Guess who killed our freedom of speech?

Congress trades First Amendment for Jewish campaign cash


Once upon a time, U.S. politicians used to brag about how America was the only place in the world that permitted genuine freedom of speech.

Of course, like everything else they say, that turned out to be a lie. Perhaps it is the greatest lie we have ever heard in our lifetimes.

In fact, America has traded its Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech for laws protecting the very people aiming to destroy our country.

We’ve lost our First Amendment, you know? Yes, that’s the one that claims to protect our Freedom of Speech. Hell, most Americans don’t know or care whether it exists or not, but the implications for everyone are ominous. Already in Michigan lawmakers are making of list of people who oppose government lies.

Simply put, you must believe the lies they tell you or they can put you in jail. That’s the way it already is in the totalitarian police state known as the European Union. This epidemic of institutional insanity has recently now reached England, and the growing number of Jew-controlled politicians indicate that these restrictions on free speech are gaining ground in the United States. Here are the rules.

You can’t talk about Jewish crimes. Supporters of Jewry claim this would be anti-Semitic. This protective camouflage gives Jews carte blanche to commit crimes, particularly in the financial and medical fields. Big Pharma, wholly owned by Jews, even got Congress to pass laws prohibiting those injured by defective vaccines from suing the makers of these mostly untested poisons.

• You can’t ever talk about the Holocaust as a public relations hoax perpetrated on the whole world. Even though so-called German authorities subtracted 2.9 million people from their Auschwitz death count, every night on the NBC evening news anchorman Lester Holt mentions the 6 million Jews who supposedly died in German concentration camps. And in Germany itself today, anyone who mocks Jews and their lies inevitably winds up in jail, and then later is not permitted to speak in public (like Ernst Zündel) for the rest of their lives.

You can’t point out that the Mossad in league with our own CIA pulled off the World Trade Center demolition. So what if the Jewish leaseholder on these buildings who talked to Israeli leaders every Sunday morning collected $7.4 billion in a bogus insurance payout. It would be anti-Semitic to mention this.

• Of course you can’t talk about how the sleazy creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 gave the Jews the opportunity to plunder the American economy and fund all their wars in the process because this story has been disproven repeatedly in Jewish newspapers, which insisted these were all stories written by hate-spewing liars. And because the Jewish story is heard most around the world, this is what most people who haven’t looked behind the scenes still believe.

You can’t talk about how all three of the major U.S. television networks are all owned by Jews, and have been for 80 years. Or how taxpayer funded National Public Radio is a totally Jewish operation. The same with the press. The New York Times, for example,  is an unabashedly Jewish newspaper which twists the facts to suit Israeli interests.

You can’t talk about how the Jewish Talmud says it’s OK to rape little girls as longer as they’re not over 9 years old. The Jewish censors who run TV networks and publish college textbooks would definitely say that’s anti Semitic. More importantly, they would prevent it from being seen or heard.

I like the Jewish protests over “America First” campaign slogans. That tells the whole story. As far as Jews go, Americans will not be permitted to say “America First” because all Jews know that in America,  Jews are first.

Oddly, it was two Jewish senators, Dianne Feinstein and Bernie Sanders, who spearheaded the defeat of Marco Rubio’s bill in the Senate that would have prevented businesses that supported the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) bill from doing business with the U.S. government. The bill that was passed merely advocated that states pass such illegal measures, a maneuver that sidestepped potential lawsuits that a federal law would have elicited.

As far as I’m concerned, the members of the U.S. Congress have proved whose side they’re on. It’s more important for them to support Israel than it is to support the American people, because Jews have the cash to get them elected whereas ordinary voters do not.

The choice was between freedom of speech and campaign contributions from Jews. You can easily guess which choice was made by our esteemed members of Congress. This is the sad fate of America’s so-called democracy, which is now a terminal disease caused by constant lying.

It became conspicuously obvious during the Obama administration when illegal alien immigrants, entitled to nothing, suddenly began receiving more benefits than elderly Americans who paid into Social Security all their lives.

