Grovel, grovel! — Trump licks Netanyahu’s boots and declares undying love for ‘aggressive’ Israel

LD:  Admire Trump as much as you want, but at least have the honesty to admit  that the man is a Zionist stooge who loves Israel, like most American Jews, more than he loves America. Having moved the American embassy to Jerusalem and decided that the Golan Heights, contrary to international law, should be ceded to Israel, Trump now goes one step further in stating that Israel should be exempt from the judgments of the International Criminal Court. In other words, Israel must not be held responsible for its war crimes. It needs to be “aggressive” for its own good and is therefore beyond international law. Give Trump a chance and he will soon be telling us that “Evil is good”, at least when Israel does it. (LD)

“Bibi, my friend . . .”

“Israel is very special to me. A special country, a special people. We are very much in favor of what Israel does. They are aggressive and they have no choice but to be aggressive. Bibi, my friend .  . . we are with Israel 100 per cent” — Quote from video below

Trump says Israelis should be immune
from International Criminal Court prosecution
APRIL 12, 2019 1:17 PM

By Ron Kampeas
Jewish Telegraph Agency  via Truthseeker

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Trump administration again named Israelis along with Americans as deserving immunity from International Criminal Court prosecution.

In a statement Friday, President Donald Trump declared victory after the International Criminal Court (ICC) rejected a request to investigate U.S. personnel for actions in Afghanistan.

“Since the creation of the International Criminal Court, the United States has consistently declined to join the court because of its broad, unaccountable prosecutorial powers; the threat it poses to American national sovereignty; and other deficiencies that render it illegitimate,” the White House said in a statement it attributed to Trump. “Any attempt to target American, Israeli, or allied personnel for prosecution will be met with a swift and vigorous response.”

It’s the second time that the Trump administration has extended its vow to protect allies from the court explicitly to Israelis. Last month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said ICC officials who prosecute Americans or Israelis would be denied entry into the United States.

The ICC is known to be considering whether to act on a request by the Palestinian Authority to investigate Israeli officials for war crimes. Like the United States, Israel is not a member of the court and thus its citizens are susceptible to court action only if they are in countries that belong to the ICC.


Grovel, grovel! — Trump Licks Netanyahu’s Boots
VIDEO  : 2.35 mins

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  1. Trump is right. Israel is the land given to the jews to the children of god. All other countries are just slaves to israel and serve Israel. You better accept this!

    1. Why? I’m not sure if you’re being facetious or not, but Jews may call themselves the children of God and the chosen people but civilized countries historically had a low opinion of Jews in general and considered Europe (the white peoples, particularly certain white ethnicities) as being the most advanced peoples and most responsible for advancing the world. Jews have always been considered outsiders, but starting in the early / mid 19th century there was a mutual agreement to have Jews and Christians live together. This appears to have been a mistake by Europeans. They don’t have the ethnocentrism (aka racism) Jews have and don’t select people based on their ethnicity. If Europeans (known as whites in USA, Canada and Australia) assert their rights and pride in their achievements, Jews could find themselves stripped of their power and historians might begin to focus on the extremely harmful effects Jews have had on countries they live in.

      The Jews always look to associate and “befriend” those in power to have power themselves. This partly explains how they had Great Britain, the USA, France and the USSR on their side and maybe it helps explains why millions of Europeans all across Europe considered Jews their enemy in WW II. Europeans viewed Jews, the way Jews have always viewed Europeans, as enemies. Your comment reflects that.

      1. Peter, they all do it.

        “..anyone who does not believe in the Qur’an is called “kafir”, or a rejector of the truth. Similarly, the Christians say that anyone who does not believe in the Bible is a heathen, and the Vedic literature refers to one who does not believe in the Vedas as “nastika””.
        They all believe their religion is superior
        (the truth and nothing but the truth) and they all have derogatory names for “the other” to prove it.
        It’s hardly an excluisive club with Jews as the only member.
        The real problem is the Jews are better at it. A lot better at it.

        It’s no secret why either. They control the money and the advertising (mental conditioning) and give people what they want as well as what they tell them they want. Therein lies the rub because what the people really want is not religion and discipline and penance. It’s wine, women and gold (aka) let the good times roll.
        This, more now than ever with the advancements of modern uber-material civilization.

        People who are truly religious and truly practice ther religion no matter which religion it might be, aren’t bothered much at all by the Jew’s or anyone else’s allurements, name calling or any other machinations.

        Exemplified by all the churches closing in Europe (and the USA) which will soon enough be converted into mosques for the Muslims who really do go to worship beyond token holidays and lip service. It’s right there in front of everyone everyday to see and hear and feel. Denial truly is not just a river in Eretz Israel..

      2. HP –

        This is very profound!! And I believe it.

        “Exemplified by all the churches closing in Europe (and the USA) which will soon enough be converted into mosques for the Muslims who really do go to worship beyond token holidays and lip service. It’s right there in front of everyone everyday to see and hear and feel. Denial truly is not just a river in Eretz Israel..”


        Mohammetans are dedicated. Christians are NOT!!

