming single mothers.

—   §    —

Stefan Molyneux on What Feminism Has Done to Women

Molyneux makes some good points about the damage feminism has done to women.

Unfortunately, to illustrate the damage he uses the feminist propagandistic portrayal of men whose interest in women is alleged to be limited to their vagina.

Perhaps this is the case with promiscuous men, known in my day as “womanizers” and to the English as “rakes,” but most men want a loving, mutually supportive relationship.  Men are really happy if their woman occasionally takes the sexual initiative so that they don’t always feel like supplicants and if she is passionate in their love-making.

Feminism has made such a relationship harder and harder for men to find.

Indoctrinated by feminism, a woman regards her vagina as the source of her power, and expects to be paid for access whether she is a wife or one of the millions of young college girls serving as concubines to financially successful men in exchange for educational and living expenses.

(See opening picture above)

These college girls are selling sexual services, but the wife is also being paid.

For example, her pay is her husband’s acquiescence to her having the family decision making authority.  She decides where they go on vacation. What house they live in, the schools the children go to, when the kitchen and bathrooms are renovated, who their friends are.  The price of resistance is a cold wife.

I am the boss in the marital bedroom
and my vagina is my bargaining chip.”

I don’t know how marriage is understood today.  Once it was understood as a sexual contract for life that fostered faithfulness and legitimate children. Today it is no longer a sexual contract. The wife can refuse sexual access, and if the husband proceeds in the act, he can be sentenced to prison for “wife rape.

In former times, wife rape would have been an unimaginable crime.  It is a new crime invented by feminism.  

All it takes for an angry woman to turn consensual sex into rape is an accusation. In these socially destructive ways, feminism empowers women.

Feminists have so damaged the relationship between men and women that the institution of marriage seems to be faltering. Marriage is one of the essential glues of social cohesion. There is no gain to either gender from a breakdown in social cohesion.

Feminism, large scale third world immigration, and identity politics are destroying social cohesion throughout the Western world.  The civilization is really falling apart at the seams. People have some awareness of this.  They have the numbers but are without leaders to organize the numbers into a mass resistance to feminists and identity politics, which have taken over the educational system and are enculturating the young with socially destructive attitudes.

For the entirety of the Western world, the end seems near in many respects.

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  1. Without dragging out any “dirty laundry”, it should be patently obvious to anyone not looking through beer-googles – or, if you prefer, “rose-tinted spectacles” – that women have ALWAYS been a highly “compromised” species…. using a fleeting beauty to hide a whole host of shortcomings & faults.. not the least of which is chanelling their “Inner Jezebel” – a the sound of an opening zipper – should someone dangle some bauble in front of their noses.

    1. Ah yes, how typical! Thus Spake the Worldweary Misogynist. All women are essentially little whores, right?

      So tell me, sir, how did your mother “channel her inner Jezebel”? Was it in having YOU? In producing a specimen such as you?

      Are you the natural end product of your mother’s alarmingly disgusting behavior in doing what comes naturally?

      1. Respect where respect is due. The world is full of good women. They are our mothers and daughters. The are our companions in life’s journey. They work, they slave, they toil. They weep when they suffer, they laugh when filled with joy. They have innocence, beauty, spirituality. They can have radiant charisma.

        A good man will hopefully meet a good woman to be his partner through life and they will have well brought up children who love and respect their parents. This is how it was in more traditional times when every cottage was a shrine.

        Don’t sneer at the entire female sex just because a few of our beloved sisters have gone astray.

      2. Sardonicus –

        What you’re saying is a fairly accurate assessment of things. Mostly, whatever bitterness we males harbor against our female counterparts is, usually, founded by our own misconducts. My own mother was absolutely the epitome of a fine lady and kind woman. She endured whatever misfortunes came her way without ever complaining. Whatever faults I have found with my female partners have usually been encouraged by my own lack of compassion and flexibility. I can’t really explain why a soft mother breeds a hard man, but I notice it seems to happen more often than not. Whenever I review my unsuccessful love affairs, I mostly concede that it was MYSELF who brought dissent upon us. We men often expect too much – especially when our mothers are such sterling characters.

      3. @ Sardineicus re Ah yes, how typical! Thus Spake the Worldweary Misogynist.

        Blame MOTHER Nature not me.
        And given the decrepit state of most “men” – like 99% – I don’t particularly “blame” women. It’s just that it MIGHT help if you know what you’re dealing with… as the implosion of the “Marital State” in the West – particularly the USSA – so aptly demonstrates

        World-weary Misogynist? Hardly – with more “notches in my belt” (many forced on me) than you’ve probably dreamt of.

        Finally, I was not aware that being a mother, sister or daughter conferred Sainthood. Thanks for setting me straight

    2. I think you might be correct about women. In general women are opportunistic and flexible in their ‘views and behaviour. The women the real good women, a minority among the women, are the special ones. The ones who have always felt/think different than their sisters, even feeling lonely on this world. They find it difficult to live, in this world. Find such a special woman and treasure, love, her.