America has been brazenly betrayed by elected officials who have chosen to make silence about Israeli savagery more important than defending the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

These are all premeditated maneuvers aimed at destroying the United States as a functioning entity, and all of these stratagems are the work of Jews, which is why the USA is a slave state with the Jews as wardens and the rest of us as their powerless slaves.

It couldn’t be clearer that Israel has messed up the United States by making all elected government officials depend on Jewish campaign contributions to get elected.

The proof is in the pudding. The vast majority of members of Congress have voted to deny Freedom of Speech — guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — in favor of restricting what Americans may say about Israel, and about Jews in general.

This could turn out to be the biggest mistake humans have made in these the waning hours of their time on Planet Earth.

The pornographic perfidy of Jews seeps across the land, polluting everything it touches. It floods the land with a tsunami of perversions and atrocities. It has turned ordinary towns into corrupt prisons run by larcenous criminals.

Jewish media always promote homosexuality because it is one of the two primary ways Jews use to break up the family structure. The other way, just as effective, is women’s liberation. The family structure is the key element in the cohesion of free nations.

It is a worrisome development that most women are in favor of liberation, even if it means the destruction of the family system.

NOTE BY LD: Mr Kaminski has my complete backing in this anti-feminist comment of his. I am myself a passionate anti-feminist and loathe with every fibre of my being the excesses of radical feminism. The shocking evils that feminism has spawned — and most of the ringleaders have been Jewesses — can hardly be described. [LD]

The human future depends on understanding the true history of the Jews and their continuing position of being the enemy of every country on Earth. Jews have made their career blackmailing and bribing everyone to accept who they are.

Only if the Jews rise up against their keepers,
only if Americans rise up against themselves
can the world be kept from slaughter
with God’s kingdom trashed and feral

People spend their whole lives trying to avoid bad news. Not facing it always leads to worse news. This is the current condition of our world.

One of the greatest Americans in history spelled it out for all the world to see. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the original United States, said, in a letter to James Currie, 1/28/1786:

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, 
and that cannot be limited without being lost.

The only solution to this mess is your own resolve, your own courage to do what’s right.

Our freedom of speech and freedom of the press are long gone and we have only the Jews and their forcing people to believe their lies that are leading us toward a sad subhuman future.

Americans can no longer think for themselves because their minds have been warped by a century’s worth of misleading Jewish media.


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  1. Congress would more properly be called the lower house of the knesset and the actual capital of the zio/US is in tel aviv.

      1. Yehuda Pentagram:

        New York-London-Moscow-Tehran-Jerusalem.

        Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone!!

        After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem close to agreement with Eurasian Economic Union; separately, Tehran also set to sign deal ‘in the near future’
        “The negotiations with the EAEU were launched in Moscow in April 2018, following positive results of a comprehensive Joint Feasibility Study conducted by the parties,” a spokesperson for the Economy Ministry told The Times of Israel on Monday(Feb 11, 2019).

        The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an economic union created in 2014 by a treaty between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

  2. I have heard from a reliable source that Kaminski’s health is failing and he is not expected to live much longer. Let me say, I think he is a good man and he will be missed. His critical skills are not well developed. He will mix good stuff with bad. But his heart is in the right place.

  3. The grim situation of Amerika can be lightened watching how Congress claps like penguins high on crack when Bibi comes to town. Out Congress is laughably insane. Bu they know who the real boss is, and so does Trump. I think Bibi holds the record for standing ovations, more than any President. It is beyond me how anyone can applaud a mass murderer of women and children, but what the ‘hey I don’t believe in the Jew holy book nor do I make that filthy Jewish god my spirituality.

    Last night I watched a documentary about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Archons. David Icke was the prominent interviewee so as I adjusted the spokes on my bicycle I listened to him talk about the negative characteristics of the Archons detailed in the ancient scrolls they found. He kept saying the Archons lacked creativity and got energy by making people miserable. The entire time I kept saying to myself, just substitute the word Jew for Archon and you have a whole race of parasites who steal other peoples creativity and make them miserable.

