Human destiny hijacked

Yesterday’s lies recycled into today’s fake news

Freedom of speech in the United States
has been terminated by Jews,
who now control the money, the media and the minds
of most deliberately deceived Americans.

The world has been turned upside down; the paupers of the world tell the truth and are put in jail; those who run the world tell nothing but lies and get richer by the day.

We arrive today at an unmistakable crossroads in human history. The question is whether we will survive as independent individual entities in charge of our own fate who believe in liberty and justice for all, or march semicomatose into the future as preprogrammed slaves incapable of genuinely independent thought?

If you ask most Americans about their role in history, you will see the question has already been answered.

Kidnapped by yesterday’s lies

Jews present themselves as citizens of the country in which they live, but they’re not. First and foremost they are citizens of their worldwide Jewish community first; all other citizenships come after that as they constantly prefer their bizarre cultish allegiance over the countries they pretend to adopt as their own.

Freedom of speech in the United States has been terminated by Jews, who now control the money, the media and the minds of most deliberately deluded Americans. We can’t get a clear view of our past so our decisions in the present are necessarily corrupted by the historical propaganda we have been forced to believe is a true account of what happened, but isn’t.

In country after country, leaders have always become corrupted by the international moneylenders, who are always Jews. Those who refuse to take the lucrative bait are killed in assassinations or wars, both of which are always engineered by Jews.

The day is coming when the whole world will realize the Jews are out to kill everyone who isn’t a member of their demonic tribe. Already people’s voices have been crippled by accepting orders that they must say only what is politically correct. Talk about the lies of World War II or September 11th or Sandy Hook and they’ll put you in jail, or maybe just wreck your right to do business in your chosen profession, just like they did to Rick Sanchez, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer and many other genuine patriots.

It is appalling to me that most people, fearing their paychecks might be jeopardized, accept these Jewish depredate without even a whimper. Perhaps that very instinct is what will trigger humanity’s permanent doom.

In order to survive the activities of those intent on eliminating large numbers of people permanently, people must learn what the Jews have done to the world — principally by various diseases for which they provide boobytrapped medicines. People need to understand the headlines they hear on TV today are written by Jews exclusively for Jewish purposes.

Not understanding this is to accept our own metamorphosis into dumbed down drecks who can no longer think for ourselves, but are forever doomed to follow the poisonous programming we continue to receive from all directions nonstop throughout our lives.

Jews specialize in slander

Based on what they learned from failing to defeat Robert Faurisson and Ernst Zündel in court, the Jews and their Zionist Christian stooges no longer dare confront Holocaust Revisionists directly, but instead always revert to their ages-old technique of slander — never dealing directly with the argument but always impugning the character of those of us who dare to challenge their grotesquely fraudulent belief system.

The reason for this is simple. When they pass laws insisting that only their facts are the truth, you know they’re covering up a lie. Many lies.

Count the lies. No 6 million dead in WW2 camps. (Red Cross said around 290,000). No gas chambers. No lampshades made of Jewish skin. Hitler wanted to conquer the world. Muslims did 9/11. There is strength in diversity. We need to bomb Iran, and any other country the Jews hate (which means every country in the world) because all non Jews are potential threats to their worldwide financial hegemony.

The majority of brainwashed Americans believes the Jewish version of all these events. But they’re all lies. The only thing diversity brings is division and senseless violence, exactly what the Jews want to destroy America. This is the situation with most of our history because it has all been twisted and detoxified by Jew editors and publishers.

Yes, yes, I know. Most people simply don’t care. They’re too busy trying to keep their jobs, raise their children and not run afoul of the thought police.

But that doesn’t change the fact that their minds are totally polluted by fake history, and the decisions being made today are based on a hundred years of lies that have been turned into gospel by very rich people who have always sought to rob America and every other country of things like honor, loyalty, and the love of family, friends and tribe.

All that has been deliberately destroyed by the ruthless manipulators who have turned America into a nation of brainless paupers, who have no objection to their sons and daughters being sent around the world to kill people the Jews want dead.

