He Died Like a Dog: Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Killed in US Raid

28 October 2019

Trump exults:  “He died like a dog!”

“He died like a dog.” President Trump could not have scripted a better one-liner. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, fake caliph, ISIS leader, the most wanted man on the planet, was “brought to justice” under Trump’s watch. The dead dog caliph is now positioned as the ultimate foreign policy winning trophy for Trump ahead of the 2020 reelection.

The climatic scenes of the inevitable-as-death-and-taxes movie or Netflix series to come are already written. (Trump: I “watched it like a movie.”) Cowardly uber-terrorist cornered in a dead-end tunnel, eight helicopter gunships hovering above, dogs barking in the darkness, three terrified children taken as hostages, coward detonates a suicide vest, tunnel collapses over himself and the children.

A crack forensic team carrying samples of the fake caliph’s DNA apparently does its job in record time. The remains of the self-exploded target – then sealed in plastic bags – confirm it: it’s Baghdadi. In the dead of night, it’s time for the commando unit to go back to Irbil, a 70-minute flight over northeast Syria and northwest Iraq. Cut to Trump’s presser. Mission accomplished. Roll credits.

This all happened at a compound only 300 meters away from the village of Barisha, in Idlib, rural northwest Syria, only 5km from the Syria-Turkish border. The compound is no more:  it was turned to rubble so it would not become a (Syrian) shrine for a renegade Iraqi.

The caliph was already on the run, and arrived at this rural back of beyond only 48 hours before the raid, according to Turkish intelligence. A serious question is what he was doing in northwest Syria, in Idlib – a de facto cauldron-like Donbass in 2014 – which the Syrian army and Russian airpower are just waiting for the right moment to extinguish.

There are virtually no ISIS/Daesh jihadis in Irbil, but lots of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, as in al-Qaeda in Syria, known inside the Beltway as “moderate rebels,” including hardcore Turkmen brigades previously weaponized by Turkish intel. The only rational explanation is that the Caliph might have identified this Idlib backwater near Barisha, away from the war zone, as the ideal under-the-radar passport to cross to Turkey.

Russians knew?

The plot thickens when we examine Trump’s long list of “thank yous” for the successful raid. Russia came first, followed by Syria – presumably Syrian Kurds, not Damascus – Turkey and Iraq. In fact, Syrian Kurds were only credited with “certain support,” in Trump’s words. Their commander Mazloum Abdi, though, preferred to extol the raid as a “historic operation” with essential Syrian Kurd intel input.

In Trump’s press conference, expanding somewhat on the thank yous, Russia again came first (“great” collaboration) and Iraq was “excellent”: the Iraqi National Intelligence Service later commented on the break it had gotten, via a Syrian who had smuggled the wives of two of Baghdadi’s brothers, Ahmad and Jumah, to Idlib via Turkey.

There’s no way US Special Forces could have pulled this off without complex, combined Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian Kurd intel. Additionally, President Erdogan accomplishes one more tactical masterpiece, juggling between performing the role of dutiful, major NATO ally while still allowing al-Qaeda remnants their safe haven in Idlib under the watchful eye of the Turkish military.

Significantly, Trump said, about Moscow: “We told them, ‘We’re coming in’ … and they said, ‘Thank you for telling us.’” But, “they did not know the mission.”

They definitely didn’t.

In fact, the Russian Defense Ministry, via spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov, said it had “no reliable information about US servicemen conducting an operation to ‘yet another’ elimination of the former Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the Turkish-controlled part of the Idlib de-escalation zone.”

And on Trump’s “we told them,” the Russian Defense Ministry was emphatic: “We know nothing about any assistance to the flight of US aircraft to the Idlib de-escalation zone’s airspace in the course of this operation.”

According to ground sources in Syria, a prevalent rumor in Idlib is that the “dead dog” in Barisha could be Abu Mohammad Salama, the leader of Haras al-Din, a minor sub-group of al-Qaeda in Syria. Haras al-Din has not issued any statement about it.