  4. Come, come, GOD-beings all! Did you really, really want to skate through existence as a human in this sort of physical body without challenge, opportunities to learn, retain hope in the face of infinite despair? We — those of us who might well band together, and soon, though in Mind, a safer space from which to operate in opposition to oppression — have now extreme motivation, egged on by strident exhortations roared by our prophets (John Kaminski one!). Stiff upper lip — whatever happened to that? Straight-up backbone — stop slouching in dark alleys, cease slumping over a glass of warm stale beer in a low-lit, low-life barroom. Let us go forth — our crusade is not only of and for this worldly earth of ours. In GOD’s Love.

  5. President John Adams (of the conservative Federalist Party) was the first time the government “killed our freedom of speech”. It criminalized making false statements that were critical of the federal government. Imagine that. “Our” government deciding if a statement by a citizen is “false”………..

  6. Mr. Kaminski correctly wrote:
    “Once upon a time, U.S. politicians used to brag about how America was the only place in the world that permitted genuine freedom of speech.
    “Of course, like everything else they say, that turned out to be a lie. Perhaps it is the greatest lie we have ever heard in our lifetimes.
    “In fact, America has traded its Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech for laws protecting the very people aiming to destroy our country.”

    YES! We have lost the freedom to speak in the numerous ways in which Mr. Kaminski enumerated. He was fairly complete.

    He mentioned how jews are ruining our culture… and he wrote this also, “It is a worrisome development that most women are in favor of liberation, even if it means the destruction of the family system.”

    I agree with most of his points. I have a point to add. It is the consideration of “Gender”(sic) freedom.

    There are those today who have gained “GENDER” freedom! The freedom to speak and make choices previously unavailable to anyone anywhere, anytime. It is the freedom for people to choose their own “gender” (but not their own sex). It would seem absurd, but it is happening. And it is happening to break down the family, the basic unit of strength in all societies. (Mr. Kaminski mentioned that.)

    Even family destruction is being promoted by the new Princess Megan in Britain. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, a retired American actress, has made the very grotesque choice….. to raise her children “gender-neutral” whatever that means to her. It means nothing to me! I do not recognize “gender” as a distinction in the sexes.

    The Sussexes have already planned a gender-neutral nursery and opted for whites and grays over conventional blue and pink color ways, and this seems to be in line with Meghan’s ideas about how to raise children.

    The new “gender” freedom has advanced with a totally new and very strange vocabulary. This helps promote confusion in children everywhere. The jews are so proud to destroy goy children….. even if theirs are destroyed along the way.

    Part of the new vocabulary – labels – people often use is LGBTQ+ to mean all of the communities included in the “LGBTTTQQIAA”:

    + Pansexual
    + Agender
    + Gender Queer
    + Bigender
    + Gender Variant
    + Pangender

    LGBTQ is the more commonly used term in the community; possibly because it is more user friendly. HA!

    You may also hear the terms “Queer Community” or “Rainbow Community” used to describe LGBTQ2+ people. This initialism and the various terms are always ‘evolving’ so don’t try to memorize the list.

    See the lost ‘evolving’ generation here showing LGBTQ OutLoud Common Terms:

    Children will never know freedom, even if it slapped them, because daddy is a woman, or mommy is a man, while they are “gender-neutral!” THEY are in big trouble, psychologically!!

    1. Missed one, Pat, or, more likely for the sake of brevity, you left it out deliberately. I could not find it in JK’s post, either. Not to worry! The letter “P”, which shall remain here anonymously, anomalously present and unaccounted for. Someone named “Mr. P[odesta]” might give us a clue, I suppose, if only to direct us to the correct parties, some way underground, I understand. Fond of good pizza, too, I witness a mushroom cloud of social engineering | Bernays’ level of propaganda | and sheer marketing genius of evil sorts — children’s clothing a bigly business in the GROOMING industry. I know this and not much else. Someone knows where all the missing children went, who go today, and will disappear tomorrow. What to do?

      1. They’ll be adding more letters still, like another B for something very bizarre. Oh, and N for the necrophiliacs. And then how do they call those who have sex with inanimate sex dolls, or those who have it off with the more animate programmable robots? Or the sex robots themselves, don’t they belong on the list? Maybe the sexbots will be up on the floats in the Pride parades to come. Mad world.