The fool Americans simply don’t realize that they’re going to get the same treatment in the end as all those other Amalek, because we are all Amalek, too.

Truthtellers an endangered species

You can go back a long way and not find anyone in public life who is telling the entire unvarnished truth. Most of those who told the truth throughout history have had their words erased by the Jews, their books burned, their memories blotted out. These were those who preached individual freedom for all. These thoughts are no longer politically correct (which is a euphemism for doing what the Jews tell you to).

In a demented slave state such as ours, the future of slavery is bright.

The Jews have hijacked human destiny by treating everyone else as a commodity to be acquired, duped, controlled, exploited, abused, harvested and discarded. You might add reduced to tears and unnecessarily disfigured to a much longer list of malevolent Jewish effects perpetually defacing the world and everything in it.

To say that the Jews are not really human beings is not completely inaccurate. Their own history in the world betrays them. Their philosophy inscribed in the Talmud describes it. Raping children. Biting babies’ penises. Spitting on Christians. Taking unnatural pleasure in the slaughter of large numbers of people whom they consider cattle. Forcing people from their homes and installing large numbers of savages from far away in nations over which they have no overt control or interest. Behind the scenes, with the help of totally disingenuous media, corrupt courts and politicians made rancid by huge amounts of money, Jews own every inch of this festering scene from a living hell witnessed around the planet.

Recent notable Jewish achievements include funding, assisting and engineering the illegal immigrant invasion of both Europe and the U.S. by the use of NGOs to fund and transfer the migrants in a probably successful attempt to destroy white societies in the Northern Hemisphere.

Bribery, blackmail and murder was the ages-old formula used by the early Roman Catholic church to gain control of all the minds in the Western world. It has been the same formula the Jews have used over the last half millennium to take complete control of civilization, and to capture in either a primary or secondary way nearly 100 percent of the world’s businesses.

Jews pass judgment on every paycheck in the world. They get to block your access to cash if you don’t say the right thing, if you don’t think what they arbitrarily deem is proper thinking. This is the future of humanity: the corralling of the human mind into acceptable and preprogrammed thought processes, which are constantly reinforced by various habit-forming entertainment techniques and medications.

Perhaps the most diabolical aspect yet of the Jewish destabilization template is the sexualizing of preschoolers and first graders by introducing them to homosexuality and other perversions long before puberty. First we thought it was women’s liberation; then we thought it was the legalization of homosexuality. So this invasion of schools and brainwashing of toddlers could be the final nail in the coffin of the nuclear family.

A lifelong method of control

And it gives them a lifelong method of control over the victims of their diabolical sexual indoctrination, which is particularly helpful to their cause. People who become sex addicts at an early age can never hold security clearances because they are always vulnerable to blackmail, which seems to be what the whole Jeffrey Epstein court carnival is all about.

Maybe next they’ll send rabbis into schools to circumcise children without notifying their parents. Right after giving out their flu shots, of course.

Our slave’s future is already firmly installed and operating. Criticize Israel and lose your job. Apply for a loan to tide you over, and get turned down at your local bank. This is Jewish power, the power of our jailer, both in thought and reality.

Human destiny is really only a matter for our dreams. In America today we can either dream about finding a rich Jewish friend who will get us into a good school, find us a good job (and a way to make money on the side, probably from investments), bow down to Israel and profit from the many schemes of fleecing others that will make you rich. Maybe if you work really hard you can metamorphose yourself into a Jeffrey Epstein and hobnob with twisted world figures who determine the fate of the world in between their bouts of cocaine and sex with children.

Or we can see the horror of America drifted away from its honorable principles and turned into the giant monster, which obliterates and defaces every human instinct wherever it finds them, and doesn’t even honestly count the bodies it leaves behind.

And now like good goyim, we are now all corralled into the Jewish supermax prison system known as the Deep State, and dare not say a critical word lest we immediately forfeit all of our meager assets, if not our lives. That’s the plan for our future, and believe me, it’s nothing we could live with.

