High Noon For Trump: The Impeachment Charade

December 20, 2019
Edited by Lasha Darkmoon with additional commentary


LASHA DARKMOON (by way of introduction) : We now know that Trump is up for impeachment. The Democrats are screaming for his head on a platter, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi screaming the loudest. “Frankly, I don’t care what the Republicans say!” this corpse-like lady sneers, clad appropriately in funereal black and slamming her gavel down on the palm of her hand like a hanging judge who means business. (See picture).

The discussion below between two of our star commenters, both of whom have written good articles elsewhere, has been edited for brevity and presented here in the form of a lively discussion on the impeachment process now facing the president. I have contributed occasional commentary as and when needed.

HAROLD SMITH :  Canny political commentator Arch Stanton, reflecting on the recent move to impeach President Trump, has noted astutely:  “This is a cunningly brilliant move on the part of the Jews to further their own devious ends by roundabout means. The final nail in America’s coffin will be driven with Trump playing the part of the good guy. Does anyone agree with me?”

I, for one, totally agree.

The Trump deception has been one of the Jews’ most brilliant accomplishments. And it seems they’ve induced across the land a debilitating cognitive dissonance. “How can Trump possibly be a bad guy,” many across America are now asking, “if the likes of Nancy Pelosi can’t stand him?”

ARCH STANTON : Trump has just given Israel the international green light to do whatever it deems necessary to protect its interests in the Near East — and the Near East its getting nearer all the time. He has armed the Jewish House of Saud with nukes and other high tech weapons. Those nukes, combined with Israel’s nukes, make the Jews not only a monstrous regional threat, but a global menace as well.

Now Trump has distanced America from the quagmire presented by that oily tar baby in the Middle East.

In doing so, Trump will garner nothing but approving applause from the American sheeple, “red state” as well as “blue.” Everyone will agree that Trump is finally doing the “right thing” for America. They will conveniently be forgetting Trump’s broken promises to protect America’s borders. Where is the famous wall Trump promised to build? As Shlomo in Tel Aviv would say, “These goyim have the attention span of  gnats.”


HAROLD  SMITH :  As far as “impeachment proceedings” against Trump are concerned, I would honestly recommend that Paul Craig Roberts and his like consider carefully the following statement credited to Malcom X:

“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who is for it or against it. I’m a human being, first and foremost. As such, I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”

Anyway, I honestly don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Sometimes I wonder: Are the impeachment proceedings a complete scam intended to bolster Trump’s electoral prospects? Or is the Trump presidency an act of “deep state” desperation gone wrong—basically an experiment that’s failed?

LD : According to political analyst Justin Webb in yesterday’s Daily Mail, on the day the Republicans impeached President Bill Clinton, exactly 21 years ago, Clinton recorded his highest ever score in Gallup’s presidential approval poll: 73 per cent of Americans said they actually preferred Clinton to his detractors. His impeachment suddenly added to his attractions. For Trump, as for Clinton, there seems no chance of him being actually convicted in the Senate—the second part of the process—so Trump, like Clinton before him, will almost certainly remain in office.

HAROLD SMITH : Basically, I see Trump as a “stalking horse”, which Wikipedia defines as follows:

“A stalking horse is a figure that tests a concept with someone or mounts a challenge against someone on behalf of an anonymous third party. If the idea proves viable or popular, the anonymous figure can then declare its interest and advance the concept with little risk of failure. If the concept fails, the anonymous party will not be tainted by association with the failed concept and can either drop the idea completely or bide its time and wait until a better moment for launching an attack.”

I lean toward the view that the Trump presidency is such a “stalking horse.”

Obama failed to deliver the world to “them” on a silver platter, so “they” tried a different approach: Trump, a mentally and morally defective madman, was an ideal actor to play the role of madman on the world stage, advancing the cause of world domination and control.

Unfortunately however for “them”, neither Russia, China nor Iran backed down in the face of the madman’s madness. So what does the “deep state” have to show after three years of madness? A few shiny imperial trinkets; e.g., Bolivia, Syria’s oilfields, some Russian and Venezuelan diplomatic property, some increased diplomatic cover for Jewish treachery, and a few presidential-power-expanding-precedents at the cost of a greatly increased risk of WW3.

What Trump has managed to achieve in his first term is the embarrassing exposure of the US government, to anyone with eyes to see,  as an incompetent, cartoonishly evil criminal enterprise run by jews—an enterprise getting more desperate by the day.

I could be wrong, but as I presently see it, the “deep state” gambled that their stalking horse, Trump, could deliver the goods. But the experiment failed. Failed miserably. Trump failed to deliver the goods. The “impeachment proceedings” are now a “deep state” attempt to disassociate itself from Trump’s failure.  And so the Deep State is trying to recover from the serious loss of face which their inept agent, Trump, has brought upon them.

LD :  The impeachment process, according to reports I have received, is not disturbing the President’s equanimity one little bit. On the contrary, he is delighted to be impeached!  Cock-a-hoop to be the center of attention. In the confident hope that this so-called “witch-hunt” against him has fired up his base. According to political analyst Justin Webb, whom I cited above, there is more than enough evidence to show that the impeachment process has increased Trump’s popularity by leaps and bounds:

“Since the Democrats opened their formal impeachment inquiry in October regarding Trump’s alleged wrongdoing in Ukraine, his job approval rating in the latest Gallup poll has risen solidly from 39 per cent to 45 per cent, while support for impeachment has fallen from 52 per cent to 46 per cent. Oh dear! maybe the whole idea was not so wise.”

Three American presidents have been impeached so far, pronounced guilty before trial, but none of them has been successfully impeached. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868, Richard Nixon in 1974, and Bill Clinton in 1998. Nixon resigned before he could be slung in jail for being an accessory to burglary; the other two presidents continued in office until the end of their terms, with no noticeable diminution in their popularity. Trump is now the fourth to join this distinguished gallery  of rogues. It is a foregone conclusion that he will not only survive the impeachment proceedings but go on to be reelected. The big question is: what then? Having been let off the hook, he cannot be impeached again. This will give him carte blanche to do exactly as he pleases in his second term.

HAROLD SMITH : There is one other possibility here that I cannot rule out.  It goes something like this: Trump was brought to power to attack, and hopefully destroy, Iran. Both wings of the “deep state” agreed in advance on this plan of action. A secondary goal of the planned attack on Iran is to force Russia and China—both of which are heavily invested in Iran—to back down on the world stage, bringing a political humiliation to the leadership of both countries so great that they would then become much more susceptible to political destabilization and overthrow from “within.”

If this scenario is the case, this may explain Trump’s lawlessness and brazen provocations against Russia and China.

What if the first three years of the Trump presidency were intended to give Jewish supremacist gamesmen some information to help in their analysis of how Russia and China might react to an attack on Iran?

Here’s how it goes:

Attack Syria: then analyze the response.

Threaten North Korea with nuclear annihilation: then analyze the response.

Arm Ukraine: then analyze the response.

Destabilize Hong Kong: then analyze the response.

Arm Taiwan: then analyze the response.

With all the relevant data  collated and meticulously analysed by the hotheads in Tel Aviv, with a view to deciding if an attack on Iran is likely to succeed, the planned attack on Iran can then go ahead with greater confidence. Nothing must be left to chance, you see. Before the first shot is fired, defeat must be ruled out as a most unlikely event. And victory must look like a piece of cake.

Even if Russia and China were to back down rather than risk a nuclear war, a war against Iran would in all likelihood destroy what’s left of America—economically, politically, morally.

ARCH STANTON :  Check the timing. Just as another election cycle approaches, the charade of the impeachment hearings falls apart and Trump does the “right thing” in the Near East.

You know, Trump might just be the Jews’ Antichrist come true.

The parasites and their black leeches have latched onto America’s jugular vein to finish draining the American cultural body dry of its critical lifeblood: its wealth. First, through financial duplicity and subversion, the parasites steal the lion’s share of a nation’s existing wealth, amassing that which was created by the nation’s hard labor.

Then the parasites strangle the nation’s wealth productivity, assuring not only the value of their stolen wealth, but making it impossible for outsiders to amass the wealth necessary to counter their efforts. Next, the wealthy parasites undermine the nation’s social customs and morals, dividing, destabilizing and dissolving national unity. Finally, the parasites foment “class war”, falsely portraying the nation’s own successful upper middle and middle class whites as the “wealthy elite”.

This sets the nation violently against itself, eliminating the possibility of the host forming a counterrevolution against the parasites. The resulting violent destruction of social stability allows the parasites to move in with their draconian police state. The parasites’ well funded police now move against the nation’s indigenous people, using tactics of terror, violence and suppression to begin “cleansing” the population of everyone they deem unfit, which is pretty much anyone and everyone but the elite parasites themselves,  operating in clandestine security behind the scenes.

Revolution is a Jewish product and the above is a rough outline of methods used by Jews with every “revolutionary” overthrow they have foisted upon a host nation. Look at the damage done to America by the Jews’ highly successful “cultural revolution” of the 1960s. The “standard” bloody revolutions of the past, like the French and Russian revolutions, this is where America is now headed.

Jews have destroyed America’s original government, supplanting it with the Jews’ murderously genocidal terror state. The only wild card now remaining is the privately owned stock of firearms held by a large majority of the people. Those firearms could make the final takeover of America problematical for  Jews who prefer their targeted victims to be helpless, like the old people and little children on whom they prey.