  7. No politician can survive without contributions from their Jewish contributors according to Mr Kaminski. So, ignore folks like tbe Koch brothers do we. Oh I am sorry I forgot they are not rich wasps born right here in the heartland of the good old USA. If its more convenient we can just tag them as Jews along with a few other large politcal contributors like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos who just happens to own a small little no name newspaper you know! Its always and only the Jews. Is it really ?

    1. We labor with discernment. Programmed, brainwashed, misled, we tend to use false labels — yes, “Jew” be one! Unlike the TRUE NAMELESS ONE, however, we understand TPTB to lurk behind the façade of maya, the curtain past which the Wizard of OZ works Babylonian money magick in his spare capacity as Satan’s servant. We battle principalities and powers.

      If you have a name and a face on your hit list, you have likely yet to penetrate to the INNER CORE, so I understand. Mind you, I suspect a few of these villains reside among us, in plain sight. We have not the eyes to see them. We do not have adequate armed forces to reach them, either. (Hence the importance of “importune assassination” in our recent human history!)

      To assign a single word like “Jew” to those who make frank and direct War on Humanity — and for some millennia, we have had other candidates for this ultimate perfidy, ARCHONS one heinous ensemble, once upon a time, maybe — does no good service to those of us seeking to redress the balance without undue violence, misdirection, and disaffection among those we would rally to our cause.

      I prefer TPTB (globally), PTB, Sr. (nationally) and PTB, Jr. (locally). 😉

  8. Kaminski is right that our First Amendment has been compromised by the Jews. What he neglected to say was that it was freedom of the Press, not freedom of speech as such, which the Jews have compromised.

    I can speak about our un-free Press from personal experience. In 2016 I attempted to self-publish a book I had written, and this attempt ended in failure. Here is what happened. I was on the mailing list of a so-called “vanity publisher” and one day shortly after the Trump election I received a phone call from a representative of these people. The guy offered to publish my book as an e-book along with giving me low prices on hardback versions for $500. I told him my book was controversial because it was the true story of how I became an anti-Semite. I offered to send the guy a PDF of my book by email, so that he could judge whether his outfit could publish it — and the guy accepted the offer. A week later the guy got back to me and said he saw no problem with publishing the book because it wasn’t hate speech. And I paid him $500. It turned out the guy had misspoken, though not intentionally. The outfit’s “content evaluation” department wouldn’t approve the book unless I used a pen name and made changes that made the book appear to be complete fiction, as opposed to being the real life story that it was. I refused to change the book in this way; and in the end they gave me back $100 of the $500 I had paid them.

    Okay, my book, which was in complete accord with First Amendment rights, which was admitted by the publishing company’s representative to whom I had spoken to not be hate speech, could not even be self-published.

    1. @Kendra
      I don’t think Kindle Direct Publishing has a “Content Evaluation Department.” Try self-publishing with them.

      1. @ Darrell

        I have decided to make it be a free book. There are a lot of advantages to this. Maximum distribution primarily, but also you are better able to quote from other books in the case of a free book. I carry around some CD disks that contain the book in PDF and epub formats, and give them to people I encounter who seem like they might like to read it, and they are free to copy it and pass it along. I also email it to people. Right now I’m busy working on a new book. When I get done with this I hope to set up a website with the two free books that anyone can download.

  9. Another contribution to American society by my race is Rap and Punk music; it has the most realistic words showing the reality my race has planted on western society. The result? The destruction of moral values taught by Christianity. Just look at em all decorated and adorned with tatoos and piercings, homosexuality and drugs all over, the real stuff.
    One down.
    Because we couldn’t destroy the moral infrastructure In the Arab world (because they are way more attached to their Muslim religion we had no other option (see Trump`s, Bush`s “all options are on the table”) but to destroy the physical infrastructure. As a result, today Syria lays in ruins, Yemen lays in ruins, Most of Iraq lays in ruins, Gaza lays in ruins and thanks to Elohim shit is about to hit the fan in countries like Sudan, Algeria and even Libya again.
    Two down.
    The above isn’t enough, though.
    The whole planet must get on their knees before us. They all must agree and nod and beg to be let utter the magic words:
    “Jews are the chosen ones, otherwise why are they left intact while the whole world crumbles?”
    They must express it FROM THEIR HEARTS not just say it to get it over with.
    Yet, that too, won’t be enough.
    As the Punk play goes;
    “A smoldering wilderness
    Mass death and destruction
    Mass death and destruction
    Millions dead and dying
    Mass death and destruction
    Now in darkness world stops turning
    Mass death and destruction
    Mass death and destruction.”
    We are the synagogue of Satan and have beaten God even.

