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  1. Since this site is devoted to the struggle against Israel, I’ll take this opportunity to post a link to an article, which although published quite a while back, illustrates well the attitude of the anti-Zionist left to Israel, in the hope that some common ground can be found, at least on this issue. The author is a homosexual atheist druggie leftist Jew, and no doubt a very sick man and a reprehensible reprobate, but it’s a good article and well written. He is also aware of the way journalists manipulate language with the introduction of all this new Orwellian terminology. It’s well worth a read:


  2. Mark Regev is definitely ‘inside the gates’ and is afraid to speak without security!!

    Liars about military attacks should be very afraid!!

    It is not ‘bigotry’ that pushes people to hate liars and jew criminals…. but the UJS uses that phony narrative!

    Just 6 months ago… Israeli ambassador Mark Regev had to cancel a talk at a London university because it would not provide “basic security” as recommended by the police, the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) has said.

  3. Eustace Mullins videos are fantastic , he is no longer with us , but was an outstanding Christian vilified throughout his adult life and his videos are still there.
    The banksters kept the USSR going 70 years without support form Americas Banksters it would have collapsed long before it did.

    About the Harriman family, I recommend you watch Eustace Mullins videos, real eye openers.Avril Harriman went to Russia and ran Russia from 1942 to 1944 when Stalin had a nervous breakdown. Only 2 people from the West could fly and land unannounced in Moscow Avril Harriman and David Rockefeller. The only purpose of the Cold War was to arm Israel to fight the Arab nations.


    The Banksters business is WAR.

    1. @ PeterPiper

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    2. Eusrace’s video interviews are great. I’m not sure to what extent US support for the USSR was relevant after WWII during the cold war as why then the “cold war” at all? After all, the USSR armed the Arabs in their conflict with Israel. But I’m sure Pat agrees with you, and even during this now Cold War 2.0. I’m still undecided despite all the evidence he presents, but they could all be joined at the top via banksters, masons, Zionists. Hard for us common people to know what truly goes on when it involves secret societies and ” invisible hands”. But ultimately the USSR and now Russia are guarantors of Israel’s security and existence.

      Israel bombed Syria again the other day with no response from Russia. So they’re bombing Iranians and Hizbollah and not the Russians, but Russia’s air campaign against the terrorists wouldn’t be of much use without Iranians and Lebanese volunteers doing the hard work on the ground. I can’t see why Russia can’t lob a few missiles at Israel proper in retaliation as I doubt Israel would try to escalate it, or the US for that matter. There’d just be a mini crisis and then they’d have to all sit down and talk and back down from the brink, as any escalation could result in Israel’s total annihilation. It’s frustrating to watch all this constant Israeli aggression. And Turkey is still arming the terrorist and providing them with missiles they keep firing at the Russian air force base. Maybe Russians allow that as perhaps Turkey wants to test Russian air defences before committing to buy their S-400. OK, Russians are known for their patience and slow response, but if provoked too much they do move and when they do God help those at the receiving end.

      1. CM –

        Thanks for the mention.

        You wrote:
        “Hard for us common people to know what truly goes on when it involves secret societies and ” invisible hands”.”

        Yep. All guesses! 🙂

        Lend-Lease was an interim donation ahead of the cold war, and beyond.
        Russia even supported Vietnam against USA.

        This has helped my guesses there – with MORE facts than Mullins on that subject:

        The Best Enemies Money Can Buy: An Interview with Prof. Antony C. Sutton


      2. Mike, once and future King Erdogan wants both the Russian S-400/500 and American F-35.
        No doubt about it.
        He wants to have his kek and eat it too.
        By outsmarting both the Russians and the Americans via playing them and their weapon systems against each other, he will be closer than ever in fulfilling his solemn vow to Allah of once and for all solving the Kurdish problem.
        (among others) Brilliant, eh..

      3. But perhaps those “invisible hands” aren’t so invisible after all…
        Here’s another brief synopsis:

        The branches of “Christianity” are “Judaic wolves in sheep’s clothing”; Protestant and Catholic “fronts”. The original Protocols were conceived in the Vatican and documented in 1492, then revised after the American Revolution. They are Annunaki* – sponsored writings whose main components of authorship are Jesuit and rabbinical. Their “leg – work” of societal function has a Protocolian outline which is primarily effected through the actions of governments as inspired by freemasonry.

        The rise of Hitler after WW1 was a phenomenon spawned by a legitimate German revulsion to its aftermath and the Treaty of Versailles. This was anticipated by (((them))), and the “steering committee” used his populism for all it was worth to foment another World War and manipulate events as they occurred all the way to Germany’s bitter end. The subsequent creation of Israel served as the next
        “jumping off” point for the latest phase of a world – domination scheme.

        That this latest phase has been in the works for over 70 years indicates that things have bogged down for the planners. My suspicion is that this has to do with a second faction (based in China) of “International Jewry” vying for supremacy, and that Trump’s (s)election was instrumental in this “bogging-down” as seen within a perspective of Hilary Clinton being backed by what is at PRESENT the China-based side.

        The scuttlebutt is that Trump being the “lesser of two evils” is apropos in that had HRC become the POTUS the full implementation of a “NWO” may already have been a done deal. Trump as the POTUS represents a major monkey wrench thrown into the works of the side which HAD held the upper hand for a very long time in the West before moving its base of operations to China, and was accentuated at the Yalta Conference in 1945. This offers a valid explanation for the real reason behind the attempt to remove Trump from office.

        Both factions have been at it for centuries, and use compromised governmental officialdom with their respective duped militaries to do the dirty work, which now features both sides jockeying into position before an inevitable final showdown.

        * All this confusion over who and what is really behind the functioning of the U.S., Russia, Britain, China, etc. at any given time is intrinsic to the Protocolian design, and in the words of the Great Mongo in the movie, “Blazing Saddles”…

        Mongo (i.e.; human beings) only pawn
        in game of life

  4. Just to clarify…

    The faction of what has been termed “International Jewry” whose base of operations is currently HQd in China, had established the instruments of financial control in the West very early on, starting with Rothschild’s takeover of the Bank of England in the 17th Century and continued on to this day. This has given them the upper hand ever since, yet the overriding question asks why did they move their base from what had become the U.S., to China? The simple answer is that launching a NWO from America was deemed to be too difficult, compared to the subservient Chinese. The reason being, wait for it…..they couldn’t confiscate the guns!

    But moving to China left a vacuum to be filled in the U.S., and filled it was by the opposition. Exactly HOW this all works is a mystery, but suffice to say, this opposing faction backs Trump. My guess is that this Russian collusion story has legs, because Putin knows that had HRC become the POTUS the link between East and West would have been made, and the NWO could very well have been a done deal by now. Something Putin is against, his need to play the game because of Russia’s financial dependency notwithstanding.

    Trump may not be playing 4D chess, but Putin is.

  5. Thanks for posting. Just the other day again I was trying to remember Anthony Lawson’s name so I could find his YouTube account. In my opinion it is one of the best collections of videos on the internet, in particular his videos on the holocaust. He died 4 years ago. His death wasn’t mentioned in any of our Jewish sanctioned media outlets and I’m not even sure if that is his real name, but he was a great man. His video collection is now a favorite on my PC.

    1. And now I no longer see some of the videos he once had on his YouTube channel, which makes me wonder if YouTube deleted them.

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