      3. No. They don’t all do it. That is why they control the money and have so much influence. They stand out and apart and while Europeans let Jews into their universities and halls of power starting in the 19th century, Jews took advantage of this. Yes, other middle eastern cultures are similarly ethnocentric, while Europeans are not and are more individualistic and don’t have such strong loyalties. Dr. Kevin MacDonald has delivered long speeches on the uniqueness of western man on this subject.

        I recommend this article for you on Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan for an introduction to Jewish behavior. The writers on this website are all experts in their field and many are PHD’s. I don’t know of any other website with such expertise and high qualifications.

    2. Loveisarael, I’ve got an oven that would fit y’all just right at the end of the next revolution, and for all of your racial kin that don’t stay in israel and refrain from meddling outside it.

  2. It is not a fact that most American Jews love Israel more than America! I can tell you that as a second generation American my kids don’t know where Israel is let alone love it. Frankly like many millenials they have little interest in politics or world affairs. A sad but true statement.

    There are a lot more of us than you think. Whatever you believe about WWII my father was a foot solxier that fought alongside Christians and Aetheists alike for his country. We are Americans

    1. Ralan –

      That has been MY experience, too (as a WASP). The Jews I know are very skeptical about Israhell’s undue influence over Uncle Sam. As far as Trump is concerned, I understand the expedience of his deliberate adoration. It is the same as a couple of Jew friends, who, by taking advantage of that status, have extensively increased their business dealings in Tel Aviv. (They spend a great amount of that wherewithal on fine horses! 🙂 )

    2. There is never complete solidarity in any group, even Jews. But they are the most ethnocentric and unified group there is. That attitude shows itself in the media, universities, think tanks, industry and all halls of power and partially explains the outsized power such a small group has. The fact that Jews create organizations, many organizations in all the countries they live in (AIPAC, ADL and many others in the USA) that lobby on their behalf and Israel’s behalf shows they consider themselves separate. If they didn’t want to be a separate group, they would have integrated and disappeared into European countries long ago and disappeared as a people.

      Interview with Dr. Andrew Joyce, Phd

    3. Good point Ralan. Most Jews just want to prosper. Live their lives. No different from anyone else. Donaldo drove his rig through Las Vegas, Nevada today. Lots of Jewish lawyers on billboards. An idiot coming off the ramp onto I15 almost hit my rig. Got Donaldo to thinking. If the sh..t ever hits the fan…..gotta lawyer-up. No finer legal representation is available than a good Jewish lawyer. They’re brilliant. They ain’t too interested in Israel or Bibi’s scandal-ridden ass. They are Americans of Jewish heritage. They work hard. And, brother, they are the best at what they do. Most Jews are . It’s a gift. As my Jewish grandad always said, “Grandson, the World’s a jungle. Nobody’s gonna give ya nothing. Gotta fight for it.” The old man was right. And yes Ralan. He also served in the South Pacific during WWII. He was decorated but never much talked about it. Anyway….back to point. Jewish culture is much greater than Israel or it’s current, corrupt “leadership”….yawn. It’s about struggle and perserverance against all odds. It’s something Jews, like us or hate us, have excelled at for centuries. And by the way, Donaldo doesn’t consider the “Deep State” a predominantly Jewish enterprise at all. It’s far more sinister. The rabbit hole runs deep.🤔

      1. ” Donaldo doesn’t consider the “Deep State” a predominantly Jewish enterprise at all. It’s far more sinister. The rabbit hole runs deep.”

        Several years ago I moved from NYC to DC. I had been here many times throughout my life but never explored beyond the reason for my visit. I have now been exposed to the “beltway” and what many refer to as the “Deep State” Well its not so deep actually right in front of our faces yet we don’t see it. Me too, but now I do. When your in grade school they teach you about the cabinet posts and the handful of departments that go along with them. Like ” State” or the Department of Energy. Well its not a handful there are 457 federal agencies most of which most of us have never heard of. Some have tens of thousands of employees. Then there are the national labs like Los Alamos and the Jet Propolsion lab to name just two.

        All of this run by bureaucrats levels down . A new Secretary takes over a department and by the time they figure out where the light switch is its time to leave. That’s the half of it. The second half, the so called “Military Industrial Complex” is not just a small group of large companies like Lockheed or Boeing. There are actively more than 500,000 federal contractors working for good old Uncle Sam and a game is played. The government suggests they are downsizing the federal workforce and they are not. They shift the jobs to contractors. We all know Edward Snowden right. Held the highest security clearance you can have but worked for a contractor siting in a cubicle as if he was NSA. Technically he was NSA but paid by Booze Allen another federal contractor. Federal contractors do not need to make missiles they can be cutting the grass at the White House or supplying the security at the smithsonian and they do.