ISIS/Daesh anyway has already named a successor: Abdullah Qardash, aka Hajji Abdullah al-Afari, also Iraqi and also a former Saddam Hussein military officer. There’s a strong possibility that ISIS/Daesh and myriad subgroups and variations of al-Qaeda in Syria will now re-merge, after their split in 2014.

Who gets the oil?

There’s no plausible explanation whatsoever for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, for years, enjoying the freedom of shuttling back and forth between Syria and Iraq, always evading the formidable surveillance capabilities of the US government.

Well, there’s also no plausible explanation for that famous convoy of 53 brand new, white Toyota Hi-Luxes crossing the desert from Syria to Iraq in 2014 crammed with flag-waving ISIS/Daesh jihadis on their way to capture Mosul, also evading the cornucopia of US satellites covering the Middle East 24/7.

And there’s no way to bury the 2012 US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  leaked memo that explicitly named “the West, Gulf monarchies, and Turkey” as seeking a “Salafist principality” in Syria (opposed, significantly, by Russia, China and Iran – the key poles of Eurasia integration).

That was way before ISIS/Daesh’s irresistible ascension. The DIA memo was unmistakable: “If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).

True, the fake caliph has been proclaimed definitely dead at least five times, starting in December 2016. Yet the timing, now, could not be more convenient.

The facts on the ground, after the latest ground-breaking Russia-brokered deal between the Turks and the Syrian Kurds, graphically spell out the slow but sure restoration of Syria’s territorial integrity. There will be no balkanization of Syria. The last remaining pocket to be cleared of jihadis is Irbil.

And then, there’s the oil question.

The “died as a dog” movie literally buries – at least for now – an extremely embarrassing story: the Pentagon deploying tanks to “protect” Syrian oilfields.

This is as illegal, by any possible interpretation of international law, as is, for that matter, the very presence in Syria of US troops, which were never invited by the government in Damascus.

Persian Gulf traders told me that before 2011, Syria was producing 387,000 barrels of oil a day and selling 140,000 – the equivalent of 25.1% of Damascus’s income. Nowadays, the Omar, al-Shadaddi and Suwayda fields, in eastern Syria, would not be producing more than 60,000 barrels a day. Still, that’s essential for Damascus and for “the Syrian people” so admired within the Beltway – the legitimate owners of the oil.

The mostly Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) did in fact take military control of Deir er-Zor when they were fighting ISIS/Daesh. Yet the majority of the local population is Sunni Arab. They will never tolerate any hint of a longtime Syrian Kurd domination – much less in tandem with a US occupation.

Sooner or later the Syrian army will get there, with Russian air power support. The Deep State might, but Trump, in an electoral year, would never risk a hot war over a few, illegally occupied oilfields.

In the end, the “died as a dog” movie can be interpreted as a victory lap, and the closure of a historical arc languishing since 2011. When he “abandoned” the Syrian Demoratic Forces Kurds, Trump effectively buried the Rojava question – as in an independent Syrian Kurdistan.

Russia is in charge in Syria – on all fronts. Turkey got rid of its “terrorism” paranoia – always having to demonize the Syrian Kurd PYD and its armed wing YPG as a spin-off of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) separatists inside Turkey – and this may help to settle the Syrian refugee question. Syria is on the way to recover all its territory.

The “died as a dog” movie can also be interpreted as the liquidation of a formerly useful asset that was a valued component of the gift that keeps on giving, the never-ending Global War on Terror. Other scarecrows, and other movies, await.


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LD: Let me tag on a bit on from another article to give context to the above article by Pepe Escobar:

“This is the biggest there is,” Trump said at a White House appearance, reaching into his customary arsenal of superlatives after announcing the dramatic raid by special forces into Syria.

The raid was, by US accounts, a remarkable success of intelligence gathering, cooperation with multiple foreign powers in the Syrian war, and ruthless execution by helicopter-borne American soldiers.