Time and again, it’s the same old trick.

The secret of the Jews’ success is dependent on having a nation of stupid, ignorant, gullible fools at their beck and call: ignoramuses who know  nothing about world history and remain oblivious to what Jews have done repeatedly to their host nations over the millennia. It is said those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately, the clueless fools in our midst vastly outnumber those who remember the past and have assimilated the lessons of history.

Six months before Trump was elected I said he was being put in office to start WWIII. I was right, WWIII has begun.

This is it. We’re here. Unlike other global wars, there will be no dramatic declaration of war. No “day of infamy”. No “finest hour”. No “defending our precious democracy”.  How could there be any official declaration of war when the enemy are now the indigenous population of the country? What would most Americans think if you said to them:

“Fellow Americans, YOU ARE THE ENEMY!  The Deep State is out to obliterate you in the same way Stalin and the  gang of Jews in his administration, in the cheka and the gulags, destroyed over 20 million white Russians after the Bolshevik Revolution—according to Solzhenitsyn, 66 millions.”    

The only question in this war is, will you die on your feet, taking as many of these scoundrels with you as possible? Or will you die on your knees begging for mercy from a merciless, psychopathic enemy bred on bloodlust?

The choice is yours.

LD (summing up) : Here are Justin Webb’s concluding words in his Daily Mail article about Trump’s impeachment process:

“What we know is that Donald Trump loves a fight. No, it’s more than that: he lives for the fight. One prediction we can make with certainty: it ain’t going to be pretty.” 

No, it’s not going to be pretty.

If there’s one thing that affects me profoundly, it’s Trump’s flagrant betrayal of his own people to Israel and the Zionist lobby, a betrayal that grows more blindingly obvious by the day. Even more chilling, however, is Trump’s  parallel increase in popularity among the deluded masses who have rallied to his support in proportion to his manifest moral depravity.

Small hope, it seems to me,  for this dumbed-down population of dunderheads who have seen fit to put the orange-haired Judas Iscariot, Donald Trump,  on his high pedestal. They will one day reap the full harvest of their own folly.

Trump’s latest antisemitism Executive Order has been described as “abominable, reprehensible, and downright tyrannical.” It constitutes a blatant attack against the First Amendment protection of free speech and will henceforth make it a crime to criticize Israel’s cruel war atrocities and its theft of land in Occupied Palestine.

For those who still think Trump is the New Messiah in disguise, this devastating video will hopefully serve as a wake-up call:

VIDEO  :  5.25 mins

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  1. Arch & Harold are the best!! Good stuff…. BRAVO!!

    We now KNOW that Trump WAS impeached. He was impeached, but not removed from office. (Sorry, Mike Pence.)

    Pelosi can hold the impeachment articles for hours, days, weeks, months or years. The constitution does not specify the timeline to turn the articles over to the senate. The senate can dismiss them, but that will STILL leave the impeachment in place.

    There’s still considerable confusion about what exactly presidential impeachment means, how the process works, and what consequences Trump is likely to face.

    ALL of the news media platforms are getting wealthier by the hour. Eyeballs are being grabbed around the globe!

    1. I was so wrapped up in the dialogues…. I forgot to write that Lasha’s editing and commentary are superb!!

      Kudos, LD!! 🙂

      I really like & appreciate this truth:
      “If there’s one thing that affects me profoundly, it’s Trump’s flagrant betrayal of his own people to Israel and the Zionist lobby, a betrayal that grows more blindingly obvious by the day. Even more chilling, however, is Trump’s parallel increase in popularity among the deluded masses who have rallied to his support in proportion to his manifest moral depravity.

      “Small hope, it seems to me, for this dumbed-down population of dunderheads who have seen fit to put the orange-haired Judas Iscariot, Donald Trump, on his high pedestal. They will one day reap the full harvest of their own folly.”

      1. Brilliant article! Well done, Harold Smith and Arch Stanton! — and not forgetting LD for editing these originally disconnected long comments into a coherent article consisting of much shorter exchanges which make the whole thing come alive in a more vibrant way, like a live debate. Needless to say, the article is all the better for the punchy pictures.

  2. I object to this article root and branch. Harold Smith and Arch Stanton deserve a good thrashing for their antisemitiic ravings. And after they have been thrashed to within an inch of their lives, they deserve incarceration in a FEMA camp, preferably sharing a cell and kept on bread and water in pitch darkness.

    As for the degenerate editor of this hateful article, Lasha Darkmoon, one has only to read her apocalyptic poems to realize that we a dealing here with a mentally deranged witch who belongs in a secure institution for the criminally insane.

    I know this comment of mine won’t be published, thanks to the censorship I have received on this atrocious website. All I can say to ADMIN is — “TO HELL WITH YOU!!!”

    1. Dear Seemore,

      Why are you lurking around this hotbed of antijewism? For you, this must be like boiling in a vat of hot excrement at a Sheol spa. Why bother? Why not make “Aliyah” to fight “bravely” for Israel?

      Mossad intelligence recently discovered a secret cabal of dangerously Semitic, Palestinian children, almost old enough to walk, needing to have their heads blown off so Israeli thieves ~ er ~ “settlers” can feel safe on their Palestinian land.

      Of course, if you have already made “Aliyah” and racked up a long “kill list” of Palestinian children names, then never mind. In the meantime, I await the day when all Israelis will be “good Israelis,” a day when all Jews will be “good Jews.”

      Say, is that mayonnaise on your Kippah or what?

      1. Hey Arch,

        Fitting for a Jew Hater, Mr Bunker ! And oh by the the way the Chicken Shit Palestinians fled their land before the war of 48 waiting for the Arab league to kick some zionists ass so they could return Jew free. Well did not happen so too bad. I don’t see anyone here crying for the Native Americans wiped out in the trail of tears by the White Anglo Settlers in the New World. Double standards for a bunch of A – Holes who blame there (sic) miserable lives on others. And just so you all know LD is jewish and she sits back and laughs at the nest she has built for all you brillant (sic) geniuses.

        ADMIN TOBY:

        LD is not Jewish, as anyone who has read her articles can testify, including articles on Holocaust denial. Anyone who has any doubts about LD’s position vis-vis the Jews, should read this key article of hers written in June 2014, over five years ago:

        (Part 1: The Jewish Problem in Historical Perspective)

        (Part 2: Seven Drastic Remedies for the Jewish Problem)

        By the way, are you Jewish? If so, you are welcome to persuade our clever contingent of commenters to convert to Judaism! 🙂 I must warn you, however, that no Jew posting on our site has lasted longer than 3-4 weeks. They are no match for our brilliant commenters — just not smart enough to survive here!

        — Admin Toby

        1. This article is, with-out a doubt, the most direct and clear report on the (((Drump))) maneuver for genoside on the American people. When the guns are gone, the people is gone.

          1. Trump is the gatekeeper for Satan’s Army, beholden to the synagogue of Satan, he is a master deceiver, and as cunning as a shithouse rat, he is jew owned, and serving the Zionist Masters, and yet the sheeple have not woke up, nor will they, blindly following the piper.

            This world is badly in need of a nuclear holocaust, to reset this foul rotten civilisation, run by creatures of the dark, its happened before and it will happen again, till man grows a set, and stops the rise of the filth that controls us all. After all they are Parasites, – they offer nothing – but take all.

    2. Thank God there are still some anti-Semites left. If the Jewish bigots and racists get their way, the whole middle east will go up in flames if Israel is not granted total control over the region and total security to protect itself and threaten others when needed, while all the other states will be powerless and will obey or be threatened with destruction, to be carried out if needed. Actually, this is already the situation.

      I think the term “anti-Semitism” needs to be understood as it was originally intended by the man that coined the phrase in 1879, Wilhelm Marr. Marr describes his writing and I think we can say anti-Semitism itself as “a ‘scream of pain’ coming from the oppressed”, the oppressed being the Germans, not the Jews. Marr describes Jewish privilege and power in Germany and says Germans lost the war to the Jews already then in an objective manner describing two opposing armies and suggests they won in a fair fight. Like today, contrary to “white privilege”, which is non-existent but Jews ram the belief down American’s throats, it is Jewish privilege which is the condition in the country, just as in Germany in 1879. You won’t be able to read about the real Wilhelm Marr in hateful, Jewish dominated Wikipedia so I have attached Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s article on the man who foresaw in 1879 the coming of the Russian Revolution with Jews leading it and the final showdown between Jews and Germany in WW II.

      This article describes a fight between Jews and gentiles (Europeans) over power in the USA. It might be helpful to read about the same struggle between Germans and Jews as described by Wilhelm Marr in 1879, who saw anti-Semitism as a defense against oppression by Jews. It’s an interesting article. Marr describes Germany already in 1879, much like the USA finally has come to now as ” the agile and clever Israel now decides what one shall say and what not”, just as others have more recently decried the moves against free speech and the first amendment in the US.

      Dr. MacDonald describes Marr’s thoughts thus; “Judaism is characterized by particularlst morality (Is it good for the Jews?). Germans, on the other hand, tend to have idealized images of themselves and others — to believe that the human mind can construct reality based on ideals that can then shape behavior. They are predisposed to moral universalism — moral rules apply to everyone and are not dependent on whether it benefits the ingroup.