We don’t need to be killing each other; we need to be serving each other, because we are all part of the same organism, and one day we all will die. Shee-it, get a brain, man!

America is like a giant rubber band stretched around the world, and it’s getting ready to snap.

A government that can’t be trusted, least of all by its own people, leads us into a very regrettable situation, which is that ultimately we simply cannot trust ourselves.

As Benjamin Franklin once warned us — “. . . a Republic, if you can keep it . . .” — it seems we have proven that we’re simply not up to the task of governing ourselves, so what is going on in the world is exactly what we’ve asked for, thanks to the guiding, benevolent hand of the Jews.

Because of the Jews, humans will never be what they were meant to be — guardians of everything that lives. On our present course, if we are to follow the Jews’ prescriptions, we will forever be slaves to ruthless psychopaths whose money is far more important to them than our impoverished lives.

Sourced from .John Kaminski’s site

45 thoughts to “Human destiny hijacked”

  1. The KEY to ending zionist control of the governments of the world is to end their money creation via the zionist control of the central banks and in the case of the zio/US this means ending their privately owned and unconstitutional FED and return the money creation back to the US government as it was prior to December 23, 1913.

    1. It is always jew this jew that. What are you all talkers going to do about it factual? Till now it’s all bla, bla, bla etc.

    2. Are we heading for more wars? It looks as though the USA and the UK are being dragged into what could become another very nasty war for Israel.

  2. The article mentioned:
    “As Benjamin Franklin once warned us — “. . . a Republic, if you can keep it . . .”

    Yes. In the context of the political climate at that time, 1789, a Republic was in opposition to a Monarchy.
    The style within a “Republic” can range from a total military dictatorship to a constitutional dictatorship and on to a constitutional representative Democracy.

    All governments take the form of Monopolistic-Capitalistic-Oligarchies!!

    1. Exactly, Pat! Most of “The Founders” passed away as paupers, unless, like George Washington, they remained in government service. Even then, though, they were subject to treachery. Nothing had changed. It’s not only “the Jew” to blame. Greed is not confined to any ethnicity or tribe. Jew might know how to use it better for his own advantage, but, he really isn’t doing anything most others won’t do. YOU CAN’T CHEAT AN HONEST MAN.
      It seems inescapable that everything we do must be measured by pecuniary advantage or disadvantage. We really can’t just “abolish the Fed” because all gain – either honest or dishonest – would disappear in pecuniary measure. There would be much “weeping and gnashing of teeth”… 😪

  3. @ Pat you know a lot obvious considering your comments. What are you doing but showing your
    knowledge? How does that help/ change the jewish status quo? Nothing at the end. It’s all diagnosis but where is the cure? Just bla, bla, bla etc. I hear the jews laughing don’t you?

    1. NS –

      I know that some of the many hundreds of silent readers will take what they need from my comments to implement their own orders, in their own fashions…. They will be very different from what you or I might do. Some will run for office. Others will not take the risks they thought about. It is ALL good!!

      BTW – It is not my goal to be among the most knowledgeable folks in a prison! 🙂

      I repeat the question to you:
      What is the best “factual” that has worked for YOU…. so far???

      1. ADMIN : Perhaps you would like to reveal your own ethnicity to us. Are you a Jew? Yes or no?

        Factual experiences I will not tell you as they are private and telling you will not change the situation.
        If people, not jews, want to change the hewish status quo that the first thing is that they should get organised and get finances. The first step must done by the smartest unnoticed people they should form the elite in secret. Never talk about ‘ nazis’ and ‘nazisymbols’. The ones who talk about these things are hidden jews, agent provocateurs.
        So get organised be like an army as the jews have always done. Copy their best tactics and make them suitable for the people.
        Without organjsation it is I repeat all bla, bla, bla etc. Intelkectual shit.

  4. Speaking of destiny.

    If I had to name one or two attributes of human nature, seem most decisive in human affairs at large, I would point to credulity and tragic inability of 99.9% of humans to sort out the precious truth from the heap of lies. Put differently, it is their inability to think consistently and tell the cause from effect.