        Well, here is the deal. The ” Deep State” its not a secret organization or nefarious group of organized individuals or entities. When a General leaves the Army or a Contracting Officer retires at the ripe old age of 52 and leaves the federal agency he or she worked for and hang up a shingle and become consultants to these contractors, sit on a boards and get fat fee’s or better yet get a NAIC code and become a contractor. And many do. Oh by the way if they came out of the military they have preference for contracts as veterans. Women and Minorities too. The highest level of so called set aside meaning your getting the contract is to be from a Native American Tribe. Any of these former agency folks just walk right back into the agency where there is no prohibition against lobbying or a revolving door. And poof! just like that they talk to there buddy who is still there and when the RFP comes out its written for them or there client not to loose. Technically its not lobbying because its after appropriations. Its a cottage Industry of a few hundred thousand people who came out of the system that influence the system. They control congress too. Most don’t know this but the most powerful lobbying groups in DC are the various PACS that no one would ever know that are funded by yup, the contractors.

        Donaldo I am sorry to say but there will be a lot of deniers here and disappointed folks because there is no conspiracy, nefarious group of individuals or entities. Just a big wheel that is out of control an unorganized organized mess. BTW, the contractors include the whole lot of us Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Atheists, Native Americans, Blacks, Whites, Browns, Yellows, Lesbians, Gays, Right Wing, Left Wing, Socialists, Capitalists, Communists. Thats your DEEP STATE

      2. Ralan –

        I have done extensive research on ‘codes’ of all types over the last 40 years.

        The NAIC Codes are not just for private companies. They are for ALL commercial entities… even PUBLIC offices… including the PRESIDENT. We ALL live in COMMERCE:

        There are no common law sheriffs or office-holders anymore. They are COMMERCIAL entities.

        The sheriffs and ALL PUBLIC OFFICES have been kidnapped by the NWO’s invention of total control… CODES, and are included in the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as well.

        The NAICS was formerly the SIC.
        The sheriffs’ corporation business codes are appliable in the 92 series.

        —2017 NAICS Key Word Search—

        Search results for: sheriff
        Number of records found: 2

        922110 Sheriffs’ offices, court functions only
        922120 Sheriffs’ offices (except court functions only)


        Same applies to President of US, governors or mayors…etc.

        921110 President’s office, United States
        921110 Executive offices, federal, state, and local (e.g., governor, mayor, president)


        922 Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities
        9221 Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities
        92211 Courts
        922110 Courts
        92212 Police Protection
        922120 Police Protection
        92213 Legal Counsel and Prosecution
        922130 Legal Counsel and Prosecution
        92214 Correctional Institutions
        922140 Correctional Institutions
        92215 Parole Offices and Probation Offices
        922150 Parole Offices and Probation Offices
        92216 Fire Protection
        922160 Fire Protection
        92219 Other Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities
        922190 Other Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities


        This proves that the UN, IMF & World Bank are US COMMERCIAL entities.

        Government establishments administering international trade, such as trade commissions and councils are classified in Industry 926110, Administration of General Economic Programs.

        Consulates – 928120
        Diplomatic services – 928120
        Economic development assistance (i.e., international), government – 928120
        Embassies – 928120
        Foreign economic and social development services, government – 928120
        International Monetary Fund – 928120
        Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – 928120
        Organization of American States – 928120
        State Department – 928120
        United Nations- 928120
        World Bank – 928120

    4. Ralan,

      You wrote:

      “my kids don’t know where Israel is”

      This doesn’t add to your credibility. I find it hard to believe that this is the level of education you provided for your kids, and not because of who you are, but in general.

    5. Ralan –

      “…my kids don’t know where Israel is let alone love it.”

      Be sure donate a map to the poor under-funded & poorly educated synagogue teacher guy 🙂 before their bar/bat mitzvahs!!

      Your kids deserve to know!!

      1. PAT & MIKE
        Now Now you two. You both know sarcasm when you see it. Just can’t have a discussion about the points I raised so you throw an off handed comment back. Funny thing about you Darkmooner’s, you can’t handle that your prejudices might be ill advised so you turn from adults to kids in a sandbox. Interesting how our minds work when we are frightened and what we say in self defense that is sometimes idiotic!

        Happens lots around here when an idea that is reasonable is floated by a Jew. Try counting to 10 next time and just don’t reply. You wont be so transparent this way 🙂

  3. Trump likes Saudi’s jews also….. He “BIGGLY” likes jews everywhere!! 🙂

    Trump vetoes measure ending US support for Saudi-led war in Yemen

    It is only the second time Mr Trump has used his presidential veto since he took office in 2017.

    Opposition in Congress to his policy on Yemen grew last year after Saudi agents killed the journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

    The resolution passed the House of Representatives in April and the Senate in March, the first time both chambers had supported a War Powers resolution, which limits the president’s ability to send troops into action.