      This is a reference to the powerful idealist strand of German philosophy that has been so influential in the culture of the West.” This thought comes to mind. You want to be fair, you lose! Marr wrote “Are we willing to sacrifice? Did we succeed in creating even a single anti-Jewish leaning paper, which manages to be politically neutral?”. Jewish media outlets are all “anti-white”, thus we have the phrase “white privilege” as whites are characterized as “racist”, their numbers in the country are dwindling and this is gloated about and they are a minority in the elite universities they created in the country.

      Wilhelm Marr’s “The Victory of Judaism over Germanism: Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View”

      1. Excellent post, Peter. In regard to Wilhelm Marr, you will find these comments by Lasha Darkmoon about Marr particularly useful. They come from an article called ‘Goodbye, America’, published almost 10 years ago in the Occidental Observer. This was one of LD’s earliest articles:

        Kevin MacDonald’s review of Wilhelm Marr’s pamphlet, Der Sieg des Judenthums über das Germanenthum, 1879, (“The Victory of Judaism over Germanism”), is a fascinating compendium of pessimistic quotations in which German political pundit Marr concludes gloomily that there was no hope left for Germany. It was finished — yes, as early as the 1870s. The Jews, he lamented, were simply too formidable a foe. Marr’s pamphlet ends with these chilling words:

        “Let us accept the inescapable, since we cannot change it. Its name is: FINIS GERMANIAE — the end of Germany!”

        I confess I had no idea the outlook was so bleak in Germany as early as 1879. (Marr’s pamphlet has recently been translated into English and is now available in pdf format). I had been under the false impression that the notion of Jewish domination came much later — after the publication of the Protocols (1903) and the Russian Revolution (1917).

        We have seen it all happen though. Germany was brought to its knees, exactly as Marr predicted. Its cadaver now lies rotting.

        Exactly a year ago, the state of Israel demanded from Germany a further 1 billion Euros ($1.4 billion) in Holocaust reparations for its endlessly traumatized Jewish survivors. Sixty-five years after World War II, the grim extortion racket continues unabated.

        The subject that interests me — and which should be of vital importance to Americans undergoing an almost identical trauma at the hands of organized Jewry today — is the question: to what extent was Germany in the days before Hitler’s rise to power a dress rehearsal for what we are witnessing in America right now? What are the parallels? Is it time to write America’s obituary?

        Is it time to say, FINIS AMERICAE — the end of America?

        Here is a pertinent, relatively modern quotation which will serve as a useful coda to the doomladen citations from Marr. Read it carefully. It will not only hammer home the points made by Marr several decades earlier, it will also provide the reader with a sharp reminder of the parallel situation in which America finds itself today.

        With one significant difference: America is in a far worse condition.

        LD then provides a rare quotation revealing what life was like in Germany for ordinary Germans under the heel of Jewish power in the years before Hitler’s arrval on the scene in 1933. This quote is gold dust, well worth saving:

        Historian Sir Arthur Bryant summarizes Jewish power in pre-1933 Germany:

        “It was the Jews with their international affiliations and their hereditary flair for finance who were best able to seize such opportunities…They did so with such effect that, even in November 1938, after five years of anti-Semitic legislation and persecution, they still owned, according to the Times correspondent in Berlin, something like a third of the real property in the Reich [my emphasis]. Most of it came into their hands during the inflation… But to those who had lost their all, this bewildering transfer seemed a monstrous injustice. After prolonged sufferings they had now been deprived of their last possessions. They saw them pass into the hands of strangers, many of whom had not shared their sacrifices and who cared little or nothing for their national standards and traditions…

        “The Jews obtained a wonderful ascendancy in politics, business and the learned professions [in spite of constituting] less than one percent of the population [my emphasis]… The banks, including the Reichsbank and the big private banks, were practically controlled by them. So were the publishing trade, the cinema, the theatres and a large part of the press — all the normal means, in fact, by which public opinion in a civilized country is formed… The largest newspaper combine in the country with a daily circulation of four millions was a Jewish monopoly…

        “Every year it became harder and harder for a gentile to gain or keep a foothold in any privileged occupation [my emphasis]. … At this time it was not the ‘Aryans’ who exercised racial discrimination. It was a discrimination that operated without violence. It was exercised by a minority against a majority. There was no persecution, only elimination. … It was the contrast between the wealth enjoyed — and lavishly displayed — by aliens of cosmopolitan tastes, and the poverty and misery of native Germans, that has made anti-Semitism so dangerous and ugly a force in the new Europe. Beggars on horseback are seldom popular, least of all with those whom they have just thrown out of the saddle.”

        — Sir Arthur Bryant, ‘Unfinished Victory’ (1940)


        Throughout history, Christianity, and especially the Catholic Church, has been a countervailing force against organized Jewry — against a “stiff-necked” people who, while claiming spotless innocence and invariably framing their detractors as irrational and pathological haters, have nevertheless been expelled from no fewer than 109 locations since the year AD250.

        Why has contemporary Christianity failed so abysmally to stand up to the encroachments of organized Jewry and its influence?

        This is a question I will attempt to answer now.


      2. Sister –

        There is no way, now, to exonerate The Church for its duplicity with Judaism. The current Pope is an abomination to his office, and his type is largely to blame for “the falling away” from identifying with ANY church. “Turning the other cheek” has caused big problems for Christians. The only reason to attend any church service is for fellowship with like-minded “believers” of common ethnicity, anyway, so many rarely attend, except for funerals and weddings.

        1. Sister –

          There is no way, now, to exonerate The Church for its duplicity with Judaism. The current Pope is an abomination to his office, and his type is largely to blame for “the falling away” from identifying with ANY church.

          Why are you telling me all this, Gilbert? Do I need to be told this? Am I exonerating the Church? Am I defending the Pope?

          I happen to agree with you! 🙂

          The Catholic Church took the wrong turning after Vatican II. The present pope is regarded by many Catholics as a traitor, even as an agent of the devil. He is aiding and abetting multiculturalism and mass immigration and has no idea what harm he is doing.

          It amazes me that you should be on this website so long and be under such misconceptions over my opinions. At this rate, you will soon be lecturing me sternly about guns, urging me to carry a rifle at all times and shoot the entire congregation next time I step into a Catholic church! 🙂

          Anyway, Gilbert, I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas. And may 2020 be a great year for you!


      3. Thank you Sister Monica. I thought I remembered something on Marr on this site or maybe by LD on TOO but I didn’t look for it. LD deserves credit for bringing attention to Marr and Dr. MacDonald’s article on Marr ten years ago already. I was aware of Marr but I had never really read anything about him until the other day.

        I have no reason to doubt any of this. I recall my mother once referring to Jewish power in business in Germany and concern they would grab too much. As someone that turned 18 in 1945 you would not expect her to know much more than that. No doubt, they are formidable competitors, but I believe much of their success is due to Jews working together, not just nationally, but internationally. I read once that when the Reichsmark collapsed in the 1920’s Jews from abroad (outside of Germany, whose money was still good) came in to buy what was dirt cheap to them. I don’t think Jews were the only ones to do this, but they organized and did it much more. And Jews living in Germany had relatives living in the US, some being wealthy bankers. From what I’ve read, I believe Jews may have done the same thing in Ukraine more recently.

        I will confess here that even though I’m American, I resented the endless trashing of the Germans in the US. But I think growing up in New York, where Jews are even more powerful, made things harder. So, I wasn’t as joyful as others at US success. To be honest, I was always hoping for a German comeback in science, which they played such a big role in until 1945. I was aware of Japan becoming a great engineering country starting in the 1970’s and later became aware of success in South Korea, Singapore and now China has really brought the situation to people’s attention. What I thought might be a competition between the US and Europe (or he EU) will not happen . Europe is doing alright, but they are no longer leaders in science and technology. But the more recent revelations is that the US has slipped in this area now too, while China, which was a dirt poor and backwards country into the 1970’s (and had been for at least 100 years prior to that) is now on the verge of surpassing the US in various areas, technologically and financially. It’s not the Europeans or Americans, but the Chinese that lead in wireless 5G, the Chinese have an advanced space program and I have now doubt they will have big surprises for the world in the years to come in other areas. And the other Asian countries can’t be ignored either. And financially, the US spectacular success that Trump always talks about only happens because others buy US bonds. This will not go on for much longer. I think the signs are becoming clearer, that the US has slipped and will soon take a big fall, but it won’t be Europe that takes over, but China. I believe Jews had a lot to do with this. It’s not that they wanted it, but the things they want that benefit themselves, such as multiculturalism have been a big burden on the US and making whites (the majority and main core of America) minorities in its elite universities may be good for Jews, but it’s not good for the USA.

      4. Sister, I must be under the mistaken impression that you Catholics defend The Church no matter what. Sorry about that! I believe you to be a good woman, and I admire your spunk. (I wish you were here by the fire with me, having a glass of wine. 🙂) I like you.

      5. One of the best Christmas stories that flies under the radar is “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”

        The Grinch represents the devil, in the sense that he thinks all human beings are shallow and crass consumers who embrace all things material, and who looks forward to seeing their misery after the little Who’s come down to Christmas morning to find an empty house where everything is gone because he’s taken every stitch of it. Presents, decorations, lightbulbs, furniture…EVERYTHING

        But imagine his surprise, when instead of bemoaning their loss, they start to sing in praises to that mysterious power that makes all Existence possible -Love(otherwise known as “God”)

        When he sees this, he is transformed on the spot, an occurrence which DEFINES having an epiphany

        An experience that can’t be beat! 😍

    3. Come On, TheTruthSeeker.co.uk , is even worse with its Les Visible and multi-dimensional religious peity always picturing an elephant ( Hindu, eastern mysticism crapola). That being said just like DarkMoon, the other content and material is top-notch and allows tame/polite FREE SPEECH. We just wonder for how long as America and Europe legislate censorship of same. This site and Truthseeker are in the top 5 % or less for visits. YEAH, keep up the Great Job!