    People are easily fooled and manipulated. So, there are two, fundamentally different ways of development of human race. One is the “Anglo-Saxon” way: Making people dumber and dumber… to the point of leveling them to that of animals and controlling them to the benefit of the controllers. The other is the “Russian” way: Reminding people incessantly that they are humans, not animals, and aspiring to build an order on this planet to the benefit and development of humanity at large.

    The first path seems more realistic by far, but I root for the second one for I am a Russian of Circassian decent, and that is a destiny I would not trade for any other.

    1. Yeah, we’ve all read about the “humanity” of the goddam Russian Army in Berlin, after the surrender. I wish Patton and McArthur would have gotten orders to meet and shake hands in Moscow. Better yet, the USA should have allied with Germany from the get-go, and wiped out the whole damn bunch!

      1. Better yet, the USA should have allied with Germany from the get-go, and wiped out the whole damn bunch!

        Gil, if I call you a dumb person, uncle Toby will block my comment, so I’ll call you an uninformed person. The thing is the USA HAVE allied with Germany from the get-go! In fact, USA and Great Britain have CREATED Hitler as an attack dog “to wipe out the whole damn bunch”. If that is not “allying with Germany from the get-go”, I don’t know what is.

        However, when the ghouls of this world – the Brits and the Americans – saw clearly that their attack dog is losing, they distanced themselves from the Nazis and “allied” with the Soviets.

        Even after the defeat of the Nazis, the ghouls came with a plan that received the name “Operation Unthincable”:

        Some “allies”, ah! But the ghouls – being calculating cowards they are – had to scrap the plan for the odds were judged “fanciful”.

        The American century is over, brother. Russia is the future of the world. Get used to it.

        1. @ Circassian

          All your comments are adversarial and highly suspect. You have been accused repeatedly of being a crypto-Jew. A “Circassian Russian”, you call yourself. There are a lot of your Russian brothers in Israel, all Zionists who call themselves “Circassians”. 🙂

          You complain about Admin Toby censoring your comments. What do you expect? Haven’t you declared yourself an enemy of this website? Haven’t you abused Lasha Darkmoon as a “lavatory attendant” and covered her with the foul vomit of your abuse? You expect this site to publish your comments attacking it openly? undermining and abusing its best commenters by calling them fools? and, finally, spitting venom in Lasha’s face ad nauseam?

          Dream on, “brother”! . . . If anyone’s a fool here, (((Circassian))), IT IS YOU! 🙂

    2. Circ –

      You are “a Russian of Circassian decent” who chose to live & work in the US!! SO patriotic!!! 🙂

      1. WRONG!! It IS… CHINA… controlled by London bankers!!

        I little correction, Pat, if I may: “CHINA… controlled by London bankers” is, indeed, the future the London bankers would like to have. There is a problem, though: the little pesky guy called Russia is still on their way, as it was for centuries. It must be crushed before the bankers wet dream is fulfilled. And that is a big headache for the ghouls.

        Things don’t always work out as they were planned, my friend, … especially when it comes to Russia: Человек предполагает, а Бог располагает – Man proposes, God disposes.

        China is made in USA, and it can be unmade anytime. Russia is a different thing altogether.

      2. Pat
        John Hersey wrote a novel of what he though could be the future of the US under the heal of China. Of course the Jew-German-Chinese hybrid would just love China (with the (((tribe))) riding the oriental beast to world dominance.)

        Hersey, John WHITE LOTUS 1st Edition 1st Printing – Antiquarian & Collectible
        White Lotus by John Hersey — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
        More Images for john Hersey White lotus
        White Lotus by John Hersey – Goodreads
        [Search domain
        First published in 1965, John Hersey’s “White Lotus” is an examination of race relations. It came at the right time. With the Civil Rights movement and revelations into white America’s historic treatment of Native Americans, Hersey flips the cards. In the novel, white Americans had become …

      3. Thanks, TJ!

        David Rockefeller turned the novel into a history book. Chase is hooked in series with London banks to control China.