  4. ADMIN: Please note that Admin does not trust this poster.

    Trump’s relation to the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral.
    I am gonna tell you what a cousin of mine who is a Mossad agent (retired) and whom i hate very much told me about the burning of the Notre Dame church yesterday; i am telling because like i said, i hate him.
    The burning of the temple was perpetrated by french Mossad agents now hiding at sayanim locations in northern Paris.
    Ascanius and the maneuvers of Agathocles:
    Those two historical figures named above used skulduggery and shady dealings to solve situations and or plant the first stone for future actions. The reason behind this attack is prove of the depth of of craftiness and the tools the Mossad has always used; tools and devices that date back to Sicilian Agathocles who, in order to justify the killing of nobles, sent agent to kill innocent farmers in order to concoct the idea that the dead deserved it; yes, deception.
    This scenario and its vision is similar to the U.S.S Liberty with a few changes. The mission? to plant in the hearts of Christians the idea that Muslims deserve the destruction of their temples namely the Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock both sitting on the ruins of the Temple Mount, in a near future.
    This way once those two mosques get destroyed Christians in Europe would, in a gloating way, consider it retribution.
    This secret i am telling you because, like i said, i hate my cousin.
    The rebuilding of the third temple is a given fact, just a matter of time. But first, like i said, the Jews need to “clean up” the land.
    The attack on Notre Dame (Our Lady) cathedral is just the first step.
    Donald Trump will soon “declare” the temple mount Jews only territory.
    A few blocks away from the temple mount sits the chapel of ascension where it is believed Jesus ascended to heaven, killed by Romans (Donald Trump) instigated by Jews (Netanyahu).
    What a difference!
    After the fall of Jerusalem in 1187 the ruined church (the church of the ascension) and monastery were abandoned by the Christians, who resettled in Acre. During this time Salah ad-Din established the Mount of Olives as a waqf.
    Read this:
    The chapel was converted to a mosque, and a mihrab installed in it. Because the vast majority of pilgrims to the site were Christian, as a gesture of compromise and goodwill Salah ad-Din ordered the construction, two years later, of a second mosque nearby for Muslim worship while Christians continued to visit the main chapel.
    on the other hand, Mr Trump will soon “declare” the temple mount “Jews only” territory.

    1. The burning of the temple was perpetrated by french Mossad agents now hiding at sayanim locations in northern Paris.

      As per Mossad’s motto… “By way of deception renovation, thou shalt do war.”

    2. If the burning of the Notre Dame was indeed a Mossad false flag to frame Muslims, then why were there no traces of Muslims created by those Mossad agents : a passport, a man shouting “Allah akbar” or a claim on the Internet ? Without such traces, no popular anger against Muslims among Christians of the West can be created. Your theory is not convincing.

    3. Out of interest Marie Julie Jahenny the Breton stigmatise Saïd that when Paris is destroyed the only building left standing will be Notre Dame des Victoires. God will not be mocked.

  5. Well at least we no longer have to to listen to the Jews’ crocodile tears as they whine, kvetch and scream, “Naaaadzee! Naaaadzee! Oy Vey! Trump is a Naaaadzee!” All the while gnashing their teeth and rending their garments declaring, “Ve haff no president!”

    Jews are enough to make strong men puke in their boots. Will stupid, ignorant, gullible goyim ever stop Jews from shitting all over their race, cultures and nations? Inquiring minds ask, when will the white man finally have a bellyful of the poisonous, predatory, lying, murdering, psychopathic Jew?

    Here is an interesting, worthwhile read to ponder.

    1. @ Peter

      I agree with you that Whites are the least ethnocentric of all people. One place where this can be seen is in the opening lines of the _Iliad_, where Zeus is said to be attending an event in his honor being given in Ethiopia (Black folks). This can also be seen in the fact that the “racism” of Houston Stuart Chamberlain of the late 19th century was thought by him to be a new discovery. Another place where this can be seen is in the ideal of Liberty, which was thought to be based in a truth that applied to all men.

      As for the Jews being the most ethnocentric of all people, I also agree. Lots of great minds of White culture have made this observation. An example is an early 20th century English Christian named Hilaire Beloc whom I have been reading in connection with his economic theory. Beloc, who was firm in his belief that Jews were a nation as opposed to a religion, stated that treason was less known among the Jews than among the people of any other nationality.

      1. Are you from Europe Kendra? I have a feeling that even though people all over Europe have been instructed on what to say and think about Jews (all positive), many have heard a different opinion from their parents and grandparents. The British and Americans alliance with the Jews and the USSR in WW II might help explain their less critical attitude. They didn’t fight against the Jews, but with them.

  6. (ADMIN: Please correct typo in your user name or your posts will be delayed.)

    All one can say is that, many, if not most Christians are putty in the hands of the (((tribe))). Is Trump any different? Like so many politicians in America and in Europe they know very well where their votes are buttered. There are some “Jew wise” Euro-Christians, who through the years have been well aware of the machinations of their (((betters))). Most of the time (((they))) can’t even stand (((themselves))).

  7. I don’t think Trump lied when during his campaign he said things that appealed to White Nationalists. I think Trump genuinely identifies as being a White American, and he is loyal to the people he identifies with and wishes to advance their interest. However I think he sincerely believes that a partnership with the Jewish nation is of vital interest to the White American people; and I think he is wrong about this, and because of this mistake he may be leading White America toward a catastrophy of some kind.

    I think Trump regards the Jews as a nationality as much as did Belloc (I misspelled Belloc’s name in my above post). Until a generation or so ago I think there was real hope for Jewish assimilation. But I don’t think Trump was ever part of that hope. I think that for him the Jews were always a foreign nation living in our midst, and I think he is, and has always been committed to a Jewish national/White American national alliance — and I think he learned this supposed value from his father, and it is something he cannot even question for it is too deeply rooted in him.