    3. There are some exceptions, Benny, but mostly I agree with you. Most American women are nigh hookers and I am actually the case study in how coeducation has destroyed the Ivy League. It wasn’t me, I carried my own bags and then some. I believe in the death penalty now for pedophiles and also cyber incest and classmate porn if it is engaged in at an institutional level as a game. Dartmouth really screwed up and it was the toxic women who drove the Jennifer Show.

  2. PCR wrote:
    “In former times, wife rape would have been an unimaginable crime. It is a new crime invented by feminism.

    “All it takes for an angry woman to turn consensual sex into rape is an accusation. In these socially destructive ways, feminism empowers women.”

    What Legal Rights do Married Women Have Regarding Wife Rape?

    Today it is a crime in all 50 states (and federal lands) for a husband to rape his wife. However, according to the National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape. As of March 1996, only 17 states and the District of Columbia have completely abolished the marital rape exemption… which precludes a husband from being charged with rape of his wife in certain situations, or limits the seriousness of the offense with which a husband could be charged.

    Marital privileges are extended to unmarried cohabitants in some states.

    It is important to remember that under at least one section of the sexual offense codes (usually those code sections regarding force), marital rape is a crime in all 50 states.

    Each state has its own sexual offense codes. Women may also sue their husbands in civil court for pain and suffering and medical and other costs incurred as a result of sexual battery.

    Many women believe it is part of their “wifely duty” to have sex with their husbands, even if it is violent sex against their will.

    Many religious doctrines outline sexual acts as a “duty” for wives. In addition, it is only recently that the law has begun to offer wives protection from their husband’s sexual attacks, and many people may be unaware that wife rape is a crime.

    Many women do not have the financial resources to leave a relationship. If a woman has children, her ability to leave is complicated by the added problem of moving her children with her, or taking them out of school, away from friends, or abandoning her children. She may not leave for fear of what the offender may do to her or the children.

    1. Pat –

      When I was married, I was careful to marry a girl from an “old-time traditional” family, like my own. After we had our first child (my darling daughter), she was no longer interested in the marital bed. I was still a young man, with a good business, and I needed a woman for woman things. My wife told me to “get a mistress” – but just keep her away from our hometown. (Her own father always kept a mistress, so I suppose my wife thought it OK.)
      Anyhow, mistresses are expensive, so I accumulated “girlfriends”. Later, I started feeling bad about our arrangements, so I told my wife I was relocating OUT of our house, but I was NOT abandoning she or our daughter. I never have, either, and we’re still good friends. My wife is one-of-a-kind! (I still keep a bedroom in our house/her house, and am in fact going there this weekend for the opening meet of the Bull Run Hunt.). We’ve had a no-fault divorce since 1999, and it has been hard on my subsequent girlfriends, but my wife (ex-wife) and daughter come FIRST with me. (We’ve known each other since kindergarten, anyway.)

    2. Women in Christian West have the power to choose their husband.
      St. Paul has given women the path to choosing a good man to marry.
      Ephesians 5:21-28
      21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.
      22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.
      23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.
      24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.
      25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her
      26 to make her holy, cleansing[a] her by the washing with water through the word,
      27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.
      28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies.

      Paul advises women to choose a man who will strive to be like Christ.
      Choose a man who you will joyfully submit to.

  3. Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.10.16

    “This shyness is a gift of nature to the fair sex, and it enhances their beauty and prestige, even if they are of a less important family or even if they are less attractive.”

    1. @HP re “This shyness is a gift of nature to the fair sex”

      Shyness? You’ve obviously never been to New York.. or even for a stroll down any Main St on a Saturday night!

      1. Benny, I think there’s a hint in there, somewhere.

        “A sweeper woman commanded the respect of many respectable gentlemen simply by manifesting a lady’s shyness. Half-naked ladies in the street do not command any respect, but a shy sweeper’s wife commands respect from all.”

        Yeah there it is..

  4. The “Women’s Liberation Movement” and feminism was created by Jews. From Betty Friedan on and they were trained and did their people’s work to DESTROY the society of the White and all believers.
    Ms KOHAN lives a religious life, a RACIAL life dedicated to her people. No whoring around.
    She had one of her female goy writers change into a lesbian due to writing the scripts.
    The Enemy of Humanity KNOWS the human mind.