    1. Avatar,
      Donaldo has Jewish blood in his veins but shares none of your sentiments. You are a sad creature. Get a life please. 🙄

  10. I wish more of us here would care about Kaminski. The poor man is dying. Has Kaminski not been a hero in our midst? I think so. I think we should think of this good man as he is dying, and ask God that his soul, when released, be admitted to a prestigeous region of heaven.

    1. Kendra,

      Please provide more details about Kaminski’s condition and how you happen to know he is dying. He is still, as far as I know, sending out emails to his List and publishing articles.

      1. @ Sister Monica

        I emailed Kaminski to tell him about how someone had broken into my PayPal account and transferred $500 from my checking account into my PayPal account, along with adding a credit card to this account by which the money could be stolen, and how the local police had had no interest in this crime, and he had replied that he was sorry to hear this news, and he added that he had problems in his life also, namely, his doctor had told him to expect death very soon.

        1. I’m truly sorry to hear about Kaminski’s problems. Also about your problems with internet scammers. Did they manage to swindle you, or did you escape from their clutches with your money intact? I don’t know in what country you live, but if you lived in the UK, the banks would be under legal obligation to refund your losses, provided you did not personally authorize a payment.

      2. KB –
        Sis –

        “..his doctor had told him to expect death very soon.”

        That is not correct. Believe me.

    2. KB –

      You seem to be full of rumors about almost everything. Kaminski is dying just like you are… one day at a time, as we all are!! He still does radio and video interviews very frequently.

      Please stop the rumors, if you haven’t spoken with him!!

      You should e-mail him. His address is on his website.

  11. Donaldo has said it once. Has said it many times. But will say it again. Jewishness is an abstract. Anyway. Donaldo prefers the term “self- proclaimed elitist.” These wealthy people live in gated communites. Separated from the general public. Most are goy. They live in a World apart. Their total existence is about 💰. Money talks. Doesn’t matter where it comes from. That is their life blood. Greed….codicia in Spanish… not a Jewish monopoly. What the World has is a CORRUPTION problem. Not a JEWISH problem. Many Darkmooners are Donaldos Jewish brothers and sisters. They are great and talented people. Many are hard-working decent people. But they should understand that people living in gated communites such as fat-ass Bibi could care less for their welfare. Even a brave and courageous Jew challenging Zio lies is a target for assenation. Even Donaldos Jewish kin have a target on their back if they “step out of line.” This is a fact. Anyway….Donaldo is finishing his red 🍷… tequila tonight. Time to sleep my Jewish brothers & sisters. Good night TROJ. Thanks for sharing your be with Donaldo at the asylum last week. I owe ya one. 😉