    1. “I don’t think Trump lied when during his campaign he said things that appealed to White Nationalists.

      I can’t believe you’re still pushing this laughably absurd BS. Trump has shown himself to be a lying, mass-murdering, militant zionist extremist who puts the interests of his jewish-supremacist handlers far above those of America.

      1. @ Harold Smith

        To me Trump is a fellow White American. I think he is a badly confused White American who is leading his people toward a catastrophe of some kind, but he is still, to me, a fellow White American.

        You obviously hate the man. To me that would be a morally wrong thing to do, because he is one of my kind, not an enemy.

      2. “To me Trump is a fellow White American.”

        LOL! So was Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Green River killer. What’s your point? A fellow “White American” can’t be evil?

        I think he is a badly confused White American who is leading his people toward a catastrophe of some kind, but he is still, to me, a fellow White American.”

        So according to you, there’s actually no such thing as “evil” in this world only “confusion”? Thus poor Ted Bundy was executed for merely being “confused”? I bet if orange clown casually murdered your family the way he casually murders other people all over the world, you might see things differently.

        “You obviously hate the man. To me that would be a morally wrong thing to do, because he is one of my kind, not an enemy.

        You obviously lack common sense. I should learn to just ignore you and your senile drivel.

      3. Pay no attention to this idiot, Kendra. He is obviously one who finds his circle of anti-American friends cheer him on, and likes to bloviate accordingly. His hypocrisy is akin to that of “sanctuary cities”.

      4. Pay no attention to this idiot, Kendra.

        Well look who’s talkin’! The ever-more-obvious jew “Gilbert”. Why don’t you do the world a favor and take a long rest, knucklehead.

      5. Gil –

        That’s a very accurate comment!

        Circassian has a trash-throwing competitor in HS!! 🙂 🙂

      6. @ Gilbert Huntly
        @ Harold Smith
        @ Pat

        Keep the personal abuse down please. To a sub-vitriolic level.There is red line beyond which you must not go. Please don’t say things like, “I wish you’d die of cancer!” Or, “I’d like to squirt sulphuric acid in your eyes.” That’s going a bit too far.

      7. When will commenters learn the concept of the reasoned response? Don’t take up valuable web space with personal, verbal vendettas. (Jews are masters at consuming and misdirecting these comment threads with empty, useless, emotional back and forths). More than ever, we need comments with informational content.

        Present facts, right or wrong, instead of personal objections to individuals. And don’t forget – ignore the Jew. Don’t let the Jew suck you into his whirlpool of emotional misdirection.

    2. @Kendra

      I no longer consider myself a Trump supporter, although he still might do some things I support. I don’t know how to explain Trump and I have a friend that agrees with Harold (that Trump is a liar). I don’t agree, but I’m open to anything that would explain his attitude, particularly toward Jews. I think one would have to interview his siblings and find out what was discussed in their house while growing up. I thought that because his grandparents were German he might have a less than wonderful opinion of Jews, but that appears to have no influence on him whatsoever. I read his father shed his German-ness and proclaimed himself a Swede so he could do better in real estate. That indicates a less than hard ethnocentric attitude. I think maybe I agree with you that Trump has some pride in his background, but he is simply not as hard core as the chosen ones.

  8. Very rare event : The U.S. Congress passes a resolution to NOT to get involved in a foreign war –in this case, the war in Yemen. Trump, who campaigned on not wanting to get involved in any more Middle Eastern wars VETOES resolution. Considering what he said during the campaign about not wanting to get involved in any more Middle Eastern wars, one would think he would be happy to sign the resolution to NOT to get involved in the war in the Middle Eastern country of Yemen, but NO, the resolution did NOT make him happy and he VETOED IT. What a LIAR he turned out to be.

  9. @ Harold Smith

    Is there such a thing as patriotism? I think there is, and that it is a beautiful thing. I thank God that I have found it.

    1. Patriotism is based on pride and we all know that’s what comes before a fall. Thus, patriotism precedes civil discord.

      The powers of leadership find it necessary to engender patriotic fervor as a response to aggrieved conditions suffered by a people. The call for patriotism magically disappears when people feel safe and secure in their environment. Immediately after wars and revolutions, after the full effect of continual bloodshed and destruction has sickened former flag-waving “patriots,” patriotism is typically spoken of in bitter, disparaging terms.

      Take a look at the patriotic fervor of Judeocommunism, with its flags-a-flying and its blizzard of posters calling “proletariat” workers to arms. Of course, the Judeocommunist confiscated those arms the minute they gained power to do so.

      Then there was the patriotic fervor of the French and American Revolutions. How much patriotism was found among the masses after these horrific events had spent themselves, finally drowning in rivers of blood?

      Patriotic drums always bang the loudest right before bloodshed begins. After that, suppression of all opposing views.

      What about the enforced “patriotism” of WWII where one dared not question American actions or motives towards their declared enemies? Questioning those patriotic motives and actions would result at least in a bloody nose or worse, trial for sedition. Need I remind anyone of the duplicitous “Patriot Act,” created from fear generated by a false flag attack?