But Trump — threatened by a snowballing impeachment threat in Washington and stung by widespread criticism of his overall Syria policy — needs the victory to be his.

So The Baghdadi victory wasn’t just the “biggest.” It had to be bigger than the killing in 2011 of Al-Qaeda founder and 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

The 45th president has long struggled, politically speaking, with the mantle of commander-in-chief. He is dogged by his history of having avoided conscription — along with many other young men of that generation — during the Vietnam War. And his push to extract the United States from what he calls “stupid” wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan may be popular with many voters, but is seen as dangerously naive by the Washington elite, including much of his own Republican party.

A recent abrupt decision to yank a contingent of US troops from a traditionally Kurdish area of Syria – giving Turkey a green light to attack the same Kurdish forces who had partnered with the US – sparked especially deep anger.

See : Trump wins big with Baghdadi death – and intends to milk it

The short video below, from the Pepe Escobar article, indicates that Trump is not universally popular with the American public. Here he is jeered with boos and chants of “Lock him up!” at game 5 of the World Series at National Park in Washington D.C., but he put a brave face on it and still manages to keep smiling . [LD]

VIDEO   :   1.24 mins

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  1. This is a false flag just like the “killing” of Osama bin Laden, and with the same staged photo-op in the White House’s situation room.

    Osama bin Laden had died already due to kidney failure in december 2001 in Afghanistan. Obama needed his “killing” in order to distract attention from rumors about the falsity of his birth certificate (brought to attention by no other than Donald Trump himself!).

    This time Trump needs a boost for his popularity to neutralize criticism of his withdrawal from Syria, and also with an eye on the coming elections.

    TPTP cannot expose this as a false flag without running the risk of the killing of Osama bin Laden be also exposed as a false flag. So grudgingly they have to accept it. A masterstroke of Trump!

    1. I very much doubt the top brass would help stage a false flag from the Situation Room at The Pentagon. Unlike the false flag about bin-Laden, the event was, apparently, too widely monitored for absolute secrecy. Just because some say it was “opportune” timing for Trump’s reelection bid would only be more plausible if Trump were desperately afraid of losing the election. This type of false flag is more of a DNC-type maneuver at this time.

      1. Gil –

        You wrote yesterday that… “The whole damn thing is a “show” (and is why I declined Republican nomination for the 7th Virginia District House of Representatives seat, about 20 years ago). (Jew Eric Cantor grabbed for it – and won.)”

        It is STILL a “show” today….. and the cast IS STILL “YUGE”!! 🙂

      2. Pat –

        What you say makes sense, but I STILL find it hard to accept that men who graduated from our military academies, with their ever-ingrained worship of “honor” and “duty”, would lend themselves en masse to such sculduggery. (Or I’m simply still naive…)

      3. Gil –

        Their “honor” and “duty” IS to their masonic club. They are ‘ring-knockers’ for $$$. Just mercenaries. The biggest criminal drug runner… Academy graduate, Ollie North, proved that! He should be serving a life-sentence for all the kids he has hooked on drugs! That asshole killed them, or destroyed their lives!

  2. Yet another FARCICAL “Block Buster” from (((Central Casting)))

    How many more of these ludicrous fantasies – complete with obligatoty grim-faced Pentagon Goons lookin on – can we possibly take?

  3. If DNA confirmed that it was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi indeed , then it followes that they already have his DNA on file that matches it . The question is how did they get his DNA before.

    1. AL –
      “…how did they get his DNA before.”

      DNA may have been grabbed here:
      “Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim Al Badry, also known as ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ was held as a ‘civilian internee’ by U.S. Forces-Iraq from early February 2004 until early December 2004, when he was released,” the Pentagon said in a statement. “He was held at Camp Bucca. A Combined Review and Release Board recommended ‘unconditional release’ of this detainee and he was released from U.S. custody shortly thereafter.