      1. Ex-nun says the Church took a wrong turn after Vatican Two, that’s why ex-nun labels herself the very same thing Vatican Two types label themselves, “NEO-Christian/NEW-Catholics”.

        braindead ditzy air head ex-nun I was a nun once but I didn’t like it, TOO bad I didn’t go into show business instead because I’m really a broad with a, lol, with a broad broad mind : I don’t like Vatican Two and i don’t like Vatican Two types types, that’s why I think it’s important I label my self the very same label Vatican Two types call themselves. I’m a “NEO-Christian/NEW-Catholic”, the same thing the Vatican Two types are, “NEO-Catholics/NEW-Catholics”. Nothing says “OPPOSED TO” as labeling yourself the very same thing you’re OPPOSED TO! If I labeled myself a “traditional Catholic” everyone would think I’m a Vatican Two NEO-Christian/NEW-Catholic”, so being smart I naturally label myself a NEO-Christian/NEW-Catholic” just like the Vatican Two types label themselves, this way, everyone can see that I am really a traditional Catholic opposed to Vatican Two NEO-Christian/NEW-Catholics! Personally, I think I would be a BIG sTaR right now if I had only gone into show business when I was young and gorgeous instead of hiding my way sexy bod in a dowdy old nun’s habit. This is THE REAL ME , ya’ gotta believe me, please believe me, ex-nuns aren’t capable of lying so you have to, you MUST, please believe me! Sure I was a stupid uneducated unlearned boring nun once but this is THE REAL ME! I’M REALLY VERY VERY INTELLIGENT AND INTELLECTUAL AND SCHOLARLY IN ADDITION TO BEING EXCITING AND ENTICING AND NOT BORING AT ALL PLUS I’M REALLY A PRE VATICAN TWO TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC, just because I label myself the same thing Vatican Two types label themselves doesn’t mean I’m one of them! Anyway, forget all that, it doesn’t matter, this is THE REAL ME, 🙂 :


    1. @ Harold Smith

      Trump of course is just a puppet. We know that. He is a puppet of the international Zionists and the US MIC. We also know that. What is also obvious from all of the moves that this gawd-awful establishment is going to do next. The article is right. It is all about Iran as being some kind of linchpin in the works. The only logical reason why the US has not also blundered into Venezuela with its troops poised on various borders to take out socialist “monster” Madero and put a fellow Mason on the throne is Iran. If they are hatching a war with Iran, then they cannot be engaged in the same kind of aggression on two continents at the same time. That would simply invite world powers into the conflicts. Yet, if it were just US oil & gas interests at stake, Venezuela incursion makes more sense.

      Iran in fact is the linchpin nation to Israel’s envisioned future and that is why it is the priority for the commandeered US interests. Iran, which is anti-Israel, is the only remaining nation not under the Rothschild financial control or influence and especially for the southern silk road corridor from China to the West. The BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) is very very big for Rothschild and Israeli interests. Saudi Arabia is totally on side, and like Israel, envisions an economic mecca with ME nations being the hub of the greatest trade routs on the globe – to & from the far East – to & from Africa, and – to & from Europe. Therefore, expect a major false flag soon and before the 2020 US Presidential election.

  3. Impeachment charges are just that, charges. So once the charges are filed, the individual has been formerly “impeached.” However one can be brought up on these charges, but not convicted.

    What is interesting to me is that the impeachment process is like a political vaccination. Once a president has been impeached, he is immune to further impeachment charges. Now isn’t that just impeachy?

    I’m confident “breezy” will weather the storm just fine. After all, look at the Jewish umbrella he is carrying. That would be the one shaped like a Star of David

    Let’s get back to the Trump and Jewdy show as the the comedy segment is coming up. Pass the popcorn please.

  4. We all need to be prepared to die for what we believe, for that is the Jews’ ultimate objective, to kill everyone who will not agree to be compliant to their warped intentions. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the overwhelming majority of American politicians have already succumbed to these Satanic Jewish options, which are bribery, blackmail and murder.

    How much lower can American politicians sink than their leaders drinking the blood of tortured children they have raped and slaughtered by the thousands?

    Most people with any brains at all can clearly see how the the Jews have sabotaged every country by their coercive control of money and also by flooding white Western countries with low IQ savages who will never assimilate to the civilized societies they are sent to plunder.

    I fear the white Western nations no longer possess the resolve (if they ever did) to resist the temptations presented to them. They will all be destroyed by their own addictions and compulsion which keep them oblivious to the deliberate kosher sabotage that has polluted and destroyed their lives.

    The key to determining which people are on the side of human freedom and not merely pretending to oppose these twisted oppressors can be deduced by a simple comparison I have used for the better part of two decades. Those who repeatedly use the term “Zionist” are in on the fix and not be trusted under any circumstances, whereas those who use the term “Jew” are likely more realistic about the true lethal nature of the Jews’ sinister manipulations and the deliberate poisoning of the societies they have infected.

    1. John it is the rotten traitor scum bags like Hannity the fat draft dodging drug addict 4 times married Limbaugh has kept tens of millions of idiots hypnotized while 60 million non whites poured in the last 20 years and the jews totally took over the govt

    2. John Kaminski is right and should be praised for vigorous telling the truth.
      We need more Kaminskis.

  5. I couldn’t disagree more with the commentators here who all impute evil motives to Trump’s presidency, just as Nancy, Adam and the Dems… But I don’t see it. I don’t see anything in the Ukraine “call” but a mildly curious interest in the corrupt activity of Joe Biden and his son. I agree that Trump has been favorable to Israel but what American president since JFK hasn’t. Trump is just more blatant about it. At least he hasn’t started a new war there. But I am surrounded by people who get hysterical every time I try to explain the not there, there of Donald Trump. He has been investigated for three straight years–vetted to the core. What you see is what you get. It will never be enough for the “orange man bad” crowd…

    1. I once thought like you, Kapoore, until I watched and listened to Chuck Baldwin’s enlightening presentation on YouTube. Now I see all of this hoopla as a strategy of leftist (aka “jew”?) salivating for the true Big Apple. 😛
      Neither Iran, nor China, nor Russia are as enticing as having control of the best piece of property on the planet – North America. Israhell is small potatoes compared to the Big Prize. (Palestine is simply a pea-gravel diversion.)
      John Kaminski is SO right when he says we need be prepared to die for it. Get ready.
      You will be ostracized in the fake news for being a “madman”, but remember Jesus’ admonition to count it as a blessing. (Hanging separately is no less painful than hanging together!)

      1. HP –

        I think the Jew minions would much prefer North America to Africa for a domicile.

      2. Gilbert, what does where I might prefer to live have to do with the price of tea in China?
        You say N. America is the Big Prize and I asked if maybe you might have forgotten about Africa.

      3. Gilbert, but I do get your point and since you asked, the U.S. , especially if that means Hawaii. Otherwise New Zealand north would be my choice..

      4. I don’t think I am deluded about Jewish “smash and grab” or the Frankfurt School, or the oligarchical control of the financial system, or even blackmail with underage girls. I think Trump is amazingly naive about all of that. I have read about his early years–how he met the son of the Lauder fortune who connected him with people in the “mega” group, and how he was propelled to success at least partially through his Jewish connections. But Trump seems to have the same MO. He wanted to be successful and that meant hanging out with rich people. He always had a beautiful model with him, he wanted to get his name in the paper, he wanted to get his picture taken. That’s vintage Trump. But he may not have seen the “by way of deception.” Not everyone saw that back in the roaring Nineties when Jewish rule came to full power. A lot of people still don’t see it.

        Trump has exposed the climate change hoax. He has exposed the human trafficking, child traffic, the border crisis, the trade imbalance with China, the unreal criminal connections in the Democratic party. He is far from perfect. I hope and pray that without the U.S. boots on the ground engagement in the Middle East, things will one day get better for the Palestinians. They got worse under Obama too.

      5. HP –

        IF I were a Big Jew Planner, I would recognize that North America is, ALREADY, mostly conquered. Why abandone THIS project for paltry little New Zealand or brutal Africa, each of which can easily be later acquired by the military might, resources, and ingenuity of the occupants and resources of North America, once I have it??? Are you serious?

      6. Gilbert, you’ve misconscrewed me. New Zealand is my 2nd choice of where to live, not conquer.

        That Africa is the Mother Lode of the Southern Hemisphere is self evident.
        Russia, (11 time zones full of natural resources) being the Northern Hemisphere equivalent.
        Just how I see it.

        Not a runaway choice by any means. North (and South) America are incredibly endowed as well but neither one is Africa.