  12. RAYLAN
    ” Its always and only the Jews. Is it really” ?
    that’s a good point.. there are other wealthy people in positions of power besides jews…
    but none anywhere near the proportion…
    that’s what we have the trouble with…
    that and the fact that we shell out about $4,000,000,000 straight across every year to yisrayel, and for what?
    the free press is designated specifically in the first amendment, because without it there’s no hope for the rest of it…
    of course, without the second amendment there’s no hope of keeping any of it…
    the problem is that the press doesn’t operate freely, in the sense that the content is controlled by whoever owns the media outlet, television, newspaper, radio stations, whatever, under the employer-employee contract arrangement…
    there is no freedom of speech in the workplace…
    a matter so critical as to be enshrined in the constitution should not be left to survive or die on its own…
    let’s face it, capitalism in and of itself is not guaranteed to be driven by the highest moral or civic standards, and it’s pretty clear what it’s done to the first amendment…
    sure the jews are in on it, but the general corporate hierarchy is all over it too…
    the state has the responsibility to ensure the press operates freely…
    but since the state is quaffed by warbiz, it wants control over the media too..
    journalism has been comatose for quite a while now, except for the net and blogs like this, where candid writers like JK can have their say…
    if free speech means the press has to be kept safe from capitalism somehow, which it does, then let the state provide an uncensored and unrestricted space for the media to operate in…
    about your book – i’ve been down that road too..
    sounds like a great subject…
    there’s nothing stopping you from having the book printed and distributing it yourself…
    i can tell you though, that’s not guaranteed to get results either..
    i’m LTBTAS… know what that is?
    and what’s on the list of words we’re no longer allowed to say?
    i know state workers in california have to take classes about how they’re allowed to talk to people now, which terms are verboten…
    i have a few in mind myself, as long as everybody’s included in the PC coverage…
    i mean, what about us single old white guys?

  13. @ Admin

    The $500 was returned to my bank account. My only loss was a lot of time and stress. The event went on for 3 days. What happened was the perpetrator switched my smartphone account to another phone. This allowed entry into my PayPal account by requesting a new password. (A 6 digit verification number gets sent to your phone as a text message, and you need this for a new password.) This verification number was going to the perp’s phone because my phone account had been switched to the perp’s phone. I had to get a new password about 10 times during the 3 days when this ordeal was going on. Interestingly, I have the perp’s email address. This was added to my PayPal account, and I received an email notifying me of this addition. I also have a Miami address linked to the perp, whose name is Diane. (Diane had $300 worth of merchandise in my ebay checkout that she intended to send, presumably, to this Miami address.)

    I think I am being “doxxed” and Diane is a neurotic Jewess.

  14. @ Pat

    I hope Kaminski lives many more years.

    I am personally glad that I trusted Kaminski. His writings often made me suspect that he might be working for the enemy. (Our side is infiltrated to a large degree, I believe.) I am glad that with Kaminski I was able to overcome doubts with trust, and that that has been the record.

    1. Pat suggested that I use Mark Twain’s line: “Rumors of my (impending) death have been greatly exaggerated.” Perhaps I misled Kendra by using the word osteomyeloma in an email instead of the term that would have been correct, osteomyelitis. The first is bone cancer, the second is a blood infection within the bone. After spending three days in a disgustingly allopathic hospital and watching five doctors argue about what they should do with me, when one of them suggested extracting a little piece of my clavicle to better analyze the problem, I was out the door (which makes me 4-for-4 leaving hospitals against medical advice during the last decade). Henceforth I shall endeavor to follow Uncle Joe’s diet advice and rectify the malady by strict nutritional practices. Thank you all for your kind concern.

      1. Glad to see you are still alive and well, John.
        For a moment, we all thought you were a goner.

      1. This was the “last comment” we received from you.

        April 14, 2019 at 6:01 pm

        We have received no other comments from you, and would have no reason to delete them if we had.

        Pat suggested that I use Mark Twain’s line: “Rumors of my (impending) death have been greatly exaggerated.” Perhaps I misled Kendra by using the word osteomyeloma in an email instead of the term that would have been correct, osteomyelitis. The first is bone cancer, the second is a blood infection within the bone. After spending three days in a disgustingly allopathic hospital and watching five doctors argue about what they should do with me, when one of them suggested extracting a little piece of my clavicle to better analyze the problem, I was out the door (which makes me 4-for-4 leaving hospitals against medical advice during the last decade). Henceforth I shall endeavor to follow Uncle Joe’s diet advice and rectify the malady by strict nutritional practices. Thank you all for your kind concern.

      2. JK
        First, eliminate gluten. It blocks nutrients from getting to where they need to go in the body. Also, check out a website titled “criticalhealthnews”. It speaks of this, and of a certain regime consisting of vitamin and mineral supplements to aid in proper nutrition, the lack of which is the cause of all disease 😀

    1. There’s still hope for Kaminski. Shakespeare was unknown during his lifetime. Mozart died in poverty and was buried in an unmarked grave.

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