      The trouble is like “good and evil,” “right and wrong,” the definition of “patriotism” and its mirror image “sedition” are nothing more than artificial power exercised over willful emotion. Power held by those controlling the propaganda mills.

      In the end, it is the common man that suffers the effects of patriotism; paying for excited, patriotic fervor with their blood.

  10. The WAR PARTY (some call it the NWO, MIC, or the Deep State peopled with sundry Republicans, Democrats, NEOCONs, Zionists) will not relinquish it’s political power. It has managed to weaponize every aspect of civilization to gain full spectrum dominance over the population. Politics as usual will not dislodge this group of psychopathic mattoids in their quest for global power. The POTUS position has been totally captured by them – Trump is merely the latest puppet. Thus, a major dystopian future awaits – a MAD MAX world – with the attending anarchy, chaos, civil war, world war, breakdown, collapsed supply chains, death and destruction. I am certain this is a future very few crave.

    1. “…Trump is merely the latest puppet.”

      I would argue that Trump is not just “merely the latest puppet” but the most evil puppet yet, and therefore the most dangerous, under the circumstances.

      I have argued that the “NWO” aka “deep state” (or in Biblical terms, the first beast of Rev 13) has installed into the office of president of the U.S. a series of ever-more-evil scumbags, commensurate with the ever increasing risk posed by the pursuance of its agenda in the face of rising opposition from an ever-more-powerful Russia (and China).

      Pity the poor beast; the chips are down and the beast finds itself at a now or never moment. And this is why orange clown is their main man; their evil “messiah.” Orange clown is apparently revered among jewish-supremacist madmen everywhere. They won the lottery when they found this scumbag under a rock somewhere, for here is a creature willing to take personal responsibility for giving the orders which risk planetary extinction. Here is a creature willing to destroy as much of the world as necessary without a second thought; including his own family, his assets, etc.

      1. The big, bad bogeymen still frighten you with such tales as “planetary extinction”?? What a parroting idiot you are!

      2. LOL! The mentally, morally and physically defective jew troll apparently “thinks” it can somehow insult me. It can’t.

  11. PAT
    the muslims aren’t dedicated – they’re captivated… it’s a gang, once in you can’t get out… kids all brainwashed… women totally repressed… everybody has to grove int he dirt 5 times a day… if you miss one you better have a good excuse… they’ve taken over dozens of countries in the last 12 or 13 centuries, murdered millions of people doing it… they’re at it in europe… however, swedes turn out to be logical after all, finally figuring it out….
    so much for trump not being a politician?
    either they all lie about their intentions, saying whatever sounds good on the campaign trail, because that’s just the way the game is played, or after they get into office they find out they don’t have any choice in some of these matters… highly likely…
    i think it’s so far gone by now after decades of deep state murder and intrigue, that the office of the presidency is, as howard cosell would say “A mere shadow if his former self”…
    the country could be reacquired though, by a correctly motivated president with balls as big as grapefruits and a serious mind to match, if he were willing to launch a dynamic coup against the whole rotten ziocon media deep state pedophile circus… we’d be talking about conducting mass arrests of thousands of traitorous public officials, sanctuary city mayors and state governors, commie college professors and all their ilk, dual citizens, pedophiles and human traffickers, hard dope dealers, in one day, like phillip the fair did with the templars, and replacing them with military officers, and pulling most of the troops back into the country and totally securing the borders with shoot to kill orders under martial law with tanks and trucks, and at the same time sweeping out single every illegal alien in the country….take them back to the mexican border, brand them and tell them if they’re seen over here again, they’re dead… of course the whole fed bank/irs complex would be immediately eliminated and the us treasury set up as the country’s central bank, with the currency locked on to the precious metal standard… all trade with other countries would be stopped and factories set up here to produce everything we need, planned obsolescence completely outlawed… send all the zionist jews and jesuits down to the beaches and tell them they have to stand in the water up to their necks until we get them loaded on to the ships to take them to antarctica…
    you’re probably right.. trump will give netanyahu whatever he asks for next…

    1. Bark –

      Good report!
      Trump & his jews could do this HERE!!!

      Sweden wised up 3 years ago. Stopped influx and are sending them back by the tens of thousands.
      Sweden did a U-turn on asylum in 2016!!

      Forced Migration Review:
      “…since January 2016, bus, train and ferry companies are no longer allowed to carry passengers without identity documents from neighbouring Denmark or Germany to Sweden. Even the approach towards unaccompanied minors was soon to become tougher, according to the government.”


      Same video in shorter link:

    2. Bark, right or wrong or somewhere in between, there’s no force on earth more dedicated than the Taliban.
      They’ll never surrender..

      1. HP –

        You were correct. Just today….. Too many poppies to harvest??? Howdja know dat?? 🙂

        KABUL – The U.S. envoy for peace in Afghanistan expressed disappointment on Friday(today) after the collapse of a planned meeting between the Taliban and a group of Afghan politicians in Qatar that exposed some of the deep divisions hampering efforts to end the war.

        A 250-strong delegation of Afghan politicians and civil society figures had been due to meet Taliban officials in Doha at the weekend.

        But the event was abruptly canceled on Thursday amid arguments over the size and status of the group, which included some government officials attending in a personal capacity.