      7. Gilbert,
        Having read the seminal books of McDonald, Lasha”s two part article on Occidental, and reading many other books, I. in my simple mind I think we have it all wrong. It’s not the Jews and the world order that is “Godless”. To the contrary, the world is ruled by God, the God of the Old Testament that ordered the Hebrews (cutthroats) to kill, plunder, rape and pillage. Now, since the days of the Bolsheviks they are doing the same thing but getting others to do their dirty work for them. No use is getting their delicate hand all messy like when they were slaughtering with abandon all the tribal “ites they could get hands on circa 1200-600 BC. As the Rabbi might say, “God gave us permission and we’re going to keep at it until the entire world or what’s left it, is in our hands.” And the Rebbe “intones: and those ignorant Christians believe that the New Testament Sun (Son) God believe that their God of light and peace is the same as our blood soaked Old Testament God.” And so the goy willingly fall into the hands of their anti-human

    2. “I couldn’t disagree more with the commentators here who all impute evil motives to Trump’s presidency, just as Nancy, Adam and the Dems… But I don’t see it.”

      Of course you don’t see it; you never could.

    3. @ Kapoore:
      If you watch The Blaze TV and look through Glenn Beck’s section about Ukraine and the corruption that they pieced together, you will understand why Trump perhaps trapped the DEMS into using that Zelensky phone call to expose all the rot that the Obama administration caused in Ukraine and how Dems profited from it: Biden and family. The only problem is that some Republicans like Lindsay Graham, Devin Nunes and Mitt Romney are in on it too. Ukraine is the rot that is in both parties: DEMs and Republicans. Thus some Republicans DO NOT WANT all the facts of Durham and Guilliani to come out. Hopefully, Trump can DRAIN the SWAMP. Also X22report.com and Jutube channel provides some insight.
      The BlazeTV and its Jutube channel : look under Glenn Beck : upto 2 months old info. You must
      unlearn what you have
      learned! Yoda

  6. Trump will not be removed from office. He is slippery as an eel and lie without blinking an eye.
    Even though he was impeached in the house, the Senate will save his a$$.

    On the first day of impeachment hearing he tweeted 80 times. If he truly feel he is innocent, why wouldn’t he testify under oath?

    More than half of the American people are against impeaching him. The explains how he won the 2016 election without getting the popular vote.

    As far as I am concern, non of the Democratic presidential candidates would be able to beat him in 2020 election unless God wishes differently.

    1. Toss out votes cast by illegals, zombies, dead people and voted twice and Mata Hillary lost the popular vote by five million votes easy. Maybe even ten million..

    2. @ Mahmoud:

      You need to understand government and the 3 branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial, before you know what Trump and each branch can and can not do against each other, in a checks and balance system. Trump can refuse to do what the House/Congress wants (testify), but Trump has Executive privilege (Yes/No) and if Trump does not like it, he can ask the court ( up to Supreme court to decide). Remember, the Republicans are using and following the rules or traditions/precedents of American history. The Demonrats have been making the rules, their own rules as they go along. When you understand this, Trump will use the rules (legal stuff) and precedents that the Demoncrats have set to tighten the noose around the Demonrats necks and let them hang themselves. Poetic justice! Humanity should do the same for the JEWS, use their own methods against them! Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion!

    3. MEY –

      The President is NOT officially impeached until the House sends the articles to the Senate…. which have NEVER been delayed as Nancy has done this week!!!! This was a political impeachment. NOT a lawful impeachment.

      There was NO crime committed by Trump! And NOT ONE witness came forth to testify to a crime!! 💥

      Democrats have screwed themselves!!! 😜

  7. Adding captivating captions and powerful images to articles on this site by Lasha Darkmoon is what make them more appealing and joy to read. Keep it up Lasha!

    1. JC –

      “How is it a “charade?”

      I can help there.

      There are dozens of Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown and other elite Law School and PhD graduates… along with former governors, attorneys general, assemblymen, college law professors, prosecutors…. etc., which roam the halls of the House.

      Mitch McConnell said from the outset that the senate would not remove him, and might not even hold a trial. But the highly educated & experienced House Democrats kept pushing.

      The “charade” has a purpose. Once impeached, Trump cannot be impeached again for any reason. Not even for treason or murder!

      Sooooo – he can pardon anyone he wishes, without recourse, even friends of Democrats. Even Madoff!

      We MAY live in EVEN MORE interesting times soon. 🙂

      1. @ John:

        It is a charade, but serves a purpose like distraction, pass legislation to remove our Freedoms ( pass updated Patriot Act), Anti-Semitism EO, big budget ($1.4 trillion to prevent government shutdown, more military spending – Space Force), win re-election in 2020 where republicans control all 3 branches of government – House/Congress , Senate and Courts. Thus Trump would be able to do what he wants: Jewish Police state with FEMA camps. You got the point!

    2. John Cuckman you are a POS slack jawed pansy candy ass prick. the worst part is you think you are so smart

    3. @ John Chuckman

      Well for one thing it can be deemed a “charade” because his impeachable war crimes and other crimes were studiously ignored. For example, he could’ve started WW3 when he illegally, unconstitutionally and immorally attacked Syria. How did he know when he launched the cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airbase in Syria in April 2017 that the jews wouldn’t spoof a retaliatory attack to be blamed on the Syrian army? He’s also taken risks that could’ve started a war with Iran. He’s ratcheted tensions up so much and deployed troops and assets that could start a major war even by accident. Not only does he routinely assert power that the Founders and the Framers explicitly sought to deny him, but he brags about it. According to Trump, Art 2 of the constitution allows him to do ANYTHING he feels like doing, e.g., ignoring the rest of the constitution. So congress is worried about his unlawful bribery but not his unlawful crimes that could result in WW3? Seriously?

  8. Great article today Darkmoon. I thought you guys might appreciate this quote from today’s article on Zero Hedge. It fits well with what you discussed today. —

    “… what this impeachment is really about is distracting and covering up the multiple layers of corruption in U.S. foreign and domestic policy stretching back decades. Many of the tendrils emanating from the events surrounding the FISA warrants improperly granted connect directly to the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein, William Browder and the rape of Russia in the post-Soviet 90’s.

    We’re talking an entire generation or more of U.S. officials and politicians implicated in some of the worst crimes of the past thirty years.

    The stakes for these people are existential. This is why they are willing to risk a full-blown constitutional crisis and civil war to remove Trump from office.”

    1. @ Ramm Stein:

      Jawohl mein Herr! Sie sind richtig! Zerohedge provides a good basic neutral perspective on issues just like Globalresearch.ca .

      You hit the Ukrainian bullseye! That is why soo many people from corporations (CEOs), the Pentagon and in the government on both sides are resigning or retiring, because they see the jig is up. Trump has even caused Hillary’s money sources to reduce to a trickle. This is also why so many people are saying things (Obama – women good leaders) or filing lawsuits (Lisa Page) to prevent things from coming out. Lisa you lose, you texted on a government phone, government owns it , not you! That is why Hillary used a private server!

  9. I hadn’t voted for twenty years the wife 30 years. We both registered and voted Trump because of the despicable trash alternative. We will vote him again in 2020, not because we like him, but there is no choice. What a sorry state of affairs. It’s either Trump or the certifiably insane. At least in the past it was two pretty much equally despicable candidates. Like many I used to say there was only one political party with two heads. Now the Democraps have taken their party to a whole new subversive level.

    Hey Seymour Zack what’s the weather like in Tel Aviv?

    1. @ Fudly

      “We will vote him again in 2020, not because we like him, but there is no choice.”

      That’s what they want you to “think.” But there is a choice; you have the moral choice to stay home, rather than vote for any immoral, constitution-hating, anti-American agent.

      1. You do realize that would be equivalent to voting for one of their certifiably insane candidates. We don’t have that option anymore.

      2. “You do realize that would be equivalent to voting for one of their certifiably insane candidates. We don’t have that option anymore.”

        I disagree. As far as I’m concerned it all comes down to moral reasoning. You seem to be telling me that in a contest between “Jack the Ripper” and Gary Ridgway (the “Green River Killer”), for example, I should go with “Jack the Ripper,” because, based on your subjective opinion, he may be the lesser evil.

        The problem is I know they’re both evil murderers. If I vote for a person that I know is an evil murderer, and he murders people using the political power that I knowingly helped him to acquire, I would share moral responsibility for his crimes.

        I’m not responsible for the crimes committed by the person I didn’t vote for, nor am I responsible for the crimes committed by the person that I did vote for – as long as I did not know that person to be an evil murderer.

      3. @ Fudly

        (I just made a comment but it never showed up for some reason).

        (ADMIN: This comment went automatically into our ‘Trash’ folder for some reason. No idea why. Sorry about that.)

        Your moral “reasoning” is faulty, IMO. I’m not responsible for the crimes committed by the evil politician that I did not help to empower. If I know that both candidates are evil mass murderers, I cannot vote for either, and if everyone did the same, the world would be a better place. I voted for Trump in 2016 because at the time I did not know him to be a traitor to America and/or an evil mass-murderer. But now that I know him (by his works), of course I cannot vote for him ever again, no matter if Satan himself is running against him. If Satan gets elected, the responsibility lies with the people that voted for him, not with the people who didn’t vote for the evil opposition candidate.

    2. @ Fudly…
      “You do realize that would be equivalent to voting for one of their certifiably insane candidates. We don’t have that option anymore.”
      That’s the kind of total nonsense that I remember hearing repeated over and over on msnbc, fox, cnn, etc., back when I watched that crap.
      Do you seriously believe that our votes elect the president? Have you ever heard of the electoral college? They pick the winner and they are told who to pick. All voting does is show that you still support and believe in this totally corrupt and insane system. They’re laughing their heads off.