    In Germany there are few Germans being born. The German woman is “empowered” she is “liberated” and her mind is filled with programming for self-destruction. They whore around and mix with other than their race. Muslimahs on the other hand, are MUCH more likely to be dedicated to their husbands and children. They do not degrade or otherwise insult their men. They are, most likely, the most traditional women on earth.
    It does not mean that ALL Muslimahs, so-called, are that way, but MORE than American, European, Australian and New Zealand women are. I might suggest that more Muslimahs are virgins at their weddings than the aforementioned women are. Whereas European and American white girls tend to live a PORN STAR sexual lifestyle. The white males have been feminized, through mind manipulation and destruction of the environment with plastic and other contaminants in the food supply. Lowers the TESTOSTERONE. Chechens don’t have this problem. While white males have been victimized they are to share the blame. They were WEAK, they went along with the Television and music and films they imbibed the poison. So they let it happen, And it was Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays who got the males to vote for women’s suffrage in the early 1900s.

    However let us not blame the WOMEN. It is the Enemy of Humanity instilling in the women the UNNATURAL and EVIL mindset.

    Some quotes by the late Dr Pierce the entire article is well worth your time:
    Draw Your Own Conclusions Broadcast Date: 01-13-2001
    “Now let’s talk about Jewish media propaganda for a while. Is it fair of me to describe it as deliberate, calculated psychological conditioning designed to demoralize White people — and to emasculate White men in particular? Am I imagining things in believing that the mass media are slanted deliberately by the people who control them, with the aim of weakening White people and softening them up for the slaughter? Do I believe such things only because I don’t like Jews and am therefore too ready to attribute bad motives to them?

    Anyway, that’s what some people tell me in order to explain why the Jewish media do what they do: why they suppress some news and exaggerate other news. Personally, I don’t believe it. I believe that the Jewish media lead the trends instead of following them. I believe that the Jewish media bosses have a propaganda agenda. I believe that they use their control of the news and entertainment media in a calculated way to shape public attitudes and influence public behavior in America deliberately in order to achieve goals of their own. And I believe that those Jewish goals are inimical to our people.

    But you know, you should decide that for yourself. You shouldn’t just take my word for it. Yesterday a new Jewish film premiered. The name is Save the Last Dance. The film was made jointly by Paramount Pictures and MTV Films, both of which are subsidiaries of the Viacom Corporation. The Viacom Corporation is run by — and largely owned by — Jewish media boss Sumner Redstone, who was known to his parents as Murray Rothstein. And Redstone also acquired CBS recently, making him one of the top three media bosses in America — all three of them Jews, of course. Redstone has staffed his media empire with Jews from top to bottom.”

    God has set the rules for man and woman. The Enemy of Humanity attacks those as it attacks ALL of God’s rules for us having a godly and happy life. They are about their Father’s business.

    The prince of believers (saw) said:
    Women are like glass—sensitive to force and maltreatment, easy to break and injure—so we must be gentle with them.

  5. FEMINISTS… BEWARE The ‘Honor Killings’ coming to USA!!

    An Islamic illegal alien living in Corpus Christi, Texas, admitted to police last week that he murdered his daughter and grandson in cold blood.
    Sep 22, 2019

    The 72-year-old man, Mohammad Sahi, is a Pakistani national. Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country and a hotbed for “honor killings.” Such killings are purely ideologically-driven in Islam, and “honor violence” usually has to do with bringing shame upon one’s family.

    “If a woman or girl is accused or suspected of engaging in behavior that could taint her family’s status, she may face brutal retaliation from her relatives that often results in violent death,” according to Amnesty International, the far-left non-profit, which conveniently left out the fact that no other religion or political ideology except Islam commits such atrocities.

    There are an estimated 1,000 honor killings in Pakistan every year, and given America’s current loosely-structured immigration policy (or lack thereof), some of them could be coming to America.

    Authorities in Texas said that Sahi killed his daughter and grandson, then calmly walked next door to a neighbor’s house while covered in blood, where he asked them to call the police.


  6. There is an Israeli film I’d recommend to see, this is one hundred percent on-topic. The film is called Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem. The plot is in short about a rabbinical court and the divorce trial of a Sephardic Jewish couple. All is happening in the courtroom. From beginning to end. And it is fascinating.

    Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

    The idea is that marriage is a union, sanctified before God and it has to be respected. The woman wants a divorce, but her husband doesn’t. And it takes three years to get his agreement. Since the husband is doing what a husband is supposed to, there is no reason for a divorse: this is what the rabbis tell them.

    The court orders a trial reunion twice, invites witnesses, and in the end orders the husband to provide the gett: a divorce document, which permits the woman “to be with other men” and be free. The woman is a strong character but she is not a feminist. So there is something to think about.

    1. @ TLOA
      @ Benny
      @ Pat
      @ Gilbert Huntly

      Anyone who looks at this subject knows that feminism is a Jewish plot. It has always been the aim of Jews to create tension between man and woman and destroy the institution of marriage through feminism, abortion, homosexuality, the sexualization of children, and pornography. See TLOA’s excellent comment above, quoting Dr William Pierce on the Jewish role in creating all this sexual decadence.

      Feminism in America was almost invented singlehandedly by Jewesses. There are more Jewish women involved in the feminist movement than any other ethnic group. You don’t get many Asian feminists. And I doubt if any Muslim women are busy burning their bras, flashing their sex organs in public , and metaphorically cutting off men’s testicles.