        “I’m disappointed Qatar’s intra-Afghan initiative has been delayed,” Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. special representative for Afghan reconciliation, said on Twitter. “I urge all sides to seize the moment and put things back on track by agreeing to a participant list that speaks for all Afghans.”

        The collapse of the meeting before it had even started, described as a “fiasco” by one senior Western official, laid bare the tensions that have hampered moves toward opening formal peace negotiations.

  12. When the family is in with Israel arrogance is displayed… even the World Bank is an oyster!!

    President Trump was the only person on earth who thought his daughter was remotely qualified to run the international financial institution. But, apparently, there was at least one other individual who thought Ivanka could’ve held her own in the role: the First Daughter herself. 🙂

    Ivanka claims she turned down the gig because she was happy at the White House.

  13. trump’s subservience to netanyahu and israel is nothing at all new in the world…
    the jews make it their business to, first ally with and then control whomever happens to be in charge, kings, social democrats, narco-gangsters…
    sorry fellows, the jews are not just like everybody else.. you guys may be working class, so are a lot of other jews, and maybe your kids don’t know where israel is.. that’s not hard to believe, lots of japanese high school kids these days don’t know japan had a war with the usa in the 1940s… when told about it, the ask – who won?
    kids are stupid because jews sabotaged the education system, and things don’t get any better at the college level either..
    from ‘the nameless war’ by captain a. h. m. ramsay, who was jailed by wienstien churchill for anti-semitism for the duration of ww2…
    1215 – magna carta
    1255 – ritual murder of st. hugh of lincoln.. henry 3 personally ordered trial and 18 culprits were executed, all jews…
    1275 – the statute of jewry passed, confined jews to certain areas.. forbade usury to them and also ownership of land and contact with the people… compelled the to wear the yellow badge…
    1290 – edward 1 banished the jews from england…
    1657 – oliver cromwell, having been financed by mennasseh ben israel and moses carvajal, allows jews to return to england, though the order of banishment was never rescinded by parliament…
    1689 – amsterdam jews financed the rebellion against king james 2.. the chief of these, solomon medina, followes william of orange to england…
    1694 – the bank of england set up and the national debt instituted, securing for the jewish moneylenders a first charge on the taxes of england for interest on their loans.. the right to print money was transferred from the crown to this bank of england…
    1707 – economic and political union forced upon scotland against the vote of every county and borough, the national debt foisted upon scotland, and the royal mint in edinburgh suppressed…
    please read this article, if you want to start catching up on the real history of jewish infiltration and control of england… they had a regular feeding frenzy with the usa…

    1. Bark –

      The jews were banished in 1290, but their usury system set up 100 years earlier… remained:

      A jew professor tells on jew bankers. This is a description of the system of personal debt obligation with private property as collateral. It goes back to the 12th century, at least. This is where jew-style usury was brought to European Banking in London!!

      —The Common Law Mortgage and the Conditional Bond – Penn Law …

      (Page 194 – Summary)

      “The conditional conveyance by way of security had been in use by the Jews for a long time prior to their settlement in England, and was used by them in England in their transactions with Christians. The technical device by which the conditional conveyance was effected was, in every detail, identical with the classical English mortgage in its original form, namely, two separate instruments were used and a third party was employed as a depositary. A device similar in conception and design to the conditional conveyance was used by the Jews during the middle ages in England and elsewhere for the purpose of effecting conditional obligations. This device was in every respect identical with the common law conditional bond in the earlier stage of its development. Both of these devices were developed by the Jews for the purpose of evading a certain rule of Hebrew law which is similar to the rule against penalties in English law.

      “The Jews introduced the business of money-lending on a large scale in England, and with it the means by which this business was carried on. When Englishmen learned the business of money-lending from the Jew they adopted his methods and devices, outstanding examples of which are the conditional conveyance by way of security and the conditional bond which have survived to our own day.”

  14. Israel Has Back Door on All Microsoft Devices

    Microsoft Windows 10 is now fully coded in Israel.
    The Windows Security Center.
    It’s all done in Israel.

    The NSA has to mess about to get their malware implanted in 90% of the world’s computers. Not Israel, they just include it with a forced update!!
    A sick, psychotic racial and religiously supremacist state with an ultra-right-wing extremist at the helm has the planet at its fingertips.

      1. Yep….. and the cry is, “Jews have NO influence on anyone individually – or in ANY governments anywhere!!” 🙂 🙂

  15. While “groveling”…. Trump should not neglect to fly to Switzerland and “grovel” in the presence of Baruch!!

    Basel 3: A Revolution That Once Again No One Noticed
    April 7, 2019

    “How it will happen in reality IS NOT yet known!!” They keep guessing at the global economy. 🙂

    Real revolutions are taking place not on squares, but in the quiet of offices, and that’s why nobody noticed the world revolution that took place on March 29th 2019. Only a small wave passed across the periphery of the information field, and the momentum faded away because the situation was described in terms unclear to the masses.