      1. @ Ken:

        As the old saying goes, they are S-elected NOT Elected. They were already SELECTED by the Puppet Masters, the vote is rigged thanks to ballots being electronic (think Florida 2000). Paper ballots are best. Besides, the western World countries are NOT Democracies. they are Corporate Oligarchies!

  10. what a lot of people seemed to miss (on purpose) was the fact that the demonic jews from hell timed this perfect for Christmas. instead of people being happy preaching peace and goodwill now they will be at each others throat maybe riots families fighting at Xmas dinner country divided even more. this is paradise for the jews they love to marinate in the misery of the gentiles that they create. they took a giant dump on Christmas and Jesus who they hated for 2000 years

    1. Christmas didn’t exist in the time of Jesus. Christmas was originally a pagan nordic fest and was adopted by the christians!

      1. Allen
        You bring up a great topic. Do you have a link(s) to info about this. I am a Christian and if I could pull the plug on all this Christmas crap I would !
        Hannakuh too. 🙂


      2. Hell, Christians didn’t exist at the time of Jesus. In fact, they didn’t exist until long after the first century. Did you know Jews are the reason there’s an “X” in Christmas? There’s a clue.

        Christianity was a Jewish religious racket. (And such a deal it has been for you Bubi!) The story of Christianity is another example of Jews making lemonade from their lemons. Jesus successfully attacked the corrupt Temple and its laws of legal minutia, like picking corn on Sunday being considered (sacrificial) taxable work by Temple fat cats staffing the Sanhedrin. It took a blood sacrifice to absolve one of such “sins.” Of course, such demand for payment by Jews is always expensive – very expensive.

        Jesus’ “ministry” utterly destroyed first century Judaism, with his sacrificial blood letting permanently forgiving the sins of the “lost sheep of Israel.” The destruction of first century, sacrificial Judaism culminated with the destruction of the Jews’ iconic Temple in seventy AD. After Jesus’ crucifixion, Temple coffers began emptying as there was no longer any perceived need by Temple followers to continue their expensive sacrifice for sins of which they were no longer guilty. Thank you very much Jesus!

        How expensive were those Jewish sins? In first century Judea it was said, “a man worked one day to pay his rent, one day to feed his family, one day to pay his taxes (to Rome) and all the rest went to the Temple. Since religious Jews had a six day work week, that meant 50% of the Judean’s labor went to pay sacrificial taxes to the Temple; but Jesus fixed all that.

        Have you looked at the taxation rate you currently labor under? Does it look like a familiar pattern? (See the power of the Bible below) This immense wealth is why Romans borrowed money from Temple coffers to pay for their construction projects. There is no record I can find of Temple interest rates, but it was no doubt somewhere on the scale of a Payday Loan operation.

        Jesus’ radically rebellious ministry draining Temple coffers put administrators like Saul/Paul out of work as the Temple’s mafioso muscle. So Saul/Paul did what any Janus-faced, duplicitous Jew would do, he immediately switched to the winning side, worming his way into Jesus’ counter-culture to build his own religion from the ashes of Temple Judaism. In doing so, Saul/Paul was compelled to appeal to the larger audience of hated gentiles to fill out his thin ranks of Jewish followers, but even then, his religious fervor did not really catch on with the hoi polli.

        I’m not sure when or how it happened, but at some point a “Christian” Jew got a hold of Constantine’s ear and clued him in on the real power held in the Bible. “Constantine, baby, have I got a deal for you! Look, all you gotta’ do to win your battle is get our god on your side; do that and you can rule the world! Capiche? So whattya’ say Constantine baby? Why don’t you and me get together on Sunday with our Bible to make sure that happens!?”

        All the Bible stories describe establishing religious legal power to control populations. Stories like the “Tower of Babel” describe the use of duplicity and subversion to divide and conquer advanced nations. Stories like Sodom and Gomorrah legally justify criminal actions by a leadership. Stories like Jericho detail the tactic of using sappers to undermine defensive fortifications. But the real key is to have the full, fearful power of a wrathful, vengeful, Jewish god on your side.

        This is why the Bible is still considered relevant today; it still retains the power to control the masses. Today, English speakers cannot read the signs in many parts of southern California and we all must “press one for English two for Spanish” and of course there is the “Babelfish” translator. Only the truly blind cannot see the connection between what they suffer under today and the ancient destruction described in the Bible’s “The Tower of Babel.”

        Perhaps Gary Oldman best portrayed the true concept underlying the Bible in the movie The Book of Eli. This scene aptly portrays what the Bible is, and always has been, about. The story line is how, after a devastating nuclear war, all the Bibles have been sensibly destroyed. However, one copy remains in the possession of a blind, golden, Negro sage who, with the help of a woman, (are Jewish scriptwriters predictable or what?) restores the book to its former glory, leaving everyone wondering when it will engender another devastating nuclear war.

        This immense power explains why Christianity and the Bible still exist today, when other ancient religious books of a similar nature have been relegated to a museum curator’s dusty shelves. Leave it to Jews to tell the ugly truth about their religious perfidy in a fictional format.

        If you want to see a truly surreal film gem, try Interstate 60 I guarantee you’ll get a kick out of Chris Cooper’s character “Bob Cody.” After seeing this movie, one cannot help but visualize an army of Bob Codys descending on America – a Jew’s worst nightmare, it’z! Best of all however is the manner in which Michael J. Fox is wasted in the first few minutes of the film.

    2. SPQR –

      If what you claim is correct…. jews destroyed Chanukah also! It begins Sun. night, Dec. 22, 2019 and continues through Monday, December 30, 2019.

      Ramm –

      Any search engine will bring up 3 million hits!! 🙂

  11. Have you ever wonders why 45 bend backward to accommodate ISISrael and why the lame stream media look the other way when the ISISrael commits any crime? If Americans knew [NGO] wants you to know that Israeli media (not US newspapers) had reported that an Israeli CEO has been sentenced in a US court for defrauding Americans out of millions of dollars. The company specifically targeted the elderly and the vulnerable, one of over 100 Israeli companies perpetrating a scam called “binary options”… ISISrael permitted the scam for a decade.

    Who said israHell is the strongest American ally in the Middle East? The strongest American ally my aunt Jane!

    1. Mahmoud –

      Israhell was/is conceived as an outpost for a British military sanctuary, later overwhelmed into service for the same (((bastards))) who have assumed control of The United States. I believe those responsible for it are long dead, but their legacy continues. Their aim is ruthless, and there are no lengths to which they will not go to maintain it. Compared to what’s coming, and to the tortured state of Palestine, a quick blast from a “nuke” would be a mercy. (I almost wish that were all we had to worry about…). 😱

  12. When William McRaven, the special-operations commander learned Trump’s White House had revoked former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance, the 36 US Navy veteran wrote a critical column published in The Washington post last August for revoking Brennan’ security clearance. McRaven described Brennan as “one of the finest public servants” and dared the White House to revoke his own security clearance.

    At first Trump tweeted, ( I do not know McRaven) then later said in a Fox interview that McRaven is a ” Hillary Clinton’s fan” and Obama supporter. As if that should make McRaven as unpatriotic American. McRaven responded to Trump (fake news) later on Sunday in an interview with CNN: “I did not back Hillary Clinton or anyone else.

    In subsequent column in The New York Times, McRaven compared the qualities of a good leader against Trump:”Your leadership, however, has shown little of these qualities. Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation.”

    How dare a five times a draft dodger would denigrate and mock a 36-years Navy veteran!? Thank God we live in America where everyone is entitled for his opinion, even if it was bigoted.

    I’d rather vote for Humpty Dumpty instead of Trump in 2020!

    1. @ Mahmoud:

      Those people like Brennan, Comey, Page and Strzok, etc. that resigned or were fired is normal, but the people that gave up their Security Clearances did so, so that IG Horowitz could NOT talk to them about Confidential, Secret, Top Secret and Classified National Security or Intelligence Agencies documents. Those people shut the door on Horowitz. That is why they gave up their security Clearance! Only AG Barr and DOJ Attorney Durham can go after them now!

  13. i hope Trump has struck the match that burns civilization to the ground.
    corrupt civilizations can not be salvaged any more than stupid people can be made smart.
    i for one am sick of the blood sacrifices and the carnage commanded by the ruling elite.
    the bible clearly states that the world is ruled by Satan AKA Lucifer.
    and the bastard jews are his foot soldiers.
    one can beat there gums bloody debating how to set things right,
    and that is afar as you will get. ”the hand writing is on the wall”
    P.S. i haven’t voted in years, nor will i.

  14. Trump helps on Israeli issues but he keeps the leftist and Globalist Jews panties wadded up and sheissing bricks all day 24/7. So it looks like he has them somewhat divided. Kinda like the Jew do to the Goy. I would think hard before dropping support for Trump. They ARE building the Wall now and have accomplished many economic initiatives. Plus Trump is over the top entertaining driving the leftists, snowflakes, and the MSM bat shit crazy. 🙂

    1. @ Ramm Stein:

      Wieder Jawohl mein Herr! Trump may be a Jew (actually a German Czech from Sudetenland by his grandparents who perhaps also spoke Yiddish). Trump may be the first person to use the tools of the Jews against them. We will have to see if he is successful as President to 2024 to piss off the International Jewry to that year. The answer will come when AntiChrist, whoever that person will be, drives the Jews in IsraHell to the sea or extinction. And that is Biblical!