        In 1973 David Rockefeller’s Chase became the first U.S. correspondent to the Bank of China since the 1949 Chinese Revolution.

        Chase Chairman David Rockefeller leads a US delegation to China to meet with China’s Premier Zhou Enlai. In the same year, Chase becomes the first US bank to be designated as Bank of China’s correspondent bank.

      4. I used to think that, Pat. However, I have come to suspect that Chinese people are near another revolution, themselves. Note the millions of protestors in Hong Kong. Those people are fed-up. While I do believe you’re right about the $$, I think you may have overlooked the social unrest, there. Besides, in terms of strategic geography, the United States is almost unassailable in any conventional war. Our navy, alone, is enough to discourage any physical assaults. Moreover, a lot of those in uniform are becoming cognizant of political manipulation of Uncle Sam. The past wrongs are becoming more obvious, but don’t count on our soldiers-at-arms neglecting to defend their homeland because of past wrongs. Real Americans LOVE to fight!

      5. Besides, in terms of strategic geography, the United States is almost unassailable in any conventional war. Our navy, alone, is enough to discourage any physical assaults. Moreover, a lot of those in uniform are becoming cognizant of political manipulation of Uncle Sam.

        Poorly informed Gil has got all of his ducks in a row:

        Illusion is the last refuge of the desperate.

        America will be deconstructed from the inside, and not from the outside. It seems that it is the job assigned to the orange clown by the powers that be. As far as I can tell, he is doing a superb job so far.

      6. Gil –

        “I think you may have overlooked the social unrest, there.”

        Not at all! I am quite aware. That is what the $$$ people use to implement more control. Chaos of over a million Chinese in Tienanmen Square in 1989 was a tool used for control. Ordo ab chao.

        Uighur activist Wu’er Kaixi fled China after leading the Tienanmen protests. He thought China would continue opening up…. but it didn’t.

        London Bankers win, as Hegel strikes constantly with precision!

        HSBC is the largest bank in the UK!!!

      7. Pat, so what will happen when our destined to be Chinese communist overlords meet Islam head on for real? Because we all know Islam isn’t going to cooperate for long with no stinking atheist Communists, much less capitulate.

        Sure, they might cooperate for as long as the old enemy of my enemy is my friend trick is in play, but sooner rather than later nature (and religion) dictates a really big collision between the two.

        Will the Muslims, Christians and Hindus all put on their rally caps to become a 21st century Band of Brothers versus Ming the Merciless or will it be irresistable Communism from XI to shining Xi..

        Scenarios abound, possibilities postulate and enquiring minds want to know!

      8. Circ –

        You’re probably right about my being “poorly informed”, as compared to many who seem to spend all day on their computers, searching key-word texts which controll their thinking. Unlike most of them, though, I HAVE been exposed to VIPs who make a lot of this “news”. That, and a little deduction of listening, goes a long way. Honestly, before I became acquainted with Darkmoon and y’all, I was less likely to inquire in the proper directions. All my life, for some reason, some very important people have liked me and confided in me. Call it “good luck” or “misfortune”, it is what it is.

  5. Kaminski has a tendency to over reach in casting most, if not all so-called (s-c) Jews into the same basket. There have been many (s-c) Jews who have written tomes exposing the depredations on some of the s-c Jews.
    One of the most recent being Gerard Menuhin’s book “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” (2015). Gerard was the son of great anti-Zionist violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin. A chip off the block so it seems.
    Shlomo Sand in his book “The Invention of the Jewish People” (2009) shows that the “Jewish People” are a composite of many tribes from and around the Middle East and North Africa including the great conversion the Kazars to Judaism in the 8th century. It is the contention of TJ that those who accepted Judaism were already predisposed to the Talmudic mind set that has bedeviled the West for nearly 2000 years. Many people exposed to Talmudic Judaism rejected the ravings of the Rabbis circa 100-400 AD. But some people did because their mental makeup predisposed them to enter into the s-c Jewish depredations of parasitism by any and all means. TJ is of the belief that there is two main components that make up the mind and consciousness of human beings. There are those either via practice (training) or genetics are parasites by their very nature. S-C Jews do not have a monopoly on this but are the masters of it. And then there’s all the rest of somewhat normal mankind.
    Like the non-human parasite that can kill it’s host organism by it’s very nature, the human parasite can do the same. Thus “Human destiny (has been) hijacked” by the biological human parasite with some Jews at the head of the beast.
    TJ welcomes comments on this. Eustis Mullins covered some of this in his little book “The Biological Jew” as did Martin Luther’s “The Jews and Their Lies” if one reads between the lines.