    No “Freedom, equality, brotherhood”, “Motherland or death”, or “Power to Councils, peace to the people, bread to the hungry, factories to the worker, and land to the farmers” – none of these masterpieces of world populism were used. And that’s why what happened was understood in Russia by only a few people. And they made such comments that the masses either did not fully listen to them or did not read up to the end. Or they did listen to the end, but didn’t understand anything.

    But they should’ve, because the world changed so cardinally that it is indeed time for Nathan Rothschild, having crumpled a hat in his hand, to climb onto an armoured Rolls-Royce [a joke referencing what Lenin did – ed], and to shout from on top of it to all the Universe: “Comrades! The world revolution, the need for which revolutionaries spoke about for a long time, came true!” [paraphrasing what Lenin said – ed] And he would be completely right. It’s just that the results of the revolution will be implemented slowly, and that’s why they are imperceptible for the population. But the effects, nevertheless, will be soon seen by absolutely everyone, up to the last cook who even doesn’t seek to learn to govern the state soon.

    This revolution is called “Basel III”, and it was made by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Its essence is in the following: BIS runs the IMF, and this, in turn, runs the central banks of all countries. The body of such control is called BCBS – the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. It isn’t just some worthless US State Department or Congress of American senators. It’s not a stupid Pentagon, a little Department of the Treasury, which runs around like the CIA’s servant on standby, or a house of collective farmers with the name “White House”.

    This isn’t even the banks of the US Federal Reserve, which govern all of this “wealth”. This is a Government of all of them combined. That real world Government that people in the world try not to speak about aloud.

    BCBS is the Politburo of the world, whose Secretary General, according to rumours, is comrade Baruch, and the underground structure of the Central Committee is even more secret. It has many euphemisms, the most adequate of which is “Zurich gnomes”. This is what Swiss bankers are called. Not even owners of commercial banks, but namely those ordinary-looking men sitting in the Swiss city of Basel who Hitler – who tried to attach the whole world to the Third Reich, and who preserved neutrality with Switzerland during all the war – didn’t dare to attack. And, as is known, in Switzerland, besides Swiss rifleman, in reality there isn’t even an army. So who was the frenzied Fuhrer afraid of?

    Nevertheless, the “recommendations” that were made by BCBS on March 29th 2019 were immediately, at the snap of the fingers, accepted for execution by all the central banks of the world. And our Russian Central Bank is not an exception. There is even the statement of the press service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation posted on the official website of the Central Bank. It is called “Concerning the terms of implementation of Basel III”. The planned world revolution was in 2017 (magic of dates and digits or just a coincidence [a reference to 1917 – ed]?), but it has started only now.

    Its essence is simple. In the world the system of exclusive dollar domination established in 1944 in Bretton Woods and reformed in 1976 in Jamaica, where gold was recognised as an equivalent of world money that became invalid, is being cancelled. The dollar indeed became world money, and gold became an ordinary exchange good, like metal or sugar traded in London on commodity exchanges. However, the weather was determined there by only three firms of the “Pool of London” that belong to an even smaller number of owners, but, nevertheless, it’s not gold, but oil that became the dollar filler.

    We have lived in such a world ever since. Gold was considered as a reserve of the third category for all banks, from central to commercial ones, where the reserves were, first of all, in dollars and bonds of the US. The norms of Basel III demand an increase, first of all, in monetary reserves. This impeded the volumes of monetary resources of banks that could be used to carry out expansion, but it was a compulsory measure for saving the stability of a world banking system that showed to be insufficient in a crisis.

    In Russia pseudo-patriots were very much indignant at this, demanding to reject Basel III, which they called a sign of “a lack of sovereignty”. In reality, this is a quite normal demand to observe international standards of bank security, which were becoming more rigid, but since we [Russians – ed] were not printing dollars, so of course it had an impact on us. And since the alternative is an exit from world financial communications into full isolation, so our authorities, of course, did not want to accept such nonsense that was even designated by pseudo-patriots as a “lack of sovereignty”. To call sovereignty – freedom, to put your head in the noose is, let’s agree, a strange interpretation of the term.

    The Basel III decision meant that gold as a reserve of the third category was earlier estimated at 50% of its value on the balance sheets of world banks. At the same time, all owners of world money traded in gold not physically, but on paper, without the movement of real metal, the volume of which in the world wasn’t enough for real transactions. This was done in order to push down the price of gold, to keep it as low as possible. First of all, for the benefit of the dollar. After all, the dollar is tied to oil, which had to cost no less than the price of one gram of gold per barrel.

    And now it was decided to place gold not in the third, but “just” in the first category. And it means that now it is possible to evaluate it not at 50, but at 100% of its value. This leads to the revaluation of the balance sheet total.

    And concerning Russia, it means that now we can quietly, on all legal grounds, pour nearly 3 trillion rubles into the economy. If to be precise, it is 2.95 trillion rubles or $45 billion at the exchange rate in addition to the current balance sheet total. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation can pour this money into our economy on all legal grounds.

    **How it will happen in reality isn’t yet known.** Haste here without calculating all the consequences is very dangerous. Although this emission is considered as noninflationary, actually everything is much more complicated.


    “Gold, gold, everywhere…. and not a bar to spend!!” 🙂

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