  15. UUH-OOH!! 💥 BREAKING NEWS!! Schiff & Comey in trouble – for lying to FISA Court!!?? 🙂

    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced it – today – filed a lawsuit against Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the House Intelligence Committee for the controversial subpoenas issued for phone records, including those of Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer. The phone records led to the publication of the private phone records of Giuliani, Congressman Devon Nunes, journalist John Solomon, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow, attorney Victoria Toensing, and other American citizens.

    Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit under the public’s common-law right of public access to examine government records after it received no response to a December 6, 2019, records request (Judicial Watch v Adam Schiff and U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (No. 1:19-cv-03790)):
    –All subpoenas issued by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on or about September 30, 2019 to any telecommunications provider including, but not limited to AT&T, Inc., for records of telephone calls of any individuals;
    –All responses received to the above-referenced subpoenas.


    1. @ Pat:

      Great news , but will the documents requested be found. X22report has taught me that typos or deceitful misspellings are done on purpose to lose files and documents. For example, in the IG Horowitz report, the name Comey was not found at all, but Cor ney (Corney) was found 480 times. Strange huh! Thus important names can be lost and documents not found. Nadler can be misspelled Nacller (Nac ller) or Pelosi , Peloosi or Pelloci. Thus when searches are done files and documents disappear like magic.

      1. SN –

        Thanks, (Stop main)! 😜
        I never thought of that! Amazing!!
        Deceitful, ‘tricky-ass’ jew bastards!! 🤢

  16. Of course the whole impeachment thing is a game, of some kind…
    I doubt it’s much more than just a diversion, ordered up by Shiff and Pelosi’s 3-Cities bosses….
    What are they really up to, while this is all we’re hearing about?
    Bloomberg probably knows, he jumped in to hog up some of the bandwidth too…
    ” I would think hard before dropping support for Trump. They ARE building the Wall now and have accomplished many economic initiatives. Plus Trump is over the top entertaining driving the leftists, snowflakes, and the MSM bat shit crazy.”
    that’s just it, isn’t it… politics isn’t perfect, you won’t get everything, you have to settle…
    there’s nobody else anywhere on the scene more favorable to real americans than the donald…
    if he just was not such a schmucko for the schleppos…
    maybe now his anti free speech motion will finally drive them to the next alternative…
    try this…

  17. Good article, LD. Much food for thought.

    This part is in error:

    ” Three American presidents have been impeached so far… Andrew Johnson (1868)…
    Richard Nixon in 1974, and Bill Clinton in 1998.”

    Nixon got fed up and quit town before then. They might have wanted to, but impeachment was still dangerous business in the 1970s, having happened only once before in nearly two centuries. Donald Trump is number three.

    The timing IS curious insomuch as the 19th century politicians were fundamentally serious men (not just in the USA, naturally.) Now — TWO in just over 20 years???

    The fact that they are now wielding what used to be a serious procedure about as casually as youngsters lobbing spitballs speaks volumes about how fundamentally UN-serious if not downright frivolous things have become. Not just in the USA, alas.

    1. Franz –

      It is time the world understands what Spooner knew in the 19th century; that the US Constitution has been “downright frivolous” since it was merely a compact written to favor the Crown’s bankers at that time, and ONLY at that time – the Rothschilds:

      “All supposed ‘constitutions’ are instruments of fraud and deception. This applies as much to the pretended “Articles of Confederation” as it applies to the falsely-called “U.S. Constitution.”

      “The Rothschilds, and that class of money-lenders of whom they are the representatives and agents – men who never think of lending a shilling to their next-door neighbors, for purposes of honest industry, unless upon the most ample security, and at the highest rate of interest – stand ready, at all times, to lend money in unlimited amounts to those robbers and murderers, who call themselves governments, to be expended in shooting down those who do not submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved.”

    2. @ Franz
      Das ist falsch! Wrong! Nixon took his case over impeachment to the Supreme court. The court ruled against Nixon and thus since Nixon did NOT want to be Impeached by the Senate and the Senate trial, he resigned. The others were impeached, but Nixon resigned before impeachment.

      1. That is correct. LD made no mistake, as Franz implied. She got it right. Only three presidents, she tells us, have been subjected to the impeachment process: Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. Nixon resigned only because he was clearly guilty of being an accessory to burglary; he resigned to escape impeachment, which in his case was 99% certain.

        The other two presidents, Andrew Jackson and Bill Clinton, did not resign because there was no danger of them being impeached successfully, and they knew it. The impeachment process, as LD points out again correctly, only increased the popularity of Bill Clinton and in no way diminished the popularity of Andrew Jackson. Both served full terms.

        In Trump’s case, according to LD, the situation is very similar to that of Clinton’s case. Trump’s popularity has increased since the impeachment process began and so there’s no need for him to resign. What he did re Ukraine and Joe Bidden is no big deal. Hardly a hanging offense. Just business as usual. So Trump looks like he’s going to be reelected. He ain’t scared one little bit, and he’s really lapping up the whole charade, ever the grand showman.

      2. Saki –

        History is as RIGGED as medicine when it comes to details!! I’ll help you get it right. 🙂

        You wrote:
        “Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton.”

        Andrew Jackson was not impeached. He had been dead for 20 years when – Andrew JOHNSON – WAS impeached! 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          Whew! Give us a break, will ya! . . . I meant Andrew JOHNSON, not Andrew Jackson! I just got their very similar names mixed up. 🙂

          Anyway, the important point I was making was that LD got it right, not wrong, when she gave us the basic facts:

          “Three American presidents have been impeached so far, pronounced guilty before trial, but none of them has been successfully impeached. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868, Richard Nixon in 1974, and Bill Clinton in 1998. Nixon resigned before he could be slung in jail for being an accessory to burglary; the other two presidents continued in office until the end of their terms, with no noticeable diminution in their popularity. Trump is now the fourth to join this distinguished gallery of rogues. It is a foregone conclusion that he will not only survive the impeachment proceedings but go on to be reelected. The big question is: what then? Having been let off the hook, he cannot be impeached again. This will give him carte blanche to do exactly as he pleases in his second term.”

          Note that the final sentence there will win your approval, since it tells us what you yourself have told us before more than once: namely, that Trump, once he has been let off the hook after the failure of these ongoing impeachment proceedings, cannot be impeached again. This gives him the green light to do as he pleases in his second term. This is a very point point you made and it needs further reiteration and emphasis.

  18. Great article, very astute comments therein, thanks Lasha. Ultimately it’s all theater. A U.S. President is like a department store manager. He only possesses the cosmetic trappings of power. Here is a maxim of life and history. Real power never reveals itself, it always acts through surrogates and sycophants. Here is another: Power concedes nothing to the powerless. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Biden and all others attacking Trump at the behest of their masters, are just as low criminal scum as he is, probably much lower. If they all weren’t scum, they wouldn’t be where they are. No matter who sits in the Oval Orifice, and it could be Ham the Space Chimp for all it matters, the Tribe rules. That goes double for the misanthropes in Congress. “America has one native, criminal class, Congress.” – Mark Twain

    1. @ Hereticdrummer,
      You are right that real power never reveals itself. The real controllers stay in the dark and we’ll never know who they are, or what it is. All the faces we know, including any Rothschild, are merely puppets in this charade. Nothing is what it seems.

      1. Ken –
        You wrote:
        “The real controllers stay in the dark and we’ll never know who they are, or what it is.”

        I could believe that guess….. with some proof!! I want to know IF there are controllers of ‘Chief Heap-Big Red-Sign’. 🙂

      2. Pat
        You may have to wait for the Sphinx to end his/her silence 😎

        In the meantime, it sure stands to reason, don’t it?

      3. Hey Pat,
        If there were proof available of what I said, then what I said would be wrong. Right?
        As Brownhawk said, it stands to reason, and I’ll say again, nothing is what it seems, and also add that almost everything in our organized society is a lie.

      4. Ken –
        B-Hawk –

        This guess of mine…. “stands to reason” for me. 🙂 The Holy See controls the ‘Red-Signs’:

        The Black Pope & Meyer Amschel Rothschild


        “Vatican II affirms Catholic doctrine dating back to 1302, [‘Unam Sanctam’], when Pope Boniface VIII asserted that “it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

        “The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people…

        The Treaty of Paris of 1763 designated King George III “Arch‑Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire.” And “according to the Encyclopedia Judaica the Rothschilds bear the title “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.”

        The Vatican Treasury, of course, holds the imperial wealth of Rome.

      5. Pat,
        Our thoughts about how this realm operates are different. What you posted, although interesting, is no proof that there isn’t someone or something more powerful than the Rothschilds in control of the big show. We can think we understand how it all works, but I would say none of us really do. That’s all I got.

      6. Ken-

        You may have misunderstood my comment….. and that is my fault. 🙂

        I offered it not as proof, but as a short summary of what closely resembles my guesses as compiled over the years…… that the Vatican’s Black Pope holds the power over the House of Red-Sign. Mayer Bauer struck a deal & changed his name in the 18th century. Charlemagne did as well, NINE centuries earlier.

      7. The ultimate power over Rothschild and the Vatican is otherworldly; non-humans known as the Annunaki. But w/o getting into any particulars of their presence, of which no proof can be offered (proving that is a bitch), let’s just say that essentially we’re all on the same page.