      You will find Jewish women in the front rank of these dangerous troublemakers:


      1. Sard –

        Thanks for your words.

        I believe that marriage, itself, is a jew plot to increase control, especially through use of a ceremony. Early on, before ‘marriage’…. a man simply ‘took’ a wife or wives! There was NO ‘marriage’ other than that.

        If marriage is given or supported by god…. there should have been the exact wording of the contract somewhere. I have never seen it, not even in the bible! the jews invented it!

        Bottom line – Marriage is a social construction!

      2. Interesting point, Pat! I agree. If you read my comment, above, you’ll understand that no Jew lawyer got big $$ from our divorce. Our own family lawyer handled the paperwork, but the “paperwork” had to be done so my wife did not have the burden of handling my IRS problems. I hate “paper trails” and having to deal with tax codes! I certainly want to spare someone I love from that crap…

      3. Oh, too, a lot of the feminist-types can’t comprehend or understand our relationship, but my wife couldn’t care less. I’ve never forced her to do anything, and promised God and her father that I’d always look after her. I have always tried to keep my promises – especially to God. I know He understands our divorce and my philandering because He expects a wife to honor her marriage bed. A man NEEDS it! 😘

      4. My wife used to say, “Marriage is just a contract that allows the state to control your relationship.” I kept telling her, “I don’t need no steenking marriage certificate. Once I commit, to a loving relationship, there is no need for legal contracts.” Oddly it was she who insisted on marrying. Yet it was she who divorced me, taking almost everything with her. After that, I never saw her again, but I still love her.

        Love is unconditional. Mothers never stop loving their children, yet they stop “loving” their husbands and men stop “loving” their wives. The fact is, if one can stop loving someone, they never really loved them at all.

        Funny thing, woman used to be “man’s best friend,” but at some point, that title was given to dogs.

        The Jewed legal system works at setting up issues to divide and separate families, husband, wives and children. “Domestic violence” is but one of the many platforms used by Jews to break apart marriages. It’s the Jews’ old “divide and conquer” philosophy at work.

        Once the “DV” crime title is assigned by the legal system, all control over the marriage is lost by both parties, with the state stepping in with draconian fines and prison penalties for the slightest infraction of the rules. “DV” rules are stringently enforced for whites, but more lax with Negroes and minorities, as their “cultures” are different you see.

        Typically one or both spouses are arrested and at they point, they become criminals with no “rights” that can be exercised over the situation. From the moment a “DV” charge is served, both parties are prohibited from contacting one another. Even when both parties agree they want to reconcile their relationship, the nanny state prohibits them from doing so, leaving it to a black-robed judge to decide what action can be taken in reconciling the relationship.

        This not only profoundly affects the lives of the spouses, but more so the lives of their traumatized children. In the majority of cases, the wife is granted possession of the domicile, as well as custody of the children. Because of the “no contact order,” the husband, unable to return to his home, is left out on the street to fend for himself as best he can.

        However, survival for the male becomes problematical, as a “DV” charge usually results in the man’s loss of employment. If not from outright firing, loss of employment frequently stems from trying to survive on the streets with a mounting debt load from the judges, prosecutors, lawyers and their thoroughly Jewed legal system. However, most employment does not survive the arrest process.

        Yet there is a more sinister, underlying reason for the “DV” charge, a charge that can be invoked quite literally by a wrong look or word. After all, we are talking Jew law here. This particular law was put on the books by a Jew senator named Frank Lautenberg. “DV” is typically a misdemeanor crime enabling the state to take away one’s second amendment privilege. In fact, it is the only misdemeanor charge capable of doing so.

        At a time when states are refusing to prosecute serious felonies due to an overloaded, police-state, legal system, the “Lautenberg Act” is is no doubt the real reason behind the states’ continuing zealous prosecution of “DV” charges.

        So how do they process “DV” in Israel?

      5. I don’t know, Sardonicus.

        You keep on blaming the Jews for what is wrong with the world and keep on ignoring the same things the Jews are engaged in, in the communities in the US and UK and the rest of Europe.

        The Jews arrived in the US in the end of the 1900’s and feminism had began before that. Secular Jews are ambitious and intelligent, in all political movements in all countries with large Jewish diasporas there’s a lot of secular Jews who are involved. Even among the anti-Jewish groups such as alt-right some secular Jews can be found and these people are prominent figures in those movements. Your mistake is in the manner of approach and in making conclusions based on incomplete premises. Demonic image of the Jews that you are painting is a caricature. You are taking the examples of the worst and are refusing to notice the best.

        There is no other place in the world I know of where people protested against porno – except for Israel. Nowhere else, but in Israel people went to the streets demanding to protect their children from pornographic materials on TV and in the Net. The Israeli parliament was forced to shut down pornographic channels and oblige the Internet providers to offer “clean” packages to the people, so that their children could be safe and wouldn’t be able to stumble upon something wicked in the Net. And I have never heard of such protests in the US or Europe, where porno is shown on TV and children begin to browse pornosites at the age of 10.