    1. TJ
      No doubt that in some human beings there’s a disconnect in the brain that prevents an engaging to the heart that creates the conscience. It has to do with human’s shared DNA with non-human entities, which I’ve written about on this site in the past, but not so much anymore.

      Briefly, this is in keeping with the idea of what happened to “spiritual man” in his various states of which our present form is homo sapiens (hu-man). At the heart of it all in terms of “what happened” traces back to the “reptilian brain”.

      It’s becoming at least somewhat clear to me that we are experiencing within a cycle of “e-voution” and “de-volution”, with “volution” transcribed to read “volition” as it pertains to a correct understanding of “free will”

  6. John Kaminski has put his life on the line for US, all of us.
    He must be remembered as hero of humanity.
    In the Economist magazine some years back Bashar al Assad, the President of Syria was quoted as saying:


    What Kaminski has listed is true.
    He is a thinker that much is clear.

    It is a discouraging prospect, indeed. One can sympathize with those who lash out violently against this situation. One can understand and sympathize with their anger and frustration, even if one does not agree with their tactics. One can even understand the Islamic fundamentalists who denounce America as the “Great Satan” and regard this country as a danger to the whole world. We don’t have to accept Islam to agree with them that American society has become dangerously pathological. A self-destructive society which has aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons is a danger to everyone.
    November 29, 1997 – What Is a Patriot to Do? William Luther Pierce, PhD (Physics)

    Thou wilt find the most vehement of mankind in hostility to those who believe (to be) the Jews and the
    idolaters. and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, “We are Christians”: because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant.
    Chapter 5: AL−MAEDA (THE TABLE, THE TABLE SPREAD) 005.082

  7. John Kaminski is one of the great writers of our time who got me up to speed and launched my effort to expose the Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In related news, things are once again heating up over by Iran, they keep kicking the hornet’s nest and now Iran has seized two tankers. Well Dumbo the Magnificient Yellow Haired Baboon said today “Those Iranians are in big trouble, we got F-35’s to throw at them”.

    El Generalissimo Donaldo Trumpenstein Theme Music for the Invasion of Iran:

    YOUTUBE: Ride of the Valkyries – Apocalypse Now (3/8) Movie CLIP (1979) HD


    1. “we got F-35’s to throw at them” – That’s what eventually will happen as these back doored & overpriced superior flying machines fly like smart rocks that can be kosherly turned off anytime in free flight or fall. For America’s own sake it would be better to leave them rot in hangars on American or their patsies soil. But then again America’s sake is already destined anyway.
      How about throwing Trump the Rump and his minions at Iran. I am sure Iran will look after them properly and with the utmost political correctness.

  8. In a couple of years articles like the above opposing “political correctness” and kosher truth will be written behind bars and before executions. – you guys have guts. Great job!

  9. NOSHALOM said

    What are you all talkers going to do about it factual? Till now it’s all bla, bla, bla etc.

    Not including PAT, it is unfortunate that that the admirable but mainly artistic community of DM seems unable to appreciate the importance of technological action.

    Click on the link below to read about what is a historic action by the President of Indonesia:

    Hopefully Indonesia will blow the Malthusians, Globalists, Zionists, Tribe and their CAGW+Agenda 2100+Packed & Stacked Cities out of the water by gifting energy abundance to the world. See the film Blade Runner 2049 for the UN City Planning.