      Al-Baghdadi was arrested by US Forces-Iraq on 2 February 2004 near Fallujah and detained at the Abu Ghraib and Camp Bucca detention centers under his name Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badry as a “civilian internee” until December 2004, when he was recommended for release by a Combined Review and Release Board. In December 2004, he was released as a “low level prisoner”.

      A number of newspapers and cable news channels have instead stated that al-Baghdadi was interned from 2005 to 2009. These reports originate from an interview with the former commander of Camp Bucca, Colonel Kenneth King, and are not substantiated by Department of Defense records. Al-Baghdadi was imprisoned at Camp Bucca along with other future leaders of ISIL.



      OR – It was stolen… like this:

      Kurdish General: Informant Stole ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi’s Underwear for U.S. 🙂


      1. Very true, Ken…

        There are pictures of Baghdadi with John McCain and other congressmen having pow wows in various Mideast locations. He was funded by US covert means. Like Bin Laden, he was killed 4 or 5 times and miraculously resurrected to be killed again. Memories are very short nowadays.

        His stolen underwear will soon be auctioned to highest bidder in London or New York or Tel Aviv. 🙂

      2. Ken,
        the reason I mentioned the DNA is because back in 9/11 they said the same thing about the Arab hijackers that DNA test confirmed their identity which meant they had their DNA already on file before they died .

  4. @ Gilbert, are you that naive or do you pretend being naive? Someone who comments on this site for a long time and of certain age should know how the world works and that the ‘ game’ is rigged by the jews.

  5. Maybe TJ is a little too suspicious. But after Pat mentioned the more than one capture and release of Baghdadi by the American Imperial forces of shock and awe, the pieces seem to fall into place in TJ’s suspicious mind, such as it is,
    TJ believes that Baghdadi was an Israeli ( and American?) operative from the get go or very soon after. In order to establish his bona fides with Islamic terrorists, mostly all controlled and funded behind the scenes by American and Israeli intelligence, he was captured and released. At which time he was most likely briefed and debriefed. Maybe he was debriefed when that shinning example American goodness, the late Senator John, turn on the after burner, McCain was over there hobnobbing with Baghdadi and company.
    While the American imperial forces are doing their thing, whatever in the hell that is, in the Middle East, the American version of a Roman emperor, with all the palace and Roman like congressional intrigue in the background, was at the American version of a Roman circus and coliseum where the American “Caesar” received a thumbs up and a thumbs down from the rabble there to view the “Games”.
    To tell the truth TJ is in a constant state of “shock and awe” contemplating the state of insanity among the living. If Thomas Jefferson could somehow come alive, he would not just role over and go back to his eternal sleep, he would come thundering out of the earth condemning the whole freaking mess.

    1. TJ –

      “…Baghdadi was an Israeli ( and American?) operative from the get go or very soon after.”

      You were there!! He WAS a damned mossad jew! 🙂

      Global Research:
      “Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon) aka Al-Baghdadi was born of two Jewish parents and is a Mossad agent. We offer below three translations that want to assert that the Caliph Al-Baghdadi is a full Mossad agent and that he was born Jewish father and mother:

      “The real name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is “Simon Elliott.” The so-called “Elliot” was recruited by the Israeli Mossad and was trained in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies.”

      ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation

      1. Oh well,
        Elliott or Bagdadi. Just names assigned to us on the Earthly plane. Jew or not, he was expendible and , maybe, died as such . 🙂

      2. Pat,
        Here is James Corbett Report on this dust up:

        ADMIN: Sorry, but I must delete your link. It damages
        our site formatting. You can try embedding the link.

      3. Grrrrr. No wonder American authorities want to get their murderous hands on Eduard Snowden.

        ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation: Indication #6: ISIS Leader Baghdadi a Mossad Agent
        Although this indication is hard to confirm, there were reports apparently originating from Edward Snowden that the leader of ISIS (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) was actually an Israeli Mossad agent by the name of Simon Elliot or Elliot Shimon: [GR Editor’s note: this source and quotation are yet to be fully verified, including the source originating from Eduard Snowden]
        (See Globalresearch.ca linked in Pat’s reply to TJ

  6. America regurgitates – again and again and again. And the patriotic audience cheers. The Bush’s did it, Clinton did it, Obama and now the orange one have done IT – again. Fool me once, twice or a thousand times as long as the hand picked controlled opposition “dies like a dog” repeatedly – it will make America surely great AGAIN. Ground hog day for all – forever.