        What I’ll say is that the “Black Pope” isn’t an individual, but that it signifies an assemblage from where the Protocols emanate- deep in the bowels of the Vatican, of which Jews comprise a portion

  19. At this late date who gives a shit about what the U.S., Russia, Israel, Iran, Russia. China, etc. etc. do? However this all shakes out, the important thing is to circle the wagons and do your utmost to protect those near and dear to you, even if that means “scorching the earth” if the only alternative is the total loss of freedom.

    If there’s anything left after the dust settles, and the Earth hasn’t gone the way of a completely decimated Planet Mars, then we’ll just pick up the pieces as was done after Atlantis sunk however many thousands of years ago. Life will go on….next time “jew” free

    The time for a political solution to a spiritual problem is long gone. Not with these soul-selling politicians

    1. Amen, Brownhawk! I don’t look forward to it, but I have arrived at the same conclusion. 👌

  20. Anyone thinking of voting should stay at home and watch this traditional English life affirming slapstick instead:

    Rod Burnett’s Punch & Judy Show

    Evil political slapstick is bad for you. Punch and Judy is uplifting.

    (Excellent post by the way: LD, Arch, Harold).

  21. I guess my post got lost in the spam…

    ADMIN: Nope. No post from you in “Spam”. Have just checked. The above comment went into “Trash” and approved as soon as we saw it. Advice: SAVE your comment before posting, then post it again if it doesn’t get through the first time.

    I’ve made an adjustment. Hopefully, your next comment will go through at once. Good luck!

    — Toby

  22. I’m taking the liberty of printing below an interesting comment from “Linde,” a reader of Henry Makow’s website. She ends the post with excerpts from The South African Observer – a Journal for Realists – Truth Will Eventually Prevail, June 1978. Editor: S.E.D. Brown.

    Here it goes:
    This is an excellent lead-in to a subject that must not be allowed to fade from public consciousness. First Amendment free speech is only one can of worms Trump has opened with this Executive Order.

    The Trump dictate is an important legal foundation for Jewish Privilege on the ZOG West goy plantation.

    I hope all minions will take note that Trump’s executive order merely brings ZOG West into line with ZOG East in terms of world order.

    Jewish Privilege has been above the law in ZOG East for some time. This does not just concern Jewish genocides of the twentieth century and the world’s largest open air Gulag maintained by the Jewish ethno state. The subject matter of Trump’s dictate concerns anything that offends the Jews or one of their numerous power orgs/enforcement on US college campuses. This is not just the beginning, it is the foundation.

    The Soviet laws (at present cloaked by the Perestroika Deception) are still the gold standard for Jewish Privilege.

    It is significant to note the target of Trump’s dictate is the college campus. Jewish propaganda, used to construct the Moral High Ground of outrageous demands from the Jewish power orgs like the ADL, “has served the purpose of diverting our attention from the real genocide which has long been taking place – the deliberate murder of millions and millions of our own [European] race – by the bolshevized tools of Communism ever since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917.”

    “It must be remembered that in the matter of racial and national subversion, the basis on which Marxism has depended all along for its spread is the demoralization, degeneration and eventually the destruction of the natural elite among a people, and the transfer of effective political control to the lowest elements of that people – at least temporarily. In the long run, although the most debased criminal elements of a people may remain as accomplices, the ultimate political control always passes to the same alien, international sect – the originators and purveyors of Marxism everywhere.

    “The most fundamental Marxist tactic, the very essence of bolshevization, always and everywhere is the destruction of the ruling class [here the natural aristocracy of any people] or of any potential leadership group – their natural enemies – among any people… Soviet Communism and political Zionism are two revolutionized movements of the common trunk of one tree springing from the ghettoes of Russia. There has never been and there does not now exist any disagreement on ideology, tactics and objectives between these two world revolutionary forces. Backed to the full by International Finance [monopoly capital of the central bank cartel] they aspire to securing eventual control of political, economic and military power over the entire human race.”

    End of Linde’s comment. I would like to add a minor correction to the quote from the South African Journal, humans are not a race are a species. Species are divided in sub-groups called races.

    1. @ Nothing But (NBTT):

      Amen and Alexander Solzhenitsyn would agree with you. Finally, Hitler would agree with you and implement his plan against them.

      Lastly, I want to apologize for all my replies and comments interspersed through the Comments section, I just wanted to correct some misconceptions some commenters had concerning Governance (3 branches and their powers) and other points. So bear with me as I caught up on reading LD’s Darkmoon website articles. I do hope it was helpful and not seen as arrogant! And I do recommend y’all go to X22report.com and its jutube
      channel and
      TheBlazeTV and Jutube channel
      under Glenn Beck
      and Ukraine chalkboard
      from upto 2 months ago in the past. Try it, you may be surprised! Danke!

      This stuff will show you the corruption in Ukraine and in the US government.

      1. SN –

        I have seen X22 for a long while – it is good. The fact it is up proves the Google jews need to have chaos to increase the fiat currency – USD – supply!

  23. @ admin, I just read your comment that ‘ christianity’ went downhill with Vatican II. May I recommend here two books by Michael Hoffman, “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” and “Usury in Christendom”. The Christian Church has always been a bunch of Jews posing as ‘Christians’ who were brainwashed by these Jewish ‘Christians’. We got to face these facts…

    ADMIN: So we have been told by many other commenters here … but thank you all the same for recommending Michael Hoffman’s two important books.

    1. None of which should detract from the true message of Christ. Separating the truthful wheat from the lying chaff has ALWAYS been the issue in that regard. It’s exactly WHY Hoffman’s books are among those that need perusing in order to acquire a fuller comprehension

  24. Bottom line…
    SanFranNan fought the Trump and the Trump won.
    (aka) déjà vu all over again (aka) Very Superstitious..

  25. Well said, Ken. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is astonishing that the majority of people either can not nor will not understand that basic maxim of power and truth. They believe that the sock puppets parading around the media stages actually run things and call the shots. Truly pathetic. Be well.

  26. “This, in our day, is the Christian religion, not as having been unknown in former times, but as having recently received that name.” (St. Augustine of Hippo)

    “The religion of Jesus Christ is neither new nor strange.”
    (Eusebius of Caesarea)

    In Anacalypsis, The 17th century British orientalist and iconoclast, Godfrey Higgins, insisted that Christianity was already firmly in place in both the West and the East, many centuries before Jesus Christ was born. He said, The Crestians or Christians of the West probably descended directly from the Buddhists, rather than from the Brahmins. (Vol. 2, pp 438, 439.)

    The existence of the Christians both in Europe and India, (existed) long anterior to the Christian era… (Vol 2, p. 202.) I think the most blind and credulous of devotees must allow that we have the existence of the Cristna of the Brahmins in Thrace, many hundred years before the Christian era-the birth of Jesus Christ. (Book X, p. 593.)

    Christus – Kristo – Krishna

    Translation: No one comes to the Father without a guru, spiritual master, a Christ.

  27. HP
    Perhaps more importantly would be to align segments of the Christ Consciousness in being “periods of ascendency” along the way of the Great Yugic Cycle.

    I prefer saying “Christ Consciousness”, anyway. With “Christianity” there’s an implication of Judaic interference. One that detracts from the true Christ message

    1. Christ’s true message, the epitome of which is of course the non-sectarian Golden Rule.
      The rub, as it were and as it is..

  28. @ Pat:

    Thanks, I understand the concept of what X22Report shows, but I also know that the Jew and their machinations are everywhere and on all sides. Their approach is like machine-gun fire: continuous and unrelenting ,to cause chaos and cognitive dissonance. I just want to keep my knowledge option open and use logic, layers of the onion, flowchart/ logic chart analysis and Hegelian dialectic approaches to build on my foundation of the truth as I have analyzed and confirmed it.

    Thanks, also for the new knowledge concerning Wilhelm Marr from 1879. Danke!

    PS: ADMIN: Where is my apologetic reply comment? Thanks!

    ADMIN: Sorry SN, I can’t see any such comment anywhere. Must have gone astray. Try posting it again if you’ve saved it, maybe it’ll get through next time! Best wishes, T.

  29. @ Y’all:

    Just wanted to add that my needle in the haystack in terms of truth, that needle is getting bigger despite MSM lies, deception and deceit. In addition to the sources I have mentioned previously like:
    X22report.com and it Jutube channel or
    TheBlazeTV and its jutube channel and the Glenn Beck section with info on Ukraine (Obama/Biden admin
    plus Glenn Beck’s Ukraine Corruption chalkboards, there is also
    writer/Historian Eric Zuesse and
    Moon of Alabama (retired German BND Intelligence agent). As Solzhenitsyn said Truth and research for the truth is the key to defeat Evil ( even Satanic worshipping Jews).

    Lastly, I wish everyone here that produces Darkmoon and all YOU commenters ( a knowledgeable bunch for sure – Seemor Zhak questionable) a Very Merry Christmas and joyous season as well as a prosperous and Happy New Year. All the best to Everyone in 2020! Frohe Weihnachten und Frohes glueckliches neues Jahr !
    Veselé Vianoce , šťastný Nový Rok and Feliz Navidad Feliz Prospero Nuevo Año !

    PS: ADMIN Toby – Thanks for your help!

  30. This will get the M$M fifth column and Democrat knees jerking.

    “I like the way Trump discusses international matters and bilateral relations issues. He eschews ambiguity and seeks to speak frankly,” Lavrov said, adding that it is a rare quality for a politician and, in his opinion, a rather efficient approach.”

    (Sergey Lavrov)

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