      6. Arch –

        As you might already know, a ‘marriage license’ is permission to intermarry. Marry another race. That is according to Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Ed.

        People of the same race can still marry under common law, without a license, in 12 states. Texas is one.

        If you hold yourselves out to the community (your neighbors, friends, and coworkers) as a married couple—typically, this means using the same last name, referring to the other as “my husband” or “my wife,” and filing a joint tax return.


      7. @ Sagi Harari

        There is no other place in the world I know of where people protested against porno – except for Israel. Nowhere else, but in Israel people went to the streets demanding to protect their children from pornographic materials on TV and in the Net.AHEAD OF ELECTIONS, KNESSET PUSHES PORN, SEX WORKERS LAWS.

        Nice to know you Israelis are so chaste and virtuous and hate pornography.

        Time you shut down those under-age brothels in Tel Aviv which are so popular with Orthodox Jews!

        And are you nor aware of how Israel flooded Palestinan homes with porn videos, forcing Palestinian women and children to watch filthy porn videos produced by Jews?


        No, I guess not! 🙂

      8. Israeli Jews flood Palestinian homes with pornography!

        “Israeli troops who have taken over three Palestinian television stations in Ramallah are broadcasting pornographic movies and programs in Hebrew, irate residents say.

        Soldiers occupied the offices of three local television and radio stations on Saturday morning, and started broadcasting the porn clips intermittently on Saturday afternoon on the Al-Watan, Ammwaj, and Al-Sharaq channels, the residents said.

        “I have six children at home; they have nowhere to go with what is going on here and can’t even watch TV,” Reema, a Palestinian mother, said. “It’s not healthy really. I think the Israelis want to mess with our young men’s heads.”

        Anita, a mother of three, complained about “the deliberate psychological damage caused by these broadcasts”.

        “I am furious. These are the people who are shooting at us that also play this disgusting trick on us,” she said from her house in east Jerusalem, where the channels are also available.


        Nice to know you noble Israeli Jews love pornography so much that you use it as a weapon against the Palestinians whose lands you have stolen!

        Gloat as much as you want, Mr “Harari”. It won’t be for long. Israel’s days are numbered.

      9. “There is no other place in the world I know of where people protested against porno – except for Israel. Nowhere else, but in Israel people went to the streets demanding to protect their children from pornographic materials on TV and in the Net.” — Sagi Harari

        Hypocrisy, thy name is Jew.

        Really now, there is no other place I know of where white slavery of both women and children is not only permitted, but considered legitimate bizness – except Israel. There is no other place I know of that refuses any and all inspection of their nuclear arsenal, openly snubbing all UN demands without repercussion – except Israel. There is no other place I know of that is allowed to run an apartheid state – except Israel. There is no other place I know of that can get away with openly “genociding” an indigenous people – except Israel. There is no other place I know of where Christians are routinely spit on – except Israel. There is no other place I know of that can get away with expelling indigenous Negroes from its borders – except Israel. There is no other place I know of where military men are allowed, if not encouraged, to shit all over occupied homes- except Israel. There is no other country I know of that can walk away unscathed after viciously attacking a US military vessel with full intent to destroy it – except Israel. There is no other place I know of where an American citizen can be run over with an American made bulldozer without suffering any military reprisal or even the slightest recrimination for such murder – except of course, Israel. There is no other place I know of where historical forgeries are tacitly condoned – except Israel. Yep, Israel is very special in a lot of different ways – and none of them good.

        I suggest you try John Hagee’s website for a more receptive audience. There simply are not enough gullible, ignorant fools here to listen to hypocritical, self-aggrandizing, Jewish bullshit. (By the way, don’t mention the spitting, someone might wake up).

        1. Excellent comment, Arch! Keep ’em rolling. 🙂

          This guy has “Jewish troll” written all over him. He even wants Admin to silence his critics and censor their posts. Unbelievable chutzpah.