  7. I think it was during the Reagan administration, when there was all that talk of a nuclear freeze about to happen between the US and the Russians, that the airliner 007 oh yeah drifted off course a little and was shot down by the Russians… It was like the day before the vote was supposed to happen…
    And wasn’t that Constitutionalist Congressman Larry MacDonald killed on that plane?
    Before that there was the Gary Powers U2 incident, where Eisenhower was about to sign a test ban treaty with the Russians, right? Powers said his spy plane ‘malfunctioned’ over Russia.. That nixed that deal…
    Not too long afterwards Powers was ‘killed’ in a helicopter crash down in LA, right?
    Yes, Osama was killed the day after Obama released his fake birth certificate…
    It does go to show – public opinion matters…
    Trump stretched it a bit too far on this Al Bagdaddy deal, especially with the whimpering and crying thing…

  8. The Russians claim they have no evidence of this operation and that Trump lied that they cooperated to let the US forces through to Idlib. Keep your eyes out for any deaths of those allegedly involved in this op if this is a carbon copy of the one to get OBL. Actually if those Seals got so close to the old man OBL why did they have to kill him? Surely they could have got him alive and brought him to trial to reveal all he knows about terrorism and its backers even if the old man reached for an AK. Fancy some special forces guys killing this living encyclopedia of terror in self defence while raiding his hideout.

  9. How anyone follows these Byzantine-scripted, political stage plays is beyond me. Why they do so is even more curious. It’s like taking a Hollywood movie seriously.

  10. CM
    Well, they say he blew himself up with his explosive vest, whatever…
    I guess they scraped some bits of him up for the DNA test…
    The site looked pretty suspicious, off all by itself somewhere..
    I guess that was pretty convenient..
    Osama’s supposed neighbors said Osama didn’t live there, where that raid took place…
    Good point about the disappearing witnesses….
    Speaking of DNA – I want to see everybody’s DNA.. Let’s start with the Clintons…
    How about we positively identify everybody in office in the District of Columbia?

  11. Robert Steele: Fake Raid? Abu Mohammad Salama Killed? Did Zionists & Kurds Schlong President Donald Trump? Zionist Strike 52!

    “….the raid was very real, with helicopters flying 50 feet above the ground at 130 knots. The cost of the raid has been estimated at $30 million. What does not appear to be real are the actual location, and the alleged target.

    “I think our President has been lied to.”

  12. “Trump would instantly transform, not into a lame duck but into a dead duck.”

    Water off a duck’s back is more like it.
    (how many times)

  13. Yahoo!

    That makes it al-Baghdadi no. 6 at least or is that Sam Elliot, mossad agent crypto-arab, by deception do war.
    What is certain now is that because the US Forces killed him and the president announced it on TV for ratings, despite being a psyop, this character/actor is dead. Then if the story gets picked at or falls apart due to leaks, etc. the Delta Force team that did the op will be killed off / arkancided, or suicided to hide the truth, just like with the SEAL team for Bin Laden. Thus far everything is the same, ie. agent x killed , identified, dumped at sea. Now all this killing does is buy all the sides/factions in Syria time to prepare for the next round. I say this because biblically speaking, at some point all these Middle East machinations will lead to the Arabs, Russia and European powers (EU) attacking Isra-Hell , because Israel has no real jews in it other than the Sephardic jews that were there living peacefully with Palestinians since the time of Jesus, then Mohammed until the Khazarian Mafia AshkeNazi Zionists Banksters showed up just before 1948. Remember Stern gang and Irgun Terrorist groups. Good Night! Gute Nacht! Dobry Noz!

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