    I speculated Jokowi, the Indonesian president, would sign on for this development following the recent CIA backed failed pre-election coup in Indonesia. CO2 free energy abundance would certainly give rise to a coup, but since the attempt has been made already he had nothing to lose.

    How about an article on this technology LD and its political implications?

    1. Thanks, Flan! Good info!

      I found just last year that Thorium sodium reactors were designed in the 1950s.

      Thorium is abundant world-wide. It is not radioactive.

      —Thorium: An energy solution – THORIUM REMIX 2011—
      This video summarizes over 6 hours worth of thorium talks given by ‘Captain’ Kirk Sorensen and other thorium technologists.
      YouTube Closed Captioning is available in English, and many other languages.

      Thorium is plentiful & can be used to generate energy without creating transuranic wastes. Thorium’s capacity as nuclear fuel was discovered during WW II, but ignored because it was unsuitable for making bombs.

      A liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) is the optimal approach for harvesting energy from Thorium, and has the potential to solve today’s energy/climate crisis. LFTR is a type of Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (Th-MSR).

      October 8, 2018, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the operation of the Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE) using uranium-233 as a fuel. U-233 does not occur naturally; it is formed when thorium absorbs a neutron undergoes a double beta decay to form U-233.

      For full list of multimedia source material & 2019 conferences:

      Washington Staffer Briefing

      Friday, July 26. 2PM. SVC 215.
      An RSVP is required.

      ORNL Molten Salt Workshop 2019

      Oct 2nd and Oct 3rd 2019,
      Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

      Thorium Energy Alliance

      TEAC10 will take place in Oct 1st,
      Pollard Center, Oakridge TN.

  10. When Jesus spoke to his listeners 2,000 years ago it was at a time when the priestly vermin were more vulnerable, given that the abomination of their lies hadn’t become degenerative enough in moving humanity towards the abyss. Now, the audience is still struggling to hear the truth about their personal sovereignty indicating that authority is sanctioned autonomously, and held without doctrine claiming to represent Divinity with its posture of a false God. That by accepting this fraudulence they are relinquishing the primary moral component of the TRUE sovereign – themselves!

    Had the Pharisees been sacked back in the day, it would have meant a true and comprehensive accounting of Jesus’ proclamation fully exposing a naked emperor, and banishing him to an ostracized wilderness. More than a Pale of the Settlement, but the total expunging of an evil cloud darkening man’s truth. The organizations of judeo-christian doctrinal persuasion that essentially form the ANTITHESIS of Divinely sanctioned autonomy wouldn’t have manifested to then hold away. As it is…..

    High on a throne of royal state
    which far outshone the wealth of Ormus, and of Ind
    Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand
    showers on her kings barbaric pearl and gold
    Satan exalted sat, by merit raised
    To that bad eminence
    Milton – Paradise Lost