  7. “but motherhood is being delegitimised.”
    It started in the fifties…
    Corporate Capitalism moved in on the family, like Gordon Gecko on a pension fund…
    Everybody who works for somebody is making the somebody richer..
    Woman generally were easier to exploit in the labor market too..
    The “Stupid Housewife” ads came right along as TV moved into everyone’s living room…
    Remember the long thin cigarettes, Virginia Slims..
    “This is, of course, what our satanic rulers want: for us to be isolated, scared and vulnerable.”
    Not sure how much Satan has to do with it…
    I think maybe individuality becomes isolation as the independent consumer matures…
    it’s money itself that separates people…
    “Consequenty, today the only beneficiaries of corporations are shareholders.”
    That’s true, but not hard to fix… All you have to do is make a rule that the highest paid corporate boss can’t make more than 10 X the lowest paid employee…
    Easier said that done though… Everybody in the top of the pyramid conspires against fair sharing…
    Or take the Market Socialist approach, where at the point where any corporation becomes a certain size, all the employees become partners sharing in the profits, use the same scale…
    It’s all about class warfare.. Wrecking the family and the individual is all about exploiting the hated worker, he’s the enemy of the owners…
    ‘The consequence for the child and the parents can be draconian, and this realization by parents shifts power to the child.”
    Shifts power to the State, that is – the Corporate Hierarchy…
    “These college girls are selling sexual services, but the wife is also being paid.”
    Somewhere along the line long ago the female got the right to say no, and men have had to make deals for it ever since…
    “She decides where they go on vacation. What house they live in, the schools the children go to, when the kitchen and bathrooms are renovated, who their friends are. ”
    There is a certain kind of man who is cut out for marriage, and he will stay married.. Those are the ones who understand how it is.. As I’ve heard it said from my neighbor married about 75 years – “they’re the boss Joe”…
    “All it takes for an angry woman to turn consensual sex into rape is an accusation. In these socially destructive ways, feminism empowers women.”
    Yes, but that kind of stupidity is not reserved exclusively for marital rape accusations…
    I’ve learned the hard way that all kinds of expensive civil lawsuits can be brought against a man on nothing more than hearsay accusations…
    It goes further too than just the typical old alliance of church and state with the female against the male, who they consider a threat…
    Look, society wants God… But it just doesn’t see it… So it’s trying to put the Female into the role of God..
    But it’s making the mistake of empowering the Figure.. No pun intended… She can work with that..
    How would you feel about yourself men, if you had an opening in your body that another human being comes out of?
    However, as we now know – God is not about Power…
    “Feminists have so damaged the relationship between men and women that the institution of marriage seems to be faltering.”
    Speculation is – women really want to be controlled by someone in power…
    They’ll go with whoever they think has the power…
    My Mistress tells me lots of women lose all interest in sex after they have their first child…
    And I can tell you, not all Mistresses are expensive…

    1. Barkingdeer –

      Keeping a mistress means providing her with an apartment AND an allowance. Too expensive! “Girlfriends” are cheaper – especially if you don’t keep her! 😉
      Since last night, however, when a friend suggested I “Google” my daughter’s name to inspect her “tweets”, I have lost all faith in any honesty of womankind. My daughters’ “Twitter” record (public!) infuriates me as a father, and makes me reevaluate the idea of my “baby girl” who has meant so much to me. I’d now like to wear out a cornstalk on her backside!
      😡 Hardly any of these deceitful little wenches can be trusted to behave themselves! If anything has destroyed the reputation of females, it is the incessant wandering around in cyberspace.

      1. Our children don’t always live up to what we expect, in every way.

        I would recommend not being too harsh on your daughter. Especially if she’s the only one ya got!

  8. Most children in the West are gladly passed on to the State (“education”) and third parties, yet during the inevitable divorce this “service” to the child is:

    1. Assumed to have been done by the mother,
    2. Assumed to have the same economic value as the man’s occupation.

    Thus a man’s business or other worldly creation is halved and destroyed to pay the woman off; in the process destroying the economic future for the children.

    Tip to young men : Don’t go near any woman unable to ditch the trousers and dress with femininity occasionally.

    Coincidentally, today Irish Savant had a similar post (excerpt):

    Pointing out the fallacies of feminism is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. But it’s worth examining the implications of today’s movies and advertisements which feature a powerful kick-ass women juxtaposed against a dopey (and invariably White) male. In effect what they’re promoting is masculinity. Except that women are the vehicle. The ‘virtues’ of the New Feminine Lead are essentially masculine. Tough, strong, unsentimental, capable of extreme violence as and when necessary.

    They’re conceding that masculine qualities are superior. Which is why the female lead is in practice a man. But without the male appendages. Even more paradoxical is the fact that the heroine (are we allowed to use that word any more?) is invariably represented as scantily-clad and sexy: The very things feminists are supposed to be against. You know, objectifying the female body and all that. And by portraying the men as weak and incompetent you’d have to ask whether they can see women as superior only when set against such men.


  9. Any man who’s been had by the female with a lesbian lawyer in divorce court would probably tell you the muslims have the right idea..
    And at this point in the dystopian media devolution process only young men with not much life experience are foolish enough to get married, that is unless you’re a ghetto stud looking for a welfare queen…
    Lots of those being shipped in from Nigeria, Somalia, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, by the Jews and Catholics…
    Indeed here we are, now with the understanding that Mistresses are where it’s at, while the young college girls are screwing their way through college…
    The thing about women is – they’re not individuals.
    The Female is actually one big organism with billions of different bodies…
    It sounds kinda paradoxical, but paradox is not uncommon in this universe..
    For the most part the bond they have with each other is more powerful than anything ever going on with any man… They can be greedy but they do not consider themselves accountable as individuals…
    And we have all seen how impossible it can be to reason with them, Can’t Understand Normal Thinking…
    Yet, there is a logical explanation for all they do…
    If they’re acting like prostitutes in the marriage, it’s probably because the sex is the only reason the guy is married to them…
    And all the different bodies are mainly concerned with whatever is the organism’s current zeitgeist…
    That’s the psychology the whole fashion industry is based on..
    They’re easily manipulated.. There’s an understatement…
    Great Picture of Lasha at the top.. Now we know what she looks like…
    I wonder is she has a body to go with that face…

    1. Again, Barkingdeer, I say that most of our unpleasant experiences with women is rooted in OUR OWN misconduct. Before I attended a “school of higher education” with high “snob” appeal, I had never even seen a porn movie. The Student Activities Board showed a film called “Behind the Green Door”, starring the Ivory Snow girl, Marilyn Chambers – a cult classic. It was aired at DuPont Hall during freshman orientation at the southern “gentleman’s school”, W&L, beneath the statues of George Washington and Robert E. Lee!
      Whenever I thought about it, I recognized how inappropriate that was, and that the whole damn thing was a great hypocrisy. From that point on, I didn’t take my college days too seriously, and played my way through. We had plenty of pretty girls from the neighboring women’s colleges (Sweetbriar, Hollins, Mary Baldwin, Randolph Macon, and Southern Seminary) to supply us with female accommodation. I, myself, went right along with the exploitation of many of those girls. When I think about how far-flung that behavior is in colleges, I realize our civilization’s future is on shaky ground, indeed.

    2. @ barkingdeer

      The Female is actually one big organism with billions of different bodies…
      It sounds kinda paradoxical, but paradox is not uncommon in this universe..
      For the most part the bond they have with each other is more powerful than anything ever going on with any man… They can be greedy but they do not consider themselves accountable as individuals…
      And we have all seen how impossible it can be to reason with them, Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

      Whew! What rubbish you talk, deer Barking Dear! I don’t recognize myself in this description. Have you ever met a real woman in your life? What kind of women have you been talking to?!? 🙂

      Give me one evening in your company — you can come round and have dinner with me! — and I can guarantee you that you’d end up with a very different and positive picture of what women are really like. You’d actually see for yourself that women are human beings, very fallible and insecure, and just dying for a bit of kindness. The idea that sex and money is all we want is just crazy. Most of us would settle for a hug! 🙂

      1. “Have you ever met a real woman in your life? What kind of women have you been talking to?!?” How easy will it be these days for a man to meet a “real woman” or vice versa MB? Don’t WE all hide behind our own borders, armor and insecurities that WE have established through our own “life experience” and the environment WE find ourselves in? Don’t WE all dream of a “lifetime partner” that grows old with respect and with oneself sharing all the good and bad as one and to never disrespect LOVE for this beloved person itself?
        Myself as an example have been married twice and been divorced twice and until now have not “knowingly” met or even married a “real woman” that would fit these simple “requirements” mentioned above due to my own and the partners imperfections and the gadgets that a not so humane world has bestowed upon us all.
        Real men and women do exist. Though this “Realness” is what will need to be liberated again from the grip of tyranny that rules “our” world and the surreality that drives the destruction of families and society far worth than any religion ever was able to influence or control. Feminism is the prosecutor and instant punisher of both sexes and that has destroyed all natural drives that had elevated man above the beasts – through love. When looking at some “inferior” birds that spend their lifetime together for more then 2 or 3 decades while each and every year repeating the process of “incredible romancing” as a natural and normal activity and then looking at men and women of this “hellish” world wrapped in nothing but self-indulgence and superior fakeness One is not so sure anymore of the superiority of man at all.
        One can blame feminism, the world, religion, Jews, Satan, man or woman respectively though in the end it always will come back to the one who submits to “imperfection” and the rules bestowed upon.

        1. I hear what you say, Jo. And I agree with all you say. You speak from experience in the factory of life. I particularly like your insight that you are “not so sure anymore of the superiority of man at all.”

          Many men I meet nowadays think otherwise. They are a bit like our cynical and worldly wise friend Barkingdeer. Whom, I confess, I quite like. Men of this stamp really do believe they are infinitely superior to anything the trashy female sex could possibly produce. It doesn’t occur to them that if this is how they feel, then it means that they have been spending most of their time with trashy women. I knew a man who had a very low opinion of women and so I asked this sad and lonely man one day how he spent most of his spare time. His answer: “I watch porn,” adding with a sneer, “Most women are sluts.”

          A man like that can hardly be expected to have a high opinion of women. He gets the women he deserves. The dog that feasts on its own vomit can hardly be expected to be a connoisseur of good food! 🙂

  10. No doubt, most men – apart from some of the ‘shrinking violets’ here that feel free to pontificate on a subject they apparently know nothing about – have, at one time or another, had the unfortunate experience of waking-up in the morning entangled in the arms of some horror that, only that night before, they mistook for a “goddess”.