  11. JK
    “Are we heading for more wars? It looks as though the USA and the UK are being dragged into what could become another very nasty war for Israel.”
    War has been the regular state of affairs since man invented the club, turned it into a spear.. then came the bow and arrow, crossbows.. Somebody got the contract to provide the king with swords and spears.. By Smedley Butler’s time the munitions contractors had things fixed so good they were charging 1000% more for products sold to the pentagon than would be paid in regular markets.. But it was too hard for the workers to pay for it all, so the jews invented fiat currency and the privately owned central bank.. William of Orange brought that to old England in 1680 something, the Bank of England.. The Kings actually got in on it too, in cahoots with the central banksters, pocketing some of the national debt.. That was called the Mandrake Mechanism… The Rothschild banksters set up all over Europe and eventually took control of the whole world, except for a couple countries still not.. . Those are the ones we hate so bad… That’s what happened to Muammar Guddaffi. There’s just too much money in war, and warmongering has been the norm forever… It’s very difficult to put those flows of money into something else, but it will happen, at the point where enough people really have awakened… but as it is now, regional conflicts in the Middle East and Africa now are profitable partnerships between various rulers and weapons dealers…
    “In a couple of years articles like the above opposing “political correctness” and kosher truth will be written behind bars and before executions. – you guys have guts. Great job!”
    I received another threatening phone call the other day.. Sounded like an antifa red guard punk…
    But much worse is the exercise of the NDAA.. We have no way of knowing how extensive the assassination program is, how far down the pyramid are they going?
    ““we got F-35’s to throw at them” – That’s what eventually will happen as these back doored & overpriced superior flying machines fly like smart rocks that can be kosherly turned off anytime in free flight or fall. ”
    most likely all the newer cars are remote controllable, like mercedes that the reporter Hastings died in in LA.
    There was a rash of “accidents” a few years back, where it was said the accelerators had stuck in some vehicles, causing them to crash.. I remember in one case they had the audio of the people in the car, a Toyota I believe, with an off duty cop driving it… there were also a few reports of people being injured, I think one little kid killed, by airbags going off for no reason… One of the reasons these fighter jets cost so much is the expense of all the remote control stuff they’re now equip[ed with… They may even have it rigged so that the pilots can’t eject… We heard Dov Zacheim’s private commercial interest is in remote control equipment for jet airliners, and that all commercial jets are remote controllable.. That’s what was really going on with the one that crashed in Shanksville Pa.. We can guess It had been flying erratically because the pilots were struggling against the remote override, and it was then shot down by a US fighter jet, because, #1 the remote wasn’t totally successful, and #2 the crew could not be left alive to tell about it… the recent crash of the Boeing remote control nosedive was likely done on purpose…

    1. Very good Bark,
      TJ thinks that the large jets spraying chemicals are remote controlled. That could one of the reasons there has been no or very few whistle blowing pilots. Trump, so far, is keeping the economy afloat, but until he stops Geo-engineering of the planet and stops the chem=trails he will go down as a failure. Some are coming around to the thinking that the planet Geo-engineering is for the benefit of someone or something other than the bio-sphere natives of earth. Mike Adams has come to this thinking. He’s not stupid.

    2. “Tesla’s” driver less cars might be more reliable then F35’s and more economical for the poor truthers that can’t afford Mercs in US. The most scary part will always be Musk’s Space X and Bezos “Deep space” adventures subcontracting for NASA on behalf of the regime. All these nasty things one can do from up there is a bottomless pit.

  12. Circ –

    Stop dreaming – wake up!! 🙂

    Tiny economy Russia will have no say whatsoever about China or the US.

    The US owns Russia!!

    The US wrote Russia’s current Constitution!! 🙂

    “The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans. The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.”


    The best and the shortest way to get good information on Russia today is to listen to a man who is not only inside the system, but has some informal relations to Putin. His name is Eugene Fedorov – a Deputy of the State Duma.

    Unfortunately, this guy does not speak English, so in order to tap into the wealth of unique information at his disposal one has to have some knowledge of the Russian language. He is not welcome at the Russian political talk shows, and he rarely can be seen on Russian TV screens at all. But he does not hide his information and his views; everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site:

    Here is a random sample of his assertions:
    –Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.

    –The Russian Academy of Sciences is an element of Russia’s sovereignty. Let us call everything by their proper names: 1. Colonies are forbidden to have a fundamental science.2. The US is increasing the export of our scientists.

    –The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans.
    The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.

    Who owns the ruble? The ruble is owned by the Central Bank of Russia, but the Government of the Russian Federation has absolutely no control over the Central Bank!

    Russia faces a national catastrophe. Russia is still “the largest shrapnel of the USSR”, which is yet to become an independent state.

    See Fedorov:

    1. Pat,

      You seem have forgotten that it was Circassian who introduced you to Fedorov and translated his views and insights, which are absolutely correct in my opinion, from Russian to English for the readers of this site. Not good, Pat.

      But it does not change one iota the conclusion that Russia is the main architect and the principal builder of the coming new New World Order, which, btw, is shared by Fedorov himself.

      To make it easy for you to grasp, I would remind you that USA was nothing but a colony of Britain not so long ago. You are thinking not in historical, but rather in hysterical terms, my friend.

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