    THAT, my firends, is a metaphor for many marriages; since, once the infatuation/adulation/self-deception/insobriety/delusion – not to mention mascara & make-up! – have worn-off what are you left with? In many cases a facially-challenged, parasitic pain-in-the ass that can’t even cook – that’s what!

    And – even worse! – she might have the “personality” of a Hillary… in which case you best option, if you didn’t already push her out the window, would be to put a revlover to your head and pull the trigger.

      1. Pat
        I remember those daze (barely). They’re all beauty queens at 2A.M.
        “Last call for alcohol”! 🤪

      2. Yep, B-Hawk! Plenty of ‘Lounge Lizards’ to be had in the Houston ‘honky-tonks’ in the 70s & 80s. Especially at Mickey Gilley’s in Pasadena. Rode the ‘bull’ too! 🙂

      3. Pat
        Don’t know if you look at any TV, but have you seen any of the Ken Burns documentary “Country Music”? Really excellent piece on Americana.
        There’s a segment on Merle Haggard where during his interview he said in his younger days he busted outta jail 17 times! My hero

        Houdini’s got nuthin’ on that good ol boy! 🤠

  11. The point this article insinuates, but does not specifically pinpoint is that what we have here is the female mating strategy running amok.
    The extreme male mating strategy is solely polygamous. Impregnate as many as you can and leave. The extreme female strategy is purely hypergamous – to mate only with the alpha and if he leaves, demand the beta to provide for her.
    Monogamous marriage is probably the best compromise, and needs to be understood as such.
    What we see with this young sugarbabies is just hypergamy with birth control, and hence out of control. You whore around with the rich alfas while you are attractive enough to them. When you hit the wall, and the only thing available are useless betas, you are in for the devastating reality.
    Grandmothers who reflectively look back on their lives could have told you that. But they’re not around any more.

  12. Pat, the friendliest people and the prettiest women you’ve ever seen, says Gary P Nunn and Co..
    Texas Americana is mucho beloved by poets, authors, anthropologists, hippies and rednecks alike!.
    Londoners not so much! (lol)

    Sorry ADMIN, for the off topic..
    (Pat started it)

  13. MADAME
    I’m not cynical, just realistic…
    Sometimes that’s confusable…
    I’m just giving my opinion based on my experience…
    Just so you’ll know – i hold the female in high esteem, and i will do what I can for the ones i know…
    But love and marriage is a very risky business in the modern world of poison media and rapacious lawyers..
    If men watch porn all the time it’s probably becuse they’re hooked on it.. you can feel sorry for them…
    It’s an easy circumstance to fall into in the modern world…
    Otherwise they’re probably only doing it to help cope with their sex drive, which for whatever reason is not being properly addressed…
    We all need the Special Fitting, like food and water…
    Back to the theme – the female has huge power over the Male and its probably pretty hard not to use sex to gain whatever it is it can get for them…
    Realistically, women all have the prostitution reflex..
    That’s Nature’s Way… nothing wrong with it… and it is practiced as the rule, though nuanced..
    Men understand that perfectly and are perfectly willing to pay their way…
    Marriage is promoted as a higher state of affairs
    And that’s good news, if it’s true…
    But it’s not guaranteed…
    An arrangement for prostitution is much safer and less expensive…
    Mosern society ruined marriage, partly because that partnership is no longer the survival imperative it once was, like with Nanuk of the North…
    I would guess however, that lawyers and other scummy lowlife opportunists will eventually find a way to screw up the deal with mistresses too..
    Big religion would have it illegal…
    interracial miscegenation, and possibly inter terrestrial crossbreeding is the original thought behind the religious prohibition against adultry, adulteration of the blood….
    Watch those coyotes..

    1. Bark –

      I meant to answer this earlier.

      “interracial miscegenation, and possibly inter terrestrial crossbreeding is the original thought behind the religious prohibition against adultry, adulteration of the blood….”

      Adultry could not have meant what it means today.
      Then ,as today, to “adulterate” means to make IMPURE.

      Adultry in times past always meant mixing the blood….. to make blood impure.

      AND…. With only 10 commandments, there would be no need for a perfect god to WASTE one due to repetition!
      Having sex out of wedlock would have ALREADY been covered by “not coveting” another man’s wife.

      SEE…. A married man was supposed to have many wives, but was not to “want another man’s wife”.
      Had that not been the case, the much favored, King David, would have broken the commandment almost 2000 times with HIS…
      …. 900 wives + 800 concubines! 🙂

      Today’s rules were put in place centuries ago to keep one man from building a family army!

  14. Feminism, Multiculturalism, Consumerism, Globalism, Atheism, Environmentalism, Liberalism, Communism,etc. All this is promoted by the Jew. The real problem for the world is Judaism.

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